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February 2008



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- 9:00 AM

Master Mixed 8-B Scotch Doubles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Fee Per PersonRace to 7 Open Mixed 8-B Scotch Doubles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Fee Per PersonRace to 5



- 9:00 AM

Master 9-B Singles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 9 Open 9-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 7


$12 ,50 A dd 0 e d


April 18th - 9:00 AM Master 8-B Singles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 7 Open 8-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 5 Standard 8-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 4


– 20th – 9:00 AM

Men’s & Women’s Division – Race to 13 - $100 Entry + $20 Registration Fee

2nd Chance T ournaments: Tournaments: (details will be available on site)

Early entry date: April 2nd 2008 Late entry date: April 7th 2008 (with $10 late fee)

For R vations: Room Reserv oom Reser Lit tle Creek Casino – Resor t Little Resort (800) 667-7711


February 2008

Don’s R ack

by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

This amazing new rack has a new innovative design that makes it a pleasure to use. Don’s Rack intuitive features give the rack a premium look and feel with greater control over precision racking. There are no gimmicks and no moving parts for a more engaging and self-contained racking experience. z A precisely engineered “lip” tightly channels the balls into formation. z Thumb tabs provide leverage for flipping the rack off the balls. z The raised back and rounded pivot bottom enables a smooth flip. Above is what the website tells you about Don’s Rack. What it doesn’t tell you is how easy it is to use and how simplistic. It is designed the way you would like to take a rack off the balls but can’t always.

I was excited to get Don’s Rack and try it out because in theory the rack should work, but not all products perform as expected. The true test of a good rack is in actual match play situations during leagues and with pool players who have their own tables and it was amazing. There is nothing to the rack but the rack itself. It is made from a heavy duty plastic that is semi transparent. It slides easily over the felt on the pool table and raises with the slightest touch of your thumbs to the back of the rack. Don’s Rack loads from the top so it is easy to place the balls. I tried the rack out on 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball and 3-ball and each and every rack worked with ease. It is the best rack that I have used. Even this old dog can learn a new trick or two. If you could reinvent the wheel this would be it. It’s what it should be.

Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Men’s Team Champions

Soundview Bar & Grill & Friends P C’s Pub, White Buffalo & The New Grove Present

3 Team Tournaments Check Out New Dates!!! February 23rd & 24th, 2008 Everett Women’s Open - All Welcome 8 Ball - 4 Person Team Singles - Race to 7 March 29th & 30th, 2008 Everett Open - 8 Ball 2 Masters Max - 4 Person Team April 26th & 27th, 2008 2 Pair Mixed Scotch Doubles Team 16 Teams Max - 1 Master Man/Woman Max

$1,000 Added per Event $125 Entry per Team per Event - BCA Rankings / BCA Rules Contact Ed Slade 425-238-3591


You don’t have to worry about touching the balls. It comes off smooth. -- Bernadette With a regular wood rack I always worried about taking the rack off the balls. -- Barbara Being a new player I was always afraid of disturbing the rack - now I don’t worry at all. It comes up so easy. You push down with your thumbs on the back and it comes right up. I’m amazed. -- Elaine It was so easy to rack the balls during league play. I don’t even have to think about it. -- Connie

I almost don’t mind losing just so I can use the rack. It’s so easy. -- Helen You don’t have to move the rack forward to get it off the balls. It just comes up so smooth. It’s a great rack. -- Rich Whenever I’ve taken a table rack off the balls they move, but now I don’t have that problem. -- Mary It comes off the rack like nothing. It’s cool to use. -- Ashley Like, I like it. It’s sick! -- Britny Best rack I’ve ever used - period. -- Don

February 2008

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Lil’ Big Foot 3015 E Mission Spokane, WA



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New Peking Port Angeles, WA 23 Nifty’s Puyallup, WA 7 NiteHawk Portland, OR 19,23 Oasis Bar Pocatello, ID 30 P C’s Pub Everett, WA 13 Rail’s Bar Sheridan, WY 8 Ranger Lounge Sidney, MT 8 Robin’s Billiards Monroe, WA 8 Rodder’s Oregon City, OR 5 Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR 31 Schooners Lakewood, WA 30 Shanahan’s Vancouver, WA 18 Sharky’s Pool & Brew Salem, OR 29 Skyland Pub Troutdale, OR 30 Soundview Tavern Everett, WA 3 So California 14.1 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 22 Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA 18 Spot Off Main Bellevue, WA 6 Stars Pub & Grill Federal Way, WA 29 Stix Billiards Rancho Cucamonga, CA 22 Tall Timbers Federal Way, WA 29 Time Out Alehouse Federal Way, WA 8 Tom Scott Memorial Libby, MT 18 Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA 29 Waterhole #3 Fairview, MT 3 Wichita Milwaukie, OR 28

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Letterfrom the Editor: In my opinion:

Let the Owner’s Decide To Smoke or Not to smoke, I feel it is an individual’s right. Having said that, we must look at the facts. It is after all, legal. Nicotine, which is a drug is a product of smoking. It’s addictive, filthy, dirty and all the words you can come up with to describe it. Second hand smoke kills. Smoking kills. Cancer, to name one, along with other debilitating health conditions can result from smoking, yet it remains legal. Ask yourself, why? Is it because of millions of people who would be irritated from not smoking, cranky, unruly or could the reason be it receives legal status taxes? What is the actual cost of a pack of cigarettes compared to the taxes that are paid? You do the research. I quit smoking over 2 1/2 years ago “cold turkey” after smoking for 12 years over a pack of cigarettes per day. I was surprised at the addition but more surprised at the familiarity of where and when and how I smoked. I have talked to advertisers, past and present of The Break. Some have stopped advertising because of the smoking laws because business is down 60%. Other advertisers have gone out of business who were bars, lounges and pool halls just because their patrons could not smoke inside. When I go to play pool, most locations have smoking, sometimes its bothersome, sometimes not so much. It doesn’t make me want to light up again. It’s more of a nuisance. I come home reeking of cigarette smoke, just part of the price I pay to play. Do I have a right to tell somebody or anybody or everybody that is in a bar or pool hall to stop smoking because of me? Are my rights or the rights of a few dictate the rights of the majority because the majority of the people in bars smoke? Where is the pursuit of happiness? Would this be a lawsuit for the ACLU? Would this be unconstitutional to take a legal product and ban it in certain locations? That question I cannot answer. What I do believe is if the owner of a bar or pool hall wants to have smoking in their establishment and smoking is legal (which it is) then they should. And let that business cater to their own clientele. And on the other side, let a bar or pool hall who cater to nonsmokers do the same. Let’s not have the legislature dictate what the owner of a business does as long as it’s legal. If it’s legal, so should it be your choice, not the choice of others. Still happy I’m not smoking. What say you? Send your response to

Dr Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup

February 2008

Doctor of Billiardology, WPA World Artistic Pool Champion, ESPN and World Masters Trick Shot Champion, North American Professional Trick & Fancy Shot Champion Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman, a World Champion contributes his monthly artistic pool shot challenges taken from the DR. CUE CLASSIC "ARTISTIC POOL" TOUR 2008 SHOT / CHALLENGE PROGRAM. The Dr Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup will be held January 5-7, 2008 at the Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman Executive Inn in Louisville, KY. The shots presented in his column will be part of the disciplines that the participants in this event will attempt to make. The Artistic Cup has a guaranteed prize fund of over $20,000 with $5,000 going to first place. The field will be open to 48 players of both Open A and Open B catagories (pro, amateur, junior). Full information and the complete shot program is available online at and For more information please send your request to: Tom "Dr. Cue" and Marty "Ms. Cue" Rossman "Dr. Cue" Classic Artistic Pool Tour Directors Email Options: Phone Options: 765.795.4968 (Business) 765.760.7665 (Cell)

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Cue Ball(s) Placement: In hand - anywhere behind line (B - E) Object Ball(s) Placement: Any object ball is placed on top of a chalk cube on foot spot of table Objective: Shoot cue ball 5 cushions as diagram indicates. 6 points awarded if cue ball finishes within 1 ball's width of object ball on chalk. 8 points awarded if cue ball hits object ball on chalk without freezing and ball stays on top of chalk. 10 points awarded if cue ball freezes to ball on top of chalk. 3 rolls are granted and cumulative total for all 3 counts for score. Special Notes: New piece of chalk must be used for this shot / challenge Scoring: ·3 Attempts - Cumulative total scored (30 points maximum - See "objective" above)

February 2008


Everett Invitational 3 person 9-ball tournament by Rose Wilson for Ed Slade

The Soundview, P C’s Pub, New Grove and White Buffalo Tavern owners came together to put on the first 3-person 9-ball tournament over the January 26th and 27th weekend. Each owner added $250 sponsor fee and the entry for each of the teams was $125. With (11) teams entered, the total purse for this tournament was $2,375. the teams were made up of (1) master male, (1) open male and (1) woman of the BCA rankings. It is the first time in many years a tournament of this format has been done. Ed Slade of the S o u n d v i e w , Ed Slade, Shari Ross, Jim Conway orchestrated this tournament and is holding a different tournament every month for the next (3) months. A (4) Woman Singles Tournament is next being held February 23rd and 24th. Ladies (8) teams are already signed up. Get your local team together and come join the fun. Please refer to the ad in “The Break” for entry fees and sign up instructions. Since there were (11) teams it was decided to play a round-robin format. Each member on the team had to play the opposing team members one time. A total of (9) games were played each match. The (5) teams which scored the highest number of wins Molly Oliver, Scott Thurston, Tommy Sliva, were awarded a share of Eddie Mataya, Cindy Sliva the prize money. Every member in the tournament played a total of (30) games. It was interesting to see how the women matched up against some of the men in this tournament. I myself, saw several great games. It would have been fun just to sit back and be a spectator for the majority of the matches. I have to give Shari Ross of the Soundview Team honorable mention. Shari played some excellent pool over the weekend by winning over 85% of her games. I don’t think too many of the men, if any, came very close Jeff Jimenez, Mary Olson, Treon Pham to achieving this goal. Congratulations, Shari on a great tournament. The ending results are as follows: 1st $950 + $287* Shari Ross, Ed Slade & Jim Conway (63)** 2nd $600 + $172* Cindy Sliva, Eddie Mataya & Tommy Sliva (56)** 3rd $400 + $116* Mary Olson, Jeff Jimenez & Treon Pham (51)** 4th $250 Molly Oliver, Scott Thurston & Bobbie Campbell (48)** 5th $175 Margie Avlon, Russian Dave & Michael “Rocky” Baird (47)** * side pot ** games won Many thanks to the owners of each of the Taverns and to Ed Slade for taking the time to put on this tournament. Don’t miss out on your chance to participate in any of the upcoming tournaments.


February 2008

Two Tough Propositions By: Bob Jewett of the SFBA

Email Questions to:

San Francisco Billiard Academy rail."

Here are two difficult propositions. I was reminded of them at the recent Derby City Classic where I had the pleasure of spending some time with Willie Jopling who specializes in what you might call painless cash extractors.

If the eight ball gets down by region X, you're in trouble because the side pocket is in the way for a normal 3-cushion shot. You might try putting the cue ball up at the head of the table and shooting A-B-C to get to X. Again, this is all good information for shooting kick shots in games. How many shots should this take? If someone claims they can do it in 10 tries, believe them. I saw Alain Robidoux, the great Canadian snooker player, do a slightly different version of this on a 6-by-12 foot snooker table. He racked the black ball in the appropriate place in the rack, but then he threw the cue ball by hand, going at least three cushions each time, first breaking out the black ball, moving it towards the pocket, clearing out blockers and finally pocketing it. He said he would do it in 25 throws and that's just what he needed. The amazing thing to me was that on every throw, he improved the position. On a pool table, don't give more than 18 throws to someone who wants to try this without a cue stick.

In the first proposition, you begin with a standard rack for eight ball. Your goal is to make the eight ball into the corner pocket within a certain number of tries, leaving the object balls where you move them to after each shot. The catch is that on each shot, you must have the cue ball contact three cushions before hitting the balls. This is a great drill to learn how the cushions work. Bob Jewett

The "break" shot is shown. You want to come off the third cushion just above the side pocket. With luck, this will move balls off the corner by the target pocket, and may even leave a path for the eight ball to get out of the rack. After each shot, you get to put the cue ball where you want, and pocketing the other balls and/or scratching is irrelevant. Go at this proposition methodically. If you know a three-cushion diamond system, apply it now. If you don't, try to note specific starting points and lines to get to specific places. For example, once you work out the break shot to land on the second ball of the rack, you Pool Tournaments know where to shoot if you have to Mon & Wed 9-Ball at 8PM send the cue ball through roughly that Sun 8-Ball at 8PM same area. You can develop Entries $5 + $3 green fee landmarks like "shoot from the corner to the edge of the door over there to Poker Tournament get to a spot a diamond up the long Tuesdays at 6:30PM

Latitude 84

Weekly Specials Big Screen TV Pull Tabs 4 Pool Tables 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Thurs - Sun 8401 S Hosmer Way-Tacoma, WA


The second proposition is a good challenge game for two or more players. It is like the first, but you just put one ball on the spot and see how many three-cushion shots it takes you to make it in the corner, leaving it where you knock it on each shot. This drill is guaranteed to improve your speed control on kicks. Consider four shots par for the single ball. You should be able to do a hole in one at least one in ten tries. When I've played this as a "who can do it in fewer" game, we have always had only one ball on the table, but I suppose you could all play at the same time, shooting in order. If you want to learn the cushions, try these propositions. “Where Good Times are Not a Matter of Good Luck”

1400 Airport Road - Kalispell, MT (406) 257-9656 Saturday 8-ball Tournament – Year Round - 1 pm Monday & Wednesday 8-Ball - 7 pm $5 entry–Bar Matches pot-Ball in Hand Rules Double Elimination - Drink Specials

Thursday nighT 8-ball TournamenTs $5 enTry sign up 6:30pm play aT 7pm house adds 50% wiTh 1-16 players 100% wiTh 16-32 players 8924 Canyon Rd Puyallup, WA



February 2008

Partners 8-Ball

Hub BaR Under New Management


FREE POOL All Day Sundays

March 15-16, 2008

added with full field BCA RULES CALL POCKET - RACE TO 7 DOUBLE ELIMINATION 2 PLAYERS PER PARTNER TEAM 1 MASTER ONLY $60 ENTRY FEE First 32 Paid Will Play Players meeting 10am March 15th

AMERICAN LEGION HEADQUARTERS Entry fee & information contact: Chuck Hassler 2842 Hunt Rd - Oak Harbor, WA 98277 (360) 675-5266 (Days) (360) 675-3732 (Nights)

