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or by signing up here http:// www.adelaiderootsandblues. org/membership.html Dinner bookings are available by telephoning 08 8347 4090 with more information at www.


The 20-piece Crump Cake Orchestra, conceived from a love of big band orchestration along with dirty funk and hip hop beats, are all set to launch their Copy Copy album and will be doing so from 7.30pm on Saturday 11 November at Nexus Arts, North Tce, Adelaide, with voiceROM as special guests and $15 tickets (or $25 with a copy of the album) via Eventbrite here https:// For further information, please head here https://crumpcake. WEEKEND WARRIORS

Dino Jag, currently basking on the success of his Breakthrough EP, will serve as mentor and host the next free entry Weekend Warriors jam event which will take place from 7pm on Monday 16 October in the main room of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, and you can register interest at www. ICE ON MERCURY Ice On Mercury are set to headline an all-ages show at Minnesota Fats (formerly Shotz), 192 Pirie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 23 September with special guests Dirt Playground and The Vinnies and drink specials all night and, of course, pool tables. Tickets are $10 at the door from 8pm or via https:// product-page/ice-on-mercurysep23-show

CAFÉ TROPPO Café Troppo, 42 Whitmore Sq, Adelaide, boasts great organic food, craft beer, a fresh new wine list, old-fashioned cocktails, seasonal tapas, a new bar menu and, as well as regular events, has live acoustic music under the name Spring Boogaloo and a brand new menu on Friday evenings from 6pm with Aidan ‘Jazzy’ Jones on Friday 22 September and Banjo Jackson on Friday 29 September. The café is also taking bookings for private functions here: http:// contact/

THE NUTS This will be nuts! Blues and roots band The Nuts (Denis Surmon, David Rhodes, Jeff Algra and Brett Sody who throw a bit of light-hearted whimsy into their material), will have well-known theatre identity Michael Hill (presenting songs from forthcoming album, Scrivenings) as special guest when they stride into The Railway Hotel, 247 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with $10 tickets at the door. ARBA MEMBER MUSTER

Adelaide Roots & Blues Association (ARBA) is having a Member Muster from 6pm on Saturday 14 October at the British Workingmen’s Club, 11 Davis St, Wingfield, and it will feature The Chris Finnen Band and The Dirty Roots Band with an All-Star Jam to take place at the end of the evening. The event, which will also have the auction of a Maton guitar and a merchandise stand, will be free entry to existing ARBA members with $30 membership tickets at the door

KAURNA CRONIN Kaurna Cronin has announced the launch of his new album, Euphoria Delirium & Loneliness (to be available on vinyl), and it’s to be with his band at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Thursday 5 October with special guests Loren Kate and WA’s Jacob Diamond with tickets via Oztix here au/default.aspx?Event=75715 UKULELE DEATH SQUAD

EDITOR: Robert Dunstan CONTRIBUTORS: Mad Dog Bradley, Ian Messenger, Romana Ashton, Robert Brokenmouth LAYOUT: Ian Messenger COVER: Charlotte Padbury


Fresh from overseas ventures, Ukulele Death Squad will play the opening night of Semaphore Music Festival with The Skeleton Club on Friday 29 September at Semaphore Workers Club, 93 The Esplanade, Semaphore, with $15 tickets at the door from 8pm. Tickets to Foreshore Reserve concerts from noon on Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October are available here: au/?Event=76546 THE HOWLING FOG The Howling Fog, who played Wintersteady 2017, have teamed up with Last Days Of Kali, who performed at Wintersteady 2017’s launch party, and Heartbeats In The Hallway to present some free entry psych rock, shoegaze and post punk from 9pm on Friday 22 September at Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide. AFTER CHANGE


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PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT PETER HOOK by Ian Messenger Peter Hook needs no introduction – but then again this is 2017 and ninety-five percent of people don’t know anything. He was the bass player of Joy Division and New Order and they are two bands that changed music. His contribution therein would be hard to quantify. Peter Hook And The Light will be revisiting The Governor Hindmarsh soon with a live set of both the Substance albums of these two seminal bands. In 1987 New Order’s Substance was initially conceived by ‘Mr Manchester’ Tony Wilson so that he had a bunch of singles to listen on his new CD player in his car – crazy huh? – but then in Wilson’s usual Midas touch it went on to become New Order’s biggest selling album. The Joy Division version of singles came out the following year.

BSide Magazine got on the blower with Peter Hook just as he was about to go through airport security in Majorca on his way to play a festival in Glasgow. I offered to call him back in ten to which he appreciated – this gave me time to make a cup of tea and furiously pat my dog which relieved some initial nerves I had in conducting an interview with the legendary Hookmeister. Back on the phone and I asked Peter Hook [Hooky as everyone calls him] if he was touring these Substance albums anywhere else before he comes here.

“Er, to be honest it doesn’t really work like that now ‘cause, erm, since New Order split up, er, I’m able to do what I like when I like so once we started playing I’ve never really stopped,” Hooky gleefully laughs. “So I don’t do that tour what’s it thing I just play wherever I like whenever I like, and yeah it’s nice. It’s always a compliment to be asked. So yeah, it’s erm, I’ll, yeah, I’ll play anywhere mate!” I saw Peter Hook And The Light play The Gov a couple years back and reminded Hooky how much the audience loved it, and how they would find it pretty interesting to hear the Substance albums. Some of those Joy Division songs were really early material of the band.

“Yeah I mean the interesting thing about Substance is that the two albums couldn’t be more unalike if they tried. You’ve got New Order Substance which is very commercial and had a lot of commercial success as songs before they went on the album. I mean it really was the album that we never wrote and yet became our most successful. “Joy Division album was completely different. Substance Joy Division is a collection basically of many of the tracks that we gave away when we were young and naïve and basically, erm, we were so prolific that to give a track away meant nothing, you know.

“And you look at giving away Atmosphere and Dead Souls. What great songs they are. I mean it really was the epitome of punk, wasn’t it, really? So it’s quite nice that you’ve got Substance New Order which came first chronologically. Erm, it’s very very commercial. A lot of the songs that we as New Order never played for a long long time, again,” Hooky laments.

“Then you’ve got Substance Joy Division which is very intense and very adult I suppose you’d say in that a lot of the songs aren’t commercial – not commercial singles. Whereas every one on Substance [New Order]. . . I mean it’s weird, you know, without Tony Wilson getting in that car that had a CD player in 1983/84 you know you wouldn’t have had it because it was only literally because he wanted to play the singles, New Order singles, in his car. That was the reason why he did the CD,” recollects a bemused Hook. “And it went on to become our biggest selling record that we had in our career. You know I mean it was quite bizarre.” I asked Hooky if he played the Joy Division Substance as the start of the set.

“No no we play it afterwards. We play it in the way. . . the New Order one was actually released first and then Joy Division came after. . . I mean um, it’s obvious with the audiences because you can see who’s come for what just by what t-shirt they’ve got on,” laughs Hooky.

“Joy Division fans tend to generally have Joy Division t-shirts on, whereas the New Order fans seem a little more relaxed shall we say. They don’t particularly have New Order t-shirts on. Although you can always tell the diehards. “I mean it’s great, you know,” Hooky continues, “oddly, New Order, as a group, now, pay more attention to Joy Division because I have been playing the music. It’s like Steven [Morris]and Bernard [Sumner] actually feel now that they have to take it back from me. In some way. So the fans are winning out, you know, all ‘round, because now Barney and Steve play Joy Division where they wouldn’t before.

“You know, and I play the albums, which you know, it’s great, I’m very happy. You get to number eight and nine, and then next year we will be playing Technique and Republic, which I’m really looking forward to. So yeah I’m well on me. . . I’m getting near the end of me journey actually. I’m getting a bit worried. Don’t know what the hell I’m going to do after that,” laughs Hooky. “Might have to start again. Might have to start playing someone else’s records.” One of those early Joy Division songs on Substance is From Safety To Nowhere and is marked by a cavernous reverb effect making the track dungeon-like and bleak. I wondered if that effect was attempted live.

Hooky laughs almost evilly. “From Safety To Where is quite an interesting song actually because when we were recording Unknown Pleasures Martin Hannett said to us ‘you’ve not got enough songs’ and he literally said ‘go into the studio and write two more’ and we

went ‘you what? you what?’ and he said ‘go into the studio and write two more!’ “And Steve and I went in, without Bernard I might add – Steve, me and Ian [Curtis] went in and wrote From Safety To Where in the studio, as a jam, and blow me down it worked, it worked. It was amazing that the song. . . and it’s quite a neat little pop song actually, when you analyse it.

thinking of having something interesting to watch while I am ironing.

“And their music is very much – you know because people compared The Doors to Joy Division a lot – and the interesting thing was that Barney and I had never heard The Doors. Now Ian and Steve had. Yeah we had never heard it.

“But yeah, it’s still wonderful. I mean when I listen to Joy Division now which I obviously do quite a lot, I am very very impressed, and very weird because we were unconsciously, didn’t, I mean we didn’t think the music was going to have the effect it did, we just got on with it really. Enjoyed being together. We enjoyed the process of writing. And we were quite comfortable about it. Yeah, we didn’t have a bloody clue what we were doing.”

“And when Ian and Steve sat us down and played us a Doors LP we couldn’t believe how the music echoed, shall we say, didn’t copy The Doors but it echoed The Doors, that sort I asked Hooky if he knew then how unique of futuristic ethereal aura that Joy Division’s Joy Division was, how important it was. music has is like The Doors. It really is. “No, no, didn’t have a clue!” Hooky blankly “And listening to the documentary the other states. “And you know what, we didn’t care. day I do feel even more so that over the The only thing we wanted to do was play. years the two are close together. The strange And that’s one of the wonderful things thing is that as four young men, as we were, about now is that since New Order split up, now when we formed Joy Division we were the others were so reluctant to play. Even “And interestingly in September, funnily twenty, when we made Unknown Pleasures now they don’t play a lot of gigs. enough, nothing to do with that, but they’re we were twenty-one, we didn’t have a clue actually rebuilding the control room of what we were creating, and we also didn’t “And it’s like my wife says to me – if you Strawberry Studios for an exhibition in have a clue that forty years later I’d be still were still there, if you were still with them, the building!” enthuses Hooky. “Yeah it’s playing it and still talking to people about you’d be frustrated to hell because there really weird. I mean it won’t have the echo it who are obviously fans and in awe. It’s was no freedom to do anything, you know plates because the echo plates were sold, amazing. like playing the albums. You know Barney but Martin Hannet loved the sound, the wouldn’t even consider it. You know, or ghostliness, that you got from these huge “But you know it’s a very, erm, it’s a very something like that. And yet it’s a great echo plate reverbs. I mean they really were interesting chemical reaction you get celebration. the size of a wall. Massive things, and they between people to create music like that. It’s sound fantastic. very intangible. You know, and actually quite “One of the wonderful things is that we rare isn’t it?. You know, in this world now actually came to Australia and we played “You don’t really get the same sound now great songwriters are actually still quite rare. our seventh gig as The Light, in Melbourne even though the computer recreates it Because if you look at a lot of the pop acts in Australia, and the reaction was fantastic. because you just don’t get the physical and the way that the charts are they are all And if anything you know it was actually breadth of it. So yeah Martin! I mean I must an amalgamation of loads of writers. that that persuaded me to keep going admit Barney and I sat there, watched him, and keep doing what we were doing – the learnt how to do it, and then when he got “Even Ed Sheeran – God bless him for his Australian audiences which we had built up difficult – got rid of him you know. So he did obvious talent – it’s all written by four, five, since 1981 – the reaction was fantastic.” teach us a hell of a lot Martin Hannett.” six, seven people all brought together for that purpose like a factory. But to me there’s no better, you know, when you get a group like I explained to Hooky how much of a great Back then Joy Division sounded futuristic, Cream or Led Zepplin, you know, er, Ian Dury opportunity it is to punters to get to see a and even if it were released now Joy And The Blockheads, you know when you see live set of Joy Division. Division would sound futuristic. people that get together the very chemistry that makes that music unfortunately is “I mean it’s a wonderful thing,” explains “It’s interesting because. . . nah I mean it’s usually the chemistry that destroys them as Hooky, “because as a fan I must admit the interesting because I was watching, ay, ah, people, you know once they start playing two things that I’ve most been excited documentary on The Doors the other day, together – but we don’t need to go into that!” about in music recently is when Lou Reed while I was ironing,” laughs Hooky, “I was says Hooky. CONTINUED PAGE 60 “The cavernous reverb is an effect called an echo plate. Now Strawberry Studios in Stockport, in Manchester, were renowned for their two echo plates which are huge! huge! hung springs that are about ten foot by fifteen foot, and what you do is put the audio through one end and then record the audio and the echo plate spring together. And they were renowned for this particular effect.

