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July 19,2010

Inspired to learn


Photo by Olivia Galinzoga

By Andrea Martinez

The Bridge Newspaper During the summer of 2010, A&M International University held The Super Hero camp for children to learn about the importance of journalism and photography. Olivia Galinzoga, a 13 year old, light -haired camper told The Bridge about why she was interested in joining the camp. She told Bridge journalists

that “her grandmother has always been very involved in writing, and that this inspired her to join the summer program”. Olivia also said that she loves taking pictures and writing about her day to day experiences. Olivia believes that her experiences at this summer camp will help her enrich her knowledge when she is at school and will be a major learning experience for her life years to come.

Learning photography

Photo by Mia Moran

By Mia Moran

The Bridge Contributor During the month of July, Texas A & M International University student newspaper, The Bridge, hosted the “Super Hero” summer camp. The one week camp consisted of writing news stories and taking photographs. I was one of the attendees at the camp. I like to be called M and I am 10 years old. My mom convinced me to attend the summer camp which I have come to enjoy. “I love the

camp and everyone in it, I especially love taking pictures.” I believe that learning to take pictures will help her live by having the possibility to see her pictures print on the newspaper next week. My mom got me a pink camera to begin her creative journey. I have just transitioned from third grade into fourth grade at Malakoff Elementary school. I think my photo skills will assist me in documenting my childhood, creating unforgettable memories.

Harmony Star Student

Photo by Nisha Lakhiani

By Sarah Castillo

The Bridge Newspaper Nisha Lakhiani is an incoming 7th grader at the Harmony Science Academy. She has been attending Harmony for a year now. “I love it”, says Nisha but, that was not always the case. Coming from a private catholic school, Nisha knew no one at Harmony, but she soon adjusted. “Once I made friends, everything just kinda fell into place”, said Nisha.

She says she likes how Harmony is more involved in the community, by hosting multiple art and culture fairs. Aside from being a student at the Science Academy, Nisha was also a basketball player in their mighty tiger team Nisha continues to keep in touch with her friends at Mary Help. One in particular is her best friend, Dominic Campos. “We’ve been friends for eight years, why stop now?”

Andrea’s quest for knowledge

Photo by Andrea Martinez

By Olivia Galinzoga

The Bridge Newspaper During the hot summer day of July 12, 2010 at Texas A&M International University, The Bridge student news paper held a summer camp for kids called the “Super Hero Summer Camp.” One of the activities held at the camp is that the attendees interviewed each other.

A reporter interviewed Andrea Martinez who is 13 yrs. old. She was introduced into this camp by another attendee who convinced her to come. She enjoys this camp very much. She is entering into 8th grade this coming year at St. Augustine School. She hopes to use the skills achieved in writing and photography to keep memorable photographs and help her future academic career.

Photo by Sarah Castillo

A Future Journalist By Nisha Lakhiani

The Bridge Newspaper On July 12, the Texas A&M International University newspaper, The Bridge, started the “Super Hero” summer camp. This camp was to teach young future journalists how to write and take photographs. One of the future journalists was Sarah Castillo. Sarah wishes to become a future photojour-

nalist when she is older. When Sarah was in 7th grade, she found her true passion for photos and writing. She started getting more into journalism and her parents got her a professional camera for Christmas. “I enjoyed writing and I can see myself doing this job when I am older,” said Sarah. Sarah is going to be a freshman at Alexander High School this fall. She enjoys playing volleyball, painting,

and is in the National Junior Honor Society. Sarah still makes some time to work on her dream to become a photojournalist.

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