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October 2018 - Edition 75









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October Issue

This Edition: page 4 Photography by Sean Wright Rusty relives all the highlights from Freshers' Fortnight. Page 19.

A Word from the Editor Newly appointed editor, Eliza Gent, shares her experience of being diagnosed with dyspraxia.

page 5

Contributors Eliza Gent • Lauren O'Shea • Georgia Nosal • Charlie Cotton Holly Wheeler • Tom Mepham • Christina Demetriou Lauren Robinson • Mark Sweeney • Rhona Noel Emilee Platts • Julia Crooks • Femke Bekker • Katie Blackwell Lewis Boyling • Athena Pickering • Kateřina Fleischnerová

Sabbs' Article Your Sabbatical Officers recap Freshers' Fortnight and go through some of their plans for the year ahead.

Lucy Ryan • James Risby • Maciek Gasiorowski Stephanie Aveiro • Conor Wysner • Alan McDonald

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Emily Hopkins • David Austin • Isabella Moran • Adam Taylor Lewis Taylor • Oli Gunson • Greg Pike Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email editor@thebucksstudent.com


Student Parking Bucks Students' Union President, Lauren O'Shea is excited to announce evening and weeking parking permits for students.

page 21

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Rusty's Radio

Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at bucksstudentsunion.org/communications.

Returning for another year, Rusty's Radio Station Manager, Katie Blackwell encourages everyone to get involved!

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American Football American Football Chair, Lewis Taylor gives a rundown of the beginning of their start to the season.

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4 October Issue

A word from the Editor.

By Eliza Gent


I feel like I have been staring at my laptop screen for hours simply trying to decide if this is something I am ready to write about. Hours later and I am still sat in the same position contemplating whether or not it’s

with Margy I had to complete a series of tests which would tell her if I needed

a good idea, but I suppose you won’t know if you are ready unless you try to be, so

further assessing. Once we had finished, Margy explained to me that I would need

here is my story.

to go for a three-hour exam so that I could be given a full diagnosis. A few weeks

Growing up I always noticed that I was different to other kids. My hand writing wasn’t the same, I learnt at a much slowly pace and most of the time I didn’t really understand what was going on. I didn’t know how to talk about this, so I just kept quiet and spent twenty years believing I was just stupid. When I got to college I was asked to attend a meeting where I would be tested for learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Someone had finally noticed that my brain wasn’t working the same as the students around me and offered me help for it, but I was humiliated, and I felt so ashamed that there could’ve been something wrong with me. The day of the meeting came, and I didn’t go, I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of someone and have them ask a bunch of questions that I didn’t know the answers to. How was I supposed to explain what was going on in my brain and expect another person to understand it when I didn’t understand it myself? So, for the next four years I ignored it until I was in my second year of uni. I started to open up to my lecturers about my lack of understanding, how much longer it takes me to do simple tasks compared to other students and how I still didn’t know what was going on most of the time.

later I attended my, what felt like a yearlong exam and was given a proper diagnosis and more importantly, answers. That day I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia which is a “developmental disorder of the brain causing difficulty in activities requiring coordination and movement”, well at least that’s what Google says it is. I personally have less of the coordination difficulties and more of the mental ones but every individual with dyspraxia is different. When I was first told that I had dyspraxia I was really confused, slightly scared and very emotional. I felt like something was wrong with me my whole life and I had finally been told that actually there was something going on and I wasn’t just stupid. This was a lot to take in and it took me a really long time to feel able to talk to friends and family about it, even now I have days where I am very conscious of it and I don’t want anyone knowing. I didn’t want anyone to think less of me or to treat me any differently, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. My family and friends were incredibly supportive and understanding and helped me to realise that there was never anything wrong with me, my brain just works in a different way and that is absolutely OK! My hand writing is still awful, I am always going to learn at a slower pace and I still haven’t got a clue what’s going on most of the time but each day I am

I was put in contact with the learning disability specialists at bucks and they booked

learning that these things are just a part of who I am and all I can do is accept and

me in for a meeting with a wonderful woman called Margy. When the day came for

embrace them. I look forward to writing more about living with dyspraxia and if you

the meeting I was extremely nervous, but I knew it was time I found out the answers

are reading this having been diagnosed or are about to be diagnosed then I promise

to the questions I had been asking myself for twenty years. During my assessment

things are only going to get better.



It’s been a great start to the year with a real buzz around campus and all the new Freshers seeming to fit in well. All Freshers' events in the venue have been well attended and have had a real good atmosphere, with freshers and returners enjoying themselves together.

What a couple of weeks it’s been! We have introduced our new Sabb Tea Parties, evening and weekend parking, had our first union council and ran our first mini campaign!

Freshers' Fair was also well attended with many students joining sports clubs or societies where they will meet other like-minded people and forge friendships to last a lifetime. Our ‘Give it a Go’ week was also very successful and added to the Freshers' buzz. Keeping people entertained and allowing students to let their hair down outside of their academic studies, with the Bucks New Usage and the Brighton beach clean being particularly popular. Make sure to look out for all the charitable campaigns we are running this year. Don't forget to make the most of the Students’ Union, by using the Advice Centre, taking part in our skills workshops, and catching up on updates in The Bucks Student newspaper in particular!

Freshers' Fortnight is over and what a two weeks it has been! We were up bright and early on movingin Sunday to welcome our freshers and returning students back into halls of residence. It was great to see Freshers’ Helpers and Senior Residents lugging peoples belongings up the stairs whilst entertaining friends and family. Sunday night in the Venue we hosted our Welcome Party and a huge group of Freshers started a dance battle, my personal highlight was the student doing the worm, kudos to that guy! Monday saw our campuses thriving full of fresh faces and exciting activities and this continued throughout the week with petting zoos, mini-golf, DJs and two Freshers' Fairs! I’ve had the opportunity to meet new students and even talk to second and third years I’ve never met before and I can’t wait to build on these relationships throughout the year.

We had our first Sabb Tea Party with a great turn out and was a lovely opportunity for us get to talk to you guys informally and hear your thoughts about the upcoming year. ‘Break the Stigma’ was a huge success with 200 people pledging to break their stigma around mental health. It was lovely to see people so invested in helping make that change. Keep an eye out for what we’ll be doing with the sticks soon. We have a variety of campaigns coming up soon, but for now I will be attending various University meetings, making sure your education and welfare is the best it can be! Don’t forget, my door is always open!

Get in touch: Charlie: charlie.cotton@bucks.ac.uk Lauren: lauren.oshea@bucks.ac.uk Georgia: georgia.nosal@bucks.ac.uk

Bucks Vpsi


Bucks SU Pres


Bucks Vpew


October Issue

By Lauren O'Shea, Georgia Nosal & Charlie Cotton


Sabbatical Officers.

6 October Issue

Student Trustee profiles.

Meet the

Student Trustees Student trustees are elected by their fellow students and have a say in how the Union is run. They are provided with all the up-to date-papers and the knowhow that is required to enable them to have a say in all Students’ Union activity. It is important that students

By Charlie Cotton, Holly Wheeler, Tom Mepham, Christina Demetriou & Lauren Robinson

recognise who their student trustees are, with the trustees being responsible for representing the rest of the student population. This year we had four student trustees elected in; Tom Mepham, Lauren Robinson, Christina Demetriou, and Holly Wheeler.

