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January 2017 - Edition 64

More than a bar is back... And this time we’ve doubled the stakes! Read inside to find out how to take part.













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And this time we’ve doubled the stakes!

This Edition:

Read inside to find out how to take part. Bucks Students' Union is running the #BucksSUMoreThanABar campaign again, but this year we're doubling the fun by adding 10p to the prize pool (up from 5p last year) for every hashtag or comment we receive. See page 7 for details on how to take part.

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Sabb Update The Sabbatical Team let us know what they've been doing over the past few months,

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Contributors Joe Collins • Jenny Wade • Ohio Orumen • Katherine Bower Jen Stones • Georgia Globe • Miss Diagnosed • Shay Fenlon Daisy Howells • Chloe Kimber • Chloe Bampton Jean Whitehouse • Amy How • James Taylor • Becky Hamer Eimear Mcquillan • Amber Milne • Emilee Platts • Roxi Cox

January Issue

More than a bar is back...

Medical Detection Dogs Georgia Globe talks about her trip to one of our RAG charities - Medical Detections Dogs, and why the work they do is so important.

Grace Currie • Steven Thomas • Bethany Trevis • Erin Welch Maddie Hartley • Brittani Oldham • Tao Warburton

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Victoria Mackenzie • Kyle Pack • Zoe Moorton Sian Lipscomb • Greg Pike Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email editor@thebucksstudent.com

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Rec Activities and Training Sessions Daisy Howells, Activities Assistant, runs through all the recreational and training opportunities coming up in the next few weeks.

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Bucks Green Army Bucks Student Editor, Zoe Moorton, teams up with Volunteering & Societies Coordinator, Amy How, to explain what the Bucks Green Army is, and why you should get involved.

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Varsity 2017 Ohio Orumen, Vice President Student Involvement, reminisces about last year's victory, and stresses the importance of mindset in defending our title.

4 January Issue

Sabbatical officers.


By Joe Collins, Jenny Wade & Ohio Orumen

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed both Christmas and the New Year celebrations. This piece highlights some of the accomplishments of the last term. Joe Collins President


Cancelled class form

As you may or may not know, the Underpass is set to receive a makeover in the form of a student designed mural. The design of the mural was run as a live brief and a winning design has been selected by a panel, student winner – Will Dover. The date for completion has actually passed as we have encountered a few hiccups along the way, one of which is the current state of the walls. However, watch this space! The work is set to be carried out by local artist – Dan Wilson.

In order to ensure that you are receiving your money’s worth in teaching, a cancelled class feedback form has been created and can be accessed and completed via the Students' Union website (Tab: Your Union > Cancelled Classes Reporting). It you encounter a class cancellation on short notice or even cut short in time, please complete the form.

Faculty offices re-brand Do you know where your faculty office is? Or what even is a faculty office? If not, hopefully our re-branding will help. There are three faculty offices based E2.08 / E3.08 and E4.08. Previously blending into the white corridor, these spaces are now outlined with blue painted walls. You will also find posters identifying what faculty offices can do for you, who is who on the other side of the desk and what list of courses each faculty office looks after. Reasons why you might visit: to find who your personal tutor is / to find what grade you need in your next assignment to reach that 2:1 or 1st.

Uxbridge As some students study at the University’s second campus in Uxbridge and away from the main hive of activity based at the main campus in High Wycombe, advertising activities, events, workshops among other things can be difficult. One new thing we have introduced is the ‘Activity Blackboard’ that be found directly outside the Students' Union satellite office on the 1st floor. This blackboard will advertise two weeks of activities at one time. Please also visit our website or call into the Students' Union offices for more information.


Sabbatical officers.

January Issue

Jenny Wade Vice President Education & Welfare Student Housing campaign

University committee meetings

I spent a lot of last term planning our Student Housing campaign that will be launching in the next few months. Keep an eye out for the cribs social media campaign, Housing Fair on Tue 7 Feb and the mini house hunting toolkits. I’m sure I am not alone when I say I had a huge amount of problems with my rented accommodation as a student, so let’s actually do something about it! Get in touch for more information on how you can get involved.

I sit on 22 committees throughout the university, so have been involved in a huge number of discussions about the academic experience at Bucks. In particular, I have been feeding in to working groups on: BME attainment gap, Assessment, Academic Year Plan and Student Success. Alongside this I have been a panel member for university processes such as mitigating circumstances and academic appeals.

Jenny Wadio on Rusty’s Radio Thai for Change / Peace of Mind mental health

Last term I was presenting the show ‘Bucks Women’ on Rusty’s Radio every Wednesday noon1pm. This term the show has been re-branded and ‘Jenny Wadio’ will now feature a different theme and special guest each week, with interactive games, competitions and giveaways. You can expect shows around elections, varsity, valentines, student volunteer week and loads more! On Wed 26 Apr there will be a very exclusive sabb episode, where Joe (President) and Ohio (VPSI) will be going head to head in a live rap battle, with you voting for the winner.

Last year I signed the ‘Time for Change’ pledge with our Vice Chancellor Rebecca Bunting, to ensure the mental health agenda is prioritised for staff and students at Bucks. On Mon 15 Dec we hosted ‘Thai for Change’ in collaboration with Wycombe MIND, where conversations were encouraged and free Thai food provided! We had over 70 students come along and support the initiative, with some mentioning how great it was to be able to meet and chat to some of the visiting MIND members.

Ohio Orumen Vice President Education & Welfare Elected as British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Officer

Varsity Preparations

Over the summer myself and the sports department attended the BUCS Conference at Warwick University. I ran in an election to become one of four BUCS Student Officers (SO) against my equivalents from Aston, Bath, Edge Hill, LSE, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Portsmouth, Warwick and was victorious.

If you know me, you will know that Varsity is my baby and I am so excited for its fifth birthday! This year I decided that the Varsity Hype video would be produced by ‘Virtue’. A film-making company owned by Bucks alumni, Virgyl Sowah and Josh Tue. Alongside this I have been in regular contact with our new Varsity Charity for this year – Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

I was coincidentally elected as Co-Student Director with Matt Nicholson, NTU’s VP Sport as we tied with the most votes. Unfortunately I lost the Student Director by-election but remain proud to be one of the four figureheads of sporting sabbatical officers across the country.

We will also be tying in the BUCS initiative ‘Take A Stand’ which is a movement to stand against racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, alcohol/drug abuse, crowd behaviour, disability discrimination, initiations and faith & cultural appropriation. These are two prevalent cause that I feel would benefit from the platform that is Varsity V – 2017.

Bucks Girls Can I ran a campaign inspired by ‘This Girl Can’ called ‘Bucks Girls Can’. The aim of this campaign was to liberate women from fear of judgement when being active. This included Bucks Alumni Beth Brennan and Daniel Browne returning to deliver a Boyd Image & Fitness Journey Q&A and a Groove Aerobics class respectively. Awareness of the Big Deal Classes and free sports and active societies that we run was amplified and we also saw an increase in the number of women joining the Powerlifting Society.

