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blink, and we’re already at Christmas!

real relationship with him. This gift, is

For many of us, this season marks our

the greatest of all gifts. So, no matter

favorite time of year. One glance around

where you find yourself this Christmas

the house or office and you’re bound

season, remember we have a Savior who

to see festive hearts, joyful smiles,

came to be with us, and has given us the

and cheerful moods. As we have often

gift of relationship! What could be better

mentioned, it truly is a wonderful time

than that! Merry Christmas!!

of year! I love being your pastor, We cannot forget however, that what

Happy December!

Jim & Linda

makes this time of year the most wonderful, is the gift we received in a

The Christmas season is here! Often, it

Savior named Jesus. He lowered himself

feels like the calendar from October to

to become human, a baby in a manger, so

December is on fast forward! One quick

that in his humility we could have a very

Experiences SUNDAYS


at 7:00PM



This experience offers a variety of hymns and messages from Kenneth McGee in the Chapel.

This experience offers a variety of hymns and sacred songs.



This experience has a more laid-back atmosphere & guitar-driven worship.

Meet in the auditorium for worship and message series. For series topic check out Page 9.

BLENDED 10:50AM This experience includes upbeat worship with a choir and orchestra.



This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny Garcia.

This experience takes place in The Connection building and includes Spanish Worship and a message in Spanish from Pastor Kenny Garcia. Children and Youth can take part in what is happening on our main campus.

AFTER-HOURS CONTACT INFORMATION In case of emergency please contact our church office at 405.376.4538 and our answering service will contact us accordingly.

1. Need information?

2. Stop by Starting Point

3. Join a small group. In

4. Our students’ and

You can find it all in this

after the service. You will

a large church, the key to

kids’ experiences are

magazine, on our website, or

find someone to answer any

making friends and having

outstanding. Make sure

through our mobile app.

questions you may have

community is joining a small

your kids don’t miss out on

about our church.


the amazing things we have going on just for them.



We hope your family chooses to join us on this journey for the

your family, so do what is best, but do something.

next 25 days through God’s amazing story of Christmas. As we count down the days to Christmas, our hope is that God

Second, depending on the age and maturity of your children,

would give you a better understanding of His purpose in the

the daily Scripture readings are accompanied by devotions,

world, grow the wonder of the Christmas story in your own

available in our app, written to help your family connect

hearts, and produce awe and wonder in the hearts of your

the dots of the amazing story that God has been writing and

children. We have themed this “The Wonders of His Love”

continues to write in human history today. There are two

and our desire is that you and your family will take time this

discussion questions intended to spark conversation around

Christmas season to let your eyes widen and your jaws drop

your dinner table or your child’s bedside each day. Let them

open at the glory of God displayed in the story He’s written

help you further consider how the ancient stories of Noah,

from creation to the stable in Bethlehem!

Abraham, Moses, and Elijah (among others) connect with our world today.

A few thoughts on how to use this Advent Guide. First, just use it. Our hope is that you would, at the very least, make a

We hope that these next 25 days will draw you closer to the

commitment to read through the Scripture each day for the

Savior we worship, not just at Christmas, but all year long!

next 25 days and be encouraged by the truths of God’s Word

May the Lord fill your hearts and homes with the wonders of

that will never return void. We want this to be “doable” for

His love this Advent season!




Like a branch coming from a dead tree stump, God’s purpose


comes in the most surprising and wonderful ways! These are

Isaiah 11:1-2

the wonders of His love! Let us be amazed!


1 A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. 2 The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—

December 2: Genesis 1:24-31

the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,

December 3: Genesis 3:1-21

the Spirit of counsel and of might,

December 4: Genesis 6:5-8

the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—

December 5: Genesis 12:1-7 December 6: Genesis 21:1-7

What is the most wonderful surprise you’ve ever received?

December 7: Genesis 22:1-14

Talk about it for a minute as a family. Where were you? How

December 8: Genesis 28:10-22

did you feel? Did you have any idea the surprise was coming?

December 9: Genesis 37:31-33; 50:15-20 December 10: Deuteronomy 5:1-22

Surprises can make our eyes widen, our mouths hang open in

December 11: Joshua 2:1-21

shock, and our hearts race. More than that, the best surprises

December 12: Ruth 1:1-2:3; Matthew 1:5, 16

are full of purpose: purpose to make someone feel loved, to

December 13: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

make them feel known, or to give them something that they

December 14: 2 Samuel 5:1-5

desperately need.

