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Come join us for a night of celebration as we welcome new lives into the world and new lives into Christ through baby dedications and water baptisms. Being a community of believers, this is a night we should not want to miss.

If you have recently given your heart to the Lord or have rededicated your life and want to be water baptized, there is a class we would like for you to attend. So stop by our website, open our mobile app, or visit a kiosk out in the lobby and sign up for a class.

If you have a baby you would like to have dedicated, you can go online or open our mobile app to get signed up. We just need some basic information about your child and a photo we can use at Family Night.

You must be signed up for Family Night by September 22 to participate. So sign up today!


WELCOME TO CHURCH! I want to welcome you to The Bridge. We are so glad you chose to take time out of your busy schedule to check out what we have to offer. We want to help you get to the other side! - Pastor McNabb

Traditional Worship Experience Sundays at 8:15AM

PM Worship Experience Sundays at 6:30PM

This experience offers a variety of hymns and sacred songs.

This experience we come together as a whole to worship.

Modern Worship Experience Sundays at 9:30AM

Wed. Traditional Worship Experience Wednesdays at 7:15PM

This experience has a more laid back atmosphere & guitar driven worship.

This experience offers a variety of hymns and sacred songs and messages from Ken McGee.

Blended Worship Experience Sundays at 10:45AM

Drive Worship Experience Wednesdays at 7:30PM

This experience includes upbeat worship with a choir and orchestra.

This experience has a more laid back atmosphere & messages from Rob McClure.

Our trained nursey staff is available during all worship experiences. For a full list of other opportunities please check out the Get Connected section of Pulse.



Here are some things that we think are imperative to your journey here, as you explore what The Bridge has to offer you and your family.

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Need information? You can find it all in this magazine, on our website, or through our mobile app “MyBridge.” You can get details on all upcoming events, signup for classes, and much more! Stop by Fresh Start after the service. Here you will find someone from our staff who would like to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our church. In a large church, the key to making friends and having community is joining a small group. We know you’re busy, so we offer small groups on Sunday’s at 9:30 and 10:45AM to make the most of your time here. We feel our students and kids experiences are some of the best around, so make sure your kids don’t miss out on the amazing things we have going on for them.

actually need them. It’s amazing how something so valuable and potentially life saving can be overlooked or perceived as something “ordinary”, even though they can often mean the difference between arriving at your destination or completely derailing. We need guardrails in our lives. I will never forget a late night run to the bookstore that Brittanie and I took in December of 2006.

After having

watched the news that evening, we knew that the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex was about to get slammed by a freak winter ice storm. Obviously, this kind of storm was a pretty foreign concept for most of those living in the area. Having grown up in Colorado, Brittanie and I both felt pretty confident driving in winter weather; however, we also understood that living in a metro area of millions of people who hadn’t been exposed to snow and ice very often, the best decision during winter storms was to just stay off the roads until it all melted. (You know, too many crazies on the road!) So, having seen the news report and already witnessing the freezing rain that was beginning The North Yungas Road in Bolivia is believed by many to be the

to fall, we made the decision to run to the bookstore and

most dangerous road on the planet. So dangerous in fact, that

grab a couple of books and a movie before the “major” storm

is has earned the name, “The Death Road.” The road covers a

hit! We knew that once the road iced up we were going to be

40-mile stretch between the mountain town of La Paz and the

cooped up indoors for the next couple of days. What better

rainforest lowland of Coroico. It descends over 10,000 feet with

way to spend a major winter storm then by watching movies

incredibly sharp turns and has narrow passages to navigate, all

and reading a good book? It seemed to be the perfect plan. So,

while trying to avoid a 2,400 foot drop on one side. The road is

Brittanie, who was 5 months pregnant with the twins at the

extremely dangerous, and it is estimated that between 200-300

time, and I loaded up our oldest son Jordan into our small SUV

travelers are killed annually. With its extreme drop-offs, single

and ventured out on that cold wet night.

lane roads (no wider than 10ft) and unpredictable weather, one can start to see why this road is so dangerous, but when you

Heading towards the interstate we had to exit onto one of

add the fact that there are no guardrails along the way…it all

Dallas’s giant overpasses. It was at the top of this overpass

becomes clear.

that we happened to hit an icy patch that sent our vehicle skidding out of control. I tried to regain the ability to steer,

Guardrails can make all the difference.

