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November 2007


November 2007

Wild West Shootout from: John Amelsberg, Director

Well if you were not in Gt. Falls for was a daunting task. Player packets the Second Annual 8-Ball Wild West with rules, drink tickets and casino Shootout you missed another stellar coupons handed out, everyone event. The 8-ball Casino located at registered and paid, Calcutta lists 1020 17th ST So added $5000 to an handed out. open singles 8-Ball event along with With so many skilled competitors another $1500 to a Ladies only event. bidding was very exciting and more The Ladies’ event was planned to be than $14,000 was added to the held at The Prospector Sports Bar, already large purse. unfortunately a week earlier a fire After the burned the building to the ground. The Auction fire started in the ceiling above three the field beautiful Diamond tables. When the w a s Dave Martin smoke was first found, the people were evacuated. When in minutes the entire false ceiling fell on the Diamond and the building burst into flames. The fire started about 1:00pm, we were divided into brackets. The Ladies thankful everyone had gotten out and no one was hurt. Later that evening played one bracket down to 16 that there were six APA pool league teams scheduled to play on those tables. would return Sunday for the finals. The With 40-50 pool players in the room the fire may have gone undetected Open was divided into four brackets until l the ceiling collapsed. with the top eight from each to return Many thanks go to the 8-Ball Casino, First Interstate Band, and American on Sunday. Music the event sponsors. With the large field already registered we were A race to five and 150 plus matches to be Jana Montour scrambling to find a location to host the lady’s event. The Classic 50’s held, time was not a luxury. Each match Casino was generous enough to put a couple extra tables in their card up was given forty-five to play, after that a room and accommodate the ladies’ event. 45 second shot clock was implemented. The weekend started Friday night with a players Calcutta. For the first time Even with the best efforts of the directors and in more years than I will admit, when asked how many players have we many volunteers it was not possible, to get the got? I had to replied “TOO MANY!” With a field of 163 men and 57 ladies, it entire field narrowed all the way down to 32 (Wild West Shootout continued on page 26)

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November 2007

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Alexander’s Phoenix, AZ 17 Billiard Palacade San Francisco, CA 12 Billiards Plus Vancouver, WA 30 Black Star Tacoma, WA 29 Broken Rack Emeryville, CA 13 Buck’s Club Missoula, MT 27 Buffalo Jump Livingston, MT 26 Cadillac Island Longview, WA 34 California Billiard Club Mtn View, CA 9,16 Cat’s Paw Bozeman, MT 15 Cattlemen’s Casino Kalispell, MT 22 Classic Billiards Portland, OR 8 Cue Ball, The Salem, OR 16 Cue’s Billiards Portland, OR 31 Daverthumps Lynnwood, WA 6 Dr Cue Billiards Shoreline, WA 28 Eagles Club #326 Bozeman, MT 7 Edge Casino Helena, MT 14 Eight Ball In Great Falls, MT 9 Falls Club Post Falls, ID 23 Family Billiards San Francisco, CA 35 Farmhouse Portland, OR 30 Frankie’s Olympia, WA 22 Full Splice Tacoma, WA 20 Gary’s Victor Billiards Victorville, CA 22 Good Time Ernies Burien, WA 29 Halftime Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA 30 Hard Times Billiards Sacramento, CA 18 Holiday Classic Bozeman, MT 3 Hub Bar Belgrade, MT 7 Hwy 26 Sports Bar Boring, OR 29 Jake’s Bar & Grill Salem, OR 6 Jake’s Old Inn Snohomish, WA 30 Jillians Seattle, WA 27 Jointed Cue Sacramento, CA 14 K C Midway Oregon City, OR 23 Kings Korner Casino Billings, MT 21 Latitude 84 Tacoma, WA 8 Lil’ Big Foot Spokane, WA 4 Log Cabin Bar Sumner, WA 29 Longhorn Saloon Lakewood, WA 12 Maggie O’Tooles Lakewood, WA 30 Maguffy’s Pub Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR 30 Malarkey’s Tacoma, WA 15 McCorry’s Woodenville, WA 4 McQ’s Billiards Spokane, WA 30 Main Street Billiards Mesa, AZ 10 Main Street Billiards Tucson, AZ 28 Mike’s Place Renton, WA 30 Molly Brown Bozeman, MT 13

Lil’ Big Foot 3015 E Mission Spokane, WA


Mr Ed’s Saloon Butte, MT Mustard Seed Bellevue, WA New California Marysville, WA New Grove Everett, WA Nifty’s Puyallup, WA NiteHawk Portland, OR Northern Lounge Glendale, AZ Oasis Bar Pocatello, ID Ox Sports Bar Phoenix, AZ P C’s Pub Everett, WA Quinault Beach Ocean Shores, WA Ranger Lounge Sidney, MT Robin’s Billiards Monroe, WA Rodder’s Oregon City, OR Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR Sands Reno Open Reno, NV Schooners Lakewood, WA Shanahan’s Vancouver, WA Sharkey’s Pool & Brew Salem, OR Skyland Pub Troutdale, OR Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA Spot Off Main Bellevue, WA Stars Pub & Grill Federal Way, WA Tall Timbers Federal Way, WA Time Out Alehouse Federal Way, WA Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA Wichita Milwaukie, OR

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Billiard Directory Index Dr Cue’s Artistic Pool Tour Hood River Distillers Medallion , The Gig Harbor, WA Platis Law Firm Lynnwood, WA Pool On TV Roger Long Phoenix, AZ Samm Diep Aurora, CO San Francisco Billiard Academy CA

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Letter to the Editor:

A Response to: A misunderstanding or an out and out flimflam, you judge. One of the many responsibilities of a TD is to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to compete. With only 15 players in this tournament, and the statement that the practice table was not being used in the tournament, should be an indicator to the TD that the match was suspect. If the TD had assigned tables (a very standard practice) this would have really been in favor to the player that was duped. Still with only 15 players in the tournament, the duped player should have known who he was playing next and should always be aware of where he stands in the flow chart. Hearing only one side of this argument is not a basis to make a determination. But to answer the question ... What would be your call? Or what would you have done as a TD, here is my reply. How do you determine which player is telling the truth? Some additional information would be helpful, but if none were available you could: You can ask if anyone witnessed the event (foul or issue). It is well within the TD’s rights to solicit information in a dispute. Sometimes all the witnesses are one of the players buddies. And what if the witnesses have different versions? You can take sides with the player you feel is more reputable… not always a good idea, and can brand the TD as a “HOMER” always leaning towards the home crowd in calls ... bad rep for the TD. You can take each player aside and listen to their side of the story and make a determination based on what you believe to be TRUE ... Big judgment call.. and not very fair to at least one of the players. You can explain to the person that traveled 175 miles to a tournament that it is always a good practice to know how to read a flow chart and who your next opponent is and what (Response continued on page 26)

November 2007

Dr Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup Doctor of Billiardology, WPA World Artistic Pool Champion, ESPN and World Masters Trick Shot Champion, North American Professional Trick & Fancy Shot Champion

Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman, a World Champion contributes his monthly artistic pool shot challenges taken from the DR. CUE CLASSIC "ARTISTIC POOL" TOUR 2008 SHOT / CHALLENGE PROGRAM. The Dr Cue Classic “Artistic” Cup will be held January 5-7, 2008 at the Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman Executive Inn in Louisville, KY. The shots presented in his column will be part of the disciplines that the participants in this event will attempt to make. The Artistic Cup has a guaranteed prize fund of over $20,000 with $5,000 going to first place. The field will be open to 48 players of both Open A and Open B catagories (pro, amateur, junior). Full information and the complete shot program is available online at and For more information please send your request to: Tom "Dr. Cue" and Marty "Ms. Cue" Rossman "Dr. Cue" Classic Artistic Pool Tour Directors Email Options: Phone Options: 765.795.4968 (Business) 765.760.7665 (Cell)


Discipline: Follow Shots Degree of Difficulty: 5.0

CUE BALL(S) PLACEMENT: In hand - anywhere behind dark line 1 diamond segment to right of pocket "D" OBJECT BALL(S) PLACEMENT: "X" ball frozen to cushion #3 and centered at middle diamond, "F" ball at or near pocket "F" OBJECTIVE: Shoot cue ball to "X" ball, which will clear cushion. Then, cue ball will follow to make "F" ball in pocket "F". Special Notes: "X" ball does not have to be made SCORING: · Attempt #3 - 3 points · Attempt #1 - 5 points · Attempt #4 - 2 points · Attempt #2 - 4 points

November 2007


NWPA Finale Tournament Directors: Chris Rogers and Ford

break and forced two kick shots from Liz, which she it. But Kyoko was able The final NWPA Tour stop for 2007 to find an out to win. Liz was ready was in many ways similar to the start. for a re-match and took out Yuko 7-2. For instance, both events were held The finals, one race to nine, mirrored at The Parlor in Bellevue, Wa. (an the point match except Kyoko was occurrence we hope to make a always barely ahead. Then, just tradition), almost every player at the when Liz tied the match at 6-6, Kyoko, year’s end also started at the Parlor who had been struggling, nailed the in March and both times we had a nine in the corner on the break, then good grove of spectators turn up. played smart and skillfully, not The best part of our last event each missing again to win 9-6. year, besides the battle for the top 6 A pleasure to watch, we wish the best spots, is the banquet, where dinner to Kyoko in her upcoming WPBA (free to any member and a small season and invited her back to our charge to guests) is provided, awards tour anytime. Until, that is, she is in are given and prizes raffled off. Elaine the top 16 of the World Rankings. Kyoko Sone, Liz Cole, Chris Rogers (Tournament Director) Eberly is to be commended for getting From all the player and volunteers, we together donations from a variety of wish to thank our sponsors and especially the room owners who make our vendors. Notably Linda Pault of RT9 gave us several of her famous tour possible and we can’t wait till next year! paintings to raffle off. The money allowed the NWPA to sponsor its own 1st Kyoko Sone $405 qualifying spot to the WPBA for this event. Also, our own Linda Carter 2nd Liz Cole $265 donated the grand prize of a cruise in the Bahamas or Mexico. Many thanks 3rd Yuko Kudaka $170 to all. 4th Suzanne Osborne $130 Believe it or not, but 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards couldn’t be presented 5/6 Kim Hole $80 because our trophy supplier was hit by a vehicle, ruining there store not Jessica Orth $80 once, but twice! But the awards do go to Kyoko Sone for First (no surprise), 7/8 Andy Ruth $60 Liz Cole for second and Linda Carter for third. The tournament director’s Janie Reckard $60 award for sportsmanship went this year to Mikki Small. Congratulations! For the sake of brevity, I’ll start the actual tournament summary with Sunday’s play. On the A side semi-finals, Liz Cole beat Yuko Kudaka 7-4 and Kyoko Sone got Jessica Orth 7-2. At the same time, on the B side, Kim Hole won 7-3 over Andy Ruth and then beat Yuko 7-5 while Suzanne Osborne got past Janie Reckard 7-5 and Jessica 7-3. This set up a battle 5510 W Clearwater - Kennewick, WA between Suzanne and Yuko that went hill-hill with Suzanne getting the final game. The point, however, was the match of the year. While never trailing, Liz ELECTED couldn’t get more than a one game lead over Kyoko. She did get on the hill OOL ABLES first for a 6-5 lead (until then, no one had won more then four games against Kyoko in a race to 7), but after a run out tied it, Kyoko controlled the last

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November 2007

Rotation Continuous By: Bob Jewett of the SFBA

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San Francisco Billiard Academy Do you have trouble working your way through run-outs? Do you have to fall back on safety play more than you would like? Here is a game that will help you develop the skills to run out even when there looks like there’s not much hope. It was suggested to me by Danny Kuykendall Bob Jewett from Southern California and is called Rotation Continuous. The rules are pretty simple. You are playing 15-ball rotation so you have to hit the lowest ball first on each shot. At the start of each turn at the table, the incoming player gets ball in hand. You score one for each ball pocketed, and lose a point for a foul. Shots do not have to be called. Safety play is not allowed. Two or more can play, or you can play against the Ghost (explained below). For the opening break, the one ball goes in front, and the 2 and 3 balls should go on the corners. If the breaker makes a ball, he gets ball in hand to continue the run, and gets a point for each ball he sank on the break. Whoever makes the last ball of a rack breaks the next rack. Play to a total of 50 or 75 points. If you play an intentional safety, you lose 15 points. (This last rule is hard to judge, but I don’t see a better way to prevent safety play.) To play this game well, you have to perfect your break-outs and other special shots and take chances. Shown in the diagram is a situation that looks really tough at first until you see the solution through the first four balls. If this goes well, you will have solved all the problems. In the first shot, called a “ticky,” the object ball comes off a cushion to a ball near the cushion to trickle into the pocket. This shot is much easier than it looks and is important to

