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The Break - June 2010

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The End Rail Produces a Great End Result! By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

Playing Reverse-English Position Shots WHY DO SO many American billiards players play doublethe-rail shots incorrectly? Or, for that matter ignore them completely? When they do indeed select such shots, they're not incor¬porating the concept of speed into them. Most players in this country choose a shot that allows them to play "hard" to the first ball. Strok¬ing the cue ball firmly without regard for the speed of the first object ball may well be easier for them. By doing so, they are concentrating on managing one ball, not two or three for better position play. While that may simplify things mentally, it’s a short-sighted concept of three-cushion billiards. “Easier," occasional¬ly equates with "right" in three-cushion billiards. It's one tough game. Once you master the techniques and speeds of the various double-the-rail shots, you'll be very pleasantly surprised at how often such shots can be helpful in making both longer and more precise runs in your game simply because the element of poor speed has been removed. Most double-the-rail shots involve some basic principles: 1) for max¬imum cue-ball and object-ball action, always try to make your first-ball carom that is the most natural and pure. 2) Don't forget the speed hitting the first ball thin. Obviously, that ball will travel more slowly with less distance than the cue ball. Thus, you need more precision to consider its final resting place 3) On shots requiring you to hit the first ball fuller than the natural angle, use a bit more force and apply more side and follow English. This stops the bounce off that first ball. That's why attempts at double-the-rail shots go flat off the second cushion so often and perhaps why so few players ex¬ecute them correctly or let alone try them. 4) Whenever the carom is close to a corner, don't use as much English, the cue ball develops English rapidly from striking those two rails in quick succession.


The Break - June 2010

Now for some practical examples, the position of Diagram 1 shows itself several times in an average game and most players will play it conventional¬ly. That is drawing the cue ball to the long rail and around the table. That's fine if you need only a point to win and if there's no kiss. (There frequently is a kiss on shots like this where you're striking the first ball fairly full.) But if you want to start a run from this shot, the correct play is to double that long rail off the right side of the first ball using 2 O’clock English and com-pleting the billiard as shown. For cor¬rect speed for your next-shot position, imagine you're banking that first ob¬ject ball cross-corner; you might even want to follow it visually after contact. If the hit and speed on that first ob¬ject ball are correct, the cue-ball path should take care of itself. Execute this properly and you'll have a juicy leave with all three balls near the long rail.

Diagram 2 shows a shorter version of Diagram 1. The mistake most players make here is to play to thin off the left side of the white, leaving it on the short rail with no position for the next shot. Instead, hit it a bit fuller, slowing the cue ball and drive the object ball two cushions cross-table, leaving it near the corner; you'll see you will have an excellent shot if you score as diagrammed. Using 10 O’clock English with a half-ball hit will serve you well here. Don't be discouraged by your previous attempts to double-the-rail with a fuller hit on the first ob¬ject ball; you can do this with correct speed, spin and stroke. In fact, this is a very reliable position shot. In Diagram 3, we have another ex¬ample of a shot often misplayed by striking the first ball too thin, leaving it close to the middle of the far short rail. Hit a little more ball and focus on speed, bringing it back to the long rail as shown and you'll be rewarded with the start of a nice run. You'll need a very

smooth stroke to keep English on both the cue ball and object ball; 3 O’clock English and a slightly elevated cue will achieve the proper effect. Finally, Diagram 4 offers a somewhat abstract view of playing position. Here you can't see enough of the white ball to employ a short-angle shot. So with a little imagina¬tion, this double-the-rail bank yields superior position for the next shot. Shoot through the corner with extreme 9 O’clock English and a soft stroke so as not to drive the object balls too far. And, remember not to go too deeply into the corner. This was explained at the

beginning of this section. The point here is to demonstrate the value of a precise controlled stroke. Use speed to manage all three balls so that you can fully capitalize on the natural angles that these shots will bring you. This concept will teach you the true meaning of not playing a "hard" game. Even better, it will in¬crease your overall average.

Power Follow Shots

Don’t be the Victim

By Samm Diep, © June 2010 Photo Courtesy of Mike Fieldhammer,

Samm Diep

I was recently directed to an April 26 article from The Huffington Post, The Internet Newspaper ( “When Did We Become a Nation of Victims?” by Russell Bishop, shares an intimate victim story about W. Mitchell that brings perspective to an unlucky match or a bad roll. His story makes you realize that losing a pool game is nothing compared to the adversities of having 65% of your body burned off or being paralyzed for life.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘victim’ as: 1) one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent 2) one that is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions 3) one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment 4) one that is tricked or duped

“The cruelest form of victimization is that which we inflict upon ourselves.”

Being the victim can be easy. You nudge open that perfect break out and just barely get hooked. Your opponent misses a shot so badly he completely snookers you behind his only remaining ball. And, don’t forget the perfect break that squats the cue ball dead center, only to have it kicked in the side pocket off three balls. Everyone gets hosed from time to time. It’s easy to feel victimized when these unfortunate events occur. The point it, ‘It's Not What Happens to You, It's What You Do about It’ (the title of the victim W. Mitchell’s book on taking responsibility for change). What you do about it is what separates the fighters from the victims. In Bishop’s article, he explains, “Each of us has unfortunate circumstances to bear, many of which might qualify under any definition of being victimized. However, the cruelest form of victimization is that which we inflict upon ourselves.” This means that from this day forward we will accept responsibility for our mistakes at the table. We will not blame the equipment or our opponent for our losses. We will empower ourselves by being accountable for our actions and not being the victim of unfortunate outcomes. No longer will we feel cheated from a “bad roll” that occurred during our matches due to poor equipment. Instead, we accept responsible for learning the nuances of how the table plays and adapt to them. Only you can determine how to interpret an event. There is no right or wrong answer. Use your mental energy to make good choices based on the facts, not your interpretation of the facts. Fact: The table rolls to the top left corner. Interpretation: I got screwed by the table roll. Fact: I got hooked because the rails are slower than I expected. Interpretation: I got a bad roll and got hooked. Sometimes we say to ourselves and others tell us that we got unlucky or we got a bad roll because we don’t want to feel bad or we don’t want to have regret for the decision we made. The truth is that being aware of when we are feeling victimized and changing that though process can empower you to make better decisions moving forward. Accept responsibility and take control of your match. You are not the victim. Visit “random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, & news”. Take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” Player Representative for CB Custom Cues, Tiger Products, PoolDawg, IB Cue Cases, Predator --- (fun & unique products for pool players)

By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy Bob Jewett

Last time we were practicing follow shots with the cue ball frozen to the Shot 1 cushion. That’s the sort of shot that it’s Object ball easy to do badly because the cushion 1 1 and cue ball remain one interferes with your bridge and your diamond apart. elevation. Both move 2 away from the For that shot you need to pay pocket to make special attention to your fundamentals the shot harder. Follow to the and to do the shot as simply as possible 3 cushion and with as little power as possible. back to the object ball This time, the shot itself is no 4 starting spot. problem, so the goal is to work on Mark your progress with power and accuracy. Start with a coin. Shot 1. The cue ball and object 5 ball are one diamond apart. The goal Shot 2 is to pocket the ball and follow 6 Cue ball moves to the end cushion and back. Try to back to make return the cue ball as close as you can the shot harder 2 to where the object ball started. Pick your own margin for “close enough” on the cue ball position. Shown in the diagram is the easiest position. If you do it successfully, move both balls back one diamond so the object ball is even with the diamond numbered “2”. If you fail to do the shot, make the next shot easier. The cue ball and object ball are always one diamond apart. You need a very slight cut angle to avoid the scratch but no so much angle Grip Diagram from that you can’t keep the cue ball near Bob’s May column the side cushion. You need to pay special attention to keeping side spin off the cue ball. On shots like this where you hit the object ball nearly full, any side spin you do have on the cue ball will in effect be multiplied because all of the speed is taken away by the hit on the object ball but the spin mostly remains. For a slightly more advanced shot, use a little left English on the cue ball so that returns to the side cushion after it hits the end rail. Try for just enough spin that the cue ball gets back to exactly the starting spot of the object ball. Even if you do the easy version of the shot well, you will probably have trouble getting beyond position 2 and still leaving the cue ball within a hand-span of the goal. Shot 2 is a little different. It has the object ball always a diamond from the pocket and the cue ball is moved back to make the shot harder as your skill progresses. Try to return the cue ball to its starting location. Remember to mark the current cue ball location with a coin and move the coin after each shot depending on whether you do the shot well enough or not.


June 2010 - The Break


Hard Times Billiards

MAY JAMBOREE By Tom Suarez, tournament director

Measuring Your Break Speed

Tom Suarez, Hard Times Sacramento Tournament Director To find your own break speed:

1) Measure the distance between where your cueball rests on the table for a normal break and the head spot, subtract 2.25" for one ball diameter. 2) Use sound recorder on a PC to record the sound of your break. We used a laptop with it next to the table. Most PCs can record at 44Khz, or 44 thousand times a second, more than accurate enough. Also, forget about having to get it right in the middle. Unless your break speed is near the speed of sound its a nit. Use a sound program like Wave pad to open the file and identify the peak where the cue strikes the cueball and then the peak at rack contact. If you highlight with Wave pad it will tell you to the thousandth of a second. 3) Your break speed in mph is: (distance-2.25) / 12*60/88 / (measured time)

Sacramento in May is usually quite rainy. This year there was a good mix of Sunny and Rainy days. Billy Palmer took both the One Pocket and 9 Ball events this month. Billy’s stellar play resulted in undefeated victories. Amar Kang is back and playing almost as good as he did when he took a sabbatical from the this game to take up golf. Pool is glad to have him back.


