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The Breathing Room Show The Breathing Room Show Welcome to The Breathing Room!! Come in and experience something you've never felt before!! Aaaaaah Breathe!!!! We cater to all demographic and nationality. You can check out The Breathing Room Show on and So don't worry I'll let you in, Come in, sit down, and relax and just breathe!!! I want you to Speak your mind, let your conscious be free. You are now lounging in the Room, The BREATHING ROOM that is!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008 The Breathing Room Show Monday, November 17 - 18, 2008

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Any Body that sing, does poetry, and have art please if you want to be apart of Atlanta Art & Poetry Jam please email me at Sister 2 Sister Magazine interview Rapper T.I. & Maino who later Flip the Script on reporter Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister According to Straight from the A - Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s Jamie Foster Brown interviewed Maino and T.I. for the December 2008 issue of the magazine. brown got a lot of interesting information from the two rappers and her interview was quite entertaining. My favorite part of the interview was when T.I. and Maino flipped the script on brown when she got a text message from famous pimpmaster Bishop Don Magic Juan. I was falling on the floor when Tip issued his warning to anyone checking for Tiny… “No man bett not send my woman no diamond hats….Nutthin!” T.I. also addressed why he chose to film his video in Bowen Homes, why it seemed like a diss to Shawty Lo and shouted out his “Juke Joint” Club Crucial.

Are Private 'for Profit' Prisons starting Slavery Again!! Ohh Damn!! -

According to Buzz Flash & Oped News The National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons made a concerted effort when choosing its name to erase any possibility of ambiguity regarding who we are and our mission statement. It is our unwavering organizational belief that as long as our government permits Private Prisons For Profit to operate as legal businesses, the American Criminal Justice System, in particular, will never have the capacity to develop -in theory or otherwise- a credibility that the people of this great nation can respect and feel morally comfortable with.

This is not a complicated matter. In spite of the endless assortment of political debates and the countless number of discussions among independent committees appointed to research and examine the economic pros and cons of privatization, and in spite of all the "other" arguments created by design, to distract, divide, frighten and confuse the citizens of this country and prevent them from using humane common sense, one cannot ignore or pretend not to see the flashing red flag draped around the philosophical question standing at attention in the middle of the room. Arguably, the criminal justice system is not designed to be a "moral compass." However, it cannot ignore or deny the inherent components at the core of its foundation: equality, fairness, and the humane practice of justice. These are more than lofty concepts to be arbitrarily applied when convenience allows. Our justice system must offer unequivocal, resplendent and reliable standards of "right and wrong," "just and unjust," because the people cannot respect or pledge an allegiance to a justice system that fails to demonstrate the difference between "right and wrong" in its own application. The inherent and most fundamental responsibility of the criminal justice system cannot be shirked, avoided, taken lightly or "jobbed out." Like it or not, when an institution is the definitive symbol representing authority and judicial proceeding, your function must reflect a fundamental fairness, and above all else, it must be accountable to all of its citizens. If ever there was a reason for second guessing the process or the ability of the United States Government (Federal & State) to perform its duty when addressing the important task of corrections and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system, the cornerstone of that uncertainty sits squarely upon the shoulders that permit private prisons for profit to operate in the United States of America. Clearly, this immoral profit driven system is without parallel in its resemblance to the most heinous institution to ever exist upon American soil: slavery. Aristotle wrote, "It is the peculiarity of man, in comparison with the rest of the animal world that he alone possesses a perception of good and evil, of the just and the unjust" INCARCERATING PEOPLE FOR PROFIT IS IN A WORD WRONG All law emanates from the people, so that, when the laws thus enacted are not executed, the power returns to the people, and is theirs whenever they may choose to exercise it. We are mindful that the Supreme Court is the final interpreter of the constitution...we are also mindful that the federal and state correctional facilities originate from government design and, therefore, must be regulated and maintained by the government. We must restore the principles and the vacated promise of our judicial system. Our government cannot continue to "job-out" its obligation and neglect its duty to the individuals confined in the corrections and rehabilitation facilities throughout this nation, nor can it ignore the will of the people that it was designed to serve and protect. There is urgent need for the good people of this country to emerge from the shadows of indifference, apathy, cynicism, fear, and those other dark places that we migrate to when we are overwhelmed by frustration and the loss of hope. My hope is that you will support the NPSCTAPP with a show of solidarity by signing our petition to send one million signatures to congress expressing the will of the people to abolish the private prison for profit industry. (source)