AU Committee Training Revamp Having developed a strong rapport with my lecturers as a student, I used these connections to develop our AU Committee Training beyond the admin element. This year Committee Training has included a Warm Up Workshop which taught committee members the importance of warming up effectively; a Sport Psychology session that would aid them to understand how to utilise the different mental strengths of their players; and a section in Injury Rehabilitation.

Student Minds & ‘Supporting Student Mental Health in Higher Education Sport Toolkit’ I attended a Roundtable event at University of Nottingham with BUCS and Student Minds representatives to review and give feedback on the initial draft of the incoming Mental Health Toolkit. This toolkit will include guidance on understanding challenges in student mental health; types of mental health diagnosis; setting accessible programmes for students with mental health difficulties; body image and much more. Due to being present, there will now be some Bucks representation in the toolkit as a Bucks alumni agreed to be part of a case study in the ‘Body Image’ section. Following this, I am also now qualified in Mental Health First Aid and a Mental Health in Sport Workshop Trainer.

If you are interested in following in the footsteps of Joe, Jenny or Ohio, please nominate yourself at bucksstudentsunion.org/elections.

6 January Issue

Support on placement.

By Katherine Bower & Jen Stones


Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you have all enjoyed your time off and are now ready to begin the second semester.

Katherine Bower S&H Pre-Qualifying Nursing Faculty Officer

This is just a quick notice to all nursing students. As you

Jen Stones, the chair of Nursoc has been in touch

are going out on placement soon, and are no longer

and wants all nursing students to be aware of this

timetabled any days in University, I want to make sure

supportive scheme that they are running this year.

that you all receive the correct support that you require

“The ‘Nursoc Knows’ Buddy scheme is a way for all

whilst you’re off campus from both the University and the

lower year students to feel comforted and supported

Students Union. For those who do not know, whilst you

through the hardships of their first times on placement.

are on placement you will have a link lecturer who will

Students are matched with another student in an older

come and visit you on a regular basis.

year, who are usually on the same course, and are

However, if you do not meet with your link tutor for at least two weeks for whatever reason then please do inform us at the Students Union so that we can follow this up, to make sure that you do feel supported when out of the University. Although looking from the academics side, we do understand that they are busy and it can be

allowed to contact them for any questions, to talk about experiences and to have someone to talk to who is able to relate, as they have been there and done it before. It is a wonderful support system that I know I would’ve benefitted from massively in my younger years and I hope that we can continue it on into the future.“

hard to get out and see students whilst they are on their

Please contact either Mark Sweeney or myself if you are

placement, however they are still your link lecturer, and

not meeting with your link lecturer on a regular basis,

the University does state how they are “renowned for the

and we will do everything we can to resolve this. Our

support [they] offer you whilst you are on placement”,

email addresses are katherine.bower@bucks.ac.uk and

and therefore we must ensure that they keep up with

mark.sweeney@bucks.ac.uk, or please feel free to pop

what they have said.

into the Students' Union Office in Uxbridge for a chat.


Get involved on Twitter or Instagram: #buckssuMoreThanABar alternatively, you can fill out and submit a comment card.

For every hashtag or card we count, 10p will be put into the pot.

Then, on Mon 13 Feb a hashtagged post or comment card will be picked at random...

The winner will get the entire sum of money! (A previous winner got £259 for their entry)

January Issue

Bucks Students’ Union puts on a great night out, but we are much more than a bar! From the Advice Centre to free Zumba, tell us how we’ve made your life at university better.

8 January Issue

Medical detection dogs.

By Georgia Globe

RAG CHARITY VISIT On Thursday 1 December, myself, Amy How (Volunteering and Societies Coordinator), Rebecca Hamer (Volunteering and Societies Assistant) and Vice President Education & Welfare, Jenny Wade, took a trip to visit one of our chosen RAG charities, Medical Detection Dogs HQ in Milton Keynes. Upon arrival we were taken to a little conference room where we had a presentation which explained what the charity does in more detail. It was extremely fascinating learning and finding out more information and little facts such as, dogs are able to detect tiny odours, around one part per trillion which is the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic sized swimming pool! The charity is also funded by the NHS but rely a lot on donations for the majority of their funding. Donations are vital, because it costs £11,200 to actually train a Medical Alert Assistant Dog. That price definitely put things into perspective for us, and made us want to raise as much money as we can. We were given a little incentive as well; if we raise £2,000 we can name a dog! (Rusty was the favourite). We also learnt about the exact diseases that the dogs can detect. This is split into two categories, Cancer and Bio - Detection Dogs, who are trained to detect the tiniest odour of a disease such as breast cancer. The other category is, Medical Alert Assistant Dogs; who are trained to detect changes in someone's blood sugar level and other hormone odours. This allows someone with a life threatening disease such as Brittle Type 1 diabetes to live a more independent life. During the presentation we were joined by a volunteer and her dog Magic. Whilst the presentation was happening, Magic became noticeably uncomfortable, minutes later he subtly jumped on his owner to in fact alert her that her sugar levels were changing. At this point we were then notified that the volunteer actually suffers with Brittle Type 1 Diabetes. She took a blood level test and they were too high! If it wasn't for the charity and their abilities to train dogs like Magic, she wouldn’t have been able to know about her levels as quick as that. After the presentation we were taken into the Lab where they actually train the dogs. It was incredible to see the trainers test them by filling a pot with a urine from someone with a disease, then leaving the rest blank. The dog went by each stand and sniffed in the pots, and detected the correct odour each time. Training the dogs is a long process, it can take up to 6 months for the dog to be fully trained and not all dogs are capable. This is also a very popular charity, the waiting list for a medical detection dog is up to 18 months! After visiting the charity and seeing the dogs do what they do first hand, it really opened our eyes on how amazing the science and dogs are. We are hopefully planning to take another trip to the HQ, to give students another opportunity to visit. I highly recommend it! If you are interested in this charity and cant wait until the next trip, or you just want to build up your volunteering hours, then they do offer work for people who are willing to volunteer! If you would like more information in general, please do take a look at their website: medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk.

AGONY AUNT - MISS DIAGNOSED Miss Diagnosed tackles your problems, big or small. To get her advice, please email your question or problem to missdiagnosedblogger@gmail.com and we'll do our best to print her solutions! If you would prefer to be kept anonymous, that's fine too. My girlfriend just broke up with me and I don't know how to handle it. What should I do? I feel so depressed and have started thinking that life is worthless.

How do I stick to new year's resolutions? Every year I make a resolution that I seem to be unable to stick to. Any advice?

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

I know that a breakup can be hard. You want to be with the person, but maybe they don’t feel the same way. If you are feeling that you want to put your head in the sand or hide away in your room, DON’T. The worst thing you can do is hide away. Go out with friends, have fun and try to smile. Even if you are unhappy a fake smile can make you start to feel happy again.