Christina Demetriou

Lauren Robinson

1. A bit of background about yourself:

1. A bit of background about yourself:

I’m 23 years old and currently in my third year of Dance and Performance. I’m a South African born Cypriot, and despite growing up in Cyprus, I always knew that I wanted to study and live abroad after I finished school.

I’m Lauren Robinson and I am currently in my third year studying Music and Live Events Management! I am also your 2018 Movember Ambassador as well as your 2018/19 School Officer for Media and Creative Industries and Student Trustee!

I took the less traditional road and decided to take a gap year before my studies, where I attended a six-month Intensive Dance Program at Broadway Dance Centre - NY.

2. Why did you want to be a trustee?

I wanted to become a trustee to gain a rounded understanding of the Students I then attended the University of Westminster where I studied Fashion Buying Management. Unfortunately, this was not the place for me as I didn’t find the support Union as I have been heavily involved over my time here and to ensure that upcoming students get the same experiences and involvement as I have had. I I was looking for and I dropped out after the first semester. also wanted to ensure that any issues and major problems which students were I found Bucks completely by chance, and I have never looked back. Thanks to experiencing were heard by the management and made a priority. We attended our the Students’ Union I have now found my place and I’m living the best student first Trustee board meeting at the start of October and things for the upcoming year experience I could have ever imagined! are looking successful and promising! 2. Why did you want to be a trustee?

3. Have you got any plans for the year?

From the get go the Students’ Union has always supported me and given me endless opportunities to improve myself and expand my skill set. In return, I wanted to become a Trustee in order to work hand in hand with the Students’ Union, and help in shaping and improving every student’s experience during their time at Bucks.

One of my plans for the year are to ensure that I use my responsibilities as School Officer and Trustee can go hand in hand, to ensure that all student voices are heard and every student at Bucks can have the best experience. I am looking forward to working with the union and having another successful year with my colleagues!

3. Have you got any plans for the year? I am passionate in ensuring that our EU and International students feel as included as possible and to create some new opportunities for them. I have expressed my interest in creating an International Fair where everyone at Bucks will be able to celebrate our diversity; and look forward to working together with the Students Union in order to bring that to you.


Student Trustee profiles.

October Issue

Holly Wheeler

Tom Mepham

1. A bit of background about yourself:

1. A bit of background about yourself:

Hi everyone my name is Holly Wheeler, I am currently in my second year studying Sports Therapy. I am also Swim Team Treasurer and one of your newly elected Student Trustees here at Bucks.

I'm a 3rd year Music & Live Events Management student, as well as a Student Rep, the LGBT+ Executive Officer, Student Ambassador, Bucks Buddy and a bunch of other roles.

2. Why did you want to be a trustee?

2. Why did you want to be a trustee?

During my first year at Bucks I was the Student Rep for my course, which provided me with insight to many of the processes within the University. This then sparked my interest in becoming a Student Trustee as my experience as a rep provided me with transferable skills thus ensuring a great communication platform between students and the board.

I wanted to become a trustee to have a say on more important issues within the University, as well as gaining some important life experience and something different to put on my CV.

3. Have you got any plans for the year? I aim to progress in my role as Student Trustee by evaluating ideas and considering the view of the student's as well as the Student's Union. I also aim to promote the development of the Students' Union with the wider goal of enriching the student experience here at Bucks!

3. Have you got any plans for the year? I'll be running a few campaigns as the LGBT+ Executive Officer, and I plan to work with other students to help them run their own campaigns, that they might not have the time, resources or ability to run all by themselves.

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8 October Issue

Union Council.

By Mark Sweeney

Union Council:


, whilst eating free Domino s pizza) (

Just what exactly is Union Council? Some of you may be more familiar with this than others, some of you may have never even heard of it all but we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this really important part of the Union’s work and how you can get involved. Union Council is the highest form of representation at the Students’ Union and is our senior representative body. The Council meets on a monthly basis during term time and was formed to represent the voice of the students. It’s a platform that informs students about the changes to policies within the Union, gives you the opportunity to vote on University-wide issues and directs our lobbying approach.

Additionally, our Union Council Chair for the 18/19 academic year was decided.

The Council is led by a student Chair, elected by the members of Union Council on an annual basis, usually at the first Council meeting of the year. However, all students are welcome to speak at the Council to raise any relevant issues. Our three Sabbatical Officers also give a monthly update on what they’ve been doing and their plans for the upcoming month so students can scrutinise them and hold them to account.

effective promotion takes place so that we can engage as many of our members as

Additionally, our eight Executive Officers also provide reports on their work and raise any issues brought forward from the student groups they are responsible for. Union Council is open to all of our members to attend and participate in the meeting, but we particularly welcome Black and Minority Ethnic students, and Mature students, as these groups are currently under-represented at this forum. Our first meeting of the year was held on Thursday 4 October where we discussed a wide range of topics including an update from our three democratically elected sabbatical officers about the work they’d been up to over the course of the summer months, important information surrounding the consultation process for the recruitment of a new Vice-Chancellor at the University with students highlighting what they’d like to see from the successful candidate, an introduction to some of our student leaders on campus and some of our army of Fresher’s Helper gave a debrief on how they felt Fresher’s Fortnight had gone.

Three candidates stood in the election, alongside the option of re-open nominations (R.O.N.) and Patricia Feiteira was duly elected as our new Union Council chair after the first round of voting. Patricia will now be responsible for leading on Union Council, working closely with the sabbatical officers to devise agendas and ensure possible – including you! Finally, here are five things you need to know about Union Council: 1. YOU can voice YOUR opinions on matters arising in and around the University. 2. YOU have the opportunity to vote on different matters within the Students’ Union. 3. YOU can hold the Sabbatical team to account for their actions. 4. YOU get to provide feedback on the Union’s services. 5. YOU get to give YOUR feedback and direction to Union campaigns. So why not get involved? Join us at our next meeting at 5.30pm Thursday 8 October in room S3.04. We even provide FREE refreshments including Domino’s Pizza – what’s not to love?! Missed the last meeting or just want to know more? Head to: bucksstudentsunion.org/union/unioncouncil to find out more information and minutes from the last meeting.

Parking in High Wycombe can be costly and is not an expense that everyone can afford. It's always been a sensitive subject amongst Bucks students, as they have never had access to the Campus car parks. Until now. A lecturer approached me back in December about weekend parking for students. This specific course required students to visit the High Wycombe campus for two weekends throughout the year and the course always received great feedback. The students however had one issue… not being able to park in the (almost entirely empty) Campus car park. Over the weekends the High Wycombe campus car parks are almost always empty and the students could see this and were quite disgruntled to be paying £10 a day over the road! I decided to take this to University Senior Management to see if it is possible to make an exception for these students. It was then agreed that it would be great for all students to have access to parking on evenings and weekends so there isn’t a barrier to using the library or attending training sessions. I think it is also important to mention the safety of our students, during the Winter months students shouldn’t have to feel unsafe walking to and from University in the dark evenings and miss out on some of the great opportunities that are provided.

