The Bugg Report Magazine — Edition 38

Page 22

SQUATTER® HOLDEN 70TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION ALMOST SOLD OUT! The popular board game Squatter® has partnered with Holden to produce a special edition of Squatter® to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the iconic Holden Ute.

Both Squatter® and the Holden Ute are Australian icons which share a common bond with Australian farms and farmers, and loved by Aussies all over. Richard Lloyd, the owner of the Squatter® brand, said today “What an exciting venture for Squatter®. This is the first time since Squatter was invented by my Dad, that there has been a new product added to the Squatter range.” Mr Lloyd went on to say “The response to the new Squatter® Holden 70th Anniversary Edition has been very, very encouraging. We almost sold out of our first container, before it even landed in our warehouse.” More Squatter® Holden 70th Anniversary Edition board games have been ordered and should arrive in late September. Visit the website to learn more about Squatter® Holden 70th Anniversary Edition, Squatter® CLASSIC and Squatter® COMPACT. 22

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