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The Break May 2016

Don Akerlow - Publisher



Photo by: Don Akerlow

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Misty Debates EET

MCMOA Montana State Champion Interview and photo by: Don Akerlow OTB

OTB: You’ve won ‘B’ twice 2009 and 2012. How come you didn’t move up to ‘A’ after you won it for the first time? MB: I did and then they accidentally put me back in ‘B’. OTB: What about 2013? I didn’t have you listed anywhere? MB: I didn’t play in 2013 OTB: Now 2014 you got 2nd to Linda Asleson. Then 2015 you got 3rd. Did Linda beat you again to go on to play Sky Cristadora? MB: Yes she beat me 3 times. She is the only person I lost to that whole tournament. She put me in the one loss side. I got into Sunday’s play and there was a redraw and she beat me 2 times on Sunday. OTB: And this year you got your revenge on Linda. You won. You beat her. MB: The year I took 2nd in ‘A’ I was on the hill and she came back and beat me twice. This year Linda won the 1st match and I had to go and have a little talk with myself and I came back and beat her but we did go hill/hill. OTB: What motivates you? MB: Well my Dad came to visit me this year and I wanted to make him proud. It is a long drive and he hasn’t done that. Nobody in my family has done that. OTB: How did you get started in pool? MB: I just had some friends that used to come into the “Cuss” where I worked and they forced me to start on their league when I turned 21. Immediately I just fell in love with it. OTB: Have you taken any lessons? MB: Yes from everybody that kicked my ass! I took Cat Hansen’s Pool School. OTB: What is your best win? Was it Linda? MB: Yes

Photo by: Don Akerlow

OTB: Who was the most satisfying win? MB: Probably Sky Cristadora. I like playing she and Linda both. They’re both awesome. They play well.


OTB: Do you have a favorite pro player? MB: No … Janet Dunks is probably my favorite player ever. She is my most inspirational player, my hero. She drove me to have my attitude the way it is. Continued p7

May 2016

The Break

MCMOA Story by: MCMOA - Photos this page from: Curt Hagerty

The 36th Annual 2016 Montana VNEA State Pool Tournament was another great success. Every year this tournament is bringing new faces both men and women. One of our best women’s turn out we’ve seen in years. Just another indication that this tournament has some great legs under it and will continue to grow. We had increases in all levels this year and especially the team event. We even added some Fast 8 Scotch Doubles and Single mini’s to the mix for those who wanted to play for some extra money. With new leagues starting around the state we will grow this tournament into a powerful event and keeping it VNEA sanctioned to ensure even divisions throughout. The next Montana VNEA State Pool Tournament that the Montana Coin Operators will be hosting will take place in Billings on April 20 – 23, 2017 at the new Radisson Inn Hotel and Convention Center. We greatly appreciate all of our players, sponsors, locations and The Break Magazine for their continued support and supporting our tournament. We look forward to the coming years. OTB: What turns a fire in your belly? You said that you had a “talk” with yourself. MB: When I lose my first game then I have to. It makes me play even stronger. OTB: Who do you like to play doubles with? MB: Nobody … I really don’t like doubles. OTB: What’s your favorite game? MB: 8-Ball and 3-Ball so exciting. We get into it here. OTB: Where do you get your confidence? MB: From myself and from all of my friends and peers that keep pushing me, telling me that I’m awesome. OTB: What would you tell somebody if they were just starting out in pool? MB: It’s more fun the better you get and nobody starts off awesome and just to keep trying. My little brother is starting to play and he’s getting so frustrated because he immediately wants to be the best or awesome. I tell him you have to go through a lot to get better. You have to practice and you have to play people who beat you and a lot of people don’t like to do that because … you get beat.

Results p32

OTB: In your game what do you think you have to work on most to improve it? MB: Everything! When I practice I don’t really play like I do in competition. When I practice I just play carelessly. I just don’t shoot the same in practice as I do in tournaments. I practice by myself and sometimes with other people. OTB: Do you practice everyday and for how many hours? MB: Pretty close. I practice anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day. I get in a slump where I don’t really practice. I’m just burned out a little and I’ll go a couple weeks without playing. My friends will try to get me to play pool and I just want to sit and watch. OTB: Are you superstitious? MB: Yes, I always throw the salt over my shoulder. OTB: Any advice to give anybody? MB: I would say just to have fun. This last weekend my first match was against Sue Miller. I was so nervous. I played OK but I didn’t play to my full potential. Then I had to play Sky and I went in and I said, “Misty, this is where you have to have fun. If you play this lady nervous you’re going to lose”. Just relax and have fun. I think that is when you play your best.

The Break May 2016



Photos by: Snap SAR - Steve Register We had FUN last weekend! On April 23rd we hosted an Open Singles 10 Ball tournament drawing in some of the finest talent in the Northwest! Format was simple. $700 Added Race to 7 on the front and 5 on the backside. The Entry was handicapped with Masters entry at $75.00, A's $60.00, and B's and under, $30.00. (Included green fee). BCA Rules, Rack your own, Alternating Breaks. AND a BOUNTY!! House paid $10 to Open players when defeating a Master. All Woman Masters Played as A's and High Woman was paid. The Field was limited to 48 and Magic Rack usage was optional to the breaking player. 37 players showed up and each gave it their best shot! So impressed with the talent in the room the house raised the added money to $1000! Tough play by many, but by the time we reached the semi -finals it was Matt Horner, who just defeated Randy Baker on the hill, and Dan Louie, winning against Steve Tune, now waiting on the Back side for the loser of the front side. That point match up , Monster's Chris Byers and Stan Tourangeau! Then... we all went home. Sunday arrived and at 11am the battle began. Just for fun, It should be noted that the format was modified on the back side to a race to 7. You really had to be there, but summarily, Dan defeated Matt who finished 4th , and Stan defeated Chris placing him in a match up with Dan on the b side. Chris then defeated Dan who secured 3rd place and once more advanced


May 2016

The Break

to see Stan waiting on the point. Chris then put a woop'in on Stan defeating him 7-1 but wait.... he's gotta double dip to take the win! Stan, poised as usual, then dispatched Chris securing 1st place. Congratulations to all who competed and to those who placed, WELL DONE! Thank you for your professionalism, you are all great for the game!

RESULTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th


Stan Tourangeau $ 1045 Chris Byers $745 Dan Louie $445 Matt Horner $300 Randy Baker $150 Steve Tune $150

AND HIGH WOMAN Carissa Biggs-Lingelbach, $60 CHRIS BYERS

Wyoming Nubbins Memorial & Junior State 8-Ball Championships 18 & under

9 & under

April 12, 2016 (Denver, CO): On Sunday, April 3rd, the town of Saratoga, Wyoming once again welcomed junior cueists from three states all arriving for the 2nd Annual Wyoming Junior State 8-Ball Championships. This year’s event also marked the 4th Annual “Nubbins” Memorial event in loving memory of avid Wyoming pool enthusiast Steve “Nubbins” Doehling. The 32 young players competed in three separate divisions: 18 & Under Coed, 14 & Under Coed and the 9 & Under Pee Wee. The 18 & Under division saw a repeat finals match from last year’s Wyoming vs Nebraska. 17-year-old Richard Gonzales (WY) defeated 15-year-old Sheign Krafczik (NE) in the finals. Gonzales, the reigning Colorado Jr State 10-Ball 18 & Under Champion, had already earned paid entry to the BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships so the honors went to Krafczik, along with 3rd place finisher Kaden Mayo, and top finishing girl Haley Glass. In the 13 & Under division, 12-year-old Amanda Campbell is proving to be unstoppable. Nicknamed “The Ripper” the reigning CO Jr State 10-Ball 14 & Under Champ defeated Ty Blower in the finals. From this division, Blower, 3rd place finisher Kohy Maki and his sister Kadesa (who finished 5th) all earned paid entry into junior nationals. More than half of this year’s 13 & Under field was comprised of girls. The 9 & Under Pee Wee division crowned a new winner this year. Bailey Glode was poised for her 3rd title but took a surprising early exit. 8-year-old Anthony Graham from Cheyenne, Wyoming defeated 7-year-old Mirakai Dodge in the hill-hill finals match. This was Dodge’s first tournament ever. The two played their little hearts out. As always, Special Thanks go to the Wyoming Open and the town of Saratoga, event promoters Saratoga Mayor E.J. Glode, Monte Thayer, and Charlie Williams, along with the Wyoming Open staff, Andy Cloth, and all the other supporters of the Wyoming Open. The BEF also recognizes its Premier Sponsors for this year’s BEF Junior State Championship program: Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Pechauer

Custom Cues, Masters Chalk and BRAD Scuffers. Great Appreciation goes to all the participants who supported the BEF fundraising efforts all weekend. In total, over $1,000 was raised for youth billiard programs and BEF initiatives! 18 & UNDER DIVISION: 1st Richard Gonzales, Plaque, J. Pechauer Jump Cue, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 2nd Sheign Krafczik, Plaque, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 3rd Kaden Mayo, Plaque, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. Top Girl: Haley Glass, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 13 & UNDER DIVISION: 1st Amanda Campbell, Plaque, J. Pechauer Jump Cue, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 2nd Ty Blowers, Plaque, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 3rd Kohy Maki, Plaque, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. Top Girl: Kadesa Maki, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. PEE WEE DIVISION (9 & UNDER): 1st Anthony Graham, Plaque, J. Pechauer Jump Cue, paid entry into 2016 BEF Junior Nationals. 2nd Mirakai Dodge, Plaque 3rd Piper Gray, Plaque

14 & under

The Break

May 2016


ajor championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth?

Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournament

- Each tournament $1,000 added money - $30 entry fee - No green fees or quarters needed (open free tables) - Hotel rooms for tournament players $49/night or $79/two nights • Apr. 8-9, 2016 TYPE: These tournaments rotate from • May 20-21, 2016 8-ball to Saratoga (a 10-ball & 8-ball hybrid game) every other month Duke’s Bar & Grill 1-307-710-1447 FORMAT: Two day double elimination Saratoga, WY Call Monte Thayer (307)710-1447 4 divisions in one bracket where spot games are used to give everyone a chance for details or sign ups

9• outDec. of 104-5, Pros2015 agree, ANDY• CLOTH plays as good as Jan. 8-9, 2016 on2016 tour. • anything Feb. 5-6, better. • Maybe Mar.even 25-26, 2016

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THE BROKEN RACK EXPANDING HOURS starting in October 2014! Open everyday 11:30 am to 2 am


May 2016

The Break

Happy Hour Mon-Fri! 4:00pm-7:00pm

Cole comes from the loss side to win Staff Apr 27, 2016 Liz Cole came back from a defeat in a winners' side semifinal to meet and defeat hot seat occupant, Kimberly Kirk, during the second stop on the 2016 Northwest Women's Pool Association Tour. The $500-added event drew 27 entrants to The Cue Ball in Salem, OR. Cole, following victories over Linda Smith, Claire Binci and Rebecca Slyter, faced Mary Coffman in one winners' side semifinal, while Suzanne Smith, winner of the first tour stop in February, met up with Kirk in the other. In a double hill match, Coffman sent Cole to the loss side, as Kirk downed Smith 7-3. Kirk and Coffman locked up in another double hill battle,which eventually sent Coffman to a semifinal re-match against Cole. On the loss side, Cole and Smith, Kirsten Fery and Patricia Tipton, respectively. A fourmatch, loss-side run, including victories over Melyssa Chasteen (6-5) and Stephanie Hefner (6-4), set Fery up to face Cole. Tipton, who'd been defeated in the event's opening round by Claire Binci, was on a six-match, loss-side run of her own that saw opponents chalk up an average of only two racks against her. She eliminated Elaine Eberly 6-3 and Rebecca Slyter 6-2 to draw Smith. Tipton took it a step further with a 6-4 win over Smith, as Cole was eliminating Fery 6-4. Cole took the quarterfinal match that followed, 6-2 over Tipton, to earn a re-match against Coffman in the semifinals. A 6-4, successful re-match victory by Cole over Coffman gave Cole a shot at Kirk in the hot seat. Cole completed her comeback from the loss side with a 7-3 win over Kirk and claimed the event title

FREE POOL Fri & Sat 712 W Main St - Bozeman, MT


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1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7


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9-Ball Wed & Fri 8-Ball & 220 on Sunday

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The Break May 2016


YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW by Tom Simpson © August 2004 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


May 2016

Back in the early 60’s, when I began playing pool, there wasn’t much help available. Mosconi had a little book out, and that was about it. Just like today, there were lots of great players around, but the unspoken attitude of that time was “I ain’t tellin’ nobody nuthin’.” Many players felt that if they taught you their “secrets” you’d use that knowledge to take their money. Others felt that, since they had to work hard and had to make all the mistakes, if you didn’t “earn” your knowledge, you didn’t deserve it. You were supposed to learn by losing money to better players. Sharks and fish. Predator and prey. I’m happy to announce that those days are mostly gone. Today, we have good instructional books & videos, training & practice aids, and instructors & schools. Of course, they’re not all good. Like everything, some are good, some are extraordinary, and some are just plain wrong. But it’s possible now to get great help. Some players are blessed with terrific natural ability. They got good very quickly, and never understood what the problem with everyone else was. They saw angles, they saw ball paths, they clearly remembered shots they had seen before. They could take you through a shot by shot replay of a match they played two years ago. Not everyone is wired up this way. Sure, these players still had to go on and do the work – sink those million balls – to really pull themselves up to their personal potential. There is no escaping doing the work. Nobody just walks up and plays great from day one. But somehow, it came easier for them. This is the story of most pros. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, it’s not that natural. It doesn’t come that easily. It’s not that obvious to us. We’re not fulltime players, and we’re frustrated because lately, we’re not getting better. We need an edge. The edge is available in several dimensions: superior fundamentals, clearer, better knowledge, more effective practice, engaged exposure to higher level play. We have only so much time and energy to devote to pool, and if we really want to get better, we’d better plan on devoting some of that time and energy to things that will improve our game. So what can we do? 1. Read and watch good material. Be very picky about what you choose to believe from the materials you read and videos you watch. Great players are not necessarily great teachers. In fact, many great players have beliefs about what they’re doing that are completely wrong, from a physics perspective. They can get whatever results

The Break

they want on the table, but their belief about how they are doing it may not be true. Place your faith in the science types for why things work the way they do, and in the great players for how to play smart and how to win. But be skeptical. 2. Practice the right things in the right way. Set aside small amounts of time to work on the worst parts of your game, and do it with all the focus you can bring to bear. Start with an easy version of what you’re working on and gradually make it more challenging, as you improve. Don’t practice failure. 3. Make good use of training aids. Seeing yourself on video is usually a very surprising experience. Most players immediately see things that could be improved. Try working with a practice cueball, and try to believe what it shows you. Work through drills that look promising. 4. Find a good instructor. There is no substitute for hands on help and guidance. Ask around. Instructors with advanced certifications usually have a lot of teaching experience, and they would not have gotten all that experience if they weren’t helping players get better. Good instructors have curriculums that take you through a planned series of learning and practicing, in an organized way. If someone just wants to watch you hit some balls and then show you how they would have done it, you’re probably in the wrong place. Ask some questions and see whether their answers make sense to you. If you find a good instructor, it will be the best money you’ll ever spend on your game. Spending $600 on yet another new cue is not going to raise your game. Spending $600 on serious, proven instruction will make more difference than you can imagine – for the rest of your pool life. 5. Engage your brain. Actively try to predict and understand what happens at the table. Watch the best players you can find. Think about why they make the choices they make, and how and why their shot to shot results are what they are. There is way more to this game than people think. You don’t know what you don’t know – and there’s a lot of it. We need every edge we can get. Make your learning time and your practice time count. The gains will eventually show up in your game.



Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

This month’s game for bored players calls upon your carom skills. It’s called Reverse Pool, or if you are less politically correct, it’s also been referred to as Irish Pool or Kentucky Pool. The rules may vary, and you are certainly welcome to add your own set of rules if you like. Here is how my friends and I play the game: The object of the game is to be the first to make 8 balls. To make a shot legally, you shoot the intended ball off of the cue ball and into the pocket you called. Banks, kicks, and other caroms do not matter – all that is required is that you shoot the object ball into the called pocket, and at some point during the shot, it must contact the cue ball. To be clear, you are hitting the object ball with your cue stick, and making it carom off of the white cue ball before it goes into the pocket. Got that? Rack up all of the balls like you’re playing 8-ball, with the balls in any order. The 8-ball does not need to be in the center. Replace one of the object balls with the cue ball (You’re going to use the replaced ball – for example, the 1-ball – to break). The cue ball can go anywhere in the rack, and you will want to place it in a spot where you can carom the break ball off it into a called pocket. Yes, you call your shot even on the break. I like to place the cue ball on one of the corners of the rack. With a good firm break, I can make my ball in the corner pocket off the cue ball and get a pretty good spread on the rack. Place the 1-ball (or whatever object ball you chose) behind the head string, and break the rack open. Make sure you call your shot before breaking. If you make it, you continue shooting. If you do not, it’s your opponent’s turn.

Any other balls made on your shot count toward your score, as long as you made the ball you called. If you miss and other balls go in, bring them up and spot them. A foul gives your opponent cue ball in hand. Fouls include: • You do not hit the cue ball and then a rail. • The object ball goes into the wrong pocket or the right pocket without hitting the cue ball. • The cue ball goes into any pocket. This is a very fun game, and it helps you with your carom/billiard abilities. Sometimes, playing a different game like this one or Honolulu (see last month’s article) will help you to see the table in a different way, and you may see shots in your regular play that you didn’t consider before! Here are a couple of variations: • Place the cue ball in the center of the rack for the break, and break using the 8-ball. Player gets to shoot after the break always, and any ball made on the break is spotted. • Try this game playing 8-ball. You must hit the cue ball before hitting your opponent’s ball; otherwise, it’s a foul. • For an added challenge, only balls going into the pocket cleanly off of the cue ball are counted (similar to bank pool rules). Have you played this game, or something similar? Have a question about the rules, or any other question? Use #AskTheBilliardsProfessor on Twitter (@billiardsprof) or drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at Come on by and join the discussion!