Flight Path To Disaster In Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been almost continuously at war for 30 years, longer than both World Wars and the American war in Vietnam combined. Each occupation of the country has mimicked its predecessor. A tiny interval between wars saw the imposition of a malignant social order, the Taliban, with the help of the Pakistani military and the late Benazir Bhutto, the prime minister who approved the Taliban takeover in Kabul. Over the last two years, the U.S./NATO occupation of that country has run into serious military problems. Given a severe global economic crisis and the election of a new American president -- a man separated in style, intellect, and temperament from his predecessor -- the possibility of a serious discussion about an exit strategy from the Afghan disaster hovers on the horizon. The predicament the U.S. and its allies find themselves in is not an inescapable one, but a change in policy, if it is to matter, cannot be of the cosmetic variety. (source)

White House may let Obama decide part of bailout According to The Seferm Post in WASHINGTON — The Bush administration has told top lawmakers it does not plan to use at least half of the $700 billion bailout fund that Congress approved this fall to aid the financial industry, congressional officials said Monday. These officials said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson passed the word over the weekend that he intends to leave $350 billion untouched when the administration leaves office on Jan. 20. That would mean the incoming Obama administration would decide whether and how the funds should be spent. The disclosure comes at a time when Democrats are working to pass emergency legislation to spend $25 billion of the bailout money to provide loans to the battered auto industry. These officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to disclose the developments. White House spokesman Tony Fratto neither confirmed nor disputed their account, adding that any decision about the use of the remaining $350 billion were up to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. "He said he's working to continue to design and develop programs, and when it's the right time to use them Treasury will announce it. And if it then makes sense to go to Congress, he'll recommend we request to drawdown the second $350 billion," Fratto said.

Proposed House bill would freeze home assessments Two bills to freeze or limit home assessment increases in hopes of holding down property taxes have been pre-filed for the upcoming General Assembly session. Rep. Ed Lindsey (R-Atlanta) pre-filed a proposal backed by House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) and House Majority Leader Jerry Keen (R-St. Simons Island) to cap possible property assessment increases at 3 percent or the rate of inflation. A similar bill passed the state Senate last year. Rep. Kevin Levitas (D-Atlanta), pre-filed a bill to effectively freeze assessments at the price the homeowner paid for their home. Some kind of assessment freeze or cap is likely to win approval during the 2009 General Assembly session after years of lawmaker complaints about rising property taxes. The value of a piece of property and the tax rate are components that determine how much a homeowner pays in property taxes. Often, lawmakers say, cities, counties and school districts have held down tax rates, but brought in more money each year through increases in the value of properties. Richardson tried unsuccessfully earlier this year to push a plan to eliminate all property taxes. During the 2008 session, lawmakers came close to getting final approval on an assessment limit, and Richardson has vowed to get one passed next year. Lindsey said his measure “promotes the principle that property owners should be taxed based on their investment in their property and not some artificial and unrealized value set by bureaucrats.” Levitas said his bill would protect long-term residents living on fixed incomes by ensuring that the value of their home isn’t inflated for tax purposes because it is located next door to a newer or bigger house. “My bill rewards those taxpayers who remain in their home counties for the long term, who have paid their fair share of the tax burden over the years and who want nothing more than to remain in their neighborhood,” he said. The General Assembly goes back into session Jan. 12.

Sen. Carper: Lieberman needs to face ‘consequences’ for his actions during the campaign.»

According to Think Progress in Washington - Today in an interview with the Hill, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) said that Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) should be punished for his attacks on Barack Obama during the campaign season. “There need to be consequences, and they cannot be insignificant,” Carper said. More from the Hill: Carper did not rule out stripping Lieberman of his coveted gavel running the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, or imposing other sanctions like taking away seniority on other committees or a subcommittee on Armed Services. Carper said he and three other Senate Democrats have been making phone calls to “take the temperature of our caucus.” He said the purpose of the calls was not to lobby senators for any particular action for or against Lieberman, but “just to see where people’s hearts and their minds are.” Carper said that “many of my colleagues … are very angry with his criticism of Sen. Obama,” but he would not say which sanctions he prefers. When Lieberman ran for president in 2004, Carper served as his Delaware campaign chairman.

