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he constantly engages with everybody as if he is speaking and singing to you individually.

“As far as gigs go, I like to keep the bands on the line-up relatively similar as that way the audience will always appreciate the music. On nights we play, we build up the atmosphere with the other bands and in return we get a lot of new fans that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily listen to our music.”

On Friday 27 April, you’re hitting Fowler’s Live stage with Ross The Boss, Horizons Edge and Shadow Realm. You must be pretty stoked about this line-up?

skyhammer SKYHAMMER By Hannah Louise Adelaide’s Skyhammer (vocalist Steve Labadi, guitarists Andrew Cutting and Matthew Zipeto alongside a rhythm section of drummer Rory Amoy and bass player Larry Ash) were up for a chat with BSide Magazine about a big support show they have coming up. Andrew, who originally joined the band to play bass when they went under the name Zero Hour, answers a few questions. Skyhammer originally formed in 2011 as Zero Hour. Why the name change?

“Skyhammer has only one original band member from that time. When I joined six months later, on bass, I knew that there was another band in America called Zero Hour who were starting to get a lot of coverage. “That was all seven years ago now.”

Is this the year the band is going to go through the seven-year itch and want to experiment more?

“Definitely. During the last four years, we basically had a revolving door of members and it was just myself and the singer that kept the band going. Now we’re the strongest we have ever been and can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.” With all the line-up changes, why is Skyhammer at its best?

“All the current members of the band have varied influences, but the main thing is we all want to push Skyhammer in the same direction. I’m playing with such a great bunch of people.

“I believe that you can be a brilliant musician but if you can’t work in the environment or you’re not a nice person, you aren’t going to go anywhere. Right now, everything just feels right.” Are you purely metal heads, or do you enjoy other genres? “Of course! This year, I saw Queen and it was probably the best concert I’ve been to. Our bass player is in a band Priority Orange which is lighter rock. I also work as guitar teacher and have grown up with classical influences. Any genre is good if it involves talent. The Beatles’ songs, for example, aren’t hard to play but the songwriting is incredible.”

“Absolutely. We couldn’t be more excited about playing with Ross The Boss. We’ve also been lucky enough to play with Horizons Edge before in Adelaide as well as over in Melbourne. Shadow Realm are very similar to us with their sound. All three bands have amazing talent and play the power metal we love. I think the main thing with the line-up is everyone adds something. As an entire show, every single band will bring something new. It will be impossible to have a bad night.” Finally, what are Skyhammers’ plans for the near future?

“We build up the atmosphere with the other bands and in return we get a lot of new fans that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily listen to our music.”

When you’re writing new material, is there a main driving force and influence behind your songs, or does that change every time? “It changes a lot. I often have a band or influence that gives me a new idea. Everything I write is lyric-based. For me, the most important thing is the vocals, because that’s what you sing along with. You don’t sing along with the guitar or drums. Sometimes we have songs that don’t seem to suit what we are doing, but we put the vocal melody over it and it works perfectly.” I feel like the metal scene in Adelaide is a close-knit community, how do you want your music to reach new audiences?

“Our live shows have always been about the performance. We want the crowd to enjoy the show regardless of what music they would generally like. Our vocalist is definitely a front man performer because

“We hope to get the EP finished and then tour national to regional centres like Whyalla, Pt Augusta, Pt Pirie, Bendigo and Mt Gambier. Skyhammer will also be organising larger local shows with interstate bands in a variety of venues in order to reach different crowds.

“Basically, we want our music to be heard by as many people as possible as that is how we believe we gain most our fans.”

Skyhammer will be playing alongside US act Ross The Boss, who will be playing a full set of Manowar classics, at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 27 April with other special guests Horizons Edge and Shadow Realm and with tickets, including VIP packages, available via Moshtix. event/ross-the-boss-classic/100930

“I got Emma on board and she said, ‘Let’s just start from scratch and go over what you’ve done [with the music]’,” she says. “So I went over to her house with my ukulele and Emma wrote out all the music by ear. It was just so amazing.

LOWGROUND By Robert Dunstan Casey Thompson spent quite some time writing her dark folk opera Lowground, which she based on Grimm’s Rapunzel fairy tale, and then premiered it as part of Adelaide Fringe in 2014, but is now set to remount it. “I put it on during Adelaide Fringe but, y’know what, it is now just so big and it’s such a busy time,” Casey

says of presenting Lowground at a basement venue of the old Night Train in Light Sq in 2014.

“And I sold out all the shows but had people saying to me, ‘Oh, Casey, we’d love to come along but my brother’s nephew’s cousin has something on during Fringe and we have to go to that’. I was getting a lot of that kind of thing. I then thought if I were to do it again, I’d put it on outside of Adelaide Fringe and before Adelaide Cabaret Festival.”

“And then Emma and Dee Treartha [guitar and fiddle], who both work She has now set to again present together in The Fiddle Chicks, got the work after giving the piece together with Kerryn Schofield a few tweaks with the help of a slightly different cast of high profile [flute] and Shaun Doddy [percussion] and they all worked on the music Adelaide performers and with together,” Casey adds. “And I think costuming by Bianka Kennedy. that’s good because while I wrote all the music, they now own it in that “Kc Guy [Kasey Stephensen] has come on board as the Prince,” Casey way. They have arranged it in their own way. says of the young performer who recently wowed audiences when he presented Chasing The Hare as part “And, compared to how Lowground was in 2014, they’ve given it a nice of this year’s Adelaide Fringe. new flavour,” she adds. “Kasey, who I reckon looks like a young Errol Flynn, has got a real Celtic quality to his voice which

Jonathan Crouch plays the role of The Fool who serves as Lowground’s narrator.

“I needed a narrator to tie the story together,” Casey explains. “And he’s really the only real actor in the play. And involving him, it’s given the original storyline a whole new twist. Jonathan is also hilarious and is absolutely shameless – he must be the most shameless person I know – and he basically stole the show back in 2014.

“So, given that, I’ve developed his character a little bit more for this one,” she says. “I wrote two new songs for him so there’s now more about what he was about and what he was up to in regards to The Prince and Rapunzel.”

really suits Lowground. And anything he was having trouble Adelaide singer songwriter Courtney with – there’s a song called The Frustrated Prince – he’d just go over Robb plays the role of Rapunzel. and over again until he got it right. “And there’s now a new duet that He’s made that song stand out.” The Prince and Rapunzel sing,” Casey reveals. “But none of it’s naff. There’s Casey, who plays the role of The no people running at each other Wicked Witch in Lowground, says declaring their undying love. that violin and cello player Emma Woolcock [with whom Casey now works with in Fairylights] has greatly helped reshape the upcoming work.

“And another one of the interesting things that has happened with this current run is that in 2014, I had Jonathan reading a poem,” she

plans for a 60-minute album of the music.

“Lowground stands on its own with just the music so we will record it as an album,” she says. ‘We’ll go somewhere and do that as soon as this new season is over. And then I am going to present the work to music festivals as something a little bit different.

continues. “And then, when Courtney Casey is staging Lowground at and I were looking at the show again, Angas St’s long-running Bakehouse Theatre, formerly The Red Shed. she said, ‘Why don’t you get The Prince to read the poem instead?’ “I thought Lowground “I now can’t would be taken more “And I now can’t recall who recall who seriously if it was suggested it, but Kasey has suggested it, presented in a theatre,” she now turned the poem into a song,” Casey say. “He took but Kc has now says. “But there’s very little the poem away with him turned the in the way of a set because I and came back with a song. poem into a didn’t want to do it as a fullSo he now has a co-write song. He took on musical theatre piece. It’s more about the music. on that because Kc put the the poem away There’s not much acting melody to it and it’s just with him and going on. fantastic. He sings it while came back with playing mandolin.” a song.” “All the people involved are all singer songwriters “And I think that’s great because while it’s still a show I have anyway – none of us are actors,” written, there’s now someone else’s Casey then adds with a laugh. melody in one of the songs. Kasey taking my poem and turning it into a song is so different to anything that I Casey will be having the performances filmed and there are would do, it sounds really fresh.”

“I think it would work at some of the major folk festivals around the country and even at an event such as WOMADelaide,” Casey reasons. “What a festival would get with Lowground would be an hour of original music with a theatrical aspect to it. And all the musicians involved could also be doing their own thing at the same festival. “There’s The Fiddle Chicks, Emma and I with Fairylights and Courtney and Kasey with their own original material while Kerryn could easily do some workshops using all sorts of her wind instruments,” she concludes. “So that’s the direction I’m taking Lowground into.”

