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bucks student edition 17

March 2011 www.bucksstudent.com

Sam ‘Wadz’ Wadieh

Vice President Student Involvement

Benny Jenner President

Ash Coles

President / NUS Delegate

Chris Allen

Vice President Education

In order to provide you with an accurate representation of your candidates, these articles have not been edited by the Bucks Student team and are presente

KISHORE PILLI - President I deeply believe in my vision: Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have come to a decision which I felt, I should tell you and all of my fellow students as soon as I was certain in my own mind and in my conscience that it is the right thing to do to participate as a president of BNU. I have this message for all of you, although this hard miserable conditions of education system may not have been reached on your own student path, but the hour of that condition is approaching. All my fellow students, have a part to play in this achievement of the final victory over the best student life. To members, who are interested in the student politics, I say “involve and improve the better and burden less education system for every common student”. To kind hearted students who are not interested in the student politics, I say “continue your passive involvement, but make sure keep your eye upon the education system and support when it is to be needed”. The day has come when I need your united strength. The reason to participate in this vision is “the right of a people to decide their own destiny, to make their way freedom, is not to be measured by the yardstick of colour or degree of social development, it is an inalienable right”. This was told by great patriot Kwame Nkrumab, Ghana (1953). Today I am very glad to recollect this great saying, because in this globalization world every student has to make or create their own way before leaving their universities. So, to achieve this great vision every student must be supported by the university as well as government. In this regard there must be quality education, free from burden fee system and secure placement. These three have to become fundamental rights to every student. So, this is the time to achieve our fundamental rights. I have a great hope in this bucks new university to fulfil this great vision in every student life through this election. So, I believe in my strength and in my leadership to put endless effort until to achieve this great vision through this great election. Apart from all these, now-a-days for a successful person he or she should acquire multi-cultured nature to evolve their skills globally. In my concern education is not only itself lead us into complete success unless we posses respect and knowledge on multi cultural environment. Even though we are from different places, nations, languages, cultures and beliefs, I believe, there is no individual Bucks new university such as European BNU, Asian BNU or African BNU, there is one and only, none other than “our united Bucks New university”. I deeply believe that we have to possess multi cultural environment as “we are all for one and one for all”. Finally, I feel that no matter where I am from, no matter what we are, as a great and good university, we can do together to make this great vision of the best student life comes true. Thank you very much to you all for this great opportunity. Yours sincerely, Kishore Pilli.

Ash Coles - President Name: Kishore Pilli Age: I’m 24 Studying: I’m studying masters in Telecommunications and Network Management Year: I’m in second year Why running for this position? I want to change something in this university; I’m from India so I want to work on the multicultural society in this college. Of course this is just an idea but I want to have an affect. And the placement system; I couldn’t find any placements this term so as the President, if I am elected I want to discuss this with management and bring some companies in for the students. And I would also like involvement between the management and the students to improve, in psychological and physical – every aspect of their growth. That’s why I would like Bucks’ students to vote for me in the President elections What will you do if elected? Those same three elements. Also the fees rising by three times, which is terrible for the students. For medical students it is impossible to study higher education. So it is a very terrible situation for these people so I would like to focus my concentration on that [the tution fee rise] it’s a very hard world to be in, so improving conditions for the students here. It’s a very terrible situation for these people. And the muticultural and placements also. Why should students vote for you? “I will assure them that I will work hard for themselves to make people happy and make the unniversity strong and stable.” Favourite drink/food etc: “Mango juice because I am from Mango City so there is plenty of them.” Favourite takeover at SU: “Flirt is a very fantastic night.” Favourite thing at SU: “The service, quick response. If I ask for something they respond very quickly, I like this.” Best experience since starting BNU: “Everybody helps people here. They are kind. If you need something then they provide it. That is the main thing here. It is new to me”

Hi I’m Ash I’m a third year sports management student and I am running for union president. The reason that I am running in this year’s election is down to the fact that I have been an active and passionate member of Bucks S.U. for three years.  My experiences of the union are varied and I have had experience in many roles and campaigns which include: The National Student Survey: aimed at third year students I was involved with talking to you and collecting your experiences of your three years at university Fresher’s Helper : Yes I was one of the guys in the lovely orange t shirts that when you first started at Bucks helped you move in and hopefully made you feel welcome and settled from day one. Education Campaign: Last year the union revealed its education campaign document which was so good it was nationally recognised and  presented to the other unions around the country. I am proud to say I was a part of this and my role was introducing this document to you and collecting your thoughts and opinions on it. Education Cuts demonstration: This academic year we saw the worst possible scenario for future students brought into government in the form of the tuition fees rising. I was a part of the hundreds of students from Bucks who went to London to campaign peacefully against them. When we held our very own silent protest for the arrival of David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, to officially open the gateway building I even dressed up as busty one of our mascots.  Student Satisfaction Survey : I have engaged with students both from High Wycombe and Uxbridge and collected and correlated surveys on the satisfaction of their course through to non academic activities. Executive committee: For two years I have been elected to sit on the executive committee as ethics and environment officer and sports and societies  officer NUS Delegate: Last year I was also elected as NUS delegate and attended the NUS’s national conference in Newcastle which was a great experience to meet other officers from around the country and to see firsthand NUS’s plans and objectives for the next year. I have been an active member of the Athletic Union for three years and a member of the rugby club for three years holding the position of president this year. I am a passionate about the union’s values and proud to support what Bucks Students’ Union stands for which is making life better for students at Bucks, student satisfaction and student representation. If you vote for me as your union president I cannot promise that drinks prices will fall below one pound or that we will have the best, chart topping acts every night in the SU because sadly this is NOT ACHIEVABLE  What I do promise is that all areas of the union will continue to expand and the students union will work harder than ever to get the change that really matters to you on your courses. Vote for Ash Coles and a positive step forward for Bucks Students’ Union

ed in the candidates’ own words.

BenNY Jenner - President Name: Ash Coles Age: 20 Studying: Sports Management and Rugby Studies Year: Third Why running for this position? “Because I’ve been involved with the union for years now and I’ve really enjoyed my experience that I’ve gained from it from different roles and talking and engaging with students. I’ve really enjoyed the workings of it so I want have the opportunity to work with the students for another year and just interact with the union and its surroundings again.” What will you do if elected / what changes would you make? “What I really want to do is improve the quality of WebEx and actually bring it more into focus here in High Wycombe. It’s an online way of getting feedback from your work; it’s like a commentary... It would be a word document and... the lecturer could talk through it, not face to face but online. I also want to get a complete renovation of The Venue and get it up to standards with the rest of the university. Also with Uxbridge, I really think we need to do a licence for their café... if elected I really want to bring them their own bar. Also I think we need to give them more opportunities to get involved with activities and events. And finally I want to make work experience on every course mandatory from the university so everyone gets some kind of industry experience... especially in the competitive job market that we are in at the moment.. I want to build links with local schools... and building bridges with the community which makes the union and the university look good in the eyes of the community. So in a nutshell that’s what I want to do.” Why should students vote for you? “I think students should vote for me because I’m honest. I’m not promising things that can’t happen or are above the realms of possibility. I’m an honest and straight talking person. All these points are achievable; there is nothing here that will not get done, or cannot get done because I’ve done my research and checked. From my point of view all these things are gong to be possible and are going to happen. So students should vote for me because I’m honest, I will get things done.” Favourite drink: “It’s got to be Snakebite!” Favourite takeover at SU: “That’s a hard one, they are all quite good. I’d say they are all great. Any takeover where they have waitress service so you don’t have to go to the bar for a drink is great in my eyes!” Favourite thing at university: “My favourite thing about the university is its size. I think that this university is so special in that we only have 12,000 students. If you went to Reading or UCL or any of the big massive institutions like that, I don’t think I’d know half the people I know and I wouldn’t have such great friends because I am the president of the rugby club and I’ve obviously made some great friends like that but … I think the size is what make it so unique and special because you can meet so many people and stay in contact” Best experience since starting BNU: “Probably playing in a rugby cup final and we won, so that was pretty good and the night out obviously afterwards! The whole of university has been great. I wouldn’t change anything that happened over the three years, I’ve really enjoyed it and hopefully I get the opportunity to be here for another year and make a real difference which is what I’m doing.”

I was asked kindly by Sarah from Bucks Student Paper to give you a few words on why i think you should vote for me. However asking you all to vote for me would be a little unfair on the people that i am running against so insted i thought i would write about myself and tell you some things you may or may not know about me and what i promise to do should i be elected.   First and foremost my name is Benjamin R Jenner however around university you may know me simply as Benny, i am in my first year (again) studing music and live events management. I am a very young 26 however can pass for 17 on most days and i have a very busy social life in and around wycombe wether this is drinking at the SU and making a general fool out of myself or by doing music promotions in wycombe either at The Roundabout, The Wycombe Academy or The Nags Head.   I feel strongly about running for president as i feel that only good things can come of this, due to my work in promotions i think i have a upper hand in running nights and lowering prices for all at the SU. I do believe that lowering the drink prices is something that we majorly need at the university as to be fair when we was all thinking about coming to uni at least 75% of us was thinking about how the nightlife was. Our uni prices are quite heavly priced compared to other univeristys and i hope if elected that i can drive these prices down.   For i am from the north where £2.20 is an expensive pint so i will try to put all drinks lower than this price no matter what day or time it is at the SU. Another thing that i would like to cut down on price is the use of equipment at the Uni. The printers in the Libiary are expensive at times, 30p for a colour peice of paper? I think 10p would be a more reasonable price, but if you want the cuts then i hope you vote for me.   Another thing what i would like to do if elected is work more with the students, for example have the graphics students work on posters/flyers for nights we hold and have the sound and production/lighting students work on the events also. I promise that i will listen to every student idea on how they think they can make the SU a better place for them if they vote for me. For i think that the social side of Uni is meant to be the best time of your life, and if you elect me then i will try and make this possible for you the best way i can.   Thankyou for your time, Its Been emotional   Benjamin R Jenner x

Name: Benjamin Jenner Age: 26 Studying: Music and Live Events Management Year: 1st year Why running for this position? “To make a difference and make it a more friendly enviroment”  What will you do if elected? “I would lower the drink prices as I feel that they are currently to high, also I would make sure that every  night has a different drink offer on and work more with current students on their ideas for events to be held at the SU.”  Why should students vote for you? “Who doesnt want cheaper drinks and a better party atmosphere?. University is meant to be one of the best social times of your life, and if I am elected I will do my best to make that possible for you.” Favourite drink: “Jagermiester”   Favourite takeover at SU: “American Football”  Favourite thing at University: “My social life.”  Best experience since starting BNU: “Getting my Brook Street flat tattooed on my leg.”

In order to provide you with an accurate representation of your candidates, these articles have not been edited by the Bucks Student team and are presente

LAZ WOOD - VICE PRESIDENT EDUCATION “Education is more than just lectures” – Laz Wood Most candidates in most elections will tell you anything to try and win your vote. They will make promise after promise and when elected they rarely keep those promises. Just look at the Liberal Democrats, they promised that if they won power they would abolish topup fees and instead they helped raise them. I don’t intend to make any promises. These are uncertain times and no-one can yet predict the exact effect that the rise in tuition fees will have. We do know that due to the recent recession our university is making cuts. I will fight to ensure that those cuts don’t mean a cut in course quality. I will fight to ensure that they don’t mean a cut in modules. I will fight to ensure that the University does not get away with making tutors redundant and then palming their students off with a substitute not fit for purpose. With the rise in tuition fees our university has become a business as well as a centre for academic achievement. No longer should the university be allowed to set the courses and ‘let’ you buy in to them. We as students and paying customers should be telling the university how we want to learn. I will fight to get the Uni to implement new and more diverse ways of learning and achieving. Many students here at Bucks go beyond the requirements of their course to supplement their education with individual study or work, e.g. extra work experience. I will fight to have this extra work academically recognised so that it counts towards your course. As more and more young people are going through higher education, employers are beginning to look for more than just a degree. They look at what else you have done at Uni and how much work experience you have. I will fight to get more work experience embedded on all relevant courses. During one year of my course, I had to go through the pastoral care (support) system because I was struggling with my studies and a family bereavement. I was mishandled and let down by a system that is broken, poorly thought out and no Uni staff seem to know anything about. If it hadn’t been for the support I received outside Uni, I would have probably left Bucks. I will fight to ensure that this never happens again. I will fight to have the pastoral care system completely reformed, improved and properly publicised so that every student who needs support during their time here at Bucks gets the help they need. I will fight in every way possible to ensure that you get the education you came to Uni for! If you want to know more, or if you have any questions, then email me at Laz4VP@gmail.com. Name: Laz Wood Age: 23 Studying: Journalism Year: “I’m in my third year, but this will be my fourth year studying journalism” Why running for this position? “Essentially, there are so many things that have happened at this university that I have sat and over the last 3 or 4 years gone ‘my God, why are they doing that?’ I decided to get really

involved because I’m tired of just being sat complaining. I want to do something; I want to make a change.” What will you do if elected? “First of all, with the rise in tuition fees...the majority of the university’s funding will be coming from the students as opposed to a government grant. It’s now the students who should have the power to say what their education is... we should be telling the university what kind of education we want and they should be providing it. Also, I’m putting forward the argument that the uni shouldn’t be using the fact that they have to cut costs... equal course cutting and quality cutting. I will fight any attempt by the uni to reduce any quality of the course or cut courses altogether and to ensure student’s get real value for money because now we are paying a serious amount of money... it’s going up to £6,000 possibly £9,000. That’s a huge amount of money. You’re looking at over £20,000 all together - you damn well deserve to have quality for your course.” Why should students vote for you? “I think some of the key things that I would like to do as VP are the reasons students should vote for me. A key thing I want to look at is the… level of support the university gives you. I myself last year... was suffering from anxiety and depression through the stress of the course and a few family factors on top of that. I felt I was very poorly handled - it ended up really messing me about and actually made the situation worse… We need to ensure we have got the support system available... especially as we are going to be paying that much more money for this university. We should ensure that students get what they deserve. Secondly a lot of students have been complaining about the amount of work experience, particularly on my course. Over the three years of the course you’re only required to do about 5 weeks of we which is a tiny amount considering that lots of students coming out university have got degrees that have a sandwich year which is a year of work experience. I think students should be academically rewarded for that and recognised for having work experience. So in general, improving support for student’s whilst they’re here, providing an academic achievement recognition outside the classroom, because as my slogan says ‘education is more than just lectures’ – when you come to university it’s a social education, it’s an academic education – it’s all sorts of things.” Favourite drink: “I’d have to say Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey is my absolute favourite.” Favourite takeover at SU: “The toga party on Frat House night I just love it” Favourite thing at University: “The Big Deal, absolutely. That we get societies, sports teams, and membership of them and activities and that is absolutely free, I think that is unbelievable. Personally being the student editor of the newspaper and Chairman of the newsgroup I can say absolutely I would not be able to do those things if I’d had to pay. With the sports teams... because they are free to join we can get the best players joining, not the ones with the most money.” Best experience since starting BNU: “The rugby Xmas pub crawl last year, that was memorable. We went out and started at the Wycombe rugby club. Everyone had a tee-shirt that said ‘Rugby Xmas Pub Crawl’... All the staff of the Students’ Union were there... leading us into some absolute hilarious songs. We had a good singsong and we went out in all the pubs through town. But there have been so many best experiences that I couldn’t pick out.”

CHRIS ALLEN - VICE PRESIDENT EDUCATION Hi! As you probably don’t really know me, allow me to introduce myself. My names Chris Allen, I’m a second year student nurse, and I’m running for Vice President of Education here at Bucks. In my time here at Bucks, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about the standards of teaching and education here, sometimes TOO passionate! I’m not afraid to make your voice heard when it matters, and I will do so again, and again. In the past couple of years I’ve been involved quite a bit with the SU, having worked as a Freshers Helper, as a senior rep, and as part of the Exec Committee as Uxbridge Officer. I now feel as though it’s time for me to get more involved with the students union, and I’d love the opportunity to work towards making things better for everyone. If I was asked to sum up why I’m running for VPED in one sentence, I’d have to reply that it’s “because you deserve the best” – and that’s something I passionately believe. If elected, I will campaign for: The best standards of teaching and education at Bucks, regardless of any budget and funding cuts. Students didn’t slash the budget, so they shouldn’t suffer as a result. Improvements in the quality and rationale behind WebEx sessions and blackboard content. Sessions and content should compliment seminars, not replace them. Improvements in consistency when it comes to marking, across the board. If two people mark your work, you should see similar grades, not ones at different ends of the scale! Improved student engagement and feedback with regard to the direction of student union campaigns on education. When it comes to education, no-one’s opinion matters quite as much as yours. Relevant work experience placements to be introduced on every course. Not only are they a great vocational experience, they’ll look great on your CV and help build industry links! The SU have already worked hard to make things better and have helped to enhance the education experience, but there is always room for improvement, and I won’t rest whilst there are still issues to tackle. I hope I can count on your vote, because you can count on me! It’s your education, and you deserve the best.

Name: Chris Allen Age: 19 Studying: Nursing Year: Second year Why running for this position? “Mainly because when the cuts were coming around I realised how passionate I could get about things and the thing that I’ve always felt on my course from the beginning of the year is that things can also be better than they are and there is always room for improvement. So I’m quite passionate about seeing things improve so everyone everyone’s getting the best education they can.” What will you do if elected? “Basically there is a few things that I would like to see improve or worked on when it comees to the ecucational side of things in the university. A lot of complains have been made quite recently, for example WebEx on Blackboard. I think it’s a great thing but I think it needs to be improved in the way that it’s used in the sense that there could be better quality stuff and that all work is at the same sort of standard when they’re recording things on each section on Blackboard For example one lecture is putting information up in a certain way and another doing it completely different. Also I think WebEx is being used as an excuse to replace seminars, rather than to compliment it” Why should students vote for you? “Everyone at this university the very best standard of education, and that is exactly what I want to see them getting. ” Favourite drink: “It’s probably Relentless” Favourite takeover at SU: “I do like Flirt on a Friday” Favourite thing at university: “My favourite thing about the university is that it’s got a great student body, we all get together and just have a laugh” Best experience since starting BNU: “If it can be what I’ve done on my nursing course, then it was helping real nurses and doctors save a life on my second week of work placement in my first year”

bucks student edition 17

March 2011 www.bucksstudent.com

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Election fever hits Bucks By Sarah O’Brien After a long and anxious wait, the SU election campaigns have officially begun. The candidates for each position have been announced and they are already swarming the university in search for supporters. In this edition of the Bucks Student, we will be introducing you to the candidates hoping to win over your votes with their persuasive and attractive campaigns. The positions for SU President, Vice President Education, Vice President Student Involvement as well as the NUS delegates are all waiting to be filled by the eight eager hopefuls that have nominated themselves this year. This is our chance as students to choose a leader who will help our university grow. Each and every person in the elections are determined to make your time here at Bucks more enjoyable and valuable and want to ensure you reap all the benefits the university has to offer. It’s important not to forget you are entitled to use the excellent second preference vote that the elections offer, allows you to rank your favourites in order of your preference. This means you have the opportunity to vote your favourite candidate in first place, then a ‘back-up’ if you like in second. In order to be elected into power, a candidate must have at least 50 percent of the votes for the position they are running for, and this is where the second preference system really counts. It is crucially important to take advantage of this as it’s not something many elections allow. But remember it is the first vote that is the important one, so choose your rankings wisely! Don’t know who to vote for or where to begin? Take a look at the profiles of each candidate inside which provides unbiased, fair and honest interviews. They include the questions on everyone’s lips and some downright random ones too. This is designed to give you a personal insight to whom and what you’re voting for. This year is as close as ever as all eight candidates make excellent and interesting points, and would make great changes to the university. This is the first time ever that students can vote online as well as using the manual ballot boxes that will be scattered around the university for the next few weeks. It is important that you show you student ID card at these ballot boxes in order to be able to vote. We at the Bucks Student can’t stress enough how important it is to vote, and to support the candidate who best suits your needs at the university. The person you vote in could make alterations that completely improve BNU, so make sure you know who and what you are voting for. Check out the Facebook page Bucks Students’ Union Elections Newsfeed regularly as it will provide live updates and all the news and gossip from the elections. If you wish to vote online, please visit www.bucksstudent.com/election. Voting begins at 10am on Monday 7 March and will close midday on the 11th with the results being announced early evening in the SU, but will also be available online.

