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venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=74161 and heaps of special guests on the night including Nick Kipridis, Paul White and more.

SCALA SCALA’s FOOM (Festival Of Original Music) is now in full swing with weekly heats taking place from 7.30pm on Thursday evenings at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton.

Under the banner Femmes Fatales, rock band Imogen Brave have invited Squeaker and Voodoo Horizon to join them for a free entry show at Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, from 9pm on DHARMA CAFÉ Saturday 12 August. Dharma Café is a local band that draws influence from world EAST OF EVERYTHING music and uses it to re-imagine old and new songs and have now taken up residency in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, every Thursday from 2pm until 6pm with some special guests each week and will also be playing a free entry front bar evening gig on Saturday 12 August. East Of Everything, a supergroup of sorts as it features Tara GREEN CIRCLES Carragher and Sam Brittain The gigs just keep on comin’ alongside a stellar cast of local for Green Circles as they have musicians (Ryan Martin John, just announced another one Todd Sibbin and BJ Barker), at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 are having an exclusive preview Waymouth St, Adelaide, from of their debut album at the 9pm on Saturday 19 August as Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George a free entry musical affair with St, Thebarton, from 7.30pm on Moraygun as special guests. Wednesday 23 August with tickets via Moshtix here http:// CASEY C ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN east-of-everything-exclusiveLooking for an effective gig album-preview/97259 and Alana poster? Casey C Illustration Jagt as special guest. & Design offers an affordable service and in the past has KINGS & ASSOCIATES designed gig posters for bands Adelaide blues band Kings such as Babes Are Wolves, & Associates (formerly The The Villenettes, The Aves, Associates) have announced Porchlight Parade, Matt Ward, the launch of their second Kitchen Witch and a whole album, Tales Of A Rich Girl, at the bunch of others including Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port drawings in ShitAdelaide’s Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday colouring and activity book. 26 August with tickets via the There is also a range of 2

IN IN THIS ISSUE THIS ISSUE 02 > AROUND THE TRAPS 14 > HOODOO GURUS 16 > CINEPHILE Following a performance at this year’s Semaphore Music Festival (Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October at Semaphore), Alana Jagt & The Monotremes will be launching their Wilderness EP at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 14 October with $10 tickets at the door and Koral and Alison Coppe & The Janes as special guests.

THE PUBLIC SERVANTS Adelaide band The Public Servants have finally announced another show and it is to be a free entry affair from 9.30pm on Saturday 2 September at the Exeter Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, with special guests being Surfer Rosa, Bloodstone Villains and Craig Division. CLUB5082’S BLUES & ROOTS WINTER MUSIC FESTIVAL Club5082 has been presenting a series of nights of free entry blues and roots music at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, from 7pm which will wind up on Friday 18 August with WA’s Karin Page and JJ Fields) with drink specials each night and some local restaurants and eateries (Caffe Cena, Café di Roma, Almina and Ben Hurs) offering attractive discounts to those attending the show.


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7:30PM - $10 - MEMBERS $7

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“Another reason is that we put on a damn good show,” he laughs. “We are still fully committed and are on top of our game in that regard. We don’t ever slacken off.”

There is also a great deal of bonhomie at a Gurus’ show.

“We always try to make our shows engaging,” Dave says. “We like to engage with the audience and we’re not the sort of band that just gets up on stage and does the songs and then gets off. It’s like, ‘Come and join in with us’. And I think people like that.” The band released their last album, Purity Of Essence, back in 2010 and Dave is unsure when the next one might be.

HOODOO GURUS HOODOO GURUS By Robert Dunstan Having just completed a tour under the name You Do Gurus, You Am I and Hoodoo Gurus are now set to quickly embark on a national tour under the banner Fist Full Of Rock for which they will now also be joined by Jebediah and Adalita of Magic Dirt. The final night of the recent You Do Gurus tour saw Hoodoo Gurus’ original drummer, James Baker, make a surprise guest appearance at Perth’s Astor Theatre with it being captured on film and posted on their Facebook page.

“We’d been doing this thing where Tim Rogers and Davey Lane from You Am I were joining us on stage at the end of the night for a version of The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz,” Hoodoo Gurus’ singer and guitarist Dave Faulkner says down the line from his home town of Perth where he was staying for a few days after completing the tour.

“And then, suddenly, James appears from nowhere, pushes Tim out of the way, grabs the mic stand and we launch into The Troggs’ I Can’t Control Myself,” he continues. “It was a song James used to do when he was in the band – he’d jump from behind the drum kit and grab the mic stand. So he came up with the hilarious idea of doing it when we did the last show in Perth. “And James still has all the rock star moves,” he adds. Fist Full Of Rock will kick off in Adelaide at Thebarton Theatre, a venue this writer has


seen Hoodoo Gurus play several times over the years including one at which they opened for Lou Reed.

“Look, I just don’t know,” he sighs. “We get asked all the time but it’s really up to me to write some new songs and I just haven’t been focussed on that. I’m always collecting ideas but they won’t turn into whole songs until I get myself motivated.

“Gee, that was way back in the early ’80s,” “And I do want to get to that point at some Dave laughs. “And I stage in the future,” he adds. “As soon know that because as the Fist Full Of Rock tour is over “The songs it was just after we’d I am going to chain myself to the come back from our writing desk. But whether they will be still sound first US tour – and we songs or something else we’ll good because Gurus’ were also just off a just have to wait and see.” they haven’t break before recording our second album – and With such a strong back catalogue, really aged. I remember Lou being it’s not as if everyone is They weren’t however, very strange.” yearning for a new offering. I also saw Hoodoo Gurus play Thebarton Theatre in 1994 to promote the release of Crank with esteemed US band Redd Kross as their guests.

songs that came from an era that is now on the nose.”

“And we had You Am I on that tour too,” Dave points out with a laugh, “so being back there with them again is like coming full circle in many ways. “But it has been too long since we last played The Thebbie,” he then says.

“Well that’s the thing,” Dave says. “We all thought Purity Of Essence was a good album but audiences often just want to hear what they like and know. If they went along to a gig and didn’t hear all the hits they would think they were somehow being ripped off.

“There are some songs we just can’t get away without playing and we accept that,” he adds. “And we still really like those songs so it’s not an issue. And we know that new Gurus’ songs are not a high priority for our audience.”

Fist Full Of Rock will have Hoodoo Gurus, You Am I, Jebediah and Adalita playing Thebarton Theatre on Friday 25 August when the event kicks off on a national tour with tickets for “Obviously the number one reason is the Adelaide on sale via Ticketmaster songs that have stuck in peoples’ heads and here that’s a very important thing,” he muses. au/fist-full-of-rock-torrensville“They didn’t just come and go but stayed in south-australia-25-08-2017/ people’s consciousness because they were event/130052B1D73E44BD. liked. Dave says he puts Hoodoo Gurus continuing popularity down to number of reasons.

“And I think the songs still sound good because they haven’t really aged,” Dave suggests. “They weren’t songs that came from an era that is now on the nose. They are songs that have an energy and a spirit.


pal/rival Rob to suggest he come along for the ride once more, Brydon jumps at the chance to get away from his two screaming children (and are they actually Rob’s real kids???).

Soon they’re on the road and having long conversations about THE TRIP TO SPAIN (M) their lives while consuming ***1/2 some sumptuous-looking food, sheltering from a (genuine) surprise storm, half-flirting with This third installment of The Trip series characters from the previous two (after the plain old The Trip in 2010 pics, scowling through a photo and The Trip To Italy in 2014, and again op that requires Don Quixote cut down from a longer BBC version) is and Sancho Panza outfits, and almost as sharply funny as the first two, worrying about getting older. but director Michael Winterbottom and stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (as Whereas The Trip made Steve look ‘themselves’ once more) seem intent bad and The Trip To Italy made on making this the most uneasy of the Rob appear less than virtuous, bunch, despite the beautiful locations. here we snap back to having Steve be both the villain and victim of Steve is again being commissioned the piece (again, he must have by The Observer to write a series of complete faith in Winterbottom, restaurant reviews as part of a trip who pretty much made him a through Spain, and when he contacts


proper star with 24 Hour Party People), as Coogan is let down by his wayward son, treated poorly by his new agent and winds up alone for a curious and somewhat head-scratching final sequence.

Darker than the other Trips, this is nevertheless gloriously amusing at times, as the guys sing The Windmills Of Your Mind, name-drop lots and slip into their uncanny celebrity impressions, with Woody Allen, Mick Jagger and others turning up to comment on the proceedings and a selection of David Bowie’s ageing voices discussed with great respect. And what next? The Trip To Australia? The Trip To India perhaps? Or maybe - gulp!!! - The Trip To America??? Mad Dog Bradley


sense of humour to be living in these modern times. So I think that reflects in the songwriting.”

It seems that a lot of bands right now are seeking out an Australian sound. You can hear the raw and upfront sounds of Beasts of Bourbon lurking in The Beat Taboo and I asked DeBauche his view on the value of Australian-ness in music.

“Well I think if you don’t keep it going it would die. You think of all the great bands in the seventies and eighties that were birthed in Australia – you know it’s important to keep that underground Melbourne sound. It’s not supported by mainstream radio stations at all, let’s face it, and media vocals in Juliette Seizure, she’s certainly even, but you look at the legacy and an Adelaide ex-pat anyway and I’m an you look at the passing of Tony Cohen Adelaide ex-pat too. this week and read the back catalogue and you go, ‘wow, look at all “I’ve had a long history of those records he produced, “I’ve had a playing in bands in Adelaide all this amazing work,’ you long history know. So that’s what I kinda before I decided to move here [Melbourne]. King of playing of consider some of the Daddy was maybe a notable in bands in Australian sound. And there’s one, like about an eleven more out there. There’s many Adelaide year history from Adelaide, independent bands that have before I touring from Adelaide, and still got rocking, interesting, working out of there doing decided to or crazy lyrics or great songs all sorts of great supports.” or whatever. But they want to move here [Melbourne]. keep that Australian accent. Mick Baty is owner of They want to keep writing King Daddy about Australian towns or respected Melbourne label Off The Hip Records and was maybe a cities or situations that they also plays drums in The notable one.” find themselves in. That’s Beat Taboo. good, it’s like the Flying Nun New Zealand sound, you know, “Yeah we are going to record you can recognise a lot of those soon with a friend here then he [Mick bands when you listen to them.” Baty] has the ability to release stuff on CD, you know, probably through the Off The Beat Taboo support The Hip label when we get enough stuff Juliette Seizure and the together and get ourselves organised,” Tremor Dolls Friday 18 Aug explains DeBauche.