Presented by Tower Productions, Lowground, a musical retelling of Grimm’s Rapunzel, runs for four performances only at Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas St, Adelaide, from 7pm on Thursday 3 May and Friday 4 May as well as 6.30pm and also 8.30pm on Saturday 5 May. Bookings online at http:// shows/lowground

THURSDAY 19 APRIL Polaris (Sydney), The Plot In You, Alpha Wolf and Ambleside (SOLD OUT) SATURDAY 21 APRIL Destruction (Germany), Hidden Intent and Se Bon Ki Ra TUESDAY 24 APRIL Sleeping With Sirens (US), Chase Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis and The Faim WEDNESDAY 25 APRIL Cosmic Psychos (Melbourne), Grenadiers and Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls FRIDAY 27 APRIL Ross The Boss (US), Skyhammer, Shadow Realm and Horizons Edge SATURDAY 28 APRIL Behold Your Doom Fest: Merchant, Greytomb, Yanomamo, Rituals, Dirt, Freedom Of Fear and Hypergiant SUNDAY 29 APRIL Mastin SATURDAY 5 MAY BulletBoys (US) and Dellacoma TUESDAY 15 MAY Silverstein (Canada) and Comeback Kid WESNESDAY 23 MAY Jeremy Loops (South Africa) THURSDAY 24 MAY Pain (Sweden) TUESDAY 29 MAY Escape The Fate (US), Awaken Am I and Between Kings SATURDAY 2 JUNE The Iron Maidens (US) FRIDAY 15 JUNE Dream On, Dreamer (Melbourne) SUNDAY 17 JUNE Hardcore Superstar (Sweden) WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York) SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER Moose Blood (UK) and Movements SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

68 North Terrace, City

8212 0255

THE NEW SINGLE A pelvis swinging slice of gnarly power-pop rock with vocals so saucy they make ketchup seem like mere water. NME



Fresh from playing Blenheimfest, Donnarumma will have Wing Defence, The Empty Threats and Dead Roo helping him launch a new single at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 21 April.

THE SOUND GARAGE Got a gig coming up and need a set-up? The Sound Garage, 1/179 Hindley St, Adelaide, is offering a 25% discount to those who have a show that week. Contact Jordan on 0481 155 892 or just pop in.



Courtney Robb has announced the launch of her new album, You Are Not Alone, which she is also putting out on vinyl, and it’s to be on a lovely winter arvo from 4pm on Sunday 3 June at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with special guest Tom Redwood and with tickets via Oztix. GHYTI

and can come direct to you to record and can also offer photography for promotional purposes as well as various other services.

THE SEADRAGONS The Seadragons, essentially lyricist Steve Jones and musician and singer Corey Stewart, have just issued their debut single, 24th Of April, with it being readily available via Bandcamp and proceeds going to Former Ward 17, Repatriation General Hospital with the duo currently working on more music for release.

Mary Webb will be gracing the Grace Emily Hotel, 242 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with her talents and new album, Love Like Planets, as part of a national tour from 4pm on Sunday 20 May with $10 tickets at the door and special guests to soon be announced. JOE MAN MURPHY


Ghyti are excited to announce that they will be opening up for Melbourne’s The Mavis’s at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 9 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and that they are involved in a Record Store Day event at the Exeter Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 21 April with Mark Curtis & The Flannelettes and Urban Youth and also that they will be launching new material, Race To The Bottom, at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 1 June. AUDIOISM Audioism is a new Adelaide business with over a dozen years industry experience that specialises in mobile recording

Fusion will have Fyre Byrd and RedHeart as special guests when they launch their album, On & On, at Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, from 7pm on Friday 27 April for a licensed, all-ages show with the $15 ticket to include a copy of the album and $10 tickets at the door. DONNARUMMA

Happy days are here for Joe Man Murphy as he has just announced an absolutely huge national tour for his new solo album, Happy Days, which includes a stop at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 4 May with very special guest Benjamin Roberts of Ukulele Death Squad – May the fourth be with you Joe. ORANGES & LENNONS

Gary Burrows is remounting the successful John Lennon tribute, Oranges & Lennons, and returning it to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with a six-piece band on Saturday 2

June from 7.30pm with tickets via the venue or Oztix and bound to sell fast.

KINGS & ASSOCIATES Award winning local outfit Kings & Associates, fresh from a quick trip to New Zealand and appearances at WOMAdelaide and Blenheimfest, will be presenting a showcase event at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Saturday 21 April with the added bonus of having Paul White guesting with them on keyboards and Mick Kidd & Dave Blight to open up the night with $10 tickets via Oztix or at the door if any remain. SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS Satan’s Cheerleaders have announced a free entry shindig from 9pm on Saturday 28 April at Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with Kitchen Witch to serve as special guests. BREWHOUSE BLUES The Clare Valley’s Pike’s Brewery will be presenting Brewhouse Brews from 5.30pm on Friday 20 May and the event will feature a New Orleans-style menu and performances from Ollie English and band, Max Savage & The False Idols and AP D’Antonio with the $20 tickets to include a complimentary drink.


Applications are now open for artists, food vendors and market stall holders to register their interest for Semaphore Music Festival 2018 which will be taking place in Semaphore from Friday 28 September until Monday 1 October. Applications can be made via the festival’s website. THE TANGERINES The Tangerines, who will be highlighting songs from a new, self-titled EP, will be joined by The Wisps and Kylie Brice Band when they undertake a free entry musical evening at

Robinson already booked for Sunday 27 May. the Exeter Hotel, 246, Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Thursday 17 May. SCALA

SCALA (Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association) will host their next event at Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 8pm on Thursday 19 April and it is to feature Susan Lily, Megan Rae Isaacson and The Good Questions and it’s free for members and an easy $5 for non-members with the ability to join the long-running association on the night. THE SAUCERMEN Fresh from playing Kustom Kulture SA’s Kustom Kulture Weekender, Adelaide’s The Saucermen are on a high as they have now announced their 20th anniversary party at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, from 8pm on Wednesday 1 August with special guests The Satellites and special international guest Darrel Higham from the UK. NOOK NOSH

Boutique small bar Nook Nosh, 111 Unley Rd, Unley, features live acoustic sounds from 5pm on Sundays and has a courtyard area at the rear. Pop in for sips ‘n’ nibbles from 3pm on Wednesdays through to Sundays (open from 4pm). Catch Pat The Rat (AKA Patrick Loughry on Sunday 22 April and Mel Sanders on Sunday 29 April and David

LOWGROUND Presented by Tower Productions, Adelaide singer songwriter Casey Thomson is remounting Lowground, a musical retelling of Grimm’s Rapunzel, and it will feature Courtney Robb as the princess, Kc Guy (Stephensen) as the prince and Jonathan Crouch as the fool with Casey as a witch musical accompaniment from Emma Woolcock (violin and cello), Kerryn Schofield (flute), Shaun Doddy (percussion) and Dee Trewartha (guitar) and the folk opera will run for four performances only at Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas St, Adelaide, from 7pm on Thursday 3 May and Friday 4 May as well as 6.30pm and also 8.30pm on Saturday 5 May. Bookings online at http://www. lowground PORCHLIGHT PARADE Porchlight Parade and Sleepy Ghost have announced a free entry, family-friendly session under the name The Hangover Session at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 4pm until 7pm on Sunday 22 April.


Adelaide’s Blush Response have been out on a national tour for their Hearts Grow Dull album and it will wind up in Brisbane but not before they step into the Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Friday 20 April with special guests Madura Green, Colourblind and Draining. THE HARMONICS The Harmonics will be celebrating their 10th anniversary of funky R&B when they play Semaphore Workers Club, 93 Esplanade, Semaphore, SA, from 8pm on Friday 11 May with Gail Page and Steve Brown as special guests for the occasion and tickets at the door (cash only) for an easy $10. MULE Mule will be cantering into the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, on Saturday 28 April for a free entry musical affair of country gloom with Lauren Abineri and Yuk AFella also playing some ditties.

WEST THEBARTON Presented by triple j, the seven-piece West Thebarton have announced their Different NEON TETRA Beings Being Different tour which will include a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 30 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix. Neon Tetra are enjoying a free entry Monday evening FISTFUL OF TROJANS residency at the Exeter Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, with Monday 23 April to feature them alongside Sleepy Lizard and the final one, Monday 30 April, having Apollo Sons as their guests.

CLASSIC ROCK Some classic British rock will be hitting the Governor Fresh from skankin’ away at Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Kustom Kulture Weekender, Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday Fistful Of Trojans are taking 24 April (with the following their ska-filled ditties to Crown day being a public holiday) & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, in the form of Machine Head Adelaide, for a free entry affair presenting their tribute to Deep on Thursday 3 May with special Purple, Just Floyd playing the guest Katie Pomery and band. songs of Pink Floyd and Live

Evil recreating the sound of Black Sabbath with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

BROMHAM Bromham are excited to announce the launch of their Friends Fame Folly EP from 8pm on Saturday 5 May at Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, with special guests Abraska (formerly Conchilla) and Naomi Keyte with $10 tickets at the door. LITTLE CAPTAIN Little Captain have a free entry Friday evening residency coming up during the merry month of May at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, which kicks off on Friday 4 May with special guests Elli Belle and Beyond The Picture and then continues on Friday 11 May with Georgy Rochow and Bromham, Friday 18 May with Ron The Ox and Ty Alexander before concluding on Friday 23 May with special guests Panacea and Hey Harriett. METAL MEET UP Hosted by IMB Presents. there is to be a metal meet up and party at The Caledonian Hotel, 219 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, SA, from 8pm on Friday 11 May.

DIRTY PAGANS Presented by Your Mate Bookings, Dirty Pagans will be hitting Jive, 181 Hindley Sr, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 26 May for a huge 18+ rock show with $10 tickets at the door and Jungle City, Tough Boys and Acid Wolf also on the bill. YOUNG OFFENDERS

Young Offenders, set to play Groovin’ The Moo on Friday 27 April at Adelaide Showground, will also be playing a free entry show to celebrate Young Henry’s sixth birthday at West Thebby Social Club (West Thebarton Hotel), 51 South Rd, Thebarton, on Saturday 5 May with Burnside Mums and, appropriately enough, the guys from West Thebarton offering up a DJ set.

