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Grizzly, Pinkish Blu and Towns and with $10 tickets at the door. FRUIT


Alexander & The Best Extra’s and Horse Lords and $10 tickets at the door.

EDITOR: Robert Dunstan CONTRIBUTORS: Mad Dog Bradley, Ian Messenger, Romana Ashton LAYOUT: Ian Messenger COVER PHOTO: Peter Tee COVER: Charlotte Padbury



Adelaide band Throwing Flowers are set to launch their EP and will be doing so at The Jade Monkey, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 15 September with special guests Oceans and Mackenzie with the $15 entry fee to include a copy of the CD. SA POETRY SLAM Presented by Spoken Word SA, heats for SA Poetry Slam are now well underway with Heat Four to take place from 6pm on Friday 8 September at Woodcroft Library, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale and Heat Five from 6pm on Friday 15 September at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, and the State Final to happen from 7.30pm on Friday 22 September at Goodwood Institute, 166A Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, with $20 tickets already selling fast here https://www.trybooking. com/book/event?eid=297682 THESE BLESSED BONES

These Blessed Bones will be launching a new album at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 9 September with special guests Ty

Organised by the one and only Libby Tainor Parker, there’s to be a screening of Reclink Community Cup 2017 from 1pm on Saturday 23 September at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with free entry and family and friends more than welcome. ARBA MEMBER MUSTER

Adelaide Roots & Blues Association (ARBA) is having a Member Muster from 6pm on Saturday 14 October at the British Workingmen’s Club, 11 Davis St, Wingfield, and it will feature The Chris Finnen Band and The Dirty Roots Band with an All-Star Jam to take place at the end of the evening. The event is free entry to existing ARBA members with $30 membership tickets at the door with dinner bookings available by telephoning 08 8347 4090 and more information at LARSEN Larsen will kick off their tour for new album Weightless Again up in Brisbane before taking in lots of other cities and then winding it all up in their hometown at Jive, 181 Hndley St, Adelaide, from 7.45pm on Saturday 28 October with special guests Sincerely,

Much-loved Adelaide group IN THIS ISSUE Fruit have reformed to play Trinity Sessions, Church of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 7.30pm on Friday 3 November (Sold 2 > AROUND THE TRAPS Out) and now also Saturday 4 November to help celebrate 7 > LAZY EYE the church’s 15th year as a live music venue. Tickets via 10 > EVERCLEAR <dramatix> here https://www. 16 > CINEPHILE SCALA SCALA’s FOOM (Festival Of Original Music) has completed its run of heats –congratulations to all the winners – with the Grand Final set to take place at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Thursday 14 September with limited tickets here https://www.trybooking. com/book/event?eid=308533& or at the door from 7.30pm if any remain and Soza’s Sri Lankan food truck parked out the front.



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FRI 15


8:30PM - $15 +BF @TRYBOOKING - $20 ON THE DOOR

SAT 16


8:30 - $10 + BF @TRYBOOKING - $15 ON THE DOOR



SUN 10



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MON 18




if they don’t get up with us at some stage. Jamming with them is always a lot of fun.”

It’s something that could be a ‘bonus’ offering on Lazy Eye’s live album.

“That’s a thought,” Evan laughs. “We’ll have to see what we’ve got at the end of the night. And that’s the thing with live recordings because until you go back and have a listen, you’re never sure quite what you’ve captured on the night.

LAZY EYE LAZY EYE By Robert Dunstan Award winning Adelaide soul-drenched blues trio Lazy Eye are all set to record a live album at the Wheatsheaf Hotel and Evan Whetter (organ and vocals) and guitarist Erica Graff tell us they have chosen that venue for such an endeavour as they reasoned that the pub’s concert area, affectionately known as ‘The Tin Shed’, will perfectly suit their needs. “There were two specific reasons we chose the Wheaty and the first one was that we wanted a theatre-type setting rather than just a pub,” Evan says. “And we also knew they had the facilities to do a live recording. And there’s also the fact that the pub is a bastion of live music with a real listening audience. “So, without looking at using an actual theatre, we knew the Wheatsheaf would really suit what we wanted to do,” he adds. “And the Wheaty also gets such a good sound – it’s very consistent in that way,” Erica says. “They take everything they do very seriously which makes them really good to work with.

“And it’s something we’ve been talking about for most of the year,” she then adds. “We’d been talking what the next project would be for Lazy Eye and we’d always talked about doing a live album.” “We actually had plans to record another album because we have lots of new

material,” Evan announces. “But then we thought, ‘Hey, how good would it be just to record a live album?’ Y’know, put on a show, do the older songs – and not necessarily any of the ones from our last album, Pocket The Black – record them and then share them with people.” “We’ve written a lot of what we feel are really great songs and they’ve been on our first couple of albums but since then they have changed a lot,” Erica notes. “The sound has evolved and they have become very different to when we first recorded them.”

“We can’t wait to see how it turns out,” he says. “But most of our albums have really been like live recordings because we’ve never overdubbed anything apart from the vocals just to give it that separation. They’ve all been done live in the studio.” Lazy Eye, who have plans for an overseas trek next year to the UK and Europe, have also been nominated for a SAM Award at this year’s awards.

“We were nominated in the finals last year but didn’t win although there’s no shame in that “It’s something because the pool of talent in Adelaide is just so deep,” Evan says. “Blues and we’ve been roots music has become such a broad talking about for genre these days that it can encompass most of the year. a lot of styles. You could even say reggae was a form of roots music.

We’d been talking what the next project would be for Lazy Eye…”

“And, on top of that, our last album, Pocket The Black, was released internationally and we’re not entirely satisfied with doing that with our back catalogue because the early songs have evolved so much since then,” Evan says. “Our back catalogue – especially those first two albums – doesn’t really reflect where Lazy Eye are today but some of the songs have remained in our live set because they are good songs.

“And those songs have all evolved so much and so has the band,” he adds. “So the plan is that the live album will be mostly older material and while we are not yet sure what we are going to call it, we have titled the live recording show Behind The Eight-Ball.” Blues duo Nikko & Snooks (harmonica player and singer Snooks La Vie and guitarist and singer Nick Kipridis) will serve as the evening’s opening act and Evan hints that they may join Lazy Eye, who boast the rock solid Mario Marino behind the kit, on stage during the course of the night. “We’ve been on stage with those guys before,” he laughs, “so I’d be surprised

“And the beauty of all that is that artists these days can virtually create their own adventure,” he concludes. “If you are genuine about what you are doing and consistent with it, you are going to create an audience for what you are doing.”

Award winning Adelaide blues trio Lazy Eye have announced that their fifth ed album will be a live recording at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 15 September with Nikko & Snooks as special guests and tickets only available via

I wasn’t sure on this assessment, but conceded that Australians do get excited, especially back in the nineties audiences were pretty wild.

“Let’s not forget you guys are descendents from convicts,” Alexakis reminds us. Don’t expect too much from us then?

“No I expect a lot,” enthuses Alexakis, “just not necessarily good. Nah man, you guys live life, you take big bites out of life and I love that.”

EVERCLEAR EVERCLEAR by Ian Messenger Whether you liked it or not, if you were cognizant in the late nineties you’d know Everclear songs like a young skater kid knows the gutters and footpaths of his neighbourhood with excruciating detail. The big gritty guitars and unforgettable lyrics of Father Of Mine and Santa Monica have been slowly puttering away in shopping centres and petrol stations worldwide for the last two decades and now is your chance to see Art Alexakis and his cohorts of Everclear play at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel very soon. BSide Magazine spoke to Alexakis before he heads off to Australia for what will be the twentieth anniversary tour of the multiplatinum album So Much For The Afterglow. Yes, it’s been that long. You are older than you feel. I started off with an apology to Alexakis due to my need to re-interview him. Somehow my entire initial interview didn’t record at all on my new-fangled app, so we simply had to do it again. Awwwkies. . .

I first asked him about the last tour to Australia, and if they played from their last album Black Is The New Black.

I told Alexakis how much Australians love grunge, even going back to the eighties where a lot of grunge was being created, and how albums like his So Much For The Afterglow had such resonance here.

I was wondering if Art Alexakis was the kind of musician who sort of fell into the career more by accident, just from playing around and slowly gravitating towards the whole thing, or if he was one of these super ambitious kids who knew that he wanted to make it big in music. “You know man, when I was four years old, you know, I um had seen something about The Beatles. I was the youngest of five siblings and most of my siblings were all in their teens right, and they were totally into Beatles, Rolling Stones. . . I just loved rock ’n’ roll from the beginning.

“My first letter to Santa – do you guys do that, write letters to Saint Nick? I wrote a letter to Santa and it was in Spin Magazine back in ’96. “Yeah the album after it was more of a pop The letter, with me drawing on it in crayon and record on purpose. And that record didn’t do it’s all crooked ya know, learning well in Australia. Australia “Yeah the album after how to write, and I asked for an has always been about it was more of a pop electric guitar, a drum set, an aggressive guitar based rock organ, and a microphone. Even ’n’ roll, you know. Metal does record on purpose. then that was all I ever wanted pretty well down there but And that record didn’t to do. man, rock ’n’ roll, like hard rock ’n’ roll. . . I mean it goes do well in Australia. “You know, it was not like I back to the Easybeats man, Australia has always wanted to be a rock star, I just you know it goes way back. been about aggressive wanted to play music and make living at it and have a family “And it’s the same thing – AC/ guitar based rock ’n’ aand all that stuff. But I just didn’t DC. And that’s the thing, roll, you know.” want to do anything else but play I’ve always loved Australian rock ’n’ roll. bands. When it was obvious that we were successful in Australia I remember “And whenever I get a guitar in my hands I feel being excited like a kid. [People] were like, you the exact same way. I’m fifty-five now and I gotta go to Australia mate, and I’m like yes I do,” feel the same way fifty-one years later. So, I laughs Alexakis. mean, this was the job for me and I’ve been very blessed that this has been my career for my Australia loved Everclear a little too much life, this is what I’ve done for my life – not bad,” perhaps, and I reminded Alexakis of the Alexakis acknowledges. incidents back in the nineties when people were throwing stuff on stage which caused injuries to the band and crew. It was an act of love, I Everclear will rock The Governor Hindmarsh claimed. Hotel, 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh, like it were past the breakers at Santa Monica! On “I think it was an act of love,” agreed Alexakis, Wednesday 4 October. Doing their twentieth laughing. “It was never that big of a deal. People anniversary tour of album So Much For The in the press made it way more bigger of deal Afterglow played in full, with special guests. than we did. It was just, we’d toured constantly. Tickets through oztix. I got hit in the face with a boot, in Wollongong, which really isn’t that weird of a thing if you’ve ever been to Wollongong. It’s a pretty rough place. It’s not where you go for your vacation, for your holiday.

