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Religious persecution

Fact or fiction?

Samantha Reeves Have you ever felt judged for being in one religion or another, or even for having no religion? Well, if so, you’re not alone because there are numerous people who get judged every day for believing or not believing in something. As Katie Clark, a freshman at Twin Falls Senior High School, stated when inquired if she ever felt persecuted for her beliefs, “sometimes, yes,” and stated “there is religious persecution in Twin Falls.” But there are some people who have never been judged for their ideology. Luckily and hopefullythey do not encounter this great injustice for being religious, A junior at Twin Falls Senior High school, Bailey Roberts, replied to the inquiry about being persecuted because of her beliefs with, “not really,” and she thinks that there might be religious persecution in Twin Falls County.

The question is: why is it that people persecute other people based on their faith? Especially since religious persecution in the past has started many gruesome wars for nothing important, but because someone believed something different from another’s belief. The scary thing is that history repeats itself. So there could be another war started based on people disagreeing with each other over dogmas which are based on the Bible, but still man made. War over religion is ludicrous because most doctrines are based on the same fundamentals such as: there is a god and that Jesus existed, that there are prophets, and that their ideology is the only true one, right and godly one. There is, no inbetween, only, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” kind of thinking, which is eccentric and moronic. Why is it that beliefs have to cloud reasoning when it comes to life and interacting with other people, when it’s all based on one’s opinion and preference? Are not humans all allowed to have their own unjudged opinion? Samantha Reeves is a Staff Writer for the Bruin News

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September 30, 2013



The Bruin News

Affects of social media on Americans Alyssa Brann “What’s on your mind?” is what’s stated plainly in that little white box on one’s Facebook page when a thought worth sharing comes to mind. People have every right to offer their opinions on the world. But should all thoughts be posted? It’s safe to say that everyone has their own opinion and that everyone believes their opinion is right, so arguing with someone is not going to do much but irritate them. With social media becoming more and more popular every day, opinions are shoved out into the World Wide Web, and when someone with a different perspective on any given idea that comes along, disaster can strike when the comment button is pushed and their alternate opinion is posted for the entire world to see.

Do I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion? Yes. But if it affects others and can cause unnecessary drama, then why post it? Keep it to yourself! I understand it being someone’s personal account, and having the right to say what one feels or thinks, but I don’t understand why people can’t filter themselves when necessary. Don’t hurt someone with the typed words on the news feed page for everyone to see! Don’t be so destructive to others. As a little girl, my mother always told me, “Sticks and stones

may break your bones, but words will never hurt you,” and I’ve always believed this. But over the last few years, I’ve witnessed people being torn apart by statuses and comments that seem indecent for the internet. People seem to think it’s their right to post and comment inappropriate things that simply shouldn’t be said. It is not worth tearing someone down, only to build yourself up. If you are questioning it, the answer is simple, no. Alyssa Brann is a Staff Writer for the Bruin News.

Illustration by Mariah McMurtry

The internet is a wide web of different conversations and alternate opinions.

Bruin News is changing the paper!

Julie Ruth Malone As we enter this new publishing year, we at The Bruin News would just like to alert you to a handful of exciting new features that we are looking forward to integrating into The Bruin News experience within the next few months. The biggest addition will be the expanding online presence of The Bruin News. Whether this be on our Facebook page or our official website, PDF versions of each ar-

ticle will be available, as well as featured stories and a few select individual blogs not found in the print version of the newspaper. We are also excited to introduce The Bruin News Locker! Stop by locker number D236 at any time to submit materials to the newspaper. In consequence, this means that The Bruin News now has the ability to accept guest writer article submissions, artwork submissions, and Letters to the Editor! Which brings us to some technical details regarding the Editorial article in the newspaper – it will no longer exist. Complications regarding opinions behind the Editorial surfaced, leading the staff to replace this article with the “Letter to the Editor” segment, which will be located in the Opinion section.

Through this, readers have the ability to submit letters to the editor of their choosing, whether this be the Sports Editor, Managing Editor, Arts and Photography Editor, etc, and can expect a written response to any issues or questions addressed. Those letters and responses not published in the newspaper due to space or other problems will be available online in PDF. We hope that you enjoy our new version of The Bruin News! As always, our staff is hard at work to ensure that each reader’s experience with our newspaper isn’t only both a positive and informative one, but now, hopefully, a highly interactive one as well! Julie Ruth Malone is the Opinion Editor for the Bruin News.

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