The Break

May 2016


San Francisco Billiard Academy PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.

RECOVERY SHOTS Last column I covered ways to minimize cue ball movement. The situations shown were with just a little too much angle to play the position comfortably because the cue ball “wanted” to go too far on the shot.

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett

This time we’ll suppose you really screwed up on the position -- OK, let’s say your opponent missed and left you the shot -- and there is no way to slow the cue ball down enough to play the short position so you have to go an extra cushion or two to get good position on the next ball. If you have trouble with this kind of shot, 15 minutes of practice will get you ready for the next time you face one. Shot 1 is a lot like shot 1 from last time but now suppose the shot is too thin to kill the cue ball with draw to get a good shot on the 2 ball. Instead you are will go an extra two table lengths as shown. There are three things you have to do with this shot to get it right. The first is the thin cut.This skill is worth practicing on its own and can get you out of a lot of almost-safe positions. I like to concentrate my attention on the edges of the two balls -- the right edge of the cue ball and the left edge of the 1 ball -- and visualize how much (or little) the two edges will overlap at contact. Secondly, you have to get exactly the correct side spin on the cue ball. If there is just a little left or right on this shot you have a real good chance to find a pocket or end up on the 2 ball’s side of the table. When you address the cue ball and are making your final decision to pull the trigger, you need to check for dead-center contact.

May 2016

Shot 1





Shot 2

A little follow on the cue ball will help with speed control here. I recommend about a tip above center. The follow also reduces the effect of any unintended side spin that may creep in. Finally, you need to get the speed right. This is only going to happen with practice, and when you practice you need to pick a very specific goal. How much angle do you want to leave for the 2 ball shot? Try for straight in, then try to leave yourself about a 30-degree cut. Even when the game situation doesn’t require a precise leave, you need to visualize exactly where the cue ball should land to give your arm complete instructions. With those instruction, you’re more likely to get something you don’t really want. As a small variation of Shot 1, move the 2 ball to A and try to leave the cue ball where the 2 ball is shown. This will require a tiny bit of left side spin to work the cue ball to the left a little.




The Break


In Shot 2 you have about the same situation but going across the table to get shape on the 4 ball. In a situation like this you have a choice of which side of the 4 ball you want to leave yourself on. The simple way is to play without side spin as shown and accept the longer shot. Many players overlook this possibility and try to spin the ball up the table with right English to end around B. That has the dual problems of the complications to aiming from the side spin and the scratch. Instead, if you can get your speed right -- practice, practice, practice -- you have a better chance to make the 3 ball and the shot on the 4, if nearly straight in, is not so hard.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his poolplaying career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

Did you know that four out of your five senses could help you overcome performance anxiety? Your senses can even help you replace negative thoughts and emotions with self-confidence, and we all know that self-confidence is an essential part of being a good pool player. One example of this would be Psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s various experiments with dogs. To sum up his study, Pavlov sounded a bell as his dogs were fed. The dogs salivated when they saw the food. After doing this several times, the dogs associated the sound of the bell with food. Once the association was made, the sound of the bell alone made the dogs salivate. Let’s apply the same approach to pool. End game situations are typically where pool players feel the most performance anxiety. The closer we get to a win, the higher the expectation we have of ourselves, and the closer we get to winning “big money,” the more we tend to “lock up.” Knowing a few tricks to help take away end game pressure can really help. 1. Sound: The next time you are pocketing balls, focus on the sound an object ball makes as it drops into a pocket. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? It is a positive sound, and if we can hear it in our mind before every shot, it will build confidence and promote positive feelings. This needs to become an embedded part of your pre-shot routine. During play, you will need to do this before each and every shot. For example, when you’re making your practice strokes and rechecking your shot line, imagine actually hearing the sound of a ball being pocketed. That is the sound of success! Notice how it makes you feel. It should make you more confident. 2. Sight: The next sense I want you to consider is sight. As you’re practicing, imagine your cue ball rolling toward the object ball on an imaginary line. Then imagine the object ball rolling toward the center of the pocket on another line. Now, assign both of those lines a color. See if one color gives you more confidence than others, and if it does be sure to include that visual as a part of your pre-shot

routine. 3. Verbal: Every time you pocket a hard shot during practice, say something positive to yourself such as “Yes!” Then, try to include this word or phrase as part of your pre-shot routine. Moreover, when you’re down on the shot and you’re ready to shoot, say that word or phrase to yourself to promote positive feelings. 4. Touch: Touch is the fourth sense that can be used to foster a positive emotional state. Like any of the other concepts discussed, after you do something positive in practice I would suggest that you reinforce that feeling by touching something that you can replicate right before an important shot. One example would be for you to touch the cloth of the pool table with your bridge hand in a way that is unique to you. You might tap your index finger against the slate right before you shoot or press firmly against the table with all of your fingers. After some practice, you will begin to associate that touch with something positive. I would also suggest that you include this as part of your pre-shot routine. I believe once you practice it a few times you will start to see that every time you replicate it, you will associate it with a “winning” feeling. Be sure and try all of your senses. Everyone is unique in how they respond so I recommend you try them all to see which ones work the best. It could be that one works better for you than the others, or you may find two or three that work equally. After some practice, you will be able to figure out which ones will benefit you the most. Incorporate your senses into your preshot routine and you’ll develop a “sixth sense,” one that many professional sportscasters refer to as the ability the play well in the clutch!

The Break May 2016


THE IMPOSSIBLE BANK SHOT 2 A few issues back, I tried to teach you through one of my columns the famous and evergreen shot featured in the movie “The Hustler” and later named “The Impossible Bank Shot”.

STEFANO PELINGA Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.

A few years ago I was with my friend Mike Massey in Baltimore, practicing for the upcoming ESPN competition. While discussing several other shots, we faced a funny dilemma concerning this old shot. We asked ourselves “what if the Cue Ball is not frozen to the Object Ball? Is there a way to still pocket the OB? It did not take us long to come up with this interesting and very useful solution to the problem: as you can see in the diagram, if the CB is separated from the OB and kind of in a straight line with it, provided the distance between the two balls is 6-10”, you can try to elevate your cue by about 20-25⁰ and aim the OB 9/10 to the right (almost full). Use a speed 2 stroke and hit the CB at 12 o’clock with one tip of follow. The purpose is to have the CB jump up as it hits the OB. While the CB is airborne, the OB can pass under it and travel towards the opposite corner pocket. In our shows we reach out and grab the CB with our bridge hand before it lands back on the table, just to show off some poor juggling abilities, but you can definitely use this principle in a regular game provided you make sure to keep the CB on the table. So try not to hit it too hard or to apply more than one tip of top English. The higher English you will use on the CB, the slower the OB will move towards the pocket, sometimes without even reaching it, and chances are that the CB may jump out of the table. If the CB doesn’t jump high enough, than jack up the back of your cue more without changing the contact point of the tip on the CB. If the rails of the table you are playing on are not too bouncy like the ones some bar size tables come with, you may have to hit the CB harder, even with a speed 3 stroke. Keep practicing and if you have any question, feel free to contact me via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/MrTrickShots


May 2016

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Valhalla Cues offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects including warpage. Valhalla premium import cues are hands down the best value in billiards. VA902



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ANDY CLOTH Pictured with the winners is Miss Wyoming USA, Autumn Olson