THE BEAT TABOO THE BEAT TABOO by Ian Messenger The Beat Taboo are a comin’ and a thump’n to the Grace Emily Hotel to support Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls so if you like your music raw like fruit from the jungle floor don’t miss this unique Melbourne band. BSide Magazine spoke to head-honcho and vocalist Pange DeBauche about The Beat Taboo and discovered there’s quite a history between DeBauche and a long line of Adelaide bands including King Daddy which many people will remember. But The Beat Taboo is a new band, albeit formed from seasoned musicians. “The Beat Taboo came about after the demise of the last band The Five Shakes which only played a couple of gigs in Melbourne here. We decided to keep going and find some new guitarists. I had already written some new material. Originally the band were just an instrumental band, well, looking for a singer as always and they got sick of doing instrumental stuff and then I decided to give it a shot. I just came along with my songs, you know, gave it a shot and it went really well and it’s clicked really well ever since. So we’ve only done four shows but it’s been really well received.” “And first tour [is going to be] to Adelaide because Shannon Briskall, one of the guitarists, she’s also does the backing


I asked DeBauche if they simply go with the sound that naturally comes or if there is a sound they are trying to achieve.

“Yeah I kinda wanna do that underground rock’n’ roll swampy sound but I wanna keep it Australian sounding in some way. But also we are writing songs that are a bit different. I don’t want every song to kind of sound completely the same. So I am writing stuff that’s gonna throw people, and plenty of humour in there. I like a bit of humour in the songwriting as well, and uh, life’s tricky little situations let’s say. Yeah, look, we I think need a good

on their Friday nights August residency at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232Waymouth St, Adelaide. Entry is free and the beer is real.


Waters and Roger Corman – because they can tell such good stories so well without being huge budget films. And I love working low-budget and working out how to get stuff done effectively for the least amount of money.

“It’s all about being creative when you don’t have the money to throw at it,” he considers with a laugh.

The film recently had screenings in Perth and Melbourne. “And they both went very well,” Josh reports. “People roared with laughter and squealed in all the right places. And they cheered at the goodies and hissed at the baddies because it’s a very interactive film.

FAGS IN THE FASTLANE FAGS IN THE FASTLANE By Robert Dunstan Fags In The Fastlane is a new feature movie from UK-born filmmaker Josh Collins of Zombie Zoo Productions which, following successful screenings interstate, will soon premiere in Adelaide. We chatted to Josh, who is now based in Melbourne, over the telephone about the film which is a camp and crazy rock’n’roll movie boasting a narration by Tex Perkins and featuring international stars such as King Khan, El Vez and Russ Meyer starlet Kitten Natividad alongside Adelaide’s Chris Asimos who plays the lead role of Sir Beauregard (AKA Beau). Josh, who studied film in London and has since released several films including Pervirella featuring UK television presenter and personality Emily Booth, designed, wrote, directed and produced Fags In The Fastlane which he says took a couple of years.

“It began about two and a half years ago when I was running a bar in Fitzroy [Melbourne} called the LuWOW,” he says. “That was coming to a close but we wanted to make a film there before that happened and because I’d made a couple of films back in the UK, I thought I’d do another one. “And the LuWOW is such a fabulous spot – a bit like a bar I set up in Perth called Devilles Pad [now Badlands Bar] – that it would have been a shame not to use it for a film,” he says of the Tiki-themed live music venue at which Adelaide swing band Lucky Seven have often played in the past.


Interestingly, Josh says it was easier enticing international stars to be involved in the film rather than locals. “I had quite a lot of international people jump at the chance which I put down to my reputation and the film events I’ve put on over the years,” Josh says. “But, because it’s quite a risqué movie, it was much, much harder to get locals involved. “So people like King Khan, El Vez and Kitten Natividad wanted to be involved straight away but trying to get Australians involved was a different matter,” he laughs. “They were all a bit wary you might say.”

“And what pleased me was that there was a real mixture of ages at both screenings,” he says. “Y’know, every variety of person came along and they all seemed to greatly enjoy it.

A trailer on YouTube for Fags In The Fastlane indicates it will be a lot “Trying of fun.

to get Australians involved was a different matter. They were all a bit wary you might say.”

Josh did, however, entice Tex Perkins to be the narrator.

“That was down to Raoul Sanchez [of Magic Dirt and Midnight Wolf] who plays with Tex in The Ape,” Josh says. “Raoul did the whole score for the movie and did a brilliant job. I could just call him up and say, ‘I need this kind of music for this scene or that kind of music for that scene’, and two hours later he would send something back to me. Just brilliant. “Anyway, I saw that The Ape were playing – at the Crown & Anchor in Adelaide as it happens – and I asked Raoul to have a word in Tex’s ear about being in the movie.

“It’s all that’s on that trailer and so much, much more,” Josh indicates. “It’s just a lot of fun. It’s almost like a live event because people will come along and participate. And it’s very colourful. And there may be some entertainment in the foyer beforehand. It may well be Dean and Nicolina from Lady Voodoo.”

Josh, who hopes that film will eventually come out on DVD but says it will definitely be streamed online early next year, concludes by saying that following the Adelaide screening he will fly straight to New York for its American premiere. “That’s on the Friday straight after Adelaide,” he says, “and that’s on at the East Village Queer Festival and then there’ll be two screenings at film festivals in Spain. And then there will be screenings in London, Amsterdam and Switzerland.”

Fags In The Fastlane will enjoy its Adelaide premiere from 7.30pm on Wednesday 23 August at Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett St, Adelaide, SA, with tickets via https://www. “And he was great,” Josh, who says Adelaide’s Dick Dale of Trasharama was instrumental in helping to get the film an Adelaide screening, says. “And Tex is a fun guy to work with.” Josh’s interest in trashy films came about at an early age.

“My original love was theatre but I’d always loved trashy B-grade movies – stuff like John


STARSET STARSET by Ian Messenger Intergalactic rockers Starset will be paying Fowlers Live a ‘visit’ as they tour sophomore album “Vessels”, and expect to see men in pressurized suits and space helmets leap about as they hit some pretty heavy darkwave grooves. Starset has a lot going on than any normal rock outfit. Their debut album “Transmissions”, which sold 250,000 copies, was partnered with a graphic novel “The Prox Transmissions” which takes one into the fictional sci-fi world of planet Prox, a place to go as our poor planet Earth splutters and dies. In light of founding member Dustin Bates background in teaching at the international space university in France, you can perhaps see that this a band that probably doesn’t listen to the Dune Rats or make music videos of kids in the throes of a food fight in their school cafeteria. Although


in saying that, it is music and ideas about the future that are completely accessible.

though, the origins of the band. . . Dunstin [Bates, singer] was initially approached by the Starset Society to kind of get this rolling, and a BSide did a phoner with bass player big supporting component of the Ron DeChant at the ungodly hour technology question you kind of of 8 a.m. after being out really late asked is that there’s a big theme and covering Gold Class at The Grace and there’s definitely some surrounding I was still a bit drunk. With quite space, technology, awareness of the herculean feat for an injured what we are currently interfacing intellect this journalist got his head with in a futurist type way.” around the Starset program and managed to ask questions that Future technology gets talked a lot seemed informed, perceptive, and about but there’s not much dialogue sober. on how technology will affect us on a social level, and I asked DeChant if After a big three month tour Starset had a particular insight into DeChant was at home in Columbus, that. Ohio, where I bombarded him initially with reference to ancient “Yeah definitely, we certainly do,” Chinese poetry – how those old enthuses DeChant. “It’s funny that poets had an adage that you write I can date myself even by saying I what is around you, and how Starset can remember the world without seems to be keenly aware of how Facebook, or I can remember the future technology will be changing world without incessant cell phone our lives in so many ways. If you see use. But you know the world we any of their videos such as “Monster” know it, sadly I think, is becoming or “Telepathic” you’ll know what I more closed off. As much as we are mean. far reaching and so much ability to be expanded on and digitally “There’s certainly a bigger and connected through all these various overarching theme as well as different technologies. What’s movement that’s behind Starset funny is that it’s actually closing us

off more. No one’s looking up, they’re kind of looking down; and that’s just one concept behind the technology that’s rapidly connecting us. “And certainly I don’t say that it’s all negative,” DeChant clarifies. “There’s definitely huge positives to the technology being so pervasive and [being] change-agents. I mean look at what happened with the Arab Spring, and look at what happened around basically in many different parts of much more closed off nations and how a lot that information-share exposes and helps people.”

Methinks are we already cyborgs? I resisted a mobile phone and Facebook long after everyone else was addicted to it, and now it’s like the new drug I hoped I’d never discover. Go to a concert, especially in America, and everyone is holding up their phones and experiencing the experience through this computer machine they are holding in their hands. A piece of high technology which is always so close to us it perhaps could be classified as an extra organ to the human body. I saw a grandmother the other day in Jetty Road, Glenelg, terrifying her grandchildren with mortal uncertainty because she had just lost her phone. Twenty years ago someone may have thrown a pitcher of water in her face and told her to get a grip but now my indifference was perhaps a sign that the game has been lost forever.