You have to put your mind to what you want to do. In my opinion you can’t just expect to change just because its a new year, only you can keep yourself motivated to sticking to your new year's resolution.

I know that It will take time before you get over your ex. And I know that you will reminisce about the good times first, but you need to remember that something went wrong and that wasn’t your fault. People change and that’s just what happens in life. I hope that you can begin to smile again and feel happier in yourself.

Mine this year is to be more proactive, go out side and start eating more healthily. I made myself go out on a Tuesday night in order to start making my resolutions a reality. It may take time and it may not happen this year, but I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful year. - Miss Diagnosed

- Miss Diagnosed

BUCKS CAFE CLUB The Bucks Cafe Club card is currently being sold with 30% discount - just £7! Get yours today for access to the following benefits: The card can be purchased and used in all our cafes (Pulse, The Lounge, Beats and Rusty’s). It entitles the holder to a 5% discount on all hot and soft drinks, no charges when paying by card, as well as exclusive promotions throughout the year. Some of the monthly offers you can expect to see will include: Free syrup Fridays, 10% off food in The Lounge, free muffins, 2-for-1 jacket potato fillings, and half-price burger toppings to name a few!



nd C - Th ond is c ition and ard en s: title soft s th drin e - Ad ks in nam ditio ed h a ll n B thro old a ucks ugh l prom New er to 5 o out % Univ - Dis the tions w ersit discou year. cou il l run n y ca hold nts an for a terin t on all er a d pr g ou mon h nd c o tlets ot th a ann motion tat . ot b ime e tra s only a p nsfe rred ply to t he n . If lo ame st, t d ca h repla is rd ced card c a f

B LU-17 C E F A C S K 6 201 BUC n or a £2 a be dmin fee.


Check Facebook and cafe displays for current deals.


January Issue

By Miss Diagnosed


Agony aunt.

10 January Issue

Alumnus article.

By Shay Fenlon


OPPORTUNITIES EVERYWHERE I’ve graduated from Bucks two and a half years ago, and as I sit writing this article on Wed 21 Dec in my Christmas jumper I will have been working at Leap (the Bucks and Milton Kenyes Sport and Activity Partnership) for just over two years. My role at Leap primarily involves supporting and developing coaches, leaders and volunteers, to ensure that those attending their sessions have a positive experience. With my two years experience in the ‘real world’ I’m obviously now a wise Bucks alumnus, which means I have been tasked with writing an article about what I did whilst at Bucks that has helped me in my role today. As I reminisce about some Uni memories and realise that none of them are appropriate for this article, I start to panic a little. However, on deeper level, I come to the conclusion that it was the time I spent doing extra-curricular activities that best equipped me for life in the ‘real world’. If you're looking for extra-curricular activities, look no further than the Students' Union they are #MoreThanABar. I became involved with the Students' Union initially as an active Athletic Union member representing Bucks FC. Being involved with Bucks FC developed skills for me on and off the field. On the field the obvious was developed, teamwork and leadership which in my opinion are crucial and transferable for any job in any industry. Off the field attending weekly socials meant I learnt to get on with all different types of people and socials occasionally took me out of my comfort zone – singing

Karaoke at a dance takeover is an example that springs to mind, though snakebite did provide some Dutch courage at the time. Learning to work with all different types of people is so valuable in the workplace and embracing challenges, going out of your comfort zone allows you to learn a lot about yourself. In my third year I became involved with coaching the Bucks FC teams which I continued for two years after graduating. A key skill I gained from this was confidence talking in front of different groups of people. Talking in front of different groups is something I have to do regularly within my role at Leap whether it be in meetings/presentations or delivering coach education workshops and through my coaching role at Bucks I have become more concise when getting my points across. During my second year along with three other students we developed a concept called Volley 4 RAG. The aim was for sports teams and societies to play against each other at volleyball raising money for the current RAG charities. Organising and running events is something we do a lot in the sports industry, whether that be small workshops or bigger events like the annual Bucks & MK Sport Awards. Volley 4 RAG put me in good stead for working on events and I'm so pleased that Volley 4 RAG has continued to run

each year since I have graduated. In my third year I also took up the roles of University Football Activator & Sport for Fun Football Ambassador. These were the roles that gave me the experience to get my job at Leap. Sports Development is a competitive industry so any previous experience as a graduate applying for a job in this industry is crucial. Not only did these roles give me first hand experience of sports development work, encouraging more students to be active. These roles also got me to think on a more strategic level about sport/physical activity and often how we market the sessions to a target audience is key to getting more people attending. In the summary, the truth is I'm enjoying the 'real world' and I'm extremely grateful that I get to do something I’m passionate about on a daily basis. I look back now, and whether by luck or good judgement, the best decision I made was to become involved with the Students' Union. They gave me a platform to gain the experience I needed to get to where I wanted to be, and for that I will be forever thankful. The opportunities are there for everyone through the Students' Union, don't let them pass you by. Good luck!



With the Christmas festivities behind us and the ever-looming exam week completed, now is the perfect time to consider those New Year’s resolutions if you haven’t done so already! At Bucks Students' Union we know the run up to summer can be a busy and overwhelming time and that’s why we have arranged an abundance of exciting opportunities and experiences to help you make the most of your free time and ensure you enjoy every minute of it. Whether you are a first year student settling in to the bustle of university life, a second year student preparing for your summer exams or a third year concentrating on your dissertation, we have something for you. From January right through until June, we will be providing recreational activities and additional skills training in everything from trips to London, first aid courses and scuba Diving experiences.

collections and speak to industry experts about their journey to the top. There’s tonnes to experience in this buzzing atmosphere so make sure you sign up online to avoid disappointment!

It’s never too early to consider your options for life after university...

We will be starting off the year with some diverse and As well as these you can take part in everything from unique opportunities for you to take part in so grab Paintballing to Film Screenings and Singing Lessons to your diary and make sure you find the time to take part! Art Classes. National Student Pride weekend returns for its fourth Remember, It’s never too early to consider your year in London, spanning over three days Fri 24options for life after university and we want to ensure Sun 26 Feb. We will be providing transport, tickets you have the best possible help in getting ahead when and overnight accommodation in London for you it comes to your career. Our range of additional skills to attend the celebrations. The three day spectacle training sessions are designed to support you in provides a number of activities and opportunities for doing just that. Whether you are a nursing student all attendees to take part in. You will have the chance studying at our Uxbridge campus or a travel and to meet with panels, sit in on LGBT seminars and tourism student in High Wycombe, attending some of attend a careers fair with head-hunters from over 50 these sessions will be a great start to your 2017 and different corporations and community organisations. if you haven’t attended one before, make it your New The fun doesn’t stop there, once the daytime events are Year’s resolution to do so! We will be running courses over you will be invited to attend an exclusive theme in First Aid, Time Management, Self Defence, Sign night on the Saturday in Heaven Nightclub, with your Language, Mental Health, Finance, Public Speaking accommodation and travel already organised by us you and much, much more. are free to dance the night away. All of our activities will be advertised on the ‘What’s If fashion’s your thing we have provided tickets and On’ page of our website with full details on how you travel to the globally acclaimed London Fashion can sign up. Don’t forget that these are all completely Weekend. Here you can explore the life of the fashion free, so make 2017 your year and let’s see how many insider at this exclusive event, shop the best designer new experiences you can take part in!