One Pocket Saturday May 2nd 2010, 26 players with a prize fund of $940 1st $280 Billy Palmer 2nd $200 Amar Kang 3rd $140 Eric Kraus 4th $100 John Henderson 5th Tie $65 Bee Davison and Mike DeWeese 7th Tie $45 D J and Melvin McKay 9 Ball Sunday May 3rd 2010, 52 players with a prize fund of $1670 1st $500 Billy Palmer 2nd $300 Amar Kang 3rd $200 Jim Fabionar 4th $130 Roger Estelle 5th Tie $100 Rudy Jerez, Joe Palley 7th Tie $65 Jeff Gregory, Tommy Soria 9th Tie $50 Zalde Rosaluna, Bart Mahoney, Chris MacDonald, Deo Alpajaro

Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA (916) 332-8793

Monthly Jamboree Weekend 1st Weekend of each month

One Pocket Saturday Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Entry fee $30 Race to 2 - Double Elimination - Added Money based on entries

9-Ball Sunday

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Entry fee $30 Race to 6 W/4 L - Double Elimination - Added Money based on entries

Weekly Tournaments

Wed: 9-Ball $5 entry-$50 added-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thurs: 9-Ball USPPA $15 entry-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sun: 9-Ball Open $15 entry-Noon Signup-1PM Start-Double Elimination Race to 6 Winners to 4 One Loss-$5 per player added up to $150

SCORECARD 14.1 Tournament at Sam's Billiards on May 2. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th High Run:


$40 $30 $20 $10 17 balls

The Break - June 2010

Paul Lamar Frank Kincl Russ Hodgin Aubrey Robinson Frank Kincl

The Cue Ball

photo courtesy of:

Results for April 10th & May 8th

24TH ANNUAL JIMMY DAWSON TOURNAMENT We had a good turn out for our tournament. Marv Adams from Canada played really well all throughout the tournament and even going undefeated in the eight ball event. Nick Guyman from Pocatello took second place playing very well also. We had a nine ball on Friday splitting first and second place was Ace Brown and Roger Bordley. We also paid out the top two women in the eight ball event. Which was 1st place was Jennifer Alexander and 2nd place was Tenille Whitten. I want to thank everyone who came out it was a really fun time. Hopefully next time we can get even more people. Congratulations to all the winners, and hope to see you again next year. 8- BALL 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th

Left to Right: Tom Brady, Russell Cearley and Linn Petty



Russell Cearley AA 1st 200 100



Tom Brady AA 2nd 120 75



Linn Petty AA 3rd 80 60



Chris Byers AAA 4th 50 50



Bob Cook A, Jack Kjelde B

7th/8th $10

$750.00 $540.00 $380.00 $220.00 $100.00 $75.00

TOP WOMEN 1st $100.00 2nd $50.00

Marv Adams Nick Guyman Ace Brown Jennifer Alexander Roger Bordley/Lenny Bill Karn/Shane Shumaker Jennifer Alexander Tenille Whitten

We had $510.00 added with a 30 player field

Allen’s Billiards & More

Niles Kapuniai A Raymond Lingenfelter C

Billiards - Darts - Espresso Ice Cream - Xbox 360 & Fun PROUDLY SERVING OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM 23692 NE State Route 3 - Belfair, WA 360-275-2668 FOR ALL YOUR POOL AND DART ACCESSORY NEEDS We do parties - call for details email: Sean Allen - Owner

Left to Right: Juan Ibanez, Matt Horner and Jack Kjelde



Juan Ibanez A



Matt Horner 4A



Jack Kjelde B



Carlos Cadena B



Jay Krause AA, Russell Cearley AA



Mike Kuchler AA, Scott Virgin B

Open 24 hours Fri & Sat June 2010 - The Break


APA AWARDS $450,000 IN CASH AND PRIZES AT NATIONAL SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIPS World's Largest Pool League Crowns Seven Amateur Champions in Las Vegas

LAKE SAINT Schenck Jr. tied LOUIS, MO (May for 3rd Place. In 14, 2010) — More the Black Tier than $450,000 in (Skill Levels 6-9), cash and prizes Nelson Montierth were awarded to of Longmont, APA members Colo., defeated at the APA Michael Crowley National Singles of Richmond, Championships Va. Montierth held April 28 - May advanced to 1 in Las Vegas at the finals after the Riviera Hotel defeating Rick & Casino. The Halls Jr. of National Singles Danville, Ill., in Championships the semifinals. consisted of Crowley advanced both the 8-Ball to the final round Classic and 9-Ball match after a Shootout Singles victory over Championships William Moye Jr. of and the Jack Macon, Ga. Halls & Jill Doubles Jr. and Moye Jr. Championship. tied for 3rd Place. Amy Encinias (Las Vegas, NV), 2nd place 8-Ball Red Tier The final Each of the three round of the 9-Ball Champions received Shootout featured three championship matches, one for each skill a prize package worth $10,000. Runners-Up in each tier took level tier, with two shooters in each match competing for $10,000 in home a prize package worth $5,000. Third Place finishers each cash and prizes. In the Green Tier (Skill Levels 1-3), Tina Johnson received $3,000. of Fayetteville, N.C., defeated Alyssa Popiela of San Diego, Calif. More than 3,300 poolplayers made it to the regional level of Johnson advanced to the finals after a semifinal round victory the 9-Ball Shootout before the field was whittled down to 265 men over George Merchan of Carrollton, Texas. Popiela advanced to and women competing for 9-Ball crowns in each of three skill the finals after defeating David Halbritter of Albuquerque, N.M. level tiers. More than 6,000 APA members advanced to regional Merchan and Halbritter tied for 3rd Place. In the White Tier (Skill competition of the 8-Ball Classic, and just over 450 of those Levels 4-5), Angel Palomarez of Tucson, Ariz., defeated Seth players advanced to the championship Prentiss of Newfield, N.J. Palomarez defeated Shaun Bardell in Las Vegas. of Harvest, Ala., in the semifinal round to advance to the finals. In the finals of the 8-Ball Classic, four champions each took Prentiss advanced to the finals by defeating James Schenck home a prize package worth Jr. of Paragould, $15,000 for their Ark. Bardell and Continued on page 9

Davis Lastrapes (Macon, GA), 1st place 8-Ball Blue Tier


The Break - June 2010

Anthony Marseco Jr. (Luzerne, PA), 1st place 8-Ball Yellow Tier

Raymond Procell (Coushatta, LA), 1st place 8-Ball Purple Tier

APA SINGLES (continued from page 8) performances. In the Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3), Davis Lastrapes of Macon, Ga., defeated Dean Veros of Atlanta, Ga. Lastrapes defeated Melissa McWhirter of Vanduser, Mo., in the semifinals to advance, while Veros defeated Victoria Clayton of Dry Fork, Va. McWhirter and Clayton tied for 3rd Place. In the Yellow

Alyssa Popiela (San Diego, CA), 2nd place 9-Ball Green Tier

Championship, held in the MiniMania Room during the Singles Championships, Gene Steele and Becky Orwig of Toledo, Ohio, defeated Justin Mixon and Michele Thrasher of Gordon, Ga. Steele and Orwig took home $5,000, while Mixon and Thrasher received $3,000 as Runners-Up. Sportsmanship Awards were presented to Amy Nevills of Waxhaw, N.C., and Victoria Clayton of Dry Fork, Va., for

Angel Palomarez (Tucson, AZ), 1st Place 9-Ball White Tier

outstanding conduct Tier (Skill Level 4), Anthony throughout their matches Marseco Jr. of Luzerne, Pa., in the 9-Ball Shootout and defeated Spring Saylor8-Ball Classic, respectively. Gillis of St. Petersburg, Fla. The APA, based Marseco Jr. advanced to the in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., finals by defeating Shanon sanctions the world's largest Shackelford of Niles, Mich., amateur pool league, known earlier in the day in the as the APA Pool League semifinal round. Saylor-Gillis throughout the United States, defeated Patrick McGuire and as the Canadian Pool of Scranton, Pa., in the League in Canada. Nearly semifinals. Shackelford and 270,000 members compete McGuire tied for 3rd Place. In in weekly 8-Ball and 9-Ball the Red Tier (Skill Level 5), League play. The APA is Craig Feyler of Dover, Del., generally recognized as the defeated Amy Encinias of Governing Body of Amateur Nelson Montierth (Longmont, CO), 1st Place 9-Ball Black Tier Las Vegas. Feyler defeated Pool, having established the Jeff Knox of Tylertown, Miss., in the semifinals official rules, championships, formats and to advance, while Encinias defeated Kim handicap systems for the sport of amateur Mickulas of Manteno, Ill. Knox and Mickulas billiards. The APA produces three major tied for 3rd Place. In the Purple Tier (Skill tournaments each year—the APA National Levels 6-7), Raymond Procell of Coushatta, Team Championships, the APA National La., defeated Brandon Ryan of Hatfield, Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Mass. Procell defeated Wayne Hardee of Championship—that, together, pay out nearly Harrington, Del., in the semifinal round. Ryan $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! The advanced after defeating Shane Fisher of Hot APA and its championships are sponsored by Springs, Ark. First place winners received Aramith, Action Cues and PoolDawg. cash and prizes worth $15,000. Each Runner For more information on the American Up received cash and prizes worth $9,000. Poolplayers Association, visit www. Third Place finishers each received $3,000. (http://www.poolplayers. Sorry Partner (Toledo, OH) In the annual Jack & Jill Doubles com) Gene Steele & Becky Orwig, 1st Place Jack & Jill