Robin’s Billiards

& “Specialty” Hot Dogs 125 E Main St - Monroe, WA 98272


6-9’ Brunswick Pool Tables Hours: Mon-Thurs,Noon-11PM Fri & Sat,Noon-Midnight-Sundays,2Pm-8Pm

Pocket Billiards-“Specialty” Hot Dogs Espresso-Fountain Drinks-Pro Shop Tournaments - All Ages Welcome Ask about Private Parties Visit our

Ranger Lounge Watch for Upcoming Tournaments 110 S Central Sidney Sidney,, MT


Rail’s BaR 841 Broadway Sheridan, WY

“W yoming’ s Best “Wyoming’ yoming’s Pool Hall” 8-Ball Tourney Every Saturday at 5PM

Art & Linda Erickson - Owners

Straight Pool at the Derby City Classic

Happy Hour 5-6 M-F 23 East Main (406) Belgrade, MT 388-1811

by Bob Jewett

January 6-12, 2008, Louisville, Kentucky The third year of the 14.1 Challenge at the DCC saw some changes and a surprise winner. Darren Appleton from England came out on top in 2008, in spite of never having played in a straight pool tournament before. The prelims were the same format as last year with each contestant getting 12 tries to get a high run starting with a good break shot. The finals were changed to a single-elimination tournament of the top eight runners to allow video taping of matches by Accu-stats. The top prelim score was by Mika Immonen who ran 147 balls. He came in as the defending champion having scored a 160 in the finals in 2007. The other top scores were 140 by Fabio Petroni from Italy, 126 by Niels Feijen, 107 by Corey Deuel, 100 by John Schmidt, 98 by Thorsten Hohmann, 92 by Ralf Souquet, and a barely-squeeked-in 73 by Appleton. Feijen had two other runs over 100 and only took 10 of his permitted 12 tries. Hohmann had three runs of 98, just missing the magic 100. This year saw the addition of a women’s division, with Allison Fisher taking top honors with a 56. Jeanette Lee was second with a 42 and Kim Shaw was third with a 32. Fisher won $1000 for her effort. The final eight men went on to a single elimination tournament with races to 150. This allowed taping of matches by Accu-stats and wider exposure of this great game. In the round of 8, Schmidt beat Deuel 150-52, Feijen routed Hohmann 150-9, Petroni beat Souquet 150-40 and last-seeded Appleton upset defending champ and number 1 seed Immonen 150-38. Appleton lost the lag and was surprised that he was the one who had to break. Then he needed some help from Conrad Burkman to understand the opening break requirements. Once into the running part of the game, he seemed to get his bearings quickly. The Feijen-Hohmann match took only 3 innings as Niels ran 48, 30 and 72 and out. Feijen continued his run at the end to try for the Accu-stats bonus of $500 for a taped run of 100 or more, but only got a few more balls. In the semis, Appleton beat Schmidt 150-86 while Feijen beat Petroni 150120 by running 126 balls in his last two innings to overcome a 70-ball deficit. Appleton came into the finals against Feijen a prohibitive underdog, but grit and determination count for a lot. There was no run over 37 in the 17inning final. At the end with Darren needing three balls with four on the table, Niels got him to into an exchange of fouls to force Darren into the next rack. A misjudged safe by Niels let Darren back in, and he got the needed break shot and the win to become the 2008 Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge Champion. With $10,000 added and 25 total entries at $100 each the prize fund was $12,500. $600 in daily prizes were awarded for the four days of prelims and there was a $1000 bonus for high run overall. The payouts including the daily prizes were: 1st $1900 Darren Appleton 2nd $2000 NielsFeijen 3rd $1400 John Schmidt 3rd $1200 Fabio Petroni 5th $2000 Mika Immonen (ran 147) 5th $1000 Thorsten Hohmann 5th $900 Corey Deuel 5th $900 Ralf Souquet $100 Bob Hunter and Marc Vidal $1000 Allison Fisher More Derby City Classic Results on page 24

& Sat Sat 8-Ball 8-Ball Fri & Fri Tournaments ournaments T

$5 entry entry -- Starts Starts at at 8PM 8PM $5

adds 50% 50% House House adds Wednesday Scotch Doubles League Join Anytime 34525 16th Ave S Federal Way, WA


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February 2008


Mike Stevens Takes Cadillac Island Eight Ball By Mike Jensen

Mike Stevens and Pat Shumacher

had wins over Mike Ottoboni, Jeff Coates, Ivan Doty, and Eddie

Traynor Memorial

Jeff Boucher, Seth King

Atwell for second place to see who would come back to play Mike again for the title in the double elimination format. When Mike Stevens faced Glenn Atwell to win their side of the bracket Mike ran five out of six racks to beat Glenn six to three. That’s some strong eight ball shooting. 1. Mike Stevens $800 2. Pat “Shu” Shumacher $550 3. Glenn Atwell $400 4. Eddie Mataya $270 5. Ivan Doty $150 6. Robin Daems $150 7. Pat Gamble $100 8. Mike Ottoboni $100 9. Stan Tourangeau $50 10. Russell Pettis $50 11. Jesse Allred $50 12. Stan Alameda $50

The 22nd Annual Traynor Memorial Tournament was hosted by Cinz in Butte, Montana, January 4-6, 2008. 31 teams showed up to vie for the $500 added purse. Saturday’s brackets were flighted at 9am & 5pm and Cindy served the pool players a free lunch at 2pm. Next year’s Traynor will be held on 3 pool tables. See ya there. 1st Jeff Boucher & Seth King 2nd Dan Hamper & Jim Winters 3rd Jason Dawes & Lance Stanchfield 4th Josh Kovenesky & Mike Boggs

Players Open 2008 The 13th Annual Players Open was hosted by Bullwackers in Billings, Montana, January 25-27, 2008. This was a 4 person team tournament, singles play, race to 9. The results were: Money/Calc 1st $1562/$1236 Alberta Crude: Kim Bohnet Ben Rieker, Lorne Kestrukof, Darryl Plotzke 2nd $1172/$927 8 Ball In: John Barnes, John Sirross Bob Parenteau, Justin Salcido 3rd $781/$618 Balls Deep: Wade Hudson, Doug Medina Cole Dickson, Sean Fritzler 4th $391/$309 Sports Page #1: Doug Asleson, Linda Asleson Roland Barnes, Dan Bummer Consolation Winners $60 plus jackets Sports Page #3: Darrel Frickel, Pat White Bill Luscombe, Randy Sayer

Mataya to play Mike for the point. Shu faced and defeated Glenn

Tournament Results Cue Ball January 12th, 2008


Salem, Oregon

Photo courtesy of

It was a handicap, rack your own, alternate break format. The handicap was small, only one game for most players but it proved to be close. There were twenty hill, hill matches out of eighty four total matches. The Cadillac Island will host another eight ball handicap February 23 and 24 as a warm up for the BCA Regional Championships in Lincoln City, Oregon, March 10 through the 17. Mike Stevens had wins over Tommy Thompson, Stan Tourangeau, Pat Gamble, and Glenn Atwell, to face and defeat Pat Shumacher for the point. Shu

Tony Tipton, Patrick Burgess, Mike Blakley

Player Patrick Burgess Tony Tipton Mike Blakley Carlos Santibanez Gabe Gish Rod Bair Audie Hall Mike Jarvis

Rating B B A AAA D A B AA

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 5-6th 7-8th 7-8th

Cash 200 120 80 50 25 25 10 10

Points 100 75 60 50 40 40 30 30



SUNDA Y: 8 Ball 6:00 pm SUNDAY

Sun-Thurs 7 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot 1 am - 3 pm 11 FREE POOL Mon-Fri 1

DJ Fri-Sat

Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330

February 2008


Eagles 9-Ball From: Dick Jones, Manager/Event Coordinator

The Eagles Club #326 in Bozeman, Montana hosted a 9Ball tournament January 26, 2008. There was a strong field of 26 players that showed up in this race to seven in the winner’s side of the bracket and a race to five in the loser’s side of the bracket. The final four players played a race to nine. Although Jeff Boucher was the favorite going into today’s tournament, it was not a cake walk by any means. At any time, Jeff could have been in the loser side of the bracket. At one time in the championship bracket, Mike Schaff had Jeff down Jeff Boucher 2 games to 0. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

$310 $230 $160 $80 $35

Jeff Boucher (Bozeman) Mike Schaff (Bozeman) Nate Neergaard (Bozeman) Walt Need (Livingston) Joe Schwartzer (Livingston), Marc McDonald (Bozeman)

supeR scotch DouBles January 19th 2008 1st $250 John Wells - Larry Gerber 2nd $200 Tracey Elliott - Ken Cottrell 3rd $260 Jack Rippel - Kenny Zamora 4th $160 Kevin Peterson - Dave Crowell * all payouts include sidepots

AZ Desert Classic Tour Courtesy of

Visual Impressions Presents.... Dennis Orender & Jimmy Mendoza announce formation of a new Arizona Tour - ARIZONA DESERT CLASSIC TOUR The Specifics: ~ Title sponsored by Visual Impressions, along with On Q Cases, Teague Custom Cues, and the Arizona pool Scene web site. ~ Events are $1000.00 Added ~ Seven tournaments in 2008 plus Tour Championship Tourney ~ 9-Ball, 8-Ball, 10 Ball, Straight Pool, 1-Pkt - (9' and 7' tables) ~ Nine tournaments in 2009 ~ $50.00 Entry Fees, Side Pots optional ~ 25% of field paid ~ $40.00 Annual Membership - To be paid back $100% ~ Based on 50 members, $3000 Added year end Championship tourney in December ~ Some Tour Rules will be discussed and set at first tourney in March after player input and discussion

Year End Rankings: ~ Top eight points players will be seeded in Championship tourney with free entry in that tourney ~ Top four points players receive free tour membership in 2009 ~ Top player in points will receive On Q Case and Teague Custom Cue. ~ Special prize for 8 & under player with most tour points.

Championship Tourney Qualifications (LAST EVENT): ~ Entry Fee $50.00 - 10-Ball - Side Pots ~ Must play in at least two events in 2008 (three events in 2009) to qualify for Tour Championships Tournaments. Minimum $3000.00 Added in 2008.

First 2008 event: ~ Alexander’s - March 15th and 16th - 10-Ball - Races to (8) W/S and (7) L/S - Sign up by 10am. Players meeting at 10am. Tourney starts at 11am, March 15th, 2008 Don’t Miss the first event ~ Winner of first event receives $400 free entry into April’s Desert Shootout For Info Call: ~ Dennis Orender 480-888-5112 and Jimmy Mendoza 602-502-7438 The balance of the 2008 Tour Schedule is currently being finalized. Check or The Break for more info

February 2008


Mike & Susan Williams Ultimate Scotch Doubles Photos and article courtesy of

On January 26th and 27th, Alexander’s, in Phoenix, held a Scotch Doubles 9-Ball event. The double elimination tournament called for all teams to be rated (18) or less based on the Arizona Ratings System. Mike Williams, a ten rated player, did not have to look far to find his partner for the tournament. Mike’s wife, Susan (an eight rated player) teamed with Mike to win the event as they went undefeated, from beginning to end, to capture first place. The format called for a $75.00 per team entry with side pots of $5, $10, $20, and $40. Along with the $500.00 added by Alexander’s, the first place prize money alone exceeded $2000.00! The races were to total team handicap less (9). Mike & Susan, rated an (18), were forced to race to nine games in every match.

to nine games, Mike & Susan stopped the TNT run with a first set win 9 games to 6. Congrats to Mike and Susan Williams on their win. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$2050 Susan & Mike Williams $825 Troy Ridder & Tyson Cole $505 Dick Krenz & Jeff Pranke $285 Donald Manganas & James Golob


$180 Tom Auston & Tony Norem

Susan & Mike Williams


Twenty-six teams entered the tournament with close to 90% participation in the side pots, creating a fantastic payout kitty for the event. Mike and Susan started their run to first place by winning a first round match against Josh Stinett & Bobby Barreras. The winners then positioned themselves in the hot seat with wins over Terry Tucker & Derek Cumm, Mario Cardona & Muaz Arshad, Tom Auston & Tony Norem, and Dick Krenz & Jeff Pranke. Over on the one-loss side, Tyson Cole & Troy Ridder were making their way to the finals. Tyson & Troy (TNT, had won their first match against Aaron Hogge & Vincent Rivera Troy Rider & Tyson Cole but then lost to Steve Stowers & Steve Hofsteter. From there, Tyson & Troy defeated Jude Espinosa & Dennis Orender, Harvey Wilford & Dave Holland, Marvin Valdez & Wade Rea, Mario Cardona & Muaz Arshad, Hopell Ampongan & John Smith, Donald Manganas & James Golob, and Dick Krenz & Jeff Pranke to land in the finals against Mike & Susan. Donald Manganas & James Golob

In the finals, with both teams racing

Jointed Cue Billiards “Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies - Cue Repair Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday 2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA 916-456-2284

$180 Hopell Ampongan & John Smith

$4,025.00 Total Payouts include entries, side pots, and added monies Dick Krenz, Kristie Ortega (TD), Jeff Pranke

February 2008


AWBT Schedule Announced Hi Everyone! We finally have most of our 2008 schedule finalized! I wanted to get it to you ASAP!! February 9-10 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues METRO SPORTZ BAR - PEORIA, AZ Qualifier for WPBA San Diego Classic - Alpine California April 9-13 March 29-30 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues KOLBYS CORNER POCKET BILLIARDS - TEMPE, AZ Qualifier for Blue Chip Indiana June 25-29 May 3-4 $500 Added 8-ball Bar Box Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues ALEXANDERS BAR AND GRILL - PHOENIX, AZ This is a tentative stop and may change or cancel at the discretion of AWBT & Alexanders July 19-20 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues KOLBYS CORNER POCKET BILLIARDS - TEMPE, AZ Qualifier for North Carolina TBA Sept 10-14 August 30-31 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues POCKETS - TUCSON, AZ Qualifier for Chinook Oregon October 1-5 September 27-28 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues KOLBYS CORNER POCKET BILLIARDS - TEMPE, AZ Qualifier for 2009 WPBA Classic Event November 1-2 $500 Added AWBT Qualifier Present By J. Pechauer Custom Cues METRO SPORTZ BAR - PEORIA, AZ Qualifier for 2009 WPBA Classic Event

