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year! At the beginning of February we

as our Bridge Kid’s Pastors and we are

had held our annual marriage retreat

excited to invite them to be part of our

at the Bricktown Campus in downtown

church family! They will be a wonderful

OKC. It was an amazing time and over

addition to our church. When you see

140 couples attended the conference! My

them in the halls, make sure to welcome

prayer for each of our married couples is

them aboard!

that you would begin making plans to

March has arrived, and with it I hope

attend this retreat next year. I promise

I know that the month of March will

that the investment into your marriage

continue to bring great events and

will be well worth it!

wonderful opportunities for our church. Make sure that you don’t miss a moment

that milder temperatures and more This past month we were also able

daylight are on the way!

of it!

to announce the newest addition to Looking back at the first few months of

the Bridge Staff, Tim and Kay Lynn

I love being your pastor,

2020, we have already had an incredible

Woods. They will be joining our staff

Jim & Linda

Experiences SUNDAYS


at 7:00PM



This experience offers a variety of hymns and messages from Kenneth McGee in the Chapel.

This experience offers a variety of hymns and sacred songs.



This experience has a more laid-back atmosphere & guitar-driven worship.

Meet in the auditorium for worship and message series. For series topic check out Page 9.

BLENDED 10:50AM This experience includes upbeat worship with a choir and orchestra.



This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny Garcia.

This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny Garcia. Children and Youth can take part in what is happening on our main campus.

AFTER-HOURS CONTACT INFORMATION In case of emergency please contact our church office at 405.376.4538 and our answering service will contact us accordingly.

1. Need information?

2. Stop by Starting Point

3. Join a small group. In

4. Our students’ and

You can find it all in this

after the service. You will

a large church, the key to

kids’ experiences are

magazine, on our website, or

find someone to answer any

making friends and having

outstanding. Make sure

through our mobile app.

questions you may have

community is joining a small

your kids don’t miss out on

about our church.


the amazing things we have going on just for them.



Ghosting. A term that has become more readily understood in recent years and disturbingly has become a common behavior in many areas of our lives. Even if you are unfamiliar with the term, you very likely have


been “ghosted” or been guilty of doing it someone else! If

As a boy, Jesus took the opportunity of being in Jerusalem to

you don’t know, the term ghosting is when someone cuts off

sit with the teachers in the temple. Luke tells us Jesus both

all communication with another without any explanation.

listened to the teachers and asked them questions. When

While the dating world is full of this kind of behavior, it is

Mary and Joseph ask what he is doing, Jesus responds, “Why

becoming more and more commonplace in our society. As

did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My

individuals struggle to be present during difficult relational

Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49).

circumstances they instead opt to “ghost” an individual and abandon the relationship altogether. At its core, ghosting is

God desires us to learn about Him from others. He expects

avoidance and often stems from fear of conflict. It is about

us to sit down, listen, and ask questions. God also desires

avoiding confrontation, difficult conversations, difficult

us to teach others. Speaking of Jesus at the temple, Luke

situations, and even more ironically is an attempt to avoid

records, “And all who heard Him were astonished at His

hurting someone’s feelings.

understanding and answers” (Luke 2:47). Sitting with others encourages the sharing of wisdom so that all may grow in

In the Bible we see Jesus do the exact opposite. Instead

their knowledge and understanding of God.

of avoiding difficult situations and fleeing difficult conversations, he chose instead to enter into the lives of


people that he encountered. Even the difficult ones. Jesus

Glancing through the headings in Luke, some variation of

chose to be present in their lives. With that in mind, below are

“Jesus heals” appears over and over again. He heals the sick,

7 lessons that we can take from the life of Jesus that show us

casts out evil spirits, restores life, and feeds the hungry. All

how to be present, even if the circumstances are not perfect.

these miracles required Jesus to be among the people, to

Here are 7 important lessons from the life of Jesus.

recognize a need, and allow his compassion to move him into action. We live in community for this very reason. Only when




who hate you,” (Luke 6:27) and “Therefore, be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful” (Luke 6:36). Mercy means giving someone what they do not deserve, such as forgiveness and kindness after they wronged you. Being present with the people in our life carries the inherent risk of being hurt. But it also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the gospel. When someone sins against us, we should respond with forgiveness and mercy because that is how our Father in Heaven responds when we sin against Him. 5. SEEK OUT INDIVIDUALS WHO NEED JESUS When Jesus passed through Jericho, He chose to eat with Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector. Luke says when people saw Jesus going to Zacchaeus house they complained, “He has gone to be a guest with a man who is sinner” (Luke 19:7). They didn’t understand sinners are the whole reason Jesus came to earth. In John 20:21 Jesus says, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and then passed along that work to us. We must walk with open eyes and open hearts in order to see the “Zacchaeuses” God places in our life. 6. SHARE MEALS TOGETHER we do life together, can we help meet each other’s needs and

At the end of Jesus’ life, He gathered with His disciples for

bear each other’s burdens. “Bear one another’s burdens, and so

the Passover meal and proclaimed; “With fervent desire I have

fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” (Luke 22:15). Fervent desire, those words reveal the heart of Jesus.


