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OCTOBER 20, 2013

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From the Editors Desk..

OUR Community

Deidre Olivera Douglas, Managing Editor In my travels around Brownsville and engaging in my everyday community life, I’ve found a few interesting facts which help to make clear, some of the INTERESTING things about our community. For starters, while there are many businesses in our community, none of the store owners that I spoke to (which were a lot), knew or cared what community they were in. They didn’t know who the local schools, youth organizations or sports teams were. In fact, they really didn’t seem to care. That’s no big deal- Right? WRONG! Let’s face facts people…the stores and business are here because they make money $$$. YOUR MONEY! YOU are a valuable asset and YOUR dollars are important to their ability to stay in business. Every time you purchase a product from a business, YOU are helping that store owner to employ staff, to purchase their BMW that they may pull up in, and most importantly, to keep their doors open. It is my desire that we understand the concept that every dollar spent at the dollar store earns the store money $$. YOU are entitled to be treated with respect. YOU are entitled to request the products that YOU want in your community instead of buying whatever they sell. If stores have no sense of “community” and “could care less” about local schools and sports teams, or what people would like to have in the stores, then they may need to be reminded that they are part of the Brownsville community

TRAINING & Employment It had come to the attention of the Community, that there were citations and arrest occurring as a result of signage errors and miscommunication. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of The Brownsville Collective, The Community Board #16 District Manager and Parks Dept. Chairperson, The 73rd Pct. Community Council, The NYC Parks Dept. and the NYC Police Department- 73rd Pct., it appears the issue has been resolved. FYI: *All parks close at 9:00 pm unless otherwise posted *There is no cooking allowed in the park *There are no food sales allowed in the park unless you have a permit


“WE THE PEOPLE” HEALTH Community IN Motion

Food for Thought SENIORS

Real Life Heroes If you commit an illegal act in the park, it doesn’t matter what time it is, you may be arrested.

Working together for a better community

**NEW SIGN** Park closes at 10:00pm

And the community needs support, just as much as their businesses

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”



OUR COMMUNITY Community Board #16


Viola Greene, District Manager

City Agency Concerns: DIAL 311 Issues *Questions *Comments, “laws” * Funding * Policies or procedures* Budgeting LOCAL

Community boards play an important role in improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers, but many people don't know a lot about them or how they operate


Local: Community Board #16 (718) 385-0323

TUESDAY September 24, 2013 7:00 pm


CITY CITY Councilmember

Darlene Mealy (718) 953-3097 41st Council District 1757 Union Street, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11213

Community boards have a variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

 

CITY Councilmember 42st Council District 718 Pennsylvania Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11207

STATE STATE Assemblyman 55th Assembly District 467 Thomas S. Boyland St.,Bklyn 11212

Dealing with land use and zoning issues. CBs have an

 

BROWNSVILLE BLOTTER Assessing the needs of their own neighborhoods. CBs assess the needs of their community members and meet with City agencies to make recommendations in the City's budget process.

STATE Assemblywoman

Inez Barron (718) - 257-5824 60th Assembly District 467 Thomas S. Boyland St.,Bklyn 11212

 

STATE Senator

Eric Adams (718) 284-4700

Addressing other community concerns. Any issue that affects part or all of a community, from a traffic problem to deteriorating housing, is a proper concern of community boards.

20th Senate District 1669 Bedford Avenue, Bklyn, 11225 STATE Senator

V. Mongomery (718) 643-6140 25TH Senate District 30 Third Avenue , BKLYN NY 11217

FEDERAL Congresswoman

Yvette Clarke (718) 287-1142

444 Thomas Boyland, Bklyn, NY 11212

important advisory role and must be consulted on the placement of most municipal facilities in the community. Applications for a change in or variance from the zoning resolution must come before the board for review, and the board's position is considered in the final determination.

Charles Barron (718) 649-9495

William Boyland (718)-498-8681


It is important to note that while community boards serve as advocates for their neighborhood, they do not have the ability to order any City agency or official to perform any task. Despite this limitation, boards are usually successful in resolving the problems they address.

Overall crime rate is down 11.5% since last year HOWEVER… NYCHA CRIME RATE IS UP !!! (SMH)—I’m Sure NYCHA can do better than that!

