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Our 333rd year... and we hardly look a day over 200.

Founded upon unwavering principles of quality and value, 2013 marks our 333rd continuous year in business. We are the oldest company in the billiard industry. Being the oldest didn’t make us the best... being the best has made us the oldest. Premium products with premium value. Iwan Simonis.



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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

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PLACES PEOPLE PLAY 4th Plain Tavern Vancouver, WA Ballad Town Billiards Forest Grove, OR Batter’s Up Salt Lake City, UT Black Diamond Spokane, WA Black Star Tacoma, WA Broken Rack Emeryville, CA BZ’s Sports Bar Burien, WA Cat’s Paw Bozeman, MT Cattails Lounge Williston, ND Charley’s Pub Fircrest, WA Classic Billiards Portland, OR Cue Ball, The Salem, OR D & R Spirits Ogden, UT Danny’s Midway Marysville, WA Diamond Billiards Reno, NV Doc’s Tavern Ocean Park, WA Eagles Club Bozeman, MT Family Billiards San Francisco, CA Frankie’s Olympia, WA Gameroom, The Provo, UT Greek Village Portland, OR Hi Way Lounge Alexander, ND Hot Shots Beaverton, OR Jake’s Bar & Grill Salem, OR Jointed Cue Sacramento, CA K C Midway Oregon City, OR Latitude 84 Tacoma, WA Legion Bozeman, MT Log Cabin Bar Sumner, WA Malarkey’s Tacoma, WA Manila Billiards Carson, CA Molly Brown Bozeman, MT O’Finnigan’s Everett, WA Oasis Pocatello, ID Pocket, The Boise, ID Pocket, The Idaho Falls, ID Pocket of Pocatello Pocatello, ID Rackem Medford, OR Ringo’s Bar & Grill Beaverton, OR Rodders Oregon City, OR Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR Schooners Lakewood, WA Silver Dollar Coos Bay, OR Soundview Everett, WA Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA Toadstool Emmett, ID Wichita Pub Milwaukie, OR ORGANIZATONS BCAPL/CSI Henderson, NV BEF CO Judy Griffith PACS League Operator MCMOA Billings, MT NWPA Kent, WA Rocky Mountain Gaming Bozeman, MT TWCWT California BILLIARD SUPPLIES Aramith Libertyville, IL Buffalo Billiards Petaluma, CA CueStix International Lafayette, CO Master Chalk McDermott Menomonee Falls, WI Mueller Lincoln, NE Simonis Libertyville, IL Sure Shot Billiards Richland, WA Tiger Products Burbank, CA INSTRUCTION/SERVICES Billiard Directory Index Bob Jewett Melissa Little Monk, The Platis Law Firm Pool On TV/Computer POOL TOURNAMENTS Weekly Tournament Trail

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Shane VanBoening

Double Dips The Rum-Runner! A big congratulations to Shane VanBoening and Jeremy Jones, who took 1st and 2nd place, respectively this weekend, earning the top two prizes of $6,000 and $3,000 at the Andy Mercer Memorial 9-Ball Tournament! The Rum Runner Lounge in Las Vegas - home of 'The Andy Mercer Memorial 9 Ball Tournament', celebrated its 23rd annual, 3-day event to a packed house of players and spectators, gunning for yet another weekend of the toughest 'barbox', 9 ball performances of our time. A 64-player field, studded with an almost equal ratio of professional giants and hopeful killers in their wake, Mosconi Cup veteran and 2003, U.S. Open Champion, Jeremy Jones from Baytown, Texas took the high road to the Hot-Seat of the event, facing off with Shane VanBoening on the final day, only to get 'double-dipped' in two races to 6, ending in scores of 6-3 and 6-0. Shane's electrifying display of cue ball control and one lucky shot on the 7-ball kept Jeremy in his chair for most of the finals. Jeremy's visits to the table were somewhat undeserved, having only a few opportunities to kick, play safe or push away. DONNIE AND JOHNNY MEET THE GIANTS! 3rd place winner, Donnie Branson looked very promising on day three and facing off with with both winners. First, knocking Shane to the one-loss side (6-2), only to follow up with his first loss to Jeremy Jones (6-4). Donnie's next match ended with Shane serving a rather bitter pill of 6 games in a row (6-0), reducing Donnie to the 3rd place position. 5th/6th place winner, Johnny Kang's draw was tough form the 'get-go', immediately defeating jim Blakeman (6-2) and Sal Butera (6-5) on Day 1, followed by Frank 'The Barber' Almanza (6-5) on Day 2. On day 3, Johnny suffered his first loss to Donnie Branson (6-2), only to forge ahead two more wins to Ramin Bahktiari (6-5), Oscar Dominguez (6-3) and finally losing to Ronnie Alcano (6-5) WATCH OUT FOR THE VOLCANO! 4th place winner, Ronnie 'Volcano' Alcano had some well deserved wins against King-Kong' (6-5) and the 'Giant Killer', Ray Skenandore (6-5) and then to Johnny Kang on the one-loss (6-5). Ronnie was untouched until day three, took his first loss against Jeremy Jones (6-4) and finally his second loss to a rather determined Shane (6-3) who had nothing on his mind but to defend his 2-time consecutive championship title. Max Runs 6 Straight Racks After King-King Refuses The Push! 7th/8th place winner Max Eberle, astounded the crowd with 6 straight racks, run from the break against Bernardo 'King-Kong' Chavez, who refused a push-out by Max on the first rack. King-Kong sat in his chair, writhing and hopeful for a shot, getting up only to rack the balls each time Max closed out. This match was streamed live, commentated by Daniel Busch and Lenny Marshall and can be viewed on demand at POV Pool's YouTube Channel. Max's historic performance on POV Pool was a well deserved one, after losing in the first round of play on day one to Donnie Branson (6-5), then beating Brian Miller (6-2), King

Kong (6-0), Ismael 'Morro' Paez (6-0), Thomas Butler (6-0), Fach Garcia (6-1), Mitch Ellerman (6-2) and then losing to Ernesto Dominguez (6-4). CONGRATS TO TEAM MEXICO! Happy Birthday Oscar Dominguez, who turns 28 today! Oscar earned his 7th/8th place position just underneath his father's finish at 5th/6th place. Oscar's wins included a streamed match with Brett Lee (6-3). He then beat Ramin Bahktiari (6-1), Fach Garcia (6-1), lost to Shane (6-2), eliminated Sal Butera from the one-loss (6-3), and finally getting ousted by Johnny Kang (6-3). Also hit early to the one-loss was Ernesto Dominguez, who notched his belt a number of tough matches against Southwest Cues', Al Lawrence (6-4), Frank Almanza (6-5), POV Pool's night-time commentator, Joshua Edgar (6-2), Max Eberle (6-5) until finally losing to Shane in a hill/hill match. Live Streamed Matches Sponsored by Kamui Tips, The Orange County APA, John English and The Public House 1739, there were almost 40 recorded matches which were streamed live by Daniel Busch of, which will begin posting to YouTube sometime next week. POV Pool would like to thank it's commentators for some excellent coverage of this event: Justin Acker, James Murphy, Stacy Allsup, Jeremy Jones, Mitch Ellerman, Lenny Marshall, Robert Leblanc, Frank Almanza, Jimmy 'Pretty Boy Floyd' Mataya, Joshua Edgar's, 'POV Pool, After Dark' show, Don McClelland, John English and many, many other players and spectators who joined in, to say hello on the stream and pay tribute to the late, Andy Mercer, who may very well be smiling upon us. Special Thanks! Thanks also to Geno Hill, Gordy Hill, Jim Blakeman, Mike Ganz, the Rum Runner Staff and many other new friends and strangers who made this event possible. Additional promotional support and thanks go to Max Eberle始s Pro Academy, Ramin Bahktiari and MaryAnn Starkey of GoPlayPool, Amy Encinias and Nichole of Vegas Billiards Buzz Forums, AZ Billiards, Alvin Nelson, JR Calvert.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

7/8 9/12 13/16


Shane VanBoening Jeremy Jones Donnie Branson Ronnie Alcano Johnny Kang, Ernesto Dominguez

$6,000 $3,000 $1,700 $1,000 $700

Oscar Dominguez, Max Eberle Ramin Bahktiari, Sal Butera, Mitch Ellerman, Edgar Jackson Ray Skenandore, Walter Glass, Fach Garcia, Tres Kane

$500 $350 $250

April 2013 - The Break 5

6 The Break - November 2012

AWARDS BASH 2012-13 Fall Winter Session Division MVPs ANDREW AND I want to start this with a thank you to the CPL players who helped us with the annual Awards Bash at the Fortune Star on February 23. Ray, David, Smitty, Steve, Kurt, Tony, Robert, Deanne, Cathy -- without you, the Bash wouldn’t be the fun it is. The ‘joint was hoppin’ with people playing in events throughout the day and into the night. Our thanks to the Fortune Star for being so accommodating! On top of their generous $200 add, CPL added $250, so event payouts were plump, making them all the more fun! Survivor, run superbly this year by Tony Counts, was again the noisiest corner of the room. 10 players took turns until all but the survivor had missed 3 times. Winners were Tony Counts, Jason Hoygaard and Norm Nicholson. 2nd place finishers were David, Danny Dorton and Rod Jobe. Ray Cunningham ran two 10-ball ring-games that drew CPL hot shots. $80 was added to the $20 per entry pot. The first paid $200 to Steve Copher, and the second saw Mike Carpenter and ‘Tater’ Anderson splitting $240. Ray Cunningham rigged our new camera over the ring game table so games were viewable by all on the big screen. Kurt Hamm did a great job running minis, and he was also our awards MC. A/Masters mini winners were: Kurt, Cathy Duenas and Steve G. B mini winners were: Evan, Dennis C, Denice White. Kurt ran an evening blind draw scotch tournament for 11 teams. Mike Dubendorf paired with Kurt, they prevailed and won $110, with Rod Jobe and Cathy Duenas 2nd, Eric and Chris 3rd and Kim and Josie 4th. Rod Jobe won a 3GB Nexus 7 Tablet. Mike Dubendorf won a $200 Lincoln City Ashley Inn gift certificate. There were dozens of nice gifts given out. Andrew and I purchased a $575 McDermott cue from Classic Billiards to raffle. The winner was Jeannie Swafford, who had just left. She dashed back in time to claim it, saying, “I never win anything! That’s why I left!” CPL embroidered jackets were presented to Jim Knappenberger and Gary Adam for 5-Years’ Perfect Attendance. We honored Chris Nall with a plaque commemorating 15 years of perfect attendance. Super Subs were Adam Baker, BJ Bartling, Beth Jordan, Nick Jordan, Bob Bingham and with seven ‘subs’, Eric Steadman. Best Sports were Travis Cook, Chris Barthe, William Hodges, Lisa McClellan, Robbie Bayless, Brock Brisby, Bob Rasmussen, and Gary Cockerill . Most Improved were Cody Cook, Zack Albrecht, Craig Hubbard, Denice White, Cherish Carpenter, Sancho Rojas, Dewey Walls, and Tom Griffin. Best Captains this year were John ‘JJ’ Jacobs, Mandy Smith, Jason Hoygaard, Denice White, Pat Riley, Mike O’Jones, Tom Griffin, and Brian ‘Country’ Dunn. 8-ball, close to a 20-week session, is paid by individual point accrual - every player earns money. Plaques go to top finishing teams. Our handicap formula is different than the suggested BCAPL formula. With ours, every team can prevail if they meet their goals. Skill-loaded teams cannot falter or they’ll lose rounds. It’s a good system - it provides incentive to play well always. DIVISION RESULTS: Tony’s Tigers, Pub 181, Gresham: Don Morse, Tony Counts, Ron Cook, Mike Moore & Bob Rasmussen . MVP’s: Ron Cook, Rachael Howe. Mandy’s Minions, Fortune Star Thursday, SE Portland: Mandy Smith, Kristin Shellenberger, Zack Albrecht, Dan Cain & Ray Cunningham. MVP’s: Dave Curtis, Sr., Cathy Duenas. Frank You Very Much, Jin’s, Oregon City: Rich Zumwalt, Mike Kasper, Rick Meyer, Aaron Tipton, Paul Mullens & Ben Antonio. MVP’s: Rich Zumwalt, Kim Allen.

Best Sports

Top Feat Earners Cards, Outer East Portland Traveling: Tom Griffin, Steve Anderson, Richard Campbell, Kurt Hamm, Ron Steen, Duey Bennett & Ray Hamness. MVP’s: Duey Bennett Ironman 5, Fortune Star Wednesday, SE Portland: Ray Cunningham, Tony Dunlap, Steve Copher, Gene Copher, Dave Bowlby & BJ Bartling. MVP’s: Steve Copher, Audra Kuhnhausen. Lum E @ Em, Wichita Pub, Milwaukie: Bryan Lum, Jeff Leiss, Dave Horton, Dennis Bell, Jim Knappenberger & Chuck Crowell. MVP’s: Jim Knappenberger, Alison Meacham. What?, Road House, Milwaukie: Phil Bremer, Mike Carpenter, Jason Grijalva, Glen Kenny & Sean Stevenson. MVP’s: David Scarth, Shawn Wolf. Yamhill Boys, Ballad Town Billiards: Wade Williams, Cody Sitton, Robert Sweitzer, Brent Baron Top Guns were David Scarth, rated 11 with an 82% win average and Cathy Duenas, rated 10 with a 62% win average. The last five weeks, all teams played in flights according to league stats– no handicaps. Rounds netted $10 each. INTERDIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS RESULTS: Da Gorillaz, Platinum Flight, Road House: David Scarth, Joe Ladd, Bill Armstrong, Steve Gelow, & John Scudder. MVP was John Scudder. Lum E @ Em, Gold Flight, Wichita Pub: Bryan Lum, Gary Adam, Chuck Crowell, Jim Knappenberger & Dennis Bell. MVP was Evan Smelser. Frank n Beans, Silver Flight, Jin’s: Jennifer Windell, Kim Allen, Joe Moyak, Ron Bryant & Sidd Bakashi. MVP’s were Gene Gee and Jennifer Windell. We will Frank U Wup, Bronze Flight, Jin’s: Jeff Hayes, Mark Wilson, Gary Rike, Chris Spear & Chris Morgan. MVP’s were Cody Cook and Tamara Whitmire. The Nightmares, Sapphire Flight, Road House: Kristin Cambas, Peter Ploem, Toby Dittrich, Cherish Carpenter, Greg Taylor & Tim Higginson. MVP’s were Toby Dittrich and Bonnie Jones. Where’s R Captain, Ruby Flight, Fortune Star: Terry Radke, Ryan Torrey, Eric Steadman, Chris Nall & Mike Dubendorf. MVP’s were Linda ‘Smitty’ Smith and Mike ‘Duby’ Dubendorf. 50-0 Busters, Emerald Flight, Road House: Lisa McClellan, Shawn Wolf, Courtney Corda, Darryl McClellan, & Bones Lyster. MVP’s were Bob Bingham and Shawn Wolf. Gilligan’s Island, Diamond Flight, Wichita Pub: Jason Hoygaard, Alisha Rinesh, Norm Nicholson, Chris Barthe, & Lindsey Caldwell. MVP’s were Todd Melton and Margie Dennis. Spring 9-ball started after the WBCA regionals. Check results in On the Break or Cascade Pool League’s facebook page! Summer 9-ball starts in June. Please sign up with your DMs David Haag, Ray Cunningham, Bryan Lum, Jennifer Windell, Sam Collins and Chris Christison out in Forest Grove or us at Year 17 coming up! Sassy and Andrew