Ranger Lounge Watch for Upcoming Tournaments 110 S Central Sidney Sidney,, MT


master. The angle shown is nearly ideal, and it helps if you shoot as softly as possible. The shot on the 2 ball is an easy break-out of the 12-13 and is sure to get some kind of shape on the 3. You could play the 3-11 combo, but your inning would soon end as the 3 would likely be on the side cushion between the side and the 4-5. Instead play the 3 off the 10 which is a problem ball anyway. If you end up with the angle shown to the 4 ball, playing the cue ball off the 4 and the cushion to make the 9 should bring the cue ball around to the middle of the table for a possible shot on the 4 which will be clear. The other major technique that you will need to master for this game is the bank shot. If you MUST run out, the bank is often the best percentage. If you don’t move the 10 ball with the 3 as shown in the diagram, you are likely to end up banking it. A common mistake is to try to break the ball out (and miss it) rather than take the bank, but often you should resign yourself to the bank and play good position for it. “Playing the Ghost” means to play against an imaginary opponent who plays fairly well. At ghost nine ball, the Ghost is usually assumed to always run out if you give him any shot. To make things a little fairer, you get ball in hand after the break. Miss and you lose. For Rotation Continuous, you can play against a Ghost of a particular ability. Each time you miss, mark up your points and five points for the Ghost. If that’s too tough, try the 3-point Ghost. If you need some final motivation, remember that solo Rotation is Efren Reyes’ practice game of choice. I’ve heard that he would give the 15-point Nov 10 - $100 Added Ghost a very bad time at Rotation Women’s Doubles Continuous. $20 entry-per team The Billiard News & Tournament Report A Weekly Webcast

Limit 24 teams Starts 11am

Hub BaR Under New Management FREE POOL All Day Sundays Happy Hour 5-6 M-F 23 East Main (406) Belgrade, MT 388-1811

2007 W estern BCA Regional 9-Ball Western Final Results

8 MEN’S A SINGLES Jason Evans 1st $1,250 Marvin Holmes 2nd $860 Larry Sowell 3rd $595 Scott Thurston 4th $410 Brent Langley 5-6 $285 Gary Givens 5-6 Rick Elce 7-8 $195 Scott Schierman 7-8 Gary Bragg 9-12 $135 Ed Slade 9-12 Owen Miller 9-12 Dan Beltran 9-12 Joe Evinger 13-16 $90 Shea Lanter 13-16 Mitchell Henderson 13-16 Larry Maes 13-16 Ray Andrews 17-24 $65 Lance Bauge 17-24 Bill Ermatinger 17-24 John Evans 17-24 Aaron Probst 17-24 Mike Shannon 17-24 Mike Siplivy 17-24 Melvin White 17-24 Bernard Borran 25-32 $45 Mark Fenn 25-32 Russ Hodgin 25-32 Steve Myers 25-32 Randy Petz 25-32 Bill Ruddick 25-32 Todd Ruzicka 25-32 Darrell Schulden 25-32 MEN’S B SINGLES Scott Brasher 1st $1,130 David Kartchner 2nd $785 Marc Cowling 3rd $545 Randel Milhoan 4th $380 Gary Bryson 5-6 $260 Joe Y Chun 5-6 Steve Baumann 7-8 $180 Johnny Carr 7-8 Steve Graham 9-12 $125 Jim James 9-12 Paul Johnson 9-12 Anthony Littleleaf 9-12 Sonny Boggs 13-16 $85 Danny Quince 13-16 Bob Sandy 13-16 Jeremiah Sheroski 13-16 Bill Anglin 17-24 $60 Jeff Farnsworth 17-24 Collin Kharoufeh 17-24 Brian Kvasnicka 17-24 Jim Mortenson 17-24 Joe Moyak 17-24 Luke Wheeler 17-24 Tracy Hampton 25-32 $40

Curtis Hunnicutt 25-32 Steve Johnson 25-32 Ken Schenck 25-32 Adam Stromberg 25-32 Ron Van Pool 25-32 Cory Williams 25-32 Hector Acosta 33-48 $30 Josh Bullock 33-48 Robin Butterfield 33-48 Danny Dorton 33-48 Bill Eller 33-48 Larry Estes 33-48 Jeff Goemmel 33-48 Joe Guzman 33-48 Brian Johnson 33-48 Dave Kay 33-48 Wayne Keller 33-48 Stuart Landis 33-48 Walt Noah 33-48 Glenn Reckard 33-48 Dale Rupp 33-48 Ken Wilson 33-48 WOMENS MASTER SINGLES Jackie Fitchner 1st $1,000 AndreaSanz-Maes 2nd $550 Cindy Doty 3rd $300 Liz Cole 4th $165 Cindy Medina 5-6 $90 Josie Leroy 5-6 Barb Thompson 7-8 $50 Natalie Seal 7-8 WOMENS OPEN TEAM Nuclear 9-Ball Nymphs 1st $2,010 Jawbreakers 2nd $1,230 A Girl Thing 3rd $750 Hanky Spanky’s 4th $450 Cheese Pleez! 5-6 $270 Hot Mama’s 5-6 Out Of Shape 7-8 $165 Blackhorse 7-8 Ferrule Cats 9-12 $105 Nine Is Mine 9-12 O Face Killers 9-12 Oscar’s Place 9-12 MENS TEAM Soundview Bar & Grill1st $3,645 Barely Legal 2nd $2,550 Easy Money 3rd $1,785 3 Blind Mice 4th $1,245 Fox Flooring 5-6 $870 Play ‘Em All 5-6 Bigfoot 7-8 $615 Island Boys 7-8 Ace On The Turn 9-12 $420 Eagle Eye Billiards 9-12 The Speaker Boys 9-12

Latitude 84 Pool Tournaments Mon & Wed 9-Ball at 8PM Sun 8-Ball at 8PM Entries $5 + $3 green fee

Poker Tournament Tuesdays at 6:30PM

Weekly Specials Big Screen TV Pull Tabs 4 Pool Tables 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Thurs - Sun 8401 S Hosmer Way-Tacoma, WA


Nine Eleven 9-12 Jeff Baker & Assoc 13-16 $300 KC’s Midway 13-16 Oscar’s 5 13-16 Platis Law 13-16 2 Players And Russel 17-24 $210 Bounty Hunters 17-24 Hot Shots 17-24 Monsters 17-24 PC’S Pub #1 17-24 Sandy Clinic 17-24 Team Runout 17-24 We’re Kind Of A Bi 17-24 All Jacked Up 25-32 $135 BB&E 25-32 Duh 25-32 Easy Money 25-32 Harvey’s #1 25-32 Junkyard 25-32 Korner Street 1 25-32 The Nuts 25-32 4 Play - One 33-48 $105 All Jacked Up 33-48 Black Magic 33-48 Blue Suede Shu’s 33-48 Break and Run 33-48 Center Pocket 33-48 Cooler 33-48 Cowboy Dave 33-48 F-N-Teez 33-48 Four Play 33-48 Gary’s Lucky One33-48 Littlerock 33-48 Show Me Da Money 33-48 Silver Dollar 2 33-48 Thor’s Hammer 33-48 Yaunt Sum Dis 33-48 MENS MASTER SINGLES Todd Marsh 1st $1,340 Don Wirtaman 2nd $890 Ken Dodd 3rd $585 Cedric Sloan 4th $390 Randy Camantigue 5-6 $255 Pat Schumacher 5-6 Steve Lingelbach 7-8 $170 Matt Horner 7-8 Chad Bisconer 9-12 $110 Todd Gooch 9-12 Todd Speakman 9-12 Steve Tune 9-12 Andrew Monstis 13-16 $75 Jim Conway 13-16 Matt Bryan 13-16 Glenn Atwell 13-16 Mike Lambert 17-24 $50 Russell Cearley 17-24 Shane Verharren 17-24

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November 2007

Tom Lyons 17-24 Jennifer Nordling 9-12 Rhiannon Stewart 9-12 Tim Robertson 17-24 Bernie Foster 9-12 Jonathan Hahn 17-24 Robbin Iredale 13-16 Jay Krause 17-24 Angela Jensen 13-16 Dick Trichler 17-24 Alicia Kvasnicka 13-16 WOMENS OPEN SINGLES Bonnie Russell 13-16 Dove Thompson 1st $925 Joan Beaty 17-24 Melinda Childers 2nd $625 Natalie Charley 17-24 Cathy Duenas 3rd $420 Teresa Ganong 17-24 Dana Nakamura 4th $285 Lelani George 17-24 Johnnie Landis 5-6 $190 Lorraine Krom 17-24 Kari Stevens 5-6 Alisha Rogers 17-24 Faye Fang 7-8 $125 Cindy Rosenthal 17-24 Julie Deboer 7-8 Rosita Rothlisberger 17-24 Denice White 9-12 $85 OPEN SCOTCH DOUBLES Jason Evans- Francie Johnson 1st $1,530 J. Keith Johnson- Alisha Rogers 2nd $1,040 Tony Tipton- Trish Tipton 3rd $700 Jon Letsom- Darcy Moss 4th $480 Jay Thompson- Dove Thompson 5-6 $320 Ernest Omori- Vikkie Knutson 5-6 Dan Beltran- Eileen Stephens 7-8 $220 Shawn Self- Cindy Garvin 7-8 Owen Miller- Kasia Wilcox 9-12 $150 Ed Slade- Angela Jensen 9-12 Ray Sibert- Cindy Rosenthal 9-12 Jack Lowery- Kathie Gilcher 9-12 CC Cox- Sandee Curran 13-16 $100 Dan Savel- Bonnie Russell 13-16 Joe Evinger- Amy Evinger 13-16 Steve Myers-Stacy Eilts 13-16 Nate Dunford- Cathy Dunford 17-24 $70 Brad Magnussen- Traci Magnussen 17-24 Branch Hartsell- Anna Harris 17-24 Bernard Borran- Marie Brenner 17-24 Michael Knight- Linda Knight 17-24 Dan Rodriguez- Dana Nakamura 17-24 Wesley Bledsoe- Sharon Bledsoe 17-24 Brian Kvasnicka- Alicia Kvasnicka 17-24 MASTER SCOTCH DOUBLES Susan Preston- Jay Krause 1st $1,860 Steve Lingelbach- Carissa Biggs 2nd $1,140 Shane Verhaaren-Josie LeRoy 3rd $700 Andrea Saenz-Maes - Glenn Atwell 4th $430 Barb Thompson- Dave Thompson 5-6 $260 Steve Tune- Faye Fang 5-6 Liz Cole- Darrell Schulden 7-8 $160 Chelsey Davis- Matt Bryan 7-8 Tyler Luce- Janie Reckard 9-12 $100 Mike Stevens- Cindy Doty 9-12 Dick Trichler- Kathy Stanley 9-12 Russell Cearley- Katie Moses 9-12 MENS NOVICE SINGLES WOMENS NOVICE SINGLES Shane Swenson 1st Jean Snow 1st Jay Rinehart 2nd Lillian Duren 2nd Mark Yamamoto 3rd Liz Green 3rd



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All Ages Area 8 Pool Tables Over 21 Area 12 Pool Tables 12’ Snooker Tables Sunday 9-Ball at 5PM Entry $5 + $2 green fee Race 4/3 Match up to $100 Smoking Beer Non-Smoking Wine

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November 2007


Uncle Jack’s In House BCA Qualifier race to (5) and the finals was one race to (7) for all the cash. I had stared out the day with soreness Uncle Jack’s in Lynnwood, WA held a in my back that continually got worst BCA Qualifier and 50 members joined as time went by. But I was able to play to get their qualifications done for the well enough to help my partner Marvin Lincoln City 9-Ball tournament and Holmes to go undefeated thru the also for the year. We also had (6) point match to then sit undefeated other members who only needed to waiting for the B - side winners to put in one week for the 9-ball match up with us. Unfortunately in the tournament, but these players will middle of the second game of the final need to play a (8) week session to match, I caught my foot as I was qualify into future BCA tournaments. turning away from the table and felt a It was decided to turn this qualifier severe tear on the right side of my into a small cash league to allow the back, where the soreness was and players to have a tournament after the had to forfeit the match. We were league ended and also to get playing Harry Platis and Bernie Foster something back for their weekly play. at the time and since they were up 2 All the weekly fees paid in went Back row: Josh Stewart, Brian Goldrick, Rose Wilson, Marvin Holmes, Bernie Foster, to 0, we conceited the match to them. directly back to the players in a scotch Harry Platis, Center row: Jerry Bogen, Cid Saldana, Kneeling: Randy Camantigue Harry decided that we should split the doubles tournament. Some of the 1st and 2nd place money which was nice of them but not expected. I want players had never played scotch doubles but got their feet wet in a big way. to thank Harry and Bernie for being such good sports about it and also Tickets were sold for $1 during the 11 week league for a drawing during the apologize to Marvin again for not being able to complete the tournament. I tournament for items donated by several sponsors. All the money raised did find out later I had torn the muscles and would not be able to play any from the selling of tickets, and weekly paid dues went into the prize fun for pool for a couple of weeks, which is just in time for Lincoln City! the tournament. After everything was completed, we paid out $1,780 in the The tournament went as follows: playoffs to all participants. The items donated for the player to win in the 1st $400 Harry Platis & Bernie Foster drawing were, a very nice Poker Chip Set worth $150 donated by ABC 2nd $250 Marvin Holmes & Rose Wilson Billiards of Lynnwood. A “Jump Bridge” worth $35 donated cue maker Joe 3rd $180 Josh Stewart & Brian Goldrick McLaughlin. There was a “Jump Cue” donated by Jessie of 911 Billiards in 4th $130 Jerry Bogen & Cid Saldana Federal Way, WA. The big prized of the day was donated by Randy Camantigue, the new owner of Uncle Jack’s Billiards And Lounge. The (Uncle Jack’s BCA continued on page 26) prized was two 2 -Night 3 Day stays indifferent casinos in Los Vegas. Each package came with a $500 fun book, worth about $650. “ Make a note - in our next league qualifier will be (2) more of the vacation trips and you never know what else may be donated”. All the players and Chris, Ford and I want to thank each of the sponsors for their generous donations. To make this Scotch Dbl tournament fair to everyone; we decided to make it the highest paired up with the lowest and then went from there with the matching of everyone who showed up. The tournament ended up with (16) couples. The matches started with Race to (4) on the A - side and then a race to (3) on the B - side until the point match. The point match was a from: Rose Wilson, Chris Rogers & Ford (League Directors)