December 15: 1 Kings 18:17-39 December 16: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7

Thousands of years ago, God gave the prophet Isaiah hints

December 17: Isaiah 11:1-9

about the greatest surprise the world would ever know. He

December 18: Micah 5:2-5

told of a family whose father’s name was Jesse, whose most

December 19: Esther 4:10-17

famous son was a king named David. No one had heard

December 20: Luke 1:5-25

anything about this family for hundreds of years. It looked

December 21: Matthew 3:1-6

like Jesse’s family was long forgotten, a dead family tree only

December 22: Luke 1:26-38

to be remembered in history books

December 23: Matthew 1:18-25


December 24: Luke 2:1-5

Then with eye-popping, jaw-dropping joy, Isaiah let it be

December 25: Luke 2:6-21

known that the dead family tree would sprout a branch, another Son, a King full of the Spirit of God, full of wisdom,

Find the daily devotions and questions in our mobile app.

understanding, power, and knowledge. Could it be? The

Don’t have it? Go to your app store and search:

world would be so surprised, and like the greatest surprises,


this surprise would serve the same purpose: to let all people know that we are loved, that God knows us, and to give us something we so desperately need – A Savior! Christmas is not only a time for great surprises around the family Christmas tree. As good as those can be, Christmas is a reminder of the true story of the world’s greatest surprise that served the greatest purpose. It is the purpose the angels sang about in that Bethlehem sky: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace!” God’s purpose is His own glory, and His glory is our only hope for peace and purpose in our own lives.





RM 203

The goal of joining a group is growing in your walk with Jesus and surrounding yourself with people that can support you in taking your next steps. We believe life is better when you live in community. SUNDAYS AT 9:30AM

RM 201 KENNY MCGEE | 30s-50s How does God’s timeless word apply to us in real life? Let’s figure it out together! In this small group, find the support, friendships, encouragement, and biblical answers that you need to face all that life may bring your way.

RM 203

RM 105 KATHLEEN WILCOXSON | All Ages When you study scripture, you discover that the Word of God truly is living and active! So don’t miss this opportunity to join others in an indepth study of the Bible that will not only lead to great biblical discussions but will also educate and challenge you to pursue a deeper knowledge of Christ.

ROY PECK | 30s-50s Life can be unpredictable, but life can also be a blast! While the answers may not all be clear, we can definitely make sure you don’t have to go at it alone. Join us as we discuss how to navigate life as God intended, apply his Word every day, and make the most of every minute we have!

RM 100

RM 104


ARNOLD & PHILLIPS | 40s-60s Belonging to a community of believers who care is vital to our spiritual lives. Join this discussion-based small group that encourages, challenges, and shows each other how to implement our faith in God in practical ways.

KENNETH MCGEE | 50s & UP Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will be our counselor and our guide until He comes again. With that in mind, join this small group as we explore the Bible and discover what it means for us today and how we can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us each day.

KEN ISOM | 50s & UP We believe that our Senior Adults are a vital part of our church! This small group provides an opportunity for our “Prime-Timers” (Senior Adults) to fellowship, worship with one another, and engage in biblical discussion.

RM 104 KERRY & ROBBIE SHUCK | YOUNG MARRIEDS Starting off a new life together can be an amazing adventure! Join other young couples in this small group as we discover how to set our marriages and future families up for happiness, just as God designed.

RM 201 TIM & KAY LYNN WOODS | YOUNG FAMILIES Finding balance in our marriages, families, and careers can be tough. Don’t do it alone! Come laugh, fellowship, and learn with us as we explore how God wants us to lead our marriages and families.

RM 205 TRAVIS & RACHEL JENKINS | ALL AGES Choosing to live a Christian life is not always the easiest thing to do. Let’s be honest, showing the love of God at home, at work, in the community, and even while attending little league sports is not for the faint of heart! Join us as we discuss what Christian living is all about and how we can succeed at it in this crazy world!

RM 105 ROB & SHERRI MCCLURE | ALL AGES We believe that scripture is incredibly relevant for our daily lives! Join with people of all ages and life stages to explore scripture verse by verse and discuss how to practically apply them to our lives.


RM 202

BROOKE CARRUTH | WOMEN’S GROUP We say it all the time, “Connected people do life together.” Ladies, come join this small group designed just for you, and together we will discover how God fits into our busy lives.

ED DAMRON | 40s-60s Faith moves mountains! We need to trust and believe that God is who He says He is and He can do what the Bible says He can do! Join us as we explore scripture and discover how to grow in Christ and learn to handle real-life issues with prayer and deeprooted faith in God.


DOUG & TONYA WYATT | YOUNG ADULTS There is no greater transition in life than the one that leads into adulthood. Join this discussion-based small group as we explore how to establish a biblical foundation to help you navigate that transition.

RM204 BRIDGE STUDENTS Get connected in a weekly small group! This time is designed to help your students grow in spiritual disciplines.