Da Gorillaz Top ID winners

April 2013 - The Break 7

2nd place - Steve Holloway and Chuck Tompson (Bellingham, WA) Celebrating with American Legion bartender

Champions - Dane Ireleand and Joe Landi (Mount Vernon, WA)

Oak Harbor, Washington

American Legion Partners 8-Ball


3rd place - Randy Click (Anacortes, WA) and Paul Purdy (Oak Harbor, WA)

n Saturday, March 23, 2013, American Legion Post #129 had a bona-fide shot at the title from the onset. So, the outcome was that in Oak Harbor, WA, hosted its annual Partners 8-Ball most of the matches were hotly contended and often quite dramatic. Tournament. 14 teams played for $1,960 in prize money, This year’s tournament championship resulted in repeat winners, Dane awarded to 4 places. Free, secure Wi-Fi is now permanently Ireland and Joe Landi of Mt. Vernon, with Steve Holloway and Chuck available in our club. Thompson of Bellingham, WA, coming up just a shade short in 2nd Place. As with last month’s Annual 4-Man Teams tournament, we shifted Randy Click (Anacortes, WA) and Paul Purdy (Oak Harbor, WA) wound this one back a week, hoping to draw good participation. But again, other scheduling conflicts and Everett league playoffs took place on this same weekend. This took at Prize Breakdown: least 6 partnerships away from our tournament, but we actually did well to get the 14 teams who did come to 1st Place Joe Landi/Dane Ireland $785 play. The players came mainly from Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties, with one team coming down from 2nd Place Steve Holloway/Chuck Thompson $590 nearby Vancouver, B.C., and another from Lynnwood and Tacoma. 3rd Place Randy Click/Paul Purdy $390 However, with only 14 teams showing up, it now 4th Place Rick Fraser/Gary Reeves $195 appears that the further annual planning and staging of this tournament may be up in the air. This activity must be cost-effective for the American Legion to continue to host, add money and not charge table-time for the greens fees collected. But, because of the small field size, we were able to finish up in 3rd Place, while Gary Reeves and Rick Fraser of Vancouver, B.C., this tournament in one day, instead of the full weekend we usually use. settled for 4th. We will have to wait and see what the till says. Our gratitude goes to Chuck Hassler, who organized the tournament, Our tournament was played on 4 - 4x8 tables, all located at the and to the staff at the American Legion, most of whom were volunteers, American Legion Hall. The races were to 7 in both the no-loss and onefor their wonderful support. And finally, our sincerest gratitude goes out loss brackets, with a single race to 9 for the championship. to all of the players who took the time out of otherwise busy lives to come This small field consisted of 7 Masters, and at least 9 of the 14 teams and visit our fair rural village.

8 The Break - April 2013

CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk


The Psyche of a Pool Player THE NO world LIMIT Most SKY everyone in IS the professional of sports has a trainer. That doesn’t

mean that the average barroom pool player needs to go on a diet or eat all the salads or the right type of nutrition, although that may be true, that’s not what I’m talking about. You don’t have to go out and run a couple of miles everyday because you’ll get your exercise going around the table. A trainer is someone who will improve a professional or semi-pro athlete’s game. A pool instructor is someone who can improve your game. In the game of billiards or pool, whether it is played in a bar, on a circuit, in tournaments, leagues or around the world, most of the players that I know have never taken a lesson. Myself, I’ve only taken one and I regret that because I learned so much from that lesson. I regret not taking it earlier in my game. These instructors have taken many hours of training to pick out various people’s, I don’t really want to say, “flaws”. Actually it is whether you are stroking; how you’re hitting the ball; how you’re standing; how you’re positioned; how you’re holding the stick; whether you follow through; whether you stand up; whether you poke, not stroke. There are so many variations on what you can do wrong and I’ve done most of them if not all.

you’re doing wrong in order to move on and improve your game consistency. I would guess probably 90% of the average players has learned as much about shooting the cue ball, applying the english, the diamond system and just how in general to shoot the ball, but he or she is still inconsistent with their game. Finding the flaws in your game from a trained professional is in my opinion the best way to go because they will have you do different drills, different exercises that you can do in order to improve your game. If you don’t know of an instructor ask your friends, ask your league operators, go into a pool hall and ask whoever is working there if somebody can teach you how to improve your game to become more consistent. Then let me know. You can e-mail me at I’d like to know what you think after you’ve taken some lessons. Some lessons can be a little bit expensive but find out what you are going to get for the lesson. Maybe you need more than one instructor to teach you different things or you need to move to another instructor so you can learn different techniques. Everybody is different so if you want to improve your game - don’t go out there and buy that $1,000 stick. Invest in yourself and find an instructor that can teach you how to improve your game. Then you can invest in that cue.

In my travels around the Northwest as I delivered, I was asked several times, “Where can I go to find a good instructor, who can teach me how to make my game improve? How can I learn to do trick shots? How can I learn to break? I want to know what I’m doing wrong.” That’s encouraging. There are some people out there that realize that no matter how often they practice, if you don’t practice correctly, you’re not going to improve. Or if you practice the same flaws in your game, over and over again, you’re not going to improve either. Your game may be erratic, it may be spontaneous, and that’s the reason you need to get back to basics. You need to learn what

Jointed Cue Billiards “Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables - Cue Repair Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday

2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA


April 2013 - The Break 9

the WPBA




10 The Break - April 2013

Regional Tour Championship Jana Montour

Susan Williams

BY: KIM WHITE It took Regional Tour Championship hopeful Eleanor Callado hours upon hours of flight delays out of San Francisco, California, five in all, and finally settling for a flight into San Antonio, Texas which placed her 3 hours from her destination in Houston, Texas. A rental car and three hours later, Callado burst into Bogies Billiards just seconds shy of a first round forfeiture. The tournament director explained to a teary-eyed, frazzled, Callado that she arrived just in the nick of time. Her match was called and a relieved Callado collected herself and proceeded to her table where she would secure her first match against Amber Stone, 9-2, on her way to becoming the 2013 WPBA Regional Tour Champion. The $3,000 added, 50 player field was a culmination of the top female players from 8 WPBA (Women’s Professional Billiard Association) regional tours across the U.S and Canada, who competed 4 days for a total purse of $9,000. When matches began on Thursday, March 21st, the intensity was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was a long haul to the finish line in this event; races to 9 & 7; playing 9-ball on 9’ Brunswick Gold Crowns. With their heels dug in, players exhibited resilience and professionalism along with an abundance of overwhelming talent; a real crowd pleaser in any venue. Callado’s play was no exception. Over the weekend, her trek to the winners’ circle included wins over Angela Martinez, 9-1, Kim Pierce, 9-3, and Janet Atwell 9-5. Jana Montour, the Northwest Women’s Pool Association top player 2 of the last 3 years, would prove a more than formidable contender for the RTC title as the event wore on. Winners’ side action also included NWPA player Suzanne Smith who ended Natalie Mans’ run to the final four winners’ side, 9-7. In turn, Smith was shot down by Callado, 9-2, to reach the hot seat. Other east side action saw Mary Hopkin and Sandy Badger face off in the fourth round, as well as Shawn Modelo and Jana Montour. Hopkin made quick work of Badger, 9-2, as Montour bested Modelo, 9-5. Montour was on fire, defeating Badger for her fifth consecutive win and earning herself a hot seat match with Collado. On the one-loss side, the big story was AWBT (Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour) player Susan Williams who lost her first match to Meredith Lynch, 9-8, and won a phenomenal 8 consecutive matches including wins over Hopkin and Smith by the same score, 7-6. Debbie Cervantes upset Janet Atwell, 7-5, and ended a four-match run by Houston’s own Belinda Lee, 7-5. Badger ended Cervantes’ roll, 7-1, to meet Williams for a shot at third place. It was another victory for Williams when Badger came up short, 7-6. Williams secured the consolation side while Montour and Callado battled it out for winners’ side rights. Hot seat action saw Callado jump to a 5-1 lead and Montour answer back with 4 games of her own. From there, the ladies traded games until Montour pulled ahead to win the set, 9-7. By this time, the evening was waning as Williams prepared to play Callado for second place. Both players gave it their all, placing 100% of their efforts into each shot. In the end, Callado proved too much for Williams, eliminating the Arizona player, 7-4. The final matches between Montour and Callado proved T.V. worthy. Both players were beginning to show signs of fatigue, but that didn’t stop them. The first race to 9 was practically game for game, similar to the hot seat match. This time, Callado commanded the lead and took the first set, 9-7. In the second race to 7, both players came out firing, seemingly rejuvenated. At 2-2, Callado took over the reins, beating Montour to the safety and giving up very little. Callado fell into rhythm, beating Montour in the second set, 7-2. Congratulations to Eleanor Callado, the 2013 WPBA Regional Tour Champion, and Jana Montour, runner-up. Sponsors and acknowledgements for this event include, www.,, and BCA Referee Derrell Montgomery. Aside from the cash prize, the winner also received an engraved pen, compliments of Mr. Montgomery, and a gift bag of pool T-shirts from As always, “thank you” to Bogies Billiards & Games in Houston, Texas and owner David Richardson for hosting another successful Regional Tour Championship. Eleanor Callado and Jana Montour’s photos courtesy of Suzanne Smith Susan Williams photo courtesy of Kim White

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th 13th

Eleanor Callado Jana Montour Susan Williams Sandy Badger Debbie Cervantes, Suzanne Smith Belinda Lee, Mary Hopkin Natalie Mans, Janet Atwell Shawn Modelo, Meredith Lynch Cassidy Mulligan, Jennifer Kraber Kia Sidbury, Janis Sessions

$2,250 $1,350 $900 $720 $540 $450 $270 $270 $180 $180

April 2013 - The Break 11

“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

An Interview with Top Ranked Player Stevie Moore Aka The Blade

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit: Read more articles by Melissa Little at

I had an opportunity to share some time with Stevie as he stopped in Colorado for a night prior to him competing in Wyoming Open in late March 2013. I am honored to introduce you to Mr. Stevie Moore… The Interview: Viper: Where were you born? Stevie: Spartanburg S.C. Viper: Where and when did you first start playing pool? Stevie: Arcadia, S.C. There was a gameroom beside my home called Mary’s Quick Stop. I was 9 years old. Viper: What are your biggest accomplishments in the sport of billiards so far in your young career? Stevie: I won my first tournament at 10 years old at Mary’s. Over 100 Southeast Regional Titles 1995 World 9 Ball Bar Table Champion 7 Time Seminole 10 Ball Pro Tour Champion 2007 Derby City World Bank Pool Champion 2008 Steve Mizerak Champion Televised on FSN 2009 US 8 Ball Bar Table Champion 2009 & 2010 NYC Champion 2010 Turning Stone XVI Runner up 2011 New England Hall of Fame Champion 2012 US 10 Ball Table Runner up 2012 Derby City World 9 Ball Runner up 2012 Derby City Fat Boy Challenge Runner up 2012 Super Billiards Expo Players Championships Runner up Viper: Did you currently have any sponsors? Stevie: CTE/Pro One Aiming system, Mezz Custom Cues, Mr. Cues II Billiards Atlanta GA, Bermuda High Soaring Jefferson SC, Hamricks Clothing Gaffney SC, Layer3 Communications Atlanta GA, Viper: Did you ever play in a pool league? Stevie: NO Viper: Are you good at any other sports?

Stevie: I’ve always excelled at whatever I put my mind to. Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Fishing Although I put them all aside once

I learned CTE/Pro One to focus all of my attention on my pool game. Viper: Describe yourself in three words? Stevie: Quiet, Loyal, and Driven Viper: If you had to live your young life over again, what would one thing you change about yourself and/or your new pool career? Stevie: I would’ve become a movie star! It pays a little better. lol Viper: Who were/are your favorite professionals? Stevie: Yu Ram Cha, I like her demeanor at the table. She is very determined when she plays. And beautiful too! Viper: How do you prepare for events? Stevie: I practice my break and the straightness of my stroke. Viper: What was the best advice you were ever given? Stevie: CTE/Pro One this information takes all of the pressures off of aiming so I can focus on my stroke. (Viper continued on page 35)

For Juniors Events, Tournament News, Sponsors, Lessons & For My Fans...

The WPBA Touring Profession 12 The Break - April 2013

Always be ready with a backup plan Following the super billiards expo we prepare for Vegas and the league tournaments. It is always a great time in Vegas, good for the sport, good for the game. Too often however, we wait until the last minute and arrive to “wing it” and hope for the best. When we run into someone who is prepared, we are sent to the slot machines to wait for the team events. I remember a particular trip to Vegas where I was fully prepared to take it all. I drove out there in my motor home. On the way, I stopped in Springfield MO and played a local gentleman. In that set, I ran seven racks of eight ball. I was ready for Vegas. We were playing for a dollar a game and the guy quit, accused me of hustling him.

The Monk

Tim Miller

My next stop was Tulsa. There I did an exhibition and did not miss a shot for close to three hours. Man was I ready for Vegas. I stopped in a little place in Amarillo Texas and ran in to one of their legends. I was ready. During my playing days I only play one set. It is all or nothing unless I am training. In this one set, my legend only got a few kick shots. I was totally ready to storm Las Vegas. Do not miss out on specific training in this game. When I was on the road I did the “Mid Term Exam” every day and if my numbers were 16 or above I was strong enough to play anyone. Take action and measure your progress and we willing to make adjustments. When I was training I mastered the five shots in the 2-7-2 program. I worked on my safeties. I worked on my break. I was ready. And when I came out of the desert and drive across the dam, up over the hill, I could see the lights of Vegas. It is always a thrill. This time, I proved something valuable. In the first set I lost all sense of cue ball speed. I could not control the cue ball and lost. Since I knew I was going to lose, I decided to try an experiment. In my next matches I would only shoot the five 2-7-2 shots found in The Lesson. If I went to the table and one of those shots was not available to me, I would simply hand my opponent the cue ball. It was amazing. I even told some of my friends what I was doing. They were shocked I could run racks and win matches with just those five shots. In one of my earlier videos I ran forty five balls just using those shots. They come up all the time. In every rack you will find one of the 2-7-2 shots. During my run through the loser’s bracket I won nine matches in a row. 2-7-2 is a measurement of perfect speed with perfect stroke. Once you get that perfect speed and perfect stroke you are presented with the five most popular shots in the game. Shooting five popular shots with a perfect stroke puts you in the winner’s circle. I have a mini e book that illustrates the 2-7-2 program. Email me at and I will send it to you FREE OF CHARGE. I want you to be ready for Vegas. Don’t go out there and “wing it”. Enjoy your time on the practice table. Enjoy your training. And may all the rolls go your way.