Hours: 11:30AM-2AM

881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

Under New Ownership 3rd Weekend of the Month Saturday: One Pocket $40 entry - Starts 1pm

Sunday: 9-Ball Open $25 entry - Starts 1pm

$400 ADDED

$400 ADDED

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November 2007


Metro Sports Bar & Billiards From: Dick Breese Tournament Director - Photos: Courtesy of:

Metro Sports Bar & Billiards of Phoenix, Arizona the home of 10-9 foot Gold Crown Tables & 9-7 foot 50 cent Valley Bar Tables does it again - WOW !! $3,020.00 Total Pay Out Scotch Doubles 9 Ball Tournament. 78 Players signed up for the tournament on October 6, 2007. The tournament was a 2 day event (Saturday & Sunday). This Tournament had a $30 team entry and $10 - $20 - $30 side pots. Texas Express Rules with no 3 Foul Rule. Maximum Arizona Rating of 16 with a race to your total rating minus 6 - Winner break - Loser rack - Split quarters. The Winner Take All $30 Side Pot had 19 entries which equaled a payback to winners of $570.00 The $10 Side Pot had 29 entries which equaled $290.00 The $20 Side Pot had 26 Hopell Ampongan entries which equaled $520.00 The 13 early entries of $20 each equaled $260.00 The 26 day of tournament entries at $30 each equaled $780.00 Metro guaranteed added equaled $500.00 Dick Breese - Tournament Director added another $100.00 Junior Florez and Bruce Green

Total Pay Out Was $3020.00 The Tournament started at 1 pm on Saturday and finished at 3:45 am. We were down to 8 teams at this point with 16 players returning on Sunday at noon - all in the money. The Winners - Hopell Ampongan and Brandon Butler again lost a match. This was the same performance of the July Scotch Tournament. This team worked together like a well oiled machine - A first round “bye� then 6 impressive wins in a row. Our hats go off to both of these great players. Our thanks go to Metro for hosting this event and adding the $500 Guaranteed money - also the excellent service by both the bar and kitchen personnel. The Beef Tips and Noodles special were terrific! The Sunday morning breakfast - can you believe - 2 eggs, 2 bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.00. Thanks Becky!! We know that all players have many choices where and Brandon Butler they can play on any given day - I personally as Tournament Director would like to thank all of the Metro players and staff for this successful tournament. Eight Places Paid including Side Pots as follows: 1st Hopell Ampongan and Brandon Butler $1,420.00 2nd Junior Florez and Bruce Green $340.00 3rd Andrew Rocha and Todd Dilley $475.00 4th Linda Porter and Diane Kindle $250.00 5th Dennis (BBQ) Greshem and Michaele Kedanis $255.00 6th Pete Barrios and John Bob $180.00 7th Wade Rea and Oscar Avila $50.00 8th Joe Masi and Tim DeMaagd $50.00 Total Pay Out: $ 3.020.00

Andrew Rocha and Todd Dilley

Serving all of Arizona Tired of playing at the same level? Trust a BCA instructor and a Proud Member of the SPF family CARL STEWART, BSIT, BCA, SPF AZBILLIARDACADEMY@GMAIL.COM

November 2007


Western BCA 9-Ball Regionals Western BCA Completes Successful 2007 9-Ball Championship Tournament It was an outstanding 9-ball tournament. The Tenth Annual 2007 Western BCA 9Ball Championships opened play Oct. 22 with mini-tournaments and ring games that night. The “real” competition started Wednesday morning with Scotch teams playing in Open and Master team competition. Singles followed Thursday and Friday and teams competed on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s Western BCA 9-ball tournament was bigger and better than ever. The 131 men’s teams and 39 women’s teams were the most ever to sign up to play. Attendance was up 20 percent from 2006, with 719 players in attendance this year. Total entries rose 17 percent, and payouts totaled $60,045. Added money increased to almost $22,000. This year even saw an added division with Men’s and Women’s Novice Singles play. Men’s Master division was won by Todd Marsh. Todd had to beat strong competition on his way to the top of the heap. Beginning with his first match he played, in order, Colin McMurphy, Ken Dodd, Steve Lingelbach, Chad Bisconer, Cedric Sloan, and then Don Wirtaman (who played Todd for the point and lost and then came back around after defeating Ken Dodd). Todd went through the field in the Men’s Master Singles by not losing a match. Impressive win, Todd. As an added note, Todd finished second in this year’s 8 Ball Championships in the Men’s Masters to Dan Louie from the Seattle area. This year Dan was unable to attend the Western BCA tournament as he was in the hospital back East due to a serious medical problem the required him to stay in intensive care for several days. The problem occurred while he was playing in the U. S. Open tournament in Virginia. Best wishes on your recovery, Dan. Jackie Fitchner clinched the Women’s Master division. Jackie’s route took her through matches with Barb Thompson, Heather Bullock, Josie Leroy, Cindy Doty for the point and Andrea Sanz-Maes for the final. Jackie won the Women’s Master by never losing a match and won her final match over Andrea by a score of 9-1 in only 27 minutes. This win was an early present to herself - her birthday was the following day. Incidentally, Jackie took second in the Women’s Masters at Nationals in Vegas this year. Jason Evans was steamrolled his way through the Men’s Open A players working his way through the loser’s bracket. Jason defeated Marvin Holmes by 8-1 in the final after Marvin had defeated Scott Thurston (4th) and Larry Sowell (3rd) to reach the finals. Jason also won the Open Mixed Scotch Doubles with Francie Johnson and finished third in the Men’s Team event. In addition, Jason turned a lot of heads with his play in the 10-Ball ring game on Tuesday night. Scott Brasher did not look like an Open B player when he destroyed the field of 166 and became the Open B champion. Scott, from Kennewick, went undefeated in the Men’s Open B. He beat David Kartchner in the finals after David beat Randel (continued on page 18) (Results on page 8)

November 2007


THE JUAN DE FUCA $500 Guaranteed Added 8-Ball Tournament Written by PVPL Online Staff

Tuesday, 23 October 2007 Larry Eans, your league director, and owner of the Northern Lounge will be celebrating his 40th birthday in November by sponsoring an 8-ball tournament. This event will have a Guaranteed Added $500 and a limited field of 64 players. The format will be a race to two games for those rated 7 & under & a race to 3 games for those rated 8 & above. The entry fee will be $10 with side pots offered with the tournament starting at noon Saturday


A special thanks to Windermere Real Estate for sponsoring our mix scotch doubles tournament. The $1100 added event brought some of the top players for the Washington and Oregon areas. Everybody had a wonderful time. Cindy Sliva and Eddie Mataya and Kim Hole and Leroy Dorsey played for the point in which Cindy and Eddie took 9-6. Linda Carter and James Davee fought back from the B side to play Kim and Leroy for 2nd and 3rd. Kim and Leroy took it 7-4 to play in the finals against Eddie and Cindy who dominated the match and won 9-4. Also, special thanks go out to Bill Henderson for this tournament and other tournaments as well. The Fong family appreciates all of your dedication and hard work. 1st $800 Cindy Sliva and Eddie Mataya 2nd $500 Kim Hole and Leroy Dorsey 3rd $300 Linda Carter and James Davee 4th $210 Andrea Saenz-Maes and Tommy Sliva 5/6 $130 Melissa Rushton and Kevin Fong Molly and Scott Thurston Open Daily from 5pm - 2am

GOLDEN TEE 2006 “EXTRA” GOLF TOURNAMENT Every Saturday at 9:30pm WORLD’S ONLY 8-LINKED SET OF S.F. RUSH 2049 Video Racing Tournaments Every Friday Night at 9pm




FREE POOL All day on Sundays


10011 Bridgeport Way SW 253-581-2580

& Sunday. Pre-registration is required as absolutely no signups will be accepted the day of the tournament. The event is scheduled for Saturday November the 17th & Sunday November the 18th. There will be a cash award of $50 each going to the highest finishing 7 & under player, as well as, the highest finishing female player! Potential prize find totaling $1140 for the tournament and a possible side pot prize find of $2240 with 100% participation Friday Night Pre-Draw Tournament The draw will be done on Friday night at 8pm sharp. There will be no entries accepted after this time! Be sure to get into the Northern Lounge and pay your $10 entry and side pots prior to this date. Only the 1st 64 paid entries will be accepted! There will be a pre-draw tournament Friday Night the 16th. This warm-up event will be a 1 game of 8-ball with double elimination event. Entry will be $5.00 with a 200% payback. It will start at 7:30pm sharp so be there early. We will only accept the 1st 32 paid for the warm up tournament. On Friday Night the Northern Lounge will be serving domestic longnecks for only $1.75 from 7pm thru 9pm! Come out and enjoy the Last Wednesday tournament and drink specials! of every month

Handicap 8-Ball

$200 added * $20 entry * Best 2 of 3 games * Double Elimination * A-B-C-D Handicap

5179 Mission (near Geneva) San Francisco (415) 585-6800 A home for tournament players 8-Ball ‹ 9-Ball ‹ 3-Cushion Francisco & Mirna Murcia Owners

Where Customers are Treated Like Owners

November 2007



Cary Wolcott

Leslie Armstrong

$80 $50 $30 $10

Louane LaFlame

Zohra Mariano

Free Pool Videos

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The East Bay’ Bay’ss Finest Billiard Room 20 Beautiful Pool T ables Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities


703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily


Nightly Beer Specials

Monday College Night Tuesday USPPA Tournament Wednesday Ladies Night

POKER Home of the $2 JJager ager

Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

9 Pool Tables & Other Video Games

Hill-Hill Battle to Rakin Victory Western Women’s Regional 9-Ball Tour Oct 13-14, 2007 Stop #4 - Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento, CA By Emilyn Callado

A long time supporter of women’s pool, Hard Times Billiards hosted the fourth of five stops in the Western Women’s Regional tour. Nine regular attendees made an appearance, including some of the top performers in the tour: Eleanor Callado, Mary Rakin, and Michelle Rakin. Michelle Rakin, Eleanor Callado On the winner’s side, sisters Michelle and Mary won their first two matches to meet in the hot seat match, but fate was on Michelle’s side with a 7-4 victory. On the oneloss side, Mary was sent over to play long-time pal Eleanor Callado. Eleanor’s road through the tournament began with a case game loss against WPBA competitor Lisa D’Atri. Three wins on the one-loss gave Eleanor another opportunity to face off against Lisa, this time with a 7-3 victory. Mary and Eleanor’s third place match finished quite abruptly, with a few errors on Mary’s part, and a final score of 7-1 to Eleanor. The final match between renowned break-and-run players Michelle and Eleanor ended in lightning speed. Between the two of them, there must have been at least 3 break and runs, the highlight of the match being Eleanor’s two-pack win (third on the way had she not missed the 7 ball) putting her on the hill. Going case game, Michelle cleaned up the last rack for the win. Many thanks to Tony Torres and the rest of the Hard Times management for their continued support. WWR has been an established WPBA sanctioned tour for the past 12 years, and Hard Times has been sponsors from the very beginning. The last tour stop will be held at Family Billiards, San Francisco, CA. Name Payout ($) Points 1 Michelle Rakin 190 70 2 Eleanor Callado 100 50 3 Mary Rakin 55 40 4 Lisa D’Atri 30 30 Second Chance Round Robin Record 1 Emilyn Callado 2-0. 2 Deborah Cullen 1-1. 3 Deirdre Shiozawa 0-2.

November 2007


That’s Jacked Up! Samm Diep (c) October 2007 Level cue! Level cue!! Level cue!!!

Samm Diep

That’s what we’re constantly told and reminded of. The more elevation in your cue, the more room there is for error. The more elevation, the more chance there is to inadvertently masse the cue ball. The more elevation, the more chance there is to unintentionally miscue or jump the cue ball. All of these are very valid reasons to always try to keep your cue as level as possible. However, there comes a time when you find your cue ball so close to the rail that you just have no option but to jack up to achieve your desired result. This would be an instance when it’s acceptable to not keep a level cue. Jacked up shots, like a draw shot or a jump shot, are its own category of shots. I thank Tom Ross, one of my earlier coaches, for having me devote the last 10-15 minutes of my daily practice to shooting nothing

You Might Be A D Player If ... 101 Classic Moves that we can all appreciate as pool players. Brought to you by Samm’s Side Pocket Pick up your copy today! $12.95 + s/h. It makes the perfect gift for any pool player Visit or call 303.667.8000

but jacked up shots. Eventually, I got so comfortable with them I could make them from the middle of the table while drawing the cue ball back to the rail. You don’t have to take such extreme measures, but here are a few tips to remember when shooting jacked up shots: 1. You don’t need to hit the ball very hard. It’s easy to want to nail the cue ball because we often associate the jacked up shot with the jump shot (where you do need to shoot it pretty firm). Sometimes, we even let our muscles get away from us. Tip #2 will help with this one. 2. Once you’re lined up and jacked up, visualize just dropping your cue. Try to imagine just letting that cue slip out of your fingertips and let the weight of the cue drop straight onto the cue ball without any of those extra movements from your arm and wrist getting in the way. 3. Make sure your stance is aligned and locked in. Whether you prefer to line up for the shot from your normal stance and come up on it, or to just walk right up to it, make sure your stance is perfectly aligned. Depending on the shot, you may find yourself on a tippy-toe or two. That’s okay. Just make sure your body is aligned and you are well-balanced. Actually, practicing jacked up shots helps develop your normal alignment as well. You’ll quickly learn that the slightest bit of variance in your stance will not pocket the ball. Everything must come together.

