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Bucks Students’ Union has a positive impact on your time at Bucks in so many different ways. In each edition of The Bucks Student this column will showcase recent work that we have undertaken to continue having a positive impact on your time.

- Preparing for quite simply the best Varsity of all time. Don’t miss out. Buy your ticket in the Students’ Union offices and be there on Wednesday 20 March 2013.

- Receiving the report from our research company that will inform our new strategy and how we work to provide better services for postgraduate and mature students.

- Running a picture competition on Facebook to support our campaign to improve your housing quality. Search “Student Housing Week” for your chance to win £50.

2 Bucks Student March 2013



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Deputy Student Editor MJ Mahmood

Student Editor Guy Humphrey

Hi guys,

Hi Guys!


Welcome to issue 38 of the Bucks Student. It’s been a very busy term so far but none the less more exciting than ever. Firstly congratulations to all of the candidates that stood in the recent sabbatical elections, it was a great leadership race and just proved how much impact Bucks Students’ Union can have on your time here if you let it. On the horizon we have a number of exciting events firstly our newly formed Varsity against University of Roehampton. The team has put in a lot of preparation and effort to make this event the best Varsity Bucks has ever seen. With the election of our two Varsity captains we have ensured the students voice is as ever at the forefront of our decisions. We are taking 300 students to participate in Varsity and hopefully will see a number of spectators join us for what is sure to be a memorable day. When we come back for what is a relatively short summer term we will start to celebrate our achievements as a Student’s Union starting with the Union Awards. This event is focused on all of the achievements you as a student body have accomplished. A week later we then have the Athletic Union dinner where we will be looking back at everything Bucks has achieved within our competitive sporting fixtures. The next Union Council meeting is Tuesday 19 March, 5pm - 7pm in the Old Boardroom. This is an important part of how the Students’ Union is run and often brings upon big changes at the University. There will be free refreshments and a buffet in the Venue after the meeting. For all of the events above you can get involved and join us for what is set to be the biggest and best ending to a Bucks term yet! All that’s left for me to do is to wish you the very best of luck in any assessments you have coming up and hope you have an enjoyable Easter.

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to all who voted for me to be Vice President Education Welfare. I didn’t get it but I would like to publicly say thanks to any and everybody who voted for me. There is a roundup of elections in this edition so make sure you give that a read! Also, in this edition there is the usual soaps, beauty tips, film and music reviews as well as an article about Furniture History Society and Coppafeel. Just to remind you guys that the 24 hour library trial is up and running. Something which I personally feel is a great thing and will hopefully be a success! Until next time.

It’s already middle of March, which means one thing – my birthday! Joking (actually I’m not) – for most of you this means deadlines and exams! As we’re heading towards the end of another academic year; it’s definitely the time to have your head down and get on with some work. Make the most of the 24 hour library which finally is in full effect! Although it’s only a trial basis, fingers crossed that it will soon become a permanent fixture – like it is in other major universities. If you’re struggling with your course, finances or just need advice, the Advice Centre is always open and ready to help! If it’s more specifically course related, you can use the LDU for extra support. All that’s left to say is take care and Happy Easter!

Cheers, Ash


MJ x

Sabb chat... As your Sabbatical Officers we are the voice of the students and are here to make sure your time at Bucks is a positive one. We want you guys to be making the most out of your time here and getting involved with as much as possible, so that when you graduate you have lots of different experiences, qualifications and additional skills to put on that CV of yours. Look out for Varsity on Wednesday 20 March, tickets are on sale now in the Bucks Students’ Union office. And third years fill out the NSS please!

Ash Coles, President ash.coles@bucks.ac.uk Naomi Franco, Vice President Student Involvement naomi.franco@bucks.ac.uk Jack Badu, Vice President Education and Welfare jack.badu@bucks.ac.uk

March 2013 Bucks Student 3

All the latest goings-on around the High Wycombe and Uxbridge Campuses. Union news

Six Months at Bucks The Students’ Union has had a great year so far and we were trying to figure out the best way to show you how good it has been. Unfortunately the best we can come up with at the moment is a list and a cool picture of our President: >> 10,125 cutlery and napkin sets have been given out to customers in the Lounge >> 4837 times students have contacted the Students’ Union Advice Centre >> 1346 voters in the Sabbatical Elections >> 1203 spaces for recreational activities >> 1052 student involvement cards >> 711 different students have received help and advice from the Students’ Union Advice Centre >> 347 students attended a training session put on by the Students’ Union >> 338 attendees at Uxbridge recreational activities >> 321 different sports fixtures >> 168 Student Reps representing your views to the

University >> 160 total attendees at Union Council meetings >> 142 attendees at Uxbridge sports activities >> 103 hours of training delivered >> 79 sessions for recreational activities at High Wycombe >> 41 Competed against 41 different institutions in away sporting fixtures >> 26 charity and awareness campaign stalls at Uxbridge >> 24/7 - how long the Library will be open for the next 4 months (excluding the Easter weekend) >> 21 different recreational activities at High Wycombe >> 5 new members of staff to provide a greater service to students >> 4 Union Council meetings (so far) >> 3 minibuses >> 2 mascots, Rusty and Busty >> 1 Bucks Students’ Union; and it’s only going to get bigger and better!

Uxbridge news /BucksSUuxb


Fun at Uxbridge Campus So far this term we have offered a whole range of events and activities including theatre trips, cocktail making workshops, bowling and rock climbing to name a few. We have had some great feedback from our students and suggestions for new activities. If you are interested in taking part in any of our future activities or trips and want to know what we have planned, visit bucksstudent.com/events or speak to Jade or Tom in the Students’ Union office (room 1.03). “It was a really fun enjoyable trip. I personally can’t afford to go to the theatre so this is an experience which I thought I would never have. I would like to thank Jade and her team! It was really wonderful.” Theatre trip to see Viva Forever 26/2/13 “Theatre shows are always a good night out for stressed out students ☺” Theatre trip to see Viva Forever 26/2/13 “Useful, informative, engaging and well delivered.” Basic Life Support Course, 20/2/13 “This was an exceptional course and I really enjoyed all the skills and knowledge that I have learned and can one day put into practice to help save a life.” Basic Life Support Course, 20/2/13 “Brilliant instructor, fun packed classes. I loved every session!” Zumba February 2013 “It was really, really fun! Definitely doing this again next year!” Bowling 12/2/13

Cocktail Making Workshop 4/2/13 ‘Paint a Piggy Bank’ as part of National Student Money Week 12/2/13

A great year so far, by the numbers

President, Ash Coles knows it!

International Women’s Day Student Editor

Rain didn’t stop people coming to Guy Humphrey Buckinghamshire New University to show their support for International Woman’s Day. The annual worldwide event, put together by Oxfam, aims to highlight female rights and to try and support women’s needs in third world countries. The day began with a stall by Beats where you could write down which women you felt were inspirational with people’s mothers being the clear winner. TV presenter Fern Britton, Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Ruth Farwell and previous Mayor of High Wycombe Frances Alexander came along to the University to talk about International Woman’s Day and what it means to them. The event saw students and staff from the University and Students’ Union listen to what the three had to say as well as ask questions. The event was enjoyed by all, with many feeling inspired and motivated to achieve what they want in life. The UK has seen 438 events happen surrounding the day and is only set to get bigger and better.

(L - R) Fern Britton, Ruth Farwell, Naomi Franco and Frances Alexander, all inspirational women!

4 Bucks Student March 2013

Elections in Tweets @buckssu @BucksSU_UXB hollyj175 YES FRANCO!!!! RT @buckssu: #bsuElections @buckssu President 2013 - 2014 Naomi Franco

Your Sabbatical Officers for next year... After a week of intense campaigning and a turnout 11% up on last year you the student body have elected your Sabbatical Officer team for 2013-14.

DaisyMayBodewes What I loved most was the deafening chant of #DMBforSUP when the results were called :-) and everyone’s enthusiasm tonight #bsuElections

Naomi Franco President (centre) Jack Badu Vice President Education and Welfare (left)

stu_gough Big shout out to my boy @ MattyGilbert10 for winning the #bsuElections. Bucks you’re in safe hands. ReallyAaronRich President Franco is in the building #bsuElections!! tom_willmington Ffs Ron #bsuelections JoshReid_TS Wahey my tweets on a screen GO JOE! #bsuElections OhioV1 Ay @MattyGilbert10, you look kinda nervous b #bsuElections philsuth9 Election baby @MattyGilbert10 @ SammyNazzy #bsuelections

Matt Gilbert Vice President Student Involvement (right) Here are some of their manifesto highlights: > lobbying for 24 hour facilities > improving the catering facilities at the Uxbridge Campus > improve links with our Partner Collages > increase the profile of RAG across the University

> increase the size of our Employability Unit > creating a student led business enabling students to put theory into practice.

How did elections run? Depending on who you ask it was the best, most intense, exhausting and enjoyable 2 weeks of their lives. For the Students’ Union staff, the candidates and the campaign teams a very memorable 2 weeks. Blood sweat and tears went in to making the elections the great success that it was and with the help of the candidates and their campaign teams we had an amazing turnout with 1346 students voting - that’s about 14.8% of the overall student population. Would it shock you if I told you that 43.9% or 591 students who voted were in their 1st year? 27.6% of voters or 372 Students were in their second year of study. 24.1% were third year students and the final 4.4% of the vote was made up of Foundation and Post Graduate students. To go along with the main result from the Elections the Students’ Union gave out some prizes for what we like to call the Campaign Awards.

Most Innovative Campaign Joseph McCrudden, The Peg Game and the miniature roses that his team were giving out.

Best Campaign Team Joseph McCrudden

The results of the Elections were read out by current President Ash Coles and were as follows.

Best Slogan Guy Humphrey, Reach for the Sky, Vote for Guy

NUS National Conference Delegates (2 positions available)

Best Video Daisy May Bodewes, Are you gunna vote though? (YouTube search #dmbforsup)

Total papers Spoilt ballots Re Open Nominations Matt Gilbert Naomi Franco

Best Poster Guy Humphrey, Guy Story (Guys face photo shopped onto Woody from Toy Story)

Vice President Education and Welfare

Uxbridge Involvement Award Daisy May Bodewes, for making the effort to involve Uxbridge students and taking the time to go to Uxbridge and woo the voters. Special Commendation Mary May Yateem, our most successful part-time and our most successful Post Graduate candidate of all time. The Campaign Awards were voted for by Students’ Union staff after the close of voting and before the count for the elections had begun. Each winner received a bottle of wine and a certificate as well as the respect and admiration of everyone who was in the Lounge for the announcements.


