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B R A N D E I S U N I V E R S I T Y ' S F I N E S T N E W S PA P E R

Reinharz’s own art to fill Rose Museum BY ARIEL WITTENBERG Editor

University President Reinharz announced at a student press conference on Tuesday that the Rose Committee has decided to sell all art not restricted by gifts and that the museum will be converted into an art gallery for Brandeis community members in an effort to further integrate the museum into the university. To kick off the exhibit and improve community moral at losing such great masterpieces as Andy Warhol’s painting of Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Reinharz announced he will show his own collection aptly titled “myBrandeis.” When asked whether this change would hurt Brandeis in the eyes of the art community both at Brandeis and beyond, Reinharz replied that his participation in the exhibit should be proof enough that he is committed. “I don’t think that my commitment to the arts should be questioned,” Reinharz said. “I am very artistically committed, and talented. Why else would I be doing this?” MyBrandeis contains 12 pieces of art drawn in magic marker on white printer paper. Reinharz said that he chose this medium because it expresses the “bright future” ahead of the university, and be-

cause it is one he has been familiar with since childhood. Reinharz said that he came up with the idea of creating an exhibit, saying “we need to use our creative minds to figure out how to show the Rose is still a vital and vibrant part of the community.” The centerpiece of Reinharz’s exhibit is a piece entitled “even unto its innermost parts” which features Justice Louis. D. Brandeis riding the unicorn of truth combating and defending the Castle from the Dragon of Bad Press Relations. “I think it is a really subtle work of art,” Reinharz said. “I think it shows Brandeis’ core values.” Sahar Massachi ‘11, founder of the Brandeis-based blog Innermost PHOTO BY Ariel Wittenberg /The Hoot Parts, said that he was outraged when he first saw Reinharz’s draw- MyBRANDEIS: A student views President Reinharz’s art work at the opening of his exhibit. ing. “Brandeis once said that sunlight Proceeds from the calendar will go to fill with our President.” is the best disinfectant, not unicorns,” Mas- the university’s $80 million dollar operatStudent Union President Jason Gray sachi said. ing deficit over the next five years. urged all students to support the university Executive Vice President of Communica“In a time of financial limitations, we and buy a copy of the calendar. tions Lorna Miles said a Brandeis calendar need to be creative about our fundraising. “This is a challenge that we will overwill be released in conjunction with the I think that in the past we have not taken as come. When sacrifices are necessary, it is exhibits opening. The calendar will display much advantage of the Rose as we should of the utmost importance to have full comone of Reinharz’s artworks per month and have,” Miles said. “We want to show that munity involvement,” he said. “Our history will be sold for the university’s profit. Brandeis produces creative minds, starting mandates nothing less.”

Lack of lox sparks riots

Union members arrested for involvement in ’Deis Bike gang BY ARIEL WITTENBERG Editor

PHOTO BY Author in Max Shay/The Hoot


Brandeis students staged a protest outside of Einstein’s Bros. Bagels in Shapiro Campus Center on Tuesday in response to a sudden shortage of lox available at the bagel establishment. Lox, a slice of cured salmon commonly served with bagels and cream cheese, is a popular food among Brandeis students. Senator-at-large Justin Sulsky ’09, one of the leaders of the protest, said that he was particularly outraged at Einstein’s handling of its lox supplies. “Look, I don’t think it’s that hard for them to keep this place stocked,” Sulsky said. “I


worked hard with both the Student Union and the Dining committee to make sure that we could have lox on bagels, and we want lox on our bagels! Why? Because hard work should be rewarded.” Sulsky went on to say that he was prepared to continue the protest until conditions were improved. He claimed to have access to a secret Student Union listserve that held the names and e-mails of every undergraduate student at Brandeis. “I’ve sent a hundred e-mails, and I can send hundreds more,” he said. Executive Senator Andrew Brooks ’09, See LOX, p. 2

