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For far too long, we have been getting negative press in the Western media. The achievements of hard working folks like you and me who honestly toil daily to survive have gone uncelebrated. This is worsened by the fact that the few publications by even Nigerians in the West focus daily on the negatives that occur in our body polity. The great strides of people like Philip Emeagwali whom Time magazine described in February 2007 as one of the brains that pioneered the birth of the Internet, Kase Lawal whom CNN described on May 18, 2010 as an extra ordinary oil baron and whose CAMAC Oil conglomerate generates over $2.5 billion annually, Adebayo Ogunlesi who bought Gatwick airport in London for ÂŁ1.4 billion in February 2010 to Jude Igwemezie whose company TransGlobim consortium builds railroads around the world including a contract to build the celebrated new $600 million Trans Iraqi rail road that was awarded in June 2010; have for long being unheralded by the global community. Of course we will not forget the Sardunana's, the Achebes, The Soyinkas, the David Wests and other leaders and titans that have for long put a positive face on Nigeria. Our government may appear broken but that is part of the struggles of emerging nations. We will exhort our political leaders to do better in providing the dividends of democracy to the


common Nigerian; a better quality of life, improved infrastructure, respect for law and order, routing out the cancer of corruption etc. We will however dwell on celebrating the average folk like you: hard working professionals, business men and women, intellectuals and thinkers, community leaders etc who have risen above their circumstances and positively impact the lives of the communities they live in on a daily basis. We have assembled a great team of journalists, writers and thinkers from across the spectrum and we ask you to welcome us into your homes every two months. We will have pages that celebrate our achievements in politics, the academia, science and technology, religion and spiritual affairs, business and the economy, entertainment, woman hood and our social circuit. Because we recognize that your schedules are very busy we will be glossy, easy read and pictorial. We will however not be...Just a photo album! We will announce the date of our launch in our February 2011 edition. Welcome to LIFE AND TIMES MAGAZINE‌ Join us in celebrating you Chike Nweke Publisher, LIFE AND TIMES MAGAZINE December 2010



VISION STATEMENT: Life and Times Publications will be the authoritative voice of Nigerians in the Diaspora. It will disseminate information about the vast resources and potentials of the Nigerian nation and dispel the negative stereotype that we have come to be associated with in the Western media. GOALS:

To highlight the positive achievements of Nigeria and Nigerians in: 1. Politics and world affairs 2. Arts and Sciences 3. Entertainment 4. Sports 5. Finance and Investments 6, Religion and Spiritual Affairs

“disseminating information... dispelling negative stereotypes�


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Life and Times will be a Holly-


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“Hollywood style, quarterly, glossy, easy to read and pictorial magazine”

that will focus on highlighting the

wood CA,

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the maga-

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zine will be true to the Nigerian

broad areas enumerated in the vi-

roots of its founders and portray

sion statement. It will be available

Nigeria in a positive light while ex-

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scription. The online edition will

standards that will be worthy of

initially be free.

emulation wherever they find themselves.


news and politics




The 2011 elections in Nigeria portend to be historical. It will define whether we will be bogged down by historical divisions of ethnicity and religion that have come to be the albatross of the Nigerian nation or if we are going to move forward in enthroning excellence in our body politics.


As the alignment and realignment of political forces continue, LIFE and TIMES will continue to be in the vanguard of the fight to enthrone merit above parochial interests in the election of our political office holders. We will also call for free and fair elections where the vote cast by every eligible Nigerian voter counts and will be used in the election of all political office holders. Your inputs and contributions are welcome at:


art and culture/ youth



Nigeria and Nigerians are making waves around the world in the entertainment industry. From the glitz of Nollywood and its pervading influence in Africa and the worldwide film industry, to the melodious new sounds that are coming out from motherland.. Nigeria is taking the entertainment world by storm. Ambose Ehirim has been an art and entertainment reporter for over twenty years and has closely followed these emerging trends. Ambrose Ehirim is regularly published as an opinion writer in a number of on-line news-magazines and journals. Those publications include American Chronicle, Los Angeles Chronicle, California Chronicle, Long Beach Sentinel and World Sentinel, among others. He authors political and socio-cultural commentaries at BNW Magazine and Igbonet in which he is a founding member. He has written extensively on a variety of issues featuring interviews on accomplished Nigerians of Diaspora filmmakers, fashion models, actors, business moguls, scholars, etc. which is also available on his blog, American Chronicle, African Times, USA-Africa Online, Niger-Delta Congress, among others. Your inputs and contributions are welcome at: 8