“Hopefully not!” DeChant laughs, When I talk about the awareness of “but you never know with Facebook technology and future of thought technology and the things they have, and things that are occurring after they [a girl] might be the timeframe of the able to know a lot about current day. “it’s a live you before you even demonstration that “There’s a website open your mouth!” shows very specific that’s being built as video content, Starset don’t call their we speak that will concerts ‘concerts’ but be able to bring a lot very immersive ‘demonstrations’. I asked type lighting, and of these themes to DeChant what audiences light. Not just the what we have is might expect when they technology aspect a live show that go to Fowler’s Live to see but we also have is of course a them. many different things dramatization that we want to not and depiction “Yeah, well I won’t necessarily just to of futurist-type give it all away but warn but inform the reason we call it and have people thought ‘demonstrations’,” says start thinking about DeChant, who then what we are today pauses his thoughts as a society and the because my two year old daughter things we are currently building lets a large toy fly from her high and what exactly could that mean chair and smash on the kitchen for the public and the Starset floor with the sound of a thousand Society through different outreach crash cymbals being struck at once. campaigns such as, there’s a graphic . . “it’s a live demonstration that novel, there’s a full length book/ shows very specific video content, novel that was out in recent years. very immersive type lighting, and Starset is a big campaign of that, what we have is a live show that bringing live demonstrations to is of course a dramatization and large crowds across the country, depiction of futurist-type thought across the world, in a youthful way underpinning and really trying to that we can bring an attraction to get you into a theme outside of these themes. That’s the emphasis what you typically see in a normal of Starset and how it’s related to the band. But Starset has a lot of society.” themes we are trying to dramatize and move forward in the shows Got that? Well good. And if and that is clearly why we call them you need more clarification dramatizations. It is absolutely that. come along Sunday 13 August So hopefully fans are in for a more to the Fowler’s Live, 68 Nth immersive night where they can Tce, Adelaide, for a Starset live really get into the music and keep demonstration of these futurist the content right there visually – themes and be also blown away that’s the whole point of the Starset by Adelaide’s Across The Atlas show.” and Favour The Brave who share Starset’s love of Deftones! I asked DeChant what Starset Tickets at Moshtix Society is about, because I was a little confused, and I think I still am. Is Starset Society a moniker for the band, or an actual group of people?

“Well I certainly think that we are very, very close, if not maybe a decade away,” says DeChant, “from embedded technology. I know it already exists but it’s not like wearable and so mainstream that it becomes the Google Glasses Everything. And it’s contacts and everyone is basically connected permanently. That’s one of the easier and more palatable things we have talked about with press. . . it’s really not hard to grasp that at some point in time someone will be Googling you while talking to you “Starset was very much after the straight in your face.” fact. Starset Society – that origin, that whole point of what we This freaks me out, so a girl will be have set up and what is actually Googling you as you approach her at occurring – Starset Society has a a bar? much bigger over-arching theme.


Ashton how things have changed since then. One particular song off that debut album was “Radio Blues” and it has some very loud and pleasantly screechy guitar. What’s been the progression from then to now?

THE SUNDAY REEDS The Sunday Reeds by Ian Messenger Melbourne bluesy garage rock outfit The Sunday Reeds will be heading to the Grace Emily Hotel to give punters a taste of their low down vocal seductions and wailing electric guitar. As part of their ‘Blue Stockings’ single launch they will be joined by a host of other female fronted bands. Self-described as something like Marianne Faithfull fronting The Gun Club, I can also hear the sexual confidence of Transvision Vamp (remember Wendy James?) and the despairing beauty of Mazzy Star. Either way it’s very good music and BSide Magazine caught up with frontwoman Romana Ashton at the Grace Emily for a drink and a chat about blue stockings and other things. The Sunday Reeds formed in 2008 and soon released “Drowning In History” and I asked


message across. I think that just comes with confidence, and with age as well. I think I’ve changed a lot over the last ten years.” Saying the words ‘ten years’ gave the beautiful Ashton a micro freak-out at how long she’s been at this sad and winless game that is the music industry and took a hit on what was a very fucking expensive glass of single malt.

“Well,” Ashton laughed, “the progression is that “I just think it the vocals have got much louder! And the guitar Support acts for The Sunday is important feedback came down. So Reeds “Blue Stockings” single for women to there’s more of a balance launch include Wild Rocket, network in music Ponytail Kink and Ms Emily now I think in what we do. I was more reluctant and I don’t think Wyatt. No doom stoner dudes to have my voice come that opportunity in sight but thinking women. through. I think that is Was this intentional? arises much.” the experience of a lot of singers when they first “I just think it is important start. And I was younger for women to network in and not as confident in what I was doing.” music and I don’t think that opportunity arises much. I don’t mind playing with So with newfound confidence the vocals guys, they’re all right,” Ashton mocked, have come up in the mix which made me “but I see them all the time. With the “Blue wonder how Ashton’s lyrical nous may Stockings” single the song is about the Blue have sharpened. Stockings Literary Society that was a female networking group in the Eighteenth Century. “I used to write lyrics that were more There were quite some famous artists abstract and dreamlike. Now I write more associated with that. It was started by direct lyrics, so it’s less obscured. And Elizabeth Montagu who is known as Queen with the vocal coming up in the mix as Of The Blues – nothing to do with music well it happens simultaneously where but to do with literature. It had men in the I’m writing about not politics exactly but group too, at times, but mostly women. it’s just more direct, the message is a bit But eventually Blue Stocking became a more direct, the subject matter is a bit derogatory term for women who were more engaging for people. It’s not so too intellectual. So you get called a Blue internalised. I used to write things that Stocking and that would mean you know were more personalised but that’s shifted too much basically and you should just shut a bit. I’m more looking out than looking up,” bemused Ashton. “So that’s where I got in.” the idea for the song, that’s what it’s about really, and that’s why this gig’s an all-female I like writers who take their content affair but men are very welcome to attend from looking out. Reminds of William and they can wear blue stockings as well!” S. Burroughs bemused at two other writer friends who flanked him in his septuagenarian days as they walked along the streets of Manhattan. Only he noticed The Sunday Reeds launch “Blue Stockings” single at the Grace the crazy cats walking past them on the sidewalk. I asked Ashton where she Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth sourced her content from. St, Adelaide, on Saturday 12 “I’ve been inspired by reading books or seeing a film and I’ll get an idea that might relate something to me personally. So it’s a mix of things now, whereas before it was always there, I always had an interest in pulling things in from different places, literature and film, but I think I was more obsessed with myself,” laughed Ashton. “I looked inward more, but now I’m more interested in getting a direct

August with the help of dancer extraordinaire ClockworkManda, Ms Emily Wyatt, Wild Rocket and Ponytail Kink. Don ya blue stockings no matter what your gender, or just wear something blue, in celebration of National Love Your Bookshop Day and also to celebrate women in the Arts.

“Mick does that all the time,” Luke laughs. “There’s been a few times when I’ve had to leave early and Mick has said later, ‘You left before you heard me do your song’. But it means a lot to me that he often covers it. I get a real buzz out of it. The only time I’ve seen him do it though is when people have taken a little video.”

RAISED BY EAGLES RAISED BY EAGLES By Robert Dunstan Melbourne-based alternative country quartet are looking forward to playing back into town to be one of the headliningg cts at this year’s Semaphore Music Festival as it will mark the tail end of a national tour to further promote the release of their third album, I Must Be Somewhere. The band, which is Luke Sinclair on guitar and vocals alongside guitarist Nick O’Mara, drummer Johnny Gibson and bass player Luke Richardson, formed in Melbourne some years ago.

“And that’s been interesting because we had eight songs on our first two records but ABC wanted 10 songs,” Luke says. “So we had to come up with something pretty quickly and I remember being in the vocal booth still finishing off a song.

Luke grew up in a household with a father who was an avid country music fan.

“So when I first got into playing music, the last thing I wanted to have anything to do with was country,” he laughs. “I played heavy rock, played punk and played pop and also worked as a DJ playing hip hop for a number of years.

was country. I played heavy rock, played punk and played pop and also worked as a DJ playing hip hop.”

“And then we put out our first album which went really well and it’s been all systems go since then,” Luke adds. Their second album, Diamonds In The Bloodstream, won Best Country Album with the band also taking out Best Emerging Artist at the Age Music Victoria Awards which led to them being signed to ABC Music for their third album.

“The bill looks really good,” Luke says. “I’m excited about seeing Ruby Boots again – we did a double launch for our new albums with her at Howler in Melbourne and did some shows with her in Nashville when we bumped into her – and William Crighton is really good too – we’ve done a few festivals with him. And Charles Jenkins too. He’s one of my all-time favourite songwriters.

“And it will be good to check out Semaphore,” he concludes, “because, apart from the Wheatsheaf, we’ve never played “And Nick, who plays lead guitar, wrote some songs for the second album and also outside of the Adelaide before. It’s usually wrote some for the new one,” he says. “And been a show in town and then we’re out of there so we don’t get much chance to look there wasn’t any pressure from ABC in regards to the deadline. They were never at around.” us to get the album finished because they didn’t want to put anything out we weren’t The four-day Semaphore happy with.”

“I had a band, The Idle Hoes, but due to other commitments from the other guys, we split up,” Luke Sinclair “The last thing reveals. “But I had a bunch of I wanted to songs I wanted to record so have anything I started looking around for to do with some other players. “I basically cherry picked the other guys from the Melbourne scene and then we started rehearsing in a shed at the back of Nick O’Mara’s place back in 2013,” he continues. “And then we had a gig and had to come up with a band name really quickly.

The band are now looking forward to playing Semaphore Music Festival as part of a national tour.

“But I was drawn back to country music when I got serious about being in a band because of its honesty and the fact that it’s a great way to tell a story,” Luck says. “And that’s also true of hip hop. That’s why I got into hip hop because I felt there was a real honesty about it – in good hip hop anyway – and there’s also a strong sense of telling a story.”

Raised By Eagles were last in town to play two shows at the Wheatsheaf Hotel as special guests of Mick Thomas & The Roving Commission.

The second show had an amusing moment when, at the completion of their set, Raised By Eagles had to quickly race off to the airport and Mick Thomas then did one of Luke’s songs, Back Beaches Of Rye, as part of an encore knowing full well that its writer had already left the building.

Music Festival (to be held at Semaphore from Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) will feature interstate acts such as Raised By Eagles, William Crighton, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Ruby Boots and Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos alongside a host of locals including Alana Jagt & The Monotremes, The Timbers, Ukulele Death Squad, The Heggarties, Haystacks Calhoon and so many, many more. Early bird tickets are now on sale via Oztix here: au/?Event=76546




might be. It was only later, over a few drinks, that I discovered they wanted to know so that they could avoid it at all costs.

Speak out Following a lay-off of several years from public speaking – which is probably a good thing – I was amused to find myself engaged in no less and thankfully no more than three speaking engagements over the course of a week.

the fact that I got George Donikian muddled up with George Negus which also caused Rob to become confused by my confusion and to say, ‘So I looked up and there was George Negus standing at the mixing desk’.