Main Street Billiards The thirty-second stop of the 2007/2008 Pechauer All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance - ACS) was hosted at Main Street Billiards in Tucson, AZ, on the weekend of January 26-27. The $1,000 added event drew twenty-seven players competing in a double-elimination 9-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes. In the men’s division Mitch Ellerman (Phoenix, AZ) marched undefeated to the finals. In the hot-seat match, Ellerman dispatched Jack Rippel (Sierra Vista, AZ) 9-6. Earlier in the Abracket semi-finals, Ellerman outpointed Kevin Peterson (Tucson, AZ) 95, while Rippel knocked off Alex Liebeskind (Tucson, AZ) 9-5. In the B-side quarterfinals early-round loser Rudy Alameda (Tucson, AZ) eliminated Alex Liebeskind 7-4, while Kevin Peterson (Tucson, AZ) ousted Kenny Zamora (Sierra Vista, AZ) 7-4 - both losers placing 5-6th. In the semifinals, Alameda avenged his earlier loss to Kevin Peterson, placing Kevin at 4th place by a 7-4 score. Rudy continued his hot streak by dropping Jack Rippel at 3rd place by a 7-5 margin, enabling Alameda to get a title shot against Ellerman in one race-to-11 finals. Rudy Alameda was not to be denied, as he jumped on Mitch Ellerman early, and glided to an 11-6 win for the crown! By virtue of Kevin Peterson being the highest-finishing ACS member, he qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2008 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas - courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric and Nick Varner Signature Cases for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Pechauer All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2007/2008 All American Tour by contacting the ACS. Final Results: 1st Rudy Alameda (Tucson, AZ) $525 2nd Mitch Ellerman (Phoenix, AZ) $400 3rd Jack Rippel (Sierra Vista, AZ) $275 4th Kevin Peterson (Tucson, AZ) $150 + Free entry to 2008 ACS Nationals 5-6 Kenny Zamora (Sierra Vista, AZ) $100 Alex Liebeskind (Tucson, AZ)

Serving all of Arizona Tired of playing at the same level? Trust a BCA instructor and a Proud Member of the SPF family CARL STEWART, BSIT, BCA, SPF AZBILLIARDACADEMY@GMAIL.COM

Our contact information: Contact Dawn Anderson or Kristie Ortega for more information! Dawn’s info: ph: (480) 272-2016 email: Kristie’s info: ph: (623) 556-7640 email:


8 & 9 Ball Leagues VALLEY WIDE (602) 268-6067 Call or visit our web site for additional information



25 - 9’ Gold Crowns 22 - 7’ Dynamos Electronic Darts Foosball Arcade Games Big Screen TV Pro Shop Full Service Bar Restaurant 8640 E Broadway APA , ACS & BCA In-House Leagues Tucson, AZ 85710 5 Weekly In-House Tournaments (520) 546-3464 Karaoke - Thurs & Sun 9PM

February 2008


Rick Cosman wins Ultimate 8 & Under

Article & Photos courtesy of:

Pranke, Lee Collins, Carlos Avalos, and Rick Cosman. Rick won the hot seat then waited for his finals opponent. Pranke lost to Carlos to finish fourth. Carlos then lost to Lee Collins and had to settle for third. Lee advanced to the finals against Rick Cosman. Rick won the finals match against Lee and ended the tournament undefeated. Rick won $1390.00 for first while Lee settled for 580.00 and 2nd place.. Payouts include added money and side pots 9/12 Allen Jones 1st $1390 Rick Cosman Don Adams 2nd $580 Lee Collins Frank Alvarez Not noted Carlos Avalos 3rd Larry Olson 4th Jeff Pranke 13/16 Mark Baker 5/6 Ray Ryan Steve Stowers Ray Quinnell Dave Stowers 7/8 Tom Auston Jack Sanchez Randy Thompson

Rick Cosman and Lee Collins

On January 5th & 6th, 2008, Alexanders Sports Bar in Phoenix held an 8 & under 9-Ball tournament. Just hoping to draw a field of thirty-two so close to the holidays, Alexander’s drew an astounding (56) players to this $500.00 added tournament. The format called for a race to full handicap of 9-Ball with a minimum race to five. With the $30.00 entries, the added money, and the four side pots, the kitty grew rapidly to $1390.00 for a first place finish. Alexanders played the field down from (56) to (16) on Saturday. Eight players on the one loss side and eight players on the winners side returned on Sunday for a chance at the $1390.00 first place prize money. The eight players returning on the winners side were Carlos Avalos, Randy Thompson, Lee Collins, Jeff Pranke, Larry Olson, Ray (Captain Morgan) Ryan, Rick Cosman, and Frank Alvarez. The eight coming back on the one-loss side were Ray Quinnell, Steve Stowers, Dave Stowers, Mark Baker, Tom Auston, Don Adams, Allen Jones, and Jack Sanchez. As the field narrowed down on Sunday, the final four turned out to be Jeff

The East Bay’ Bay’ss Finest Billiard Room 20 Beautiful Pool T ables Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities

TOURNAMENT 2ND WEEKEND OF EVERY MONTH Monday College Night Tuesday USPPA Tournament Wednesday Ladies Night

PC’s PC’s Pub Pub

3021 Rucker Ave

Everett, WA

(425) 258-9465

Now Ser ving Coc ktails Serving Cocktails

“Where we take pride in what you swallow!”



$5 entry

Vegas Rules 8PM 200% Payout

Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

9 BALL - TUESDAY $5 entry - at 7 PM

(510) 652-9808


6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA


Carlos Avalos


Sports Bar

3603 W. Dunlap, Phx, Az. 85051 - (602) 973-1638

Let’s Do It Again

8 & Under 9-Ball $500.00 Added

February 9th & 10th, 2008 Sign up by Noon - $30.00 Entry - Race to Hdcp

3rd Annual Desert Dust Off

$5,000 Added Added Based On (96) Players Race to (9)

$5000.00 Added ~ Sponsored by Visual Impressions Open to “ALL” players ~ $100.00 Entry ~ (96) limit Feb. 22nd, 23rd, 24th ~ Call “Ron” 602-750-0044

Alexander’s Weekly Tournaments (Mondays) 8~Under ~ 8-Ball ~ 7:30 ~ $5.00 ~ 200% (Fridays) 9~Under ~ 9-Ball ~ 7:30 ~ $5.00 ~ 200% (Sundays) Scotch Dbls ~ 9-Ball ~ 5:30 ~ $15.00 Team

February 2008


Tools of the Trade By Roger Long - Advanced Certified Instructor


of .....

never seeing results from pool tournaments or not knowing where the tournaments are? Tired of reading publications that don’t give a damn about the pool player? If so, tell the owner of where you play to call The Break for it’s the pool players best source of information 406-285-3099

Live Poker Nightly Video Poker & Keno Insanely Low Beer and Drink Prices

4 Pool Tables - 24 Big Screen TV’s All Sports Packages Full Service Liquor Store Lowest Prices in Town

721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT

406-586-3542 Open 8 am - 2 am Daily

Brandi’s R estuarant Restuarant

Serves Breakfast all day

How do you practice? Do you rack up the balls and then try to break and run them out? Or do you just randomly throw the balls out on the table and then try to run them? Or maybe you work on one problem shot at a time. Or perhaps you do drills. Any kind of practice is better than no practice at all. But there are many practice drills that are better than others because of their ability to supply recorded feedback that can help you gauge your progress. One such set of drills was developed by Bob Jewett in the early 1990’s and is titled Progressive Practice. You might have noticed that Mr. Jewett Roger Long even used the root word “progress” in the title of his work. The full set of Progressive Practice drills contains four basic shot-types: stop, follow, draw, and cut. Then there are five different sets (which could be called “degree of difficulty levels”) that contain each of the four shot-types. And in each of the five sets, the four shots are executed at gradually increasing distances between the cue ball and object ball and/ or between the object ball and the pocket. Then there is a scoring system and a daily log sheet so that you can track your progress (or lack thereof). So what you get with all of this is a system that takes you from beginner levels up through expert levels in each of these four common shot-types. It’s an excellent tool. Next we have Bob Henning’s The Pro Book. Mr. Henning’s work may contain a lot of shots that can also be found in other books, but the good thing about his book is that it gives you daily practice logs for each shot. Here, again, you have a way of tracking your progress. Another good thing about The Pro Book is that it contains a lot of information about goal setting, and then gives you spaces right in the book for you to record your own goals. Still another good thing about this book is that Mr. Henning has laid out a 30-day training program that not only acts as a daily reminder to practice all different kinds of shots, but even reminds you about other things like stretching and exercising. This is another excellent tool. Then we have the very ambitious, but very simply titled, Billiards Workbook by Diana Elaine Sorrentino, Ph.D. This book contains so much information that it packs out a 4-inch thick, double-hinged, 3-ring binder, and is so heavy that it comes with its own canvas carrying bag. Along with literally hundreds of drills, this book has logs for personal practice tracking, competition performance tracking, opponent skill evaluations, and many other things that the average player has probably never even thought of. This is an excellent tool for those who are really into personal excellence. One last tool that we’ll discuss here today is the radar gun. The radar gun is used for measuring your break speed. The break is the most important shot in just about any game, and fast breaks are definitely desired in the games of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Now with the knowledge that top professional players break anywhere from 25-30 MPH, you can practice your own break until you can maintain speeds in that range. Or not; it’s up to you. But what the radar gun will do is let you know where your break actually stands. What the gun won’t do is give you a progress log, but that’s something you can do for yourself. What you would need to do is break the balls at least ten times a day and record your speed on each break so you can get your daily average. The type of radar gun you would need for this runs around $120-$150, and is sold in most sporting goods stores. This is a most excellent tool for aspiring pros.

February 2008


My New Favorite Game: Equal Offense

Samm Diep © January 2008

I was recently introduced to a game that's been around about as long as I have. This game was developed by BCA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath in 1977 to challenge the abilities of his students. This is a game in which each player shoots until you miss a shot, foul or pocket the maximum amount of balls allowed for the inning. The winner is determined by the total inning score (similar to bowling). PLAYERS: Any number. BALLS USED: Standard set of object balls 1-15, plus cue ball. OBJECT OF THE GAME: To score more total points than your opponent(s) in a predetermined number of innings, Samm Diep typically 5 or 10. SCORING: Any legally pocketed ball counts as one point for the shooter. OPENING BREAK: At the start of each player's inning, you have a free break. Any balls pocketed on the break are spotted, and player then begins shooting with object balls in position and cue ball in hand behind the head string. The opening break takes place at the start of every inning of each player. RULES OF PLAY: 1. Player may shoot any ball you choose, but before you shoot must designate an object ball and a called pocket. A legally pocketed ball entitles the shooter to continue at the table until you fail to pocket a called ball, or until you've scored the maximum total per inning permissible. (20 points in championship play) 2. Player is entitled to any additional balls pocketed on a shot, as long as you pocket your called ball. 3. Shooting order for subsequent innings is determined by the scoring results of preceding innings - player with the highest score shooting first. In the event of a tie inning, the order does not change. 4. If players are tied for high match total score, additional innings are played by each tied player with the first player posting a superior score to his opponent(s), in an equal number of innings, being the winner ("sudden death"). NOTE: Equal Offense is based on 14.1 Continuous, also known as straight pool, and the rule about the fifteenth ball of the rack applies to Equal Offense: when only one ball is left on the table, you rack the other balls leaving the apex ball out. When you pocket the last ball you try at the same time to

You Might Be A D Player If ... 101 Classic Moves that we can all appreciate as pool players. Brought to you by Samm’s Side Pocket Pick up your copy today! $12.95 + s/h. It makes the perfect gift for any pool player Visit or call 303.667.8000


open up the pack, to make it possible to make the five balls you need to complete the maximum twenty.

The Equal Offense history and rules from this article are courtesy of Internet Equal Offense ( If you're interested in playing and/or learning more about the game, is a great resource. Hope you have as much fun with this game as I am. Enjoy! PLEASE BE SURE TO VISIT POOLTIPJAR.COM. You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. SAMM DIEP, "CHERRY BOMB" HOUSE PRO AT TABLE STEAKS EAST IN AURORA, COLORADO AUTHOR OF "YOU MIGHT BE A D PLAYER IF… (101 CLASSIC MOVES THAT ALL POOL PLAYERS CAN APPRECIATE)" VISIT: WWW.SAMMSPOCKET.COM FUN & UNIQUE PRODUCTS FOR POOL PLAYERS ALSO CHECK OUT: POOLTIPJAR.COM RANDOM SMATTERINGS OF POOL THOUGHTS & ARTICLES Hours: 10:30 - 2 am Kitchen 10:30-1 am

FEB 16TH - $100 Added Sweetheart Mixed Doubles $20 entry -Starts 11am F EB 23 RD -24 TH $600+ Added Women’s State Doubles $20 entry -Starts 10am

Nightly Beer Specials

POKER Home of the $2 JJager ager 9 Pool Tables & Other Video Games



Open Daily from 5pm - 2am

GOLDEN TEE 2006 “EXTRA” GOLF TOURNAMENT Every Saturday at 9:30pm

703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

5608 119th Ave SE Bellevue, WA

WORLD’S ONLY 8-LINKED SET OF S.F. RUSH 2049 Video Racing Tournaments Every Friday Night at 9pm




FREE POOL All day on Sundays

February 9th Bud Sautter Memorial Open Doubles



$20.00 entry/person 11:00 am start


10011 Bridgeport Way SW 253-581-2580

3108 Euclid Ave - Helena, MT 406-449-4997

February 2008

16 Photos courtesy of Mike Dolan

Houdini’s in Freeland will sport nine tables of varying sizes for all abilities of players. FREELAND - A new billiards hall has cued up on the South End of Whidbey Island. Located in Freeland at 5525 Freeland Avenue in Unit #4, Houdini’s is right behind the new Windermere Real Estate building and across the street from Island Athletic Club just of SR 525. Mike Dolan and wife Tina Jarvis of Freeland decided to open a pool hall after talking about the concept for more than a decade. Dolan and Jarvis wanted to open a pool hall, partly because of Dolan’s lifelong interest in the game and because of a growing trend in popularity for billiard games. They actually wrote a business plan in 1995. Dolan estimates they have invested $100,000 to open their new business and move into the 2,600-square-foot space. “It was time to put up or shut up and quit talking about it,” Dolan said. D o l a n b e g a n playing pool when he was 17, and ran p o o l tournaments in the 1980s at PJ Pockets in Federal Way. In fact, Dolan earned the nickname “Houdini” from his teammates during his competitive pool playing days because he could get out of tight places on the pool table. “In pool, your opponent tries to set up impossible shots. I usually maneuvered my way out of them,” he said. In 1989 while coaching the women’s team for PJ Pockets, he met Tina. She had been invited to join the team by a long-time friend and after a couple of months the two began dating. Before long things got serious and they ended up buying a home together. A year later the match made in a pool hall was officially joined in a backyard ceremony. Dolan says that, “Tina is definitely my soul mate. She keeps me grounded and focused on what is important in life.”