To find out more or sign up, visit: bucksstudentsunion.org/whatson

January Issue

By Daisy Howells


Rec activities and training sessions.

12 January Issue

Film review.

By Chloe Kimber

Rogue One follows the story of Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), daughter of former scientist Galen Erso (Mads Mikklesen) who, after being taken by the empire’s forces, becomes the lead engineer on the Death Star. After being broken out of prison, Jyn joins forces with Cassain Andor (Diago Luna), K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) and the rebel alliance in a vengeful fight to try defeat the Death Star, knowing her father is the key to its destruction.

with robots, spaceships and a woman leading troops into battle.

Rogue One stood apart with its state-of-the-art CGI, bringing Grand Moff Tarkin back to life, despite actor Peter Cushing being dead for over 20 years. It was so flawlessly executed, I didn’t even realise the character was computergenerated until afterwards. In my defence, it was very late at night and perhaps something, had I seen other Star Wars films, I would have caught on to. Also, in the final moments of the film we Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is easily the most anticipated film of 2016, even amongst people like see a young Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) also me who aren’t massive fans of the franchise. The created through CGI, this unintentionally playing film falls between Revenge of the Sith and A New a tribute to Fisher and her iconic role after she Hope, displaying the long-awaited plot of how the passed not long after the film’s cinematic release. rebels get the blueprints for the Death Star. That, All in all, Rogue One is one to watch and you alongside a whole host of new characters and don’t have to be a fan of the franchise to enjoy the traditional Star Wars elements, it’s no wonder it either. I mean, I’m really not a big Star Wars there was so much excitement behind it. fan myself and often insult those who are when I call Jaba the Hut, the giant green blob. So It is definitely an epic film, by all means of the word. Although the story was a little slow to start, granted, there were a few things that slipped past me and had to be filled in on but it didn’t ruin director Gareth Edwards taking plenty of time to establish Jyn as the bolshie heroine and her team my enjoyment of the film. Don’t worry if you are more of a die-hard sort of fan because you of rebels, but resolving the film with a final epic battle which was a whirl of fast-passed action and won’t be disappointed either, with cameos from beloved robots R2D2 and C3PO and Darth Vada emotions. It’s a different kind of Star Wars film, incorporating the serious nature of war as well as being a vital part of the film. It even might have persuaded me to watch some of the original Star the sci-fi elements so many know and love. The Wars films…maybe, just not the prequels. overall plot being more like a war movie, only

TORN - ROSIE LEWIS When I first started reading Torn by Rosie Lewis, I was hooked. The book is about two siblings; Taylor and her brother Reece, who have been separated from their parents. Rosie Lewis is an experienced foster carer who is used to looking after children who have been in difficult situations, however, she finds herself struggling to look after Taylor and her younger brother Reece. Rosie Lewis has two younger children, Emily and her younger brother Jamie and they are the same age as Taylor and Reece. Jamie and Reece get along straight away but Taylor refuses to interact with the family and tries her hardest not to fit in. In the book you see Rosie deal with conflict, especially when

social media starts to have a massive impact on Taylor’s life and begins to manipulate her.

generations of the same family. Reece told Rosie that his dad used to like Taylor.

Rosie struggles to find out what actually happened to Taylor and Reece but soon the truth is revealed. Taylor and Reece are then reunited with their brother Bailey who stayed with their mum and dad but you soon find out that it isn't all what it seems, Bailey was left outside in a tent by dad, Nick to punish the mum, Claire.

Nearing the end of the book we find out that Nick is in jail and Claire is in a home for people who have been abused. At the end, we see Rosie has gotten a letter from Taylor to tell her how they have gotten on.

Rosie Lewis, during the story finds out some shocking information about the family and how Nick had an affair with Claire's mum and wanted to sleep with three

I would recommend you read this book to understand what it is like to be a foster carer and to understand children's reactions and what they go through on a daily basis.

This book deals with social media, the internet, family, love, friendship, abuse and relationships.

January Issue

By Chloe Bampton


Book review.

14 January Issue

Revenge porn.

By Jenny Wade & Jean Whitehouse

WE WON'T JUDGE YOU Most of us are now familiar with the words ‘Revenge Porn’, which is a term used to describe sexually explicit media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual. Content is often uploaded by ex-partners with an intention to shame or embarrass an individual, linking content to the persons other online content, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even work websites, along with personal information including addresses and telephone numbers. Sometimes this content is also directed at family members to cause maximum harm to the victim. Sending 'nudes' in dating or pre-dating relationships has become something of a norm for people aged 18 and under. There’s just one problem with how we understand this cruel act – most of us assume revenge porn is done by an ex-partner, distributing sexual images of their ex-loved ones online without their consent. We’re forgetting that it isn’t just jealous boyfriend and ex-lovers who might have access to this content – it could be hackers or stalkers, strangers on Tinder, and even best friends. It became an offence to share private sexual photographs or films without the subject's consent in England and Wales in April 2015, with a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment. A Crown Prosecution Service report said 206 people were prosecuted for disclosing private sexual images in the first year of the offence; with a huge 1,160 reported incidents of revenge pornography between April and December 2015. However what we’re getting is just the tip of the iceberg, so many people are simply too embarrassed and humiliated to seek help or advice. The effects on the victim can

be devastating, so if this affects you, or you are threatened with revenge porn, what can you do? If you are currently going through abuse like this it is important to know that you are not alone and support is available. The most effective way to deal with it is to report the matter to the police. They will offer you help and support and have the means to investigate and prosecute. You can also get support throughout the process from University Services, such as the Counselling Service or Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. We understand it can be extremely difficult to come forward if you’re experiencing issues, but in the first instance if you want to talk to someone and find out what your options are, you can contact: Jean Whitehouse, Student Resolution Manager jean.whitehouse@bucks.ac.uk Jenny Wade, Vice President Education & Welfare jenny.wade@bucks.ac.uk Students’ Union Advice Centre suadvice@bucks.ac.uk


Film Review.

January Issue


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January Issue


JOIN THE BUCKS GREEN ARMY TODAY! The Bucks Green Army is a brand new society that is being designed to help the university and all Bucks students become even more environmentally friendly. It is a very open society, which is available for advice, questions and even friendly debate on different topics. It can be what you make of it – if you want to turn up and become actively involved – amazing! If you just want to join our Facebook page and keep updated with tips on how to stay green, then that’s awesome too! We will be at the Re-Freshers' Fair, so come by and have a chat, get involved and enjoy some environmentally friendly food (and find out why it is environmentally friendly).