April 2013 - The Break 13


Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy

14 The Break - April 2013

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

The Kicking Game Are you tired of trying to kick at your object ball, missing it completely and giving up ball in hand? Here is a fun way to spend serious time improving your knowledge of the angles off the cushions. I call the game “Kicks.” The basic idea is that you shoot nothing but kick shots. You have to complete “sets” of shots with the cue ball hitting 1, 2 and 3 cushions before the object ball, with one of each kind of shot in a set. When you complete a set, you get one point and start on a new set. If you already have a 1-rail kick in your current set, you don’t get credit for another, so to continue at the table you need to make a 2-rail kick or a 3-or-more-rail kick. While you can play this as just a drill, it is more fun playing against other players. Each player gets his own ball to kick at so there will be obstacles on the table in multi-player games. The break shot is shown in the diagram. In this game ball in hand means you have to put it on the head string (border of the kitchen) but you can shoot in any direction. Possibilities for each of the three kinds of shots are shown. For a shot to count, it must be a legal hit as in a normal pool game which means after the cue ball contacts your ball, some ball must make a cushion contact. Also, if you scratch, the shot doesn’t count even if you made a good hit. More than three cushions is OK if you are going for three. You never lose a shot you have already scored. If the object ball is near a cushion, hitting the cushion just before the ball does count as a cushion although it might seem a little cheap. If you don’t have a chalk board to keep score on, use coins. A penny, a nickle and a dime on the cushion in “your area” mean that you have completed a 1, 2, or 3 rail shot. Even better would be colored poker chips with yellow=1, blue=2 and red=3 as markers. In solo practice, see how many misses you have when completing five sets of three kicks. In competition, you can have a race to five sets or play by the set. On each shot, you have to try to make a legal hit, so there is no real safety play involved. If this basic game proves too easy for you and your buddies, here are some optional rules to make it tougher: OR1: Add 4-cushion shots to the sets. Use a quarter to mark the score. OR2: For the last shot of

Bob Jewett

your set to count, you must pocket the object ball. The best strategy for this case is to save your one-cushion shot for last and start working your ball towards a corner pocket. OR3: Your opponent is allowed to call which shot you must go for. OR4: Each player only gets one shot per turn. This game is similar to a practice drill demonstrated in the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice. If you have suggestions for improvements or you like particular optional rules, please drop me an email.


FULL NAME: Karsyn Renae Terry HOME TOWN: Chicago, IL BIRTH DATE: 3/4/99 GRADE: 8th GPA: 3.8+ FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: ”Red Shoes Billiards - Alsip, IL and Pressure Billiards - Chicago, IL” What kind of cue(s) do you use? “Shooting cue: Predator P3 with a Predator Z2 shaft and a Kamui Black Soft tip. Break cue: Cutec WTC Break Cue - Weight : 21oz., Phenolic Ferrule, 13mm Hard Leather Layered Tip. Jump cue: J. Pechauer Jump Cue.” AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 8 years old LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Left TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: ”2012 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships: 2nd place in the girls 14 & under. 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships: 5th place in the girls 14 & under.” OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: 2007 Marion Stamps Youth Center Intramural 8 Ball pool tournament: 1st place, as well as received the MVP award. MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Sponsor(s): My most memorable pool moment was when I almost beat Jeanette Lee (The Black Widow) at the 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. I missed a long 9 ball and the rest is history. FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Mindless Behavior HOBBIES: Of course playing pool. But I also like to swim, sing, and dance. I participate in the Whitney Young Swim Club. I’m a member of the Mark Skinner Glee Club. And I also take Jazz and Hip-Hop classes at the Hubbard School of Dance. FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9 Ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Allison Fisher FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese Food - Chicken Broccoli REAL-WORLD HERO: Both of my parents FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: My fondest childhood memory is back in 2004 when my dad lived in Flossmoor, IL and he got Tita, our pet Chihuahua, for Christmas. She was small enough to fit in one of my dad’s hands. When she got a little bigger, I would chase her all through the house and the back yard. It was like she knew it was a game and every time I got close to her, she’d dart away. She was just too fast. GOALS (PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER): My main priority is to continue to maintain a 3.7+ GPA. Next, I want to continue to improve all aspects of my 9 Ball game while also becoming more proficient in other disciplines such as 8 Ball and 10 Ball. I would love to play on the Pro Tour one day. It would be great to be able to say that I have what it takes to play at that level. Ultimately, I want to finish college

Karsyn Terry and then go to medical school. Then end goal is to be either a Plastic Surgeon (cosmetic or reconstructive), or a Cardiologist. I have a while, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? My main priority is to continue to maintain a 3.7+ GPA. Next, I want to continue to improve all aspects of my 9 Ball game while also becoming more proficient in other disciplines such as 8 Ball and 10 Ball. I would love to play on the Pro Tour one day. It would be great to be able to say that I have what it takes to play at that level. Ultimately, I want to finish college and then go to medical school. Then end goal is to be either a Plastic Surgeon (cosmetic or reconstructive), or a Cardiologist. I have a while, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    

 

April 2013 - The Break 15

hooter e-area s t the Spokan stris go John Ka fe time be f a li n upset o Appleto Darren g h n tc ti a a e m b ition ib h x e n s and 7-5 in a Legend e th g Tour durin ns Pool io p m a Ch

Darren Appleton, left, and Nick Va audience during the Legends and


By David Teller

Anybody can get beat in pool, especially in 9-ball where anything can happen in one race. Not making anything on the break is a game changer too. Such was the case when the Legends and Champions Pool Tour stopped at Black Diamond Billiards in Spokane, Wash., on March 10 and 11. Challenge matches that the elite players take from local shooters are a common theme in the tour. The pro players still play competitively, but it’s all in fun. For John Kastris of Spokane, it was more than that when he had a David and Goliath win over Darren Appleton, who is currently ranked third with the World Pool-Billiard Association. Which local shooter would play the pro was decided in a March 9, raceto-5 tournament. Kastris started the one-loss bracket after a 5-2 setback then posted wins of 3-1, 3-0, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 3-2, 3-2 to get a shot at the finale. Kastris then pounced on Jack Heggie from the losers’ bracket, winning 5-4 and again 5-3 to win the tournament and the privilege to play in the exhibition. This year’s tour featured Appleton, a two-time world champ, along with eight-time world champ and Billiards Congress of America hall of famer Nick Varner, who is a regular fixture on the tour. Against Appleton, Kastris started out with a break and run, a run out


Manilla Billiards Carson, California WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS

Tuesday: Handicapped 9-Ball 7PM start - info call 310-738-5675 16 The Break - April 2013

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501

Monday 9-Ball FREE Entry - 7:30 $3 per player added

6 Valley + 6 Diamond Pool Tables

Sure Shot Billiards Billiard Supply 8 Pool Tables Easy Parking Central Location 2602 N Columbia Center Blvd Richland, WA 509-737-9868

Two-time world ch amp Darren A ppleton d oes a “walk an d ta how he lo lk” explaining oks over a table for troub le spots.

arner, right, answer questions from the d Champions Pool Tour

after an Appleton dry break, and then another run out, getting a nice 3-0 lead. Appleton finally got on the board by cashing in on a Kastris scratch and then a miss, to get back to 3-2. Kastris took advantage of a pair of Appleton’s dry breaks and a sold out 9 to extend his lead to 5-2. The impossible looked possible when Kastris got on the hill with an early 9, making it 6-3, but Appleton showed how he got to where he is by picking apart the next two tables, getting right back on Kastris’ heels, 6-5. Another dry break from Appleton and Kastris ran out for the upset win. Tour producer Mark Cantrill said though it is very rare, the tour players do get beat occasionally. Also in the exhibition, Varner and Appleton also provided an exhibition of trick shots, a “walk and talk” with Appleton, explaining how a player of his caliber would analyze a table and a question and answer session. As was the case with Kastris, being out matched is something all players face at some point. Speaking on the topic and not the outcome of the exhibition match, Appleton offered some insight. “Look forward to the challenge and just play with nothing to lose,” he said in an English accent, adding that there is no reason to be afraid of losing if you’re the second best player at the table. Appleton, who is from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, said an underdog should respect their opponent, but not too much, which could lead to intimidation problems. He said that players

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should believe in their own ability and just play their own game. Speaking of playing his own game, Appleton did a lot of damage at the U.S. Bar Table Championships last month in Henderson, Nev., placing fourth in 9-ball, seventh in 8-ball and 17th in 10-ball. Varner added his own experience playing as an underdog. In 1969, he got in a money game of one-pocket against BCA hall of famer, Joe Balsis. “I thought I would look like a statue, just holding my cue,” Varner said. Learning how the effectively bank at a young age, he went right after the well-established Balsis and won a couple hundred dollars. “I was the most surprised person in the place.” Having been outmatched at some point their careers, both shooters agree, tougher competition toughens up anyone’s game. “You only can improve by playing better players,” Appleton said.

Break down of the “Play the Pro” tournament pay out 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$160 $100 $60 $20

John Kastris Jack Heggie Daniel Edwards Jeff Kvasnicka

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1487 N Curtis Rd Boise, ID


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20 Pool Tables Weekly Tournaments - Pool Leagues Free Pool 11am-2pm 7 days a week Food! Drinks! Fun!

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Sun 8 or (alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM $5 entry - House Matches the Pot

April 2013 - The Break 17

Nevada State Junior 9-Ball Open

Diamond Billiards of Reno hosted its very first Nevada

State Junior 9-Ball Open Championships on March 23, 2013. We opened the doors at 10am and by noon we had 8 very anxious and talented Juniors competing to qualify for The 25th Annual BEF (Billiard Education Foundation) Junior National 9-ball Championships. This year’s event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada for the dates July 26-29th at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The format was race to 5; double elimination, winner breaks, cue ball fouls only. It was a nail biting event for all of the proud parents that showed full support for their young Pool Players. Only two spots were up for grabs, so the competition was fierce. These young Pool Players played hard and gave it their all. I was very proud to host this event; I see this event as a stepping stone for these young, passionate, and very talented Pool Players. Never know; these youngsters could turn out to be our future World Beaters!! Reno’s Evan Way and Carson City’s Kevin Sisson battled it out to square off in the finals. Kevin came from the one lost side to meet with hot seat warmer Evan for the second time. The finals was a true double elimination, so Kevin was well aware that he would need to beat Evan twice to be the Champion. Kevin started off with a 2-0 lead, Evan gets on the board with a 3-ball combo into the 9-ball, Evan wins the next 3 games, Kevin sneaks a game in

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Every Sunday at 7pm Alternating 8 ball or 9 ball $5 entry - 100% payout House matches up to 23 players 12300 SW Broadway - Beaverton, OR 503-644-7847

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


18 The Break - April 2013

and now the score is Evan 4 – Kevin 3, and then Evan sees the opportunity and takes it to win the match 5-3. Congratulations to our two qualifiers Evan Way and Kevin Sisson!! Both Players are very excited about going to Las Vegas to represent Nevada in this years BEF Event. Many thanks go out to our Tournament Director Shane Way and his Wife Tracy Way that did a fantastic job at advertising and running a memorable event!! Both Shane and Tracy are very proud parents of their Champion Evan and would like to thank all the parents and participants for a great turn out. Diamond Billiards of Reno would like to thank everyone for the support and participation!!

1st Evan Way – Reno, NV 2nd Kevin Sisson – Carson City, NV 3rd Angelo Amendola - Reno, NV 4th Noah Cater – Washoe Valley, NV 5-6th Devin Skelley – Carson City, NV 5-6th Manuel Mora – Reno, NV 7-8th Lupe Cruz – Susanville, CA 7-8th Angelo Amendola – Reno, NV

5429 100th St SW (corner of 100th & Bridgeport)

Lakewood, WA

253-584-1919 3-8’ Diamond Pool Tables Fri & Sat Night Tournaments $5 entry - BCA Rules Double Elimination - Starts 7PM House matches the pot

PROVO, UT 801-607-1201


TAP Vegas Masters Singles MVP STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SERIES The Annual TAP Vegas Masters 8-Ball Singles MVP State Championship was held on March 9 & 10 at the Las Vegas Cue Club with 53 players, each competing In one of 3 tournament brackets. Congratulations to the 2013 8-Ball Nevada State Champions: • Tina Moden, who went undefeated in Skill Level 2/3 • Carlo Butto, Skill Level 4/5 • John Walker, who also went undefeated in Skill Level 6/7




Congratulations also to those in 2nd Place: Sharon Gottschalk (2/3), Scott Moden (4/5) and Gerald Branham (6/7)! These players are advancing to compete in the TAP League National singles tournaments beginning October 31 in St. Charles, Illinois, just outside Chicago. Players will receive travel packages valued at over $3,000! They will be staying at the Pheasant Run Resort and competing in the singles tournament on all Diamond tables, first class all the way for TAP!! Honorable mention goes to Donna Schwitters, 3rd Place and Mike Folkerson, 4th Place in the 2/3 Bracket; Norm Thibodeau, 3rd Place and Dawn Holland-Williams, 4th Place in the 4/5 Bracket; Thelou Tepait, 3rd Place and Gene Guelker, 4th Place in the 6/7 Bracket. Players earn their place in this tournament series designed to promote and recognize excellence in play. Only those who place in the top 10 of their MVP bracket are invited to compete. Those earning 1st place in their bracket are awarded a paid entry. TAP Las Vegas is looking forward to hosting this very successful tournament on an annual basis. For 2014, they will be adding 9-ball. Visit the TAP Las Vegas pool league website to read more.

Judy Griffith PACS League Operator Association Secretary/Treasurer

20 The Break - April 2013

NITEHAWK Tournament Director (503) 285-7177 (360) 892-7454

Feature Location

Come join us - Stop in John Luthy opened The Gameroom located in Provo, Utah, just a few short months ago. Formerly know as Ozz Fun Center, John completely remodeled, recovered and refinished everything in the building. “We remodeled the whole thing, all the tables and sitting areas, bowling alley lanes with the markers, put in professional olympic ping pong tables, arcade, all brand new pool cues, Belguim premium aramith balls. We wanted to build the nicest, classiest pool hall we could think of. We recovered all the tables and put on Simonis 860HR cloth.“ The Gameroom is open from 11am - 2am daily and has 16 - 9’ pool tables, 10 - 7’ Valley bar boxes, 2 Horse hair Dart Boards, 2 Electronic Dart Boards, 8 Olympic Ping Pong tables, Air Hockey, Foosball (one of the only places in Utah to have a table), Video games, Pinball, Golf and more. We have a vending machine for pool cue equipment: Kamui tip, shapers, tippers, tips, claws etc. John is also a dealer for Meucci Cues. A Big Screen TV for all the fights, football, basketball, pool on ESPN. We even Live stream matches in house during our events. We have cameras above the pool tables that show on the TVs within The Gameroom. John has created an atmosphere where the pool player can come, have fun, hang out, play in either the in-house or local independent league and enjoy the best gourmet burgers around at Joe’s. The best thing about The Gameroom is tournament play. John has been planning bigger and better tournaments to draw more players into The Gameroom and into Utah itself. The next tournament scheduled is May 17-18, 2013, 8-Ball singles with an $8,000 payout based on 90 players. Play starts at 7PM Friday. There will be mini tournaments all through the weekend. Don’t miss it!!! The Gameroom is located at 490 N Freedom Blvd in Provo, UT. You can reach them by phone at: 801-607-1201.