Now Open! •Nine pocket tables in 3 sizes

•Affordable Family Fun •Snacks and Beverages to match every player's experience level. Available •Lessons Available •Group Rates on Request Weekly Tournaments 8-Ball Tournaments Mondays at 7:00 PM 9-Ball Tournaments Wednesdays at 7:00 PM ($5 Entry fee, $10 Green fee, $50 added with 16 Players) OPEN: 3-10pm Monday - Thursday ¦3pm - Midnight on Friday Noon to Midnight on Saturday ¦ Noon to 10pm on Sunday


5525 Freeland Ave #4(Behind new Windermere building,Across from Island Athletic Club)

Houdini’s Billiards had their Grand Opening on January 2nd 2008. A grand opening drawing, ‘Dinner for Two at Gordons on Blueberry Hill’ was won by Terry Rose of Greenbank. The new business has nine pocket tables of varying sizes covered with Simonis 860. Each has traditional lighting and with nine tables, Dolan says there is a table to match everyone’s playing experience. “Two 7-foot tables are for younger players with a desire for fast action, three 8-foot tables for players who enjoy playing on a regulation-sized table, and four 9-foot tables for those who want to experience a professional playing surface,” Dolan explained. He will offer lessons at the pool hall for players of all abilities. Scheduled in advance, lessons for individuals are $30 per hour. Group rates are also available. “We have both eightball and nineb a l l tournaments and plan to start an inh o u s e league with several teams,” Dolan said. Dolan said his new business should appeal to a wide range of ages. “I’m hoping to find a few kids who will come in here and take an interest in the game,” he said. “Plus young adults can come here for a date night and families will find it a fun experience. They will be able to rent a table for an hour or two and enjoy a game of pool.” “We think people of all ages will enjoy spending some time at Houdini’s.” Dolan said pool has, like many sports, had its up and downs. Since the 1980s, however, there has been a 731 West Lake Ave N resurgence of interest as many pool Seattle, WA room owners have built more expensive centers. Mon: $5 Game Room Night “With the advent of $1 million rooms, from 5 PM to close coupled with no smoking, there has all video games, been an increase in the number of for one flat fee rooms in the Northwest aimed at the Tues: Texas Holdem Poker young urban professional crowd,” he at 6 PM said. “But we expect to see a broader Wed: 9-Ball at age spectrum at Houdini’s, reflecting 7:30PM the island’s population $7 entry demographics,” he said. “The proof 100% ADDED will be in the checkbook.” Fri/Sat: Club J with a DJ, Dolan and Jarvis will serve preDancing, prepared food like burritos and Philly and NO COVER cheese sandwiches, snacks, soda Sun: S.I.N. Night pop, coffee, water and beer. Work in the hospitality Hours of operation are 3:00PM to 10:00PM Monday through Thursday, industry? Bring 3:00PM to Midnight on Friday, Noon down a paycheck stub to Midnight on Saturday and Noon to or ID badge to prove it, 10:00PM on Sunday. Tables rent for spend $20 or more on $7.00/hr from opening to 6:00PM and anything in the house $10.00/hr from 6:00PM to closing. and receive free pool For more information contact Houdini’s at from 8-close 360-331-1979.

Jillian’ Jillian’ss Seattle

Mike “Houdini” Dolan and Tina Jarvis at Houdini’s Billiards - Freeland, WA See ad this page.


February 2008


Southwest Oregon Fall Session Results The Fall Session has come to an end with more excited teams grabbing those desired Regional spots. All Division Champs from the year's three sessions will be meeting to compete in May for those highly coveted APA National entries. In Josephine County: 8ball High Points and Division Championship went to "The Laybacks" out of The Alibi The Laybacks Tavern for the second time giving the Regional spot to the runner ups, a new team from Cody's Place called "The St-8Shooters". A similar situation exists with the 9ball Division Champs, "Da Misfits" from The Old Barn who grabbed the Da Misfits

Champs, "Glamour Dave's Crew" Their inhouse 8-ball High Points and Division Championship went to "The Stickmen" and their "Pool Gods" took the Glamour Dave’s Crew

Championship for Medford's travel Division with High Points going to "The Three Evils" out of The Beijing House.

The Pool Gods

Welcome to the brand new 8-ball division from Coos County. High Points went to "The Eagles" out of the Eagles' Lodge #538 and

championship away from the High Point winners "The Devil Dawgz", also from The

Don’t Play Well With Others

the Division winner was "Don't Play Well With Others" from Gussie's Bar & Grill. Congratulations go

The Three Evils

Old Barn, and gave the Regional spot to the runner ups "The Outsiders". In Jackson County: The Rogue The Slackers River 9-ball Division Champs & High Point winners were "The Slackers" from Cattlemen's Saloon. Medford's in-house division at The Break Room produce High Point winners "The Rail Runners" and Division

The Stickmen

out to all these teams and good luck to all those heading for the Regional. The Eagles


February 2008

By: James Paul Inglish

Edge Casino January 11-13, 2008 Helena, Montana With a generous and courteous wait staff the tournament went off without a hitch. Chuck Hoagland, tournament director said he went all out for the Helena Bar Box by putting on new 860 Simonis cloth on his 7' Valley tables. Chuck had 48 players show up from as far away as Salt Lake City, British Columbia, Spokane and all across Montana. Chuck also had the film crew from OTBnTV show up to film the quarter finals, semis and finals with video on demand on Chuck was interviewed by Don Akerlow, owner of OTBnTV and The Break. I asked Don, why he started filming pool tournaments, “To provide a medium for pool players so they can see what other parts of the country have to offer by giving them video for free on my website You can download it and watch it at your leisure allowing you to fast forward or back it up or just watch it online.” Now back to the tournament. There would be 16 of the 48 players make it into the finals on Sunday. Hoagland would redraw the field giving everyone zero losses. With a race to 5 and a time tradition 8-ball fashion, the tournament ran to early evening. Helena’s own Dan Hamper was cruising through the B side with wins over Jeff Boucher, putting Jeff into 5th. Taking out Dago Huber for 4th; stopping Lance Sapp from Havre for 3rd and meeting up with Damian Pongpanik from Salt Lake City. Dan would have to beat Damian twice for the championship. Pongpanik has been to the finals now for his 3rd straight year but is looking for his first win. This finals can be viewed at 27 YEAR SPONSOR match to see the great

Rocky Mountain Gaming


G OOD L UCK BOZEMAN Eagles American Legion Crystal Bar Scoop Molly Brown Cats Paw Filling Station The Pourhouse The Haufbrau

BELGRADE Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar Friendly

MANHATTAN Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion

THREE FORKS Frontier Bar Town Club

Dan Hamper and Damian Pongpanik

gamesmanship these two shooters performed. Damian was able to pull off the victory for his first win of the Helena Bar Box 5-3. Chuck added that he would like to thank all the players who came to support his tournament and the good times that was had by all and looking forwad to next year. 1st $800 Damian Pongpanik (Salt Lake City, UT) 2nd $600 Dan Hamper (Helena, MT) 3rd $400 Lance Sapp (Havre, MT) 4th $200 Dago Huber (Green River, WY) 5-6 $150 Jeff Boucher (Bozeman, MT) Steve Johnson (Great Falls, MT) 7-8 $100 Tim Lezard (BC) Bob Gray (Missoula, MT) 9-12 $75 Come Join The Fun !!! Brett Van Voast (Spokane, WA) Rob Millons (Helena, MT) Nick Kruger (BC) Tom Scott Memorial Pete Quande (Missoula, MT) Pool Tournament 13-16 $50 March 14th, 15th, & 16th Jason Rolfe (Helena, MT) Justin Salsido (Butte, MT) Dan Chapman (Gardner, MT) Rusty Taylor (Helena, MT)

13th Annual




OPEN 24 - 7

Based on 40 players First 64 men and 32 women


Calcutta will be Friday night at 9:00 at VFW - Ball in hand rules - An 8 ball on the break is an automatic rerack You must be signed up by the 11th of March and sorry their will be no t-shirts this year

Pool Tournaments


FREE POOL Mon-Fri: 7-9 AM 4-6 PM & 12-2 AM

Monday 8-Ball at 8PM LADIES ONLY $3 entry $2/player added

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver ashington ancouver,, W Washington 360-256-1110 Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

Entry fee $35.00

Brackets are flighted Race to 4 on Saturday Race to 5 on Sunday We will be taking the first 16 men and 8 women into Sunday There will be a mini tournament at the VFW Friday night. It will start at 6:00 in the backroom so please come there to sign up For information or to sign up please call: Tim Scott cell- 293-1283 35 McKays St. Libby, MT. 59923 Patty Dunning cell-293-1576 h-293-7280 200 Mtn Meadow Rd. Libby, MT. 59923 MOTELS: Super 8: 406-293-2771/Caboose: 406-293-6210 Evergreen: 406-293-4178/Venture: 406-293-7711

February 2008

Zimmerman Wins Bank Tournament

Rack’Em Billiards in Medford, OR, hosted a Bank Pool tournament on January 19th. The rules were: 9 ball rack, first to get to 5 points wins the game, and it was a race to 3 games on the A side, race to 2 games on the B side. Inspired by recent Derby City action, there were several top local players in attendance. Michael Zimmerman and his wife, Linda Carter attended their first tournament together since moving to the area a couple months ago. Oddly enough, both drew the only extra round matches assigned. Mike has really not played for about 6 months, so he struggled a little on the 9 footers, but his background in 3-cushion showed up with his knowledge of the rails. He bested Kyle Mabry, Neal Yarger, and then for the point, owner of Rack ‘Em, Dave Smith, a very good banker in his Mike Zimmerman own right. Dave took second with some extraordinary play. His path to the finals included wins over Barney LaMontagne and Linda Carter, before his defeat for the point match with Mike sent him over to the B side. There he played Linda once again, where it went hill-hill, but he prevailed with his excellent long rail banking. The finals match see-sawed and Dave gained momentum. He OWNS Table 2, a tight Diamond table, and he won the first set. But since he had to defeat Mike twice, it came down to the wire, where it was 2 games to 2, and Mike needed 2 balls and Dave needed 3. Mike then banked in the last 2 balls for the championship. Coming in 3rd was Linda Carter who was double-dipped by Dave. Her wins included matches against Tina and Bret Barger, then her first loss to Dave. On the B side, she won against Randall Milhoan, and Steve Heiman, before succumbing to Dave for the second time. High runs were 5 by Mike and 4 by Linda. 1st $85 Michael Zimmerman 2nd $55 Dave Smith 3rd $30 Linda Carter

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Nite Hawk Cafe & Lounge presents

9-Ball Tournament Apr il 1 1-1 3, 2008 April 11-1 1-13, Guaranteed



Double Elimination - Starts at 8 PM 8’ Valley Coin-ops Race to 7 (preliminary rounds) Race to 9 (money rounds) Finals: One race to 11


Contact: Bill Mildenberger 503-285-7177 Nite Hawk - 6423 N Interstate - Portland, OR

February 2008


Sam’ s St ra ight Pool Sam’s Stra raight

Uncle Jack’s 9-Ball From: Rose Wilson (tournament director)

Bill Bradford, Akio Nakashima, Art May, Chad Kurokawa

Twelve players participated in the 1st Sunday of the month Straight Pool Tournament at Sam’s Billiards on January 6. Although David Randell won the high-run prize with a run of 31, Bill Bradford won the tournament. Bill beat David Randell, Jim Gillespey, and Michael Jensen in the qualifying round, and Chad Kurokawa and Akio Nakashima in the finals. The last time Bill won a Straight Pool Tournament was January 1, 2006, when only seven players showed up. The final results for the January 6, 2008, tournament were as follows: 1st $60 Bill Bradford 2nd $45 Akio Nakashima 3rd $25 Art May 4th $15 Chad Kurokawa High Run: 31 David Randell The next monthly Straight Pool Tournament at Sam’s Billiards will be February 3, which is also the entry deadline for the winter session of the Straight Pool League. The entry fee for the monthly tournament is $15. The entry fee for the 9-week league is $75. Special thanks to Don “Cheese” Akerlow and The Break for videotaping the final match of today’s tournament, which will be available for viewing on

Handicap 8-Ball Last Wednesday of every month

$200 added * $20 entry * Best 2 of 3 games * Double Elimination * A-B-C-D Handicap 5179 Mission (near Geneva) San Francisco (415) 585-6800 A home for tournament players 8-Ball 9-Ball 3-Cushion Francisco & Mirna Murcia Owners

Where Customers are Treated Like Owners

If you are the kind of player that enjoys a variety of competition, a one day 9-ball tournament and (10) great 9 foot tables, then Uncle Jack’s in Lynnwood is the place you want to be. The first Saturday of each month has what you are looking for. The doors open and sign ups start at 10am. This tournament has a $20 entry fee and $5 table fee and free practice from 1011am. A short players meeting is convened at 11am, the draw is completed immediately following with play starting approximately at 11:30am. With the race being (5) on both sides, all players have an equal chance on pulling off an upset or the opportunity to John Doherty establishing themselves as the player to beat. As it was proven with this first tournament of the 2008 year on January 5th. John (JD) Doherty started his tournament with a loss to Buster (4-5) and then stormed through the B-side and right into the finals with wins over Ron M (5-0), Marvin H (5-2), Tim P (5-3), Jerry (5-3), Mike S (5-3), Tamre G (5-3), Matt P (5-1) and Miguel M (5-2). This put John in the finals against the yet undefeated Steve Hanks. Steve Hanks started his road to the finals with wins over Ron M (5-1), Buster (5-4), Mike S (5-3), Brad H (5-3), the all important point match against Migue M (5-3) and then the wait to see who was going to come at him from the B-side. Steve didn’t have too long to wait. The final is just one race to (7) for all the marbles. Steve and John started the match looking like they were evenly matched as the games went back and forth to a (5) all tie and at that point there was no way to tell who was going to win. John got the upper hand in the eleventh game and never looked back. The final score was John (7) and Steve (5). It was a great match to watch and learn from. Spectators are always welcome. With (26) players, the payout went as follows: 1st $250 John Doherty 2nd $175 Steve Hanks 3rd $125 Miguel Morfin 4th $75 Matt Person 5-6 $50 Tamre Geene-Rogers Brad Hornshaw Randy Camantigue (owner) would like to invite you to join him at Uncle Jack’s on the first Saturday of each month to compete in this tournament or to come on over and be a spectator. You never know what you might witness.