THE TOSS The Toss have teamed up with Subtract S and The Filthy Gypsies to play Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, for a completely free entry affair of bogan rock, power punk and so much more from 8pm on Saturday 12 May

Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, from 8,30pm on Saturday 28 April with bar snacks available and will also be undertaking a double bill show with Grid The Band from 8pm on Saturday 5 May at The Railway Hotel, 247 St Vincent St, Pt Adelaide, with meals available promotional purposes. Contact from 6-8pm and an entry fee of Darren on 0425 085 449 or via an easy $5. email at with a nice discount if you make THE AMAZING MAGIC MIKE mention of BSide Magazine. Club5082 will be playing host to

GLOBAL MUSIC REVOLUTION Global Music Revolution, 16/47 OG Rd, Klemzig, is Adelaide’s newest music retail store and offers a wide range MY CAMERA NEVER LIES of equipment including Fender Adelaide’s Ian Bell has spent and Blackstar products along the last 40 years either in a DJ with Cole Clark and Guild booth or shooting bands – not guitars as well as products literally as he uses a camera from Hughes & Kettner and – and now has an exhibition electro-harmonix as well as a of his work, My Camera Never huge range of ukuleles (Kala, Lies, at Urban Cow Studio, 10 Alvarez and Mahalo) and much Vaughan Pl, Adelaide, during April with news that Ian will be more as well as a wide range of DJing every Friday evening from accessories. Give’em a buzz on 08 8367 6107. 5-8pm during the exhibition and on Friday 28 April will be SATISFACTION presenting an account of some The long-running Satisfaction recent adventures with KLF in – The Stones Show is set to the UK. play Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend and will be doing FIDEL’S BAR so by performing at O’Leary Fidel’s Bar is an alternative Walker Winemakers, 7093 music and arts club situated Horrocks Hwy, Leasingham, on at 66 Wattle Ave, Royal Pk, Saturday 19 May and again on which opens from 4pm until Sunday 20 May with the winery 8pm on Friday evenings and for a special Sunday afternoon open from 9am until 4pm. The fundraising concert each month eight piece band will then play the Governor Hindmarsh with the next taking place from 4pm on Sunday 22 April Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, with a revamped tribute to The being a WOWFM fundraising Rolling Stones with new songs presentation of 186, The such as Angie, Wild Horses and Weeping Angels and Oldplay Out Of Time and it will happen from 4pm with $10 tickets at on Friday 1 June with tickets the door. for that one via the venue or Oztix and Acoustic Fix as FLAT CAP PRODUCTIONS special guests. SYMPATHY ORCHESTRA

Helmed by Darren Lane, Adelaide-based Flat Cap Productions can offer affordable merchandise in the form of badges, stickers, black and white T-Shirts and stubby holders for bands and venues along with the filming of live gigs and interviews for

Legendary Adelaide combo Sympathy Orchestra will be in full electric mode as well as acoustic when they step into the front bar of the

award winning Adelaide-based magician The Amazing Magic Mike at Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, Prospect, from 11am on Thursday 12 July with tickets to the family-friendly selling fast via Eventbrite.

SUBMERGE Submerge have announced the launch of new album, Insert Control, and it’s to be from 8.30pm on Friday 27 April at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, with special guests Angelik and Tabula Rasa and with $10 tickets at the door.

Catch musicians and singers Susan Lily, James Cummings, Hebe Sayce, Neverlight, Brendan Williams and prestidigitator Scott Stunz from 9pm on Saturday 21 April. THE SUNDAY REEDS The Sunday Reeds have a free entry Friday evening April residency at the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, with Friday 20 April boasting Melbourne’s The Belafontes and The Pro-Tools as guests before it all winds up on Friday 27 April with Subtract S and Melbourne’s Primitive Calculators.

STOLEN YOUTH Following a break of two years, Adelaide punks Stolen Youth have announced the re-launch of their 2006 debut album, Unconcious In Orthodox, on vinyl – and to be available exclusively MOVE2LIVE at Clarity Records, 60 Pulteney Move2Live at the Grace Emily St, Adelaide, on Record Store Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Day (Saturday 21 April) – and Adelaide, Here’s the deal. Meet the huge show will be held at prior to 6pm on Wednesday Enigma Bar, 173 Hindley St, evenings and then head off for a Adelaide, on Friday 27 April 40-minute walk, run or whatever with it being a headline one for with a bunch of lovely people and Hightime (taking to the stage then head back to the pub for at the witching hour) and with refreshments and a natter about Brisbane’s Flangipanis also on this and that. the bill along with Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys and PBCBs WINTER WITCHES and with tickets via Moshtix.

Winter Witches have been quiet of late due to it not being winter but have a show coming up from 4pm on Sunday 20 May at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with special guest Lauren Abineri. THE GOV’S VARIETY SHOW The Gov’s Variety Show now takes place in the front bar of the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on the first and third Saturday of each month and features an array or performers of all persuasions, a 9pm start and entry via donation.

GOLDSTEIN Adelaide folk rock band Goldstein will be launching their new CD, Message From Home, from 8pm on Friday May 11 at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, in support of the great work of the Hutt St Centre and joining them on the night will local singer songwriter Ruby Mensforth and Hutt St Centre’s very own band, The Outsiders. It’s $10 at the door with proceeds going towards helping people experiencing homelessness rebuild their lives without judgement.

next time I get on the phone she’s like, ‘did you figure it out?’ and I’m, ‘what are you talking about? I have no idea,’” laughs Todrick. “She remembers my situations and my problems more than I remember them.”

todrick hall

There is a strong message in the video album Forbidden which comes through in Todrick’s live tour. In the film roles are reversed. In an imagined society being black and gay is a position of privilege, whereas being white and heterosexual receives brutal condemnation. Todrick explains that this message, although confronting, has been strongly accepted by a wide audience.

“It’s been really really great. And I think it’s very important and powerful. There’s “It was very overwhelming and I Todrick Hall couldn’t believe I was doing it myself. been some performed songs that some by I. C. T. Messenger mixed audiences could be offended by, “I was very stressed out the entire time but everybody is there understanding Not only ‘famous on the and it was really really difficult, but I’m the thing and really applauding these internet’, Todrick Hall’s so happy I’m surrounded by such great moments that are really important to people. celebrity pervades far beyond friends who love me and “The gay care about me so much and his giant YouTube audience audience or “It’s really turned out very very were willing to put their into mainstream America the straight well. I’m happy that everyone whole lives and personal and even to our shores. audience or the is enjoying it. The gay audience lives and relationships on BSide Magazine had a chat to hold to make this happen white audience or the straight audience or the white audience or the black Todrick about his upcoming because they believe in me or the black audience aren’t seeing things Forbidden Tour, hanging out that much.” audience aren’t differently. The entire audience with Taylor Swift, and how seeing things seems to be embracing the Todrick has a close friend his messages of black and gay and mentor in superstar entire message together, which differently.” to me is really important and it activism are being received Taylor Swift – certainly makes me really happy.” someone who has been there and by live audiences. knows the ropes. I asked Todrick if she was someone he could turn to during Presented by TEG DAINTY and Nice the immense challenges of producing Events, Todrick Hall plays at The Todrick writes and produces most of Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd Forbidden. his music and also his music videos, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 10 June. Tickets not to mention his hand at costume through OZTIX. “One hundred percent! There were design and choreography. He has even a few days where I was upset when I outsourced his choreography skills just had to come over. . . she’s so great to Beyoncé for one of her videos, and because she’ll listen to everything you appeared as a dancer on a Taylor Swift say and she’s an active listener. You’re video. His YouTube music videos never going to talk to her and she’s not have racked up over 50 million hits, going to remember. and his latest video album is the most ambitious to date. “In fact sometimes I’ve told her about problems that I have and then the very For someone outside a major label the lavish 90 minute long Forbidden video album was an epic and exhausting venture. Todrick understandably had many struggles, and I asked Todrick if there was a time he thought he couldn’t finish it. “Yeah there were times, like every single day the entire time we were filming it, for sure,” laughs Todrick.

“Exactly, exactly,” Andrew readily agrees. “And I think that can go unnoticed at times. But, with Guitars In Bars, and hundreds of people flocking out to see stuff, I am sure some people are going to discover some great acts they weren’t previously aware of.

GUITARS IN BARS By Robert Dunstan Adelaide Guitar Festival, which runs at Adelaide Festival Centre from Thursday 9 August until Sunday 12 August with the full program to be announced on Thursday 3 May from 6.30pm at the Wheatsheaf Hotel wit all welcome, is once again setting up a series of events under the name Guitars In Bars as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds which runs from Friday 13 July until Sunday 29 July. BSide Magazine speaks to Adelaide Guitar Festival’s Andrew Dundon who begins by saying it follows the pattern of the two previous years whereby artists and venues throughout South Australia register to have events under the Guitars In Bars banner.