435 6 25 192 212

Matt Gilbert and Naomi Franco were elected as NUS National Conference Delegates.

Total papers Spoilt ballots Re Open Nominations Guy Humphrey Jack Badu


1270 59 33 332 846

Jack Badu was elected as Vice President Education and Welfare for 2013-14 Vice President Student Involvement Total papers Spoilt ballots Re Open Nominations Joseph McCrudden Matt Gilbert


1305 35 30 526 714

Matt Gilbert was elected as Vice President Student Involvement for 2013-14 President Total papers Spoilt ballots Re Open Nominations Mary May Yateem Daisy May Bodewes Naomi Franco


1303 21 18 100 487 677

Naomi Franco was elected as President for 2013-14 Once again congratulations to our successful candidates Naomi Franco, Jack Badu and Matt Gilbert - your Sabbatical team for 2013-14.

March 2013 Bucks Student 5

Mary May Yateem Wow! The last 2 weeks of elections have been hectic to say the least, but ever so exciting. The journey of the elections is truly a great experience and I recommend running for a Sabbatical Officer position to everyone. Even if you don’t win you gain so much experience that words can’t describe. The journey began with getting people on board my campaigning team. Each person was given a different task for the final goal of getting people to vote my way. I had to get posters finished as early as possible so I could get all the good spots on the boards. In addition, I had to get t-shirts ready, think of ideas of how to reach out to the different student demographics of our University as we got closer to VOTING WEEK (AAAA!!!) When every candidate is doing their best to get YOU to vote for them, for it all to conclude on a Friday night when results are announced, and all you can do is drink the champagne while you wait... and wait ... and lose or win, it’s intense. I don’t regret a thing because I learned so much. I really think if you believe you can improve the student experience at Bucks, you should get involved with the Students’ Union and make things happen! I would also like to say big congratulations to Naomi, Jack and Matt for being elected, and a massive well done to all the other candidates. We took a leap of faith together and that means something. I loved working with all of you and good luck for the future.

Naomi Franco Elections are always an exciting time of the academic year and or very nerve wracking! I really enjoy the creative part of any election; it is interesting to see everyone’s different ideas of how to gain more votes, and how to stand out as a candidate. Campaigning is a lot of hard work from the preparation, to getting students to actually vote, long days and nights talking to so many students and just the stress of not knowing what the outcome will be. But the feeling of having all your hard work pay off and be successful is such an amazing feeling, and totally worth all the stress! So just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone who voted for me and I hope to do you all proud! I am incredible excited for the year ahead! I would recommend running in an election to anyone, it is a great experience and I can definitely say I have learnt a lot from being in two elections. If you have the passion then go for it! Being a Sabbatical Officer has been one of the best years of my life so just go for it, you have nothing too lose, only lots to gain! Thanks again and well done to all the candidates!

Daisy May Bodewes T-shirts, banners, rapping and posters, these past two weeks have been a fantastic chance to get people knowing about the Students’ Union, what it does, why it’s there and how students can get involved. From screen printing with mates to sitting down and having good chats to Uxbridge students about their education I have loved every day of it. Never did I expect that there would be quite so much support from everyone around me, not only people voting and passing on the great ideas and plans I promised to bring to the Union, but people going out and gathering support too. Whilst at University I’ve never quite knew what I wanted to do in life, but in these past weeks I have realised that even if it’s not at Bucks Students’ Union, that getting people involved and listening to their views is something

I love. It’s been a fantastic experience and I look forward to making the most of my last months at Bucks, and of course I’ll carry on helping the Students’ Union, how could I not? I would encourage anyone thinking about going for a position in the future to give it a go. A huge thanks to all that helped, voted and kept me going, now I’m off to use my new found rapping skills elsewhere.

Joseph McCrudden My campaign for Vice President Student Involvement this year was the first that I have ever led and have seen. Prior to the fortnight there was a lot of planning and preparation which was quite exiting especially as everything was coming through the post. I had a handful of campaigners who all were very dedicated and shared this interest with me which I was very thankful for, because I could not have everything on my own especially as they too were my face and voice. The best bit about our campaign was when we got started with increasing our profile through getting students involved. Some of the things that we managed to do was the Harlem shake at Brook Street Halls, The Peg Game and the giveaways like the goodie bags and the little roses which were all quite successful. I was glad that my teams effort was recognised on results night as the best campaign team because throughout our campaign, I have not only bonded more with the people I thought I knew already but I made even more through all the smaller societies I never thought existed. This really did push our limits as coming to the end I think we were all on Pro-Plus to keep us going in the day and night. I am proud of what this campaign has become as we did not only exceed the national average of getting students to have their say, but the idea that students are getting more involved year on year to make life better for students of Bucks. I look forward to what next year has in place through our new Sabbatical Officers who will have a positive impact. #GetInvolved

Matt Gilbert Friday capped off a hard week of campaigning but a thoroughly enjoyable one too. I’d spoken to people who had previously done it and they said it can really take it out of you. They weren’t wrong, however the amount of new people I met was incredible. From standing outside on the concourse just approaching people asking their thoughts on what the Union can do and also making people aware of what the Union already does. It was also great working with the other candidates throughout the week too, helping each other all the way through. Now the results are in I can’t wait to get started. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and working with both the staff and students. Finally I’d like to thank all of the people who work hard campaigning throughout the week. All their efforts and support was much appreciated.

Guy Humphrey Running in the elections was a great experience for me. It was good to get my friends together and help me in trying to get a job for next year. First things first, a great big congrats to Jack, Naomi and Matt for winning. I’m sure you will be great. In general, the experience helped me to gain confidence in talking to people I didn’t know about things that weren’t Lush products. You also meet people from different campaign teams and there a sense of togetherness from everybody. I would say one thing. It was the most tiring and stressful time I have ever had at University. On the surface of it talking to people and handing out leaflets doesn’t sound hard or tiring, it really is. Going to halls, updating social media and making sure you know your manifesto is and was hard work. But I really enjoyed it. It now feels strange not being in University campaigning! What I am going to do now: I am going to try and find jobs and/or internships in the media field. I love writing but I am also keeping my options open and might try becoming a runner or maybe even PR. I haven’t made my mind up and I will be using my job at Lush to fall back on if I haven’t found anything.

Jack Badu Firstly I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the elections from candidates to students and Union election staff. It was great to see all campaigners working so well with each other. This year so far has been an amazing opportunity to meet some fantastic students and staff and to also see so much of the great work that students at Bucks are producing. I found, as a student, running in an election is both incredibly daunting but equally rewarding. Having the courage to stop and talk to complete strangers about how you will potential make an impact on their individual student experience isn’t easy. With student fees rising and a greater pressure on students to get the most out of the time they spend at University, I feel the Big Deal is still overlooked by many of the students studying here. Whist campaigning I overheard a student say; “It’s funny how you don’t hear anything from the candidates apart from when they need votes.” I feel that the way we communicate to all students needs to be improved and kept consistent which is something I hope to do.


Total turnout so far

Presented here are three graphics showing the breakdown of the elections results. Immediate right shows how the turnout compares to last year and the national average. Bottom right is percentage male v female and below is a graph showing the percentage turning out between the two faculties.


National average


Total turnout from 2012




Turnout Female

53.2% Univerity Female

% 10

59.9% Turnout Male



Univerity Male




S+H Check out these and more stats at bucksstudent.com/elections

6 Bucks Student March 2013

University news

Student Buzz

Student praises Bucks for industry links that are ‘on the ball’ A first-year student studying BA (Hons) Sports Management with Rugby Studies says he has had an ‘astonishing’ start to life at Bucks and has enjoyed a host of opportunities through the industry links enjoyed by the course. Sam Verralls has worked with London Wasps Rugby Club, which has a Community Partnership with Bucks New University, on tag rugby coaching, learning refereeing skills and has even been the match day mascot, Sting, at the Club’s home games. He and fellow students also worked at the three-day long Rugby Expo 2012 event at Twickenham which attracted around 800 delegates, guiding and advising visitors, and meeting stars including Rugby World Cup winner, Phil Vickery. Sam said: “Rugby has always been my passion in life, and that passion has been enhanced twofold whilst studying on the Sports Management with Rugby Studies course at Bucks. “I’m barely half a year in, and my knowledge surrounding sports marketing, sociology and, above all, coaching, has expanded dramatically. “Alongside work with London Wasps and opportunities which I feel no other University has to offer, this course has been the making of myself and fellow students. “Being both academic and vocational, I’ve found the course to be the perfect balance. I have had the option to develop my coaching through practice, in parallel to learning about how to be most effective, and it has all been invigorating and eye-opening. “Personally, what’s been most exciting are the outside opportunities and networking that you can potentially carry out. I’ve already networked with the likes of Phil Vickery at Rugby Expo 2012, spoken to Rugby stars, Tom Varndell and Ollie Lindsay-Hague, and mingled with sporting greats like Rob Andrew and Bill Beaumont, who were also at Rugby Expo 2012. “Grasping all opportunities with both hands has helped me already begin to ascend the job ladder and, ultimately, get my name out there. I’ve had the most

astonishing five months and have enjoyed the course immensely!” Course leader, Hugh Mannerings, said he was delighted with Sam’s progress and pleased that he was making the most of the industry links afforded through the course, which also include a link-up with Premiership Rugby club, Harlequins. He said he was also pleased that students were benefiting from the experience of graduate Ben Smiley, who works as a Community Rugby Coach at London Wasps, and is also coaching the Bucks students as part of the partnership between the club and Bucks New University. Ben graduated from Bucks with a BA (Hons) Sports Management with Rugby Studies in 2006. Hugh added: “It is fantastic to hear that Sam has settled in so successfully and is taking advantage of the links we have. We are proud of our industry links and feel this factor helps set us apart from similar courses.”

linked to the students’ course and was also part of Green Impact Week, organised by Bucks Students’ Union as part of national Student Volunteering Week 2013. Student, Lewis Baber, said: “It has been fantastic to be able to give something back to the community, do something a little different, and also contribute to what the Centre would like to create here.” The students also all work as Special Constables with Thames Valley Police and were joined by Bucks lecturers, Simon Hull and Bryony Harding.

Second year BA (Hons) Film and Television Production student Mark Singer and coursemates Amanda Jenkins, Kosta Panayi, Nick Pither, Lucy Pratt, and Rhys Thomas, have roduced a promotional film for yoga instructor Susan Brown, who runs a business called Bucks Laughing Club. Mark produced the film as part of his course. Course leader Stephen Partridge said: “Our students are required as part of their curriculum to produce a promotional film working independently with a client, and Mark’s production looks likely to raise a chuckle or two!” People can watch the film on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=JuWxrmkLqHE.

