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Founded upon unwavering principles of quality and value, 2013 marks our 333rd continuous year in business. We are the oldest company in the billiard industry. Being the oldest didn’t make us the best... being the best has made us the oldest. Premium products with premium value. Iwan Simonis.



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MALARKEY’S Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament

RAFAEL MARTINEZ photo by: David Teller

TACOMA, WA Once again Clark Smith from Malarkey’s hosted his annual Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament. This tournament has become a staple in the Pacific Northwest and everyone looks forward to playing pool the weekend after Thanksgiving. And this was no exception. Malarkey’s drew a stellar field of 48 of the best pool players in the Northwest. As is customary, Andrea Saenz Maes was the tournament director and kept everything running smoothly all weekend long. The field had well known names like Rafael Martinez, Stan Tourangeau and Dan Louie and many more of the top notch players from the Pacific Northwest, including a player, Matt

2014 MCMOA Team & Singles Championships VNEA Sanctioned 406-586-9526 Players Only 6 page January 2014

Keith from Montana who finished 5th/6th. To make the tournament even better, Clark worked tirelessly to recover all of the tables and all who played were grateful for the new cloth. As always the players were treated to some of the best pool that any pool hall could offer. In the finals Stan Tourangeau, who lost in the first round and made his way back through the one loss side, faced Rafael Martinez. Stan would have to beat Rafael twice to win the tournament. The first set went hill-hill with Stan coming out on top. Rafael then proceeded to make short work of the second set by beating Stan 7-0. Rafael was playing like he wanted everybody else playing for second place. He had an amazing tournament. Stan fought hard 9614 E Sprague Spokane, WA 99206 509-891-8357


9-Ball Open - Jan 11-12

$50 Entry (incl. $10 GF) Race 7/5-BCA Rules-Alt. Break Play on 9 ft Gold Crowns

$1,000 Added w/64 entries $ Top Lady with 3 or more entries $

Ladies 8-Ball





$40 Entry ($10 GF) Race 5/3-BCA Rules-Alt. Break

$500 Added w/32 entries

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all the way but went home with second place. Andrea commented that the tournament could not have run smoothly with out all of those who helped out, including the incredible staff at Malarkey’s, Clark Smith for adding the money and hosting the event and of course the players, without who’s participation there would be no tournament. Everyone is looking forward to next year. 1st $1,500 Rafael Martinez 2nd $910 Stan Tourangeau 3rd $700 Miguel Morfin 4th $500 Damian Pongpanik 5/6 $425 Dan Louie, Matt Keith 7/8 $325 Leroy Dorsey, Paul Marquez 9-12 $225 Pete Gates, Ed Hobbs, Harold Prine, Eddie Carrido

STAN TOURANGEAU photo by: Don Akerlow

MIGUEL MORFIN photo courtesy of: Western BCA



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Pool Tournaments Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $3 entry-House Adds $2/player-Money Shoot

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Karaoke Sun-Thu 9:30PM Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM Like Us On Facebook

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Makes World History

Ever since players have been rolling balls on felt with sticks, competition has been head-to-head against an opponent standing at the table. Until now, competitors had to be in the same place at the same time in order to determine who was best that day. Not any more! With the magic of technology and a modified pool game that is scored, Behind the Rock Tour made history in December with a head-to-head challenge with players in different locations! It had never been done before and heralds a new chapter in pool history. The first match was Rafael Martinez playing out of CueTopia Billiards in Tacoma WA against David Pinkston out of Gallery Billiards in New Burgh, RAFAEL MARTINEZ NY. The second match was Jeff Jerome also playing out of Cue-Topia Billiards in Tacoma WA pitted against Doug Youmans also out of Gallery Billiards followed by a grudge match by these two players. All of these matches were exciting and either player could have pulled off the win in any of the matches. This was the first time a competition has ever been held with players shooting from different locations! These matches were made possible by live streaming the competitors playing the Behind the Rock Tour (BTRT) format which is a scored game of popular pool games, like 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball. For these historic matches, “220” was the game. “220” is a modified version of 10 ball vs. the Ghost with scoring twists. A

match consists of 11 games against the ghost. If a player breaks and runs the 11th game then a 12th game is played to complete the scoring for the 11th game. Basic rules are: all ball foul rules, rack in any order, 1 point for 10 ball on the break, 1 point for additional 10 balls shot out of rotation, minus 1 (-1) for a scratch on the break and all balls pocketed on the break spot, and other more detailed scoring for break and runs. Player takes ball in hand after the break. If a ball is pocketed on the game that a player breaks and runs, then the player scores 10 points for that game plus all the points in the following game. If a player does not make a ball on the break and proceeds to run the table, he has the option of ball-in-hand on the next game. You can find a complete list of rules on the website at www. Each player played from their local pool room and competed via live stream. It was really something to witness. Rafael Martinez and David Pinkston played the first match. Cue-Topia Billiards had Pinkston on big screen DAVID PINKSTON TV and watched Martinez live while Gallery Billiards had Pinkston live and Cue-Topia Billiards live via live stream on the big screen. This is how the match went down. Pinkston started out in Game 1 with 4 points, while Martinez put together a “Cut” game (pocketed no ball on the break and ran out the rack). In Game 2 Pinkston put together a “Snap” game (pocketed one or more balls on the break and ran out) (continued on page 28)

Log Cabin

Pub & Eatery 2719 E Valley Hwy E-Sumner, WA




1st TUES 9-Ball at 8pm 3rd SAT 8-Ball at 3pm $10 entry + $5 green fee

BCA, APA, USA & TAP Leagues FREE Pool Mondays!


n Skeeball n Ping Pong n Horseshoes n DJ Wed-Sat n HUGE Beer Garden n Excellent Food n Great Staff!

8 page January 2014

9-Ball Jan 11th: Women Only

$20 entry (incl. g.f.) -Starts at 10AM Limit 32

Feb 1st: Men Only

$25 entry (incl. g.f.) -Starts at 10AM


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CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk BY: DON AKERLOW



Whether you play leagues, play in pool tournaments, run tournaments as a tournament director or just want to have a memorial tournament for someone who loved the game and played for so many years. Whether you’re happy or not so happy with the direction that pool has taken.

Be under someone’s tutelage that you respect or revere. Equipment is always problematic. Make sure the tables are clean if you are going to run a tournament. Do it yourself if you can’t get the location to. If you use standardized rules and you do not keep them on the wall, then make sure you have a copy of them so you can study and quote them. There are many obstacles that you will encounter if you do it long enough. Each time you encounter a problem it will strengthen you. Be strong, know your facts and admit when you are wrong.

It is up to you to do something about it. If you don’t like the way a tournament is being run then learn how to do it yourself or a league. Start with yourself, make the commitment to change something for the better. Like anything else in life, learn your craft. Ask questions, do research or learn by trial and error. Find the rules that you want to play, type them up and put them on the wall so you can point to them when you are running your tournament or league and say, “Those are the rules”.

All of this might get you a cup of coffee but what it might do is change something for the better. Because if you don’t do it… who then? If you need any help, email me I have run hundreds of tournaments and have complained about thousands of things over my some 50 years of playing. One thing to remember, if a ruling goes against you, let it go and move on. It will only damage you and your game. Negativity can destroy anything.

The difference is too many people complain about something and do nothing about it. You will find that some locations will tell you one thing and do another. You will find players that are the same way. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. The best way for you to succeed is to learn what you need to know. Admit when you are wrong, change it and move on.

So with all that said, go out and make your mark, make a difference. You never know where it might lead you and ...

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January 2014 page 9

Black Diamond Billiards Spokane,WA

December 7th we had 41 individuals brave the frigid temperatures to compete in our Open 8-Ball tournament. The entry was $50 (included $10 green fee) and with the added money from Black Diamond the total purse was $2280. Dave Williams went undefeated in 8-ball winning the finals over Daniel V who pushed his way through the b side to capture 2nd place. As always a BIG Thank You to the Black Diamond for hosting the event, also to Will Wilson for all his help during the event.

Results 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 7-8th Top Lady

Dave Williams Daniel Vostitsiamos Carl Tibbetts Steve Rijon Jack Haggie Jason DeFilippis Sonny Redthunder Randy Orhstrom Joyce Robinson

$800 $550 $320 $180 $125 $60 $60

Mixed Scotch Doubles ($25 a team race 5-3) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Carl Tibbetts Phyllis Fernandez $190 Daniel Vostitsiamos Darlene $120 Travis Babcock – Donna Taylor $70 Gregg and Jackie Cantrall $40

Carl Tibbetts and Phyllis Fernandez Scotch Doubles

Dave Williams 1st place 8 ball tournament

Pockets Inc.

1487 N Curtis Rd Boise, ID

14 Pool Tables - Darts Foosball - Video Games

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7pm/Sun 6-7pm Evey Sunday 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles $5 entry starts at 7pm Money added

905 E Lincoln Rd - Idaho Falls, ID 208-525-9962

10 page January 2014

208-375-2474 20 Pool Tables Weekly Tournaments - Pool Leagues Free Pool 11am-2pm 7 days a week Food! Drinks! Fun!

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501 Eleven 7’ Diamond Pool Tables All tables now updated to Blue Diamond Rail System with Pro Cut Pockets Proudly hosting ACS, APA & BCA leagues

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n O o g K e r O , r e Keiz

L-R, BRICE WATERS, TOMMY ROSSI, BOB HECKEL AND RON BUTTS This past December 21st we saw a great field of 23 scotch Doubles Teams compete for prize money! Format was 8 ball and the competition was stiff! In the end we saw a great match-up between team Tommy Rossi. & Our own Brice Watters and team Bob Heckel & Ron Butts. Following an early and opening loss, Bob and Ron had made it all the way through the back side of the bracket where Tommy and Brice were eagerly waiting on the point. Bob and Ron needed to win twice and Tommy and Brice simply needed to win one set! First race was 5 to 1 Bob and Ron! 2nd set was 5 to 0 Tommy and Brice! Tommy and Brice scooped up the $250 first place prize money and Bob and Ron took 2nd for $180! Great play gentlemen! Thanks to Crys for a great job of Directing! See you all again January 18th and February 15th. Ladies only Jan 4th. $800 added in these upcoming events. See our ad in this publication!

Open Team 8-Ball American Legion Headquarters February 22-23, 2014


Entry $20 Stick Fee, $40 Sponsor Fee + $20 green fee added w/32 teams $140 per team - $100 for All Women Team - 100% payback 4 Players per team - Shooting singles - Limit 2 Masters per team or 1 Grand Master BCA Rules - Call Pocket - Double Elimination Friday Nite Warm-up 7:30 pm Race to 7/5 - Final Race to 9 Entry Deadline Feb 22nd - Players Meeting 10AM - Feb 22nd

Entry Fee & Information: Chuck Hassler 2842 Hunt Rd - Oak Harbor, WA 98277 360-929-6076 (cell) or 360-675-3732 (nights)

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It was a great field of 34 players that showed up Saturday November 30th to compete in our monthly $200 added Tournament! Format was 9 ball!

Congratulations to Tommy R. (center), 1st place $270, Randy B. (Right)2nd place $190, and Wayne W. (left) 3rd place for $120! Thank you for Playing!

January 4th 2014 $200 Added, Ladies 8 ball Sign-ups at 9:30am. Play begins at 10:30am. $20.00 entry (includes Green Fee) BCA Rules, Alternating Breaks! Step Down Handicap. Race to 5 front, 4 on the back. Even rank players race to 4 on the front & 3 on the back

February 15th-16th 2014 $400 Added !! Open Scotch Doubles Bring your own! 8 Ball,

January 18th 2014

$200 Added, 9ball

Sign-ups at 9:30am. Play begins at 10:30am. $20.00 entry (includes Green Fee) BCA Rules, Winner Breaks! Step Down Handicap. Race to 8 front, 5 on the back. Even rank players race to 6 on the front & 4 on the back CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE TOURNY DETAILS

Sign-ups at 9:30am. Play begins at 10:30am. $60.00 entry per head, (includes $10 Green Fee) BCA Rules, Alternating Breaks! Race to 7 front and back Sign-ups at 9:30am. Play begins at 10:30am.

3838 River Rd. N. Keizer, Or. 97303 (503) 393 - POOL (7665)

January 2014 page 11

Stop It!