April 2013 - The Break 21

2013 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS BY ROBBIN IREDALE Western BCA’s Regional Championships continue to grow. This year’s tournament drew 1364 players and featured 17 Divisions for a total of 2215 total entries, a 10.5% increase over 2012’s 8-Ball championships. On March 10th, Chinook Winds Casino Resort welcomed us with open arms. Bad Boys Billiards Production had the tables up and ready for play by noon on Sunday (Fun Night) and followed that up with superb tournament direction from start to finish and kept the brackets running pretty much on time. Don “Cheese” Akerlow of ‘On the Break News TV’ provided live streaming with some help from Ray Cunningham (lighting), Steve Marker (scheduling) and Andrea Saenz-Maes (commentators). Tables, lights, cameras, ACTION! The room opened at noon on Sunday, by 3p most of the tables were in use and by 6p the room was full of pool players. Handicapped 10-Ball Singles was scheduled for 7p and fielded a full slate of 32 players (3 MGM, 11 MM, 2 WM, 10 MA, 5 MB and 1 WO). When the dust finally settled Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Stephen Cultee (LTD) split the 1st/2nd place money $330, Todd Gooch (NPL) and Dan Louie (LTD) each got $75 (3rd/4th) and Clark Smith (NPL), Mike Barroso (SWI), Nick Lopez (CWY) and Paul Marquez (NPL) each got $40 (5th-8th). Ed Slade got Mini-Tournaments started and was kept busy with 14 (1 WO, 7 MB and 6 MA). The Handicapped 10Ball Singles is growing in popularity. So much so that there was a 2nd one on Sunday as the Team finals were winding down. This time there were 28 players. 1st place ($200) - Miguel Morfin (NPL), 2nd place ($130) - Bret Baker (PCGP) and 3rd/4th place ($75 each) - Mike Harris (TC) and John Te (LTD).



22 The Break - April 2013

As always, MIXED SCOTCH DOUBLES started on Day 1 of the championships. 54 Master and 139 Open teams took to the tables at 9a and the competition was fierce form the beginning. By the end of the day there were 4 Master Mixed Scotch Doubles teams left standing. Luke Thomas/ Shelby Locati (CC/NPL) and Eddie Mataya/Deby Welfringer (NPL) fell by the wayside the next morning finishing 4th and 3rd respectively. That set up the final between Mike Stevens/Cindy Doty DAN LOUIE

(NPL) who took the point the night before from Eddie/Deby and David Bersenadze/Kim Jones (LTD) who were sent to the back side by Mike/ Cindy in round 4. The final got underway at 1p and, after Mike/Cindy took the first game, was all David/Kim. The duo took the next 5 games (including a break and run) to force the double dip. The second match (race to 4 this time) was basically a repeat of the first one. Mike/Cindy took the first game with Cindy arguably making the shot of the match when she was the victim of a well played safety by David and making a long kick on the 8-Ball into the far corner pocket. That wasn’t enough to get Mike/Cindy going however and David/Kim again took over with solid shot making

THE BIGGEST EVER! and safety play and 4 games later the match was over. Mike/Cindy took 2nd ($1530) and David/Kim captured the title and ($2200). OPEN MIXED SCOTCH DOUBLES also got underway at 9a Monday morning. The eventual finalists (Matt Moreno/Sheila Clark [INL] and Gary/ Kathy Hoffman [EV]) both worked their way undefeated through their half of the B preliminary bracket to get to the final bracket. The two teams met in their 1st final bracket match and Matt/Sheila sent Gary/Kathy to the back side as they continued their march to the point. Gary/Kathy had to win three matches to earn a spot in the final and did so sending Bill/Linda Fuller (NPL) home with a 4th place finish ($680) and Carlos Cedena/Michelle Jensen (CC) home in 3rd ($900). The final was on and was a back and forth battle from start to finish, with each team alternating wins in the first 5 games (3-2 for Matt/Sheila). Even though Sheila fouled on the 8-Ball, giving the table to the Hoffman’s and a chance to even the match, poor shape on the 7-Ball forced Kathy to play a safety. Matt got up, made the 8-ball and sealed the win. Gary/Kathy, in 2nd place, took home $1200. Matt/Sheila were all smiles as they collected the 1st place prize of $1600. Singles got underway Tuesday Morning at 9a when a record number (311) of Men’sB players got on the tables. Joining them later in the day were 164 Men’sA players. JANA MONTOUR 10 Men GMs, 64 Men Masters and 60 Senior Men would get their chance come Wednesday. 11 Women GMs, 41 Women Masters, 157 Open Women, 8 Senior Women and 13 Novice Women would also take to the tables on Wednesday. The tables were jammed from open to close both days and would finally begin to thin down on Friday, just in time for Teams to come in. The MEN’S GRANDMASTER SINGLES was once again the marquis event of the Championships. 8 Grand Masters and 2 Masters would do battle for the title. Master Marvin Holmes (LTD) would finish in 4th place ($450) and Eddie Carrido (WWA) in 3rd ($700). There were some great match-ups along the way but none better than the final between Dan Louie (LTD) and Stan Tourangeau (LTD). Dan played, literally, a perfect match. His only miss-step was one dry break in game 5. That was it. Stan was pretty perfect himself early on, even taking the lead at 3-2 but a couple of his own dry breaks in games 8 and 10 and one, just one, missed shot in game 6, spelled his doom. Did I say Dan was perfect? Here’s how the match went. Games 1-4, breaks and runs (2-2). Game

5, Dan dry broke, Stan ran out (3-2). Game 6, Stan broke, pocketing the 8-Ball. He chose to spot the 8 and keep shooting but missed the 6-Ball on his first shot. Dan ran out (3-3). Game 7, Dan broke and ran (4-3). Game 8, Stan dry broke, Dan ran out (5-3). Games 9 and 10 were repeats of games 7 and 8 (7-3). And that was it. Stan walked away with $900. Dan pocketed $1250 and collected another crown. If you didn’t see this match yet, watch it on Next up was the WOMEN’S GRANDMASTER SINGLES. There were eleven, including two Masters. Kim Jones (LTD) drew Jana Montour (NonWBCA) in the first round, little knowing they would meet again in the final. Jana took the direct route to the point, Kim had to navigate a longer road to get there. Along her way, she got by 4th place finisher Cindy Doty (NPL) and, in 3rd place, previous Women’s Grandmaster Champion Linda Carter (PCGP). The Jones/ Montour final began with Jana running the table after Kim’s dry break. Jana followed that with her own dry break but Kim’s run stalled after a couple of balls and Jana proceeded to run the table for a 2-0 lead. The ladies split the next two games getting Kim on the board but giving Jana a 3-1 lead. Kim broke game 5, pocketed 3 balls but had to play a safety. Jana answered with a good safety of her own. Kim fouled and, with ball in hand, Jana ran out (4-1). Games 6 and 7 were again split (5-2), putting Jana on the hill. Kim wasn’t ready to give up, running the next two tables to get to 5-4. Jana broke game 10, fouling on the break, Kim made a ball then had to play a safety that would end her come back and leave her in 2nd place ($825) as Jana took over and ran out to claim the title and the 1st place prize of $1125. With a field of 64, the MEN’S MASTER SINGLES division would eventually see last 8-Ball’s runner up Luke Thomas (CC) taking on Bobby Campbell (NPL), a newcomer to the finals, for the title. Luke got to the point undefeated. Bobby took the long way by losing his first match and taking out Randy Baker (CC4th-$410) and Kevin Ross (NPL-3rd-$620) to get to the final. Bobby won the lag and broke and ran the table. Luke answered back with his own break and run. Bobby dry broke in game 3 but Luke couldn’t complete his run stalling after pocketing 4 balls. Bobby did run out, taking a 2-1 lead. Luke took game 4 to even the match at 2-2 but that was as far as he would go. Bobby got lucky in game 5 after a couple of lapses and Luke’s failure to capitalize. He then knuckled down, took the next 3 games and the match (5-2) and the double dip was on. Luke broke and ran in game one (1-0). Bobby apparently didn’t enjoy sitting and watching and ran out the next three games (3-1). Game 5 was a back and (WBCA continued on page 24)

April 2013 - The Break 23


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forth affair with Bobby getting to the 8-Ball first and taking the game (4-1). Bobby didn’t give Luke a chance at the table in game 6 by breaking and running (5-1) and he was on the hill. Luke had some chances in Game 7 but didn’t put it all together. Bobby did, taking the game and the match (6-1). Luke would go home with 2nd place ($950). Bobby’s long trek netted him the crown and $1400. The WOMEN’S MASTER SINGLES was a little less dramatic. Both finalists got to the point match undefeated. Phyllis Fernandez (INL) sent Natasha Hook (CPL) to the back side and would wait and see who she would meet in the final. Tasha got past Shelby Locati (NPL-3rd-$405) to earn the rematch. The ladies split the first 4 games (2-2). In game 5, Phyllis persevered (3-2). Game 6 was a 14 safety marathon. Tasha got to the 8-Ball first but couldn’t put it down. Phyllis ran her 5 balls and pocketed the 8-Ball (4-2) and was on the hill. Tasha dry broke. Phyllis ran off 4 balls before having to play a safety. Tasha was on her way out but stalled, giving the table back to Phyllis for the final time as she ran out for the title (5-2) and $1000. Tasha took home $640. The MEN’S A SINGLES, with 164 entries and $1200 on the line, began play Tuesday at 4:30p. Daniel Sternberg (PCGP-5th/6th-$360), and Paul Deluna (NPL5th/6th-$360) made it undefeated through their preliminary bracket to the final bracket as did eventual finalists Jason Fick LTD) and Aric Twohy (LDT). Jason and Aric would meet in the point match with Aric winning and Jason going to the back side. David Scarth (CPL-4th-$480) fell to Tim Desmarais (CWY-3rd-$655). Jason, determined to get another shot at Aric, dispatched Tim and the rematch was on. Jason was ready for Aric and said, no way, not this time, and took the first go round 5-0 (including a great jump shot on the 8-Ball in game 5) to give himself a chance at the title. Aric was warmed up, though, and wasn’t going to allow a

24 The Break - April 2013

repeat of their first match. Jason got off to a quick start (2-0), however, taking game 1 and running the table in game 2 after his own dry break and Aric’s foul on the 9-Ball. Aric wasn’t ready to give in though, taking the next two games, including his own table run after Jason’s foul on the break in game 4 (2-2). Jason again took advantage of an early miss by Aric in game 5 and running out (3-2). Game 6 was a cat and mouse game with some good strategy by both men but Jason outlasted Aric and took the game (4-2). Game 7 started with Aric breaking and running down to the 8-Ball. In spite of poor shape on the 8, he almost made it, but his run ended there. Jason make a couple of balls but had to play a safety. Aric had to play a safety on the 8 giving the table back to Jason who ran off most of his balls but, again, had to play a safety but failed to get to a rail. Aric took the game (4-3). In game 8, Aric has opportunities but poor shape and fouling while kicking at the 8-Ball sealed his fate and a 2nd place finish ($890). Jason ran his balls off, pocketed the 8-Ball and the crown and $1200 was his. The WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES division would follow a similar path as the Men’sA but with a different outcome. Yes, there would be a double dip but, this time, the winner of the point would take the title. Trihn Lu (LTD) and Marla Mortensen (TC) would get to the final bracket undefeated and would meet in the point match. Marla would win that match and the point. Trihn would go to the back side and play Larenda Davis (CWY-3rd-$450) to get her second try at Marla. Trihn would take game 1 with a nice table run (1-0). Marla took the next two games to take a brief 2-1 lead. Trihn then took control of the match, taking the next three games to force a double dip. Apparently, Marla, had a different outcome in mind for the dip, taking the first two games (2-0) before Trihn took advantage of Marla’s hanging miss on the 8-Ball (2-1). But that would be it for Trihn as Marla took the next two games, the match, the title and the winner’s check for $800). Trihn, a first timer to our championships, took 2nd place and $600. The road to the MEN’S B SINGLES final was a long one considering there were

THE BIGGEST EVER! 311 players fighting it out for the title. This time, both finalists took essentially the same route by playing through their preliminary bracket undefeated then meeting for the first time in the point match. Chris Aldrich (TC) took that one, sending Raymond Lingenfelter (EV) to the back side. Raymond had only one player, Jef Stuart (CC), in his way to get to the final and a rematch with Chris. Jef left the tournament in 3rd place ($620). Chris again was too much for Raymond and in the end Raymond took 2nd place ($820) and a happy Chris Aldrich was crowned champ and received the 1st place prize of $1075. The MEN’S SENIOR SINGLES continues to grow with 60 experienced and cunning entrants. Sonny Boggs (PCGP) would make it to the point undefeated. Along his route he would send former Senior Singles champ, Joe Chun (LTD) to the back side. Dave Secord (MTV) lost his first match and had to play his way all the way back to get into the final. It wasn’t an easy road. He had to get by 2012 Senior runner-up Bill Ermatinger (NPL-7th/8th/$100) and 2009 Senior Champ Vernon Joe (WWA-5th/6th-$150). He also took out Randy Sterling (INL-4th-$200) and Cord Parsons (MID-3rd-$300) on his way to the final. Dave was primed and ready to go, taking the first 3 games (3-0). Sonny had a chance in game 4 but made the 8-Ball prematurely and put Dave on the hill (40). At that point, Sonny decided to get back into the match, taking the next 3 games, including a table run in game 7 (4-3). Dave, however, was focused on the double dip and closed the match out with a win and getting his double dip. The dip started

out with the two trading breaks and runs in the first two games (1-1). Game 3 was a safety game with Sonny out foxing Dave and taking the game and the lead (1-2). Dave took the next two games to get to 3-2. Sonny didn’t get out of his chair (except to dry break in game 6) for the rest of the match. Dave ran that table out (4-2) and then broke and ran in game 7 to end the match (5-2). Sonny, in 2nd place, accepted a check for $400. All smiles, Dave took home $600. The WOMEN’S SENIOR SINGLES bracket was small (8) but these ladies came to play. Sheila Aldrich (TC) would take the point sending, 2008 Women’s Senior Champ, Pam Carraway (MTV) to the back side. Pam beat Sandra Frazier (LTD3rd-$50) a second time to get into BONNI BACCUS the final. Pam took the first match and had her chance at repeating as champion. And repeat she did. Sheila finished in 2nd place ($100) and Pam took home the first place prize of $200. There were 13 players in the WOMEN’S NOVICE SINGLES division getting a taste of regional tournament play. Bonni Baccus (INL) and Michelle Zentner (NPL) dominated the field, playing for the point and then coming back together in the final. After two matches in the final, Bonni took the title with Michelle finishing in 2nd place. Both ladies received a trophy and paid entry into one of the next two regional Women’s Open Singles events. Come Friday, the tournament room filled to bursting as team play got underway. Amid the chaos and confusion, 5 team divisions began their quest. There were 14 Men’s Master teams, 18 Women’s Master Teams, 74 Men’s/Mixed Open teams, 42 Women’s Open teams and 64 Men’sB teams, all hoping for a spot in their respective final and ultimately the title of Champion. The MEN’S MASTER TEAM division, though small, provided intense play. A Little Loaded [Mike Stevens (NPL), Rick Copeland (MID), Darrold Crain (PCGP), Gary French (NPL), and Chad Bisconner (NPL)] and Malarkeys B Squad [Bobby Campbell (NPL), Ken Bower (WWA), Leroy Dorsey (WWA), Ed (WBCA continued on page 26)