“No when we came to Australia last time we weren’t doing songs off Black Is The New Black, so we were doing the twentieth anniversary of Sparkle And Fade. We played the whole album of Sparkle And Fade in Adelaide, and everywhere “But it was an awesome show, someone got else too. Yeah that was really fun. excited, threw a boot, hit the mic, broke my lip, had to get some stitches, broke a tooth, I walked “But even then people were just like – yeah this off stage, spat out some blood. Craig [Montoya] is awesome but can you please do So Much For and me got into an argument about something. The Afterglow.” . . I think two days later at the Livid Festival someone threw a pipe bomb on stage, ya know,” “We did the tour here in The States in May, June, laughs Alexakis. “I don’t think that had anything July, and man it was the most successful tour to do with Everclear, I think that’s just Australia we’ve done in probably fifteen years.” man.”

ALI’S WEDDING (M) *** Drawn from the real-life experiences of amiable star, co-writer and associate producer Osamah Sami (which accounts for the subtitle ‘A True Story Unfortunately’), this muchhyped Aussie dramatic comedy (‘dramedy’? yuk!!!) feels a bit awkward and strained, but is mostly saved by the main cast, who work hard to keep it honest and even offset some unintentional echoes of the recently-released - and very American - The Big Sick.

Ali (Sami) has come to Melbourne via Iraq and Iran and he aspires to study medicine, a most noble pursuit much praised by his traditional cleric Dad Mahdi (Don Hany in unusually warm and funny form - and actually smiling too!). Tragic flashbacks are intercut with comedic sequences that range from the fond to the daring to the iffy, and soon Ali has fallen for bright Lebanese lass Dianne (Helana Sawires in a star-making performance), who’s also on the way to study medicine, although no one celebrates her very high marks, of course. When Ali finds that he sadly hasn’t been accepted into

university, he’s driven to lie to his family and Dianne and winds up in classes and pretending that he’s a legitimate student, while his parents keep bringing home potential women suitable for an arranged marriage (yes, just like in The Big Sick). Will all this be settled in a highenergy and low-credibility final act where Sami and Sawires shine and everything else feels a little contrived? Well, um… maybe.

Nevertheless, you’ll be distracted here by fine cinematography here from pro Donald McAlpine, a fair helping of charm and heart, and more jokes that work (Ali’s awkward, goofy-voiced initial attempts to talk to Dianne) than don’t (some very on-the-nose burqa slapstick). Yes, it has been a bit overpraised, but that’s not surprising, and really, doesn’t everyone love a nice wedding - no matter how silly it might all be? THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD (MA) **1/2 This violently all-American action thumper offers Ryan Reynolds in subdued mode (yes, his character is withdrawn at first, but he still seems rather weary)

and Samuel L. Jackson in characteristically funny and foul-mouthed form, but they’re really the only reason to catch it, as everything else here is tediously cheesy.

safe, as something like 54379 goons tiredly take them on as they make their way to The Netherlands, leaving a trail of blood and dead extras. And, of course, Michael and Darius have a blokey history, A once-world-class-but-now- and Ryan and Samuel are disgraced bodyguard named immediately at each other’s Michael Bryce (Ryan) is at throats with lots of lame the lower end of the business, dialogue and dick-swinging and after an amusing opening one-upmanship, although Sam bit where he saves a shonky is pretty much the winner in banker played by Richard the end (and, according to E. Grant (who completely various sources, utters 122 vanishes), he gets called by swearwords during the course his ex Amelia Roussel, as of the narrative). portrayed by cool Elodie Yung (a.k.a. Elektra in TV’s Directed by Aussie Patrick The Defenders). She’s barely Hughes in only his third survived an attack on a high- feature (he was snapped up security convoy transporting Sly Stallone and Co after his legendary contract killer début Red Hill to oversee The Darius Kincaid (Samuel) to Expendables 3), this is crazily The Hague (no less) so that violent and action-crammed, he can testify against wildly but nevertheless all a bit dull, corrupt Belarusian dictator no matter how hard RR and Vladislav Dukhovich (Gary SJ cuss. And you also have to Oldman in hairy/scary ask: Vladislav is on trial for mode). war crimes and is a very bad egg indeed, but as Ryan and Having struck a deal to Samuel race to get to The speak up against Vladislav in Hague, they surely kill even exchange for his and his also more people than he ever did incarcerated wife’s freedom - so where’s the, ahem, logic in (she’s played by a star whose that? participation is meant to be a sort-of-surprise), Darius needs someone to keep him Mad Dog Bradley

“I can’t wait,” she says, “because I recently moved to Semaphore so it’s fantastic having a festival right on my doorstep.


“And I’m really enjoying playing at the moment because it’s often lots of different formats,” Alana continues. “Sometimes it’s just me solo, or with the full band or as a duo with Tyler [Venter]. And I’ve got some gigs coming up I haven’t announced yet.

“I’ve also got a trio going with a double bass player,” Alana, who will also find herself playing showcase on the evening of SEMAPHORE MUSIC alongside her father, John, Sunday 1 October), Semaphore FESTIVAL at Fidel’s Bar on Sunday 24 & Port Adelaide RSL, The Palais, By Robert Dunstan September, adds. The Exeter and, of course, Semaphore Works Club, will The musician, formerly one The four-day Semaphore play host to much live music half of indie folk duo Buffalo Music Festival (to be while St Bede’s Church will Boyfriend and who often once again be having a record held at Semaphore from provides backing vocals for fair (from 10am until 4pm on Friday 29 September Adelaide band The Bitter Monday 2 October) organised until Monday 2 October) Darlings, is also about to launch by Mr V Music which will also a five-song solo EP with her band recently launched its have its own outdoor stage full program and the outside the Semaphore Rd community-minded event shop from noon on Saturday will feature interstate acts 30 September and Sunday 1 such as Raised By Eagles, October.

William Crighton, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Ruby Boots and Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos alongside a host of locals including Alana Jagt & The Monotremes, Jimmy Mountain, The Heggarties, Red Earth Blues Band, The Timbers, Ukulele Death Squad, Haystacks Calhoon and so many, many more. Assorted Semaphore venues such as The Federal Hotel, The Semaphore Hotel (set to host an Americana Music Association

The Foreshore Reserve will have ticketed concerts with a licensed bar area and plenty of food and craft stalls from noon on Saturday 30 September through until Monday 2 October. Taking part on the Sunday concert alongside The Heggarties, Hana & Jessie-Lee, Aaron Thomas & The Human Patterns, Ruby Boots and William Crighton will be Alana Jagt & The Monotremes.

Alana keeps busy playing lots of gigs so it’s no surprise to find that she’s been invited to play the festival and also take part in this year’s Semaphore Songs Project.

slow at writing songs and it takes me a long time. So, I’m struggling through. And having a deadline is actually quite helpful otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even begun.

song as well,” Alana, who sometimes throws Ween’s Sarah into the mix, suggests.

Alana, who hints that she may be playing a show with The Wanderers before the year’s “But I’m slowly, slowly working out, plans to tour interstate away at it and by the end of this next year armed with her week will have something solid to band and EP which was send through for Charles to have a mostly recorded with Mick look at,” she says. Wordley at Mixmasters and then completed at Tom Barnes’ Collaborating on a song is not home studio. something Alana usually does. “But I’m slipping over to “I’ve only done it once before Melbourne in December,” and that was with Max Savage she says. “So I’ll probably do before he took off to Tasmania,” something then. Probably she reveals. “We wrote a couple at Some Velvet Morning. I’m of little things together before he actually going to Melbourne to went away but have never done see Paul McCartney play but anything with them. They are just thought I may as well get a little sitting there waiting to be used. gig in somewhere while I’m there.” “But I am looking forward to the (at a ticketed show at the Grace feedback I’ll get from Charles Emily on Saturday 14 October) which includes keyboard player about my song,” Alana says. “And Semaphore Music I’m looking forward to catching Aaron Nash, Dylan Kuerschner Festival takes place on bass, Tom Kneebone and Tyler up and seeing him play at the festival.” Venter on electric guitars and at Semaphore Luke Eygenraam on drums. Alana, who mentions from Friday 29 “We’ll be doing a that her single launch Alana is 40-minute set so it back in June for Lullaby September until understandably will be the songs #2 went well, goes on Monday 2 October excited about from the EP, the to say her set at the participating in this one I’ve written festival will feature the with tickets on year’s Semaphore for the festival and five songs from her sale via Oztix Songs Project which something from my upcoming Wilderness has local up and here: https:// back catalogue. And EP alongside the soon coming songwriters we’ll probably do a to be completed song working alongside cover song as well.” for Semaphore Songs a mentor – in this au/?Event=76546 Project. case Charles Jenkins of one of the festival’s headlining acts, The Zhivagos, which boasts Davey Lane of You Am I on guitar – to pen a song with the area as its theme. “I’m only about hallway through my song,” Alana says with the faint trace of a sigh. “I’m very

“We’ll be doing a 30-minute set – I think it’s something like that – so it will be the songs from the EP, the one I’ve written for the festival and something from my back catalogue,” she says. “And we’ll probably do a cover

“We now also feel that we really own the songs and can play around with them,” Andrew decides. “We don’t feel like we are a cover band covering our own material because we can what we want with them. If we feel like it, we can slip in an extended solo. And there was also a strong of humour and irony in the songs – y’know, Atlantic Romantic, Happy Birthday IBM and Pull The Pin – and that remains. “We were into the more obscure pop songs by bands such as XTC and Wire and those influences certainly came out in the early songs,” he adds.