Helpful Advice: The community needs to stop supporting the “Bodegas” or corner stores that are known for purchasing stolen goods. What happens in these situation,s is that crime increases because a robber has an easier way to sell your items after they have robbed you.

Chew on that for awhile

123 Linden Boulevard4thFL, 11226

The community Board has some great Committees that need your support. There has been quite a bit of change on the board and on the committees. Some powerful events are about to take place, as the face of the community continues to change. There are no specific age requirements or education requirements. Call Community Board #16 (718) 385-0323 and ask about joining a committee. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE. The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”



Reshaping Our Youth and Adult Lives

FREE 2013 LPN Prep Program Wayside Baptist Church 1746 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11207 1-800-488-8599

Find out more about NEW

evening. Call 212.627.6252 for more information or register online at


NEW holds information sessions every Tuesday morning and Wednesday

The Non Traditional Employment for women (NEW)is a free training program which helps women of all ages get into non- traditional trades You can learn to work in construction in many different areas and also learn a skill, such as, electrical, carpentry, brick masonry, green building and much more. It’s definitely worth looking into



DCAS COMPUTERIZED TESTING CENTERS: This exam will be administered at the DCAS Computerized Testing Centers: Brooklyn 210 Joralemon Street 4th FL, Brooklyn, NY 11201 SCHOOL SAFETY AGENT Test fee: $47//Exam Nos. 4307// Salary $31,259 UNTIL 10/31/13 Monday

1:30 PM


5:30 PM

TRAFFIC AGENT Test fee $40.00//Exam Nos. 4309 // Salary $29,217 UNTIL 10/31/13 Monday

1:30 PM


5:30 PM

For current NYPD exams go to

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations is looking for motivated New Yorkers ready to take the next step and start a promising new career. No previous experience is necessary, but you must be ready to train and work full-time. All BWI programs are free of charge.

BWI is currently recruiting applicants for:

The “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program – Careers in TV and Film Production 5-week training program for individuals who want to start a career in TV and film production. Leads to certification by the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting and two years of job placement assistance. Program requirements include: 21 years old or older, NYC Resident, valid driver’s license, unemployed or low income. Contact 718-237-2017 ext. 145.

Family Re-entry Case Manager The Harlem Community Justice Center is looking for a dynamic persons to join our reentry team. This role will provide case management services to high risk persons on parole and their families as part of our family reentry initiative. Please help us to spread the word about this opportunity. Please send cover letter and resume to: Ms. Debbie Boar, Deputy Project Director Harlem Community Justice Center 170 East 121st Street, New York, N.Y. 10035 Fax: (212) 828-7416 or Senator Eric Adams Job Fair Update KINGS PLAZA JOB FAIR Although the job fair has passed, It was stated that you can continue to go to Kings Plaza and fill out applications for employment

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”


YOUTH / SCHOOLS/ GRANTS GRANTS AND ASSISTANCE FOR EDUCATIONAL NEEDS • GTECH donates up to $15,000 in state-of-the-art computers, technology, computer software, and volunteer hours to each after-school program in jurisdictions where GTECH conducts business worldwide.

Junior Volunteers

• The program targets minority and at-risk children aged five to 15. • GTECH employees will work with each agency to design and develop a fully operational Computer Center.

GTECH After School Advantage sites must meet the following criteria: • Must be a non-profit 501(C)(3) community agency or public school. • Is your organization located within a jurisdiction in which GTECH is the online lottery services vendor (see previous Implementation Schedule for list of jurisdictions)? • Must have an existing after-school program in need of a computer lab. • Must serve disadvantaged youth aged five to 15, of diverse backgrounds. • Must have staffing and monetary support systems in place to sustain the lab.

Internship Opportunity (16 and up)

For more information, please contact Elena Chiaradio at (401) 392-7705or by email at

High school students are a vital part of our volunteer program. Many students want a real-life, hands-on experience as an introduction into health care.

Or GO to

Junior Volunteers commit to two volunteer shifts a week. Shifts are a combination of either an Administrative placement, Patient Care placement, or a placement in the Patient Library. The minimum commitment is six months of service.