They offer huge

but there was simply nothing that I could do. In that moment

amounts of protection to us whenever the road that we are

my family was forced to stare wide eyed at what seemed to

on begins to twist, turn and become unpredictable.


be our inevitable plunge off the 70ft high overpass. We were

crazy thing is that we usually don’t notice guardrails until we

completely out of control, and the thought that passed through

my mind was, “So, this is how it ends

so many of us end up way off course.

for us, I hope it doesn’t hurt when we

The truth is, if you asked anyone to

hit the ground.” To say that we were

look back over their life, every decision

terrified in that moment would be

that they regret was a result of their

a huge understatement! We slipped

own failure to put guardrails in place

across the road, closer and closer to

to protect their lives from those steep

the edge, until something completely

edges and drop-offs that life presented.

unexpected happened.


Is it possible that your greatest regret

slammed into a concrete guardrail

in life could have been avoided if you

at the top of the overpass. While I

would have established a guardrail

was panicking about plunging to our


deaths, I had completely forgotten

challenge you and your family to build

about the guardrails that had been

protective barriers in your life so you

placed there to prevent drivers from

can avoid the disasters that happen

veering off of the road. There is no

without them.

This series is designed to

other way to look at this scenario. The guardrails at the top of the overpass that day saved my family’s lives. Guardrails are something no one really notices…until we need them, and then, more often than not, they are a lifesaver. That night in Dallas, my family would have paid dearly had it not been for the barrier that protected our vehicle from tumbling over the edge of that overpass. Guardrails are of great importance in our lives. The reason that we have chosen to do a church wide series throughout the month of September on the topic of Guardrails is because we ALL need some kind of system in place to keep us from straying away from the path that leads towards God. Guardrails simply represent the system that is designed to prevent travelers from swerving off their paths and finding themselves far from their intended destination. Danger lurks around many of the turns in life, and if we don’t have a protective system for accountability in place

Proverbs 4:26 says,

“Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.” This verse reminds us that we are the ones who have the responsibility of being aware of what path our feet are on. Part of “pondering the path,” is about discerning whether or not you have a proper system of accountability in place to help you stay on the right road. This means you have to establish healthy boundaries and guardrails in your life to ensure that you stay on the road that leads towards Jesus and all of the blessings that He desires for you and your family.

be put in jeopardy. We all have the desire to stay on the right track, but

Where are my weaknesses? (What are the areas of your life that you are most vulnerable to falling off the path that God has intended? This may be where you need to establish your first guardrail.) What guardrails do I need to put in place to protect my family? (In order to help your family get to where they have the greatest opportunity to grow in their relationship with God, what systems do you need to put in place to foster that growth?) Who in my life can I count on to be a “guardrail” for me? (In life we need people who can keep us accountable, especially in those areas that we are weak.


strategically places people in our lives who value and care about us, people who want the very best for our lives. Is there someone in your life that you can share your struggles with, that can serve as your guardrail when you face those dangerous curves that life dishes out?) Who in my life can I be a “guardrail” for? (As much as we need to be responsible for our own lives, we are often put in great positions to help those around us. Perhaps the guardrail that another person needs to stay on course is you.) Who can I invite to church this month as we learn about the importance of guardrails in our lives? (Don’t miss an opportunity this month to invite someone to church who may need a brand new

to keep us on the road, our ultimate goal of a relationship with Jesus can


by Doug Wyatt @dougwyatt


BACK TO SCHOOL Have you been attending The Bridge for a while, and are looking for the next step? Maybe its time for you to become a member of The Bridge. So what does that mean? Membership at The Bridge involves serving, giving and participating in Biblical community. In our membership class, you’ll learn the vision and values of The Bridge. At the end of the class you’ll have an opportunity to become a member of The Bridge. Membership Class is designed for 16 year olds and up. Sign up online, through our mobile app, or at one of the information center kiosks out in the lobby. This class is a requirement for membership.

Yellow school busses driving their morning routes, teachers decorating bulletin boards and kids packing their back packs with crayons, rulers and their favorite books. Put it all together and what do you get? That’s right, it’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL! Mommies everywhere can be heard breathing a sigh of relief, kids can be heard grumping and growling at their return to early bedtimes, and dads, well let’s be honest, dad’s back-to-school routine is nearly identical to his year round routine, so dads just keep doing what dads do! Back to school means different things to different families. Some of us have one or two children who attend the same school, some of us have several children all attending classes at different school sites, and there are even those who attend school in their very own home with their siblings as classmates and their mom pulling double, triple and quadruple duty as not only mom, but also as teacher, counselor, principle and lunch lady! No matter what going back to school looks like for your family, this milestone day weaves a common thread between us all. Back to school marks time. That first day of each new grade brings butterflies in our stomachs and new shoes on our feet! We take way too many pictures of our kids as they head out the door, worry about them all day hoping they will make new friends and have someone to sit with at lunch, and we’re