Obama Pledges To End Torture To Help ‘Regain America’s Moral Stature In The World’» According to Think Progress Washington - In recent weeks, there has been rampant media speculation that President Barack Obama would back off his campaign pledges to end torture. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote, “President-elect Barack Obama is unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration intelligence policies.” In addition, some in the blogosphere have raised concerns about the fact that a key intelligence adviser to Obama has supported the Bush administration’s enhanced interrogation techniques. Tonight, in his interview

with CBS’s 60 Minutes, Obama bluntly and directly clarified his incoming administration’s position: CBS: There are a number of different things you can do early on pertaining to executive orders. OBAMA: Right. CBS: One of them is to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Another is to change interrogation methods that are used by U.S. troops. Are those things that you plan to take early action on? OBAMA: Yes. I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America doesn’t torture, and I’m going to make sure that we don’t torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America’s moral stature in the world.

Obama also emphasized that “capturing or killing” Osama bin Laden is a critical aspect of his national security strategy of stamping out al Qaeda. “He is not just a symbol, he is also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against U.S. targets,” Obama said of bin Laden.

Sunday Show Roundup: Dial Shall not fear Bailout

According to talking points memo - FDR said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and there certainly was plenty of fear to go around on the Sunday morning talk shows:

Bus driver caught on tape choking out student on her damn Bus!! that Dummy role the tape!! Embedded video from CNN Video According to Sandra Rose - A Dallas county bus driver is in a little hot water for choking an out of control student on her bus. Janet Pitts vented her frustration at the child by choking him. “He threw a can up here. I got up and choked the sh*t out his ass!,” said Pitts.

The child is mentally challenged and bi-polar. Dale Kiser with the National Education Association says don’t blame the bus driver for her actions: “it’s been stated, documented, everything else that there always should have been a monitor with this particular student on that bus,” he said. According to the special education department, a monitor should be on board the bus at all times with the boy due to his violent nature. Thanks to loyal reader Laa’Iqa for the tip! Laa’Iqa says: “Interesting how he stops once she shows him she’s the bigger fool.”

OOh no wonder Wanda Sykes Comes Out Swinging about I to prove of my "How you doing Lesbianess!! Don't try to find the word!! LOL! According to Sandra Rose Atlanta - Of course we already knew comedian Wanda Sykes was a lesbian, but the rest of the world played catch up on Saturday when Sykes surprised organizers of a Prop 8 rally in Las vegas by coming out officially. What I didn’t know was that Wanda married her lady friend on October 25th in a private ceremony. So now Sykes is fighting mad because, as she puts it: “When my wife and I leave California, I want to have my marriage also recognized in Nevada, in Arizona, all the way to New York!” Then Sykes goes on to compare a lifestyle choice with God’s natural selection and intelligent design of the sexes. “Being gay is not a choice,” argues Sykes. “That’s like telling me I chose to be a woman, I chose to be black! Are we saying that if being gay is a choice… people are straight because they chose not to be gay?” Of course Sykes’ argument is flawed since she chose to be married to a man once (they divorced in 1998). No matter how natural she thinks being gay is, two women can’t have a baby without a man’s participation at some point along the way.

Until lesbians figure out how to eliminate men from the baby making process entirely, we will forever be dependent on them — and turkey basters. Californians took a vote to oppose gay marriage. That’s how a democracy works. The people of California have spoken. And nothing Wanda Sykes says is going to change their minds.

Schwarzenegger Walks Back Claim That Obama Is "Scrawny" According to Huffington Post - On ABC's "This Week," California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger backpedals from his campaign-trail joke that Obama has "scrawny little arms": "Look, I've seen him playing basketball. He's a better basketball player than I am. But I think that no one should take that joke that seriously, because Columbus, Ohio, is the place where they have the world championships in lifting and in body building every year. And so ... you talk about body and legs and skinny and all -- pumping up, and all of those kind of things. So this was not meant to be an insult in any way. It was meant to be to lighten up the place and to make everyone laugh a little bit."

Russel Simmons Saying Do You Know who the heck I am, Let me show you how I feel

Video: TRL Finale's Live Performances On 'Total Finale Live', Beyonce Knowles performed solo singing 'If I Were a Boy' and 'Single Ladies', while Ludacris joined forces with Snoop Dogg and Nelly.

Many big names appeared at New York's Times Square studios to bid MTV's "Total Request Live" good bye at a show named "Total Finale Live". One of them was Beyonce Knowles who took the stage singing "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)", and "Crazy in Love". Joining Beyonce as musical guests at the event were Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, and 50 Cent. While Ludacris preferred to collaborate with Snoop Dogg and Nelly, 50 Cent walked straight to the studio performing solo singing a group of songs from his song "In da Club" to current hit "Get Up". Fall Out Boy also made a live appearance at the star-studded show on November 16. The band performed without their bassist Pete Wentz. A member of The Academy Is... filled in his spot in the band during the live show. "Total Request Live" is a television series on MTV that featured celebrity interviews, musical performances, and regular music news updates. Since broadcast in 1997, the show became a popular outlet used by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to fans.