Andrew responds with a chuckle. “And because it’s quite stripped back – it’s just a four-piece with no back-up singers or a brass section – it’s really elemental with just guitar, bass, drums and keyboards which is the way the band started out originally.

models came out of the Melbourne art rock scene of the late ‘70s with their first release being a split seven-inch single with The Boys Next Door which they soon followed with a series of angular pop songs. When the now late James Freud joined the band, they veered off into a more commercial direction which yielded a number of big hits such as I Hear Motion, Barbados and Out Of Mind Out Of Sight. “Yeah, when James came into the band we certainly took a more direct pop route,” Andrew says. “Look, I don’t think it was deliberate because we did think of ourselves as pop band but those songs, because they got played on commercial radio, gave us a whole new audience.”

Between 1986 and ’87, models were Two Australian band from the touring the country with Australian ‘80s, models and Machinations, Made, a series of outdoor concerts have teamed up for a huge featuring, at various times, The national tour that will come to Triffids, INXS, Divinyls, “The good thing about these “It’s a good thing I’m Talking, The Saints, a close when the likeminded we needed two Mental As Anything and days is the technology, acts play Adelaide. especially as far as my cabs because, Jimmy Barnes. keyboards are concerned,” as a song title, he continues. “Back in the One Cab To The “Hmm, Australian Made,” BSide Magazine spoke to models’ old days they were very Andrew sniffs. “That Toucan just keyboard player Andrew Duffield prone to breaking down or was around the time I and began by buttering him up by doesn’t have the had a falling out with losing their programs and suggesting that the band were in great stuff like that. And while we same ring to it.” Chris Murphy who was shape when they last hit town about two years ago.

I had ventured to the Governor Hindmarsh on a warm December evening – more so out of curiosity and an odd sense of loyalty than anything else – to see models in action and was blown away by how they had breathed fresh new life into their classics.

“We like to think that what we do is still very current while still being us,”

are a streamlined, basic kind of thing these days, we still like to think we rock. And people still dance to it.

“We’d always thought of ourselves as a band that people could dance to so it’s good to see that people are still doing that,” he says. “It’s not like they are at a Rolling Stones’ concert and all sitting down.

managing us as well as INXS and I ended up out of the band. Chris and I just didn’t see eye to eye because I felt he was the wrong kind of manager. I felt, at the time, he was taking the band away from our core audience. “Don’t get me wrong, I thought we were doing okay with Chris, but also felt we were getting swallowed up by the ‘industry’ and were in danger

groove and we just let him go because he’s so amazing to watch,” Andrew says.

“But I must say that I am at loggerheads with Ash at the moment,” he then announces. Oh, why so?

“It’s because his team, West Coast Eagles, pushed my team, Melbourne, out of the eight for the AFL finals,” Andrew sighs. “But I guess that’s all water under the bridge now.”

Andrew concludes by stating that their touring partners, Sydney’s Machinations, are also in fine form.

of becoming another version of INXS rather than a band such as a Cold Chisel or a Midnight Oil who thumbed their noses at all that.”

Andrew, who played synthesiser on Birthday Party’s debut, has fond memories of playing in Adelaide with No Fixed Address and of playing the Arkaba as opening act for The Vapours and at Adelaide Oval with David Bowie, says it’s been fun reforming models and going out on tour. “And we like to keep things as fresh as we can,” he says. “For example, we did two nights in a row up in Sydney last weekend so we swapped the set list around and did the songs in reverse order on the second night. And that works for us because we don’t leave all the bit hits until towards the end of the set – we slip in the well-known songs throughout the night.

“We actually started our first night up in Sydney with Two Cabs To The Toucan so the following night, because we’d completely reversed the set list, we finished with it,” Andrew laughs. “And it keeps it fresh for us because models went through a number of stages – we

were quite poppy for a while there – so it doesn’t really matter where the songs go in the set.” Two Cabs To The Toucan came out of an experience the band had in Adelaide almost 40 years ago.

“It was 1980 and we were touring with The Police,” Andrew easily recalls. “And we’d played Memorial Drive with them in front of a huge crowd and felt like going out and celebrating. So we decided to go to the Toucan Club which, back then, was an Adelaide hot spot. But we needed not one but two cabs to the Toucan Club. “And it’s a good thing we needed two cabs because, as a song title, One Cab To The Toucan just doesn’t have the same ring to it,” he laughs.

Ashley Davies, who has just released a new solo album, Pulse transit, is currently serving as models’ drummer and his recent Facebook posts suggest he’s having a ball. “Ash is tremendous – and that new album of his is great – and there are times where he just locks into a

“Recent audiences have been surprised by how many Machinations’ hits they remember,” he says. “And they do have some really great songs such as Pressure Sway, No Say In It and Average Inadequacy. We first toured with them back in 1984 and, like this tour, we went all around the country together. They’re great and a really good match.”

Models will have Machinations as special guests when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 9 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix here default.aspx?Event=75416

Musical Monday Shenanigans


 y l i L n a us

The Steve C harles Band

Clowns (Melbourne) at Edinburgh Castle Hotel

THURSDAY 7 SEPTEMBER Kreator (Germany) and Vader (Poland) at Governor Hindmarsh MAX (US) at Fowler’s Live Jep & Dep (Sydney) and Marcello Cole at Grace Emily

THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER Motionless In White (US) and Crown The Empire at Governor Hindmarsh Maja (Brisbane), Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto at Grace Emily

FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER The Getaway Plan (Melbourne) Amy Shark, Fractures and Tom at Governor Hindmarsh West (SOLD OUT) at Governor Club5082: Acolyte (Melbourne), Hindmarsh Squeaker, Favour The Brave Skyscraper Stan (Melbourne) & and Strigoaica at Prospect Town The Heggarties at Wheatsheaf Hall Hotel Mel Parsons (NZ) and Liz Stringer (Melbourne) at Trinity SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER Sessions models (Melbourne) and Machinations (Sydney) at SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER Governor Hindmarsh Young Lions (Perth), The Jen Cloher (Melbourne) and Comfort and Stansbury at Little Dust at Jive Fowler’s Live SUNDAY 10 SEPTEMBER Bill Chambers (NSW) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER AFI (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

WEDNESDAY 13 SEPTEMBER Tex, Don & Charlie at Governor Hindmarsh (SOLD OUT) Jeff Rosenstock (US), Jess Locke and Foley at Edinburgh Castle Hotel

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo and Michael Plater (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (US) at Thebarton Theatre Max and Iggor Cavalera (US) at Governor Hindmarsh MONDAY 25 SEPTEMBER COMA: Brenton Foster 6Tet at Wheatsheaf Hotel

SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER Meg Mac at Governor Hindmarsh Semaphore Music Festival at Semaphore MONDAY 2 OCTOBER Semaphore Music Festival at Semaphore Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Hauk at Governor Hindmarsh (from 4pm) WEDNESDAY 4 OCTOBER Everclear (US) at Governor Hindmarsh THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER Tina Arena (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre

TUESDAY 10 OCTOBER Peter Hook & The Light (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh

THURSDAY 12 OCTOBER Casey Donovan at Governor Hindmarsh Ben Salter (Brisbane) at Grace Emily FRIDAY 13 OCTOBER Me First & The Gimme Gimmes (US) at Fowler’s Live (SOLD OUT)

SATURDAY 14 OCTOBER The Peep Temple (Melbourne) at Edinburgh Castle Hotel SUNDAY 15 OCTOBER Boney M (Germany) and Sean Kemp at Governor Hindmarsh

TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER Mayday Parade (US) and This Wild Life at Governor Hindmarsh The Dillinger Escape Plan (US) at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 19 OCTOBER Northlane (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh Alice Cooper (US) and Ace Frehley (US) at Thebarton Theatre (Sold Out)

FRIDAY 20 OCTOBER Richard Clapton (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh Jed Rowe at Wheatsheaf Hotel