He valued gathering together and spending important and

Jesus sought out His disciples. In the calling of the four

difficult moments of life in community. Special moments

fishermen, Luke recounts Jesus going to the fishermen and

happen around tables, and part of opening our lives to those

climbing into their boat where He taught, and caught fish.

around us means inviting them to our table.

Only after Jesus met the fishermen in their everyday lives, did they forsake all to follow Him.

7. SPREAD HOPE We cannot look at the life of Jesus without seeing hope. Jesus

While we are not trying to get other people to forsake their

offers hope through the forgiveness of sins, through healing,

life and follow us, we do need to take a cue from Jesus and

through the ability to ask and receive, and through the power

make the first move. Be the one who invites an acquaintance

of the Holy Spirit. As Christians, the hope of Christ lives

to coffee. Be the person who introduces yourself to the

within us. Therefore, we are messengers of hope, just like

newcomer at church. Ask the family with a toddler to come

Jesus. Through encouragement and sharing testimonies of

over for dinner and show no sign of distress when the toddler

God’s faithfulness, we can spread the hope of Christ to others.

runs around instead of sitting at the table. Many times people are desperate for community, and they just need someone to

So let me ask you, how can you be present in your life today?

reach out and say, I see you. 4. BE MERCIFUL Jesus tells his disciples; “Love your enemies, do good to those





RM 104

The goal of joining a group is growing in your walk with Jesus and surrounding yourself with people that can support you in taking your next steps. We believe life is better when you live in community. SUNDAYS AT 9:30AM

RM 201 KENNY MCGEE | 30s-50s How does God’s timeless word apply to us in real life? Let’s figure it out together! In this small group, find the support, friendships, encouragement, and biblical answers that you need to face all that life may bring your way.

RM 203

RM 105 KATHLEEN WILCOXSON | All Ages When you study scripture, you discover that the Word of God truly is living and active! So don’t miss this opportunity to join others in an indepth study of the Bible that will not only lead to great biblical discussions but will also educate and challenge you to pursue a deeper knowledge of Christ.

ROY PECK | 30s-50s Life can be unpredictable, but life can also be a blast! While the answers may not all be clear, we can definitely make sure you don’t have to go at it alone. Join us as we discuss how to navigate life as God intended, apply his Word every day, and make the most of every minute we have!

RM 100

RM 104


ARNOLD & PHILLIPS | 40s-60s Belonging to a community of believers who care is vital to our spiritual lives. Join this discussion-based small group that encourages, challenges, and shows each other how to implement our faith in God in practical ways.

KENNETH MCGEE | 50s & UP Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will be our counselor and our guide until He comes again. With that in mind, join this small group as we explore the Bible and discover what it means for us today and how we can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us each day.

KEN ISOM | 50s & UP We believe that our Senior Adults are a vital part of our church! This small group provides an opportunity for our “Prime-Timers” (Senior Adults) to fellowship, worship with one another, and engage in biblical discussion.

RM 200 KERRY & ROBBIE SHUCK | YOUNG MARRIEDS Starting off a new life together can be an amazing adventure! Join other young couples in this small group as we discover how to set our marriages and future families up for happiness, just as God designed.

RM 201 RYAN & SARAH SUMMERS | YOUNG FAMILIES Choosing to live a Christian life is not always the easiest thing to do. Let’s be honest, showing the love of God at home, at work, in the community, and even while attending little league sports is not for the faint of heart! Join us as we discuss what Christian living is all about and how we can succeed at it in this crazy world!

RM 105 ROB & SHERRI MCCLURE | ALL AGES We believe that scripture is incredibly relevant for our daily lives! Join with people of all ages and life stages to explore scripture verse by verse and discuss how to practically apply them to our lives.

RM100 BROOKE CARRUTH | WOMEN’S GROUP We say it all the time, “Connected people do life together.” Ladies, come join this small group designed just for you, and together we will discover how God fits into our busy lives.

RM203 & 204

RM 202

BRIDGE STUDENTS Get connected in a weekly small group! This time is designed to help your students grow in spiritual disciplines.

ED DAMRON | 40s-60s Faith moves mountains! We need to trust and believe that God is who He says He is and He can do what the Bible says He can do! Join us as we explore scripture and discover how to grow in Christ and learn to handle real-life issues with prayer and deeprooted faith in God.


DOUG & TONYA WYATT | YOUNG ADULTS There is no greater transition in life than the one that leads into adulthood. Join this discussion-based small group as we explore how to establish a biblical foundation to help you navigate that transition.