June 2010 - The Break


L A S V E GA S , 2 010 By Melissa Little , AKA The Viper

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 – World Pool Masters Qualifiers I started off the day early and had to be at Pool Sharks at 9 AM. The formats were 9-ball, 32-man board; single elimination, $50 entry and the final two players received paid entries into the World Masters of Pool and third place got an unpaid spot but at least an entry. I started off well and won my first three matches beating a few of the local players and making it to the final-8 bracket. But, then I lost a crucial match to Max Eberle from California finishing 7th-8th in the tournament. Immediately after losing, tournament director Jay Helfert asked if I wanted to join the second chance event that allowed the same amount of qualifiers- I accepted and he called my match promptly. Again, winning three more straight matches before losing to Greg Harada 7-5 for the last qualifying spots. I finished 7th-8th again… A bit frustrated but I was happy to play pool all day and knocking out some local and national talent that entered the event. Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 – Grand Masters At the last minute I joined the BCAPL Woman’s 8-Ball Grandmasters Championships and won three matches and finished one out of the money- placing 9th overall. Really, I had not practiced much bar table 8-ball and was not prepared to play at all. But remembering I finished 3rd last year I gave it a shot. Monday, May 17th, 2010 Next up, The US 10-Ball Championships, a $550 entry fee, race to 9, and double elimination event? 128-player field with 11 ladies from the WPBA and guess who I draw my 1st match? You got it- my lovely friend Mr. Shane Van Boening!!! I tried very hard to get some sort of control but the kid’s break is OFF the map. He ran at least six racks in the middle to beat me 9-2…. Ouch!! On the losers side, I played Michael Yednak and won 9-2… Tied with overall wins from a few of the other ladies I knew that I would have to win

my next match to have a shot at the Woman’s all-around title. Ga Young Kim had already won two matches but lost her third match and was out of the tournament. My second match on the losers side was with newly crowned World 8-ball Champion Karl Boyes from England. Karl came out strong running racks at the beginning and having me down 4-1. I took a break and when I got back to the table I won six games in row. Karl the champion that is had a strong comeback running multiple racks in a row to get to the hill first with a score of 8-7. With luck on my side he missed a jacked-up shot on the 9-ball and let me back into the match. 8-8, hill-hill, I broke and pocketed two balls off the break, pocketed the 1 & 2 ball and got bad shape on the 3-ball. I played a safety that forced Karl to kick one rail to complete a legal hit. Unfortunately for him he lined up a perfect 3-10 combination that I pocketed to win the match 9-8. I tied with Ga Young Kim to share the over-all woman’s title – I thought…. until I went to get paid they let me know that they were going to give Ga Young the title and gave me the runner-up title because she won two more games then I did. BUMMER! But I was still happy to have had the opportunity to participate and on the way knocked out a couple of champs. Today Over all, I wanted to challenge myself for the 2-weeks I was in Las Vegas and feel like the mission was accomplished. I learned that I need a better/more explosive break. I can run out well but if you don’t make a ball on the break playing in any event – it’s hard to put packages together. I am excited to announce that I am planning on competing in the US Open 9-Ball Championships and look forward with an open heart to compete with the men again. Thanks to everyone that came to cheer me on, texted me after my matches, and followed my progress on Facebook. I can’t wait till the next event to see all of my friends again!!!

Rodders Grub & Pub


$1,000 Guaranteed 1st (with 128 players)

WorldPPA Shootout 9-Ball July 17th-18th

Monday Pool Tournament Played on Diamond Pool Tables $5 entry - House Matches Min 8 players/Max 16 $50 1st place Guaranteed

Great Food - Lottery Full Service Bar

Fri Night Mini Tournament (Open) - $100 Added - $10 Entry - Race to 5 - 7PM

Main Event Saturday & Sunday

Early Entry $25 (Deadline July 10th) - Day of Tournament $40 Race to 8, Double Elimination - Play Starts at 12 Noon Doors open 10AM (Breakfast served) - Open to all players FREE Membership WorldPPA Hamdicap Rating will be used - Averages subject to adjustment Entries must be postmarked by July 1st and received by July 10th Mail to: California Billiard Club 881 E El Camino Real - Mountain View, CA 94040



The Break - June 2010

8 Diamond Pool Tables

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (Breakfast served after 11PM)

19195 -- Oregon City, OR 503.650.2363 19195 SS Molalla Molalla Ave Ave Oregon City, OR 503.650.2363


The World Professional Billiard League held their first ever event this weekend. It was held in Canada at the beautiful, McPhillip Station Casino in Winni peg. It was a huge success. Statistically, the two best players were found battling it out in the finals. That is what tournament director Barry Bremner and owner, Larry Chiborak predicted prior to the inaugural event. "The game of Bonus Ball uses a scoreboard and time clock that operated flawlessly", stated Chiborak. "The players made a few mental mistakes due to t he challenge of having to think fast on their feet, but at the end of the event, all eight players were showing why they are called professionals!" Bremner s aid..."Perhaps, Corey Deuel, who seemed at odds with the new game, came storming back on the final day, playing flawless! I was very impressed with the size of his heart. Most players would have packed it in the final day. That was not the case with Deuel. I expect Corey to be muched improved in the next event". SUNDAY PLAY-OFFS There was a movie in the 60's about a gunslinger who hauled a coffin behind his horse and took out an entire force with a battling gun hidden inside the coffin. This character was named "Django" Francisco"Django" Bustamante acted the part of gunslinger all weekend and took out anyone in his way ! What an outstanding performance he put on. In a race to five, after Archer r an the first two tables to go up two games to nothing, this gunslinger won five straight to win the tournament. Here's how today's action played out to set up the final. The noon match featured the fifth place finisher, John Schmidt against the 6th place finisher, Erik Hjorleifson, a "raised in Winnipeg" product. In this consolation event, Erik got a couple of bad breaks, scratching after making his object ball, once in each of the first two games, allowing "Mr 400" to go up two games to none in a race to three. After a back & forth battle, Schmidt prevailed in the third game to finish fifth in the standings after event number one. This event was a great experience for "Big Red". "I need to practice more to bring my game up. Banking was so important this weekend." noted Erik.

In the quarter final match up, The "South Dakota Kid", Shane Van Boening, who finished third after the round robin portion of the tournament, was up again st his Mosconi Cup team mate, fourth place finisher Johnny "The Scorpion" Archer. Johnny jumped out quickly to a one nothing lead and Van Boening won three straight, two of them in over-time, to get to the hill. Archer fought his way to the hill as well and ran out the final game to win the prize of facing N ick "The Kentucky Colonel" Varner in the semi-final. The semi final, like the quarter final, was a race to four. Varner came back from being down seven -nothing to capture the first game nine - seven. At that point "The Scorpion" once again found his stinger and won four straight game s to sideline Mr. Varner. What a great tournament Nick Varner had though. If retirement was ever really on his mind, that has been p ut on the back burner. Bonus Ball brought out all the skills that Varner has specialized in the past and brought him back into the spot light. Without a doubt, Nick Varner was quite a show! With the quarter final and semi final matches, Johnny had won seven of his last eight games and was on a roll!Bustamante was well rested for the final. Winning the round robin, rewarded him with a birth into the play-off finals, while Johnny had just come through some pressure situations and had a couple of barn burners to get there. Archer came out very focused i n this race to five and ran out the first two games. That's when Bustamante took over and proved to be too much for Archer on this night. Fra ncisco was very strong from Thursday evening right through the entire event and was deserving of the win. What an amazing three and a half days of Bonus Ball and the "Super Series of Billiards was just that... super! Mike Massey had a crowd everywhere that he went. The World Champion trick shot artist was a crowd pleaser for sure. Mike Massey was the player that convinced Larry Chiborak to use only three pockets in his game to help make Bonus Ball more challenging for seasoned players. It was a great a ddition to the game to great billiard entertainer.

Valley Pool Tables Have A New Look Virtually one week before the Valley National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, the new Valley tables were being loaded on the semis and headed to Vegas. As you can see in the upper right photo the old style with a lip on the corners. Upper left you can see how the brass plate is flat and the pocket is as well. Look for them in a place that you play pool soon. This change alone will make it easier for you to shoot a shot around the pocket.

June 2010 - The Break


Vegas BCA

Happy Hour til 10 Well Drinks $2.50

7th Rail

Fri 9 Ball -- 8pm Sat 8 ball -- 8 pm Tues 8 ball--8pm Mon Poker texas holdem $5 Tues Poker $10 PULLTABS - FULL MENU 7 POOL TABLES

By Paul Marquez

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Wi- ss e Acc i

All Ages Area 8 Pool Tables Over 21 Area 12 Pool Tables 12’ Snooker Tables



Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso 3636 SE 122nd

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Wow I have so much to say. I have a hundred real stories that could take page after page. Instead of elaboration, I will attempt to minimize the pool celebration. Here we go. What the hell, lets do it with a poetic flow. "I spent the week in Las Vegas for Eight Ball BCA, ironically never hearing a Canadian ever say "aye!" My road trip was long taking five in a van, there was Sean, Ron, Tony, Tasha and Dan. Paul Marquez I played okay in singles but still wanted more, learned that pros can be cool but just watching a serious bore. I hung with Dan Heinrick who was Mike Sigels hometown friend, Kimberly Kirk new my bff from beginning till end. Sean Lewis saved my booty, and Dan Louie has tons of class, Randy Baker showed his real game, Tina P showed her ***. I learned Dr. Cue is as sharp as they come, he gave me a lesson on focus and he's really fun. I love the people except maybe Jimmy from captain Billy Palmer's ship, I wanted to share my 4th degree foot with Jimmy's fat sharking lips. But Mr. Palmer was only classy and kind and all thats cool, so maybe it was just me who overeacted an acted a fool. Watched Stan T torch Orcollo and Efren gamble it away, Mike Yamauchi kicks Open booty but occassionally dogs an eight. Going home on a Greyhound had to hock my cues, have new respect for hometown players especially Pat or as you know as the Shoe. Met a Jamaican, a Jew and a Jack of all trades. Dealers, gamblers, waitresses and maids. Back to the grind when I get home, going to be a grandmaster some day, I already know.