Come hang out and grow with other moms while we watch the little ones. You know...a vacation! RM100

Every 1st & 3rd Week Are you the family, partner, or caregiver of an individual living with mental illness? Come find support and friendship with others in the same situation. We will discuss critical information and strategies related to caregiving. RM200

LADIES’ BIBLE STUDY We are kicking off a brand new video-assisted series called “Discerning The Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer. We will discover how to recognize when God speaks.. RM204

PRIME TIMERS This is an opportunity for all of our senior adults to get out, have fun, learn, and fellowship with other seniors. RM105

LIVING FREE SUPPORT GROUP Come let us help you on the road to overcoming life controlling issues, including life altering events, drugs and alcohol. . The End Zone.

BRIDGE UNIVERSITY For the month of December we will be having one expereince in the auditorium.







Ladies, don’t miss out on

In life, we may find ourselves

The Bible is full of dreams, vi-

Perhaps you’ve heard it said

Beth Moore’s study called

with an opportunity to lead.

sions, and prophecies about

before, “What satan intends

“Mercy Triumphs.” This

Perhaps it is leading our

the end times. Don’t miss

for evil, God redeems for

study will take a closer look

families, at the work place,

as we look closer at their

good.” That idea is the main

at the small book of James in

in our communities, or even

meanings, by comparing and

focus of Max Lucado’s book,

the Bible, and will focus on

at church. Wherever we

contrasting these visions

“You’ll Get Through This.”

such topics as: joy, hardship,

find ourselves leading, it is

found in the book of Daniel.

Join us weekly as we walk

faith, wisdom, gifts from

important to understand

through this book and dis-

above, humility, controlling

that even for the best of us, a

cover how it applies to each

our tongue, and prayer. It will

leadership crash is possible.

of our lives.

be an amazing study!

Join as we identify 10 signs of a leadership crash and how to avoid them.

W E D N E S D AY S AT 7 : 0 0 P M







DECEMBER 1 No PM Activities

Happenings All Church

Bridge Women



Tuesday at 9:00AM Join us every week as we come together for a time of corporate prayer in the Chapel.

Bridge Kids BRIDGE KIDS EXPERIENCE Sundays at 8:15/9:30/10:50AM Join us every week for exciting worship, fun games, and biblical lessons!


DECEMBER 8 Kids Christmas Musical

DECEMBER 15 No PM Activities

DECEMBER 22 No PM Activities

Wednesdays at 7:00PM We offer fun-filled programs every week for boys (Royal Rangers) and girls (mPact) that help them grow with God.

OPERATION SHOE BOX Wednesday, December 4 Come and join us at 7:00PM out in The Venue. We will feed you dinner and work together as a team to prepare these shoeboxes for delivery. This is an awesome way to give back and serve as a family this Christmas Season.

CHRISTMAS PLAY Sunday, December 8 Come ring in the Christmas Season with our “Straight Out Of Bethlehem” Kids Christmas Play. It’s full of songs and laughter, perfect for the whole family. It’s happening in the Auditorium at 6:00PM.

Sunday, December 8 Are you a single lady over 50? We want to honor you this Christmas Season. Come join us for a special lunch at 12:15PM out in The Venue. Contact Cyndi at 405.376.4538 to get signed up.

Bridge Men MEN’S BREAKFAST Saturday, December 14 Come join us for a man-sized breakfast, great fellowship, and spend some time speaking into the lives of men who are currently incarcerated. Happening in The Venue at 7:30AM.

Bridge Seniors CHRISTMAS DINNER Friday, December 6 We want to invite all senior adults to come ring in the Christmas Season with us. We will be having a dinner out in the Venue at 6:30 PM. The meat is furnished, just bring a side dish or dessert. We’ll have music and a great time!

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ROAD TRIP Friday, December 13 We want to invite all senior adults to come join us on a Christmas Road Trip. We will be going out to dinner and on a trip to take in the Christmas Lights. Vans will leave the church at 4:00PM.

Bridge Students BRIDGE STUDENTS EXPERIENCE Wednesdays at 7:00PM Join us for our weekly service that your students do not want to miss. There is powerful worship, a life-impacting message, and a whole lot of fun!

DECEMBER 29 No PM Activities

Looking Ahead December 25 / No PM Activities January 1 / No PM Activities January 4 / Man Cave January 6 / Start of 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting January 8 / New Bridge U Classes January 11 / Men’s Breakfast



January 15 / Bridge Students Family Dinner January 16 / Bridge Kids Family Night January 19 / Connect Groups January 24 / Bridge Seniors The Gathering January 26 / Annual Celebration Service January 29 / Bridge Kids BGMC Dinner







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