4. Unless you’ve really mastered the jacked up shot, avoid using any side spin. Elevation + side spin = masse. When practicing jacked up shots, begin with straight in stop shots along the foot rail. Then, set up straight in draw shots. Next, give yourself a slight angle. Start with devoting a few balls per practice to just shooting jacked up. Before you know it, you’ll rarely miss a jacked up shot again! An important note: Make sure you do not shoot from the same spot every time. Like jump shots, the elevation in your cue can be very hard on the equipment. Move the cue ball around and practice the shot in moderation. And most importantly, even though you now have the tips to shoot effective jacked up shots, only shoot them when absolutely necessary. When you have the option to roll the ball versus jacking up to achieve position, rolling the ball is always the higher percentage shot. PLEASE BE SURE TO VISIT THE NEW & IMPROVED TIP JAR AT POOLTIPJAR.COM. You can take polls, view article archives, and read tournament and training updates. SAMM DIEP, “CHERRY BOMB” HOUSE PRO AT TABLE STEAKS EAST IN AURORA, COLORADO AUTHOR OF “YOU MIGHT BE A D PLAYER IF... (101 CLASSIC MOVES THAT ALL POOL PLAYERS CAN APPRECIATE)” VISIT: WWW.SAMMSPOCKET.COM (FUN & UNIQUE PRODUCTS FOR POOL PLAYERS) ALSO CHECK OUT: POOLTIPJAR.COM

Jointed Cue Billiards “Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies - Cue Repair Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday 2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA 916-456-2284

RODDER’S GRUB & PUB 19195 South Molalla Ave Oregon City, OR

16 Valley Tables

Jacksons Repeat GLENDALE, AZ Olivia and Bob Jackson successfully defended their title at the 2007 American CueSports Alliance Arizona State Mixed Scotch Doubles Championships held at the Northern Lounge, October 20th. After losing their first match, Olivia and Bob worked their way through the one loss side back to the finals having to beat Jo Hammerl and Charlie Nelch twice to take home the championship. 1st Olivia and Bob Jackson 2nd Jo Hammerl and Charlie Nelch 3rd Angela Payne and Jeff Johnson 4th Lee White and Richard Mosher The Billiard News & Tournament Report The Billiard News Channel

November 3rd 2007: Open singles $300 added $20 entry 11:00 am start. December 15th 2007: Open scotch doubles $200 added - 11:00 am start. $20 entry/person January 11th - 13th 2008: Helena Bar Box Open Open singles $2000? added $40 entry + $10 green fees.

Great Food - Full Service Bar - Lottery

February 9th, 2008: Bud Sautter Memorial Open doubles $300 added $20.00 entry/person 11:00 am start.

Open 24 Hours Friday & Saturday Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (Breakfast served after 11PM)

3108 Euclid Ave - Helena, MT 406-449-4997


November 2007


Good Mechanics Step Two By Roger Long - Advanced Certified Instructor

Last month, we talked about the mechanics involved in achieving proper alignment. This month, we’ll wrap up our discussion on good mechanics by talking about the mechanics involved in maintaining a level cue. Any time a cue is stroked through a cue ball at a downward angle, the cue ball is almost always curved off of its straight-line path. The reason for this is because the downward angle puts a backspin on the ball, which then sets up friction between the ball and the cloth, which then generates heat, Roger Long which then causes the cue ball to “drag”. If there is any sidespin (English) on the cue ball (which there almost always is, due to the fact that the cue ball is rarely struck at exactly dead center on the vertical axis), the ball will curve in the direction of the English, i.e., Right English will produce a right-hand curve. Therefore, unless the shooter is intentionally wanting to curve the cue ball, the cue stick must be held as level as possible all through the stroke. The best way to keep the cue level all the way through the stroke is to use what is called a “pendulum stroke” (see Diagram A). A pendulum stroke is one where you start with a level cue, and then you move only the forearm back and forth, keeping everything else, including the upper arm, locked into place. The motion resulting from this stroke will look like the swinging of a pendulum on a clock. When you use a pendulum stroke you are eliminating all unnecessary body and extremity movements from which miss-hits on the cue ball generally occur. Another thing to be considered is where you should grip the cue. This will vary from player to player depending on physical make up and personal style (upright stance, low stance, etc.). The one thing everyone should try to practice, however, is adopting a grip that will have the forearm perpendicular to the floor as the tip contacts the cue ball (see Diagram B). Gripping the cue at this spot will ensure that you contact the cue ball at the cue’s most level point (at the bottom of the pendulum arc) when executing the stroke. Well, dear shooters; that about sums up my own viewpoints on mechanics

that can help achieve better fundamentals. But just remember, you’re not going to see all great players using these exact mechanics - many have developed their own ways of achieving straight and level strokes. So don’t let me, or anyone else, tell you that you absolutely have to do things this way. Only you can be the judge of what’s right for you.

Robin’s Billiards

& “Specialty” Hot Dogs 125 E Main St - Monroe, WA 98272


6-9’ Brunswick Pool Tables Hours: Mon-Thurs,Noon-11PM Fri & Sat,Noon-Midnight-Sundays,2Pm-8Pm

Pocket Billiards-“Specialty” Hot Dogs Espresso-Fountain Drinks-Pro Shop Tournaments - All Ages Welcome Ask about Private Parties Visit our

Hours: 10:30 - 2 am Kitchen 10:30-1 am

5608 119th Ave SE Bellevue, WA



Live Poker Nightly Video Poker & Keno Insanely Low Beer and Drink Prices

4 Pool Tables - 24 Big Screen TV’s All Sports Packages Full Service Liquor Store Lowest Prices in Town

721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT

406-586-3542 Open 8 am - 2 am Daily

Brandi’s R estuarant Restuarant

Serves Breakfast all day

November 2007


Dan Louie Collapses AWBT at Alexander’s

Dan Louie, 55, former Collegiate and World AllAround Champion, collapsed Thursday October 18th during a 3PM match at the U. S. Open. He was rushed to Chesapeake General Hospital for emergency surgery with internal bleeding. Danny had a history of health problems. He underwent a kidney transplant and dialysis some 13 years ago. The latest news is he will be returning soon to the Seattle area where he lives. His family and Dan Louie friends are with him. We at “The Break” wish Danny a speedy recovery and our prayers are with you.


Salem, Oregon

Cue Ball

Oct 13th, 2007 Tournament Results

The 8th stop on the 2007 AWBT tour was a $500.00 added Bar-Box 8Ball event held at Alexander's Sports Bar in Phoenix, October 13th & 14th, 2007. One of the largest turnouts of the year, thirty-three players, entered the event. Bernie Store won the tournament with a Bernie Store, Holly Sholes win over Holly Sholes. Susan Mello finished third. ....... Bernie sent Holly to the one-loss side by winning the hot seat match between the two, then defeated Holly once again, this time in the first and only set of the finals, to win the tournament. Second chance tournament was won by Michelle Trevino and Susan Williams finished second. The final 8

Edward Arndt, Mike Jarvis, John Evans

Player Mike Jarvis Edward Arndt John Evans Wayne Willet Johnie Lorance Luke Thomas David Chastain Rod Bair

Rating AA B A A AA A B A

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 5-6th 7-8th 7-8th

Cash 190 110 70 40 25 25 10 10

Points 100 75 60 50 40 40 30 30

Hours: 11:30AM-2AM


THE 20th Semi-Ann ual USPP A 9-B ALL Semi-Annual USPPA 9-BALL Reno W arm-up T ournament Warm-up Tournament Sa v 24-25, 2007 Satt & Sun, No Nov 1st 2nd 3rd 4th


$2,000 $1,200 (cash prize with $800 128 players) $500

$60 Entry Fee Race to 8/8 Double Elimination Must be a member or Join Doors open at 10:00am Play Starts at 1pm Sharp Send entries to: California Billiard Club 881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100


FORMER WINNERS July 98 Bernardo Chavez Nov 98 Tony Chohan May 99 Bryce Avila Nov 99 Larry Evans May 00 Ricardo Aquino Nov 00 Eddie Sabala May 01 Jason Williams Nov 01 Amar Kang May 02 George Michaels Nov 02 Jeff Gregory May 03 George Michaels Nov 03 Jeff Gregory Jun 04 Jason Williams Dec 04 Ian Costello Jun 05 Danny Petraba Dec 05 Amar Kang May 06 Jeff Gregory Nov 06 Colin Mazaika May 07 Dave Vincent

November 2007


3rd Weekend Results

Steve Mullis Wins

Steve Mullis 1st - Dave Rayner 2nd results and photos courtesy of:

PHOENIX, AZ Steve Mullis Snaps Off Alexander’s $500.00 Added 7 & Under 8-Ball Tournament The state of Arizona uses a ratings system for most all of their pool players. The ratings “sheet”, in Arizona, has over 12,000 names with each and every one of those players rated on their abilities. The system basically rates players from a (4) to a (10). On October 20th & 21st, 2007, Alexander’s Sports Bar held an 8-Ball tournament for all Arizona players rated a (7) or below. No one rated over a (7) was allowed to play. The tournament was $500.00 added. Alexander’s expected a large field for this tournament but was more than John Bob finishes 3rd

surprised when (52) players showed up for a chance at a great payday. The tournament was played down to (12) players on Saturday. All those players were “in the cash” and returned on Sunday in hopes of capturing the first place prize money. When it was all said and done, on Sunday, Steve Mullis was the winner while Dave Rayner settled for second place. John Bob finished in third while Dick Krenz finishes 4th Dick Krenz took home fourth place honors. The (12) cashers and their payouts are noted below. 1st Steve Mullis $495.00 2nd Dave Rayner $300.00 3rd John Bob $195.00 4th Dick Krenz $280.00 5/6 Andy Davis $160.00 5/6 JR Flores $320.00 7/8 Derrick Thomas $85.00 7/8 Tom Leutz $85.00 9/12 Phil Jurgensen $40.00 9/12 Jim Pennington $127.50 9/12 Char Alcott $40.00 9/12 Mat Spade $47.50

Mountain View, CA Billy Palmer once again conquers the Saturday One Pocket event, taking precedence over a 29-player field. The $400 added tournament drew a packed house of tough players and spectators with everyone having a good time. Billy played brilliantly as always as he sailed through the winners side beating 5 very tough players to take the hot seat. Jim Blakeman lost the hot seat match, but got another shot at Billy in the finals only to be turned away once again. In the Sunday 9-Ball tournament, Deo Alpohora cruised through the winners side by getting past Hide Shima, Jeff Billy Palmer Gregory, Carl Wilson Jr., Jim Blakeman and Tony Annigoni to take the hot seat. Tony played very well to get another chance to dethrone Deo, but ran out of gas as Deo was too strong achiving victory. Thanks for everyone that showed up, and hope to see everyone again Nov 17th - 18th for next month’s tournament. ONE POCKET 1st $400 Billy Palmer 2nd $275 Jim Blakeman 3rd $175 Jeff Gregory 4th $125 Kevin McLaughlin 5-6 $50 George Michaels 7-8 $25 Charlie Avery, Carl Wilson Jr.

9-BALL 1st $450 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $120 5-6 $75 7-8 $40

Deo Alporhora Tony Annigoni Jim Blakeman Eric Krause EZ Wadsworth Carl Wilson Jr., Jeff Gregory

Sports Bar ALEXANDER’S 3603 W. Dunlap, Phx, Az. 85051 - (602) 973-1638 3rd Annual Az. State Bar Box 10-Ball

Championships - Nov. 10th & 11th

$555.55 Added * 7 & Under 9-Ball

Sat/Sun Nov. 24th / 25th Noon Sign-up ~ 1pm Start ~ Double Elim. $20.00 Entry ~ Race To Full Handicap! S/pots * Added Money Based On Full Field

Alexander’s Weekly Tournaments Fridays - 9 & Under 9-Ball Tournament 200% Payback, D/E 7:30pm - $5.00 Entry Hdcp (-3) Min to (4)

Sundays - Scotch 9-Ball Tournament Added Money, D/E 5:30pm - $15.00 Entry Hdcp (-10) Min to (4)

Home Of Six Arizona State Championships Tournaments Played On 7’ Diamond Tables!