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Doors open 4:45pm OH 2 See the candidates all on one stage and bring along your questions as they battle it out to win your vote. This year there a live video link to Uxbridge campus room 3.07 Before you cast your vote, come along and make the most of the chance to grill the candidates.

Limited seating! Contact amy.mclaughlan@bucks.ac.uk for more information or to reserve a seat

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6 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

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Letter from the Editors Hello again, I’ve been working as deputy student editor now for over a month now, and it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone at the newsgroup has been really supportive and generally lovely so I just want to say a big thank you to all! I hope I can do you proud next year. I also want to take the opportunity to mention that anyone who is thinking of joining the newsgroup should – it doesn’t matter if you’re not doing a course in journalism or creative writing, everyone and anyone is welcome to submit. The meetings we have are always really relaxed and as I said the group are all a great bunch. So please feel free to email me on deputystudent. editor@thebucksstudent.com or Laz on student.editor@ thebucksstudent.com if you are interested in taking part, sending in an article or have any general queries about the newspaper. Anyway, whoever said that elections are boring clearly never went to BNU - this week has been an exciting one as the candidates for the SU Elections have finally been announced. As you can see, we at The Bucks Student are bringing you all the interviews, details and questions you will need to make a well informed decision as to who gets your very important vote. And it is important! I’ve had a lot of fun interviewing all eight of the candidates and I can honestly say they are all great lads, so we’ve got some tough decisions to make! So in the next edition of The Bucks Student, we will be introducing you to the newly appointed President, VP Education, VP Student Involvement and the two NUS Delegates. We cannot wait to find out the results! So please read the pull-off section we had provided so that you get a real idea as

to who you are voting for. You can find out why you should vote for them and what they would do if elected, as well as some random things that will hopefully show off their great personalities. Also I want to point out that the candidates have submitted articles for you to enjoy, which unfortunately we cannot edit to ensure that you get an accurate insight and uncut version of what the candidates have to say, straight from the horse’s mouth. As you can imagine, they are definitely worth a look at. There is also a great Facebook page Bucks Students’ Union Election News Feed which will bring you up to speed with all the gossip and goings on. Already there has been a bit of banter and controversy, so search, like and have your say. Hustings have been pushed back until Monday 7th March – the day that voting starts – so it will definitely be an interesting night and will allow you to ask the questions you want answered. Look out for more information on these on the bucks student website and around the Students’ Union. Aside from the elections, we are jampacked with all your favourite and usual content, from Confessions of a Fresher and Student Survival Guides to film and food reviews right up to the latest sport updates. I hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as I have reporting for it. Speak soon, Sarah



y // WIN AN iP ens 10th Januar


Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 7

Left: The five-feet high wooden Disraeli magistrates chair with a plaque showing that is was presented to Wycombe County Magistrates in 1927; Above: furniture lecturer, Gregory CupittJones, from Bucks New University and the magistrates chair.

Disraeli magistrates chair restored at Bucks Furniture lecturers at Bucks are hoping to jog the memories of anyone who may recognise a chair they have restored and which bears a plaque signed by the nephew of former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. The five-feet high wooden chair has a plaque saying it was presented to Wycombe County Magistrates in 1927. It also bears the name Major Coningsby Disraeli, a Conservative politician whose father, Isaac Disraeli, was Benjamin Disraeli’s brother. It has been restored and upholstered by Gregory Cupitt-Jones, who is a visiting

furniture lecturer at Bucks, at his workshop at Cottage Upholstery, in Nettlebed, Henley-on-Thames. He said he believed the high-backed chair had been given to the University in the late1980s and had been moved from workshop to workshop until he took it on himself to re-upholster it, re-laying leather on the seats and cleaning it up. Now the University’s furniture department is hoping to find the chair a suitable home and would like to hear from anyone who may recognise it. Mr Cupitt-Jones said: “I’m sure if this chair could talk it would have a few tales

to tell. It is really quite fascinating. The chair had been moved from workshop to workshop at the University and no one really knew what to do with it, but I thought it was well worth restoring and now we’re hoping to find it a good home.” A plaque on the chair says: ‘Presented to the Wycombe County Magistrates by Albert Glenister Esquire JP, CC, 1927’. Below it has the name ‘Major Coningsby Disraeli JP, DL, CA. Chairman.’ Mr Cupitt-Jones added: “It’s not every day that you come across a magistrate’s chair and certainly one that has a surname

on it which has played such a prominent part in the history of High Wycombe. “We do not know how it came to find its way to the University. It could have been through a clear-out at the magistrates’ court. Either way, it is very satisfying to see it restored to its former self.” “Rare pieces such as this are of great educational value and provide fantastic examples for students of the heritage of this town and the skills that need protecting and nurturing.” Lynn Jones, Department Manager for Furniture and Head of the recently-launched

Continuing students need to apply NOW for Student maintainence loan & grant for 2011/2012

National School of Furniture, said the upholstered chair was ‘fantastically wellrestored’ and ‘no doubt possesses a treasure chest of memories’. She said: “We may never know its history from 1927 to when it came to Bucks New University but it would be fantastic to find out. We have recently received accreditation to teach upholstery at all levels from The Association of Master Upholsterers & Furnishers and this chair, in many ways, is typical of the kind of work students could find themselves taking part in at Bucks.”

8 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

Five-star Missenden Abbey maintains record for excellent food hygiene standards

Missenden Abbey Conference Centre has once again been awarded the highest possible rating, five stars, from Chiltern District Council for its high standard of food service and hygiene. The award helps the Abbey to continue its unbroken record of achieving the top award, now gained for the fourth consecutive occasion. The Abbey is the only conference centre within the Chiltern District Council area to be awarded five stars, and only 39 businesses in total have achieved this score. A fantastic accomplishment for the Abbey. The Council’s Environmental Health Manager concluded that Missenden Abbey, which is owned by Bucks New University, ‘provides an excellent performance level’, and that it ‘has an excellent level of compliance with food hygiene legislation and recommended best practice guidance’. As a result the Abbey has been awarded the coveted five-star rating. Steve Crawford, Centre Director at Missenden Abbey, said: “This is the fourth occasion that we have achieved the highest award and it is a great credit to all of the catering team, particularly Phil Child, Acting Head Chef, and Ann Emery, Food & Beverage Manager, for their hard work and high standards of professionalism. Our next goal is to achieve a fifth consecutive five-star award!” Councillor Isobel Darby, Chiltern District Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Housing, added:

“Congratulations to all involved at Missenden Abbey in achieving consistently high standards year after year. We are looking forward to their continued success.” Missenden Abbey Conference Centre has a fascinating history having been originally founded as a working monastery in 1133. It now offers a unique combination of modern residential training facilities together with warm hospitality, all set in a 12th century abbey. Available all year round, it has 20 fully equipped conference rooms and 57 en-suite bedrooms. The Abbey can host corporate events, meetings, training and team building, presentations and conferences, as well as weddings and private functions. Set in the heart of The Chilterns, Missenden Abbey lies in over ten acres of picturesque lawn and parkland, and yet it is within convenient reach of the M25, M40 and M1 motorways as well as mainline train stations, and is just 30 miles from central London. The Abbey is an active member of Conference Centres of Excellence, a group promoting the concept that dedicated venues provide an ideal location for business events. It is also a member of the Meetings Industry Association, the leading association for the meetings industry. For more information on Missenden Abbey Conference Centre, check out www.missendenabbey.co.uk

. . . t s e b e h t Want

Above: (L-R) Prof Trevor Nicholls, Pro Vice Chancellor - Campus & Facilities, Bucks New University; Phil Child, Acting Head Chef at Missenden Abbey and Steve Crawford, Centre Director at Missenden Abbey.

Who would’ve thought Fudge sounded this good!

...but still need to eat?


ls for s a e d e iv s lu c x _E es from

On product rang

0845 872 6926

Students from Bucks New University have recorded and, in association with Forbidden Helmet Productions, co-produced a brand new radio sketch show entitled ‘Alien Fudge’. The project is the brain-child of writers Alex Babic, Joff Thompson and Ian Williams, who both wrote and performed their material for the show with actresses Nicola Borthwick and Christine Strickett. The team came to Bucks with the aim to embark on the show’s production and enlisted the assistance of four second year Audio and Music Production students. The students, Freyja Lawson, James Williams, Scott Graves and Christopher Wadey, recorded and edited the pilot episode using the university’s excellent audio facilities during the 2010 festive period. Ian Williams, a writer and actor for Alien Fudge, said that “Working with the team at BNU has been an absolute delight. They have remained focused on the goal and have been extremely professional. They have been flexible throughout and have been very open and responsive to changes we have had to make during the process. Not only have they been both fun and friendly, but have been as passionate about the whole project as we, the writers and performers, have been. Very big thumbs up - I would recommend these guys to anyone.”

By James Williams Both students and staff from the University whom are involved with the project have all expressed their joy at the show’s creation, as well as the news that a second show has been commissioned by BBC Oxford which will be recorded and edited at the university throughout February. Stephen Partridge, the head of Production in the Faculty of Design, Media and Management and who helped to bring Alien Fudge to the university, said that “The BA (Hons) Audio & Music Production second year students have risen commendably to the challenge of working with an extremely ambitious and highly committed group of comedy writers. The results to date are without doubt broadcast quality, with some outstanding creative sound design. The output compares very favourably in relation to existing early evening BBC Radio 4 comedy, which is the target market for the writers’ work.” ‘Alien Fudge’ will air on BBC Oxford radio on Sunday March 6th and March 13th at 9:00pm. If you’re in the Oxford area, either tune into 95.2 FM or visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/bbc_radio_ oxford/ to listen online.

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 9


Oh Carolina! Neil Brownsword, senior tutor, Ceramics & Glass, will be speaking at the prestigious Contemporary British Ceramics Symposium at Mint Museum UPTOWN in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on Thursday 10 March at the culmination of an exhibition of work by British ceramicists. Neil’s work was among exhibits by 100 British artists belonging to The Grainer Collection. It has run at Mint Museum UPTOWN since October.

Doesn’t time fly? Martin Brown, senior technician at Missenden Abbey, was given a warm reception this week as fellow staff helped him celebrate 25 years of service. Martin, who has held several roles since he joined, and passed the milestone in October, received John Lewis vouchers. He said: “I have seen huge change over the years across the areas I work in and it has been good to see the Abbey evolve. The Abbey has a friendly, close-knit team of staff and I still enjoy coming to work every day.” When Martin started the likes of Jennifer Rush were top of the charts with The Power of Love and the top films were Back to the Future and Rocky IV.

Above: (L-R) Chris Kemp, Sivan Metzer, Nessa Doran O’Reilly, Sua Lee and is of Furniture Magpies signing the contract.

Bucks signs first Enterprise Fellowship Agreement with up-and-coming graduate business Bucks has entered into its very first Enterprise Fellowship agreement with three of our graduates who have set up their own business, called Furniture Magpies. MA Furniture: Design & Technology graduates, Sivan Metzer, Nessa Doran O’Reilly, and Sua Lee, have already secured their first major commission for bespoke items of furniture, from London department store, Selfridges. Their unique business concept sees the talented trio collect original items of furniture and redesign the pieces in to new items with a contemporary feel, whilst retaining a little of the original item’s story. They have benefited from Bucks’s Enterprise Fellowship programme which enables them to utilise the University’s expertise while setting up their business, and have now formalised the arrangement by signing a three-year

fellowship agreement. The agreement offers benefits including use of the University’s facilities, such as its furniture workshops, library, IT services and equipment. Under the agreement, the Magpies also receive legal advice to assist them with registering trademarks. Professor Chris Kemp, Pro Vice Chancellor & Executive Dean: Design, Media & Management, said the University was ‘excited’ about the Furniture Magpies and their future. He said: “The Furniture Magpies have an enthusiasm for their work which is infectious and we are extremely happy to offer them all the backing we can to ensure that their business initiative is a success. They have made a great start. “They have drawn up a three-year business plan but have already achieved most of the goals they set themselves

bnuNewspaper advert (270mmby85mm) 16-2-11.pdf



for their first year. At the same time they have forged some terrific business opportunities, including the commission for Selfridges. “In return for our support, the ladies are creating work for sale and also assisting us in mentoring students in furniture-making. This is an innovative partnership for the University but one that we are confident will prove very successful and mutually beneficial. “Bucks New University recently launched the National School of Furniture, a joint venture between ourselves and Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, with the furniture industry, to safeguard the future of the furniture industry in the UK. This agreement is a great signpost of our positive intent surrounding the National School of Furniture.” Sivan said it would not have been possible for the company to get off the

ground without the University’s support, and that all three ladies are ‘extremely passionate’ about ensuring Furniture Magpies is a success. She added: “The Enterprise Fellowship programme has enabled us to set up the business and already push through many of our aims, and this partnership agreement provides us with the reassurance and backing to develop our trade links further and build on our reputation. “High Wycombe is famous for its history of furniture-making and so we are in a great location to establish Furniture Magpies. We are now looking forward excitedly to the future and to working further with Bucks New University.” For more information on Furniture Magpies, check out www.furnituremagpies.com

SSAFA so good... Two senior members of the social work department at the Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force and Family Support Association (SSAFA) in Germany will be at Bucks on Monday to speak to first-year BA (Hons) Social Work students about the organisation and meet three students due to spend six-week spring placements at SSAFA’s sites in Monchengladbach, Munster and Gutersloh. Senior social work lecturers Jenni Burton and Jo Edwards visited the locations earlier this month to meet assessors and view the settings. Jenni said: “The placements are a pilot project and we are confident they will lead to many other opportunities.”

Pull the other one Philip Pullman, author of the award-winning His Dark Materials fantasy novels trilogy, will officially open a school outdoor learning garden made by BA (Hons) Furniture: Design & Craft students. The learning garden, at Windmill Primary School, in Oxford, involves a story trail completed with the help of pupils from the school, who visited Bucks to meet students and come up with ideas. The work has been set up by Creative Partnerships, founded by Arts Council England to give schoolchildren the chance to learn creatively. The official opening is on Friday 8 April.



Get 25% off on your first visit and 15% off subsequent visits* *valid student or staff ID required. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

Appointments: 01494 523158 / 526648 Roccola Hair, 18 Crendon Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 6LS

10 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

Look to the future

Bucks SU President believes ‘more radical candidate’ may be next national head

Nick Lawson, CEO of MediaCom EMEA, one of the world’s largest media agency networks, will be speaking to BA (Hons) Business Management and Communications Marketing students in Owen Harris 1 at 10am on Monday 7 March about The Future of Media Agencies, as part of a series of business speakers. The event is free and open to students and staff. For more details email vic.davies@bucks.ac.uk or simon.lubin@bucks.ac.uk. Above: current President of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter

Transforming the way we run sport Speaker: Chair:

Roger Draper, Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association Peter Thomas MBE, Visiting Professor and Director of Sport at Bucks New University, and Chairman of Bucks Sport

Bucks New University is hosting the seventh in a series of free community lectures featuring high profile guest speakers. Tuesday 8 March 2011 Owen Harris Lecture Theatre 1, High Wycombe Campus, HP11 2JZ 6pm light refreshments 6.30pm - 7.30pm lecture 7.30pm light refreshments As a former international athlete in rugby league and tennis and now the Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Roger Draper is one of the new breed of sports leaders who are applying direct experience of competing as an elite athlete with first-rate business skills and experience, to achieve radical improvement in the way sport is run. Sport is big business, the sector is rapidly changing and it is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. RogerÕs lecture will provide an opportunity to hear directly from a leader in the thick of this transformation of sport, and about shaping future plans and strategies.

Public Lecture Series 2011 Places need to be reserved. To book a place please contact: Lorna West (Vice Chancellor’s Office) Bucks New University, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2JZ Tel: 01494 603 002 Fax: 01494 438 123 Email: lorna.west@bucks.ac.uk or book online at bucks.ac.uk/public_lectures

The president of Bucks New University’s Students’ Union says he feels a ‘more radical candidate’ may be appointed as the next national president of the body after incumbent Aaron Porter elected not to run for a second term. Mr Porter is only the second leader of the NUS since 1969 not to stand for re-election and his decision has followed claims that the union’s leadership had lost touch with a growing number of students determined to make their voices heard from the streets. Tom Foy, President of Bucks New University’s Students’ Union, said he had not been expecting the announcement. Tom said: “This news has come as a bit of a surprise to us. “I would say I think it’s a real shame Aaron Porter is not standing for re-election. I thought

he articulated our argument very well both in person and in the media. I only hope that we get the same sort of person in the next election. However, I feel a more radical candidate might get it.” Mr Porter has visited the University’s High Wycombe Campus, in Queen Alexandra Road, on a number of occasions, most recently in June last year for the third annual Learning and Teaching Conference. In November, around 500 Bucks New University students were among those who peacefully marched on Parliament, during national protests against tuition fee rises. The same month, they also staged a peaceful protest when David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, officially opened the University’s award-winning Gateway building.