CLOUD CONTROL by Ian Messenger Soon to come to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel is Sydney indiepsych-pop trio Cloud Control who will be on their Zone Tour. A delicate and highly labouredover album, Zone is their third to date and has come to fruition after three years of scratching away in a beach house near Forster, New South Wales.

“Oh yeah, so my brother Doug is going from drums, he’s playing bass. So we’re touring as a four-piece. And we’re sort of like, going through the songs, and we’ve ended up approximating them, like playing a lot of the parts with just the instruments that we’ve got. So it’s like we’re, I dunno, just trying to get the rhythms and the feel than the chords and changes in the song and almost like covering our own songs. So it will sound slightly different but we’re trying to, like, aim to get the feeling of the song across rather than making it sound exactly like There are lots of intricate layerings going the record. And like, rather than trying to on in Zone, lots of details that you might break our asses recreating something we’re expect from a pop album. I wondered trying to make it fun to play and possible to how Wright kept the album cohesive with connect with the audience.” all these tangents going on. Cloud Control will be bringing their “Um, I think, uuuummm, we were always indie-psych-pop sensibilities to the thinking about the song first rather than Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, the whole album so I guess that’s why Hindmarsh, on Friday 29 September it is like really different styles mushed with special guests Tiny Little Houses. together on there. But to try and make it sound like one album we used the same set of instruments for everything. Like all the drum machine stuff is from one little drum machine, all the synths were from the same synth.” “Um, well, I guess it was like – well I dunno?” perks Wright. “I felt like we were working hard the whole time. It was like a bit of a challenge producing it, from within the band. . . making decisions was pretty hard. And learning from the start was pretty hard as well, like not really knowing how to produce anything, having to go through buying gear and just figuring out how to do it from the internet. It took a while.”

With such an intricate and many-layered BSide Magazine had a chat to lead vocalist album I asked Wright how Cloud Control Alister Wright on the eve of this Zone Tour and managed to pull this off in a live setting as first asked him about how Zone took three a three piece. years to record when it was originally expected to take less than just one year. Sound proofed studios are not only good for recording music but are apparently great places to ward off nuclear holocausts. Wine helps too.

THE HOWLING FOG by Ian Messenger Adelaide shoegaze quartet Howling Fog are fast becoming the interesting kids on the block in our little music scene. To say shoegaze is a disservice though. Tags schmags. It’s best you get down to the Hotel Metropolitan this Friday night and get drenched in their unique and liberal outpourings of sonic narcotics. Forget MTV or Rolling Stone, BSide Magazine had an exclusive with the guitarists Paul Thomas and Peter Blunden over a bottle of South Australian merlot in a quiet room late at night. If the end of the world wasn’t nigh it could almost have been enjoyable.

I first asked the boys about their EP which will be released soon, what we might expect from this offering that has been long awaited from our hungry local music scene. “I think when we started this band,” says singer and guitarist Blunden, “we had a bit of a discussion about what kind of thing we wanted to do. We really didn’t want to be too riff-based or catchy or drivey. We really wanted to work on textures and layers.

“We had a real recidive goal that we wouldn’t fall into. As fun it is to play riffs and rock out we didn’t want to just fall into that. We just wanted to try and do something more delicate and thoughtout. You know, so for the last two years that we’ve been jamming that’s what we’ve been trying to work on. So this is four songs that we wrote mostly last year and recorded them in February. And I guess it’s the four that we picked as best achieving that sound.” “I guess a lot about the way we write the songs,” continues guitarist and main songwriter Thomas, “it is about the sound

and the sonic as much as it is about writing the song and the structures and the riffs. So it’s trying to get that atmosphere behind it. So a lot of it might be driven from a sound than from a progression, so almost write backwards sometimes.” “It definitely a jam based thing,” says Blunden. “Like a collaboration where individually someone can come up with an idea but it’s not until we’re all together and trying to make it happen that we actually hear whether it’s good or not, and whether we are going to carry on with that song.”

Bands in Adelaide could be formed from the songs Howling Fog throw away, I’m sure. Catch them play with Last Days Of Kali and Heartbeats In The Hallway at the Hotel Metropolitan this Friday 22 September. Free entry.

IT (MA) ***1/2 A huge hit and already one of the most financially successful horror movies ever, this adaptation of one of Stephen King’s longest and most-loved novels has an unusually epic running time (135 minutes), which allows for a level of characterisation that means we actually wind up caring (!) what happens to the young ‘uns here (rarely the case with fright flicks). It also features the seemingly unstoppable Pennywise, that evil clown played by Bill Skarsgård (more Hellish than Tim Curry’s circus figure in the 1990 TV miniseries), and while Bill’s strong, this perhaps suffers from too many sightings of him in daylight, and too much hardcore Pennywise action. Nevertheless, it’s still often damn creepy.

gone missing over the years, BEATRIZ AT DINNER but these teens know what’s (M) going on, and they’re led, essentially, by Bill Denbrough ***1/2 (Jaeden Lieberher), whose little brother Georgie was taken by Miguel Arteta directs this Pennywise in the memorable low-key character/chamber opening scene. piece written by his regular Six more kids join the ranks, but collaborator Mike White, and despite the combined powers of while it’s brisk and (for some) Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Mike uneventful, there’s an awful lot simmering under the surface (Chosen Jacobs), Eddie (Jack here, with star Salma Hayek Dylan Grazer), Stan (Wyatt Oleff), Richie (Finn Wolfhard delivering one of her best and quietest performances as the from TV’s Stranger Things) titular figure. And yes, make no and Beverly (Sophia Lillis), mistake: POTUS Donald Trump the only girl (but the toughest would hate this movie - which girl around), Pennywise still should only make many punters keeps coming for them in FX paranormal manifestations that like it more. range from the vaguely silly to (more often) the wonderfully freaky.

Mexico-born Beatriz (SH), a holistic masseuse who’s had a tough week, drives out to see one of her favoured clients Directed with pleasingly (Connie Britton as Kathy) in her unsettling atmosphere by huge house, and there are subtle Andy Muschietti (of Mama, sequences where Kathy treats which featured a rather more It’s 1989 (the dates have been sympathetic supernatural force) Beatriz with a certain friendly rejigged from the book), and condescension. When Beatriz’s and with great work from the a group of outsider kids in the car then won’t start, Kathy whole cast - especially those fictional town of Derry are insists that she stay for dinner, dealing with adolescent crises (a under 20 - this is easily one of much to the horror of Kathy’s very Stephen King thing) while the best filmings of a King tale mean, moneyed husband Grant ever and will definitely spawn a also facing the truth about the sequel. And if you’re not scared (David Warshofsky), who you place that their parents seem just know isn’t racist… but… yet then, well, you should be. (prefer?) not to see. Adults are very much in denial about The fancy guests arrive Mad Dog Bradley and they include Alex (Jay the many children that have

Duplass) and his wife Shannon (Chloë Sevigny, fine in another understated role), as well as arrogant hotel bigwig Doug (the great John Lithgow) and his long-suffering missus Jeana (Amy Landecker), and early sequences with the whole group has the women discussing reality TV, the men gloating over business deals and Doug (of course) mistaking Beatriz for the kitchen staff. There’s a certain cringing comedy later when dinner is served and Beatriz sits silently while money is, again, a major topic of discussion, but then the crux of the story becomes apparent, as Beatriz thinks she recognises someone from somewhere, and suddenly the mysterious opening moments make more sense. With a fine cast, this is still all about Hayek, who appears so much smaller than the rest of the ensemble (Lithgow seems several feet taller than her) but reveals herself as the only one here who has a proper conscience - and an inner fire. And isn’t it wonderful that we don’t treat migrants with such contempt here in Australia?

Mad Dog Bradley

set it up as they would like to see a venue work. It’s a nice room to play and the owners are very easy to deal with. And they now have a pretty busy calendar with lots of good artists playing. And it’s quite varied.”

THE NUTS By Robert Dunstan The Nuts are a rootsy local band featuring well-known seasoned and salty Adelaide musicians Denis Surmon, David Rhodes, Jeff Algra and Brett Sody who first got together a couple of years ago but have only just started gigging and have a view to cut an album in the near future.

it’s a bit of blues and some quite rootsy stuff,” Denis says. “And you’ve got people like [guitarist] David Rhodes and [drummer] Jeff Algra in a band you kind of get that heavier kind of sound.

“They are both from UK Blitz and David is quite an exciting guitar player - we play one of his instrumentals – and Jeff is no slouch on drums,” he continues. “And that’s not to mention Brett Sody who is an amazing guitar player So much so it’s seems silly “The Nuts came out of other bands to have him playing bass in The we were playing with,” Denis says. Nuts. But Brett has beautiful feel “At the time I had a little collection on bass and has a real empathy of songs I was working on and for the music.” we used to meet up and play acoustically. And then we forgot Denis is also full of superlatives about it but it’s now time to get it for Pt Adelaide’s The Railway up and going. Hotel which is now hosting regular live music events and is “And it’s all originals – we only do where The Nuts will be making one cover [the fairly obscure Take their live debut. A Heart by ’60s band The Sorrows] – and there’s a far bit of variety “It’s run by a couple of because we have 20 odd songs and musicians,” he says, “so they’ve

Joining the band for the evening as special guest will be Adelaide theatre identity Michael Hill.

“Michael has been working on an album, Scrivenings, of original material,” Denis reveals. “And he’s very much into art rock bands such as Talking Heads, XTC and Radiohead. So his stuff is very much in that vein.” Future plans for The Nuts include a recording at Brett’s Sody Pop Studio.

“We’ve recorded a bunch of rough demos – we just bashed through them one afternoon – but we’d now like to do them properly,” Denis says. “And then we’ll look at doing a few more gigs.” The Nuts will have Michael Hill as special guest when they stride into The Railway Hotel, 247 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with $10 tickets at the door.

The singer songwriter, who is pleased to hear that Semaphore has a similar seaside village feel to Queenscliff, was also in town a while back to attend the AIR Awards – he’d been nominated but Henry Wagons snaffled the award in that category – and ended up at the riotous after party at Hotel Metro. William will be accompanied by partner Jules on vocals, brother Luke on bass and Reuben Alexander on drums when he hits Semaphore.

SEMAPHORE MUSIC FESTIVAL SEMAPHORE MUSIC FESTIVAL By Robert Dunstan The four-day Semaphore Music Festival (to be held at Semaphore from Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) recently launched its full program and the community-minded event will feature interstate acts such as Raised By Eagles, William Crighton, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Ruby Boots and Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos alongside a host of locals including Alana Jagt & The Monotremes, Jimmy Mountain, The Heggarties, Red Earth Blues Band, The Timbers, Ukulele Death Squad, Haystacks Calhoon and so many, many more. Assorted Semaphore venues such as The Federal Hotel, The Semaphore Hotel (set to host an Americana Music Association showcase on the evening of Sunday 1 October), Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL, The Palais, The Exeter and, of course, Semaphore Works Club, will play host to much live music while St Bede’s Church will once again be having a record fair (from 10am until 4pm on Monday 2 October) organised by Mr V Music which will also have its own outdoor stage outside the Semaphore Rd shop from noon on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October.