After months of discussion (things can take a while round here) I’m happy to confirm that the trial is finally up and running! It will last until Christmas and will be reviewed, fingers crossed it will be extremely successful and the University will agree to continue the scheme. Students will need to head to the Students’ Union to pick up their permit. The details we require are name, student number, mobile number and car registration. You will then be issued a permit that allows you to park Monday to Thursday after 5pm. Your car will need to be out of the car park before 8am the following morning as that’s when staff will be arriving for work. On Friday evenings, again you can park after 5pm, however, your car can stay in the car park for the whole weekend until 8am Monday morning! Student parking is only available at the High Wycombe campus. For more information head to the Students’ Union office or email lauren.oshea@bucks.ac.uk. This started out as plan to benefit students on one course and hopefully now will benefit the wider student body! This is a #BucksStudentWin.

October Issue

By Lauren O'Shea


Parking at the High Wycombe Campus.

10 October Issue

Recreational Activities.


By Rhona Noel

Welcome back if this isn’t your first year at Bucks and if it is, then welcome and come and say hello if you’re passing one of the Students' Union offices!

All Bucks students are automatically a member of Bucks Students’ Union and are therefore able to participate in all Students’ Union activities, including developmental skills sessions and accredited training courses, completely FREE! You can book on to as many activities as you like so make the most of this offer as we are confident there is something for everyone in our activities programme. Coming up over the next few weeks, we have a variety of skills sessions to enhance your employability prospects and details of these can be seen on our JobShop page. In addition our recreational sessions can help you build your social networks and try something maybe you’ve never done before – and remember its all FREE! Friday 26 October: Coca–Cola London Eye Parent and Child Trip The Coca-Cola London Eye is centrally located in the heart of the capital, gracefully rotating over the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. At 135 metres, the Coca-Cola London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, offering breath taking 360 degree views of the capital and its famous landmarks Saturday 27 October: Hounslow Urban Farm Parent and Child Trip Come and enjoy a fun and interactive day at Hounslow Urban Farm. Play, Stroke, Feed and look at these amazing animals. Saturday 27 October: London MCM Comic Con Trip MCM Comic Con events are the UK and Ireland’s and most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including; Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television, Gadgets, Clothing and Toys. Tuesday 30 October: The Woman in Black Theatre Trip Susan Hill’s acclaimed ghost story is brought to dramatic life in Stephen Mallatratt’s ingenious stage adaptation. Now celebrating three terrifying decades in the West End, Robin Herford’s gripping production is a brilliantly successful study in atmosphere, illusion and controlled horror. Wednesday 31 October: London Dungeons Trip The London Dungeon is one of the capital's 'must-see' signature attractions - delighting audiences for almost 40 years. It's a 110-minute journey through 1000 years of London's murky past. You and your companions walk through the Dungeon, moving from show to show. Friday 9 November: Rush Trampoline Park Trip If you’ve never been to an indoor trampoline park, you’re in for a treat. Rush has over 30,000 square feet of adventure, excitement and challenges. Perfect for all ages, wall-to-wall, interconnected trampolines will get your heart pumping and your face smiling. For more information or to book a place on any of our upcoming activities, visit: bucksstudentsunion.org/whatson. Learning new skills, gaining additional qualifications and participating in experiences you may not have had before improves your transferable skills, making you more confident, capable and ultimately more employable! Get involved in as much as you can, we are looking forward to seeing you join in a session soon!

HOW BIG IS THE BIG DEAL? As a recent Graduate, I decided to work out how much money I saved whilst at university.

During my time at Bucks, I took part in almost everything I could possibly do within the Students’ Union. I was a member of the Cheerleading and Dance teams, Yoga Society and Ballet Society, and took part in a whole range of additional skills sessions and recreational activities. Some of these include First Aid training, Public Speaking training, paintballing, day trips, trampoline park, cocktail making classes and singing lessons. My favourites would have to be the performances in the West End and at the Wycombe Swan, the trip to Winter Wonderland’s Cirque Berserk, Go Ape and jewellery making. These activities and training sessions really helped with my professional development as a person, as well as a dancer. My confidence in presenting and speaking in front of large groups slowly began to improve after the Public Speaking workshops, whilst my awareness of social media increased after the Online Management Training. I feel that having skills like these down on my CV made me more employable to get a job after university. I ran as Vice President of Education and Welfare in the Sabbatical Officer elections and did the Valedictorian speech at my graduation, but without some of the training sessions and other opportunities, I would not have had the confidence to do either of these. Currently I’m working as the Graduate Intern for Dance Projects and Programme Support at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. During the interview process, I spoke about the many training sessions and extra-curricular activities I did at Bucks, which they were really impressed with (and could have maybe even secured me the job!). On top of the employability benefits of taking part in so many activities and skills sessions, there was the social aspect that I enjoyed too. I was able to attend these events with my friends in the evenings and weekends to relax and have fun after being on campus. I also met so many people from different courses on the trips, that I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and am now good friends with. I’ve made some really special memories during these activities which I’ll remember forever and am so grateful to the Students’ Union for. Altogether I’ve saved a HUGE total of £3,656 over my three years here. I could have easily sat back and not taken all these opportunities to have fun and improve my professional development, but as it cost me nothing, it would be silly not to! Even if you go to a few society or sport for fun sessions, go on a trip or attend an additional skills session every now and again, you’ll be getting so many benefits from this. You never know who you might meet or what job prospects it might lead onto! Again, a big thank you to Bucks Students’ Union for these endless opportunities and for making my time at university absolutely brilliant.

Bucks Students' Union Savings 2015-2018 Cheerleading: £750 (x3 years) Dance Club: £70 Yoga Society: £90 (x2 years) First Aid Training: £162 Public Speaking Level 1: £95 Public Speaking Level 2: £95 Online Reputation Management: £46 (x2) Singing Lessons: £1104 (x4 blocks per year for 3 years) Look after your Mate Workshop: £35 Disability Awareness Workshop: £35 Theatre Trips: £360 (x12 shows approx.) Paintballing: £18 Rush Trampoline Park: £20 (x2) Day Trip to Camden: £40 ZSL London Zoo: £52 Sea Life Centre: £47 City Mazes: £25 Firework Night: £12 Dance Workshops: £40 (x2) Winter Wonderland Cirque Beserk: £17 London Dungeons: £18 Windsor Castle: £29 Jewellery Making: £45 (x9 approx.) Thames Firework Cruise: £23 Go Ape: £38 (x2) Harry Potter Library: £10 The Swan Backstage Tour: £15

I spoke about the many training sessions and extra-curricular activities I did at Bucks, which they were really impressed with (and could have maybe even secured me the job!)

Cocktail Making Classes: £125 (x5 approx.) Halloween Make Up Masterclass: £35 Film Night Rosemary’s Baby: £5 Entry on Night Outs: £200 (x40 approx.)


October Issue

By Emilee Platts


Bucks Alumna article.

12 October Issue

Skills Training and the JobShop.

By Lauren O'Shea

SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS Job of the month! I worked during my whole three years as a student – many students will find that they need to! I had friends that struggled finding jobs and they weren’t sure what the right job was for them. This is why we’ve started up the JobShop – our online platform to put you in touch with local employers advertising their part time opportunities. This newsletter will be sent out monthly to keep you updated on what opportunities are available as well as what sessions we are offering for FREE to help enhance and boost your employability. Please take a look and let your friends know too, as we would love to hear from you!

Marketing and Events Coordinator Closes this Monday 15 October 2018

FREE Employability sessions

(full time equivalent)

Let us help you secure your ideal part time role or assist you in being better prepared for your graduate career with one of our FREE skills sessions:

Working as part of the Marketing & Events team, this role will support the Buckinghamshire Business First Group to plan, promote and deliver an attractive programme of events that helps the business achieve its overall aims, supports member development and maintains our high levels of customer satisfaction.