November 2007

(continued from page 11)

Milhoan (4th) 7-2 and Marc Cowling (3rd) 7-6 to leading to his victory. Dove Thompson became the Women’s Open champion by beating Melinda Childers in a hard fought match. Dove and Melinda had to wait until Sunday to finish the Women’s Open Singles. One of the two new events this year, Men’s Novice, saw Shane Swenson double dip Jay Rinehart for a first place win. Jay finished second and Mark Yamamoto was third. For the new Women’s Novice division, Jean Snow took first place, coming through the brackets undefeated. Second place finisher was Lillian Duren, with Liz Green taking third. Master Scotch winners were new to the top spot. Jay Kraus and Susan Preston tore through the brackets undefeated. Their opponents included second place finishers Carissa Biggs and Steve Linglebach. Josie Leroy and Shane Verhaaren took third, and fourth place finishers were Andrea Sanz-Maes and Glenn Atwell. Susan snagged Jason at last year’s 8-ball event after she became a master player and realized she’d have to play in masters scotch. The two came with focus and heart, and the formula worked for them. Opponents Carissa Biggs and Steve Lingelbach showed their professionalism by playing quickly and efficiently; however, Jay and Susan prevailed with their steady determination. In Open

Scotch play Jason Evans and Francie Johnson took first from J. Keith Johnson and Alisha Rogers, second place finishers. Tony Tipton and Trish Tipton took third place; and Darcy Moss and Jon Letson took fourth. Soundview Bar and Grill of Everett Wash., (Jim Conway, Ed Slade and Lance Bauge) had defeated Barely Legal (Darrold Craine, Steve Heiman and Larry Sowell) from Medford, Ore., by a score of 14 to 10. Barely Legal won the first two games but Soundview won the next five games and never looked back. Although about 500 miles separate the two teams, by the end of the match both teams had developed a great respect for each other. EQC Strokerz (Bill Coats, Bill Andreozzi, Doug Schulze and Larry “LT” Tulfo) won the Second Chance team event in a single elimination format over 18 other teams. The popular ring games were expanded this year. Once again the excitement of the 10-ball ring game was a real crowd pleaser and a true test of heart. Different events were added for both women and open men. The $100 per person entry, winner take all format had 12 entries in the first masters ring game. Glenn Atwell and Jason Evans took honors. In the second master ring game, 11 players fought it out Glenn and Mike Stevens came out winners. In the women’s ring game, Cindy Doty took the win on Tuesday. On The Wire produced a professional full color tournament program, giving participants vital information about the event as well as a lasting memento of a week well spent. Venders were On the Wire, (formerly Beads and Billiards), Palace Billiards and Dave Lauer Cue Repair. The Chinook Winds food court and beverage bar was kept busy the entire week and was appreciated by all. Local Head Referee Darryl Farley put Jean Snow

(Article continued on page 21) (Results on page 8)

Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA

Monthly Jamboree W eekend Weekend One

1st Weekend of each month Pocket Saturday - $300 ADDED MONEY

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries 11AM - Starts at Noon sharp! Entry fee $20 - Race to 2 - Double Elimination

9-Ball Sunday -



Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Starts at 1PM sharp! Entry fee $25 - Race to 6 Winners Side Race to 4 Losers Side

Weekly Tournaments

Wed: 9-Ball $5 entry-$50 added-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thurs: 9-Ball USPPA $15 entry-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sun: 9-Ball Open $15 entry-Noon Signup-1PM Start-Double Elimination Race to 6 Winners to 4 One Loss-$5 per player added up to $150

November 2007






Neighborhood Bar & Billiards by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

BELLEVUE, WA If you are looking for something new, look no further than The Spot Off Main in downtown Bellevue that opened October 26th. This unique new “Neighborhood Bar & Billiards” is just that. It was designed with an upscale business professional atmosphere of urban industrial meeting modern sheik with a black, red and metal décor. The Spot is offering four 8' Brunswick Black Wolf pool tables and is starting an 8-Ball tournament every Wednesday evening at 7 pm with a $7 entry, revised BCA rules and play on two tables. The house is matching the pot and has a limit of 30 players. And for the sports enthusiasts there will be four flat screen HDTV’s with Direct TV. “Of course one of the TV’s will be totally ladies choice. This is something no one does,” remarked Daniel Gale, property manager, “It will take a consensus by the ladies at any given moment to change the channel and sports will

never be on that TV unless the majority of the ladies want it.” In addition to that Thursday is Ladies Night, which means that there will be NO SPORTS on TWO of the TVs. Ladies will also be able to play pool for free on Thursdays. “We are also offering a really nice lounge area with soft sofas and ottomans for those who don’t want to play games or watch sports but want to sit and chat with their friends. The area will seat about 10 people, a place to come sit, chat, have a couple drinks and order something from our light menu,” Daniel said. Besides playing pool, there are three electronic dart boards, a digital downloadable Jukebox and Retro Video Games like Ms Pac Man, Centipede, Galaga and hopefully Astroids in the near future.

The light menu will have healthy all American fare such as a pull apart Pork Sandwich, Clam Chowder, “Soup of the Day”, Shrimp cocktail, Bruschetta, Cobb Salad, Caesar Salad and Personal Pizzas. For your sweet tooth they offer original A & W Root Beer floats, Apple Pie and French Vanilla Ice Cream, Brownies and Huge Chocolate Chip Cookies. Don’t miss out on all The Spot Off Main Neighborhood Bar & Billiards has to offer. It is located in downtown Bellevue at 20 - 103rd Ave NE (behind 7-11) just off Main Street and Bellevue Way. They open daily at 4 pm and close at 1 am. It has Bellevue’s Longest Happy Hour from 4-8 pm every day. Check out their website for upcoming events, to view their menu, happy hour specials and special events. “Everybody is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there,” Daniel said in closing.

November 2007


Cory Reopelle Memorial

Tourangeau 1st at Cadillac Island

from: Ed Pape, Butte, Montana

Jason Dawes and Seth King

Pool Tournament was held the weekend of 10/12/07 - 10/13/ 07. 1st Place was Jason Dawes and Seth King at $530.00. 2nd Place was Brandon Moore and Brian LaFond $310.00. 3rd Place was Dan Hamper and Brett $200.00. (not sure of last name). A total of twenty teams participated and six place were paid. Dave and Michelle Garcia ran a Calcutta on 10/12/07. 1st place = $340.00, 2nd = $220.00,

3rd = $100.00, 4th = $45.00. A donation will be made to the Butte Rodeo Club in Cory’s name.

Jesse Allred, Frank Bess, Stan Tourangeau By Mike Jensen

Brandon Moore and Brian LaFond

Dan Hamper and Brett

LONGVIEW, WA The Cadillac Island Casino hosted a handicap 9-Ball Tournament October 13th and 14th with fifty four players in attendance. It was our first try at a handicap format and the players thought it was great. We will have another handicap 9-Ball November 24th and 25th, and we will adjust some of the handicaps and the races to finish a little earlier. Several upsets happened and several close calls were in the works to make it an exciting weekend of play. If you have been hesitating to play with the big boys, for whatever reason, now is your chance to give it a try and have an edge at the same time. Cindy Sliva and Cathy Gamble were one out of the money, with Cindy losing to some guy named Eddie Mataya, and Cathy losing hill, hill to Ivan Doty. It was interesting and fun, we’ll keep adjusting spots to make it as fair as we can for everyone playing. Thanks to everyone, Including the Cadillac Island Casino for making it happen. 1. Stan Tourangeau $750 2. Jesse Allred $500 3. Frank Bess $400 4. Glenn Atwell $320 5. Ken Dodd $220 Ivan Doty $220 7. Todd Gooch $175 Eddie Mataya $175 9. Damian Pongpanik $100 Ed Hobbs $100 Scott Chandler $100 Steve Tune $100

November 2007

U S Open Champion Shane Van Boening by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

The 32nd Annual U.S. Open, the most prestigious title for pool players in the United States was held October 14 - 20, 2007 at the Chesapeake Convention Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. The finals pitted the World 8-Ball Champion, Ronnie Alcano against the World 10-Ball Champion, Shane Van Boening. The match went back and forth for the first 16 racks - score 8-8. Rack seventeen was a safety game until Ronnie scratched. Shane went four balls and out with the nine in the

View U S Open video at side to win his third rack in a row and up 9-8. The break never favored the breaker in the finals. Shane was shooting slow. He never found his stroke but went ahead 10-9 in the race to 13. You want to be rewarded when you shoot a difficult shot and Shane was in rack twenty when he made a jump-kick safety which then forced Ronnie to foul. Shane went up 11-9. This could be the biggest win for Shane and his career. After most of his breaks coming up dry, Shane breaks and makes four balls then runs out to go on the hill 12-9. Rack 22: Van Boening scratches, Alcano jumps up, pockets a ball, then shoots behind his back and sinks it! He then finishes out the table. Score 12-10. Breaking in rack 23, Ronnie comes up dry. Shane works the table slowly, maybe the pressure is slowing him down, but like a seasoned veteran, pockets each ball until he’s on the nine. It is almost straight in - and the title Shane Van Boening SHANE VAN BOENING is the 2007 U.S. OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPION! 1st $50,000 Shane Van Boening 2nd $25,000 Ronnie Alcano 3rd $12,500 Tomoko Mekari 4th $7,500 Ralf Souquet

21 (continued from page 18)

together a nationally certified professional crew. These top national BCAPL certified referees are the best trained anywhere. Podium staff Stacy and Jennifer Sherman, Alex and Dale Stroup, Sassy Campbell, Sam Rabito, Cindy Rosenthal, Joyce Gumm, Andrew Monstis, Darcy Moss and Bill Henderson spent many hours handling all sorts of i s s u e s , announcing giveaways, dealing with

paperwork, making executive decisions and doing much more to help the tournament run smoothly. Nine-ball 2007 tournament shirts sold like hotcakes. Most were sold out before the weekend. There were still some great denim shirts left and several sweatshirts in limited sizes. Be sure and buy your shirts early for 8-ball so you can get the size you want. There were quite a few giveaways from Chinook Winds, totaling $500 in merchandise. Darcy Moss won a big raffle for the coveted Pechauer cue. Kurt Hamm spent time prior to the tournament collecting gifts and certificates from local businesses in Lincoln City for giveaways. (Article continued on page 27) (Results on page 8)


November 2007

“Chip” Pool Classic WPA Committee Formed

From: Dick Jones, Manager/Tournament Director

Final Standings for the “Chip” Classic Pool Tournament held at

Nate Neergaard

Eagles Club #326, Bozeman, Montana. This tournament was held Saturday October 20, 2007 with a great turn out of 34 players. A special Thank you goes out to all the players that showed up and our added money sponsors. For those of you who might have missed the explanation of what a “Chip” Pool Tournament is I will quickly explain it to you. The game is 8-Ball, singles. When you pay your $10 entry fee, you receive 5 poker style chips. The format is a

race to ONE (1) (an absolutely brutal game). Anyone can win. If you win, you stay on the same table and wait for your next opponent. You are paid immediately for every game you win, instant gratification. If you lose, you must turn in one of your chips to the tournament director and then wait to be assigned to another table. The winner of course is the player with any chips left. Every player won at least one game. Everybody made money. What’s left of the prize fund is paid out to the final four players. Actually money paid out to all of the players = $540 1st $80 Nate Neergaard, Bozeman, MT 2nd $60 Candice Evans, Belgrade, MT Top Woman 3rd $40 Mike Schaff, Bozeman, MT 4th $20 Bob Mackley, Bozeman, MT Again, I want to thank all the players that showed up. What a fun day it was, thank you.

14464 Atstar St. Ste 210 Victorville, CA

BCA Announces Formation of WPA Committee: Historic Partnership of Major Organizations in Pool Join Forces to Advance the Sport Broomfield, Colo. – October 8, 2007 – In its capacity as the North American member to the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) today announced the formation of a WPA Committee. With the goal of uniting the professional player organizations and youth programs in North America to participate more effectively in the global growth of billiards as a sport and a business, the WPA Committee is comprised of the major organizations involved in pool and billiards in North America, including: · Billiard Congress of America (BCA), Ivan Lee, President · Billiard Education Foundation (BEF), Laura Smith, Executive Director · Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), Dale Brimicombe, President · National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association (NWPA), Jeff Dolezal, President · United States Professional Poolplayers Association (UPA), Frank Alvarez, President · Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA), Dawn Hopkins, Director · BCA Delegate to WPA, Fran Crimi · BCA Delegate to WPA, Ed Smith “This is an historic moment for pool in North America,” said Ivan Lee, BCA Board president and WPA Committee chair. “Our first meeting on October 2, 2007, confirmed our belief that this group is able to work together in a way that will allow the BCA to maximize its participation in the WPA to the benefit of all professional and junior players, as well as our industry.” Members of the WPA Committee will provide input on various issues associated with WPA participation, including player selection processes for international events, rules and specifications issues, potential scenarios for hosting international events in North America and other timely topics paramount to the sport and industry. For more information, visit or call 866.852.0999. About World Pool-Billiard Association: Formed in 1987, the World PoolBilliard Association (WPA) is the international governing body for pocket billiards. For more information, visit









THURSDA Y: 9 Ball 7:00 pm THURSDAY


SUNDA Y: 8 Ball 6:00 pm SUNDAY

Sun-Thurs 7 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot 1 am - 3 pm 11 FREE POOL Mon-Fri 1

DJ Fri-Sat

Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330 “Where Good Times are Not a Matter of Good Luck”

1400 Airport Road - Kalispell, MT (406) 257-9656 Saturday 8-ball Tournament – Year Round - 1 pm Monday & Wednesday 8-Ball - 7 pm $5 entry–Bar Matches pot-Ball in Hand Rules Double Elimination - Drink Specials


November 2007

New ACS Referee Administrator

Janet Ybarra

The American CueSports Alliance (ACS) is proud to announce Janet Ybarra of Grand Prairie, Texas, to the position of ACS Referee Administrator. Janet is a 2005 ACS League Operator of the Year recipient who brings strong administrative skills and extensive knowledge of the sport to the position. For inquiries into joining the ACS Referee Program, contact Janet at 972-345-9762 or Janet is replacing Betty Harris who will remain actively involved with the ACS organization as a consultant.