© July 2010 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

12 page January 2014

Everybody knows what a stop shot is – the cueball stops dead, exactly where it was when it hit the object ball. The cueball stops because, at the moment of impact with the object ball, it was skidding (also referred to as sliding, stunned, or dead). In other words, the CB had no rotation – not rolling, not backspinning. And with no cut angle, whatever linear force was in the cueball transfers to the object ball. With no forward force left in the CB, it stops dead. Stop shots are a subset of a much larger category of shots known as “stun shots.” A stun shot is any shot where the cueball arrives at the moment of impact with no rotational force (sliding, stunned, dead). Stop shots are stun shots that happen to be straight in. Read that again. The stun shot is the most important shot in pool because it’s the only shot where we know for sure that path the cueball will take after colliding with the object ball. It will leave the OB at a 90° angle relative to the line through the centers of the CB/OB at the moment of impact. This deflected CB path is often referred to as the “tangent line.” It’s the first thing we consider in all position play – does this particular CB path go where we want to go? A stunned cueball runs down that line. A rolling cueball pulls itself forward of the line. Draw pulls the CB backward off the line. We could say that stun shots are executed exactly like stop shots, except they are not straight in. They have a cut angle. So, to play good position, we need to master the stun shot. But since it’s not always clear how precisely we executed a stun shot, the smart way to practice is to shoot stop shots. Because stop shots park the cueball precisely behind where the object ball was, it’s very easy to see how well (or how poorly) you did. Watch closely. You can see the truth of whatever you did. If the CB stops perfectly, it was a stun shot. The cueball must have been skidding when it struck the OB. If it follows, it had some roll in when it hit the OB. Conversely, if it pulls backward from the OB, it must have had some backspin when it hit. If the cueball drifts to the side, you’re not aiming where you think you are. If it has sidespin, you’re not hitting the vertical axis (the center line) of the cueball.

To quickly improve your ability to shoot stuns, work through the exercise shown, practicing and mastering stopping the cueball at each distance. To play effective position, we must understand and control what the cueball is doing when it gets where it’s going, i.e., when it hits something. Is it rolling, sliding, backspinning, or somewhere in between? Yeah, you have to think about this, and clearly.

The basic level of the exercise is to just get the cueball stopped, any way you can. For the CB to be skidding when it arrives at the OB, many combinations of tip height and ball speed will work. The advanced level is to work through two more times, stopping the ball in specific ways: 1. Shoot every shot in the exercise hitting maximum low on the CB. The first shot will be very soft, and you’ll have to increase your speed with each subsequent shot, as the OB’s are farther away. 2. Shoot each shot in the exercise with firm speed. The first shot will be struck at center ball, and you’ll hit each successive shot at the same speed, but with a lower tip height on the cueball. This will make you aware of your height/speed preferences, while expanding your abilities and confidence. Since this gets at what is arguably the key skill in position play, it’s wise to revisit this exercise periodically. Your opponents may be stunned by the result.

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An Interview by:

“The Viper”

An Interview with Semi-Professional Player

Marc Vidal from Spain

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. Recently, Melissa opened a new billiard supply store For more information about Melissa please visit: Read more articles by Melissa Little at

The Interview Viper: Where were you born? Marc: Barcelona, Spain Viper: What are your biggest accomplishments in the sport of billiards? Marc: Not much to be proud of, by my standards, I feel I’m still working for a big accomplishment. But the Empire State 9Ball Championship in 2008 would be the biggest tournament I have ever won. Viper: Do you have a nickname yet? Marc: Lots of people call me “Spain” in the East Coast, but I don’t like it, it seems like a lazy nickname some people from NYC came up with when I first came to the US.. Some call me Spaniard Viper: What are your short-term goals? Marc: To be a better player and a better person Viper: What do you do when you’re not competing? Marc: Work and family time. Viper: Do you have siblings? Marc: Older sister whom lives in Barcelona. Viper: Who got you started in playing pool? Marc: Myself in bars as a teenager, I used to love to get drunk and play pool. Viper: What do your parents think of your pool career? Marc: They’re happy I found a balanced life through pool. The road was bumpy for me for

most my youth, because I dedicated my life to pool and move to a country that is very different from the one I came from. They weren’t that happy back then… Viper: In your opinion, what parts of the world produce the best players? Marc: Europe and Asia, they seem to be dominating the game. Viper: Who is/was your favorite pro player growing up? Marc: More and more I don’t like to think of a favorite player. However, I admired Francisco Diaz and Mika Immonen when I was just starting to play the game. Viper: Do you currently have any sponsors? Marc:,, and Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO. (Viper continued on page 38)

For Juniors Events, Tournament News, Sponsors, Lessons & For My Fans...

The WPBA Touring Profession Like Us On Facebook

January 2014 page 13

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

Table Tests

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett

14 page January 2014

In my third article for this magazine, back in July of 2003, I suggested some test shots to try on an unfamiliar table to see if it is much different from what you are used to. Here are some other shots that I think are useful for such testing. If you also find them useful, you may want to go back in the full-issue archives on the OTBN website and read that first set of tests. If you find yourself in a tournament and have a few moments on the table before the start of a match, have shots like these ready. You may notice something strange or amazing about the table that could come into play in a few racks. Purposeful practice is better than just banging some balls around. These shots are intended to be adjustable to your present skill level. For example in Shot 1 the idea is to take the cue ball straight sideways from a nearly straight shot. This tests whether the cue ball is heavy or light compared to the object balls. With a heavier cue ball, you will need to hit it a little lower to overcome its tendency to smash straight through the object ball. To increase the difficulty, just make the shot straighter, bring the cue ball back farther, or require the cue ball to travel farther after impact, such as to the other cushion rather than just to the center of the table. Another important thing you can test with Shot 1 is how tight the pockets get for fast shots that are slightly mis-hit. If the object ball just catches the nearer point of the pocket, some tables will reject it if it’s at high speed. Check how much pocketing margin you have. In Shot 2 the idea is to test your draw distance. Try a short shot with the goal of getting the cue ball back as far as you are comfortable with. Then try to draw half as far but with the cue ball farther back. This tests how sticky the cloth is and how quickly it will rub off that precious back spin. Shot 3 is one that I like to try prior to a straight pool match. At 14.1 you can have a lot of slow rollers into the side pockets and if the table isn’t pretty flat you have to choose something else. This shot will let you know what to expect. You need to do it to both sides and probably to the far corners as well. If you have time in your testing, try playing the 1 ball from behind the line as a slow shot and watch for cue ball roll-off. Finally, Shot 4 is a test of cloth and cushion speed. Playing this shot with right English and follow is a standard way to come out of corners that every player needs to master. This shot works best if the cushion cloth is not brand new because well-broken-in cloth is a little stickier and allows the side spin to grab. Adjust the distance and straightness to match your skill level. The toughest situation is a nearly straight shot -- so you may need to cheat the pocket -- and the need to spin clear down to the other end of the table. Do you have some other shots that you like to use as tests of strange tables? If so, send them to me at and you may see them in a future column

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Gimme a (Safety) Break! Part three of a short series on breaking

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

Over the last two articles, we talked about breaking for 9-ball and 8-ball, and learning how to hit a hard yet controlled break. This month, we are going to focus purely on control, while we talk about the softer breaks required for Straight Pool. Then, next month will close it out with One Pocket. Straight Pool, otherwise known as 14.1 Continuous Pool, is a deceptively simple game that takes a lifetime to master. Simply put, you continue to make balls one after another, until there is only one ball left. You then rack the 14 remaining balls, and continue. As long as you keep making balls, you stay at the table, and your opponent keeps his chair warm. When playing this game, your strategy is to maneuver the last (break) ball and cue-ball into a position that allows you to simultaneously make that ball, and break the balls in the rack. This takes considerable skill, and many books have been written on the subject of the continuous break in 14.1. I will leave it up to you, dear reader, to learn about that on your own. I would, however, like to address the opening break, which in my opinion doesn’t get much attention. Do a Google search for 14.1 breaks, and you’ll see what I mean. An important point about 14.1 is the fact that all shots must be called. EVERY shot. That includes the opening break, if you intend to break and continue shooting. Because the odds of making an opening break called ball is so slim, most will not attempt it. However, I will describe two that I have seen used in games I have played. The first is the to make the head ball in one of the side pockets. It’s similar to the “cut break” in 9-ball. One player I have seen attempt this shot is successful about 30% of the time. That isn’t enough to justify attempting it in my opinion, but he seems to enjoy experimenting with

it. To be fair, he’s playing against people who average 10 ball runs, so it’s not too dangerous. Do it against Corey Deuel, and expect to watch him wipe the floor with you! To attempt this shot, hit a half-ball shot on the head ball, with follow and right-hand English (if you’re breaking from the right). The cue ball should rebound off of the ball into the foot rail, then the side rail, and return to the head rail close to the left corner pocket. The head ball in this case should come close to entering the side pocket. The danger here, besides not making your called ball, is that you might hit another ball and scratch, or leave your opponent an easy opening shot. The other aggressive break I have seen is to shoot past the rack, and rebound to strike one of the two corner balls. If done correctly (and with a little luck), the head ball will come off the rack to strike two rails and go in the side pocket. It’s a fun trick shot to try, but I would never attempt this in a serious competition. Let’s discuss the break you are most likely more familiar with. It’s a safety break, meaning you have no intention of making a ball. In fact, ideally, the rack will be returned to its original configuration, with the cue ball on the head rail! Most players defer the break to their opponent upon winning the lag. If you practice this enough, you may elect to break yourself, or at least be ready for when your opponent gives you the break! Start with the cue ball on the head string, about half to a full diamond from the rail. Shoot from either side, whichever you are more comfortable with. I like to break from the right side. Put outside (right in my case) English, and aim to hit about 1/4 of the corner ball in the last row of the rack. When I do this, I aim as though the rest of the rack were not there, and I am shooting the ball in the left corner pocket. Use enough speed to have the cue ball hit the foot rail, right side rail, and come all the way back up to the left corner pocket on the head rail. A perfect break will have the right (Glass continued on page 38)

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January 2014 page 15

To Bank or Not to Bank? Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

It was January 21st, 2012 and the Derby City Classic, World Bank Pool Championship was in full swing. The 5th round draw had just taken place and my upcoming match had just been posted on the scrolling marquis. I walked over to the projector to see who my next opponent was, but before my name appeared, a call went over the loudspeaker, “Shane Van Boening and Anthony Beeler table 5.” At that point, I realized I was going to have my hands full. Shane was playing some of the best pool of his life and I knew I was going to have to play perfect just to stay close. Shane won the lag and handily disposed of the first rack. I knew it was imperative that I win the next game. Under pressure, I won rack two and started to become more comfortable. Shane won rack three by a score of 5-3. I then returned the favor in rack 4 by besting Shane 5 to 1. At that point, we were starting to draw quite a bit of attention. Many onlookers gathered to see me break the balls in the case game. As I executed the break shot, a loud noise was the only thing that I made. Shane walked to the table and proceeded to bank in one shot after another. Pow… pow… pow… pow… was the sound coming from his cue as he riffled in 4 banks in a row. The sound of each bank hitting the back of the pocket was like that of a dagger being driven through my heart. Amazingly, when I returned to the table I hit Shane with a 4-pack of my own. With a 4 to 4 deadlock in the final game you could feel the tension in the air. If I made the bank I would win the match. If not, I would probably lose. Unfortunately for me I was left with a difficult off-angle shot pictured below.


Your Potential!

To bank or not to bank? was the question I asked myself repeatedly. In fact, I kept hearing the words of Grady Mathews echoing through my head. Grady’s mantra was “If you can’t shoot the cue ball past the object ball into the corner pocket there is a kiss.” However, this rule only applies only to shots hit with inside English and at the time of the match I wasn’t aware that his rule did not apply to shots hit with no English and a rolling cue ball. After carefully contemplating what to do, I attempted a difficult safety that fell short of the mark. Shane calmly approached the table and pocketed the match ball.

Bradfordsville, KY Cell: 606-669-8401 Office: 606-346-2953 (continued on page 33) 16 page January 2014

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The Largest Regional Tournament in The Country!

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$30,000 aDDeD * baseD on la st year's entr ies



Fun Night! EVENING BEFORE EVENT Doors Open At 3 pm, Minis And Handicapped 10-Ball Singles Start At 7 Pm

Early Entry Deadline 2/4/14 Late Entry Deadline 2/11/14*

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al 1st Annu

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$4000 added with 32 entries Entry Fee: Non-WBCA Qualified (8 weeks of league play) - $100, WBCA Qualified - $75 + $25 Green Fee. Race to 7, BCA Rules, Double Elimination Must be WBCA member or pay WBCA/ BCAPL fees ($15 each) with entry.


$1500 added with 16 entries Entry Fee: Non-WBCA Qualified (8 weeks of league play) - $100, WBCA Qualified - $75 + $25 Green Fee. Race to 6, BCA Rules, Double Elimination Must be WBCA member or pay WBCA/ BCAPL fees ($15 each) with entry.