April 2013 - The Break 25

2013 8-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS (WBCA continued from page 25) Hobbs (NPL) and Eddie Mataya (NPL)] played their way to the point match. A Little Loaded went on to the point, Malarkeys B Squad went to the back side. They would have to play The Devil’s Advocate [Stan Tourangeau, Jim Benton, Ben Hassler, Joe Landi and Terry McDonnell (all LTD)] for a second time to get into the final. Malarkeys B Squad was hungry for the rematch and left The Devil’s Advocate in 3rd place ($1100) as they moved on to the final. Malarkeys B Squad played hard and won the first match 1310. Leroy Dorsey led the way with 4 wins, followed by Ken Bower with 3, and Eddie, Ed and Bobby each had 2 wins. Rick Copeland won 3 games to lead A Little Loaded. A Little Loaded had another plan in mind for the double dip and held off Malarkeys B Squad, leaving them in 2nd place ($1700). A Little Loaded earned the title of Champs and $2650. In the WOMEN’S MASTER TEAM DIVISION, The Vixens [Shelby Locati (NPL), Sheila Clark (INL), Liz Cole (NPL) and Michelle Hughes (HIH) played sHooters [Debbie Cicchitti (LTD), Kimberly Kirk (LTD), Regene Lane (LTD) and Tara Vreeland (ING)] for the point. The Vixens moved on to the final and sHooters went to the back side to play Leave it to Beaver [Suzanne Smith, Stacy Eilts, Cindy Silva and Deby Welfringer (all NPL)]. sHooters had to settle for 3rd ($920). The Vixens were too much for Leave it to Beaver, who would finish in 2nd place ($1360). The Vixens collected $2000 and the title. The largest team division, MEN’S/MIXED OPEN TEAMS, got on the tables at 9a Friday Morning. The two teams that would meet in the final on Sunday actually faced each other in their first match on the final bracket. NPL’s Short Yellow Bus (Darrell Schulden, Aaron Curti, Terry Erdman, Buzz Poleson and Steve Pulido) sent INL’s Hole in One (Clay Belvoir, Jason Fick, Scott Hendrickson, Brent Kirschenmann and Carl Tibbets) to the back side as they moved closer to the point. Their next obstacle was LTD’s Soundview EO Qs (Ed Slade, Tip Aufderheide, John Boldman, Cody Clark and Ernie Omori). Again, they were too much for their opponent and Soundview went to the back side. Hole in One and Soundview faced off for a trip to the final. Hole in One went on, Soundview EO Qs collected the 3rd place check of $1700. The final began as a repeat of a previous match but Hole in One had a different plan for the ending. In their version, they won the match and stayed alive for the double dip. And that’s exactly what happened. Hole in One took the match by a score of 13-9. Brent, Scooter (Steve) and Carl won 3 games each, Clay and Jason won 2 each. On the Short Yellow Bus, only Buzz was able to win 3 games.

26 The Break - April 2013

Short Yellow Bus pulled their act together and got busy. This time around they were just a little too much for Hole in One, winning the match and $2700 by a score of 13-10. Buzz led the way 4 wins, followed by Terry with 3. Darrell, Aaron and Steve each got 3. Hole in One gave them a run for the money but in the end, 2nd place ($2125) was theirs. Clay and Brent each won 4 games in the losing cause. There were 42 WOMEN’S OPEN TEAMS, all with their eyes on the prize. ING’s Victorious Secret (Carlie Watrous, Kim Anderson, Rebecca Douglass, Nichole Hurley, Cheyenne Stamp) took on CPL’s Ballad Town Cuetees (Rebecca Slyter, Galeena Amyotte, Teri Klyzek, Helen Wragg) in the point match. The Cuetees went to the back side and would end up in 3rd place ($800). After winning their first match, LTD’s Hattori Hanzo (Trihn Lu, Alicia Foster, Talya Makus, Angie Verhoeven) went to the back side and made their way to the final one match at a time. Hattori Hanzo, warmed up and ready to go, took advantage of Victorious Secret, taking the first final match handily. Alicia Foster lead the way with 3 wins. Victorious Secret, now warmed up, got off to a better start. The match was tied 6-6 after 3 rounds. Round 4, however, tipped the balance towards Hattori Hanzo, who took 3 of the next 4 games and the title and $1600 was theirs. Angie had 3 wins and Talya, Trinh and Lisa each had 2 to clinch the title. Victorious Secret collected the 2nd place prize of $1140.

THE BIGGEST EVER! Last but not least were the MEN’S B TEAMS. 64 teams played long and hard for the title. NPL’s Billy’s Bull Pen #1 (Ed Terry, Adam Kolowinski, Joe Perez Sr, Jim Savidge, Paul Schweigart) and LTD’s Five B-Skilled Shooters (Gary Bennett, Matt Decker, Travis Gutcher, DiAngelo Harris, Al Miller) met in the point match and then again in the final. Billy’s Bull Pen #1 had to get by EV’s B&C Rattlers (Duane Crumley, Rocke Bell, Shane Buermann, Branch Hartsell, Todd Hollenbeck), leaving them in 3rd ($1250) before moving on to the final. Billy’s Bull Pen #1 played hard but, in the end, it was Five B-Skilled Shooters taking 1st place ($2100). 2nd Chance Tournaments, singles and teams, were worked in as the regular events wound down. 79 B Men, 62 A Men and Master Women, 23 Open Women, 8 Master Men, 20 Open Teams and 12 B Teams signed up for another chance to take home some money. Here’s how they played out: Men’sA: 1st-Ed Slade (LTD) $350, 2nd-Phil Bremer (CPL) $210, 3rd/4th-Mike Kurz (NPL) and Derrick Bridges (LTD) $100 each. Men’sB: 1st-Nick Harrison (LTD) $230, 2nd-Jason Cutler (ING) $120, 3rd/4thMungo Becker (INL) and Chuck Basney (UMP) $80 each. Women’s Open: 1st-Robin Adams (NPL) $180, 2nd-Carlie Watrous (ING) $100, 3rd/4th-Gina Schmidt (LTD) and Lisa St. Clair (NPL) $50 each. Open Teams: 1st-Hi Tide Tsumanis (WWA-Rich Rottle, Joe Tamura, Mark Beardslee, Kim Raymond and Paul Valley) $700, 2nd-Fist Full of Quarters (LTD-Chuck Hassler Shane Martin, Travis DeJong, Mike Owings and Stephen Cultee $400, 3rd/4th-Highly Overrated (EV-Ryan Huntoon, Jeramy Daniels, Leland Shew, Wade Simmons and Garry Hoffman) and Just 4 Fun (NPL-Roy Chevalier, Tom DeJacimo, Hoe Noyak, Jay Coomes and Bill Dixon) $250 each. B Teams: 1st-Troubleshooters (LTD-Terrence Takeuchi, Sid Ko, Jon Shimada, Cassie Francois and Tom Hoshikowa) $500, 2nd-3 Ball Betty (CPL-Joe McCraw, Pat Riley, Missy Cnossen, Jennifer Wondell and Justin Westin) $350, 3rd/4thSnake Farm (CPL-Nick Jordan, Joel Goodman, Corey Patterson, James Smith and Josh Eschright) and Bob’s Billiards (LTD-Bob Brown, Matt Denmark, Jake Denmark, Jason Boyd and Mark Vanderwal) $175 each.

Congratulations to all the 2013 8-Ball Champions!

Many thanks to those who made this tournament possible: Western BCA Volunteers: from planning to set up to tear down to posttournament evaluation, an endless cycle of tireless effort. Bad Boys: Ric and Bonnie Jones and their staff who kept matches on time. Tournament Officials: Steve Marker, Andrew Monstis and Ray Cunningham kept the tournament running smoothly.

Referees: Darryl Farley and his staff providing nationally certified officiating. Don and Mary Akerlow ( for providing those who couldn’t be there the opportunity to watch some great matches as they happened and for all of us to go back whenever we want to have another look. Our Vendors: Billiards 911, Billiards and Barstools, Ernie Omori Cues, BD Cues, and Dave Lauer’s Cue Hotel. Chinook Winds Casino Resort: a great location, a great staff and a great partner in making this the largest regional 8-Ball tournament in the country. Our many advertisers and sponsors: Horizon Rentals, Malarkey’s Pool N Brew, Soundview Bar and Grill, The Hangout Sports Bar and Grill, Motel 6, Ashley Inn, Maxwell’s at the Coast, Billiards 911, and all of the leagues throughout the Northwest. Our Players: without you there would be no Western BCA. So, another great event is over. We have a new batch of Champions. Hopefully, we all are taking home happy memories and are looking forward to the 2013 9-Ball Championships in October. For many of us, the next event is more than just a date on the calendar but a work in progress that demands, even now, our attention in order for the next event to be better. Results on page 31


There are 29 archived match videos from the Western BCA available for viewing on A complete list with active links will be available to click and watch. We are currently compiling the list. Check back often If you are online just click the link below: Then click on the “video” tab to the right of the viewer. The archived videos are there in order of team working backwards through the week Sunday the 17th back to Monday the 11th. Thank you for watching. We appreciate everyone’s support.

April 2013 - The Break 27

Get a Grip


To Ref Or Not To Ref, That Is The Question!

So who should be a ref? Do you have the knowledge, eyesight and the basic understanding of physics, if so this job “may” be for you, if not please don’t apply. I guess you can tell that I have found another issue we need to address, who we give responsibilities to and who we let make crucial calls and decisions in our sport. For the last few months I have been asking you to check yourself, now we need to look at those in charge of our fate. Before I dive into the problems I would like to acknowledge the time and energy that these people do give to us when many of the players don’t. Mind you many of the refs are paid but I’m pretty sure if you added up the hours it wont come close to minimum wage. With that now its time for that leap from the high board. We will be looking at a couple aspects of the picking and teaching of said refs. So you know, I have done some asking and was shocked to find out that the refs used at our regional and national events are certified. I have witnessed myself many very evident bad calls that a trained eye would of seen. I hope you are not one of the people that this has happened to, but those people are probably few and far between. I must admit I don’t know how they are chosen but I do know the wrong ones are, for the most part. Lets say you are in a tourney and had a choice to ask an APA 2 or 3, or a Dan Louie or John Doherty to watch a hit what would your choice be? Unfortunately we don’t get that choice. I know I want someone who knows what is possible or not, who knows what the balls should do if it’s a good or bad hit over someone with out the knowledge and perfect eyesight. This is a job that you need all the qualifications for not just a Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7PM 158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA


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certificate saying you took a class. There should be some kind of audition to pass before hiring anyone. Also referees should be unbiased, informative and calm I witnessed the exact opposite of this and it needs to be addressed by those in charge. So who does this training? And who tests that they retain and understand this training? I can’t answer these questions but I hope the people who can are reading this. We need to find a way to test and use it before tournaments to check and reinforce what to look at. Whether it’s the path the balls take on a good hit or the path on a bad hit, physics don’t lie, pick one or the other and let the balls tell you what happened. All of the refs should be looking for one, good or bad, so there is no confusion in the there minds of which was which. I do have some ideas of how to test and would gladly share them with those who do the hiring. These bad experiences are ruining other wise great events and are jading the players. We need to start questioning and verifying abilities instead of relying on a piece of paper. This is what the rest of the world does so why don’t we? I am sorry for missing last month and that this article isn’t on the topic I said it would be but after what I witnessed and heard at regionals I couldn’t wait to get this out there. So until next time, when we get back on track, don’t be complacent or a sheep, ask questions and be heard. If we don’t speak up we can not expect things to get better. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESPOND OR MAKE A COMMENT EMAIL- POOL@ONTHEBREAKNEWS.COM SUBJECT- GET A GRIP



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28 The Break - April 2013

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VALLEY 1 Hub Bar # 3 2496 2 Frontier # 1 2457 3 Lucky Palms # 1 2451 JASON WRIGHT 4 Broken Arrow # 2 2420 TOP SHOOTER 5 Lucky Palms # 2 2282 VALLEY TOP SHOOTERS 6 Broken Arrow # 1 2282 1 Jason Wright 536 7 Hub Bar # 2 2252 2 Gary Schram 521 8 Hub Bar # 1 2234 3 Brad Thompson 516 9 Town Club # 2 2233 4 Rich Robinson 509 10 Hub Bar #4 2231 5 Amanda Smith 497 11 Frank N Steins 2194 6 Tyler Blair 492 12 Frontier # 2 2187 7 Mike Howard 489 13 Legion Club-Manhattan 2157 8 Scott Williams 486 14 Town Club # 1 2150 9 Sam Bellew 482 15 Friendly Tavern # 1 2144 10 Joe Hancock 481 16 Plaza Bar # 1 2117 17 Broken Arrow # 4 2064 18 Broken Arrow # 3 2017

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MANDATORY PLAYERS’ MEETING The Players’ Meeting will take place at tour location at 11:30 am sharp. and the draw will commence thereafter.


No t-shirts allowed, Jeans and tennis shoes are allowed in “like-new” condition with no tears, rips or holes.