If you would like to come to our first meeting, join the Facebook Group: Bucks Green Army, to see when it is set - Grab your friends and come along. Also, Go Green Week is fast approaching – stay tuned on our Facebook page to find out all the amazing ways you can get involved with the university to help reduce our carbon footprint! If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments, please feel free to send me an email at zoemoorton@gmail.com or post on the Facebook group! Don’t forget to check out our minisite on the Bucks Student Union Societies page and become a member (it’s totally free!) Finally, the Green Impact Survey went live last week and is also on the Bucks Green Army Facebook page, so make sure you take your opportunity to give your opinion on sustainability on campus.


A £100


To enter, just visit bucksstudentsunion.org/surveys and complete two quick surveys about our website, and our newspaper. One winner will be randomly picked for each survey. The winner will be notified by Friday 17 February.

January Issue

By Zoe Moorton & Amy How


Go green week.

20 January Issue

Rusty Recommends.

The venue is open seven days a week and sometimes it is difficult to decide which nights to go to - you may end up missing out on something amazing! Here are my recommendations for the next few weeks for those of you who like to experience something a bit different!


Now you’re into the second term, you’ve all become accustomed to your surroundings and found your feet, making friends and missing deadlines. Your societies and sports teams have gelled over wins and losses, pitches and pitchers, and it’s time to get stuck back into another busy few months at Bucks. There are plenty of events to look forward to this term, and we’re particularly excited to see the return of our sports and societies’ Event Takeovers. What’s a ‘Takeover’ you ask? It’s the chance for our vast array of sports teams and societies to showcase their talents, through performance, interactive games and fun themes, all in a bid to raise some money to go towards making our respective teams bigger and better as the year goes on. By the time this paper goes out, you may have already attended the circus-themed Takeover from BNU Swans Cheerleaders, during Frat House on Wednesday 18 January. They always throw a great party, so I’m sure you had a great time if you were there. But during the three weeks this paper covers, we have Takeovers from our Netball, and American Football teams, as well as

our Circus Society. Following them, this term alone we have six more official takeovers, not counting the numerous one off events from the likes of the Events Society and our African and Caribbean Society – so there’s definitely no shortage of student-led events to support over the coming months!

Football, and brings a great late-night vibe to the big room, as the whole team kit up and ensure you are ready to enjoy one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar. Expect hot dogs, red cups and drinks deals, and of course, Superbowl LI played out on more than seven different big screens.

The Netball team are taking over Frat House on Wednesday 1 February, with the theme of Camp America. With the room divided into six main teams (from Team Scouts, to Team Brownies), the Netball team are going to draw from their experiences working at Summer Camps in America, with your team battling it out to be the kings and queens of the Camp over the course of the night, through camp games and performances. Obviously, we expect you to come in full Brownie uniform (Rugby lads, we’re looking at you)!

Our final recommendation is to check out the Circus Society has they glow in the dark before Glitterbomb on Saturday 11 February. With a variety of performances across the night, as well as UV face painting and neon décor, the Circus are sure to get you going for February’s instalment of the biggest LGBT night in Bucks!

Next up are the American Footballers, who are of course hosting the Superbowl, on Sunday 5 February. This annual event is the home of all that is American

Takeovers are a great way to support your fellow sports teams, as well as exploring what new and different societies have to offer their members; and especially as we have a certain RoeBuck trophy to retain soon, the bigger and better our sports teams can be, and the bigger and better the support is for them, the easier it will be to beat Roehampton in their own back garden!



22 January Issue

Society news.

By Becky Hamer, Eimear Mcquillan, Amber Milne & Emilee Platts

SOCIETIES AT BUCKS The academic year kicked off extremely positive for our societies here at Bucks, we started the year with 30 societies and are now have a fantastic 43 societies.

These include Academic societies, Faith societies, Common interest and Physical activity societies. Societies are student groups who meet up regularly to attend sessions and socialise. It’s a chance to be with other students who show similar interest as yourself. Societies are a great way to have fun, meet new people and get involved in activities outside of your course. Our societies range from Acapella to Gaming, from Aviation to Touch Rugby, and from ISOC to Radio. It is completely free to join a society and is never too late. All you have to do is log on to the Students’ Union Website and find the societies page, have a browse and find the society you like the sound of and click ‘Join For Free’. It is completely free for all students, even staff members to join a society. If there isn’t a society there that suits you, it is completely free and really easy to set one up. All you need is ten other members that show the same interest as you. Get their contact details and write a short description of why your society should exist. Our Societies and Volunteering Assistant, Becky, can then meet with you and support you in getting your society set up and running. "Creating a society was so much easier than I expected, the Students Union help you out as much as they can and with their support and your committee rounding up members etc, you can create an established society in no time". (Eimear Mcquillan, Women’s Rugby Chair). "Setting up a society is simple and beneficial, although it takes hard work, enthusiasm and determination. Sharing your passion for the success of the society members is beneficial actively encouraging members to participate and be involved" (Amber Milne, Events Society Chair). Each society can apply for up to £500 to help with the running of the society for example our Blades society took a trip to a local re-enactment festival and Anime & Manga society will be attending Comicon.

This year we introduced ‘Society of the Month’, this has been introduced for our societies to have a chance to be recognised for their hard work and efforts. So far our winners have been Yoga Society and Feminist Society. We look out for outstanding societies who are recognised by others, societies which are meeting regularly and sending in registers on time, societies raising money for their funds, RAG or other charities, and taking part in volunteering. "Our society has picked up since last year where we had maybe five yoga classes before Christmas and nothing else. This year, we've had a class every week, two socials (film and pub quiz), won society of the month for October, had one of the highest number of sign ups at fresher's fair, having massages, meals and trampoline park trips this year, have ordered in a range of brand new equipment for every society member, fundraised for the society by doing cupcake decorating and henna, raised money for RAG, Wear It Pink and FutureSense Foundation, designed and made a society display board and filmed a society recruitment video." (Emilee Platts, Yoga Society Chair). "Womens rugby has achieved so much this year already, we have so many great new members, a great committee and we have a brand new partnership with established rugby club London Irish, who train us on a weekly basis on their home turf. One of our goals when we first started up the Womens Rugby society was to play a match and we achieved on Wednesday 10 December." (Eimear Mcquillan, Women’s Rugby Chair). If you like the sound of being a part of a society, setting one up or leading a society then pop into the Students’ Union and find out more or look on our website: bucksstudentsunion.org/societies and see what societies we currently have.

DAY OF THE GIRL: A POEM The Feminist Society attended ‘Day of the Girl’ a Thames Valley Police event in High Wycombe which aims to celebrate girls and women’s achievements in the local community. We met local business women and activist groups who are trying to make the world a better place for women and girls. On our stall we asked women to write down a woman or girl who inspires them and put them together in a collage. Roxi Cox, Society Tresurer, wrote this poem: Female, human and striving for the best Not mother, daughter, sister Defined by the family nest She fights without a man, Together, with the oppressed Standing up to the Taliban With Malala, we progress. Rosa Parks; Sitting in order to make a stand Changing minds, opening eyes To racism she suffered first-hand She helped society to rise Made others understand Took action to revolutionize Changing the law of the land.