N-Visioning a brighter future for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The areas are: Patient Care, Administrative, Patient Library Highly selective! Please be sure to list your interests, goals and reasons why you want to volunteer in a thoughtful, well-written application.

Three schools will be awarded $1,000 to complete their project by the end of the school year. Another $2,000 will be granted to each of these school’s science department for its needs. Therefore, total grant amount a school will receive is $3,000. Any creative hands-on project dealing with STEM. Ideas are limited only by your imagination! Equipment and trips should be just one component of a well-planned project, integrated with other curriculum materials and activities. Projects that involve students directly, and that incorporate community resources and utilize interdisciplinary or team- teaching strategies are preferred.

Youth Media Internship Application BRIC’s Youth Media Internship program will focus this year on designing and producing a Youth Film Festival to take place at BRIC House in the spring of 2014. Our interns will gain transferrable skills in communications, public relations and production to better prepare them for the 21st Century workforce.

Jill Beale Youth Media Education Manager 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 683-5670 Learn more at

Schools and teachers who want their students to learn more about STEM through a hands-on project should apply for this grant. The grant money will be used to fund the project based on the guidelines below under the projects considered for funding.

Grants can be used to help cover the cost of materials, supplies and other expenses conducting local workshops or training sessions. 1.

For full grant infor go to Applications must be RECEIVED no later than Friday, November 15, 2013. Please email the grant application to or mail to: Tracey Rapali Westinghouse Electric Company Suite 170 1000 Westinghouse Drive Cranberry, Pennsylvania 16066

Additional school funding sources for Elementary Schools Every elementary School should have a box top collection box at the front door so children and parents can drop them off Box Tops for Education: Don’t Throw out those box top coupons that are on the products that you purchase! Cut out those box tops AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”


We The People

There are a lot of questions about what is going on with the PROSPECT PLAZA building JOBS and housing. .. and rightly so. Hope this can provide a better understanding of what NYCHA and the developer AGREED to do provide to the comunity. NYCHA will provide $15.5 million in HOPE VI Grant funds for the development of the public housing units at Prospect Plaza. THE PROJECT will include a space for a new supermarket, community facility space with a rooftop greenhouse, and a new recreation area.

The Program emphasizes partnerships with community residents, other agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses to leverage support and resources.

What is “Section 3?” (In plain terms) Public Housing residents are supposed to be hired first and then other lowand very low-income residents in the metropolitan area The Developer must comply with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 [12 U.S.C. 1701u and 24 CFR Part 135], which represents HUD’s policy to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by HUD financial assistance shall, to the greatest extent feasible, and consistent with existing Federal, State and local laws and regulations, be directed to low- and very low- income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing, and to business concerns which provide economic opportunities to low- and very low-income persons. The NYCHA Office of Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability (“REES”) is currently working to assemble a pool of NYCHA residents qualified for jobs generated by development projects using NYCHA land and/or funding?

These were the

Community Concerns: Although not within the scope of the requirements for this Phase I ESA and not considered environmental concerns according to ASTM guidelines, the following items have been noted:

• Mold was observed on the ceiling of the ground floor units in all three (3) buildings on the Prospect Plaza Parcels and in the basement of the building at Prospect Plaza Parcel A. • The majority of the

interior walls and ceilings of all three (3) buildings on the Prospect Plaza Parcels have painted surfaces which are becoming detached and reveal evidence of additional layers of paint. Due to the date the buildings were constructed, it is suspected that this paint contains lead. • The majority of the floor surfaces and ceilings in all three (3) buildings on the Prospect Plaza Parcels are composed of suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Remember: there is a school right across the street. Safety is important!

The Contractor received the RFP contract with the agreement that their company would fulfill the following requirements: Soliciting minority and women owned business When issuing solicitations for subcontractors, the selected Developer will be required to take affirmative steps to target minority- and womenowned business enterprises (“MWBE”) Outreach Meetings