Beyonce Knowles' live performance: (Video)

50 Cent's live performance: 50 Cent Medley TRL Finale (Video)

Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Nelly's live performance: (Video) Luda Nelly & Snoop Medley TRL Finale (Video)

Fall Out Boy's live performance: (Video)

Jabari from Hip Hop Game Interviews Ace Hood - Gutta (Video)

Cee-Lo Interview With DJ Booth (Video)

Busta Rhymes Ft Ron Browz - Arab Money (Live At Mansion) (Video)

Video: Young Jeezy Fan's Brawl It Out In Dallas, Texas after the song my president is Black!! I guess I don't know if they are ready for a Black President yet!!

Music to Listen to:

Beyonce - Single Ladies (Remix) (featuring Nicki Minaj)

Rapper B.o.B Mixtape hosted DJ Scream Mixtape Who The Fuck Is B.o.B.

Download - B.O.B. - Who The F #*K is B.O.B.? Mixtape

Gallic Wars: Peaches & Cream Mixtape

Gallic Wars Real Muzak Vixens Presents Peaches Cream Introduced by DJ Chuck T Starring Model Anastasia Garcia

Akon - MP3 U & Me (Prod. by Jazze Pha) Beyonce - Single Ladies Remix (Featuring Nicki Minaj) Toni Braxton - "Melt" Elliot Yamin - "The Bridge Is Burning" J. Holiday - “Sing 2 U” One Chance - “All In”

Ludacris - I Do It For Hip-Hop (featuring Nas and Jay-Z)

Bow Wow - Been Doin' This (Featuring T.I.)

Britney Spears - Circus

Download - (The Circus)

Sports Highlight NBA News Daily Dimes NBA Highlights of the Games This week (Video)

NBA High lights part 2 (Video)

NFL Highlights

Seahawks & Cardinal Warner throws for 395 yards as Cardinals start 7-3 (Video) Charger almost thought they won but Steekers say we are not out of the loop yet. Steelers 11 to Chargers 10 (Video) Romo, Newman return as Cowboys tells Redskins I will not loose on ESPN (Video) Titans overcome halftime deficit, beat Jags to improve to 10 (Video) Wildfires force snoop dogg & family to evacuate mansion According to Sixshot Wildfires currently spreading throughout the Southern California area has forced Snoop Dogg to evacuate his family from their home.

According to E!, Snoop's family members and staff were among 26,000 residents forced to evacuate their homes on Sunday (November 17) due to an uncontrollable blaze that has already destroyed 150 homes and threatens 3,500 more. Snoop owns a multimillion-dollar home in The Country Estates, an exclusive, gated hillside community in Diamond Bar, Calif. Members of the rapper's entourage told Los Angeles' KNX 1070 radio that they were on their way to retrieve possessions and memorabilia from his house. Snoop was not home at the time of the evacuation. The blaze, which has been labeled the "Triangle Complex" fire, has already destroyed over 10,000 acres in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside.

software: Jinni Helps You Pick The Perfect Flick

According to Tech Crunch - Movies are easier to access than ever, but many of us still struggle with the age old question, “What to watch?� The days of milling around Blockbuster may be gone for many people, but most cable boxes and online movie stores offer little in the way of movie recommendations. Jinni, a new startup launching today in private beta, is looking to help. The site has compiled an index of 10,000 movies and television shows that can be searched using natural language. TechCrunch readers can grab one of 500 exclusive invitations by registering here.

The site has created what it calls “The Movie Genome” - a database of movies tagged by a team of humans aided by a computer algorithm, with attributes spanning fifty categories. The database is reminiscent of Pandora’s Music Genome Project (which is also sorted by human professionals), though it is significantly smaller at this point.

OpenTable Reservations Come To The iPhone

According to Tech Crunch - Some of the most useful set of apps on the iPhone are the restaurant apps that tell you what is to eat nearby. There’s UrbanSpoon, Yelp, and LocalEats, among others. But once you find a restaurant, you still have to call to make a reservation. Now, you no longer have to use up those minutes. Online reservation service OpenTable released an iPhone app today that lets you not only find nearby restaurants, but book a table as well. You don’t have to call and wait on hold. The app uses OpenTable’s online reservation system to book and confirm a table. It will even give you directions to the restaurant from wherever you are.