Paediatric First Aid – Monday 15 October

Public Speaking – Wednesday 24 October

Sport Specific First Aid – Thursday 18 October

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” – Thursday 25 October

ADHD Awareness – Wednesday 24 October

Level 2 Food Safety – Friday 26 October

Domestic Violence Awareness – Wednesday 24 October

Personal Licence Holder – Tuesday 30 October

20 hours/week, on campus £18k-£20k per annum

For more information or to apply visit bucksstudentsunion.org/jobshop.

Add us on Facebook:Sarah ActivitiesBucks @buckssu

Bucks Student TV

Bucks Students’ Union

Bucks Students’ Union

Rusty Buck


BUCKS STUDENTS' UNION INCLUSION FUND Here at Bucks Students’ Union, we are incredibly proud of the Big Deal which enables you all to take part in social, training, sports and a great range of other activities, completely free of charge.

The Inclusion Fund is an extension of our financial support to members who might still be prevented from participating in Big Deal activities due to personal or home circumstances. For example, students who have childcare needs and cannot afford to stay on after lectures for a yoga class because they need to get home to collect their children or a student who might be caring for an elderly parent and would have to pay for someone to care for them whilst they attend a Sign Language Course. The Students’ Union Inclusion Fund is a discretionary fund designed to be as flexible as possible so that we can help you with all sorts of issues, if those issues are preventing you from taking part. You can apply for help to attend a series of activities or to attend a one off event. Receipts for any costs applied for will be required before any funds are paid out. The fund is also limited to £100 per applicant per year. For more information about the fund and how to apply go to:

This is a discretionary fund so we cannot guarantee every application will be successful. You can always pop into the Students' Union Advice Centre at either High Wycombe or Uxbridge if you have any questions about the Inclusion Fund,


1. Childcare/caring costs: We can provide help with the costs of childcare/carers for those who are attending any of the activities offered by The Big Deal as well as: • course representative meetings • campaigning for sabbatical and other Students’ Union posts • meetings which you are required to attend in your capacity as a committee member of a Students' Union club/society Students would be expected to have claimed for child care costs under their student funding as far as possible and full receipts will be required for any extra childcare/carer costs from a registered childcare provider or registered carer. 2. Travel costs: Travel costs may be included as part of the Big Deal but if your circumstances/disability mean that you cannot use the free transport on offer, or there is no free transport we will consider funding transport under the Inclusion Fund to attend any Students’ Union event or activity as above. Students must be registered with the University’s Disability Service and upon application, we will ask your permission to verify this with the Disability Service.


or email suinclusion@bucks.ac.uk with your enquiry.

Here are some of the ways in which the Inclusion Fund can help:

3. Other non-specified costs: We understand that you may have individual circumstances which do not fall into the above categories so even if your costs do not fit one of the above descriptions email us at suinclusion@bucks.ac.uk and we will consider your request.



Please call to make an appointment at either campus for a face-to-face, telephone or Skype appointment.

High Wycombe Campus:


Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Located: Room N0.03, ground floor, North Block Phone: 01494 603 016

Uxbridge Campus:

Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm Located: Room 1.03, first floor Phone: 01494 605 180


Evening appointments are available outside of standard opening hours at High Wycombe Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 7pm. Please contact us to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. ACCOMMODATION




October Issue

By Julia Crooks


Advice Centre.

14 October Issue

Charity internship.

By Femke Bekker


Child Bereavement UK (CBUK) supports families and educates professionals when a child or baby of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement. They work together with UK Live to raise funds for the charity. This is CBUK’s largest fundraising of the year, and boy, is it an operation. I started volunteering for CBUK in January in the role of Community Events Intern. The objective was for me to recruit 50 volunteers per festival in the next six months, across 12 days of festivals; across all of the UK and Scotland. I had no idea what I was doing, but everyone in the office was really helpful; I worked together with CBUK’s social media marketer to promote the opportunity. As this charity often deals with personal stories and very sensitive subjects, I was given a semi-crash course on how to talk to people who had experienced bereavement of a parent or child. I have found this an incredibly useful skill both in my role as Senior Resident and Community Events Intern, as well as my personal life. I also had to call loads of local businesses to ask them to promote the opportunity to their employees and community. When I started I was incredibly nervous before making a phone call. By the time I left, I would rather call people than email them, as it is much faster. Now I barely even prepare conversations in my head before a phone call. I am so glad my boss pushed me out of my comfort zone, as this is an incredibly useful skill. I looked after each volunteer from the moment they expressed an interest, up until informing them of the amount raised. This was absolute chaos! Once the festivals started in May and I was trying to coordinate nearly 800 volunteers (with help from my boss and some colleagues) it was very difficult; especially as I was only in two days a week. This has taught me how important it is to organise your emails and keep track of everything that is going on and to always make notes straight away. Turns out this is also pretty beneficial to your personal life. Whilst attending the festivals I worked with different colleagues which I found really useful as I learnt how to work so closely with different people. You start to see how everyone works differently and learn so much from having to adapt to others. As I said, liaising with 800 volunteers via email is chaos, but I haven’t even thought about coordinating 80 volunteers in 13 hours, on five different shifts! I have gained the skill to not need the toilet for eight hours and still drink loads of water. This internship was incredibly useful and I would definitely suggest to do it next year if you are working in the music industry. You gain so many valuable skills, such as email etiquette, phoning people whilst representing a charity and general excel skills (which is super useful). These are skills that you wouldn’t necessarily get on a festival site or at a music venue, but are things that will keep coming back in your career. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how good you are at organising a festival, if you can’t make a phone call or write an appropriate email, you will most likely struggle. This is a way to gain these skills in a safe environment. On top of that, I got cake on my last day, and loads of glitter on my desk! Then I spent the rest of the day counting the number of wristbands we had left…


Film Review.

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Rusty retrospective.

October Issue

Freshers’ Fortnight has come to an end! Let’s have a round-up of what went on: Bucks Students’ Union welcomed you on Sunday 23 September with Hello Bucks Retro Jukebox - the first one done here! This event saw a plethora of classic retro songs, accompanied by dancers, props and a room full of inflatables. This was followed by the Snapchat Party, where everyone got to know their fellow Freshers better by writing on each other’s T-shirts and getting photos in Snapchat frames. After two club nights, the first Tuesday of the Fortnight was a chilled live comedy night from Comedy Central, where the Main Room turned into a comedy club. The guest comedians were Ivo Graham, Suzi Ruffell, Ania Magliano-Wright and James Gill. The first American-style Frat Party of the year started with the Toga Party! DJ OneF and DJ Hotshot hosted the night, with the Blow Zone on the stage where some lucky students won hundreds of pounds. The Venue launched it’s late-night food menu on this night for anyone with nugget, chip and garlic bread cravings! Frat House nights happen every Wednesday. Thursday’s gig night was a headline set from Scottish band The Xcerts, supported by October Drift and

Photography by Sean Wright Tigress. It was great to welcome non-students to the Venue for this, as all gig nights are open to the public. The new early-evening Friday Night Dinner event with darts, table tennis, new gin menu, table football and drinks deals, ran into a Popcorn Party on the first Friday, with massive cannons covering the audience in popcorn. The monthly LGBTQ+ event Glitterbomb was showcased on Saturday 29 September, with drag queens and special guests. This night will return on Saturday 27 October with Cheryl the Teenage Witch!