SATURDAY 21 OCTOBER FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER Less Than Jake (US) Alison Moyet (UK) at Adelaide and Bodyjar at Governor Entertainment Centre Hindmarsh THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER Bernard Fanning & The Black The Belligerents (Brisbane) THURSDAY 14 SEPTEMBER Amber Isles (Melbourne), Neon Fins (Brisbane) and Oh Pep! at and Bus Vipers at Jive Tex, Don & Charlie at Governor Tetra and Donnarumma at Grace Governor Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Emily The Kite String Tangle Melody Moko (Melbourne) at (Brisbane) and Golden Vessel SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER Grace Emily Hotel FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER at Fat Controller Sebastian Bach (US) at LESS (Melbourne), Fistful Of Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Trojans and Little Grandeur at BR Dalton (Dublin/Fremantle) Pond (WA), Body Type Wheatsheaf Hotel SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER at Grace Emily (Sydney) and Reef Prince (WA) Semaphore Music Festival at The Heartache State at Governor Hindmarsh Semaphore (Melbourne) at Grace Emily Gang Of Youths (Sydney) at Caligula’s Horse (Brisbane) at The New Dead VIII: Brujering, WEDNESDAY 25 OCTOBER Thebarton Theatre Fowler’s Live Lock Up, Abramelin, Napalm Lakÿn at Grace Emily Madison Violet (Canada) and Chasing Velvet (Brisbane), Death, Alkira, Truth Corroded, William Singe (NZ) at Governor Alana Jagt at Trinity Sessions Those Who Dream and Joy In Blunt Shovel, Voros, Orpheus Hindmarsh Motion at Ambassadors Hotel Omega, Earth Riot, Hidden Justin Townes Earle (US), SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Intent, Dark Cell, Black Rheno, Joshua Hedley and The Bitter Arcturus (Norway) and Blood Hauk at South Adelaide Football Hubrid Nightmares and In Darlings at Crown & Anchor Incantation (US) at Governor Club Malice’s Wake at Fowler’s Live Hindmarsh OH YES Festival at Adelaide Bernard Fanning & The Black Stylus (Sydney) at Club West Showgrounds Fins (Brisbane) and Oh Pep! at THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER Lakes Governor Hindmarsh Midnight Oil (Sydney), Nigel Wearne (Warrnambool) SATURDAY 30 SEPTEMBER Neil Murray (Victoria) and Spiderbait (Melbourne) and and Tim Moore at Wheatsheaf Semaphore Music Festival at Damien Neil at Wheatsheaf Bad//Dreems at Adelaide Hotel Semaphore Hotel Oval’s Village Green

Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo’s John Lee Hooker’s World Today: Blues for the Postmodern Gothic Mind Reviewed by Romana Ashton If you are at all familiar with the Blues, you are no doubt familiar with the work of John Lee Hooker (and if you are not, you should be). Respected and loved by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, the Animals and many more great rock ‘n roll bands, Hooker was hugely influential and continues to leave a lasting impression on the ever-evolving canvas that is rock ‘n roll.

While Hooker’s songs and sound evoked gut-wrenching despair, much of which was directly based on his life story, Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo’s tribute John Lee Hooker’s World Today re-interprets Hooker’s work via a detached (albeit intoxicating) postmodern Gothic soundscape that is not dissimilar to a David Lynch soundtrack. Consisting of 8 tracks and recorded in a single and

continuous day/night live session at the Berlin studio of engineer Boris Wilsdorf (Einstürzende Neubauten), Race and Russo manage to pull the listener into a dark and almost apocalyptic world that blurs genre lines between the blues, electronica and the avantgarde. From the opening track Hobo Blues to the brilliantly macabre The World Today through to the closing track When My First Wife Left Me, the sound is sparse and darkly intense with a seductive swagger. As Hooker once said: The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning. In the case of Race and Russo, the meaning becomes subjugated to a world of surface aesthetics where you (the listener) feel completely immersed in their nostalgic reimagining of a Blues legend.

small room. Parred back production gives more space and time than some elderly troubadour hanging out at the back of a funeral parlour just because it’s easier. Less travelling.

Menu Of Sin Mick Kidd with David Blight

Half way through the album and if you haven’t realised by now the importance of David Blight’s harping and hollering then you’re just too young, too white, and too fearful.

To hear the blues is to know the blues and Blight’s harmonica playing is Get your blues on with Menu Of legendary in Australia for a Sin, the new album from Mick Kidd reason. Just ask Cold Chisel. with David Blight. A listenable and We also have his vocals on enjoyable album set to be a go to Miss Beehavin’ and Born To for many a so inclined genrephile. Be My Crime, the later being a Here we have honed songwriting song blessed with spiritually and approachable execution. elevated vocal delivery and also proves the diversity The first track is a catchy and cool and genuineness of this duo number, nice hollow sounding slide against the gainsayers. guitar and gets you a foot tapping and maybe, if you have a spouse and a bottle of wine, it would be a In the Adelaide blues good number to tackle the dishes with or even clean ya lounge room. world this is a stand out Reviewed by Ian Messenger

Somehow I don’t believe the second track, Good Enough For Me, which disappointed me as it had strong elements among a Hugo Race and Michelangelo strong album of which I indeed Russo play John Lee Hooker’s World Today at the Wheatsheaf recommend. Maybe it was just the lyrics, I don’t know. Hotel supported by Michael Plater on September 24. But the third track immediately gets us back on track and I feel this is what the Mick Kidd with David Blight duo are all about. Feigned darkness now given way to blues funk and upbeat goodness, emotional baggage given way to appropriate conversation. This feel good blues is an achievement. You can’t not like it.

Now we have Miss Beehavin’. It sounds like blues should, in a shitty

album and would be great to take on the road or simply play around the house as you’re doing stuff. Go to http://www. for more info and to grab a copy go to https:// the-belligerents-sciencefiction-album-tour/98234




The ever-popular Something For Kate will be slowly, slowly making their way to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, to play a show on Friday 17 November with Slowly Slowly as special guests and tickets via the venue or Oztix here https://tickets. YOUNG LIONS

Perth’s Young Lions are on tour with The Comfort and Stansbury and are set to hit Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Thursday 23 September for a licensed all-ages show with tickets via Moshtix here http:// event/young-lions-mrspaceman/95412

down south at Pt Noarlunga and will boast 40 acts with more to be announced but will thus far include Mojo Webb, Phil Manning, Zkye Blue, Gail Page Band, Lost Romaldos Groove, Stefan Hauk Band, Brenton Manser, Kings & Associates, Steve Brown Band, Lazy Eye, Kelly Menhennett (and band), JJ Fields, Greg Baker, The Streamliners, Mick Kidd, Exeter Blues, Shades Of Blue, Rat Ta’Mango, Chris Finnen, Nikko & Snooks, Sweet Baby James & Rob Eyers, Jesse Deane-Freeman & The Rhythm Aces, The Dirty Roots Band, The Harmonics, The Bluescasters and Blue Katz, The full programme and performance times will be released on Saturday 9 September and there are early bird tickets here http://pnslsc. THE MAINE American rockers The Maine have announced a tour that will bring them to Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Wednesday 31 January for a licensed, all-ages affair with pop punk band Watermarks as special guests and tickets via Moshtix.

Bondi’s The Beautiful Girls are embarking on their 15th anniversary tour – has it really been that long? – and will be making their way to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 7 December with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Bill Chambers will have his full band in tow when he steps into the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 10 September with special guest Arna Georgia and tickets at the door. BEN SALTER

Presented by Metropolis Touring, The Original Wailers, featuring singer and guitar player Al Anderson, will be playing Bob Marley’s Legend album in full when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 20 December with tickets via the venue or Oztix here default.aspx?Event=78004 LESS


Presented by Gravy Train Promotions, Port Noarlunga Deep South Blues Festival is set to take place from Friday 24 November until Sunday 26 November across 10 venues

DAVE GRANEY & THE MISTLY Dave Graney & The MistLY will be playing two shows at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Saturday 11 November and from 4pm on Sunday 12 November with tickets via Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=77213

Brisbane’s The Belligerents will be bringing their debut album, Science Fiction, to Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 21 October with Bus Vipers and more as special guests and tickets via Moshtix here http://www.



The salt of the earth that is Brisbane-based singer songwriter Ben Salter has a new album, Isolationism, and will be playing songs from it and more at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 12 October.


Some Clowns from Melbourne are quickly heading back to town and will be playin’ Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 30 September with tickets via Moshtix here v2/event/clowns/97752 and Pagan as special guests.

Presented by Erect Music, Melbourne ska band LESS (Living Earth Sound Sessions) are heading to town to play the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 29 September and have invited

Fistful Of Trojans and Little Grandeur to join them. AMBER ISLES

Max and Iggor Cavalera of ROSIE BURGESS TRIO Sepultura fame will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 24 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=77702 THE PEEP TEMPLE

Moody Melbourne band Amber Isles will be presenting songs from their debut album, Running, when they make a run to play a free entry show at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 28 September with special guests Neon Tetra and Donnarumma. BRITISH INDIA

British India will wind up a huge national tour when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 15 December – an early Christmas present – with tickets via the venue of Oztix. https:// aspx?Event=76290 HOT POTATO BAND

Rosie Burgess Trio are heading back to town and will have Little Wise with them when they play the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 15 October.

LAKŸN Fresh from being on the road Award winning and highly with Vera Blue, Lakÿn is soon noted Melbourne rock trio The on his own tour and will be Peep Temple will be hitting the gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday Wednesday 25 October with 14 October with tickets via tickets via Moshtix here http://www. WOODLANDS RUN 2017 peep-tempel/97959 Woodlands Run Festival 2017 will take place from 2pm THE SEVENTIES HITMAKERS (gates at 10am for campers) at Richard Gower’s Racey, The Woodlands Run, 713 Signal Rubettes and Paper Lace Flat Rd, Finnis, on Saturday will be playing all their many 4 November and will feature hits when they present The the talents of Lucie Thorne, Seventies Hitmakers at the The Yearlings, Pony Face, Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port The Cherry Pickers and more Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday with tickets here https:// 15 November with tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// event?eid=106097&track= aspx?Event=73785 GORDI NIGEL WEARNE

Hot Potato Band, who present delicious covers of popular songs, will be struttin’ their stuff at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, as an all-ages event from 8pm on Friday 3 November with special guests Conchillia and tickets via Moshtix here http://www. MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA

Warrnambool-based troubadour Nigel Wearne will have Tim Moore on board when he plays the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8.30pm on Saturday 16 September with tickets here book/event?eid=308810

BR DALTON Dublin-born singer songwriter BR Dalton, who is now based in Fremantle, WA, will be having an album launch for Blood & Gold at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Sunday 22 October.