Illuminating alumni Around 80 Music and Live Events Management graduates and students went along to an alumni event at the iconic Gibson Guitar Studios in London recently, organised by the Music and Events Management Department with the Careers & Employability Service. The night included drinks and entertainment. Head of Department Teresa Moore said: “This is the second time we have held the alumni event at Gibson Guitar Studio and it was great to see that we are connecting with graduates and keeping up to date with them so successfully, and hearing about the exciting careers they are pursuing. My thanks go to Richard Chamberlain, Alan McBlane, and Helen Walters for their part in making the night such a great success.”

Digital platform Final-year Advertising Management and Digital Communications students have spent an afternoon with ITV’s Julian March, Director of Online, and James Micklethwait, Online Product Director, at its Network Centre in London. Course leader Vic Davies said the group discussed ITV’s digital strategy and how it saw future developments in the use of television by advertisers. He added: “This is a great example of students benefiting from using our connections with the media industry. I was particularly impressed with how the students held their own in discussions with James and Julian, who have both stated they would be happy answering any further questions the students have.” The students were invited by Andrew Ioannou, Director of Strategy, Technology and Platforms at ITV, who spoke at a marketing communications conference called ‘New Secularism 2’ held at Bucks in November.

Students volunteer to clear land for orchard at Wycombe Environment Centre Students from Bucks put their backs into clearing an area of rubble and rubbish at the Wycombe Environment Centre ready for the stretch of land to be replaced with an orchard. The students, studying Foundation Degree (Arts) Policing, spent a morning volunteering at the Centre in West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe. Their roles involved clearing bricks, rubble and rubbish from the 20-feet-long part of its site. The volunteering was part of a community engagement project

Singer’s pitch-perfect

Henri Court, Disability Support Tutor at Bucks, who is the leader of the gardening group at the Centre, said: “The students are among the best volunteers we have ever had. “They have been amazing and we are extremely appreciative of their efforts. We have taken a giant stride towards being able to transform this area into an orchard which will be enjoyed by plenty of people.” Wycombe Environment Centre requires helpers. For more details see its website at ecobuzz.org.uk.

Pause for thought A total of 15 students from the Department of Criminal Justice & Social Studies visited Krakow in Poland recently to take a tour of Auschwitz and a walking tour of the Krakow Ghetto, one of five major Jewish ghettos created by the Nazis during their occupation of the country during the Second World War. The trip is part of a law, discrimination and human rights module and the students have been accompanied by senior lecturers Lionel Cox and Jim Dunn. It is the second time the trip to Poland has taken place and previous trips have also seen students travel to Berlin and Limoges in France where many Jewish people were evacuated to. Students will go on to write a blog about their experiences.

That’s the spirit Second-year BA (Hons) 3D Contemporary Crafts & Products student Lucinda Newbound won second prize in The Goldsmiths’ Company Young Designer Silversmith Award working to a brief to design a drinking set for an alcoholic spirit. Fellow second-year students Claire Hughes and Lucinda Nims received commendations. Lucinda won £500 and will also spend a day working with top silversmith and goldsmith Clive Burr at The Goldsmiths’ Centre, in Clerkenwell. Course leader Andreas Fabian said: “This is an extremely prestigious competition so all three students have done fantastically well to be recognised and a day working with such a well-regarded figure as Clive Burr represents a great opportunity for Lucinda.”

Student Buzz is brought to you by the University Communications team. We hope you enjoy reading the latest news. Plus remember to follow Bucks on Twitter at @bucksnewuni and on Facebook at bucks.ac.uk/facebook

March 2013 Bucks Student 7

Chapel at prestigious Wycombe school gains new altar table thanks to links with Bucks New University

(L-R) Graduate Sam Hutchings; Reverend Jane Chaffey; and Bucks New University Lecturers David Gillett and Alex Hellum. Students using the chapel at a top independent secondary school are enjoying the use of a new oak altar table made by furniture lecturers and graduates at Buckinghamshire New University. Wycombe Abbey School, in Abbey Way, High Wycombe, commissioned the University to create the three-feet-high moveable oak altar. The Right Reverend Dr Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, blessed the table before using it in a Confirmation service at the chapel, where it is now placed for Communion each week. The altar table, which was designed to incorporate features of existing chapel furniture, has hinged leaves and purpose-made rubber-tyre brass castors in the bottom of two legs so it can be easily moved when not in use. It also has a dressing rail and handle with plates representing a feature of the school’s crest. Two wrought iron crosses, in the pattern of the crest, are attached to the front legs of the table. School Chaplain, The Reverend Jane Chaffey, said she had been impressed by the amount of ‘care, effort and attention to detail’ that had gone in to making the altar

table. She said: “This is a perfect fit for the chapel and is both beautiful and useful. Wycombe Abbey School and Bucks New University are near neighbours and it is fantastic that we are able to work together to produce something like this.” The altar table was designed and made by Lecturers in Furniture, David Gillett and Alex Hellum, and BA (Hons) Furniture: Conservation Restoration & Decorative Arts graduate, Sam Hutchings. Mr Gillett said: “It has been a pleasure to work closely with Wycombe Abbey School on this project. We feel the design and construction of the altar table captures principles that are central to the place of worship and the school as a whole, and we have been pleased to be able to incorporate a motif from the school’s crest in the design.” Wycombe Abbey School has also agreed to pay a £100 annual bursary for five years for use by the BA (Hons) Furniture: Conservation, Restoration and Decorative Arts course at Bucks, which is part of the National School of Furniture, a partnership between the University and Oxford and Cherwell Valley College.

Bucks Students’ Union Research Coordinator Gemma Heath

> How did you come to be in your current position at the University? I had always wanted to be involved in research, ever since I studied for my Master degree, so when I saw the position advertised I was determined to get it! I am originally from up North, so I even relocated for this position, I wanted it that much! > What are your aims for the University in the near future? To give out even more chocolate freddo bars and £50 cash prizes in exchange for all your survey feedback! > How is this University different to others? I studied my undergraduate at the University of Manchester and my Master’s degree at the University of Bristol, so coming to Bucks was a huge change for me. Both my previous University’s had such huge student populations, which meant you

Back on the chain gang Students studying BSc (Hons) Criminology brought their subject to life when they dressed in orange overalls and acted out the role of prisoners in a chain gang. The second-year students, supported by Foundation Degree Policing students, wore the bright overalls and were chained at the ankles picking up rubbish on the Gateway Concourse duringthe recent Open Day, while also carrying out research amongst the general public. Other students played the parts of private prison correction officers in the stunt, which formed part of the group’s research into public opinion on punishment, rehabilitation and deterrence. Sean Butcher, lecturer in Police Studies and Criminology in the Department of Criminal

60 seconds with never got to take up any of the CV boosting opportunities that Bucks Students’ Union gives it students. Plus we never got anything for free when I was a student! > Where did you study and what degree did you do? I studied Politics and History at Undergraduate and my Master’s degree was in Public Policy. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to politics! I loved being part of counting the ballot papers for our student Union elections a few weeks ago! > What were you like as a student? I was a little bit of a reckless student... during my first year I went out up to 5 nights a week... drinking responsibly of course!!! After having to resit a number of exams and passing my first year with just 42% I realised it was time to curb my enthusiasm for nights out, and ended up sorting my life out and graduating with a 2:1! > If you could give any advice to a student, what would it be? Make the most of your time at Bucks and


make sure to boost your CV as much as you can while you are here. The Students’ Union you can help you with that, so come speak to us! I did NOTHING to improve my employability while at University, so I had to work in voluntary positions and internships for a year and a half after graduating before anyone would employ me! > What film did you last watch? The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I highly recommend it, read the book first though! > Where would your ideal place to go on holiday be? I am actually currently saving for a trip to Bangkok and Laos in July, I am so excited to be booking my tickets at the end of this month. I will bring you back something nice! > What’s your idea of the perfect night in/out? Erm... I work most evenings at a theatre so I rarely get the chance for a night in or out these days :( When I do get time I like to go out for drinks with friends or watch some live music with my boyfriend!


Justice and Social Studies at Bucks, explained that the students also invited people to fill in questionnaires on their thoughts of chain gangs and feelings around punishment. He said: “The students did a very good job acting as convincing prisoners and correction officers, so we’re not entirely sure people appreciated that it wasn’t for real. It was a great way of bringing the subject to life in a thoughtprovoking way and will contribute towards forthcoming assessed work. “Given the current economic climate and the reported need to cut the cost of the criminal justice system, cost-saving methods of exacting justice seem to take on an added popular appeal. In that sense the use of the chain gangs represents a topical display,

as well as one that is both interesting and engaging.” Second-year BSc (Hons) Criminology student, Samantha Thompson, said: “People have seen this kind of punishment on TV or in the movies or documentaries but are not used to seeing it in the UK, and it makes you wonder whether our justice system could change at all so that this kind of thing could appear in the UK. I have really enjoyed taking this different slant on the subject.” Fellow student, James Cook, added: “Taking on the role of a prisoner in a chain gang is very eye-opening and is a good way of making our research interactive with the public.” The students also carried out further research in a similar stunt, dressed as a chain gang, in High Wycombe town centre, last Friday.

Have your say in the National Student Survey How was it for you? Whether you feel your time as a student at Bucks New University has been great, or you feel that some aspects could have been better, the NSS gives you a unique opportunity to speak up and make a difference. Your opinions really matter – they could help improve the quality of experience for future students on your course. With the National Student Survey well underway, around half of eligible finalyear students of Bucks New University have now taken part. The survey is open until 30 April and our target is a 67% completion rate. It is open to all final year students on full and part-time courses, including those studying at partner colleges. The six departments in the lead for student responses are: New Media & Technologies; Production; Creative & Visual Communications; Education; Criminal Justice & Social Studies and Law. We are particularly keen to see more students of Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) and Nursing, Travel & Aviation and Psychology completing surveys. Please get online at thestudentsurvey.com to fill in the NSS. One lucky Bucks student will win £1,000 just for entering!


What’s on in Uxbridge


Research Methods for Reps Wednesday 13 March 10.30am - 12.00pm

STUDENT Meeting Skills TRAINING Wednesday 13 March 1.30pm - 3.30pm

“Very helpful... will serve me well all year.” 2011/12 feedback

Use research to support your university life

Make the most of your meetings

Learn how to manipulate secondary data to support your ideas, gather feedback through surveys and hold your own focus groups. Great for any student in a representative role or just looking for research experience (perhaps with dissertations in mind?).