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The Break - June 2010

By John Hill, BCA Instructor I am experimenting with a phenomenon I call the ‘Zebra Effect.’ In nature, the Zebra Effect is one where the predator gets confused by the number and/or colors of their prey—in other words, a herd of Zebras with all their stripes is pretty safe; the Lion cannot distinguish or determine just one from the herd. But a lone Zebra stands out like a, well, a Zebra alone in a field—easily recognizable by the Lion. It’s an effect of confusion… visual confusion. So just how does this nature lesson apply to the game of pool? Let’s say you have an object ball away from a pack of balls, two feet from the pocket, 30° cut angle, cue ball two feet from the OB, alone in the field of vision. The average player will make this shot with reasonable consistency; the pro all the time. But put a pack of balls around that OB , and even though there is still a clear path to the pocket, that ball will tend to blend into the others around it. Your eyes must focus on the hit, but there are numerous other lines, colors, and edges involved now that were missing when there was a clear shot away from the pack. Not taking the Zebra effect into consideration can and will result in a miss. Is there a solution? Better focus and concentration on the hit or aiming point (whatever system you may use or not) may help as would not treating these as routine shots. I find this usually happens on secondary breakshots or ball coming out of clusters of more than four of five balls. But the effect could have consequences with just one or two ball if they are in very close proximity to the OB. I would like to hear from any of you that may have experienced the Zebra Effect whether you knew it or not, and how you might handle these types of shots, then I will compile the responses and write another article on solving the problem. John Hill is a BCA Instructor and lives in N.E. Washington. He can be contacted at:

Sat 2-2 Sun noon-2

110 S Central Sidney, MT


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Ask the Viper

Down, But Not Out By Roger Long, Advanced Certified Instructor

By Mellissa Little, Ask the Viper

Last night I endured a tough test that had me revisiting a lesson that we all need to be reminded of from time to time. I was asked to sub for a team in a 9-ball league whose format calls for each player on a 3-man team to play a match against each player on the opposing 3-man team. All players are rated, so the “race to” limit is dictated by how the players’ ratings match up. As I was one of the highest Roger Long rated players in the league, I found myself having to spot each of my opponents. What happened was this: In two of my matches, I had to come from behind to win. In the other one I led all the way, so that one doesn’t contribute anything to this story. But in the first of the two scary matches, I fell behind 2-0 to a good shooter who was going to 6, while I had to go to 7 games to win. The final score in that game was 7-2 my way. In the second of the scary matches, I was behind 4-2 to a very experienced player who had to go to only 5 games, while my race was again 7. That means he was sitting “on the hill” while I had to dig out 5 games in a row for survival. Fortunately (for me, anyway), it happened. But how did this happen? Was it because I’m such a great player? Or was it because my opponents were that weak? There would be big “no” answers to both those questions. The reason I won both of those matches is because I didn’t quit. I didn’t quit believing that I still had a good chance to win. I didn’t quit taking the right shots. I didn’t quit using good fundamentals. And I didn’t quit giving either match my full focus and attention. Never quitting on yourself is something you can do, also, if you really want to do it. First, examine what you are currently doing when you get behind in a match. Do you panic and start trying to force shots? Do you indulge in negative thoughts? Do you allow yourself to be awed by your opponent’s seeming superiority? Do you allow yourself to be distracted by virtually everything in the room, including your own cell phone? Do you submit to the notion that you just can’t win? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then stop all that! You may not have any control over what your opponent does, but you definitely have control over what you think and do. So shut off your cell phone, stop ogling the opposite sex, order your dinner after the match, talk about work tomorrow at work, resist watching television until you get home, and keep your eyes on the table and your mind on the match! If you take my advice on these things, you just might find yourself winning more of those supposedly “impossible” matches.


Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

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Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

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QUESTION: I've been actively playing and progressing in my game for eight years. Right now, I'm fine-tuning my game aspiring to make it into the pro ranks, but my stroke has gotten away from me the last couple months. My upper arm is dropping on my back swing when it used to be level. I can still run tables, but the motion is causing comments from other players and is concerning to me. Help, please. 
 Melissa Little

QUESTION: Is it OK to move your upper arm during your practice strokes? Thank you for your help. ANSWER:

NO, NO, and for sure NO!!! You do not want to move your upper arm when stroking through a ball. My question to you – is how do you know you are moving your arm up and down? Are you videotaping yourself? Or can feel/see the movement or is a friend just telling you so? Either way it is important to fix problems when they arise. I suggest next time your in the pool hall practice stroking along the felt line of pool table rail. Make sure that your cue is following the line of the felt straight and fluidnot with a seesaw / side-to-side motion. Listen, many moons ago, my long time coach tried to adjust my slip stroke… he actually tried to force me to not slip and it really messed up my game for a while. Usually, the reasons for mechanical problems are because your body is compensating for other problems such as your stance. So check other mechanical issues too. On anther note: Sometimes when you focus your attention to long on a mechanical issue you can dwell and become obsessed with it. Your stroke might be fine and it has just become a part of your style and now you need to be focusing on other parts of the game. If you get a chance to take one of my open clinics I suggest you do so and I can check it out for myself. The next one is scheduled for June 12th at the Wynkoop and you can get more information on my website at www. Best of luck to you, Viper If you have a question for “The Viper” please e-mail them to cuetimes@ Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the house-pro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit:

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Serves Breakfast all day

June 2010 - The Break


Diablo Valley in Vegas Results from Las Vegas, 2010. MIXED OPEN TEAM Entrants: 674


Vinnies #10

Gary Marcus - Doyle McClellan - Vj Modelo - Paul Lancaster Jeff Huston

Lights Out, Action Creators: 33-48 ($700)

Doug Wu, Robbie Lyng, Bernie Garma, Jared Williams, Jason Williams, George Williams, Dave Gomez

MIXED SENIORS SINGLE Jim Avila 97 Paul Lancaster 129 MIXED OPEN SINGLE Rich Yoder 65-($375) Dave Gomez 257-($150) Bee Davinson 769 MIXED SUPER SENIORS Bernie Garma 25 ($175) Vj Modelo 33 ($125) Bill McKnight 97 Doyle McClelland 129 Tim Reese 129

Diablo Valley Drones: 49-64 ($575)

WOMEN’S OPEN TEAM Entrants: 133

Bee Davison - Billy Palmer - Jimy Johnson- Rich Yoder - Aljo Mandoriao

Late For Dinner: 97-128 ($375)

Secret Sauce: 25-32 ($250)

Lynn Westhoven, Rick Chudy, Fred poetzch, Eddy Reynosa, Riley


The Break - June 2010

Salene Castaneda- Denise Domingo- Gloria Cheng-Darnell DomingoEleanor Callado

Diablo Valley in Vegas

Junior Mints: 49-64

Shawn Modelo-Deana Spomer-Cathy Reeves-Erin MckibbenLeslie Bernardi

The Tight Racks: 97-128

Diane Friedman, Brenda Clark, Jenny McCary, Carol Prescott

The Stragglers (no photo): 65-96

Barbara Martish-LelaineChing-Marjorie Silva-Tracy Datuin


Les go Bishes: 65-96

Tina Mendoza-Mili Chin-Stacy Wilson-Kacie Ragen- Cony MendozaJess Quinata Darla Decker 3rd($1200)

Jamie Jameson

Shawn Modelo 17-24 ($175)


WOMEN’S OPEN CATEGORY Darnell Domingo 193 Jenny Mccary 193 Kacie Ragen 257 Brenda Clarck 257

Right on Cue: 65-96

Kristin Eisen - Cary Wolcott - Darla Decker- Annette Wood Nancy Valdez

WOMEN’S MASTER CATEGORY Leslie Bernardi 49 Holly Robinson 49

June 2010 - The Break


2010 U.S. Open 10-B More photos available at:

Corteza Takes It Down

Lee Van Corteza


The U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, May 1722 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas had one of the toughest 128 player open fields in recent U.S. history. Participants included players from 18 countries and included 11 world champions, 4 of the top 10 World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) ranked women and half of the top 50 world ranked men. This heady field was also joined by many top regionally known players from North America such as Francis Crevier of Canada, Dan Louie and Glenn Atwell of Seattle, Frankie Hernandez of New York and Ernesto Dominguez and Sal Butera of California. Going into the final day of the premier 6 day event on the winner’s side were Lo Li-Wen, and Lee Van Corteza. The following 6 players started on the one loss side: Shane Van Boening, Charlie Williams, Rodney Morris, Manny Chau,

Mika Immonen and Francisco Bustamante. In the rack your own, call pocket, winner break format, any and all things could happen. With this caliber of field each player was aware their opponents were capable of running rack, yet the challenging pro-cut Diamond tables encouraged smart safety play when required resulting in numerous hill-hill nail biting matches. In the quarter finals Bustamante demolished 2009 Player of the Year Immonen 9-1 and a young unknown, Manny Chau, come close to knocking out Van Boening. “The South Dakota Kid” prevailed surviving Chau 9-7. Two of the most studied players in pool, Bustamante and Van Boening, now would face one another to see who progressed and who would go out in 4th place. Today was the “Kids” day. Van Boening’s break was in strong form and subsequently bounced Bustamante

The Break - June 2010

out of the tournament 9-6. The next round featured Van Boening and Corteza. Immediately out of the gate Van Boening took a strong lead (4-1) with his booming break in place. Corteza got off to a slow start with an uncharacteristically tight stroke. While it appeared Van Boening would cruise into the finals, Corteza gathered himself and meticulously chipped away at Van Boening’s lead by playing dead on safeties and smoothing out his stroke and adjusting his rhythm. Soon the score was 5-5. However, Van Boening answered back to Corteza’s rally, by aggressively taking the next 3 games putting him on the hill. Both players are accustomed to winning and do not bow down to pressure easily. Corteza, never wavering from his calm demeanor had an opportunity in game 14 as Van Boening

