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July 19,2010



In the business of making people A great achiever, a great mind happy Photo by Mia Moran

Photo by Olivia Galinzoga

By Olivia Galinzoga

The Bridge Newspaper

By Mia Moran

The Bridge Newspaper The Department of Language and Literature main office located in Pellegrino Hall 314 is being painted. Its walls used to be gray blue, but not any more. Now, those walls are being painted with the TAMIU beige tone. The new tone of paint is enhancing the office environment completely by providing a warm atmosphere. The person responsible for this transformation is Mr. Jose Saavedra. Saavedra has been working in PH314 since Monday of this week. He possesses 35 years of painting experience. Saavedra loves his work, because he has the power to place smiles on people's faces, “a person's live changes completely with a fresh hand of paint and a new color. People feel energetic and happy” said Saavedra who likes to dress

in white. He goes around the university on his white car which runs on electricity and can sit two passengers. The car has a cargo compartment to carry the paint gallon bottles around. “This car makes my live easier, because I can get from job to job faster” commented Saavedra. Mr. Saavedra has two children the oldest is 33 years old and the youngest is 30. In addition, he has six grand children. Fruits like strawberries, watermelon, and melons are his favorite food. Some vegetables are also his favorite food. Saavedra's favorite animal is deer.

The Bridge Newspaper On July 15, 2010, Bridge reporters interviewed professors at the university. Reporters interviewed Dr. Irma Cantu, a faculty member of Texas A&M International University in the Dept. of Language and Literature specifically in the Spanish section. She is currently working on Spanish and communication for journalists who want to write in Spanish, and is working on a grant to help the college get funds for research and expand students' horizons by exposing them to other cultures. Dr. Cantu specializes in Latin- American and Mexican literature. She enjoys this course greatly because she herself is

Love of children’s literature The Bridge Newspaper

Mexican and she likes to see her culture and history translated in words. Besides teaching at Tamiu, Dr. Cantu helps out with the Spanish portion of The Bridge. Here she checks grammar and photographs in the section. Dr. Cantu found her work at Tamiu when she was living in Baltimore and she looked up openings on the internet. She took the job because she is originally from Monterrey and she would be close to her family and she knows the area very well. She was also interested at the fact that Tamiu is a state university and liked the idea of working there. Dr. Cantu received her degree at UT Austin. Dr. Irma Cantu loves her job at Tamiu greatly and thinks that Tamiu has a fantastic Spanish program and because of our area, students

Dickinson University in New Jersey. Then he became a librarian and remained one for 26 years. He became the head of public services in Tamiu which means he supervises all the public service areas of the library. He is in charge of areas that include reference circulation and more.

Photo by Sarah Castillo

By Sarah Castillo

An important piece to our culture By Andrea Martinez

Tamiu has one of the best libraries in all of Laredo. If you ever need to find a book you can always visit the Tamiu library. You can visit the reference desk for more information. There will be

Mr. John Maxstadt, Head of Public Services of Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library John Maxstadt is an amazing person. He is originally from Indiana and moved here to Laredo. Before coming here he got his bachelors from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Then he received two masters from the Fairleigh

Dr. Francis Rhodes was born in Eagle Pass, Texas on April 21, 1943. At the age of five she learned to read. “I haven’t been able to put books down since”, said Dr. Rhodes. Dr. Rhodes enjoys reading classics such as “Heidi” and “A Little Princess.” She’s read her fair share of Louisa May Alcott books along with a few by Maeve Binchy. Dr. Rhodes also enjoys reading modern books and

is currently reading the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. Inspired by her love of reading, she decided to pursue a career in Children’s Literature and now is a well respected professor here at Texas A&M International University. At TAMIU Dr. Rhodes is one of the professors with the most seniority. She has seen Laredo and TAMIU grow and prosper. “Laredo is my home, even though I wasn’t born here, I can’t picture myself anywhere else”, said Dr. Rhodes, “I’ll be here three days before my death”, she joked.

are very fluent and are open to learning the language. She loves her students and their curiosity to learn. Before Dr. Cantu was at Tamiu, she was a professor at the private institution, Notre Dame. She was inspired to become the person that she is today by many different writers and professors. Many people helped her to “frame her vocation”. Dr. Cantu would have wanted to be a diplomat or a foreign correspondent if she didn't do the job that she does today. Dr. Cantu's interests are traveling, reading, and having fun with her family. Dr. Cantu's advice for anybody who wants to get a job in the future is “to do what you are happy doing, and to follow your heart”.

A determined athletic director shares his story By Nisha Lakhiani

The Bridge Newspaper On Thursday July 15 at Texas A&M International University, The Bridge caught up with Associate Athletics Director, Dan Lathey. Lathey has been working here since TAMIU started athletics in 2002. He said it was the longest he’s ever worked

anywhere. He and his athletes are involved in charity work. “They get involved in a number of projects throughout the year,” said Lathey. Dan Lathey graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in radio & television in 1990. Later he went to Texas A&M Commerce and got a masters degree in journalism

in 1995. Lathey doesn’t let his journalism skills go to waste. Dan Lathey created a website and writes small biographies about past students here at TAMIU. Lathey does have goals for the year. He said they are trying to improve their website every year or add things they didn’t the year before. Dan Lathey enjoys his job and writing

Photo by Andrea Martinez

stories for his website. Go visit his website at:

Courtesy Photo by TAMIU Athletics Department

The Bridge Newspaper July 19, 2010 issue  
The Bridge Newspaper July 19, 2010 issue  

July 19, 2010 issue Summer Camp Edition