Huebler Industries Inc


February 2008


Happy New Year to all from Hard Times By Tom Suarez Hard Times Billiards Tournament Director

Hard Times started out the New Year with some different faces in the Winner’s spot for the One Pocket and 9 Ball event. The One Pocket event had 26 of Northern California’s top players competing for the $780 prize fund. The two players for the ‘hot seat’ match were John Henderson and Jeff Gregory. John Henderson won the match. John got the finals by defeating James Williams, Frank Nordmann, John A, Bart Mahoney and then Jeff Gregory, Jeff got the finals by defeating Jim Fabionar, Austin Murphy, Billy Palmer and then the loss to John Henderson. Bart Mahoney The most impressive player of the tournament turned out to be Bart Mahoney, a long time Sacramento player with high finishing results in tournaments of previous years. Bart took the day to bring back some of his skills to win matches over Pat McLeod, Bill, Tony Melindez, then lost to Jeff Gregory in a very close match. On the ‘one loss’ side of the bracket, Bart defeated Austin Murphy, Billy Palmer and got revenge from the only loss he had by defeating Jeff Gregory. Bart went on to defeat John Henderson in the final true double elimination in two sets. Mr. Mahoney also won his last 4 matches without losing a game. Dan Russo and Jeff Gregory The 9 Ball event had 40 players vying for the $1400 prize fund. Dan Russo and Robert Aldana were the two final players on the winner side of the bracket. Dan won the hot seat match in a Hill-Hill match 6-5. Mr. Russo went undefeated on the Winners side with victories over Jim S. Eric Stanley, Paul P, George P, Kyuno Yun, and then Robert Aldana for the ‘hot seat’

Robert Aldana won matches over Jason H, Mark Holton, Frank Nordmann, Jim Fabionar, Bart Mahoney and then took his first loss by Dan Russo. Jeff Gregory came out of the one loss side to defeat Robert Aldana and face Dan Russo in the finals. Jeff had to beat Dan twice to claim first place. Dan had other thoughts about this match. Dan lost the first match in a Hill-Hill thriller. Then Dan won the second set to get the win and $460 for first place. One Pocket Jan 5th 1st $300 Bart Mahoney 2nd $180 John Henderson 3rd $120 Jeff Gregory 4th $80 Billy Palmer 5/6 $50 Austin Murphy Jim Fabionar. 9 Ball Jan 6th 1st $460 Dan Russo 2nd $300 Jeff Gregory 3rd $200 Robert Aldana 4th $140 Frank Nordmann 5/6 $90 Bart Mahoney Kyuno Yun 7/8 $60 Jim Fabionar Billy Palmer

Eagles Big Sky Singles

Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA

Monthly Jamboree W eekend Weekend One

1st Weekend of each month Pocket Saturday - $300 ADDED MONEY

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries 11AM - Starts at Noon sharp! Entry fee $20 - Race to 2 - Double Elimination

9-Ball Sunday -



Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Starts at 1PM sharp! Entry fee $25 - Race to 6 Winners Side Race to 4 Losers Side

Weekly Tournaments

Wed: 9-Ball $5 entry-$50 added-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thurs: 9-Ball USPPA $15 entry-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sun: 9-Ball Open $15 entry-Noon Signup-1PM Start-Double Elimination Race to 6 Winners to 4 One Loss-$5 per player added up to $150

March 14-15-16, 2008


Open to Everybody For information call: Val Weber: 406-208-0518 Roger Diehl: 406-860-9148

Guaranteed added

Open Singles - $35 entry Calcutta at 7 pm March 14th at Ea g les Lodg e-Billings Eag Lodge-Billings e-Billings,, MT Play Starts after Calcutta


February 2008

Begins Season 7! by Tamre Geene-Rogers, NWPA President

I cannot believe another year has begun. When we started the Northwest Women’s Pool Association (NWPA) in 2002, we had no idea how long it would last or how successful it would be. We’re extremely proud to announce the start of our seventh season! And, what a year it will be. Not only does the NWPA have regular tour members from Oregon, Washington and Canada, we have also drawn players from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and across the United States. The success of the NWPA is due to a number of factors. First, we have to thank our 2008 returning room owners who have consistently supported our tour. By hosting tour events and professional qualifying events, these room owners have given multiple women in the Northwest the opportunity to play in Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) events. Thank you to The Parlor Billiards and Spirits (Bellevue, WA), Uncle Jack’s Billiards (Lynnwood, WA) and The Cue Ball (Salem, OR). We hope you know just how appreciated you are. Second, thanks to all of the players. This tour exists for you - but most importantly, because of you. Qualifier at The Parlor Kicks off 2008 The first tour stop of the 2008 season will be a pro qualifier at The Parlor in Bellevue, WA on March 29-30. Look for the NWPA ad in the March issue of The Break or visit for details. We are still working hard to solidify a host room for a July 19-20 event. If you have rooms in your area that are interested in sponsoring this event, please let us know by emailing Women of Any Skill Level Can Play in the NWPA Whether you want to qualify for the pro tour or simply want to improve your game and have fun competing, the NWPA offers tremendous opportunity for all female players. You do not have to be a member of the NWPA to play in a tour event. However, if you want to earn tour points to see how you fare against the other tour members, NWPA membership is required. In addition, to qualify

for any WPBA event, including Regional Tour Championships, you must be a member of both the NWPA and the WPBA. Fees are as follows: NWPA Annual Membership - $55 (Required to accumulate points.) WPBA Annual Membership - $25 (Required to be eligible for WPBA events.) Member Entry Fees for 2008, per event - $45 Non-Member Entry Fees for 2008, per event - $55 (No points awarded. Not eligible for any WPBA event.) All due dates for entries are always posted at schedule.html. Late Fee of $25 is strictly enforced. Please remember that individuals volunteering to keep this tour running are also players competing for the same opportunities as other members. By submitting your paperwork, entries and membership fees on time, you help NWPA volunteers focus on preparing themselves to play. Changes for 2008 There will be a number of changes to the tour this year. The WPBA has changed its dress code Class B. As a WPBA-sanctioned tour, the NWPA follows WPBA rules as closely as possible. Once we have rewritten our dress code, we will be post it on Please be sure to review all rules and regulations prior to playing in an event. Penalties may apply for non-compliance. During the mandatory player’s meeting at The Parlor at 9:30am on Saturday, March 29, players will have the opportunity to voice opinions about 2008 changes. Get involved. Please plan on attending. We are finally in the process of re-designing our web site The launch of the revamped site will happen prior to our first event. The new site will be more user friendly. We also plan on reintroducing the ever-popular tour member bios and pictures. As always, thanks to all of you who have ever played in an NWPA event. You continue to drive the success of the NWPA. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing you in 2008 and the years to come.

BCA Revamps 9-Ball BCA Revamps 9-Ball Championships: New Look, Name and Format Aim to Better Promote Sport

ClassiC Billiards -F I


All Ages Area 8 Pool Tables Over 21 Area 12 Pool Tables 12’ Snooker Tables Sunday 9-Ball at 5PM Entry $5 + $2 green fee Race 4/3 Match up to $100 Smoking Beer Non-Smoking Wine

Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso

3636 SE 122nd

Portland, OR


Broomfield, Colorado January 29, 2008 The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) today announced it has enhanced its 9-Ball Championship event for 2008. The name of the event has also been changed to the “ 9-Ball Championships.” is the new

BCA consumer Web site slated for launch in early 2008. For the first time, the 2008 9-Ball Championships will be held in conjunction with the International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo, June 12-14, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The tournament’s semifinals and finals events will take

place June 11-12 in the Grand Ballroom at the Charlotte Convention Center.

New California Tavern Marysville, WA 360-653-2101

World Fingerpool Championship February 10th $3 entry Basic Straight Eight Rules - Call Pocket Beverage must be held in nonshooting hand to receive follow shot


February 2008

In Memory Of ... Gene Stary 1932 - 2008

Gene Stary Passes FROM THE USPPA

It is with great regret that we inform the billiard community that Gene Stary, founder of the United States Pool Players Association, passed away in his sleep on Friday, January 4th. Kenneth Eugene Stary, known by his friends as Gene, was born on April 17th, 1932, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was the only child of Mr. Kenneth E.J. Stary and Mrs. Dorothy Hammerel. He lived with his mother until she passed away when he was 12 years old. He then moved to California to stay with his Aunt Florence. He joined the Army in 1948 as part of the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He then served in Korea in 1953 as part of the 6th Infantry Division, where he received the Korean Service Medal with the Bronze Service Star, United Nations Service Medal and National Defense Service Medal. After his distinguished career in the military, Gene focused his considerable talent in sales and marketing in the auto industry, specifically as an outside sales representative for several wholesale auto parts distributors. After a brief stint as the manager of the restaurant at the historic Mapes Hotel in Reno Nevada, Gene returned to the auto industry. In 1968 he founded the United States Pool Players Association and turned his business pursuits to the design and development of California Billiards in San Jose in the early 1970s. Later in the early ‘80s Gene designed and built the Great American Billiards in Sacramento. These rooms were two of the most prosperous ever developed in California. Great American Billiards continues on today as Hard Times Billiards in the same location. Significantly, the focus of his business was billiards and the promotion of the game as a sport. He took this to the next level with the inaugural Reno Open & Pro Am Tournament in 1984, which continues annually to this day. He is survived by his wife, Ambar Stary and two daughters, Sharin and Stacy, and one stepson, Jimmy. Gene was particularly cautious about the sustainability of the United States Pool Player’s Association and wisely structured the business accordingly. As a result, Gene’s passing will in no way effect the operation of the association and the many new developments soon to be announced. Sincerely Yours, The United States Pool Players Association Management

League Notes Cascade Pool League Starts Spring 9-Ball Divisions Portland’s Cascade Pool League is currently planning its spring 9-ball session, which will begin February 27th and 28thth this year in order to allow for national event qualification. Current divisions filling up now are Classic Billiards (SE Portland), Dukes (SE Portland), Wichita King Road (Milwaukie), Skyland (Troutdale), Pub 181 (Gresham-full), and Rodders (Oregon City). Team sizes vary from 3 to 4 persons, and the divisions will run 10 weeks. New divisions can be developed at the request of players and sponsors. Playing a minimum of 8 weeks in any this session will qualify players for the Chinook Winds 9-Ball Championships in October 2008 as long as they also join and play at least one week in BCA after June 1, 2008, which is the beginning of the 2008-2009 BCA year. Look for CPL to start summer sessions then. Get qualified early for all BCA events! Cascade is celebrating 10 years in the community. They have divisions all over Portland’s east side, Troutdale, Gresham and Oregon City, with expansion in the works. Over 300 players in the Portland area are Cascade Pool League members, playing with their friends and family over the years at loyal sponsor locations. Cascade is the largest BCA league in the greater Metropolitan Portland area. Many are playing to qualify league tournaments, for BCAPL national events and Western BCA regional tournaments, the largest regional events in the country. Others come just to play and enjoy themselves almost every week of the year. They look forward to great session end awards parties where they can take home oodles of prizes - even a trip to Hawaii. CPL sponsors remain loyal, contributing to league events, player awards and donations to the Awards Bash. Join the Fun... Cascade Pool League ... 503-252-4215... PORT ANGELES, WA



added with 64 couples

Entry $70 + $10 Gr ee per couple Green Fee een F Race to 5 Winners Side - Race to 4 Losers Side Ele v en 8’ P ool T a b les ed Cir c le Cue Balls Ta les,, R Red Circ Elev Pool BCA R ules um 64 Couples Rules ules,, Mixim Miximum W arm Up T ournament on F rida y a Tournament Frida riday att 7PM - $5 entry Second Chance T ournament on Sunda y Tournament Sunday




added with full field Entry $40 + $10 Gr een F ee per per son Green Fee person Open Women / Open B Men 2-Day 25 person Round Robin W arm Up T ournament on F rida y a Tournament Frida riday att 7PM - $5 entry New Peking 2416 Hwy 101E Port Angeles, WA

360-452-3845 Doors Open10am Play Starts 11am

For info call: Kevin Fong 360-460-8995 or 360-452-3845 after 4pm or Melissa Rushton 360-460-4492


February 2008

JANUARY 4-12, 2008


2008 9-Ball 1st 2nd 3rd 4-6 7-9

$17,500 $8800 $5500 $3500 $1850

10-18 $1100

19-29 $800

Ralf Souquet Francisco Bustamante John Schmidt Michael Dechaine Gabe Owen Ryan Stone Michael Fuller Steve Moore Shane VanBoening Jeff Abernathy Rick Howard Rodolfo Luat Alex Pagulayan Steve Rector Rob Saez Adam Smith Mark Tadd Doug Young Johnny Archer Karen Corr Tyler Eddy Allison Fisher Jeremy Jones Shane McMinn Jose Parica Shin Young Park Efren Reyes Louis Ulrich Ron Wiseman

2008 ONE POCKET WINNERS 2008 BANK FINALS 1st 2nd 3rd 4-6

$10,000 $5000 $2500 $1665



10-14 $785

15-22 $650

Larry Price Sylver Ochoa Shawn Putnam Tony Fergerson Neal Jacobs Michael Surber Francisco Bustamonte Alex Pagulayan Glen Rogers Michael Hughes Jason Kirkwood Larry Nevel Ryan Stone Mark Tadd Johnathon Demet Ernesto Dominquez Buddy Hall Jeremy Jones Kevin Nicolas Rafael Martinez Gabe Owen Butch Wolf

1st 2nd 3rd 4-6

$12,000 $6000 $2850 $1950



10-17 $1000

18-26 $750

Gabe Owen Larry Nevel Francisco Bustamante Tony Mougey Alex Pagulayan Efren Reyes Darren Appleton Shannon Daulton Ryan Stone Niels Feijen Scott Frost Thorsten Hohmann Allen Hopkins Rodolfo Luat Ike Runnels Ralf Souquet Shane Van Boening Charles Bryant David Grossman Cliff Joyner Dan Lavoie Rafael Martinez Jerry Matchin Gerald Slivka Louis Ulrich Ron Wiseman