IT’S FINGERPOOL TIME BABY! From: Sherm Card What do you do when the World Series is over and the Super Bowl hasn’t started yet? IT’S FINGERPOOL TIME BABY! The World Fingerpool Organization is gearing up for its 2007-08 season. Starting with a Money Shoot on October 28th, 2007 to warm up the old digit. Then it’s time for our “Traditional” Turkey Shoot on November 18th, 2007. One more Money Shoot on January 20th, 2008 and then it’s time for “The Fingerpool World Championship” on February 10th, 2008. If you are in Marysville, Washington during the Holidays stop by The New California Tavern located on 8421 State Avenue for a cold beverage and a friendly game of Fingerpool. See ad page 23

Sam’ s Sam’s

BCA Unveils New Web Site Broomfield, Colo. – October 16, 2007 The Billiard Congress of America (BCA), continuing its commitment to enhanced member benefits and more billiard industry promotion, is pleased to announce its new and improved Web site at “With fresh navigation and dramatically improved functionality, the new site is focused on user friendliness for our members, potential members and the billiards consumer,” says Ivan Lee, BCA president. “We designed the site to serve as the standard for our industry and to be the go-to resource for BCA-specific updates, billiards industry news, research and statistics. We believe that this new site will provide enhanced value to our current members, and it will also give us the opportunity to grow our membership base.” The newly enhanced site will afford BCA members the opportunity to renew their membership online, maintain an up-to-date company profile and access exclusive, member-only content. The site will also feature industry and consumer research, tools for business development, public searches for pool rooms, instructors and retailers, and many other unique features.

Darin Walding Twenty players participated in the October 7th Straight Pool Tournament at Sam’s Billiards. Darin Walding took first place, beating Steve Pulydo, David Randell, and Sam Rabido to get there. Darin’s high run of 28 was just short of David Randell high run of 29 for the high run prize for the day. It was a very lively tournament,

New California Tavern

Tall Timbers Bar & Grill

Fingerpool Turkey Shoot

Pool Tournys Every Mon. at 6:30PM

Marysville, WA 360-653-2101

November 18th, 2007 $3 entry - Basic Straight Eight Rules - Call Pocket Beverage must be held in non-shooting hand to receive follow shot

Restaurant & Bar 605 E Seltice Way

Post Falls, Idaho

(208) 773-7752


FREE POOL on Sundays Drinks on Tuesdays 8-10PM



COCKTAILS NOW AVAILABLE PULL TABS - BAR TOP VIDEO GAMES Good FFood ood riends ood,, Good FFriends upply of FFun un and an Endless SSupply

35509 21st Ave SWFederal Way, WA


K C’s Midway Bar & Grill

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501

Newly Remodeled Smoke-Free Pool Room 8 Valley + 6 Diamond Pool Tables

St ra ight Pool Stra raight especially with registrations for the fall 14-1 league (which has 20 players) being taken throughout the day. The final results of the 14-1 tournament were as follows: 1st $80 Darin Walding 2nd $65 Sam Rabito 3rd $50 Steve Pulydo 4th $30 David Randell High Run: 29 - David Randell

Platis Law Firm Harry B Platis


Platis Law Firm 4202 198th Street S.W., Suite 2 Lynnwood, WA Phone - 425-776-3888 Toll Free - 1-800-245-3777 Fax - 425-778-4915 Email -


November 2007

Sout hw es egon Southw hwes estt Or Oregon Summer Session Results by: R J and Wild Bill

Da Misfits

New Testament


G OOD L UCK BOZEMAN Eagles American Legion Crystal Bar Scoop Molly Brown Cats Paw Filling Station The Pourhouse The Haufbrau

BELGRADE Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar Friendly

MANHATTAN Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion

THREE FORKS Frontier Bar Town Club The APA has three sessions per year for team competition. The first, the summer session has just finished and the results are in. Teams winning the Division Championships will meet in May to compete in our local Regional for the opportunity to play in the APA Nationals, held each August in Las Vegas, for a chance at the top award of $25,000. The APA pays out well over a million dollars each year in cash and other awards in their National Singles and National Team competitions. In 8-Ball taking High Points were “New Testament” and “Rack-N-Ruin”. Both teams were out of The Break Room in Medford. Division Championships went to “Team Oasis” from the Beijing House and who were the team representing Southern Oregon in last year’s National spot and “The Rack Distracters” another Break Room team. Taking both High Points and their Division’s Championship was “The Laybacks” out of The Alibi Tavern in Grants Pass. In 9-ball Taking both High Points and Division Championships were “The Losers” from Chadwick’s in Medford, “Da Misfits”, out of The Old Barn Tavern in Grants Pass and “The Jello Shots”, out of The Homestead Lounge in Rogue River. Congratulations to all these teams and good luck in the May Regional on that golden paved road to the APA Las Vegas Nationals.

PC’s PC’s Pub Pub

3021 Rucker Ave

The Jello Shots

The Lay Backs

The Losers

The Rack Distracters

Everett, WA

(425) 258-9465

Now Ser ving Coc ktails Serving Cocktails

“Where we take pride in what you swallow!” PULL TABS POOL DAR TS - G AMES ARTS GAMES


$5 entry Vegas Rules 8PM 200% Payout


Join us for sunday & Monday night

football Wednesday Night 8-Ball Sign up 7:30 pm - $5 entry HOUSE MATCHES POT Great Breakfast Specials Every Day Opens at 7 am Sundays: FREE POOL all day Thursdays: Ladies Night 6106 SE King Rd - Milwaukie, OR


November 2007

League Player of the Month


sponsored by Hood River Distillers

by: Tina Mendoza The Diablo Valley Pool Women league has been running leagues for more that a decade. We are composed of women who love to play pool and strive to get competitive enough to face the challenges of the competition of the upcoming yearly event that runs out of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada; the National 8ball BCA and ACS tournament. We would like to give credit where credit is due, and want to dedicate this piece to honoring the journey of one of our now veterans who we believe has been committed to mastering the game of pool and has become one of the most consistent and dangerous shooters of our local scene. She has done so well, maintaining a casual but serious attitude of the game by shaking hands, smiling and always saying “LETS HAVE SOME FUN”. I praise Shawn Modelo today, because even though she continues to master her skills with the game of pool, she also has managed to remain humble and nonjudgmental of the many new players that come Shawn Modelo into our leagues. She is one that might share some of her knowledge with inexperienced players and will give positive reenforcement to an upcoming player before a condescending comment comes out her mouth. That folks, I respect. Let us share with all you folks her thoughts:

How did you start playing pool? “in1995 my husband wanted to go play in a pool tourney at the sports bar and begged me to come with him. The person running the tourney asked me if I wanted to play but I told him I didn’t know how, didn’t know the rules, he said it was ok that they would help along the way. I picked up a house stick and started shooting. I had beginners luck and made some fun shots. That was on a Monday and by Friday I had bought my first cue and haven’t stopped shooting since” How did u hear about DVPL? Word of mouth. Someone told me they had women’s tourneys at Magoos. I showed up on a Friday and it turned out to be a Scotch doubles tourney. It was fun. Tina Mendoza got my number and when the summer league started she hooked my up with my first team with Sally as a captain of our team The Outsiders. That first year I so looked forward to my Wednesday. nites with the ladies .I really didn’t know how to play but i was having fun. How much time has it taken for you to get to a competitive level? Years How has your Vegas experienced been? During my first year we kept hearing about “Vegas” and when the time came I really didn’t feel ready but I remember Tina encouraging us to go and check it out. So Sally and I went and that was when I got my first clue what pool was all about. The game, the competition, players from all over the world. I didn’t win a match but it brought out the player in me and I knew I had just played the best pool I had ever played and I came back a pool player. That’s when I started to learn the game and continue to practice! What do u suggest to new players Practice, practice, practice. Listen to seasoned players who offer tips and advise, take the opportunity to watch the pros live...practice, practice, practice! How do u compare small table to big table play? For me one is not better than the other but there is a difference. I have been very fortunate that I have the opportunity to practice on both. We have a big table at home and my Pop has a 7’ Diamond. I need to use the bridge more on a big table, the balls break different. You need to have a straight stroke for those long shots on a big table! At what point having fun while playing pool turns in to a stressful situation? 1. Since I am fortunate to practice on very nice equipment it is very stressful and frustrating to play at places with “mud” balls or balls with chunks gouged out, no lighting, or cloth that is not in good condition. You are supposed to adapt and adjust but it is very difficult for me. 2. When I really started to learn how to play, especially using English I went thru a period where I couldn’t make a ball. I got really frustrated and at one point I actually put my cue away in the closet thinking I wasn’t going to play for awhile but that lasted one hour! I couldn’t stand it. I pulled it back out started hitting balls. I think that’s when I realized I am addicted to pool and that I loved the game. Now when I’m in a slump and feel like no matter what I do I can’t make a ball I just play thru it and usually my game has jumps up a notch and I play just a little sharper.3. Its always stressful to have to tolerate unsportsmanlike like conduct. It shouldn’t be tolerated by the pool community at all. How has scotch doubles helped your game?

Scotch makes you aware of your leave and you always feely guilty when you leave your partner a difficult shot or no shot at all. Again I a m fortunate to have a great scotch doubles partner, my Pop, because I know no matter how bad I leave him I have complete confidence that he will pull a fabulous shot out of his “hat”. So you try and control the cue ball a little better. You are more aware of the position of the balls on the table and try to keep it together for the win so as not to let your partner down. Plans for the future? Practice, play, practice. Play new venues like going to Louisville to play in the Olympics. Reno open, of course Vegas is the tourney of all tourneys. It’s always exhilarating to play new competition. How do you plan to pass on the message to new players? Let’s have fun! These are some of the accomplishments achieved by Shawn: -On 2002-3 she ended up being # 15 in our top team best shooters. By then her best number was 8.23. Her team directed by Sally Harvey took third place this season. -By 2004 she had made a move which would improve her chances to the money since she had joined a much more experience group of players lead by veterans Lisa Baker and Holly Robinson, in fact the teams standings improved by taking 2nd place. -On 2005 Force Five finally took the so desired top price in women’s league. Shawn took top women for this season. -On 2006 this same team took 2nd behind Cue T’s, shawn took 8th spot on top women category, shooting at 8.79 - On 2006 summer session she decided to explore big table league. She played Crown billiards and finished with first place team and top women $700 -She attended the Reno Open and took top women in March 2007 -She attended the ACS tournament in Las Vegas in 2007 Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles 5-6th Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA) $350 SCOTCH DOUBLES AND SINGLES WOMENS TOURNAMENTS 2006 8ball league; 4th place for $125 2006 9ball league; 3rd place for $470 She has captured the 8ball scotch doubles league several times and has been a serious contender for the 9ball scotch doubles league as well. Shawn Modelo, is not only a friend, but has proven to have the qualities of what I consider a role model for the rookies of our league. To me she is a “player”. Thank you for you commitment to the game of pool and our Diablo Valley Pool League.

November 2007


Wild W est Shoo tout West Shootout

continued from page 3

players Saturday. Sunday morning a few preliminary matches were played and the Final 32 started amazing only one hour behind schedule. After a 18-hour Saturday and little rest all the players could attest that anyone thinks pool is not a “SPORT” has no clue. With the level of competition and over a $26,000 total purse to be paid out, spectators and players alike were witness to incredible shots and amazing run-outs. Thanks to all the players and spectators for their co-operation and good sportsmanship. The staff must be commended on the level of service and the excellent job of providing great meals to such a full capacity crowd for the entire weekend. Many players commented on what nice playing conditions were provided and expressed their gratitude. We have to thank John Barnes and Stephanie Crawford owners of the 8Ball Casino for making the 8-Ball Casino the “Place where things happen”.. Hope to see you at our next big event “Shooters Challenge” another 8-Ball event with $7500 added in November. Mens Calcutta 1st $2625 Dave Martin +$5400 2nd $1425 Glenn Atwell +$2700 3rd $855 Jeff Boucher +$1300 4th $560 Sean McKay +$625 Ladies 1st $970 Jana Montour +$1500 2nd $545 Rhonda Prince +$750 3rd $335 Dana Winters +$375 4th $205 Sky Tigart +$185

Letter to the Editor:

(continued from page 4)

table you need to play on. You can explain to the player that went to the player that was ‘practicing’ and just put in the quarters and started playing and not announce that it was a tournament match that this is a ‘unsportsmanlike’ act and is on a warning, that would lead to a DQ if another infraction happens. The only way to be fair and consistent is to play the match over. Neither player is determined to be correct. All bad feelings are directed towards the TD. It’s part of the job. The TD’s ruling that was issued in your article was not wrong, but has lots of room for improvement ... with just 15 players ... come on ... let’s be fair ... get more involved with the problem ...don’t take the easy way out and just let the match stand. Dig a little deeper. from: Tom Suarez, Tournament Director at Hard Times Billiards Sacramento, CA

Uncle Jack’s BCA 5-6

(continued from page 9)