The 9th Annual Wyoming Open Pool Tournament pool balls for this tournament, OB Cues - who held at the Platte Valley Community Center in Saratoga, donated their new quality chalk for this tournament WY on April 1-3 saw a maximum capacity field of and McDermott Cues - who donated a beautiful very strong shooters compete for nearly $44,000 in prize expensive cue for raffling are to be commended and money and calcutta money! The $10,000 added money thanked as well! event drew a total of 240 players that filled the Masters Several big name professionals that made the (32), Expert (64), Classic (64), Sportsman (32), the trip to Wyoming included Shanelle Loraine, Johnny newly added Women’s Only Archer, Raj Hundal, Corey Deuel, Mike (16) divisions and 32 youth Massey, Shane Van Boening and Rodney in the juniors event!! It’s Morris! time for this event to grow The Masters division had a somehow in either space monster field in the separate 3 or by days?! tourney format in which players Tournament compete in 10-ball, Saratoga (a Promoter hybrid 8-ball & 10-ball game) EJ Glode, and 8-ball over the weekend. Tournament Director Monte Thayer and Tournament Coordinator Anthony Lucero were thrilled with yet another record turnout for this year’s Shane Van Boening Wyoming Open that totally filled up and seen as many as 34 players on the waiting list at times thanks in large part to the social For media promoting by Charlie Williams and Dragon the 2nd Promotions!! This event is ready to grow some consecutive more and EJ Glode plans on making this event an year Corey even bigger and better show next year for the 10th Deuel shot annual!! This year players and spectators got treated great throughout to some world class pool playing performed by the Rodney Morris the weekend and professionals and other Masters and Expert players recorded wins over - the type of pool rarely seen in person in the Rocky Shane Van Boening and Mountain region including a free trick shot exhibition Ron Dobosenski in the quarters and semis but fell by world champion Mike Massey! There were several short to Rodney Morris in the 10-ball title match in people who drove hundreds of miles that didn’t even this single elimination event. Congrats to the Rocket play in the tournament but just came to spend time who is also the current leader in USA Mosconi Cup in Saratoga, WY and to enjoy the spectacular play and points! Morris notched wins over Chris McDaniel the camaraderie of the professionals who graciously in the quarters and defeated Johnny Vasquez in the took pics and signed autographs all weekend long. A semis to reach the 10-ball finale. Shane Van Boening special thanks to On The Rail TV and Lenny Marshall was the eventual champion in the double elimination for taking this event from the beautiful small town Saratoga tournament with preliminary wins over Bob of Saratoga, WY with only 1,800 residents across the Falber, Jr. and EJ Glode on the winners side before globe with the live on-line streaming. Also, a very losing to Corey Deuel. He then worked over the one special thanks goes to Rasson Pool Tables who donated loss side of the bracket with big wins over Rodney the gorgeous specially made 7’ pool table on which Morris, Chris McDaniel, Johnny Archer, Marc Vidal all of the live stream matches were played and to the & Raj Hundal to make it back to the one match signature tournament sponsor Andy Billiard Cloth championship where he avenged the earlier loss to whose consistent great cloth was on every tournament Deuel and claimed the beautiful 1st place plaque and table! Aramith Balls - who donated new top shelf money. Corey Deuel had wins over Andrew Pettenger,


May 2016

The Break

SVB, Marc Vidal, and Raj Hundal before falling to SVB in the final match to finish runner up for the 2nd time in two days. Raj Hundal had his strongest Wyoming Open showing yet with his 3rd place in the Saratoga competition where he recorded wins over Johnny Vasquez, Rodney Morris, Ron Dobosenski and Johnny Archer before succumbing to Deuel and Van Boening. Marc Vidal continued to be a factor coming off of his big win in Oregon with a 4th place finish in this stocked field of competitors. Johnny Archer and Rafael Ibarra finished the 5th place tie spots. In the single elimination 8-ball event, it was once again Shane Van Boening who battled through the stocked field with wins over Ron Dobosenski and Rodney Morris in the quarters and semis and then he took out the Hall of Famer, Mike Massey, in the finale. Congratulations to the future Hall of Famer Shane Van Boening on taking down two titles for the weekend! The world champion trick shot artist, Mike Massey, got wins over Adam King in the quarters and fellow Hall of Famer, Johnny Archer, in the semis to reach the final match. Hats off to the gracious 69 year old Mike Massey who showed he could still bang competitively with the big guns while also having to ready himself for a complimentary trick shot exhibition on the live stream right after the Saratoga finals - thanks Mike! The Expert division had 64 strong players from all around the Rocky Mountain region and it was the reigning 2016 Wyoming State Singles Champion from Cheyenne, WY, young Derrick Pacheco, who grabbed the Wyoming Open championship plaque! In the final 16 bracket Derrick had wins over Mike Dudack, Jason Secor and Josh McCloskey before dropping the hot seat match to Seth Krafczik. Derrick then got another win over Jason Secor to get another shot at Krafczik where he pulled off the double dip win for the title. The even younger Seth Krafczik of Kimball, NE continued to impress many spectators with his steady play all weekend as he shot his way through undefeated in the preliminary and final bracket for the hot seat that included wins over Lewis Adams, Joe Richards, Kenny Wilson and Derrick Pacheco before finally getting nipped by Pacheco to finish in the runner up spot of a very talented division! Jason Secor of Denver, CO took third place honors and Laramie, WY’s Josh McCloskey took fourth place. Aimee Peterson, Denver, CO, claimed the top finishing female prize money. The 64-person Classic division title was claimed

WYOMING OPEN by Keith Pulley of Colorado Springs, CO who outshot Leonard Martinez of Rawlins, WY in a very close match. Pulley had wins over Butch Buccelli, Brad Daniel, Keith Tysver and Mark Osborne to claim the rocking chair before defeating Martinez in the final match. Martinez beat Dave Jeffers and Chuck Wise before falling to Mark Osborne in the winner’s side of the bracket and then Lewis Adams recorded wins over Oliver Gerkin and Wise (again) before avenging an earlier defeat to Osborne to get back to the finals. Local Saratoga shooter Mark Osborne took 3rd place honors and Chuck Wise of Gillette, WY finished in 4th place. Debbi Glover of Denver, CO was the top finishing female. The Sportsman division saw a full field 32 players go at it and after the dust settled it was a Belle Fourche, SD player, Taylor Ruzicka who held the championship hardware! Ruzicka notched wins over Scott Lambert, Heath Cline, Pat Copp and again over Lambert in the final to claim the top spot. Lambert from Saratoga, WY lost his first finals bracket match to Ruzicka and then went on a streak recording wins over Ryan Gift, Jen Thayer, Heath Cline and Pat Copp on his way to the runner up spot. 3rd place went to Pat Copp of Minatare, NE and Heath Cline of Saratoga, WY claimed fourth. The newly added Women’s Only division filled up with 16 players and the inaugural champion was Jana Thompson of Pine Haven, WY who barely outlasted Anita Smith of Cheyenne, WY in a closely contested championship battle! Jana had wins over Ruby Maki, Stephanie Hinton and Phyllis Tysver before falling to Smith in the rocking chair match. From there Jana got a win over Lora Jimenez before pulling off the double dip of Smith to get the title! Prior to winning the hot seat match over Jana, Smith recorded wins over Karen Pearson, Kayla Schroeder and Lora Jimenez in finishing up in 2nd place. Lora Jimenez of Cheyenne, WY took 3rd place and 4th place went to Phyllis Tysver of Rawlins, WY.

Campbell (age 12) from Arvada, CO, who added a Wyoming State Championship to her already Colorado State 10-ball title just like Gonzales! Runner up honors went to Ty Blowers (age 12) of Pavillion, WY and the 3rd place spot went to Kohy Maki (age 12) of Gillette, WY while the top finishing girl spot went to Kadesa Maki (age 11) also of Derrick Pacheco Gillette, WY. The Pee-Wee Division (9 & under) saw Anthony Graham (age 8) of Cheyenne, WY claim the top spot and the runner up spot Keith Pulley went to Mirakai Dodge (age 7) of Pavillion, WY. 3rd place went to Piper Gray (age 9) and 4th place to Bailey Glode (age 8) both of Saratoga, WY. Congratulations Taylor Ruzicka to all of the junior’s The participants! 9-ball Hard Luck tournament title Of course, went to Lewis Adams of Grand Junction, this tournament CO who edged out Jeff VanderSchaaf could not be near from Ft. Collins, CO in the title match as successful without (VanderSchaaf was also the lucky winner of the many sponsors the $1,250 cue stick donated by McDermott Anita Smith & Jana Thompson who help fund it and Cues!). Alan LeMaster and Scott Adams took the are due a big “thank you” 3rd place tie spots in the single elimination event. and those other major The Nubbins Memorial Wyoming State Junior’s sponsors in addition to those already mentioned Championship event that was hosted by the Billiard include: Carbon County Visitor’s Council, Shively Education Foundation (BEF) had 32 participants in Hardware, 1311 Koobey, Riviera Lodge, Duke’s Bar & the three different divisions. A big thanks goes out Grill, Hotel Wolf, Pick Ranch and the Saratoga Lions to Samm Diep-Vidal, the BEF Executive Director, Club. for overseeing and running the junior’s tournament The Andy Cloth tournament staff can’t wait to brackets. In the Elite Division (18 & under) Richard see everyone at the 2016 Andy Cloth High Desert Gonzales (age 17) of Casper, WY took top honors Shootout in Rawlins, WY on Sept. 23-25, 2016 or in a repeat finals match from last year over Sheign next year at the 2017 Andy Cloth Wyoming Open in Krafczik (age 15) from Kimball, NE. Kaden Mayo Saratoga, WY on March 31-April 2, 2017! (age 15) of Pavillion, WY finished in 3rd place and the top finishing girl spot went to Haley Glass (age 18) of Pavillion, WY. Gonzales is also the 18 & Under Colorado State 10-ball champion! The Intermediate Results on page 20 Division (13 & under) bracket was won by Amanda

The Break May 2016


WYOMING open Results


Continued from page 19

(32 players - single elim)


1st - Rodney Morris 2nd - Corey Deuel 3rd - Ron Dobosenski 3rd - Johnny Vasquez 5th - Chris McDaniel 5th - Shane Van Boening 5th - Marc Vidal 5th - Tyler Harmon

$1,300 $780 $300 $300 $60 $60 $60 $60

No Calcutta


(32 players - double elim)

Prize Calcutta

1st - Shane Van Boening 2nd - Corey Deuel 3rd - Raj Hundal 4th - Marc Vidal 5th - Rafael Ibarra 5th - Johnny Archer 7th - Dave Black 7th- Chris McDaniel