“There are also another two programs we put on in the lead up to the the festival,” he then says. “And that’s Resonance where we head out to care facilities and hospitals and registration fee for the first 50 venues and perform there. And, as part of Guitars In artists interested in that. That’s a great Bars, we are going regional with Resonance initiative.” this year. The other is Winter Schools and we have Cal Williams Jr and Kelly Guitars In Bars also offers an opportunity Menhennett involved in those.” for many of Adelaide’s small bars to become involved with Gresham St’s Andrew suggests it’s been a delight working Mississippi Moon springing to mind. alongside the festival’s artist director Slava Grigoryan and the rest of the team and says “I’m very sure they will be involved again he’s also more than a little excited about this year,” Andrew says of the boutique this year’s event with Tommy Emmanuel whisky bar which, in previous years, has (now close to being sold out) and Albert Lee hosted intimate performances by a variety already announced with the full program to of artists. “And yes, any small bar that has be unleashed on Thursday 3 May. an entertainment license can register for Guitars In Bars and have events. “It’s certainly an exciting one,” Andrew enthuses. “There’s going to be a lot more “But, as well as the established venues and contemporary artists on board and a lot small bars, in the past we’ve had churches, more locals this year. I can’t say much more cafés, art galleries and wineries involved,” than that at this stage though.” he continues. “I’m always on the lookout for quirky places and, from time spent working in the Barossa Valley, I know of a Registrations for venues and few hidden gems. Wine cellars and places performers for Adelaide Guitar such as that. “And, in some ways, Guitars In Bars encourages people to be as creative as possible with the kind of events they put on.

“Skycity Adelaide Casino is also getting “There were 150 venues that registered involved by hosting an old school battle of last year and over 555 participants,” he the bands competition,” he continues. “But, says. “So it’s really quite huge. And we to enter that, artists have to be registered have a directory on the “With Guitars In for Guitars In Bars. So people website so that venues can Bars, and hundreds can go to the casino’s website then hook up with artists and download a couple of of people flocking songs and go from there. And they may be interested in. We are not matchmakers out to see stuff, there are a lot of huge cash in that way but help I am sure some prizes for the battle of the facilitate venues and artists bands competition. people are going getting together. And we to discover some will always answer any questions people may great acts they ‘And, as we have done in have.” weren’t previously previous years, Adelaide Guitar Festival staff, including aware of.” Most of Adelaide’s major myself and artist director live music venues – the Slava Grigoryan, will be Grace Emily Hotel, the Wheatsheaf Hotel getting out and about and checking out and the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel for lots of acts,” Andrew then announces. “And example – register as venues. we’ll be choosing eight acts to be included in the Adelaide Guitar Festival program for “And City Of Charles Sturt Council in a paid gig.” the western suburbs – from Hindmarsh though to Henley Beach – is hoping to have lots of Guitars In Bars events in Adelaide is awash with performers of a those suburbs and is offering to pay the high standard.

Festival’s Guitars In Bars which runs from Friday 13 July until Sunday 29 July as part of Music SA’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds are now open. Details here: https://www. program/guitars-in-bars/

Adelaide Guitar Festival runs at Adelaide Festival Centre from Thursday 9 August until Sunday 9 August with the full program to be revealed on Thursday 3 May and bookings via BASS.

“It’s been stretches of activity and then even longer stretches of nothing happening,” he says of working alongside Steve. “But we both found we had a bit of time so, recently, there’s been a good amount of THE SEADRAGONS activity, especially with getting 24th “But I now had a song in my head By Robert Dunstan and pretty much wrote it as soon as Of April out well before ANZAC Day. I got home that night,” he adds. “And we are working on three other The Seadragons are a pair songs – Steve gives me the kind of of Adelaide identities, Steve Steve then started working on the melody he’s after by humming it – Jones and Corey Stewart, who, song with well-known Adelaide and we’re looking at putting together following a long gestation musician Corey Stewart. as a body of work to release online period, have finally issued under the name The Seadragons. “I’d met Corey through SCALA a song, 24th Of April, with it Using a name allows us a certain and we started working on stuff being readily available via amount of personal together with a couple Bandcamp and proceeds “I’m a non-drinker privacy, but gives us of other people which going to Former Ward but I bought a control in promoting the eventually came to an 17, Repatriation General schooner anyway project. end,” Steve announces.


and drank it in “Life, as they say, kinda his dad’s honour “A name also sounds like got in the way and around that time I also and put whatever we know what we are The song 24th Of April has come change there was doing,” he adds with a about due to Steve having a chance started writing a lot laugh. “And if we choose meeting in a pub many years ago. articles for dB Magazine into a donation tin to play the songs live, which began to take up on the bar.” there are a number a lot of my time. It was “t goes back to 24 April of 1991,” of musicians I would basically the end of my Steve begins. “It was back in the consider for that although that’s day when I first got involved with songwriting days for about 20 years. something for the future.” SCALA [Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association] which has “I became absorbed by other peoples’ music rather than my own,” Proceeds from the online sales of the now been going for song will go toward Ward 17. he laughs. “And over 30 years. It was pretty much every back when they were year has gone by having there events at since I first wrote “People often think of the the Lord Melbourne Repatriation General Hospital as the song that I Hotel in North being for older people, but that’s finally felt that Adelaide. not always the case,” Corey says. we really must “It’s horrifying about all the young get it up. So I got “Anyway, I’d gone back in touch with fellas who have just come home from along that night and places like Afghanistan and they are Corey and here was a bit early,” he we are. And we’ve completely shattered. It’s unlikely continues. “There was they will ever be quite the same now got a few a guy sitting in the front bar and again. It’s very sad.” we got talking – he had come up to more demos which we’ll use for an me actually – and he told me how album.” his dad had died that day – the day “There are people there in their before ANZAC Day – and wanted to “And working with Corey is senior years, of course, but there are great,” Steve continues. “I am just toast him. some people there who are much, the lyricist – I don’t sing or play much younger than you and I,” Steve anything – but I give Corey an idea “After we’d finished talking and concludes. he was leaving, he gave me $3 for of how I want something to sound and he works his magic.” a schooner of beer,” Steve recalls. “Of course, I’m a non-drinker but The Seadragons’ 24th Of April is I bought a schooner anyway and available now on Bandcamp. Corey provides the vocals and all drank it in his dad’s honour and https://theseadragons. instruments for The Seadragons at put whatever change there was his Song Machine home studio. into a donation tin on the bar.



his new album, Howlin’ At The Moon, at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 9pm on Friday 27 April with Laura Hill as special guest. DR FEELGOOD

Adelaide, on Saturday 21 April with tickets via Moshtix and Hidden Intent and Se Bon Ki Ra as special guests. GRINDHOUSE

Sydney-based metalcore crew Polaris will be fresh and honed from a huge national tour with Parkway Drive when they play a now SOLD OUT show at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Thursday 19 April with special guests The Plot In You, Alpha Wolf and Ambleside. ROCKET SCIENCE

Fresh from an appearance at Supermassive as part of Adelaide Fringe, Sarah Blakso will now hit the road armed with her new album, Depth Of Field, and will play the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Friday 8 June with tickets via the venue or OzTix. THE CONTORTIONIST

American progressive rock band The Contortionist will have no less than SikTh with them when they play the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 5 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix and Melbourne’s Alithia And Adelaide’s Dyssidia as opening acts.

Legendary UK R&B group Dr Feelgood will make everyone feel good when they play their classics at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 3 May with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

ROSS THE BOSS Ross The Boss will be playing a full set of Manowar classics at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 27 April with special guests Horizons Edge, Shadow Realm and Skyhammer with tickets, including VIP packages, available via Moshtix. MARK WILKINSON

Grindhouse are heading over from sunny Melbourne to grace the Grace Emily Hotel, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Saturday 21 April for a free entry rock show with Geelong’s The Dukes Of Deliciousness and Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls as guests.

FASTLOVE Fastlove: A Tribute To George Michael is coming to the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 26 April direct from London’s West End with tickets via the venue or Oztix.




Australian-born singer songwriter Mark Wilkinson, who now mostly lives in the UK, has announced a huge national tour that will have the popular singer playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Thursday 26 April.

Blues, soul and roots artist Shaun Kirk will be howling at the moon when he launches

Melbourne’s much-loved Rocket Science will be rocketing into town to play Crown & Anchor, 196 Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Saturday 21 April armed with a new seveninch single, Lipstick Red, and with tickets via Moshtix.

DESTRUCTION Germany’s Destruction will be weaving a path of thrash metal destruction when they head out on a national tour that will include a licensed all-ages show at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce,

Aussie legends Cosmic Psychos have just announced a huge national tour – who is going to be looking after the farm? – that will bring them to Fowler’s Live, 58 North Tce, Adelaide, on Anzac Day (Wednesday 25 April) with no less than Grenadiers and Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls as special guests and tickets via Moshtix.

Perth’s Verge Collection have a full-length debut album, Flaneur, so are taking it out on the road with special guests White Blanks and heading to Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Saturday 28 April with tickets via Moshtix. MICHAEL MENAGER American-born singer songwriter Michael Menager has announced a long-awaited return to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, from 4pm on Sunday 22 April with The Baker Suite as very special guests.