most of all eager to hear all of our kid’s

report that’s due tomorrow as you tuck

“first day” stories when they hop in the

her into bed, your son is going to refuse

car late in the afternoon. Back to school

to get dressed and insist he go to school

allows us a moment in time to truly SEE

in his Superman costume, and your

how big our kids are getting and almost freeze a single day that we will carry in our memories our entire lives. We prepare our kids to go back to school with new backpacks, sharp pencils and fresh notebooks of crisp white paper, but as we dress our kids in their new first day of school outfits and strap on their filled to the brim backpacks, we can’t forget to equip them with the most important school supply of all. We have to make sure our children go back to school with a strong family bond behind them and a personal relationship with Jesus within them. God’s word lays out our responsibilities as parents quite clearly. Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” And Ephesians 6:4 says “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” If we work so hard and plan so far ahead to make sure our kids go back to school with the exact brand of erasers the teacher asked for then how much more important is it to prepare them with a faithful spirit and joyful heart? Our children rely on us to equip them for life, and there’s no greater way to send them into this world than with Jesus in their heart! Just like going back to school looks different for each family, there are also many ways to help prepare your child to face the world and keep their faith. Many families pray together before they start their day, others conduct Bible studies over dinner. It’s important that you find what works for you! It’s a given that your schedule is going to get busy. Yes, your daughter is going to remember a book

“We have to make sure our children go back to school with a strong family bond behind them and a personal relationship with Jesus within them.”

work is going to call and say they need you to come in on the very day of your first grader’s music performance. Life happens, but by growing our families to be strong and teaching our children to love the Lord we are one step ahead! It’s like we have the back-to-school study guide before anyone else in the class! Use it! Get ahead! Build a Godly family! HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL BRIDGE FAMILY! WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!

by Erika Knight



We believe it is vital that everyone who comes through our doors feel welcomed, connected with God, and connected with great people to do life with! So here we have a ton of avenues available for you to be a part of: small groups, special events, volunteer teams and more. We want to create ample opportunities for you to build incredibly fun, healthy friendships as well as help you flourish in your relationship with God! Your life is valuable! Get yourself connected today!

SMALL GROUPS SUNDAY’S AT 9:30AM “Angels” Join us as we lift the veil between the visible and the invisible world and look at eye-opening accounts of these behind-the-scenes agents. Ages: 30’s thru 50’s Leader: Kenny McGee Room: 201

“Running with Giants” Come and find inspiration and encouragement from the lives of Old Testament personalities. Ages: 30’s thru 50’s Leader: Roy Peck Room: 203

“Importance of Community” Join us as we dive into what role Community should play in our lives as followers of Jesus. Ages: 40’s thru 60’s Leader: Elaine Arnold Room: 104

“America’s Godly Heritage” Join us as we look at what was intended for America by the Founders and what can be done to return America to its original guiding philosophy. Ages: 40’s thru 60’s Leader: Ed Damron Room: 202

“Miracles of Jesus” Come and learn what the Bible holds about the miracles of Jesus. Ages: 40’s thru 60’s Leader: Kathleen Wilcoxson Room: 105

“Psalms” We are taking an in depth look into the Psalms and discovering what they mean for us today. Ages: 50’s and up Leader: Kenneth McGee Room: 100

“Hindsight Which Leads to Forsight” We are looking at lessons from the Old Testament that teach principles useable today. Ages: 50’s and up Leader: Ken Isom Room: Chapel

SUNDAY’S AT 10:45AM “Gods at War” Join us as we try to recognize that there are false gods at war within each of us, battling for control in our lives, which keep us from truly following Jesus. Ages: Young Marrieds Leader: Ryan Summers Room: 205

“Books of James, John, & Peter” Come discover God’s word verse by verse and learn what it is we should be learning from it. Ages: All Ages Leader: Rob McClure Room: 105

WEDNESDAY’S AT 7:15PM Foundations of Freedom Come join us on a journey to become the person God has created you to be. Ages: All Ages Leader: Linda McNabb Room: 200



Fresh Start September 8 6:30PM in The Commons

Divorce Care Wednesdays at 7:15PM

Have you recently started attending The Bridge? We want to meet you! Come and meet Pastor McNabb and get to know a little bit more about how we do church.

Baptism Class September 22 9:30/10:45/5:00 in Rm102 Baptisms will happen as a part of Family Night on September 29. You can sign-up through our mobile app, website, or one of our kiosks out in the lobby.

Membership Class September 8 & 15 9:30 & 10:45AM in Rm102 Join us for one of our mandatory membership classes where you’ll learn the vision and values of The Bridge. You can sign-up though our mobile app, website, or one of our kiosks out in the lobby.