Photography by Charlotte Bull

Every Sunday is a big quiz, with pizza and drinks deals. The first quiz saw the Lounge as full as it could be, where teams competed to win up to £100. Lotto Boyzz were guests at BoomBucks, a night of all things urban, grime, bashment and afrobeats, who performed to a packed room singing along to FaceTime Me and Bad Vibe. Oktoberfest on the second Tuesday brought so many new faces that the bars sold out of local brewery Rebellion’s beer! Luckily that didn’t stop the party going on until long after Oompah Brass finished their brass renditions of pop songs and on-stage games.

The second Frat House brought Wes Nelson from Love Island, who danced on-stage with his girlfriend since the show, Megan, and got photos with lots of happy students. Rob and Si from Don Broco were guest DJs at the monthly alternative night Crash, who did a set after Tenacious D tribute band (Tenacious G) warmed up the crowd with some covers. SubTV hosted a night with guest DJs Jaguar and Andy Backhouse, whilst students dressed up as someone or something that began with the first letter of their name and had another party. Saturday 6 October brought the Freshers’ Ball. This was the biggest event of the two weeks, as the Venue was extended to the car park, and 250-cap dome was inflated. This evening consisted of a silent disco, outside bars, stilt walkers, fire performers, karaoke, food, two rooms of music, all along with performances from the In Here Brothers and a DJ set from Dick & Dom! Freshers’ Fortnight came to a close at 4am on Sunday 7 October, where students have experienced a lot of what is on offer to them at The Venue. Keep up-to-date with all the upcoming events through the Bucks Students’ Union website bucksstudentsunion.org/whatson.

20 October Issue

An interview with: Amy Lawton.

AMY LAWTON By Katie Blackwell

Photography by Ian Wallman

Coffee House sessions are returning to The Lounge here at Bucks and we couldn’t be more excited to discover more new artists!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Coffee House Sessions, every Monday at noon we host a variety of up and coming musical talent. Not only is this a great way to find new music to add to your Spotify playlists but it’s also a great relaxing way to kick off your week. Just grab a coffee with your mates and allow yourself to be entertained. Kicking the year off we have the amazingly talented, singer song-writer, Amy Lawton. Amy has been developing her sound with multi-platinum selling songwriter Matty Benbrook over the past few years. She has recently brought out a new single called ‘Hurts Like Paradise’ which has been successfully supported by BBC Radio 2, The Times and CelebMix. Touring with Coffee House Sessions and playing gigs around the country, Amy is looking to continue writing music and bringing out new singles. “Another single is coming out called ‘Don’t Bring Louise...” Amy Continues “Louise is a real person but if you want find out more you will have to follow me on social media to find out more and look out for the future single on Spotify and iTunes.” Lawton tells us how her music is inspired by Country, flavouring a folky sound with a hint of pop. “My biggest musical icon would have to be Suzanne Vega, I love Marlene on The Wall!” Amy and I continued to talk about one of the biggest and scariest moments of her career. At only 21 Amy supported acoustic, folk singer, Jack Savoretti in a venue that held around 950 people! “That may not sound like a lot of people but for me that was the largest crowd I’ve ever played to!” Lawton Expresses her gratitude to her friends and family for their immense support during her growing career, her mum has even lent Amy her car so she can travel the country to promote her music! Amy is a lovely girl with raw talent, she held the stage and performed with confidence and ease. If you didn’t catch the set make sure you go check out ‘Hurts Like Paradise’ on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. Keep an eye out for her new single coming out ‘Don’t Bring Louise’ and, evidently, more music to come! Amy is definitely someone you need to be looking out for over the next few years… make sure you proceed to support her music by following her on all forms of social media. Twitter: @amylawtonmusic | Facebook: @amylawtonmusic | Instagram: @amylawtonmusic

Becoming part of the team here at ‘Rusty’s Radio’ has been one of the most interesting and exciting opportunities I could have done over my three years of being a student at Bucks New University. Starting out as a guest, and progressing

From agreeing to take on the Radio

on to co-host and produce my own show

along with my other obligations and

with one of my closest mates, gave me

responsibilities, it’s helped me with time

the confidence and experience to take on

management. It’s got me talking to people

the role of Station Manager.

I would never have spoken to previously

When thinking of working on Rusty's Radio, I’m not entirely convinced

and it’s provided me with opportunities to take up and to create myself.

everyone knows what it entails.

So, when I say, "join the radio" I mean,

From an outsider’s perspective you sit,

and discover.

talk and turn music on and off. And you wouldn’t be wrong… but you definitely wouldn’t be right.

join the team. Progress, learn, meet You may not want to be the next Greg James or Annie Mac, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s more. It’s what I’ve been

It requires so much more than simply

banging on about for the last 500 words.

talking. It requires engaging, listening,

With that all said, it’s also about having

witty answers, focus and innovative ways

a laugh with your mates. For proof,

of communicating.

check out the uploaded podcasts on

It’s planning ahead, designing games for you and your listeners to enjoy.

Rusty’s Radio’s Mixcloud. My old show KA’s hour has plenty of laughing and silly games you can listen to. However,

It’s more than clicking the ‘Go’ button and

I encourage you to listen to some of

queuing ‘Mr Brightside’ for your FRAT

the newer shows produced last year

themed show that week. It’s exploring

and returning this year. Tag Team’s

music a week before, creating playlist

presenters are enthusiastic and friendly.

upon playlist, technical intellect, arranging

And they host wonderful themes.

sounds, and sorting and scheduling.

The One the Phoebe and Joey bring

The Radio teaches you skills you can

guests on and hold some great interviews

use and develop daily. It provides you

and are currently looking for people to

the experience you need to chat with

come on and chat with them about their

ease to any friend or ‘guest’, to trouble

Clubs and Societies.

shoot problems technically or socially,

It’s an opportunity you would be

to be logically creative in your planning

regretfully passing up. Try something new.

and devising.

Try something you’ve always wanted to

It brings you closer to the people who

do. Be a part of something you can be in

listen. It develops you as a person. As

creative control of.

ridiculously ham and cheese as that

Any enquiries please just email me at:

sounds, it’s true.


October Issue


By Katie Blackwell


Rusty's Radio.

22 October Issue

Game review.