Above: students playing jenga at a recent meeting of the Uxbridge Society

LTA chief to discuss the transformation of sport at Bucks Roger Draper, Chief Executive of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), will be giving a free public lecture at 6pm on Tuesday 8 March at Bucks New University. In his lecture entitled ‘Transforming the way we run sport’, Roger will discuss how sport has become big business, and is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. His lecture will provide an opportunity to hear directly from a leader in the thick of this transformation of sport, and about shaping future plans and strategies. During the last four years Roger has been at the helm of British tennis. He has modernised the organisation, engineered the co-ordination of all aspects of the sport and secured new commercial backing. He is now leading a more informed approach to sports business management ensuring the growth of British tennis is sustained and the best return on investment is secured. Roger has wide experience of the sports business including a three year role as Chief Executive of Sport England. During this time he led a major review and reorganisation of the £500m spent on sport in the UK, was involved in the 2012 bid and in Team England’s 2006 Commonwealth Games campaign. Roger said of his forthcoming lecture:

“Tennis like all sports has recognised the need to modernise its governance by adopting best practice from the business world. Running a sport presents its own unique challenges in terms of combining results on court with those off it, so I’m looking forward to discussing how the LTA is growing and developing British tennis.” Roger’s presentation is the seventh in a series of free public lectures to be held at the University, which seek to discuss issues affecting the community both locally and nationally. The lecture will be chaired by Peter Thomas MBE, Visiting Professor and Director of Sport at Bucks New University, and Chairman of Bucks Sport. The lecture will take place from 6.30 7.30pm on 8 March in Owen Harris Lecture Theatre 1 at the High Wycombe Campus, Bucks HP11 2JZ. Light refreshments will be served beforehand from 6pm and after the event. Admission to the lecture is free and is open to anyone on a first come, first served basis. Places need to be reserved; please book online at: bucks.ac.uk/public_lectures, or for further information, please contact Lorna West on 01494 603 002, email lorna.west@bucks.ac.uk.

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 11

10 April 2011

Sunrise Walk  In aid of the High Wycombe Mayor’s Appeal 2010/11

West Wycombe Park

Above: the recruitment team who look after enrolling new students and University Open days.

University maintains increase in applications Bucks has maintained our position as a university with one of the highest percentage increases in applications to its full-time undergraduate courses, according to statistics released by the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The UCAS statistics released this week show an 18.6% increase in applications to the University, putting it in the top fifteen UK universities for percentage increases in applications, and in the top ten in England*. The applications digest provides statistics for applications primarily to full-time undergraduate courses starting in the autumn of 2011 and made through UCAS by the deadline of 15 January 2011. The University has seen a 25.6% increase in applications to its foundation degrees and a 25.4% increase in applications to its honours degree courses. Bucks has seen continuous rises in applications over the last three years. This is attributed to a number of factors: review of the course portfolio, the University’s commitment to enhancing the student experience through a unique student support package known as the Big Deal, its extensive campus redevelopment programme, and the achievement of university title in October 2007. The increase compares to a 5% rise across the sector. The total number of applicants who had applied to UK universities by the 15 January 2011 deadline was 583,546, compared to 570,556 at 15 January 2010. Prof Ruth Farwell, Vice Chancellor, said: “We are delighted that the statistics confirm our position as an attractive proposition for prospective students. The fact that applications to our university have risen consistently over the last three years is testament to the hard work of all our employees who have helped to make the University a success and to deliver the Bucks experience. “We firmly believe in the value of a university education, and are determined to do all we can to maintain our commitment to offering opportunities to those with the potential to benefit from higher education, despite the current pressures on public finance.”

National Union of Students NEWS

*The rankings are based on comparison with other universities and exclude further education colleges. The data refer to applications (choices) not applicants.

National Conference Live Launches! The Sage in Newcastle Gateshead plays host to the conference between 12-14 April 2011 and, for the first time ever, you will be able to watch it live on a brand new online hub featuring news, live tweets, photos, videos, policy and much more. Find out who the new NUS president is first with a full screen live video stream and, using the official hashtag (#nusnc11), you will be able to see what everyone is saying about it both inside and outside the event. You will also be able to view the latest photos, videos, news, media coverage and downloadable policy.

‘No surprise’ that Cambridge intends to charge £9k Responding to leaks suggesting that Cambridge University will be the first to set its tuition fees at £9,000 the National Union of Students (NUS) said we should expect other universities to quickly follow suit. Aaron Porter, NUS President, said: “It comes as absolutely no surprise that

Cambridge University intends to charge students the maximum amount it is permitted to. The Government have completely failed to put any restrictions, or even disincentives, in place to stop universities asking for as much money as possible from students. “We can now expect a race to the top now as universities rush to gain kudos by joining the ‘£9,000 group’ as quickly as possible. How long before the most expensive universities start asking for the freedom to charge even more?”

NUS Scotland wins £15m funding for college bursaries Due to overwhelming response from students across Scotland, who sent over 30,000 emails to their MSPs, the Scottish Parliament today voted for a budget that provides an additional £15m of bursary funding over this year and next. In an additional victory for students, MSPs voted for £8m of additional funding this year for 1200 more college places and related support. “This is great news and testament to the hard work of thousands of college students across Scotland. Students across colleges and universities have mobilised fantastically well, with over 30,000 letters and emails sent to MSPs on this issue.”

1, 5 or 10 mile sponsored walk starting at 8.00 am Sign up at:

www.peppersunrisewalk.org.uk www.peppersunrisewalk.org.uk

12 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011




Student Survival Guide: Assignments, Deadlines and the curse of Procrastination.


o it’s nearly exam time, yikes! If you’re feeling a bit panicky and anxious, fear not. A few simple breathing exercises will calm those nerves right down, giving you the ability to think straight, concentrate and just relax. I understand you already know how to breathe; I’m not suggesting you’re THAT lazy, but these few tips will ensure you’re doing it productively and helping you to do more than just live. This exercise will only take five minutes but will do you the world of good. I don’t suggest you do it in the library – you do tend to get a few funny looks. I’ve learnt that the hard way. Sit comfortably, lengthening your spine and keeping your shoulders down and relaxed. Try doing this somewhere quiet and

relaxing (if possible to find in High Wycombe) Take your right hand and place your thumb by your right nostril and the ring and little finger by your left. Close the right nostril with your thumb and inhale through the left one for the count of eight. Close left nostril with the ring finger and, releasing the thumb, exhale through your right nostril for the count of eight again. Then inhale from the same nostril to the count of eight. Then close it with your thumb repeat the circle again. Repeat all this a few times until you reach about five minutes. If you can, practise this daily before to start your studying (yes, studying) and it’ll really clear your head, relax you and help you concentrate that little bit more.

The Secret Life of Elle McBride Goodbye reading week and hello 7am alarm-oh joy. Seven days never seems enough, or does it? After the first 3 days I was kinda done with the whole being at home thing, and dare I say it I actually missed the wonderful Wycombe. Why do they even call it reading week, the only thing I actually read was my Sky plus channel menu, while I was catching up on Desperate Housewives. So what to do with all of my reading-free free time? Plan. Tirelessly planning a certain occasion gives us the upper hand, because we can control what happens. However, just because we’ve planned doesn’t always mean that life will allow us to continue with these plans. Take for example the dreaded run in with an ex, I have yet to experience this and to be honest i’m a little bit apprehensive. See, i’ve planned this whole speech just in case he says something to me, or I also have back up facial expressions if we don’t. I mean I don’t want him to know that I care if we do or don’t, I just want to be prepared either way. Then I realise that as much as I would love to plan everything, it’s physically impossible and let’s face it – life is experiencing the unpredictable. Unpredictable moments when we forget our Uni ID and are escorted out of the library until we can produce one, unpredictable moments when we intend to wash our hair but find our shampoo bottle empty mid shower, unpredictable moments

when it decides to rain although the weather woman at the BBC said sunshine and clear skies, the unpredictable moments when an average night out ends in pure perfection while watching your favourite dvd with that special someone. See the thing about life is this: when things are going bad they’re really bad and we’d all love to erase these moments out of our plans, and yet without those bad moments we can’t fully enjoy the amazing life changing moments when they happen. Life as they say is a mystery, why spend most of it trying to find out what the mystery is? So the secret mission I’ve been trying to accomplish is going according to plan, but I have prepared myself in the event that I do not succeed. My glass is neither half full nor half empty, it’s invisible and I intend to keep it that way until I know the current status of my master plan. Yes I remember what I said about planning, this isn’t a “plan” exactly it’s more of an ‘in-theevent-that-I-would-need-to-knowwhat-to-do’ guideline really. A few months ago, well last year to be exact I let something slip away, and the sudden reappearance of that thing has made me realise that re-enacting the scenes of months gone by is the last thing that I wanna do. So if you had a second chance to change something, would you do it? Or risk the ever present “what if” cloud hanging over your head? EB x

“I would’ve made a good Pope” - err; you’ve got to be an honest man of God for that role. Emphasis on the “honest”

Why did I come to University? It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times; to get a better job? To mingle with other intellectually minded people? To doss about all day watching Jeremy Kyle deliver lie detector results to overweight people, all of whom have bad teeth and the collective IQ of a table leg? Nope, (well, possibly the last one) Either way, I definitely DIDN’T come to University to sit up until 2am the night before an important deadline, guzzling energy drinks, squinting madly at the computer and randomly hitting my keyboard in the vain hope that the words to an essay will somehow magically appear on screen. Yet, ironically, my university life now seems to consist mainly of the above scenario. It’s not that I’m disorganised, (ok, I kind of am) my problem stems more from the fact that I’ve perfected a skill that all students miraculously seem to acquire at some point during their studies: The art of procrastination. Yes, I admit it, I’m a procrastinator. Case in point? The fact that I’m writing this article approximately two hours before the newspaper deadline. I’ve had all week to do it, I know I need to finish, and yet for some reason, I can’t seem to stop myself from logging onto my facebook, just in case someone has left me a message or a wall post at some point within the 30 seconds since I last checked. I’m procrastinating whilst attempting to write an article on procrastination. More ironic than the fact that Alanis Morrisette wrote an entire song on irony, a song which - despite its title - still somehow manages to inaccurately describe

the correct meaning of the word “ironic”. Assignments and tests are by far the worst triggers for procrastination. There’s nothing like an impending exam to make you realise that you should really make a start on alphabetising that CD collection. Take this weekend for example, I’ve had several assignment deadlines looming so, in a fit of uncharacteristic focus and determination, I decided to knuckle down and attempt to get my work completed. Unfortunately the curse of procrastination soon took hold, meaning my entire work schedule for Saturday consisted of: 10 - 11am: Begin assignment. 11 - 12pm: Take a break from the 200 words I’ve written. Spend an hour staring vacantly out of the window. 12:02pm: Return to assignment. 12:05pm: Decide to check facebook. 12:10pm: Return to work. 12:12pm: Check facebook again 1:30pm: Return to work 2:00pm: Congratulate self for writing 30 words and reward with 5 minute break. 3:00pm: Return to work. Fill out header and then spend 20 minutes checking word count, just in case document has suddenly sprouted 1000 words from nowhere. 4:08 - 4:45pm: Walk around house aimlessly. 5 - 5:30pm: Spend time changing abbreviated words like, ’shouldn’t’, ’didn’t’ and ‘isn’t’ to full length versions in vain hope that you can double word count. 6pm: Re-read document. 6:30pm: Stop for day and begin getting ready for night out. Total productive output for day: 300 words. If, after reading the above schedule, you recognise more

than a hint of familiarity about it, here’s a few tips to make sure you don‘t fall victim to the curse of procrastination. Don’t leave stuff until the last minute: No **** Sherlock! Still, it’s a valuable lesson to remember. As students we develop a kind of inability to accurately distinguish the passage of time. So much so that it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that 24 hours is more than enough time to write that 5000 word essay. Just look at the library on a deadline day; you can’t so much as walk past a set of computer terminals without tripping over the crowds of panicked students, each one desperately attempting to finish their work before the office shuts. There’s probably a reason we’re given work weeks in advance. And before you ask, it’s NOT because the University is sympathetic about our need to have a social life. The internet is the tool of the devil: Seriously Attempting assignment work on a computer with internet access is the ultimate test of willpower. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter - not to mention the lure of Wikipedia. Thanks to laziness, our generation has been bought up to believe that Wikipedia is the source of all knowledge. Lecturers should forget warning us not to use it for assignments. Instead they should be far more concerned that we’re using it as OPPOSED to doing the assignments. For example, I’ve wasted many valuable hours amusing myself with the witty editing of certain entries. My favourite? The comic genius who edited the entry for High Wycombe to suggest that - at sundown - local residents sacrifice a small child in an effort to appease

the chair God, Ercol. The solution? If you want that degree then avoid the internet. Also, if you‘re that person who updates their facebook status 20 times an hour, please stop. Nothing to do with assignments, it’s just really annoying. Research: If you’ve ever written an essay you’ll know that the worst part is the research. It’s the assignment equivalent to gobbling a pack of Nytol and then listening to an entire CD of Westlife ballads. It’s

POLITICIANS SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS I know this is a little bit different to the usual, but seen as its election time we thought let’s give the students of BNU a break. And focus on the politicians; enough to scare any SU candidate! These quotes are all genuine, hilarious and put the stupidity of everyone who has featured in this article to shame.

Richard Nixon Tricky Dickey; a cute as a fox and as hated as they come. Let’s avoid a Watergate and get straight to the good stuff. Tony Blair Ah, good old Blair. He certainly had his moments of madness although much more of a rarity then Bush. But that just makes them all the more enjoyable. “I never make predictions. I never have and I never will” Dan Quayle If you’re wondering who he is too then thank God; I’d never heard of him either. But, he is single-handedly the biggest joke of a politician of this article.

Yes, I do realise Bush in mentioned. “The real question for 1988 is whether we’re going forward to tomorrow or past to the… back!” “What a waste to lose one’s mind – or not to have a mind. How true that is.” “I stand by all my misstatements” George Bush Why are we not surprised! Yes, it’s everyone’s love-to-hate ridiculous man of politics. He did have his moments of sheer stupidity… and that’s about it. “I have opinions

of my own – strong opinions – but I don’t always agree with them”

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 13

Dreams Deciphered

enough to induce a coma. Frankly, I don’t know a single person who genuinely likes to do research. Anyone who claims to enjoy this aspect of Uni work is either: A.) A liar B.) Weird Unfortunately, it’s often not only an integral part of most assignments, but also the bit which requires the most effort. For that reason, it’s probably a good idea

to start here. If I’ve learnt anything from my time at University (other than how to make £10 last me a week) it’s that if you get the research done first, you’ll be making life easier for yourself in the long run. Extensions Ah, the last resort. If all else fails there’s always the extension, right? Wrong! As much as it pains me to

The first step is admittance…

tell you this, the university doesn’t hand out extensions for procrastination. So there you have it. However, if you’re still struggling to get your work done, the most important thing to remember is not to allow yourself to get distracOhhh, a new facebook message! By Siobhan Carney

Hello there, I’m also a student at Bucks. I feel like I need to tell my story and get it off my chest. A few years ago my friends were trying this new drug out on the market called ‘facebook’ …it’s cheap, satisfying, in constant supply and it’s legal! I’m sure many of you have tried it, in fact I know that it has over 500 million active users and at least 250 million of them use it every day, (I am one of them) So I said to my friends “ok I’ll try it”…“just this once”. I am now addicted; every morning to start my day, every night or else I cannot sleep. I have tried to go ‘cold turkey’ but the craving was just too much The thing about ‘facebook’ (also known on the streets as a ‘Social Network site’) is that it’s good on your own or with friends and you control how long you want to be on it for (the longest that I have ever tripped for is about three hours, but I know of people that have been on it for up to five – six hours straight, that’s hardcore!). So yeah I admit “I’m an addict”,

Dear Binty, The other night I had a dream that I was at a party with my friends when I decided to comb my hair as it was really messy. I combed it and combed it until it all fell out and I was bald. I was so scared my mates would stop talking to me because of it, what does this mean? Dear Dreamer, Bless you cotton socks! You’ve got nothing to worry about, yet. Being at a party means that you are aware of your social skills at this present time, and if you were having a ball then all is well. However, you leave the party or your mates to comb your messy hair. How bizarre you must have found this! Well, hair in dreams symbolises our strength, and to comb it represents your attempts to untangle a particular attitude you have. To be bald means you recognise your own intelligence and ability to achieve. And to be embarrassed by this is very odd indeed. From what I can gather, you’re worried about your social life being affected by your studies. You are now at the party, with your friends who love you for being a bit crazy, going to all the nights out and who is great fun all the time. Now you’ve realised there is more to university than the amazing nightlife: the studying. It would appear you want to ‘untangle’ your messy nights out and your laid-back attitude and want to actually do well in your degree. You know you can achieve whatever you want to if you just put your head down, but you’re terrified that this will affect the relationships you have made. Will they still like you if you start staying in more to study on a Wednesday night and begin to turn up to the early morning lectures? It’s hard to say, but if your friends really care about you, I’m sure they’ll understand! Good Luck, Binty

though this is not a call for help, just a warning for new users to know what they are getting themselves into. I have made the wrong choices in life and this is also down to my parents as they both use ‘facebook’ and there was no getting through to them when they were on it. So naturally I have been deprived from the love and care needed to help me make choices between right and wrong. …And if you are a user, you are not alone; just make sure that it’s pure ‘facebook’ and not any of this ‘Myspace’ or ‘Bebo’ rubbish …Take care!

