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Something special is in store. Nydree Flooring for Retail Settings In retail, image is everything. So you want your flooring to reflect your store’s unique look and feel – but it needs to stand up to extremely heavy foot traffic. Nydree Flooring offers virtually endless options in wood flooring that meet both your design and durability demands.

Heavy Fixtures High Volume Foot Traffic


60 colors or customize

Our products come in 11 wood species and more than 60 colors. Plus you can create a custom look with unique colors, sizes, species, patterns and designs (including medallions, inserts and logos). Our custom program allows you to create a flooring that separates your retail space from the crowd.

Durability for the Most Demanding Retail Spaces Products are made from natural wood, with acrylic resin impregnated wear layer for a stronger, tougher retail store flooring. Engineered wear layer’s multi-ply construction provides exceptional dimensional stability and distortion resistance. Use of marine-grade Baltic birch and Type 2 marine-grade adhesives result in a longlasting floor. Allowing for superior Janka hardness (PSI), our acrylic impregnation process creates a product that’s up to 300% harder to help support the weight of heavy fixtures and foot traffic. Hardness and durability significantly increase the longevity of the floor's lifespan, which means a major boost to your flooring budget. We’re one of the only companies in the commercial flooring market to provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the wear layer and any structural defects to our product.

Sustainable Floors for Your Sustainable Store Our flooring products are healthy for your store’s customers and employees, as well as the earth. They’re made of natural wood and contain no added urea-formaldehyde. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Nydree Flooring is Chain of Even with heavy customer Custody certified by the Rainforest traffic, Nydree Flooring only Alliance™ to the Forest Stewrequires routine, regular ardship Council™ (FSC) maintenance to maintain its standards (Chain of Custody beauty. This should include Number SW-COC-001039). sweeping, vacuuming or dust If you choose FSC certified mopping with Nydree Flooring Nydree products, most or all of Dust Mop Treatment. It may the value of the wood flooring also be periodically cleaned contributes to obtaining a with Nydree Flooring Urethane point under the LEED Certified Finish Cleaner. Wood Credit (MRc7) for your retail space. Our UV-cured urethane has For a truly green flooring, added anti-microbial agents to specify a Nydree Reclaimed inhibit growth of bacteria, wood product for your store. mold, mildew, etc. It also helps All Nydree Flooring products prevent discoloration over time. are made in the USA, with the Aluminum oxide finish highest quality, environmentally enhances the flooring’s durabilfriendly raw materials. ity and scratch resistance, a key benefit for retail environFor more information, call ments that must endure rolling 800-682-5698 or visit us online racks, ever-evolving fixtures at and customer foot traffic. Our optional oil finish, which can be replenished as needed, is UV cured to lessen visibility of scratching.

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