This session will give you a better understanding of meeting protocols and help you to develop the skills needed to make the most of the meeting, whether you are a Student Rep or a society/sports committee member.

for more information contact:

for more information contact:

bucksstudent.com/ bucksstudent.com/ For more information gemma.heath@bucks.ac.uk email jade.buckingham@bucks.ac.uk bucksstudent.com/events facebookuxb or visit facebookuxb amy.mclaughlan@bucks.ac.uk

8 3 n o i it

ed. reviews .

n o s ’ t wha s cloud atla review

e t i b d n u o s s w e n c i s u m

s o t o h p

nd a l r e d n o w d n a l r e d n u / se a e l e r s s e pr

bucksstudent.com/ events

10 Bucks Student March 2013

After Hours

A round-up of Students’ Union nightlife plus entertainment news and reviews. Submit your articles to Section Editor Yael afterhours@thebucksstudent.com


A round-up of the latest music news By Stefan Miller

Justin Time…NOT! YOUNG fans and their parents were left angry and upset after Justin Bieber was two hours late of his own concert. The tardy 19-year-old teen idol turned up at the London O2, to a chorus of boos as annoyed fans expressed their frustration. Arriving at an incredibly inconvenient time of 10:30pm, many eager fans were forced to leave the venue and take the last trains and transport home. Justin doesn’t seem to be having a great week in London so far, as his birthday celebrations on the 1st didn’t go so well, calling it the ‘worst’ after a conflict with guests and security staff brought his party to a close.

Chart News JUSTIN Timberlake bags his second UK no.1 as his latest hit Mirrors soared to the top spot after three weeks in the chart. The 32-yearold’s comeback is going remarkably well as this latest single is also Justin’s second Top 5 hit since Suit and Tie in January. The Timbaland produced R&B ballad - which is the B-side track to previous hit Suit and Tie - is one of the longest songs to ever chart lasting 8 minutes in full, and sounds reminiscent of his signature hit ‘Cry Me A

River’. Indie band Bastille narrowly missed out on the top spot with latest song Pompeii debuting at No.2. Avicii and Bruno Mars remain No.5 and No.6 while Taylor Swift is a non-mover at No.6. One Direction and Macklemore move down two places to No.3 and No.4 while Pink’s latest single Give Me A Reason moves in to the Top 10 at No.10. The chart also saw the return of Wiley with new single ‘Reload’ featuring Chipmunk debuting at no.9.

Anastasia’s Cancer Woes THE soulful singer known for her hits ‘I’m Outta Love’ and ‘Left Outside Alone’ has had to postpone her upcoming European tour after having the incredibly unfortunate experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. The 44-year-

old powerhouse singer broke the horrible news to fans on her Facebook page and will continue writing material for her new album. After previously overcoming the disease in 2003, hopefully she will fight and recover once again.

March 2013 Bucks Student 11

Song of the Week Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E – Need U (100%) THIS week’s song of the week comes from Duke Dumont and must be one of the catchiest yet! Featuring the rising, young and talented starlet that is A*M*E, who also co-wrote the track, Need U (100%) perfectly blends authentic, retro sounding house music with chart-friendly lyrics in what could be the first dance anthem for the summer.

By Stefan Miller

The addictive house track sees A*M*E channel her inner soul diva, wanting all of her man’s attention, as she sings catchy lyrics like ‘I wanna be one you call every day and night’ and ‘Are you gonna be one whose always gonna treat me right’ over a chunky late-80’s inspired beat. This leads to the infectious foot-tapping chorus as A*M*E demands 100% of her man over a soulful male vocal, an up-tempo four-to-the-floor beat and echoey piano synths that could have come from out of an Inner City record. Another highlight of the song is the disco inspired handclaps in between the beats, which makes the song irresistible to dance to. With a distinct mix of 80’s and 90’s dance music influences, Duke Dumont has brought the original sound back in style, making a refreshing change to the radio airwaves and with A*M*E’s rising stardom - and great song writing skills - this may have the hallmarks of a chart success!

find more photos of events

Bucks SU Photo’s 2012 - 2013

Your Nig

High Wycombe Venu

ghts Out

ue Mon 25th - TUe 12th

Live bus times

Giving you the time to...

...finish your morning coffee ...send that email

...grab that dress for tonight

Forget waiting at the bus stop. NextBus tracks your bus in real time so you know exactly when its coming.

Direct to your mobile: www.nextbuses.mobi Or on your pc: www.nextbus.travel


HOUSE HUNTING? The first rule of house hunting is - Don’t panic! Do not be rushed into any decisions. In the Students’ Union Advice Centre we see many students every year who want to move out of accommodation that they are unhappy with. Most accommodation contracts will cover a fixed period and for students

this often means September to June, so if the rent is £300 a month then signing such a contract means that you are committed legally to paying the land lord a total of £3000. You should NEVER rush a decision that will cost you that much money!

Do not sign a contract for accommodation unless: 1) You are absolutely sure the accommodation is right for you. 2) You completely understand and agree with the contract you are being asked to sign. 3) You are as sure as you can be that you are

going to get on with your housemates. 4) Your housemates are all signing as well. On the right is the NUS House Hunting checklist that we would advise you to use when looking for your house for next year.

Problems with you Private rented Accommodation? If you have a serious concern about your private rented accommodation for instance serious repair issues like dodgy electrics or serious damp that your landlord is refusing to put right then you can report these issues to Wycombe District Council. The Council will need

your landlord or agents name, address and telephone number and details of the issues. These you can email to environmentalhealth@wycomeb.gov.uk You can also come and speak to us in the Students’ Union Advice Centre for further advice.

More Housing News and Information Endsleigh, the insurance people who specialise in providing insurance to students, have a wealth of useful information about the following: • • • • • • •

Get ready for a mix of people Establish your accommodation budget Check your contract Take photo’s How clean is your house? Share the cooking Have a house warming party

• • • • •

Sort out repairs Get prepared for moving out day How to protect your deposit? Take the housemate quiz What the experts say? – Advice and tips from students and industry experts.

All the above can be found here: endsleigh.co.uk/Student/hub/Pages/housing.aspx

TENANCY DEPOSIT SCHEMES In England and Wales, if you rent your home on an assured shorthold tenancy that started after 6 April 2007, your landlord must place your deposit in one of the following tenancy deposit protection (TDP) schemes:

• Deposit Protection Service • MyDeposits • Tenancy Deposit Scheme There will be 2 new schemes available from 1 April 2013 but you can register for them now: • Capita Tenancy Deposit Protection • Deposit Protection Service Insured These government-backed schemes ensure you’ll get your deposit back if you: • Meet the terms of your tenancy agreement • Don’t damage the property • Pay your rent and bills Your landlord or letting agent must put your deposit in the scheme within 30 days of getting it.

At the end of your tenancy If you and your landlord agree how much deposit you’ll get back, it must be returned to you within 10 days of the tenancy ending. If you’re in a dispute with your landlord, then your deposit is protected in the TDP until the issue is sorted.

Holding deposits Your landlord doesn’t have to protect a holding deposit (money you pay to ‘hold’ a property before an agreement is signed). However, once you become a tenant, the holding deposit becomes a deposit, which they must protect.

Deposits made by a third party Your landlord must use a TDP scheme even if your deposit is paid by someone else, like a rent deposit scheme or your parents. For more information visit: gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection/overview

HOUSING CHECKLIST Address of property: Number of rooms:

Number of floors:

Rent per week per tenant: £

Contact details of landlord:

Location of property

Delete as applicable

Is the property in an area convenient for your studies and social life?


Is the property within a suitable distance to local public transport and local amenities?


Would you feel sufficiently safe walking around the area during the day or in the evening?


External features Does the exterior of the property appear well maintained? This would include no broken guttering, no damage to the roof e.g. missing roof tiles, no cracked windows panes and solid front and back doors


Are all boundary walls are in good condition e.g. no missing sections or crumbling bricks?


Are there sufficient bins for the property, including recycling?


If there is a garden Is the garden is well maintained and clear of any rubbish?


Is the landlord/agent clear about who is responsible for the maintenance of the garden?


Internal features Is there sufficient communal living space?


Do bedroom sizes meet the household’s expectations?


Does the interior of the property appear well maintained? This includes no signs of damp, hot water and heating work, décor and furniture in good condition, no outstanding issues of disrepair and all the appliances and lights work (speak to the current tenants) YES / NO Are there enough facilities (e.g. kitchen appliances and cupboard space, bathrooms) for the number of tenants?


Is there sufficient heating (radiators etc) throughout the property? (Ask to turn this on when you arrive)


Safety features Does the landlord possess a current gas safety certificate that has been provided by a Safe Gas registered engineer within the past 12 months? You can check this on gassaferegister.co.uk


Does the property have working smoke alarms?


Are plug sockets free from cracks and other damage?


Are there sufficient plug sockets in each room in the property?


Security features Are all windows are lockable?


Are there suitably strong locks on front and back doors, in line with regulations?


Your landlord Is the landlord or letting agency part of an accreditation scheme, which is run or approved of .by your students’ union or local council?


Do you have the landlord’s full contact name and address?


Do you know you are renting from the landlord and not subletting from another tenant? (If not, advice before signing)


Have you seen a copy of the HMO license (if property is five or people or more)?


Have you seen at least three other properties with other landlords and compared rent levels with other properties?


Has the landlord provided details of which deposit scheme they will use to protect your money?


Contract Have you taken the contract to your students’ union or local advice centre for checking? We strongly recommend you do so if not. Do you know how much the weekly rent is? And when rent payments are due? Are you on a joint or individual contract?


Do you know if things are included within the rent? E.g. bills, broadband etc?


Have you got all plans for refurbishments / promised changes / dates of completion confirmed in writing?


Questions to ask the current tenants Are they happy with the state of the property?


Do they consider the landlord to be professional and gets repairs done quickly?


Does the heating work sufficiently?


Is there a working burglar alarm, and is it easy to operate?


Do they like living in the property?


Any outstanding issues?


Why are they leaving?

Additional Notes:

What’s Gaelic Athletic Association Takeover St Patrick’s Day Warm Up



Plus guests...