Confessions of a Fresher “Confessions”; often humorous intimate revelations about a person’s private life or occupation, esp. as presented in a sensationalized form in a book, newspaper, or movie : confessions of a driving instructor.” – New Oxford Dictionary. The need for change seems to swell rather a lot inside grubby student dwellings. Inside you can be chewed up; tortured by routine, lack of excitement and the need to do something different. You may start to feel that you’re suppressing something, this can be very unhealthy for Students – so it’s important for ideas to be communicated. Creative Writing, Poetry, Diaries, “Tumblr”, “Facebook” Notes, Journals, Photoblogs, Blogs, “YouTube” Video Diaries – These are vehicles which young people use on a regular basis to express themselves in a creative and idealistic fashion. I believe it’s important that everyone in someway or another articulates their inner thoughts and releases them in the best way possible. Let me first apologize to any ‘regular’ readers expecting something normal – these confessions are all too easy for you to read and indulge in. This time you are going to have to follow me as we do things differently… Here am I going to give voice to something ‘creative’ I wrote: “I’d seen her in dim light before; that face stood out like no other. She was wearing a black and white dress. Through the cave wandering, a ringing in her ear began, faint harmonies and melodies – a sweet tinnitus joyeux struck. I stood at the entrance of the cave. Its jagged formation and harsh overhangs allowed me to bask in cast shadow. As I watched, my eyes beamed. Roaming in black and white no color could be seen. The more intrusive my vision became, the more she became aware of my presence. Those eyes; they cut through me. I couldn’t look away, if I did I felt lost. We were taunted in the cave by one and others presence. Her feline features roaming tall, my beetle-like stature shrinking small. I suffered. Thoughts of weakness for breathing near her. Never was she threatened by my presence. Welcoming, inward I entered. We walked the tunnels of the cave and the tunnels in our hearts. Each ventricle was seen and each pulse felt. I was no longer cold blooded or beetle like, basking in her warmth I purred. I can still hear her heart beating like drum down my ear; it’s loud, vivid, and stronger than ever. I can still feel the sweat on the palms of our hands. As we struggled to walk in

the darkness the cave, we found light within our bodies. She’s gone now and I still need her.” For me, writing is incredibly cathartic – not just for in writing for the paper do I get a feeling of relieved stress. When I’m sitting in my grubby dwelling I’ll usually pick up a post-it note and pen and scribble just to vent everything in my head. This process to achieve a calm, relaxed, and clear state of mind is done in different ways by different people. Some like to go and talk it over with a close friend and others like to talk to members of their family. It is always dependable on what kind of person you are and what interests you have in how you reveal what is nibbling away at your lovely rice cracker within. Obviously for me, gaining feedback is always going to be an issue. I have to go on a whim. Hope I please people with what I write and also hope I don’t rub anyone up the wrong way. For the writing to feel worthwhile, I have to somehow convince myself that I’m a sort of Batman running around a Gotham-like City. Lately the pressure has built. I’ve begun to feel rather concerned with how I’m making the audience feel. “You cannot simply pair your expressive nature with your humble personality to combat being pretentious.”- Even when I quote myself I’m worried if I sound pretentious. Whilst readers indulge in my ‘wit’ my main concerns lately have been “Is that relevant?” and “Am I helping anyone?” Realistically, I haven’t been writing this article for very long – this is only my eighth or ninth. One of the main reasons I wanted to start this was because it felt like a completely self-gratifying experience. I am a human; I have ‘thoughts’ like everyone else and ‘feelings’ like everyone else. I’m very much an average person who writes down his accounts for everyone to read. What’s to stop you voicing what is on your mind? An arguable description but ‘Idealism’ is how you want something to be; ‘Realism’ is how things actually are. If you seek change, speak out – express yourself and achieve it. Not directly am I calling students to action, I merely want to demonstrate the notion that my voice is heard; and all I do is write for a student paper in the darkness of my own room. Conceive what you can achieve when your voice is heard and ideas realized…

14 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011


The Best Years of Your Life

By Gary Anderson

3. Puff the Magic Dragon By Shane Millar


he first week of uni has been the week from hell. Firstly because I am totally and utterly convinced that my lecturer hates me, and secondly, because I have no idea what room I’m supposed to be in for anything. I just stumble from one lecture to the next and always walk in late, while everyone else seems to know exactly where they’re going and are always on time. As if that wasn’t enough, we each had to give a presentation in front of the whole of the faculty yesterday afternoon. Presentations are something I always find fun…well, about as fun as sticking pins in my eyes anyway. It was awful. I stumbled over all my words, forgot what I was supposed to be saying and when I was supposed to be saying it, and at one point I’m sure I even froze up. Now it’s all a bit of a blur to be honest. Like I was saying, if my lecturer didn’t hate me at the start of the week, when I was late to his first lecture and forgot to bring in my A Level certificates, then I’m sure he does now. It all happened on Tuesday. A group of us from the class had decided to go out for a meal so that we could chat and get to know each other. That was fine. We ate, had a few drinks; it was nice, you know. Everything went wrong when we were leaving. Just as we were paying for our food, Terry, our lecturer, walked in. I always think it’s really awkward when you see a lecturer outside of a classroom because you don’t really know what to say to them. Inevitably, the conversation will be stilted and packed with long pauses and cringe worthy silences. The conversation that followed was, of course, no exception. So, Terry walked in and a hush fell over the group. He looked at our group and smiled, murmuring, ‘Alright everyone.’ The silence that stretched out before us was like an ever expanding chasm, with us on one side and Terry on the other. No one said anything and it was getting really awkward. I was running through all of the things I could possibly say in my head when I noticed that he wasn’t with anyone. I heard the words coming out of my mouth before I could stop them. Don’t ask me why I said this when a simple ‘yes thanks,’ would have been just fine. It came out all wrong. I said, ‘Eating alone then, Terry.’ Why? Why? Why? His eyes snapped to mine then, and he said, waspishly, ‘Yes, thank you.’ I got out of there as quick as I could. Anyway, I could forget about all that now. It was the weekend, and some of my school friends had come up to Wycombe for the weekend and were staying in a hotel close to the uni. It was Friday, and the plan was to go clubbing. Since I’ve

Giants Causeway

arrived here, I’ve

realised that Wycombe isn’t exactly great when it comes to nightlife, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that my friends had come up for the weekend and I could forget all about uni until Monday morning. The eight of us met at the club around ten and queued up outside, waiting to get in. Once inside the club we headed straight for the bar to get some drinks in. We waited around until a table was free and then sat down. It was a good night…well, what I remember of it anyway. We drank, talked and danced, and everyone was having a really great time…until I decided, in my drunken state, that it would be a good idea to down someone else’s drink. After that, I don’t really remember much of anything apart from waking up in a hotel bed the next morning. My first thought upon waking was, where the hell am I? I sat up then, and when I saw my friends looking at me with worry on there faces, I started to get concerned. ‘What happened?’ I asked, feeling the beginnings of a headache behind my eyes. ‘What’s the last thing you remember?’ one of my friends replied. ‘We were in the club, and then I woke up here.’ One of my friends handed me a piece of paper, and it took me a while to focus before I could read it. It turned out to be a medical sheet. It was totally unfamiliar to me. As I read through the sheet of paper, my friends explained what had happened. The drink that I’d mistakenly drunk had been spiked with ecstasy, and that mixed with all the alcohol in my system had caused my lapse in memory. Slowly, little things started coming back to me and, with my friends’ help I managed to piece the whole evening together. I’ll have to break it down into two sections so that I can explain what happened: “Things I Remember” and “Things I Don’t Remember”. Things I Remember: Arriving at the club. Going to the bar and ordering drinks. Chatting and drinking. Dancing. Drinking the drink that wasn’t mine. Waking up in the hotel. Things I Don’t Remember: Throwing up in the club. Throwing up on the bouncer who threw me out of the club. Throwing up outside the club. Going to the hospital. Singing Puff the Magic Dragon as loudly as I possibly could in the hospital waiting room. Dancing round a lamp post in the hospital car park while one of my friends tried to catch me and stop me from falling over, and then falling over. So there you have it. That’s what happened on my first weekend at uni. I’ve learnt two very important lessons this weekend. The first one is, never drink a drink that isn’t yours and the second, and probably most important of all, don’t dance around lamp posts when you’re high, because you will fall over.

Boston to Los Angeles in one month

DENVER, Colorado By Harrison Boileau - Features Editor features.editor@thebucksstudent.com


nother long train journey from Chicago to Denver, I woke up restlessly at around half six. I kind of regret refusing those sleeping pills that the guy from Iowa offered me, but there was something about him I didn’t quite trust. After about an hour of looking outside the window, I received a few missed calls and numerous texts displaying ‘Happy Birthday’ …Oh yeh it’s my birthday! I decided to get a coffee and spend another hour staring out of the window at the nothingness that is the plains of Nebraska. I remember at one point looking out of the window at the very back of the train carriage. I stared at the train tracks, wondering how far I had come (2150 miles roughly). A lovely girl named Tara had written me a birthday poem. She also told me that at the Denver station her friends James and Nancy had a station wagon where they could take me around Denver and show me the sites, as it was too early to check into the hotel. After some careful consideration I agreed. I hopped into this guy’s wagon, which had sheepskin seats and smelt very strongly of cannabis. I realised why as he decided to get his pipe out and show me his ‘medical marijuana card’ …apparently it’s legal in Colorado!

Above: Denver - 420 Festival

We then drove around Denver and had breakfast at one of the dankest places I’ve ever been, steak and eggs for breakfast was pretty good with the typical American waitress with a pen in her hair and a coffee pot in one hand asking me if she can ‘top me up’. After breakfast we decided to go to a local music festival because apparently the 20th of April is a big deal to pot smokers. I met a lot of ‘doctors’ offering me medical marijuana cards for 120 bucks. The music and company was great and made my birthday seem at lot less lonely. However, as the day went on and people decided to go home I found myself alone again so decided go to see what else Denver had to offer. I visited a couple of art galleries and then treated myself to a birthday dinner at the ‘cheesecake factory’. God I sound like the saddest man alive, relying on the Facebook messages saying ‘Happy birthday’ to reassure me that I actually have friends. That night I wondered around, checked a few places out that had bands playing and then decided to get a good night sleep before my 8am train journey to San Francisco; my longest journey yet …1270 miles straight (20 hours train journey, urgh!)


he north coast of Ireland provides some of the most spectacular and rugged coastline anywhere in the British Isles. From the jagged Inishowen peninsula in Co. Donegal to the magnificence of the cliffs and bays of North Antrim, this stretch of the Emerald Isle bears testament to the ferocious sculpting power of the North Atlantic Ocean. Nowhere is that more evident than on Antrim’s north coast, where, you will find the Giants Causeway; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Causeway was formed as the result of volcanic activity in the area some 50 to 60 million years ago resulting in the formation of thousands of interlocking columns of basalt rock. What is unique about this rock formation is the hexagonal shape of these columns that have to be seen to be believed. Although, if you speak to some of the locals they will tell you that the causeway was built by the mythical Irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Legend has it that to settle a dispute with his Scottish adversary Benandonner, Mac Cumhaill built a walkway across the sea to Scotland using huge chunks of rock. Whatever you choose to believe, the landscape around the Causeway transports the visitor to a world of mystique and folklore. The howling winds and ominous growl of the Atlantic Ocean along with the towering cliffs and crashing waves create an atmosphere of intrigue and wonderment. This area is a walker’s paradise. There are numerous walking routes along the coast providing some of the most breathtaking views found anywhere in Europe. Most of the walkways are safe and well maintained by the National Trust. Further along the coast to the east is Carrick-a- Rede Rope Bridge. This is not for the faint hearted especially, if there is a gale blowing. The bridge hangs over a 100 feet high chasm linking the mainland to Carrick Island, which contains numerous colonies of wild birds from fulmars to guillemots. On a clear day the distant coast of Scotland can be seen on the horizon. Perhaps, this is where Fionn Mac Cumhaill planned his attack on Benandonner! The town of Bushmills nestles three miles inland from the Giants Causeway. Here you will find the world famous Bushmills Distillery which is recognised as the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world. Whiskey has been produced here since 1608 and there are daily tours of the distillery for most of the year. At the end of the tour, visitors are welcomed to sample some of the many whiskeys produced here. And, for those who sample one too many, a walk along the wild coastline will soon clear your head! To the west of the town of Bushmills lies Dunluce Castle. The castle sits precariously on the edge of steep cliffs and provided an outlook for Irish chieftains and kings against invading armies for centuries. The castle lies in ruins now; however, a walk through the ancient stone walls and grounds conjures up images of the many battles that took place here not only against invading forces but also against the unforgiving ocean that has shaped the beautiful landscape of this area. The castle ruins are said to be among the most romantic locations in Ireland; a claim that I can wholeheartedly endorse as it is here that I proposed to my girlfriend! Dotted around this majestic part of Ireland are little towns and villages with many hidden treasures for the erstwhile explorer. In the pubs, a chat with a local over a pint, reveals tales of myth and folklore that by the end of the night will have you believing the howl of the wind is the whistling of legendary giants. Oh, by the way, she said yes...! For information on accommodation, tours, travel, location visit: www.northantrim.com/giantscauseway.htm www.discovernorthernireland.com.

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at Bucks

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all draught £2 a pint 5pm - 11pm double up on spirits £1


all draught £2 a pint 5pm - 11pm double up on spirits £1

ESday 08 tU 8pm - late COMEDY CENTRAL


4 PINT PITCHERS OF CARLSBERg & STRONGBOW, Bottles of house wine £7 5pm - 12am

SNAKEBITE £1.70 5PM - 12AM spirits & shots £1.50 until 12am

ESday 15 TU 8pm - late

WEDNESday 16


4 PINT PITCHERS OF CARLSBERg & STRONGBOW, Bottles of house wine £7 5pm - 12am



8pm - 2am



8pm UR - 2amS TH



SNAKEBITE £1.70 5PM - 12AM spirits & shots £1.50 until 12am


Sday 10



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DOUBLE UP FOR £1 ON ALL MAINLINE SPIRITS plus special promos on the night

SATURday 19 bUCKS su

DOUBLE UP FOR £1 ON ALL MAINLINE SPIRITS plus special promos on the night

SUNday 13 PUB QUIZ BARCADE suck my+acoustic

4 PINT PITCHERS OF CARLSBERg & STRONGBOW £7 5PM - 12AM Bottles of house wine £7 5pm - 12am


4 PINT PITCHERS OF CARLSBERg & STRONGBOW £7 5PM - 12AM Bottles of house wine £7 5pm - 12am

20 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011


Gaga for Gaga! MONDAY 7th February saw the second ‘Milk’ night and this time Lady Gaga graced the stage. Not the real one of course. No. This one was a tribute act called, ‘Maybe Gaga’ who performed her best to her ‘little monsters’. The tribute act, real name, Victoria Cluskey, describes herself as “the best Gaga tribute act ever”, and she certainly was! She performed hits such as, ‘Alejandro’, ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’. LGBT chairman, Aaron Richards, 24, had a magical duet with ‘Maybe Gaga’ as they performed, ‘Telephone’ together. Her facebook status’ certainly showed how much she enjoyed it, “Finally home after an AMAZING gig at @ Bucks SU, MILK...... you guys were seriously rocking, and as for Aaron... you can be my Honey B anytime, you rocked babe.... thanks all my

By Guy Humprey

Albums you may not have heard...

Rjd2 - Deadringer

By Harrison Boileau

‘Rjd2’ (born Ramble John "RJ" Krohn on May 27, 1976) is an American music producer, musician and singer who first hit the hip-hop scene in 1998. His music is best described as ‘Instrumental hip-hop’ and has also been called ‘cut-and-paste’. His debut album ‘Deadringer’ shows some of his best work in my opinion, such as Smoke and Mirrors, Salud and Ghostwriter. Rjd2 has a number of instrumental realises, five mains and a couple of mix albums collaborating with many other musicians of the same genre ;‘MF Doom’ and ‘Blueprint’ and, perhaps surprisingly ‘Radiohead’. I was personally introduced to Rjd2 a little while back thanks to ‘Spotify’ and

little monsters for all the love..... xxx” The night began with £1.50 drinks between 8pm and 10pm which were certainly used and abused by a lot of students, as well as members of the SU office. ‘Maybe Gaga’ facebook said, “I’m still buzzing from such an awesome night at Bucks Su last night..... my little monsters totally rocked!!!! And a big thank you to SJ and Ross and everyone else who looked after us soooooo well.....Raaaaah.... xxx”, and this just sums up the night! This asks the question as to what the next, ‘Milk’ night will have in store, as with Diva Fever and ‘Maybe Gaga’ now performed; expect the next one to be just as big!

Top 5 new singles

having heard the song ‘Ghostwriter’, in which he has sampled part of Elliott Smith’s song ‘I didn’t Understand’. I decided to give his other songs a listen, and found that every track is as good as the last. In 2009 Rjd2 started his own label ‘Rj’s electrical connections’ and released his fourth solo album ‘The Colossus’ which includes many greats ‘Let there be horns’ and ‘The Glow’. Rjd2 continues to produce music of his own label and his music is definitely worth a listen. Similar artists such as ‘Ratatat’, ‘Wax tailor’ or ‘DJ Shadow’ are also really good at mixing instrumental beats with hip-hop. As well as the old school greats ‘Jurassic 5’, ‘A tribe called quest’ and ‘Run-D.M.C.’

By Sarah Cambell

3. Taio Cruz ft Kylie Minogue - Higher

Everyone’s favourite heart breaker has released a rather catchy pop song with a certain Ms Minogue. After you are done wondering how Kylie remains ever youthful even in her forties, consider another mystery to ponder over. How on earth did Cruz hit them high notes?

4. Chromeo ft Elly Jackson Hot mess

1. Lykke Li - Follow the river

The Little Bit singer is back with a preview of her second album with a Santogold-esqe track. Not as immediately catchy, but typically Lykke Li none the less.

2. JLS ft Tinie Tempah - Eyes wide shut

Top: LGBT chariman Aaron Richards perfroms with Maybe Gaga Above left & right: Gaga performs to her to her ‘Little Monsters’

UNICEF Charity event

X-Factor heart throbs JLS have returned with a typically manufactured and uplifting party song along with that man with a tiny tempah, apparently.

Rapper Chromeo has teamed up with the bulletproof Elly Jackson in a rather 80s electronic sounding track. It’s a really good collaboration with Jackson’s vocals making the song instantly memorable if a little annoying. Especially with the spoken word parts and rather cheesy synths.

5. Lady GaGa - Born this way

Mother monster GaGa has gone 80s with this Madonna, love yourself sounding track. Not quite in the same realms as Bad Romance or Paparazzi but fun nonetheless, in spite of the apparent deeper meaning The vocals are defiantly quite fierce, if not a little Glee-ish. Be prepared to say “way hey” in a completely new way.