$1,870 $1,000 $750 $500 $250 $250 $150 $150

$1,100 $805 $550 $250


(32 players - single elim)

Prize Calcutta

1st - Shane Van Boening 2nd - Mike Massey 3rd - Johnny Archer 3rd - Rodney Morris 5th - Adam King 5th - Ricardo Martinez 5th - Corey Deuel 5th - Ron Dobosenski

$1,620 $900 $400 $400 $150 $150 $150 $150

$1,900 $1,139 $375 $375

EXPERT 8-BALL (64 players - double elim)

1st - Derrick Pacheco 2nd - Seth Krafczik 3rd - Jason Secor 4th - Josh McCloskey 5th - Shane Helde 5th - Kenny Wilson 7th - Joe Richards 7th - Pom Rai 9th - Patrick Hayes 9th - Jose Loma 9th - Shawn Hallock 9th - Aimee Peterson + Top Female $150 13th - Dave Hubbard 13th - Lewis Adams 13th - Bobby Atkinson 13th - Mike Dudack


May 2016


(64 players - double elim)

Prize Calcutta

1st - Keith Pulley 2nd - Leonard Martinez 3rd - Mark Osborne 4th - Chuck Wise 5th - Oliver Gerkin 5th - Keith Tysver 7th - Sam Montoya 7th - Brad Daniel 9th - Butch Buccelli 9th - Chris Claymore 9th - Steve Mack 9th - Dave Jeffers 13th - Pat Bowen 13th - Robert Jairell 13th - Andrew Groshart 13th - Lorne Ruzicka Top Female Debbi Glover

$1,205 $850 $650 $475 $325 $325 $225 $225 $150 $150 $150 $150 $100 $100 $100 $100

$980 $590 $392



(32 players - double elim)

Prize Calcutta

1st - Taylor Ruzicka 2nd - Scott Lambert 3rd - Pat Copp 4th - Heath Cline 5th - Jen Thayer 5th - Adam Necklason 7th - Ryan Gift 7th - Randy Blake

$450 $250 $150 $100 $75 $75 $50 $50

$500 $206


Prize Calcutta

(16 players - double elim)

$2,200 $1,500 $1,000 $800 $570 $570 $400 $400 $250 $250 $250 $250

Prize Calcutta

1st - Jana Thompson 2nd - Anita Smith 3rd - Lora Jimenez 4th - Phyllis Tysver

$420 $250 $180 $110

$150 $150 $150 $150

The Break

$1,850 $1,100 $740

$515 $385 $255 $130


(32 players - single elim)


1st - Lewis Adams 2nd - Jeff VanderSchaaf 3rd - Alan LeMaster 3rd - Scott Adams 5th - Anthony Lucero 5th - Johnny Cisneros 5th - John Evans 5th - Philip Canaday

$500 $300 $150 $150 $65 $65 $65 $65


Point Standings as of April 30, 2016




MORRIS Rodney 106







WILKIE Shaun 75

WOODWARD Skyler 66




LOMBARDO Hunter 52

DEUEL Corey 50

BERGMAN Justin 39


DAVIS Mike 39

The Break May 2016


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FULL MENU - SPIRITS - WINE & BEER 1428 156th Ave NE - Bellevue, WA


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The format the players voted on was to separate the Vigilante and Hole-in-the-Wall tournaments and play until we had a final 4 from each bracket. We brought those 8 teams together for a round robin and the highest finishing Hole-in-the-wall and the highest finishing Vigilante both won trips to Las Vegas along with the next highest finishing team. Giving both leagues an equal chance at the trip along with sending our best teams. The tournament went exactly the way we wanted it to and the timing of the round robin matches finished on time. Amazing! Overall the format worked and I believe it accomplished what we wanted it to. With 4 teams representing our leagues to go to 2016 VNEA World Pool Championships. The feedback was very positive. They were able to play against teams they played all year. We had a lot of input and feedback from the players this year and i think moving forward we have something we can work with. Our leagues are for the players and they will decide if this is the solution moving forward. -- Rich Petty League Operator

Billiard Supply & Service Easy Parking Central Location 3680 W Van Giesen W Richland, WA 509-737-9868

VALLEY LEAGUE VEGAS CHAMPIONS: FRIENDLY #3 Jay Blair, Misty Debates, Tyler Blair, David Alderman, Travis Smith

The Only Billiard Museum in the World with a Bar!


3628 Citadel Dr Colorado Springs, CO

Home of the Rocky Mountain State Games

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BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA

VIGILANTE LEAGUE VEGAS CHAMPIONS: MIXERS #1 Jeff Busch, Bob Yeley, Paul Elser, Fred Bakosh, Jerry Stokoe, Dustin Juvan Here are the final points total from the Vegas Tournament round robin: Legion 1 902 Cats Paw 1 885 Eagles 3 827 Molly 3 755 Mixers 1 707 Legion 4 703 Legion 2 671 Molly 6 643

May 26th thru June 4th



May 2016

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Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

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Silver Dollar Tavern Pool Tournaments Wed (7:30pm) & Sun (5pm) Karaoke Fri & Sat at 8 pm

HOLE IN THE WALL LEAGUE VEGAS CHAMPIONS: LEGION CLUB #1 Adam Sansaver, Mike Schaff, Joe Schwartzer, David Seavey, Britton Schwartzer

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Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sun 8 or (alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM $5 entry - House Matches the Pot


HOLE IN THE WALL VEGAS RUNNER-UP: CATS PAW #1 Jason Tigart, Sky Cristadora, Macy Cristadora, Gary Schram, Larry Phillips, Jake Wright


Wed Night Pool Tournament at 7PM 17730 AMBAUM BLVD S BURIEN, WA 98148 - 206-243-6018

The Break May 2016


ROCKY MOUNTAIN GAMING Bozeman MT VNEA League Standings VIGILANTE LEAGUE STANDINGS 1 Legion #4 3131 2 Mixers #1 3109 3 Legion #2 2989 4 Molly #6 2968 5 Scoop #8 2937 6 Cats Paw #3 2906 7 Bar IX #1 2904 8 Cats Paw #2 2904 9 Scoop #5 2888 10 Eagles #4 2877 11 Mixers #2 2860 12 Eagles #5 2852 13 Haufbrau #1 2828


2302 2193 2033 1963 1938 1886 1870 1867


HOLE-IN-WALL LEAGUE STANDINGS 1 Molly #1 3225 2 Legion #1 3216 3 Eagles #3 3150 4 Cats Paw #1 3123 5 Molly #5 3108 6 Molly #3 3023 7 Molly #2 3010

VALLEY LEAGUE STANDINGS 1 Friendly #3 2 Friendly #1 3 Frontier #1 4 Broken Arrow #4 5 Broken Arrow #1 6 Friendly #2 7 Town Club #2 8 Broken Arrow #2 9 Plaza #1


2290 2255 2252 2208 2193 2166 2158 2149 2145

May 2016

10 Manhattan Legion #3 11 Plaza #2 12 Town Club #1 13 Frontier #2 14 Friendly #4 15 Broken Arrow #3 16 Manhattan Legion #1 17 Manahattan Legion #2

The Break

2136 2109 2068 2066 2038 2019 1989 1782

2820 2818 2808 2807 2786 2781 2755 2748 2725 2710 2693 2638

8 Scoop #1 9 Eagles #1 10 Scoop #4 11 Eagles #2 12 Molly #4 13 Scoop #2 14 Scoop #3

2986 2970 2897 2872 2836 2726 2697

Top Ten Shooters



VALLEY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: FRIENDLY #3 Jay Blair, Misty Debates, Tyler Blair, David Alderman, Travis Smith

14 Eagles #8 15 Eagles #10 16 Eagles #6 17 Bar IX #2 18 Legion #3 19 Eagles #7 20 Filling Station 21 Molly #7 22 Scoop #7 23 Scoop #6 24 Haufbrau #2 25 Eagles #9

VALLEY 1 Howard, Mike 2 DeBates, Misty 3 Thompson, Brad 4 Blair, Tyler 5 Smith, Amanda 6 Jermunson, Karl 7 Annalora, Tony 8 Pickett, Jeff 9 Robinson, Rich 10 Frick, Dana

WOMENS 1 Cristadora, Sky 2 Wise, Erica 3 Carey, Loreen 4 Hansen, Tina 5 MacDonald, Christine 6 Stansberry, Charlotte 7 Dean, Diane 8 Johnson, Regi 9 Smith, Amanda 10 Hancock, Emily

HOLE-IN-THE-WALL 1 Tigart, Jason 673 2 Cristadora, Macy 657 3 Schaff, Mike 654 4 Hatch, Leo 653 5 Lucht, Jason 650 6 Schwartzer, Britton 641 7 Hansen, Jim 639 8 Spence, Shawn 633 9 Schwartzer, Joe 624 10 Seavey, David 618

477 476 466 462 461 457 455 443 443 442

597 577 571 565 563 549 507 490 490 485

VIGILANTE 1 Neergaard, Nate 2 Hutton, Darren 3 Van Cleave, John 4 Yeley, Bob 5 Smith, Kaleb 6 Murphy, Aaron 7 Gamradt, Kellen 8 Sase, Jared 9 Biesel, Dave 10 Lemke, Rob

679 656 642 639 633 625 624 617 616 604

California Nevada



added to each Check out our tour stop tournament Entry $65 dates

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Entry forms available online at For more information, contact Rick Tillett at (541) 404-0453 or Darcy Williams at (541) 517-9816 FOR LODGING AT THE MILL CASINO•HOTEL & RV PARK, PLEASE CALL 1-800-953-4800 EXT 3. ASK FOR THE MAY MADNESS 8 BALL TOURNAMENT RATE.