The Foreshore Reserve will have ticketed concerts with a licensed bar area and plenty of food and craft stalls from noon on Saturday 30 September through until Monday 2 October. Semaphore Music Festival takes place at Semaphore from Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October with tickets on sale via Oztix here: au/?Event=76546

“Yeah, it’s the whole band for this one,” he says. “So it’s the same band I had for WOMAD. And it works well because I’ve known Luke since he was born.”

The conversation then becomes a bit ‘chatty’ with William casually asking if I was living in Adelaide when The Beatles came to town – I was but was too young to go to their concerts – and talk then turns to what we were both listening to when growing up.

“I grew up listening to a lot of different stuff I listen to now,” William says. “I listened to a lot of stuff on the radio – a lot of Cold Chisel and stuff – and my mum and dad listened to a lot of old country cassettes.

William Crighton, who was born and raised in the Riverina, fell in “That was in the early ’90s – I was love with this city when born in ’85 – and then “I just thought I came across Lucinda he came here for the first that in this day Williams and that opened time earlier in the year to perform at WOMADelaide, and age where my eyes a lot because so is greatly looking it was something I’d we lose a lot forward to making a never heard before. And of women to return to play Semaphore listening to Lucinda domestic violence, opened a few portholes Music Festival. that’s not a because through her “And WOMADelaide was cool thing to be music I then got into a fantastic because as soon writing a song bunch of stuff that was as I walked in, I felt right at new to me. I found out about.” home,” he enthuses. “I listen about Neil Young through to a lot of world music anyway so it’s her and that changed a lot of things. a festival I’d always wanted to get to. And, on the first night, we played on “But I’ll listen to anything and it that stage near the Moreton Bay Figs doesn’t matter what style it is,” and they are some of the biggest trees William adds. “As long as it moves me, I have ever seen. I’ll listen to it.” “And then, after WOMADelaide, I came back in June and did a little gig at the Wheatsheaf Hotel,” William says. “So I’m more than happy to come back and play the festival down at Semaphore. Adelaide seems to have a really good vibe about it.”

The singer songwriter is currently working on a new album.

“I’m still writing the songs at the moment,” William says, “but I went over to Nashville and worked with a mate – a drummer and producer


called Max Sherrod who plays with Crowded House – and worked on some songs and recorded a bit and then I’m going to be doing some more writing and recording here. “So, yeah, I’m moving through that process and will hopefully have something out early next year,” he then announces. Will a national tour happen around then?

“Yes, but I’m actually doing one in November – the Stand On The Side Of Love tour – because I wanted an excuse to get out on the road and play some of the new songs,” William says. “I have some new music and wanted to spread the word because there’s a lot of hate out in the world at the moment.” That November tour won’t include Adelaide but will have Canada’s Terra Lightfoot as special guest.

“As far as I know she’s not related to Gordon Lightfoot,” he says. “But she’s got a strong following in Canada so it’s great that she’ll be with me for her first trip down here.” William, who was partway through a national tour with Dan Sultan when we spoke, recently posted on his Facebook page that, ‘I think singing about killing ‘your woman’ is pathetic - not tough or cool in my book. Just piss weak’. It sparked interest as some assumed he

was referring to murder ballads.

“I have absolutely no problem with murder ballads but I’d woken up that morning and heard a song by a new artist that was about killing his partner because she’d been with another man,” he says. “Not only have I heard that sentiment in song so many times by so many different artists, I just thought that in this day and age where we lose a lot of women to domestic violence, that’s not a cool thing to be writing a song about.

“It’s not tough or cool to be doing that when there are plenty of other subjects to write about,” William sighs. “Don’t get me wrong, because it’s a good song with a good story but I just woke up and heard it and felt really pissed off. I just didn’t like it. It’s not edgy or cool. “But I posted the comment on Facebook, as people do these days, and then got a lot of comments about me not liking murder ballads,” he says. “But I love a good murder ballad and I’ve got a song about killing a priest but the song I heard that morning was specifically about killing a woman – and calling her ‘your woman’ which is wrong for a start – and it’s just not on in my opinion.” To lighten the conversation, I suggest that Olivia Newton-John’s jaunty hit The Banks Of The Ohio is a murder ballad.

“It is, yeah,” William laughs. “And my dad loves that song so when I met Olivia recently, I called my dad and asked her to say hello to him.”

William Crighton plays Semaphore Music Festival’s Foreshore Reserve on Sunday 1 October at 7pm alongside Ruby Boots (6pm), Aaron Thomas & The Human Patterns (5pm), Hana & Jessie Lee (4pm), The Heggarties (3pm), Alana Jagt & The Monotremes (2pm) and Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society (1pm) with tickets via Oztix here: au/?Event=76546 with gates from high noon. The full Semaphore Music Festival program is available here: http:// wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ SMF_FLYER_27-7_2.pdf

Musical Monday Shenanigans


 y l i L n a us

The Steve C harles Band

“Can’t be giving out too many secrets here but it’s a particular set-up that we’ve developed over a long period of experimentation. Mica and I use modified amplifiers and pedals interconnected to create a kind of saturation, very analog, very sonic. The pulse is really important also, but it’s a triggered analogue signal, not a machine – we are playing everything you hear.

HUGO RACE & MICHELANGELO RUSSO By Robert Brokenmouth Hugo Race, formerly a member of The Bad Seeds, and Michelangelo Russo have made a return to Australian shores to once again present the songs from World Today – a recording which pays homage to blues legend John Lee Hooker – and, for the SA show at least, will have Melbourne’s Michael Plater as their special guest. I know you’ve done covers in the past, but what makes you choose a song to cover and how do you approach it?

“Something like writing a song, picking a cover has a random element to it. You hear a song you’d forgotten about in a cab or a movie and fall in love with it again. Sometimes it starts out tongue in cheek. A song can have a history of associations, it can be subverted in different ways and given a whole new slant. “You learn a lot about music by figuring out other peoples’ songs.” How do your versions of John Lee Hooker’s songs vary from the originals?

“Hooker’s version of any song is unrepeatable. He has the gift of expressing so much with so little. We took the idea of a John Lee Hooker song more than the song itself, but I did stay totally faithful to the text even though a lot of these words weren’t ever written down. I didn’t add anything at all. I found the sheer simplicity of the words really compelling.

“We avoid digital devices wherever possible, also on the album – we were inspired not just by Hooker’s music but also the sound of it, the way it was recorded, the way valves engorge sound and add harmonic depth. The trick has been to reduce the gear down to the bare bones.

“Hooker’s guitar style is impenetrable which is also why it is so great. I didn’t try to imitate it, or his voice either, How are people responding to the tour? just relaxed into the trip of keeping it simple, finding the pace “Mica is a painter “I think people have been and the feel, giving space to Michelangelo to paint in and his approach very surprised by the fact we translate the album sound onto the sound.” to our music the stage and by the fact that is similar – he the live set is like a séance, very You had a specific idea in hypnotic. It’s like that for us throws color mind at the time - most too. To play this show I have to creative types know the everywhere, submit to the atmosphere too. It starting idea and the Jackson Pollock takes time to enter into it. finished item are never going to be the same - how did yours turn out?


“Years ago Mica [Michelangelo Russo] worked with me on this project I had called Transfargo, long ambient pieces of looped guitar and his harps and pedals. We merged things we learnt doing that with the Hooker vibe. In some ways it was a real voyage of discovery – we improvised the songs at some clubs and private shows and experimented with simple technical set ups to bring the electronic aspect together, keeping it really simple. “We recorded it live and knew vaguely it would sound something like it does on the final record, but were amazed by it too, hearing the studio playbacks for the first time was a revelation because there were no demos or live recordings. And it was such a massive sound.” Have you received any feedback from blues fans?

“It seems to me that in general blues fans dig what we are doing, even if it’s far left of centre. The audience at Echuca’s Winter Blues Festival were very warm. Only a few walk outs as they couldn’t dig where we coming from but, to be fair, we go to some very far out sound spaces that are in the zone of electronic ambient music, not blues. And yet it is still blues and people dig that” What sort of equipment do you use on this tour and why?

“It’s nothing like the recent tours I did for 24 Hours To Nowhere where I can feel a kind if detachment. With World Today it’s total immersion.” Tell me about M Russo - what does he bring to the songs?

“Mica brings the vast sound palette you hear on the album. He only uses harmonicas and shortwave radio but through his set-up those sounds are transformed in a way that you can’t figure out exactly what he’s doing. “Mica is a painter and his approach to our music is similar – he throws color everywhere, Jackson Pollock style.”

Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo will be playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 24 September with Michael Plater as special guest and with tickets here: au/?Event=72918

I understand you will be presenting some new songs as part of the tour?

“Yes, I’ve been writing a lot over the last year and have a lot of new material that I’m road testing for my next album. Playing live is a good place to try songs out, particularly songs that aren’t necessarily 100% finished.” Your last album, All The Bridges, marked a change of direction – I reviewed it and suggested Casey gave a slight nod to Fleetwood Mac and that Protecting Myself could easily fit into The Pretenders’ repertoire. What we the reasons behind that and is it something you will be pursuing?

“The styles on the album came about organically. They were just the kind of songs I happened to be writing at the time. Those two bands you cited are ones I love, along with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen etc. All bands that have that driving pop, rock’n’roll sound. Where are you up to recording-wise for the next offering given you have some new material?

“I’m going to record again in Toronto in February and March of next year at a great studio with some fantastic Ontario-based musicians. I’m not going to put it in writing yet, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to lock it in over the next few weeks. I’m pumped!” I note that Bonnie Raitt has become a fan. That must have been a thrill. Was that at Bluesfest?

LIZ STRINGER LIZ STRINGER By Robert Dunstan Melbourne’s Liz Stringer and New Zealand’s Mel Parsons have teamed up for a huge national tour which will kick off in Adelaide, so we emailed the former some questions and found out she was in North America. You will have just returned from overseas when you hit the road with Mel. What did you get up to there?

“No it wasn’t. I’d sent Bonnie one of my new records

that! We’ve definitely run into each other a fair because I’d heard she’d enjoyed Warm In The Darkness, another album of mine. And many weeks bit since then!

later I heard from her! Which I honestly never expected. She contacted me to say she was a fan of All The Bridges and was wondering whether I’d be up for hanging out when she was touring writing in Melbourne and coming to the show. And, of course, I said, ‘Yes’.

“Mel is booked in Australia by my booking agent, Cat Leahy, and we have a lot of other mutual people in common, so “I’ve been there are a lot of connections. a lot and have We’ve muttered about doing a a lot of new tour together for some time, so I’m so stoked that we’re finally material that I’m doing it!” The tour with Mel kicks off in Adelaide at Trinity Sessions, a venue that has a listening audience at which Mel has performed previously but I believe this will mark your debut.

road testing for my next album. Playing live is a good place to try songs out…”

“Yes! It will be! I’ve heard such great things about Trinity Sessions. A lot of my touring “I did some touring in Canada over friends have played there and raved about it. their summer and just attended the I’m sure we’ve tried in the past to line up a Americana conference in Nashville on date there but it hasn’t worked out until now. the way back to Australia. I spend a lot And I think it’ll be the perfect venue for Mel of time in Canada - I’m signed to a small and me, both solo singer songwriters.” label out of Toronto and have a touring band and a lot of friends there, so it’s What is planned for the tour? Will you be my second home base now.” sharing the stage with Mel at all. How will it work? And duets planed or will they be a How has the tour with Mel come surprise? about? Had you come across each other previously? “I’m sure we’ll be playing on a couple of each others tunes. We’ve both been busy touring in “Mel and I have known each other for a different parts of the world so haven’t had a few years now. I suspect we may have chance to sit down and have a jam yet, but I’m first met at Folk Alliance in Kansas City hoping Mel will let me play guitar for some of in 2014, although I may be wrong about my favourite songs of hers.”

“So we hung out in Melbourne on the afternoon of her gig at the Arts Centre and then my housemate, Alice, and I were guests at her show and Bonnie dedicated a song to me. We then hung out backstage afterwards. It was all a bit dreamlike. But Bonnie is so real and unaffected. It was like hanging out with an old friend.