By Lewis Boyling

Phoenix Wright is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS but has since been ported to phones, the Nintendo 3DS and soon PCs and PS4. The game revolves around a defense attorney called Phoenix Wright with each chapter dealing with a new trial that Phoenix takes on. The main draw of this game comes from how it integrates puzzles into the story. In the trial stages, you will listen to witness reports and try to examine them to see if there is a lie. You can do this by pressing on things the character has said or by showing evidence that contradicts the statement. In the detective stages, you move from one place to another solving small puzzles that will get you new bits of evidence. You move via a text-based system with options appearing on the screen. You can talk to someone if they are stationed there, present them with evidence, take a look at the surroundings (and find evidence and items you need to progress), and lastly move to a nearby area. This can be quite limiting for some people but for fans of choose your own adventure books, they will enjoy what I personally consider a nice way to explore the story at hand. The game is heavy story focused witch can turn some people off with the amount of text that the game throws at you. In essence, this game is an upgraded story that keeps on giving. It has several chapters worth of fun and if on the

phone users can buy additional chapters if they wish. The phone version also comes with the second and third games in the series as well as a demo first chapter to see if you like it. The game boasts a visual art style showing off whacky and zany characters much like in a musical. You can always tell who's who and they come with personality too, from the old lady, windbag and The steel samurai all the way to the infuriating but loveable Miles Edgeworth. They were drawn by Kumiko Suekane and personally, I find that they ooze a lot of charm with personal animations that make them stand apart from one another. The soundtrack is a nice upbeat score that lends its way to high tension music to align with the crazy poses of the characters. The music can get grating if you're listening to it at high volumes as it tends to use high pitched notes to extract whatever emotion it's going for. A lot of people have noted that the game sounds better orchestrated and I have a slight tendency to agree, that's not to say the original soundtrack is bad, just that the orchestrated soundtrack has a different less harsh approach. Overall, this game has whacky characters, interesting stories, and more importantly fun gameplay. Sure you're reading a lot of text and progressing like a point and click but when you win you feel good, you've helped the innocent. The only downsides come from the games core gameplay that can turn many a person off. It is a lot of text and that is the main core for a lot of the game. However, due to the game being sectioned off you can put it down and pick it up again at a moments notice. It's the kind of game where you should try the demo to see if you like it, and then if you do go ahead and purchase it.

The main draw of this game comes from how it integrates puzzles into the story.

Want comedy? Want to watch a spy trying to save the world? Then this film is for you! Rowan Atkinson is back in the third instalment of Johnny English. Johnny English is brought out of retirement as he is the Secret Service's last hope. This new adventure is about cyber-attacks happening around Britain; firstly, the cyber-attack revealed the identities of all active undercover agents leaving Johnny English as the countries last hope to solve this case. To make this mission a success, Johnny English must use his few skills to overcome the challenges of modern-day technology. English isn't used to technology; he drives older models of car (never hybrids) and he doesn’t have a phone as he doesn’t see it as a necessary item. Fun fact, the car used in this film is actually Rowan Atkinson’s (he bought it six months prior to filming). Johnny English is reunited with his friend Bough, played by Ben Miller, who is actually far more competent than his retired counterpart, but English sees himself as the better spy. Another A-List celebrity in this film is Emma Thompson, who plays the Prime Minster. Thompson’s appearance in this film was kept secret during filming and we only found out she was in the film from the first trailer. This film was hilarious to watch; there are non-stop laughs from start to finish. As the film goes on it just gets funnier and funnier; favourite moments of the film are the disco scene where Johnny English is dancing and the virtual reality scene. The whole audience in the cinema couldn’t stop laughing throughout the film. This film is worth a watch and you won't be disappointed, you get what is expected with a Johnny English film. Johnny English Strikes Again is a laugh out film and should be seen. If you like comedies, then this film could be for you. It is pretty obvious who the villain is however this doesn’t take away from the humour of the film and still has an interesting and easy to follow plot. The plot is something that could happen in real life; this is due to the fact that technology is advancing constantly, and we are always under threat of bring hacked, as a result this plot could happen however it is very unlikely as there is constant security. Excellent performances from the whole cast; this is a great film for anyone to watch. There is a rumour that this will be the last Johnny English film, and this is the last time Atkinson will play this role; Rowan Atkinson has played this role for the past 15 years. This is another reason to go and watch this film ASAP!! If it is the last film to made in this franchise, then that’s an important reason to go and see this film immediately.

October Issue

By Athena Pickering


Film review.

24 October Issue

Student opinion.

By Kateřina Fleischnerová


As the first month of uni is coming to a close, I am sure I am not the only one who can feel the questions jumping up. Everyone back home needs to know how life away has tasted so far. Have you made any new friends? Are you eating enough? Do you miss home?

raised in London or about 1,000km to the east. Openness Republic – gained its freedom in late 1989. That means my Mom and Dad grew up in a very closed society. is what surprised me the most about living in the UK. They could not travel, let alone study, abroad. They could For international students though, queries will take on a It is not like people in my country are close-minded. not read everything they wanted or talk about anything whole new level. We have deep talks and best friends that we trust. But I they wished. I was raised in an independent country How’s England? Do you remember to always look right do not think that if I had stayed in the halls back home, I but taught how to live freely by parents who were still first when you cross the street? Have you tried fish and would have known about my flatmates as much as I do learning that themselves. I hope that makes sense. now. Or even shared with them as much (because it is chips yet? (No, Dad. For the 150th time, I haven’t.) I believe my generation will bring the change. I have like a sweet poison, this openness). However, no one has asked me what surprised me the spent a month here so far and already opened my most about living in the UK. Such a cliché question, right? Back home, we just prefer to keep silent on certain mind to this thought. In three years, I will take in many topics. I guess that comes along with a fear of being But I came up the with the answer and since no one at more and other Czechs will do the same. We will soak home wonders, I would like to share my insights with you. judged. We could be open, but we are scared that it all in and then bring our knowledge and experiences other people might not be and might bring our thoughts back to flood our country with openness. I believe in It is something I noticed almost immediately during or feelings down. When I realised this, I started overthis and that / I love this and that / I have done this and the induction week at Bucks. Everyone around me thinking it (as I often tend to do) and came up with a that will be a common language of my nation one day. – flatmates, classmates, other random cool people – theory I would also like to share with you. Also, popcorn in the UK tastes better. Another thing the breathes so freely. They like boys and they like girls and Czechs need to work on. they do not care how old/young you are or if you were My country – I should finally say I come from the Czech



At the Uxbridge Campus, we have a wide range of activities, skills sessions, and events for you to get involved in! All of which are absolutely FREE, thanks to The Big Deal. Recreational activities are the chance for you to experience new and exciting opportunities that you may have never considered before. These can range from fitness classes, trips to London’s West End, cooking lessons, paintballing – and so much more. There’s something for every student!

Coming up we have: • 360 Escape Room: Thursday 8 November • Matilda the Musical: Friday 16 November

Getting involved in these trips will also allow you to socialise with students on different Here at Bucks, we try to cater for every students and so some our trips specifically offer adult and child tickets! These will give you one adult ticket and one child ticket. courses, find new hobbies, or just give you an enjoyable break from your studies. Upcoming adult and child trips include: Trips require a £5 deposit (£10 for theatre trips), which will be returned to you providing you attend the event. If you book a place and can no longer attend, you must let us know at least 24 hours before the event (48 hours for theatre trips) in order to get your deposit back. If you do not give us enough notice or do not let us know that you can no longer attend, you will not receive your deposit back.

• Hounslow Urban Farm: Saturday 27 October • London Sea Life Aquarium: Saturday 24 November Find more about what’s coming up and book onto trips on the Students' Union website at: bucksstudentsunion.org/uxbridgehome/whatsonuxb. In addition to this, we also offer a variety of additional skills training sessions which are designed to help boost your CV and your employability prospects. In these sessions, you’ll develop a range of skills that will make you stand out to potential employers in a fiercely competitive graduate market. Additionally, some of these courses are also fully certified, meaning you will receive a certificate upon the completion of your course, which you can then add to your CV or portfolio. Over the summer, the Students’ Union also worked with the lecturers on your courses to figure out what training sessions would complement you the most during your studies and boost your University experience. Completing these courses outside of the Students’ Union would cost a lot of money at your own expense – so why not make the most of getting them for free?! Similar to the recreational activities, we ask you to pay a £5 deposit for the course which will be refunded after you have attended. Once more, if you can no longer attend you must give 24hrs notice at the latest for us to return your deposit. If you do not inform us, you will not receive your deposit back. Across the next few months we have: • ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’: Online Reputation and Safety Management Course: Wednesday 7 November • Understanding Learning Difficulties: Wednesday 14 November • Understanding Deafness: Wednesday 14 November • Emergency First Aid: Thursday 15 November If you have any further questions about any recreational activities or additional skills training, please email suuxbridge@bucks.ac.uk or speak to us in the Students’ Union office on the first floor of the Uxbridge Campus.