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May 2016


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Barry Behrman

founder and promoter of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships Dies at Age 70

Jerry Forsyth Apr 23, 2016 Barry Behrman, the founder and promoter of the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, passed away today at age 70. Mr. Behrman opened Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA, 45 years ago and held his first U.S Open Championship after having been inspired by the tournaments he saw at Bill “Beenie-Weenie” Staton’s Jack and Jill Billiards in Arlington, VA. His very first champion was mIke Sigel and Sigel went on to win three times over the next eight years to affirm his status as a true champion of pocket billiards. Mr. Behrman announced his retirement as the promoter of the U.S. Open in 2015. Some health issues followed fairly quickly, some serious ones stemming from a stubborn infection that would not respond to antibiotics. His official cause of death today has not as yet been announced but he had been mostly hospitalized since January with a lot of time spent in Intensive Care. Mr. Behrman grew Q-Master Billiards into the largest pool room in America and nurtured the original 16-man U.S. Open Championship field into

the biggest and most important event in North America, sometimes showcasing fields of over 200 players. The event began at Q-Master Billiards but soon outgrew that venue and was held for a number of years at the Holiday Inn of Chesapeake before moving to it’s longest-running home, the Chesapeake Convention Center. The latest home of the event was the Sheraton Waterside in Norfolk. Mr. Behrman was certainly one of the most colorful and sometimes controversial figures in the game. He was the consummate promoter and was always on the phone to friends around the world pushing to draw more players, more fans and to provide new attractions for those fans. His events sometimes included trick shot exhibitions and pipe and drum corps and he was always willing to try new things to improve his product. He sometimes promised more than he could immediately deliver, but in the end he always delivered. Barry Behrman is survived by his son, Brady, and

his daughter, Shannon Behrman Paschall. The U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship will continue under the supervision of Pat Fleming of Accu-Stats Video Productions.

Andy Cloth Nubbins Memorial Tournaments

THE MARCH Andy Cloth Nubbins Memorial Monthly Pool Tournament in Saratoga, WY was held on March 25th & 26th. The tournament was well represented with shooters from all over southern Wyoming that included Rawlins, Saratoga, Cheyenne, Rock Springs and Centennial and those players battled it out for the 8-ball title. The eventual champion, Anthony Lucero of Rawlins, WY, shot right through the field undefeated en route to a 1st place finish that included 6 straight wins for the champion’s share of the money and the title! The runnerup money for the tournament went to the always tough, Ricardo Martinez also of Rawlins, WY, whose only losses were to the tournament champion. The third place spot went to Dave Black of Cheyenne, WY who is playing again and on the watch out Rocky Mountain area players! The tournament originator and Saratoga, WY Mayor, EJ Glode had another strong showing during the weekend and finished up in the 4th place spot. While Steve Nicholson of Rawlins, WY and Mack Pride of Saratoga, WY took the 5th place tie spots.

These tournaments continue each month with $1,000 added to each tournament and only a $30 entry fee which is paid back to the players 100%. The fact that there are no green fees or quarters required and $49 per night motel rooms this tournament is certainly a must for all rocky mountain regional players or those just passing through the area! For more information on these tournaments call Monte Thayer at (307)710-1447. The Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournaments are sponsored by Andy Billiard Cloth, Shively Hardware, Koobey 1311, Sagebrush Amusements, Cowboy Saloon, Buckhorn Bar, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, Wreck-a-Mend Collision Center and the Carbon County Visitor’s Council. 1st $600 Anthony Lucero 4th $200 EJ Glode 2nd $450 Ricardo Martinez 5/6 $100 Steve Nicholson 3rd $300 Dave Black Mack Pride

The Andy Cloth Nubbins Memorial Monthly Pool Tournament in Saratoga, WY for April was held on April 8th & 9th. Players from Rawlins, Saratoga, Cheyenne and Rock Springs made it to Saratoga, WY for the 3rd weekend in a row for a pool tournament to compete for the Saratoga title. Though this field was a little thin on players coming off of the remarkable Andy Cloth Wyoming Open the weekend before the competition was still stiff! Rawlins’ Ricardo Martinez went undefeated en route to a 1st place finish that included tough wins over Bobby Atkinson, Dave Black and the March champion, Anthony Lucero! Tournament runner up honors went to Anthony Lucero also of Rawlins, WY who shot strong all weekend recording wins over Black, Atkinson and Mack Pride before falling to Martinez in the finals. Dave Black of Cheyenne, WY and Bobby Atkinson of Rock Springs, WY finished up in the 3rd & 4th place spots respectively. These tournaments continue each month with $1,000 added to each tournament and only a $30 entry fee which is paid back to the players 100%. The fact that there are no green fees or quarters required and $49 per night motel rooms this tournament is certainly a must for all rocky mountain regional players or those just passing through the area! For more information on these tournaments call Monte Thayer at (307)710-1447. The players continue to appreciate the support of the Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournament sponsors Andy Billiard Cloth, Shively Hardware, Koobey 1311, Sagebrush Amusements, Cowboy Saloon, Buckhorn Bar, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, Wreck-a-Mend Collision Center and the Carbon County Visitor’s Council. 1st $550 Ricardo Martinez 2nd $400 Anthony Lucero 3rd $280 Dave Black 4th $160 Bobby Atkinson

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Dave Bersenadze

Sets World Record

Behind the Rock Tour had their 1st 198 tri-annual event of the year April 2-3 and it was an exciting one. With players from North Seattle to Tacoma players hunkered down and play some great 198 matches. 198 is 9-ball vs the Ghost with a set of rules, a unique scoring system and the fairest handicapping system in pool. The tri-annual event is played from any certified location. It consists of 3 rounds. Players play two matches to qualify for the Sudden Death round. The top 75% of the field moves to the Sudden Death. The Sudden Death round is just one match and the top 33% of the field moves to the finals for two matches. There are two divisions that participated and both divisions are a true 90% handicapping format, which means it’s anyone’s game. The excitement started in the first round of the Open division. Dave Dersenadze from Golden Fleece, Seattle out played the rest of the field by over 40 points for the 1st position. The rest of the field was fighting just to get a spot to get a chance in the Sudden Death round. Positions 2-5 were only a 13.10 point spread. Every ball mattered as this point. The results posted on our website www. from the first round and qualifying players to go to the Sudden Death round of one match. DAVE BERSENADZE

The Sudden Death round is when Dave Bersenadze put the fear into every player. Bersenadze posted a perfect score with 12 break and runs on a 7’ Diamond table. Once the results were posted all the players said there must be a mistake. How can that be? So we called the Golden Fleece and said we think there was a mistake in posting Dave’s score and asked what transpired. It was true. Bersenadze shot a flawless match of 12 break and run games for a perfect score of 198 points. Here are the results.

Here’s what the stats for his match look like.

This set a new world record. The previous world record was held by Deby Welfringer of a 147 then broke by Stan Combs from Olympia WA with a 169 and now by Dave Bersenadze with what is considered a perfect score of 198 points. Congratulations Dave. This was an awesome feat, but the tri-annual event wasn’t over yet. Now it came down to Dave Bersenadze and Deby Welfringer in the finals. Dave just put his all into his last match and Welfringer knows she’s got be bring in a score over her average to have any hope of beating Bersenadze. This is where the tough part of this format came into play Bersenadze. Players have to bring it every match regardless of what their last score was and on top of that you know if you shoot a big score that you’ve just put a target on your back. Welfringer could only hope and pray that Bersenadze doesn’t put together another phenomenal match and just try to squeak in under the radar. With Bersenadze at the Golden Fleece in Seattle and Welfringer at Cue-Topia Billiards in Lakewood the finals competition began. The finals were two matches and the computer uses the


$75 BUY IN




$20 challenge table





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28 May 2016


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Why are many of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth?

Why are 50% of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth? Why are 50% ofofthe major in our now using Why are 50% the major in ourchampionships sport now using Andy Cloth? Why championships are championships 50% of the major insport our sport now using AndyAndy Cloth? Cloth?

Many pros agree ANDY CLOTH anything on tour. plays as good as anything on 9 out of 10 Pros agree, Maybe even better. ANDY -CLOTH plays as good as tour Maybe even better

9 out of 10 Pros agree, 9 out of 10 Pros agree, outasof 10 agree, ANDY CLOTH plays as good as ANDY CLOTH9 plays good asPros anything on anything tour. ANDYonCLOTH plays as good Maybe even better. Maybe even better.