30 The Break - April 2013

MEN’S A SINGLES 1st $1200 Jason Fick (Snohomish, WA) 2nd 890 Aric Twohy (Everett, WA) 3rd 655 Tim Desmarais (Yakima, WA) 4th 480 David Scarth (Portland, OR) 5-6th 360 Daniel S Sternberg (Roseburg, OR) 5-6th 360 Paul Deluna (Kennewick, WA) 7-8th 270 Randy Click (Anacortes, WA) 7-8th 270 Dave Linker (Sedro-Wooley, WA) 9-12th 200 Roy Chevalier (Vancouver, WA) 9-12th 200 Mark Goodwin (Auburn, WA) 9-12th 200 Jay Coomes (Washougal, WA) 9-12th 200 Bill Fuller (Portland, OR) MEN’S B SINGLES 1st $1075 Chris Aldrich (Olympia, WA) 2nd 820 Raymond Lingenfelter (Springfield, OR) 3rd 620 Jef Stuart (Keizer, OR) 4th 470 Fred Matzke (BattleGround, WA) 5-6th 355 Dennis Furukawa (Otis, OR) 5-6th 355 Efren Hapa (Spokane, WA) 7-8th 270 Glenn Strode (Bellingham, WA) 7-8th 270 Anthony Shipley (Springfield, OR) 9-12th 205 Jeff Farnsworth (Scapoose, OR) 9-12th 205 Paul Girard (Lacey, WA) 9-12th 205 Joe Moyak (Troutdale, OR) 9-12th 205 Brad Laskoski (Bremerton, WA) MEN’S GRAND MASTER SINGLES 1st $1250 Dan Louie (Mercer Island, WA) 2nd 900 Stan Tourangeau (Ferndale, WA) 3rd 700 Eddie Carrido (Auburn, WA) 4th 450 Marvin Holmes (Lake Stevens, WA) MEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st $1400 Bobby Campbell (Federal Way, WA) 2nd 950 Luke Thomas (Salem, OR) 3rd 620 Kevin Ross (Lynnwood, WA) 4th 410 Randy Baker (Coos Bay, OR) 5-6th 270 Robert “ Bob” Heckel (Salem, OR) 5-6th 270 Ollie Acosta (Kennewick, WA) 7-8th 180 Clayton Foran (Yakima, WA) 7-8th 180 Leroy Dorsey (Kent, WA) MEN’S SENIOR SINGLES 1st $600 Dave Secord (Port Angeles, WA) 2nd 400 Sonny Boggs (Grants Pass, OR) 3rd 300 Cord Parsons (Sweet Home, OR) 4th 200 Randy Sterling (Creston, BC) 5-6th 150 Mark J Larson (Seaside, OR) 5-6th 150 Vernon Joe (Seattle, WA)

WOMEN’S GRAND MASTER SINGLES 1st $1125 Jana Montour (Hobbema, Canada) 2nd 825 Kim Jones (Kirkland, WA) 3rd 625 Linda Carter (Central Point, OR) 4th 425 Cindy Doty (Kelso, WA) WOMEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st $1000 Phyllis Fernandez (Spokane, WA) 2nd 640 Tasha Hook (Wilsonville, OR) 3rd 405 Shelby Locati (Vancouver, WA) 4th 260 Molly Oliver (Kent, WA) 5-6th 160 Diane Krause (Eugene, OR) 5-6th 160 Cathy Gamble (Sequim, WA) 7-8th 100 Regene Lane (Surrey, BC) 7-8th 100 Josie Balius (Vancouver, WA) WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st $800 Marla Mortensen (Elma, WA) 2nd 600 Trinh Lu (Lynnwood, WA) 3rd 450 Larenda Davis (Selah, WA) 4th 340 Stephanie Karpins (Grants Pass, OR) 5-6th 260 Jenifer Lewis (Goldendale, WA ) 5-6th 260 Misty Saldana (Elma, WA) 7-8th 200 Kim Anderson (Boise, ID) 7-8th 200 Sheila Clark (Newport, WA) 9-12th 150 Bonnie Russell (Astoria, OR) 9-12th 150 Jenny Blackstone (Junction City, OR) 9-12th 150 Chelsie Killian (Portland, OR) 9-12th 150 Lynette Schmale (Springfield, OR) WOMEN’S SENIOR SINGLES 1st $200 Pam Carraway (Port Angeles, WA) 2nd 100 Sheila Aldrich (Humptulips, WA) 3rd 50 Sandra Frazier (Sedro-Wooley, WA) MASTER SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st $2200 Bersenadze/Jones (Seattle, WA) 2nd 1530 Stevens/Doty (Kelso, WA) 3rd 1070 Mataya/Welfringer (Steilacoom, WA) 4th 740 Thomas/Locati (Salem, OR) 5-6th 520 Monstis/Balius (Portland, OR) 5-6th 520 Santy/Vreeland (Nampa, ID) 7-8th 360 Dorrah/Saldana (Elma, WA) 7-8th 360 Holmes/Kirk (Sedro Wooley, WA)

OPEN SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st $1600 Moreno/Clark (Newport, WA) 2nd 1200 Hoffman/Hoffman (Junction City, OR) 3rd 900 Cadena/Jensen (Dayton, OR) 4th 680 Fuller/Fuller (Portland, OR) 5-6th 510 Hole/St Clair (Covington, WA) 5-6th 510 Anderson/Epperson (Yakima, WA) 7-8th 390 Sherman/Angerstein (Springfield, OR) 7-8th 390 Clark/Makus (Everett, WA) MEN’S/MIXED TEAMS 1st $2700 Short Yellow Bus (Fairview, OR) 2nd 2125 Hole In One (Lynnwood, WA) 3rd 1700 Soundview EO Qs (Everett, WA) 4th 1350 Time Out Survivors (Cottage Grove, OR) 5-6th 1075 NW Cruisers (Puyallup, WA) 5-6th 1075 Anchor Inn Tavern (Anacortes, WA) 7-8th 850 All In Balls Out (Spokane, WA ) 7-8th 850 Crazy Eight (Kent, WA) MEN’S/MIXED B TEAMS 1st $2100 Five B - Skilled Shooters (Arlington, WA) 2nd 1600 Billy’s Bull Pen #1 (Walla Walla, WA) 3rd 1250 B&C Rattlers (Eugene, OR) 4th 975 Loose Racks Sink Ships (Portland, OR) 5-6th 750 Quack Addicts (Portland, OR) 5-6th 750 I’m a, I’m a, I’m a “B” (Yakima, WA) 7-8th 575 The Tides Inn R (North Bend, OR) 7-8th 575 Sic ‘Em On A Chicken (Klamath Falls, OR) MEN’S/MIXED MASTERTEAMS 1st $2650 A Little Loaded (Oregon City, OR) 2nd 1700 Malarkey’s B Squad (Federal Way, WA) 3rd 1100 The Devil’s Advocate (Ferndale, WA) 4th 575 Salty Dogs (Vancouver, WA) WOMEN’S OPEN TEAMS 1st $1600 Hattori Hanzo (Lynnwood, WA) 2nd 1140 Victorious Secret (Boise, ID) 3rd 800 Ballad Town Cuetees (Beaverton, OR) 4th 580 Black Star Hot Shots (Tacoma, WA) 5-6th 420 B Slapped (Salem, OR) 5-6th 420 Sam’s Sweet Shots (Junction City, OR) 7-8th 300 NPL Gals (Tacoma, WA) 7-8th 300 Fortune Cookies (Gresham, OR) WOMEN’S MASTER TEAMS 1st $2000 The Vixens (Vancouver, WA) 2nd 1360 Leave It To Beaver (Edgewood, WA) 3rd 920 sHooters (Ferndale, WA) 4th 640 L.T.F.O. (Lynnwood, WA) 5-6th 440 R U Kidding Me (Grants Pass, OR) 5-6th 440 NPL Chix (Kelso, WA)

April 2013 - The Break 31



Lucky About Life: PART 2

Lucky asked me to fly out to Kansas, …I landed and got a rental car went over to the tournament, Lucky was there hanging around, walked up to him Lucky said life is but a song with many layers, A man has to walk down many roads to become a man. Not really sure what he meant by that, as many other things Lucky has said it will be clear down the road... ..I caught the tail end of the tournament. The Shooters tournament was a concern for Lucky mainly because since it was a club where people smoked. It was a highly talented tournament, with many skilled players and fun to watch. There was this waitress named Judy what a hard worker getting drinks and order out fast. They had on the menu a Pork loin with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme stuffing it was great. Judy had the prettiest blues eyes. There were 144 players at the tournament. Warren Kiamco reached first in a brutal field. Lucky decided he had to stay away from Warren because of when they played two years ago in Reno. Lucky felt Warren would likely ruin any potential game with anyone there. Lucky’s goal was to play one of the local players because the action was in most players. …..Lucky was looking for a one pocket game…’Down Town Cheddy Brown’ was able to arrange games, Got one with Guy named Joey. When they meet Joey gestured in hesitation “are you guys serious Cheddy” Joey looking at this old man wondering if he can play pool. “OK” “I like money” Lucky was expressionless but I knew Lucky didn’t want to seem confident or show he was annoyed at the disrespect he was shown. Joey asked if ‘the old man’ wanted a spot… Lucky said “what kind of a spot should I get from you”, Next was ‘the Circle Game’ Joey confident and sizing up Lucky said 10-8 Lucky finally agreed. Joey suggested $50 a game Lucky said $100 a game. How many ears do you need to hear I want to play. They easily agreed to $200 a game. Lucky’s favorite game is one pocket and he plays it like no one else does or can. If you could read Luckys mind what a tale it would tell. Lucky whispered to me….. Glenn Atwell came in and sat with me to sweat the match. He got a little side bet on Lucky. Glenn wanted to bet all his money but I told him not to put too much attention on it. They flipped the coin Lucky won flip and the break. They played an ordinary game each making balls and Joey won. Lucky paid him. Joey broke, it took 25 minutes and Lucky won. After a couple of hours the games went back and forth. They were even. Lucky miscued on the break many times but came out ok. The breaker was not winning the game. Joey wasn’t breaking well either. Glenn pointed out Joey wasn’t playing his top speed he was stalling but so was Lucky… You know Joey thinks that he easily could beat Lucky. The shots were going back and forth. The games were very long. It was hard to watch with so many safeties. Lucky was waiting and waiting for Joey to get impatient and jack the bet. They played basically even for most of the day. The spot was looking to everyone watching as appropriate. Lucky was waiting for Joey to make that move but nothing was happening. Lucky is an old man and he has physical limitations. He whispered to me that this kid must be training for a marathon or working out every day. They kept playing into

32 The Break - April 2013

the night. You started to think that Joey was waiting for Lucky to get impatient and make him jack the bet, real gamesmanship. I think I nodded out a few times, and woke up only when the crowd said something about a great shot, which I missed. Joey stated “even doesn’t cut it” Joey finally blinked. Joey was sure he would walk all over Lucky. His attitude was, as Cheddy said very confident! Joey said how much will you play for old man, Lucky said “I like to bet” “so what do you have in mind”, Joey looking over at his backers got the nod. Joey said “Whatever you want to play for!! “ If we play for more money what spot should I get. Joey said thought a moment and said the breaks, Lucky said what about the break and 9-7, Joey said no! Breaks and 9-8 for $2000 race to 4. Joey knew he wasn’t breaking that good but saw Lucky miscue several times, I am sure Joey felt like he was stealing offering up the break. Glenn chomping at the bit wanted to side bet more, I told Glenn Lucky might lose the first set. Safe to bet both side now! Joey and Lucky were talking a little smack at each other. Lucky standing ready to break said let this white dove sail….. Lucky broke then miscued again but still laid but still made the classic opening with no shot for Joey. He said “how do you do that old man” Lucky said “ do you believe in magic”. After a few shots and safeties. Lucky made a ball about every other inning. Lucky won the first game. Joey looked at Lucky and noticed that Lucky may have played a little better now. Lucky broke miscued again, reached for the chalk and scrapped his tip with a squeaky noise and stared at the newly coated tip. The balls just laid tough for Joey again. All these miscues and Joey should have gotten better opening shots. Joey studied the cluster and Lucky leaned over and said and whispered in my ear “I accidently gave him a shot. He might not see it”. Joey continued to study the table. He found a shot in the stack and shot into it and a ball went into his pocket. Joey he ran out. One to one…. Lucky knew he made a mistake one he won’t make again. Lucky has played so flawless since I first met him and I saw he didn’t control the game. What was up with that I thought. He wasn’t as perfect at this game or was he? Lucky whispered it wasn’t a bad thing. Lucky broke, the miscue bug was really all over him, what was up I thought, the balls wide open….and a ball in hung in his pocket. The crowd was stirring over all the miscues they had seem by Lucky. The balls were just sitting there wide open, an easy road map. Joey got up from his chair, chalked and bent over to shoot an easy run out and he miscued fouling. The crowd was taken back and not a word was said you could hear pins dropping. It was like rain drops falling from the sky with the sound of silence. Lucky got up and ran out stating with his hanger. Joey staring at Lucky, Lucky could only say “ It ain’t me Babe” two to one! Lucky made a decent break and hadn’t miscued for a change. The game seemed like the usual moves type game. Joey laid down what he thought was a game winning trap on Lucky. You could tell by the way he looked over to his backer Lucky got up and miscued knock the cue ball awkwardly into the stack and unbelievably he made a ball in his pocket. Lucky looked around

the room and everyone was staring. The small crowd sensed that something was happening here what it was not exactly clear. I knew then that Lucky was miscuing on purpose no one else had a clue. Lucky composed himself and was able to run out. Three to one. After a bunch of moves and great shots Lucky won the set plus the $2000. Joey showed that he and or his backer were getting impatient they wanted to get the money now!! Joey after a conference with these two guys came back and said Race to 6 for $5000. They had played now for about 16 hours and it was getting day break. Lucky was tired. I could see and Joey was ready to go. Lucky told me that this kid might have the best stamina of anyone he’s played in the past few years since coming back playing. That worried me some because the old man had a longevity gear for his age and might be wearing down the spot remained the same breaks and 9-8. It may have been Joey’s plan to wear down Lucky. The match started in usual fashion Joey a little more aggressive made some good shots and won game one. Then Joey won game two. Lucky won game three that makes the score Joey 2 Lucky 1, In Game 4 a small opening and Joey ran out 3 to 1. Lucky broke and miscued and scratched owing a ball. Lucky fouled on his next shot owing two balls. Joey moved and got out in 3 innings. Score now 4 to 1. It was time for Lucky to break and he was sitting in the chair with his eyes closed. I walked up to him to see if he was breathing, He had fallen asleep. I said to Lucky he still has a match to finish. Lucky rubbed his eyes and stood up walked slowly to the table and broke. A ball trickled in his pocket. He was running out got hooked had to play safe. Joey got out. It was about 20 hours of play now and Lucky was behind hill to one. Lucky’s txt message alert came through his phone. He picked up the phone and read the message. I could see his face go blank. Hesitated a bit then Lucky asked if they could finish in a couple of hours. There was a few who chuckled at the comment, “but how could we do that”, Lucky said let the house hold the money if I don’t come back in 4 hours its yours. They didn’t want to do that. Lucky said “OK then here’s what I want to do, press the bet right now” to $10,000 if you win and $12000 if I win, I have to win from 5 to 1 deficit. Joey being on the hill and his backers smelling blood they could not say no. If I win from here I get a little rest. The backers thought this as an imprudent move by lucky but if he wanted to lose his money fast they were going to oblige. Since it looked like this was going to be the last set $10,000 was better than $5000.