NYCHA expects to meet with former Prospect Plaza residents on a regular basis and the selected Developer will be expected to participate in these meetings to present the Project and provide periodic updates. The initiatives include the NYCHA Resident Training Academy and other partnerships with proven job training organizations, as well as working with unions to increase access for Public Housing residents. With these efforts, it is anticipated that there will be a substantial number of qualified job candidates from which the Developer may hire by the beginning of the construction of the first phase of the Project. A list of MWBE firms will be furnished for the Developer by NYCHA DEO on request. However, this list shall not be the sole source of the Developer’s outreach efforts. In an effort to identify new firms to participate in subcontracting activities, the Developer will agree to attend at least two MWBE outreach events upon execution of an agreement. NYCHA DEO will notify the Developer of various outreach events. Oftentimes in “Urban Communities,” safeguards are lax due, in part, to the fact that people may not be aware of the steps to take to express their concern. However, it is of the utmost importance to our children’s health that the health of the community to ensure that all major construction is done utilizing proper safety measures – ESPECIALLY during the predemolition and demolition phases (including proper disposal of harmful materials.

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”

The Developers who received the contract are the Blue Sea Development Co., Pennrose Properties, Duvernay + Brooks, and Rosenberg Housing Group (Blue Sea & Partners)

The concerns that were expressed at the community Board meeting: *A noticeable increase of rats *A belief that the asbestos concern was not being handled properly and the community was being exposed

*The was a lack of appropriate workers to help the children cross safely because the company barriers are confusing and dangerous * JOBS

To file a complaint/concern with the City of New York: Contacting 311 should be your first step to filing a complaint. It is logged into the system and you receive a complaint number You can also call direct to the

Department of Buildings BEST Squad for complaints/ concerns and they will send out an inspector within a reasonable time frame Buildings Enforcement Safety Team (BEST): Phone: (212) 393-2404 or email TO EXPRESS CONCERN

REGARDING JOB AVAILABILITY: Also call your community Board, and YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, whose numbers are located on the inside of page 2 and let them know this is a concern for you.


IMPORTANT HEALTH ISSUES What is all thE fuss about



You don’t have to suffer with wearing adult diapers or Pads!

(718) 630-8600


Many of you may wonder, just as I did, what all theis fuss about with MSG. With everything seemingly dangerous and leading up to the perception that I should just stop eating all together, I tried to just ignore the “MSG” rumbles. I falsely believed that MSG was only in Chinese food, and so I figured that I would make Chinese food an occasional treat, that I would indulge in no more than once every few months. I’m an active person and I believe that I eat fairly healthy Problem was, I started to notice that some foods that I ate made me feel terrible afterwards. Oftentimes, I didn’t associate it with what I had eaten because the symptoms weren’t noticeable, like a nausea or stomach ache kind of sickness. They didn’t always happen immediately after eating, so I didn’t make the connection between what I had eaten and how I was feeling. The effects ranged from a headache, or a tightness in my chest, to feelingl like the room was hot or aggravated, like my blood pressure was high.

Lutheran Healthcare 2 Convenient Brooklyn Locations: Bay Ridge 88th St. Bklyn, NY 11209 Downtown Brooklyn 142 Joralemon Street Bklyn NY 11201

In sum, I found out that I was experiencing symptoms of MSG toxicity an I’ll give you an

DANGERS EXPOSED Here is a list of SOME of the OTHER names of msg containing products

MSG is a Neurotoxinneurotoxins are able to penetrate into the brain and induce significant damage they can include mental or emotional changes, vision loss, weakness or numbness in the arms and legs, or sexual impairment. c-side-effects.html#ixzz2iTAhlyPR Mono Sodium Glutamate – is a very big money maker for food companies instead of using quality seasonings. example of “why?.” If we examine an average Hispanic meal of chicken, yellow rice, beans and a salad with Italian dressing, and use sazon to season your beans, rice and chicken, recaito for your beans and have Italian salad dressing with your salad-You—have just consumed an extremely large amount of MSG.

and chips to juices to coffee, but there is help.

Sazon is colored MSG and ALL of the other ingredients contain MSG – yes including the salad dressing…and im not the only one. Frighteningly, almost all products contain some form of MSG. the government has allowed it to be used in everything from baby food

*Eat more Fresh meat/Poultry Fresh Vegetables and fresh fruit

Avoid foods that have the lower end of MSG base which are plainly labeled MSG. Don’t use Sazon, Accent of any other flavor enhancer (if possible). Season your own food with Sea Salt, Garlic, Pepper, oregano, lemon, etc.

I think you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel. I know that I did.