Anyway, my first speaking engagement for the week took place on Friday 28 August when BSide Magazine hosted the Scouted stage in the front bar of the Crown & Anchor Hotel at which Kelly Menhennett, Ollie English and Tom West were set to showcase their musical wares.

My third and very final public speaking engagement for the week came on Thursday 3 August when I was asked to speak at Sophie Downey’s SALA Festival art exhibition opening for Ride ‘Em Downey in the dining room of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

It sets a new world record for me as speaking engagements have been few and far between which is possibly due to that incident some years ago that involved a pint of ale and a broomstick.

That all went well apart from not actually introducing Tom due to being helplessly drawn to another venue in close proximity to witness another Scouted act and then doing a bit of networking.

It all stood me in good stead for my next public speaking engagement which was to be the MC at a book launch at Mr V Music for Rob Snarski the following day. That also went splendidly apart from


Luckily, a punter in the audience by the name of Andrew saw cause to quickly yell out, ‘It was George Donikian who was at that gig by The Blackeyed Susans not George Negus’. Of course it was, by George.

This all also went splendidly well with at least one attendee coming up to me and eagerly asking when my next speaking engagement

It was a great launch however and Sophie’s colourful art, which features a number of world famous rock stars, will be hanging on the walls of the pub until the end of the month. So, if you happen to be down at the Gov anytime soon, I urge you to freely check it out. And she will be there from 2-4pm every Saturday afternoon until the exhibition closes. I was also pleased to note that Sophie also had available greeting cards of her work because, as much as I like her paintings, I am always stuck with the infernal question, ‘But where would I hang it if I were to buy it?’ I also noted that Paul Sharman, drummer with long-running band Satisfaction – The Stones

Show, was there and it was he who took the photo that accompanies this piece. No doubt Paul was there to view Sophie’s painting of Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones and which enjoys pride of place above the dining room’s fireplace.

Satisfaction – The Stones Show will hit the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 12 August with special guests Acoustic Fix and a few tickets left via the venue or Oztix here https://tickets. aspx?Event=74444



Ocean Grove are touring their new album, The Rhapsody Tapes, with Justice For The Damned, Broken and The Beverley Chills and will be hitting Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, for a licensed allJAMES NORBERT IVANYI ages show on Friday 11 August Adelaide metal band Dyssidia will have Sydney-based guitarist with tickets via Moshtix. Swampy Melbourne garage band James Norbert Ivanyo with The Beat Taboo are heading to them as very special guest when JAMES REYNE James Reyne and his band will town to play Grace Emily Hotel, they play Jive, 181 Hindley be presenting All Crawl when 232 Waymouth St, on Friday 18 St, Adelaide, on Saturday 12 August as part of Juliette Seizure August with tickets via Moshtix he steps into the Governor & The Tremor-Dolls’ Friday here Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday evening residency and will then au/v2/event/dyssidia-dead18 August and Saturday 19 hit Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, smoke-video-launch-withAugust (SOLD OUT) with Adelaide, on Saturday 19 August james-norbert-ivanyi/95273. tickets via the venue or Oztix. with The Systemaddicts and Burnside Mums. STARSET HUSKY THE BEAT TABOO

FIST FULL OF ROCK Fist Full Of Rock will have Hoodoo Gurus, You Am I, Jebediah and Adalita playing Thebarton Theatre on Friday 25 August when the event kicks off on a national tour with tickets for Adelaide on sale via Ticketmaster here http:// fist-full-of-rock-torrensvillesouth-australia-25-08-2017/ event/130052B1D73E44BD. JOSH PYKE

the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with The Yearlings as special guests from 8,30pm on Saturday 19 August with $10 tickets at the door.

Presented by Select Touring and Blue Murder, American darkwave outfit Starset have announced their first Australian tour with the band set to finish it up by playing a licensed allages show at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Sunday 13 August with special guests Favour The Brave and Across The Atlas and tickets on sale via Moshtix.

Husky will be bringing their Punchfuzz tour to Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Friday 18 August with special guests Tia Gostelow and Hot Spoke and tickets via Moshtix here v2/event/husky-punchbuzztour/95586. ALEX LLOYD

ERIC STECKEL To celebrate a whole decade since the release of Memories & Dust, Josh Pyke will be playing the album in full and much more at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 17 August with special guest Kyle Lionheart and tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=74013. LUCIE THORNE Lucie Thorne will be stepping into Willunga’s Stone Pony on Friday 18 August with Dr DeSoto followed by a show at


American blues guitarist Eric Steckel has announced a return to our shores with news that he will be playing South Adelaide Football Club on Friday 29 September with special guest Stefan Hauk and with tickets via <> and also Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Monday 2 October with Stefan again guesting and tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Alex Lloyd has announced an amazing up close and personal show at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 31 August with tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=75656


Much-acclaimed Irish singer songwriter Declan O’Rourke – Paul Weller often sings his praises – is embarking on an Australian tour that will have him performing at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Wednesday 4 October with tickets here: book/event?eid=300715 THE HEARTACHE STATE Melbourne rockers The Heartache State have announced their second album, Last Of The Buffalo, which also comes with news that the band, featuring Nick Barker (of The Reptiles) and Justin Garner (of Southpoor/Southpaw) will be launch it a the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelai De, on Saturday 7 October.

HUGO RACE & MICHELAGELO RUSSO Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo have announced an Australian tour and in Adelaide will be playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 24 September with Michael Plater as special guest and with tickets here: au/?Event=72918 MAJA Brisbane’s soulful folk artist Maga has a new EP, Still Bleeding, which she will be bringing to the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Thursday 21 September with Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto of (Cosmo Thundercat) as special guests and $10 tickets at the door.

Asteroid Belt: Do Whats Right Album Review by Romana Ashton

you can poke a stick at (although why you’d want to poke a stick at a guitar effect continues to be a mystery, dear reader). ‘Quad Box’ is 13 minutes and 51 seconds of everything a fan of psych/ space/prog rock could ever imagine, want or need. It makes you want to dance around naked in a haze-filled room that has multiple lava lamps and bean bags. ‘Radiation Mutation’ pulls the listener in slowly, creating a darker atmosphere with meandering guitar and cosmic effects. You would be forgiven for falling into the rabbit hole at this point and not wanting to return. ‘Corruption’ continues the journey further down the hole to a trance-like and hypnotic destination of which there is no escape except to surrender your senses fully. The album is rounded off by ‘You Know Who’, packing an almighty space-rock punch, it swiftly catapults the listener from down in the hole out into the stratosphere. Do yourself a favour and follow The Asteroid Belt down the rabbit hole. You never know where you might end up.

The Asteroid Belt’s new album ‘Do What’s Right’ is pure unadulterated psychout bliss. The band has been a part of the Adelaide music scene since 2007 and plays “mostly improvised rock.” ‘Do What’s Right’ is a collection of six instrumental tracks that showcases the band’s ability to generate an impressive sound that immerses the listener in a sonic spaced-out psychedelic wonderland. Let’s chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole now shall we? Hawkwind, The Mothers of Invention, The Doors and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators are some of the artists that immediately spring to mind when listening to The Asteroid Belt. A blend of psych, space and prog rock, ‘Do What’s Right’ starts out with the track ‘Bulkhead.’ Driven by a thoroughly catchy bass https://theasteroidbelt. line, stabs of organ, fuzzy, washed out guitar and drum fills galore, ‘Bulkhead’ is the perfect opener. ‘Trade Off’, the second track on the album continues the band’s signature bass driven sound with more flange than



Shop 32, Renaissance Arcade, 128 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 10am - 5.30pm, 7 days, late Fridays 8223 6299 / 0400 117 640 RERUN.COM.AU

as special guests and then Gawler’s Prince Alfred Hotel on Friday 25 August with Michaela Jenke as guest before playing Stein’s Taphouse at Nuriootpa with Courtney and Michaela from 8pm on Saturday 26 August with all shows being free entry.



WA’s Karin Page, winner of 2016 Toyota Star Marker Competition and 2017 WA Female Country Music Artist Of The Year, will be performing at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, to cap off Club5082’s Prospect Blues & Roots Music Series on Friday 18 August with support from JJ Fields. Doors open from 7pm and it will be a free entry affair.

full program and will feature interstate acts such as Raised By Eagles, William Crighton, Rich Davies & The Low Road, Ruby Boots and Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos alongside a host of locals including Alana Jagt & The Monotremes, The Timbers, Ukulele Death Squad, Haystacks Calhoon and so many, many more. Early bird tickets are now on sale via Oztix here: au/?Event=76546 FUEL


The four-day Semaphore Music Festival (to be held at Semaphore from Friday 29 September until Monday 2 October) has launched its





Melbourne-based garage rock band The Interceptors will be intercepting people to buy their merchandise when they play a free entry affair at Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with The Molting Vultures from 9pm on Saturday 2 September.

Presented by Metropolis Touring, Scottish band Big Country will be making a return to our shores and will be dropping into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 11 March to play The Crossing in its entirety along with other faves and with tickets at the ready from the venue or Oztix here au/default.aspx?Event=76398.

Melbourne’s Citrus Jam, who present explosive flamencostyle acoustic metal in pirate mode and will have the Dreaded P Tizzle on the accordion, will once again be hitting the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm on Thursday 31 August for a free entry affair to launch a forthcoming MacGyver Science album with Mary Webb as special guest.

Presented by Metropolis Touring, US band Fuel are embarking on their 20th anniversary tour for The Sunburn album and will be playing it in its entirety along with other favourites when they hit the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 3 December with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Melbourne-based rock band Devil Electric are coming to town to play the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 19 August alongside Filthy Lucre, Rat Ta’Mango and Kitchen Witch with $10 tickets at the door from 7pm.



Melbourne’s Tristen Bird has announced a quick return to SA and will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Thursday 24 August with his alt country goodness and with Courtney Robb and Michaela Jenke

Much-revered US band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will embark on an Australian tour in 2018 and will be ridin’ into the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindrmash, on Tuesday 20 March with tickets via the venue or Oztix here au/?Event=75015.

Casey Donovan, who has enjoyed numerous awards and a slew of hit songs, will be playing the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 12 October with tickets here Default.aspx?Event=76393.