Pool Tournaments Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $3 entry-House Adds $2/player-Money Shoot

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Karaoke Sun-Thu 9:30PM Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

Classic Billiards

Open Daily 11am-3am

All Ages Area 7 Pool Tables - Arcade

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Wi-Fi Access Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso

3636 SE 122nd

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Lucky came back told me that the message was that a friend Scotty Sinnott passed away. Scotty grew up in Idaho heard he Played a lot in Portland in his later years. Lucky would run into him all over the country decades ago. Where ever there was a 6 by 12 snooker table where he bet it up playing Golf. “One of the smartest golf player a 6 by 12 ever seen”. Lucky was a little upset about the news. He was a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. Heard he had a neurological condition. I know everyone can’t live forever as shown by all the fallen in the past few years, we are all getting older he told me. That’s the way the world goes around, this darkness is everyone’s old friend. Lucky sat back up from the chair, said “ok are we on” they said “sure no problem” They counted out the money and posted it on the light. Balls were racked. Lucky broke made a ball and ran out. No inning for Joey, Lucky broke Made a ball and ran out score 5 to 3 you know people have seen one pocket players run out two consecutive game before, no big deal. Lucky broke made a ball and ran out, 5 to 4 now the crowd staring at something they likely never seen before. Lucky broke Made a ball and ran out 5 to 5. In a strange sort of way I think everyone including the Backers and Joey wanted to see Lucky run out the set. Lucky got to hill to hill, Glenn Atwell said “Lucky’s made his move, damn! I should have started betting real high”. Lucky broke, it looked like no ball was head for his pocket then a ball hit what was a wired combo aimed at the pocket and knocked a ball in. The room was silent. Lucky stood there, no hangers and no shot to start. Lucky studied it and studied it then scratched his head. The table advantage was visibly on Joey’s side of the table. The run seemed to be over. Then got down and hit the stack kind of hard. A ball came out of the stack. Basically a few balls kind of separated open and that one ball went moving around the table the only ball with any velocity. He let the cannon ball fly, one rail then another and another it was a 4 rail shot. It went through where the stack was clumped and right into the pocket, what a shot. All easy shots left. Lucky shot balls so fast no one knew what hit them. Lucky reach for the light said thank you guy, Lucky said pick up our stuff were out of here. Everyone one was so shocked it was like they all stopped breathing and turned into statues in a early morning fog. Lucky said “I need some rest”. Joey said how did you do that? Lucky just said “The answer was: blowing in the wind” my friend.

Log Cabin

Pub & Eatery 2719 E Valley Hwy E-Sumner, WA


8/9 BALL TOURNEYS Tues 8pm & Sat 3pm $5 entry + green fee MONEY

BCA, APA, USA & TAP Leagues FREE Pool Mondays!


n Skeeball n Ping Pong n Horseshoes n DJ Wed-Sat n HUGE Beer Garden n Excellent Food n Great Staff!

EAGLES CLUB #326 Upcoming

Saturday May 18th 9-Ball Singles $25 entry includes green fee

$400 added!!!

Come in and Check Us Out


April 2013 - The Break 33


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34 The Break - April 2013


Watch your favorite Western BCA events from our archives - on

EAGLES AERIE 326 District Tournament

Latitude 84

Poker Tournaments

Eagles District tournament was held March 9th at Aerie 326. There were only three men’s teams and four women’s teams competing. Helena Aerie 16 men took first in the men’s division. That team was composed of Captain George Price, Tom Hall, Jerry Churchill, Wes Dess, Brett Van Voust and Jason Phillips. Bozeman’s Doug Crossman, Leland Flint, Bill Filson, Jeff Grinwis, Nick Douma and Dave Custer took second with East Helena Aerie 4040 in third. Although all three teams are eligible to compete in the Eagle’s state tournament in Havre the first weekend in April, the number one team said “probably yes”, the third place team said “doubtful” and the Bozeman team said no. In the women’s division the “Just F.I.N.E.” team from East Helena Aerie 4040 took first place. Captain Rebecca Zapata shot with team members Louise Ross, L.J. Johnson, Christina Talbott, Shellie Mitchell, and Carla Harding. Helena Aerie 16 Blurred Vision team took second place, with Helena’s DDD team in third and Bozeman’s Aerie 326 team in fourth. The Bozeman ladies, led by Elaine Comeau, are Betty Bies, Alice Senter, Loralie McGuire, Tina Kapson and Linda Leazenby. All four of the teams are eligible to go to the state tournament in Havre. DDD and Blurred Vision are planning to go, Just F.I.N.E. might and Bozeman says no. Location, Location, Location.

“The Viper”

Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday - Happy Hour M-F 11-6

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445 Tacoma Ave So -Tacoma, WA



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Great Food

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Viper: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Stevie: It allows me to express myself. Viper: If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? Stevie: Learn CTE/Pro One Aiming and get stroke instruction. Viper: What’s your Favorite game? Stevie: 8 Ball Questions from Melissa’s Facebook page: Jonny Tsunami from Toledo, OH: With professional pool struggling what should be done to give the sport a boost? There is just not much money in pro pool. Stevie: Someone needs to win the lotto. Robert Rigg from Sioux Falls, SD: What is his biggest moment as a player? Stevie: Beating Efren Reyes in semi’s and finals of 2007 Derby City Banks. I have a 3-1 winning record against the Magician. Twice-in banks and once in 9 ball. He beat me a round of banks that year too. Played him three times in that tourney. Crazy Christina Petersen Piona from Suisun City, CA: His favorite road story? Stevie: One time in Nashville my road partner took his welding beanie off and started pouring baby powder on his head while running around the table and screaming ‘I’m in stroke junior’. ‘ Junior I’m in stroke’. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I have so many stories about my trips with him. I wish I could share them all. Jason Christopher Hunt from Newark, NJ: ask him why he’s always copying my hairstyle... he knows what I’m talking about…lol Stevie: Cause you so stylish Jason. You know this man! Manny Talavera from New Castle, IN: How is Earl Strickland as a coach? Has he helped your game? Did you go to a 70-inch cue like Earl? Stevie: Earl is one of the most talented and knowledgeable players to have ever played the game. No doubt he has

8401 S Hosmer Way - Tacoma, WA

helped my game on numerous occasions. My cue is 64”. I changed the length of my cue after hitting balls with Earl’s cue. Kenny Spicer from Saint Joseph, MO asks: what systems he uses most. I already know what his number one is, but would like to know which others he thinks helps his game the most. Stevie: I had no system before CTE/Pro One. I need no other system. CTE/Pro One connects you with the geometry of the table. This is the only way to play pool in my opinion. There is no guessing or feel involved. Ken Margetts from Montrose, CO asks: Wish I could be there to talk with him in person, but lately he’s been a huge supporter of CTE/Pro One and I would just love to hear more about what he’s has to say about it? Stevie: I learned Pro One May of 2010 and it has been the best information I have ever learned to help my game. It allows me to have objectivity. It gives language to what my eyes have seen for 25 yrs but could never repeat on a consistent basis. It has given me a pre-shot routine that is the same every time. It connects me with the geometry of the table. It allows me to focus on cue ball and stroke when I shoot instead of the object ball. Randy Sregeant from Janesville, WI asks: My question would be for ave. A to AA player, when a player is stuck at this level and never seem to get better no matter how much you practice, how do you get to the next level. Also in 8 ball, been losing games on the break, have good break but balls don’t fall, how do you improve the break. Melissa, you could probably answer this question. I wish someone would. Stevie: Get a different perspective. Instruction is what helped me. Make sure the outside rows of balls are frozen from the head ball down to the corner balls. A special “Thank-you” to Stevie Moore for taking time out of his travelling schedule to participate in my Ask the Viper. Till next month you can find me on Facebook at www.

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Sunday FREE Pool All Day Mondays 8 Ball at 7:00pm

The Legion

Welcomes all Pool Players 2 Pool Tables - 6 TVs 8’ Projection TV Daily Lunch Tues-Fri 11am-2pm Drink Specials Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm Sat & Sun FOOTBALL Specials 11am

225 E Main - Bozeman, MT 406.586.8400

The Greek Village

FREE POOL on Sundays 6 - 50 cent pool tables with Simonis Cloth

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479 Newmark Ave - Coos Bay, OR 541-888-5634

2430 Grant Ave - Ogden, UT 801-394-8400

40 N Riverside Ave - Medford, OR 541-779-6111

April 2013 - The Break 35

Terry Stonier Memorial

BOUNTY Jose Villa


The 44th Annual Terry Stonier Memorial tournament saw a stellar field of 93 of the strongest players in Calfornia and beyond. Here’s a pic of our champ. He’s from London. Said he’s in the US for three months to play pool. Then he’s going to the Caribbean to do same. Playing in a tourney in Jamaca that he has won the past 5 years in a row! Sunday the final 8 players battled it our for top honors and the first place prize money of $1,100 1st $1,100 Danny Gokhel (London, England) 2nd $750 Jason Williams (Concord, CA) 3rd $550 Danny Cano (Stockton, CA) 4th $400 Jim Fabionar (Sacramento, CA) 5/6 $300 Shawn Roy (Jointed Cue), Danny Russo (Fairfield, CA) 7/8 $225 Amar Kang (Sacramento, CA), Bobby Alexander (Clovis, CA)

9614 E Sprague Spokane Valley, WA 99206 509-891-8357






save the

Ta Tas

MAY 4TH & 5TH: OPEN 9-BALL TOURNAMENT added 9 Ball on 9 ft. Gold Crowns more Entry $50 (included $10 g.f. and $10 pink fee) w/64 or entries) Race 7/5 - Double Elim. - BCA rules n o p a c (no LADIES 8-BALL ON 7’ TABLES added Entry $25 (included $5 g.f. and $5 pink fee) Race 5/3 - Double Elim. - BCA rules tries w/32 en Open for signups and practice at 9am Draw at 10 am


All proceeds go to Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

36 The Break - April 2013

Results from the bounty tournament held Saturday March 16 in Boise, ID - Sam Kirsch was the bounty - so it was the "Sam I am" tourney. 1st Doug Berest 2nd Josh Smith 3rd Jose Villa 4th Sam Kirsch The next bounty will be Sunday May 5 at 2pm "Sinko de Joser" featuring Jose Villa as the bounty. $10 entry for men $5 entry for women $10 goes to the person who knocks Jose to the losers side and $20 goes to the person who knocks him out of the tourney. Practice free for the tourney from 11am-1:30pm that day. Next big tourney - the Steiner classic

Welcome VNEA Players Open 8 am - 2 am Daily

4 Pool Tables - 28 Big Screen TV’s 721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT New Safari Big Buck Hunter Golden Tee Live - Shuffleboard 406-586-3542 Brandi’s Restuarant Drink Specials - Shot Specials Serves Breakfast all day



THURSDAY: 9 Ball 7:00 pm Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

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Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot FREE POOL Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm

Sun-Thurs 7 pm Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330

Daily specials

Onyx-Ltd Tips From Tiger Now Contain Orange Color Layer By Tony Kalamdaryan Requested by you the players, we have just created the new Onyx-Ltd tips that comes with a special orange color layer (3rd from the bottom) to do two very important things. First to warn you when it’s time to replace the tip, second making sure our tip looks different than all other black color tips in the market today. When your local repairman installs the tip, make sure all genuine Onyx tips have the orange color layer in it. Visit with us at

Cues Now Can Fly! By Jerry Forsyth - 2013-03-06 The days of putting your cue in the baggage hold of an airplane and hoping to meet up with it again at your destination are coming to an end on April 25. According to including ESPN: In a revision to its prohibited items list, the Transportation Security Administration will now allow certain sporting equipment and small knives to be carried on to flights. The changes, which take effect April 25, were made to conform with international standards and to allow officers to "better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives," according to a TSA statement. Through TSA’s layered approach to security, and to align more closely with International Civil Aviation Organization standards, effective April 25, 2013 TSA will allow knives that do not lock, and have blades that are 2.36 inches or 6 centimeters or less in length and are less than 1/2 inch in width, novelty-sized and toy bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs as part of their carry-on baggage.

5 Pool Tables 13 TV’s Full Menu 14824 Smokey Point Blvd Marysville, WA 98271 360-659-2248

League Play 4 nights a week

Open 11AM-2AM everyday

8 Sport TV’s - Karaoke Fri & Sat 9pm-1am BCAPL and APA leagues

Wednesday 8-Ball is back! 7PM Open daily 7am to 2pm

6106 SE King Road Milwaukie OR 503-654-4201

The East Bay’s Finest Billiard Room

$7 entry - Race to 2 both sides BCAPL rules - alternate break. Minimum of 25% of field paid. Match pot on $5 $2 side pot for A, B and Masters Starts at 7:30pm.


20 Beautiful Pool Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities

Tournament 2nd Weekend of Every Month

703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

Monday College Night Tuesday USPPA Tournament Wednesday Ladies Night

Nightly Beer Specials

Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

Home of the $2 Jager

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

POKER 9 Pool Tables & Video Games

2013 MCMOA Team Championships A-B Team Div. VNEA Sanctioned 406-586-9526 Players Only

April 2013 - The Break 37

Rodders Grub & Pub Great Happy Hour Menu

Monday thru Thursday 4-7 pm Food & Drink Specials Saturdays 7PM: 8-Ball followed by 9-Ball

Great Food - Lottery Full Service Bar 8 Diamond Pool Tables 4 Dart Boards & Shuffleboard

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (Breakfast served until 2PM)

19195 S Molalla Ave - Oregon City, OR 503.650.2363


FREE POOL Sunday & Monday ALL DAY FREE POOL 11-6 Everyday Tuesday Night 9 Ball at 8PM - Vegas Style $5 entry - sign up at 7:30pm - 100% Matching Wednesday Night 8 Ball at 8PM - Vegas Style $5 entry - sign up at 7:30pm - 100% Matching

APA & BCAPL Leagues

Full Bar 2 Pool Tables - Darts

Full Menu Open til Close

Karaoke Every Night at 9 Food & Drink Specials Daily 13601 Hwy 99 - Everett, WA 425-745-4805

38 The Break - April 2013

Scoreboard We had 40 players for our March tournament and finishing on the top were: 1st place Luke Thomas 2nd place Wayne Willet 3rd place Matt Grable

Toadstool Ladies

Pictured left to right Wayne Willet, Matt Grable and Luke Thomas

1st Suzanne J Mackey $120

2nd Kimberly Michaelson-Cope $85

3rd Rebecca Douglass $45

801.463.4996 SPORTS BAR 1717 S Main St Salt Lake City, UT

- find us on facebook!

