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January 2014 - Edition 44


January Issue


What type of article is it?


Buy One Pizza, Get One


Available on medium and large pizzas Collection or delivery Please hand coupon to driver or member of staff. Student ID may be required. Valid at Domino’s Pizza High Wycombe only. At regular menu price. Pizza from menu or create your own up to 4 topping. Free pizza must be equal or lesser value than the first. Available on medium and large pizzas only. Not valid with any other offer. See website for full T&C’s. Offer expires 31/05/14

/Dominos Pizza High Wycombe


24-26 Castle Street, High Wycombe HP13 6RG Opening Hours: 11am - 5am, 7 days a week. S014717-16 A5 268x345mm 5AM Advert-High Wycombe.indd 1

Call Call Call

dominos.co.uk inPopininTap the appthe dominos.co.uk dominos.co.uk Pop Pop Tap Tap theapp app OPENOPEN

01494 539539 17/07/2013 12:32



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Bide & Fecht Model: Becca Ahmed. The National Student Survey has started again for 2014. This gives final year students the opportunity to give their feedback about their time at Bucks. More info on page 12.

We caught up with a couple of ex-Bucks Students who are starting to make a name for themselves in the fashion world.

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Contributors Tom Badger (Student Editor) • Harmeet Anand (Deputy Student Editor) • Barry Stuck • Naomi Franco • Femi Boye Shân Wareing • Becci Hailey • Jess Pearson • Cat Jeynes Dan Earl • Cassie Fletcher• Becca Ahmed • Abbie Blunt Adam Bartlett • Gemma Heath • Sophie Onslow Jean-Luke Laister • Hayley-Jade Class • Joe Thomas Hannah Jerremy • Tom Castle • Greg Pike Want to see your name in the list above? Want to have your writing or artwork on show to thousands of people? Get involved. Email student.editor@thebucksstudent.com


Hear Our Cries Take a look at the results of the Students' Union 'Hear Our Cries' campaign, followed by a response from The Vice and Pro Vice Chancellors themselves.

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Leave Your Mark What would you do for a Freddo? Find out what all the fuss is about.

For all advertising and media enquiries please contact the Students’ Union Communications and Marketing department. Simon McDowell - simon.mcdowell@bucks.ac.uk Articles in this newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of Bucks Students’ Union but are that of the specific author. View this edition online at bucksstudentsunion.org/ communications. © 2014 Bucks Students’ Union

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Coming Soon Check out who's coming to Bucks.

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Farewell Flirt! Eight years later: The final Flirt!

If required, this document can be made available in different formats. Please contact Bucks Students' Union for more information.

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Bucksnowsoc We catch up with Bucks 'coolest' sport.

January Issue

This Edition:

4 January Issue


Student Entrepreneurs:

Stand and Fight. This is the meaning, which derives straight from the founders Scottish heritage, behind a small, independent clothing brand based right here in Buckinghamshire called Bide & Fecht. Two friends, Joey Gordon and Arun Shergill, started the company in 2012 because of their joint passion for design. Re-kindled the brand last year and, by using Buckinghamshire New University's printing equipment where they originally studied, produced a small range for themselves, which created a buzz and awareness across campus.

StAnd & FigHt In 2013, they were spotted by their now third member, and been taken to a global audience, as far as Australia, in which they can share their signature antler clothing. Quality and care is their main focus and they keep this in check by using the finest materials available in the industry and produce everything to order, by hand, keeping each t-shirt, sweater and hoodie unique and individual. Bide & Fecht use only 100% organic, low impact, materials on which the water based inks are printed onto, which they mentioned by saying “We’ve been picked up by a few fashion blogs, who commented on the fact that we use environmentally friendly materials. After that we got a lot of interest”. Both the materials and the inks are distributed through carbon neutral warehouses, where they use only renewable green electricity, something that is very important to them. When asked about the prospect of future contracts, Joey, replied; “Yeah, we’ve got a contract just come in for Reading Football Club for 500 t-shirts with print for an event they're running”, so for Bide & Fecht, things are pushing forward at a rapid rate. “We sell about 150 units per month, but over Christmas it was more like 400” although they will wanting to be hitting 400 units per month as a base figure but know that it is difficult to do so in this current climate and are doing everything they can to reach this.


Bide & Fecht have also taken strides in getting other designers to design specific lines for them to release later this year. It's exciting times for Bide & Fecht. “It's cool because then we can have a line, with designs by all different designers as a collective�.

"we use environmentally friendly materials" Not only are Bide & Fecht creating interest as far as Australia, they have to supply this demand straight from their living room. And it is not cheap starting up a business; it's expensive, but the little things such as the laser thermometer, which you would expect to be expensive, cost as little as a fiver. Joey, even went on to joke that they spent ÂŁ30 on a spatula, because the anti-stick surface would save alot of time on washing up.

All in all, Bide & Fecht have a good thing going on here, with the only way being up. They have the drive and ambition shown through their persistence in getting a collective multi-design line together and the contract they have sealed with Reading FC. Their unique, hand printed designs are of the best quality in the industry and use the most environmentally friendly materials they can. Their clothing is only made to order so keep an eye out for their new organic range being released in the spring and check them out at bideandfecht.co

January Issue

Barry Stuck @BarryStuck First Year Business Management, Innovation and Enterprise

Harmeet Anand @HarmeetSA Third Year Law

January Issue



Election Time It’s election time! It’s the time of year students at Bucks can collectively get together and let their voices be heard. Three sabbatical roles are being contested: President, Vice President Student Involvement (VPSI), and Vice President Education & Welfare (VPEW). A sign of any healthy democracy is there being multiple candidates during elections, so if you have what it takes to make a difference you should consider putting yourself forward.



As the name suggests, the Vice President Education & Welfare is responsible for representing the students at Bucks with regards to their education and welfare. The position of VPEW is a paid position (£21,000 with out of pocket travel expenses), and gives the successful candidate invaluable training useful for their future careers. Their duties and responsibilities include: Being responsible for improving the educational experience of all students at Bucks; being the principal course representative and assuming political responsibility for the Union’s input into the University’s system of student representation; holding the university accountable for its promises and delivery of education; and being a trustee of the Union and a part of the Executive Committee.

The responsibilities of the Vice President Student Involvement are also fairly self explanatory; the VPSI is responsible for representing the students with regards to their social life and involvement. The position is also paid the same as the VPEW and gives the candidate similar training and experience. Their duties include: being responsible for improving the non-academic experience of all students at Bucks; holding political responsibility for the development and delivery of all student activities by the Union; being responsible for increasing overall participation and maximising its diversity, in all areas of the Union’s work; being a trustee of the Union and a part of the Executive Committee.

President The President is the principle representative of students at the University. Like the other positions, the role of President is also paid and offers invaluable training and experience. The President is probably the most prestigious role in the Students' Union. The President is responsible for: setting the political direction of the Union and communication with all stakeholders; being the primary representative of all students at Bucks on issues within the University, the local community and the national stage; having responsibility for engaging with the national student movement and the future direction of Higher Education; enabling others to do so as well, in order to strengthen the Union’s sphere of influence; chair the Trustee Board and the Executive Committee.