WKD Club Edition launch

Snakebite & Black - £1.80 | 175ml Glass of House Wine - £2.50 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot | Double Up On Any Shot £1 | Pint Of Coke/Lemonade £1 (all night)

Gaymers Original Draft / Strongbow Pear Draft / Tuborg Cans / Vodka & Relentless / Range of Bombs’ - all £2 Large Glass House Wine (175ml) - £2.50 Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot - £1 (all night)

Wednesday 13

Thursday 14

2nd Year dance student performance

10% funnier for Comic Relief

Large Glass House Wine (175ml) - £2.70 | Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

4 Pint Pitcher of Carlsberg / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Range of Barefoot Wines - £7 | Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Monday 18

Tuesday 19

Coors Light Draft / Red Stripe Can / Strongbow (Original + Pear) Draft / Jim Beam flavours & Mixer - all £2 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Coors Light Draft / Red Stripe Can / Strongbow (Original + Pear) Draft / Jim Beam flavours & Mixer - all £2 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Saturday 6

Saturday 13

Carlsberg Draft / Carling Draft / VK & WKD / Relentless / Relentless Can - all £2 | Large Wine (175ml) - £2.50 (until midnight) Firebom Corky’s £1 A Shot // Double Up On Any Sho

Friday 15

Snakebite & Black - £1.80 | 175ml Glass of - £2.50 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot | D Any Shot £1 | Pint Of Coke/Lemonade £1 (a

Wednesday 2

Carlsberg Draft / Carling Draft / VK & WKD / Relentless / Relentless Can - all £2 | Large Wine (175ml) - £2.50 (until midnight) Firebom Corky’s £1 A Shot // Double Up On Any Sho

Friday 19


Bucks? Bucks Live presents...

St Patrick’s Day open ‘til 1am!

h party

/ Vodka & Glass House mbs - £2 ot £1 (all night)

House Wine Double Up On all night)


/ Vodka & Glass House mbs - £2 ot £1 (all night)

Irish themed quiz, music and giveaways... Coors Light Draft / Red Stripe Can / Strongbow (Original + Pear) Draft / Jim Beam flavours & Mixer - all £2 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

4 Pint Pitcher of Carlsberg / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Range of Barefoot Wines - £7 | Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Saturday 16

Sunday 17

The After Party

GUNGE NIGHT with Dave Benson Phillips

Gaymers Original Draft / Strongbow Pear Draft / Tuborg Cans / Vodka & Relentless / Range of Bombs’ - all £2 Large Glass House Wine (175ml) - £2.50 Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot - £1 (all night)

Carlsberg Draft / Carling Draft / VK & WKD / Vodka & Relentless / Relentless Can - all £2 | Large Glass House Wine (175ml) - £2.50 (until midnight) Firebombs - £2 Corky’s £1 A Shot // Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Thursday 21

Friday 22

semi-final at 8.45pm Coors Light Draft / Red Stripe Can / Strongbow (Original + Pear) Draft / Jim Beam flavours & Mixer - all £2 (until midnight) Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

4 Pint Pitcher of Carlsberg / Gaymers / Snakebite & Black - £8 | Range of Barefoot Wines - £7 | Corky’s £1 A Shot / Double Up On Any Shot £1 (all night)

Saturday 20

Tuesday 23

15 Bucks Student March 2013

Soap round-up Deputy Student Editor MJ Mahmood

ANOTHER turbulent 2 weeks have passed in Soap Land, and I’m back to give you an update on this upcoming fortnight in Albert Square, Walford. As you can probably guess, there’s plenty of action to look forward to, and I’ve got all of the latest gossip!

Last week we saw Lola snatch Lexi from Phil! That wasn’t the only drama involving Phil as he shared a kiss with Sharon, knowing that she is in a relationship with Jack. Liam was shown to be hanging around with gangs, fearing that he’s getting in with the wrong crowd. Tamwar’s job on the market is causing him grief as various trade marketers continue to target him over his new job! Let’s face it, Mr Lister was never popular either. Tamwar’s money belt went missing and was later found in Liam’s bedroom! When the police came

searching, Bianca defended her son and provided him with a false alibi. The Liam and Bianca drama continues for the remainder of this week. As Bianca goes searching for her son, she finds him hanging out with a new gang. Bianca tells Liam to come home, but will he finally listen to his mother or have his loyalties well and truly changed? Tanya tries to move on from husband Max Branning by accepting a date with a mystery man. Max gets wind of the date and tries to put Tanya off, but she still attends her date. Finding herself both hung over and undressed the next morning, just how far did she really go? Unfortunately, the Easter spoilers haven’t yet been released, but keep your eyes peeled and I’ll be back next fortnight with all the gossip!

March 2013 Bucks Student 17

Movie Review

Cloud Atlas (15) Released 22/2/2013 Running time: 172 mins

CLOUD Atlas will surely be the most ambitious film of the year even if it is still only March. Directed by Tom Tykwer and The Wachowskis, best known as the duo behind The Matrix, Cloud Atlas is a lot to consume. The story, or should I say stories as there are six of them, explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. The 6 stories are set in 1849, 1936, 1973, 2012, 2144 and a time known as 106 years after fall with the same actors, such as Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, starring in multiple times but as different characters. One of the many things so interesting about this film is the amount of genres that it is able to cover and do so well. From conspiracy thriller to sci-fi/action to a post-apocalypse adventure and many more it is able to intertwine them creating a perfect tempo. While the first hour or so is certainly difficult to take in, once you’re

By Scott Matthewson

able to get used to it the last two go in blur. The film manages to go back and forth between a staggering six different time periods while keeping everything coherent. I say staggering because I’ve seen films try this with as little as two or three different periods in time and fail miserably. While there are certainly elements of the film that I didn’t fully comprehend, at no time did it make me feel confused and at a nearly three hours in length there is a lot of information to take in but can only be rewarded upon further viewings. It definitely isn’t perfect and is probably undeserving of five stars, but in an age where most filmmakers settle for pure mediocrity and sometimes don’t even attempt anything at all, the ambition shown in a film like this should be rewarded.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (15) Released 27/2/2013 Running time: 88 mins

We all know the tale; two orphaned children who, whilst lost in the wood get captured by a wicked witch who ends up being pushed into the furnace and burnt alive. Well this reimagining/updating by writer and director Tommy Wirkola of the Brother Grimm tale sees Hansel and Gretel grow up to become (as the title suggests) famed witch-hunters. The story plays out that the brother and sister combo, played by Jeremy Renner of Avengers fame and Gemma Arterton who has been in such action series as Bond and Clash/Wrath of the Titans, are invited to a German town that is being harassed by witches. The duo then go on a wild adventure capturing, interrogating and

killing witches; that’s pretty much it. There is some silly bit about their past and Hansel’s diabetes, but nothing that really brings any weight to the film. The first 10 minutes of the film ‘settle’ the audience to what the rest of the feature is like, with strong language and vivid but somewhat comical (to the man behind me in the cinema maybe a little too comical) gore. I went into the cinema not expecting too much, any other day I probably wouldn’t have seen it, but there’s not really much else on at the moment. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The action sequences are fun and believable and still able to see what happens. The comedy, admittedly mostly bloody slapstick, does make for some laugh out loud moments and the story is adequate enough to keep me engaged for the one and a half hours that it runs for.

Press Release An event of two stages at Bucks New University High Wycombe campus

Have your say about additional course costs

Saturday 16 March 2013 Help us find Alice!

#HaveyouseenAlice? * Indoor Fun Park * Vintage fair * Live Music * * Mad Hatter's Tea Party * Hair Braiding * Face painting * * Fairground Rides * Climbing Wall * * Burlesque * Shisha Lounge * and more… *

Come and enjoy Wonderlan�, a family fun day with free entry!

Join us later in the evening to explore Underland, a darker tale.

We need to find out how much you have paid for: books, course materials, course-related travel, degree shows, field trips, graduation, printing, projects and uniform. The survey won’t take long to complete and could make a real difference to future students.

WONDERLAND, an Alice in Wonderland themed, family fun, free entry event will kick start the day at 10am with its exciting, light hearted outlook on the Alice in Wonderland story. Children can enjoy the indoor fun park full of inflatable attractions, outdoor fairground rides, climbing wall and have their faces painted or hair braided. Adults can relax over tea and cake at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, after visiting the Vintage Fair for a spot of shopping with local traders. There will also be fantastic fresh food to suit all tastes including a hog roast, sweets stall, candy floss and freshly made pancakes. Live music featuring; Folly Rae, Cries Wolf, Rob Fincham and many more will take place throughout the day on the Airstream stage and the more intimate acoustic stage. Performances and workshops from some of the universities best societies will also feature. Wonderland will finish at 5pm and the doors to Underland will welcome you shortly after. Underland welcomes visitors from 8pm and will run until the early hours of the morning, exploring Alice’s more sinister and dark side. This 18+ event will play host to some greatly talented artists and entertainers, including burlesque dancers, stilt walkers, fire breathers, a ‘secret’ headline act, and an assortment of DJ’s. Underland also offers a range of temptations including a relaxing Shisha lounge and a Photo Booth to capture the evenings maddest moments. Wonderland and Underland are being organised and run by the Event & Festival Management and Music & Live Events students of Bucks New University. For more information go to buckslive.co.uk Visit us on Twitter @BucksWonderland, or Facebook /bucksliveuk Tickets for Underland can be purchased at seetickets.com For further enquiries, e-mail us at buckslivemarketing@gmail.com Bucks New University, High Wycombe Campus, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe HP11 2JZ Thanks to Ruby Moon, Kitsch Me Kwik, Focusrite, The Swan Theatre, Chiltern Events and Hughenden Manor for their support.

Visit surveymonkey.com/s/buckscoursecosts2013

-Board Theatre Buckinghamshire New University Performing Arts present

THE VISIT Der Besuch der alten Dame By Friedrich Durrenmatt

When the stars of the future, met the stars of today. BUCKS New Uni student drama takes a professional turn when Robert Hastie; associate director of the RSC production of Much Ado About Nothing, directs the Swiss tragicomedy The Visit. Buckinghamshire New University performing arts present The Visit, at High Wycombe campus on the 19th of March. The performance will be a degree assessment and showcase the best work yet from the aspiring actors. Following a 14 week devising and rehearsal period, there will be two performances on the 19th of March at 7pm and 9pm showing

- tickets are £3 on the door. The play, written in 1956, hits on themes of morality, finances and community. Three themes very relevant to modern life, the show will take these themes and present them as a question on modern life. What would you do for money? Robert Hastie, associate director of Much Ado About Nothing; starring Catherine Tate and David Tennant. Is directing the performance, his collaborative style of directing combined with the imaginations and enthusiasm of the students make for an exciting prospect.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke



25% Student Discount Available on all orders with ID

T&C’s: Not valid with any other offer. Please mention when ordering. Student ID must be shown. Valid at High Wycombe only. No coupon required. Not available online. Offer can be withdrawn without notice. Minimum delivery £9.99.




Pop in

24 - 26 Castle Street, High Wycombe, HP13 6RG

(01494) 539 539 Opening Hours: 11am - 5am, 7 days a week.