Ringvold (Sweden) at Grace Emily

THURSDAY 7 SEPTEMBER Kreator (Germany) and Vader (Poland) at Governor Hindmarsh MAX (US) at Fowler’s Live FRIDAY 11 AUGUST Frenzal Rhomb (Melbourne) and Totally Unicorn at Governor Hindmarsh Ocean Grove (Melbourne), Justice For The Damned, Broken and The Beverley Chills at Fowler’s Live Forever Son (Melbourne), Tom West and Banjo Jackson at Jive SATURDAY 12 AUGUST James Norbert Ivanyo (Sydney) and Dyssidia at Jive SUNDAY 13 AUGUST Starset (US), Across The Atlas and Favour The Brave at Fowler’s Live

Gurus, You Am I, Jebediah and Adalita at Thebarton Theatre Tristen Bird (Melbourne) and Michaela Jenke at Prince Albert Hotel (Gawler) SATURDAY 26 AUGUST Tristen Bird (Melbourne), Courtney Robb and Michaela Jenke at Stein’s Taphouse (Nuriootpa)

TUESDAY 29 AUGUST Hawthorne Heights (US), Red Oaks (US), Sienna Skies and Mark Rose at Fowler’s Live

FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER Amy Shark, Fractures and Tom West (SOLD OUT) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER Models (Melbourne) and Machinations (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh Jen Cloher (Melbourne) at Jive TUESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER AFI (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

WEDNESDAY 13 SEPTEMBER Tex, Don & Charlie at Governor Hindmarsh (SOLD OUT)

THURSDAY 31 AUGUST Alex Lloyd (Sydney) at Governor Hindmarsh The Jungle Giants at Fat Controller SATURDAY 19 AUGUST Citrus Jam (Melbourne and Trophy Eyes (Sydney) at Fowler’s Mary Webb at Grace Emily Live The Beat Taboo (Melbourne), FRIDAY 1 SEPTEMBER The Systemaddicts and The Jungle Giants at Governor Burnside Mums at Hotel Metro Hindmarsh (Sold Out) Lucie Thorne (Candelo) & The Yearlings at Wheatsheaf Hotel SATURDAY 2 SEPTEMBER James Reyne (Melbourne) at City Calm Down (Melbourne) Governor Hindmarsh and The Cactus Channel at Devil Electric (Melbourne), Governor Hindmarsh Filthy Lucre, Rat Ta’Mango and The Interceptors (Melbourne Kitchen Witch and The Molting Vultures at Grace Emily THURSDAY 24 AUGUST With Confidence (Sydney) at TUESDAY 5 SEPTEMBER Fowler’s Live Christopher Cross (US) at Tristen Bird (Melbourne), Governor Hindmarsh Courtney Robb and Michaela Jenke at Grace Emily WEDNESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER Placebo (UK) at Adelaide FRIDAY 25 AUGUST Entertainment Centre Fist Full Of Rock: Hoodoo Mark Olson (US) and Ingunn

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo at Wheatsheaf Hotel Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (US) at Thebarton Theatre

FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER Caligula’s Horse (Brisbane) at Fowler’s Live Chasing Velvet (Brisbane), Those Who Dream and Joy In Motion at Ambassadors Hotel Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Hauk at South Adelaide Football Club SUNDAY 1 OCTOBER Meg Mac at Governor Hindmarsh

MONDAY 2 OCTOBER Eric Steckel (US) and Stefan Hauk at Governor Hindmarsh WEDNESDAY 4 OCTOBER Everclear (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

THURSDAY 17 AUGUST Josh Pyke (Sydney) and Kyle Lionheart at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 18 AUGUST Husky (Melbourne), Tia Gostelow and Hot Spoke at Jive The Beat Taboo (Melbourne) and Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls at Grace Emily James Reyne (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Lucie Thorne (Candelo) and Dr DeSoto at Stone Pony (Willunga) Karin Page (WA) and JJ Fields at Prospect Town Hall

SATURDAY 23 SEPTEMBER Young Lions (Perth) at Fowler’s Live

THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER Tina Arena (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre

THURSDAY 14 SEPTEMBER Tex, Don & Charlie at Governor Hindmarsh Melody Moko (Melbourne) at Grace Emily Hotel FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Pond (WA), Body Type (Sydney) and Reef Prince (WA) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER Arcturus (Norway) and Blood Incantation (US) at Governor Hindmarsh THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER Motionless In White (US) and Crown The Empire at Governor Hindmarsh Maja (Brisbane), Alana Jagt and Anthony Callisto at Grace Emily

FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER The Getaway Plan (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER Alison Moyet (UK) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Bernard Fanning & The Black Fins (Brisbane) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER The Heartache State (Melbourne) at Grace Emily The New Dead VIII: Brujering, Lock Up, Abramelin, Napalm Death, Alkira, Truth Corroded, Blunt Shovel, Voros, Orpheus Omega, Earth Riot, Hidden Intent, Dark Cell, Black Rheno, Hubrid Nightmares and In Malice’s Wake at Fowler’s Live Bernard Fanning & The Black Fins (Brisbane) at Governor Hindmarsh


John, who plays around Melbourne with John Dowler’s Vanity Project, then points out that Young Modern’s debut album, Play Faster, was issued following their break up.

“We disbanded in ’79 and all we had at the time was the single we’d done with Stephen and a bunch of demos,” he says. “And they’d been recorded in our first six months together. I think they were all done at someone’s garage down at Henley Beach in June of 1978.” When Young Modern ceased functioning, John formed The Zimmermen.

YOUNG MODERN YOUNG MODERN By Robert Dunstan When Adelaide band Young Modern next step onto the stage it will mark exactly 40 years since they played their first gig supporting Radio Birdman at Unley Town Hall.

John can’t recall how Young Modern’s first gig supporting Radio Birdman came about.

songs at the time. And the crowd didn’t like us as they made it fairly obvious they were just there for Radio Birdman.”

“And while we were often playing six nights, a week we were running out of money,” John sighs. “We had lots of overheads as we were running our own truck and our own PA and lighting system. So we got burnt out and someone said they were moving back to Adelaide and that was it really.

“And we decided not to audition anyone and carry on because we felt our music was completely out of time with everything else that was going on,” he adds with another sigh.

The anniversary gig came about due to Vic at Mr V Music continually pestering the band to reform.


‘And, with Safari set, it’s something like their 35th anniversary since they broke up and Dust Collection haven’t done anything for 20 years,” he says of the other two bands on the three-way bill.”

“I have no idea,” he says. “All I know is that we played but I do remember that we weren’t that well prepared. We only had about seven songs at the time. So it was a very short set. And the crowd didn’t like us as they made it “We only had fairly obvious they were just about seven there for Radio Birdman.”

The band played around Adelaide for a couple of years before moving to Sydney and then disbanding due to audiences not quite accepting them due to their snappy pop songs not being in vogue. “Looking back, we should have gone to Melbourne instead,” singer John Dowler says. “A lot of people in Sydney were into the harder music – Cold Chisel and The Angels and all that – and we were looked upon as being a bit lightweight.

“He’d been at us for ages and then Mark [Kohler], our drummer, picked up on the fact we did our first gig 40 years ago this year,” John says. “So, as is often the case these days, an anniversary is something you can use to get people along.

Regardless, Young Modern, who took their name from an Adelaide magazine of the early ’60s that focussed on music, went on to become quite popular around the traps.

“We had a residency at the Tivoli Hotel,” John recalls. “We’d do two or three sets each night with the last one being at 1am and the place would be packed.”

Stephen Cummings, of Sports, produced the band’s first single, Automatic b/w She’s Got The Money. “I’d moved to Melbourne from Adelaide with a band called Spare Change and we did a lot of shows around Carlton at the time with Sports,” John recalls. “So I got to know Stephen pretty well and it was a natural progression for us to get him to produce Young Modern.

“No, no, that was quite a few years later,” he points out. “After Young Modern I moved to Melbourne and formed a band called Glory Boys which lasted about six months and then recorded a solo album that never came out. And then I had another band which lasted a year or so.

“And then I joined The Marching Girls for a while,” he says of the New Zealand group who had moved to Melbourne where they recorded the still fantastic pop song True Love. “I sang with them for about six months but we never actually got around to doing a gig,” John says. “They kind of imploded because the bass player and singer, Brendan Perry, who was the brains behind the whole thing left and formed a band called Dead Can Dance. “It was after that I formed The Zimmermen and we put out two albums, including one for Mushroom, so they were probably the most successful thing I’ve been involved in.” There was renewed interest in Young Modern a decade ago when Play Faster was reissued on CD along with many bonus offerings. The band then reformed, recorded a new album, How Insensitive, launched it and then disappeared again.

“Once again, it was an anniversary – it must have been our 30th – so we got back together and recorded a new album,” John says. “And we still think it’s pretty good and then we got back together again in 2010 or so and recorded a live album at the Grace Emily Hotel.”