If you're interested in becoming a sabbatical officer at Bucks Students' Union, visit bucksstudentsunion.org/ elections and download a nominations form. For more information on their role within the Union, visit bucksstudentsunion.org/sabbs.

7 January Issue

Naomi Franco @NaomiFrancoPres President

Sabb Update

The best job in the world

There is much more to a sabbatical officer than just hanging round your university for another year. Being a Sabb for the past two years, one year for Matt, has been an incredible experience for the three of us. As far as graduate jobs go, we would have to say being a sabbatical officer is the best. We lead the union and are the most senior staff within the Students’ Union, we are head of the organisation that turns over more than 2 million pounds, represent over 8,000 students, travel up and down the country (and even across the pond) meeting other sabbaticals, students and union representatives, receive training and other certificated courses and we are paid to do this! As President and Vice Presidents we have the power of our positions to effect real change within the institution as well as leading our own projects and bringing new ideas to the table. It is fair to say that change within the University has been a real struggle, their pace is incredibly slow and it has been a battle from the beginning. As officers we find it frustrating to repeatedly plug the same issues over and over again, using a variety of platforms and talking to the same people. This can sometimes be demotivating but it is our job to not give up.

"there is no average day" People always ask us what we do on an average day, but there is no average day for a Sabb. On day we could be half way across the world delivering a presentation and another day we could be wrapping hampers for the homeless

and rowing the distance of 1 million red noses. However we do spend a lot of our time attending meetings where we ensure the best interests of students are taken into consideration and that students are represented at every level possible. Be it talking about the University’s outrageous ambition, to planning future projects and feeding back on current issues. Obviously as representatives of students it is our duty to involve ourselves in the student experience and engage with as many different student groups as possible and to be highly visible on our campus’ (hence the large poster outside our venue). This means that there is a lot of socialising to be done. We do believe this is an important part of our role, to take part in Union and student led events, but doing this can sometimes take its toll after a few late nights during the week. So as sabbaticals we are warned from the beginning to look after our own health and welfare as well as our members. With all this in mind the most rewarding part of the role, and what keeps you going on those not so great days, is knowing that our input benefits our members and ultimately makes life better for students at Bucks. And it must be said that spending it with the two other sabbaticals has made the experience all the more worthwhile. Deciding to nominate ourselves to take on these responsibilities and to become sabbatical officers has been one of the best decisions of our lives. Not only have we had a fantastic experience and gained a diverse range of lifelong skills, that we can now take on to our future careers, but we have met amazing people, created friends for life and memories we will never forget.


January Issue



Additional course costs are still hidden “When paying so much to be here there should not be hidden costs like the degree fund!” “We shouldn't have to pay extra for trips, this should be included in fees or we should be told in prospectus”

Hear Our Cries: The Results Last semester the Students’ Union conducted research in order to find out whether you thought the University was living up to its values and if so how much. We undertook this research because your sabbatical officers were unhappy with the amount of action taken by the University in comparison to the volume of student feedback it was receiving. Our results would appear to show that our concern was well held. In case you didn’t know what they were, here are their four values, known collectively as CORD:

••Clarity ••Openness ••Respect ••Delivery on Commitments Over 600 comments were received in response to the Students’ Union’s decision to challenge the University. Here is what you thought:

Respect Facilities are not up to standard “The workshops could be a lot more open than they currently are”

Some of the key areas where you held concerns over the University not living by its values can be seen below:

• Mis-selling • Assessment feedback • Teaching • Facilities • Hidden course costs

• Support • Listening to students • Communication • Organisation • Library Resources

The majority of student respondents felt there were areas where the University needed to make improvements. Here is an example of some of the issues you raised:


“The prospectus entry for my course is full of LIES”

Communication is poor


thought the University is not living by its values


“Despite the many feedback forms I have completed it appears the university is yet to employ someone to read them.” “I find that the feedback students give falls on deaf ears”

While this campaign highlighted a large amount of concern, there was good practice reported by students. Here is just an idea of what you have been saying:

“I have been impressed with how accurate and enjoyable my course is” “For being such a small university, I feel that the amount of extra-curricular activities and events are incredible! Thoroughly enjoying my time here.”

“Since arriving in 2011 there has been a dramatic decline in the way in which we know what is happening”

“It seems that the University tries its best to live by its values, which is good and encouraging.”

“To be honest I didn't know what the university’s values were, which I think is a shame”

“I think there is a great mutual respect between students and lecturers. All students are given the opportunities to have their voices heard by the University and changes are made in response to all feedback received.”

Delivering on commitments Assessment feedback is being returned late, after the three weeks policy

thought the University lives by its values

The University is not listening to its students

Mis-selling of courses

“The course descriptions online aren't exactly as they are”


“The sports hall is the only facility we have for sport and it is over priced and always booked out.”

“The uni does say it will make a better uni experience, and I feel everything the uni does is to help the students have a good and positive time at uni.”

“I get that lecturers have a lot of work but I’m paying £7500 a year so I expect feedback on the correct date.” gave a mixed response.

“There is a 3 week policy?? Oh Wow” Teaching is not up to the standard which students expect

First year students were more likely to feel the University was living by its values than second or third years, even so only 25% of responses from first years were positive, in comparison to 15% from both second and third year students.

“I feel the teaching isn't up to standard (...) I don't feel like I have learnt anything” “ideas aren't new and innovative nor are the teaching techniques”

The Students’ Union will be taking a full report to the University’s Senior Management Team. Clearly the majority of students don’t feel that the University is acting in line with the values that it has set itself and we don’t think that is good enough. We hope that this campaign will provide an important evidence base that will in turn lead the University to make a firmer commitment, resulting in action which brings about change and promotes best practice. Watch out for more on this campaign in the coming weeks and months.

9 January Issue

Hear Our Cries: University response Thank you to all the students who kindly took the time to feed back to the Students’ Union about the extent to which they believe the University upholds its values of Clarity, Openness, Respect and Delivery on Commitments. Bucks is committed to improving the experience of students, and your feedback is essential to this. Student reps, our new module evaluation survey, the National Student Survey and of course Students’ Union research and views are all taken very seriously and underpin changes to improve things. The Senior Management Team meets regularly with the Students’ Union, who had already told us that the University needs to make improvements, and move faster, in many of the same areas which you identified in the survey. We haven’t always got things right, and sometimes change we have promised has happened much more slowly than you and we wanted. Despite this, we are totally committed to making changes which benefit you and make Bucks the very best University it can be. It was really good to see where students have highlighted areas of good practice. At the same time, we are most disappointed to learn that most of the students surveyed do not think that the University lives by its values. We fully acknowledge that we need to make improvements and are actively working with our Students’ Union staff and sabbatical officers to improve on priority areas.