Tap the app FO LLOW US O N @DominosPizzaSK

Find us at:

Domino’s Pizza High Wycombe

March 2013 Bucks Student 21

From food to fashion and everything in between! Submit your articles to Section Editor Harmeet studentessentials@thebucksstudent.com

Student Finance ‘money savvy’ Quiz

Bucks Beatuy Tips

- the answers

Guy’s (and Girls) Beauty Tips Summer is fast approaching, and to get you in the mood here are a few tips:


I feel like a broken record and I must have mentioned this at some point, but exfoliation is one of the best things you can do for your body. Don’t over-exfoliate as you can damage your skin that way. Scrubs help to buff away the dead skin that has no doubt built up over the cold winter months and will leave you feeling fresher. You can get scrubs anywhere, for any budget. From Boots to Lush to homemade scrubs are everywhere. Exfoliation will make your tan more even and will help to get rid of any redness or bumps making your skin nice and smooth.


1. If you started University in September 2012 how much will you need to earn per year before you start repaying your student loan? c) £21,000

long is the ‘cooling-off period’ during which I can return the item and be refunded? b) Seven working days from delivery

2. What does APR stand for? a) Annualised Percentage Rate

5. Which of these does NOT show up on your credit rating? d) Student loans

3. Who do you contact if you want to make a formal complaint about how a bank or building society has treated you? b) Financial Ombudsman Service

Neroli is an oil that comes from citrus and has been scientifically proven to make you happy (Lush alert.) Grass shower gel from Lush has a lot of neroli in so it enhances your mood, something which I have found. Funnily enough, it also smells like freshly cut grass. Strange but true. Anything citrusy and bergamot are also classed as mood enhancers and will help give you get up and go for the day.

4. Under the Distance Selling Regulations which cover items ordered and paid for on-line, how

6. How much is the maximum fine for watching TV without a licence? c) £1000.00 7. You owe £2500 on a credit card with a 19.9% interest rate. How long will it take you to clear if you make the minimum repayment each

month (£5.00)? b) 30 years 8. Which of these has the highest annual rate of interest if you use them to borrow money? b) Pay Day Loan 9. How many students spend their entire loan amount in the first month after receiving it? c) One in six 10. How much does a 16-25 Railcard cost and how much can it save you on rail fares? a) £28.00 per year and 33%

Hot Water

The last one isn’t really a beauty tip, but hot water dries out the skin so shower more. This is rich coming from me as a lot of my friends, family and housemates especially know how much I love a good bath. This is the reason why people generally don’t bathe as much in the summer. You don’t want to be in hot water all the time and due to the drying effects it has, your skin will hate you forever. Remember to use body lotion afterwarrds, something that will help get deep down past the surface layer for the skin. Any intense body cream tends to do this but use one that works for you. Put extra body lotion on any tattoos you have as the heat can actually drain the colour. Anything with cocoa or Student Editor Shea butter is good. Guy Humphrey

Congratualtions to our two lucky winners, one from the High Wycombe Campus and one from the Uxbridge Campus. They both answered 9 out of 10 questions correctly and win a cash prize of £50 each: High Wycombe: Lauren Riley, 2nd year BA (Hons) Dance & Performance

Tie Breaker: I would use my £50 wisely by using it to buy essentials that are on promotion or reduced. For example buy one get one free offers Uxbridge: Carmel McGuane, 2nd year BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) Tie Breaker: Put it into my savings account.

LGBT Fellowship Watford Methodist Circuit

For lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and friends, families and allies. Welcome whether you’re a Methodist, Christian of another denomination, or have little/no/undecided faith. The group is joining the Soho Masses at 5pm on Sunday 17 March (in London). This was decided as part of our networking with other groups, in particular because of the recent publicity they have faced see for example sohomasses.com For more info contact Rachel and Sarah e: lgbchristianbook@tiscali.co.uk w:berrylanemethodistchurch.wordpress.com If you would like a lift to the event in Watford, please contact the University Multi-faith Chaplain Karen Johnstone on 07544 750 793 or email karen.johnstone@bucks.ac.uk

22 Bucks Student March 2013

Old News New Life


In each edition of the Bucks Student, we will be teaching you different ways to recycle your newspaper. Send us pictures of any creations you make to union@bucks.ac.uk, and you may feature in one of the editions!

Recycle your newspaper this week by… Making a vase (well...sort of)! 1. First of all you need an empty glass bottle, and empty wine bottle will do! 2. Paint it with the colour of your choice (we thing white looks nice) 3. While you wait for the paint to dry, look for an image that you like online, and print it out 4. Use this as a template and cut the shape from a sheet of newspaper 5. Stick the newspaper image onto the bottle using PVA or modpodge..wait to dry, and then ta dahhh!

Ever heard of a country called Palestine? Although I was born in England, my roots and the blood flowing through my veins come from Palestine. My homeland has a sad and current history that many don’t know about. This is my history, my sorrow and my strength. - All of what is currently called Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza was originally Palestine. - Palestine was under the rule of the British Mandate until Lord Arthur Balfour gave the land to the Zionist movement. (The Balfour Declaration of 1917). - 800,000 Palestinians were expelled and forced to flee in 1948 for the creation of the Apartheid State of Israel. - These refugees are not permitted to return to their home towns, although that is against International Law. - Most of these Arabs towns and villages have been demolished. - The West Bank has been under Israeli occupation since 1967, which is also against international Law. This occupation means I have no identity and no easy access to my

family who can’t all unite together. They have to mourn the deaths of family members who were murdered by the Israeli forces on top of mourning the loss of their homeland for 65 years. Could you imagine here in the UK what it would feel like if someone

My grandfather (left) protecting his land in 1948. This photo can be found in the British book called The Palestinians.

came into your house, kicked you out, and called it theirs? Not only that, but they ripped you of your British and/or English identity and then called you by their chosen nation? To top it off they kick you off the island and say you are never allowed to return. Think of that for a second and maybe you will know what it feels like to be a Palestinian. The mainstream media such as the BBC and CNN never portray the truth and only portray the story from the view of the victorious. All the Palestinians are doing is defending their right to exist and resisting their occupiers, which is what anyone would do if someone robbed you of your homeland. I recommend you watch Arna’s Children, a movie directed by my late cousin Juliano Mer Khamis who ran a theatre in Jenin, West Bank of Palestine known as the Freedom Theatre. I also recommend you watch The Promise (Channel 4) and Occupation 101. Also, read ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ by Ilan Pappe.

By Mary May Yateem

Research - feed me Keep reading this column to find out how to feedback to the Students’ Union with your thoughts and opinions. There is everything from filling out surveys to attending focus groups and you can contribute as much or as little as you like!

feed me!

Student Activities feedback If you’re part of a society or sports team, we’d love it if you could fill out our survey about how well you think the Students’ Union supports you. The society/sports team who can get the most of their members filling it out will win £25 for their society or sports team’s account! Fill it in at bucksstudent.com/surveys. Have you taken part in volunteering with Students’ Union? Let us know what you thought to win £25 for your chosen charity! Fill it in at bucksstudent.com/surveys.

Living it up! Let us know what you think of your current accommodation, as well as the support you received from the University when looking for your housing. You can complete the survey at bucksstudent.com/surveys. There is a chance to win £50 if you complete the survey!


Keep up-to-date with the latest information and campaigns from NUS, the national voice of students.

Third of postgraduate students who teach earn ‘less than the minimum wage’ Research into the experience of postgraduate students who teach in universities released today by NUS, has revealed that when their real working hours are considered, almost a third received a ‘real wage’ lower than the National Minimum wage. The report, ‘Postgraduates Who Teach’, surveyed nearly 1500 postgraduate teachers about their working conditions, pay and motivations. The average hourly pay for postgraduates who teach is £19.95 but on average they are working twice as many hours per week as they are paid for and the average ‘real hourly wage’ is £10.39. Other concerning findings from the survey were that a third (31%) received no contract of employment and one in five have received no formal training for their teaching role. Researchers were concerned to find that for a small percentage (5%) teaching was a required part of their study

Student Shout Out

or that their funding was contingent on teaching, regardless of their desire or aptitude for teaching. Rachel Wenstone, NUS Vice-President (Higher Education), said: “This report reveals that much of the hard work of postgraduates is woefully undervalued and underpaid by their institutions. There are far too many cases of postgraduates working long hours without the training and support they need, and being paid for only a small portion of their work. “If a temp in an office or a labourer on a building site were working ten hour shifts but only getting paid for five, we’d call it exploitation. Unpaid or underpaid labour is unfair and exploitative and we must work with the sector to stamp it out.”

Email your Student Shout Outs studentessentials@thebucksstudent.com

Survey winner

For Sale

For Sale

Adam Whiteman, a third year Police studies student was the winner of our Assessment feedback survey. Make sure to fill in all our surveys at buckstudent.com/surveys for more chances to win!

Book ‘RHS Gardeners Encylopedia’ Unwanted Present - £7.50 (£30rrp)

4 drawer filing cabinet (grey) £22 - 0.N.0.

Always hungry for your feedback! Love Rusty’s researchers! x


Tel Amanda - 01494 446 323 (Hughenden Rd)


Tel Amanda - 01494 446 323 (Hughenden Rd)






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Have your opinion of your student experience heard


24 Bucks Student March 2013

An insight into everything the Students’ Union offers and how you can get involved. Best of all it’s free!


The Gender Agenda

Raise and Give

An open letter to misogyny on Tumblr In the online forum you’re faced with a slew of opinions. No one is wrong, because they are entitled to that. I was faced with a post from f*ckyeahlonghairedgirls – a blog I follow, and it was something that set me on edge. Not only was it written by a man, he was trying to put his opinion across as factual. He was attempting to dictate the level of a woman’s femininity. Well, I’ll let you read it. It is as follows: “Cutting hair short “just because” and changing hairstyles frequently is a sign of fickleness, and that is inherently unattractive. That’s why short hair is often seen on little girls and little teenage hipster chicks and riotgrrl punx because they haven’t matured to be able to take care of their own appearance. Something as simple and easy as having long, flowing, beautiful and sexy hair is a sign of integrity and being able to stick to one thing for quite a while, something that most people lack in this day and age. It’s a sign of maturity and adulthood.