Melbourne’s The Ugly Kings have announced a tour and it will include rock festival Holy Land alongside Israel’s Elephant Hive, Filthy Lucre, Sons Of Zoku, Jungle City, Somnium, Slick Arnold, Stone Eyes, Bitchspawn, Heinous Crimes, Sydney’s Particles, Berlin’s Pipe Man Vs Buck It and Slicker Drips at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 21 April with tickets via the venue or Oztix. CARUS THOMPSON Fremantle’s Carus Thompson, whose song, Beach Fires, is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, is in touring mode and will be playing the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Friday 20 April to present songs from his latest album, Islands, and more with tickets via Oztix and Laura Hill as special guest. BEHOLD YOUR DOOM FEST

Presented by Dirtcraft Productions, Behold Your Doom Fest will be taking place at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, from 6pm on Saturday 28 April as a licensed, all-ages event and will feature Merchant, Greytomb, Yanomamo, Rituals, Dirt, Freedom Of Fear and Hypergiant with tickets via Moshtix. FIONA BOYES Presented by Adelaide Roots & Blues Association, internationally renowned Australian blues artist Fiona Boyes and her band are set to

play from 8pm on Saturday 28 April at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, with $20 tickets via Trybooking or $25 tickets at the door on the night if any remain.

biggest Australian tour to date that will include a show at the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 9 June with tickets via the venue or Oztix.

Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Sunday 3 June with tickets via the venue or Moshtix.

LEZ ZEPPELIN Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist, Steph Paynes, allBLACK IN BLACK girl quartet Lez Zeppelin has KURT ELLING Interstate act Black In Black since gained unanimous critical play tribute to the music of AC/ American jazz singer Kurt acclaim as one of the most Elling is touring with his DC and will be doing so when exciting live acts and will be quintet and will be making they cross the border to hit the proving so at Fowler’s Live, 68 Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port a return to the Governor North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 28 Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, 10 August with tickets via April with tickets via the venue Hindmarsh, on Sunday 27 May Moshtix. with tickets via the venue or or Oztix. Oztix. STRUNG OUT FOREVER UNCLEAN Presented by DRW, legendary SILVERSTEIN American punk act Strung Presented by Destroy All Out have an Australian tour Lines, Canada’s Silverstein coming up at which they will be will be hitting Fowler’s Live, performing Suburban Teenage 68 North Tce, Adelaide, with Wasteland Blues in full as well their post hardcore musings as crowd favourites and will on Tuesday 15 May with be doing so at Fowler’s Live, Comeback Kid as very special 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on guests and tickets on sale via American Independence Day Moshtix. (Wednesday 4 July) with presale tickets via Mosthtix. TONIGHT ALIVE Explosive Sydney band Tonight IRON & WINE Alive are back out on the road Presented by Handsome Tours, Denmark’s Forever Unclean will play Crown & Anchor, 196 and will play the Governor Iron & Wine, essentially US Grenfell St, Adelaide, on Monday Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, singer songwriter Sam Beam, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 12 23 April with special guest has announced a tour which Sweet Gold, True Holiday and May with tickets via the venue will include a visit to the or Oztix. Dilettantes. Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Tuesday 29 DAVE GRANEY & THE MISTLY May with tickets via the venue KATANA CARTEL Melbourne’s Katana Cartel are Melbourne’s Dave Graney & or Oztix. The mistLY have announced on their Australian Grenade no less than three shows at tour and will be exploding at PVRIS Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George Currently on an extensive North Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, from 8.30pm St, Thebarton, from 8pm American tour, including sets on Friday 10 August and on Saturday 28 April with at Coachella Festival, Boston’s Saturday 11 August and an special guests Raven Black PVRIS will return to Australia in Night, Priority Orange and As afternoon matinee from 4pm June and will hit the Governor on Sunday 12 August and I Destruct with $10 tickets at Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, tickets sure to sell fast via the the door. Hindmarsh, on Wednesday 13 venue. June armed with new album, All BULLETBOYS We Know Of Heaven, All We Need BRITISH INDIA Presented by Silverback Of Hell, and with tickets on sale Melbourne’s much-loved Touring, American hard rock via the venue or Oztix. British India have announced band BulletBoys have a long history and a legion of fans and a return to their second STEVEN ADLER home and will be playing the will be making their first ever Presented by The Experience, trip to this country to rock hard Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, American drummer Steven 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adler, of Guns N’ Roses, will be their Midnight Homie tour on celebrating the 30th anniversary Adelaide, for a licensed allFriday 6 July with tickets via ages affair with special guests of Appetite For Destruction the venue or Oztix. Dellacoma, The Babes and by playing it in full when he Trash City on Saturday 5 May brings Adler’s Appetite to the THE BRIAN JONESTOWN with tickets via Moshtix. Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port MASSACRE Presented by Principal CITY CALM DOWN Entertainment, exciting US With their highly anticipated band The Brian Jonestown second album Echoes In Massacre have included a Blue due for release in early April, Melbourne four- stop in Adelaide as part of a national tour and it’s to be at piece City Calm the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Down have announced their


“And Tyler, our rhythm guitarist, started off quite young but is also into digital production and does a lot of cinematic intros,” he continues. “And Daniel, our lead guitarist, is really big on guys like Joe Satriani and people like that. But Daniel started out playing classical guitar so he’s got all that as well.

“And Jess, our bass player, only started playing bass about eight months before we formed the band,” Ryan laughs. “But “So we then still played in the FUSION she can really sing and does the backing school bands – big, 20-piece bands vocals and all the harmonies and stuff. By Robert Dunstan with horn sections – and played And she’s really into the kind of pop as Fusion outside of school,” Ryan that gets played on mainstream radio. Fusion are a young Adelaide continues. “So it certainly helped us Jess is our pop princess.” rock band who formed while by playing music in school big bands at high school and who are and then doing stuff with the much The band will be launching On & On at just about to release an album, more rock-based Fusion.” Club5082 at Prospect Town Hall.

On & On, so BSide Magazine got on the telephone to drummer Ryan Arnold.

Ryan says it’s a funny story about he “We decided to do our launch at began playing drums. Club5082 because it was where we played our first gig,” Ryan says. “Every “Dad was always on at me about second Sunday in February they had an Ryan, who plays in the band picking up an instrument so I tried event in the park which then got moved alongside lead vocalist Holly Talbot, guitar and stuff but it to Prospect Town Hall. And guitarists Daniel Miller Tyler “It certainly never seemed to work we’ve played there plenty of Schmidtke with Jess Darzins on bass out,” he recalls with a helped us by times since and have built up guitar and backing vocals, who did playing music in a really good relationship. indeed confirm that the band formed laugh. “And then I went while attending a Mawson Lakes high to my first concert to see school big bands Linkin Park when I was school and then playing “So we can’t thank Club5082 quite young and thought enough – especially Mark with the much it was awesome and then I Crabtree who organises it “Pretty much, yeah, that’s where we more rock-based saw Bon Jovi. all –as it’s such a great set first got together” Ryan says. “So it’s Fusion.” up for bands and we wanted now coming up for seven years that to do our album launch back we’ve been together which is a long “I became really inspired where it all began,” he concludes. time considering that none of us are to play drums and kinda taught myself but then got lessons when I all that old. got my own drum Fusion will have Fyre Byrd and kit,” Ryan says. “We were all music RedHeart as special guests when students and we they launch their album, On became friends Fusion’s pop rock & On, at Club5082 at Prospect because it was quite sound mixed with Town Hall, 126 Prospect Rd, a tight knit class – a dose of punk Prospect, from 7pm on Friday only 25 of us – so fuses together 27 April for a licensed, all-ages we got talking and a variety of thought we should show with the $15 ticket to influences. all share the passion include a copy of the album and we had for music. $10 tickets at the door. “And that was also partly at the suggestion of my father, Rick, who is now our manager and who used to be a professional musician himself – he played in a band who got signed, made an album and got a fair bit of radio play – who said we should get together and have a jam.

“We all have quite different tastes and backgrounds,” Ryan says. “Our lead singer, Holly, started off in the Australian Girls Choir when she was very, very young. And they toured the world and even got to sing in front of The Pope. So Holly comes from that tradition.

SATURDAY 5 MAY The Contortionist (US), SikTh and Alithia (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh BulletBoys (US) and Dellacoma at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 19 APRIL Polaris (Sydney), The Plot In You, Alpha Wolf and Ambleside at Fowler’s Live (SOLD OUT)

SUNDAY 6 MAY Mildlife (Melbourne) at Chateau Apollo

TUESDAY 15 MAY Silverstein (Canada) and Comeback Kid at Fowler’s Live WEDNESDAY 16 MAY Sepultura (Brazil) and Death Angel (US) at Governor Hindmarsh Red Fang (US) and Drunk Mums at Fowler’s Live