1-307-710-1447 on tour. Maybe even better. 1-307-710-1447

1-307-710-1447 1-307-710-1447

“When I found out that Andy Cloth was what I played on at the 71st World Tournament of 14.1, I called to order one for my home table where I still teach students” - Ray Martin, 3x World Champion & Author of critically acclaimed “The 99 Critical Shots in Pool” • • • • • • • • •

World class performance that surpasses any other surface Endorsed by international champions worldwide Costs significantly less, saving your customers money & building truyst and loyalty Longer lasting and more durable to weather/climate change Unique dyeing and surface leveling technology results in less burn marks Andy Pro Tour Cloth is a blend of 70% wool/30% nylon Used in the biggest prize purse tournaments in the World 41 years of cloth manufacturing experience Currently one of the fastest growing pool companies in the world


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Last week Dan Afrait from Israel contacted me explaining that he watched Shane VanBoening’s match and was inspired to play a match to see where his skill level was. He managed to copy Shane’s scoresheet, modify it and use it as he played his match. Dan Afrait is only 15 years old, lives in Israel and is the #1 junior ranked player. His initiative to figure out the scoring, modify the scoresheet, play his match and find a way to have someone double check what he has done is inspiring to me. A 15 year old with a dream and the passion to make it happen. Thanks Dan for contacting us and we look forward to working with your coach to bring Behind the Rock Tour to Israel. Keep hitting balls.


Behind The Rock Tour

best of the two matches for the final calculation. It was a long and tiring day for Bersenadze, but Bersenadze still posted great scores for his final matches. He came in with a 109 and an 85. Welfringer didn’t reach her score over 100 but was able to score just enough points to slide in for the win shooting an 89 and an 85 just over her average by 19.85 points. The players scores combined with their handicap brought Welfringer in on top with 149.58 over Bersenadze with a 147.34 and taking the title by just 2.24 points. Good to the last drop.

Now for the Intermediate division. The first round unfolded with Sophia Tran in the 1st position. With a fight for second and third position. The Sudden Death round Tran held a strong hold on her 1st position and the fight was for the second qualifying spot to go to the finals. It came down between Brian Trudeau from Cue-Topia Billiards and Elaine Eberly from the Golden Fleece. Trudeau ended up snagging the last spot for the finals by only 2.1 points. Tran dominated the intermediate division all the way through this event clear through the finals. Tran takes home the title over Trudeau by 9.3 points. Tran’s high match for the event was a 72 coming in at 28.56 over her average. Way to go Sophia. Once again, we’d like to congratulate Dave Bersenadze on shooting the first perfect match of 198 in the history of Behind the Rock Tour and setting a new world record. I’m sure it’s a score that will stand for quite some time. If you’d like to get Behind the Rock Tour started in your local favorite place to play contact us at 253-226-3595 or visit the website at


May 2016

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Earl “The Pearl” Strickland Has Come and Gone

Earl “The Pearl” Strickland came to Cue-Topia Billiards on April 22, 2016 and put on an exhibition for us. We were delighted with his humor, his stories and his extraordinary talent. As Mr. Strickland was warming up for the exhibition he put on a show before it was show time. For an hour and a half Earl entertained the early comers with stories, philosophies and words of wisdom. Anyone that knows Earl knows that was total entertainment to say the least. All the spectators were all quite entertained and very appreciative of the extra time they spent watching Earl. When it was show time, Earl had the floor and everyone’s attention all to himself and loving every minute of it. The audience could feel Earl’s passion and excitement for the game that they couldn’t help but get engaged and love every minute of it. All of us at Cue-Topia Billiards and everyone that attended the exhibition would like to thank Mr. Strickland from the bottom of our hearts for the great exhibition he brought us. We all walked away with special memories and moments of that special night and will cherish them always. Thank you Earl. We look forward to the next time. Respectfully, Cue-Topia Billiards and all your fans here in the Great Northwest

“Win Jim’s Money”

SALEM, OR The Cue Ball’s “Win Jim’s Money” April 9 ball handicapped tournament, attracted 37 players, who were all looking to cash in against a solid field. Dave “Casanova” Canova faced off against Julie Goodman for the right to play Linn Petty, who was sitting in the cat bird seat waiting for the player to emerge from the loser’s side to fight for the throne of the king of the house. (At least for this tournament). Petty had the advantage, having kicked both Goodman

and Canova to the loser’s side. Goodman put up a good fight, but ran out of luck against Canova, losing graciously and accepting her $85 3rd place prize. Canova proceeded to his rematch with Petty. Petty had gone undefeated through the tourney, with no one really testing him. His good day continued against Canova, and he got the rolls he needed to win. They took the match to the hill, though, and enjoyed the competition. “Casanova” Canova took 2nd place and took $130 home to

Momma. Petty took his 1st place prize of $ 215 and enjoyed his victory. In 4th Place was Keith Wolhar who won $ 50 5th/6th Diane Krause and Joseph Farmer $ 25 each 7th/8th Nawwa and Sheldon Lebow $ 10 each The next tournament is scheduled for May 14, 2016. As always, registration opens at 9:30am and play starts at 10:00am. Be here!

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May 2016


MCMOA Continued from p7

MEN’S 2ND CHANCE TOURNAMENT 1st Frank Kincl Helena 2nd Macy Cristadora Bozeman 3rd Steve Ross Bozeman WOMEN’S 2ND CHANCE TOURNAMENT 1st Nellie Hogan Ashland 2nd Erica Wise Bozeman 3rd Susie Mcrae Bozeman

$280 $170 $110 $40 $25 $15


A DIVISION 1st 8 Ball Posse (Billings) 1183 pts. $1,500 + Jackets Jim Winter, Mike Ameline, AJ Martino & Wade Hudson 2nd

Eagles (Bozeman) 1099 pts. $1000 Steve Ross, Jeff Grinwis, Nick Douman, Dave Custer, Alex Petersen, Doug Crossman


JK Cues (Helena) 1082 pts. $600 Rich Little, Justyn Katsilas, Tim Webster & Dave Smith

4th Z-Style (Lewistown) 1081 pts. $200 Jim Ward, Calvin West, Ryan Chamberlain & Tom Soennichsen B DIVISION (PLAYOFF) 1st Hiway Bar (Dodson) 901pts. $1,500 + Jackets Snuffy Main, Bill Main, Dave Schwartz & Pete Bishop 2nd

Ball Rolled Over (Ashland) 891pts. $1000 Jeremey Harms, Jamie White, Alex Walker & Tom King


Mears Music (Malta) 871pts. $600 Charlie Mears, Larry Smith, Eric Wilke & Kipp Sjostrom


Ball Scratchers (Billings) 824pts. $200 Mike Ligocki, Bob Crowell, Jeremy Hunt & Bruce Albright



Good luck to all the teams headed to Las Vegas! 32

May 2016

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MCMOA 36th Annual Montana VNEA State Pool Tournament


MEN’S AA 1st Mike Ameline Billings $1,500 2nd Dan Hamper Helena $900 3rd Dan Kissner Helena $500 4th Calvin West Lewistown $400 5–6 Dave Schwartz Malta $300 Jim Winter Billings $300 7-8 Dave Custer Bozeman $200 Tom Soennichsen Lewistown $200 MEN’S A 1st Roger Scott Bozeman $1000 2nd Jeremy Mohland Billings $600 3rd Rich Little Helena $400 4th Travis Hopstad Glasgow $250 5–6 Gary Schram Bozeman $200 Wade Fredrick Helena $200 7–8 Kurt Cooper Billings $150 Bill Main Malta $150 9–12 Darrell Kelly Helena $100 Charlie Mears Malta $100 Greg Gizinski Bozeman $100 Dustin Juvan Livingston $100 13–16 Bruce Albright Billings $75 Rich Robinson Bozeman $75 Jon Kaphammer Bozeman $75 Justin Katsilas Helena $75 MEN’S B 1st Cliff Mitchell Miles City $600 2nd Jordan Merwin Miles City $300 3rd Tim Webster Helena $250 4th Shane Anderson Malta $200 5–6 Eric Wilke Malta $150 Marley Zachariasen Bozeman $150 7–8 Darren Hutton Bozeman $100 Fred Bakosh Livingston $100 9–12 Bryon Bevis Lewistown $75 Bob Crowell Billings $75 Mike Logocki Billings $75 Cole Lininger Bozeman $75 13–16 Willie Rowland Ashland $50 Chris Giarde Helena $50 Rick Ost Nashua $50 Gerry Brebeck Nashua $50 WOMEN’S A 1st Misty Debates Bozeman $800 2nd Linda Asleson Billings $400 3rd Lori Warnell Billings $300 4th Sky Cristadora Bozeman $200 5–6 Jonella Staus Billings $150 Tonya Brandenberg Helena $150 7–8 Susan Miller Billings $100 Cat Hansen Bozeman $100 WOMEN’S B 1st Sarah Vancleave Miles City $500 2nd Kayla Hendges Wolf Point $300 3rd Janice Osborne Helena $200 4th Jeri Reed Helena $150 5–6 Karen McNabb Wolf Point $100 Christina Talbot Helena $100 7–8 Brenda Rorick Livingston $75 Lin Cabalerro Malta $75 9–12 Emma Berry Billings $50 Susy Osborn Livingston $50 Denise Price Helena $50 Barb Ward Lewistown $50