Fearlessly protesting, starved and sweat Rebelled; refused to obey We look to the suffragette Who helped us here today And with the right mind-set We will continue on our way. So break the glass ceiling and as Women we will slay Remember how far we’ve come; International girl’s day.

January Issue

By Roxi Cox


Society news.

24 January Issue

Society news.

By Grace Currie

BALLET AT BUCKS After the fun of Freshers' it was time to knuckle down to some serious dance training. Our year started with auditions for the ballet competition team – let me firstly explain; I know when we mention ballet you are probably thinking of classical music, fluffy tutus and tiaras but this is certainly not the case. Classical Ballet has been brought up to date with choreography to up to date music. The world of dance is changing thanks to inspirational people like Matthew Bourne, Akram Khan and Tamara Roja who are leading the way and mixing things up. We have seen all male dance companies, men on Pointe, freestyle, street and break dancing fused with ballet; so there is nothing that can’t be done. Let me tell you about myself; I am a dance and fitness student in my first year and have had extensive ballet training from the age of two and so I know only too well how important strength, flexibility and endurance is; you need to be strong to be a dancer. As this year is our very first time competing, this year is an important year for the team. We needed a piece that pushed the boundaries and showcases the talent and strength of the whole team and so Annabel Mitchell was brought in to create and choreograph a piece from the film Schindler’s List. For those of you who may not know the story, the film starred Liam Neeson as Schindler, a Nazi businessman who saved thousands of Jews from the Nazi death camps. The dance challenges the normal views of ballet and demonstrates how ballet has evolved in that it can tell any story even one as traumatic as the holocaust. We will be taking this dance to the inter University dance competitions held throughout the year, so if you have time, please come along and support us on Saturday 18 February.

We have a really busy 2017 planned so watch this space!

Joining us in the Ballet Society means that you can get involved with other things. In November we helped raise money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, a number of our members volunteered for dog walking and we have a really busy 2017 planned so watch this space!! Ballet technique classes are held every other week on Sundays at 10am–11am in E1.01. Come along and try a session and see how ballet helps with your overall strength especially those involved in sports. All you need is comfortable clothing, a bottle of water and a good

sense of humour, as we always have fun; laughter makes the pain, sweat and tears bearable. Here is an open challenge to you to come along and join us! Our competition team rehearse twice a week and as events draw close we even manage to squeeze in a third session. BNU Ballet Competition team need your support so please come and cheer us along. So why not get involved and support BNU Ballet throughout 2017! It’s not all fluffy tutus and tiaras!

TWO INCREDIBLE WAYS TO GET HEALTHY AT THE CIRCUS The clock strikes twelve, the party poppers go off, you kiss the closest person in the room, sing Auld Lang Syne, and then make a list of impossible goals. This year I decided to quit drinking, try going vegan, stop messaging my ex, and call my mum once a week, not forgetting the time old push for a ‘healthy life’ (whatever that means.) Now the end of January is here and I’ve already finished six bottles of vodka, eaten three kebabs (I blame the third bottle), rang my ex four times (the fifth bottle), and forgotten what my mum looks like and her first name. Thankfully, though, I have found a way to keep on top of my final resolution whilst convincing myself I’m just having fun and learning a new skill. No, it’s not Davina McCall’s newest DVD, or Miranda Hart’s Maracattack (Though I do highly recommend this maraca-ulous method as well.) My method is found at the circus and doesn’t involve any form of animal abuse or scary clown make-up. Juggling and Hooping are two of the most common acts found at the circus, and people are always left in awe and admiration of those that put the effort in to learn the skills needed. But what many don’t see is that with patience, persistence, and a certain level of reckless determination, anyone can master these skills. Not only can anyone conquer them, but those that do gain strength, a toned body, improved coordination, and a party trick you can use to make that ex super jealous… Juggling teaches concentration, improves strength in your arms, and, with all the bending up and down to pick up the balls you dropped, can get you working those quads and that gluteus maximus (that’s the scientific name, I’m not being rude about your posterior.) The main key to learning how to juggle is pure stubbornness, once you have the throwing pattern in your head, it’s a case of practising every day for just 10 minutes. Hooping on the other hand, helps tone stomach muscles, is a great calorie burner, improves spine strength and flexibility, and is good for the heart! Once you’ve learned to keep it on your hips there are hundreds of tricks to learn and practice to keep you hooked on the hoop well into the next year. And if those don’t work well enough for you, you can also set them on fire! Literally* burning the calories away.

At Circus Society, you can learn both age-old skills plus many others that all come with their own health benefits and ex-impressing abilities. We’ll even help you remember your mum’s name! I found out my mum is called Jenny, how fun! *Literal burning of calories is unsafe and not covered in the Circus Societies Risk Assessment. Leave fire play to those skilled (and stupid) enough to do it safely without burning themselves or others. Circus Society runs twice weekly during term time. Thursdays, 9-10pm in the Events Hall and Fridays, 6-7.30pm in S2.06. For more information email circus.societybnu@gmail.com.

January Issue

By Steven Thomas


Society news.

26 January Issue

Sports news.

By Bethany Trevis , Erin Welch, Maddie Hartley & Brittani Oldham


There's a brand new and exciting addition to the Sport for Fun programme - Horse Riding has come to Bucks! This is a new and exciting opportunity brought to you by Bucks Students' Union. It’s a great way to try something different, make new friends, have a break from Uni and a good form of exercise. But how does it work? Well, our lessons are based at the Grove Riding School, just a short 10-minute drive from the High Wycombe campus. The riding school is tucked away in the country side and the views are beautiful. Transport is provided. We hold two lessons per week every Wednesday, both lasting an hour. The lessons are for different abilities, so don’t worry, you will be in a group that are at the same level as you. When you’re not riding, you can explore the stables and help the staff with cleaning and taking care of the horses.

What is Horseball? Horseball is a game played on horseback, where a ball is handled and points are scored by shooting it through a 3m high net. It’s essentially a mixture of basketball and quidditch (but we use horses, not broomsticks). There are a handful of universities that have teams, including Southampton and Nottingham, and we are hoping to get a team together in order to compete. You must be quite brave to play as it involves riding with no reins at high speeds, and leaning off your horse to pick the ball up from the ground!

On a budget? No problem. Usually an hour long lesson will cost you between £25 and £35. But thanks to the Students' Union, you can have eight lessons for £12. Just £1.50 per lesson! This is an amazing opportunity that is not to be missed! Our first lesson is on the Wed 1 Feb. It is open to riders of all abilities. We welcome any level of riding ability, whether you’re Helmets are provided by the riding school, all you a complete beginner or if you were riding before you could walk (Please note, unfortunately there is a 14 stone need is a pair of jeans and shoes with a small heel. You can purchase tickets for the eight lesson block at weight limit). We do a range of activities every week, bucksstudentsunion.org/whatson. Tickets go on sale including jumping, hacking out, flatwork, Horseball, cross country, and even some gymkhana games! on Thurs 26 Jan at noon.

