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July 19,2010

Animals I Love By Mia Moran

The Bridge Photographer I decided to focus my photo essay on Animals, because I love them. My photos focus on houses, dogs, and birds. This past Monday, while I was going home after attending camp, I saw horses across from TAMIU on the other side of the loop. There were four beautiful brown and

Photo by Mia Moran

white horses. I love them so much that I had to stop to take photos of them. When I found them, they were eating grass and weeds. When I got out of the car the horses looked at me and them like me. On that same day, my mom and I went to visit my great great aunt caregiver Meche. She lives across the river in Nuevo Laredo. At her home, upstairs Meche has one cage with two parakeet one green

East Coast Buildings By Sarah Castillo

The Bridge Photographer My photo essay consists of pictures taken in New York, Boston, and Washington.

and one white. These kinds of animals are like parrots, but smaller. Meche calls them with the Spanish name Los Pericos. In that same house, a 14 year old dog name Cuca lives with Meche. Cuca has black eyes, half yellow-half white hair, about one foot tall. She has a stomach tumor, but she‘s not in pain. We are all worry about her health. I wanted to take photos of her because I love her, because

Photo by Mia Moran

she has cut Beebe eyes. On Tuesday, I went to see Buddy and Nuttey after camp. They are the cutest dogs ever. Buddy is a Labrador as big as a lion. He has black eyes and yellow hair. He was but by a boy name Alex. Then Alex gives to Mark who is the current owner. The name Buddy was given to the dog by Alex. Buddy loves Mark a lot, who likes to lay down with Buddy. He loves to destroy/tarring

Photo by Sarah Castillo

Practicing my photography in these amazing cities was definitely a dream come true. I figured since I was not coming back soon, I might as well take some lasting memories home with me.

The beauty of the buildings in the east coast, are spectacular works of art and architecture. The architectural designs vary since there have been many cultural influences in the surrounding

My many lights The Bridge Photographer Sofia is a warm-hearted loving eight year old who enjoys happiness. Her personality is quite complex and yet beautiful in so many ways. She is almost always happy and cheery. Just her presence in a room brings the people

around her great joy and contentment. I decided to do my photo essay on my loving little sister because she is an inspiration in my life and takes up a lot of space in my heart. Sofia enjoys reading, playing with our huge dogs, and just being silly. We'll spend days together just laughing at old movies and making up

games to play when were bored. She and I will spend hours and hours alone just goofing off and having fun in our home. Sofia is very dedicated and extremely precise in whatever she does. She always tries to see situations from others eyes and is someone anyone can depend on. My sister is a great inspiration to me because she just

toys for fun. Buddy like to eat his dog food with milk. Nutty also like to eat the same way. Nutty is a mutt from the Buil Terrier family and resembles a Chupacabra. A Chupacabra is the name of a monster from Mexico who drinks goats blood. The nickname chupacabra was given by Mark his owner. Buddy and Nutty are uncle Mark’s dogs which are named after an ice cream desert.

Photo by Sarah Castillo

area. It is unlike anything I have every seen. Everything is just so surreal; it is hard to believe Buildings dating back to the 1800’s to modern day America can be found in these three urban cities.

Photo by Andrea Martinez

By Andrea Martinez


Photo by Andrea Martinez

lives life with an open mind and heart. She is so fun- loving and friendly that I feel like I can go to her for anything. Her look on life is very laid back and she enjoys every moment of every day and lives her life to the fullest. I truly admire her creativity and knowledge for the simplest of things. Sofia is a great joy to have as

a sister. I really believe that this photo essay captures her look at life and her capacity to live life fully. Sofia is a huge part of my life and I know that she will always be there for me with an open mind to help me encounter my life's dreams.

The Bridge Newspaper July 19, 2010 issue  
The Bridge Newspaper July 19, 2010 issue  

July 19, 2010 issue Summer Camp Edition