Gordi, who scored triple j’s Feature Album Of The Week recently for Reservoir, will be out on tour and playing Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Friday 8 December with tickets via Moshtix here http://www. gordi/98232 TYLER HILTON & KATE VOEGELE Presented by Metropolis Touring, American singer songwriters Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele, who both

featured in American drama series One Tree Hill, will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 6 December with tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=77131 JEFF ROSENSTOCK

Long Island’s Jeff Rosenstock, former lead singer of ska punksters The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches and indie rockers Kudrow, will kick off a full band tour of Australia with special guests Jess Locke and Foley at Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 13 September with tickets via Oztix here https://tickets. KAWEHI Kansas’ Kawehi, described as a ‘genius one-person band’ and with over a million views on her YouTube channel, is on her I Am Eve tour and will be doing her thing at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Wednesday 29 November with tickets via Moshtix here http://www. kawehi/97711

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE American troubadour Justin Townes Earle will be dropping into Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, with special guests Joshua Hedley and The Bitter Darlings on Wednesday 25 October with tickets via Moshtix here v2/event/justin-townes-earlewith-joshua-hedley/97928

record and they lay back on your couch and make good money off it but these days people don’t buy music like they used to.

“You’ve gotta get out on the road and promote yourself to put bread on the table,” Eric reasons. “But, as a result of that, we’ve seen the fanbase increase. And playing live is where I feel at home anyway.

ERIC STECKEL ERIC STECKEL By Robert Dunstan “Oh, I never listen to blues,” Eric Steckel says with a laugh when we speak to the blues guitarist – who is held in high regard by John Mayall – about making a return to our shores for a national tour that will include two shows in South Australia over the upcoming long weekend. “Listening to blues at home or while driving around in the car is like taking my work home with me,” Eric continues. “So I listen anything other than blues. I listen to electronic music, metal, jazz or whatever but never blues. And one of my favourite bands to listen to is Porcupine Tree, who were and English prog rock band. “They are probably my favourite band and what they do is pretty far from blues,” he laughs.

When we spoke, Eric was at his manager Jim Shoffner’s house – my very smart phone indicated the call was coming from Fort Lauderdale, Florida - where they were working on plans for the release of a new album next year.

“I’m way overdue,” Eric laughs. “I’ve done a new album every two years throughout my whole career but my last album, Black Gold, came out in 2015. But it’s a good problem to have because it means I’ve been very busy.

“For example, this Australian tour has kind of got in the way too,” he continues. ‘But that’s also a good thing and it’s funny because when I first went there in July last year I knew that I’d be heading back as soon as I could.

“And, you know what, I’m learning to love the studio but it’s definitely a very different animal because it’s a very cold environment,” he says. “It’s like you have to get yourself inspired to play whereas, at a gig, the audience do that for you.”

I mention that Adelaide blues trio Lazy Eye recorded their last album, Pocket The Black, live in the studio in front of an audience.

“Well, there’s an idea,” Eric laughs. “That’s given me a bit of a light bulb moment. “I just didn’t expect it to be this soon and And it’s funny because we do have some it to be double the size of that last tour,” soundboard recordings from Eric says. “So that’s pretty “I’m learning to some live shows that we may cool. And that last trip was amazing because the crowds love the studio put on the next album as bonus tracks. They have the feel of a blew me away. I understood but it’s definitely live gig but they are just from that I wasn’t that wella very different the soundboard. known down there – the mainstream has certainly animal because Eric suggests that he will likely never heard of me – so I it’s a very cold play some new material on his didn’t expect much. environment. Australian tour. “And I remember that I It’s like you have “Testing songs while out on the had a really band sinus to get yourself road is a great way to gauge infection that night I played at the Governor Hindmarsh inspired to play…” the reaction,” he suggests. “It’s a good way to see how people which didn’t make it all that respond to them before setting enjoyable for me,” he laughs. about recording them.” “But, y’know, these things happen.”

American blues guitarist Eric Steckel will be playing South Adelaide Football Club on Friday 29 September with special guest Stefan Hauk and with tickets via “And that’s something that doesn’t often book/event?eid=293794 and also happen,” Eric says. “I don’t really like Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 doing that because – and by saying this I Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from 4pm on don’t want to sound condescending – but Monday 2 October with Stefan again I’m really picky about who I invite up on the stage with me. There’s a danger it can guesting and tickets via the venue become a loose jam session and that’s often or Oztix here https://tickets.oztix. unprofessional and not what the audience Adelaide’s Stefan Hauk, who will be launching his Long Road debut album at Jive on Saturday 16 September, was the opening act that evening and later joined Eric on stage.

has come to see.

“But, with Sefan, it was a no brainer because the guy is just incredible,” he adds. “As soon as I saw him, I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve gotta get this guy up with me.’ So I’m really happy that Stefan’s doing this tour with me again. Since last touring Australia, Eric has been constantly on the road.

“My manager and I have worked out that’s where the money is – toad work,” he says. “Back in the old days you could put out a

following week, Saturday 16 September, from 9pm.


Stefan Hauk has announced the launch of his debut album, Long Road, and it will be taking place with his band, Sam Moody (rhythm guitar), Paul White (keyboards), Damien Steele Scott (bass) and Jamie Jones (drums), at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Saturday 16 September with special guests Jode & Taneesha with tickets $20 at the door or $15 via Moshtix here http://www. stefan-hauk-long-road/98023 LUKE CARLINO Following the completion of his current UK tour, Adelaide’s Luke Carlino will be returning home for a special one off farewell show before relocating to Melbourne and the free entry shindig will be taking place at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 23 September with Maggie Rutjens, Sasha March and Phil Meakin of Grenadiers as special musical guests.

THE CHAIRMEN The Chairmen have been invited to present their blues rock sounds at Semaphore Music Festival so will be doing so at a free entry affair at The Federal Hotel, 25 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 8pm on Friday 29 September.

with $10 tickets at the door. For more information, please visit UKULELE DEATH SQUAD Fresh from overseas ventures, Ukulele Death Squad will play the opening night of Semaphore Music Festival with The Skeleton Club from 8pm on Friday 29 September at Semaphore Workers Club, 93 The Esplanade, Semaphore, with tickets at the door from 8pm.

ADELAIDE UKULELE APPRECIATION SOCIETY Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society, who meet in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, every Wednesday evening from 7pm, will be staging a concert in the venue’s main room on Saturday 23 September before once again presenting their wares at Semaphore Music Festival on Sunday 1 October from high noon on the foreshore. THE NUTS This will be nuts! Blues and roots band The Nuts (Denis Surmon, David Rhodes, Jeff Algra and Brett Sody who throw a bit of light-hearted whimsy into their material), will have well-known theatre identity Michael Hill (presenting excerpts from Scrivenings) as special guest when they stride into The Railway Hotel, 247 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with $10 tickets at the door.

THE STEADFAST ARMS Alternative rock band The Steadfast Arms are releasing a single, K.O.L, so have teamed up with Mandemaker who are ZEPHYR QUARTET also releasing their Northern Zephyr Quartet will be Soul single to do a double launch presenting a lovely, late afternoon as a free entry show from 9pm show when they blow into on Saturday 9 September in Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, the front bar of the Governor Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, 17 September to present songs Hindmarsh, with Cale Morgan from their new album, Windmill, gracing the venue’s front bar the

HORROR MY FRIEND Horror My Friend are embarking on a huge nationwide tour for their latest Poison City Records release, Admit None, and will be playing a special all-ages show at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with special guests Zen Panda, Stork and Little Dust with tickets via Moshtix here au/v2/event/horror-myfriend/98017 MARK CURTIS & THE FLANNELETTES

Mark Curtis & The Flannelettes are all set to launch a cassingle, Rock’N’Roll Heaven, and will do so at a free entry affair at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 9 September with special guests Kitchen Witch and Ryan Martin John. FIDEL’S BAR

Fidel’s Bar is an alternative music and arts club situated at 66 Wattle Ave, Royal Pk, which opens from 4pm until 8pm on Friday evenings and for a special Sunday afternoon concert each month with the next taking place from 4pm on Sunday 24 September featuring Nikko & Snooks, Rusty Bonnet and John & Alana Jagt with great food, drink specials and an easy $5 entry.

59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh.

WINTER WITCHES Winter Witches have a few shows coming up with the first being on Thursday 14 September at The Jade Monkey, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide, with Dan Thorpe and then Friday 28 September at Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, to officially launch a seven-inch single and have also chosen the date of Thursday 26 October on which to play a gig at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide.

FORT DREAMLAND Presented by Flip Slide Up, Fort Dreamland will feature solo artists Nina McCann, Kelly Menhennett, Jason Katsaras, Emma Rowe, Dan Gaskin and Chelsea Turner and will be taking place from 4.30pm until 8.30pm on Friday 15 September on the south side of Tarntanyangga (Victoria Sq) and will also have market, art and food stalls. SPINE 96 Spine 96, an Adelaide rock quartet who dabble in the absurd, cynical and darker sides of life with a touch of surrealism thrown in, have just released a self-titled album via boutique Melbourne label Off The Hip and is now available via all good record stores – think Rock Therapy, 536 Goodwood Rd, Daw Park, Clarity Records, 60 Pulteney St, Adelaide, Mr V Music, 115 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore and, of course, Off The Hip Records, 381 Flinders Ln, Melbourne – and Bandcamp link here: https://spine96.bandcamp. com/releases THE SYSTEMADDICTS All we need to say is that The Systemaddicts have scored the Friday evening residency in September at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, and that they will have special guests each week from 9pm. SUSAN LILY

BILLY THE TREE Rootsy blues exponent Billy The Tree now has a drummer, The Ranger, and their first show together will be a free entry affair from 9pm on Saturday 30 September in the salubrious front bar of the Susan Lily, who is currently Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, working on a brand new album,

and The Steve Charles Band will be taking part in this year’s Semaphore Music Festival (Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) and will be playing Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL, 10 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 2pm until 5pm on Monday 2 October with her website here: https://www.susanlilymusic. com/

LAZY EYE Award winning Adelaide blues trio Lazy Eye, who are now also up for a SAM Award, have announced that their fifth album will be a live recording at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 15 September with Nikko & Snooks as special guests and tickets only available via https://www. THE HEGGARTIES

Armed with their debut album, The Heggarties, who have been nominated in the SAM Awards for Best Country Act as well as for Best Album for Nimbin Roots Festival and will be playing this year’s Semaphore Music Festival, are heading to Tamworth Country Music Festival next year but require petrol monies to get there. To that effect the band are having a fundraising gig and invited Melbourne’s Skyscraper Stan to join them at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 8 September with tickets via https://www. event?eid=307926&. THE SINGING GALLERY After some 25 years of continued operation, McLaren Vale’s The Singing Gallery will close its doors from 4pm on Saturday 23 September with a big farewell concert planned and details here http://www.singinggallery. SATISFACTION – THE STONES SHOW

And they keep rollin’. The longrunning Satisfaction – The Stones Show will be playing Encounter Bay’s Beach House Café from 1pm on Sunday 15 October (bookings via 08 8552 4417) and then The German Club, 223 Flinders St, Adelaide, on Saturday 18 November with special guests Acoustic Fix and tickets on sale via www. Be quick as these rockin’ shows invariably sell out such is the band’s huge popularity.