FRIDAY 27 APRIL Ross The Boss (US), Horizons Edge, Shadow Realm and TUESDAY 8 MAY THURSDAY 17 MAY Skyhammer at Fowler’s Live The Killers (US) and Urban Guerillas (Sydney) and Shaun Kirk (Melbourne) at Jack Ladder at Adelaide David Robinson at Grace Emily FRIDAY 20 APRIL Wheatsheaf Hotel Entertainment Centre Steven Adler & Adler’s Carus Thompson (Fremantle) Primitive Calculators Appetite (US) at Governor and Laura Hill at Wheatsheaf (Melbourne), The Sunday TUESDAY 8 MAY Hindmarsh Rose Tattoo (Sydney) and Dallas Reeds and Subtract S at Grace Grant-Lee Phillips (US) at Crane (Melbourne) at Governor Emily Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 18 MAY Hindmarsh Hightime, Stolen Youth, The Robert Cray Band (US) The Belafontes (Melbourne), Flangipanis (Brisbane), WEDNESDAY MAY 9 and Gail Page & The Dirty The Sunday Reeds and The Pro- Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys The Mavis’s (Melbourne) and Roots Band at Governor Tools at Grace Emily and PBCBs at Enigma Bar Ghyti at Governor Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Groovin’ The Moo at Adelaide Didirri (Melbourne) and Alana SATURDAY 21 APRIL Showground Jagt at Grace Emily SATURDAY 19 MAY Destruction (Germany), Hidden Tammy Haider (Melbourne), APIA Good Times: Leo Sayer, Intent and Se Bon Ki Ra at Jimmy Dawes and My Cherie at THURSDAY 10 MAY Brian Cadd, Marcia Hines, Fowler’s Live Exeter Hotel Didirri (Melbourne) and Alana Russell Morris (OAM), and Grindhouse (Melbourne), Jagt at Grace Emily John Paul Young at Thebarton The Dukes Of Deliciousness SATURDAY 28 APRIL Kid Congo (US) at Crown & Theatre (Geelong) and Juliette Seizure & Fiona Boyes (Aust) at Anchor The Tremor-Dolls at Grace Emily Wheatsheaf Hotel Diesel (Sydney) at Slug N SUNDAY 20 MAY Holy Land: The Ugly Kings Verge Collection (Perth) and Lettuce Joshua Radin (US) at Governor (Melbourne), Elephant Hive White Blanks at Jive Pears (US) at Edinburgh Castle Hindmarsh (Israel), Filthy Lucre, Sons Of Behold Your Doom Fest: Hotel Joseph Tawadros (Melbourne/ Zoku, Jungle City, Somnium, Merchant, Greytomb, London) at Elder Hall Slick Arnold, Stone Eyes, Yanomamo, Rituals, Dirt, FRIDAY 11 MAY Bitchspawn, Heinous Crimes, Freedom Of Fear and Shannon Noll (Cobdogla) at WEDNESDAY 23 MAY Sydney’s Particles, Berlin’s Pipe Hypergiant at Fowler’s Live Governor Hindmarsh Jeremy Loops (South Africa) at Man Vs Buck It and Slicker Back In Black (Aust) at Daniel Champagne at Fowler’s Live Drips at Governor Hindmarsh Governor Hindmarsh Riverbend Gazebo (Clarendon) Rocket Science (Melbourne) at Katana Cartel (Melbourne), Diesel (Sydney) at Norwood THURSDAY 24 MAY Crown & Anchor Raven Black Night, Priority Hotel Pain (Sweden) at Fowler’s Live Orange at Edinburgh Castle Circa Survive (US), After SUNDAY 22 APRIL Hotel SATURDAY 12 MAY Change and Glass Tides at Jimmy Barnes at Thebarton Daniel Champagne at Governor Hindmarsh Theatre SUNDAY 29 APRIL Wheatsheaf Hotel Elephant Hive (Isreal), The Mastin at Fowler’s Live Welcome To The Void: FRIDAY 25 MAY Fyoogs and Filthy Lucre at Night Lovell (Canada) at Dilenettes, Sincerely, Grizzly. Angus & Julia Stone at Flinders Moana Surf Live Saving Club Governor Hindmarsh Bitchspawn, Madura Green, Uni Plaza Apparation, Phil Wolfendale MONDAY 23 APRIL MONDAY 30 APRIL (Melbourne), Colourblind, Year TUESDAY 29 May Forever Unclean (Denmark), Squeeze (UK) and John Of Cold and Mount Seldom at Iron & Wine (US) at Governor Sweet Gold, True Holiday and Cooper Clarke (Manchester) at Grace Emily (from 4.30pm) Hindmarsh Dilettantes at Crown & Anchor Governor Hindmarsh Diesel (Sydney) at Victoria Escape The Fate (US), Awaken Hotel Am I and Between Kings at TUESDAY 24 APRIL THURSDAY 3 MAY Holy Serpent (Melbourne), Fowler’s Live Sleeping With Sirens (US), Dr Feelgood (UK) at Governor Earth Tongue (New Zealand), Chase Atlantic, Lower Than Hindmarsh Kitchen Witch and Acid Wolf FRIDAY 1 JUNE Atlantis and The Faim at Stereophonics (Wales) at HQ at Edinburgh Castle Hotel Adam Eckersley, Brooke Fowler’s Live McClymont and Brad Cox at FRIDAY 4 MAY SUNDAY 13 MAY Wheatsheaf Hotel WEDNESDAY 25 APRIL DZ Deatherays (Brisbane), John Flanagan Trio Dead Letter Circus (Brisbane) Cosmic Psychos (Melbourne), Clowns, These New South (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf at Jive Grenadiers and Juliette Seizure Wales and Boat Show at Hotel (from 4pm) & The Tremor-Dolls at Fowler’s Governor Hindmarsh (SOLD Daniel Champagne at Live On Live OUT) The Deck (Willaston) SATURDAY 2 JUNE Jungle Giants at HQ Complex The Cribs (UK) at Crown & The Iron Maidens at Fowler’s Anchor MONDAY 14 MAY Live THURSDAY 26 APRIL Grigoryan Brothers Marlon Williams (Melbourne) Tired Lion (Perth) at Jive Mark Wilkinson (UK/Sydney) at (Melbourne) at Arts Centre (Pt at Governor Hindmarsh Wheatsheaf Hotel Noarlunga)

SUNDAY 3 JUNE The Brian Jonestown Massacre (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

SATURDAY 9 JUNE Jet (Melbourne) at Thebarton Theatre Michael Plater (Melbourne) at Hade’s Hula House (Semaphore) Stonefield (Melbourne) at Jive SUNDAY 10 JUNE Goldentone (CD launch), Giant Moths (Melbourne), Marsden Williams & 245T (Melbourne)

and Michael Plater (Melbourne) at Hotel Metro Khan (Melbourne) at Crown & Anchor WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE PVRIS (US) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 15 JUNE The Whitlams (Sydney), Alex Lloyd (Sydney) and Deborah Conway (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh (Sold Out) Dream On, Dreamer (Melbourne) at Fowler’s Live The Presets (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre SATURDAY 16 JUNE The Whitlams (Sydney), Alex Lloyd (Sydney) and Deborah Conway (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh

Lagerstein (Brisbane) at Enigma Bar

FRIDAY 22 JUNE Archie Roach and Tiddas at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) SATURDAY 23 JUNE Archie Roach and Tiddas at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) Baby Animals (Perth) at Governor Hindmarsh

WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE Streetlight Manifesto (US) at Governor Hindmarsh FRIDAY 29 JUNE Perch Creek (Melbourne) at Jive WEDNESDAY 4 JULY Strung Out (US) at Fowler’s Live

FRIDAY 6 JULY British India (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh SATURDAY 7 JULY Dan Sultan (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh My Friend The Chocolate Cake (Melbourne) at Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre)

TUESDAY 10 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

WEDNESDAY 11 JULY P!nk (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre FRIDAY 20 JULY Ian Moss (Sydney) at Thebarton Theatre

SATURDAY 31 JULY Lloyd Spiegel (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

FRIDAY 10 AUGUST Lez Zeppelin (New York) at Fowler’s Live Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at Norwood Live SATURDAY 11 AUGUST Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel Pete Murray (Qld) at Norwood Live SUNDAY 12 AUGUST Dave Graney & The mistLY (Melbourne) at Wheatsheaf Hotel

TUESDAY 28 AUGUST Gene Simmons (US) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

WEDNESDAY 29 AUGUST Britrock Must Be Destroyed: Reef, Terrorvision and The Wildhearts at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 31 AUGUST The Screaming Jets (Newcastle) and Boom Crash Opera (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Roots & Branches: Kristy Cox, The Weeping Willows at Trinity Sessions

SATURDAY 1 SEPTEMBER The Screaming Jets (Newcastle) and Boom Crash Opera (Melbourne) at Governor Hindmarsh Moose Blood (UK) and Movements at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 13 SEPTEMBER TesseracT (UK) at Governor Hindmarsh

FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZ/US) at Fat Controller SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko at Fowler’s Live THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER Booze & Glory (London) at Crown & Anchor

“It won’t be ready for the Adelaide shows unfortunately but is definitely coming out on vinyl further down the track,” Tristen says. “The album was mastered for vinyl when I got it done because that was always going to be the case. It was always in my mind that it would come out on vinyl even while I was recording it.

“I’ll have CDs with me for Adelaide though,” he announces. “And I think people still like to have a physical copy of something rather than a download. I remember doing a tour of both islands of New Zealand a couple of years ago and a Japanese tourist bought one of my CDs and asked me to sign it and date it and then write in the name of the pub. “I got talking to him afterwards – he was a real music lover – and he told me that doing that was his way of documenting his travels,” he adds.

TRISTEN BIRD By Robert Dunstan Tristen Bird, who has recently moved back to Adelaide after a stint in Melbourne, has just announced a huge national tour for his new album, Yonder Comes The Sun, which he recorded at home at well as making the trek over to the US of A to record at Muscle Shoals and also Memphis.