You are shown only nearby restaurants, and cannot filter by type of cuisine or refine your search as easily as you can on the Website. But the app is perfectly functional. The key is that it only shows you nearby restaurants that have open tables for the time when you want to eat.

Infoaxe Records Your Browsing Sessions, Lets You Search Your Web History

Infoaxe is coming out of stealth mode today with (yet another) alternative search engine / social bookmarking tool, focused on indexing your own browsing history rather than the entire web or what you proactively indicate is important to remember for later. Installing the infoaxe toolbar (works with IE and Firefox) basically enables users to ‘record’ public web browsing sessions with just one mouse click, after which they can search through their personal history from the toolbar itself or the infoaxe website. Also, the tool generates additional search results based on your ‘web memory’ alongside what you find on the web using traditional search engines (see demo video below to see it in action), and renders your delicious bookmarks searchable by sucking them into the indexed data. Next to the twist on search, infoaxe also allows you to tag and share web pages, essentially competing directly against delicious, and other social bookmarking services. In the future, the company also aims to serve as a discovery engine by offering personalized recommendations based on your web history.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Slapped With Insider Trading Charges By SEC

According to Tech Crunch - When you are a billionaire and you know a stock is going to down, your instinct might be to sell it. But if you know that the stock is going to tank because you are privy to insider information, it’s probably not a good idea to sell that stock. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks and is chairman of HDNet, finds himself facing insider trading charges from the SEC because of doing just that. Back in June, 2004, he sold 600,000 shares of search engine after he was asked by the company to participate in a dilutive follow-on offering. Maybe he didn’t read the boilerplate agreement he (presumably) signed that characterized the details of the follow-on as insider information. But once he got that information, the SEC says he was not legally allowed to act on it until it became public. According to an SEC press release: The Commission’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, alleges that in June 2004, Inc. invited Cuban to participate in the stock offering after he agreed to keep the information confidential. The complaint further alleges that Cuban knew that the offering would be conducted at a discount to the prevailing market price and that it would be dilutive to existing shareholders. Within hours of receiving this information, according to the complaint, Cuban called his broker and instructed him to sell Cuban’s entire position in the company. When the offering was publicly announced,’s stock price opened at $11.89, down $1.215 or 9.3 percent from the prior day’s closing price of $13.105. According to the complaint, Cuban avoided losses in excess of $750,000 by selling his stock prior to the public announcement of the offering. Cuban’s profit on the trade was only $750,000. He’s likely going to spend a lot more than that on legal fees. Why did he do it? His normally voluble blog is silent on the SEC charges, but back in 2004 he did write a post on why he bought the shares. And then in 2005, in a post about another topic, he had this to say about why he sold as an aside: . . . I wanted to reference I had purchased stock in in hope that it could be an up and coming search engine. I thought I had done some level of due diligence. Talked to the company management. Talked to some employees who worked in sales. Read the SEC Filings. I knew that they had a checkered past and had been linked to stock promoter Irving

Kott, and that their law firm still handled some of Kotts business, but the CEO, Chairman, lawyers all said that things were reformed and the company was focused on its business. Then the company did a PIPE financing. Im [sic] not going to discuss the good or bad of PIPE financing other than to say that to me its a huge red flag and I dont [sic] want to own stock in companies that use this method of financing . Why? Because I dont [sic] like the idea of selling in a private placement, stock for less than the market price, and then to make matters worse, pushing the price lower with the issuance of warrants.So I sold the stock. He is pretty clear about why he sold the stock. He saw the PIPE financing as a red flag. Did he even consider that knowledge to be insider information? Only he can tell us. Why did he do it? The title of the top post on his blog right now, which is about the Mavs, kind of says it all: “I Hate To Lose” Update: Cuban has posted on his blog the statement below. He is obviously limited in what he can say for legal reasons: I wish I could say more, but I will have to leave it to this, and let the judicial process do its job. November 17, 2008 RE: SEC Civil Action in the United States District for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division Mark Cuban today responded to a civil complaint filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States District for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. In its complaint, the Commission charges that Mr. Cuban engaged in violations of the federal securities laws in connection with transactions in the securities of Inc. This matter, which has been pending before the Commission for nearly two years, has no merit and is a product of gross abuse of prosecutorial discretion. Mr. Cuban intends to contest the allegations and to demonstrate that the Commission’s claims are infected by the misconduct of the staff of its Enforcement Division. Mr. Cuban stated, “I am disappointed that the Commission chose to bring this case based upon its Enforcement staff’s win-at-any-cost ambitions. The staff’s process was result-oriented, facts be damned. The government’s claims are false and they will be proven to be so.” Wow, it took the SEC two years to make its case. Maybe it’s not so open-and-shut.