“And so special for me to get to spend time with a woman I respect and look up to so much. What a trip.”

Liz Stringer and Mel Parsons have teamed up for a national tour that will have the respected singer songwriters playing Trinity Sessions, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 22 September with tickets here au/events/1816

Gone, gone I was out reviewing a gig the other night and while checking Facebook, as you do when out reviewing a gig, came across the sad news via Grong Grong’s page that Charlie Tolnay, of various Adelaide underground bands, had passed away following a sudden and unexpected illness. It made me sad and reflective as back in September of 1987 – 30 years ago – I’d moved into a share house with Bill Bostle, a drummer who was playing in a band called King Snake Roost which had Charlie as its guitarist.

And although I had occasion to meet the tattooed Charlie several times, I was initially always somewhat wary of his seemingly gruff and rather confronting nature. I’d lived a sheltered life and Charlie seemed like a larger than life character that you would not want to mess with.

So much so, that when he told an almighty off-colour joke at a backyard BBQ that Bill and I hosted not long after I’d moved in, I laughed loudly so as to not incur his almighty wrath. Be that as it may, when Bill moved out a year or so later, Charlie popped round one afternoon unannounced as he wanted to see if some motorcycle parts he was storing in the back shed were still there. They weren’t and Charlie

just shrugged, scratched his head and said, “Hmm, perhaps I left them in someone else’s shed.”

I then politely offered him a coffee in the hope he would politely decline and go away but instead he asked, “Got any beer?” As it happened I did, so we went inside and imbibed and I also put on some music.

Charlie would then occasionally drop round unannounced – it was in the days before mobile phones and texting – and he’d be armed with a six-pack or two and we’d spend the afternoon chatting and listening to music. And it was music of all kinds as I discovered that Charlie had a fondness for all types of stuff and particularly recall him being partial to some Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and, in particular, an album of Buddy Holly covers I had, Everyday Is A Holly Day, that featured Tav alongside a host of other underground artists.

And it was during the course of those occasional afternoon drinking sessions that I got to know Charlie a bit more and discovered that despite his gruff exterior, he was essentially a kind and gentle bear of a person with an intelligent wit. In short, even though Charlie was quite tall, he was a lovely bloke once you got to know him,

He will, therefore, be sadly missed by the Adelaide music community and all who knew him. Vale Charlie.

And here are some words from Bill Bostle stolen directly from his Facebook page. I’ve taken a few days to digest this bad news. Some people connected to me on here know that Charlie and I were in a band, King Snake Roost, from 1986-1990. We made three albums and chalked up plenty miles. As with many bands that care about what they do, things could be ‘intense’ and a lot of water went under the bridge. I’d not been in contact with Charlie since 1990. When I first met Charlie in an Adelaide practice room, it was clear that he sounded and played like nobody else. I’ve been a musicobsessive for 50 years, listen pretty widely and can spot

‘genuine original’ when I hear it – it’s a very rare beast indeed. Charlie’s playing wasn’t about equipment or influences, although he knew plenty about that stuff. It was about a sometimes difficult, but always uncompromisingly original spirit. Who knows whether there’s an afterlife but, if so, I hope Charlie, Ren and all the other rowdy misfits we’ve lost are plugging in and giving it hell. My sympathies and good thoughts to Michael and others close to Charlie. You can also find a very fitting online tribute to Charlie penned by Robert Brokenmouth here: http://www.i94bar. com/features/unforgettablecharlie-tolnay

Melvin Melvinson’s Drivel Drive on Three D Radio (93.7FM) will also be paying tribute to Charlie from 5pm on Friday 22 September.

and tickets via Oztix here https:// PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE


Staged by King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard, Gizzfest 2017 will feature said band alongside Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo, America’s La Luz, The Murlocs, Orb and Parsnip on the main stage at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 29 November with the PAK Stage to feature Little Dust, Attila My Honey and Goonbomb with tickets via Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=78547 TIM ROGERS

You Am I front-person Tim Rogers is taking a detour and embarking on a solo tour that will have him playing an adventure-laden show at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Saturday 2 December with tickets selling fast via Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=78651 ANVIL

Canadian hair metal legends Anvil will be hitting Australian shores pounding the pavement towards Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, from 7pm on Sunday 12 November with tickets and a meet and greet

option available via Moshtix here event/anvil/98446 THE CLOUDS The Clouds have recently reformed and requested that Falling Joys also reform and join them for a run of shows including the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 18 November with tickets via Oztiz here

TRISTEN BIRD Tristen Bird is heading from over yonder and making a return to town and organised an array of shows with Friday 17 November having him at Angaston’s Old Union Chapel, Saturday 20 November at Robe’s Caledonian Inn, Sunday 19 November at McLaren Vale’s Red Poles Gallery and Friday 24 November at Bridgewater’s Bridgewater Mill with further information here COSMIC PSYCHOS

Presented by OnTour, longrunning Croatian rock band Prljavo Kazaliste will once again hit Australian shows and are set to be playing Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 23 February with tickets via Moshtix here au//v2/event/prljavo-kazaliste/9 8450?ref=calendar&skin= TRAPPIST AFTERLAND


d Henry Fenton is back in Australia to further promote his latest album, Twice I Fell Down Once, and will be doing a show at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 5pm on Sunday 8 October. com/watch?v=kUGhftCTKBg CELIBATE RIFLES

Armed with at least one new song, Better In The Shed, Australian legends Cosmic Psychos have announced a show at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 15 December with Amyl & The Sniffers and Meatbeaters as special guests and tickets via Moshtix here http://www.moshtix.

Presented by the fine folk at Going Steady Music, Melbourne’s Trappist Aterland, who makes folk music using voices, various acoustic stringed instruments, tabla, percussion, harmonium and Tanpura drones, LEGACY will be playing the Grace Emily Legacy, the world’s greatest Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, tribute to the world’s greatest Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday entertainer, Michael Jackson, 30 September with St Morris comes to the Governor Hindmarsh Sinners. Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 27 October and will ÁINE TYRRELL be brought to life in a full-scale Irish singer Áine Tyrell has production with a live band announced a solo tour for the bringing the energy, the dance and release of a new EP and will be music that spans generations. Get playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, tickets here 39 George St, Thebarton, on Thursday 19 October with Koral SWOLLEN MEMBERS as special guest with tickets via

Iconic Sydney band Celibate Rifles have locked in Saturday 2 December to play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, with no less than Violetine as special guests and with tickets via Moshtix here Canadian underground hip hop event/the-celibate-rifles-with-violet collective Swollen Members ine/98791?ref=calendar&skin will have Madchild, Necro and Mastacraft as special guests when MICK THOMAS & THE ROVING they return to Australia and slip COMMISSION into Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Mick Thomas & The Roving Adelaide, with their black magic Commission have announced a for a licensed all-ages affair from run of Christmas shows with one in 7pm on Thursday 28 September Adelaide on Friday 8 December at with tickets via Moshtix here the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with special guests v2/event/swollen-membersHana Brenecki and Kate Alexander adelaide/97687

GWYN ASHTON Blues and roots guitarist Gwyn Ashton, who cut his teeth in Adelaide before scoring international fame and is now a member of the SA Music Hall Of Fame, will be armed with his new album, Solo Elektro, when he plays a free entry show at Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, on Friday 8 December for a licensed, all-ages show with Kennett as special guests and drink specials throughout the evening.


that with news they will be heading to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, armed with a new album, Never Too Soon, on Thursday 26 October with tickets via the venue or Oztix here: au/default.aspx?Event=75766 LLOYD SPIEGEL

Sarah McLeod, of Superjesus fame, is back out on tour with her solo album, Rocky’s Diner, and will be playing Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Sunday 5 November with tickets via Moshtix here event/sarah-mcleod-rockys-dinertour/98785 BUSBY MAROU

Townsville’s Busby Marou have scored an engagement at The Ramsgate Hotel, 328 Seview Rd, Henley Beach, on Thursday 19 October with tickets already selling fast via Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=78261

Australian blues artist Lloyd Spiegel, who has just completed a successful US tour, is now embarking on an Australian jaunt that will have him performing at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 1 December with tickets via Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=75411 THIRSTY MERC


Sydney rock band Thirsty Merc will be celebrating 15 years of musical activity when they head out on a huge national tour that will have them winding it up by playing no less than three shows in SA with the first on Thursday 14 December at Golden Grove’s Village Tavern, Friday 15 December at Norwood Live, Osmond Pde, Norwood, and then Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Saturday 16 December with tickets via usual outlets and http://www.

It’s never too soon to announce a tour and Boo Seeka (Boo and Sammy Seeka) have done just

Resolute troubadour Stu Larsen will be heading out on tour before the end of the year with his new album, Resolute,

THE DOLLOP The Dollop’s podcast is coming to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 24 October at which Americans Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, known for their popular weekly podcast, The Dollop, will be presenting their special, comedic take on a weird and wonderful moment or identity in Australian or New Zealand history in a one-off show with tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/default.aspx?Event=78600


and will be playing Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Friday 2 December with tickets via Moshtix here http://www. POLARIS Sydney’s Polaris are heading out on tour with songs from new metalcore album, The Mortal Coil, with Belle Haven, Deadlights and Daybreak as special guests and will be kicking it off at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 20 October for a licensed, all-ages show with tickets selling fast via Moshtix here http://www.moshtix.

DISTILLERY DAYS Distillery Days is coming to Renmark’s Twenty Third Street Distillery with Sunday 1 October to feature Kate Ceberano, Daryl Braithwaite, Russell Morris, Mark Gable and The Offshoot from 3pm until 10pm and Monday 2 October to feature Thundamentals and more and with tickets via FringeTix here: https://www. distillery-days

HOWIE”S KICK OFF release their debut EP, Feeling Fine, and will be launching it at a licensed, all-ages event at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, with Windwaker, Days Of Deceit, Down With The Ship, Bearclaw Camp and Lost In Souls from 7pm on Saturday 14 October with tickets via Moshtix here The second annual Howard au//v2/event/after-change-epKehl Rock Music Development launch/97587?ref=calendar&skin= Award Benefit, in memory of late and much-respected Adelaide KELLY BROUHAHA musician and identity Howard Kelly Brouhaha has been traipsing Kehl, will take place from 1pm around the country – everywhere on Sunday 29 October at the from Perigian Beach through Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, to Ourimbah and all points in 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, and between – in her trusty van but will feature special guest Vince has made a point of slotting in Contarino (of Zep Boys), MC dates at the Cessnock Hotel on Catherine Blanch and the rockin’ Friday 23 September and also the bands Imogen Brave, Poundcake, Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth FastMotor and Amberlist as well St, Adelaide, on Saturday 24 as the 2016 award recipient, Pete September at which she will be Jenkins, with $20 tickets via the armed with copies of her Mama venue (telephone 08 8340 0744) Didn’t Raise A Quitter EP. or at the door for $25. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2

THE CHAIRMEN The Chairmen have been invited to present their entertaining blues rock sounds at Semaphore Music Festival and will be doing so at a free entry affair at The Federal Hotel, 25 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 8pm on Friday 29 September. Tickets to Foreshore Reserve concerts from noon on Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October and available here: https://tickets. THE BAKER SUITE

It’s been a while but The Baker Suite will be back for a lovely afternoon of music at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 22 October with tickets bound to sell fast here https:// search?keywords=The+Baker+Suite

SOUTH COAST RAW Another edition of South Coast Raw is set to take place on Sunday 1 October at Pt Noarlunga Football Club, Britain Drv, Pt Noarlunga Sth, and the event will feature Electric Sex Pants and Hate Force Five along with very special American guests in the form of underground hip hop artists Evolve and Decide Today with an entry fee of an easy $5. ADELAIDE UKULELE APPRECIATION SOCIETY Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society, who meet in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, every Wednesday evening from 7pm, will be staging a concert in the venue’s main room on Saturday 23 September before once again presenting their wares at Semaphore Music Festival on Sunday 1 October from high noon on the foreshore. Tickets to Foreshore Reserve concerts from noon on Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October and available here: au/?Event=76546