Tristen also plays quite often at Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed and will be doing two shows there as part of his tour with the first being in May and the second when he returns in June.

“It’s a nice little spot and close to home,” “So The Historian’s publican already knew Tristen laughs as we round up the interview. what I was about as he’d seen me play “The owners are great and put on a fair bit of so I am really grateful he’s given me the live music.” opportunity to do my Adelaide launch there.

Tristen Bird will kick off a huge “And I wasn’t going to make it a ticketed show but when I created a Facebook event national tour for his Yonder for it, people were asking, ‘And “People may Comes The Sun album where do we get our tickets?’ So I not know, but on Friday 4 May at then got Cal and Stefan on board as well as the Goolwa’s 90 Mile and set up a Moshtix ticketing link. ground level Wines: Wharf Barrel

bar, there’s a Shed and then a show Stefan Hauk, currently enjoying bigger room on Saturday 5 May in success with his debut album, The Long Road, plays guitar on upstairs that’s the city at Historian Yonder Comes The Sun (“I wanted pretty much an Hotel, 18 Coromandel someone with a blues kind of open canvas as Plc, Adelaide, with edge but still with that slightly Appropriately enough, Tristen is kicking country feel so Stefan Hauk came far as putting a tickets via Moshtix and off his national tour in Adelaide with a over to Melbourne for a day couple of regional gigs as well as a house gig on.” Stefan Hauk and Cal and got into it straight away. He concert with his main focus being a Williams Jr as special ticketed launch in the city at The Historian absolutely nailed it,” Tristen had Hotel with special guests Stefan Hauk and announced in a previous interview) so it guest followed by a sterling makes for a perfect fit. Cal Williams Jr. “I do a fair few gigs at The Caledonian Hotel down in Robe,” Tristen begins when asked about how utilising The Historian, a pub not generally known for live music, had come about.

“Anyway, I was done in Robe at Christmas and had met the new owner of The Historian and we got talking,” he continues. “People may not know, but as well as the ground level bar, there’s a bigger room upstairs that’s used for functions and is pretty much an open canvas as far as putting a gig on. It’s a good spot.

“And, with having Cal [Williams Jr] on the bill as well, it’s like having two of Adelaide’s best blues players in the same room together on the same night,” Tristen says. “Everyone will compliment everyone else. And Stefan will be on stage with me as well as a rhythm section and we haven’t played together since we did the album.”

Tristen, who is planning to make the trek over to the US again later in the year, also roped in bass player Jimbo Hart, of Jason Isbell & The 400 Unity, to play on Yonder Comes The Sun, and feels the album will lend itself to release on vinyl.

house concert up in Stirling on Sunday 5 May with further regional shows in SA in June including a return to Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed on Sunday 3 June.

Tickets for The Historian here: au/v2/event/tristen-birdyonder/103516

RAMPAGE (M) **1/2 There are several movies with this title, but make no mistake: this is the one based upon the computer game and starring Dwayne Johnson who, like it or not, is probably the biggest star in the world right now (and in more ways than one). And, as with all movies based upon computer games, it’s a dopey action epic stuffed with reams of CG FX, although the cast here at least try to bring a little class to it all. Dwayne’s Davis Okoye is a San Diego primatologist and former military type (lucky about that) who works closely with a big albino gorilla named George and doesn’t like people much. An opening subtitle has warned us that a company named Energyne has been illegally fiddling with genes in space, and when some of their green gas stuff falls from the sky, it infects three animals across the US and makes them huge: George, who gets more aggressive; a wolf nicknamed Ralph, which proceeds to snap up lots of tourists in cautiously PG-13 detail; and a beast in

the Florida Keys that we don’t really see until the end (and no need for spoilers, as it’s in the ads). Davis teams up with a former Okoye employee named Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) and there’s also a lurking agent for the mysterious OGA named Harvey Russell, and he’s played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (a.k.a. Negan in TV’s The Walking Dead), but over-the-top honours go to Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy as brother-and-sister proprietors of the unethical Energyne biz, who chew the scenery almost as much as the monsters.

Directed by Brad Peyton (his third film with Johnson after Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas), this has some okay mayhem but none of the sincerity of the new ‘Monsterverse’ pics with King Kong and Godzilla, and none of the goofy fun of old ‘Kaiju’ outings where model Japanese cities were stomped in slo-mo. Our jumbo star Dwayne is sometimes almost funny though but, nevertheless, you’ll eventually be hoping a building falls on him anyway.


TRUTH OR DARE (M) **1/2 Another horror movie hamstrung by its need to get an American PG-13 (Australian M) censorship rating to ensure the widest possible audience, this is moderately well played by an unfamiliar cast and proves almost spooky here and there, but unfortunately the multipenned script gets too bogged down in trying to explain how the complicated supernatural curse works. A soon-to-graduate High Schooler and YouTube star named Olivia Barron (Lucy Hale) is forced to come to Mexico for Spring Break shenanigans by her bestie Markie (Violett Beane), and they join a gang that includes obnoxious Roy (Brady Smith), boozy Penelope (Sophia Ali), mainly-closeted Brad (Hayden Szeto) and embarrassing hanger-on Ronnie (Sam Lerner).

When a stranger named Carter (Landon Liboiron) convinces them to join him in an abandoned church and they start playing a game of truth or dare, they have some bitchy fun but Olivia finds herself having visions of those around

her suddenly taking on creepy FX smiles (that were fittingly nicknamed ‘Willem Dafoes’ on the set) and insisting that she keep on playing. It turns out that the game is cursed and the evilness has followed them home, and as they all gabble on about how to play the damn thing and avoid a slightly spectacular death setpiece, any excitement or tension tends to dissipate in favour of grinding plot mechanics.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow (whose Cry Wolf or maybe Cry_Wolf back in 2005 had its fans) and coproduced by Jason Blum (whose Blumhouse studios turns out stuff like this all the time), this is quite well-played by Lucy, Violett and Hayden and gets a lot of menacing mileage out of its scary grins, but ultimately the thing needed to be freakier, tighter and less gutless. And yet there is a pretty unexpected ending, which might prove perplexing when you’re in the cinema but should grow on you, and there will probably be a sequel called… what? Truth Or Dare 2: The Truth Hurts? Truth Or Dare 2: I Double Dare You? Or maybe Truth Or Dare 2: Willem Dafoe Strikes Back?


DREAM ON, DREAMER Melbourne’s Dream On, Dreamer have announced their It Comes & Goes tour for their fourth album which will bring the metalcore merchants to Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Friday 15 June with tickets via Moshtix.

Sunday 13 May and is offering a 3pm workshop prior to the 6pm show with tickets via the venue or Oztix. ADAM ECKERSLEY & BROOKE MCCLYMONT



Fresh from performances at WOMADelaide and Bluesfest, Dan Sultan, armed with his voice, a piano and guitar, is embarking on a solo trek that will bring him to the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Saturday 7 July with tickets via the venue or Oztix. ROOTS & BRANCHES Under the banner Roots & Branches, Kristy Cox, The Weeping Willows and Travis List are taking their music around the country and will be playing Trinity Sessions at Church Of The Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Pk, from 8pm on on Friday 31 August with tickets via Trybooking.

rockers Unknown Mortal guests Hightime, Skategoats, Orchestra will be playing North Arse and She’s The Band. Tce’s Fat Controller armed with new album, Sex & Food, on HOLY SERPENT Friday 14 September.

Presented by CMC and KIX Radio Network, Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont, supported by 2018 Toyota Star Maker winner Brad Cox, will be in acoustic duo mode when they step into the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, armed with their hit single, Train Wreck, as part of the duo’s Highway Sky tour from 8pm on Friday 1 June with tickets via Ticketbo. JOSEPH TAWADROS

Mastin (Reece Mastin of X-Factor fame) is on a huge jaunt known as The Suitcase Of Stories tour and will be offloading a suitcase full of musical stories when he plays an 18+ only event at Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Sunday 29 April with tickets bound to sell fast via Moshtix.

Melbourne’s Holy Serpent will have New Zealand’s Earth Tongue with them when they slither into the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Saturday 12 May with Kitchen Witch and Acid Wolf also on the stellar, fourway psych rock bill. TESSERACT



Award winning blues musician Lloyd Spiegel is embarking on a huge national tour for his new album, Backroads, which will wind up with a show at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, on Saturday 31 July with tickets via the artist’s website or Oztix.

PETER MOSS British-born ukulele master Peter Moss will be performing at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA, on

Much celebrated oud player Joseph Tawadros (AM) will have his quartet with him when he presents songs from a new album, The Bluebird, The Mystic & The Fool, at North Tce’s Elder Hall from 2.30pm on Sunday 20 May with tickets via his website. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA New Zealand-born but now Porland-based psych doom

Brisbane’s Dead Letter Circus have just announced details for their brand new single, The Armour You Own, plus a small and intimate run of live shows around the country which will have the much-loved band playing Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, from 8pm on Friday 1 June with tickets via Moshtix. PEARS Presented by Arrest Records, New Orleans’ hardcore punks Pears will be hitting the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 233 Currie St, Adelaide, on Thursday 10 May with special

Presented by Collison Course, UK-based progressive metal band TesseracT will have Circles as special guests when they hit the Governor Hindmarsh, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, on Thursday 13 September with tickets via the venue or Oztix. TAMMY HAIDER Melbourne’s Tammy Haider will be armed with her new album, The One, when she makes the trek across the border to play The Exeter Hotel, 246 Rundle St, Adelaide, from 9pm on Friday 27 April

with special guests Chase Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis and The Faim with tickets selling fast via Moshtix. MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE with James Dawes and My Cherie also on the bill for the free entry affair.