Ruth Farwell Vice Chancellor

Feedback from you has started to lead to some simple, practical changes at course level such as masterclasses and guest speakers, more time in the skills labs and simulation suites and more books and computers, extra maths and biology lessons, and inspiring day trips. We need to make these kinds of improvements part of every student’s experience and we agree there is a lot more to do here. Other improvements – because they involve more people, or are more expensive – can take longer to implement. Some things we’ve achieved, some we’re still working on. We’ve improved timetabling a lot, we’re opening the Gym earlier we’re keeping the library open through the night at the times you are most likely to need it. During the trial 24/7 opening period of October to December there were over 300 student visits to the High Wycombe campus Library outside normal opening hours. Students with dissertations requested extending the all-night opening into January and that’s been done. The library will be open 24/7 again in April and May, and we will soon be increasing 24/7 access to a range of campus facilities which students have asked for. Even longer term, and more expensive, though still in response to student suggestions, we are about to launch into a multi-million pound development programme which will dramatically improve the look and feel of our High Wycombe Campus. Look out for the designs which will shortly be put on display - we hope they will inspire you too. We have pledged to spell out for students the essential additional costs of study in order to complete their course successfully. This week, information is coming in from all of our course teams which will be presented at a meeting between the Senior Management Team and the Students’ Union on 3 February and then made available to students. What’s more, we will be helping students with some costs such as printing and compulsory trips – keep a look out for this announcement shortly. We must also deliver on our commitment to turn around feedback on assessed work within three weeks. We’ve been driving hard on this for the last 12 months and we hope you can see the improvements. We have achieved this in many course areas, but we know we have not managed it across the University, and we agree this is not good enough. We are making improvements term by term to fill the gaps and provide meaningful, timely feedback which helps students improve their next piece of work, and we will continue to drive hard on making this happen every time.

Shân Wareing Pro Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching

We really value the SU’s representative, active, engaged and energetic group of elected sabbatical officers and staff and their commitment and hard work to improve the University. Likewise, the managers, academic and professional service staff at Bucks are very proud of our University and 100 per cent committed to the success of our students while at university and in their future employment. Keep telling us what you think, we need to know. Working together as a team - staff, Students’ Union and students – we are determined that we can sort out the problems this survey has highlighted and make Bucks a better place to be.

Ruth Farwell

Shân Wareing

10 January Issue

Campaigns Femi Boye @BitterPein Third Year Audio and Music Production


More Than A Bar Not only does Bucks Students' Union operate arguably the best venue in Wycombe (not biasedhonestly!) and is one of the top 20 Student's Unions in the country. But its not just a venue to have a drink or two (or ten), Bucks Students' Union is an organisation dedicated for the benefit and development of the students at Bucks.

“what else does the Union provide for me?” So you may be wondering, “what else does the Union provide for me?” well as well as all those great free nights out as part of “The Big Deal” the Union organises loads of other activity sessions for free, from Spanish lessons to dissertation workshops, singing lessons to golf tutorials. They provide a plethora of support facilities that some of you have probably unwittingly used such as The Student Advice Centre, where you can go for free advice and support if any issues concerning accommodation, financial, your course and your health. With a wealth of experience and knowledge on student issues, it's their job to make life better for students at Bucks in complete confidentiality. Societies and sports teams are also managed through the Students' Union. Offering training in the set-up and management, the Union offers students a platform to create new societies and sports teams to find those who share interests, and to provide further opportunities that the University doesn’t already facilitate. Plus, RAG (that’s Raise And Give) and volunteering schemes operated by the Students'

Union provide a chance to get involved with the local community, play your part in a project and give something back, with recognition through our Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation schemes. Varsity is one particular highlight in the Student's Union events calendar, combining the efforts of our sports teams to battle it out with the University of Roehampton, for a chance to win the prestigious "Roebuck Cup". It's the biggest sporting event of the year and this year, it's our turn to host and try to claim that cup for the very first time! Activities week is another experience, encouraging students to come and gain some new skills, brush up on the ones they have, get some assistance in their studies or simply use the week to wind down and enjoy a myriad of recreational activities. Averaging forty events and workshops a day, activities week isn’t one to miss. So to celebrate all the achievements of the Students involved at Bucks Students' Union, they've launched the #BuckssuMoreThanABar campaign for the second time. So what is it? Well the campaign is fairly simple; we want you to tell us which Student’s Union activity/ facility you have used or how we may have made your time at Bucks New Uni better. You can do this simply by either filling out a comment card or tagging your tweets #BuckssuMoreThanABar hashtag, you can even keep us up to date with your pictures on the new Student’s Union Snapchat. For every tweet or comment card received, 5p will be put into a pot. Then on Friday 7 February, a comment card or tweet will be drawn at random and the owner will win the entire sum. So the more you tweet, the bigger the prize pot and the more chance you have at winning! Last year’s prize fund totaled over £150, so get tweeting!

Two good wins for @BucksMensRugby today! Let's go out and celebrate! #buckssumorethanabar #rugby Thanks to @buckssu, @cashybabes can finally pursue her dreams of being a foot model #buckssuMoreThanABar @buckssu tonight we have this incredible artist performing. gonna be a great set @ninanesbitt #buckssumorethanabar Thanks @buckssu for supporting HITCH and giving students the chance to travel across Europe raising money for charity #buckssumorethanabar Rowing at Varsity!!!! #BucksSuMoreThanABar @BNURowing @buckssu I love #buckssumorethanabar because it helped me volunteer, meet new people and start the #rotaractsociety A few interesting events being held by @buckssu in the coming weeks, cannot wait.... #bucksSUMoreThanABar


Your views

January Issue

Bucks Inked Your Ink “It’s a tattoo and it’s in French. It means ‘wild love’, it’s my motto in life. People often think it means ‘wild sex’ , but what’s the difference really?” - Chloe Stainton-Giles

“I just woke up and decided to get a tattoo one morning. So I got dressed and went and got one.” - Laura Silvestre You can’t deny that this Harry Potter fan is committed! – Aneesa Hussein

“I got it because it’s nice” - Jazz Lall

“It stands for Tequila Times. I got it when I was really pissed.” - Kerry Donnelly.

Tattoos. Everyone has pre-conceived ideas about them. Some people love love love them, whilst some people would sooner die than touch an inked needle.

that “YOLO” mentality. And for those of you with a death-wish, there’s always the sewing needle and pot of ink technique. (We found you and you know who you are.)

Whether you like them or not, there is huge crowd here at Bucks who have them, and it’s hard to deny the superb artwork on display on different body parts around the University (If nothing else, they add some colour to the concrete mass). Wycombe has plenty of Tattoo parlours for all you adventurous (drunken) trepid explorers who live with

As an open-minded and positive organisation who strive to celebrate diversity, we at the Bucks Student wanted a chance to showcase some of your artwork, here are some of the best and perhaps worst ones, (but we’ll let you make your own mind up on that).

Prof Shân Wareing Pro Vice Chancellor Learning & Teaching

January Issue


University news

Leave your mark

We readily accept that for many of our final year students the most exciting and important event of the year is not the National Student Survey (NSS). We know that you are almost certainly more interested in events like Fresher’s Week, exams, Festiball, Soap, Frat House, or perhaps Activities Week, and we understand why.