HORROR MY FRIEND Horror My Friend are embarking on a huge nationwide tour for their latest Poison City Records release, Admit None, and will be playing a special all-ages show at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with special guests Zen Panda, Stork and Little Dust with tickets via Moshtix here event/horror-my-friend/98017 GT STRINGER Surf rock band GT Stringer could well be launching some kind of new compilation album at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 22 September with free entry the distinct possibility of some cubes of cheese on a stick. BESSIE, BILLIE & DINAH As part of this year’s Semaphore Music Festival, Bonnie Galea and friends will be presenting the music of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington at Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL, 10 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 8pm on Sunday 1 October with tickets via Oztix or Mr V Music, 115 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore. Tickets here: default.aspx?Event=76930 Tickets to Foreshore Reserve concerts from noon on Saturday 30 September, Sunday 1 October and Monday 2 October and available here: https://tickets. TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY Ahoy! Talk Like A Pirate Day is officially on 19 September but as that’s a Tuesday, in its wisdom the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, has chosen Friday 22 September on which to celebrate the great day in its salubrious front bar as a free entry, swashbuckling shindig from 5pm. THE DUNES The Dunes have cleverly scored the Friday evening residency at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, for the month of October and will kick it off on Friday 6 October with special guests Little Dust and the free entry psych rock fun will then continue on Friday 13 October with Melbourne’s The Baudelaires and on Friday 20 October with The Howling Fog

before winding up on Friday 27 October with The Vulgars. SUSAN LILY

Susan Lily, currently working on a brand new album, and The Steve Charles Band will be taking part in this year’s Semaphore Music Festival (Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) and will be playing Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL, 10 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 2pm until 5pm on Monday 2 October with her website here: https://www. FLEUR GREEN & THE KEEPERS Fleur Green & The Keepers are all set to launch their video for new single, Nadia, and have invited Aaron Thomas to join them at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, for a free entry affair from 8.30pm on Saturday 30 September with Feisty Philomena food truck plonked out the front. THE 4 STAR HEROES Alternative rockers The 4 Star Heroes will be joined by Radix, Poly and Mogerlaine when they play Minnesota Fats (formerly Shotz), 192 Pirie St, Adelaide, at an all-ages show from 7pm until 11pm on Saturday 7 October with drink specials and, of course, pool tables and an easy entry fee of $10. BEYOND BLUE PRINT EXCHANGE Beyond Blue Print Exchange is an art exhibition that will take over the walls of the fireplace room of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 28 September with a launch event at 6pm. It marks an opportunity to view and buy the works of a number of local print-makers, as well as some other artworks that have kindly been donated by supporters of Beyond Blue. All artworks have been created with an intent to shine a spotlight on mental health and proceeds will be donated to Beyond Blue and will support Chris Lytas in his endeavour to run the New York marathon in the charity’s name. ALL OVER ADELAIDE Popular local arts and entertainment blog All Over

Adelaide has announced a launch party at The Jade Monkey, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide, from 7pm on Friday 29 September and the auspicious event is set to feature a variety of entertainment with $10 tickets at the door.

(Warner Media Manager) and Sose Fuamoli (AU Review).

MUSIC SA Music SA will be celebrating its 20th birthday on Thursday 30 November by holding a fundraising (to raise funds to THROWAWAY continue to run free music musicians including Rock Minnesota Fats (formerly Shotz), workshops in 2018) quiz Hardwood, Leroy Thunderpants 192 Pirie St, Adelaide, is set to host evening from 6pm until 10pm Inc, Wilbur Wong, Hugh Jorgan III the bands Throwaway, Trench at St Paul’s Creative Centre, and Dick Tingler, will be presenting Effect, Roadhaul and Shadow Pulteney St, Adelaide, with the great rock music of the ’70s Monarchy at an all-ages affair from a bar and BYO food and $20 when they play the Governor 7pm until 11pm on Saturday 21 tickets ($180 for a table of 10) Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, October with drink specials and, of via Moshtix here: http://www. Hindmarsh, on Friday 13 Roctober course, pool tables and an entry fee with DJ Motormouth and tickets of an easy $10. music-sa-20th-birthday-quizvia the venue or Oztix here: https:// night/98679?skin=20THBDAY COY CARP aspx?event=78485 Coy Carp will be in duo mode when J MAC BAND they with The Scarlet Ives (also in LARSEN duo mode) and Luke Golding at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 27 September from 9pm. ARBA

Larsen will kick off their tour for new album Weightless Again up in Brisbane before taking in lots of other cities and then winding it all Presented by Adelaide Roots & up in their hometown at Jive, 181 Blues Association, The Steve Brown Hndley St, Adelaide, from 7.45pm Band and JJ Fields, both worthy on Saturday 28 October with winners of the 2107 Memphis special guests Sincerely, Grizzly, Blues Challenge, will be performing Pinkish Blu and Towns and with at The Singing Gallery, 133 Main $10 tickets at the door. Rd, McLaren Vale, on Saturday 28 October with doors at 6.30pm, UNMASKED $25 entry and beer, wine and food Unmasked is an African festival available with all proceeds going to organised by the local communities the artists. that will be taking place from 11am until 7pm on Saturday 23 SA POETRY SLAM September at Tarntanyangga Presented by Spoken Word SA, (Victoria Sq). For further heats for SA Poetry Slam are now information, please email info@ completed with the State Final to happen from 7.30pm on Friday 22 September at Goodwood Institute, RAVEN BLACK NIGHT 166A Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, Raven Black Night have teamed up with $20 tickets already selling fast with Pigasus and Mind Remover here to present an evening of mindbook/event?eid=297682 blowing rock from 9pm on Saturday 23 September at Enigma Bar, 173 RECLINK COMMUNITY CUP Hindley St, Adelaide. Organised by the one and only Libby Tainor Parker, there’s to be a screening of Reclink Community MAKING A MUSICIAN Cup 2017 from 1pm on Saturday Music SA, APRA and AMCOS will be 23 September at the Wheatsheaf presenting the free workshop event Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, Making A Musician from 5.30pm on with free entry and family and Wednesday 27 September at Music friends more than welcome. SA, 200 Pulteney St, Adelaide, with the panelists to include Courtney DEEP THROAT Duka (YEWTH Magazine), Luke Deep Throat, which features Penman (Radio Adelaide), Leigh some of Adelaide’s most seasoned McGrane (publicist), Bret Woods

J Mac Band (Johnny McIntryre) and Patty Ramm will be presenting some dirty country music at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Saturday 23 September with free entry from 9pm and Captain Snag food truck neatly parked out the front of the pub. HILLSIDE FEST 5.0 Esteemed Adelaide producer and very sound sound engineer Matt Hills will be presenting Hillside Fest 5.0 at his new recording studio on Saturday 25 November with the full line-up of 15 bands/ artists to include some wellknown names. DJANGO ROWE & LACHLAN RIDGE Django Rowe is one of a new vanguard of Adelaide jazz musicians and a guitarist and composer of exceptional talent and skill, while Lachlan Ridge is a mercurial composer and arranger who has played across a myriad of different genres and styles with acts such as Shaolin Afronauts, The Ross McHenry Future Ensemble, Carla Lippis and Transatlantics. They have now chosen the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, at which to launch their respective new albums from 4pm on Sunday 1 October. FUNDRAISER The Baker Suite and Chris Finnen have teamed up for a fundraising

event to help improve feeding facilities for those homeless and the show will be taking place from 7.30pm (doors at 6.30pm) on Saturday 18 November at Noarlunga Centre Church Of Christ, 165 Beach Rd, Christies Beach, with tickets via Ticketek or the church office on 08 8326 1153. FRUIT

Much-loved Adelaide group Fruit have reformed to play Trinity Sessions, Church of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 7.30pm on Friday 3 November (Sold Out) and now also Saturday 4 November to help celebrate the church’s 15th year as a live music venue. Tickets via <dramatix> here https://www. CASEY C ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN Looking for an effective gig poster? Casey C Illustration & Design offers an affordable service and in the past has designed gig posters for bands such as Babes Are Wolves, The Villenettes, The Aves, Porchlight Parade, Matt Ward, Kitchen Witch and a whole bunch of others including drawings in ShitAdelaide’s colouring and activity book. There is also a range of postcards available from http:// and you can also make contact here caseycillustration/ to discuss your needs. LUKE CARLINO Following the completion of his current UK tour, Adelaide’s Luke Carlino will be returning home for a special one off farewell show before relocating to Melbourne and the free entry shindig will be taking place at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 23 September with Maggie Rutjens, Sasha March and Phil Meakin of Grenadiers as special musical guests.

models live review Re-inventing the 1980s: Machinations/Models Live Review by Romana Ashton I first met Mark Ferrie, the bassist for Models and for the RockWiz band at Feedback Café in Yarraville, Melbourne. My band played a set in the very small café and afterward a well-dressed gentleman engaged me in a conversation about the pros and cons of my Ampeg bass amp. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but soon found out.

A year later and Mark has very kindly offered to put myself and a photographer friend on the guest list for a show at the Gov, which includes Machinations and of course, Models.

When we first arrive at the show I am immediately struck by the apparent transformation of the Gov into a 1980s nightclub. Blue light and smoke, tables littered everywhere, some very well-dressed people in sparkly shoes, hats and big earrings chat excitedly before Machinations take to the stage.

The band waste no time launching into some lost classics and have die-hard fans dancing up a storm. The 1981 single Average Inadequacy is a crowd favourite and singer Fred Loneragan quips light-heartedly between songs that Things have changed quite a bit since the 1980s. Loneragan holds no illusions as to the band’s age and is refreshingly honest about it. At one point he asks: Is anyone still really in love? To which the guitarist retorts, I am. Loneragan commenting: At least someone’s still fucking in love. Loneragan is very entertaining with a dry sense of humour, his comments perfectly fitting as the band launch into dance classic Execution of Love.

Machinations’ reputation for having a cult following is further cemented by the number of audience members who clearly love their music. Their set is seamless. Just as Machinations are finishing up, I spot Mark Ferrie standing near the back of the room and wander over for a chat. We promptly end up in the Green Room where members of Models are intently watching the AFL final between West Coast Eagles and Port Adelaide. Their drummer, Ashley Davies, is particularly excited as it is a very, very close game. Luckily for Ash and the band, West Coast win by a whisker. You don’t want your drummer to be in a bad mood and West Coast’s win has put a spring in Ash’s step as he bounds onto the stage and behind his kit.

Models open with Two Cabs to the Toucan, singer Sean Kelly’s signature snarl evident as the band kick off the show with an example of their early New-Wave style.

This is closely followed by the pop classic Hold On. At about this time I accidentally spill a glass of wine and it goes all over some guy’s mobile phone that he has carelessly left sitting on the table. To be fair, this guy deserves it as he was, to be perfectly blunt, an absolute dickhead toward me earlier on. Karma and all that. Even so, I apologize and then go and stand off to the side closer to Andrew Duffield’s keyboard, watching his virtuoso moves while Models strut more of their New-Wave and Pop stuff. Models continue to deliver hit after hit and the audience loves it. Even if you aren’t familiar with Models, you would more than likely know their 1985 hit Out of Mind, Out of Sight from their hugely popular album of the same name.

The band play this classic only a few songs into the set and I watch people in the audience enthusiastically singing along. They know every single lyric. One fan up the front is flailing his arms around wildly and looks to be having the time of his life. I think to myself that his scarf and jacket look quite fashionable. I have deep thoughts.

Other highlights of the set include I Hear Motion, Barbados, a fantastic version of Paté Pedestrian from their first album Alphabravocharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf, and the last song of the night, 1984’s Big on Love.

Afterward, back in the Green Room, while I go about sinking a couple of wines (because I lost one by spilling it earlier), Mark shows me an Ethiopian scale that he has been using to compose music with to pass the time on the back of the RockWiz tour bus.