Presented by Mr V Music, Young Modern are set to play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 25 August alongside The Dust Collection and Safari Set with the first 100 people through the door receiving a six-song CD featuring two songs from each band and with tickets via the venue or Oztix here: https:// aspx?Event=74273


AROUND THE TRAPS continuted. . . THROWING FLOWERS Adelaide band Throwing Flowers are set to launch their EP and will be doing so at The Jade Monkey, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 15 September with special guests Oceans and Mackenzie with the $15 entry fee to include a copy of the CD. YOUNG MODERN

Presented by Mr V Music, Young Modern are set to play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 25 August alongside The Dust Collection and Safari Set with the first 100 people through the door receiving a six-song CD featuring two songs from each band and with tickets via the venue or Oztix here: https:// aspx?Event=74273 SATISFACTION

The long-running Satisfaction – The Stones Show now has an even dozen consecutive sold out shows under their guitar straps


STEVE ALMOND BENEFIT CONCERT Presented by Support Act, there is to be a benefit concert for Steve Almond featuring The Boys, Radio Hits, The Rustlers, Release The Hounds, The Classic Hits Band and Chart Busters at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 16 August from 7.30pm with tickets here: https://www.trybooking. com/301097 JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS

so are looking at making it 13 when they play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 12 August with special guests Acoustic Fix and tickets via the venue or Oztix here https:// aspx?Event=74444


CAFÉ TROPPO Café Troppo, 42 Whitmore Sq, Adelaide, boasts great organic food, craft beer, old-fashioned cocktails, seasonal tapas and natural wines and, as well as regular events, has live acoustic music and a brand new menu on Friday evenings from 6pm with Nina McCann on Friday 11 August, Cal Williams Jr on Friday 18 August and Mairead Fagan on Friday 25 August. The café is also taking bookings for private functions here: http:// HANA & JESSIE-LEE’S BAD HABITS

To mark the release of a new Off The Hip Records offering, Seizure Salad, Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls FAGS IN THE FASTLANE have lined up a free entry Fags In The Fastlane, a camp Friday evening residency at and crazy rock’n’ roll movie the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 narrated by Tex Perkins from Waymouth St, Adelaide, for Josh Collins of Zombie Zoo the august month of August Productions, will enjoy its with special guests Ute Root Adelaide premiere from 7.30pm from Melbourne on Friday 11 on Wednesday 23 August at August and with Melbourne’s Mercury Cinema, 13 Morphett The Beat Taboo on Friday 18 St, Adelaide, SA, with tickets via August before concluding on https://www.fagsinthefastlane. Friday 25 August with The com/ Yard Apes from Ballarat. LAZY EYE Award winning Adelaide blues trio Lazy Eye have announced that their fifth album will be a live recording at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 15 September with Nikko & Snnoks as special guests and tickets only available via https://www.lazyeyeband. com/

Saturday 9 September with special guests Kitchen Witch and Ryan Martin John.


Following a sold out album launch for Southlands, Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits are set to do it all over again at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 2 September and invited Kelly Menhennett and her band to join them as well as Alison Coppe & The Janes with tickets on sale via Moshtix here: http:// hana-jesse-lees-bad/97043 THE SUNDAY REEDS

Fidel’s is an alternative music and arts club situated at 66 Wattle Ave, Royal Pk, which happens from 4pm until 8pm on Friday evenings and a special Sunday afternoon concert each month with the next taking place from 4pm on Sunday 27 August featuring Golonka!, Grid and Ray Smith and friends with great food, drink specials and an easy $5 entry.

MARK CURTIS & THE FLANNELETTES Before taking a well-earned Mark Curtis & The break Little Miss have invited Flannelettes are all set to Tara Carragher to join them for launch a single, Rock’N’Roll a free entry front bar gig at the Heaven, and will do so at a Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port free entry affair at the Grace Rd, Hindmarsh, from 8.30pm on Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth Saturday 19 August. St, Adelaide, from 9pm on

The Sunday Reeds have announced another gig to launch yet another single, Blue Stockings, and it’s to be a free entry affair at the Grace Emily, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm on Saturday 12 August with their guests being none other than Wild Rocket and Ponytail Kink as well as Emily Wyatt. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Until Further Notice, a band featuring Rob Scott and saxophonist Carol Andersen and which rehearses in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel,

59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, every Thursday afternoon from around 2pm, will be playing a free entry evening gig in the same venue from 8.30pm on Saturday 28 August. THESE BLESSED BONES

These Blessed Bones will be launching a new album at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 9 September with special guests Ty Alexander & The Best Extra’s and Horse Lords. CARNIVAL LATIN NYE Say adios to 2017 and hola to 2018 at Carnival Latin NYE at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 31 December. Kick off with a delicious dinner in the venue and then stick around to party all night and into the small hours with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

members) Sunday 27 August to feature The Blackhawks.

FRUIT Much-loved Adelaide group Fruit have agreed to reform to play Trinity Sessions, Church of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 7.30pm on Friday 3 November to help celebrate the church’s 15th year as a live music venue. Tickets via <dramatix>.

THE BURNSIDE LIBRARY The Burnside Library, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore, is starting a local music collection and looking for any South Australian musicians or bands that would be willing to donate a copy of their EP or album. It can be any genre of music. In fact, the more diverse, the better! Please contact the library on 08 8366 4280 for more information. FRIDAY NIGHT FREE FOR ALL The front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, now has a new open mic evening known as Friday Night Free For All with free entry and all welcome from 8pm. If you’d like to get onstage, email < au> to reserve a spot.

area at the rear. Pop in for sips ‘n’ nibbles from 3pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays (open from 4pm) with Saturday evening now reserved for private functions which can be made by calling the bar on 0405 005 447. RACHAEL LEAHCAR

Rachael Leahcar has announced a concert at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, on Sunday 19 November to present songs from her new album and more with tickets via the venue or Oztix. VINYL SOUL



MobiusX, who play jazz rock with gorgeously catchy melodies and virtuoso guitar and include material from the quite legendary Mobiustrips, are set to undertake a rare live appearance at a free entry show at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 59 George St, Thebarton, from 9pm on Friday 1 September. BLUES & BOWLS Adelaide Bowling Club, 15 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town, hosts Blues & Bowls on the last Sunday of each month from 2pm with $10 tickets at the door (or $8 for club

The Gov’s Variety Show has returned to the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on the first Saturday of each month, an array or performers of all persuasions, a 9pm start and entry via donation. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Four-piece band Until Further Notice, which features Rob Scott and saxophonist Carol Andersen and who present classic rock, R&B and soul in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, every Tuesday afternoon, have now scored a free entry evening gig in the front bar of said venue from 8.30pm on Saturday 26 August. NOOK NOSH Boutique small bar Nook Nosh, 111 Unley Rd, Unley, features live acoustic sounds from 5pm on Sundays and has a courtyard

Local Adelaide podcast, Vinyl Soul, was awarded national prize for Best Literature, Arts & Music Podcast when Cast Away Awards ran the first ever Australian podcast evening in Sydney at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Aiden Grant hosts and producers his music focused podcast in Adelaide and his podcast also supports local up-and-coming bands from Adelaide with previous artists including Bad//Dreems, Motez and Nakatomi to name but a few. ADELAIDE FRINGE 2018 It’s been less than a month since the 2017 Adelaide Fringe finished, but organisers are already on the hunt for a key piece of marketing for next year’s festival. Graphic designers from all over Australia and across the globe are being

invited to submit their ideas as part of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition which is offering a $2,000 cash prize and free event registration to the winning artist. For more information, please visit <adelaidefringe.>. THE BRITISH HOTEL The British Hotel, 13 North Pde, Port Adelaide, boasts a fine dining room with a new menu and a wine of the month along with free entry live acoustic music from 6pm on Fridays. RONNIE TAHENY Following a successful concert earlier this year, Ronnie Taheney has just announced another show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 3 February of 2018. Yep, 2018. How’s that for organised?

ACOUSTIC CLUB TUESDAY Acoustic Club Tuesday is a free entry acoustic showcase plus open mic that takes place in the front bar of Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, from 8pm on Tuesday evenings. Check out their Facebook page for details about the weekly line-up.

PROTON PILL Long-running Adelaide band Proton Pill have their longrunning Wednesday evening residency at The Lion Hotel, 181 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, with the introduction of three flavours of 25c chicken wings, $6 Coopers Pints and $5 Fireball shots. How do they do it, ladies and gentlemen? GUMBO ROOM BLUES JAM The weekly free entry Thursday evening Gumbo Room Blues Jam in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, has a new stage, a new backdrop, drink specials, an ARBA information stand and a jammer’s board.


THURSDAY 10 AUGUST Adelaide Casino (Oasis) – tribute band from 7pm until late with free entry Brecknock Hotel – Thursday’s Sing-A-Long Session (free entry from 8.30pm) Cambridge Hotel (North Adelaide) – 100% Latino Crown & Sceptre – Bongo Uni Nite with DJ Sampson and DJ Parry Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – live music (7-10pm) Dog & Duck – Brillz (9pm) Gaslight Tavern – Swap Team Jam (free entry) Gilbert St Hotel – live music with free entry from 7pm Governor Hindmarsh – Front Bar: Dharma Café from 2pm and Front Bar: Gumbo Room Blues Jam with Exeter Blues and free entry from 8.30pm Grace Emily – SALA Exhibition opening Hampstead Hotel – ­KG’s Quiz Wiz (7pm) Hotel Metro –
live original bands from 9pm Lion Hotel – Bloky’s Boys (free entry from 8pm) Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live music from noon to 2pm Overway Hotel (Gawler) – live jam from 7.30pm PJ O’Briens – DJs (10pm) Royal Family Hotel (Pt Elliott) – open mic night Wheatsheaf Hotel – SCALA’s FOOM Festival heat two from 7.30pm

Fowler’s Live – Ocean Grove (Melbourne), Justice For The Damned, Broken and The Beverley Chills Gaslight Tavern – live band from 8pm Governor Hindmarsh – Main Room” Frenzal Rhomb and Totally Unicorn and Saloon Bar: Irish Sessions and Front Bar: open mic from 8pm Grace Emily – Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls from 9pm Hackney Hotel – Courtyard Sessions (7pm) Halfway Hotel – live music from 7pm Hampstead Hotel – Lucifer’s Lounge from 7.30pm Hotel Metro – original bands from 9pm Jive – Forever Son (Melbourne), Tom West and Banjo Jackson from 8pm Mayfair Hotel: Rooftop – DJ (8pm) North Adelaide Hotel – live music from 7.30pm Overway Hotel (Gawler) – live FRIDAY 11 AUGUST music from 8.30pm Ambassadors Hotel – live music Payneham Tavern – live music from 5.30pm Ancient World – Cobra, Neon Tetra. from 7.30pm Plant 4 (Bowden) – Five from 5 Shoaib and more with acoustic music from 5pm Aussie Inn Hotel (Hackham) – live Publishers Hotel – After Work music (from 7pm) Brew Boys (Regency Pk) – Open Mic live jazz from 5.30pm Railway Hotel (Pt Adelaide) – live from 5pm music from 5pm British Hotel (Pt Adelaide) – free Ramsgate Hotel – DJ Scotty B, entry live music from 7pm Manov and Bollocks (9pm) Café Troppo (Whitmore Sq) – live Seacliff Beach Hotel – DJ Jaki J music from 6pm Semaphore Workers Club – live CASAblabla – live funk and soul blues from 8pm band from 11pm with free entry Slug ‘N’ Lettuce – resident DJ Jay prior to 10pm Bangers Commercial Hotel (Two Wells) – open mic and jam night from 7.30pm The Office (Pirie St) – live acoustic music from 5-8pm with house band Three Brothers Arms Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross – (Macclesfield) – live music from live music from 7pm Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – live 8pm Warradale Hotel – live music music Dog & Duck – Chunky Dip and Holly from 8.30pm Wheatsheaf Hotel – Georgia J (9pm) Fields & Phia, Cookie Baker and Duck Inn – live music from 7pm Naomi Keyte with free entry from Elephant British Pub – DJ Clarke 8pm (9pm) Woodville Hotel – live acoustic Enfield Hotel – Jonny Star Family music (free entry from 6pm) Entertainment (6pm) Excelsior Hotel – live acoustic music Yankalilla Hotel – live music from 7.30pm from 7pm followed by karaoke Exeter Hotel (Semaphore) – Karaoke SATURDAY 12 AUGUST with Mel and DJ Jase from 9pm Belgian Beer Cafe – live acoustic Fidel’s Bar (Royal Pk) – open from music (5pm) 4pm Blue Gums Hotel – DJ Mitch