GT STRINGER Surf rock band GT Stringer could well be launching some kind of new compilation album at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 22 September with free entry the distinct possibility of some cubes of cheese on a stick.

FUTURE SOUNDS Only Objects, Thanes, Kimonono and Nox will be taking part in the next edition of Future Sounds, a night of mostly experimental musings, which will be taking place at Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 23 September with an easy entry fee of just $5.

FLIGHT Flight, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month at Northern Sound System, 173 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth, as a licensed, all-ages event from 8pm, will be going acoustic on Saturday 7 October when it presents Across The Atlas, Dylan Smith, Baltimore Poet and Quant Attraction with $10 tickets at the door. OLD MAN’S BIRTHDAY Adelaide identity Mark Page is having a birthday so has assembled Mammoth, Emergency Rule and Dirty Pagans to play a show at Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 23 September with an entry fee of just $5 and the promise of a massive jam at the tail end of the shenanigans. Will there be cake? ALANA JAGT & THE MONOTREMES Following a performance at this year’s Semaphore Music Festival (Sunday 1 October on the foreshore at Semaphore from 1pm), Alana Jagt &

in the venue and then stick around to party all night and into the small hours with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

The Monotremes will be launching their Wilderness EP at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 14 October with $10 tickets at the door and Koral and Alison Coppe & The Janes as special guests.

BOOK SALE There is to be a huge book sale at St Peters Town Hall, 101 Payneham Rd, St Peters, on the upcoming long weekend hosted by Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers from 9am until 5pm each day from Saturday 30 September until Monday 2 October with books of all kinds priced from just $2. CACTUS EXTRA SESSIONS Sixteen Hands High will be presenting Cactus Extra Sessions from 9pm on Saturday 9 September at the Exeter Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, and the free entry event will feature Johnny American Horse, Kristoffer Jaw-Moss and Emily Davis.

CAFÉ TROPPO Café Troppo, 42 Whitmore Sq, Adelaide, boasts great organic food, craft beer, oldfashioned cocktails, seasonal tapas and natural wines and, as well as regular events, has live acoustic music and a brand new menu on Friday evenings from 6pm. The café is also taking bookings for private functions here: http:// contact/ CARNIVAL LATIN NYE Say adios to 2017 and hola to 2018 at Carnival Latin NYE at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 31 December. Kick off with a delicious dinner

THE BURNSIDE LIBRARY The Burnside Library, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore, is starting a local music collection and looking for any South Australian musicians or bands that would be willing to donate a copy of their EP or album. It can be any genre of music. In fact, the more diverse, the better! Please contact the library on 08 8366 4280 for more information. FRIDAY NIGHT FREE FOR ALL The front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, now has a new open mic evening known as Friday Night Free For All with free entry and all welcome from 8pm. If you’d like to get onstage, email <fridayfreeforall@thegov.> to reserve a spot. THE GOV’S VARIETY SHOW

The Gov’s Variety Show has returned to the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on the first Saturday of each month, an array or performers of all persuasions, a 9pm start and entry via donation. NOOK NOSH

Boutique small bar Nook Nosh, 111 Unley Rd, Unley, features live acoustic sounds from 5pm on Sundays and has a courtyard area at the rear. Pop in for sips ‘n’ nibbles from 3pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays (open from 4pm) with Saturday evening now reserved for private functions which can be made by calling the bar on 0405 005 447.

studio. If there was a particular strategy in achieving that.

“So our live music is renowned like probably nationally now for being quite a very very full loud soundscape,” Brown informs me. “Um, as far as, you know when we sat down we talked about the record, especially the compression of the record we wanted to do it from an analogue sense.

ACOLYTE ACOLYTE by Ian Messenger Melbourne prog-metal titans Acolyte will be coming to Adelaide and even Mount Gambier this month to tour their latest single. Space And Time is an epic eight minute journey into the heightened and unfamiliar mindfields of four dudes and a frontwoman cladded all in black and serious as. . . BSide spoke on the phone to Morgan-Leigh Brown after she was kind enough to wait an hour and a half for me to get my shit together, and found her to be congenial, confident, and also ready to take on the planet. Acolyte like many prog set ups are of course highly proficient on their instruments, unlike say your average punk hooligan band who sees the guitar more like a weapon with which to bonk a punter over the head. With Acolyte’s proficiency combined with their new strain of improvisation at shows I asked

Brown if their song writing process had evolved. In the past I believed it was more pre-written by one member.

“Some of the bigger albums you would of heard from probably the seventies all the way up until maybe early nineties that had, you know, when it was quite and airy and everything like that it still commanded attention but the sound didn’t fall away from it completely where you didn’t notice what was going on which sometimes happens in the new age of compression.

“So we worked really really closely with him [Ben Ehrenberg, producer] on that, and trying to achieve those moments so that “Absolutely, with Acolyte a lot of the when the layers all came in things we like to do – or “So we worked we did achieve that massive the main thing for us really really really climax. is the musicianship – but our live performances, we always want to bring really really good high energy performances and try and translate another soundscape that you can actually imagine the world we’re trying to deliver, if that makes sense, on stage.

closely with him [Ben Ehrenberg, producer] on that, and trying to achieve those moments so that when the layers all came in we did achieve that massive climax.”

“But yeah, it’s really just trial and error and layering and trying different things. I know that we have a number of different guitar layers and things going on to really beef it up a bit.

“So the only real way to trial “We play now with minimal that before we go into the backing tracks and things new record is actually take like that but most of your the music we are doing out big bands out there that live and then refine it along the way so when we’re doing our record we’ve taken are achieving that sound live they’re using backing tracks because we do cheat a little in that into account. You know, not trying the studio.” to translate the record into live – we’re trying to do both at the same time.” “But as far as the song writing things are concerned, even with improv no matter how good you are I think it’s important to. . . you have to actually have the time to develop that trust and know how your peers move in a musician’s sense,” Brown explains. “I mean we’re there now, it’s taken us a little while. We’ve been together as a unit for pretty much from August last year when we launched the album together. So yeah we found our place there now but at the beginning I don’t think there was much improv coming out until we found that common ground.” Acolyte’s recorded output definitely has a very big sound, and I asked Brown how they achieved that in the

Ah that ol’ chestnut – backing tracks. Acolyte will be playing at Club 5082, Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Road, Prospect, on Friday 22 September. Supported by Favour The Brave and Squeaker. Free entry!

hearing people’s stories and knowing that they were sharing them with a radio audience. “So I’m definitely going to get back into being involved in WOWFM! again,” she adds. “And I want to make sure that about 90% of what I play is Australian content with a focus on Adelaide stuff because there is such a lot of talent here.” Susan is currently in the midst of recording a new album, which is to be released next year, with the help of an Arts SA grant.

“I don’t think I’ve ever screamed with joy as much when I opened the letter,” she laughs. “I was so excited I had to keep reading it over and over again.


little spot. I played there when I was involved in the festival’s Semaphore Songs Project.” This time last year, Susan was holidaying in New Zealand but managed to sneak in a gig.

Adelaide based singer songwriter Susan Lily has “I was just on holiday but through social media has met an artist over there by the participated a number of name of Sue Dyson who lives on the north times over the years at island,” she says. “So we did this crazy Sunday afternoon pub gig just outside of Napier. It Semaphore Music Festival was so much fun because it was one of those and is once again looking lovely, impromptu kind of gigs. forward to taking part at this year’s event which runs from “We’d met on social media and at the time Sue was doing radio on an online station and had Friday 29 September until started playing my music,” Susan continues. “So I made contact with her again when I Monday 2 October down at knew I was going over there. And it Semaphore. “I don’t think I’ve was lovely meeting another artist “It’s my third invitation to do Semaphore Music Festival,” she enthuses, “so, once again, I’m really looking forward to it because it’s a great festival in a lovely area.

ever screamed with joy as much when I opened the letter. I was so excited I had to keep reading it over and over again.“

“And the program is always such a great mix of local talent with some really fantastic interstate artists,” Susan says of acts such as Rich Davies & The Low Road, Raised Ny Wolves, William Crighton, Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos and Ruby Boots who are spread throughout the weekend. “So I’ll have my little band – my trio – and Steve Charles, who is a local from the area, will have his band too,” she continues. “And Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL is a great

over in New Zealand who is also involved in radio.”

Susan has worked as a volunteer presenter in the past at Semaphore’s WOWFM! (100.5FM) and it’s something she’s planning to make a return to.