Pool Tournaments Tues-Wed-Thurs-Sun Diamond Pool Tables Shuffleboard, Dar ts, free wi-fi and more! Now open at 7am for Breakfast

Harry B Platis



Platis Law Firm

20016 Cedar Valley Rd Lynnwood, WA Phone - 425-776-3888 Toll Free - 1-800-245-3777 Metro Fax - 206-973-5335 Email -

All Age Facility 23 Tables 7’,8’,9’ & Carom Tables Awesome Food

Cool Merchandise Arcade Room FREE Wi-Fi

FREE POOL by liking us on Facebook 4900 SW Western Ave. Beaverton 503-644-8869 April 2013 - The Break 39




CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays Thursdays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Boise Pocatello Boise Pocatello Emmett Pocatello Idaho Falls Pocatello Pocatello

LOCATION The Pocket Pocket The Pocket Pocket Toadstool Pocket (1st of month) Pocket Oasis Bar Pocket

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (208) 233-1841 (208) 375-2474 (208) 233-1841 (208) 398-7321 (208) 233-1841 (208) 525-9962 (208) 232-9347 (208) 233-1841

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open 8-Ball Open Race to 2 9-Ball Open Ladies Dbls-Race to 2 9-Ball (Scratch bucket) Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Blind Draw Dbls 8/9 Ball Alternating 8/9 Ball Combination

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $50/team $5 $5 $5

ADDED $$$ Call $$$ $$$ $2/player $$$ $$$ Matching $$$

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM Noon 7:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM

DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Sundays

CITY Ogden Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City

LOCATION D & R Spirits Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up

PHONE (801) 394-8400 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball VNEA rules 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $10 $25

ADDED Call Matching Matching Matching $10/player

TIME 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM

Report any tournaments no longer being played 406.285.3099



DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Spokane Sumner Vancouver Everett Spokane Sumner Tacoma Burien Everett Everett Kenmore Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Everett Olympia Spokane Tacoma Lakewood Ocean Park Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Lakewood Sumner Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Olympia Tacoma Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver

40 The Break -April 2013

LOCATION 7th Rail Log Cabin 4th Plain Tavern O’Finnigan’s Pub 7th Rail Log Cabin Malarkey’s Pool & Brew BZ’s Sport Bar O’Finnigan’s Pub P C’s Pub Golden Fleece Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Latitude 84 4th Plain Tavern P C’s Pub Frankies 7th Rail Latitude 84 Schooners Doc’s Tavern 7th Rail Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Legends Spot Bar & Grill Schooners Log Cabin Latitude 84 Legends Spot Bar & Grill Frankies Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Malarkey’s Pool & Brew 4th Plain Tavern Spot Bar & Grill

PHONE (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (360) 254-3729 (425) 745-4805 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (253) 226-3594 (206) 243-6018 (425) 745-4805 (425) 258-9465 (253) 226-3594 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (360) 254-3729 (425) 258-9465 (360) 455-0352 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (253) 584-1919 (253) 863-2905 (253) 531-5154 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (360) 455-0352 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (253) 226-3594 (360) 254-3729 (360) 256-1110

EVENT / RULES ENTRY Texas Holdem Poker $5 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 9-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) $3+$2 g.f. 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Texas Holdem Poker $10 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 + green fee 220 $10 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH $5 8-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Vegas 8 Ball $5 220 $10 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 8-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) $3+$2 g.f. Poker $20 buy in 9-Ball Valley Rules $5 Cribbage $6 Poker Call 9-Ball BCA rules $5 8-Ball Open $3 9-Ball Call Poker Call 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 8-Ball Call Pocket $2 8-Ball BCA rules $5 8-Ball $5 + green fee Poker Call 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $3 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Poker Call 8-Ball $5 220 $10 Meat Shoot-8 players/round $3/round 8-Ball Call Pocket-Mod BCA $3

ADDED TIME Call Call $$$ 8:00PM Matching 8:00PM 100% 8:00PM Call Call $$$ 8:00PM Combined 6:15PM Matches to $100 7:00PM 100% 8:00PM Call 7:30PM Combined Flex Call 7:30PM Call 8:00PM Matching 8:00PM Call 7:30PM Matching 7:00PM Call 6:00PM Call 6 & 9PM 100% 7:00PM Meat Shoot 7:00PM Call 8:00PM Call 6 & 9PM Call 7:30PM Matching 7:00PM Matching 8:00PM 100% 7:00PM $$$ 3:00PM Call 6 & 9PM Matching 7:00PM $2/player 8:00PM Matching 6:00PM Call 6 & 9PM 100% 2:00PM Combined 4:00PM MEAT 2:00PM Matching 2:00PM

TOURNAMENTS DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

LOCATION K C Midway Hot Shots Billiards Hot Shots Billiards Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Pub 181 Wichita Pub Underground Sports Bar Greek Village Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Rackem Ballad Town Billiards Pub 181 Rodders Rodders Greek Village Jake’s Bar & Grill Ringo’s Bar & Grill NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Jake’s Bar & Grill

PHONE (503) 656-9501 (503-644-8869 (503-644-8869 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (503) 666-4457 (503) 654-4201 (503) 848-8888 (503) 643-2119 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (541) 779-6111 (503) 357-1111 (503) 666-4457 (503) 650-2363 (503) 650-2363 (503) 643-2119 (503) 362-3600 (503) 644-7847 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-3600

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball-Now on Diamond Tables 8-Ball B & below 9-Ball B & below Players Choice 9-Ball/BCA 3/2 DE 8-Ball - B & below 8-Ball Open - R2 9-Ball Open 8 & 9-Ball No Masters 8-Ball 8-Ball/BCA 2/2 DE 8-Ball (last Sat) Darts: Cricket/501 9-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball (starts after 8-Ball) 8 & 9-Ball No Masters 8-Ball Open - Handicap Alternating 8-Ball/9-Ball 8-Ball - Race 2/1 Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 8-Ball Open - Handicap

ENTRY ADDED FREE $3/player $6 $6 $5 $$$ w/9+ $5+$2 g.f. $3/player FREE $3/player $7 +side pot Match on $5 $5-B/$10-M $3/player $5 Call $5 $$$ w/9+ $5+$2 g.f. $3/player Call Call $7 $5/player $5 Matching $3 Matching $3 Call $5 Call $5 M/$3 W Matching $5 Match up to 23 $3 M/$2 W $100 $15 Call $5 M/$3 W Matching

TIME 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:00PM 11:00AM 7:00PM Call 2:30PM 11:30AM 7:00PM 6:00PM 11:00AM 5:30PM

CITY WIlliston Williston

LOCATION Cattails Lounge Cattails Lounge

PHONE (701) 572-2679 (701) 572-2679

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball 9-Ball

ENTRY $5 $5

ADDED Matching Matching

TIME 2:00PM 2:00PM

DAY Mondays Fridays Sundays

CITY Reno Reno Reno

LOCATION Diamond Billiards Diamond Billiards Diamond Billiards

PHONE (775) 828-0616 (775) 828-0616 (775) 828-0616

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball A-B-C 8-Ball Open BCA 8-Ball Open BCA

ENTRY $14 $11 $11

ADDED Call Call Call

TIME 6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM

DAY Mondays

CITY Sacramento

LOCATION Jointed Cue San Francisco Family Billiards Tuesdays Carson Manila Billiards Emeryville Broken Rack Sacramento Jointed Cue Wednesdays Bellflower Hard Times Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Thursdays Bellflower Hard Times San Francisco Family Billiards Saturdays Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Sundays Bellflower Hard Times

PHONE (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (310) 738-5675 (510) 652-9808 (916) 456-3243 (562) 867-7733 (707) 794-7338 (707) 794-7338 (562) 867-7733 (415) 931-1115 (707) 794-7338 (562) 867-7733

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball B 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Open staggered entry 3 Cushion Handicap 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Open - Limit 32

ENTRY $5 $20 Call $20 $5-$15 $17 incl g.f. $5 $5 $10 $20 $12 $20

ADDED Call Call Call $100 1st Tues only $50 $100 w/20+ Matching Matching Call Call $5/player Call

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 2:30PM 12:30PM


DAY Saturdays Sundays


Report any tournaments no longer being played 406.285.3099


CITY Oregon City Beaverton Beaverton Coos Bay Forest Grove Gresham Milwaukee Beaverton Portland Coos Bay Forest Grove Medford Forest Grove Gresham Oregon City Oregon City Portland Salem Beaverton Portland Portland Salem


CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

April 2013 - The Break 41

Tournament Trail Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Apr 5-7 Apr 5-7 Apr 6 Apr 6 Apr 7 Apr 12 Apr 12-14 Apr 12-14 Apr 13-14 Apr 14 Apr 14 Apr 18 Apr 18-21 Apr 18-21 Apr 20-21 Apr 27 May 4-5 May 4-5 May 5 May 5 May 9-12 May 9-12 May 11 May 11-12 May 17-18 May 17 May 17 May 18-19 May 18-19 May 18 May 18-19 May 18-19

CITY Butte, MT Butte, MT Carson, CA Salem, OR Portland, OR Miles City, MT Miles City, MT Miles City, MT Washington Reno, NV Emmett, ID New Town, ND New Town, ND New Town, ND Salem, OR Emmett, ID Spokane, WA Spokane, WA Portland, OR Boise, ID Billings, MT Billings, MT Salem, OR Boise, ID Provo, UT Pocatello, ID Pocatello, ID Pocatello, ID Pocatello, ID Bozeman, MT Forest Grove, OR Emeryville, CA May 31-Jun 2 Portland, OR Jun 2 Portland, OR Jun 8 Salem, OR Jun 8-9 Reno, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Jul 17-27 Las Vegas, NV Aug 17-18 Sacramento, CA MAP

LOCATION Copper King (See ad Mar) Copper King (See ad Mar) Manila Billiards (See ad p16) The Cue Ball (see ad p38) Sam’s Billiards (see ad p38) Yellowstone Tav (See ad Mar) Yellowstone Tav (See ad Mar) Yellowstone Tav (See ad Mar) BTRT (see ad March) Diamond Billiards (see ad p28) Toadstool (see ad p42) 4-Bears Casino (see ad Mar) 4-Bears Casino (see ad Mar) 4-Bears Casino (see ad Mar) NWPA (see ad p30) Toadstool (see ad p42) Black Diamond (See ad p36) Black Diamond (See ad p36) Sam’s Billiards (see ad p38) Pocket (See ad p17) MCMOA (See ad p30) MCMOA (See ad p30) The Cue Ball (see ad p38) Pocket (See ad p17) The Gameroom (see ad p19) The Pocket (See ad p34) The Pocket (See ad p34) The Pocket (See ad p34) The Pocket (See ad p34) Eagles Club (See ad p33) NWPA (See ad p30) TWCWT (See ad p30) NiteHawk (See ad p20) Sam’s Billiards (see ad p38) The Cue Ball (see ad p38) TWCWT (See ad p30) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) BCAPL (See ad p43) TWCWT (See ad p30)

5th Annual

April 27th, 2013 - NEW No “A” Players

$25 Entry - Big $$$ Calcutta Race to 4/3 - Double Elimination Consolation Bracket - Top Woman $$$ Doors open @ 9 am FOOD & BEER SPECIALS ALL DAY

42 The Break - April 2013


EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Crazy 8-Open $50 $2,000 Crazy 8-Women $35 $500 9-Ball Handicapped $10 Call 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 Straight Pool $15 9-Ball Singles $15+$5 g.f. Call 8-Ball Singles $35+$5 g.f. $1,000 8-Ball Doubles $40+$5 g.f. Call Tri-Annual 198 Event Call Call 9-Ball Call Call Year End Banquet & Tourney Call $$$ 9-Ball $50 $2,000 8-Ball Men $65 $10,000 8-Ball Women $50 $3,000 9-Ball @ The Cue Ball Call $500 Guar. 8-Ball Tax Relief Tournament $25 $$$ Open 9-Ball on 9’ Gold Crowns $50 incl fees $1,000 w/64 Ladies 8-Ball on 7’ Tables $25 incl. fees $250 w/32 Straight Pool $15 Sinko de Joser Bounty $10M/$5W Call 4 Person Team (2 VNEA) $200/team Call Singles Wm (A/B) Men (A/B) $75/qualify $25,000 w/500 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 9-Ball Steiner Classic $20 $200 w/32 8-Ball $75 + $15 g.f. $1,500 w/full field 9’ Table Open 9-Ball - Limit 16 $50 + $10 g.f. Call 9-Ball Open - Limit 32 $25 + $10 g.f. Call 9’ Table Open 8-Ball - Limit 16 $50 + $20 g.f. $200 w/16 8-Ball Open - Limit 64 $50 + $20 g.f. $1,000 9-Ball Singles $25 incl. g.f. $400 9-Ball-Women at Ballad Town Call $750 w/33+ 9-Ball-Women at Broken Rack $30 + fees Call No Masters Male or Female $20+$10 g.f. $400 Straight Pool $15 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 9-Ball-Women Diamond Billiards $30 + fees Call 37th BCAPL National Champ. Varies Online U.S. Open One Pocket-Limit 64 Online $10,000 U.S. Open 10-Ball-Limit 96 Online $25,000 U.S. Open 8-Ball-Limit 96 Online $25,000 USAPL National Champ. Online Online 9-Ball Challenge Online Online World Artistic Pool Champ. Online Online Jr National 9-Ball Online Online 9-Ball-Women Tour stop $30 + fees Call

TIME Call Call 11:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 6PM Call Call Call 11:00AM 4:00PM Noon Call Call Call 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 11:00AM 11:00AM 6:00PM 3-5PM 10:00AM 11:00AM 7:00PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 8:00AM 8:00AM Call Call 11:30AM Call 11:00AM 10:00AM 11:30AM Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online 11:30AM

Western BCAPL 8 & 9-Ball Year End Banquet Sunday April 14th, 2013 208-398-7321

Tax Relief 8-Ball

Calcutta & Player’s Meeting @ 11:30am

PHONE 406-942-0317 406-942-0317 310-738-5675 503-362-9740 503-282-8266 406-853-5013 406-853-5013 406-853-3265 253-226-3594 775-828-0616 208-398-7321 701-421-0604 701-421-0604 701-421-0604 206-920-1936 208-398-7321 509-891-8357 509-891-8357 503-282-8266 208-375-2474 406-208-3506 406-208-3506 503-362-9740 208-375-2474 801-607-1201 208-233-1841 208-233-1841 208-233-1841 208-233-1841 406-587-9996 206-920-1936 510-329-3566 360-892-7454 503-282-8266 503-362-9740 510-329-3566

Dinner & Tournament Recognition/Trophies Great Food - 8-Ball Point $$$ - Photos Adults $10 - Children 5-12: $6 Infants/toddlers: FREE Toadstool: 208.398.7321 Suzanne: 208.794.8821

P ** Please RSV


115 N. Hayes Ave. Emmett, Idaho Off Hwy 52, 1 Block N of Main & East of Washington





The Break Pool Magazine April Issue 2013  
The Break Pool Magazine April Issue 2013  

The latest results and photos from the Western BCA Regional 8-Ball Championships along with results from your favorite locations around the...