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Religion and Spiritual Affairs

By Oladipo Kalejaiye Bill O’Reilly’s 2011 “Killing Lincoln” dominated the New York best-seller list and his 2012 “Killing Kennedy” quickly sold over a million copies upon release and also became number one on the bestseller list. In 2013, he released “Killing Jesus”, also an instant best-seller! But the killing of Jesus did not begin and end with the Romans. Herod launched a historically unprecedented baby-hunt to track him down who was “born the King of the Jews” in order to eliminate him after the wise men had 132 LIFE & TIMES MAGAZINE

failed to return to him to disclose where baby Jesus was. He ended up slaughtering all male babies two years old and younger to ensure that Jesus did not escape, but God had safely tucked His Son away in Egypt. Since then, Emperors, kings, Presidents, world leaders and their people have been obsessed with “killing” anything Jesus-related – his followers ( Christians), his worship ( Christianity), his book ( the Bible), his life-style in his followers ( holiness) - and of course, his holiday (Christmas).

The word Christmas comes from the English observance of the birth of Christ called “Christ’s mass” or Cristes masse because a spiritual mass was celebrated on that day. In France it is known as Noel; in Spain Navidad; in Italy, Natale all meaning birthday. The Germans call it Weinnachten or Holy Night and the Yorubas of southwest Nigeria call it Keresimesi ( a vernacularized version of the English “Christmas”). Emperor Nero set Rome on fire and blamed it on the Christians which triggered their intense perWINTER 2013

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