There’s also something really sensual about long, untamed, naturally grown hair. Seeing it is like an instant connection to nature and earthiness and humanness, if you’re into that spiritual hippie stuff. I am, if only a little bit. Now I’m not saying that a sexy girl can’t look sexy with short hair (because she’s already sexy regardless), but I think a woman looks like a woman when she has long hair. Long hair is a signifier of maturity and womanliness. Enough said.” As some of you may have seen in my last article, I cut my hair off because I was raising over £700 (a total that has now reached near on £900) for Cancer Research and Little Princesses and my hair was being turned into a wig for a child with cancer. I was mature enough to know that for me - it was just hair, it would grow back. For a child going through cancer was much more than that. Long hair is not a signifier of inherent wisdom and maturity; it just means you don’t cut your hair. That’s not a hard concept to grasp. I grew mine for almost 6 years, it was obscene. It took no real level of skill, commitment or - as you put it

CoppaFeel! Hello fellow students! This month I am writing to tell you that we are fourth in the sign up league table. For those of you that don’t know, Bucks is in competition with 36 other universities around the country. Our sign up service is free on pay monthly contracts and costs 10p on pay as you go. You’ll receive a free text every month reminding you to CoppaFeel! Text BUCKS to 70500. We currently have 110 students signed up to this service and are being beaten to the top spot by Nottingham with 371 students. Bearing in mind that they have around 30,000 students and we have a mere 9,000, I consider us to be doing quite well! If you haven’t already signed up then please do and tell your friends, because you’re not just making us look good - you could be saving a life. If we manage to win this term’s sign up competition we will be given a Kigu animal onesie that will be raffled off at the Students’ Union for one of you lucky people to win. When you are coppin’ a feel, should you find anything unusual, don’t panic. Just tell someone and make a doctors appointment. It could be something, it could be nothing, just make sure you CoppaFeel! By Rachel Bowerman Bucks New Uni Boob Team Leader

-‘integrity’. I am 21 years old. What I do with my hair does not make me an immature, fickle little girl. It makes me a grown ass woman who is able to make my own choices in life based on what is good as a person - not just what looks good. I am not inherently unattractive based on what you’ve extrapolated from what I do with this stuff on my head - in fact your postulation of this is in itself an unattractive trait. If you continue in your ideology regarding a females status as a either a woman or a girl holding a positive correlation with her hair length then you should probably take a step back and consider your own levels of maturity. Don’t misconstrue this as me being a staunch militant feminist, it’s just the fact that people can hold and broadcast such archaic beliefs is completely baffling to me. On the 8 March it was International Women’s Day, this year it was in aid of getting over gender stereotypes. Femininity and maturity cannot be dictated by such shallow means – it contributes to a stereotypical gender agenda that needs to be loosened, and it begins with this guy.

Student Reps

No Rep no voice! After the great success of the Sabbatical elections the Student Rep elections are here. Who do you want to represent your views? bucksstudent.com/vote Log in and find your course. If you can’t find the name of your course on the list then please contact william.hoskin@bucks.ac.uk Who do you want to represent your views? Voting open for High Wycombe campus based courses from 10am Monday 11 March until 4pm Friday 15 March. Who do you want to represent your views? You may not have someone wanting to be your Student Rep, maybe you should think about it. Who do you want to represent your views? Earn £100 doing some training and getting feedback from your course, twice a year giving feedback in meetings and then letting your course know what went on in the meetings. It’s that simple. Also get unique access to the Students’ Union Bonus Bucks and additional training schemes.

Who do you want to represent your views? Tired of the subtle messages then consider this. Who do you want to represent your views?

March 2013 Bucks Student 25

Comic Relief Hi lads and ladies. On Thursday the 14 March, Bucks Sports Management and coaching second year students are putting on a charity sports event to raise money for comic relief. Activities such as basketball and football shoot out, golf target shots, an inflatable and you can even get a chance to throw wet sponges at your lecturers who will be in the stocks. So come down, give money and have fun!

By Davie Johns

Volunteering Opportunities with Bucks Students’ Union Volunteering is not only doing something for free that benefits others but it is also a great way to get to know people, learn new things, gain experience in what interests you and get involved in something you care about. There are a number of volunteering roles at Bucks Students’ Union so there’s bound to be something that interests you. These roles include, volunteering as a committee member for a sports team or society, becoming a union councillor,

writing for the Bucks Student newspaper, going out in the community to volunteer, or working with the events team. All of the hours you put into volunteering can be recorded with the Bucks Student log book, and once you’ve clocked up some hours, we’ll present you with a certificate for your hard work. We can also provide you with references, mentoring, training and support.

Jamie Lester photography As some as you know, you may have seen Jamie wondering around the streets of Wycombe and the University campus with his passion in one hand and his camera in the other. Jamie has been pursuing his ambition for his love of photography and has many plans to do further work in the university and in the outside world. In a talk with Jamie he said “ I have a passion for what I do and feel that every picture I take has a story behind the adventure I have travelled on.” On his plans for the future he said“ I would very much love to work as a Students’ Union photographer in my second and third year at university whilst still working on my portfolio for outside work.” Photographing Funeral For A Friend along with INME and many other Students’ Union events, Jamie has also helped students with their studies, some of which include photography headshots and other photos for Performing Arts students for their actors portfolios. Most recently he has worked alongside Joseph McCrudden to become a sabbatical officer for Vice President Of Student Involvement. Asking why he loves photography Jamie said“ I love the adventures I embark on whilst at the same time helping people out with whatever they need, whether it be headshots to taking general photos at an event”. Check out his work: facebook.com/JamieLesterPhotography

Community Volunteering and RAG Calendar 21 March Conservation Project with the Woodland Service 26 March Pick and Pack with the One Can Trust Pack tins of food for people in need in High Wycombe.

24 April Union Awards! Come and watch our volunteers get recognised for their hard work over the last year. 16 May Gardening with the Environment Centre

22 May The Big Lunch! A free lunch on the Gateway Concourse for students and the local community, including a novelty cheque presentation to our RAG charities!

If you like the sound of any of these opportunities, please email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk or visit us at the Students’ Union office, ground floor, north block. Long term opportunity of the fortnight! St Andrew’s Community Youth Club Volunteer with the youth club on a Friday evening once a month, playing football, games, and other activities! Looks great on your CV, and a brilliant chance to network with people from the local community. For more information, email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk

Library Donations Thank you to everyone who paid off their fines during Green Impact Week! You raised a fantastic £810.28 which will be donated to our two RAG charities, Rafe’s Place and The Pepper Foundation. A huge thank you to the Gateway Library for supporting this brilliant initiative.

Celebrate your Graduation with one of our trendy pieces of jewellery, crafted from 925 Sterling silver. The items are unisex and the majority of the bracelets are expandable and come in two sizes. The Tag and Mini Tag Bracelets are made from Silver and the Leather detail comes in a variety of colours. Place your order before the 30th June to get 10% discount when you use the code below. Please go to 4MyGraduation.co.uk and use discount Code: BNU2013


Who bloody loves furniture? We bloody love furniture! When the noise of chiselling, sawing and banging from the furniture department corridor suddenly stops there can be only two explanations… Either it must be tea break or the Furniture History Society has an event in full swing! The Furniture History Society is designed to provide a series of trips and talks to aid the learning of students on all furniture courses (other students welcome if you have a mad passion for furniture.) Trips will only cost you £1! – We cover the costs of your entrance fees and travel arrangements!

> Wallace Collection > photography masterclass with the editor of woodworking plan and projects magazine > Adam Bowett talk > Dr Campbell Norman-Smith talk Planned for this year: > Stowe House > John Makepeace talk! > Sebastian Cox talk > Oliver Heal talk

Previous trips, talks and events: > Windsor castle – meeting the conservator > Gordon Russell design museum > Geffrye museum > the Frederick Parker collection

…And much more! Bloody Love furniture? Want to know more? Find us on facebook!facebook.com/bucks. furniturehistory

BNU Radio Society BUCKS . STUDENTS . MUSIC This is your brand new radio station, This is BNU Radio. We have set up a new radio station for your entertainment. The station launched on 11 March 2013, broadcasting 8 of our brand new shows: - The Rock Show - The R’n’B Show - The Beats n Banter Show - The Indie Hour - The Hip Corner - Jack Da Beat - Dance ANTHEMS - The Hip Hop Hour You can listen in on Facebook or on our MixCloud page: facebook.com/BNURadio mixcloud.com/BNURadio If you want to get involved you can contact us on: bnuradio@gmail.com

March 2013 Bucks Student 27



The first weekend of March welcomed the 27th annual student national Taekwondo championships held by BSTF (British Student Taekwondo Federation).

This annual event involves universities from all over Britain to unite together and compete in their style of Taekwondo. This year’s event had 461 competitors and 37 Universities competing, with Bucks University being one of them as well as the smallest of the university teams. Nevertheless despite being the smallest group our Bucks University Taekwondo team showed pure determination and good sportsmanship over the two days. The first day of competitions had a successful result for Bucks despite only having 1 student competing in the ITF style of taekwondo. Rebecca Taylor’s first fight demonstrated such strength and focus eliminating her opponent from the finals. Her second fight being that of the finals was a true example of her unexpected level of endurance and technique whereby she put in an exceptional performance, winning silver for Bucks University in the women’s -64kg category. The second day of competitions consisted of six competitors from Bucks University competing in the WTF style of Taekwondo (Kyle Freer, Rob Mckenzie, Aaron Grant-Booker, Rhannan Connor Lacey, Kwabena Addow and Tim Simon). Each student demonstrated outstanding performances, with one making it to the finals. Tim Simon (Captain of Bucks University Taekwondo) won his first fight with an unbelievable score of 21 – 7 pushing him to the finals. In the finals match Tim dominated the fight throughout achieving

the final score of 27- 4, resulting in Bucks University winning Gold for the -86kg category. Trevor Page is the Instructor for Bucks Uni Taekwondo, and received a very special award on the day. His award of recognition was presented for the immense dedication and work he has put in towards Taekwondo over the years. It goes without saying that if it was not for having such an admirable instructor such as Trevor, the students representing Bucks University would not be at the level they are today. After attending the event and seeing the true scale of the championships and knowing we have such a tremendous instructor, who is to say next year Bucks University couldn’t come out ranking first out of all Universities and take home more medals? If you are interested in representing Bucks university nationally or even just come along to see what Taekwondo is all about contact: Tim Simon (timothymsimon@yahoo.com) Training days are Monday 8 -10pm dance studio next to Beats, Thursdays 7-9pm Gateway main hall, Sundays 10am12pm Gateway main hall. Once again congratulations to BNU Taekwondo team who all put in exceptional performances at this year’s British Student Nationals!