Entry Deadline March 1, 2014 Lincoln City, Oregon (888) Chinook 244-6665

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l a u n n A 4th

The 4th Annual Laramie Peak Invitational was held December 13th – 15th in Wheatland, WY. There were 141 players from Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska gathered for stiff competition. This grass roots event quickly outgrew its beginnings in the local bars to its new location at the county fairgrounds, doubling in size since its inaugural year. The tournament featured 20 tables all with ANDY Billiard Cloth as well as online bracketing with Compusport, which brought great feedback from players. After a long hill-hill battle with home town girl Samantha Whinery, Wyoming’s Autumn Berg finished 1st place in the Women’s C division. Women’s B and higher division went to Colorado’s Rebecca Miller beating out last year’s champion Mari Holste. The Open C Champion was local first timer Morris Lovell defeating Justin Wood. Open B winner was Wyoming’s Mike Kozeniewski over Craig Spatz also of Wyoming. The A Division was a terrific field of players this year including AAA competitors Mark Vidal, E.J. Glode and Andrew Pettenger. There were 16 AA players as well, with the likes of Rich Haines, Scott

Mike Kozenowski 1st

Rebecca Miller 1st WA

Autumn Berg 1st WC

Craig Spatz 2nd B

Andrew Pettenger 1st AS

Silver Dollar Tavern Pool Tournaments Wed (7:30pm) & Sun (5pm) Karaoke Fri & Sat at 8 pm

4 Diamond Smart Pool Tables 479 Newmark Ave - Coos Bay, OR 541-888-5634

18 page January 2014

Happy Hour til 10 Well Drinks $2.50

Wireless Internet Oriental Menu 6520 19th St W - Fircrest, WA


Tues: Live Blues & Wed: Texas Holdem

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Justin Wood 2nd C

Morris Lovell 1st C

Mari Holste 2nd WA

Walker, Ron Shino, Pom Rai, Chico Cisneros and Thomas McGee to name a few. The battle for 1st place was between Pom Rai and Andrew Pettenger. They actually played 4 matches over the weekend, each one a long hard fight. Pom beat Andrew to put him on the loser’s side, but Andrew fought back through the bracket to meet him again in the rocking chair. Andrew had to beat Pom twice to win, and he pulled it out, sending Pom to his third 2nd place finish at the Laramie Peak Invitational. Full brackets can be found online at The Laramie Peak Invitational is a non-profit event that donates a portion of its Calcutta and T-Shirt sales to children’s charities, last year helping to provide Christmas gifts to a floor of The Denver Children’s Hospital. This year they decided to continue to partner with Wyoming Youth Outreach and support the families of those same children through a donation to Ronald McDonald House. For children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having mom and dad close by for love and support. A Ronald McDonald House is that “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost. This year Laramie Peak Invitational players raised $1,050 in support of the Ronald McDonald Houses in the Denver, CO area. The 5th Annual Laramie Peak Invitational will be held December 12th – 14th, 2014. You can follow them on their Facebook page to keep up with all the events in the area as well as when registration opens again. www.facebook. com/LaramiePeakInvitational

Samantha Whinery 2nd WC

Pom Rai 2nd AS

BZ’S Sports Bar 14 Big Sreen HD TV’s

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208 E Main - Manhattan, MT 406-284-3353 Open 10am-2am

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January 2014 page 19

Official Cloth Sponsor for the Larry Martin Memorial






FREE POOL Sunday & Monday ALL DAY FREE POOL 11-6 Everyday Wednesday Night

8 Ball at 8PM - Vegas Style $5 entry - sign up at 7:30pm - 100% Matching

APA & BCAPL Leagues

Full Bar 2 Pool Tables - Darts

Full Menu Open til Close

Karaoke Every Night at 9 Food & Drink Specials Daily 13601 Hwy 99 - Everett, WA 425-745-4805

20 page January 2014

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On The Road with ... C J Wiley

usually have a “stake-horse” that puts up the money and they play their hearts out. Unfortunately their hearts aren’t that resilient and even though they play well and run balls properly, when they get up against the elite group they know their place and usually bow out peacefully once they know they are in a bad game. The next group are the ones that we get involved with and it is purely business. I know they will get the money and we don’t have to worry about gambling, but strategically milk the room for the maximum amount. We are called the “road warriors”. We stay on the road because once people know who we are and how we play they would rather gargle razor blades than play us for any amount of money. Not only will they lose their precious to us, chances are they will lose their self esteem (temporarily) as well. we relish the thought of not only beating another player, but enjoy sending to a shrink for a month or two. The beauty is there’s no physical harm, unlike a boxer that can cause brain damage physically, we just wanted to cause damage mentally and financially. I sat in the backseat, thumbing through my partners roadmap. Each state had many towns circled with names, numbers and descriptions beside them. I knew if I wanted more detail they also had a “spot book” that would have every player in each town with a description of them and an order in which we would ideally “take the town off”. You see we weren’t interested in just beating someone playing pool, we were out to beat the whole town out of as much as possible. Most little towns had their “champion” that everybody would bet on and usually we would have to play him to win a big score, but not always. I have been a part of huge scores where we were playing someone that couldn’t hit the ocean if they were standing on the beach. I wasn’t the one that was usually playing the pigeons. That was usually done by my partner that looked more like a football player than a pool player, but don’t ever let looks deceive you, he could play right under championship speed, especially on the bar size tables. Sometimes it was difficult to even know what state we were in when we finally got a hotel at the end of the night, but I didn’t even care. I just needed to find my next opponent like a junkie needs that next fix. I loved the action, but more importantly I loved to win the money. There are many people that think they are “pool hustlers” but there are several levels that most are unaware of. First you have the scuffler. He is the bottom feeder and constantly moves around to different bars looking for someone that is either drunk or simply can’t play. This type guy wouldn’t bet two big dogs could whip a little dog and usually won’t even put up $100 unless he sees buzzards flying over the poor victim. Next you have the typical hustler. This guy usually plays better than he looks and knows a thousand and one proposition games that look to good to be true and definitely are. We like some of these guys, but they don’t really get any true respect from my group. Then there are the “players”. These guys play like burning hell as long as they can’t lose any of there own money. They

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“We have arrived! You better write down your names so you don’t forget this time”. I reached into the front seat and was handed the “spot book”. I thumbed through until I found the town that we were in and started to study the information. Looks like there is one main pool room and two bars that everybody gambles in. The pool room had a player with a seven beside his name and description of what he played, how much he would bet and how he had lost the most money in the past. The other bars had a couple of scufflers that fed off two of the regulars. One owned a car dealership and the other was a bookmaker that took sports bets and used one of the bars as an “office”. I immediately knew that he would be my target. The main goal would be to go to the bar and mix with the crowd for awhile. We would get on the pool table and bet a few dollars, but we would be more interested on meeting the key people and putting something in their head that would elicit greed. You can’t con an honest man, right? We basically wanted everyone to know that we had a lot of money and not much sense. We pulled over at a little country cafe and went in to get some good food before we were subjected to the bar scene, where pork rines were considered a delicacy. We would also use this time to get a plan together and decide who would play and in what order and if we would split up and cover the pool room and the bars. I enjoyed this as much as actually playing sometimes. Like I said before it is not the winning that was important to a road player, but winning the maximum amount that made the difference. I would run in to other road players that were unfortunate enough to get behind us on a road trip. They would come in to town a day or two after we had left. I always got a good laugh when they would comment

(continued on page 22)

January 2014 page 21

On The Road with ... C J Wiley


that we would leave nothing but tombstones in these poor pool rooms and bars. Some of the towns wouldn’t take kindly to someone asking to play for money soon after we had tortured them. They weren’t in the best of moods about gambling at pool after we had drained them.

were there for a legitimate reason (other than to hustle them out of their money) they would be easier to entice into a “friendly” game of pool. We wanted our “marks” to think that we had plenty of money and not much sense so that their greed would get the better of them.

After we ate we started chit chatting with our waitress and started dropping a few names that were our targets. She immediately knew one of them and started to give us personal information about him. He will never know that he was “set up” by a friend of his without her even knowing it.

I brought back the paper and started thumbing through it to find some reason that would explain our presence.

It is amazing how often someone we would meet would actually know one of the names on our list and unknowingly give us detailed information on where to find them and how to approach them. Sometimes our spot book wasn’t up to date and there would be another place to play in town or another player that we could key on. It didn’t matter, once we were in town for a few hours we knew we would have all the info we would need to take off a score. This was our business and we knew it very, very well. We got directions to where we needed to go and we headed for the car. As I stepped out the door I could feel the flakes of snow falling and got an instant adrenaline rush. I knew tonight everyone would be inside, out of the weather and doing what they enjoyed most, gambling at pool. Little did any of them know who had just come into their little town and what was in store for the ones that would play a stranger a game of pool. I got into the backseat of the car and started to rehearse my lines and fantasize about winning my biggest score as we prepared to go to the nights “office” and see what our “bosses” were willing to pay us at the chance of beating us out of our money that would be the day! “ What are we going to say we’re doing in this redneck megalopolis”? “ Stop at this gas station and I’ll get a newspaper. There’s got to be something going on around here. Maybe a goat roping or a gay rights parade.” We pulled in and I got out to get a paper. This was a standard routine before taking off a town. We would definitely get the third degree at some point during the night and preparation was very important. If we didn’t have a purpose for being in the town it would make the locals very suspicious, but on the other hand if we convinced them that we

“Here we go. There’s a big farm sale at the livestock market tomorrow and I’m sure we can get a great deal on a John Deer tractor. We can tell them that our crop just came in and we are looking to expand our production next year. They will think we’re growing pot anyway when we flash this wad of cash”. This was always one of our favorite ploys. We would tell people that we were there for a certain reason, but in a way that if they didn’t believe us they would jump to the conclusion that we were really there to pick up or deliver some drugs. If they were clever enough to figure this out it was perfect because then they would be on a mission to beat us out of our money before someone else did. Reverse psychology was nothing compared to what we were fixing to put in these poor peoples minds. “What about the tags?” “Yeah, I don’t think they’ll believe we drove 1000 miles to get a good deal on a tractor. Pull over at that hotel and I’ll “borrow” some for the night.” Almost routinely once everyone knew that we wanted to gamble someone would go out and check out our car to see if we had out of state tags. We would sometimes go to a hotel and get one of the plates off a car, glue magnets to it and stick it on over our plates then we could park in plain sight of the front door of the place without worrying about spooking our potential customers. After we were done we would return the plate to the car and everyone would be happy and if the car was gone before we returned at least they would have one of their plates (we would pick cars that had a front and back tag). We weren’t “stealing anything”, just borrowing for a little while. We knew the owners would approve. Right? We decided to split up and hit the bars and the pool room at the same (continued on page 23)

Now see the story of what happened behind the scenes of the Million Dollar Challenge. Please visit our web site for more information and previews of all our instuctional videos and DVDs.

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Perfect Miss’ Documentary 22 page January 2014

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On The Road with ... C J Wiley time. We dropped Bill off at the pool room and Mike and I went to the first bar. Bill’s forte was to go to a pool room, get a game with the first guy that had any jewelry on and precede to lose every game for ten dollars a game. This was called “laying down a lemon” and was like planting seeds to Bill. He knew that he didn’t look like a pool player and took full advantage of it. What would usually happen is Mike and I would end up beating all the players and then they would all want to play Bill because they knew that he had lost earlier and was definitely a weak player. Bill would then refuse to play any of the players, but would match up a game with the guys that put the money up for the players. The players would encourage their backers to play hoping that they would win and then give them another chance to play. That parade was soon rained on because despite looking like a linebacker, Bill was just a notch under a top road player. By the time he started playing we were usually big winner and the opponent would have his “nose open” and ready to “go off like a rocket”. The only time this ever backfired on us is when someone jarred Bill’s drink and we just about had to knock him out to get him to stop playing and get him out of the place. “Jar” is a drug that someone can put in your drink that will put you in la la land and you will think that your playing like a world champion and will lose every game until you either run out of money or someone makes you quit. I have had this happen three times that I know of and it is no fun. I think it is used to put women in a euphoric state during labor or something funky like that. All I know is, you can’t quit and you “think” you’re playing well. We never did this to anyone, even pool hustlers have a morals and ethics about how they operate. We were clean. I liked traveling with Bill because it was so easy for him to get a game. He played the big, dumb guy routine so well that I would even start to believe it, even though I knew he was sharp as a tack. I remember one time we were hustling down in Florida and every night we would end up going to a late night club for after hours action. This place had three bars in one, but the bathrooms were back by the pool tables and Bill would ask everyone that looked like they had money to play one game for a hundred and it was amazing how many people would take him up on it. That would never work for me because I looked like I might be a player, but Bill looked more like a lumberjack.

played Bill in front of everyone. The first night and lost $2800. , then quit and got drunk and started telling the “house detective” (the one that wants to be a big shot and tell everyone how smart he is) that I was down to make a “buy”, letting him jump to the conclusion that I was buying something very expensive and very illegal. I came in the next night and the house detective had already told everybody in town that I was a big drug dealing sucker and everyone started asking me to play pool. I told them that I just wanted to play the big guy that I played last night. Just then Bill came in the door and we matched up again, but Bill spotted me the eight ball as a handicap and beat me out of another $4200.00, I quit and had some more drinks telling the house detective how upset I was because it looked like I was going to have to spend a few more days there. I also told him that I was looking at a new corvette that I was probably going to buy the next day to give to my girlfriend. From that point on it was like shooting ducks out of a barrel. I had people calling me to make appointments to play and of course I knew exactly how everyone played. Bill disappeared for a week and I beat the area out of about thirty thousand in the next five days. They had never experienced anything like that and I heard that after we left they wouldn’t play any strangers a game of pool for about six months. One thing that we always did when we went to a new area was to beat the small towns first before moving into the bigger cities. Many times through this process we would become friends with one of the guys in a small town and talk him into “putting on a show” at one of the pool rooms in a big city. Putting on a show was what I had done with Bill, where you play someone just so other people can see how bad you play. Most times you know the person that you are doing this with because if you don’t it is more like laying down a lemon. This was especially easy to do if the guy had been hustled by one of the big city players. They would get there rocks off pulling off a score with us because they loved being part of hustling the big city “smart guys”. I even had a guy refuse to take his end because he said he had so much fun doing it that he felt like he should be paying us. We felt like we did our good deed for the day. Making friends and influencing people was our job. Oh, yeah, and relieving of the burden of money in their pocket. It makes them play better if they’re a little lighter….LOL

This trip was very profitable because I flew in after Bill had already won some pretty big money and shown his true playing speed. No one knew that we were together so I

POOL - DARTS - FOOD & FUN! Wed Nights 8 Ball Sign ups at 7pm Saturday Night Open to all 1st Sat 8 Ball 3rd Sat 9 Ball Sign ups 5:45-6:15pm Tournament Entry $5+$1 g.f. House Matches

15747 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, WA (206) 248-1670

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January 2014 page 23

2013 Mosconi Cup

It’s Europe in a Landslide 4th December USA 2-11 Europe Strickland & Hatch 3-6 Appleton /Souquet Earl Strickland 4-6 Karl Boyes Hatch & Morris 4-6 Immonen /Feijen

24 page January 2014

TEAM EUROPE completed their finest ever Mosconi Cup win, as they beat the Americans 11-2, the second biggest winning margin in the 20 year history of the event. Needing three more points going into the third day, they reeled off the first three matches to hand out a humiliating defeat to the USA. It was Europe’s fourth win on the trot and their sixth in seven years. With a star-packed team, many felt that this was the Americans best chance in a while but after losing the first day 5-0, the writing was on the wall. America won two points on Tuesday but all in all it was a lame performance that will leave many questions. It was Niels Feijen, partnered by Mika Immonen, who downed the winning 9 ball and the final point of this year’s event gave the Dutchman

his second Most Valuable Player trophy in three years. European captain, Johan Ruijsink was thrilled with his fifth victory at the helm; “I am very, very proud of my team. They played like lions all week, they came out of the starting blocks really heavy on the Americans and I don’t think they recovered. I am really sorry for my buddy Johnny Archer because it is his first time as a captain in the modern age and I think he deserved better than that. He is a great captain, a great motivator, and I feel sorry for him because 11-2 doesn’t reflect the difference in quality.” Despite his obvious standing as a captain and motivator, Ruijsink was quick to put the credit where it was due; “I have a great team, world class

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photo by: Rick Schmitz


photo by: Rick Schmitz

players, and the only thing I need to do is channel their energy and quality into the right direction. “The other wins have been more tense but I think the quality we put up every year is a guarantee for us to have a certain level of play. “This is a game of details and as soon as the Americans don’t have their details in order you can get beaten by this. I don’t think the score is a reflection of the quality because they are much better than 11-2. “ For Johnny Archer it was a bitter pill to swallow; “Everything went wrong. We didn’t break the balls as well as they did, they played better, they were more of a team. “The first day just killed us. We got behind really badly the first day and we were really search from there and it was very hard. They kept coming out and they won a couple of close matches. “It is very disappointing and the whole team is really disappointed right now. All we can do is take a year to try and figure it out. It might be different players, all kinds of different things. “I definitely think we need to improve on being more of a team like the European team. That is the number one thing right now and that is what we have to do.” Going into the third day, with three points required, the European pair of Darren Appleton and Ralf Souquet got the best possible start as they beat a talkative Earl Strickland and Dennis Hatch to get within two points of victory. The start looked so promising for the Americans especially when Dennis Hatch’s golden break put them into a 2-0 lead but after the European pair reeled off the next four, it was the beginning of the end. The end came via a 3/9 combination as Appleton took his time using the rest and clipped it home for victory. Strickland was back in the fray in the next as came up against Karl Boyes in a singles match and was soon 2-0 down, and complaining about pretty much everything. Boyes took the next but a well executed run out from Strickland reduced the deficit. Continued on page 26


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January 2014 page 25

photo by: Rick Schmitz

photo by: Rick Schmitz


mitz photo by: Rick Sch


photo by: Rick Schmitz


DENNIS HATCH 26 page January 2014

Boyes took the next after mistakes from both players and when Strickland failed to make contact with the 1 ball the Englishman took full advantage to clear the table for 5-1. Strickland received a warning from referee Ken Schuman for his incessant talking but held himself together to take the next. Some more fluid play from Strickland saw him move the score to 3-5. The verbose legend seemed to be hitting his stride as he made another superb clearance to get within one of Boyes. The Englishman though got back to the table and made a great shot pocketing the 2 ball and holding position. From there he composed himself together to make a great out and put Team Europe on the hill. Rodney Morris and Dennis Hatch had the job of keeping America in the Mosconi Cup, while in the other corner, Niels Feijen and Mika Immonen were looking to become only the second doubles pair to bring home the Mosconi Cup. Hatch and Morris gave it a go and got the score to 4-4 but the Europeans took the ninth game and then picked their way through the final rack to spark scenes of celebration in the arena. A delighted Feijen, “I was on the team when we lost 12-1 and when it went to 5-0 on day one, that was already a record. On day two it was 8-2 and could have been 9-1 or 10-0 and from there on it was like, ‘what is going on’? “The first day we walked in and there was 650 people going nuts for the USA and we thought it would be intense. All of a sudden it was 5-0, 8-2, so we said today we just wanted to win the session again – that is all you can do. “Karl played a great match against Earl, and then we finished it off. It was unbelievable. I won the MVP but it is such a team thing this. I think Europe in the last few years has been so good at having a team spirit, sticking together, supporting each other and that is all because of Johan. I want to thank him for all the effort he has put in over the years and I hope he will be back.” Ralf Souquet’s Mosconi Cup has come full circle. He was in the losing side in the inaugural event in 1994, and 20 years on he played a full part in a great victory. “It feels great, a little unexpected score-wise because nobody ever dreamed of beating such a great American team 11-2. On the other hand we played great, took advantage of their mistakes and didn’t make too many mistakes ourselves.

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photo by: Rick Schmitz

“I think if somebody had bet money on that score line he would have made a lot of money. I was on the 12-1 losing team several years ago so at least I got a little payback time on this year. I am happy for us, for the team. We have a great team spirit and it was a great team effort. Now it is time to celebrate.” The 2013 Mosconi Cup is delighted to work with our valued sponsors –Diamond Billiards: Tables; Iwan Simonis: Official Cloth; Aramith: Official Balls and Predator: Official Cue.

445 Tacoma Ave So -Tacoma, WA



9-Ball Wed & Fri 8-Ball & 220 on Sunday

Great Food

Latitude 84

Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday - Happy Hour M-F 11-6 8401 S Hosmer Way - Tacoma, WA



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5 TV’s Under 2 Pool Tables w e N ip Ownersh Internet Darts Poker & Keno

Happy Hour 4:30-7:30 pm VNEA Leagues

Open 10am-2am 204 N Main - Three Forks, MT 406-285-9880

The Legion

Welcomes all Pool Players 2 Pool Tables - 6 TVs 8’ Projection TV Daily Lunch Tues-Fri 11am-2pm Drink Specials Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm Sat & Sun FOOTBALL Specials 11am


225 E Main - Bozeman, MT 406.586.8400


The Greek Village

FREE POOL on Sundays 6 - 50 cent pool tables with Simonis Cloth

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7 TV’s + Big Screen Internet Jukebox ATM 301 NW Murray Blvd - Portland, OR 503-643-2119

Rackem Billiards

BEER & WINE BCA - APA - TAP Friday night 8 Ball


40 N Riverside Ave - Medford, OR 541-779-6111

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(continued from page 8)

and Martinez had another Cut game, but didn’t take ball-in-hand so it converted to a “Cut Option Executed” (It might sound confusing, but play the game a few times and it all makes a lot of sense!). The score after Game 2 was Pinkston 24, Martinez 30. Both players shot a Snap game in Game 3 and things took a turn from there. Pinkston lost a wheel off his wagon and shot a total of 14 points over the next three games, while Martinez stayed strong and racked up another Cut game, a Snap game and 2 more points. After 5 games Martinez had a strong lead of 87 to 56. It looked like it might be a cake JEFF JEROME walk for Martinez, but then things took another turn. Over the next 5 games Martinez had two more Cut games and pulled together another 34 points. Pinkston turned up the heat with 5 Cut games and 1 Snap game turning the match around and bringing the final score to Martinez 121 and Pinkston 152. As every game was played out, the spectators were calculating what the players needed to win the match. It was a great victory for Pinkston and awesome play by both players. The matches between Jeff Jerome out of Cue-Topia Billiards in Tacoma WA and Doug Youmans out of Gallery Billiards in New Burgh, NY were a challenge. In the first match, Youmans spotted Jerome 17 points. By the 9th game Jerome had pulled out too much of a lead for Youmans to overcome. The spot was too much for him to handle, so they played a second (grudge) match and brought the spot down to DOUG YOUMANS seven. For the first 7 games Jerome and Youmans were back and forth. By the 8th game players and spectators were starting to tally and calculate the points the players needed to win the match. After each game players and spectators would recalculate right down to the last game. In the 10th game Jerome had a Snap game followed by another Snap game in the 11th to put the heat on Youmans, pulling out a spectacular 1 point victory. It was an exciting finish to a great match. The goal and vision of Behind the Rock Tour is to create a tour that everyone can play. It will grow to be the largest paying weekly tournament with a format that can be used as a tool to help players take their game to the next levels. It’s a format that takes the guess work out of exactly how good a player really is and levels the playing field by utilizing a true handicap. The BTRT format merges an easy way to measure billiard players with technology to change the face of pool as we know it. Merging the BTRT format and technology will lend itself to international competition on a weekly basis throughout the world! For anyone who loves the game of pool, this is a vision for you to support by participating. Behind The Rock Tour is changing the game of pool for the better. You can’t decide for yourself if you don’t check it out! So visit their website at and be a part of history! Congratulations to David Pinkston, Rafael Martinez, Jeff Jerome and Doug Youmans for making pool history! You can watch the complete Pinkston/Martinez match seamed together on the home page of the website at

28 page January 2014

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U. S. OPEN ONE POCKET AT THE U. S. BAR TABLE Produced by CueSports International (CSI), the 15th US Open One Pocket Championship will be held February 24-28, 2014 at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino, Reno, Nevada. CSI is now accepting entries for the event. Due to the limited 48 player field, we encourage you to enter as soon as possible. EVENT DETAILS: • DATE: February 24-28, 2014 • VENUE HOST: Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino, Reno, Nevada • MINIMUM ADDED: $5,000/32 players, $7,500/48 players • FIELD SIZE: Maximum 48 players • STANDARD ENTRY: $300 • LATE ENTRY: $335 (Any entries received after

February 14, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS) All entry fees, both standard and late, include a $40 registration/administration fee HOW TO REGISTER: Online at www.ctsondemand. com • If paying by Visa or MasterCard, contact Bill at CueSports International at (702) 719-7665. • If paying by check or Money Order - Make payable to CueSports International Mail to: CueSports International, Attn: One Pocket, 2041 Pabco Road, Henderson, NV 89011 Fax to: (702) 307-1609 • Must pay in full to be considered an entrant in the tournament. Spots will not be held  without the entry fee received. •

March 28th - 30th, 2014

3rd WorldPPA Reno Shootout Grand Sierra


Held in conjunction with the U.S. Bar Table Championships info call 310-738-5675

Ringo’s Bar & Grill

Every Sunday at 7pm Alternating 8 ball or 9 ball $5 entry - 100% payout House matches up to 23 players 12300 SW Broadway - Beaverton, OR 503-644-7847

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sun 8 or (alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM $5 entry - House Matches the Pot

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7th Annual Wyoming Open




ta cut

Platte Valley Community Center 210 W Elm Ave. / Saratoga, WY

Masters Division Expert Division Classic Division Sportsman Division HardLuck Division Nubbins Memorial Juniors “Like” Wyoming Open On FaceBook

EJ Glode PO Box 989 Saratoga, WY 82331 (307) 329-8924 / Please include mailing address and phone number with sign up Make Checks to “Saratoga Lions Club” // Credit Cards Accepted

January 2014 page 29

Snohomish County


These are the first finals in Snohomish County APA since Larry and I took over in mid September. Its been CRAZY, BUSY, FUN for us !!!!! We would like to thank all the Snoho APA players for their patience, kindness, and support over the last 3 1/2 months. Heres to an AWESOME 2014 for SNOHOMISH COUNTY APA !! :) Cheese and Mary have given us an opportunity to give back some thanks, and put all your Fall Session accomplishments in their pool magazine, “The Break”!!! Thanks Cheese and Mary :)

2nd place (9ball ) “Dannnys 3” Thursday div. #047 Captain - Kallen Earnheart, Brian Earnheart, Heather Earnheart, Butch Thomas, Rory Alexander

1st place (8ball) “We b’ Smokin” div. #046, Thursdays Captain - Nathan Cobrea, Brian Henderson, Vicki Curtis, Laura Hester, Charles Celley, Sheila Davidson,Mick Crotts

1st place - “Get Er Done” wednesday division #039 Captain - Sugar Jones, Andrew Rauch, Kristen McFarland, Norman Trowbridge, Judith Peters, Rose Peters

1st place (9ball ) Tuesday divisions # 023 M.Y.P. Captain Kevin Pearrow, Michael Haataja, Hillary Dixon,Michael Shafer,Big Bear Alexander,Alex Burgess

2nd place (9ball) “I’d Tap That” div. #079 Sundays) Captain Matthew O’Connor, Kala Harrington, John Boldman, Chuck Irwin, Tina Bohn, Craig Caman, Jessica Berlin, Leonides Stratis

2nd place (8ball) “Giant Killers” div. #078, Sundays Captain Michael Krogemann, Heather Krogemann, Lisa Aufderheide, Patrick Brewer, Jason Smith, Jen Thomsen, Andrew hoffmann

2nd place (8ball) “The Long Shots” wed. div. #038) Captain Kallen Earnheart, Tylor Hall, Dean Hall, Eric Little, Tyler Amos, Cary Bennett, Jayne Ruffin

1st Place (8ball)- “The Rascals” Tuesday division #022 Mallory Bell, Ken Morano, Sarah Walsh, Erv Ellingson, Vic Schorr, and Capt. Andrea Maes

1st place (8ball) “Dont Bust Our Balls” ed. div. #038 Captain John Alcorn, Patrick Davis, George Rose, Alexandra Alsup,Michael Hawley,Manny Estrada, & Jason Smith

30 page January 2014

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2nd place - (9ball) Creekside #1 wednesday division #039 Captain - Kyle Ruthruff, Jennifer Ruthruff, Shaunda Gillette, Robert King, Jim McLeod, & Ken Morano

1st place (8ball) - Division 076 1st place in (9ball) Div. 077 “Titans”(out of White Buffalo Saloon) Captain Don Hilliard, Mitch Stemm, Cindy Hilliard,Melissa Woytko, Drew Markezinis,Caitlin Mortimer, Kim Ellsworth, Nick Ellsworth

2nd place (9ball) “OFFinnagans” div. 023 Captain Tim Phillips(not pictured) Adam Wegener, Jared McMahon,Robert Snyder, (also not pictured) William Hurley, Serena Phillips, Ducky Huynh, Jackie Manalastas Like Us On Facebook

2nd place in Sunday Super 8 Division “Eagles” Captain Randy Stevenson, Larry Sinnott,Julie Baumgartner,David Brown,Steven Mellinger, Brenda Aaenson, James Travis (not all team members are present)

2nd place ( 8ball) div. 022 “Bullseye” (out of Pub 44) Captain Robert Yano, Denise Tsuji, Han Hwu, Shuk Yan Hung (Zoe), Richard Harrison, Daniel Jeung, Naga Aryasomayajula

1st place in 8ball and 9ball “The 8 Bombers div. 078 & 079, Sunday (out of 7th St. Pub, Everett) Captain Chris Lampinen (Lamps) Nick Downey, Christina Curtis, Jason Zwar, Robin Walls, Ryan Barquest, Harry Sinanian

2nd place in both 8ball (div. 076) and 9ball(div. 077) Big Sticks Captain - Tim McLean, Thomas Mott, Linda Mott, Corrine Flaherty,Keith Reierson,Stacy Sullivan,Robin Shirey,Catherine Ervin

1st place in Sunday Super 8 Division “Extra Stout” (out of White Buffalo Saloon) Team members - Captain Raymond Qualls, Sean Poe, Stephen Coe, Mike Krusmark, Toni Gates, Rodney Irlbeck,Dan Krusmark, Jackie Manalastas.

2nd place (8ball) “Rackless Knights” div. #046, Thursdays Captain Jake Hoff, Shar Christopherson, Michael Dimings, John Boldman, Brittanie Thibodeaux, James Boxley, Jessica Selmer

January 2014 page 31


Back On the Road-part 2 ....Continued from last month………

When we got to town we went to a pool hall to play pool. Nothing was happening and we were about to leave when Larry ‘The Truth’ Nevel came in. So we just sort of kept an eye on him to see what he was up to. He went over to Anna, the ‘Swedish counter person’ and had a conversation. He grabbed a rack of balls, headed for a table and she got on the phone. Lucky said he’s the guy who shoots that ‘one handed jacked up on the rail draw shot’ that I saw on YouTube. Lucky said that he is very impressive. Anna came back and talked to Larry. Larry soon left. You could assume that Larry wanted a game from someone and it couldn’t be arranged. When we were going out the door, Lucky asked Anna what Larry was doing here. Anna said, “He’s here to play a big match over at High Pockets tomorrow.” Lucky said, “That’s what we are going to do, go to check it out”. We went to the hotel, grabbing some grub on the way. We needed a good night of sleep. After a good night’s sleep we got up and just hung around the hotel. We caught some local TV. Match wasn’t supposed to happen until the evening, so we had plenty of time. Called a Taxi and we went to the pool room early, in hopes of getting some food ahead of time. We wanted to eat, I was getting hungry. Saw a place close to the pool hall at Cloverleaf Shopping Center. We ate lunch at Jacks’ BBQ Rib Shack. We both had the Beef Brisket Plate. It was only $6.50, a great deal and it was tasty. We were going to be in town awhile and knew there were plenty of great BBQ places. Someone also steered us to Charlie’s RENDEZVOUS. We love a good BBQ. Pool Hall Day: We walked into High Pockets -- and experienced the SOUND of cue balls colliding, which was deafening. People were all over the place. They were setting up Streaming, cameras, etc. They had 10-12 Gold Crown tables and some Valley bar tables. There were many conversations going at one time, so it was buzzing. Hearing all the conversations seemed like being in an echo chamber. You could make out what people were saying, if you could stop and focus. Then you could pick out one group’s conversation to listen to, if you filter out everything else... Then when you stopped, you were back in the echo chamber. We got a rack of balls and a table. A couple of locals walked up to us and asked us if we wanted to play Scotch Doubles ‘cheap’. Lucky likes to play Scotch because it hides his speed. They suggested $10 a man ($20 a game). Lucky said his favorite thing, “We never seen you play before, we should play a couple of games first!” Then Lucky says, “Why not, we got plenty of green backs today”. We were killing time until the match with the “Truth” and Chip. These guys were eager to win some money off of us. We played for a while, when we started to pull ahead, Lucky said to hold back a little. I guess I was trying too hard, as I like to win money too. We down-geared to barely winning, but we were able to make our bank rolls creep up. They eventually got tired of losing money. We were up 10 games or so. I noticed a few players kind of watching us, as we were new to the place. We just played pool most of the day, the most I had played in a while, it felt good. Lucky kept letting me shoot though. I was anticipating Lucky just running over me as always. It was nice he didn’t play so hard. I got good practice in and was warmed up. It was later when Chip and Larry first entered into the Pool Room. Most of the tables were in use, the hall is full. It was nice to see a place so busy with there being a tournament going on. We were close to the cameras, which Lucky hates; so we moved to a table in the back so we wouldn’t be on TV. In Larry’s hand is his leather cue case. The players and a couple of backers stood before the table and looked around at the crowd, maintaining a conversation on the conditions of the match.

32 page January 2014


There were four guys who came with Larry. Chip was with his entourage. They seem to agree on terms and each warmed up, taking turns on the table. The match was slated for $10,000. These 2 have been trying to make a game since July in Vegas. Larry proposed rotation and Chip wanted nothing to do with that. Chip proposed that they play some One Pocket. They decided after some time, to play one pocket. The match started as ‘7 ahead one pocket’ for $10,000. One pocket is a hard game to watch unless you are ‘sweating it’, (gambling). They played for hours and a bunch of games. They were playing quick and it wasn’t all that boring. Chip got up 3 games at the end of the day. They had to quit and arranged a start time next day. We went back to hotel to rest. Next day we went back over to the BBQ place in the mall. I had some Catfish and it wasn’t bad at all. Came back early to the pool room. I guess we were becoming part of the scenery and one of the two guys we played Scotch last night wanted to play again, but he had a different partner. Lucky whispered to me “This new guy is a player” We started as we had, $20 a game and $10 a stick. The match with Chip and Larry was resuming but we were staying across the room in our match. Second day started as much of the same. The focus in the room was on that pool event. Great, no one was paying attention to us. It was interesting watching the people, some paying attention to almost every shot in the mega one pocket match and some acted like they were watching but really were there to play pool themselves; taking peeks at the match while hitting balls. We were collecting after each game. Lucky played different today, he let the better guy shoot and the lesser player never be able to get a good shot with shape. He was setting up the ‘player’. Lucky was making the better player want to dump his partner so he would want to play singles with Lucky. No other words to say, it was masterful. We were sticking them pretty good and it looked like I was the one controlling the game. They wanted to bet more and we obliged. Over across the room Chip got up 4 games ahead on Larry. The crowd cheered a few times on a great shot. These two guys we were playing started to argue a bit, frustrated from both not being on the same page. I could see it was Lucky’s design. Genius! They donated $200 apiece. They quit. Nice day of work for me. The better shooter wanted to play me some heads up. I wanted to, but it wasn’t in Lucky’s grand design. I said maybe later… We went over and checked into the big match. Larry eventually got to even, with some gritty play. The ‘Truth’ was pretty aggressive, as they both were at times. Again, they were playing fairly fast; not too many wedge games. I noticed that people in the crowd were paying off after each game. There were some small ‘sweat bets’ and in some cases several hundred dollars a game. It went on a while before they quit for the day. Third day they were there, they had played 64 games, a lot of one pocket. Even - at 32 games apiece, a discussion got underway into changing the match to one race to 7 for the all the cheese. They were tired and decided to play a race to 7 for the $10,000. The games slowed down, putting many watching to sleep. It went back and forth before Chip pulled out ahead and won that race 7-5 to take all the bucks., People were packing up and moving on. We hung around and that guy we played partners with came over asked to play me. Lucky said, “What’s the bet?” The Guy said $200 a set of 9 ball. Lucky said, “What would you play me for?” The guy

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paused, “I’ll play you for $400 a set.” The hook was set. …I said, “If you beat the old man, then you have to play me for the same amount, $400.” We fully knew that the guy would never play me, thinking I was the better player to begin with. So saying if the old man loses, made him have confidence that he was going to beat Lucky. How perfect. He had won some side money from the ‘match’ so he had enough. Lucky said, “Since I am playing for $400, the race has to be to 7.” The Guy said, “Sure, man.” They flipped, the guy won and broke, but was hooked on one ball that rolled out. Lucky shot at it, but got safe, wink wink! Lucky kept missing but luckily he hooked the guy, Wink wink! Leaving Lucky with a two or a three ball ‘out’, every game. The guy muttered under his breath, “Lucky Bastard.” Set was over fast. The guy played another set and that was over fast, also. We knew he had won a few thousand earlier. 5 sets went so fast the guy didn’t know what hit him. He kept staring at me. I know he was thinking he wasn’t going to play me. You could see it in his eyes. He kept paying and Lucky was up $2000. The Guy quit. I went over to say something to the Guy about the match but he avoided eye contact. We thought it was a good idea to leave so we went back to the Hotel. We were going to leave tomorrow, for a place that everyone was talking about, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

To Be Continued…


(continued from page 16)

After winning the match, Shane came over and said shoot this shot again, but this time with a rolling cue ball. Surprisingly, I shot the bank and pocketed the ball. It was at that point that I began to understand that there are multiple rules for determining whether or not a bank will kiss. I learned that nearly all banks kiss if the cue ball and object ball are lined up with the facing of the corner pocket nearest the rail the ball is being banked from (see the diagram labeled “DOUBLE KISS”). On the other hand, those lined up with the back of the pocket do not kiss provided they are shot with no English and a rolling cue ball (see diagram 3).

On my way back to my hotel room an older gentleman who had watched the match summed up the situation by saying, “Son, today you gave the South Dakota Kid all he could handle! The only difference in the match was one shot. In bank pool you got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. You got most of that figured out, but you still have a little bit to learn.”   Looking back, I know he was right.  My lack of knowledge cost me the match, but I like to think of my loss as a learning experience.  Next time I’m in a similar situation I’ll know whether to bank or not to bank.

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January 2014 page 33


WPA WORLD 9-BALL By Ian Anderson, WPA Gold Reef City Casino & Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa GIRL’S DIVISION Natasha Seroshtan of Russia is the new world champion for junior players after defeating Japan’s Yuki Hiraguchi 6/2 in the final. Natasha played too solid in the final, winning the first, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth racks to claim the title. She did not make too many mistakes which kept her opponent from the table. Yuki was very gracious in defeat and was delighted to have made the final and was full of praise for her victor. Both girls will be eligible to play again next year, Natasha is 17 and Yuki 16. WHEELCHAIR DIVISION: Fred Dinsmore of Ireland certainly let it be known he was not going to give in easy was on the attack from the outset. In his first match he very nearly blew a commanding lead against three-time world champion, Jouni Tahti. Fred fell over the line, winning 7/6. In another match defending champion Henrik Larsson lost 5/7 to UK’s Roy Kmberley. Kimberley also won his next match defeating Emil Schranz 7/5 before being ousted by Dinsmore. Jauni Tahti relegated to the loser’s side, wasted no time disposing of Tony Southern 7/2 and then in the semi finals he defeated Kurt Deklerck 7/5. Tomorrow’s final will surely be very competitive with the two finalists in fine form. Defending champion Henrik Larsson made short work of his two matches today to qualify himself into the single elimination stage. Larrson defeated Frederik Roussow 7/0, and Charlie Hans 7/3, thereby eliminating both these players from the competition.

5429 100th St SW (corner of 100th & Bridgeport)

Lakewood, WA

253-584-1919 3-8’ Diamond Pool Tables Fri & Sat Night Tournaments $5 entry - BCA Rules Double Elimination - Starts 7PM House matches the pot

34 page January 2014

BOY’S DIVISION: SEMI FINALS Both semi finals were played at a very high standard. Pink Chung Ko of Taiwan defeated Singapore’s Aloysius Yapp 8/4 in the first semi final. Ko played very strong, missing only a few shots and thereby not leaving very many chances to his opponent. Both Yapp and Ko were undefeated until this stage. In this match, Ko had three break & runs, and Yapp had 2. In the other semi final, Sebastian Batkowski of Poland defeated Daniel Schneider of Switzerland 8/4. Just like the other semi final, both these players were very strong and misses were not too frequent. Batkowski had three break & runs during this match. He will now play Ko in the final. FINAL What a great match. Sebastian Batkowski vs Ping Chung Ko. Just as Ko looked like he was going to win easy, leading 6/2, but there was a short break of five minutes and when the match resumed, Batkowski won the next three racks to close it to 6/5. But he couldn’t sustain his run and Ko won the next two and the championship. It is fair to say that Batkowski didn’t get the run of the balls, often when he got his chance the balls were laying awkward. The standard of play was worthy of any championship. Ping Chung is the younger brother of former world junior champion, Ko Pin-Yi who won this title in the years 2007 & 2008. An interesting stat for Ko, in this event he played a total of 61 racks, and 27 of those were break & run-out. So the stat is more extraordinary when the format was alternate break. Next year the World Championship for Juniors will be held in Shanghai, China. For all results, please check

Soundview Bar & Grill

Nicest Pool Tables in Downtown Everett F R EE POOL Saturday, Sunday & Monday Nights FULL BAR - GOOD FOOD GREAT PRICES 1116 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 425-259-3383

Hi Way Lounge

Stop In~Check us Out Open Pool Nightly

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Press Release Going to Hawaii Again !! Hawaii trip is back……. 4-5 days lodging and airfare in Waikiki, Hawaii for two!… Aloha… Jin’s and Cascade Pool league worked together to gave away a trip to Hawaii for two lucky Cascade pool league players. Drawing will be during The Annual Awards bash @ Host location Jin’s Lounge in Oregon City Feb 22nd. A Great reward for the player support of making a good Pool League better…….aloha Cascade Pool Players who played a qualifying 8 weeks during the Fall Winter session are eligible to enter to win the trip. Portland’s area Cascade Pool League’s 17th annual Awards Bash, a great time. Prizes, Gifts Tournaments, Fun. The Event is a good time for all who have endured the competitive season. Over $3,000 in door prizes, plaques, awards, 5 year perfect attendance letterman Jackets, Mini’s tournament all day, The MVP ring game, Plus… Cascade Pool League is more than just showing up to qualify. A day of fun!! Thanks to the participation, support and input from all our players, we are coming closer and closer to what for us is the answer: To have fun, test ourselves in competition, create experiences to remember for a lifetime, be part of a community of friends, and become a pool family. Cascade Pool League is in its 17 th year in the Portland Metro area. CPL is a BCAPL Pool League. You don’t have to be a great player to play in CPL. CPL is run by Sassy Campbell and Andrew Monstis who do the best for the pool community . We want to acknowledge Sponsors and Players for their participation. Sponsors Pub 181, Fortune Star, River Road House, The Hang out, Jin’s, Daily Planet, Wichita Pub, Classic Billiards, Wrenagades. Division Managers: Jen Windell, Davis Hagg, Sam Collins, Bryan Lum, Ray Cunningham, and - Others contributing members –Steve Marker and Kurt Hamm  End of season CPL Tournaments: $500 added Scotch Doubles Feb 15-16th $1,000 added singles women singles, B singles & masters and A singles separate divisions with qualifying entries. Tournament Feb 26-28th… details to come, must be CPL Qualified either summer, fall and winter for singles…. The Portland-based Cascade Pool League in the mist of its Fall-Winter session. 50 teams fighting for awards/money and positioning for Interdivisionals. The 8-ball session, held from September through February, included multi-divisional team play and five interdivisional flighted playoff weeks. CPL’s popular 8-ball session pays every player back by points earned by Handicapped Rounds. Winner earn teams plaques, individual feats, kudos, bragging rights, pats on the backs and a permanent spot in the CPL Historical. With month before Interdivisional Tournament these are the leaders of CPL’s each division. 4 Knights & a Pawn; PDX Fortune Star 1 Division: ,John Jacobs, Chris Nall, Dale Goedon, Rick Kuykendall, John Lewis Ironman 5; PDX Fortune Star 2 Division: Ray Cunningham, Dave Bowlby, Gene Copher, Tony Dunlap, Steve Copher Josh & the Bearded Bandits;, Oregon City Division Rodders: Nick Jordan, Mark Griffin, James Smith, Josh Eschright, Corey Patterson Planet Bandits; PDX Outer East Division Daily Planet: Gene Gee, Deanne Edwards, Kevin Edwards, Tom (the gun) Goulter, Dennis Collins Morse Code; Gresham Pub181: Don Morse, Bob Rasmussen, Tony Counts, Paul Timmons, Mike Moore, Chris Elliott. Diablo Avacados; Milwaukie River Road House: Phil Bremer, Jason (the beard) Grijalva, Carlos Cadena, Eric Soumokil, Bill Armstrong Hammertime; Milwaukie, Wichita Pub, Kurt Hamm, Ray Hamness, Jim Stiffler, Duey Bennett, Cody Johnson, Dave (Bigfoot) Randell, Live Bait; PDX Classic Billiards, Tuy Singharaj, Jon Miller, Ray Cunningham, Josie Balius, Todd (Chief ) Smith Good Luck the rest of the way teams!!

801.463.4996 SPORTS BAR 1717 S Main St Salt Lake City, UT

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Pool Tournaments Tues-Wed-Thurs-Sun Diamond Pool Tables Shuffleboard, Darts, FREE wi-fi and more!

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l l a B 8 n t Ope a t n e m a n r s d n Tou i W k o o Chin Lincoln City, Oregon

Western BCA and Chinook Winds Casino Resort are happy to announce the 1st Annual Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Tournament to be held at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, OR. the 2nd week in March. The Open is scheduled to run concurrently with Western BCA's 19th Annual Regional 8-Ball Championships, the largest regional 8-Ball tournament in the country. What began in 2010 as The GrandMaster Challenges has now evolved into the Chinook Winds Open. It is no longer a vehicle for our regional GrandMasters but will be open to any player in the country to compete with their peers at the highest level. Chinook Winds is adding $4,000 to the Men’s Division (with 32 players) and $1,500 for the Women’s Division (with 16 players). • Additional details: • Entry fee: Non-WBCA Qualified (8 weeks of league play) - $100, WBCA Qualified - $75 • Races: Men - Race to 7, Women - Race to 6. • Format: Double Elimination, BCAPL rules. • $25 Green Fee for all players. • A WBCA membership fee of $15 and a BCAPL fee of $15 for those not currently Western BCA or BCAPL members will be due at time of entry. • Matches will be played on 7 foot Diamond Smart tables provided by Bad Boys Billiards Productions. • Nationally certified Referees will be present for all matches. Contact Tournament Director Mike Jensen 360-703-4081 or Andrew Monstis 503-422-0623 for entry information. (Field will be limited to the first 64 entries for the Men’s Division.) Sign up by: March 1st. Forms will be available online soon on Western BCA's website (

Doc’s Tavern

Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


Sure Shot Billiards Billiard Supply 8 Pool Tables Easy Parking Central Location 2602 N Columbia Center Blvd Richland, WA 509-737-9868

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Press Release CueSports International (CSI)

Hires New Manager CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (December 6, 2013) – CueSports International is proud to announce the addition of Ozzy Reynolds as the newest member of the CSI team where he will serve as CSI Manager. Ozzy will steer the internal and external affairs of CSI in to the future, under the supervision of Mark Griffin, CEO, and David Vandenberghe, COO. Ozzy brings a wealth of billiards experience to the table, as both a player and a promoter. He began playing when he was just eight years old and has since competed in numerous amateur leagues, regional tour events, charity events, and national pro tournaments. Ozzy has become well-known in the mid-Atlantic region for being the founder, promoter, and director of The Action Pool Tour, The VA State-10Ball Championships, The VA State 8-Ball Championships, and The East Coast 9-Ball Championship. He has created, promoted, or conducted nearly 100 tournaments since June 2011 and has given players in the midAtlantic region more opportunity than ever before. Along with his billiards acumen, Ozzy also brings an impressive background of business education and experience to CSI. He worked as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Marine Designer for ten years, a Construction Manager for NASA facility infrastructure projects for three years, and a Project Manager for NASA facility design and construction projects for four years. In 2009, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) from Old Dominion University with a minor in Civil Engineering Technology. In 2012, he earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The College of William & Mary. He also holds official certifications as a Marine Designer and a

Judy Griffith

PACS League Operator Association President

36 page January 2014

NITEHAWK Tournament Director (503) 285-7177 (360) 892-7454

Project Management Professional (PMP®) from The Project Management Institute (PMI®). In the coming months, CSI will make many tactical and strategic decisions that that will strengthen its position and help shape the course of the entire industry. CEO Mark Griffin says he believes that Ozzy is “the right guy to help direct CSI into the future.” Likewise, Ozzy states that becoming an integral part of the CSI team is “a dream job.” He elaborated by saying, “I have always been and will always be a pool fanatic. However, due to the lack of organization within and support for the industry, I believed that playing and promoting pool would always be something I did as a side gig or hobby. I never imagined that I would one day have the opportunity to work full time for the game that I love and for such a terrific organization.” Please join us in welcoming Ozzy to the CSI team as we continue to strengthen the industry, prepare for the future, and stay true to our motto – More Choices for All Players. The current CSI portfolio is comprised of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL), USA Pool League (USAPL), U.S. Bar Table Championships, U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, U.S. Open 8-Ball Championship, U.S. Open One-Pocket Championship, Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, and most recently has included a major stake in the American Billiard Club Association (ABCA) and in 6 Pocket. Additionally, CSI has developed a proprietary tournament management software suite, CueSports Tournament System (CTS), unlike any other in the industry. CSI is also the exclusive North American distributor for the popular Magic Ball Rack™.

Jointed Cue Billiards “Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables - Cue Repair Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday

2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA

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River Burke FULL NAME: River Allen Burke


HOME TOWN: Andalusia, IL BIRTH DATE: 3/18/1997 GRADE: 11th GPA: 3.5 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Shop POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Sharkys Billiards, Krugz Pool Hall, Leisure Time WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Diveney Custom Cues Break Cue, Diveney Playing Cue, Bunjee Jump Cue AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 4 LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: APA end of league tournament champion three seasons in a row. Apa End Of Year Appreciation Tournament Champion (Adult/Jr) 2013 2012 Iowa State Tournament 2nd Place 2013 Iowa State Tournament 2nd Place 2013 Vnea Jr International Championships 9th12th Singles (Minors Division) 2013 Vnea Jr International Championships 1st Place (Minors Team) 2013 Apa Midwest Juniors Championships Upper Division 1st Place 2013 Vnea Jr International Championships Picked For The All Star Team MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Winning the 2013 vnea jr team championships SPONSOR(S): Diveney Custom Cues Grindn Clothing Company FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Country, classic rock HOBBIES: Playing pool, fishing, racing bmx FAVORITE POOL GAME: 10 ball/ straight pool FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Efren Reyes FAVORITE FOOD: Steak FICTIONAL HERO: Spiderman REAL-WORLD HERO: Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Disney World, Sea World GOALS (personal and/or career): Work hard to be a better pool player and hopefully turn pro someday ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? My older sister samantha is my best freind

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corner ball hit the foot rail and return to its original spot, and the other corner ball hit the side rail and return to its original position. The cue ball will be married to the head rail, forcing your opponent to attempt her shot with follow. Be aware that two balls other than the cue ball must hit a rail. My preference is for the left corner ball to return to the original spot as I said, but to have the right corner ball barely make it to the end rail. It will be hidden behind the rack as long as the cue ball makes it to the correct spot, and it makes it a little bit harder for your opponent to play a good safety if there is a ball separated from the rack. To accomplish this, try hitting the object ball a little bit thinner. Be careful with this break. If the balls are very clean, it should be easier to do. If they are dirty, then the right object ball might acquire a little spin that could push it

“The Viper”

(Continued from page 13)

Viper: Did you ever play in a pool league? Marc: Last year I played in VNEA. Viper: Are you good at any other sports? Marc: I am fair at chess and soccer. Viper: Describe yourself in three words? Marc: Serious, ambitious and independent. Viper: If you had to live your life over again, what would one thing you change about yourself and/or your pool career? Marc: I would have practiced pool more than I did, and I would never have taken a job, like I did. Viper: How do you prepare for events? Marc: Just practice 3-4 hours per day. Wish I could double these hours. Viper: What was the best advice you were ever given? Marc: If you’re not sure, then you’re not ready. Viper: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Marc: Being in the zone. Viper: If you could say one thing to a young upcoming player what would it be? Marc: The game is easier than you think, it’s limitless, but it isn’t as hard as it seems, to master the game you just need to put a lot of hours and play better players. Viper: What’s your Favorite game? Marc: I like 9/10Ball.But it gets boring to play these games in most tournaments. I like Rotation, One-Pocket and 14.1 just as much though. It’s a shame they are not played as often as 9-ball. 15Ball games are thinking games. Goes to show you the current promoters of most regional and pro events only care about what sells and

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to the right after hitting the foot rail, giving your opponent a shot. This is another reason I prefer having it barely touch the foot rail. As always, I recommend you practice this break. You’ll find you’ll get the hang of it, and won’t mind losing the lag in your future 14.1 games! Next month, we’ll close out this series on breaks by talking about One Pocket. This can be a little more controversial -- there are many differing opinions; if you want to give me yours, drop me a line! Do you have some tips on breaking that you’d like to share with me? Do you have any suggestions for future articles? Drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at Come on by and join the discussion!

draws people to their events. Sometimes we need to be a bit more pure, and think for the good of the sport and not so much for our own financial interests. I think the game deserves better and it is not being respected enough. Here are some Facebook questions for you Marc… Linda Hensley from MO, asks: How many times per week and hours would you have to practice drills to be at the top of your game? Marc: I usually practice 2-3 per day and 5-6 days per week is enough to get me playing at a good speed. As your level goes up you don’t need to put as many hours. I used to need a lot more hours to just be playing decent. Drills are good but in moderation. Nothing beats top competition and pressure matches to improve quickly though. That is more important than drills. Some may think they don’t have a chance at winning some weekly/ regional tournaments, but don’t give up. Play them for a year. You may still not win them then, but the guarantee that you would have become a better player by the end of the year is certain. Richard Penny from FL asks: What’s better for you being a gambler or someone who plays the tournaments? Marc: I respect both the gambler and the tournament player. To me it’s about how they carry themselves In competition, you need to deliver and you need to perform whenever they tell you to go play your round. Gambling has more time to get in stroke because you can play longer. That’s why I think there could be more pressure in tournaments. Winning tournaments is harder than to win a money match. There’s the wrong believe that anyone could beat anyone in a tournament but not in a money match. I don’t think that’s true always. Sure you can beat

a great player in a tournament race to 9, but to go all the way and win the whole tournament, that’s a little more difficult. I have enormous respect for the top pros that win the biggest tournaments in the world. I would like for the whole gambling atmosphere to be cleaner, and in the US, many times it is not. I think the game is not respected enough, and of course the fact that many semi-pros and regional players like myself, struggle to make money playing the game does not help. But still this shouldn’t be an excuse. The losers should be better losers and still be friendly and respectful to the guy who has beaten them. I find players who gamble to have huge egos and act like children when they are beaten, in both a money match and/or at a tournament. I don’t like these players’ behaviors sometimes. And it is even more embarrassing when it is a top player crying after a loss. Chris Macey from CO asks: How has becoming a father changed your perspective on the game in terms of its priority in his life? Marc: My priority is shared now, but it’s still the same. At times my only priority was to improve in pool, now I have an additional priority as a father. Most my biggest mistakes came when I put pool aside for a while (for whatever reason). So I’m not looking back. I’m trying to be the best Papa I can be while at the same time trying to play my best pool and improve every year that goes by. A special “Thank-you” to Marc for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in my “Ask the Viper”. Till next month, you can find me on Facebook: www.

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Kim Jones Liz Cole

wins NWPA Tour Stop #7 is 2013 NWPA Tour Champion

The Parlor in Bellevue, Washington hosted the seventh and final tour stop of the Northwest Women’s Pool Associations’ 2013 season. The Parlor has been a huge supporter of the NWPA, hosting multiple events over the years and the NWPA is extremely grateful for their continued support. For more information on all that The Parlor has to offer, please check out their website. We would love to thank our title sponsor Mueller for their continued support of the NWPA. Please check out their website and mention the NWPA for a discount on select items at The tournament was run on eleven Brunswick Gold Crowns with Centennial balls. Twenty-two players came out to compete Saturday morning and Rail2Rail Productions provided a free live stream all weekend (for more info on their streaming schedule, please go to The format was 9 ball, alternating break, race to seven on the A side and 6 on the B side. Play wrapped up early Saturday evening and only eight players returned on Sunday morning with a chance to win the event. Saturday evening, the NWPA’s Year End Banquet included a fully catered banquet, drawings for the the raffle, awards ceremony, and a monkey on your back scotch doubles tournament, open to all players and their guests. 2013 NWPA awards included: Player of the Year- Elaine Eberly Most Improved Player- Sheila Clark Rookie of the Year- Jocelyn Liu With the tour championship title still up for grabs, that award could not be presented. Mary Hopkin would need to win the event to take over the top slot. Sunday morning matches, on the A side, included Liz Cole vs. Sheila Clark and Jocelyn Liu vs. Kim Jones. Liz and Kim both advanced through their morning matches, 7-1 and 7-5, respectively to advance. Liz and Kim then battled for the hotseat, with Kim prevailing 7-5 in her first final of the 2013 season. B side matches included: Mary Coffman vs. Suwanna Matarazzo and Julie Valdez vs. Suzanne Smith. Mary and Suzanne both advanced through their morning matches, by the same score of 6-4. Fresh off their first round losses, Sheila then played Mary, while Jocelyn took on Suzanne. Mary defeated Sheila handily by the score of 6-1, while newly crowned Rookie of the Year, Jocelyn, gave Suzanne almost more than she could handle, coming up short and being defeated 6-5. Mary and Suzanne then squared off. Suzanne seemed to have the edge and defeated Mary 6-3 to face off against Liz (the newly crowned Tour Champion).

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Liz started out very strong, taking a 4-1 advantage, before Suzanne took her break. When Suzanne returned, a renewed focus gave her the edge as she took each of the remaining racks to defeat Liz 6-4. FINAL Match- Kim Jones vs. Suzanne Smith Kim Jones- path to the final: Adrianne B (3), Robin A (4), Shari R ( ), Jocelyn L (5), Liz C (5) Suzanne Smith- path to the final: Bye, Denice W (1), lost to Liz C (5), Robin A (3), Julie V (4), Jocelyn L (5), Mary C (3), Liz C (4) The finals were one race to 9, alternating break. Straight out of the gate, Kim took advantage of mistakes late in the rack to take a 2-0 lead. Players exchanged racks for the next 3 games, 4-2 Kim, and then similar mistakes resulted in Kim jumping out to a commanding 6-2 lead. Players exchanged another 3 games, 7-4 Kim. Suzanne won game 12 to make the score 7-5, but that would be her last win of the match. In game 13, Kim broke and ran to reach the hill. In game 14, seeming to have the open run out, Kim faltered on the 5 ball. Suzanne stepped to the table, hoping to close the gap, but ended up getting poor position on the 8 ball. She pocketed the 8, but scratched, giving Kim ball in hand to close out the game and match. Suzanne conceded the final game. Congratulations ladies on a great tournament. We are already looking forward to the 2014 season, make sure you check out the website for updates regarding the schedule.

Results 1st


Kim Jones



Suzanne Smith



Liz Cole



Mary Coffman

5/6th 72

Jocelyn Liu/ Sheila Clark

7/8th 52 Julie Valdez/ Suwanna Matarazzo Several players from the NWPA have been invited to the WPBA Regional Tour Championships, hosted by Bullshooters in Phoenix, AZ January 16-19, 2014. Keep an eye out for updates from your favorite ladies as this is the tournament that can result in future invites to WPBA events. Good luck ladies and thanks to everyone who came out and made this the best season yet.

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CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

LOCATION The Pocket The Pocket Pocket Oasis Bar The Pocket

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (208) 375-2474 (208) 525-9962 (208) 232-9347 (208) 375-2474

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Blind Draw Dbls 8/9 Ball Alternating 8-Ball Men & Women

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5 $10

ADDED $$$ $$$ $$$ Matching $$$

TIME 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM









Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Sundays

Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City

Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up

(801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996

8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball

$5 $5 $10 $25

Matching Matching Matching $10/player

8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM

List Your Tournaments 406.285.3099


DAY CITY Mondays Boise Thursdays Boise Sundays Idaho Falls Pocatello Boise

DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Spokane Vancouver Spokane Sumner Burien Burien Everett Lakewood Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Lakewood Lakewood Olympia Spokane Tacoma Lakewood Ocean Park Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Burien Burien Lakewood Sumner Spokane Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Lakewood Lakewood Lakewood Olympia Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver

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LOCATION 7th Rail 4th Plain Tavern 7th Rail Log Cabin (1st Tues) BZ’s Sport Bar Good Time Ernie’s O’Finnigan’s Pub Cue-Topia Black Diamond Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Latitude 84 4th Plain Tavern Cue-Topia Cue-Topia (last Thurs) Frankies 7th Rail Latitude 84 Schooners Doc’s Tavern 7th Rail Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Legends Spot Bar & Grill Good Time Ernie’s (1st Sat) Good Time Ernie’s (3rd Sat) Schooners Log Cabin (3rd Sat) Black Diamond Latitude 84 Legends Spot Bar & Grill Cue-Topia Cue-Topia Cue-Topia (last Sun) Frankies Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew 4th Plain Tavern Spot Bar & Grill

PHONE (509) 325-7751 (360) 254-3729 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (206) 243-6018 (206) 248-1670 (425) 745-4805 (253) 512-6869 (509) 891-8357 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (360) 254-3729 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (360) 455-0352 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (206) 248-1670 (206) 248-1670 (253) 584-1919 (253) 863-2905 (509) 891-8357 (253) 531-5154 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (360) 455-0352 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (360) 254-3729 (360) 256-1110

EVENT / RULES Texas Holdem Poker 9-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) Texas Holdem Poker 9-Ball Vegas Rules 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH 8-Ball TAP 5 & under 8-Ball Vegas Rules BTRT 220

ENTRY ADDED TIME $5 Call Call $3+$2 g.f. Matching 8:00PM $10 Call Call $10+$5 g.f. $$$ 8:00PM $5 Matches to $100 7:00PM $5+$1 g.f. Matching 7:00PM $5 100% 8:00PM $6 7:00PM

9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 9-Ball 8-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) No Masters - Brk Pot 9-Ball Open - Brk Pot 9-Ball Valley Rules Cribbage Poker 9-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Poker 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 8 Ball - Mod BCA 8-Ball Call Pocket 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Open 8-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball

$5+3 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $3+$2 g.f. $5+$2+$1 bp $5+$3 g.f. $5 $6 Call $5 $3 Call Call $5+3 g.f. $5 $2 $5+$1 g.f. $5+$1 g.f. $5 $10+$5 g.f.

9-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 3

8-Ball on 7’ tables-Race to 2



$20 gift card 1st 7:00PM

Call Call Matching Matching $3/player Matching Call Call 100% Meat Shoot Call Call Call Matching Matching Matching Matching 100% $$$

$20 gift card 1st Noon

Poker Call Call 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $3 $2/player BTRT 198 $10 No Masters - Brk Pot $5+$2+$1 bp Matching 8-Ball Open - Brk Pot $5+$3 g.f. $3/player 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Poker Call Call 8-Ball $5 100% Meat Shoot-8 players/round $3/round MEAT 8-Ball Call Pocket-Mod BCA $3 Matching

7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 5:45PM 5:45PM 7:00PM 3:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 3:00PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 6:00PM 6 & 9PM 2:00PM 2:00PM 2:00PM

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CITY Oregon City Keizer Salem

LOCATION K C Midway Kolby’s Jake’s Bar & Grill

PHONE (503) 656-9501 503-393-7665 (503) 362-3600

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball-Now on Diamond Tables 8-Ball 8-Ball Handicap

ENTRY FREE $7 + $3 g.f. $5 + $4 g.f.

ADDED $3/player $5/player $5/player

TIME 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM



Hot Shots Billiards


8-Ball B & below




Wednesdays Beaverton Coos Bay Thursdays Keizer Portland

Hot Shots Billiards Silver Dollar

(503-644-8869 (541) 888-5634

9-Ball B & below Players Choice

$6 $5

Call Call

7:00PM 7:30PM

Kolby’s Greek Village

503-393-7665 (503) 643-2119

10-Ball $7 + $3 g.f. 8 & 9-Ball BCA Rules 3/2 $5

$5/player $$$

7:00PM 7:00PM


Coos Bay Medford Salem

Silver Dollar Rackem Jake’s Bar & Grill

(541) 888-5634 (541) 779-6111 (503) 362-3600

8-Ball 9-Ball-Handicapped 9-Ball Handicap

$5 FREE $5 + $4 g.f.

$$$ w/9+ $100 $5/player

7:30PM 6:30PM 7:30PM


Portland Salem Salem Salem

Greek Village Jake’s Bar & Grill Jake’s Bar & Grill Jake’s Bar & Grill (2nd & last)

(503) 643-2119 (503) 362-3600 (503) 362-3600 (503) 362-3600

8 & 9-Ball No Masters 8-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Handicap 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1 “B” player)

$5 $5 + $4 g.f. $5 + $4 g.f. $5 + $2 g.f.

Call $5/player $5/player Call

4:00PM 1:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM


Beaverton Coos Bay Portland Portland Salem

Ringo’s Bar & Grill Silver Dollar NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Jake’s Bar & Grill

(503) 644-7847 (541) 888-5634 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-3600

Alternating 8-Ball/9-Ball Players Choice 8-Ball - Race 2/1 Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 8-Ball Handicap

$5 $5 $3 M/$2 W $15 $5 + $4 g.f.

Match up to 23 7:00PM Call 5:00PM $100 6:00PM Call 11:00AM $5/player 7:30PM

LIST YOUR TOURNAMENTS 406.285.3099 DAY Mondays

CITY Sacramento

LOCATION Jointed Cue San Francisco Family Billiards Sherman Oaks House of Billiards Tuesdays Carson Manila Billiards Emeryville Broken Rack Sacramento Jointed Cue Wednesdays Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Petaluma Buffalo Billiards

PHONE (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (310) 738-5675 (310) 738-5675 (510) 652-9808 (916) 456-3243 (707) 794-7338 (707) 794-7338

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 9-Ball B $5 9-Ball Handicap $20 9-Ball Handicapped $15+time 9-Ball Handicapped $15+time 9-Ball Handicap $20 9-Ball Open staggered entry $5-$15 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D $5 8-Ball Handicap $5

ADDED TIME Call 8:00PM Call 7:00PM $5/player 7:00PM $5/player 7:00PM $100 1st Tues only 8:00PM $50 8:00PM Matching 7:30PM Matching 7:30PM


San Francisco Family Billiards

(415) 931-1115

9-Ball Handicap






(707) 794-7338

9-Ball Handicap




Buffalo Billiards

SPORTS BAR & GRILL THURSDAY: 9 Ball 7:00 pm Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

SUNDAY: 8 Ball 6:00 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot FREE POOL Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330 Like Us On Facebook

5 Pool Tables 13 TV’s Full Menu


Sun-Thurs 7 pm Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha



CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

14824 Smokey Point Blvd Marysville, WA 98271 360-659-2248

League Play 4 nights a week

Open 11AM-2AM everyday

January 2014 page 41

Tournament Trail Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE

Jan 4 Jan 5 Jan 11 Jan 11 Jan 11 Jan 11-12 Jan 11-12 Jan 14-16 Jan 16-19 Jan 17-19 Jan 17-19 Jan 17-19 Jan 17-19 Jan 17-19 Jan 18 Jan 24 Jan 25-26 Jan 24-Feb 1 Jan 24-Feb 1 Jan 24-Feb 1 Feb 1 Feb 2 Feb 7 Feb 8-9 Feb 8-9 Feb 8 Feb 8 Feb 8-9 Feb 15 Feb 15-16 Feb 15-16 Feb 22-23 Feb 22-23 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Mar 8-12 Mar 8-12 Mar 9-16 Mar 28-30


Keizer, OR Portland, OR Salem, OR Salem, OR Bozeman, MT Spokane, WA Spokane, WA Astoria, NY Phoenix, AZ Portland, OR Laramie, WY Laramie, WY Laramie, WY Laramie, WY Keizer, OR Salt Lake City, OR Salt Lake City, OR Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Bozeman, MT Portland, OR Pocatello, ID Pocatello, ID Pocatello, ID Salem, OR Salem, OR Tacoma, WA Bozeman, MT Keizer, OR Belleflower, CA Bozeman, MT Oak Harbor, WA Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Saratoga, WY

42 page January 2014








Kolby’s (see ad p11) 503-393-7665 Ladies 8-Ball $20 incl. g.f. $200 9:30AM MAP Sam’s Billiards (see ad p28) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call 11:00AM MAP The Cue Ball (see ad p28) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 10:00AM MAP Jake’s Bar (see ad p28) 503-362-3600 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP Eagles #326 (See ad p33) 406-587-9996 9-Ball - Women ONLY-Limit 32 $20 incl. g.f. Call 10:00AM MAP Black Diamond (see ad p6) 509-891-8357 9-Ball $50 $1,000 w/64 9:00AM MAP Black Diamond (see ad p6) 509-891-8357 Ladies 8-Ball $40 $500 w/32 Call MAP Steinway Billiards (see ad Dec) 718-472-2124 Earl Strickland vs Efren Reyes Challenge Match - Live Stream Call MAP BullShooters (see ad Dec) 602-441-2447 WPBA Regional Championship Call $5,000 Guar. Call MAP NiteHawk (see ad Dec) 360-892-7454 9-Ball-No Grand Master $50+$10 g.f. $500 w/32 Call MAP Mingles Lounge (see ad p20) 307-721-8120 Larry Martin Mem. 8-Ball Open $100 AAA/AA $3,000 w/f.f. 10AM Sat MAP Mingles Lounge (see ad p20) 307-721-8120 Larry Martin Mem. 8-Ball $75 A 9PM Fri MAP Mingles Lounge (see ad p20) 307-721-8120 Larry Martin Mem. 8-Ball $60 B 7PM Fri MAP Mingles Lounge (see ad p20) 307-721-8120 Larry Martin Mem. 8-Ball $30 C 5PM MAP Kolby’s (see ad p11) 503-393-7665 9-Ball $20 incl. g.f. $200 9:30AM MAP Batter’s Up (see ad p35) 801-463-4996 9-Ball $30+$10 g.f. Call 6:00PM MAP Batter’s Up (see ad p35) 801-463-4996 8-Ball- Limit 64 field $40+$15 g.f. $1,000 10:00AM MAP Horseshoe Casino (see ad Nov) 9 Ball online online online MAP Horseshoe Casino (see ad Nov) One Pocket online online online MAP Horseshoe Casino (see ad Nov) 9 Ball Banks online online online MAP Eagles #326 (see ad p8) 406-587-9996 9-Ball for Men ONLY $25 Call Call MAP Sam’s Billiards (see ad p28) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call 11:00AM MAP Oasis (see ad p20) 208-232-9347 Jimmy Dawson Open 9-Ball $20-1st 32 plyr Call 6:00PM MAP Oasis (see ad p20) 208-232-9347 Jimmy Dawson Open 8-Ball-M $40 $1,000 11:00AM MAP Oasis (see ad p20) 208-232-9347 Jimmy Dawson Open 8-Ball-W $25-Min 8 plyr 11:00AM MAP The Cue Ball (see ad p28) 503-362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 10:00AM MAP Jake’s Bar (see ad p28) 503-362-3600 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP Malarkey’s (see ad p8) 253-383-3301 February Freeze 9-Ball $70 incl. g.f. $1,200 w/64 8:00AM MAP Eagles #326 (see ad p8) 406-587-9996 Mixed Doubles Sweethearts $20/team Call Call MAP Kolby’s (see ad p11) 503-393-7665 Scotch Doubles Open 8-Ball $60/player $400 9:30AM MAP Hard Times (see ad p43) 562-867-7733 Jay Swanson Memorial $88 $4,000 w/f.f. 9:00AM MAP Eagles #326 (see ad p8) 406-587-9996 State Doubles-MT Women ONLY $20/team Call 10:00AM MAP American Legion (see ad p11) 360-929-6076 Open Team 8-Ball $140/team $500 w/32 teams 10:00AM MAP Grand Sierra (see ad p43) 702-719-7665 21st U.S. Bar Table-10 Ball M/W Call $25,500 Call MAP Grand Sierra (see ad p43) 21st U.S. Bar Table-9 Ball Register Online Call Call MAP Grand Sierra (see ad p43) 21st U.S. Bar Table-8 Ball M/W Online Info Online Online MAP Grand Sierra (see ad p29) 15th U.S. Open One Pocket Register Online Info Online Online MAP Grand Sierra (see ad p43) 702-719-7665 WorldPPA M/W Call Call Call MAP Chinook Winds (see ad p17) 360-704-4081 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball-Men $100+$25 g.f. $4,000 w/32 Call MAP Chinook Winds (see ad p17) 360-704-4081 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball-Wmn $100+$25 g.f. $1,500 w/16 Call MAP Chinook Winds (see ad p17) 8-Ball Western BCA Regionals 15-Divisions $30,000 based on 2013 Online MAP Platte Valley Comm. (see ad p29) 307-329-8924 Wyoming Open 8-Ball Varies $10,000 Guar Call MAP

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The Break January Issue 2014  

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The latest news and tournament results, columnists, weekly and monthly tournament listings and more ...

The Break January Issue 2014  

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The latest news and tournament results, columnists, weekly and monthly tournament listings and more ...

Profile for thebreak