Duke Of York – free entry Sunday Beer Garden Sessions from 2pm until 10pm and Infinity Sundays with DJs from 4pm with $5 entry El Greco (Pt Adelaide) – The Greek Beach Boys Federal Hotel (Semaphore) – live music from 4-8pm Fowler’s Live – Starset (US), FavourThe Brave and Across The Atlas Gilbert Street Hotel – acoustic blues (2pm) (8pm) Glenelg Football Club – live music CASAblabla – live soul band from (4pm) midnight with free entry prior to Grace Emily – Stars Shit Disco 10pm Hotel Metro – eclectic DJ from Clovercrest Hotel – live band 4pm from 7.30pm Mick O’Shea’s Irish Pub – live Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross – music from 2pm Live Duo (9pm) Mile End Hotel – live music from Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – 3pm live music (from 4-8pm) Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live Dog & Duck – The Dog Presents music from noon – 2pm from 7pm North Adelaide Hotel – Vogue Elephant British Pub – DJ Clarke Duo (9pm) Nook Nosh (Unley) – live acoustic Findon Hotel – live band from music from 5pm 9pm Old Noarlunga Hotel – Sunday Gaslight Tavern – live bands Sessions from 3pm Governor Hindmarsh – Main Publishers Hotel – live music Room: and Front Bar: live band from 3pm with free entry from 9pm Railway Hotel (Pt Adelaide) – live Grace Emily – The Sunday Reeds, music from 4pm Emily Wyatt, Wild Rocket and Semaphore Workers Club – blues Ponytail Kink with free entry from band with $10 entry from 4pm 9pm Two Sisters Café (Goodwood) – Holdfast Hotel – DJ Carmel G from live acoustic music from 4pm 8pm Wellington Hotel (North Hotel Metro – live original bands Adelaide) – DJ Craig Flanigan from from 9pm 2pm Mayfair Hotel: Rooftop – DJ Wheatsheaf Hotel – Emily Davis,, Nantale (8pm) Hana Brenecki, Kate Alexander Jive – James Norbert Ivanyo and Sam Reihner from 4pm with (Sydney) and Dyssidia $10 tickets at the door MYLK Bar– Salsa Shake Woodville Hotel – live acoustic Palmer Hotel – open mic from music (free entry from 2pm) 2pm Pink Moon Saloon – live music MONDAY 14 AUGUST from 5pm Edinburgh Castle Hotel – Music PJ O’Briens – live band from Mondays from 7.30pm 10.30pm Duke Of York – Monday Night Pretoria Hotel (Mannum) – DJ Karaoke Sessions from 9pm Governor Hindmarsh – Lord Ramsgate Hotel – DJ (10pm) Stompy’s Harmonica Tribe Seacliff Beach Hotel – DJ Jabel Grace Emily Hotel – Billy Bob’s Union Hotel – Reggae On from BBQ Jam (free entry from around 8pm 8.30pm) Victoria Hotel – live band from Lion Hotel – Brian Ruiz and 9.30pm friends (free entry from 8.30pm) Waterloo Station Hotel – karaoke Publishers Hotel – Quiz Meisters from 8pm Trivia from 6.30pm Wheatsheaf Hotel – Jay Jaxson, Big Seventies Bush and Corey TUESDAY 15 AUGUST Stewart with $20 tickets at the CASAblabla – DJ spinning jazz, door from 8pm soul and funk from 7-10pm Yankalilla Hotel – live music from Gaslight Tavern – Blues Lounge 9pm blues jam with special guests (free entry from 8.30pm) SUNDAY 13 AUGUST Gilbert St Hotel – The Airbenders Bacchus Bar – Bachata By The (free entry from 7pm) Beach (3pm) Governor Hindmarsh – Front Crown & Anchor – Sunday Bar: American Appalachian Folk Rubdown Sessions from 7pm Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – Grace Emily – Pub Flics live music from 4-9pm Hotel Metro – Acoustic Club Duck Inn – duck in for some live Tuesday from 8pm in front bar music from 3pm

Lion Hotel – Zkye & Damo (free entry from 8.30pm) Port Dock – open mic evening Rob Roy Hotel – Raw Jam

WEDNESDAY 16 AUGUST Austral Hotel – hip hop and R&B DJ from 9.30pm Brecknock Hotel – Open Mic Night CASAblabla – Salsa Colonel Light – Open Mic Night Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross – Thomas Williams (7pm) Crown & Sceptre – Brazuca Brazilian Party with $5 entry Governor Hindmarsh – Front Bar: Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society from 7pm Grace Emily – cold Coopers from 4pm until close and Move2Live from 6pm Hotel Metro – live original music from 9pm Kensington Hotel – Open Uke Night La Boheme – The New Cabal (free entry from 9.15pm) Lion Hotel – Proton Pill (free entry from 8.30pm) Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live music from noon-2pm North Adelaide Hotel – open mic from 7.30pm Publishers Hotel – jazz hosted by Elder Conservatorium Of Music with free entry from 7.30pm Seacliff Beach Hotel – Open Mic Night The Highway – Open Mic Night Union Hotel – Lucifer’s Lounge (8pm)

open mic night Southwark Hotel (Thebarton) – Open Mic from 7pm Wheatsheaf Hotel – SCALA Foom Festival: Heat Three

FRIDAY 18 AUGUST Ambassadors Hotel – live music from 5.30pm Blue Gums Hotel – live music from 5pm Boomers Café (Glenelg) – Friday Funk from 7pm with free entry British Hotel (Pt Adelaide) – free entry live music from 6pm Café Troppo (Whitmore Sq) – live music from 6pm CASAblabla – live band from 11pm with free entry prior to 10pm Commercial Hotel (Two Wells) – open mic and jam night from 7.30pm with house band Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross – live music from 7pm Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – Cam’s Karaoke (7-11pm) Excelsior Hotel – live acoustic music from 7pm followed by karaoke Exeter Hotel (Semaphore) – Karaoke with Mel and DJ Jase from 9pm Gaslight Tavern – live bands Governor Hindmarsh – Main Room: James Reyne and Saloon Bar: Irish Sessions and Front Bar: open mic from 8pm Grace Emily Hotel – Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls and The Beat Taboo (Melbourne) with free entry from 9pm THURSDAY 17 AUGUST Hampstead Hotel – Lucifer’s Adelaide Casino (Oasis) – tribute Lounge from 7.30pm band from 7pm until late with free Hotel Metro – live original bands entry from 9pm Brecknock Hotel – Thursday’s Jive – Husky from 8pm Sing-A-Long Session (free entry Overway Hotel (Gawler) – live from 8.30pm) music from 8.30pm Cambridge Hotel (North Payneham Tavern – live acoustic Adelaide) – 100% Latino music from 7.30pm Coopers Ale House Gepps Cross – Plant 4 (Bowden) – Five from 5 live music from 7pm with acoustic music from 5pm Crown & Sceptre – Bongo Uni Nite Prospect Town Hall – Club5082: with DJ Sampson and DJ Parry Karin Page (WA) and JJ Fields with Gaslight Tavern – The Swap Team free entry from 7pm Jam (free entry from 8.30pm) Railway Hotel (Pt Adelaide) – live Gilbert St Hotel – live acoustic music from 5pm blues from 7pm with free entry Semaphore Workers Club – live Governor Hindmarsh – Main blues from 8pm with $10 entry Room: Josh Pyke and Front Bar: The Office (Pirie St) – live acoustic Dharma Café from 2pm and Front music from 5-8pm Bar: Gumbo Room Blues Jam with Three Brothers Arms host Billy Bob with free entry (Macclesfield) – live music Grace Emily – Sean Tyner and Kirk Wheatsheaf Hotel – Exeter Blues Watt and Tony Luke from 9pm with free Hotel Metro – live original bands entry from 9pm Woodville Hotel – live music La Boheme – Mike Bevan Brazilian Yankalilla Hotel – live music from Trio (free entry from 9pm) 7.30pm Lion Hotel – Bloky’s Boys (free entry from 8pm) SATURDAY 19 AUGUST Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live music CASAblabla – soul and funk band from noon to 2pm from midnight with free entry Overway Hotel (Gawler) – live jam prior to 10pm from 7.30pm Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – Royal Family Hotel (Pt Elliot) – live music from 4-8pm