We are also taking the final steps towards becoming a society! We will be bringing some great opportunities to the table, like horse riding on the beach and trips to competitions! Here are your committee: Bethany Trevis as Chair, Ellie Marrazzi as Secretary, Jennifer Martin as Treasurer, Lucy Capel as Social Secretary, and Brittani Oldham as Horseball Captain. Keep up to date with all the society news and events by liking our Facebook page, ‘Bucks Equestrian Society’. Don’t forget to like the “Bucks New Uni Horse Riding Sport for Fun” Facebook page, and follow us on instagram @bnuhorseriding. If you would like more information on how to join, don’t hesitate to go to the Students' Union, or the Sport for Fun Horse Riding Ambassador (me), at bethtrevis97@live.co.uk. “It got me re-interested in a hobby that I had when I was younger, and even though we only got the chance to have 10 lessons, it made me want to continue horse riding further. It was definitely something I looked forward to each week.” – Erin Welch, 3rd year Music and Live Events management Student. “I used to ride when I was younger but stopped just before GCSEs. It’s been the perfect time to take it back up because it’s a short time in the week when I can forget about Uni stress and just chill, have a laugh and re-learn something that I’d lost confidence in. I also got to make some new friends and do some exercise. And I got to try Horseball which I’d never in a million years thought I would ever want to do. I didn’t even know it existed at the beginning of the year!” – Maddie Hartley, 3rd year Creative Advertising Student. “I hadn’t really ridden since my horse died in 2012, but being back in the saddle made me wonder why I ever gave up.” – Brittani Oldham, Equestrian Society Horseball Captain, 1st year Police Studies with Criminological Psychology Student.


2017 is going to be really exciting for us. Join Volley4RAG on Tue 21 Feb from 6pm! Make up a team of 6-10 people, come and have some crazy fun – dress up as ridiculously or sensibly as you want and play as awfully or competitively as you can! It doesn’t matter – it’s all for charity! This year Volley4RAG is fundraising for the Medical Detection Dogs and the Pepper Foundation, so it's going to great causes. To enter, you just need to make £10 donation as a team.

of the day and it is exactly what you want out of it – if you want a work out, to release stress, practice skills or even if you turn up halfway through a study session looking to hit a ball around – we’ve got you covered!

Follow the Official Bucks Volleyball Facebook page to keep updated.

Mondays, 6.30-8.30pm is when we get a little more serious. Everyone is still welcome but you can expect much more intense training as you will be training with the team, getting ready for competitive matches and Varsity!

If you are interested in playing volleyball (especially if you turn up to Volley4RAG and realise how much fun it is!); We run a sport for fun session on Saturdays from noon-2pm, it doesn’t sound like something you would want to do on a Saturday but trust us, it will get you up and running for the rest

You can find all the information for Volleyball on the Official Bucks Volleyball Facebook page. If you haven’t tried Volleyball before, you really need to come and join in – it is a lot of fun! You could even just follow the page to find out when we are playing home matches and come and support us in the Events Hall!


ENHANCE YOUR CV BY HELPING NEW STUDENTS AT BUCKS We are looking for students from all courses and nationalities to support our new students through our Buddying scheme. This is a volunteering opportunity, however you will be awarded £100 on completion of the project in January 2018. The role is flexible and can be carried out around your studies and other commitments. You will be set up with a Bucks Buddy email account to provide advice, send information and answer questions. The experience and skills gained from this position will enhance your CV.

Please visit bucksstudentsunion.org/jobs for more information.

January Issue

By Zoe Moorton


Sports news.

28 January Issue

Sports news.

By Tao Warburton & Victoria Mackenzie

BUCKS LADIES HOCKEY Starting the 2016/17 season was nerve wracking to say the least, not only because of leaving home, family and friends but then throwing yourself into a potentially new sport with a group of new ladies. We then quickly realised that the nerves were unfounded as almost everyone was in the same boat with making new friends and learning new skills. The squad was small but strong with the constant need to learn and improve upon the skills one already had. With four third years leading the way, they took us under their experienced wings and taught us the ropes. Our season started off with a flying start with our first win for the team. This boosted everyone’s confidence in their abilities as players, and that we were in for a good season ahead. We start off the week with constant support of our coach who is always pushing us to be better and develop our ever-advancing skills. Coming into winter, training in the cold and dark could put some people off however, with hockey that is not

the case. We have learnt that the squad is full of determined and eager ladies who want to have fun and develop as players. With a team of people like that, what more do you need? Although winning is always good our focus is having fun and developing as a squad so we can progress together as a team. We do this by having a variety of socials, from themed, to sober, to meals out, to making hampers for the homeless - we always try to make sure we include and cater to everyone. The seniors are always there to help us with any problems we have regardless of whether they are hockey related or not. The seniors started off the year with four players, most of which had some form of injury leaving the year looking very uncertain. But with a tenacious and caring attitude they recruited a team, to whom they

will leave their legacy of hard work and friendship. Alumni often come back to see how their old team is doing, and always offer words of encouragement and tales of past matches and socials. It’s clear to see that they have fond memories of the team, and we hope to carry that on so that we can come back with fond memories when we graduate. It is going to be sad to say goodbye to the seniors when the time comes, but hopefully they can leave in the knowledge that they have a place to come back to and will always be welcome. We are looking forward to the alumni reunion match in May, to show them how their hard work when they were here is still being carried on in us. With an ever-developing team, the rest of the season is looking busy, but can only hold good things for Bucks Ladies Hockey.


The first two months of the BUCS season has seen a mixed bag for Bucks FC, with the 1st team currently three points off the top of the league with a game in hand. The 2nds sit in fifth but a win from their game in hand would see them move up a place. The 3rds currently find themselves three points off second place, also with a game in hand. The 4ths are currently sixth but only three points off the top three and the 5ths sit in sixth position too, having had a run of tough fixtures.

being able to obtain a position high up the table.

Jay Willett, in his second year of captaincy, experienced a slow start in the league with the 3rd team. However, they produced one of the results of the season so far when they beat Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Mens 2nd 9-0 in the South Eastern Conference Plate. With a period of three games at home in a row after Christmas and only being three points off second with a game in hand, the boys are confidant of

Off the field, Bucks FC was awarded with club of the month for November. Chairman Lewis Newton putting in countless hours with the rest of the committee to make this possible. It shows that the club is moving in the right direction towards our aim of being named Club of the Year. The club's aim is to maintain these efforts into the new year both on and off the pitch.