Come hang out and grow with other moms while we watch the little ones. You know...a vacation! RM100

Every 1st & 3rd Week Are you the family, partner, or caregiver of an individual living with mental illness? Come find support and friendship with others in the same situation. We will discuss critical information and strategies related to caregiving. RM200

LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY We are kicking off a brand new video-assisted series called “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. We will discover the transforming power of freedom in Jesus Christ.. RM204

PRIME TIMERS This is an opportunity for all of our senior adults to get out, have fun, learn, and fellowship with other seniors. RM105

LIVING FREE SUPPORT GROUP Come let us help you on the road to overcoming life controlling issues, including life altering events, drugs and alcohol. . The End Zone.

BRIDGE UNIVERSITY For the month of March we will be having one expereince in the auditorium.







The reality is, most of us are

The Bible is full of dreams, vi-

Perhaps you’ve heard it said

Even though it was written

too busy to live emotionally

sions, and prophecies about

before, “What satan intends

thousands of years ago, the

healthy and spiritually vi-

the end times. Don’t miss

for evil, God redeems for

Bible still is considered to be

brant lives. Too fatigued and

as we look closer at their

good.” That idea is the main

the best selling book of all

full of anxiety, our hurried

meanings, by comparing and

focus of Max Lucado’s book,

time. It is as applicable today

lives make it impossible to

contrasting these visions

“You’ll Get Through This.”

as it was when it was written.

live with the love, joy and

found in the book of Daniel.

Join us weekly as we walk

Join us as we take a deeper

peace that Christ called us

through this book and dis-

look into the Bible, how we

to live. Join us as we discuss

cover how it applies to each

got it, why we need it, and

how to remove the hurry

of our lives.

how to understand it!

from our lives!

W E D N E S D AY S AT 7 : 0 0 P M







Happenings All Church Wednesdays at 6:00AM & 12:00PM Join us every week as we come together for a time of corporate prayer in the Chapel.

Wednesday, March 18 If your friends deserted you to go on vacation with family this year, come hang out with us for our Spring Break service! We will have food and games. It all starts at 7:00PM!

Bridge Kids


BRIDGE KIDS EXPERIENCE Sundays at 8:15/9:30/10:50AM Join us every week for exciting worship, fun games, and biblical lessons!


MARCH 8 No PM Activities

Wednesdays at 7:00PM We offer fun-filled programs every week for boys (Royal Rangers) and girls (mPact) that help them grow with God.

NERF WARS Friday, March 6 Hey Boys and Dads....come with your nerf guns locked and loaded. Cost is $5 per boy and dinner will be provided. It’s happening in the Bridge Kids Auditorium from 6:30PM -10:00PM


MARCH 15 Connect Groups

Wednesday, March 25 Join us at 5:30PM and grab dinner out in The Venue before our Midweek Activities. All proceeds to BGMC. BGMC is how your kids support missionaries around the globe.


MARCH 22 No PM Activities

Friday, March 27 This is an awesome night for the whole family! Boys/Girls/Adults can sign up in the Bridge Kids Auditorium before March 27th. It’s happening out in The Venue at 6:00PM. Dinner is $5 per person or $20 per family.

Bridge Students MARCH 29 No PM Activities


Wednesday, March 11 We’d like to invite your whole family to come join us on March 11th to find out what Bridge Students is all about! We will serve dinner at 6:00PM and our service will begin at 7:00PM. We hope to see you there!



MARCH 1 Celebrate Sunday


CAMP LIVE Wednesday, March 4 Come join us for your favorite camp concession food snacks, camp games and, drumroll please... CAMP SIGN-UPS will be open! Food starts at 6:30PM and service starts at 7:00PM!


Thursday, March 19 Join us as we head down to Mt. Scott to enjoy some nature, hiking, and a famous Meers burger! We’ll leave the church at 8:00AM and be back to the church by 3:00PM. The cost is $15. You can sign up at the EventHub on Sunday mornings or on Wednesday nights in the Student Building.

ONE BIG PARTY W/ REGGIE DABBS Wednesday, March 25 Reggie Dabbs is coming to Bridge Students! It is going to be a great time! Don’t come to this service alone, you will want to invite your friends! It will be an amazing service and an awesome message. Food starts at 6:30PM, service at 7:00PM.

Bridge Women HER SIDE OF THE STORY Friday, April 24 Ladies, mark your calendars our annual Women’s Conference, “Her Side of the Story.” You can pick up tickets at EVENThub or online.

Bridge Men MEN’S BREAKFAST Saturday, March 14 Come join us for a man-sized breakfast, great fellowship, and spend some time speaking into the lives of men who are currently incarcerated. Happening in The Venue at 7:30AM.

Bridge Seniors PIZZA & MOVIE NIGHT Friday, March 20 We want to invite all senior adults to come join us in the Venue at 6:00PM. Bring a Salad or Dessert and join us to watch the movie, ‘Overcomer’!







Profile for The Bridge

Pulse Magazine / March 2020  

Pulse Magazine / March 2020