October Issue

By Lucy Ryan



26 October Issue

Aviation Society.

SKY'S THE LIMIT By James Risby, Maciek Gasiorowski & Stephanie Aveiro

September was recruiting season for us and what better way to get people signed up than at Freshers’ Fair. We managed to sign up an amazing 76 freshers with an early queue forming within the first couple of hours, we had a range of freebies from Heathrow, easyJet, Royal Aeronautical Society and British Airways. Additionally, we had our brand-new banner and two aircraft food trolleys that went around the High Wycombe Campus serving free food and drinks. Thank you to those who helped.

We have a few upcoming events: Tuesday 16 October at 5pm in N2.06: Stuart Little NATS Air Traffic Controller. Wednesday 14 November (Time TBC): Steve Armitage Heathrow Airport Limited Head of Innovation and Intelligent Automation. Friday 16 November at 11am in N2.06: David Morgan easyJet Head of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot. Royal Aeronautical Society Events at British Airways Waterside at 6.15pm: Thursday 13 December: Christian Wicker, Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services, UK Sales & Marketing Director. Thursday 10 January- Genadi Stoyanov, GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), Vice President of Marketing: Airlines’ Choice: Leasing or Buying and Aircraft Asset? Thursday 7 February- Thomas Lee-Warren, Digital CTO, Roll-Royce R2 Data Labs: Digital Disruption and How to “WOW” Your Customers. Thursday 14 March- John Bayley, Regional Director for Europe and Russia, McLarens Aviation: Accidents and Incidents: The Interesting Life of an Aviation Insurance Adjuster. Thursday 11 April- Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO, British Airways: BA Centenary. We also are in the process of arranging more trips and events for the rest of the year such as: Trips to Williams Advanced Engineering where they use F1 technology for aircraft and engines as well as an exclusive tour of the biggest F1 Heritage Collection; to Duxford to see the British Airliner Collection which includes the iconic Concorde; Airside access at RAF Bases and Airports; Heathrow Air Traffic Control Tower and a trip to a aircraft food production and preparation facility. Guest Speakers in the pipeline: Network and Scheduling Planner for Stobart Air, Airport Operations Manager for Heathrow Airport Limited and an Airport Airside Standards Improvement Co-ordinator. We are hoping to have these events before Christmas. The talks and trips combined will allow the Bucks Aviation Society to network with professionals in the industry. Updates: We are pleased to announce that James Risby (Chair) can now drive the minibus, which makes going to events and trips a lot easier, allowing us to be open to more opportunities.

To celebrate and mark the end of the first week to freshers we had our first social where we met at the Students' Union and went to several pubs and clubs. Let’s just say that only three of us survived the whole night…

To top the month off, we were awarded ‘Society of the Month’ which was a great achievement for the start of the year. Any enquiries email us at: bucksaviationsociety18@gmail.com. Facebook: ‘Bucks Aviation Society 18/19’ or:


SOCIETY Joining Circus Society is the perfect way to learn new skills, train others, meet new people and get some exercise. Whether you’re a complete newbie or already a professional ringmaster, all are welcome to run away to the Circus!

proficient in at least one circus skill and keep working with the Students' Union to keep our name out there and keep everyone involved as much as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to message the Secretary, Tom (tom4king@hotmail.co.uk), or come down during the Society times.

We’re the perfect form of alternative exercise, or if See you there! you’re not the active sort, a great hobby as some skills don’t require too much movement! Don’t worry if you can’t come in any specific week, we’re a no commitment society so you can come when you please - keep an eye out on our facebook page for our equipment specific Unsure what we do? Well, here’s some examples of days if you’re hoping to do a the equipment we have: diablo, cyr wheel, devil sticks, specific skill: hula-hoops, poi, staff, cigar boxes, LED equipment of all facebook.com/groups/ kind, and even fire equipment! BNUCircusSociety. In the last year, we have performed at Frat House, We’re in the Events Hall worked with the Students' Union during Freshers, every Friday, 5-7pm, collaborated with multiple societies including Bucks so feel free to come Blades, supported local and uni-ran events, and even down whenever you created a whole performance routine for these events. want, and keep and This year, we plan to do even more collaborations with eye out as we plan to do special events societies such as Cosplay, Cheer and LGBT+, work and work with different with outside companies such as the Brownies and societies. Active Bucks, train up all members of the society to be This year’s Circus Soc is a bit different, as with our new committee, we all have new and different skills to any other years. No skill is required to join the society, as many of us are unfamiliar and beginners with specific equipment too!

October Issue

By Tom Mepham


Circus Society.

28 October Issue



By Conor Wysner

Nursoc is the University’s very own Nursing centred society. Through Nursoc, you'll be able to socialise with other Nursing students across different courses and years.

Nursoc allows you to develop a professional network, whilst receiving the support of being a Bucks student. Being a member of the society will give you the opportunity to help direct the society’s activities, support other students, and develop your social and professional skills. The society's launch night was held on Tuesday 9th October and went incredibly well, with a good turnout and enthusiastic students ready for the year ahead. Students enjoyed free food and drink, and took part in a range of games and activities to introduce them to the society and each other. During the night, we asked students to put themselves forward for committee positions. These will be the students who will run the society alongside the help of the Students’ Union. These roles consist of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Each role is important in the running of the society, and will help shape the way the society is run. The Chair is in charge of ensuring that the society runs smoothly and efficiently, whilst making sure that the Secretary and Treasurer are fulfilling their roles. The Secretary’s main role is to keep up with the society’s paperwork, ranging from taking registers at meetings and events, to keeping up with the society’s accreditation throughout the year. Finally, the Treasurer’s job is to handle the financial side of the society, ensuring that the society operates securely and has money to spend on the events and activities it wants to offer.

If you are interested in running for any of these roles, please email conor.wysner@bucks.ac.uk with your details and the role you are interested in. We will then hold an online election to decide the committee for this year. In previous years the society has run several activities for students to get involved in. For example, last year students went on a pumpkin picking afternoon and then held a carving session in Pulse café. They also organised bake sales, and helped staff run a campaign around self-care. Nursoc also has its own buddy system, available to all members. The scheme is designed to help students support each other through both their theory study and when out on placement. 1st years are paired with 2nd year students and 2nd years with 3rd years. If you interested in being a buddy or would like to be paired up with another student, please contact Conor Wysner on the email above. We also want your suggestions on what you would like to see from Nursoc this year. Whether its days out, guest speakers, or just the chance to socialise with other nurses, we want your thoughts. Speak to someone in the Students’ Union office if you have any ideas – nothing is too big or small! If you're interested in getting involved, you can find more information on our Facebook page (Nursoc Uxbridge) and Twitter (@NursocUxbridge). Or speak to a Students’ Union staff member on the 1st floor.