By Tanya Virdy

First year students Piers Gerber and Sean Alayo, studying Advertising & Digital Communications here at Bucks New Uni organised an event which took place on Tuesday 15th February at the Student Union in hope to raise money for the charity UNICEF sponsored by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The event took place from 4pm to 7pm in the lounge and was hosted by the amazing B.Moni. In aid of raising money, the organisers laid out TV monitors and consoles where students crowded the screens to have ago at the cost of 50p a game. They were selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the price of £1 per doughnut, much cheaper than your local retailer. All the money being raised at this event was going straight to the charity pot. Presented by host B.Moni, who believes “Valentines

day is blackmail day”, the show consisted of many young talented students performing their own genre of what they believe to be entertaining. The night started with a performance of spoken words, deep words of poetry, Alyssia writes her own work. As she was the first performer, she clearly illustrated on stage that she lacks no confidence. Alyssia is very comfortable in what talent she has on stage and is something different to watch than the typical dance or singing act on stage. I have seen Alyssia perform her own poetry before on stage. It’s a pleasure to listen to her. Other acts known as “Major Sparkx” performing rap beats over the Rick Ross back track, Deji who performed a short acapella of Chris Brown first and then sang ‘Tank’ – Sex Music. Now when Deji was singing ‘Sex music’, he had those girls cheering for him right from the back of the lounge. He’s probably what one would call a charmer. Gospel Singer Chinique has a very unique voice. Chinique performs a lot around High Wycombe. The very first time I heard her amazing voice was when she was rehearsing in my house with another housemate for an

event, which took place just before the Christmas period at the Church near the station. Chinique has a very strong voice, very powerful, that I’m sure at this performance managed to reach the 4th floor in the north wing. One thing is for sure; she needs no singing lessons, very talented young woman. Other performances included a young but very shy Toni, who sang Jasmine Sullivan – I need you bad. Wonderful voice. It’s amazing to know there is so much talent travelling around Bucks New University. We then had a very talented young man called Fox perform with another singer known as ‘Nimo’ and ‘Lucas’ who plays the guitar. Fox played something very different from the rest of the performers with the guitarist rather than having a back up track and then singing along with that. By now the majority of readers should be aware of whom Karen is as she is always mentioned in events taking place at or around the university as she always performs. With a unique voice and amazing looks to go with the package, Karen is no stranger to stage. She has

performed on many events; church events, charity events, performances around town and the majority of the time she is approached for performances. At this event, Karen performed ‘Teedra Moses – B your Girl’. Karen has taken her singing to a next level where she spends a lot of time in the studios collaborating with others. If you would like to listen to some of Karen’s amazing work, you can find her on facebook at www. facebook.com/karenpreet, or alternatively you can find her on twitter @laydeepreet91. The event in general was very enjoyable. What do you expect when you have B.Moni hosting the event who believes women live in leggings. “Bed leggings, church leggings, work leggings, girls wear leggings as if its life leggings like they have some sort of school uniform”. If you would like to contact B.Moni to host an event, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter. For more information to assist in raising more money for the charity UNICEF, please address the email to either Piers Gerber or Sean Alayo at bucksjamsession@live.co.uk or alternatively add the BB Pin: 21228A37.

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 21

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Pj Harvey Let England Shake

The Streets Computers & Blues

Polly Jean Harvey has returned with an emotional love letter about England in a typical offbeat manner. In quite a gloomy eighth offering Harvey strays away from the haunted style and description of the geography of Dorset in 2007’s White Chalk, and instead focuses on the more depressing aspects of England as a whole. Drunk dancing in the street, anyone? Far from being too judgemental or even typically mythical and idealistic, (like many similar concept albums do) Let England Shake attempts to instead look

By Sarah Campbell at war, the human cost and England’s role as an aggressor/ saviour. Indeed the opening line of Let England Shake is “Let England Shake/ Weighed down with the silent dead” whilst The Last Living Rose sings of “the grey damp filthiness of ages” and the “glorious fruit of our land”, “Orphaned children” according to Harvey. There are beautiful contrasts throughout the album between the physical beauty of the country and its role in the wider world. This can be highlighted with the shift between militaristic The Glorious

Mike Skinner is back with his fifth and final Streets album - and it’s a well produced final hurrah in typical Streets fashion. It’s fitting that Skinner has perhaps produced his best work to bow out on. Albums like Original Pirate Material and a Grand don’t come for Free showed Skinner’s energy and the capability to make catching, memorable, hip-hop songs. While later albums such as Everything is Borrowed highlighted Skinner’s growth- It is from here Computers and Blues marries the two aspects together. Tracks like the serene swan song; Lock the Locks highlights the key mood of the album-the end, and its with this there is a chilled and relaxed vibe to the

Land and the dreamy, almost wistful All and Everyone. In spite of the subject matterwhich can be incredibly heavy, if the album was done in any other style other than Harvey’s light, folk and lo-fi sound it would be hard to listen to. Instead, the subject matter and the point of the album can be forgotten about in favour of just listening to the music, which is encouraging and makes the album likeable. Sounds like: Nothing like PJ Harvey has done before. Key Tracks: “Let England Shake”, “All and Everyone”, “The Colour of The Earth”

weekly club night, 2 rooms, text to screen dj’s goo, seb & sam

11th march 18TH march 25th march

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album in spite of the more heavy hitting tracks like Goin’ Through Hell and Trying to Kill Me – which, despite the heavy hip-hop beat and drums, still manages to have a relaxed feeling with snippets of indie and melancholic piano in both tracks. In other tracks like Puzzled by People and Those that don’t know there is more of a jazzy, fifties, world music vibe which makes the album uplifting and simply fun to listen and dance to. Simply put, Mike Skinner has nothing to prove anymore - he’s said his piece and is quite happy to leave it there, which is rather nice. Sounds like: The Streets, bowing out. Key Tracks: Those that don’t Know, Puzzled by People, Lock the Locks, Soldiers, OMG

The Bhangra Showdown The BIGGEST student bhangra event of the year Organised by Imperial College Punjabi Society, on Saturday 5th February I attended The Bhangra Showdown at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. It was the fourth instalment of the UK’s only inter-university Bhangra competition, which has reached great heights since its inaugural show in 2007 to become the great spectacle showcase hosted. What started as an idea, fuelled from a passion to express their enthusiasm about the Punjabi culture, has now become a globally recognised and eagerly awaited event every year. For all those involved in the show, the Bhangra showdown has become an integral part of their lives, reiterated by the constant reminder from their peers, TBS has become their way of life. Participants say after a performance, they usually don’t know what to do with themselves, other than plan for the next year. The participants say organising the show has not just instilled great qualities in them,

what’s on...

but unforgettable memories that will stand by them for years to come. This year, The Bhangra Showdown was supporting three charities close to the hearts of numerous members of their society: The Motor Neurone Disease Association, Sankara Eye Foundation and National Association For Colitis And Crohn’s Disease. Every ticket purchased was contributed to the lives of individuals who have not had the same opportunities we so often take for granted. The competing Acts were: Birmingham, Brunel, Imperial, King’s, Kingston, Leicester & DMU, Manchester, Queen Mary & Barts, St.Georges and finally UCL & LSE. With all 10 teams closely involved in the makeup of the show, The Bhangra Showdown 2011 was set to be one of the most tightly contested competitions to date

By Tanya Virdy

that I have attended. Months of preparation came down to this night as they battled it out to be crowned “Number 1 Student Bhangra Team In The UK”. In the end Birmingham University took the crown with a stunning performance. For more information, you can subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/The BhangraShowdown.

tuesday 08 march Matt green William andrews Simon Bligh the venue, high wycombe doors open at 8pm, comedy at 9pm

Drink promos All bottles pints bombs £1.50 7pm - 9pm 3 Budwiesers for £5 all night Double Jack Daniels + Coke £2.50 all night Double up on spirits for £1 all night Plus scrumpy Cider!

ST PATRICK’S DAY Live Irish band ‘Rollercoaster’ + give aways. £2 Guinness + £4 Bucket of ‘Leprechaun’s tipple’

Recreational activities Cooking class AS A student I often am very busy attending lessons and doing assignments, but whenever I have a free moment I like to drag my mind away and do something completely different from my daily routine. I go to the Gateway reception and book an hour of free-for-students exercise classes held in the Dance Studio (as a part of Big Deal). So far I have tried Kettle bell, Yoga and Legs Bums and Tums and can say that these activities are good, fun way to exercise and an excellent way to stay fit (I usually feel completely knackered after them, but in a good way). It’s also a place to meet new people and find out about the activities that other students do. The trainers are brilliant and the exercises are presented in a very professional way, new equipment is also available - mats, weights, balls etc. Now I am almost addicted to have a work out every week, but the only sad thing is that there is a limited amount of spaces available for

students as gym members are entitled to half the spaces, so I hope the Students’ Union will increase the amount of sessions per week soon. It is mainly girls that attend the sessions so there is no reason to be scared if you are still carrying your Christmas weight, in fact it is an even better reason to join some of the free sports that the university also provides. But if you are a guy, don’t be scared, make a change from the regular gym and try something new. There are also other recreational activities available, like learning new languages-Italian, Spanish, improving your cooking or artistic skills. I also did a 10 week Italian course, and need to say that it is a good way to start a new language. The amount of words and phrases we’ve learned isn’t huge and it is really basics, but if you continue learning on your own or make new Italian friends (there are many Italians at our Uni) you can reach a solid basic level. By Jekaterina Ivanova

Being interested in world cuisine and food preparation I was really looking forward to the cooking class that the student union organized. We spent two hours preparing fresh pasta, several sauces, and salads and of course – desserts. I was impressed with the range of food that we managed to cover

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 23

in such a short time. I really liked the fact that we got to meet people from various courses and make new friends. I had a lot of fun, it was a great experience and I often apply some of the tips I learned on that day. By Mihaela Nicheva

Indoor Skydiving The sky diving experience was next to nothing on what I have personally done the people there was so understanding and a great laugh with letting us take photos in the gear and generally trying to get us to have a great time and a great fly I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to try it to definitely go!! By Jack Ross

Cocktail mixing workshop It started off like any other night, Sitting around halls trying to think of something other than beer-pong and pizza to keep us entertained that evening, but when one housemate mentioned a free cocktail workshop there was no doubt that we had to be there. As far as activities go, the cocktail mixology workshop summed up the life of a student, a blend of learning and drinking (not necessarily in equal measure). After arriving at the bar and being introduced to the tools of the trade, the Boston shaker/glass combo, the four-pronged strainer, the muddler and the spoon, the teaching began. ‘’ok, this is a four second pour, eight seconds for this and 6 for this one, now shake’’ all pretty straightforward until someone realised the bartender counted his

seconds a lot faster than the rest of us. Of course, this means the balance was fine, but there was a lot to go around...by no means a problem for a group of students with a taste for free spirits. After learning how to make a Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Spice, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pepperdew Margarita and Kiwi Gin and Tonic, while chugging them down in order to re-use plastic cups and be finished before the bar filled up with the rest of the University’s student body, it would be safe to say a good time was had by all. The number of left over Pepperdew Margaritas and Kiwi Gin and Tonics spoke volumes about the nature of cocktails and of life; Try new things as often as you can, but there is a reason some things are classics. By Dave Walker The free recreational activities are a wonderful way of spending your free time. I really enjoy the fitness classes especially fit ball which helps me relax after a long, stressful day at uni. The cocktail work shop was a great place not only for learning how to prepare drinks, but also a great opportunity for a free pre-drink party with friends before going to the SU bar on the Friday night. By Joanna Karwacka

Trees over fees

“I am sorry, we got this one wrong”. Those were the words of Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, following the government’s u-turn on their plans to sell 40,000 acres of stateowned woodland. Massive public outcry over the plans, with a reported half a million people signing a petition against the proposals, forced the government into the embarrassing position of ditching the scheme that would have seen thousands of acres of forest being taken over and run by the private sector. Mrs Spelman added; “we have listened to the concerns of the people”. I wonder what was wrong with Mrs Spelman’s, and the rest of her cabinet colleagues’, hearing during the mass student protests over tuition fees at the end of last year. Perhaps one of the perks of government is being issued with nice woolly earmuffs to protect against the nasty winter cold, thus hampering certain individuals’ ability to hear. Oh, to be a fly on the dashboard of the prime ministerial car... Clegg; “Gosh, these new ear thingy’s are fabulous aren’t they David”? ... Cameron; “What’s that Nick, I can’t hear you, send me an email”... Clegg; “What, you got yours on eBay”?... Cameron; “Ye, your spot on old chap, it is a nice day. I’m loving your blue tie”...

I thought the whole experience of indoor skydiving was absolutely awesome! It felt like you should be falling but at the same time flying, it was a complete adrenaline rush. By Toby Syer

Wednesday 11th May 09:00- 18:00 Travel and tickets Free!

By Gary Anderson

Clegg; “I love pie too, what’s your favourite? Mines apple tart”... Cameron; “God man, if you have to, but at least put down the car window. I bet that was you who let one go in chambers last week”... Clegg; “Potato and leek? Is that not a soup”? I prefer chicken soup myself... Cameron; “Yes, it is rather like a chicken coop in here, bloody air conditioning is on the blink”... Clegg; “No, I’m off it till the New Year. Hangovers make me feel old”... Cameron; “How can your feet be cold? I’m wearing no socks and mine are like toast” Clegg; “Ah yes, nothing like a traditional roast after a night on the sauce”... Cameron; “You had a fight with your boss? But, I’m your boss Nick; I can’t recall us having a tiff. Now, we’ve discussed this; I speak and you nod, that was the agreement. You’ll have to like it or lump it”... Clegg; “I’m not blowing my own trumpet, just saying that I like a roast dinner. What’s got into you David?”... Cameron; “Yes, well I’m not into her either. Why the devil are all these young people on the streets protesting again? We’ve said no to abolishing fees”... Clegg; “I agree. Abolish trees”...

email jennifer.yarrow@bucks.ac.uk for more information

24 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011


Each edition of the Bucks Student we will be highlighting and covering different societies that are available for you to join during your time at Bucks (a full list is available at www.bucksstudent.com/studentactivities. If there is a society that you would like to join then drop them an email OR if get in touch with the Students’ Union if you would like to set a new one up!

Societies update: Exciting news from student activities; four societies have made it to silver award this week. The committees of LGBT, Mature Students Society, ACS and Boxing society have all put in a great deal of effort push their society forward to reach silver. I would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to their society. Well done guys! We also have two new societies in the making looking for new members to join and help them get their club off the ground. If you are interested in joining BNU Ten pin bowling or the Furniture ferrets then drop me an email. The union awards are almost here! They will be taking place on the 31st March and we would like to encourage you all to vote for your society member of the year. You can nominate on any basis and the awards panel will consider all submissions on their merits. There are other awards available to vote for and to see the full list visit www.bucksstudent.com. The student activities team is looking to produce a short promotional video to be used at fresher’s fayre and on the Bucks SU website to promote all sports clubs and societies. We will be filming all clubs and soc’s over the next few weeks, if anyone would like to help us with this please let us know! To find out more about any society contact kerry.oneill@bucks.ac.uk.

BNU Dance Society Come along to BNU Dance Society! We hold free, student led classes in the events hall on Mondays 5-6pm, everyone is welcome, no audition needed! We will be having student led workshops as well as master classes taught by the amazing street dance choreographer Dennis Victory, who has starred in Dirty Dancing, Fame & Daddy Cool in the West End. There will be fundraising events, performances and socials!


The Phoenix Trail Stretcher Challenge 2011 in aid of

Saturday 7 May 2011

Registration: 0930 Start: from 1000/ Finish: from 1200

Start / finish: The Three Horseshoes, Towersey • • • •

teams need a combination of creative and observant people, and also include four stretcher bearers suitable for all levels of fitness route is a 6 mile level walk points awarded for decoration of team and stretcher, sponsorship raised, use of initiative on route and completion of walk

Registration and further information T: 01494 734161 E: info.scannappeal@buckshealthcare.nhs.uk


Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 25

By Sarah O’Brien

Our entire CLOTHING range is made from Fairtrade cotton.


ucks erchandise


Mon 7th - Fri 11th MARCH*



or these next two weeks BNU is hosting its annual Fairtrade Fortnight. The university prides itself for having three Fairtrade cafés in the facility sell the many products available. These include all coffees, teas, some fruit juices and even biscuits and other yummy treats. For anyone who is unaware what a great organisation Fairtrade is, you too will find a great deal of satisfaction next time you indulge in a Latte – and I don’t just mean the taste. The Fairtrade Foundation was established by many charitable organisations such as Oxfam and CAFOD in 1992. It ensures that the producers of the ingredients Fairtrade sell are fairly reimbursed for their efforts and for the quality their products. This has helped limit the amount of workers in developing countries being exploited by large multinational brands. So far in its short nine years, Fairtrade has already converted many big brand companies into selling fair-trade goods. Chocolate giants Cadbury’s have used Fairtrade ingredients in their Dairy Milk Bars, and coffee experts Starbucks have been using Fairtrade espresso beans for two years now. BNU is also on the long list of organisations that buy and sell these great products. Fairtrade doesn’t just focus on food; it also sells cotton and flowers. All BNU hooded tops that display Bucks across the chest are made from Fairtrade cotton. The most popular Fairtrade products are bananas, which sell over 14.6 million in 2008 in the UK alone. However, 2007 was the year which Fairtrade sold the most products, and made over 1.5 billion pounds, a 47 percent increase in comparison to 2006. The company began after witnessing what has


been described as injustice in the global food market. Multinational food giants were taking advantage of producers in developing countries, especially coffee bean growers. Until 1989 an agreement made by international bodies held coffee prices at a minimum level. However, this collapsed in 1994 as Vietnam entered the market and the US embargo being lifted, which left coffee prices at an all time low for the producers in developing countries. This was a major story in the western media, which propelled the concept of Fairtrade as a reaction to the exploitation of the food marketing system. However, not every old food brand can bear the Fairtrade logo. A product must meet an internationally agreed standard in order to display this badge of honour. Although many Fairtrade products don’t contain 100% fair-trade ingredients, they are striving to achieve a better percentage which should benefit the producers even more. Check the packaging to check how ethically beneficial the product you’re buying is. Profits made from Fairtrade products benefit over 7 million farmers and families in over 85 developing countries – an astonishing achievement by the young organisation and yet they are still growing and trying to reach even more oppressed workers. Yes, this may mean we pay a little bit more for our hot drinks at the university, but isn’t every penny worth it if it’s going towards a charitable cause? So this fortnight, try and buy a cup of coffee a day to do your bit for the equality of exploited farmers. That’s not too much to ask, is it?





*available online and in the SU offices

Any large hot drink Plus ANY Fairtrade snack ONLY £2

Offer valid until 11/3/2011 All of our coffee and tea products are FAIRTRADE giving you safe peace of mind in where the products come from.