Jim Conway & Adrianne Beach Dave Lauer & Mike Kennedy 7-8 Chris Roger & Brandy Phillips Tamre Roger & Nancy Kennedy 9-12 $65 Chris Pritchard & Lorraine Krom Jim Lull & Dion Chaney Ed Slade & Vikkie Knutson Phil Wilson & Eric Wilson 13-16 $50 Ford & Bob Bickford R. Gene Henry & Alan Buck Louis Forbush & Jason Ion Martin Tarvydas & Bill Iron The winners of the Drawings were: Vegas Trip - Pru Peltier & Peter Phillipe Poker Chip Set - Lance Bauge Jump Stick - Eric Wilson Jump Mechanism - Dion Chaney Our next BCA qualifier meeting is Wednesday, November 7th at 7pm. If you want to play in this league you are required to be at the meeting. This will be held with (4) member teams and go for (10) Weeks. Uncle Jack’s has (6) 7 foot tables and those are the type you play on in Lincoln City and Vegas! Free practice time start at 6pm and you play for free. Again a big thanks to Uncle Jack’s for their support and seeing that we all had fun. Remember to play in Lincoln City 8 - Ball tournament, your team must have (2) core members. For Vegas 8 - Ball Nations you have to qualify with (3) member core team. Hope to see you at the Nov. 7th meeting

ABC Billiards 20% OFF Lynnwood & Lakewood

All Cues and Darts Expires 12/15/2007

Custom Cues Billiard Lamps 19926 Hwy 99 Lynnwood, WA Darts & Accessories 1-800-605-4140 Air Hockey & Foosball Lakewood Cinema Plaza Professional Recovery 2510 South 84th St Lakewood, WA & Moving 1-800-707-2390

Three Generations Serving Y ou Since 1972 You


November 2007 (continued from page 21)

Cathy Dunford developed a new volunteer force for the tournament. Some of those volunteers got some very nice gifts, one of which was a week’s stay at Chinook Winds Resort, graciously donated by the resort. Shirley Morgan worked with others to come up with the “dynamite” shirt design. Joyce Gumm, Cindy Rosenthal and Sassy Campbell zipped out the payout checks,

putting in endless hours so that members could collect their hard earned winnings in the shortest wait time to date. Tom Moss did a great job on table layouts. Alex Stroup and Stacy Sherman fielded as many minitournaments and second chance events as they could fit in, and there were plenty. For those players between matches or out of the competition, there was beautiful weather and a windy but sunny beach to enjoy when they happened to get outside. It was a welcome change from the wet and strong winds that are usually present

OPEN 24 - 7

Pool Tournaments


BAR & GRILL FREE POOL Mon-F ri: Mon-Fri: 7-9 AM 4-6 PM & 12-2 AM

Monday 8-Ball at 8PM LADIES ONLY $3 entry $2/player added

7225 4th Plain Blvd V ancouv er ancouver er,, W ashington 360-256-1110 Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

at the beach in October. Gary Benson proved once again why he is such a good tournament director by keeping the tournament on schedule. Saturday night was the biggest challenge with all the teams playing in the room. When the last 9-ball rolled in the pocket and Jim Conway let out a shout that echoed throughout the room, this year’s tournament finally came to an end. All the Western BCA board and volunteers hope that every player had a satisfying experience during this tournament and learned something new to add to their game for the upcoming 8-Ball Championship. What a remarkable tournament! There were many upsets and many players reasserting their positions at a very competitive event. Generous congratulations are in order for all the players, including those who have demonstrated the talent to reach into the upper divisions, and those who come with little hopes of winning money, but with great heart and expectations of playing their best and having a ton of fun at the top regional events in the country. Thank you all for joining us in one of the biggest 9-ball tournaments in the United States. See you back in March. For the upcoming 8-Ball Championships, Diamond tables and red circle cue balls will be used. The 8-ball tournament will begin on March 10 or 11, 2008, with the final dates to be announced. Check on Western BCA Web site for finalized dates,, or check with your league operator.

Jillian’ Jillian’ss Seattle

731 West Lake Ave N Seattle, WA Mon:

$5 Game Room Night from 5 PM to close all video games, for one flat fee Tues: Texas Holdem Poker at 6 PM Wed: 9-Ball at 7:30PM $7 entry 100% ADDED Fri/Sat: Club J with a DJ, Dancing, and NO COVER Sun: S.I.N. Night Work in the hospitality industry? Bring down a paycheck stub or ID badge to prove it, spend $20 or more on anything in the house and receive free pool from 8-close



November 2007

An Amazing State Championship Week For Mitch Ellerman Story & photos courtesy of

Op No en D on ail -2 y AM

Three State Tourneys Held In Four highly motivated Scott Frost, who Days ~ A Huge Success At Main internally demanded another shot at Street Tucson Mitch in the finals. Scott won over Tucson Arizona's Main Street Billiards Dave, 7-2. held it's annual State Championship The stage was set for the finals, a one Week on October 25th thru the 28th, race final to eleven games. Young gun 2007. These State Tournaments, Ellerman jumped off to an early lead, which date back to 1981, are but Mr. Frost patiently bided his time considered among the most awaiting his opportunity and when it prestigious events held annually did arrive he took full advantage across the state. Three separate winning this years State 9-Ball title, 11state tournaments in four days. 7. Here's what went down...... Ten Ball Thursday, October 25th Another finals for Mitch Ellerman, who Eight Ball was the first event of the happened to be the ten ball defending week, and defending champion champion. This years opponent was George Teyechea let everyone know Muaz Arshad, who obviously played he wanted to make it two in a row as very well to get to the finals. Muaz he shot his way into the hot seat and had a little trouble getting untracked Mitch Ellerman & George Teyechea a spot in Sundays finals. Arizona's hottest young gun, Mitch Ellerman, after an early loss to George, worked and fell to Mitch 10-3. his way through the one loss side to also earn a berth in Sundays final. Mitch was now 1-1 and Rounding out the final four had one more final to play. via some outstanding play Eight Ball were Dennis Orender and Mitch was going for two Rudy Alameda. Friday, out of three, but to do so October 26th he would have to Ten Ball was the game of overcome the defending the day, and Mitch state eight ball champion, Ellerman earned his George Teyechea. The second state finals seat, match started with this time undefeated. another early lead for the Muaz Arshad, after losing kid, but George stormed Scott Frost (L) - Mitch Ellerman (R) the hot seat match to back to tie it up at the & Main Streets Bob Jackson Mitch, overcame Tres halfway point 4-4. From Kane in the Semis to earn there it went 5-5, 6-6, and then hill / hill, with Mitch pulling the last game out another shot at young for his second title of the week. Mitch Ellerman & Muaz Arshad Ellerman in Sundays Tucson's Main Street Billiards wishes to extend many thanks to all the finals. participants and fans alike who made this years state championship week Saturday, October 27th a total success. At the start of the 9-Ball division of Championship Week, the question was The Charts! All payouts include tournament and side pot monies can Ellerman get to the finals in all three events? What role was Scott 9-BALL 8-BALL "The Freezer" Frost going to play in Mitch's run to perfection? As both 1st Scott Frost $950 1st Mitch Ellerman $700 player's made it to the elite eight, returning on Sunday for the 9-Ball event, 2nd Mitch Ellerman $675 2nd George Teyechea $350 we all had to simply wait and see. 3rd Dave Capone $350 3rd Dennis Orender $350 Sunday, October 28th 4th Tom Neil $175 4th Rudy Alameda $125 5/6 Ricardo Camarena $100 5/6 Tres Kane $50 The final day kicked off with Mitch outrunning Tom Neil, and then Scott over 5/6 Ray Robles $100 5/6 Adam King $50 powering Dave Capone, to set up a highly anticipated hot-seat match for 7/8 Dennis Orender $50 10-BALL the 9-Ball event. Mitch then set history becoming the first player ever to 7/8 Adam King $50 1st Mitch Ellerman $700 make it to the finals in all three events when he bested the Freezer 10-5 for 2nd Muaz Arshad $325 the hot seat. 3rd Tres Kane $325 Meanwhile, Dave Capone, worked his way to the semis only to catch a 4th Tom Neil $125


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CITY LOCA TION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTR Y ADDED TIME LOCATION ENTRY Beaverton Hot Shots (503) 644-8869 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express $6+$1 7:00PM Boring Full Moon Bar & Grill (503) 663-0581 8 Ball BCA rules $5 $$$ 7:00PM Medford Rack’em (541) 779-6111 USPPA $8 7:00PM Portland Cues Billiards (503) 251-8399 8-Ball BCA Rules $7 incl. g.f. 7:30PM Salem Sharkey’s Pool & Brew (503) 391-4912 9-Ball $5+$2 g.f. Matching 7:00PM Tigard Break Time Billiards (503) 443-6166 Golf Snooker $10 Call Troutdale Skyland (503) 661-6464 8-Ball B & Below $3 7:30PM Beaverton Hot Shots (503) 644-8869 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express $6+$1 7:00PM Boring Hwy 26 Sports Bar (503) 663-5181 8-Ball/9-Ball $5 Matching 7:00PM Medford Rack’em (541) 779-6111 USPPA $8 7:00PM Get you Tournament Results on call to find out how 406-285-3099 PortlandCues Billiards (503) 251-8399 9-Ball C & below $7 incl. g.f. 7:30PM Salem Sharkey’s Pool & Brew (503) 391-4912 8-Ball B & below Mod. BCA $5+$3 g.f. $75/1st w/16 7:00PM Tigard Break Time Billiards (503) 443-6166 8-Ball Modified BCA $5+$2 g.f. $25 every 8 6:30PM Boring Hwy 26 Sports Bar (503) 663-5181 8-Ball/9-Ball $5 Matching 7:00PM Milwaukee Wichita (503) 654-4201 8-Ball Open $5 Matching 7:30PM Portland Cues Billiards (503) 251-8399 9-Ball $6 incl. g.f. $$$ 7:30PM Portland Cues Billiards (503) 251-8399 8-Ball $6 incl. g.f. $$$ 9:30PM Tigard Break Time Billiards (503) 443-6166 Golf Snooker $10 Call Troutdale Skyland (503) 661-6464 8-Ball B & Below $3 7:30PM Milwaukie Domenic’s Bar & Grill (503) 654-6969 8-Ball “No Masters” $5 50% 7:00PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 5:00PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 7:30PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 9:30PM Tigard Break Time Billiards (503) 443-6166 9-Ball Texas Express $5+$2 g.f. $25 every 8 6:30PM Vaneta Yukon Jack’s (541) 935-1921 8-Ball Double Elim. $3 50% 7:30PM Oregon City K C Midway (503) 656-9501 9-Ball Texas Express $5 $75/1st w/16 7:30PM Salem Jake’s Bar & Grill (503) 362-3600 8 Ball-Open $5 $$$ 7:30PM Salem Sharkey’s Pool & Brew (503) 391-4912 9-Ball $5+$2 g.f. Matching 7:00PM Tigard Break Time Billiards (503) 443-6166 Golf Snooker $10 Call Oregon City K C Midway (503) 656-9501 9 Ball Texas Express $6 $75/1st w/16 5:00PM Oregon City K C Midway (503) 656-9501 8 Ball BCA rules $5 $75/1st w/16 7:30PM Portland JoQ’s (503) 287-4210 9-Ball with Break Pot $5 8:00PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 5:00PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 7:30PM Portland Ranchouse (503) 702-7878 8-Ball/9-Ball Handicapped $6 $$$ 9:30PM Salem Jake’s Bar & Grill (503) 362-3600 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Doubles $5 $$$ 7:30PM Salem Sharkey’s Pool & Brew (503) 391-4912 8-Ball $5+$2 g.f. Matching 7:00PM Oregon City K C Midway (503) 656-9501 9 Ball - Race 4/3 $5 $75/1st w/16 6:30PM Portland Classic Billiards (503) 761-2622 9-Ball Race to 4/3 $5+$2 g.f. Match to $100 5:00PM Portland NiteHawk (503) 285-7177 8 Ball $3M/$2W $100 6:00PM Portland Sam’s Billiards (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool (1st Sun.) $10+$2 g.f. 11:00AM Salem Sharkey’s Pool & Brew (503) 391-4912 9-Ball $10 50% 1:00PM


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9-Ball Open 9-Ball 8-Ball Valley Rules 8-Ball Blind Draw Scotch Dbls 9-Ball Race to 3

ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5 $3 $12 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $7+$3 g.f. $10 $1 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $7 $5+$1 $5 $5 $7 $5 $5+3 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $3 $10 $12 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5 $3 $5 $2 $5+$3 $5 $5+$1 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5+$3 g.f. $5 $5

ADDED 100% ($100 max) $200 w/20 100% 50% $50 50% $50 min. $$$ $2/player $200 Guar 100% Pays 75% field 100%+Break Pot $$$ Break Pot $20 $50 min. Matching 100% Matching 100% 100% w/16 100% Matching 100% w/32 Matching up to $100 $200 in Meat $$$ Matching 100% Matching Matching to 32 Matching 100% w/16+ $50 min. $3/player 100% 50% $200 100% w/16 Matching $200 Guar 50% Matching 100% 100% w/16 100% w/16 Matching Matching Meat 100% w/15+ Pays 75% field Matching Matching Matching $$$ w/16+ Matching

TIME 6:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 11:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 1:30pm 8:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM

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ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $20 first 16 $5 $5 $5 $15 $5 $10


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Sidepot Sidepot Sidepot 200% payback

200% payback 200% payback 200% payback

$$$ 200% payout Side pot

TIME 7:00PM Call 7:00PM 7:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 7:00PM 7:00PM Call Call 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 5:30PM 2:00PM 1:00PM



Get your Tournament Results on call to find out how 406-285-3099 DA Y DAY CITY Tuesdays Moscow Wednesdays Moscow Twin Falls Saturdays Moscow Sundays Pocatello

LOCA TION LOCATION Mingles Mingles The Pocket Mingles Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 882-2050 (208) 882-2050 (208) 733-9676 (208) 882-2050 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTR Y ENTRY $5 $5 $6 $5 $5