HIS 24/7 Bible Discipleship Sundays at 10:45AM Come discover the basic Biblical principles to help you grow your relationship with God. Ages: All Ages Leader: Ken Isom Room: 100

Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. The journey is not easy, so come and let us walk with you. Leader: Donny Hilbern Room: 104

GriefShare Wednesdays at 7:15PM Join a caring group of people who will walk along side you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Leader: Jerry & Liz Rich Room: 102

Living Free Addiction Recovery Wednesdays at 7:15PM Come and us help you on the road to overcoming addictions and breaking free from life controlling issues. Leader: Ken Isom Room: End Zone

Financial Peace Wednesdays at 7:15PM Do you struggle financially? Come and learn how to handle money God’s way. Leader: Chet & Andrea Horn Room: 100


Corporate Prayer Sundays at 6:00PM Tuesdays at 9:00AM

Men’s Breakfast September 14 7:30AM in The Venue

Join us in the Chapel every week for a time of prayer.

Come and hang out with guys and enjoy a man sized breakfast.

ManDay September 21 3:00PM at Ramey Ranch

Yellow Rose Dinner Theater October 1 at 6:30PM

Come enjoy a campfire lunch, skeet shooting, fishing & archery. (1/4 mile West of Richland Rd on SW 89th St) Bring your own ammo. No rifles or pistols are allowed. $10 for adults, $5 for kids

This District Heritage event includes the show, meal, and gratuity for $42.00. You must RSVP by September 17th.


a part of a full service and small group time specifically designed around them in the Bridge Students building. For more information go to

Bridge Students Wednesdays at 7:15PM


Bridge Kids Sundays at 8:15/9:30/10:45AM

Join us for our weekly worship experience in the Bridge Students building.

“Gideon” Bible Study Wednesdays at 7:15PM

Join us for exciting worship, fun games, and Biblical lessons every week!

Sunday Small Groups Sundays at 10:45AM

Join us as we learn how our weakness is God’s strength. Leader: Dorcas Schroeder Room: 105

Boys & Girls Clubs Wednesdays at 7:15PM

“Law of Love” Bible Study Tuesdays at 10:00AM

every week for boys (Royal Ranger) and girls (mPact) that help them grow in their walk with God.

Join us as we take an in depth look and discover the pages of Deuteronomy. Leader: Carroll Harrell Room: 202

“Our Covenant God” MOM’s Class Tuesdays at 10:00AM Come spend some time with the ladies while we take care of your kids. It’s just the break you’re looking for. Leader: Kathy McGee Room: 104

SENIOR ADULTS Primetime Tuesdays at 10:00AM Join us for Bible teaching and a variety of activities & events to energize the soul. Leader: Ken Isom Room: Venue

We offer fun filled programs

mPact Girls Sleepover September 20 at 7:15PM

Get connected in a weekly small group! This is a great way to learn more on specific topics throughout the Bible. 7th-8th Grade: Room 203 9th-11th Grade: Room 201 12th Grade: Room 204

Family Groups Monday’s at 7:00PM

BGMC Buddy Bike Run October 19 8:30AM in West Parking Lot

Family Groups provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for students to discuss relevant and practical topics under the guidance of Bridge Students Adult leaders. More information on the different locations can be found at students

Cost is $30 per biker/$50 per couple. Event will start at 9AM and end at noon with a cookout style lunch and giveaways.

Mustang vs. PCN Football September 12 6:00PM at Bridge Students

Come ready to hang out, play carnival games, and eat snacks! Cost is $7 per person(not to exceed $20 per family)

BGMC Dinner September 25 6:00PM in The Venue Come enjoy fellowship, catch a quick meal before service, and support missions.


Roadtrip September 20 at 10:00AM

New! Bridge 5.6 Sundays at 10:45AM

We are headed to the Cherokee Strip Museum and then a look around town in Enid. Cost is $15.00, which includes your lunch.

Bridge 5.6 will be able to provide a relaxed atmosphere for young 5th and 6th grade students so that they can begin to find their place in the youth group. They will have the opportunity to be

Come hang out with us as we support our Mustang Broncos at Putnam City North! We will meet at the Youth Building at 6:00 PM and leave by 6:15 PM. We will return home around 10:00 PM. All you will need is $5 for your admission.

Corn Maze October 4 5:00PM at Bridge Students We will leave at 6:00PM to drive to P-Bar Farms in Hydro, OK. We will get to walk through the corn maze, go on a hayride, grill hot dogs, and roast s’mores. The cost is only $12 and includes all activities and dinner.