Glutamic acid (E 620)2 Soy sauce Autolyzed yeast Almost anything with “glutamate” in the name ,ie, Magnesium glutamate (E 625) Any “hydrolyzed protein” Some of the reactions known as msg symptom comples

Headache Flushing Depression Sweating Facial pressure or tightness Numbness, tingling or burning in the face, neck and other areas Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations) Chest pain Nausea Weakness FYI:

MSG exposure over a period of 3-6 months led to significant risk for damage to the retinas of the eyes www.mayo clinic


GROCERY STORE CURES MEMORY FOG? Bunch of Parsley $1.00 Parsley is a good source of folic acid, one of the most important B vitamins, C and vitamin A (notably through its concentration of the pro-vitamin A carotenoid, beta-carotene). Place it in a bowl of cold water and swish it around with your hands **individuals with already existing and untreated kidney or gallbladder problems may want to avoid eating parsley

Rosemary helps to enhance memory, calm nerves, stimulates the circulatory system, and helps prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain It can be used as an essential oil for aromatherapy or it can be taking in pill or tea forms.

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”



Community In motion Our community is Active, involved and unique. I would like to thank all of the contributors, and community activists who have helped to make this community what it is…..MORE TO FOLLOW

Catering to theBrownsville Community with great prices and excellent service! The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”

Place your AD HERE Over 1,000 copies in distribution and growing…


Food For Thought

Legal Lives

Submitted by Latrice Walker, ESQ

GANG LAWS I remember one day in my youth, while travelling home from school we saw a crowd young people making loud noises and “egging” on a fight. Every young person who walked out of the building along Bergen Street, stopped to watch the fight and the crowd grew more excited. It was as if we sat ring-side at a Mike Tyson bout. As, the fight continued, we continued to follow behind it. Then, some adult came, broke the fight up, and we all continued on our walk home. We laughed and giggled about who got “beat up” and what we would have done, had it been us. Little, did we know, just a few short years later, being present at that fight could get us 3 years in prison. Today, in New York, we are under new “Gang Laws”. Although, some may say that these laws are necessary when it applies to “Gang Related Crimes”, however, being a member of a gang does not trigger its application. In fact, it does not make a difference if you are in a gang or not. All that is required is that two or more people are present. A person is guilty of gang assault in the 2 degree when, with intent to cause physical injury [a fight, a


slap, a kick, a punch] to another person and when aided [encouraged, assisted – holding a book bag-] by two or more other persons actually present [being there], serious physical injury is caused. In a nutshell, if you are there, you may be charged for this crime. This charge carries a minimum sentence of 3.5 years jail and the maximum sentence is 15 years jail. Note that, Gang Assault in the First Degree has a similar definition of Gang Assault in the Second degree, but carries a minimum sentence of 5 years jail and a maximum sentence of 25 years jail. The difference between the two is the degree of seriousness of the intended injury and result. For instance, if the victim has bloody nose, due to a punch in the face, or, if the person is in a coma because they were bludgeoned with a brick, will determine which degree of the crime, you may be charged with, just for being present and “egging” on the fight. So the next time you see a commotion and want to watch a fight, maybe you should mind your business…and walk the other way! The Beautiful Brown Barrister from Brownsville If you have a question that you would like Mrs. Walker to respond to, send your inquiries to thebvillecollective@gmail. Com

This article has been provided as general informational purposes only.

Is Brownsville Brooklyn Ready for its Jane Jacobsian Comeback? by

Public Housing Matters Brownsville Brooklyn has the largest concentration of public housing in New York City. Public Housing Communities literally generate billions of real capital and payroll dollars for the local economy of NYC and the residents generate millions in revenues for the local and district economies.