February 2008

DR. CUE CLASSIC “ARTISTIC” CUPS RUNNETH OVER!!! scores for “in the RACK Room” posting and other players such as Charles “Spitball Charlie” Darling “waited to see” if his claim on one of the top 6 places would be beaten by those left on the course, so to speak. The pressure of each shot grew as the players battled for prize money, the beautiful “Artistic” Cup trophies, and the prestige of winning the 1st ever Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup event title. “Spitball Charlie” would lose a trophy spot if both Meima and Massey made the final challenge. Meima hit the floor in excitement as he made the shot on the 3rd attempt. Massey, a “champion of champions” remained humble in his quest for victory after 3 valiant Eighteen amateurs and eighteen pros from efforts failed. Darling had now secured a every corner of the US played side by side trophy spot. for 3 days on 7 foot Diamond tables, using Charles Darling, Mark Dimick, Jamie Moody, Andy Segal, Eric Yow, Bill Meima, Dimick missed but had assured himself a Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman 40 high percentage make rate “classic” shots Photo courtesy of Bill Meima trophy and a good payday. Moody selected by “Dr. Cue”. A determined and experienced a successful 3rd attempt make, “classy” APPA (Artistic Pool Playing Artists) crusader force showcased a “class” placing him at 189 and tied with Yow. If Yow missed in his 3 attempts, Moody would take second place by virtue of making more 1st attempts than Yow in the act of billiard skills from each of the 8 magnetic disciplines of “artistic pool” - 1) Trick overall program. Yow approached the table, joked with the audience to help calm / Fancy Shots, 2) Prop, Novelty, and Special Arts, 3) Draw Shots, 4) Follow Shots, himself, took a deep breath, and “Pow” - A 1st 5) Bank / Kick Shots, 6) Stroke Shots, 7) Jump Shots, and 8) Masse Shots. attempt victory! Players and fans went wild as Over $20,000 in guaranteed payouts with each place receiving a monetary the “Bayou Bullet” applauding the “Preacher’s” payback, no charge raffle ticket drawings for sponsored cues by McDermott, a accomplishment. special Dr. Cue “Goodie” Bag, attractive Cup trophy awards, and beautiful certificates Segal secured an event victory by making the of participation all produced player and fan friendly opportunities in a reunion style shot on the 1st attempt with billiard atmosphere. resolve and great composure. January 4th offered a full Breaking the 200 point barrier day of practice with an by 1 point “The Magic Man” enlightening “open” forum received a standing ovation for training session in the evening winning. Congratulations, for anyone needing some “last Andy!!!! minute” tuning to their “artistic The “beauty, promise, and pool” skills. Round 1 began vision” of “artistic pool” was on schedule as the 1st envoy reinforced once again with its eight discipline titles - 4 of of 18 players in 6 - 3 player them by determined amateurs groupings entered the arena to and 4 of them from the focused perform the 1st 2 disciplines of pro side. During the entire challenge. The remaining 18 Bob Stangby event a special room of rest, players followed shortly relaxation, and refreshment was setup called the RACK Room. thereafter. Players and fans were welcome throughout the event to this Day 1 ended with a special room for various functions, including a Sunday morning fellowship (Standing) Mark Kulungian, Mark Dimick, Dennis Douberteen, Entertainment, Autograph, and service for anyone desiring to attend. Steve Geller, Mike Massey, Jim Bernard, (Kneeling) Jamie Moody, Media night extravaganza of Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman, Richard McAvay Photo courtesy of Bill Meima Each player in positions 7 thru 36 received a candy filled several “artistic pool” performing Artistic Cup with respective position prize money inside, so everyone participating players contributing their best shots for 3 hours of fun and flair to a standing room in the competition got a “taste” of this great event in more ways than one. only crowd. Rick “The Barber” Hawkinson was the Master of Ceremonies and Congratulations to all the players!!!! producer of this “never to be forgotten” entertainment experience. The demonstrations Marty and I want to express our sincere thanks to the sponsors, players, fans, of this consummate pool shooting entertainer are something you must see to believe. and volunteers that made the Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup a huge success and To accent the evening’s festivities audience members were given the opportunity to resounding victory for our sport. share a shot of their choice for free sponsored prizes. Note: For a “long version” document on complete event details and stats email 2007 WPA World “Artistic Pool” Champion Andy “Magic Man” Segal seemed to DR. CUE CLASSIC ARTISTIC CUP TOP 6 POSITIONS OF FINISH have a lock on first place for the entire tournament with WPA World Masse Champion Pts Prize Money Eric “Preacher” Yow, WPA World Jump Champion Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick, and a 1 Andy “The Magic Man” Segal (NY) 201 $5000.00 disciplined VNEA International “Artistic Pool” Champion by the name of Jamie “Bayou 2 Eric “Preacher” Yow (TN) 197 $3750.00 Bullet” Moody, sponsored by Sharky’s Machine of Houston, TX in close pursuit. 3 Jamie “The Bayou Bullet” Moody (TX) 189 $2500.00 January 7, 2008 made “artistic pool” history as the largest field ever to play a 4 Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick (OK) 178 $1750.00 final Round 4 using the “original format” of our sport was about to unfold. An overall 5 Bill “Mynah Bird” Meima (NJ) 176 $1300.00 champion would be determined based on the most points scored after all 40 6 Charles “Spitball Charlie” Darling (MO) 175 $1000.00 challenges were complete. An ultimate fan friendly experience unfolded as the top DR. CUE CLASSIC “ARTISTIC” CUP DISCIPLINE CHAMPIONS 6 scoring players battled side by side on 2 tables. The NASCAR / Kentucky Derby Trick and/or Fancy Shots Dennis Douberteen 30 out of 30 points effect of “racing to the victory circle”, shot attempt by shot attempt, brought with it Prop/Novelty/Special Arts Mark Dimick 28 out of 30 points an excitement of player challenge magnetically special to “artistic pool”. Draw Shots Mark Kulungian 30 out of 30 points ESPN Trick Shot Magic and WPA World “Artistic Pool” multiple champion Mike Follow Shots Steve Geller 29 out of 30 points “Tennessee Tarzan” Massey and Masters Follow Champion Bill “Mynah Bird” Meima Bank/Kick Shots Jamie Moody 27 out of 30 points joined Segal, Yow, Dimick, and Moody in a spectacular demonstration of shot making Stroke Shots Mike Massey 30 out of 30 points Jump Shots Bob Stangby 28 out of 30 points skills and in handling the pressure of the moment, as a single shot made could Masse Shots Bob Stangby 26 out of 30 points mean a positional payout difference of over $1250.00. With “jump shots” and “masse SPORTSMANSHIP RECIPIENT AWARDS shots” setting the competitive pace now, each player would be challenged to the By player vote: Jim “Coach” Barnard limit and would have to withstand the ever present “see - saw” scoring display By directors / staff selection process: Richard “Praying Mantis” McAvay before them. There was an excitement to it all as players in the arena registered Photo courtesy of Eric Eller

One of the most unique and highly spirited sporting events in the history of the billiard industry took place on January 5, 6, and 7, 2008 at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, KY. The Dr. Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup, the signature event of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Pool Tour showcased some of the greatest players from the professional side of “trick shots and so much more” under the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) umbrella, as well as top players from the BCAPL, VNEA, ACS, and APA and other entry points.


February 2008


February 2008

FINAL STANDINGS END OF SUMMER OPEN-MIX LEAUGUE The Diablo Valley Pool league is a non profit organization which is mainly geared to the need of the entry and mid level pool player. Our main goal is to prepare players to participate in the BCA-ACS National 8-Ball Championship which has been held at the Riviera in Las Vegas. All our leagues are handicapped. We have just finished the end of summer session for the men’s League 8 ball league which plays on Tuesday at 7:30pm. We had 16 teams participating on a single round (17 weeks).



Total Team Payout 1ST $1,610 2ND $1,135 Top Five Male 3RD $830 Shooters 4TH $695 1ST $ 100 5TH $610 2ND $ 80 6TH $565 3RD $ 60 7TH $525 4TH $ 40 8TH $480 5TH $ 20 9TH $435 $ 300 10TH $390 Top Female 11TH $350 Shooter 12TH $305 1ST $ 50 13TH $260 $ 50 14TH $220 15TH $175 16TH $131 $8,716



881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

Under New Ownership 3rd Weekend of the Month Saturday: One Pocket $25 entry - Starts 1pm

Sunday: 9-Ball Open $25 entry - Starts 1pm

$400 ADDED

$400 ADDED

USPPA on Sunday & Wednesdays 9-Ball at 8PM 12 - 42” Plasma TVs Expanded Menu


February 2008

Miguel Torres Wins USA National 3-Cushion Crown 2008 USBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP The final round: January 9-13, 2008 Miguel Torres wins his match against The Executive Inn Hotel, Louisville, KY Sonny Cho 40-21. The match Miguel Torres is the 2008 between Pedro and Mazin would USBA National Champion! determine whether Miguel would be In all, there were 42 of the best players the new Champion, or if a playoff in the country. They came from New match would be played between York, California, Washington, Pedro and Miguel. Massachusetts, Texas and In the final match of the 12th round, everywhere in-between. The groups Mazin Shooni was ahead of Pedro were divided into 6 flights with 7 most of the game. But, of course, that players in each flight. The top 2 would not be the end. Pedro came finishers in each flight would advance back, as usual. to a 12 player round-robin finals. Each Pedro reached 38 points and Mazin flight was seeded with a top finisher had 39. Pedro misses. Then Mazin from last year’s Nationals: Pedro tries to end the game, but he misses. Piedrabuena, Mazin Shooni, Hugo Pedro gets back to the table, needing Patino, Miguel Torres, Michael Kang just 2 more points, and Mazin hangs and Young Gull Lee. his head, thinking that it might be all Pedro Piedrabuena (2nd), Miguel Torres (1st), Mazin Shooni (3rd) Preliminaries: over. Pedro plays the shot but it just Flight A: Yanni Antoniou wins the flight at 5-1. Felipe Razon comes in 2nd misses and Mazin jumps out of his chair and darts to the table. at 4-2. Seeded player Young Gull Lee finishes 3-3 and gets knocked out of He has a difficult position. Should he play a short-long-long shot (+2) and the finals. possibly sell out? Instead, he decides to play a 3-rail natural from the first Flight B: Seeded player Michael Kang goes 6-0. Tom Rossman (Dr. Cue) ball which may result in a kiss. Sure enough, he gets the kiss. However, finishes 2nd at 4-2. Flight C: Seeded player Miguel Torres goes 5-1. Bill Johnson finishes 2nd, also 5-1. Flight D: Seeded player Mazin Shooni(2006 National Champion) goes 6-0. Sonny Cho (2005 National Champion) goes 4-2. Flight E: Seeded player Hugo Patino (2003 National Champion) goes 6-0. Gary Elias goes 4-2. Flight F: Seeded player Pedro Piedrabuena (2007 National Champion) goes 6-0. Darrel Stutesman defeats Dan Kolacz in the final match to finish 4-2. The Finals: With 11 rounds of matches, there were no major upsets. The top 6 players battled each other and the bottom 6 players also battled Gary Elias, Darrel Stutesman, Hugo Patino, Tom Rossman, Yanni Antoniou, each other. Pedro was the favorite, of course, going undefeated Bill Johnson, Felipe Razon, Miguel Torres, Pedro Piedrabuena, Sonny Cho, Michael Kang, Mazin Shooni. until round # 9, when he lost to Miguel Torres, who was also undefeated at that point. Sonny Cho and Mazin Shooni had 2 losses at that point. the path of his cue ball and the last ball seem to be on the same track after In round # 10, Miguel Torres suffered his first defeat at the hands of Michael the kiss. The crowd follows the path of both balls in anticipation as both Kang, and Pedro won his match. This gave Miguel and Pedro one loss balls are running out of speed. At the very end, they meet. It is a point. Not each, with Sonny Cho and Mazin Shooni having two losses each, with one so beautiful, but nevertheless, a point indeed. Mazin wins the game and round to go. Pedro was to play Mazin and Sonny was to play 3rd place. Pedro loses his 2nd game and has to settle for 2nd place. Miguel Miguel. It could get very interesting. Torres becomes the 2008 USBA National Champion for the first time. Complete results are available at More Derby City Classic Results on page 24

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suPer BoWl Wednesday Night 8-Ball Sign up 7:30 pm - $5 entry HOUSE MATCHES POT Great Breakfast Specials Every Day Opens at 7 am Sundays: FREE POOL all day Thursdays: Ladies Night 6106 SE King Rd - Milwaukie, OR


February 2008


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17 Pool Tables Weekly Specials

02-01-2008 7:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals Semi #1

02-18-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #2

02-02-2008 8:00 am ESPN2’s Gordon’s $50,000 9-Ball

02-19-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

02-04-2008 7:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals Semi #2

02-20-2008 7:00 am Women’s Pro Billiards Semi #1

02-05-2008 7:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals Finals

02-21-2008 7:00 am Women’s Pro Billiards Semi #2

02-06-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #1

02-22-2008 7:00 am Women’s Pro Billiards Finals

02-07-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #2

02-23-2008 8:00 am Women’s Pro Billiards Semi #1

02-08-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

02-25-2008 7:00 am Women’s Pro Billiards Semi #2

02-11-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #1

02-26-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

02-12-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

02-27-2008 7:00 am 2004 Delta Classic Semifinal #1

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02-13-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #1

02-28-2008 7:00 am 2004 Delta ClassicSemifinal #2

Boring, OR 503-663-5181

02-14-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #2

02-29-2008 7:00 am 2004 Delta ClassicFinals

02-15-2008 7:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals

03-01-2008 8:00 am 2004 San Diego Classic Semi #1

02-16-2008 8:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Semi #1

03-03-2008 7:00 am 2004 San Diego ClassicSemi #2

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501

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Karaoke Thurs thru Sat with Seth Bates and Friends

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Good Time Ernies 15747 Ambaum Blvd SW Burien, WA 206-248-1670

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H wy 26

Sports Bar Tues & Wed L L Pool Tournaments F NN Providing all Video - 14 TV’s

158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA

253-535-6688 Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 PM Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials All Mr Ed’s Tournaments have food served and no table fees

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1700 Harrison Ave - Butte, MT


02-25-2008 11:00 am 2007 US Open 9-Ball Champion A Fisher vs Barretta at Lincoln, RI 02-25-2008 12:00 pm 2007 US Open 9-Ball Champion A Fisher vs Kim at Lincoln, RI 02-25-2008 1:00 pm 2007 US Open 9-Ball Champion A Fisher vs K Fisher at Lincoln, RI 02-27-2008 1:30 pm 2007 Texas Hold’Em Billiards Archer vs Deuel at Springfield, MA 02-29-2008 1:00 pm 2007 WPBA 9-Ball Championship

The Billiard News & Tournament Report Watch Video from your Favorite Tournaments, Dr Cue’s Trick Shots, Cue Tips with Jack Madden, Interviews and more ... All for FREE This month we have video of the Helena Bar Box

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5800 198th St SW - Lynnwood, WA 425-640-5474

Log Cabin Pub & Eatery

2719 E Valley Hwy E-Sumner, WA



Live Music Fri & Sat

Gr eat F ood Great Food Tall Timbers Bar & Grill 3 POOL TABLES APA & TAP LEAGUES

Pool Tournys Every Mon. at 6:30PM

COCKTAILS NOW AVAILABLE PULL TABS - BAR TOP VIDEO GAMES Good FFood ood riends ood,, Good FFriends upply of FFun un and an Endless SSupply