FOR THE YOUTH AND YOUNG AT HEART My name is Tommy D. Musa. I was born in Nigeria in the mid 1980s. I came to the United States in 1990 with my parents who were then students. My first impression and knowledge of the United States was through watching the television in Nigeria. As I was watching a program on CNN, I saw America as a beautiful country, full of fun, and excitement. Life seemed glamorous and easy going. I heard that America was one of the richest countries, and the most advanced in technology in the world. This information made me desire to come and achieve the American dream. For me America has not lost the allure it had when as a starry eyed child I was dreaming about it in Nigeria. However, as a young Nigerian-American, I face some daunting challenges because of the clash of the two cultures that I am faced with living as a Nigerian in America‌ These and other issues are what we will explore together in this column‌ Your inputs and contributions are welcome at: LIFE & TIMES MAGAZINE

LIFE AND TIMES MAGAZINE wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year


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travel and tourism /fashion and Arts



Nigeria is a beautiful country existing by the love relationship of the Benue and Niger Rivers. It is a country of over 200 ethnic groups with enchanting cultures each with something unique to showcase to the world. From the coastlines, through the estuaries of the Niger delta, to the rain forests, to the savannah of the middle belt to the desert lands of the North, to the rarified air of the Obudu Mountain ranges Nigeria is endowed with immense potential for travel and tourism...


FASHION & BEAUTY By Queenkay AnaduAmamgbo I am proud to be a Nigerian and proud to be one who has experienced living at home and abroad. I tell you, the experience has resulted in the best of both worlds.


Wherever we go, we leave a stamp of our culture and talents. This has become more prevalent in fashion and arts. As a young child, I watched the grown ups with admiration as they got ready for an event. I was always fascinated about how the women matched shoes and bags, headgears and jewelry. Despite the influence of the Western Culture there are still largely true Nigerians. In this LIFE and TIMES column, I will explore the art of beauty in Nigeria, I will also explore, the inner workings of our culture as it relates to artistry, fashion trends, beauty tips, hair trends, up and coming designers and the social circuit. I believe that of all the African Countries, we Nigerians display a vast love and appreciation for expressing ourselves through the various mediums mentioned above. Little wonder the explosion of our movie industry which is very popular throughout the world. I plan that this column will be interactive and I welcome your suggestions as we discover together our ever evolving culture both at home and abroad. Your inputs and contributions are welcome at: Cheers, Queen Kay



of the moment...

OBIANUJU NWUDE is an epitome of beauty and brains. She is a Pharmacist and happily married to Joachim "Joe" Nwude a California Licensed Attorney. A mother of three, she lives with her family in upscale Redondo Beach, CA

sports | economy: finance and investments



Despite the disappointing outing of the Super Eagles in South Africa, Nigeria remains a sports power house in Africa. ...We export more footballers to Europe than any other African nation ...We dominate Africa's track and fields ...We have solid representation in America's National Basketball League ( NBA) and in American National Football League ( NFL)


Economy: Finance and Investments

The Nigerian economy is the engine that drives the economy of sub Saharan Africa. Nigerian banks are amongst the largest financial institutions in Africa and are vibrant, innovative institutions that drive the wheel of development in our country. With the consolidation of the banking sector and the emergence of mega financial institutions, the banking sector and financial services have been in the forefront of sterling innovations in our economy.



life’s issues from the heart

Season Of Caution, It’s A

A Season Of Yet A Season

Impact Of Hope

BY SISI EKO As the festive season approaches, many people are happy making travel plans, family get-togethers, shopping for clothes, presents, cars or even a new home, it’s a good feeling. But are you there with everybody or are you immersed with the hubbubs of life, the economy, health or emotional issues? If you are, know that you are not alone. This year has been a particularly difficult one for many people around the globe. But in the midst of your storm, know that it’s a season that will soon pass and that God’s grace is sufficient to sustain you. Learn to make the most of life regardless of what the challenges are. Your situation is not unique, you just haven’t heard about the other person’s woe. Whining may be good for you to ventilate temporarily, it doesn’t change your situation. In spite of the emptiness, find your silver lining; I mean that unexpected moment of Grace when your wisdom 14

had nothing to do with the outcome of a situation, yet you came out of it a winner. Ponder on this and be grateful, regardless! Renew your mind with positive thoughts instead of feeling helpless, lonely or forgotten think about what you can do for someone else. It is in giving to others (time, compassion, help, gifts or ideas) that we are fulfilled. Encourage yourself and look at start to look at life from a different perspective because If you change the way you look at things, subsequently what you see will change. Make it a season of hope, write your story with a happy ending. Your comments are welcome at:




Lessons from the western economic recession for African nations

The political, economic and social status in many African nations and most especially Nigeria has remained of great interest to the western media. It (the media) has contributed more to our ruins than our successes as evident in its lopsided portrayal of our weaknesses rather than our strengths. As I watch the currents of the political and economic reforms in the developing nations, it is becoming obvious that the wind of change is dramatically transforming the state of affairs in these nations. These changes would redefine our nation as a healthy, stable and flourishing economic state where we would no longer brain-drain the nation but rather begin to move homeward to contribute in growing our economic, social and political values.


To Mr. President of the Nigeria Nation – Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, thee world is looking at you as a catalyst of change to facilitate the various economic and social platforms that would herald these long awaited new songs that would setup the nation on its path to economic, social and political stability. The most successful nations are those that adapt to new policies, produce new products and keep its citizens informed. We believe that as a nation, we have what is needed to crystallize the preceding and that under the watch of a non-wavering forward looking leader we can attain these. Knowledge is exploding all around us. Many nations and entrepreneurs are ready to share their expertise and invest in various segments of the economy that makes development possible. Notwithstanding the

picture painted by the western media about us, things are changing; power is changing hands too. We must write our own history, tell our own story. We must no longer sit back while others do it for us. As a nation, I call on every one of us today in Diaspora to dare make a change and embrace change; dare to listen to new ideas and concepts on a better approach to managing a growing economy. Locate the bottlenecks and activate the love, peace and unity that would trigger the golden button of success and happiness that belongs to us. Most Africans are waiting too long to return to their fatherland. Let’s make change happen for us.




religion/spiritual affairs

Celebrate God’s Faithfulness

Text Psalm 119:89-95 By PASTOR OKEY NWACHIE When we look at the challenges of life that have come upon us, there is a tendency for us to judge God’s faithfulness based on the things He is yet to do in our lives. Regardless of your predicament, may I announce to you that if not for the Lord, it would have been worse? If not for the Lord that has been on your side, you would have been in a bigger mess compared to the one that you are in. Please read Ps. 124:1-8 The point is this: If you do not have issues to deal with in this life, you will have no need for God. Because God is Sovereign, sometimes He will allow unpleasant situations in our lives just to catch our attention. He is not the author or initiator of evil but because your eternal destiny is precious to Him, He will permit whatever circumstance that will compel you to return back to Him to befall you, that you may seek His face. He says in the Holy Book, “Seek you Me that you may live”. Faithfulness to God does not exclude you from the challenges of life. The fact that you never miss a Sunday or prayer meeting does not rule you out from the attack of the enemy. You may MAIDEN/INTRO EDITION, DECEMBER 2010

be fervent in the spirit serving the Lord, attend all night vigils, engage in 21 days fast and still go through circumstances that are unpalatable. Some may say at your back if God be with you how come you are sick or still single or lost your job or childless. You may be in the will of God faithfully serving Him and still go through life experiences that are frustrating and disgusting. Why? Because in the realm of the spirit you are relevant. On the contrary, the fact that everything is working out for somebody does not presuppose that God is on his side. Because you have no problems whatsoever does not imply that you are in the will of God or that you are in right standing with Him. The reality of the matter is this: The challenges of life have there place in building our characters and maturing us as believers. Reference Rom. 5:3-5 • Regardless of the predicaments of life that have come upon you, our God is faithful. The Bible says that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Your morning of joy is about to break loose. Receive it in the Name of Jesus. TO BE CONTINUED

Your comments are welcome at: 21

Wedding Extravaganza of

Kelechi and Onyeka Mbaimnozie NOVEMBER 20th 2010 LOS ANGELES CA



________________ September 26, 2010 ________________

Wedding Anniversary





people and places














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