Ball Championship

n to the Wire for a Win

broke dry for the first time in the match. The players and the pace of the match quickened to (http://www.simoniscloth. room was stunned and waited to see if Corteza a more acceptable level. The accelerated speed com/), Aramith ( (http://www. could capitalize on Van Boening’s misfortune. of play benefited Pin-Yi’s game and he appeared, Delta-13 ( (http:// Quietly and calmly, Corteza played perfect on to gain confidence and soon tied the match 7-7., Billiards Digest (www. each shot keeping Van Boening in his chair. Again the match see-sawed back and forth with (http://www.billiardsdigest. Within 20 minutes the match went from 8-5 to neither player keeping a sustainable lead and com/), TAR, BadBoys Billiard Productions (www. hill-hill with Corteza breaking. Not being a run soon it was hill-hill with one game remaining for ( out pattern, Corteza and Van Boening volleyed essentially $7,500. While both players had their and BreakRAK ( (http://www. a few safeties before either had a good shot at opportunity at the table, Corteza was the man and produced by CueSports running out again. Being a call shot format, while who faced the final three balls for the win. With International (CSI). the table was wide open, Van Boening CueSports International had a tough choice, is dedicated to creating either call a carom more choices for all off the 6-ball or players. CSI is the parent decide to go for a company of the BCA Pool cross side bank. League, the National He chose the cross Championship Series side but missed (NCS), and the USA and pocketed a Pool League. CSI also non-called ball produces independent thus relinquishing events such as the the table back to U.S. Bar Table Corteza. Corteza Championships, the Jay quietly started back Swanson Memorial and to work running the U.S. Open 10-Ball the table of the few Championship. Visit remaining balls and securing a spot in (http://www.playcsipool. the finals. com/), www.playbca. Ko Pin-Yi from com (http://www. Taiwan and Corteza and www. from the Philippines (http:// took center stage for the finals at 8 pm. or call 702-719-7665 for Pin-Yi and Corteza more information about are used to playing CSI and its divisions. in front of a large and attentive crowd. CueSports International Approximately 300 (CSI) … more choices for spectators sat in all players – the Riviera Royale BCA Pool League Ballroom Pro Arena (BCAPL),, and thousands National Championship viewed the match Series (NCS), via The Action, USA 2nd place Lo Li-Wen, 3rd place Shane Van Boening, 4th place Francisco Bustamante Report (TAR) live Pool League (USAPL), stream., Jay The match initially started slow, with each only the 10-ball remaining, Corteza stood back Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, U.S. player trading thoughtfully executed safeties. up and laughed at his own nerves. Bar Table Championships, & U.S. Open 10-Ball However Pin-Li was playing unusually slow, That seems to calm him down and in his Championship which seemed to actually hinder his game and gentle and subdued manner cut the 10 down the … at the Sands Regency Casino Hotel in Reno, soon Corteza had a 7-3 lead. Before the start short rail for the win. NV, February 22-28, 2010 of game 11, Assistant Tournament Director Ken The 2010 U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship ... at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for Shuman warned both Pin-Yi and Corteza to was sponsored by OB Cues ( the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, May speed up play or the match would be subject to (, Diamond Billiard 14-22, 2010 a shot clock. Products ( (http:// This warning was taken seriously by both, Simonis (www. PLAY CSI – THE PLAYERS’ CHOICE!

June 2010 - The Break


THEY CAME, THEY PLAYED, THEY CONQUERED at the 2010 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships

2010 Womens Master Team 1st Place Magoos Masters

2010 Womens Open Team 1st Place We Got The Runs

While the temperature was unseasonably cool in Las Vegas during the 34th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, the pool playing was hot. Held May 14-22 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, approximately 7000 amateur and professional players traveled from across the world to battle for their chunk of the $750,000 prize fund and be crowned the best in their respective divisions. Prior to the BCAPL 8-Ball event starting on the 14th, the 9-Ball Challenge took place May 12-13. The 9-ball event, limited to 256 players, is open to all BCAPL and Player Members from Open to Grand Master level. Chris Melling took home the early event honors. Melling then beat “The Dakota Kid” Shane Van Boening in the Men’s Grand Master division of the BCAPL 8-Ball National Championship making history by winning both the Men’s Grand Master Singles and the 9-Ball Challenge. The BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships started with the Scotch Doubles events. The Open Scotch Doubles had 341 entries. Kim Sanders and Brian Sanders, of the A.P.P.L.E – Austin Pool Player’s League, remained undefeated taking home first place. In the Master Scotch Doubles, which had 82 entries, the French Canadian duo of Veronique Menard and Francis Crevier had to grind their way to victory. Starting off on the one loss side of the final Master Scotch Doubles board, Menard and Crevier won 8 matches to make it to the finals and then double dipped the dynamo team of Glenn Atwell and Linda Carter from Washington State to take first place. Saturday, May 15th the crowd swelled as thousands of individuals mentally prepared for the singles events. There were 11 separate singles divisions: Men’s Super Senior, Men’s Senior, Men’s Open, Men’s Master, Men’s Grand Master, Men’s Player Member, Women’s Open, Women’s Senior, Women’s Master, Women’s Grand Master and Women’s Player Member. In the Men’s Super Senior division, Bob Oliver (MacDaddy’s In-House League, Little Rock, AR) breezed through the winner’s side to take first place. Writer Tom McGonagle (Silver Cue 8-Ball League, Dorchester, MA) had several close matches to stay on the winner’s side and take the Men’s Senior division hot seat. McGonagle almost lost his momentum as Shane Harvey (Action

2010 Mens Mixed Open Team 1st Place Who Needs a Coach


The Break - June 2010

Womens trophy Team 1st Pocket Aces

Billiard League, Lubbock, TX) took the first set of the finals 5-1. In set two, McGonagle regrouped beating Harvey out 5-4 narrowly winning first place. The Men’s Open Singles is a test of endurance, skill with a sprinkle of luck tossed in for flavor. With 1291 contestants and 32 preliminary double elimination boards it takes a large dose of all three elements to win this division. The winner was Nuno Santos (Federacao Portuguesa de Bilhar, Lisbon, Portugal) who strode through his preliminary bracket only dropping 6 total games. In the finals board he had a tougher road going hill-hill on a majority of his matches towards securing victory. The BCAPL Men’s Master division was stocked with well known and seasoned players including Ryan Solleveld from Canada, Jim Carmona from Las Vegas, Chip Compton from Oklahoma and Nick Tafoya from New Mexico to name a few, but the finals came down to the 2009 Men’s Open winner Bruno Sousa and his fellow team mate from Portugal Manuel Gamma (both from the Federacao Portuguesa de Bilhar, Lisbon, Portugal). Sousa won the hot seat initially sending Gamma to the one loss side. However it was Gamma’s turn as he double dipped Sousa by a slim margin (7-6, 7-3) to win the division. The Women’s Open Singles is also a study in how the strong survive. After qualifying through the preliminary bracket stages, the final bracket of the women’s open included several well known regional players such as Amy Chen from Georgia, Stacy Alsup from Las Vegas, Tara Williams (nee’ McCracken) and Melinda Bailey from Texas and four members of the NYC team Kiss of Death; Borana Andoni, Emily Duddy, Olga Gashgova and subsequent division winner Gail Glazebrook (9-ball league at Amsterdam Billiards, NY, NY). The top two finishers of the Women’s Master divisions are well known players. Ming Ng (NW Houston BCAPL), the 2009 WPBA Regional Tour Champion, faced Gari Jo Bloomberg (Player Member) who comes from a well known pool family in South Dakota and the aunt of top U.S. pro Shane Van Boening. Bloomberg cruised into the hot seat without facing even one hillhill match. In the finals, she would retain that momentum as she

2010 Mixed Master Team 1st Place Portugal Masters

2010 Mixed Trophy Team 1st Place Rack Pack

2010 1st Master Scotch Veronique Menard, Francis Crevier

2010 2nd Master Scotch Glenn Atwell and Linda Carter

2010 1st Open Scotch Kim and Brian Sanders

2010 1st Mens Master Singles Manuel Gamma

Henry Carr and Amanda Murray Best Dressed SD

defeated Ng 7-3. If it could be said that if a player nearly dominated a division that player was Debbie Snook (Triple “P” Handicapped League, Pueblo, CO) in the Women’s Senior Singles. Although she lost in her third round to Lucille Donahue (4-2), that was her only sign of weakness as she plowed through the one loss side playing 9 matches and losing only 10 games total before meeting Kim Anderson (Player Member) in the finals. Snook took both sets (4-1) to secure the division top spot. The BCAPL Men and Women’s Grand Master divisions are an opportunity for top professional players to challenge themselves in bar table 8-Ball. Amateur players also get to study up close the stroke and game of some of their favorite pros. The Men’s Grand Master division had 46 players from 4 continents and several national and international champions. It was a lesser known pro from the U.K, Melling, who hoisted his cue in victory. The Women’s Grand Master division featured 22 women including several world and U.S. champions. The finals featured two well known pros, “The Texas Tornado” Vivian Villarreal and currently 4th ranked world champion Kelly Fisher. Villarreal would prevail this day taking home the $2,600 for first. Both the Men’s and Women’s Player Member divisions gave the opportunity for those who are not able to participate in a sanctioned BCAPL league the chance to play in the BCAPL nationals. The Men’s Player Member had 123 entries with two South Dakota men, Justin Brandt and Dan Olson crossing cues. It was 17 year old Olson who took the match. Stacy Lantz from Florida took the 1st place prize in the Women’s Player Member group. Tuesday, May 18 was a day where the singles start to wind down and everyone preps for the team event. This particular day was also popular for those with a free day to stop by the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, also produced by CueSports International, to watch the world class action in the Royale Ballroom Pro Arena. Tuesday evening the BCAPL and the Billiard Education Foundation hosted Challenge the Stars. This is an annual event where the amateur players can challenge their favorite pros as a fundraiser for the BEF. The team competition got underway Wednesday, May 19 with 6 divisions: Mixed Open, Mixed Trophy, Women’s Open, Women’s Trophy, Mixed Master, and Women’s