Nursoc allows you to develop a professional network whilst receiving the support of being a Bucks student

AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH There’s a society for everyone at Bucks; you can find balance with yoga, defend yourself with boxing and sing your heart out with acapella group. Nothing, however, compares to the adrenaline rush of Climbing. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is fast approaching and for the first time, along with Skateboarding and three other new Olympic sports, Climbing will be featured in the line-up. We’re super stoked about this and take pride in being the BNU representatives of climbing. We meet once a week, on a Thursday, outside Gateway at 6pm and head to The Climb in Amersham (Molly Thompson-Smith, UK Climbing Olympian, has climbed there!) All are welcome to join the Thursday sessions and become part of the growing community. Climbing is for everyone, no matter your level of fitness or ability. Our Chairman Alan is a parttime instructor at The Climb so has the training to teach your the ropes and take you from a novice to pro in no time! Climbing isn’t all we do... As a bit of a thrillseeking group we tend to have a compulsion to seek adventure wherever we go ~ we often go far and wide to find it. Plans are afoot for many such adventures in the year to come including, but not limited too; paintballing, rafting, stand up boarding and of-course outdoor climbing. If you’re not a fan of heights, no need to worry, some of the climbing sections (traverse walls in particular) aren’t high and you can climb across as opposed to up. Alternatively, if you want to try conquering the high walls you’ll be equipped with harness and helmet if you want one, making the jump and abseil from the top a fun and safe way down.

I tried out quite a few sports and activities after freshers fair last year, but the only one I became passionate about and really stuck with was climbing. I love setting new challenges for myself and am proud of the confidence and physical strength I have gained from the sport, as well as the friends I have made. We are such a friendly group and often do enjoy a trip to the pub after our session! I can’t wait to start planning some trips and meeting new people wanting to join us! Emily - Secretary Having had some prior experience with the sport, climbing jumped out at freshers fair as one of the many activities at Bucks that I wanted to get into. It was, however, the only one that I stuck with. Climbing is such a great, full body exercise that has helped keep me fit throughout the year, but more than that it is such a great social activity that pushes you every time to one-up yourself. The main opponent is you, the sole goal improvement and every member of the society is there to help push you that little bit further to beat that previous best. The social side of climbing is what meant I came back every time, as the friends I have made here have made my time at uni all the more enjoyable. I invite everyone and anyone to join us and I hope that we can help you enjoy your time here at Bucks as much as I do. With all that we have planned for the coming year, it’s sure to one-up our previous best! David - Treasurer

October Issue

by Alan McDonald, Emily Hopkins, David Austin & Isabella Moran


Climbing Society.

30 October Issue

Men's Rugby.

By Adam Taylor

MEN'S RUGBY It’s safe to say the start of the season for Bucks Men’s Rugby has been a realisation of what the Club is capable of achieving this year, both on and off the field.

Before we had even returned to University, the Club and its committee had been creating a good foundation to build upon, reaching an agreement with Rush UK Trampoline Park (High Wycombe) to be our sponsors for the season, as well as identifying the Club's targets that we want to reach throughout the year. The Sponsorship agreement has enabled the club to purchase stash for our members, get better and up-to-date equipment as well as hopefully planning club activities in the near future. After returning to University the main goal the Club was working towards was getting a good intake of Freshers to help both on the field with bolstering match day squad numbers as well as off the field with getting people involved with social activities and volunteering opportunities.

The Freshers have been key to the good start that the Club has had with a friendly win against High Wycombe Rugby Club, as well as a dominating 68-5 win against The University of Greenwich. A good overall performance saw a number of the Freshers score and look to claim places in the team for the upcoming games. A big drive throughout the game was the continued support we had on the sidelines from other clubs and societies. We have a couple of more home games over the coming months that we hope to see as many of you there as possible:

The Club is always looking for more members, weather

Wednesday 24 October vs Goldsmiths University

Instagram – @bucksmensrugbyclub

Wednesday 14 November vs University of East London

you are a playing or social member, so if you are interested feel free to get in touch with any of the committee whose details can be found on the Students' Union Website: bucksstudentsunion.org/sport or feel free to message us or follow us on our social media accounts: Facebook – Bucks Men’s Rugby 18/19 Twitter - @BucksMensRugby

On these accounts we also give updates about games

Wednesday 5 December vs UCL

days or what we as a committee and club have been

All of these games will be played at High Wycombe Rugby Club and kick-off at 2pm.

doing, and what we are planning to improve out club

Off the field the Club is also making steps having had two social events in which a large number of Freshers got involved. We’ve already found that having a large number of the Club at these socials benefits us on the field with increased communication and a better selfbelief that we can push for promotion in our league.

The Club is looking forward to the next few months on

looking to the future.

the run up to Christmas with plenty of games, socials and club events planned so make sure to keep up-todate with the current Club of the Year to find out what we're up to.

BUCCANEERS MAKING MOVES EARLY! This Preseason the Buccaneers are off to a flying start here at Bucks, with American Football already coming on leaps and bounds as a club, already bagging ourselves the Students' Union Club of the month award for September! With plenty of exciting things happening behind the scenes, the club has been hitting deadlines on the nose and leading the way in the accreditation progress race out of all the clubs in the Athletic Union. American Football have found a new lease of life with this fantastic start, spear headed by the committee who have been hard at work. The new coaching team are also bringing a fresh playing philosophy to the table, that will challenge any team in our way to really bring their A-game if they plan on getting past us! With a large intake of freshers this season, the club has a talented and diverse roster, full of British and International students alike. We had players joining us who were new to sport but have developed incredibly already, as well as veteran players joining us who are settling in to our system nicely. Off the field American football is also Making moves, with personalised training kits being designed, to give our club a fresh new look this 2018/19 season. Though we are still in the pre-season, that doesn’t mean that our Buccaneers haven’t been making moves on the field already, with our Player of the Month being Mitchell Hadaway. It was difficult to narrow it down to just one player, but this guy has shown tremendous concentration and willingness to learn, whilst physically displaying a great skill set, that together with his tenacious are sure to see him succeed this season, hopefully elevating the players around him to his level too. All us Buccaneers, freshers and returners are chomping at the bit however to get out there for our first game of the season, which will be Sunday November 11th at home. Our first opponent is Greenwich University, which is the first of three back to back home games, which gives us a great

home field advantage leading all the way up to the Christmas break. Greenwich University aren’t strangers at BNU of course, getting thumped by BNU Men’s Rugby to start off their season. In our push to take our Club and American football to new heights at this University continues, we plan to follow in our boys’ footsteps and come away with a very important win to kick off our season! Any and all support is welcomed from fellow students, friends and family as we prepare to “Set sail” in our proverbial Buccaneers ship. When it comes to support, we at the Buccaneers have also been doing our bit, with our boys in Red and Black trading those colours in for Pink in support of Breast Cancer Now – the charity helps raise money for and awareness of battling Breast Cancer in the UK. All in all the event was a great warm up for the coming season. The next few weeks see a number of League fixtures, plus the first two rounds of the Cup. Hopefully the Bucks teams can learn from any early mistakes made a head towards a successful season. Follow us on Social Media! Instagram: @BNU_Buccaneers Facebook: /BNU Buccaneers Twitter: @BNU_Buccaneers

October Issue

By Lewis Taylor


American Football.


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