"Ruth Farwell, and her Senior Management Team are committed to improving your experience" The National Student Survey, which opened last week and will run for four months, is probably not highlighted on any of your calendars, but for us it is the most important event of the year! Our Vice Chancellor, Ruth Farwell, and her Senior Management Team are committed to improving your experience based on your feedback, and by working in partnership with your representatives. There are a significant number of ways in which you can provide feedback during your time at Bucks, but the NSS is the most important for us because of the detailed responses you provide, which take into account almost the full course of your studies. Breaking down the data we receive through the NSS is a huge process which never stops, and drives change all year round. The collated NSS data is the most valuable collection of information within any University. It informs and supports your Students’ Union’s campaigns, it provides evidence for change and it highlights areas of success which we can replicate across the University. We urge all of you who are eligible to complete the NSS to give us your feedback. We can never adequately express just how important your voice is to the development of our University. Use your voice, we are listening, we are ready to change.

The library will now be open 24/7 during peak assessment times, staying open for over 1000 extra hours per year. Spent £114,000 on two new performance studios following a request from students Undertaking a multimillion pound campus redevelopment programme based on ideas and requests from students. Provided a free campus link bus service at the request of our students

13 January Issue

Harmeet Anand @HarmeetSA Third Year Law

Lecturer Lars Nominated for prestigious award Bucks’ very own Dr. Lars Mosesson has been shortlisted, along with six others from different institutions, for the Oxford University Press’ award for Law Teacher of the Year. Lars has made quite the impact on Bucks since joining only a few short years ago. In 2012 the Student’s Union and the University presented him with a joint award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. In 2013 he was again recognized again for his commitment with the Most Inspiring tutor award. Speaking as a student of Lars, it comes as no surprise that he is being considered for this award. Lars’ dedication to his craft is inspirational. He goes beyond the extra mile in everything he does and seeing his effort makes us want to try even

harder. Lars’ is always available for his students. He’ll never turn a student away from his busy schedule to talk to them about any problems they have, regardless of if the problem is related to their course or not. It doesn't feel like Lars just wants us to learn either, he wants us to enjoy learning and engage in the learning process; and he succeeds in doing so by having an unmatched sense of humour, and bringing a wealth of patience and understanding to his teaching method. All in all, in many ways the title of “law teacher of the year” is an understatement for Lars. Lars is more than just a teacher; he’s a mentor, he’s a person who has inspired us all to reach new heights and be the best that we can be. He makes learning fun, and every minute we spend with him makes us feel like we’re becoming better people.

How would sound look? Anyone heard of a little company called Sennheiser? One of the leading audio manufacturers around? Well their new offices in Marlow have been designed by the Spatial Design and Graphic Arts students of Bucks. They were involved in a project to design the 15,000sqft offices in Globe Park. Sennheiser moved to these offices earlier this year after they outgrew themselves from their former HQ. “Students tackled a design challenge to make the new offices for Sennheiser UK look more distinctive and convey their core business to people who use and visit the offices”, commented Alison Shreeve, Head of Design, Craft & Visual Arts. Sennheiser was clear on its desires – illustrating the “'science of sound”. The curved lines help to represent the rise and fall of sound wave formations and the

glass signifies the crystal clear sound from Sennheiser products. The students produced an office with curved walls and glass partitioning – clean cut, smart, useable and timeless. The chance to work with Sennheiser on such an impressive project has “really given me some real world knowledge – even if it did mean going back to the drawing board every now and again”, said Joe Burgess. Sennheiser is one of many official education partners at Bucks New Uni, and offer many industry opportunities across most courses, not just music based. It has been creating top quality products for more than 65 years and now provide a £3,000 scholarship for Bucks’ second year Audio and Music Production students. They also provide two six month internships for Bucks Students.

Becci Hailey @beccihailey Second Year Music and Live Events Management

14 January Issue


Jess Pearson @sweetdreamsbro Third Year Music and Live Events Management

An Interview with

Tom Lillywhite from Sons & Lovers

For any readers who may not have discovered you guys yet, give a brief history of S&L?

Talking of tours, do you have any interesting or disastrous tour stories?

We did our first gig in August 2012 but before that me and Josh, the drummer, played in lots of bands before down in Exeter. We then moved up to London to start S&L and wrote some songs and people seem to like them! So we got Dan and Tim the two other guys involved and just kind of worked from there really.

We tend to sort of party quite hard but then we tend to lose things. On our last tour, we met up with Crystal Fighters in Bristol and I managed to leave my bag on their tour bus and they drove off to another city and I was just bag-less on our tour which is a bit of a nightmare.

If you had to describe your musical sound in three words, what would those words be? Oh, this is tough. I guess we try and do sort of big sounding anthemic pop songs but I don’t know what three words. I suppose anthemic could be one of them? Yeah! Anthemic could be one of them. Erm, catchy. And emotive, let’s say that one. You will be performing at Bucks as part of the Satellite Tour with Eliza and the Bear and Fred Page. Are you looking forward to the tour? Yeah, I can’t wait, it’s gonna be a really good one. As soon as we heard about it we were really excited to be involved in it so yeah, should be a good three weeks. Have you played with either of those acts before? We played with Eliza and the Bear before in London so we only met them properly a couple of weeks ago, they’re really nice guys and we’ve met Fred as well. It’s gonna be fun I think.

We tend to sort of party quite hard.

Which bands or artists are S&L influenced by? All four of us have got really different influences. I’m a little bit obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. Dan (our bassist) loves Pink Flloyd, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles so it really varies but I guess the one thing we all really like are pop songs whatever genre it is. That’s the kind of thing that kept us together and the thing that works. Who are you currently listening to? I’m listening to a lot of The National, their record debuted last year so that’s on a pretty constant rotation for me. The 1975 record I really like, I think that’s really good. The new Arctic Monkeys record as well, that’s on a pretty heavy rotation in the van as well as Dan Croll who is on the same management company as us and we’re massive fans of his. What was your favourite album release from 2013?

Were there important things in that bag then?

Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe.

My wallet, all my keys and stuff like that, it was kind of annoying but yeah I guess that’s a ridiculous story.

What do S&L have planned for the rest of the year?

You’ve supported Ellie Goulding which must have been pretty incredible but what has been the best moment of your musical career so far? Yeah, the tour with Ellie was amazing actually, that was a real highlight, it was our first ever tour so it was an amazing one to get. We played Reading Festival this summer which is a big one, when I was a kid I used to go there every year so that was a really big highlight for me.

We’re planning to do another headline tour a few months after the Satellite Tour and then we’re gonna have a few singles throughout the year hopefully leading up to our first record by the end of this year, hopefully, we’re not sure about that yet. And then festivals over the summer. That’s the general plan.

You can catch Sons & Lovers Live at The Venue on Thursday 6 February.

15 January Issue

tag & win Get your picture taken in our fun free Valentine’s photo booth on Saturday 8th February, just in time to pop into your Valentine’s card.