ADDED $25 w/16+ Matching Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM

DA Y DAY Mondays

CITY Helena Kalispell Three Forks Wednesdays Kalispell Missoula Friday Missoula Saturdays Kalispell Missoula Missoula Sundays Belgrade Butte

LOCA TION LOCATION Edge Casino Cattlemen’s Casino Frontier Club Cattlemen’s Casino Buck’s Club Buck’s Club Cattlemen’s Casino Buck’s Club Buck’s Club Hub Bar Mr Ed’s

PHONE (406) 449-4997 (406) 257-9656 (406) 285-9876 (406) 257-9656 (406) 543-5028 (406) 543-5028 (406) 257-9656 (406) 543-5028 (406) 543-5028 (406) 388-1811 (406) 782-3700

EVENT / RULES 8 Ball 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball Free Pool All Day 8 Ball

ENTRY $5 $5

ADDED Matching Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM

$5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5

Matching $5/player $5/player Matching $5/player $5/player

7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 4:00PM 8:00PM




DA Y DAY Mondays

LOCA TION LOCATION Jointed Cue Family Billiards Broken Rack Garlic City Billiards CA Billiard Club Shooters Jointed Cue CA Billiard Club Hard Times Billiards Palacade Gary’s Victor Billiards Shooters Hard Times Family Billiards Shooters Family Billiards Billiard Palacade Hard Times CA Billiard Club Hard Times Gary’s Victor Billiards

PHONE (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (510) 652-9808 (408) 842-6950 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (916) 456-3243 (650) 965-3100 (916) 332-8798 (415) 585-6800 (760) 951-2800 (951) 785-9588 (916) 332-8798 (415) 931-1115 (951) 785-9588 (415) 931-1115 (415) 346-9140 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (916) 332-8798 (760) 951-2800

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball B USPPA USPPA 9-Ball USPPA 8 Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open staggered entry 9-Ball USPPA 9 Ball ‘B’ & below-Limit 32 8-Ball 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball 9 Ball USPPA USPPA 9-Ball USPPA NPL NPL 9-Ball Open 9-Ball USPPA Handicap 9 Ball Open 9-Ball Handicap

ENTRY $5 $20 $15 $15 $10 $12 $5-$15 $20 $5 $10 $8 $12 $10 $20 $12 $20 $20 $15 $20 $15 $9


TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 3:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM Noon 6:00PM

CITY Sacramento San Francisco



Emeryville Gilroy Mountain View

Riverside Sacramento Wednesdays Mountain View Sacramento San Francisco Victorville Thursdays Riverside Sacramento San Francisco


Riverside San Francisco San Francisco


Bellflower Mountain View

Sacramento Victorville

$50 $75 $50

$50 w/16 $500 Break Pot $$$ $500 Break Pot $5/player to $150

November 2007

34 DA TE DATE Nov 2 Nov 3-4 Nov 3 Nov 3 Nov 3-4 Nov 3-4 Nov 3 Nov 4 Nov 4 Nov 9-11 Nov 10 Nov 10 Nov 10 Nov 10-11 Nov 10-11 Nov 15 Nov 15-18 Nov 17 Nov 17 Nov 16 Nov 17-18 Nov 17-18 Nov 17-18 Nov 18 Nov 22 Nov 23-25 Nov 23-25 Nov 24 Nov 24-25 Nov 24-25 Nov 24-25 Nov 24-25 Nov 25 Nov 28 Nov 29 Nov 30 Nov 30-Dec 3 Dec 1 Dec 2 Dec 1 Dec 2 Dec 4-9 Dec 8 Dec 8-9 Dec 14-16 Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 15-16 Dec 15-16 Dec 22-23 Dec 25 Dec 26 Jan 5 Jan 6 Jan 5 Jan 6 Jan 10-11 Jan 12-13 Jan 11-13 Jan 12 Jan 19 Jan 19-20 Jan 20 Jan 26 Jan 26-27 Jan 30 Feb 9 Feb 10 Apr 16-20

CITY Billings, MT Billings, MT Helena, MT Lynnwood, WA Lynnwood, WA San Francisco Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Portland, OR Great Falls, MT Bozeman, MT Salem, OR Glendale, AZ San Francisco, CA Phoenix, AZ Rugby, ND Rugby, ND Billings, MT Phoenix, AZ Glendale, AZ Glendale, AZ Mtn View, CA Great Falls, MT Marysville, WA Butte, MT Bozmeman, MT Victorville, CA Tucson, AZ Mtn View, CA San Francisco, CA Phoenix, AZ Tacoma, WA Victorville, CA San Francisco, CA Reno, NV Tucson, AZ Reno, NV Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Lynnwood, WA Portland, OR Reno, NV Salem, OR Longview, WA Missoula, MT Billings, MT Helena, MT Mtn View, CA San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Butte, MT San Francisco, CA Lynnwood, WA Portland, OR Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Ocean Shores, WA Ocean Shores, WA Helena, MT Salem, OR Billings, MT Mtn View, CA Marysville, WA Bozeman, MT San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA Helena, MT Marysville, WA Shelton, WA

LOCA TION LOCATION BCA Billings BCA Billings Edge Casino (See ad p14) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) WWR (See ad p29) Hard Times (See ad 18) Hard Times (See ad 18) Sam’s Billiards (See ad 12) Eight Ball In (See ad 9) Eagles #326 (See ad p7) The Cue Ball (See ad p16) Northern Lounge (See ad p11) Family Billiards (See ad p35) Alexander’s (See ad p17) Northern Lights (See ad Oct) Northern Lights (See ad Oct) Kings Korner (See ad p21) Ox Sports Bar (See ad p10) Northern Lounge (See ad p11) Northern Lounge (See ad p11) CA Billiard Club (See ad p9) 8 Ball In (See ad p9) New California (See ad p23) Mr Ed’s (See ad p29) Eagles #326 (See ad p7) Gary’s Victor (See ad p22) Main Street (See ad p14) CA Billiard Club (See ad p16) Family Billiards (See ad p35) Alexander’s (See ad p17) Malarkey’s (See ad p15) Gary’s Victor (See ad p22) Billiard Palacade (See ad p12) Sands Regency (See ad p5) Main Street (See ad p14) Sands Regency (See ad p5) Hard Times (See ad 18) Hard Times (See ad 18) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p12) Sands Regency (See ad p5) Sharkey’s (See ad p29) Cadillac Island (See ad p34) Buck’s Club (See ad p27) Kings Korner (See ad p21) Edge Casino (See ad p14) CA Billiard Club (See ad p9) Family Billiards (See ad p35) Family Billiards (See ad p35) Mr Ed’s (See ad p29) Billiard Palacade (See ad p12) Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p12) Hard Times (See ad 18) Hard Times (See ad 18) Quinault Beach (See ad p3) Quinault Beach (See ad p3) Edge Casino (See ad p14) The Cue Ball (See ad p16) Kings Korner (See ad p21) CA Billiard Club (See ad p9) New California (See ad p23) Eagles #326 (See ad p7) Family Billiards (See ad p35) Billiard Palacade (See ad p12) Edge Casino (See ad p14) New California (See ad p23) Pacific ACS (See ad p35)

PHONE (406) 656-2887 (406) 656-2887 (406) 449-4997 (425) 640-5474 (425) 640-5474 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (503) 282-8266 (406) 761-9169 (406) 587-9996 (503) 362-9740 (623) 937-0940 (415) 931-1115 (602) 973-1638 (701) 776-5846 (701) 776-5096 (406) 256-8946 (602) 955-0943 (623) 937-0940 (623) 937-0940 (650) 965-3100 (406) 761-9169 (360) 653-2101 (406) 782-3700 (406) 587-9996 (760) 951-2800 (520) 546-3464 (650) 965-3100 (415) 931-1115 (602) 973-1638 (253) 383-3301 (760) 951-2800 (415) 585-6800 (866) 386-7829 (520) 546-3464 (866) 386-7829 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (425) 640-5474 (503) 282-8266 (866-386-7829 (503) 391-4912 (360) 957-0065 (406) 728-3009 (406) 256-8946 (406) 449-4997 (650) 965-3100 (415) 931-1115 (415) 931-1115 (406) 782-3700 (415) 585-6800 (425) 640-5474 (503) 282-8266 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (360) 790-7139 (360) 790-7139 (406) 449-4997 (503) 362-9740 (406) 256-8946 (650) 965-3100 (360) 653-2101 (406) 587-9996 (415) 931-1115 (415) 585-6800 (406) 449-4997 (360) 653-2101 (360) 892-7454

EVENT / RULES Montana State 8-Ball Teams Montana State 8-Ball Singles 8-Ball Open Singles 9-Ball (big table) 9-Ball 3-Person Team 9-Ball at Family Billiards One Pocket 9-Ball Straight Pool 8-Ball Shooters Challenge M & W 8-Ball Women’s Doubles 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 9-Ball 16 & Under Scotch - Sidepots One Pocket Glenn White Mem. AZ State Bar Box 10-Ball 9-Ball International Cup 8-Ball Shootout Men & Women 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles 9-Ball Sc Dbls-17 & Under 8-Ball Open Pre Draw Tourney 8-Ball Invitational - B-day Party Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball 4 Person Team Round Robin-Limit 16 Fingerpool - Turkey Shoot Thanksgiving Day Tournament 8-Ball Holiday Classic M & W 9-Ball Open Turkey Shoot Super Sc Dbls Turkey Shoot USPPA Reno Warm-up One Pocket/9-Ball 7 & Under 9-Ball-Race to Hdcp 9-Ball Thanksgiving classic One Pocket Handicapped 8-Ball Handicapped USPPA Early Bird Bonus 3-Ball Customer Appreciation USPPA Pro Am Classic One Pocket 9-Ball 9-Ball (big table) Straight Pool 9-Ball Reno Open 9-Ball BCA Rules 9-Ball Handicap-Limit 64 8-Ball Open-Limit 64 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles 8-Ball Open Scotch Doubles Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball 9-Ball Pechauer Tour One Pocket/9-Ball Christmas Day Tournament 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball (big table) Straight Pool One Pocket 9-Ball 8-Ball Singles Open & Master 8-Ball Teams Mens & Womens Helena Bar Box Open Singles 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball Fingerpool - Money Shoot Open 9-Ball Singles One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball Dbls-Bud Sautter Mem. Fingerpool - World Champ. Regional 8-Ball

ENTR Y ENTRY $120 $35 $20 $20+$5 g.f. $100+$25 g.f. $30 $20 $25 $12 $35+$15 g.f. $20/team $10 $30 $50 Call $40 $60M/$35W $5 $20 $10 $10 $40 / $25 $100 $3 $5 $50+$20 mem $150 $20 $60 $25 each $20 $40+$10 g.f. $10 $20 Call Call $60 $20 $25 $20+$5 g.f. $12 $125 $20 $40+$10 g.f. $20 $5 $20/person $40 / $25 $50+$10 $25 each $5 $20 $20+$5 g.f. $12 $20 $25 $35/$45 $100 $40+$10 g.f. $10 $5 $40 / $25 $3 $25 $25 each $20 $20 $3 Varies

ADDED $3,500 $300 $250 w/32 $1,000 Guar. $$$

$10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$7,500 $100 $200 $250 w/16 $2,000 w/32 $1,000 - 1st $3,000 1st Guar. Matching Sidepots $500 $400 each $1500 $3,000+ Guar. $5,000 w/128 $500 $1,000 w/128 $300 ea w/32 $555.55 w/full field $1,000 w/64 $100 w/16 $200 $1,000 $12,000

$10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.

$250 w/32

$26,500 w/200 $500 $1,000 $1,000 Guar Matching $200 $400 each $2,000 $300 ea w/32 $200 $250 w/32 $10 per 30 max. $10 per 50 max.


$2000 w/full field $200 Matching $400 each $200 $300 ea w/32 $200 $300 $12,500

TIME 10:00AM Call 11:00AM 10:00AM Call Call Noon Noon 11:00AM 7:00PM 11:00AM 10:00AM 1:00PM 11:00AM Call 3:00PM 7:00PM Call 1:00PM 7:30PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 9:00AM Call 6:30PM 7:00PM Noon 1:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM Noon 9:00AM 6:00PM Call 3:00PM Call Call Noon Noon 10:00AM 11:00AM Call 10:00AM 11:00AM 7:00PM Call 11:00AM 1:00PM 10:00AM 1:00PM 6:30PM Call 10:00AM 11:00AM Noon Noon Call Call 11:00AM 10:00AM Call 1:00PM Call 11:00AM 1:00PM Call 11:00AM Call Varies

November 2007




0 0 5 d , 2 $1Adde




- 9:00 AM

Master Mixed 8-B Scotch Doubles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Fee Per PersonRace to 7 Open Mixed 8-B Scotch Doubles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Fee Per PersonRace to 5



- 9:00 AM

Master 9-B Singles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 9 Open 9-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 7


$12 ,50 A dd 0 e d


April 18th - 9:00 AM Master 8-B Singles $35 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 7 Open 8-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 5 Standard 8-B Singles $25 Entry + $5 Reg.Race to 4


– 20th – 9:00 AM

Men’s & Women’s Division – Race to 13 - $100 Entry + $20 Registration Fee

2nd Chance T ournaments: Tournaments: (details will be available on site)

For R oom Reser vations: Room Reserv Lit tle Creek Casino – Resor t Little Resort (800) 667-7711

The Break November 2007  

Archived issue from November 2007

The Break November 2007  

Archived issue from November 2007