Player Profile Name: Alex Vicente Course: Police Studies Sport: Athletics Position: Chairman > How was last year’s club performance? Last year we had one student who made it to the finals of the women’s javelin at the BUCS Outdoor Champs at the Olympic Stadium. This year we have gained three medals, one gold, one silver and one bronze for field events and one 800m runner qualified to the semi-finals. > Why should students join your sport? Athletics is a great sport to get fit and get back into events that you may have enjoyed when you were younger. We have professional coaching at a track in Wycombe and people of all experiences are welcome. We also have competitions at different times of the year and the ones where we stay in hotels are a lot of fun. We also have socials to integrate the new team with the old. > How often do you meet? For training we meet twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 outside of the university Gateway Building to get a mini bus to the track where we train. We have socials once every two weeks.

Student discount to see England Under-21s Discounted tickets for £5 are available for students showing NUS cards to see England’s Under-21 football team play Romania at Adams Park in a UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifier on Thursday 21 March, kicking off at 7pm. This match will also be screened live on ESPN,

with the programme starting from 6.30pm. Tickets are £10 for adults; £5 for under-16s and over-65s; and £20 for a family ticket for two adults and two children. Tickets can be bought at tickets.wwfc.com or by calling 01494 441 118. Read more about the game at:

bucksfreepress.co.uk/sport/10254619 England_Under_21s_coming_to_Adams_Park_in_ Euro_2013_campaign/?ref=mr&ref=mmpg

you will be guaranteed a spot in the team for competitions, but if you do not attend training and expect a slot in the team to go away for competitions you will be turned away.

> Do players need to provide their own kit? For training you will have to bring your own kit: just shorts, t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms to warm up in. For competitions we provide kit to wear to show off our university colours. > Do you have to pass any tests to join the team? No, you can join the team with any skill you have. The only test we have for competitions is commitment. If you are committed to the team for training then

> What are the socials like? The socials are always fun. We set up a theme for the night and we tend to pre drink at pubs such as the Antelope or Wetherspoons before we take the party to the Students’ Union. > What’s your funniest memory from your sport last year? The funniest memory from last year came from one of our away competitions in Sheffield at the BUCS Indoor Championships. As the competition was a big event it was covered by the BBC and camera men were going around the stands. Our team motivator Michael Omojudi ended up talking to a camera man and got interviewed on the competition, where rather than talking about the athletics he talked about ladies everywhere. It was hilarious and it was also on the television. Such a funny time with the team. > What is tour like? Currently our club has not gone on tour as of yet but if we have enough enthusiastic people for next year we will explore this option. > What’s your sport looking to achieve this year? This year our club is looking to get more track runners qualifying through to the semi-finals and finals and some more medals from our field side. The main thing that we look for as athletes is to beat our personal best.

Lets be Franc...o!

WIN War Is Near

Lots of congratulating to do!...

Things to look out for:

Firstly I want to congratulate all the candidates for all the hard work and effort that they put into campaigning week, it was great to see the dedication and determination from not only the candidates but the campaign teams too. Congratulations also to the elected officers! A big well done to the BNU Swans cheerleading squad for absolutely smashing the biggest university cheerleading competition in Europe! Congratulations you should all be very proud. Also BNU Dance for wining best choreography and 3rd place with their hip hop routine (which is so fit and truly well deserved) at the Loughborough Dance competition so really well done! Well done to Basketball for creating a great takeover and raising over £150!

Varsity – the biggest sporting event of the year. Bucks V Roehampton Wednesday 20 March. Tickets are on sale now £5 for competitors and £3 for spectators. It is going to be a fantastic day and I hope we are successful! BUCKS TO WIN! Comic Relief – the day before comic relief there will be a number of exciting things going on around both campuses so make sure you get involved and do your bit. Thank you to everyone who supported the Fairtrade Fortnight and also for the people who attended the International Women’s Day event, it was a great success. Vice President Student Involvement Good luck to all the sports teams with their Naomi Franco fixtures this fortnight! And thank you to all the students that have been contributing to Union Council, great success and great fun! VP Student Involvement Naomi Franco

28 Bucks Student March 2013

LET’S GO SWANS! The weekend of the 23rd and 24th February saw the BNU Swans travel up to Loughborough with 30+ cheerleaders, 3 coaches and plenty of determination, energy and desire to get those trophies! Saturday saw our cheer dance teams, Pom & Jazz compete against other Universities including Kent, Leicester, Royal Holloway and our very own Varisty partners Roehampton University. Due to a recent injury, our very own coach and VPSI of Bucks, Naomi Franco stepped in and she sure did shake those poms! We were so so grateful for her being able to compete at the very last minute! Thank you Franco! Pom was up first, performing at 8.09am. Yes that’s right – you heard me correctly – in the MORNING. This early wake up call ensured we were all raring to go at such an early time. Our theme this year was Africa and we brought our energy filled routine to the mat. Next up, still bright and early, was our jazz routine choreographed by our lovely Coach Natalie Maclean.

6 days was never expected of anyone but Franco never lets us down! THANK YOU! Co-ed placed 5th and all girl placed 8th. Another long day was creeping upon us for main cheer. Again, after about 5 hours of sleep, the swans drove back to the venue, ready with uniform & bows & prepared for plenty of cheer faces and an amazing routine. Nerves were flying around the sports hall, watching all of the other competition perform before it was our turn. Nerves were definitely attacking a few of us – myself included! The second time flew by and it was only a few hours until we were back on the mat. Armed ready with so much spirit, energy and swag, the swans were ready once again. This time was way more relaxed and we all just enjoyed performing our routine. Results time and our category called. We were unsure we had placed as we had seen our competitors

Their theme was circus and saw monkeys, tight rope walkers, clowns and our very own Varsity Captain Chelsea Balfour as Ring Leader. The time we’d all been waiting for – RESULTS. Small Pom placed 2nd which is a phenomenal result! We narrowly missed out on the big shiny 1st place trophy but this has made us even more determined to work hard and go for gold at BCA. Jazz placed 5th and even got a comment from a World champion judge at how amazing the choreography was. The afternoon comprised of Group stunt. For you non-cheerios, this is one stunt group of 5 people. BNU Swans entered an all girl & a co-ed group. It can be very nerve wracking and extremely daunting as thousands of other cheerleaders have all their eyes on just you! They both did fantastically and the infamous netball/cheerio Laura Smith got into the cheer mood straight away and performed plenty of cheer faces and we couldn’t have been prouder. Coach Naomi Franco also stepped in and did not disappoint! Learning this routine in 2 sessions within

Fixtures and results

and their routines were on top form. We sat nervously, waiting and suddenly we hear 4th place: BNU SWANS. A lot of jumping around, huge smiles and screams were amongst the team – and that’s just the boys! Unfortunately, we then had our trophy taken away from us as they claimed they had made a mistake. “To clarify, BNU Swans are NOT 4th place, they are 3rd. 3rd PLACE GOES TO THE BNU SWANS.” We absolutely could not believe that we had done this well and we were absolutely ecstatic with this result. Two of our very own cheerios also got scouted by Unity cheer squad. Unity represent England at the Worlds championships, so this is an absolutely huge deal! Well done Emily Ralph and Bradley Parker. I couldn’t be a prouder chairman and I know everyone is extremely happy with the results. By Lauren Troiano


W:9 D:1 L:29


Results Wednesday 27 February

Bucks 1st 14-27 Reading 2nd Bucks 2nd 24-26 West London 1st

Mens Basketball Bucks 1st 79-31 Imperial College London Medics 1st

Woman’s Badminton Bucks 1st 0-8 Kingston 1st Men’s Badminton Bucks 1st 1-7 Surrey 2nd Men’s Basketball Imperial 2nd 78-88 Bucks 1st Men’s Football Brighton 3rd 3-0 Bucks 1st Bucks 2nd 0-15 Brighton 4th St Mary’s 4th 1-2 Bucks 3rd Portsmouth 6th 1-0 Bucks 4th LSE 3rd 1-4 Bucks 5th Bucks 6th 0-1 Surrey 4th Bucks 7th 3-0 Creative Arts 2nd Woman’s Football Bucks 1st 5-0 East London 1st Mixed Golf Kingston 1st 3.5-2.5 Bucks 2nd Netball Bucks 1st 18-34 Chichester 2nd St Mary’s 3rd 42-12 Bucks 2nd Roehampton 4th 26-18 Bucks 3rd Men’s Tennis Roehampton 2nd 8-4 Bucks 1st Men’s Hockey Bucks 1st 1-4 Portsmouth 2nd Woman’s Hockey Bucks 1st 0-3 Portsmouth 2nd Men’s Squash Bucks 1st 0-3 Surrey 2nd Men’s Rugby

Sunday 3 March

Friday 8 March

American football Gloucestershire 1st 25-26 Bucks 1st

Rugby Union Bucks 1st 3-56 Portsmouth 1st


Tuesday 5 March

Sunday 10 March

Mixed squads of men and women.

Netball Bucks 1st 18-27 Royal Holloway 1st

American Football Glasgow 1st 16-12 Bucks 1st

Wednesday 6 March

Fixtures Wednesday 13 March

Womans Football Middlesex 1st 9-2 Bucks 1st Mens Football Bucks 1st 0-6 Reading 1st St Mary’s 3rd 1-0 Bucks 2nd Brunel 3rd 1-1 Bucks 3rd Bucks 4th 4-0 Westminster 2nd Bucks 5th 2-1 Portsmouth 6th Kingston 4th 4-0 Bucks 6th Tennis Bucks 1st 2-10 Sussex 2nd Netball St Marys 1st 40-16 Bucks 1st Bucks 8-12 Westminster 2nd Rugby Union Imperial College Medics 3rd 0-38 Bucks 2nd Mens Hockey Royal Holloway 1st 3-2 Bucks 1st Womans Basketball Bucks 1st 20-57 Westminster 1st

Mens Football Bucks 1st vs Surrey 1st Royal Holloway 1st vs Bucks 3rd Bucks 4th vs Bucks 5th Royal Holloway 2nd vs Bucks 6th Creative Arts Surrey 2nd vs Bucks 7th Mens Tennis Roehampton 3rd vs Bucks 1st Mens Hockey Brunel 2nd vs Bucks 1st Rugby Union St Mary’s 2nd vs Bucks 1st Bucks 2nd vs LSE 3rd Mens Volleyball Bucks 1st vs Portsmouth 1st Netball Bucks 1st vs Brighton 2nd Bucks 3rd vs Roehampton 5th Men’s Basketball Bucks 1st vs Chichester 2nd

26 / 04 / 2013

4-6pm, The Rye

Squads of 12 (7 on pitch at one time, minimum of 2 women). All skill levels – beginners very welcome.

The Mike Reilly Memorial Cup

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The Bucks Student - Edition 38  

The Bucks Student - Edition 38