Your TiVo Now Places Orders for Domino's Pizza On-Demand

According to Life hacker - As though you needed yet another excuse to stay firmly planted on the couch, DVR service TiVo has integrated with international pizza-maker Domino's so that you can now order a pizza from directly inside your TiVo. My belt just loosened two notches in anticipation. It doesn't have the geek cred of, say, tracking your pizza's delivery status from the terminal, but it's still undeniably cool.

Find Your Real Wage by Calculating Job Costs and Benefits

According to Life Hacker - How much you actually make per year or per hour at your job is a bit more complicated than estimating working hours and multiplying by the hourly wage in your contract. Once you calculate external costs in time and expense, such as the time spent commuting and the expense of the necessary transportation, your actual compensation per hour goes down. But add the value of your benefits, matching contributions to retirement savings and equity or paid vacation, and the number goes back up. This mathematics exercise can help put your budget and spending in perspective—is it really worth three hours of your life for those three drinks at the club? It can also help you get a grip on expenses in an effort to reduce them. But the tips are also quite useful if you're evaluating two or more job offers, as well. What kinds of hidden costs have you found in your work day, and what have you done to minimize them and maximize your real earnings? How to Calculate Your Real Hourly Wage [wikiHow]

ZoneAlarm 2009 Pro Free Tomorrow Only

According to Life Hacker - Windows only: The popular Windows firewall application ZoneAlarm Free has a big brother called ZoneAlarm Pro, which boasts a handful of features not available in the free version—including integrated antivirus. Normally $40, ZoneAlarm Pro will be available tomorrow (11/18) for the low, low price of free. ZoneAlarm Free was voted one of the five best Windows firewalls by Lifehacker readers, so if you like what you've seen from that, a free upgrade to the Pro version sounds like a winner. The promotion link below will likely offer an active link to the deal starting 6AM PST tomorrow morning, but we'll post the direct link as soon as it's available. ZoneAlarrm Promotion [via gHacks]

Firefox 3.1 Adds Tab Tearing According to Life Hackers - Mozilla Links reports that the latest development release of Firefox 3.1 includes a new feature called tab tearing. As you can see from the video above, tab tearing allows you to pull any tab out of your Firefox window into a completely new window or pull any tab into another window. This functionality will look familiar to any Google Chrome users, but when Firefox 3.1 drops, Firefox users will be enjoying the same handy feature. Tear tab feature in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 from Percy Cabello on Vimeo.

Hand to the Forehead for the Tempature Check

According to Yanko Design - Duck Young Kong presents the Lunar Baby Thermometer, a simple temperature checking device for the mother or father, aunt or uncle; whoever’s doing the placing of the hand on the head. Check the child’s temperature without uncomfortable placing of glass sticks in places of discontent. Designed by Duck Young Kong: The idea is based on a common and natural behavior of putting your hand on the forehead to measure internal heat of their body. Checking the temperature by scanning the forehead with this device is easier and faster, since it eliminates the need to insert an external tool while holding them in a still position. The intuitive shape of the device allows the user to easily understand how to hold and use the device. The organic and ergonomic shape provides a secure grasp in the users hand. and the most important part: After simply placing the device on the forehead, a beeping sound followed by a flashing LED alerts the user when it is done. In addition, the user can clearly see the temperature on the LCD screen, while holding the device to their baby [or sick little kid]. Why wasn’t this designed before just now? Designer: Duck Young Kong

Uber Cute and Uber Useful Keychains According to Yanko Design - Available in different colors these keychains called Cinquino, inspired by cars, are meant to be like a small collection of zoomorphic mascots. The design is simple. You squeeze a soft top cushion to activate the LED headlights. Yea that’s it. Don’t kill me. So it’s not the most AMAZING and complex design we’ve ever featured but COM’ON it’s uber CUTE! Designer: Enrico Pandolfini

The Breathing Room News Monday, November 17, 2008  

Welcome to The Breathing Room!! Come in and experience something you've never felt before!! Aaaaaah Breathe!!!! We cater to all demographic...

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