Stefan Hauk and Cal Williams Jr as special guest followed by a sterling house concert up in Stirling on Sunday 5 May with further regional shows in SA in June including a return to Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed on Sunday 3 June.

The Presets are set to hit Thebarton Theatre from 7.30pm on Friday 15 June with tickets via Ticketmaster. FOREIGNER



James Reyne will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of his timeless song Reckless (famously covered by Paul Kelly) when he plays Thebarton Theatre on Saturday 8 December with tickets via Ticketmaster. NIGHT LOVELL

Quintessentially Australian chamber pop noir group My Friend The Chocolate Cake are coming to Adelaide for a special concert at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Dunstan Playhouse on Saturday 7 July and will be performing songs from their highly acclaimed 2017 album, The Revival Meeting, alongside some old favourites from their extensive back catalogue. GRIGORYAN BROTHERS

Grigoryan Brothers (classical guitarists Slava and Leonard) Illusive Presents and Frontier are set to present a concert at Touring are thrilled to reveal Pt Noarlunga’s fully licensed an additional stop on Night Onkaparinga Arts Centre from Lovell’s debut Australian tour 8pm on Friday 4 May with as the Canadian experimental tickets via Trybooking. hip hop prodigy will now be performing an all-ages TRISTEN BIRD show at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh on Sunday 29 April with tickets via the venue or Oztix. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS

Presented by MJR, US band Sleeping With Sirens have changed the venue for their Adelaide show for their new Gossip album and will now hit Fowler’s Live, 68 North Tce, Adelaide, on Tuesday 24 April

Tristen Bird has announced an absolutely huge national tour for his Yonder Comes The Sun album that will kick off in SA on Friday 4 May at Goolwa’s 90 Mile Wines: Wharf Barrel Shed and then a show on Saturday 5 May in the city at Historian Hotel, 18 Coromandel Plc, Adelaide, with tickets via Moshtix and

Presented by Space Events, US rock band Foreigner will be backed by an orchestra when they play Adelaide’s Botanic Pk on Sunday 14 October with Cheap Trick as very special guests and tickets via Ticketmaster.

Melbourne’s Michael Plater will be wending his way back to Adelaide with Giant Moths and Marsden Williams & 245T in tow to take part in Goldentone’s free entry album launch at Hotel Metro, 46 Grote St, Adelaide, on Sunday 10 June with the following day being one of joyous celebration throughout the land due to it being the Queen’s pretend birthday. Michael has also announced a show at Hade’s Hula House, 52 Semphore Rd, Semaphore on Saturday 9 June. STONEFIELD

Stonefield have announced their huge national Far From Earth tour which will have the rock band playing Jive, 181 Hindley St, Adelaide, on Saturday 9 June with tickets via Moshtix. THE PRESETS

Tiddas reunite to play treasures from their long lost album Dancing with My Spirit.

A record number of performers with Adelaide connections have their own shows including Mark Holden who draws on his family’s travelling circus history and his Countdown and Australian Idol days in Mark Holden’s Greatest Show on Earth. Other stars with South Australian links are Libby O’Donovan, Joanne Hartstone, Carla Lippis, Cameron Goodall, Tom Flanagan, Johanna Allen, Michaela Burger and Adelaide’s favourite German, Hans.

Artists channelling classic icons include Amber Martin (Janis Joplin in Janis: Undead), Matthew Floyd Jones of Frisky and Mannish (Richard Carpenter Is Closer to You), Queenie van de Zandt (Blue: The Songs of Joni Mitchell), award-winning actress Jane Clifton of Prisoner fame (Linda Ronstadt in Rock Venus), and Mikelangelo (Balkan Elvis in Eastern Bloc Rock and Tom Waits For No Man). Andrew O’Keefe “shouts” Johnny O’Keefe in a world premiere performance intertwining his own experiences with his uncle’s legendary stories. Comedic cabaret artists are a highlight this year. Australian comedian Lawrence Leung invites curious adventurers to step into his dubious, hilarious laboratory of Very Strange Things and Em Rusciano will perform with an 18-piece band for the first time in Difficult Woman.

ADELAIDE CABARET FESTIVAL The world’s largest cabaret festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, is back from Friday 8 June until Saturday 23 June at Adelaide Festival Centre and will feature more than 330 artists from five counties (including 280 Australians and 116 South Australians) in 52 performances. This year’s festival presents 16 world, 10 Australian, and 11 Adelaide premieres as well as 10 exclusives and three original shows commissioned or co-commissioned by Adelaide Festival Centre’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival. With this year’s theme of ‘EYES OPEN’, audiences should prepare for a diverse program of music, comedy and cabaret. Adelaide Cabaret Festival artistic director Ali McGregor: “I wanted to capture the sense of change in the world at the moment and how cabaret is, and always has been, at the forefront of telling the stories of change, reckoning, futility, and fun. I am so proud that we have such a diverse and international cross section of the very best that the cabaret genre has to offer. “I’m personally involved in the debut of my new show about Yma Sumac, directing a line-up of my some of my favourite variety, burlesque and circus acts in Glorious Misfits, and a show celebrating the work of Tom Waits with Charly Zastrau returning to musically direct. Plus, of course keep your eyes peeled for our cabaret dinner and the ever-popular opening, closing and (my favourite) family galas!”

Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and artistic director, Douglas Gautier, echoes Ali’s sentiments.

“Adelaide Festival Centre looks forward to delivering Ali McGregor’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival program. This year all festival events are back under one roof at the Festival Centre and with our brand new Walk Of Fame, foyers, bars and cafes open, we are ready to welcome some of the world’s greatest cabaret artists and the audiences that love them.’’ Festival headliners include Broadway royalty and two-time Tony Award winner Patti LuPone in Don’t Monkey With Broadway and Tony Award winning and Golden Globe nominated co-creator of Hedwig & The Angry Inch, John Cameron Mitchell.

For one night only, The Cat Empire and a special guest line-up of cabaret artists will explore how we see music in Them There Eyes. Rock enthusiasts will flock to You Am I Plays Spinal Tap (with front man Tim Rogers). Known for her razor-sharp wit and sassy stage presence, Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black’s Big Boo) brings jazzy reinterpretations of Bowie’s greatest hits. New Zealand’s charming rat pack, Modern Maori Quartet showcase Maori waiata, showband hits, pop classics, and originals, while cclaimed artists Nancye Hayes and Todd McKenney will share backstage confessions and decades of theatrical highs and lows in Bosom Buddies. Madeleine Peyroux will deliver jazz and blues standards in a stunning Adelaide premiere. Joey Arias returns to the festival to revive the spirit of NYC’s legendary Club 57 in Three Floors of Madness. Archie Roach and

The bizarre story of a giant ape set to rock music is narrated by neo-punk cabaret diva Yana Alana joined by HOMOsapiens in The Legend Of Queen Kong. Opera Australia soprano Antoinette Halloran’s Taking it Up the Octave is hilariously risqué while being breathtakingly tender.

Artistic director Ali McGregor will display her extraordinary vocals when she transforms into 1950s Peruvian songbird and Hollywood darling Yma Sumac. She will also reembrace her circus days with a selection of mischievous burlesque acts for modern-day vaudeville sensation, Glorious Misfits. Adelaide Cabaret Festival favourites are back again this year – the opening night Variety Gala, Closing Gala celebrating the winter solstice with soulful songs and Family Gala with a musical junkyard theme.

Punters will stay warm at this year’s Wintergarden on the Riverdeck and Adelaide Festival Centre’s new Star Kitchen & Bar will provide nourishment for all the senses between shows.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival runs from Friday 8 June until Saturday 23 June at Adelaide Festival Centre Book via BASS on 131 246 or online au.

Amaya Laucirica Kasumuen Records Album Review by I. C. T. Messenger Amaya Laucirica is no stranger to Australian audiences with her selection as Triple J’s album of the week for Early Summer in 2010, and her fourth album Rituals is her first international release and is pricking up ears here and abroad.

and GOMA in Brisbane this young but seasoned performer is on track to be broadly received. Rituals is a brilliant album for those who love that rare female voice which at once raises you to euphoric nowheres yet tenderly keeps you based on terra firma where one must live life.

The album has a well-shaped progression to it and I advise to experience Rituals as a full album experience. The first two tracks are warming things up but on their own With current invitations to Primavera their synth heavy instrumentation may turn Sound festival in Spain, The Great Escape festival in the UK, MONA FOMA in Tasmania away potential fans short of perseverance

in these times of music saturation. Get to the third track All Our Time and Rituals will start to make sense and draw you in. And another single More Than This is fifth in the rank and only a stone wouldn’t be transported by such evocative music. Here on end the album takes you on a ride of tenderness and expansive emotions. The idea of Amaya’s music is obviously to have pop appeal, but pop doesn’t mean to simply appeal to the hoi polloi. Rituals will be an album played by not only the general music lover but also those with discerning tastes. Remember Portishead?

Listen to Amaya Laucirica here