DAY CITY Mondays Lakewood, WA Boise, ID Capitola, CA Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA Tuesdays Eureka, CA Portland, OR Sacramento, CA Lakewood, CA

LOCATION Cue-Topia The Pocket Fast Eddy’s Jointed Cue Family Billiards Rose’s Billiards Greek Village Jointed Cue Cue-Topia

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EVENT / RULES 8-Ball 8-Ball Open WorldPPA 9-Ball 9-Ball B 9-Ball Handicap 8-Ball on 7’ Diamonds 8 & 9-Ball BCA Rules 3/2 9-Ball Open BTRT 220/198 Open hdcp

ENTRY ADDED TIME $5+$3 100% 7:30PM $5 $$$ 8:00PM $12/$25 $100 (last Mon) 8:00PM $10 Call 8:00PM $20 Call 7:00PM $10 Call 7:30PM $5 $3/player 7:30PM $5-$15 $50 8:00PM $10/$8 Call 5:00PM

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Meat Shoot $3 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH $5 Players Choice $5 8-Ball TAP 5 & under $5+$1 g.f. 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D $5 8-Ball Handicap $5 9-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 3 $5 BTRT 220/198 Open hdcp $10/$8 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 9-Ball Barbox $5+$3 9-Ball Open $5 8-Ball Bar Table R2-DE $10 9-Ball Handicap $20 8-Ball $5 8-Ball $10 8-Ball $5 8-Ball - BCA Rules $5 9-Ball Handicapped $10 (incl g.f.) 8-Ball-No AA $8 8-Ball $10 9-Ball BCA rules $5 8-Ball Open $3 Poker Call 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 8-Ball Open $5+$1 g.f. 9-Ball Open $5+$1 g.f. 8-Ball DE - best 2 of 3 $5+$1 g.f. 8-Ball BCA rules $5 8-Ball $10+$5 g.f. 8-Ball on 7’ tables-Race to 2 $5 8-Ball Bar Table $10 8 & 9-Ball No Masters $5 8-Ball Handicapped $10 (incl g.f.) 9-Ball $15/10/5 8-Ball $5 8-Ball $10 10-Ball $5 8-Ball $5 9-Ball DE - race to 3 $5+$1 g.f. 8-Ball Ball-in-hand $5 8/9 Ball Alternating $5 Alternating 8-Ball/9-Ball $5 Players Choice $5 8-Ball - Race 2/1 $3 M/$2 W 10-Ball $7/$10 Players Choice $10 (incl g.f.) 9-Ball $10 9-Ball $10 Outlaw Pool Tournament $10 9-ball $5 +$3 g.f.

Meat 6:30PM Match to $100 7:00PM Call 7:30PM Matching 7:00PM Matching 7:30PM Matching 7:30PM $20 gift card 1st 7:00PM Call 5:00PM Call 7:30PM Call 8:00PM 100% 7:30PM $$$ 8:00PM $3/player 7:00PM Call 7:00PM Matching 8:00PM Call 7:30PM $$$ w/9+ 7:30PM $3/player 6:30PM $$$ 6:30PM $100 7:30PM $$$ 7:30PM 100% 7:00PM Meat Shoot 7:00PM Call 6 & 9PM Call 7:30PM Matching 5:45PM Matching 5:45PM Match up to 25 3:00PM 100% 7:00PM $$$ 3:00PM $20 gift card 1st Noon $3/player 7:00PM Call 4:00PM $$$ 6:30PM Call 2:00PM $$$ 7:30PM $$$ 7:30PM 100% 7:30PM 100% 1:00PM Match up to 25 4:00PM $100 min pot 1PM Matching 8:00PM Match up to 23 7:00PM Call 5:00PM $100 6:00PM $100 5:30PM $$$ 6:30PM $100 3:00PM Call 7:30PM Call 6:00PM 100% 5:30PM

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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May 2016


Tournament Trail Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


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Jake’s Tavern (see ad Mar) 307-660-3482 9-Ball Classic Open Div-Limit 64 $100 Jake’s Tavern (see ad Mar) 307-660-3482 9-Ball Classic ‘B’ Div-Limit 32 $70 Jake’s Tavern (see ad Mar) 307-660-3482 Hard Luck-draw your game-SE $30 American Legion (see ad Apr) 360-929-6076 8-Ball Partners-Limit 32 $80/team Sam’s Billiards (see ad p10) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Banks Lake Pub (see ad p25) 509-633-2000 Open 9-Ball Singles $15 Shot Glass (see ad p26) 208-540-1312 Open Doubles-Gordon Boyd Mem. $50$10g.f. Hard Times (see ad Apr) 916-332-8793 9-Ball Mosconi Cup (see below) $95 Limit 125 Cue-Topia (see ad p11) 253-512-6898 Open Scotch Doubles 9-Ball $60+$15 g.f. Cue Ball (see ad p10) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 Little Chicago (see ad p29) 406-761-9293 8-Ball Singles $50 Duke’s Bar & Grill (see ad p10) 307-710-1447 8-Ball Handicap $30 no g.f. TWCWT (see ad p21) 916-332-8793 8-Ball & 9-Ball at Hard Times $40 Mezz West State (see ad 25) 619-463-8759 9-Ball $65 Mill Casino (see ad p25) 541-404-0453 8-Ball Scotch Doubles Call Banks Lake Pub (see ad p25) 509-633-2000 Open 8-Ball Singles $15 Buffalo Billiards (see ad p21) 800-400-4CUE 8-Ball $25 Mill Casino (see ad p25) 541-404-0453 8-Ball Singles Call Kolby’s (see ad 8) 503-393-POOL 8-Ball Scotch Doubles $120 (incl g.f.) Mezz West State (see ad 25) see Facebook 9-Ball $65 MugShots (see ad 22) 425-220-9051 8-Ball-Limit 64 $60 incl g.f. Malarkey’s (see ad 28) 253-383-3301 NW Bar Box 8-Ball Challenge $75 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p10) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Cue Ball (see ad p10) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 TWCWT (see ad p21) 800-400-4CUE 9-Ball at Buffalo Billiards $30 Sawmill Saloon (see ad p29) 406-821-2232 8-Ball Scotch Doubles Call Family Billiards (see ad 29) 415-931-1115 Cole Dixon Memorial 10-Ball $75-Limit 128 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p10) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Cue Ball (see ad p10) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 Rum Runner (see ad p31) 702-234-5729 9-Ball Call Sam’s Billiards (see ad p10) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Cue Ball (see ad p10) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 TWCWT (see ad 21) 510-652-9808 9-Ball at The Broken Rack $30 Jointed Cue (see ad 26) 916-456-3243 9-Ball 3rd Summer Classic $50


$5,000 Call $500 $500 w/32 Call $5/stick $1,000 Guar. $10,000 $500 w/30 $200 Call $1,000 Call $2,500 Call $5/stick $1,500 w/64 $4,000 $700 $2,500 $1,000 w/64 $2,000 Call $200 Call Call $2,500 Call $200 Call Call $200 Call $1,000 w/64


5PM 5PM Call 10AM 11AM 11AM 7PM Call Call 10AM Call 7PM Call 10AM 6PM 11AM Call 1PM 9:30AM 10AM 9AM 9AM 11AM 10AM 11:30AM Call 10AM 11AM 10AM Call 11AM 10AM 11:30AM 1PM

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LEVEL 2 MAY 13/15 – Chuck Markulis Memorial - Sacramento, CA Table: 9 ft - Players: 100 - Added: $15,000 - Grade: Two MAY 29/30 - Ginky Memorial – Steinway Billiards, New York Table: 9 ft - Players: 64 pros (96 amateurs) - Added: $4,000 - Grade: Three JULY 8-10 - West Coast Challenge 10-Ball - Freemont, CA Table: 9ft - Grade: Two


May 2016

The Break

LEVEL 3 MAY TBA - USBTC 8 Ball – Nevada Table: 7 ft - Players: 100 - 200 - Added: $5,000 TBC - Grade: Three MAY TBA - USBTC 9 Ball – Nevada Table: 7 ft - Players: 100 - 200 - Added: $5,000 TBC - Grade: Three May TBA - USBTC 10 Ball – Nevada Table: 7 ft - Players: 100 - 200 - Added: $5,000 TBC - Grade: Three JUNE TBA - Midwest 9-Ball Tour - Shooters, Olathe, KS Table: 7 ft - Players: 128 - Added $15,000 - Grade: One JULY 20-22 - U S Open 10-Ball - Las Vegas, NV Table: 7 ft - Grade: One JULY 23-25 - U S Open 8-Ball - Las Vegas, NV Table: 7ft - Grade: One

The Break Pool Magazine May Issue 2016  

The May Issue of The Break is online NOW. Read all about Misty Debates Win at the MCMOA

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