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Enemies Of Marriage: Lack of Communication


Enemy Number Four: Lack of Communication

Do you know that millions of couples engaged in a great flow SUMMER 2013

of communication before the marriage and found themselves no longer freely communicative as they used to shortly thereafter? I hear it all the time at marriage counseling sessions “my husband doesn’t tell me

anything. I don’t know what’s going on in his life.” Meanwhile she longs to know what he is thinking, how the business or work at the office is coming along and his feelings about the children. Most importantly she wants to know his thoughts about her. He, on the other hand, wants to keep all these to himself and usually does not feel obligated to share them. Generally, men during courtship tend to be a little bit of a “Babbling Brook”. They have “butterflies in the belly” and happily babble away. Like a rapidly flowing brook, almost everything that enters into the eye gate or the ear gate comes out the mouth gate in a ceaseless flow. Then comes this inexplicable metamorphosis from a “Babbling Brook” to a “Dead Sea” personality. The Sea of Galilee in Israel flows south by way of the Jordan River into the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea does not flow into any sea. It receives but does not give. Like the Dead Sea, men after marriage tend to receive the talks, emotions, thoughts and touches of their spouse but do not give back. When the wife questions him about his “deadness”, he retorts that he is alive and well! And that response is perfectly honest. He is content not to talk. However, no marriage can be healthy LIFE & TIMES MAGAZINE 133

Life and Times Magazine Summer 2013 Edition  

Another excellent magazine edition of Life and Times Magazine Summer 2013. Contents Include: Profile on DR KPADUWA, Profile on 'Sinachi...

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