35509 21st Ave SWFederal Way, WA


K C’s Midway Bar & Grill

Smoke-Free Pool Room 8 Valley + 6 Diamond Pool Tables Sharky’s Pool & Brew

Daily Specials Open Daily 7 am - 2:30 am


Feb 16th: Ladies 9-Ball $20+$10 g.f. $600 added w/30+ Feb 23rd: Open 9-Ball $20 entry - $500 added w/32 3985 Commercial SE, Salem, OR



Farmhouse 3612 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR


Daily Spec Speciials Homemade Soup Pool Players Spec Speciial NY Steak DDinner inner $9.75

Sure Shot Billiards & Darts

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509-737-9868 S ELECTED POOL TABLES ON SALE Open: Tues - Fri 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-4pm

5429 100th St SW (corner of 100th & Bridgeport)

Lakewood, WA

253-584-1919 3 Pool Tables Pool Leagues Saturday Night 8-Ball $5 entry - BCA Rules Double Elimination - Starts 7PM House matches the pot

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sunday 8 or 9-Ball - 8PM (alternating)

$5 entry - House Matches the Pot


FAMILY ARCADE Southwest Washington’s largest selection of Quality


Owner: Sandy Snyder 2904 Burton Rd, Bldg A

Vancouver, WA 98662

(360) 892-8815

SKYLAND PUB 503-661-6464 7 POOL TABLES FULL KITCHEN HARD LIQUOR 20 BEERS ON TAP Corner of Stark & Troutdale Rd (across from Troutdale Thriftway)

League Operators California Bakersfield: Show Me the Money Dave Nunley 661-863-0193 North Hollywood: Two of a Kind Gibbi Tkatch 818.509.1839 Palmdale: High Desert Classic Travel 8 Joe Moore 661-264-3779 Concord: Diablo Valley Pool Tina Mendoza 510.861.0812 Idaho Inland NW ACS - Jackie Clark Nevada The Money League Dan Gai 702-838-4215 Oregon Central Oregon ACS: Kelly Reynolds (Bend) 541.420.4511 Lane County: Georgia Cassle Medford/Grants Pass: Dan Burdick Midnite Phoenix: Portland Jean Bartholomew Judy Griffith 360.892.7454 Becky Mowdy (contact Judy Griffith) Niki Phillipi Roseburg ACS: Dave Gerkin 541.673.1304 Willamette Valley ACS: Annie Gay Washington Midnite Phoenix Olympia & Tacoma: Craig Arnold 360.704.9448 Midnite Phoenix Vancouver: Judy Griffith 360.892.7454 Puyallup: Western Washington ACS Doug Schulze 253.848.0277 California Orange County: Vicki & Carol Wade 714.674.7665 San Gabriel Valley: Marc Ong 626.285.2455 Idaho Boise: Ada, Canyon & Gem Counties Glenda “Poppy” Rae 208.887.9168 Montana Great Falls: John Amelsberg 406.899.7665 Oregon Salem: Randi Lee 503.362.0133 Southwest Oregon: R J & Wild Bill 541.582.0821 Washington Seattle: King County Gene Birkeland 425.644.9331 Snohomish: Snohomish APA Jeff Bowman 360.659.7665 Spokane: John Wenglewski 509.327.2591 Tacoma: Pierce County Michelle Barkdoll 253.219.2130

Oregon Albany: Mid-Valley BCA Bob Cook 541.760.8242 Astoria: Lower Columbia BCA Nancy Nelson 503.325.2931 Bend: Central Oregon Pool League Kelly Reynolds 541.420.4511 Eugene: Emerald Valley BCA Darcy Williams-Moss 541.517.9816 Grants Pass: Players Club Danny Burdick 541.659.0467 Lincoln City: Lincoln City BCA Roger Jones 541.994.9305 Portland: Cascade Pool League Andrew Monstis / Sassy Campbell 503.252.4215 Roseburg: Roseburg BCA League Bruce Deal 541.285.8542 Salem: Cherry City BCA Shawn/Tracii Self 503.851.0365 Toledo: South Lincoln County Melvin White 541.336.9563 Oregon, Washington Northwest Players League League Op: Cindy Doty 360.577.0098 Bend Div Mgr: Linda Knight 541-389-1093 Kennewick Div Mgr: Donna Totten 509-946-8636 Longview Div Mgr: Cadillac Island Casino Cindy Doty 360-577-0098 Portland Div Mgr: Sam’s Billiards Kimberly Engh 503-484-5542 Oregon City KC’s Midway Div Mgr: Mike & Kari Stevens 503-632-4189 Tigard Div Mgr: Breaktime Billiards Matt Bryan 970-563-9279 Vancouver Div Mgr: Big Al’s - Becky 360-944-6118 Joe & Kay Ruben 360-892-0250 Yakima Div Mgr: Pam & Tim Desmarais 509-469-0354 Washington Lynnwood: Sno-King BCA Pool League Mark Avlon 425.478.1598 Ocean Park: Lower Columbia Peninsula Division Don/Jenny Sheldon 360.665.4105 Olympia: Thurston County BCA Terry Ludwig 360.790.7139 Port Angeles: Juan de Fuca League Bill Henderson 360.452.3923 Puyallup: Western Washington BCA Pool League Doug Schulze 253.848.0277 Spokane: Inland BCA League Johnnie Landis 509.220.4255

Arizona Glendale: Paradise Valley Pool League 602-667-4220 California Bakersfield BCA: Randolph Winkle 661.332.7827 North Hollywood: Two of a Kind Gibbi Tkatch 818.509.1839 Concord: Diablo Valley Pool Tina Mendoza 510.861.0812 Idaho Pocatello: Gate City BCA Pool League Steve Gertonson Twin Falls: Magic Valley 8-ball Carl Wormsbaker 208.734.2560 Montana Billings: Doug Asleson Bozeman: Aimee Neel 406.388.0448 Bridger: Carbon County BCA Tony Lehman 406-662-5355 Hamilton: Bitterroot 8-Ballers Mark Strandberg 406.821.3355 Helena: Big Sky Billiards Chuck Hoagland 406.431.8105

Arizona Tucson: Eagle Vending - Eric Allen Idaho Boise: Inglis Coin Mona Inglis 208.345.5305 Idaho Falls: Gays Music Mike Griggs 208.523.7774 Lewiston: C & B Music & Vending John Jordan 208.743.3248 Pocatello: Bannock Music Bruce McCaskill 208.232.4243 Salmon: Salmon River Amusement Bill Nemgar 208.756.4775 Twin Falls: Western Music & Vending Kevin Mahler 208.733.1212 Montana Bozeman: Rocky Mountain Gaming Don Lutes 406.586.9526 Helena: Century Gaming Chris Warren 406.442.7088 Lewistown: Native Son Amusement Stuart Armstrong 406.350.2204 Oregon Portland: Cascade Pool League Andrew Monstis 503.252.4215

February 2008

McQ’s Billiards

& Sports Bar 9614 E Sprague Spokane WA (509) 891-8357

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Great Daily Specials come Watch supeR BoWl Weekly Tournaments Tues 9-Ball at 7:30 pm Spokane In-house BCA Pool League contact Nita Saddler 509-891-8357 Tournament Play on 9’ Gold Crowns Doors open at 9am - Starts 10 am For Info Call Nita (509) 891-8357 Pool Player Rates: Quality Inn Resv. 509-928-5218 or 800-777-7355



1055 Sunset Blvd NE

Renton, WA

425-255-9213 Cows may come and cows may go But the BULL in this place goes on forever

Maggie O’T O’Toooles Pub & Grub

Mon: 9-Ball at 7PM Thurs: 8-Ball at 7PM $5 entry - “B” Players Only House adds 100% 6006 100th St SW Lakewood, WA



Bar & Grill

7115 NE Hazel Dell - Vancouver,WA

360-694-3114 Mon: Sun:

8-Ball Open at 7PM - first 24 $5 entry - Added Money Blind Draw Scotch Doubles at 6PM - $5 entry Added money 16+ players

February 2008


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WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS LOCA TION LOCATION Hot Shots Full Moon Bar & Grill Rack’em Cues Billiards Sharky’s Pool & Brew Skyland Hot Shots Hwy 26 Sports Bar Rack’em Cues Billiards Sharky’s Pool & Brew Hwy 26 Sports Bar Wichita Cues Billiards Cues Billiards Skyland Domenic’s Bar & Grill Ranchouse Ranchouse Ranchouse Yukon Jack’s K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway K C Midway JoQ’s Ranchouse Ranchouse Ranchouse Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway Classic Billiards NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Sharky’s Pool & Brew

PHONE (503) 644-8869 (503) 663-0581 (541) 779-6111 (503) 251-8399 (503) 391-4912 (503) 661-6464 (503) 644-8869 (503) 663-5181 (541) 779-6111 (503) 251-8399 (503) 391-4912 (503) 663-5181 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 251-8399 (503) 661-6464 (503) 654-6969 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (541) 935-1921 (503) 656-9501 (503) 362-3600 (503) 656-9501 (503) 656-9501 (503) 287-4210 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 702-7878 (503) 362-3600 (503) 656-9501 (503) 761-2622 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 391-4912


Deal of the Century - Tax Time

20-40% OFF (on most cues)

One Day Only Noon - 8PM

Feb 22nd

Hot Shots Family Billiards 4900 SW Western Ave Beaverton, OR


EVENT / RULES 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express 8 Ball BCA rules USPPA 8-Ball BCA Rules 9-Ball 8-Ball B & Below 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express 8-Ball/9-Ball USPPA 9-Ball C & below 8-Ball B & below Mod. BCA 8-Ball/9-Ball 8-Ball Open 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball B & Below 8-Ball “No Masters” 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Double Elim. 9-Ball Texas Express 8 Ball-Open 9 Ball Texas Express 8 Ball BCA rules 9-Ball with Break Pot 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Doubles 9 Ball - Race 4/3 9-Ball Race to 4/3 8 Ball Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 9-Ball

ENTR Y ENTRY $6+$1 $5 $8 $7 incl. g.f. $5+$2 g.f. $3 $6+$1 $5 $8 $7 incl. g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5 $5 $6 incl. g.f. $6 incl. g.f. $3 $5 $6 $6 $6 $3 $5 $5 $6 $5 $5 $6 $6 $6 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $3M/$2W $10+$2 g.f. $10


TIME 7:00PM $$$ 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM Matching 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM Matching 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM $75/1st w/16 7:00PM Matching 7:00PM Matching 7:30PM $$$ 7:30PM $$$ 9:30PM 7:30PM 50% 7:00PM $$$ 5:00PM $$$ 7:30PM $$$ 9:30PM 50% 7:30PM $75/1st w/16 7:30PM $$$ 7:30PM $75/1st w/16 5:00PM $75/1st w/16 7:30PM 8:00PM $$$ 5:00PM $$$ 7:30PM $$$ 9:30PM $$$ 7:30PM $75/1st w/16 6:30PM Match to $100 5:00PM $100 6:00PM 11:00AM 50% 1:00PM


February 2008 Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.


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WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS LOCA TION PHONE LOCATION Tall Timbers (253) 952-2302 Houdini’s (360) 331-1979 Classic Island (509) 460-7203 Maggie O’Toole’s (253) 584-3278 9-Ball “B” Only Summit Pub (253) 536-1588 Cues-N-Brews (360) 855-2263 Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 Halftime (360) 694-3114 Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 New Grove (425) 438-8449 P C Pub (425) 258-9465 Full Splice (253) 512-6898 Longhorn Saloon (253) 581-2580 J R’s Steakhouse & Bar (360) 658-7747 Dr Cues (206) 365-1187 7th Rail (509) 325-7751 McQ’s (509) 891-8357 Log Cabin (253) 863-2905 The Spot Off Main (425) 646-6434 Houdini’s (360) 331-1979 Cadillac Island (360) 957-0065 Jillian’s (206) 223-0300 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew (253) 383-3301 Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 Mustard Seed (425) 603-9001 New Grove (425) 438-8449 Charley’s (253) 564-9454 Qz’s (253) 262-8437 Maggie O’Toole’s (253) 584-3278 Daverthumps (425) 774-6573 Frankies (360) 455-0352 Nifty’s (253) 531-8202 Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 P C’s Pub (425) 258-9465 Time Out Alehouse (253) 838-0086 Cadillac Island (360) 957-0065 The Club (509) 422-1907 Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 7th Rail (509) 325-7751 New Grove (425) 438-8449 Time Out Alehouse (253) 838-0086 Classic Island (509) 460-7203 Schooners (253) 584-1919 The Club (509) 422-1907 Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 Mike’s Place (425) 255-9213 7th Rail (509) 325-7751 Log Cabin (253) 863-2905 Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110 Qz’s (253) 262-8437 Full Splice (253) 512-6898 Longhorn Saloon (253) 581-2580 Cadillac Island (360) 957-0065 Uncle Jack’s (425) 640-5474 The Club (509) 422-1907 Frankies (360) 455-0352 Latitude 84 (253) 531-5154 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew (253) 383-3301 Halftime (360) 694-3114 Spot Bar & Grill (360) 256-1110

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open Call Pocket 8-Ball 9-Ball Open $5 100% 8-Ball 8-Ball - Limit 32 9-Ball 8-Ball Open-Limit first 24 8 Ball - Ladies Only 8-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball B & below/BCA Mod. 9-Ball Limit 32 “Torture” Tournament 9 Ball - Texas Express 9-Ball Vegas Rules 8-Ball Revised BCA Rules 9-Ball 8-Ball Open 9-Ball 9 Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball Call Pocket 8-Ball B only Limit 16 8-Ball “Meat Shoot” 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 8-Ball 8-Ball “B” Only 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Valley Rules 8-Ball 8 Ball - BCA Modified 8 Ball - B & below 8-Ball 9-Ball $25 top B player 8-Ball 8 Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball BCA rules 9-Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Slop Pool 9-Ball 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating 9-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls

9-Ball Open 9-Ball 8-Ball Valley Rules 8-Ball 8-Ball Blind Draw Scotch Dbls 9-Ball Race to 3