They comprise the largest group which financially supports the local stores and businesses, and should not be treated with such indifference and negligence on a community, city, state and federal level. Some powerful movements will continue to grow out of the public housing community in the profound areas of civil engagement because… In the end of the day, the public housing residents’ goal is to let people know that Public Housing Matters… "The future belongs to those who, united as one, set their sights on the horizon and plan with leadership to include all of the voices of the people, to build institutions that will benefit all of their constituents." Submitted by Reginald H. Bowman City Wide Council of PresidentsNYCHA

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”

julia vitullo-martin Is Brownsville Brooklyn””long regarded as one of New York’s most troubled neighborhoods””ready for its comeback? The once-gorgeous Loew’s Pitkin Theatre… $43 million renovation by Poko Partners … Indeed, the L train” ”which cuts in a straight line across Manhattan’s 14th Street…”shows the way…. NYU’s Furman Center points out, over 85% of Brownsville residents live within a half mile of a subway or rail entrance. Haggerty has a plan, partly inspired by Jane Jacobs’s ideas in The Death and Life of Great American Cities… Rosanne Haggerty, … president of Community Solutions, calls the L the “gentrification train,”• which can bring income diversity to Brownsville… Jewish households left Brownsville in large numbers after World War II… which had become mainly African-American, remained poor and crime stayed high… Brownsville has the highest concentration of public housing projects in New York””and thus probably in the country. The projects’ design””which almost no one defends today””developed from the ideas of eminent mid-20th century planners, dubbed “Decentrists”• by Jane Jacobs, who borrowed the term from housing activists. Decentrists thought urban streets were destructive environments for human beings…by design, the projects became what Jacobs described as self isolation…2 million square feet in unused air rights … maybe even a new residential tower close to the subway station, which might be a candidate for housing for moderateincome households.” Brownsville, Brooklyn: Blacks, Jews, and the Changing Face of the Ghetto... In other words, the demand for moderate-income housing, such as that identified by Harris, remains strong in Brownsville.

Food or Thought ? For full article go to ttp:// wnsville-brooklyn-ready-for-comeback/


TRUTH [Type a quote from the document or the summary amongst of an the interesting the people point.that Youwere can position Revelation the text2:8 box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the BIBLE BASICS considered sinners, and taught them "To the angel of the church in formatting of the pull quote text box. about the Power,Purpose, Love and Thyatira write: These are the words “What every Christian should know” CHOSEN BY GOD Grace of God. of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are *The Old Testament is the first BIBLE Q&A Why is Jesus always shown as a like burnished bronze. part of the Christian Bible, white blond haired man with blue What does HalleluJah mean? comprising thirty-nine books and eyes? Do I have be 100% correct to be corresponding approximately to saved? Hallelujah is a transliteration of the The Italian artist named Leonardi the Hebrew Bible. Most of the Hebrew word ‫( הַ לְּלּוי ָּה‬Modern halleluya, Davinci painted “The Last Supper” NO. Salvation is A FREE GIFT. books were originally written in Tiberian halləlûyāh), which is composed at the monastery of Santa Maria Hebrew, some in Aramaic Romans 3:23 of two elements , "Praise (ye)" and Yah delle Grazie in Milan, Italy . It was For all have sinned, and come short Young's Literal Translation"Jehovah" part of the resoratio project by 1. *The New Testament is the Leonardo's patron Ludovico Sforza, of the glory of God; Isn’t being a Christian just something second part of the Christian Bible, Duke of Milan. Ephesians 2:8 to keep people thinking like a slave? written originally in Greek and No T o be a Christian was to be Christ- Leonardo Davinci, being italian, For by grace are ye saved through recording the life and teachings of Like. The examples of Jesus THE Christ painted all of the characters faith; and that not of yourselves: it is Jesus and his earliest followers according to what HE thought they the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest were about a man who stood up for God any man should boast. should have looked like. Many no matter what. He refused to bow down * Genesis means the beginning to Satan (man’s enemy). He refused to people mistakenly have used this *** The views expressed here are picture as an example of what bow down to peoples beliefs about what not necessarily the views of the 1. * Revelation is a surprising and ”The Savior was supposed to look like. Christ looked like. Brownsville collective previously unknown fact, esp. one He further stood up for what he believed He was described as having white in by refusing to sit with what would that is made known in a dramatic You can believe whatever you currently be considered the “Bishops and HAIR white like LAMBS WOOL way. (THICK) and referenced in choose high members of religion. Instead, he sat


With that you should always have the seven things to take advantage of:

you apply yourself to, and being proactive doesn’t make you perfect but it does make you better

1) Your youth before you become old

6) Finding out what is your purpose and responsibility in life before you die


2) Your health because it is better than the cure

Never let the thorns deny you of the smell of the rose You know oftentimes, the meaning is explained as never let the trials and tribulations in life deny you of the finer things.