When I ask Mark how it feels playing with Models after all these years, he replies: Well, I didn’t think I’d be playing these songs when I was 60. Mark goes on to explain that the band aren’t trying to re-produce the line-up from the 1980s (as Models’ fans know lead singer/bassist James Freud tragically died a few years ago) but play the songs in a way that the current line-up can work the best. It is obvious from the crowd’s reaction to the show that this re-invention is working out just fine. Both Machinations and Models aren’t about nostalgia or trying to rehash the past, their show is a celebration of the present and the way certain songs can stand the test of time no matter what the line-up is.

label, Dill Records, and they put out our first record, Pezcore.” Vinnie says he got into playing drums when his older brother started playing guitar.

“I told my parents I wanted to play an instrument too, so they got me some drums,” he says. “They said, ‘One guitar player in the family is enough so you’re getting drums’.”

Vinnie then says his parents were not at all concerned he’d make too much of a racket on the drums.

LESS THAN JAKE LESS THAN JAKE By Robert Dunstan Vinnie Fiorello, the bearded drummer and lyricist with American punk ska outfit Less Than Jake, was preparing to batten down the hatches when we spoke over the telephone about the band hitting Australian shores once again, but this time on their 25th anniversary tour. “Yeah, we’ve just had warning that Hurricane Irma is about to come through,” he says from home in Gainesville, Florida. “We’re hoping to dodge that but we’ll see how it goes…” Less Than Jake formed in 1992 with the band taking its name from Vinnie’s family dog, Jake – according to legend, Jake was treated like a king and others less so – and following the independently released Pezcore, were picked up by a major label for the albums Losing Streak and Hello Rockview with 2003’s Anthem becoming their most commercially successful offering. Vinnie suggests that Less Than Jake have a strong association with Australian audiences. “We always have a lot of fun and good times when we are down there,” he notes with conviction. “The people are always up for a good time and the shows are fun. Just such beautiful people.

“Australia is one of those places that when we first went there on the Vans Warped Tour years and years and years ago that we immediately connected with,” Vinnie, who reckons they have hit our shores around nine times thus far, adds. “So we always look forward to heading back down and are always happy whenever Australia pops up on our tour itinerary.”

Vinnie says the early days of the band in Gainesville were likely similar to what other bands were doing.

“They came from a rock’n’roll background so there was always loud music in the house,” he laughs. “So there was always music around and they listened to everything from The Beatles through to The Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand.

“Grand Funk Railroad was also a band they “We formed the band because we really, really liked,” Vinnie recalls. wanted to have a good time,” he laughs. “It kinda begins as a hobby and then Less Than Jake are hitting the road in you think it could be something more. Australia alongside Bodyjar and So, suddenly, what was “We’ve just had I was surprised to learn they had a hobby sorta takes over not toured together in the past. warning that your life more than you thought it would. Hurricane Irma “So we’re looking forward to that is about to come because our bass player, Roger “And I’ve talked to other through. We’re [Lima], is a massive, massive bands and it’s the same for them,” Vinnie suggests. hoping to dodge Bodyjar fan,” Vinnie reveals. “He’s super excited about touring with “You get together with a that but we’ll see them.” bunch of guys and then things start to click and you start getting more and more gigs. And the fanbase builds.

how it goes…”

“And Less Than Jake prides itself on building that foundation from very small steps,” he adds. “We put the time in and the energy to make it work and you have to do that.” Less Than Jake were part of a movement known as ‘the third wave of ska’. “There was a definite surge around that time,” Vinnie says. “Ska punk was the genre of the moment but while we rode that wave, we had a punk ethos of doing it ourselves. We acted like a punk band who threw in some ska.” As an aside, I recently met an American by the name of Rick Bonde – in the township of Peterborough off all places – and over a plate of wedges and some beers, he told me he once booked bands such as Less Than Jake, Sublime and Blink-182. “Oh, Rick,” Vinnie laughs. “Rick was our booking agent – our first one – for about five years when he ran The Tahoe Agency. And one of the other bands he had on his books was called Skank & Pickle and they ran a little record

Vinnie concludes by saying the band’s 25th anniversary setlist will feature all the old favourites.

“We like to have a lot of songs we know people are going to be looking forward to hearing and we like to have songs that we look forward to playing,” he says. “So we’ll be pulling songs from every era of Less Than Jake and everyone will be happy.”

American ska punks Less Than Jake will be celebrating their 25th anniversary when they play the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 21 October with special guests Bodyjar and young upstarts Foxtrot with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

afternoons so we thought we’d be a bit different.”

Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness was recorded under the subtle, expert guidance of award winning producer Mick Wordley at his Adelaide Hills studio, Mixmasters.

“Mick gave us a really sweet deal,” Kaurna enthuses. “And Kiah, who plays bass with me, has has just started at Mixmasters as the new young resident, so he produced the album. And the whole studio is very organic and Mick was amazing too. “It’s just such a lovely set up at Mixmasters,” he adds.

Kaurna, who has collected a string of awards during his career including being named Folk Alliance Australia’s Artist Of The Year in 2015, has taken the big step of issuing Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness on vinyl.

KAURNA CRONIN KAURNA CRONIN By Robert Dunstan Adelaide’s Kaurna Cronin had only just stepped off a plane from an extensive European tour with his band (Kiah Gossner on bass, Tom Kneebone on guitar and Kyrie Anderson on drums) when he spoke to BSide Magazine about his upcoming album launch for Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness. “Yeah, I’m a bit weary but gettin’ there,” he begins with a laugh. “It was a pretty roundabout way of getting home in the finish but was all pretty much smooth sailing.

“It’s always nice to listen to vinyl so I guess it’s going to be even nicer to have my own record to listen to on vinyl,” he supposes while admitting that such a venture can pose a risk. “We got it cut at Zenith over in Melbourne because they do high quality work. “I’m just hoping the vinyl will be finished in time for the launch,” Kaurna adds.

“The audiences are great over there and we had some great times in Germany and Sweden,” Following the local launch, the singer songwriter has a bunch of interstate shows coming up. Kaurna says. “And Italy was very rock’n’roll because most of the shows we doing the Dorrigo Folk & played started at 11 o’clock at “It’s always nice “We’re Bluegrass Festival,” Kaurna says of a night. And the Italian food and to listen to vinyl three-day festival in New South Wales in the people were amazing.” so I guess it’s late October.

Kaurna, who recently recorded going to be even “And we’ve got a Sydney show around a version of Bonnie Tyler’s 1978 nicer to have that time and two shows in WA hit It’s A Heartache with his beforehand that Hayley has booked for band and Naomi Keyte and with my own record us with some of the other artists she strings by Frank Giles for some to listen to on looks after,” he concludes. bonus offerings for the new release, is now all set to launch vinyl.” Kaurna Cronin will launch his his album and will have Loren new album, Euphoria, Delirium & Kate and WA’s Jacob Diamond, who has recently performed at the Wheatsheaf Loneliness (to be available on vinyl with Hotel and the Grace Emily Hotel, as special his band at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George guests. St, Thebarton, on Thursday 5 October

with special guests Loren Kate and WA’s

“Jacob’s great and he seems to be getting Jacob Diamond with tickets via Oztix here around quite a bit – he’s doing a tour of the east coast after playing at the launch – and I know Joseph because I work with a lady named aspx?Event=75715 Hayley-Jane Ayres, a violinist who plays with Melody Pool.

“And it was a great tour and very long with lot of adventures,” Kaurna continues. “And I was very lucky to be able to take the full band – “Hayley is from WA and looks after a lot of especially to be able to steal Tom Kneebone for other acts over there and books all my tours a couple of months.” whenever I go over that way,” Kaurna explains. “So she books Joseph. I haven’t seen him play Kaurna, who toured the US last year and has live yet, but have heard lots of his stuff and it’s appeared at many music festivals in Australia great so I’m really looking forward to it. over the last few years, has regularly toured “And Loren [Kate] doesn’t play too many local Europe in the past over recent times. gigs as she seems to be doing mainly festivals these days, so it’s great to get her for the “I’ve been over there a lot over the last five launch,” he says. years and built up a lot of contacts,” he says. “But this was the first time to play in Italy and “And we thought we’d do the launch on a the Czech Republic. And most of the venues Thursday night at the Wheaty just to change [we played at] organised accommodation or we things up a bit,” Kaurna reveals. “They do stayed in AIR B&Bs. live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday

Of Satellites, The Real Mc Dimarco? and Karma Charmer with $10 tickets at the door. BEN SALTER


Brisbane’s soulful folk artist Maja has a new EP, Still Bleeding, which she will be bringing to the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Thursday 21 September with Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto of (Cosmo Thundercat) as special guests and $10 tickets at the door. HUGO RACE & MICHELANGELO RUSSO

Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo are on an Australian tour and will be playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 24 September with Michael Plater as special guest and with tickets here: https://tickets.oztix. FLEURIEU FOLK FESTIVAL

Fleurieu Folk Festival will be proudly celebrating its 11th year when it takes place at McLaren Vale from Friday 27 October until Sunday 28 October with an impressive line-up of performers that includes Kristina Olsen, Alan Gogoll, Ken Nicol, Greg Champion and so many more with early bird tickets here https:// Default.aspx?Event=76359

have invited Fistful Of Trojans and Little Grandeur to join them for a free entry skank and Taco Cat food truck parked out the front. EVERCLEAR


Perth’s Young Lions are on tour with The Comfort and Stansbury and are set to hit Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Saturday 23 September for a licensed all-ages show with tickets via Moshtix here http:// event/young-lions-mrspaceman/95412

The salt of the earth that is Brisbane-based singer songwriter Ben Salter has a new album, Isolationism, and will be playing songs from it and more at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 12 October. DIESEL Diesel will be celebrating his 30-year anniversary when he brings his 30 Year Thang tour to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 14 October for two sets and with tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=75403

TIRED LION Perth-based indie rockers Tired Lion are out on tour to promote the release of debut album, Dumb Days, and will play Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday AMBER ISLES 22 September with Food Court and Foam as special guests and tickets via Moshtix here au/v2/event/tired-lion-dumbdays/97534 NEIL MURRAY Neil Murray, the 2017 Port Fairy Folk Festival Artist Of The Year, founding member of Warumpi Band and author of My Island Home, will be playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8.30pm on Saturday 7 October with Damien Neil as his special guest and tickets via Oztix here https://tickets.oztix. source=Oztix&utm_ medium=Website

EVOLVE Presented by Realicide Youth Records, underground American punk hip hop artist Evolve is touring with likeminded fellow American Decide Today and will be performing at Enigma Bar, 173 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm on Saturday 30 September with local support from Emcee Entirety, Steve Makes, Keeping Count

Moody Melbourne band Amber Isles will be presenting songs from their debut album, Running, when they make a run to play a free entry show at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 28 September with special guests Neon Tetra and Donnarumma. LESS

Let’s make this ever so clear. Everclear, who enjoyed a huge hit in Australia with Santa Monica, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of So Much For The Afterglow and will be playing that hit-laden album in full, along with Santa Monica, at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 4 October and tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=73850 CLOWNS

Some Clowns from Melbourne are quickly heading back to town and will be playin’ Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 30 September with tickets via Moshtix here http://www. clowns/97752 and Pagan as special guests. ERIC STECKEL

Ska, ska, ska! Presented by Erect Music, Melbourne ska band LESS (Living Earth Sound Sessions) are heading to town to play the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Friday 29 September and

American blues guitarist Eric Steckel has announced a return to our shores with news that he will be playing South Adelaide Football Club on Friday 29 September with special guest Stefan Hauk and with tickets via

book/event?eid=293794 and also Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from 4pm on Monday 2 October with Stefan again guesting and tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=75190.