ENTR Y ADDED ENTRY $5 100% ($100 max) $5+$10 g.f. $50 w/16 $5+$2 g.f. $200 w/20 7:00PM $5 50% $5 $50 $5+$3 g.f. $5 $$$ $3 $2/player $12 $200 Guar $5 100% $5+$3 100% w/15+ $5 Pays 75% field $5+$2 g.f. 100%+Break Pot $10 Break Pot $1 $20 $5+$2 g.f. $50 min. $5 Matching $7 100% $5+$10 g.f. $50 w/16 $5+$1 Matching $7 100% $5+3 g.f. 100% w/32 $5+$3 g.f. $5 Matching $5 up to $100 $5 $200 in Meat $5+$2 g.f. Matching $5+$3 g.f. 100% $5 100% $5+$2 g.f. Matching to 32 $5 Matching $5 100% w/16+ $5 $3/player $5 100% $5 50% $5+$2 g.f. $200 $5 $5 100% w/16 $3 Matching $12 $200 Guar $5 50% $5+$2 g.f. Matching $5 100% $5 $5 100% w/16 $5 100% w/16 $3 Matching $5 Matching $2 Meat $5+$3 g.f. 100% $5+$3 100% w/15+ $5 Pays 75% field $5+$1 Matching $5+$2 g.f. Matching $5 $5 Matching $5+$3 g.f. $10 100% $5 $$$ w/16+ $5 Matching

TIME 6:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30pm 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 11:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 1:30pm 8:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM

February 2008



Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

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WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS LOCA TION LOCATION Alexanders Main Street Billiards Kolby’s Main Street Billiards Main Street Billiards Main Street Billiards Alexander’s Kolby’s Alexander’s Kolby’s Main Street Billiards

PHONE (602) 973-1638 (520) 546-3464 (480) 829-7344 (520) 546-3464 (520) 546-3464 (520) 546-3464 (602) 973-1638 (480) 829-7344 (602) 973-1638 (480) 829-7344 (520) 546-3464

EVENT / RULES 8 & Under 8-Ball 8 and under minus 3 games Open Wild Ball D/E Hdp Open ABC 8 and under minus 3 games Open minus 4 games 9-Ball 9 & Under hdcp -3 Min 4 9-Ball Open HQ-3 D/E 9-Ball Scotch hdcp -10 Min 4 8 & Under HQ-3 D/E Race to full handicap

ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5 Call $5 $5 $5 $5 $11 $15 Call $10

ADDED 200% payback Sidepot Sidepot Sidepot Sidepot 200% payback

$$$ Side pot

TIME 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 2:00PM 5:30PM 2:00PM 1:00PM



Visit us online at: to watch FREE Pool Videos! DA Y DAY CITY Tuesdays Moscow Wednesdays Moscow Twin Falls Saturdays Moscow Sundays Pocatello

LOCA TION LOCATION Mingles Mingles The Pocket Mingles Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 882-2050 (208) 882-2050 (208) 733-9676 (208) 882-2050 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5 $6 $5 $5

ADDED $25 w/16+ Matching Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM

DA Y DAY Mondays

CITY Kalispell Three Forks Wednesdays Kalispell Missoula Friday Missoula Saturdays Kalispell Missoula Missoula Sundays Belgrade Butte

LOCA TION LOCATION Cattlemen’s Casino Frontier Club Cattlemen’s Casino Buck’s Club Buck’s Club Cattlemen’s Casino Buck’s Club Buck’s Club Hub Bar Mr Ed’s

PHONE (406) 257-9656 (406) 285-9876 (406) 257-9656 (406) 543-5028 (406) 543-5028 (406) 257-9656 (406) 543-5028 (406) 543-5028 (406) 388-1811 (406) 782-3700

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8 Ball


ADDED Matching


$5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5

Matching $5/player $5/player Matching $5/player $5/player

7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 4:00PM 8:00PM




DA Y DAY Mondays

LOCA TION LOCATION Jointed Cue Family Billiards Broken Rack Garlic City Billiards CA Billiard Club Shooters Jointed Cue CA Billiard Club Hard Times Billiards Palacade Gary’s Victor Billiards Shooters Hard Times Family Billiards Shooters Family Billiards Billiard Palacade Hard Times CA Billiard Club Hard Times Gary’s Victor Billiards

PHONE (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (510) 652-9808 (408) 842-6950 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (916) 456-3243 (650) 965-3100 (916) 332-8798 (415) 585-6800 (760) 951-2800 (951) 785-9588 (916) 332-8798 (415) 931-1115 (951) 785-9588 (415) 931-1115 (415) 346-9140 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (916) 332-8798 (760) 951-2800

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball B USPPA USPPA 9-Ball USPPA 8 Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open staggered entry 9-Ball USPPA 9 Ball ‘B’ & below-Limit 32 8-Ball 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball 9 Ball USPPA USPPA 9-Ball USPPA NPL NPL 9-Ball Open 9-Ball USPPA Handicap 9 Ball Open 9-Ball Handicap

ENTRY $5 $20 $15 $15 $10 $12 $5-$15 $20 $5 $10 $8 $12 $10 $20 $12 $20 $20 $15 $20 $15 $9


TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 3:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM Noon 6:00PM

CITY Sacramento San Francisco



Emeryville Gilroy Mountain View

Riverside Sacramento Wednesdays Mountain View Sacramento San Francisco Victorville Thursdays Riverside Sacramento San Francisco


Riverside San Francisco San Francisco


Bellflower Mountain View

Sacramento Victorville

$50 $75 $50

$50 w/16 $500 Break Pot $$$ $500 Break Pot $5/player to $150

February 2008

34 DA TE DATE Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 2 Feb 2 Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 3 Feb 8-10 Feb 9 Feb 9 Feb 9-10 Feb 9-10 Feb 9-10 Feb 9-10 Feb 10 Feb 16 Feb 16 Feb 16 Feb 16-17 Feb 16-17 Feb 16-17 Feb 22-24 Feb 23 Feb 23 Feb 23-24 Feb 23-24 Feb 23-24 Feb 23-24

CITY Great Falls, MT Great Falls, MT Okanogan, WA Lynnwood, WA Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Great Falls, MT Helena, MT Salem, OR Phoenix, AZ Tacoma, WA Hollywood, CA Woodenville, WA Marysville, WA Bozeman, MT Salem, OR Tucson, AZ Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Oak Harbor, WA Mtn View, CA Phoenix, AZ Salem, OR Tucson, AZ Bozeman, MT Longview, WA Everett, WA San Francisco, CA Feb 25-Mar 2 Reno, NV Feb 27 San Francisco, CA Mar 1 Sacramento, CA Mar 2 Sacramento, CA Mar 1 Lynnwood, WA Mar 1-2 Port Angeles, WA Mar 2 Portland, OR Mar 10-16 Lincoln City, OR Mar 13 Fairview, MT Mar 14 Fairview, MT Mar 15 Fairview, MT Mar 16 Fairview, MT Mar 14-16 Libby, MT Mar 14-16 Billings, MT Mar 15-16 Phoenix, AZ Mar 15-16 Mtn View, CA Mar 15-16 Oak Harbor, WA Mar 22-23 San Francisco, CA Mar 26 San Francisco, CA Mar 28-30 Great Falls, MT Mar 29-30 Tempe, AZ Mar 29-30 Everett, WA Apr 5 Lynnwood, WA Apr 6 Portland, OR Apr 5 Sacramento, CA Apr 6 Sacramento, CA Apr 5-6 Port Angeles, WA Apr 11-13 Portland, OR Apr 12 Salem, OR Apr 16-20 Shelton, WA Apr 19-20 Mtn View, CA Apr 24-27 Phoenix, AZ Apr 25-27 Lewistown, MT Apr 26-27 Everett, WA Apr 26-27 San Francisco, CA Apr 30 San Francisco, CA May 3-4 Phoenix, AZ May 9-17 Las Vegas, NV June 7-14 Las Vegas, NV

LOCA TION LOCATION 8 Ball In (See ad Jan) 8 Ball In (See ad Jan) The Club (See ad Jan) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Hard Times (See ad 21) Hard Times (See ad 21) Sam’s Billiards (See ad 31) 8 Ball In (See ad p6) Edge Casino (See ad p15) The Cue Ball (See ad p5) Alexander’s (See ad p13) Malarkey’s (See ad p14) Hollywood Billiards (See ad Jan) McCorry’s (See ad p4) New California (See ad p22) Eagles #326 (See ad p15) Sharky’s (See ad p29) Main Street (See ad p12) Stix Billiards (See ad p22) American Legion (See ad p8) CA Billiard Club (See ad p27) Desert Dust-Off (See ad p10) Sharky’s (See ad p29) Main Street (See ad p12) Eagles #326 (See ad p15) Cadillac Island (See ad p34) Soundview (See ad p3) Family Billiards (See ad p17) Sands Regency (See ad Jan) Billiard Palacade (See ad p20) Hard Times (See ad 21) Hard Times (See ad 21) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) New Peking (See ad p23) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p31) Western BCA (See ad p26) Waterhole #3 (See ad p3) Waterhole #3 (See ad p3) Waterhole #3 (See ad p3) Waterhole #3 (See ad p3) Tom Scott Mem (See ad p18) Eagles Lodge (See ad p21) Alexander’s (See ad p13) CA Billiard Club (See ad p27) American Legion (See ad p8) Family Billiards (See ad p17) Billiard Palacade (See ad p20) 8 Ball In (See ad p36) Kolby’s (See ad p11) Soundview (See ad p3) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p31) Hard Times (See ad 21) Hard Times (See ad 21) New Peking (See ad p23) NiteHawk (See ad p19) The Cue Ball (See ad p5) Pacific ACS (See ad p2) CA Billiard Club (See ad p27) Desert Shootout (See ad p10) MCMOA (See ad p24) Soundview (See ad p3) Family Billiards (See ad p17) Billiard Palacade (See ad p20) Alexander’s (See ad p13) BCA Nationals (See ad Jan) ACS Nationals (See ad p35)

PHONE (406) 761-9169 (406) 761-9169 (509) 422-1907 (425) 640-5474 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (503) 282-8266 (406) 761-9169 (406) 449-4997 (503) 362-9740 (602) 973-1638 (253) 383-3301 (323) 465-0115 (425) 478-1659 (360) 653-2101 (406) 587-9996 (503) 391-4912 (520) 546-3464 (714) 299-5432 (360) 675-5266 (650) 965-3100 (602) 293-3985 (503) 391-4912 (520) 546-3464 (406) 587-9996 (360) 957-0065 (425) 238-3591 (415) 931-1115 (702) 719-7665 (415) 585-6800 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (425) 640-5474 (360) 452-3845 (503) 282-8266 League Operator (406) 742-5224 (406) 742-5224 (406) 742-5224 (406) 742-5224 (406) 293-1283 (406) 208-0518 (480) 888-5112 (650) 965-3100 (360) 675-5266 (415) 931-1115 (415) 585-6800 (406) 799-4949 (480-272-2016 (425) 238-3591 (425) 640-5474 (503) 282-8266 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (360) 452-3845 (503) 285-7177 (503) 362-9740 (360) 892-7454 (650) 965-3100 (602) 293-3985 (406) 442-7088 (425) 238-3591 (415) 931-1115 (415) 585-6800 (480) 272-2016 (702) 719-7665 (888) 662-1705

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Chuck Thompson Mem. Super Bowl Blind Draw Doubles 8-Ball Scotch Doubles 9-Ball (big table) One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Dbls-Bud Sautter Mem. 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 9-Ball 8 & Under 9-Ball Open - Limit 64 9-Ball Jay Swanson Mem. Mx Sc Dbls - No rated pros Fingerpool - World Champ. Sweetheart Mx Dbls 9-Ball Ladies Only-Handicap Tournament of Champions Open 14.1 (Men & Women) 8-Ball 4 Player Team (Singles) Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball 10 Ball at Alexander’s - Limit 96 Open 9-Ball Handicapped Super Scotch Doubles Women’s State Doubles (MT only) 8-Ball Handicap 8 Ball Women’s Invitational Team One Pocket/9-Ball U S Bar Table 10Ball 9Ball 8Ball 8-Ball Handicapped One Pocket 9-Ball 9-Ball (big table) Juan de Fuca Mx Sc Dbls-Max 64 Straight Pool 8-Ball Regionals 8-Ball Ladies 8-Ball Mixed Couples 8-Ball Singles 8-Ball Doubles 8-Ball Men & Women Big Sky Singles 10 Ball AZ Desert Classic Tour Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball 8-Ball Partners Limit 32 - one Master One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open & Women Div. AWBT Tour Stop 8 Ball Everett Open 9-Ball (big table) Straight Pool One Pocket 9-Ball Ironmaniac I-25 player Round Robin 9-Ball All American Tour Limit 48 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players Regional 8-Ball Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball 9 Ball Montana State 8-Ball 8-Ball 2 Pair Mx Sc Dbls Team One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Handicapped AWBT Tour 8 Ball Bar Box Nationals Singles, Sc Dbls, Tms 8-Ball & 9-Ball Championships

ENTR Y ENTRY $25 $10 $20/Team $20+$5 g.f. $20 $25 $15 $100+$10 g.f. $20 $10 $30 $40+$10 g.f. $65 (incl g.f.) $70+$10 g.f. $3 $20 $20+$10 g.f. Call $40 (incl g.f.) $130/team $25 / $25 $100 $20 $20 $20 $40+$10 g.f. $125 $25 each $125 each $20 $20 $25 $20+$5 g.f. $70+$10 g.f. $12 Varies $10 $20 $30 $40 $35 $35 $50 $25 / $25 $60 $25 each $20 $25 Call $125 $20+$5 g.f. $15 $20 $25 $40+$10 g.f. $45+$5 g.f. $10 Varies $25 / $25 Call Qualify $125 $25 each $20 Call Varies Varies

ADDED $500 w/ful field $$$ $300 w/16 T $250 w/32

$10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$5,000 w/full field $300 $200 $500 $1500 w/64 $3,000 Guar. $100 $600 w/30+ $1,500 Guar $500 $400 each $5,000 $500 w/32 $500 $600+ $1,000 Guar $1,000 $300 ea w/32 $24,500 Guar $200

$10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$250 w/32 $1100 $26,000+

$750 Guar $800 $500 Guar $1,000 $400 each $500 w/full field $300 ea w/32 $200 $5,000 $500 $1,000 $250 w/32 $10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$250 w/full field $1500 $200 $12,500 $400 each $25,000 max entries $1,000 $300 ea w/32 $200 $500 $750,000

TIME 1:00PM 3:00PM 11:00AM 10:00AM Noon Noon 11:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 10:00AM Noon 10:00AM 10:00AM Call Call 11:00AM Noon Call 10AM 10:00AM 1:00PM 4:00PM Noon 1:00PM 10:00AM 11:00AM Call 1:00PM Call Call Noon Noon 10:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 5:00PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 9:00AM 10:00AM 9:00PM 7:00PM 10:00AM 1:00PM 10:00AM 1:00PM Call 8:00PM Call Call 10:00AM 11:00AM Noon Noon 10:00AM 8:00PM 10:00AM Varies 1:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 1:00PM Call Call Call Call

February 2008


The Break February Issue 2008  

Archived issue from February 2008

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