3) Your wealth before you become poor. Not the egotistic materialistic or flamboyant things, but the finer things in life, which are True love for oneself- true, respect and true friendship

After Every difficulty there comes ease. And every difficulty is not to burden you, but to make you stronger because every adversity is to build you up. So be perseverant in the face of adversity and continue to stand strong.

4) Your family before they are gone, because blood is thicker than water and many times your family lets you know where they came from and can let you know where you can go.

7) Knowing that it is to worship the creator of everything in existence, because although there are many systems of belief, the basics being Jewish, Christian and Muslim, whom all believe in the one God, the creator of everything.

This is what is known as the sinners prayer…If you would like to be saved Romans 10:9 That if you shall confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart, that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.


5) The realistic goal that you have set forth in your life before you die Because you can accomplish anything that The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”



Senior Abuse


Over half of all reported abuse cases Abuse is a problem we all seem to be aware of when it comes to children, the use of dangerous substances, or the ways in which decisions made can lead to suffering, pain, and loss for ourselves or those around us.

involve the children or grandchildren of the abused. Other abusers include other in

New York

One out of every 14 Americans over the age of 60 may be suffering from some sort of abuse. And for each case of elder abuse reported, five more cases go unreported. New York State's Protective Services for Adults program, provided through local county departments of social services, has been created by law to aid in the protection of impaired adults over the age of 18 who may be falling victim to abuse.

They are here to aid and protect, but it all begins with you. Protective Services for Adults can do nothing to help if they are not notified!

it impossible for the victim to seek help for themselves

relatives such as:

   

But what about Adult & Elder Abuse? When we talk about adult and elder abuse, we're talking about family. Your family, the family next door, OR the family across town. Someone you know might be suffering from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. The kindly neighbor next door who trims your hedges might be a victim of financial exploitation by a family member, caretaker, or other close associate.


SENIOR ABUSE Impairments may make HELP

paid care providers siblings and spouses friends neighbors

According to a 1997 profile of the Protective Services Caseload in New York State:    

New York Protective Services for Adults

56.3% of abusers were male 74% of abusers were family members 34% of abusers were adult children 26% of abusers were spouses

Adult and elder abuse exists across all demographic and geographic boundaries. Victims of adult abuse include the frail elderly, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, and substance abusers. Anyone can become a victim of abuse, regardless of age, gender, financial status, or background.

1-212-630-1853 HRA Adult Protective Services Monday thru Friday 9 – 5pm 

1-800-342-3009 (Toll free in New York) - Press Option 6


Think about your responsibilities for protecting and caring for your loved ones and neighbors the next time you suspect adult abuse in your family or community.

Victims may not know where or how to seek help, and are often isolated

1-888-201-4563 E-Mail:


Many abused persons are often not known to any agency or have refused services and are isolated from family and friends. The need to provide help for these individuals will continue to grow as our population ages and family ties become strained by distance and the burden of chronic illness

To report adult abuse, call (within New York State only): 1-800-342-3009 (Press Option 6) or contact the local county Department of Social Services Adult Protective Services.

Adult abuse is often a "hidden" problem, partly because the victims fail to report abuse and mistreatment for 

Report suspected abuse to PROTECTIVE SERVICES FOR Reports can be made anonymously, if desired. 1-800-342-3009 ADULTS.

Fear of retaliation from the accused abuser Perceived lack of a safer alternative to the current living situation

 The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”


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Real life HEROES We are The BROWNSVILLE collective There isn’t enough room on the front page to acknowledge the many people in Brownsville, Brooklyn who have truly been the glue that holds us together. Many, who are the heart and soul of this beautiful community.

THE PEACE KEEPERS Mr. Kilpatrick is part of one of the most active community groups in Brooklyn, and many of the members are part of other community groups and organizations which strive to make the streets of Brownsville safer. He believes that we should show “God In Action,” by taking the initiative to interact with people on a personal level. They have been on the corner for over four years, and they are committed to stay for the long haul.