YOUNG ADULT “How to Ruin Your Life By Thirty” Sunday’s at 10:45AM Join us for this discussion based small groups designed for college age students. Leader: Doug & Brittanie Wyatt Room: 204

SERVE Serving is not just about helping others. What you’ll find out when you serve is that serving others is also the best way to grow in your relationship with God. For a full listing of all the different ways you can get involved here in the church and out in our community visit thebridge.agorg/serve

CLASS SPOTLIGHT Back in the spring of this year I was able to attend a life-changing conference at Gateway Church in Dallas. It was a deep experience with the Lord that has changed the way I think, the way I view God, and my understanding of God’s vision for my life. It was Amazing! Freedom ministry has taken me from trying harder to be a better person, to focusing on the person God created me to be. It’s a whole new way of thinking, of seeing, and of hearing God’s voice in your life. I decided to bring this teaching to our church in the form of a small group which will be meeting on Wednesday nights starting September 11 at 7:15PM in Room 200. It turns out that everyone needs freedom from something in their life. If God is speaking to you to take this journey with me, please join me for the next chapter in the life God created you to live. -Linda McNabb

function well. This is very different from the way most people view church— which is generally an event you attend on Sundays to be checked off the calendar. At The Bridge, we believe that while Sundays are important, the church is not a service, but it is the people who come together to worship on Sundays and then live life throughout the week at home, work, and society. As the church, Christians are to take the primary role in serving each other and their cities, helping each other grow to be more like Jesus, and caring for the hurting and injured members of the body, as well as sharing the good news


Yes, The Bridge is a large church with a lot of people attending services each Sunday, but church is more than a service.

It’s people living life together and helping one another throughout our cities to serve our cities.

of Jesus. In a large church like ours, Small Groups are the best and primary way in which we do this.



As the church, it’s the duty and

We are all made in the image of God,

responsibility of Christians to not

and part of that image is community.

rely on a handful of pastors and paid

Through the Christian doctrine of the

staff to fulfill the church’s calling to

Trinity, that God is one God who exists

make disciples. Rather, we believe it’s

eternally as three persons in eternal,

important for all Christians to take



ownership of their role in the church’s

that humans not only long for but are

calling by participating in making

also made for community to reflect the

disciples and growing as disciples.



image of the Triune God. Small Groups are active groups. More Much of the loneliness, pain, and

than just a Bible study or a prayer

fragmentation we feel in life are a result

group—though those are elements—

of sin marring our image of God and


putting a wedge between community

challenge our inclination to apathy

Each week hundreds of people meet in

and relationships as God designed

by actively caring for one another,

smaller communities to learn about God,

them. Small Groups at The Bridge seek

building friendships with one another,

pray, laugh, and live.

to redeem community by making ways

participating in serving the city through

to meaningfully connect with other

various charities and outreaches, and


learning more about the Bible and Jesus

We call these Small Groups—and they’re what keep us together. And they’re the






way we grow smaller and the only way


to not get lost in the crowd. Central to

In the Bible, the church is spoken of as

This moves the traditional dynamic

Small Groups are three ideas: Image,

a body often. This imagery points to the

of church as one of attendance to one

Body, & Ownership.

reality that we are all interconnected

of participation. This leads to real and

and depend on one another in life—

lasting change, both personally and in

much like a body relies on all its parts to

our families, communities, and cities.

JOIN A GROUP If you’re looking to get more connected at The Bridge, Small Groups are the way to do it, and while it’s always scary to meet new people and be a stranger, we promise you won’t be a stranger for long! Check our Get Connected page to see all the small groups that are currently meeting.


PLAYLIST Music that should be in your ears, on your phones, and turned up loud.








is a stirring collection of inspirational songs that blends the best of modern-day production and pop-style songwriting with a fervent belief in the healing and transformative power of God.


Glorious Ruins is an acknowledgment of

humanity and a bridge to redemption. This declaration of the saving power of Christ reminds us that we can look to the Cross throughout life, in times of success or failure, and that Christ is there with us.









Their lyrics connect to the heart instantaneously. Their melodies move your soul. They totally get the conflict, the struggles, the joy and the transformation of living a Christian life.


The driving guitars and electronic beats create a worship experience that is anything but ordinary. Citizens is a great blend of original music with new twists on hymns like “I Surrender All” and “Praise to the Lord”.










AM / Norm Edwards Missionary to Eurasia

TRADITIONAL / Garo Nargiz Missionary to Brazil

AM / Dean Galyen Missionary to Africa

PM / Tour of the World Missions Dinner

DRIVE / Bill Hicks Missionary to China

PM / Chet Caudill National STL Director

Pulse | September 2013  
Pulse | September 2013