Edinburgh Castle – Thrillhouse with Devil Electric (Melbourne), Filthy Lucre, Rat Ta’Mango and Kitchen Witch Fowler’s Live – Trophy Eyes (Sydney) Gaslight Tavern – live bands Governor Hindmarsh – Main Room: James Reyne and Front Bar: live band with free entry from 9pm Grace Emily – Green Circles and Moraygun with free Holdfast Hotel – DJ entry from 9pmCarmel Hotel Metro – The Beat Taboo (Melbourne), The Systemaddicts and Burnside Mums with free entry MYLK Bar– Salsa Shake North Adelaide Hotel – live music from 8pm Wheatsheaf Hotel – Lucie Thorne and The Yearlings with tickets at the door SUNDAY 20 AUGUST Crown & Anchor – Sunday Rubdown from 7pm Cumberland Hotel (Glanville) – live music from 4-8pm Duke Of York – free entry Sunday Beer Garden Sessions from 2pm until 10pm and Infinity Sundays with DJs from 4pm with $5 entry El Greco (Pt Adelaide) – The Greek Beach Boys Fidel’s Bar (Royal Pk) – friendly open music session with al welcome from 4pm Gilbert St Hotel – live acoustic blues from 2pm Grace Emily – Ty Alexander Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live music from noon – 2pm Nook Nosh (Unley) – live acoustic music from 5pm North Adelaide Hotel – Vogue Duo Old Noarlunga Hotel – Sunday Sessions from 3pm Overway Hotel (Gawler) – live music from 3pm Publishers Hotel – live music from 3pm Semaphore Workers Club – live blues from 4pm with $10 entry Two Sisters Café (Goodwood) – live acoustic music from 4-7pm Wassail Wine Bar (Prospect) – live music from 4pm Wellington Hotel (North Adelaide) – DJ Craig Flanigan from 2pm Wheatsheaf Hotel – Spiral Dance from 4pm with tickets at the door Woodville Hotel – live acoustic music (free entry from 2pm) MONDAY 21 AUGUST Edinburgh Castle Hotel – Music Mondays from 7.30pm Duke Of York – Monday Night Karaoke Sessions Governor Hindmarsh – Balcony Bar: Lord Stompy’s Harmonica Tribe Grace Emily Hotel – Billy Bob’s

BBQ Jam (free entry from around 8.30pm) Publishers Hotel – Quiz Meisters Trivia from 6.30pm The Lion Hotel – Brian Ruiz and friends (free entry from 8.30pm) Wheatsheaf Hotel – COMA; Bottleneck and Zeitgeist Orchestra from 7.30pm with tickets at the door

TUESDAY 22 AUGUST CASAblabla – DJ spinning jazz, soul, funk and more from 6.30pm Crown & Sceptre – Vex On The Decks Edinburgh Castle Hotel – Comedy with $5 entry Gaslight Tavern – Blues Lounge Blues Jam with special guests Gilbert St Hotel – The Airbenders (free entry from 7pm) Governor Hindmarsh – Front Bar: American Appalachian Folk Sessions from 7pm Grace Emily – Risky Quizness Hotel Metro – Acoustic Club Tuesday from 8pm Rob Roy Hotel – Raw Jam The Lion Hotel – Zkye & Damo (free entry from 8.30pm)

WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST Austral Hotel – hip hop and R&B DJ from 9.30pm Brecknock Hotel – Open Mic Night CASAblabla – Salsa Night Colonel Light – Open Mic Night Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross – Thomas Williams from 7pm Crown & Sceptre – Brazuca Brazilian Party with live band, DJs and $5 entry Governor Hindmarsh – Main Room: New Found Glory (US) and Front Bar: Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society from 7pm Grace Emily – Move2Live from 6pm Hotel Metro – live original bands from 9pm Kensington Hotel – Open Uke Night La Boheme – The New Cabal (free entry from 9.15pm) Nick’s Café (Frewville) – live music from noon-2pm North Adelaide Hotel – open mic from 7.30pm Publishers Hotel – jazz hosted by Elder Conservatorium Of Music with free entry from 7.30pm Seacliff Beach Hotel – Open Mic Night The Highway – Open Mic Night The Lion Hotel – Proton Pill (free entry from 8.30pm)


“It’s an easy target,” Reyne continues. “You know it’s so obviously an easy target. And these poor people that want to ‘I just want to be a star’ um, you know, get sucked into going into these shows and get given bad advice by people who don’t know really what they’re talking about. So you know, what’re going to do. . . I don’t want to mouth off about that stuff because people seem to like watching it. I don’t know why but they do. I mean you win the thing, does anyone remember who wins these things? Whatever happens to them? Nothing ever happens to them, they never have a career. It’s a completely unrealistic version of what a career in show business is.”

JAMES REYNE JAMES REYNE ALL CRAWL by Ian Messenger If you’re not intimate with the songs of Australian Crawl then you’ve probably never eaten a Vegemite sandwich in your kitchen drunk at two a.m. or had your feet scorched by the sand on a beach hotter than the glowing coals of a bushfire aftermath. Or maybe you’re just a millennial. Either way much love has being going out to the man James Reyne as he currently tours the songs of Australian Crawl. BSide Magazine recently had a chat to James Reyne about the upcoming shows at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, tickets which by the way are fast selling out or already have, and discussed this and that after what was probably a heavy day in the media for James Reyne. A couple hours before he was on Channel Nine’s Today Show, and after speaking to me had to take another call for another interview. It’s hard work being the voice of the Australian summer.

I remember being a wee kid in the early eighties and Australian Crawl songs were then as now so embedded our cultural fabric. I suggested to Reyne it must be a lot of fun playing these old songs with a full band and how audiences must be going crazy for it. “Well it’s good because my band, we play all the time. We’ve been playing for ever and ever so it’s a really good band. It actually


I asked Reyne how he started out with a career in music. Was it something that just grew out of playing and one thing led to another? Or as a young lad did he decide that he really wanted to do this, he really wanted to give it a shot?

sounds a lot better than Australian Crawl,” Reyne cautiously laughs. “We call “Well I was always a big fan of music. I listened to a lot of records, I loved music. it the ‘next better thing’. And when I was at school, at high school, me and my friends we had little bands. “A lot of the songs we do anyway in We weren’t good but we had little bands, normal shows. But this is just, we did it we used to play and practice and listen to [Australian Crawl set] about four years records. You know, we were right ago and people went nutty, “people went into it, that’s all we did. And uh, they went stupid for it so we nutty, they we never thought anything could thought, you know, we’ll do it again. People want to hear it, went stupid happen to it because we all went to university and we were going people keep asking us to do it. for it so we to do other things. But we just So we thought we’d do it again, thought, you kept playing in little bands and we’ll pull it out and dust it off and take it out on the road and know, we’ll do then we slowly started playing to the people. And then a few we’ve done a couple of shows it again.” more people came and then a already and it’s great you few more people came, and we know! I mean it’s just a really slowly started building an audience just from good band. And we play the songs as if playing. We started getting some interest they were new to us now. And most of from people who ran agencies. . . it was just a them stand up,” Reyne pointedly adds. series of small steps, and we just liked doing it, or loved doing it. And it was a bunch of Reyne’s solo album from just a few friends so we all got on well, we were all years back “Every Man A King” hits out mates anyway, so you’ve got a sort of in-built at celebrity culture and it’s clawing security system so it’s you against the world. desperations, among other things, so So I think it just happened that way. There I asked Reyne about his take on this unrelenting spate of singing competitions was no master plan, there was no grand plan, there was no goal setting. It was just ‘let’s do on Australian television that promises this, oh we’re going to do this’. I mean it was kids instant stardom. all quite innocent, quite naïve really. And suddenly we found ourselves in a band that “Well you know I think what I’ve got to was selling some records. So suddenly it hits say is really obvious about those shows. another level and you’ve got to start looking I mean they’re sort of funny,” Reyne at other things.” wryly laughs, then pauses. “I think it’s more about the people who are so-called judges. You look at them and you think, oh please, how are they a judge, they are James Reyne and his highly respected hardly a performer themselves you know. band of musicians are coming to And I don’t think, with the exception of the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel for probably one, I don’t think anyone’s ever an Australian Crawl only set for two come out of there who’s got a career. Has nights, August 18 and August 19, and there? Can we name anyone who’s come if you don’t have out of any of those shows who’s actually got a bona fide career?” I maintained my a ticket you are silence because I couldn’t bear to say that probably screwed. Supported by Ollie guy’s name.


remembers the words’. He then stood up, walked around in a circle, sat down again at the piano, took a deep sigh and began singing. Afterwards, he announced that while he could still recall his parent’s car number plates over the years – and then reeled them all off – he said he struggled to remember the names of people he’d met only the day before.

MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre Friday 4 August Reviewed by Robert Dunstan It had been a very bleak day in the city of Adelaide with the evening brightened by the prospect of a performance – in a concert venue no less rather than a noisy pub – by Melbourne ensemble My Friend The Chocolate Cake. Performances from the group are few and far between these days as they only tend to tour when they have a new album. In this case it was The Revival Meeting, a delightful offering that breaks little new ground but is probably all the better for it.

that the sextet were playing the new album in full on this tour before presenting older favourites but this was not the case when they the hit Adelaide. Instead, they drifted seamlessly from album to album which seemed to suit the audience fine as they took great delight in applauding the opening bars of an old, familiar song.

Having said that, plenty of songs from the new album received an airing with Helen and Hope romping through their Busojaras instrumental, a tribute to late founding member Andrew ‘Jim’ Carswell in the form of The Fire Turns To Embers, current single Jeffrey Smart (Silver City) and Are The Kids Alright? all getting a spin. And a treat after the short intermission was the audience getting to sing along on the song Easter Parade. And of course there were plenty of old favourites along for the ride. They also presented one song and I struggled to recall which particular album it was from. I was therefore heartened when David announced immediately afterwards, ‘I think that one was from Curious. I can’t actually remember’.

Bespectacled pianist and singer David Bridie, viola player Hope Csutoros and cello player Helen Mountfort took the stage first being joined three songs in by drummer Greg Patten (who also played ukulele Despite the bleak weather there at one stage), guitarist Andrew were a number of light moments Richardson and double bassist Dean with the band launching into Addison. one song which went on for too long before Helen leant into the An interview with Helen some microphone and whispered, weeks ago about the show indicated ‘We’ll begin the song when David

He also took great pleasure in pointing out it was an honour to play in a theatre named after one of the Labor Party’s key leaders but also suggested that the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel had served them well over the years.

It was also pleasing to hear that Adelaide’s Brett Doig was doing the sound although I did think that the drums were mixed a little too loudly at times. Or Greg was banging on them too hard with his heavily padded drum sticks. At the end of the night I had been tempted to say a quick hello to the band but they were being kept rather busy selling a range of lovely tea towels along with their back catalogue on CD and the new album on vinyl.

A visit by My Friend The Chocolate Cake is always most welcome and fans will no doubt flock to see them again when they get around to cutting another album.