In picture from left to right Jesse Gordon, Barry Kilpatrick, (President-Brooklyn Chapter),Chaplin Douglas Covington, Chaplin Sharon Rogers, Tahir Muhammad, Beast Anderson(Eastern regional director)

We are see familythem and we THE BROWNSVILLE COLLECTIVE You onare the corners…but who are they? The Peacekeepers are a volunteer group, whose mission is to promote and support the belief of their founder, Captain Dennis Muhammad.

They are part of a Global initiative to call upon the men in the community to accept responsibility for the women, children and elderly. The peacekeepers are a successful organization that has seen marked growth since their initial start, which began in Queens and Brooklyn several years ago. They now have over 19 Chapters nationwide, which are now comprised of both men and of women. In an interview with Mr. Barry Kilpatrick, President of the Brooklyn Chapter, he was able to shed more light on the Peace Keepers initiative which states that they are Present for Peace.”

All of the peacekeepers are an invaluable resource. The men are continuing to stand strong for their mission, while the women are blazing a bright path of their own. They come from all walks of life, and they are strong individuals, who each have their own story to tell, as to “why” they became involved with the peacekeepers global initiative. They connect with people and have assisted countless families and individuals through referrals, PRAYER, intervention, and by showing love. Mr. Kilpatrick states that if he were to be able to relay one message to the people…it would be that he would like to see more men and women get involved with the global initiative because with community are the ones that have to connect with the each other. Deidre Olivera

You can be sure to count on the Peacekeepers, giving back to the community in their own way Every Saturday on THE CORNER OF Dumont and Rockaway Avenue from 3:00pm to 4:00pm And you can also tune into the weekly talk show “PEACETIME” Wednesdays’ 6:00pm – 7:00pm Call 1-305-848-8888 Press 1 then Conf. number 9067019860# Membership is open to all who wish to be involved

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”



CONTRACTORS CORNER The Dormitory Authority - State of New York (DASNY) is soliciting bids from Construction Managers and General Contractors to enter into General Construction (GC) Minor Maintenance Contracts to complete minor maintenance projects in various geographic locations throughout the State. Individual Work Orders will generally range in value from $5,000 to $40,000. A Complete set of Contract Documents may be obtained from Camelot Print & Copy Center, Bid Department, 100 Fuller Road, Albany, NY 12205. To view the documents online go to, click on "Log into Plan well". Once on line click the blue "go" link for "Public Plan room". Click on DASNY Project No. 3111209999, CR No. 12,13,14,15,16, 17 and 18 and begin viewing the project documents. Please calls Camelot’s Bid Department, (518) 435-9696 or email them at for more information.

DUE DATE: 10/3/2013 2:00 PM Battery Park City Authority d/b/a Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority (“BPCA”) requests proposals DUE DATE:10/31/2013 Interested parties may receive a complete copy of the RFP at and clicking on the opportunities tab This proposal is subject to MWBE Participation Would you like to be a part of the BVILLE COLLECTIVE Newspaper Team? Email :

or call 347-450-2075

FYI – A law signed by Mayor Bloomberg waives various fees required for rebuilding, recovery, and operation of businesses (including vehicles) impacted by Hurricane Sandy Business owners must apply for certification of eligibility at the Restoration Business Acceleration Team (RBAT) for a fee waiver by October 31, 2013, but may have fees waived until December 31, 2013. For more details on fee relief and RBAT services, visit the RBAT website

Workshop in Business Opportunities Loan Fair

Cost: Free

Date: October 29, 2013, 1:00pm to 4:00pm Description: Need a loan? Want to compare investors? Or understand the benefits of a loan? Then come to WIBO’s Loan Fair to get all of the answers to your burning! Location: BNY Mellon – 101 Barclay Street (near Greenwhich St.) New York, NY

Small Business Legal Academy Date: October

Cost: Free

29, 2013

Description: The Small Business Legal Academy is a one-day event bringing together corporate law firms, financial services consultants, City and State agencies, and other service providers to strengthen New York City's vibrant and diverse small-business community. Receive free consulting services, learn about starting and managing your business or nonprofit, and uncover solutions to the legal and financial challenges facing your organization.

Location: Apollo Theater, 253 W 125th St New York, NY 10027

The Brownsville Collective Volume I “Be blessed to be a blessing”

The brownsville collective (online edition) october  

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