June 2010 - The Break


League Operators Oregon Beaverton: Niki Phillipi 503.740.8478 Oregon City: Jean Bartholomew Portland, OR / Longview/Kelso, WA: NIteHawk Tavern: Judy Griffith 360.892.7454 Redmond, Warm Springs, Madras Bend: Kelly Reynolds 541.420.4511 Washington Clark County: Steve Peterson 360-980-3910 Longview: Becky Mowdy 503-560-0965 Olympia & Tacoma: Craig Arnold 360.704.9448

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Hwy 2 & Westwood, Chattaroy, WA Call (509) 238-6253 for more info

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19 Tables Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies - Cue Repair Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday

2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA Tuesday 9-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House Matches Wednesday 8-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House matches


Call for Upcoming Tournaments 406-587-9996

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Hub Bar POOL

Happy Hour 5-6 M-F 23 East Main Belgrade, MT

(406) 388-1811

June 12-13

California Billiard Club Mountain View, CA

California Pool Players Tour

Pro/Am event based on your skill level: Professional: $100 - A Players: $75 B/C Players: $50 Prize money, camaraderie and excitement will abound, so enter today! Visit or contact for more information!

California Concord: Diablo Valley Pool Tina Mendoza 510.861.0812 Idaho Twin Falls: Carl Wormsbaker 208.734.2560 Minnesota Tri-Cities: Shaun Warburton 651.636.2022 Montana Billings: Doug Asleson Bozeman: Carol Filson 406.580.3227 Steve Ross 406.580.6450 Bridger: Tony Lehman 406-662-5355 Hamilton: Mark Strandberg 406.821.3355 Helena: George Price 406.495.3455 Montana Bozeman: Rocky Mountain Gaming Don Lutes 406.586.9526 Helena: Century Gaming Chris Warren 406.442.7088 Oregon Portland: Andrew Monstis 503.252.4215 Oregon Salem: Randi Lee 503.362.0133 Southwest Oregon: R J & Wild Bill 541.582.0821 Tacoma: Pierce County Michelle Barkdoll 253.219.2130

NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS American CueSports Alliance Toll Free: 888-662-1705 The Association for P.O.O.L. Toll Free: 800-984-7665 American Poolplayers Assoc Phone: (636) 625-8611 Valley National 8-Ball League Association Toll Free: 800-544-1346 BCA Pool Leagues Office: (702)719-7665 M8 Pool Leagues 651-636-2022


The Break - June 2010

Oregon Albany: Bob Cook 541.760.8242 Astoria: Bonnie Russell Coos Bay: Barbara Sisneros Tioga BCA - Rick Tillett 541.404.0453 Eugene: Darcy Williams-Moss 541.517.9816 Grants Pass: Danny Burdick 541.659.0467 Lincoln City: Alex Shuey 541.921.3111 Portland: Andrew Monstis / Sassy Campbell 503.252.4215 Division Managers: Forest Grove: Chris Christison 503-961-3298 Gresham: Sean Kilpatrick 503-668-7675 Joyce Phipps 503-819-4526 Milwaukie: Teena Mowery 503-785-1227 Joyce Gumm 503-704-6671

Jeff Leiss 503-794-1994 Oregon City: Kurt Hamm 503-310-6439 SE Portland: Andrew Monstis 503-422-0623 Troutdale: Steve Marker 503-491-0873 Redmond: Kelly Reynolds 541.420.4511 Roseburg: DaveGerkin 541.673.1304 Salem: Shawn/Tracii Self 503.851.0365 Toledo: Melvin White 541.336.9563 Oregon, Washington Northwest Players League League Op: Cindy Doty 360.577.0098 Beaverton, Oregon: Stephanie Tafolla Bend, Oregon: Michelle Mayo 541.480.5448 Goldendale, WA: Len Schulmeister 509.773.4434 Kennewick WA: Jer sheroski 509-727.6743 Longview, WA: Cindy Doty 360-577-0098 Oregon City, OR: Mike & Kari Stevens 503-632-4189 Portland, OR: Sam & Vanessa Rabito 503.810.5940 The Glass House Jim Stiffler 503.806.5998 Vancouver WA: Nate & Cathy Dnford 360.574.7978 Yakima Div Mgr: Pam & Tim Desmarais 509-469-0354 Washington Greater Pudget Sound, WA: Ford, Rose Wilson, Chris Rogers 425.220.9051 Ocean Park, WA: Don/Jenny Sheldon 360.665.4105 Olympia: Terry Ludwig 360.790.7139 Port Angeles: Christina Jacobsen 360.461.7922 Puyallup: Doug Schulze 253.848.0277 Spokane: Johnnie Landis 509.220.4255

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Karaoke Thurs thru Sat with Seth Bates and Friends

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All times are Pacific Coast Time - Add one hour for Mtn Time

06/01/2010 7:00AM 1995 $50,000 Challenge of Champions Okumura vs. Ortman 06/06/2010 5:00AM Mosconi vs. Cranefield

06/28/2010 5:00AM Willie Mosconi vs. U.J. Puckett (1983) 06/28/2010 10:00AM 1998 Wmn Tourn. of Champs Lee vs. Fisher

06/07/2010 5:00AM Joe Balsis vs. Irving Crane 06/13/2010 5:00AM Lassiter vs. Murphy

07/04/2010 5:00AM Minnesota Fats vs. Irving Crane (1983)

06/14/2010 5:00AM Minnesota Fats vs. Luther Lassiter (1983) 06/27/2010 5:00AM Willie Mosconi vs. Irving Crane (1983)

07/05/2010 5:00AM Minnesota Fats vs. Cowboy Jimmy Moore (1983) 07/11/2010 5:00AM Cowboy Jimmy Moore vs. U.J. Puckett (1983)

These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

Hours: 10:30 - 2 am Kitchen 10:30-1 am

5608 119th Ave SE Bellevue, WA

425-603-9001 Wednesday Night 8-Ball 7:30PM

$5 entry - House Matches Pot to $100 Limit 16 players B Players Only

158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA


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K C’s Midway Bar & Grill

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501

Monday 9-Ball FREE Entry - 7:30 $3 per player added

6 Valley + 6 Diamond Pool Tables

Reno Open Relocates San Francisco, California – May 10, 2010 - After 27 years and over 45 events, The United States Pool Players Association (USPPA) is pleased to announce the Reno Open will relocate to the fabulous Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada. The complete schedule of events will take place between November 19th and December 6th, 2010. Tony Annigoni, President of The USPPA and Principal in Two Cushion Club which will manage the event dubbed The Pacific Rim International Billiard Expo explains, “We thank the Sands Regency for all its support over the years, however, the future for our association and in some ways billiards in America, is with The Peppermill.” With a new home and more space, the event menu is expanding. While the Reno Open and USPPA Pro Am will once again be the main stays, the word International is not merely a title. “Working with The WPA in 2008 to host the World Juniors and World Wheel Chair tournaments reinforced for me how international the game is and, in some ways, how billiards internationally is in much better shape than in the States.” Annigoni continued. “I was looking for a venue and added formats that would enhance the International presence as well as deliver a playing format that would give American players, who I still feel are the best in the world, ‘For the Cash’ a chance to shine. To that end, we’ve added a new event, The Simonis Tour Championship which will run conjunctively with the Reno Open. And as an incentive to encourage participation, we’re also adding the Two Cushion Club Poker Challenge.” The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino features 1,635 luxurious rooms and suites, two resort pools, 10 award-winning restaurants, 16 themed bars and lounges including EDGE nightspot and Terrace Lounge, free nightly entertainment in the Casino Cabaret, 24/7 gaming action, headliner entertainment as well as the 43,000 square foot Spa & Salon Toscana and Fitness Center featuring northern Nevada’s only Caldarium with indoor pool, sun deck and Secret Garden. For more information regarding The Pacific Rim Billiard Expo contact Tony Annigoni at or at 831-277-0216. For more information on the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino contact Julia Jeffers-Peaua at jjeffers@ or at 775-689-7114.


703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

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Home of the $2 Jager 9 Pool Tables

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Log Cabin

Pub & Eatery 2719 E Valley Hwy E-Sumner, WA



Great Food 445 Tacoma Ave So -Tacoma, WA


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Latitude 84 Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday Happy Hour M-F 11-6 8401 S Hosmer Way-Tacoma, WA


June 2010 - The Break


PC’s Pub 3021 Rucker Ave Everett, WA (425) 258-9465

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“Where we take pride in what you swallow!”