“I love community radio,” she announces. “I started filling in for people and I loved it and then had my own fortnightly show, Melody Sunday, and did that for almost a year but then needed a break when I was organising my Adelaide Fringe show “And I loved playing local artists – people who don’t often get airplay elsewhere – and doing interviews with them,” Susan reveals. “I actually loved doing the interviews and

“So with the help of the grant and the money I’ve saved myself, I’m doing the new album with Anthony Stuart at his Red Brick Music,” Susan, who suggests some of the new material will receive an airing at her Semaphore Music Festival engagement. continues. “And Anthony is great. He does all of Cal Williams Jr stuff and he is just so easy to work with and has a lot of musicians he can draw on

“And Anthony is such a great musician himself,” she enthuses. “He can play great lead guitar but he’s an awesome bass player as well. He’s spot on with that so he’s playing bass on the album as well as ukulele and mandolin. It’s going to be a very exciting release for me because it’s going to have some really interesting sounds.”

Susan, who worked as a comedian for a while in Sydney and then Melbourne, staged a successful Adelaide Fringe show earlier this year and says that Butterfly: When Country Meets City, which boasted a quirky narrative and some songs, will make a return in 2018. “I’m updating it though,” she says. “It will likely also have a new title – haven’t decided on that yet – and, of course, for the people who didn’t see the show last time it will be brand new but, for the people who did, there will be a few new surprises. So I’m really looking forward to it because it’s going to be bigger and better.”

Susan Lily and The Steve Charles Band will be taking art in this year’s Semaphore Music Festival (Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October and website here http://www. and will be playing Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSL, 10 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, from 2pm until 5pm on Monday 2 October with her website here:

“But, for me personally, if I go and see a local band and like them, I want a copy of their CD in my collection. I feel we are losing something with all the digital stuff. CDs are becoming a dying art but there’s nothing better than having a psychical copy and the rest of the band agrees on that too.

“And it becomes a momento of the gig you’ve just seen,” he adds. “If you go and see good local band and you like them, you need a CD to back up what you’ve seen when you tell your mates about them.”


work in order to work further on their sound, stage presentation and the recording of their debut EP.

“We’ll be putting a lot into it so it won’t be just a band playing their set and then getting off stage,” he says. “We’ll have our full light “We found ourselves in a bit of a rut because show and be presenting our ‘look’ to make it we were continually playing shows and a experience people won’t forget. And that’s not getting time to work on our EP,” Jordan why we chose The Jade Monkey, which we says. “We were having people come up to haven’t ever played before, because it’s not a us wanting to buy a CD and had nothing to pub venue.” give them. It got to the point – and I reckon I was the one to first make the Joining the band on the night will “We’ve had call – where we thought, ‘Let’s be Oceans and Mackenzie who are just stop for a minute and take 500 pressed both, I assume, good friends of stock of what we are doing’. Throwing Flowers.

Adelaide’s Throwing Flowers are a relatively young band but between them have a wealth of experience as its members have been in other bands previously as well as playing around the traps in various cover bands and are also all competent songsmiths in their own right. “So we took a hiatus for about The band - Harry Baulderstone, Jerry Filipinas, Jordan Lennon, Marcus Ryan and Harrison Visintin – boast influences such as Vampire Weekend, Oasis and The Beatles and, as such, have an indie pop sound filled with delicious harmonies.

They are now set to launch a debut album so BSide Magazine got on the blower to drummer Jordan Lennon and, once the much-asked but fairly obvious question is of the way, inquire about the band’s origins. “It was about three years ago we first got together again after another band some of us were in split up,” Jordan says of iCYU who issued an EP in 2013 before calling it a day. “So it was just a natural progression that all fell into place when we started jamming, writing songs and working on our sound,” he continues. “And because we are all mates anyway it happened really quickly. And then we started doing a few gigs - places such as Hotel Metro, Rocket Bar and the Exeter.” The band, who plan to tour interstate in 2018, chose to take a break from live

Jordan, who reasons that playing in cover bands such as The Incredibles has given him a great musical grounding, assures that Throwing Flowers’ CD launch will be a memorable evening.

a year but we’ve now got a recording we are really happy with and are ready to come back, play live gigs and see what people think,” he adds. “And we are all excited about getting back out there again.”

up because I still think it’s important, even in this day and age, to be able to have something people can actually hold in their hands.”

The EP was recorded at House Of Bamboo, a local studio run by guitarist Dean and Nicolina Barcello of Lady Voodoo & The Rituals with the former also involved with Lucky Seven.

“Monty Ruggiero [a sound engineer and drummer with The Fab Four, a tribute act to The Beatles] was also involved in producing and mastering it,” Jordan reveals. “Monty is the mastermind behind our recorded sound.”

The EP is to be released as a psychical CD and a ticket to their launch will include a copy of the disc.

“We’ve had 500 pressed up,” Jordan reveals, “because I still think it’s important, even in this day and age, to be able to have something people can actually hold in their hands. But it will be available online because that’s important as well.

“Ha, no they’re not but we are hoping they will be by the end of the night,” Jordan laughs. “We asked around and those two bands were recommended to us so we checked them out, liked what we heard and then asked them to be involved in the launch.”

Throwing Flowers are set to launch their EP and will be doing so at The Jade Monkey, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 15 September with special guests Oceans and Mackenzie with the $15 entry fee to include a copy of the CD.


on Friday 29 September and the Governor Hindmarsh on Monday 2 October] and then one up in Sydney at The Basement. So that’ll be a thrill because I’ve never played Sydney before and The Basement such an iconic venue.” Stefan’s home studio, Signal Flow Recording Studio, “I’ve already done a fair bit of work there with other people,” he reveals. “A few studio sessions as well as recording some jingles. It’s been all sorts of stuff really. And it’s always nice to be working on other people’s stuff and just twiddling the knobs.

STEFAN HAUK By Robert Dunstan Adelaide’s Stefan Hauk (pictured above by Dave Birch Photography) picked up a guitar early in life and by the age of 11 or 12 had already begun writing his own songs. In his very early teens he played guitar in hard rock cover bands but now, before turning 21, he’s set to release his much-anticipated debut album, Long Road. Stefan recorded his nine-song album at his home studio, Signal Flow Recording Studio.

“Yeah, it was all done at home apart from one of two little things,” he says. “Paul White recorded his Hammond organ parts at his place and I recorded the vocals at a mate’s place. But, essentially, it was all recorded using my little set up at home.” Stefan, who has earnt the respect of many of his peers, used Paul on keyboards and the solid rhythm section of bass player Damien Steele Scott and drummer Jamie Jones.

“So they’ll also be my band for the launch but I’ll also have Sam Moody on rhythm guitar at the Jive launch show because I play rhythm as well as lead on some tracks. So we needed a second guitarist for the launch to cover that and Sam will be all over that.” The musician and singer, who presented a very wellreceived tribute evening to Stevie Ray Vaughan a couple of years ago, is no stranger to live gigs.

“It means I can relax a bit because recording yourself and then mixing it down is a lot of work and can be a bit stressful at times,” Stefan, who regularly serves as fill-in guitarist for Billy Bob & The BBQ Boys on Monday evenings at the Grace Emily Hotel, sighs.

“I would have been about 11 when I first started playing in cover bands in pubs out in the northern suburbs,” he says. “And my dad is a bass player so that’s how I kinda got started. I’d jam with Joining Stefan for his Long Road album dad and he would show me a lot of the essentials. I then spent a lot of time in my launch will be Jode & Taneesha. bedroom practicing by “I’ve also got to “They are a mother and listening to AC/DC, Black daughter act I met at a jam Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and play with some night somewhere,” he reveals. Deep Purple records. other great Aussie “And they will be doing their legends as well. original stuff at the launch with “I grew up on all that kinda hard rock stuff Y’know, playing a band. And, being mother and daughter, they harmonise really because it was what with people such as well. They are very talented mum and dad listened Kevin Borich, Phil and I think a lot of people will to,” Stefan laughs. “And Free were a pretty big Emmanuel and John really enjoy what they do. influence as well and I still Swann.” “They’ve actually become can’t believe how young regulars at the BBQ Jam at those guys were when the Grace on Monday nights and have been they first started out. They were only 18 meeting other musicians there and getting or 19 or something.” lots of gigs around the place,” Stefan says. Stefan has enjoyed a number of highlights Stefan Hauk has announced the launch of during his career thus far. his debut album, Long Road, and it will be taking place with his band, Sam Moody “I think the biggest one was getting to open for Orianthi at the Gov,” he says of a (rhythm guitar), Paul White (keyboards), sold out concert by the SA-born guitarist Damien Steele Scott (bass) and Jamie Jones (drums), at Jive, 181 Hindley St, who has worked with Michael Jackson Adelaide, on Saturday 16 September and Alice Cooper. with special guests Jode & Taneesha with “And I’ve also got to play with some other tickets $20 at the door or $15 via Moshtix here great Aussie legends as well,” Stefan event/stefan-hauk-long-road/98023 continues. “Y’know, playing with people such as Kevin Borich, Phil Emmanuel and John Swann. I’ve done a lot of gigs with John over the years.” Almost immediately following his launch, Stefan will be touring with noted US blues guitarist Eric Steckel with whom he shared the stage on his last visit. “Yeah, we’ve got two gigs coming up here [South Adelaide Football Club

and dancer MAX will be heading to Australia for the first time and will be at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, for a licensed all-ages affair on Thursday 7 September with tickets via Moshtix. FOO FIGHTERS Foo Fighter will have Weezer and Amy & The Sniffers with them when the ever-popular American rock band play Hindmarsh’s Coopers Stadium on Tuesday 23 January with tickets on sale via Ticketek from Friday 22 September. JEN CLOHER

Mel Parsons and Liz Stringer have teamed up for a national tour that will have the illustrious dup playing Trinity Sessions, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 22 September with tickets here https://www. JEP & DEP

Jep & Dep will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 7 September at which they will have Marcello Cole as special guest. They will then scoot off to Crown & Sceptre to undertake a late night DJ set.