Candid Arts 3ÊTorrensÊStreet London EC1VÊ1NQ

26 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Movie Reviews

Kevin Smith invents INDIE 2.0

Red State Released 19/10/2011 (USA) Kevin Smith has upset Hollywood. The Clerks director premiered his latest movie Red State last month at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and after a rumoured auction turned out to be true; his producer Jon Gordon sold Smith the rights to his own movie. In the speech that followed Smith talked about how “Indie film isn’t dead. It just grew up” before announcing that the writer/director himself would be taking the movie on a road trip, much like what happened with Gone with the Wind. Red State with be toured around various cities and after the screening Smith do a Q&A along with lead actor Michael Parks. Red State is the story of three teenage boys who go into the woods looking for sex, but instead they find God as horror unfolds involving fundamentalist Christians. The cast includes Michael Parks, John Goodman, Malissa Leo and Kyle Gallner, who recently stared in the remake of a Nightmare on Elm Street. Smith has a fan base and knows it after creating the successful Smodcast Podcast Network, and is only aiming for his personally audience. However not everyone is as happy as the director. Marketing people and Studios are apparently up in arms after Smith confessed

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (PG-13) Released 16/2/11 Running time: 1hr 27mins

The Fighter (15) Released 2/2/11 Running time: 1hr 54mins


Oliver Hunt that even though the movie cost five million to make, a studio would waste twenty million just on advertisements. Smith has taken time to research and design a plan to get his movie distributed without big companies throwing money at it but the bit question is; will it work? Is this the true future for independent cinema? It is apparent these days that independent film-makers are finding it hard to get their work distributed. However showcasing it in theatres around the country might be a good way to get buzz for the movie and to find a distributor. Has all this controversy destroyed the movie’s reputation before its general release sometime in October? Red State will be debuting on tour March 5 at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and hitting major U.S. cities throughout March before ending on April 4 in Seattle. This month the movie will be playing at the Berlin Film Festival. Smith hopes to get the movie distributed in Europe in October to mark the 17th anniversary of his original movie Clerks, which put his name on the map. After 17 years of independent and studio films, is Smith doing the right thing with indie 2.0 and is this the future?

have no issue with one-joke movies, if that lone joke is funny. I am especially fond of Austrian’s mispronouncing words, and it is for this reason that I own a large proportion of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography. Likewise, I am an admirer of Pee-wee Herman’s career. However Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son is the very definition of a one-joke movie, that being that fat black women are funny. It is with weary fingers that I type the following words: it is not funny. Bizarrely it appears many disagree. This is Lawrence’s third outing as FBI agent Malcolm Turner and the sequel to two mega grossing films: 2000’s Big Momma’s House and Big Momma’s House 2. This time round it’s the same joke. Lawrence/Turner go undercover by pulling on the fat suit and becoming the titular Big Momma but told with more gusto. He’s now joined by his fellow fat suit sporting son Trent (played by U.S. comedian Brandon T. Jackson), meaning you get two Big Momma’s for the price of one. I return to my aforementioned weary knuckles, it still isn’t funny. Perhaps the success of Lawrence’s series says something about American culture, about the nation’s issues with the body, that age-old comedic response to laugh when you’re afraid. Or perhaps I’m just a prude. Maybe there’s something I’m missing and that fat black women are actually the comedic Holy Grail, a particularly U.S. riposte to a man falling through the door of a bar. Hang on a second while I go Google some fat black women: Aretha Franklin… no, it’s not doing anything for me. Monique... well she’s sort of funny, but not because of the dimensions of her body. 50 Cent… no, he’s actually a man. I’m still not getting it: I still don’t understand what’s funny. They say, Big Momma’s 3 isn’t offensive. It isn’t an unkind portrayal of obesity and its themes are light and carefree. But it’s still dreadfully unfunny. If you find all of Malcolm Turners movies funny, the you will enjoy it this one. If you don’t you won’t. Simple. But my assessment is this: like the first two outings the film is vacuum of sense and reasoned humour, and contains little for developed minds. Which brings my fingers to this review’s weary parting line: Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son… well… it’s a drag. Tanya Virdy

Do you need extra financial help? Bucks Students’ Union Advice Centre has offices at both the High Wycombe and Uxbridge Campuses. We are here to help and advise you if you find yourself with any kind of money problems. We can help you with your budgeting and check that you are receiving all the Student Funding you are entitled to and where necessary, recommend you to apply to the Access to Learning Fund and the University Fund. The University administers two schemes that can provide small grants for student who are in financial hardship, the Access to Learning Fund (ALF) and the University Fund. The Access to Learning Fund can offer support if you’re in financial hardship, facing an unexpected financial crisis or considering giving up your course due to lack of money. Full-time and part-time students who are in receipt of their maximum financial statutory support package are eligible to apply. Part-time students must be studying the equivalent of 50% of a full-time course. Certain categories of students fall into priority groups for financial help from the Access to Learning Fund. Payments are usually given as grants, which do not have to be repaid. The University Fund is for students who are not eligible to apply for ALF. Although international and EU students are expected to

The Fighter

have sufficient funds to complete their course, the University Fund can sometimes help students who find themselves in unexpected financial hardship. Funds are limited, so you are only able to apply if you are already in your second year or beyond. Payments are usually given as grants and do not have to be repaid. Both these funds are administered from the Student Centre, but applications can take some time to process so apply before you run out of money. If you think you need to apply for either the Access to Learning Fund or the University Fund then please make an appointment to see an Adviser in the Advice Centre. See contact details below. Need more help and Advice? If you would like to discuss any of the above or you need any help and advice about anything else then we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Advice Centre High Wycombe Ground Floor, North Block Tel: 01494 603016 Uxbridge - Room 1.02 Tel: 01494 605180 Or email suadvice@bucks.ac.uk.


efore you even sit down and watch The Fighter, it is already apparent that this movie reflects Christian Bales career. He has had some ups (such as the American Psycho) and some downs (need I remind people of the on set freak out). However he has shown he is back on top form once again, along with Mark Walberg and Melissa Leo in David O. Russell’s story of somebody following their dreams. Based on a true story, Micky (Mark Walberg) is a small time boxer who has only been a stepping stone for other boxers being trained by his older brother Dicky (Christian Bale). But that’s not Micky’s only problem; whilst battling his latest opponents in the ring, he is also battling with a controlling mother (Melissa Leo), a crack addicted trainer/brother and an ex-wife who won’t let him see his daughter. After losing an important match, Micky feels as if his career is over as he is struggling to hold his life together. After meeting college drop-out Charlene, (Amy Adams) in a bar, she soon boosts the fighter’s morale and helps him accomplish his dreams. Despite the movie being compared to Rocky, The Fighter definitely doesn’t live in the shadows of its

older brother. There are many different aspects in the film, such as family conflict, to keep the audience focused on important issues rather than the boxing itself. It won’t be remembered like Rocky or Raging Bull but that doesn’t mean its bad; just a bit forgettable compared to other fighting films. One of the most impressive parts of David O. Russell’s directing involves the sections in the boxing ring. He allows camera jumps to an ESPN style of live sporting to add authenticity. And it doesn’t end there; Micky’s training gym is the actual location where the real boxer spent his time before fights. To add to that Mickey O’Keefe (one of Micky’s trainers) plays himself with some dignity and surprising talent. At one point The Fighter had Darren Aronofsky’s name attached (before he decided to make Black Swan) and it’s easy to see why. Some of the issues which we saw in Aronofsky’s The Wrestler are seen here, but without the sheer brutality as we saw with Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson. The Fighter feels much more like a Hollywood by the Numbers film with little originality. O. Russell never goes to extremes, as the film doesn’t take much thought about the effect boxing has on the body; even though Micky is constantly being beaten for rounds on end, he seems to shrug off any bruising. All in all The Fighter is no where near as edgy as other boxing films and doesn’t have the apple of lasting effect, but is still an enjoyable movie as Bale shows he’s back on top form after some major slips. Oliver Hunt

Phone us, email us, or drop in and see us!

BE GOOD IN BED ONE IN NINE OF US have had a sexual infection, often without any symptoms. The Practice can give you a free and confidential sexual health check at one of our clinics, either on campus or at The Practice, Hanover House. We are holding these FREE clinics on campus in a private room in rooms N1.06 and N1.08 from 10am - 3pm on the following dates:

Tuesday 15th March We also provide regular clinics every Friday 2pm - 6pm (walk in until 5pm) at The Practice, Hanover House. You can just turn up, but booking an appointment is a good idea. For an appointment please call 01494 690890 or email: sexualhealth@thepracticeplc.co.uk. Why not check out our website www.begoodinbed.co.uk or myspace page www.myspace.com/begoodinbed.

get in touch: High Wycombe Campus, North Wing, Ground Floor, t: 01494 603016 Uxbridge Campus, Room 1.02, First Floor, t: 01494 605180 e: suadvice@bucks.ac.uk w: bucksstudent.com/advice

FOOD & DRINK What’s on the menu?

By Shane Millar

Restaurant: Frankie & benny’s Simply put, I would describe the food at Frankie and Location: The Eden Centre Special offers: Lunch time menu Benny’s as pub grub with an

American twist. The restaurant has the feel of an early sixties diner, and the food on the menu is pretty standard; you’ve got your pizzas, pastas, burgers and steaks. If you can manage to block out the limited 60’s soundtrack that plays on a loop every half an hour, then the atmosphere is good too. We were led to our table by a waitress whose smile was brighter than a set of car headlights on full beam. As we were seated, we were asked if anyone would like any bread or dough balls, a question to which the answer is always the same: no. When you go to restaurants where the bread isn’t already out on the table, the waiters always ask whether you would like some bread while you decide what to order. This implies that the bread is free, even though everyone knows it isn’t. Since it was only 2pm I ordered from the lunch menu. The lunch time deal means that you can order courses from the lunch menu at a reduced rate. I ordered three courses for £8.95. For my starter I had tomato and garlic pizza bread, followed by a cheese burger and cinnamon waffles for dessert. The pizza bread was the size of a Frankie & Bennies main course pizza, which I’m not complaining about, but at the same time I felt it was too big for a starter. The tomato and garlic sauce that topped the pizza bread was tangy and flavoursome. And we didn’t have to wait too long for our starters to be served. The main course however, was a completely different story. We waited roughly twenty-five minutes for our meal to be served. For five of those minutes, our food was stood on the service counter before it was brought over to us. This meant that by the time everyone’s food actually reached our table it was only slightly warm. The burger itself was thin and the fries were overcooked. The tomato relish that was served with the burger was good, and gave everything some added flavour. At this point, the waiting staff had come over to ask us how our meal was about three times, which I found a little excessive. Fair enough, it’s good customer service to be asked if your meal is okay, but I think once, or maybe twice at a push, is enough. When desert arrived, I thought I would be impressed because it looked like it was going to taste really good, but in my opinion it was only alright. I’ve eaten cinnamon waffles in other restaurants and they’ve been really nice, but I was a little disappointed in these. The waffles were dry and the toffee sauce was too sweet, although the ice cream was good. So I would say that, although the food was nice enough, the whole dining experience was something of a let down. The service wasn’t great, even though the restaurant wasn’t busy while we were in there, and the time we had to wait between courses was too long.

The flavour of Japan In 1964, there emerged on the Restaurant: Benihana fiercely competitive New York Location: Picacdilly, London restaurant scene a totally new concept in luxury dining. It was called Benihana of Tokyo. The name “Benihana” comes from the poetic Japanese words for red flower, with the origin of the story actually dating back to 1935 when the late Yunosuke Aoki (Rocky’s Father) opened a small coffee shop and called it “Benihana” after a wild red flower that grew near the door front. Benihana’s food preparation methods immediately set it apart from other restaurants, as it had no conventional kitchen. Instead Chefs prepared and cooked entrees at a table called a “Hibachi Grill”, around which up to eight guests could be seated. Gas jets, which heat stainless steel cooking surfaces surrounded by wooden boarders, soon became a Benihana trademark. Since the opening of the first Benihana, Rocky Akoi the founder has nurtured his theme into a successful international food chain. Benihana Piccadilly located in the heart of London’s West End has a lively and sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant was the third to open in the United Kingdom in September 1995 and is the largest of the three restaurants, accommodating 180 covers. Chefs dazzle you whilst cooking a variety of fine steak, vegetables and fresh seafood in front of your very eyes at your table. Benihana also offer an a la carte Sushi Menu, which is available for guests to eat in or take away during lunch and dinner periods. Also the restaurant offers a private dining room that can accommodate up to 10 people for those seeking a more intimate atmosphere. It really is worth paying a visit to the Benihana restaurant, as the By Tanya Virdy experience is amazing.

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 27

Shrove Tuesday By Tanya Virdy This year, Shrove Tuesday takes place on the March 8th. It marks the beginning of lent, traditionally a time of fasting before Easter. Therefore it is very important that we all fill up on pancakes before giving up what we love. No chocolate, no cakes or anything delicious for 40 days. It’s going to be tough! To indulge in and to prepare you for lent it’s going to take more than just sugar and lemon on your pancakes to fill you up. Why not try some of these combinations:

Ingredients makes 12-14

- Banana and Nutella chocolate spread. - Honey and chopped nuts - Apple or pear, banana and Maple syrup. - Berries and ice cream. - Pineapple, mango and Greek yogurt. - Strawberry or black cherry jam, lemon and sugar.

110g/4oz plain flour, sifted for glucose free pancakes, use rice flour pinch of salt 2 eggs 200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz water 50g/2oz butter

Method Making the Batter - Sieve the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. - Make a small hollow in the centre of the mixture and drop in the egg. - Begin to mix while gradually adding about a quarter of the milk. - Continue to mix well until bubbles become visible in the mixture. - Gradually pour in the remaining milk while continuing to mix. (If it's a bit too thick - then add a little water.) - Pour batter into a jug for easier pouring into pan. Making the Pancakes classic lemon and sugar combination - Heat the frying pan, and place a small

St Patrick’s day

By Tanya Virdy

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. To get into the theme, why not try some of these simple yet delicious recipes to entertain your friends or family. This Irish Soda Bread is so moist and tasty you shouldn’t save making it just for St. Patrick’s Day.

Method - Butter a cookie sheet. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F. - In a large bowl beat butter and sugar together to combine. - Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. - In a medium bowl whisk the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt to combine. - Beginning and ending with flour mixture alternately add flour and buttermilk, beating well after each addition. Stir in the currants. - On a generously floured hard surface knead the dough for about 4 minutes until smooth and not sticky, adding flour as needed. - Form the dough into a 7½-inch round tin. Transfer to prepared cookie sheet. - Etch an x in the top of the loaf. - Bake about 1 hour 10 minutes or until it sounds hollow when tapped on. Move to a rack to cool completely before slicing. - Substitution(s): Raisins can be used in place of the currants

piece of lard/sunflower oil in the centre. Allow this to melt and spread over the pan. - Once the lard begins to smoke slightly, stir and pour in some of the batter - approx 30ml or 2 tablespoons, or enough to thinly cover the bottom of the pan. (Tilt the pan to help the batter spread evenly) - Cook until golden brown on the bottom. - Flip the pancake using a spatula. Or alternatively, if you think you’re clever, toss it out of the pan and then catch it again to flip it. - Cook the other side until golden brown. - You can make your pancakes in advance and keep them in the fridge, wrapped in foil. If they are a little dry, sprinkle water over them before reheating.

Ingredients 4 tablespoons of sweet butter, softened Half a cup of sugar 2 large eggs 4 cups of all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder Half a teaspoon of baking soda Half a teaspoon of salt 1½ cups of buttermilk 1 cup of currants

Cocktail time Brandy may sound like an old man’s drink, but over the last decade or so it’s slowly becoming cool, sophisticated and darn delicious. Here are two adorable tipples that will soon have you hooked.

Dandy Brandy

Brandy Alexander

Brandy Sidecar Stirred, not shaken

1 measure brandy 1 measure Tia Maria 1 measure double cream Grated nutmeg to decorate (if affordable)

Juice of one lemon 1 measure Cointreau 2 measures brandy Method: Put ice cubes into a mixing glass and pour in the lemon juice. Follow this with Cointreau and the brandy and stir vigorously. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange rind spiral and a cocktail cherry on a tooth pick. Looks and tastes amazing.

Method: Put the ice, brandy, Tia Maria and cream into a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly. Strain into a cocktail glass and sprinkle the top with the grated nutmeg. For anyone with a sweet tooth, it’s a deliciously creamy chocolaty treat.



















Down 1. leaves (7) 2. title (3) 3. surrendered (7) 4. hands on hips (6) 5. guards’ headgear (5) 6. clever (9) 7. enthusiasm (5) 11. rapine (9) 15. watch (7) 16. map books (7) 17. pot stand (6) 18. obligatory principles (5) 19. bird of prey (5) 23. watch closely (3)




Across 1. suspicious (5) 4. dawdling (7) 8. thefts (9) 9. state of matter (3) 10. acerbic (5) 12. acquire a stake (7) 13. include (6) 14. atmosphere of the sun (6) 18. ruminant quadruped (7) 20. agave (5) 21. garland (3) 22. female teacher (9) 24. supposed felon (7) 25. equal chances (5)



1. Alarm bell 2. Source 3. ...Brando, actor 4. Immoral 5. Ancient Greek 6. Slacken 7. Young cat 8. Congenital 9. Nicotinic acid 10. Abrupt 11. O 12. Tidy up

12 11







4 7

5 6




The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter N in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell the name of a British actor.

Edition 16 Answers: Across:1. Plants; 4. Baron; 8. Inter; 9. Balloon; 10.Tactics; 11. Stet; 12. Sun; 14. Zeta; 15. Yank; 18.Lea; 21. Beam; 23. Baptise; 25. Cabbage; 26. Abhor; 27. Sumps; 28. Fairly; Down: 1. Paints; 2. Article; 3. Terminal; 4. Ball; 5. Roost; 6. Ninety; 7. Abyss; 13. Nymphaea ;16. Neither; 17. Abacus; 19. Abbey; 20. Betray; 22. Album; 24. Bass;

Who, what where and when?

WHO...were voted Best British group at the 2002 Brit Awards? WHAT... type of bird is a tragopan? WHERE... in the modern world is the site of the Sumerian civilisation? WHEN... did the Battle of Shiloh take place? Answers: WHO: Travis; WHAT: Pheassants; WHERE: Iraq; WHEN: 1862.

Puzzle Corner

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28 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

Difficulty: Easy

Fill in the grid so that every column, row and 3 by 3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sudoku was popularized in 1986 by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli, under the name Sudoku, meaning single number. It became an international hit in 2005.

Difficulty depends on each sudoku rating

Dear final year student We hope that your time at Bucks has been enjoyable and productive and has prepared you well for the future, whatever your chosen path might be when you graduate. The National Student Survey runs every year in all universities and is designed to give you the opportunity to give feedback about your experience as a student at Bucks. It isconducted by an independent company and identity and answers remain anonymous. The survey really is your chance to let us know what you think, and to help us to improve the services that we provide to future students. As the result of feedback from students, we have made a number of changes, including extending library opening, and creating the third floor at Uxbridge and new multi-faith quiet rooms. We want to encourage as many of you as possible to complete the survey, so that the outcomes genuinely reflect the student voice and the student experience at Bucks. Taking part is so important, because the results of the survey are used in the league tables nationally. We will do our best to take your opinions into account and act on them wherever possible. The results from the survey will be published on the Unistats website www.unistats.com in summer 2011. Results are fed back to the University and Bucks Students’ Union to help us identify how we can make improvements. You don’t need to wait for the outcome of the survey if you have something to tell us about. Whether you’re pleased with the way things are going or have a concern, please tell us straightaway. Your views really do matter to us so please take a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire online at: http://www.thestudentsurvey.com/ Every student who completes the survey has the opportunity to enter the prize draw and win an iPad or Amazon vouchers. Professor Ruth Farwell Vice Chancellor ruth.farwell@bucks.ac.uk

Ruth Gunstone Director: Student Experience ruth.gunstone@bucks.ac.uk

Difficulty: Adavanced

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Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 29



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Book Reviews “A compilation of testimonies from young Asian women subjected to forced marriage and honour-based brutality is gripping and anger-inducing.”


IL R P A L 30




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asvinder Sanghera’s previous book, Shame, was a bestselling memoir that played some part in putting Lord Lester’s Forced Marriage Bill through parliament in 2007. Born and brought up in Derby, she was “just a normal kid in the British education system” until her parents started restricting her freedom. One day, when she was 14, they showed her a photograph of a random bloke and announced he was the man she was going to marry. Sanghera ran away from home. When she rang to say she was safe, her mother gave her an ultimatum: either her daughter married the stranger in the photograph or, because she had “shamed” the family, she would be “dead in our eyes”. Sanghera chose (if it can be called a choice) the second option. Later, she heard that one of her sisters was brought to such depths of pain and despair by her own forced marriage that she set fire to herself. She died in hospital from 80% burns. This sequel to Shame tells the stories of some of the thousands of women that

BOOK OF THE WEEK Daughters of Shame By Jasvinder Sanghera (Hodder & Stoughton, £11.69) Sanghera has subsequently met through Karma Nirvana, the organisation she founded in 1994 to help Asian women in similar situations: victims of forced marriage and “honour-based” violence, usually at the hands of family members, who see shame in a young Asian girl touching a white boy but none in abusing, beating, raping, torturing or murdering their own flesh and blood. When I say “young Asian women”, I mean young enough to be children: 15 is often the age at which impromptu trips to Pakistan or India are suddenly announced, and a hitherto reasonably happy, ordinary (if freedom-restricted) teenage British girl is made to marry a stranger, for the sake of honour. “The cornerstone of the Asian community, and since the beginning of time it’s been the job of girls and women to keep it polished”; this is a tough task when “so many things can tarnish it: wearing lipstick, owning a mobile phone, cutting your hair...all signs that a girl is getting westernised”. These young women have no choice. Most British Asian families are sane enough to offer a selection of candidates to their marriageable daughters, who are

allowed to say “no”, and who often go on to marry happily. But, as this book shows with horrifying clarity, there are also many families for whom the aim is simply to marry a daughter off, and if that involves beatings, rape, torture (with the whole family joining in), a slavelike degree of obedience, well - too bad. Daughters of Shame is filled with their brutal, blood-soaked, hair-raising stories. For one, it started when she was a happy, five-year-old schoolgirl and was given a beating by her older brothers because her leg had been tied to a white boy’s during a three-legged race. For another, Kiren, it began with a new stepfather, who beat her and pressured her to wear the hijab. “I went to a Christian school, there were only about three Asians there. But he’d say, ‘Don’t listen to your teachers, we Muslim people are different.’ But I didn’t want to be different like that - I didn’t want to be one of those Asian women who just sit at home and cook and clean.” When Kiren ran away, only to be lured back by a trap, her mother held a knife to her throat and threatened to cut her tongue out. “My stepfather was beating me and my mum was shouting at me. She said, ‘If you don’t listen to us and do as we say, your stepfather is going to rape you.’” This is by no means the worst story in the book. By Tanya Virdy

30 Bucks Student, Monday 7th March, 2011

Great come back for 1st Netball

By Amy Gordon

Sports Profile

Bucks 1st ........................................................................ 45 UCL 2nds ........................................................................ 35 Having lost 1 of our players to glandular fever and another player unavailable, help was needed to enable us to get a team out. Thanks to Joanne Heppell and Becky Barry for stepping up. When we last played UCL we only won by 3 goals so we knew this was going to be a tight game. By half time we were down by 1 goal but we managed to pull it back to a 45-35 win. Well done to the whole of the 1st team. A massive congratulations go out to Jess Carrena, Kelly Ludlow and Holly Webster who have been chosen to play for Bucks Regional netball team. This is a massive achievement for not only them but also the university, hosing such great players. Jess and Kelly recently played in their first match against a tough side, including England netball players and won 38-34. Player of the match - Kelly Ludlow

Tom ‘Smithy’ Smith

 


    

Interview by Gary Anderson

Luke Nixon O’Neill

 

     

 

 

 

               

Player Profile

        


      

Bucks Men’s Football 1st Position: Centre Midfield All-time favourite player: Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima Footy-Fact: Zinedine Zidane once had the pleasure of shaking my hand; I taught him everything he knows! Why did you come to Bucks? Having looked at a number of universities and the courses on offer, the one here at Bucks stood out for me. It seemed tailored to what I was looking for in terms of gaining coaching qualifications whilst also getting the opportunity to gain a good degree. What is the best thing about being here at Bucks? I’d say the prospectus!! It certainly knows how to sell High Wycombe as a thriving student town! To be honest, I was under the impression that Wycombe was a lot closer to London than it actually is, which is what I really wanted. If I had any advice for future students it is to come to an open day first! What is the worst thing about Bucks? It’s in High Wycombe! What is it like being part of the football society? The best thing is the craic (good times) you have with the lads. There are always good nights on at the Student Union and it helps you to get to know a lot of people. Would you recommend joining a sports team or any of the societies here at the university? Definitely. Like I said before, you meet a lot more people that way. What is the best moment you have had playing for the university? The bus home from away games! It’s deadly craic! The fines are a laugh and you get to stitch people up. Oh yea..having a few tins is good too! Who is the longest in the shower? Eh...well that’s got to be me I think! I’m always banging my head off the shower nozzle!


Year of Study Team Position

7th Bucks F.C. Centre Back/Full Back

How long have you played football for? I started playing football for a team when I was seven years old, so 15 years. Best thing about playing sport for Bucks: The banter - having a laugh with the lads at training and on the way to games is by far the best thing. Worst thing about playing sport for Bucks: The lack of free sports facilities and having to travel to Chalfont for training. How did you get into football at Bucks? When I was at Chalfont in my first year, Daniel “Cahill” Hollingworth was introduced to me and another bucks player Vinnie Gilbert in the SU. He told us that he was the first team manager and that if we were interested in playing football we should come down to trails. I attended the trails and was placed in the 3rd team where I remain for the rest of the season. Favourite match for the university: My favourite match for me at Bucks is more of a selfish one than a team performance. It was against St Mary’s and I scored my first competitive goal for Bucks. As a defender I don’t get many opportunities to score so when I do it is a momentous occasion especially since I now have two in two games.

A day both universities go head to head in all aports that both have teams in, as well as a host of recreational activites taking place. Even if you’re not partaking, come along and sopport your fellow Bucks!

£7 per tickets which includes: transport to Reading and back, varsity t shirt, food voucher plus entry into Reading SU’s busiest club night of the week!

Monday 7th March, 2011, Bucks Student 31

Jack ‘Bristol’ Sheppard

Bucks Men’s Rugby 1st Position: Blindside Flanker All-time favourite player: Jerry Collins (New Zealand) Why did you choose to come to Bucks? It was a last minute decision really. Out of all my choices, Bucks had the highest ranked university rugby team. What is the best thing about playing rugby here at Bucks? Well we’ve got a great bunch of lads and the social side is really good. We play some decent rugby too! What is the worst thing about playing rugby at Bucks? The only bad thing really is training in the freezing cold. When you’re out till 8.30 or 9 o’clock at night in shorts and t-shirt it gets pretty cold. Another thing I should mention I suppose is constantly getting sent off. I’ve been sent off six times this season which is a uni record, I think! Would you recommend joining a sports team or any society here at Bucks? Definitely recommend it. Even if you’ve played once or a thousand times, you’ll still want to be a part of it. There’s not a single person on the rugby team that I don’t talk to or hang out with. I’d say out of all the teams in the uni, we are one of the teams that get on the best with each other. Who’s the best player on the team? Me, obviously!! Who’s the worst player on the team? Truffles!! Who’s the longest in the shower? Adam Harris. He’s always last out of the bloody shower!

wadiehs corner Vice President Student Involvement // vpsi@bucks.ac.uk

called into action again moments later, denying Hussein from a cheeky attempted lob. Bucks were beginning to turn the screw on the visitors and the pressure told on 60 minutes as they halved the deficit. Following smart link up play between Woods and Alfie Buckley, the ball broke for Olney in the area and the big midfielder drove his shot beyond the ‘keeper. Minutes later, Buckley almost levelled matters after being played through by Woods but was unlucky to just overrun the ball. Bucks were playing with renewed confidence following the goal but at the other end, the visitors were awarded another controversial penalty. The referee deemed Ben Turner’s challenge illegal when it appeared that the St Marys player had tripped over his own feet. However, justice was done as Durrell pulled off a magnificent save, diving low to his left to save the spot-kick. Bucks regrouped and continued to threaten coming close first through Buckley, then Humphreys. Substitute Dom Parrella, was proving a handful upfront as the St Marys defence were being stretched to the limit. Dan Morgan curled a free-kick just beyond the right hand upright before Humphreys was denied again, as his free-kick was blocked on the line following a handling error by the St Marys ‘keeper. However, the visitors held out for an away victory much to the frustration of Bucks boss Rob Hewitt who said; ‘’ we created a lot of chances today but just didn’t have the luck of the draw. They got a couple of fortunate goals and then just sat back but, fair play to them they dug in. From our point of view it’s frustrating, we should have won the game’’.



LADIES BASKETBALL Bucks 1st 70-38 Uni of Surrey 1st MENS BASKETBALL Chichester 2nd 77-59 Bucks 1st MENS FOOTBALL        Imperial College 2nd 2-3 Buckinghamshire New University 2nd Bucks 3rd 3-1 Bucks 4th Kingston SESSA 3rd 1-4 Bucks SESSA 1st King’s College 2nd 2-0 Bucks 6th University of Creative Arts 1st 6-2 Bucks 7th GOLF Bucks 1st 6-0 Brunel 1st LADIES HOCKEY Brighton 3rd 3-1 Bucks 1st NETBALL     Richmond College 1st 29-12 Bucks SESSA 1st MENS RUGBY Kingston 1st 10-28 Bucks 1st Buck 2nd 34-0 Surrey 2nd LADIES RUGBY King’s College 30-12 1st Buck 1st MENS TABLE TENNIS       Buck 1st 7-10 Essex 2nd TENNIS Royal Holloway 2nd 0-8 Bucks 1st              WEDNESDAY 16TH FEBRUARY   MENS BADMINTON Bucks 1st 0-8 Reading 2nd LADIES BADMINTON Queen Mary 1st 8-0 Bucks 1st MENS FOOTBALL Bucks 2nd 1-2 St Mary’s 5th Bucks 4th 5-1 Kingston 3rd West Herts 1st 3-3 Buck SESSA 1st GOLF Portsmouth 1st 1-5 Bucks 1st Bucks 2nd 6-0 Brighton 1st NETBALL University College London 2nd 35-45 Bucks 1st Roehampton 2nd 24-16 Bucks 2nd MENS RUGBY Bucks 2nd 41-12 Canterbury Christchurch 2nd LADIES VOLLEYBALL Kingston 1st 3-0 Bucks 1st   WEDNESDAY 23RD FEBRUARY   MENS FOOTBALL Essex Men’s 1st 3-0 Bucks 1st St Marys 5th 2-1 Bucks 2nd MENS HOCKEY Bucks 1st 2-2 Reading 3rd NETBALL Bucks 2nd 21-22 Brunel 5th MENS RUGBY Sussex 2nd 12-17 Bucks 2nd    

MENS BASKETBALL St Mary’s 2nd v Bucks 1st MENS FOOTBALL Bucks 1st v St Mary’s 1st     Bucks 2nd v Portsmouth 3rd Roehampton 2nd v Bucks 3rd Kingston University 2nd v Bucks 4th Bucks 6th v School of Economics 3rd Bucks 7th v Imperial College 3rd LADIES FOOTBALL Bucks 1st v Imperial College 1st MENS HOCKEY Bucks 1st v Imperial College 2nd LADIES HOCKEY Bucks 1st v Royal Holloway 2nd NETBALL Bucks 2nd v Uni Creative Arts 1st MENS RUGBY Sussex 1st v Bucks 1st  Bucks 2nd v School of Economics 3rd TABLE TENNIS Bucks 1st v Imperial College 2nd TENNIS Roehampton 2nd v Bucks 1st    VOLLEYBALL Bucks 1st v Kingston 1st   WEDNESDAY 9TH MARCH   MENS BASKETBALL Bucks 1st v Chichester  Men’s 2nd LADIES BASKETBALL Westminster 1st v Bucks 1st         MENS FOOTBALL Hertfordshire 1st v Bucks 1st Bucks 6th v Uni Creative Arts 2nd MENS HOCKEY Reading 4th v Bucks 1st NETBALL Bucks 1st v Royal Vet College 1st Uni Creative Arts 1st v Bucks 2nd   LADIES VOLLEYBALL       Bucks 1st v Essex 2nd   TUESDAY 15TH MARCH   NETBALL Bucks 1st v London S. Bank 1st   WEDNESDAY 16TH MARCH   MENS BASKETBALL Reading 2nd v Bucks 1st LADIES BASKETBALL Bucks 1st v St George’s Med 1st MENS FOOTBALL Bucks 1st v Hertfordshire 1st St Mary’s 4th v Bucks 2nd Kingston 2nd V Bucks 3rd Kingston 3rd v Bucks 4th Westminster 2nd v Bucks 6th Uni Creative Arts 2nd v Bucks 6th   LADIES FOOTBALL Portsmouth  2nd v Bucks 1st   MENS HOCKEY Portsmouth 3rd v Bucks 1st    NETBALL Westminster 1st v Bucks 2nd   MENS RUGBY Bucks 1st v Brunel 1st TENNIS Bucks 1st v St George’s Med 1st LADIES VOLLEYBALL King’s College 1st v Bucks 1st     



Community Cohesion Project: To improve community relations and the perception of student in general around High Wycombe I am looking to set up a project in conjunction with Wycombe District Council. The details aren’t finalised yet but students will be potentially going into schools and Youth

centres to run sporting activities. So if you want to make some money and possess a coaching badge in any sport or activity, please drop me an email with your name, contact details and what qualifications you have. Whether its Rugby, Netball, Dance, Fencing for example. Let

2011 Student Elections: 1st League winners of 2011 It’s that time of the year, and I am running again in this year’s elections. I hope I have done a good enough job whilst in office this year to get your vote a 2nd time around. You can see my manifesto and join my facebook group by typing in ‘Re-Elect Wadz 4 VPSI’. Voting starts on 7th March till 12pm 11th March. This year you will be able to vote online also for the first time via www. bucksstudent.com/election.

Congratulations to the Mens Golf 1st team on winning the league this year!! Unfortunately they didn’t manage to go the season unbeaten and lost to our Mens 2nd team as it happens but that just goes to show the strength in depth we have in the Golf

squad here at Bucks! Once again a big shout out to Jack Wheatley (1st team captain) and chairman Ben Pritchard on their achievement! Hopefully this is the 1st of many trophies and medals our sports teams pick up this year.

me know as the more diversity we can offer the better. Email me at sam.wadieh@bucks. ac.uk or pop into the SU offices and come see me.


Interview by Gary Anderson

Bucks 2nds went down by two goals to one against St Marys’ 5ths at Magnolia Park on Wednesday 16th February. Trailing 2-0 at half-time, Dom Olney pulled one back for the home side. Despite piling on the pressure in the second half, the Bucks boys were unable to force a deserved equaliser. On what was a boggy pitch, Bucks made a lively start in the first five minutes, with St Marys barely getting a touch of the ball. However, on their first meaningful attack, the visitors were awarded a penalty following an innocuous handball by George Cox. Jack Durrell, in the Bucks goal, had no chance as the penalty was placed firmly in the corner. The home side continued to monopolise possession and were making light of the poor surface; stringing together some neat passing moves in midfield. The St Marys defence were proving a hard nut to crack however. Bucks were being restricted to long range efforts and came close on a couple of occasions through Dom Olney and Mike Humphreys. Then, Shazz Hussein had a header tipped over from 8 yards after being found by Ben Purcell. Ten minutes before the break, St Marys doubled their lead completely against the run of play. The visiting striker placed his shot beyond the reach of Durrell from 12 yards out. The home side were beginning to show signs of frustration; conceding a number of petty fouls. The visitors threatened again but Durrell was quick off his line to block at the feet of the attacker. Rob Hewitt brought on Josh Woods for the second half and the new man was first to threaten. His strike from the edge of the box had to be smartly tipped over the bar by the St Marys ‘keeper. He was


MARCUS CLAYTOR took his team of 10 athletes to Sheffield for the BUCS athletics championships, changing the face of Buckinghamshire new university’s athletics team in the process. It was ready, set, and go from day one with a fantastic performance in the women’s 60m, where Tamica Mignott snatch a well deserved 5th place in a time of 8.74s. Mignott limped off the track with what looked like an injury to the knee but seemed to be happy with her performance. Over in the shot circle Yasmin Burr (12th Qual B 6m15) and Charlotte Shaw (11th Qual A, 4m15) produced promising results in the qualifying rounds but were unfortunate to miss out on a place in the final, well done girls!! One of the more inspirational performances from day 1 came from Jess Maltby in the women’s 3000m. Despite being surrounded by some of the best middle distance females in the UK, Maltby ran a brave race finishing strong in a time of 12mins and 55seconds. well done Jess!! Now to the boys, Ivo Georgiev was forced to drop out of the 200m on day 2 after picking up an injury from what seemed to be a strong performance in the 60m the previous day. Georgiev, known for his strong finish was this time first out the blocks. He looked to be the best starter in the field and had the early lead before dropping back to 5th place in what was a fantastic performance. Although his time of 7.67s is considered very fast, he wasn’t too pleased with it, but stated that he would come back stronger for the outdoor season and train for 200m. Step Up Curtis Banson, Banson was given a tricky draw out in lane 1 but still managed to finish 4th in a time of 7.46, Banson was not too pleased with this performance but was upbeat about the up coming outdoor championships in April. Dan Graham finished a respectable 5th in the mens 400m with a time of 58.53 narrowly missing out on 3rd thanks to a burst from his competitors. However upped his game in the 200m with a 4th place finish. Phil Edwards went into the mens shot competition with only the muscles on his shoulders. Coaching and training in field events has been much of a distant fairytale, however Edwards was still able to beast out a throw of 8m 64 finishing the first round in 8th place. Edwards missed out on a place in the final by just 4 meters, with training Edwards could push for medals in the outdoor championships on April 30th this year. Back to the track and it was time for Michael Omojudi (mikes) to walk his talk in the mens 800m. After a promising 2 laps Omojudi was looking good in 5th place, the shiny legged athlete faded slowing in the closing stages and dropped to 7th still smashing his pb by an amazing 11 seconds in a time of 2mins 15. Back to the distance category and it was time Neil Tandy to have his share of the action. After previously playing his role in fixing the mini bus, Tandy, whose best event is the triathlon, ran an evenly paced race and set a new Pb in the mens 1500m finishing in 9th place. Well done mate. After a strong weekend of action by everyone in the team, Marcus Claytor was able to grab a slice of the track in the mens 4x200m relay. Although we had Brunel, Loughborough and Middlesex in the same heat, Claytor was unfazed by the competition and it was time for leading man to show everyone how it’s done. Claytor has been working hard in the gym and his work seemed to show on the track. Not only did he run a new Personal Best time over 200m, he also closed the gap on teams in front handing the baton over to Omojudi in what was a fantastic race. A huge thank you goes to everyone who makes these weekends happen, well done and Thank you to Marcus Claytor for the hours of hard work put into the team and thank you to our board members, Tamica, Yaz, Dan, Curtis and Ivo. By Dan Graham (Mens Captain)

Sports Profile Frustration for Bucks 2nds

1. What colour of caps are worn by the Australian national cricket team? 2. Which county plays at home at the St Lawrence Ground? 3. What kind of fruit is depicted on the badge of Worcestershire County Cricket Club? Answers: 1.Green 2.Kent 3.Pear



Everything you need to know about sports at Bucks www.bucksstudent.com/sports

Unlucky for Bucks Cricket Match Report - Regional Indoor Cricket Tournament 7/11/2010 By Danny Mather Bucks CC entered into their first ever indoor cricket tournament In November, held at the Cricket Warehouse in Hertfordshire. The team played exceptionally well, winning both games in their pool, finishing top of the pile and heading through to the National Semi-Finals. In the first game the lads were up against Middlesex, where Bucks still had a

score to settle from Varsity last year. In an emphatic chase, Bucks were set a mammoth 163 to win from 12 overs. With good hitting from Luke Wright in the middle order (25), victory was assured with 5 balls remaining with Tayeem Wani (35*) and Haroon Naseer Khan (36*) unbeaten at the end. The second game saw Bucks entertain Hertfordshire University, with the winning side going through to the National semis. Again, skipper

Danny Mather won the toss and stuck the opposition in. After a positive start with early wickets in tight opening overs from Danny Mather and Craig Marsterson, Hertfordshire got from 44 for 5, to 111 for 6 at the end of the 12 overs. Another calm and impressive chase saw Nathan Charlton (36*) hit the winning runs alongside another top batting performance from Haroon Naseer Khan who again finished unbeaten on 35*.