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

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Sunday 8 or 9-Ball - 8PM (alternating)

$5 entry 7:30PM POKER - THURSDAY $20 Buy In - 7:30 PM

$5 entry - House Matches the Pot



VNEA CHARTER MEMBER Eagles Crystal Bar Molly Brown Scoop Cats Paw Filling Station Mixers The Haufbrau

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Frontier Bar Town Club Plaza Wolf Den

Pool Tournaments Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $3 entry-House Adds $2/player-Money Shoot

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Karaoke Sun-Thu 9:30PM Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

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Three Forks

The Break - June 2010

FREE POOL Mon-Fri: 7-9 AM 4-6 PM & 12-2 AM

20 Beautiful Pool Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen




The East Bay’s Finest Billiard Room



Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

Orcollo is World Pool Masters Champion He Beats ‘Unknown’ Kuribayashi for Title

OVER 750 players from around the world attempted to win the 2010 PartyPoker. net World Pool Masters but in the end after five days of play at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, it was Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines who claimed the title and with it the $20,000 first prize. He beat the relatively unknown 25 year-old Japanese player Toru Kuribayashi 8-3 in front of an enthusiastic Las Vegas crowd to cement his position of one of the world’s top players. For Kuribayashi it was a week of superb performances and his name will now be known throughout the pool world. "I'm very happy and you can see the tears in my eyes. If I could fly in the sky then I would fly. This tournament is really hard to win but I made it and I'm really proud to have won this. It's my biggest win,” said a jubilant Orcollo. "It was very difficult to play in the final as you try to not think that if you win this game then you are the champion. In the semi-final I wasn't feeling like that but in the final I had to tell myself to just try and control my emotion. "If you can't stay in control of your emotions then you can't do anything and your mind goes blank. So I just controlled myself and continued my game right until the end,” he added. Orcollo came through the double elimination stage of the competition with an opening win over Shaun Wilkie, then a 9-8 defeat to Marcus Chamat and then victory against Jasmine Ouschan to reach the last 32. There he avenged his defeat to Chamat with a 9-7 win before beating Raj Hundal 8-1 in the last 16. John Morra (Canada) was his quarter final victim before beating compatriot Roberto Gomez in the semi-final. Kuribayashi got off to the worst start to the event, losing to Charlie Williams in his opening match, but made his way through to the last 32 stages with wins over Ahmad Taufiq and Tony Drago. There he beat Taiwan’s Kuo Po Cheng before whitewashing Daryl Peach in the last 16. The quarter-final saw him take revenge over Charlie Williams before disposing of Oliver Ortmann in the last four. Both players greeted the crowd as they were introduced to the arena and Orcollo looked set to take the first but left a green 6 ball wobbling which cost him the rack and Kuribayashi broke and ran the second to go into a 2-0 lead. Orcollo had ball in hand in the third and converted it well to get on the scoreboard before he made an error in the next as he scratched, playing a safety and Kuribayashi made him pay to lead 3-1. Kuribayashi looked in good shape in the next but lack of pace on the cue ball meant his run broke down. They exchanged safeties on the pink 4 before an attempted bank from Kuribayashi failed and Orcollo ran the rack to get to 2-3. There was ball in hand opportunity in the next for Orcollo as Kuribayashi scratched making a jump shot and the Filipino converted his chance to level things at 3-3. Kuribayashi left the 3 ball hanging over the pocket after an attempted safety and Orcollo dished up to take the lead for the first time and increased his lead to 5-3 in the next with a break and run. Orcollo began to find his groove in the ninth game as he ran out his second consecutive rack to put some space between himself and Kuribayashi as the score went to 6-3. More great play from Orcollo put him on the hill at 7-3. In fitting style, Orcollo ran out what was the final rack to win 8-3 and claim the title of 2010 P a r t y P o k e r. net World Pool Masters champion. "I was worried when I missed the 6 ball (in the first rack) and it was unexpected but sometimes that can happen.

"After that I knew he (Kuribayashi) would be feeling confident because I had made a mistake but I was still hoping to get another chance and get back some momentum. "The tournament is short races and if you lose one rack you could then be out. It's a big difference to money games as if you lose a rack there then you have a chance of making a game again,” said Orcollo afterwards. "In a money game it might not matter if you play badly at the beginning you can still recover but in a tournament if you start badly you may lose. "This is great news for the Philippines and many people have followed this competition in my country and they will be celebrating. I would love to bring this competition to my country.” The Final Earlier, Orcollo had beaten compatriot Roberto ‘Superman’ Gomez 8-6 to secure his berth in the final. It was a high quality encounter and after 12 racks they were tied up at six apiece. It was anyone’s but went in Orcollo’s favour as he edged the final two racks to make his second Matchroom Sport pool final, following his World Pool League victory in Poland in 2006. In the other semi-final, Kuribayashi put on a display of shot-making and power breaking to beat Germany’s Oliver Ortmann. Playing fluently throughout, the young Japanese came with all the shots when required to seal an 8-3 win. It was a great performance from Ortmann though in reaching the semi-finals and he is still a force to be reckoned with on a major stage. After 17 years as a 16-player invitational competition, the Masters, one of the longest established tournaments in pool, is now a 64 player event and takes place over five days instead of three. Working in conjunction with Cuesports International, the Masters takes place during the annual BCA National 8-Ball Championships, which sees thousands of players and fans flock to the Riviera for a lengthy festival of pool. Television is produced by Matchroom Sport and will be seen as 15 x one hour programmes in 14 countries around the world with more to be added to the list. The prize fund is set at a guaranteed $100,000 with $20,000 going to the eventual champion. 1st $20,000 2nd $10,000 3rd/4th $5,000

Dennis Orcollo (PHI) Toru Kuribayashi (JAP) Roberto Gomez (PHI), Oliver Ortmann (GER)

June 2010 - The Break


Corteza takes 10-Ball at Hard Times 76 of the areas best pool players showed up at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California to play in the Mezz 10-Ball Open. Entry fees were $125 and Hard Times added $5,000 and did not take any green fees for this event. It was a race to 9 on winners and 1 lose side with a race to 11 for the Finals. Winner break, rack your own, WPA 10 ball rules applied. Lee Van Corteza beat Rodney Morris 11-7 in the finals. Rodney hung the 10 ball in game 5 and missed the 10 in the 10th game.

Rodney was in the hot seat. Rodney beat Max Eberle 9-5 for the hot seat. Corteza beat Max 9-7 to play Rodney in the finals, Max finishes in 3rd. Corteza Beat Oscar Dominguez 9-5 to play Max, Oscar finishes in 4th. We would like to thank our sponsors: Mezz was a title sponsor and donated cues; and The Magic Rack as a product sponsor (We used the Magic Rack for the tournament and had a great response, I think it is the best rack out there.) The Action Report streamed the event.

Lee Van Corteza photo by: Todd Minobe


1st $4,000 2nd $2,500 3rd $1,500 4th $1,100 5-6th $800 7-8th $600 9-12th $400 13-16th $250


The Break - June 2010

Lee Van Corteza Rodney Morris Max Eberle Oscar Dominguez Warren Kiamco Roberto Gomez Thorsten Hohmann Rafael Martinez Bernardo Chavez, Corey Harper Marc Vidal, Sal Butera Stevie Moore, Manny Chau Hunter Lombardo, Eddie Mataya

Rodney Morris photo by: Todd Minobe

June 2010 - The Break


2010 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships

2010 1st Mens Open Singles Nuno Santos

2010 1st Mens Player Member Singles Dan Olson

2010 1st Mens Senior Singles Tom McGonagle

Master. The mixed teams can have up to 10 people on their team roster and play 5 players per match. This year women’s teams only fielded 4 players per match and could have up to 8 players on each team roster. The Mixed Open Team division had 16 preliminary brackets, 674 teams and was a double elimination race to 13 with $11,000 going to the first place team. Minneapolis, MN team “Who Needs a Billiard Coach,” headed by billiard photographer and coach Mike Fieldhammer took the top honors. The Mixed Trophy Team division had 74 entrants.The “The Italian Job” coming from the hot seat took on the “Rack Pack.” In a true double, the Rack Pack decisively took set one (13-6). It was a nail biter in set two as the two teams went hill-hill, the pack pulled it out winning set two (13-12). The two final teams in the Mixed Master Team division had divergent experiences on the board. Good Eggz went down in the first match against former division winners Hustlin’ making them have to navigate the one loss said the remainder of the event. In the hot seat was Portugal Master’s who contained

2010 1st Womens Grand Master Vivian Villarreal


The Break - June 2010

2010 1st Womens Master Gari Jo Bloomberg

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2010 1st Mens Super Seniors Robert Oliver

2010 2nd Mens Super Senior Don Harp

Manuel Gamma who finished 1st in the Men’s Master Singles. It was a good week for team Portugal as their momentum never wavered beating Good Eggz 13-8. Late Saturday afternoon after the Mixed Master Finals was completed the entire Portuguese team hoisted glasses of Champagne in the event main lobby singing the Portuguese national anthem. This year there were 20 more Women’s Open Teams than in 2009. The Dallas, Texas ladies “We’ve Got the Runs” went undefeated and beat Wisconsin team “Jackson Cue – Mickey’s.” The Women’s Trophy Team division had 8 teams in a double elimination race to 8. “Pocket Aces” from San Francisco, CA took the honors by dominating the bracket and beating “Full House” from Edgemere, MD 8-2. The Tulsa, OK women’s powerhouse team, “Magoo’s Masters” took out the Chicago team “Tick Tick Boom” to be the division top women. 2010 again showed why the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships have been called “The Best Tournament in the World.” In addition to BCAPL nationals being the best U.S.

2010 3rd Womens Master Susan Williams

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2010 1st Womens Open Gail Glazebrook

2010 1st Womens Player Member Stacy Lantz

2010 BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships

2010 Mens Grand Master 1st Place Chris Melling

2010 1st Womens Senior Debbie Snook

based national championship event, CSI continues to demonstrate each year its commitment to expand the sport and the experience of the players. This year they launched new texting and email notification and live scoring features to their CueSports Tournament System (CTS), the online bracket and real time tracking system. Players are now able to receive text or email notification of when and where their matches were to be played thus allowing them more freedom to enjoy their time in Las Vegas and the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The 34th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships were sponsored by OB Cues, the Official Cue of this year’s event, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis, Delta-13, Billiards Digest, TAR and BreakRAK. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League, the National Championship Series (NCS), and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit Darrell Stephens 1st Artistic Shootout 1 for more information about CSI and its divisions.