Jen Cloher has announced a show at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Saturday 9 September to showcase her third album with the added bonus of Courtney Barnett being MADISON VIOLET in her band and with Little Dust as guests and tickets via Moshtix. CHILDHOOD CANCER BENEFIT

Much-regarded Melbournebased blues artist Geoff Achison will be taking part in the next Childhood Cancer Benefit alongside award winning local trio Lazy Eye as well as Mojo Dingo and Ciara Walsh at the German Club, 223 Flinders St, Adelaide, from 7pm (doors from 6pm) on Saturday 25 November with tickets here https://premier. aspx?sh=CHILDHOO17 MEL PARSONS & LIZ STRINGER

Canada’s Madison Violet will have Alana Jagt as special guest when they bring their indie folk goodness to Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Godwood Rd, Clarence Pk, on Friday 15 September with tickets here https://www. MELODY MOKO Alternative country artist Melody Moko has announced a huge national tour for the release of The Wreckage that will include a melodic pit stop at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 14 September. MAX Multi-talented pop soul singer, model, actor

TEX, DON & CHARLIE Presented by Love Police, the main room of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, will be set up in intimate dinner and show mode when Tex, Don & Charlie (Tex Perkins, Don Walker and Charlie Owen) launch their new album, You Don’t Know Lonely, on Wednesday 13 September (Sold Out) with special guests The Ahern Brothers and with a second show now added for Thursday 14 September and with tickets selling fast for dinner and show or show only via the venue or Oztix. MAJA Brisbane’s soulful folk artist Maga has a new EP, Still Bleeding, which she will be bringing to the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Thursday 21 September with Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto of (Cosmo Thundercat) as special guests and $10 tickets at the door. ACOLYTE Melbourne’s Acolyte are embarking on a national tour for their new album, Shades Of Black, and will kick it off by playing a licensed, free entry, all-ages show at Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, on Friday 22 September alongside Squeaker, Favour The Brave and Strigoaica.

TIRED LION Perth-based indie rockers Tired Lion are out on tour to promote the release of debut album, Dumb Days, and will play Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday 22 September with Food Court and Foam as special guests and tickets via Moshtix here au/v2/event/tired-lion-dumbdays/97534 CALIGULA’S HORSE Brisbane-based progressive

metal band Caligula’s Horse have announced their only headline shows for 2017 with news that they will play Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, to present songs from a new album, In Contact, on Friday 29 September with special gyests Colibrium and tickets via Moshtix. KREATOR

Presented by Metropolis Touring, legendary German thrash metal band Kreator have announced a tour that will have them playing the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 7 September with Poland’s Vader as special guests and tickets via the venue or Oztix here: au/?Event=72970 THE GETAWAY PLAN Due to demand, Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan are taking to the road to present their 2008 number one album Other Voices, Other Rooms in its entirety with the indie rockers to play two sets at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 22 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix. MODELS Models, who have recently reformed, will have Machinations as special guests when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 9 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix. POND

Psychedelic rockers Pond will be kicking off a nation-

wide tour with Sydney’s Body Type and WA-based hip hop artist Reef Prince when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 15 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

ARCTURUS Norwegian metal band Arcturus have announced an Australian tour with American band Blood Incantation that will have them playing the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 16 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

September with special guest Stefan Hauk and with tickets via https://www.trybooking. com/book/event?eid=293794 and also Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from 4pm on Monday 2 October with Stefan again guesting and tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/default.aspx?Event=75190.

THE HEARTACHE STATE Melbourne rockers The Heartache State have announced their second album, Last Of The Buffalo, which also comes with news that the band, featuring Nick Barker (of The Reptiles) and Justin Garner (of Southpoor/ Southpaw) will be launch it a the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 7 October.

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Pennsylvanian Goth metalcore outfit Motionless In White have announced a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 21 September as part of their Graveyard Shift tour with special guests Crown The SEMAPHORE MUSIC Empire and tickets via the venue FESTIVAL or Oztix. The four-day Semaphore Music Festival (to be held at THE NEW DEAD VIII Semaphore from Friday 29 Metal festival The New Dead September until Monday VIII will hit Fowler’s Live, 68 2 October) has launched North Tce, Adelaide, SA, from its full program and will high noon until midnight on feature interstate acts such as Saturday 7 October with a huge Raised By Eagles, William line-up of Brujering, Lock Up, Crighton, Rich Davies & Abramelin, Napalm Death, The Low Road, Ruby Boots Alkira, Truth Corroded, Blunt and Charles Jenkins & The Shovel, Voros, Orpheus Omega, Zhivagos alongside a host of Earth Riot, Hidden Intent, locals including Alana Jagt Dark Cell, Black Rheno, Hubrid & The Monotremes, Jimmy Nightmares and In Malice’s Mountain, The Timbers, Wake with tickets via Moshtix. Ukulele Death Squad, Haystacks Calhoon and so HUGO RACE & MICHELAGELO many, many more. Early bird RUSSO tickets are now on sale via Hugo Race and Michelangelo Oztix here: https://tickets. Russo have announced an Australian tour and in Adelaide will be playing the Wheatsheaf RIVAL FIRE Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, As part of a national tour, from 4pm on Sunday 24 Rival Fire, featuring The September with Michael Plater Voice of Rob Farnham, will as special guest and with tickets hit Club5082 at Prospect here: Town Hall, 126 Prospect au/?Event=72918 Rd, Prospect, from 7pm on Friday 10 November for a ERIC STECKEL free entry, licensed all-ages show with Terminal Zero and Baltimore Poet as special guests. American blues guitarist Eric Steckel has announced a return to our shores with news that he will be playing South Adelaide Football Club on Friday 29

JUKE BOX RACKET Melbourne’s Juke Box Racket will be heading our way to take part in the House Of Bamboo presentation Swing & Soul Spectacular alongside Lucky Seven and

Lady Voodoo & The Rituals on Friday 3 November at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with $20 tickets at the door or $15 via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=76129

Living in The World Today, Labels and 4th Chamber along with WuTang anthems and with tickets via Moshtix here: http://www.

FUEL Presented by Metropolis MARKY RAMONE’S Touring, US band Fuel are BLITZKREIG embarking on their 20th Marky Ramone’s Blitzkreig anniversary tour for The Sunburn will be blitzing the Governor album and will be playing it in Hinmrash Hotel, 59 Port Rd, its entirety along with other Hindmarsh, with lots of songs favourites when they hit the by The Ramones on Sunday 26 Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 November with tickets on sale Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday now via the venue or Oztix here 3 December with tickets via the venue or Oztix, default.aspx?Event=76491 OH YES FESTIVAL Five Four Entertainment and Fat Controller have teamed up to present OH YES Festival at Adelaide Showgrounds on Friday 29 September and it will feature chart-topping house hero Duke Dumont, the person behind bangers such as I Got U, Ocean Drive and Need U (100%), along with Pnau, SAFIA, Vallis Alps who will be joined by some of the best and brightest names in the game with local DJs still to be announced and tickets via Moshtix here JOSE FELICIANO Jose Feliciano will light everyone’s fire when he makes a welcome return to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 16 March with tickets on sale via the venue or Oztix here au/default.aspx?Event=77462

BIG COUNTRY Presented by Metropolis Touring, Scottish band Big Country will be making a return to our shores and will be dropping into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 11 March to play The Crossing in its entirety along with other faves and with tickets at the ready from the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=76398. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Much-revered US band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will embark on an Australian tour in 2018 and will be ridin’ into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindrmash, on Tuesday 20 March with tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=75015.

CASEY DONOVAN Casey Donovan, who has enjoyed numerous awards and a slew BRENTON FOSTER 6TET of hit songs, will be playing Brenton Foster 6Tet, led by the Governor Hindmarsh jazz pianist Brenton Foster and Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, featuring some of Melbourne’s on Thursday 12 October finest, will be launching their with tickets here https:// second album, The Nature Of Light, as part of COMA from aspx?Event=76393. 7pm on Monday 25 September at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with tickets via GZA Wu-Tang Clan founding member GZA (AKA The Genius) will be making his way to Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Wednesday 15 November and you can expect such ditties as Liquid Swords,

for what is likely to come. It’s tight, well-played and the honky tonk-style piano is a great touch.

THESE BLESSED BONES So Much Has Changed (Independent) Reviewed by Robert Dunstan Adelaide band These Blessed Bones (Tom Ireland on vocals, Sam Morrison on guitars and backing vocals, Calum Robertson on assorted keyboards, Andrew Moncrieff on bass and Sam Carpenter on drums) ceased gigging a while back in order to concentrate on recording their debut album. Produced by band member Sam Morrison and recorded by him alongside Matt Kuchel and Dan Cooper between 2012 and 2017, the ninesong album is a strong offering with much commercial potential while not alienating those who enjoy a dose of alternative rock. Opening song, Bus Stop, is a strong pop rock offering with a catchy hook and bodes well

Not Running is a lighter song and the Flamenco-style guitar makes it stand out from other songs of this ilk, while Shake You Back is almost a grungy ballad. Prom Queen, the only song on the album to be mastered at Studio 301 with all the others being done by Evan James, is the only song to break the four-minute barrier and once again, features some welcome keyboard flourishes. Over Me ups the tempo somewhat and boasts a swirling keyboard solo. The jaunty Don’t Give In closes the album and is yet another pleasing to the ear offering. Add to all this a striking cover designed by Andrew Smart of Black Jacket Studios – he does the Grace Emily Hotel’s artwork for their upcoming gigs – and you have a pretty solid release that’s worthy of attention. It’s obvious that the band have taken much care with So Much Has Changed and it will appeal greatly to those who enjoy a dose of alternative rock with a slightly commercial, but never unwelcome flavour.

These Blessed Bones will be launching So Much Has Changed at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 9 September with special guests Ty Alexander & The Best Extra’s and Horse Lords and $10 tickets at the door. So Much Has Changed is also available via bandcamp here: https:// Watch an acoustic studio version of Shake You Back here https://www.