Under the captaincy of Callum Smith the 4th team have also endured a tough start with just one win so far. Despite this they are only three points off third sport so a good run after Christmas will see they achieve a good league position. A home game As with the start of every academic year, the club has lost many important players and against Roehampton on Wednesday 15 March is a game everyone in the 4ths is big faces around the club. But this year’s intake of freshers has been of an impressive eagerly anticipating after narrowly losing to Roehampton, away, earlier in the season. standard, with no fewer than nine first years having made a 1st team appearance. As The 5th team stewarded by third year Gavin Ward, have endured a tough start to the season, has progressed, relationships have begun to form and teams have started the season having only picked up a point so far. However, Gavin cannot fault the to perform to a higher standard. commitment of his players, he consistently has a squad of 20+ all attending training First team Captain, Ben French, has enjoyed an almost faultless start to the season and eager to play. Gavin hopes he sees this commitment and perseverance rewarded having won all but one game in the league and progressing to the quarter final of the with some more positive results in the new year. cup. They sit three points off top of the league and fierce rivals Roehampton, having Wednesday 30 November provided one of Bucks FC’s best days in recent memory. already beaten Roehampton away, Ben is confidant his team can push to win the league. With four fixtures, including a massive Varsity rehearsal with Ben French’s 1st team The second team, under new captain Elliott Rose, have one win and one draw so far traveling to Roehampton, the boys managed to bring back an impressive haul of 10 in a tough league. They currently sit fifth but produced a great result to beat Chichester points out of a possible 12 (three wins and a draw) with only a controversial late goal 4-2 away from home. Elliott has had to contend with several of his players moving up denying Gavin Ward’s 5th team their first win of the season. In their local derby against to the first team, and therefore has been unable to pick a settled side. In the new year, Roehampton, the 1st team laid down an early marker with an impressive 2-1 victory. Elliott is hoping to put together a strong run of results in order to move up the table This string of result lead to Bucks FC being named team of the week. An achievement and gain momentum before varsity. we are all very proud of.

January Issue

By Kyle Pack


Sports news.

30 January Issue

Sports news.

By Ohio Orumen


Last season our win percentage was an impressive 41% and we increased this momentum to claim our first ever Varsity trophy, winning 15-9. After a tough October (28% win percentage) our sports teams steadily developed over

Not all of our teams compete in Varsity but they are just as valued. American

term 1 with November being our best month where we achieved a 43% win percentage.

Football have had their best season for nearly four years earning victories against

Despite being 5% behind our win percentage this time last year, the improvement

City University and Greenwich, as well as only conceding 14 points to a Brunel

bodes well considering we historically tend to hit a good run of form after Christmas.

Burners side littered with high calibre players and a squad three times the size

The ‘Team of the Term’ was very tightly contested between Women’s Basketball and

of ours. Rayon Williams and Dave Banez achieved gold and bronze medals respectively for our Taekwondo Team. In addition to this, Athletics came away from

Bucks FC 1st with both having reached the

the SESSA Indoor Championships with a bronze medal.

quarter-final of their respective regional Cup

There may be nine Wednesdays left ‘til Varsity but it’s much shorter than it sounds.

runs. The boys have had some fantastic wins, including a last-gasp 2-1 win against our Varsity rivals Roehampton. Had it not been for a loss shrouded in injury and a lack of composure against Brighton, Bucks FC 1st would have tied for ‘Team of the Term’. However, that is not to take away from the efforts from our girls. Scoring 560 points in seven games and

Some teams have at least six games remaining, whereas a number only have three. We have to start strong and carry the momentum all the way to Varsity. Five of our sports teams are in the same or an equivalent league to their Roehampton counterparts; four Roehampton teams are in a higher league to their Bucks equals and six Bucks teams are in a higher league to their Roehampton opponents. Stats aren’t everything but with it being so tight on paper, this means it literally comes down to who wants it more on the day.

conceding less than half is no mean feat and

Let’s take it up another gear and have a strong second half of the season. But most

the girls currently sit joint top on South East 2A.

importantly, let’s earn the right to represent Bucks at Varsity.

Expert professionals will be available to give you all the info you need for stress free renting, including information on StudentPad, your deposit, contract and rights.



Some of you may be thinking, what is Varsity? ‘The biggest Wednesday of the year’ is simply an understatement. What started in 2013 as “something different to end the season” has developed into a deep-rooted rivalry between the sports teams of Bucks and University of Roehampton. We play nearly 20 fixtures between 11am and 10pm before putting the rivalry aside and partying ‘til 3am with our Roey counterparts. There aren’t many words that can describe what it’s like to support or be supported by your friends whilst playing the sport that you love. The vibe around the university and the Athletic Union is unmatchable, especially this year as we will be stepping into the lion’s den of South-West London with one job – to retain our title for the first time. Even as reigning champions we cannot be complacent. 1st year athletes will be stepping into unknown territory; the current 2nd years experienced victory at the first opportunity but our 3rd years and those before them know all too well how it feels to lose Varsity. Joe Collins (President) and I played in the first ever Varsity in 2013 and have experienced the pain of losing three times – 12.5-8.5 in 2013, an agonizing 11-10 loss in 2014 and an embarrassing 15.5-7.5 demolition in 2015 which was especially hard to take as Varsity Captain – before bringing the Roebuck Trophy home at the fourth time of asking.

Wednesday 25 January is the Varsity Launch Night in the Students’ Union. This is where we will be showing the rival hype video; our brand new Varsity video and representatives from our chosen Varsity Charity – Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV) will be present. We will also be tying in the BUCS initiative ‘Take A Stand’ which is a movement to stand against racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, alcohol/drug abuse, crowd behaviour, disability discrimination, initiations and faith & cultural appropriation. Finally, we will be announcing the 2017 Male and Female Varsity Captains. Having lost back-to-back captaincy elections for two years and finally becoming Varsity Captain in my third year, Varsity is an event I take extremely personally – and so should you. We owe it to our friends, our teammates and the hundreds of supporters in attendance to be as physically ready as possible for Wednesday 29 March. Supporters – make sure you buy your ticket because you WILL regret missing out. When we wake up in nine Wednesdays time, the only thing going through our minds will be: “Retain Your Title. No Excuses. Do Your Job.” We are very capable of defending our title, I have no doubts about that.

What will win Varsity is understanding the difference between ‘liking the idea of winning’ and ‘actually wanting to win’. Those who ‘want to win’ will be taking advantage of every opportunity to improve themselves for when it’s crunch time in March. Those who simply ‘like the idea of winning’ will carry on as normal. Which one are you? Varsity 2017, let’s go.

January Issue

By Ohio Orumen


Sports news.

32 January Issue

Quick break.


Normal       9   3   4         6   5   1         3            5    

Start 1   5   8         4          

2         5      3                  1      9      4   6   3   9      3   8         2            5      2               6         7   4      5   3   2      4      2      7      5         

Very Hard        3      8    


            8      8      6                     4      7 

      8      4             

      7   5      3      1      7   6                     2 

      6         2         5      7      5         8            8   3   7   4             


Profile for The Bucks Student

The Bucks Student - Edition 64  

The Bucks Student - Edition 64

The Bucks Student - Edition 64  

The Bucks Student - Edition 64