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2010 Mens Grand Master 3rd Place Stan Tourangeau

Buddy Eick 1st Artistic Shootout 2

2010 2nd Womens Senior Kim Anderson ID

2010 3rd Womens Senior Darla Decker


June 2010 - The Break





CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.


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EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Texas Holdem Poker $5 8-Ball (1st & 3rd Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 9-Ball (2nd & 4th Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 8-Ball B & below-Limit 24 $5+$2 g.f. Break Pot 8-Ball Call Texas Holdem Poker $10 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Matching 8-Ball $5 50% up to 16 8-Ball B only Limit 16 $5 up to $100 9-Ball (Break pot) $5+$3 g.f. 100% Vegas 8 Ball $5 9-Ball $5+$3 100% w/15+ 9-Ball Open Handicap $5+$2 g.f. 8-Ball DE - BCA rules $8+$2 g.f. 25% 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 8-Ball $3 $$$ Poker $20 buy in 211 $10 100% payout 9-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Poker 9-Ball (1st & 3rd Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 8-Ball (2nd & 4th Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 9-Ball Handicap $10 $200 8-Ball $5 Matching 8-Ball Open $3 Meat Shoot 9-Ball DE $10 (incl g.f.) 25% 9-Ball Call Poker 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching 8-Ball Call Pocket $2 Matching 8/9-Ball Scotch Doubles Call Call 8-Ball BCA rules $5 100% 8-Ball Call 8-Ball $5 Matching Poker 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $3 $2/player 8-Ball $5 100% 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating $5+$3 100% w/15+ Blind Draw Sc Dbls $5+$2 9-Ball $5+$2 g.f. Matching 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Poker 8-Ball $5 100% 211 $10 100% payout

The Break - June 2010

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open 9 Ball - No masters

Play on Diamond Tables-Min 8

ENTRY ADDED $5+$2 g.f. $$$ FREE $3/player $5 $50-1st $5 House Matches $5 House Matches $5 House Matches $5 House Matches $5 $3/player $5 $$$ $10 100% payout $5+$2 g.f. $$$ $5 House Matches $5 $$$ $5 50% $3M/$2W $100 $15 $5 3rd Sun

TIME 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 1:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 6:00PM 11:00AM 11:00AM TIME Call 7:00PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM Call 7:00PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:00PM 7:00PM Call 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 8:00PM Call 7:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 1:30PM 1:00PM 5:30PM 6:00PM 6 & 9PM 2:00PM 4:00PM

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Cattlemen’s Casino Cattlemen’s Casino LeRoy’Z Family Billiards Party Palace LeRoy’Z Family Billiards Cattlemen’s Casino

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Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards

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6:30PM 6:30PM



Rails Bar

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$100 w/16


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Jointed Cue

(916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (714) 952-1120 (510) 652-9808 (714) 891-1719 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (916) 332-8798 (916) 456-3243 (714) 952-1120 (916) 332-8798 (415) 585-6800 (714) 891-1719 (951) 785-9588 (916) 332-8798 (415) 931-1115 (510) 861-0812 (650) 992-7900 (951) 785-9588 (415) 346-9140 (714) 891-1719 (650) 965-3100

9-Ball B 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball USPPA 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players USPPA 75 & Under 9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Line 9-Ball Open staggered entry 8-Ball 9-Ball ‘B’ player 8-Ball 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players 9-Ball 10-Ball 9-Ball Handicap Tourny at Vinnie’s Bar 9-Ball 9-Ball USPPA NPL 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players 10-Ball Open

$5 $20 $12 $15 $10 $12 Break Pot $12 $10 $5-$15 $50 $12 $5 $10 $50 $10 $12 $10 $20 Call Call $12 $50 w/16 $20 $500 Break Pot $10 $10 $25w/every 8




CITY Moscow Boise, ID Moscow Twin Falls Boise, ID Emmett Moscow Pocatello


CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays



San Francisco Family Billiards

Cypress Emeryville Garden Grove Mountain View Riverside Sacramento Sacramento Wednesdays Cypress Sacramento San Francisco Thursdays Garden Grove Riverside Sacramento San Francisco Fridays Concord Saturdays Daly City Riverside San Francisco Sundays Garden Grove Mountain View 5429 100th St SW (corner of 100th & Bridgeport)

Lakewood, WA

253-584-1919 3 Pool Tables Pool Leagues Saturday Night 8-Ball $5 entry - BCA Rules Double Elimination - Starts 7PM House matches the pot

Hot Shot Cafe Broken Rack Bart’s Pub & Grill CA Billiard Club Shooters Hard Times Jointed Cue Hot Shot Cafe Hard Times Billiards Palacade Bart’s Pub & Grill Shooters Hard Times Family Billiards DVPL Town & Country Shooters Billiard Palacade Bart’s Pub & Grill CA Billiard Club

Lil’ Big Foot 3015 E Mission Spokane, WA


Matching Matching 50% $50 50% Matching

Call Progressive Pot Call Progressive Pot Call $100 7:30PM Matching/Prog.Pot Call $200 1st Guar. Call Matching/Prog.Pot Call 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 5:00PM

Now Serving WINE! Pool Tables


12801 NE 175th - Woodinville, WA

(425) 488-0140

Sales & Service ALL AGES WELCOME

Every Fri 9-Ball at 7PM Every Wed 8-Ball $10

Black Light Night 1st & 3rd Sat 102 Avenue D (2nd Floor) Snohomish, WA 360-862-9054

Closed Sunday - Rates $3/person per hour (max $12)

June 2010 - The Break


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Watch it LIVE on

Watch it LIVE on







Jun 5 Jun 5 Jun 5 Jun 6 Jun 6 Jun 12 Jun 12 Jun 11-13 Jun 12-13 Jun 17-20 Jun 19-20 Jun 19-20 Jun 19-20 Jun 20 Jun 30 Jul 3 Jul 3 Jul 4 Jul 4 Jul 10 Jul 10-11 Jul 17-18 Jul 17-18 Jul 24 Jul 28 Aug 7-8 Aug 7-8 Aug 7 Aug 8 Aug 8 Aug 14 Aug 21-22 Aug 25

Denver, CO Lynnwood, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Bozeman, MT Salem, OR Coeur d’Alene, ID Mtn View, CA Rochester, MN Tacoma, WA Oak Harbor, WA Mtn View, CA Snohomish, WA San Francisco, CA Lynnwood, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Sacramento, CA Bremerton, WA Mtn View, CA Bozeman, MT San Francisco, CA Emeryville, CA Lynnwood, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Mtn View, CA San Francisco, CA

Wynkoop (See ad May) (720) 296-5395 BEF Jr National Qualiier Uncle Jack’s (See ad p11) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Open Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool Eagles #326 (See ad p20) (406) 587-9996 Chip Pool Classic-Quintuple Elim. The Cue Ball (See ad p22) (503) 362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players Willie’s Bar (See ad p25) (208) 704-2395 8-Ball Race to 4 Sat/5 Sun CPPT (See ad p20) Pro/Am at California Billiard Club VNEA (See ad May) (800) 544-1346 VNEA Junior Nationals NWPA (See ad p7) (206) 920-1936 9-Ball at Malarkey’s American Legion (See ad May) (360) 675-3732 9-Ball - Open 3 Player Teams CA Billiard Club (See ad p10) (650) 965-3100 Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball Kornepocket (See ad p29) (360) 862-9054 Scotch Doubles 8/9 Ball Mix Billiard Palacade (See ad p23) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped Uncle Jack’s (See ad p11) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Open Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool The Cue Ball (See ad p22) (503) 362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players WCWRT (See ad p27) (510) 406-6327 9-Ball Women’s at Hard Times NWPA (See ad p7) (206) 920-1936 9-Ball at Stixx & Stones CA Billiard Club (See ad p10) (650) 965-3100 WorldPPA 9-Ball Eagles #326 (See ad p20) (406) 587-9996 8-Ball Mixed Doubles Billiard Palacade (See ad p23) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped WCWRT (See ad p27) (510) 406-6327 9-Ball Women’s at Broken Rack Uncle Jack’s (See ad p11) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Seattle Open Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket Hard Times (See ad p6) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool The Cue Ball (See ad p22) (503) 362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players CA Billiard Club (See ad p10) (650) 965-3100 Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball Billiard Palacade (See ad p23) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped



$20 10:00AM $25 $250 w/16+ 9:00AM $30 Based on players Noon $30 Based on players Noon $15 11:00AM $10 $200 11:00AM $10 $200 10:00AM $55 (incl.g.f.) $1,000 8:00PM Varies 10:00AM Varies Call Call $500 Guar Call $90+$30 g.f. $500+ 10:00AM $20 / $20 $400 each 1:00PM $45+$5 g.f. $125 w/10+ teams 10:00AM $20 $300 Call $25 $250 w/16+ 9:00AM $30 Based on players Noon $30 Based on players Noon $15 11:00AM $10 $200 10:00AM Call Call Call Call $500 Guar. Call $25 $1,000 1st w/128 10:00AM $20/team $200 10:00AM $20 $300 Call Call Call Call Call Call Call $30 Based on players Noon $30 Based on players Noon $15 11:00AM $10 $200 10:00AM $20 / $20 $400 each 1:00PM $20 $300 Call

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The Break - June 2010

June 2010 - The Break


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The Break June Issue  

The Pool players best source of information is now available with the June Issue

The Break June Issue  

The Pool players best source of information is now available with the June Issue

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