THE GETAWAY PLAN Due to demand, Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan are taking to the road to present their 2008 number one album Other Voices, Other Rooms in its entirety with the indie rockers to play two sets at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 22 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=73669

at Semaphore from Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) has launched its full program and will feature interstate acts such as Raised By Eagles, William Crighton, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Ruby Boots and Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos alongside a host of locals including Alana Jagt & The Monotremes, Jimmy Mountain, The Timbers, Ukulele Death Squad, Haystacks Calhoon and so many, many more with tickets on sale via Oztix here: https://tickets. MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA


Pennsylvanian Goth metalcore outfit Motionless In White have announced a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 21 September as part of their Graveyard Shift tour with special guests Crown The Empire and tickets via the venue or Oztix here: au/?Event=74402

SEMAPHORE MUSIC FESTIVAL The four-day Semaphore Music Festival (to be held

Psych pop act Cloud Control will be floating down from the Blue Mountains into the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on their Zone tour on Friday 29 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=76525 BRENTON FOSTER 6TET


Much-acclaimed Irish singer songwriter Declan O’Rourke – Paul Weller often sings his praises – is embarking on an Australian tour that will have him performing at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Wednesday 4 October with tickets here: book/event?eid=300715



Brisbane-based progressive metal band Caligula’s Horse have announced their only headline shows for 2017 with news that they will play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, to present songs from a new album, In Contact, on Friday 29 September with special guests I Built The Sky and Colibrium and tickets via Moshtix here http://www. caligulas-horse-in-contact-austtour/96842?ref=calendar&skin THE NEW DEAD VIII

Max and Iggor Cavalera of Sepultura fame will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 24 September with Skindred as special guests and tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=77702 ACOLYTE

Brenton Foster 6Tet, led by jazz pianist Brenton Foster and featuring some of Melbourne’s finest, will be launching their second album, The Nature Of Light, as part of COMA from 7pm on Monday 25 September at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with tickets via

SCOTT BRADLEE’S POSTMODERN JUKEBOX The very popular Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, who give a swing Melbourne’s Acolyte are feel to today’s hits, will be embarking on a national tour for at Thebarton Theatre on their new album, Shades Of Black, Sunday 24 September with and will kick it off by playing a tickets via Ticketmaster. licensed, free entry, all-ages show at Club5082 at Prospect Town CHILDHOOD CANCER Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, BENEFIT on Friday 22 September Much-regarded Melbournealongside Squeaker, Favour The based blues artist and multiple Brave and Strigoaica. award winner Geoff Achison will be taking part in the next Childhood Cancer Benefit MEL PARSONS & LIZ STRINGER alongside award winning Mel Parsons and Liz Stringer local trio Lazy Eye as well as have teamed up for a national Mojo Dingo and Ciara Walsh tour that will have the illustrious at the German Club, 223 duo playing Trinity Sessions, Flinders St, Adelaide, from 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence 7pm (doors from 6pm) on Pk, on Friday 22 September Saturday 25 November with with tickets here https://www. tickets here https://premier. aspx?sh=CHILDHOO17

Metal festival The New Dead VIII will hit Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, SA, from high noon until midnight on Saturday 7 October with a huge line-up of Brujering, Lock Up, Abramelin, Napalm Death, Alkira, Truth Corroded, Blunt Shovel, Voros, Orpheus Omega, Earth Riot, Hidden Intent, Dark Cell, Black Rheno, Hubrid Nightmares and In Malice’s Wake with tickets via Moshtix. THE HEARTACHE STATE Melbourne rockers The Heartache State have announced their second album, Last Of The Buffalo, which also comes with news that the band, featuring Nick Barker (of The Reptiles) and Justin Garner (of Southpoor/Southpaw) will be launch it at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 7 October with special guests Cosmo Thundercat. RIVAL FIRE As part of a national tour, Rival Fire, featuring The Voice of Rob Farnham, will hit Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, from 7pm on Friday 10 November for a free entry, licensed allages show with Terminal Zero and Baltimore Poet as special guests.

“You know, so I’m very proud of it and to be able to play a hundred of those songs is fucking wonderful, ya know what I mean? Couldn’t imaging going back and just playing fifteen. It’d just seem really weird, it just seems like a waste of an opportunity. But you know played Berlin complete, because it’s one of my I supposed that’s what makes us all favourite albums, and when John Cale played those Velvet Undergrounds’ record [sic]. different, doesn’t it?” Hooky laughs again. “You know and I thought that they were such special occasions, even without hearing it you know you were excited immediately about doing it, you know, so it’s one of those weird things that I love it when people do it.

“And I must admit when the bass player from Nirvana, erm, decided to play Nevermind there was a wonderful review where the guy, some reviewer said – ‘well I blame Peter Hook for this!’” laughs Hooky. “And I thought that that was such a great compliment that I could get blamed for the bass player of Nirvana playing Nevermind.

“Yeah! I mean She’s Lost Control in particular was about a young lady that he met while he was working who he was trying to get a job for. Ian’s job was to get um, find um, positions for people who had, erm, I don’t know what the word is – disabilities. “And this was one young lady who in particular was suffering very badly from epilepsy, which is ironic because obviously Ian got epilepsy a year later, and erm, she was coming to see him at the employment exchange and he was trying to place her and she didn’t come for an appointment. And so Ian phoned her mother up to find out where she was and she had had a fit and died.

“And that’s what he wrote She’s Lost Control the song about. And then of course ironically he went on to get blown epilepsy Peter Hook is famous for his distinctive himself about a year later so it’s yeah, very bass playing style and although the story very sad. I mean Ian was a lovely, lovely has been told and retold many times I man, and it’s one of those weird things – the wanted to get from the proverbial horse’s sort of, the obtuseness, the darkness of his mouth how that distinctive lead-like style lyrics really did not, you know, betray him came about. as a person, as a man, and as a singer. “Well I mean it was quite odd. The main reason was that in the practice place I had a really bad amplifier so I couldn’t hear anything and when I played low it just sounded like a wooo-ooo-oo. Barney had a really loud guitar amp and the only time I could hear myself play was when I played high on the bass, on the high strings.

“He was very generous which I must say in my experience of singers is not the norm. They tend to be a bit self-centred,” laughs Hooky, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed that in music, singers tend to be self-centred.

“And Ian wasn’t like that at all. You know, his beauty was that he was always trying to inspire you and trying to, erm, provoke in “I mean it is odd, you know, the fact that many ways you to sing. No he wanted you Barney and Steve came out and said I shouldn’t “Ian, whenever he heard me do that, to be a part of it. And it was always him be doing what I am doing. It’s weird isn’t it. I loved it! He’d say ‘OK! OK! Do that! Do who said ‘oh let’s do some backing vocals’. mean the guy wrote the music, why on earth that! Keep doing that! Keep doing that! He always wanted to involve everybody in shouldn’t you be able to play it in whatever Drags it along! Drags it along!’ Dar-dithe group. You know and that to me is what form he sees fit. It’s a really weird attitude that dar. And literally every time he came to a group is all about. It’s all about all of you even people in the band. . . let’s face it, if it’s play he would encourage me, very vocally doing the same thing. shit people aren’t going to see it, it won’t last actually, to play like I evolved. Um, anyway, will it?” literally, er, you know a couple of songs in, “I have to say that towards the end of New Inside, She’s Lost Control, you were pretty Order the actual group ethic more or less It’s great for the punters, I confirmed, and suggested to Hooky it must take a great effort much, erm, you’d tapped into something disappeared and it seemed to be a fight that was unignorable as, as my mother for survival as opposed to a celebration of on his part to constantly tour all this. used to call it, as a gimmick. the group which is something I say I really really disliked, I must admit. “Yeah I mean the getting the album together “You know, even now, and I’m proud to is the toughest bit because basically I’m very say for myself, that as soon as a New Peter Hook And The Light will be touring happy to play with David Potts who I was Order or a Joy Division record starts, as the two Substance albums of Joy Division in Monaco with for years, also my son is a soon as the bass comes in you know who and New Order. Catch them play at the fantastic bass player so he really looks after it is. So, you know, I’m very very proud Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, that end of it so it makes it quite easy. But of that actually, to be distinctive, and to Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 10 October. No the fact that next year if someone would put be remembered, and to be, you know, support so be on time. Tickets at oztix. Technique down,” laughs Hooky, “then we’ll recognisable. It’s erh, it’s erh quite a gift.” all have to learn it together, and it’s nerve wracking! Nerve wracking couple’a months till Probably not too many bass players in the we get into it. world who are recognisable, I add. “But it’s so wonderful because The Light as a group, at one point as The Light we were playing over a hundred songs. You know, and when we were together as New Order we never played more than fifteen. And it was quite a nice moment, you know, I’m so proud of the music that we’ve created – together – I understand it was a collaboration between me, Barney, and Steve.

“Thank God for that ey mate!” laughs Hooky. “Just me and me son, that’ll do!”

Songs like She’s Lost Control have very personal lyrics. I asked Hooky if he would say that the Joy Division songs, at least lyrically, were about the personal relationships of Ian Curtis.

POND LIVE REVIEW POND: LIVE REVIEW by Ian Messenger Pond swooned into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel on a recent Friday night and gave the kids what they deserved. With Macca D’s ice flurry bo-bo containers spilling out of the bins of nearby Port Road and that dreaded feeling of being a middle-aged man walking into a school disco where all the little fishies scatter throughout the aquarium in fear. . . ah Pond, dudes who’ve nailed the prized demographic. First things first, or second actually, as Sydney dames Body Type are the second support before Pond. An unexciting start was probably due more to the mixer lifting the singer’s guitar up way too loud and drowning out her all-female band mates with what was a very farty tone, her appeal to the mixer after about three songs to turn her guitar down rewarded the punters with what developed into a very cool

set. Is there such as thing as sixties inspired eighties rock? – well the throb of kids at the front of the stage certainly rode that pony.

This ain’t the nineties anymore. Nor Black Sabbath and her dead puppies.

Even though being a party band, at least live, there is more Pond’s initial hiccup at the to it than that. I venture to say first chord may have been due there is a spiritual element to to a backing track failure – ah Pond, albeit a psychedelic wash those pesky CD players, don’t down, and the crowd feels it. make ‘em like they used to. Pond is on the cult side of the Megatons is their opening track sugar biscuit that is the music and everyone is so excited the industry. The Weather is a very lollypops fall straight out of their good album to listen to and will mouths and onto the dancefloor. probably go down as a classic of The first chord of the second 2017 in future years. song plays and there is a loud roar of recognition. This one must have had a good rotation on Triple J. What is apparent is that Pond are a good time party band when they play live. Everyone is there to have fun and what’s wrong with that? It’s a positivity that turns people. Even a young gothic lady got up on stage and did a backwards stage dive – very carefully I may add, like entering a cold pool at the start of summer, at the shallow end, and it was in between songs.

songs take on whole a new life of their own when Nick is producing.

“Nick’s someone I first met about 10 years ago and we first collaborated way back then,” Charles continues further. “He’s an electronic DJ who rolls the world doing lots of those big electronic dance parties that I’d be way too scared to go to.

CHARLES JENKINS & THE ZHIVAGOS CHARLES JENKINS & THE ZHIVAGOS By Robert Dunstan Melbourne-based band Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos (Charles alongside You Am I’s Davey Lane, drummer Art Star and bass player David Andrew Milne) will have a new album, The Last Polaroid, when they hit Foreshore Reserve as part of Semaphore Music Festival on Saturday 30 September. Adelaide-raised Charles, who played in local band Mad Turks before moving to Melbourne and forming the ARIAnominated Icecream Hands and whose 2014 solo release, Too Much Water In The Boat, scored the AGE/Music Victoria award for Best Folk/Roots Album, is no stranger to the community-minded festival and is looking forward to making a return. “Isn’t it great,” he says of being involved in the festival once again. “I love it. And I love Semaphore. And it’s funny because it’s a place I never visited when I was living in Adelaide. Never went down there at all. Don’t know why but I was perhaps too happy living out in the north eastern suburbs just kicking a football around.

“And what an amazing line-up it is this year,” Charles adds. “William Crighton is an amazing performer.” Charles will once again be serving as the mentor for Semaphore Songs Project for which a bunch of local songwriters, including Alana Jagt, Wren Heggart and more, are each penning a song about Semaphore and surrounds.