BNU Buccaneers smash another victory! BNU Buccaneers ........................................................................... 70 Royal Holloway Bears ..................................................................... 0 On Sunday the 13th Of February, a wet but humid morning saw the Buccaneers (4W’s – 2L’s) face the Bears (1 W’s – 4 L’s), the Buccaneers had never had victory over the Royal Holloway Bears, and this team was yet another team to add to the local rivalry. The day before the game, the Bears coaches wanted to cancel the game; a clear sign to BNU’s hard hitting team that they weren’t ready for a game with us. On the day the Buccaneers were warmed up and ready to go, preparing themselves well before the game. The Bears however, arrived just an hour before the game, showing again how they had already been beat. The game kicked off at one o clock, with the coin toss going to the Buccaneers, choosing to kick first. The BNU defence stepped up straight away and quickly got the ball back for the offence and with in 7 plays the Buccaneers had already scored their first touchdown. As the game went on, the Buccaneers beat both the

Bears offence and defence. Because of this the Bears were unable to force the Buccaneers to turn over the ball and won less than 5 first downs for themselves. We can see by stats that BNU had a great game, Billy Morgan catching an interception in the third quarter, which only added insult to injury. With 4 touchdowns from Danny Wallace, 3 from Adam Stammers, and one from both Durwane Watson and Chris Geldard. The mighty Buccaneers offensive play made 450 yards to the Bears meagre 100 yards. Over all it was a great victory for the Bucks, getting them one foot in the door for the play offs! Coach Plastow quotes “A push for the playoffs needed a record breaking run from the Buccaneers and a 70-0 win here today proves the guys are up for it” This is a great day for the Buccaneers, showing the BUAFL that we are here to play football! Gary Lake was also very happy for the defensive shut out! Follow our next game and how we get on in the play offs on BNU Buccaneers web site www.bnubuccaneers.com

Match Report - Semi Final Indoor Cricket Tournament 6/2/2011 Sunday 6th Feb saw an early start for the Cricket lads as they travelled up to Birmingham for the Indoor Tournament National Semi-Finals, where in their pool they would be up against the University of Birmingham and the University of Manchester. After losing the toss against Birmingham, Bucks were asked to bowl first. Some loose bowling from Bucks helped Birmingham post a challenging total of 120-5. In reply, the tight bowling from Birmingham made it difficult for the Bucks batsmen, and early runs were hard to come by. There were glimmers of hope with a couple of boundaries from Nathan Charlton (19) and another unbeaten score from Haroon Naseer Kahn (30*), but with a few wickets falling and more tight bowling, Bucks were always behind the run rate, finishing short on 102-5. A defeat in the first game meant that a win was needed against Manchester to give Bucks any chance of going through. Bucks skipper Danny Mather won the toss and chose to bat, but this seemed to be a bad judgment as Bucks found themselves 31-5 after 5 overs! It was all left to stand alone batsmen, Dave Watson, who needed to bat 8 overs by himself, to give Bucks any sort of respectable score. Watson batted superbly, and along with Danny Mather running at the other end,

the pair put on 60 runs with Dave Watson scoring a half century. Bucks closed on 91 all out with just one ball spare in the innings. Defending just 91, the Bucks lads had to bowl and field well, and skipper Danny Mather took the first wicket after two balls, with the Manchester batsmen gloving one through to Dave Watson behind the stumps. More tight bowling followed from Mather, and a couple of wickets from Luke Wright got Bucks right into the game with Manchester stalling on 73-4, and two wickets needed to win the game. With Manchester losing another wicket, it all came down to the final over where Manchester needed only 7 runs to win. Dave Watson stepped up to bowl the last over, and when Watson’s first ball was a wide, Manchester were surely favourites. However, Watson responded well and with a couple of dot balls, Manchester needed 2 runs off the last ball to win. The ball was good and Bucks managed to run out the Manchester batsmen, winning the match by just one run. It was an emphatic game. Unfortunately, Birmingham won their second game too and progress to the Final in March. Bucks performed very well in the tournament up against tough teams, and can be very proud of their efforts. By Danny Mather

ed in the candidates’ own words.



Manifesto I have enjoyed my 1st year in office and hope I have done a good enough job for you to consider re-electing me into office.

Myk Kinaszczuk Election candidate for Vice President of Student Involvement.

What I have done so far: Enabled clubs & societies to be self sufficient by putting them through mini-bus driving training. Looked into getting a free cash machine, but the SU are tied into a contract so pushed for chip & pin machines to be installed as an alternative which saves you money every time you use your cards in the SU. Developed community links with local sports clubs for you. Got local businesses to advertise in the student newspaper with their student deals. Rolled out the Accreditation Scheme across Sports & Societies Created a handbook for committee members in Clubs & Societies We all know it’s going to be a tough few years due to the financial climate so I aim to roll out opportunity profiles for everything you can get involved in to show the benefits and skills you will learn. From volunteering, sports, societies, RAG to being on a society or sports team committee. I believe this will enhance your employability once you graduate, will help you out writing you CV and hopefully put you ahead in future interviews. The Where’s Our Grass campaign has made a lot of progress. Thank you to all those that filled out the Wycombe/Wasps Stadium proposal, it got put through and it is in the planning stage. I will create reports each term for you to keep you updated with the progress. Societies have really taken off this year. To make sure they continue to grow, I will fight for funding to secure a Societies Intern again for the next academic year, as well as make the money available to societies safe from cuts. Also I am in talks with the Pro Vice Chancellor Trevor Nicholls to dedicate a corridor with notice boards for each and every society at Bucks. At Uxbridge the student experience isn’t the same as at the Wycombe campus. To combat this, I have 2 pledges that I think will raise student engagement with the Students Union: Set aside a student activities budget for recreational activities for Uxbridge students Secure funding for a sabbatical officer at Uxbridge to help integrate both campuses and fight for you And finally but not least, this is the last year of the current Big Deal funding. I am in talks with Ruth Farwell to secure the future funding for the Big Deal. This will enable you guys to get into the SU free for events, free sports, societies. Sam “Wadz” Wadieh

Name: Sam Wadieh Age: “I just turned 25” Studying: “I did study computing” Year: “I finished in the summer” Why running for this position? “I am re-running because I still have work I can finish. My big thing for this year is to get Uxbridge student activity budgets, so I really want to get that into place before I leave” What will you do if elected? “The big thing at the minute is securing The Big Deal funding for the future because fees are going up and there is a lot of cuts. I feel like I’m already a part of the institution, I’ve made contacts and I’m part of the talks so it would be easy to have that brought in properly. I know where the ground lays so the big thing for us is to secure the future of The Big Deal” Why should students vote for you? “You should vote for me because I’m a fun guy, I’m a friendly guy, I’m approachable! You should vote for me because I’m very focused and I’ll get the job done. I’ve achieved a lot this year and they can check out or join my Facebook group ‘re-elect Sam Wadieh as VP SI’ or they can come in and see me. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot in this year, I’m really focused and I’ll have good technique if re-elected” Favourite drink: “I don’t really have a favourite... I’ve quit drinking because I play semi-pro football. I’d have to say Kopparberg, I like Kopparberg.” Favourite takeover at SU: “Probably the 007 casino night in my last year” Favourite thing at SU: “Probably The Big Deal because I benefited from that throughout my three years here. If The Big Deal hadn’t been in place I would’ve forking out a lot of money so it saved me a lot of money and I took part in a lot of stuff. I was a fresher’s helper, I was a senior resident so yeah, The Big Deal.” Best experience since starting BNU: “My best experience was winning the league as the first team captain in my second year. It was against UCL at Watford, we needed to win that game to win the league, last game of the season.”

Vice President for Student Involvement, a role designed around my character. Innovation, equality, professionalism are just a few helpful noun’s borrowed from Oxfords fine English Dictionary that equate the qualities of becoming VPSI, and I believe I have these qualities. An obscure and exciting view to Raising and Giving would be accomplished by holding mass participation events that would have the potential to raise unprecedented amounts of donations. I already have dreams of a University Olympics where many different sports could be competed with stalls and raffle bars so people can enjoy the action in the summer sun. If elected, I would make sure that each team, squad and society gets treated with respect and diligence. No more late/ non-existent buses or taxis, more accessibility for the usage of mini-buses for teams when they need them. When you give me a task that can be undertaken, I will give you the results you expect. Uxbridge students will be given better opportunities to be involved within the societies and teams in the Wycombe campus and its drinking facilities. There have clearly been issues between Uxbridge and Wycombe whether that be transport links or communication links. I will be in Uxbridge on Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th of March to hear your thoughts and for you to explain to me what issues you are concerned with that I can change by being elected. The ability to express any issues or ideas will be made easier, this way you get better represented when it comes to events/acts/days out so that the Students Union can invest more time into researching costs and timings to see if they would be viable. The hope being an increased turnout to the students union and getting to see or do what YOU want to do. I wish to become VPSI to give you the best opportunity, to give something back to the students that made my stay at Bucks unforgettable. If I can make your life at university as good an experience as mine, I will feel justified in calling myself a successful VPSI. University is all about the student. As VPSI I will be working for you, to help you and to ensure that you get the best treatment your union can give you. VOTE MYK for VPSI

Name: Mykhailo Kinaszczuk Age: 20 Studying: “Sports Management and Rugby Studies” Year: Third year Why running for this position? “I am running for VPSI because I believe I can make a difference within the Students’ Union to enhance student life. I have spent the past two, nearly three years at this university, two years working for the union, and three years participating within in different societies. During this short time at Bucks, I have had some exceptionally good and life changing experiences thanks to the involvement of the SU, and I would like to help others enjoy their experience to its fullest. With my help, more students will be able to benefit from the amazing facilities within our university and make wiser choices with the unions funding to increase the quality of “The Student Experience”. What will you do if elected? “I will support the President, try to bring and provide the best opportunities and experiences available to every member of the SU. I will do this by increasing participation and support the forming of any new society. Current societies will benefit greatly too. After talking to several members of current societies, I have found that organisation and seriousness are two human qualities that are missing surrounding some of the Athletics Union. I hope to bring both to the table. Our University is very sports dominated and a professional view on the organisation of games, travel and involvement is what I hope to bring by becoming VPSI. I hope to make transport available for any Uxbridge students wishing to participate not only in the evening aspects of our union, but trying to get Uxbridge residents involved within sports teams and societies within Wycombe.” Why should students vote for you? “Students voting for me will be voting for change, a fresh view on Student Involvement, a new face within the Students’ Union. Most of all, I am a student and know what you guys want! Whatever you want, I will fight for. To find out anything more about me, or to ask questions on what I can do for you as VPSI or just to have a chat, don’t hesitate to email me on mykhailo. kinaszczuk@hotmail.com, or alternatively go onto my campaign page on Facebook and drop me a note; “Vote Myk Kinaszczuk for Vice President for Student Involvement”.” A vote for me is a vote for STUDENTS. Favourite drink: “Anything cheap” Favourite takeover at SU: “Anything with cheap drinks and nudity” Favourite thing at university: “The people and the social aspects of university” Best experience since starting BNU: “Living at Chalfont Campus or going on the Bucksnowsoc’s organised Main Event. With non-stop snowboarding, drinking and banter, it was the best week of my life.”

Election results will take place Friday 11th March from midday in The Venue.

Online voting will run non-stop between 10am Monday 7th March until noon Friday 11th March

Voting at manual ballot boxes will take place between 10am-4pm Monday 7th March until Thursday 10th March & 10am until noon Friday 11th March.

Vote online at www.bucksstudent.com/election

Boxes situated at the Venue Foyer & Gateway link bridge at High Wycombe & Pulse in Uxbridge.

Every registered Student is entitled to vote. You can only vote ONCE. Any voter found to have voted more than once will have ALL their votes nullified.

Candidate A Candidate B Candidate C R.O.N.

All our elections use the Single Transferable Vote System (STV) so you can rank all the candidates in order of preference as shown here. If your first choice is ranked last in the first count, your second choice is counted. This continues until one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote and wins the election!

Who is R.O.N.? R.O.N. or Re-Open Nominations appears on all ballot papers as a candidate that you can vote for. A vote for R.O.N. is a vote for ‘none of the above’. If R.O.N. wins the election, the Students’ Union will start the election process again.

We want more students involved in the decisions the Union makes. We are recommending some changes to our structures to help this happen. We want to involve you in this decision so we are asking you to support this change by voting on it in a referendum taking place at the same time as the Union Leadership elections. .

In order to provide you with an accurate representation of your candidates, these articles have not been edited by the Bucks Student team and are presented in the candidates’ own words.


ASH COLES - NUS DELEGATE Name: Ash Coles Age: 20 Studying: Sports Management and Rugby Studies Year: Third Why running for this position? “I’m running for NUS Delegate because it think going to the conferences is a great experience and it’s also good to see what the NUS will be rolling out throughout the year and I want to find out what they are going to be rolling out and then obviously I can bring it back and present it at the Students’ Union.” What will you do if elected / what changes would you make? “If I was elected then I could get a great start at what I want to between now and Easter and make me aware of what’s going on, relate back to the students’ about what is happening and take it from there.” Why should students vote for you? “Like I said before I’m honest about what is achievable in the Union. If I am elected to be [NUS Delegate] then I will be more than happy to represent the students and they can pass on any queries or questions they want to raise at the NUS Conference and I’d be more than happy to represent them on these. So students should vote for me because I will represent them to the full, and I think I am a good spokesperson for the

whole Students’ Union and the whole of Bucks New University.” Favourite drink: “It’s got to be Snakebite!” Favourite takeover at SU: “That’s a hard one, they are all quite good. I’d say they are all great. Any takeover where they have waitress service so you don’t have to go to the bar for a drink is great in my eyes!” Favourite thing at university: “My favourite thing about the university is its size. I think that this university is so special in that we only have 12,000 students. If you went to Reading or UCL or any of the big massive institutions like that, I don’t think I’d know half the people I know and I wouldn’t have such great friends because I am the president of the rugby club and I’ve obviously made some great friends like that but … I think the size is what make it so unique and special because you can meet so many people and stay in contact” Best experience since starting BNU: “Probably playing in a rugby cup final and we won, so that was pretty good and the night out obviously afterwards! The whole of university has been great. I wouldn’t change anything that happened over the three years, I’ve really enjoyed it and hopefully I get the opportunity to be here for another year and make a real difference which is what I’m doing.”

Name: Chris Clark Age: 25 Studying: “I originally studied Textiles design (I finished in 2009 when I became Vice President). I now study Politics, Philosophy and Economics with the Open University” Year: “Graduate and going into my 2.5/3rd year of my second degree” Why running for this position? “Since my involvement in the Students' Union I have taken a big interest in how students are involved in democracy and student politics and was invited to attend some NUS conferences with the elected officers. I have continued my involvement with the NUS and currently work very closely with both Staff members of NUS as well as the elected officers through a couple of roles. I work with them as your Vice President here at Bucks, I am also a Regional Ambassador for the National Student Survey (NSS) with NUS and I am the Chair/Student Co-ordinator of Student GuildHE mission group. “My standing for NUS Delegate is to ensure that the views and opinions that I have gathered from our student body are represented and taken to a national level. I also have the intention of standing for election with the National Union Executive Committee (Block of Fifteen) at the annual conference.”

What will you do if elected? I will take the opportunity to lobby other sabbatical officers and NUS officers on policy decisions that will determine how the NUS will run and what their priorities are for the coming year - these will ultimately effect students at bucks.                           Why should students vote for you?  “Because I’m the bomb diggity! “To ensure that there is consistency of opinion and allow me to use all the knowledge that I have gained to hold our National Union accountable.” Favourite drink: “Tequila with a snake bite chaser.” Favourite takeover at SU: “Oh my - I have loved them all. I would have to say (as a former Captain of the Swans Cheer Squad) the Cheerleaders rock!” Favourite thing at university: “ME! I can never get over the entertainment calendar that we have here at bucks. The new LGBT night MILK has been brilliant. And I love watching all our talented students at the open mic nights Suck My Acoustic” Best experience since starting BNU: “I have had so many. I would have to say the joining of a sports team as it opened up so many doors to become more involved in my university by being more involved in the union. Like I said the Swans Cheer squad rock.”

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Christopher Clark NUS Delegate

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Kishore Pilli

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