How to win Simply tag your Valentine photo on Eden’s Facebook page Facebook.com/EdenShoppingCentre for a chance to WIN a meal for two at Zizzi. Photos will be uploaded on 9th February, and a winner will be picked at random. So get tagging! You’ve got until 12th February at 5pm to tag your photo! Facebook.com/EdenShoppingCentre


Week 18 27 Jan-2 Feb

Week 19 3 Feb-9 Feb

Monday 27, 6pm

January Issue

The Bucks Student

Launch Party All night: Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Tuesday 28, 8pm

Wednesday 29, 8pm

Tuesday 4, 8pm

Adam Barnes All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

All night: Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Thursday 30, 8pm

All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Thursday 6, 8pm

All night: Gaymers Original and Pear draft / Tuborg draft / Vodka & Relentless / Range of ‘Bombs’ - all £2 | Doombar draft / Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.50 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit - £1

Friday 31, 8pm


All night: Gaymers Original and Pear draft / Tuborg draft / Vodka & Doombar draft / Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.50 | Corky

Friday 7, 8pm

All night: Snakebite & Black - £1.80 | Strongbow / Vodka & Relentless / Relentless Flavours / Icy Black - £2 | Hooch - £2.50 | Desperados - £3 | Turbo Shandy - £2.20 | SOAP cocktails - £3.50 | Bombs - J/Skittle/Glitter/Fire - £1.50 | Bottled Water - £1

Saturday 1, 8pm

Sunday 2, 8pm

All night: Snakebite & Black - £1.80 | Strongbow / Vodka & Relentl Desperados - £3 | Turbo Shandy - £2.20 | SOAP cocktails - £3.50

Saturday 8, 8pm

Until midnight: Coors Light / Gaymers Draft - £2 | Doombar Draft - £2.50 | Red Stripe can - £2 | Crabbies / Jeremiah Weed Bottles - £3 | Rebellion Ale bottle - £3.50 All night: Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Until midnight: Long Island Iced Tea Pot - £5 | Gaymers Original Draft / Vodka & Mixer - £2 All night: Large Glass House Wine (175ml) - £2.50 | Range of ‘Bombs’ - £2 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any shot £1

Monday 10

The Bar is Open All night: Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Tuesday 11, 8pm

Wednesday 5, 8pm

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Badminton Takeover All night: Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Wednesday 12, 8pm

Football Takeover All night: Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Thursday 13, 8pm

Friday 14, 8pm


& Relentless / Range of ‘Bombs’ - all £2 | y’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit - £1

All night: Gaymers Original and Pear draft / Tuborg draft / Vodka & Relentless / Range of ‘Bombs’ - all £2 | Doombar draft / Large glass of house wine (175ml) - £2.50 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit - £1


Saturday 15, 8pm


All night: Snakebite & Black - £1.80 | Strongbow / Vodka & Relentless / Relentless Flavours / Icy Black - £2 | Hooch - £2.50 | Desperados - £3 | Turbo Shandy - £2.20 | SOAP cocktails - £3.50 | Bombs - J/Skittle/Glitter/Fire - £1.50 | Bottled Water - £1

less / Relentless Flavours / Icy Black - £2 | Hooch - £2.50 | 0 | Bombs - J/Skittle/Glitter/Fire - £1.50 | Bottled Water - £1

Sunday 9, 8pm

All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

Sunday 16, 8pm

Until midnight: Selected Spirits & Mixer - £1.80 All night: Selected bottles x 4 - £6 | Barefoot Wine - £7 | Faustino Cava - £20

All night: 4 pint pitcher of Carlsberg / Amstel / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Bottle of Barefoot wine - £7 | Corky’s £1 a shot / Double up on any spirit £1

January Issue

All night: Any pint of draught - £2 | Shot of sweet kiss & Chrush - £1 | Bottle of Champagne - (from) £20


Week 20 10 Feb-16 Feb

Monday 3, 8pm

January Issue


19 January Issue

Caption Competition Enter on our Facebook page: "The Bucks Student"

20 January Issue

Coming soon

Nineteen year old, Brit School graduate Ella Eyre is coming to Bucks after an outstanding 2013. Eyre’s early success has stemmed from her collaboration with Rudimental on the spirited track “Waiting All Night” that swiftly reached number 1 in 2013, followed by a festival filled summer touring with Rudimental. The Ealing born singer-songwriter took 2013 by storm, making an appearance on Naughty Boy’s track “Think About It” and being called upon to feature on tracks with popular artists such as Bastille, Tinie Tempah and Wiz Khalifa.

Taking influences from old school motown, soul and pop Ella has mastered a sound of modern motown with tormented love vibes. Eyre’s influences are heavily reflected in her debut single “Deeper” which was released in December 2013, with flavours of Amy Winehouse and Adele. Her success has lead to the BBC placing her 2nd in the BBC Sound of 2014. The year holds high anticipation for the release of Eyre’s album and only exciting things are expected!

You’ll love if you like: Adele, Amy Winehouse, VV Brown, Dionne Bromfield.

See her Thursday 30 January, 8pm Jolly indie songsmiths Eliza and the Bear return to Bucks, after the success they reaped last year supporting the likes of Imagine Dragons and Paramore (At Wembley Arena, no less), charming audiences with their upbeat and jaunty anthems. Releasing "Upon The North" early last year, produced by Peter Miles (The King Blues, We Are The Ocean) they returned this year with "It Gets Cold" which received the accolade of Hottest Record In The World by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, with Fearne Cotton also joining the fanclub.

Sorry to announce there’s actually no Eliza, the name in fact comes from a collection of Eleanor Rees poems but after gaining the title of ‘one of the UK’s most promising young bands’ I’m sure Eliza would have been very impressed all the same. ‘A band who will make you party come what may’ say the Guardian, so get on your dancing shoes and come see what all the fuss is about!

See them Thursday 6 February, 8pm You'll love if you like: Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks, Of Monsters and Men.

21 January Issue

Mark Dolan The presenter of Balls of Steel is coming to our SU. That specky man that spent 10 years on the telly is now doing stand-up, and he's pretty good! Dolan, hailing from London’s vivid Camden Town, performed in 2013's Edinburgh Fringe with his list of 'Awesome Things'. The show’s bound to feature more audience interaction than you can shake a stick at!

And that's the good thing about his shows; he purposely leaves space to talk to you and he'll have witty anecdotes on tap for anything you throw at him! He may appear to be your normal middle-class southerner, but don’t let the façade fool you. His unexpected punch lines are famously show.

You’ll love if you like: Al Murray, Frank Skinner, Balls of Steel

See him Tuesday 18 February, 8pm BNU Buccaneers Present: Superbowl XLVIII It's getting close to that time again for all you American Football fans at Bucks! The BNU Buccaneers are back, throwing together another huge night of Superbowl mayhem for this year’s event. This year, the Buccaneers will be on hand to wait on you hand-andfoot, serving up cheap drinks, a few cheeky hotdogs and freshly melted nachos!

Tottenham-born DJ and producer EZ has been a primetime favourite on Kiss FM since 2000. Playing his “Bassline Mix” since 2008, an hour of unadulterated Bass and Garage anthems, which inspired his 50 track release “The Essential Garage Collection” on the Ministry of Sound record label.

What better way to watch the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks tear up the pitch than with a room full of drunken students? (Other than being in the Metlife Stadium on the night.) And for all you non-NFL fans, don’t forget what will surely be another incredible half-time show, this year with Bruno Mars.

You’ll love if you like: American Football, Beer, Staying up late on a Sunday drinking night when you have lectures the next day!

He’s played just about every major venue in the UK, as well as massive abroad shows including Ibiza Rocks and Mallorca Rocks. And now he can add Unisex to the long list of prestigious gigs in his portfolio.

You’ll love if you like: Garage, Drum and Bass or KISS 100!

Come watch Saturday 22 February, 9pm

Come watch Sunday 2 February, 11pm

Ella Eyre

Eliza and the Bear

Mark Dolan


Cat Jeynes @cjeynesx Third Year Music Management, Branding and PR

Dan Earl @DSEarl Second Year Music Management

Cassie Fletcher @Cassie_Fletch Second Year Performing Arts

Becca Ahmed @Becca182 Second Year Event and Festival Management

22 January Issue

Looking back Abbie Blunt @AbbieBlunt Second Year Music and Live Events Management

Farewell Flirt! Hello Soap After eight years , the time has come to bid a fond farewell to Flirt! It's been a long time since the first Flirt! at Bucks. Some of the biggest names in UK music have performed during our Flirt! Everyone from Beardy Man to Miss Dynamite, Annie Mac to Tinchy Stryder. It's seen controversy with Dappy, and bucket loads of gunge with CBBC legend Dave Benson-Philips. With cheap drinks, late nights and no early morning lectures on a Saturday, Flirt! has proven to be the perfect start to any Bucks' Student's weekend. But as we go indulge in 2014 it is a sad farewell that we must make. Flirt!, you have served us well, and we salute you! Soap, you have some big shoes to fill, but we reckon you're a worthy successor!

8 years of Flirt! 2006 - 2014 240 Flirt! events from Beach Party to Boobie Nights

Nearly 150,000 attendees probably including you

A massive selection of artists: Dappy Chipmunk Tinchy Stryder Dave Benson Phillips Charlie Brown Vod (Fresh Meat) The Inbetweeners Beardyman Aggro Santos

Annie Mac Misha B Max and Obi 5ive! Miss Dynamite Fleur, Dave Pearce Ministry of Sound HedKandi

Infamous: Dappy performing at Flirt!


Looking ahead

Don't Go Home The last Activities Week was a resounding success with over 200 activities and guest speakers from the likes of Amber Atherton and Neil Clough, to enlighten us on their experiences with e-commerce and The Apprentice. It can and will only get better provided students make the most of it and attend the sessions on offer, with substantial prizes for those who attend the most sessions or compose an article based around what they’re looking forward to or enjoyed most during the week (I managed to win an iPad!). Last time, activities ranged from gilding, the decorative art of coating an object in gold, to employability sessions focussed on enhancing CV’s and success in the workplace. From a personal perspective, I most enjoyed and benefited from the Careers Fair. Close to ONE HUNDRED prospective employers crammed into the events hall, ranging from big multi-nationals such as easyJet and the RAF to local companies with a position to fill. They all had one thing in common though…they were all looking at Bucks students as the next thing their business could prosper from. So why not make the most of that opportunity? I did, and as a result of that Thursday afternoon I have my foot on the career ladder of my choice, all because I stayed at university for that week and didn’t go home. I’m told the next Activities Week is going to be MUCH bigger than the last one, I don’t know what is on offer yet but I’d really love to see a practical focus to things. The hands on events always sold out first and that chance to become as creative as you once were in Reception class was a great way to unwind and learn some new skills, Tea with the Sabbs (Naomi, Jack and Matt) being a notable example. I’d also really like to see the spotlight further shine on the employability nature of Activities Week. Bucks does Careers & Employability incredibly well and offering more of the sessions of last time is a great way to make an OK CV great, all within the space of an hour or two.

The gorgeous Amber Atherton Sharing her experience.

Finally, the one thing that Activities Week needs isn’t something the Students' Union or the Faculty can provide and that’s YOUR attendance. Of course, it isn’t compulsory to attend and most students view that as reason not to go but they’re the ones who miss out on all the opportunities available and wonder why after 3 years in a degree that job opportunities (arguably the whole point of university) aren’t falling at their feet. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you between the 17 and 21 of March making the most of what Bucks has to offer.

Activities Week 17-21 March

It isn’t too long now until the next Activities Week begins (17 – 21 March 2014) and if I can give you one piece of advice in anticipation of it, it would be:

January Issue

Adam Bartlett @adambackflip Second Year Airport and Airline Management

24 January Issue

Featured Sports Club

Bucksnowsoc: "That’s what we do, we ski and snowboard. That’s the bottom line."

Everyone’s heard of Bucksnowsoc. Bucksnosecret that they’re one of the most popular groups at Bucks. The Buckinghamshire New University Ski and Snowboard club, as they are officially known, has over 50 active members, with fortnightly trips to indoor ski slopes as well as annual trips to Edinburgh and the Alps.

It will be insane!

“That’s what we do, we ski and snowboard. That’s the bottom line” says President Jake Vernum, who has been with the team since his first year (he’s now in his third). “We’re all mates, when I joined Snowsoc it was like becoming part of a family”. And it’s seems like it’s a great one to be a part of. The socials have a reputation for being a good laugh, with some great costume efforts in the past including “Minions”, Where’s Wally? And a School theme for initiations.

But it’s not all parties and beer (why not?) , the club has found space to play in the cold at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. Every fortnight a minibus departs from outside the High Wycombe campus for recreation and lessons from just £25 for two hours including travel, and it’s open to anyone!


/bucksnowsoc Chris Watson, 3rd year Event and Festival Management student and also a minibus driver for the team, has given more than most for the club, with whom he injured himself in November 2012. “Yeah, I’ve come back strong from a dislocated shoulder. I’ve given a lot of pain for the team but it makes up for it when they hand you the morphine!” The club has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and has attracted attention from lots of interested parties. The list of sponsors includes retailers Sputnik, twoseasons, Ski-Bartlett and periperi experts Nandos. And this April, the club is heading back to Val Thorens. Nestled amongst the French Alps at 10,000 feet, it’s the highest ski resort in Europe and something Jake’s excited about. “We took 35 people to Edinburgh this year, and even more people than that are signing up for VT. Sign-ups are already strong… This is our second year at VT, it’s sick, it’s huge and part of the three valleys resort which gives you so much free skiing area.” But hitting up the best some of the best snow in Europe doesn’t come without its set-backs. It’s over

@bucksnowsoc 750 miles from High Wycombe, which means one thing: “It’s a 23 hour coach journey. It does go quicker than you’d think, though when you’re having a laugh. I’m gonna drink White Russians… The journey back though is a little tougher, but you spend most of it crashed out anyway.” And it’s not surprising, with over 20 bars and nightclubs at the resort, it’s bound to be one of the heavier holidays you’ll ever take. But in between the après-ski the team will of course be competing, a tradition that Jake hopes to keep going in the coming years. “I’d like to see the club grow, keep going and getting stronger. I’d like to see some good skiers continue to come through the club. It was sick when Sam Wyer (2012 Bucks Graduate in Airline and Airport Management) won the entire competition in Salbach, but winning isn’t everything. For me it’s all about giving people an opportunity to come and experience a sport which is limited to the masses.” If you want more info on Bucksnowsoc, including information on how to get involved on trips to Hemel Hempstead and the Main Event in Val Thorens, you can contact them via the contact details above.

Tom Badger @badgerbyname Third Year Event and Festival Management

January Issue

Ski-slopes and White Russians

26 January Issue

Sport and Society news


by Sophie Onslow

The Bucks Student caught up with BNU Dance society to talk rehearsals, competitions and the future. The girls and boys of BNU Dance had a great first term at Bucks, with lots of new opportunities presenting themselves to us. With the start of 2014 comes the busiest few months of the year! This year we have 5 competition teams, specialising in; Street, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and new to us this year is Tap. We are really excited about all our competitions! We are traveling around the UK to other universities to battle it out and compete for the trophies at inter-uni dance competitions. With these competition dates getting close we are currently cramming in as many extra rehearsals as we can and working hard to make sure we are the best we can be and we will be bringing back all the trophies to Bucks!

Even though we are super busy with competition rehearsals we also still hold our Masterclasses at Jackie Palmer studios next to brook street halls. 5-7pm on Monday nights. They are student and professional led classes that run every week and they are free to attend by all Bucks students. We have some great classes coming up this term. If you fancy keeping fit or giving it a go just come along - no experience necessary. Bring your friends, we look forward to seeing you there!

shopping centre and holding our 2nd annual inter-uni dance competition at Bucks! We are so excited about the day! It is happening on Saturday 22nd February in the Events Hall. We have 7 other universities coming to compete on our turf and we believe we have the hunger to win and keep the trophies with us! With some brilliant judges coming and all the organization falling in to place it is set to be a fantastic day! We are looking for some trustworthy and passionate volunteers to help us out on the day".

We have been really lucky with great offers of work and partnerships for the year ahead including; Dancing at Abstrkt club night at the SU, performing at a charity showcase, being involved with a catwalk fashion show at the Eden

If you are interested in volunteering at their competition or just want more information about BNU Dance then please contact them on: bnudancesociety@hotmail.com or message them on our facebook page: BNU Dance

We have some great classes coming up this term. If you fancy keeping fit or giving it a go just come along - no experience necessary.


by Jean-Luke Laister

The New Year sees training well under way for Buckinghamshire New University Rowing Club’s second official race in February. The British Universities and Colleges Sport organisation is running its annual BUCS Head Regatta over the weekend of February 22nd to the 23rd at Peterborough Embankment and BNURC plans to enter a competitive Men’s Eight and a Women’s Four.

own Charlie Thompson; who has since been given the prestigious title of “Chunder Charlie”. As well as runs, there are regular circuit training sessions in the studio gym and timed 5000m rows on the rowing machines.

Since Fresher’s Fair, the rowing club has gone from strength to strength and memberships have grown from eight original members to an enormous thirty. The vast majority are Freshers with no previous rowing experience and everyone has quickly picked up either single oar sweeping or double oar skulling.

Experienced coach, Tom Rendell, will be selecting preliminary teams to enter into the Men’s Eight and the Women’s Four in the next few weeks and it is hoped many of you will be able to come and support them. The new team lycras have arrived and not only is rowing starting to look like a professional team, there have been assurances that they will shave seconds off race times!

Although primarily a Sport For Fun Society, the rowing society has a huge competitive streak and a small number of committed members have begun serious training for this year’s first race in February. This has included a number of memorable runs at 7am on Monday mornings with the first casualty being rowing’s

Finally, in the coming weeks the rowing society are finalising designs for this year’s rowing club t-shirts and these will be available very soon. The t-shirts give off the exclusive Jack Wills-esque style that rowing is well known for and will be available at a very affordable price for all, rower or non-rower.

VOLUNTEERING PROJECT One Can Trust is a charity that has been started to facilitate community based projects, helping communities help themselves. Their first major project is the One Can Foodbank which provides free food parcels to those “in crisis”. Every other Tuesday from 2-3.30pm, Bucks students help sort through donations and put together parcels at the foodbank. The dates for this term are: • 21 January • 4 February • 18 February

• 4 March • 18 March • 1 April

To sign up email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk

January Issue

BNU Rowing Club Takes on the BUCS Head Regatta

28 January Issue

Guest speaker Hayley-Jade Cass @HayleyJadeCass Third Year Music and Live Events Management

Songwriting Masterclass

with Martin Sutton Multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer Martin Sutton was welcomed to Bucks New University to give an interactive songwriting masterclass to music management students on Monday the 20 of January. Martin started his musical career as a busker in Norwich and moved onto bars and clubs until he realised that he was not getting noticed. After a few years in what he calls “a grown up job” and the sad passing of his father, he decided “Life’s too short, you’ve just got to do what you love”. After a series of mistakes, he finally made it as a songwriter and has gone on to sell over 10 million records globally and has worked with the likes of Celine Dion, Lulu, Leann Rimes and the Backstreet Boys. He has also established a website (hoozik.com) that aims to bring songwriters together as a community.

"Life’s too short, you’ve just got to do what you love" The workshop answered questions about both the process and the business of songwriting including what makes a great song and where professional songwriters get their ideas from. One of the main points that Martin made about the business itself was that networking is “invaluable” and likened it to being like trying to climb out of a well. During the workshop, Martin shared with students his golden rules for songwriting. He revealed techniques such as the “Music Triangle” , a three pronged attack on songwriting to ensure that your song is relatable, commercial and moving. He explained how singles are the future, and that album tracks are a dying breed, and that repetition is a songwriters best friend.

"singles are the future" A Third year Music Management, Branding and Public Relations student and aspiring singer-songwriter found the workshop invaluable and added that it was “good to see how a professional songwriter with commercial success composes a song, compared to my own methods”.


We’re so excited here at The Bucks Student about loads of things. Our new look is one of them, so we’ve come up with an amazing free competition with our friends at Soap! to give you guys the chance to win a house/flat party on Friday 7 February! Entry is FREE! All you have to do is take a photo of you or a friend reading this newspaper in the most unusual or exciting place (although we highly doubt you’ll beat Rusty in this photo). Post your pic on:

facebook.com/thebucksstudent and we will announce our winner on Wednesday, 5 Feb.

You Could Win

••Tuborg (x24 Cans) ••Strongbow (x24 Cans) ••Smirnoff Ice (x24 Bottles) ••Domino’s Pizzas (Veggie Option Included) ••3 Hour DJ Set (PA included) ••Photographer ••A VIP visit from Bucks's own Rusty Buck! ••Transport to the Venue for Soap!

January Issue

Win a flat party!

30 January Issue

Sport and Society news

MEN'S HOCKEY by Joe Thomas

Bucks outclass Brunel

Bucks travelled to Brunel for their final game ahead of the Christmas break. A slightly understrength team and rushed warm up wasn’t ideal preparation against a team just one place below Bucks in the league. The game started with Bucks taking control straight from the off, holding possession well, looking confident and composed both in attack and defence leaving Brunel struggling to cope with the pace at which Bucks were playing. It wasn’t long before Bucks were rewarded for their attacking superiority by winning a penalty corner after some good play from Liam Conelly. Chris Pedrick stepped up and flicked the ball past the keeper to give Bucks a well-deserved 1-0 lead. The game continued in the same vein with Bucks dominating in attack and holding onto possession extremely well. The first goal was soon followed by a second thanks to an early Christmas present from a Brunel defender passing the ball into his own goal. Bucks were already looking comfortable in the game from defence to attack. It wasn’t long before Gabriel Emery made it 3-0 to Bucks after doing very well to create some space in the D and fired in a cracking reverse stick shot leaving the keeper with no chance. Brunel managed to pull one goal back in one of their few ventures into the Bucks D with a shot narrowly beating Henry Howard in the Bucks goal. Bucks soon continued their dominance of the game by winning a

series of penalty corners with Gabriel reacting quickest to fire in his second and Bucks fourth of the game. Halftime score Bucks 4 Brunel 1. The second half continued like the first with Brunel unable to cope with the pressure Bucks were applying in attack, any offensive opportunities they did have were easily dealt with by the very competent looking Bucks defence especially Lewis Pilgrim who was having an excellent game at centre back. Although Bucks were doing very well creating lots of scoring opportunities their finishing was poor with several clear goal scoring opportunities going wide of the mark. Bucks eventually made it 5-1 after Joe Thomas scored a superb goal running from halfway beating several Brunel defenders before hitting the ball past the keeper into the top corner. Bucks should have again added to their tally but continued to miss easy opportunities. Brunel were pushing forward looking to score a consolation goal but some fine defending particularly from Man of the Match Lewis Pilgrim and goal keeping kept the final score at 5-1. This result leaves Bucks 2 points off top of the league with a game in hand. It’s been a great first half to the season with some excellent performances and a great team spirit on and off the pitch.


The cheapest prices in town. Black and white printing from


Dissertation binding from


Colour printing from


Laminating from


For more info visit your nearest Students’ Union Office or go to bucksstudentsunion.org/printshop



RESULTS Bucks 1st Bucks 3-2 1st Royal3-2 Holloway Royal 1st Holloway 1st Player of the Player Match: of the Daniel Match: Mija Daniel Mija

Womens Hockey Womens Hockey Sussex 2ndSussex 6-1 2ndBucks 6-1 1stBucks 1st Player ofPlayer the Match: of theMolly Match: Routely Molly Routely

Womens Tennis Womens Tennis Queen Mary's 2nd 2nd0-10 0-10 Bucks Queen Mary's Bucks 1st 1st



Bucks 1st Bucks 41-24 1stBrunel 41-244th Brunel 4th Player of the Player Match: of the Becky Match: Lane Becky Lane KingstonKingston 2nd 31-7 31-7 Bucks 2nd 2nd 2nd Bucks Player Player of the of Match: the Match: Vicky Brocklehurst Vicky Brocklehurst Westminster 2nd 2nd 18-11 18-11 Bucks Westminster Bucks3rd 3rd Player of Player the Match: of the Sophie Match: Colleran Sophie Colleran I’m sure many of you will have made various New Year’s Resolutions over the Christmas period - go to the gym more often, eat healthier, lose weight. Sound familiar? Why not try doing something a little bit different and take up a new sport instead?! Sport For Fun are giving students at Bucks New Uni the opportunity to learn how to play golf, with weekly hourly lessons from a professional coach. Jared Parsons (JP), a first year Music Management and Artist Development student and Marta Johnston (MJ) a third year Psychology student took part in the lessons last term – we caught up with them over Christmas to see what they thought. Had you played golf before starting the lessons with Sport For Fun? MJ: Not really! I’d played once whilst on holiday in Spain and once since living in Wycombe. That was all… JP: A couple of times for fun but I was definitely in need of some tuition! Why did you want to take part in the lessons? MJ: I thought it would be an amazing opportunity – I enjoyed it when I played in Spain and wanted to try out a new sport that I could continue to play in the future. JP: As I am a fresher I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people. Also, I love all kinds of sport and golf was one of the few I wasn't very good at!

What did you enjoy most about the lessons? MJ: Meeting new people and getting advice from the coach. I think my personal highlight was trying to hit a golf ball whilst standing on one leg – I had a great time and it was lots of fun!

Mens Football Mens Football Bucks 1st Bucks 5-3 1st Portsmouth 5-3 Portsmouth 2nd 2nd PlayerPlayer of theofMatch: the Match: Josh Josh Renwick Renwick SmithSmith Bucks 2nd Bucks 7-1 2nd Sussex 7-1 2nd Sussex 2nd Player of the Player Match: of the Kel Match: Brook Kel Brook

JP: I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere between everyone taking part and the coaching we received was brilliant.

Bucks 4th Bucks 1-1 4th Roehamptom 1-1 Roehamptom 2nd 2nd Player of the Player Match: of the Henry Match: lee Henry lee

Are you going to continue playing?

Bucks 6th Bucks 1-2 6th Roehamptom 1-2 Roehamptom 3rd 3rd Player ofPlayer the Match: of theDaniel Match: Hawes Daniel Hawes

MJ: Yes, definitely – I’ve just booked a golfing holiday in Spain! I would recommend the lessons to everyone. JP: Yes for sure, I hope to get reasonably good so I can continue to play and enjoy some competition with family and friends! Also, a big thanks to our instructor Scott for making the sessions really enjoyable and being so enthusiastic. The first block of golf lessons for term two runs from 20th January –17th February. Lessons take place weekly on a Monday evening, 5 – 6pm and free transport is provided to and from the venue. Lessons cost £20 (for the entire five week block) but if you attend at least four out of the five sessions then you receive £10 back. I can guarantee you won’t get professional golf coaching cheaper anywhere else! You must sign up for the lessons in advance – to do so or to find out more email hannah.jeremy@bucks.ac.uk. So, take up something new for 2014 and give golf a go!

Bucks 7th

2-3 3rd Bucks Westminster 7th 2-3 Westminster 3rd

Mens Rugby Mens Rugby Bucks 1st Bucks 50-15 1stChichester 50-15 Chichester 1st 1st Player of Player the Match: of the Match: James Thornton James Thornton Bucks 2nd Bucks 29-23 29-23 1stUAL 1st 2nd UAL Player of the Player Match: of the Josh Match: RiderJosh Rider

Men's Basketball Men's Basketball Brunel 2st Brunel 65-64 65-64 1st 2nd Bucks Bucks 1st



Exeter 1st Exeter 5-1 Bucks 1st Bucks 1st 1st 5-1 Player of the Player Match: of the Alex Match: LeungAlex Leung Bucks 2nd Bucks 4½-1½2nd Kent 4½-1½ 1stKent 1st Player of Player the Match: of theOllie Match: Bradley Ollie Bradley For upcomming For upcomming fixtures fixtures visit: bucs.org.uk visit: bucs.org.uk

LGBT Fellowship West Herts & Borders Methodist Circuit For lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and friends, families and allies. Welcome whether you’re a Methodist, Christian of another denomination, or have little/no/undecided faith. We meet monthly on the 2nd Sunday, 2pm for 2.30pm until 4pm, at Berry Lane Methodist Church WD3 7HJ For more info and details of next meeting contact Rachel & Sarah lgbchristianbook@tiscali.co.uk If you need help with transport, email: multifaithchaplaincy@bucks.ac.uk or call: 01494 603 024 / 07544 750 793

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VARSITY 26.03.14

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The Bucks Student - Edition 44  

The Bucks Student - Edition 44