“Nick, who lives over in Europe now, occasionally dabbles in a Queen cover band – that’s how he knows Davey Lane – as well as playing guitar with The Bloody Beetroots,” Charles says of the Italian electronica act who have just recorded a new album, Pirates, Punks & Politicians that boasts Perry Farrell on vocals and Tommy Lee on drums. Charles, who spends some of his time in Hobart teaching songwriting skills to young students, is looking forward to the weekend’s festivities and to catching up with family and friends.

“That’s an added excitement for me to be involved in that program,” Charles enthuses. “And I’ve now heard all the songs and, without bullshitting, they are all remarkable. Some of them “As mentor are so good I want to steal them for Semaphore for myself. So that’s pretty high Songs Project, praise. “As mentor for Semaphore Songs Project, I am supposed to be ‘helping’ these people write the songs, but my job is easy because I just listen to these great songs and then suggest some very tiny, very minor changes. And we all know that just a little tweak can often turn a very good song into a great one. “So I am looking forward to hearing the songs played live when the writers perform them over the course of the festival,” he adds.

I am supposed to be ‘helping’ these people write the songs, but my job is easy because I just listen to these great songs and then suggest some very tiny, very minor changes.”

“I’ll be coming over a few days before and am looking forward to getting along to Mr V Music and catching up with Vic. I guess I better take some extra money with me for when I go there. “And Art Star [on drums] is especially looking forward to Semaphore Music Festival because he was born in Semaphore – he’s a Port Power supporter – and is looking forward to coming home,” Charles, who is secretly hoping that Richmond Football Club take out the AFL Grand Final while acknowledging that most family and friends are hoping for another Adelaide Crows flag, concludes.

Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos play Semaphore Music Festival’s Foreshore Reserve on Saturday The Zhivagos will be 30 September at 7pm alongside highlighting songs from The Last Polaroid at Rich Davies & The Low Road (6pm), Semaphore Music Festival. Kelly Menhennett (5pm), Naomi Keyte (4pm), Coconut Kids (3pm), Conchillia “But there’ll be songs from other records,” (2pm) and Little Captain (1pm) with Charles acknowledges. “But I am very pleased tickets via Oztix here: https://tickets. with the new record because I went in a bit of with gates a different direction once I realised how good from high noon. the producer, Nick Thayer, was. Some albums sound like it’s a band just playing some songs but Nick somehow managed to make each The full program for Semaphore song on the album sound like an event. If you Music Festival is here: http://www. want to take a song in a particular direction, knows how to take it there. content/uploads/2017/08/SMF_ FLYER_27-7_2.pdf “And if it was a happy-sounding song, Nick made it sound even happier and if it was a sad song, he somehow made it sound even sadder,” he continues. “And when you listen The new Zhivagos’ album, The Last back you forget that they are songs that might Polaroid, is available here: https:// have had hours spent on them to become what they are. All the work that goes into the

Semaphore Music Festival at Semaphore Clowns (Melbourne) at Edinburgh Castle Hotel Trappist Afterland (Melbourne) and St Morris Sinners at Grace Emily Evolve (US), Decide Today (US), Emcee FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER Entirety, Steve Makes, Keeping Count The Getaway Plan (Melbourne) at Governor Of Satellites, The Real Mc Dimarco? Hindmarsh and Karma Charmer at Enigma Bar Club5082: Acolyte (Melbourne), Squeaker, Favour The Brave and Strigoaica at SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER Prospect Town Hall Meg Mac at Governor Hindmarsh Mel Parsons (NZ) and Liz Stringer Semaphore Music Festival at (Melbourne) at Trinity Sessions Semaphore (SOLD OUT) South Coast Raw: Evolve (US), Decide SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER Today (US), Electric Sex Pants and Hate Young Lions (Perth), The Comfort and Force Five at Pt Noarlunga Football Club Stansbury at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER Motionless In White (US) and Crown The Empire at Governor Hindmarsh Maja (Brisbane), Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto at Grace Emily

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo and Michael Plater (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (US) at Thebarton Theatre Max and Iggor Cavalera (US) at Governor Hindmarsh MONDAY 25 SEPTEMBER COMA: Brenton Foster 6Tet at Wheatsheaf Hotel

THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER Amber Isles (Melbourne), Neon Tetra and Donnarumma at Grace Emily Swollen Members (Canada), Madchild and Mastacraft at Fowler’s Live Angus & Julia Stone at Thebarton Theatre

The New Dead VIII: Brujering, Lock Up, Abramelin, Napalm Death, Alkira, Truth Corroded, Blunt Shovel, Voros, Orpheus Omega, Earth Riot, Hidden Intent, Dark Cell, Black Rheno, Hubrid Nightmares and In Malice’s Wake at Fowler’s Live Bernard Fanning & The Black Fins (Brisbane) and Oh Pep! at Governor Hindmarsh Neil Murray (Victoria) and Damien Neil at Wheatsheaf Hotel SUNDAY 8 OCTOBER d Henry Fenton (Sydney) at Grace Emily

TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER Peter Hook & The Light (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER Casey Donovan at Governor Hindmarsh Ben Salter (Brisbane) at Grace Emily

FRIDAY 13 OCTOBER Me First & The Gimme Gimmes (US) at Fowler’s Live (SOLD OUT)

MONDAY 2 OCTOBER Semaphore Music Festival at Semaphore Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Hauk at Governor Hindmarsh

WEDNESDAY 4 OCTOBER Everclear (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 14 OCTOBER Diesel (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh The Peep Temple (Melbourne) and Batpiss at Edinburgh Castle Hotel SUNDAY 15 OCTOBER Boney M (Germany) and Sean Kemp at Governor Hindmarsh

TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER Mayday Parade (US) and This Wild Life at Governor Hindmarsh The Dillinger Escape Plan (US) at Fowler’s Live

THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER Tina Arena (Sydney) at Thebarton LESS (Melbourne), Fistful Of Trojans and Theatre Little Grandeur at Wheatsheaf Hotel THURSDAY 19 OCTOBER Semaphore Music Festival at Semaphore FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER Áine Tyrell (Ireland/Australia) and Koral at Caligula’s Horse (Brisbane) at Fowler’s Live Alison Moyet (UK) and Katie Noonan at Wheatshef Hotel Chasing Velvet (Brisbane), Those Who Adelaide Entertainment Centre Northlane (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh Dream and Joy In Motion at Ambassadors Bernard Fanning & The Black Fins Alice Cooper (US) and Ace Frehley (US) at Hotel (Brisbane) at Governor Hindmarsh Thebarton Theatre Cloud Control at Governor Hindmarsh The Kite String Tangle (Brisbane) and Busby Marou (Townsville) at Ramsgate Hotel Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Hauk at South Golden Vessel at Fat Controller Adelaide Football Club FRIDAY 20 OCTOBER OH YES Festival at Adelaide Showgrounds SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER Richard Clapton (Sydney) at Governor The Heartache State (Melbourne) and Hindmarsh SATURDAY 30 SEPTEMBER Cosmo Thundercat at Grace Emily Jed Rowe at Wheatsheaf Hotel

Polaris (Sydney), Belle Haven, Deadlights and Daybreak at Fowler’s Live SATURDAY 21 OCTOBER Less Than Jake (US) and Bodyjar at Governor Hindmarsh The Belligerents (Brisbane) and Bus Vipers at Jive

SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER Sebastian Bach (US) at Governor Hindmarsh BR Dalton (Dublin/Fremantle) at Grace Emily

WEDNESDAY 25 OCTOBER Lakÿn at Grace Emily William Singe (NZ) at Governor Hindmarsh Justin Townes Earle (US), Joshua Hedley and The Bitter Darlings at Crown & Anchor THURSDAY 26 OCTOBER Midnight Oil (Sydney), Spiderbait (Melbourne) and Bad//Dreems at Adelaide Oval’s Village Green Boo Seeka at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 28 OCTOBER The New South Whales (NSW) at Crown & anchor THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER The Tea Party (Canada) at Thebarton Theatre

FRIDAY 3 NOVEMBER Swing & Soul Spectacular: Juke Box Racket (Melbourne), Lucky Seven and Lady Voodoo & The Rituals Hot Potato Band and Conchillia at Jive

Jezebels, San Cisco and Jet at Lake Breeze Wines (Langhorne Creek)

SUNDAY 12 NOVEMBER Dave Graney & The MistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Anvil (Canada) at Fowler’s Live

SATURDAY 11 NOVEMBER Dave Graney & The MistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel The Stems (Perth) at Governor Hindmarsh Kingswood (Melbourne) at Fat Controller Handpicked Festival: Matt Corby, The

SATURDAY 2 DECEMBER Tim Rogers (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Celibate Rifles (Sydney) and Violetene at Fowler’s Live Stu Larsen (Aust) at Jive

WEDNESDAY 15 NOVEMBER GZA (US) at Fowler’s Live The Seventies Hitmakers: Richard Gower’s Racey, The Rubettes and Paper SUNDAY 3 DECEMBER Lace at Governor Hindmarsh Fuel (US) at Governor Hindmarsh 80S Fest: Go West, The Cutting Crew, Wang Chung, Taylor Dayne and Paul Young at WEDNESDAY 6 DECEMBER Adelaide Entertainment Centre Tyler Hilton (US) and Kate Voegele (US) at Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 17 NOVEMBER sleepmakeswaves (Sydney) and Rosetta Something For Kate (Melbourne) and (US) at Adelaide Uni Bar Slowly Slowly at Governor Hindmarsh THURSDAY 7 DECEMBER SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER The Beautiful Girls (Bondi) at Governor The Clouds and Falling Joys at Governor Hindmarsh Hindmarsh FRIDAY 8 DECEMBER WEDNESDAY 22 NOVEMBER Mick Thomas & The Roving Commission Shattered Fortress (US) at Governor (Melbourne) and Hana & Kate at Hindmarsh Wheatsheaf Hotel Club5082: Gwyn Ashton (UK) and FRIDAY 24 NOVEMBER Kennett at Prospect Town Hall Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gordi at Edinburgh Castle Hotel Gentlemen (New Orleans) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 9 DECEMBER Deep South Blues Festival at Pt Noarlunga Anathema (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh Graves (Wollongong) and Void Of Vision at Enigma Bar FRIDAY 15 DECEMBER British India (Melbourne) at Governor SATURDAY 25 NOVEMBER Hindmarsh Cat Stevens (UK) at Botanic Pk Cosmic Pyschos (Melbourne), Amyl & The Deep South Blues Festival at Pt Noarlunga Sniffers and Meatbeaters at Fowler’s Live Childhood Cancer Benefit: Geoff Achison (Melbourne), Lazy Eye, Mojo Dingo and SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER Clara Walsh at German Club Paradise Lost (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER The Snowdroppers (Sydney), Kitchen Witch and Donnarumma at Jive SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER Melvins (US) and Redd Kross (US) at Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg (US) at Governor Hindmarsh Governor Hindmarsh Stevie Nicks (US) and Pretenders (UK) at Deep South Blues Festival at Pt Noarlunga Botanic Park Woodlands Run Festival 2017: Lucie WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER Thorne, The Yearlings, Pony Face, The Kawehi (US) at Grace Emily Cherry Pickers and more at Woodlands Gizzfest 2017: King Gizzard & The Wizard Run (Finnis) Lizard, Kikagaku Moyo (Japan), La Luz (US), The Murlocs, Orb, Parsnip, Little SUNDAY 5 NOVEMBER Dust, Attila My Honey and Goonbomb at Sarah McLeod (Sydney) at Jive Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 10 NOVEMBER The Aints (Brisbane) and Harry Howard & The NDE at Governor Hindmarsh Club5082: Rival Fire (Melbourne), Terminal Zero and Baltimore Poet at Prospect Town Hall

FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER Lloyd Spiegel (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

WEDNESDAY 20 DECEMBER The Original Wailers (Jamaica) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 22 DECEMBER James Reyne (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 23 DECEMBER James Reyne (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh