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The Panacea challenges are a method of training designed to improve individual player ability and skill.

The challenges are to be done in battle tutorial 3. Captains on the red team, challengers on the blue team. Matches start in the water [E:5]. Players may use the terrain to their advantage.

Bread and Basic regenerates are the only items allowed during the challenges. Bacon, high regenerates, etc are restricted.

Captain selection depends on who's available. Guests of other corps may be asked to play captains when there are no captains available.

Captains are not eligible to participate for prizes.

The Panacea Challenges will be set into “difficulty tiers”. The tiers are to be done one step at a time to become eligible for the grand prize.

Prizes can only be rewarded once; but the challenges can be repeated upon request.

CAPTAINS Bravery, Retanaru, Debuff, Kio, Pihunter, Mitsuka, Aznjudis, Kmckias, Ansatsu, Volantis. (More TBA)

Challenges 1. Reliability training (difficulty: Easy - Moderate). Rules: Defeat a captain with a teammate challenger (2 v 1 situation). Round ends if the captain defeats a challenger or if the captain survives longer than 40 seconds.

Video example Rewards: 5 Lesser power regenerate enchants if captain is defeated in 20 seconds or less.

2. Competence training (difficulty: Moderate). •

Rules: Defeat a same class captain in a 1v1 situation. Rounds end if challenger is defeated. To expedite the process of this challenge, participants may not war armor during the duel. Fencers and Dagger Scout class duels are not allowed to use potions of any kind. Bread will be allowed.

Rewards: 10 Lesser power regenerate enchants if challenger is able to defeat captain 3 times out of 5 tries. (Restart after 5 tries)

3. Situation awareness / Endurance training (difficulty: Hard - Expert). Rules: Fight two players at the same time. (One captain, One corpmate). Round ends when challenger is defeated. Challenger picks the corpmate (must be rank 3 and/or level 25 or higher). Captain / Corpmate is not allowed to use bread.

• •

Video Example Rewards: Whetstone if challenger defeats the captain. Adv training tome or Reward secrets if both captain and corpmate are defeated. Gold coin if challenger is capable of defeating both captains and corpmate 2 times out of 5 tries. (Restart after 5 tries)

Good Luck and Have fun!

Panacea Challenges v2  
Panacea Challenges v2  

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