Carl, Nancy, Bernie, Woodrow, oh my! Conspiracy , 20

Four Union members were arrested by university Public Safety after they allegedly used ‘Deis Bikes to intimidate two Union senators. Public Safety was able to arrest class of 2011 Senator Lev Hirshhorn, class of 2011 Senator Alex Melman, Director of Community Advocacy Andrew Hogan ‘11, and Castle Quad Senator Nathan Robinson ’11 after they were found trailing Executive Senator Andrew Brooks ’09 and Senator at Large Justin Sulsky ’09 on the bikes. Brooks and Sulsky told the police that they had been walking up the road at 3 a.m. when they heard ‘Deis Bike bells in the distance. The four on the ’Deis Bikes allegedly circled the Senators and tried to convince them to reverse their votes on the recent SMR bylaw amendment and allow Bill Ayers to speak on campus. When Brooks and Sulsky refused, they feared they were in danger and jumped into the nearest Zip Car and took off, Brooks said. “I was driving, so I don’t really know what was happening, but they were ringing their bells really loudly,” Brooks said. “Justin called Public Safety and they intercepted us at the bottom of loop road.”

Brandeis student attacked by police dog at G-20 protest News, page A2

Upon Public Safety’s arrival on scene, Brooks said, an officer demanded the senators “dismount from the bikes and put their hands over their heads.” The students, who had all been opposed to the decision to arm the campus police last year, said they refused to recognize the officers authority, at which point the officers drew their guns and repeated their command, Brooks said. The union members then dismounted, and walked single file up to the four officers, unzipped their back packs and said “shalom” as one-by one they placed daisies into the muzzles of the four GLOCK revolvers. Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan said a search of the union members revealed stolen goods from the P.O.D. store, at which point the gang was taken into public safety custody. Callahan said he attributes the newly discovered gang to the rise in nonviolent crime the university has experienced this semester. “We have discovered that this gang is responsible for most of the incidents of shoplifting from the P.O.D. store,” he said. “We believe that these students have been stealing candy at various points in time to use for the midnight buffet.” Callahan said he believes the suspects See BLOODS & CRIPS, p. 2

AUDIO @ THEHOOT.NET The Brandeis Watch: Protecting yourself against the ‘Deis Bike Gang Off The Beaten Path: Appreciating Home Zone Sportz Blitz: Talking with smart athletes

4 The Hoot

April 1, 2009

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CORRECTION Last week a Union official was quoted as saying Jehuda Reinharz is an upstanding gentleman. We apologize for the error.


Discovery of Reinharz’s artistic genius long overdue

here is historical precedent for great art produced late in life by artists overcoming newfound limitations in their situations. Grandma Moses, America’s bestknown primitive painter, began painting on cardboard at age 76 because arthritis kept her from her embroidery. Reinharz has found an outlet for a wellspring of artistic energy at age 65 in Crayola Washable Marker on 20 lb. printer paper because a dire financial crisis has kept him from simply mooching off Carl & Ruth Shapiro. We think that like all great artists, Reinharz is channeling this suffering into

beautiful statements about the human condition, taking joy in the limitations of his chosen medium. Reinharz’s heretofore unheralded genius is evident to The Hoot even in his initial public work. In “even unto its innermost parts,” Reinharz alludes to Gustave Moreau’s painting of St. George slaying the dragon, scribbling Louis Brandeis (and subtly, perhaps himself) into the role of the great martyr St. George of Lydda. His brilliant reinterpretation of the legend also replaces the Christian saint’s red and white flag with a blue flag, alluding to both our school color and the flag of Reinharz’s much-loved Israel. He also cleverly replaces the saint’s lance with a

mere gavel, perhaps suggesting that his weapon of choice is social justice. It is also a bittersweet piece - his replacement of St. George’s horse with a unicorn implies that he understands that his head-on confrontation with the “dragon of bad press” is impossible in reality. And his foreknowledge of St. George’s martyrdom to the dragon suggests his resignation and acceptance of his inevitable fate at the press’s hands. If we can expect the same surprising complexity from Reinharz’s upcoming work, the much-feared budget shortfall will be as quickly dispatched as Silene’s feared dragon. We may have lost a Warhol, but we’ve gained a Reinharz.

Lox, stock, and smoking barrel In an era of supposed political apathy and despondency, The Brandeis Hoot would like to commend the recent events surrounding the Brandeis lox bagel riot. In the past couple of years, the Brandeis campus has seen numerous protests, namely over the Rose Art incident, the visit by President Carter, student rights, and the “Black Jerry” article in the humor magazine, Gravity. The lox bagel riot is perhaps a culmination of these past incidents and truly showcases Brandeis’ themes of social justice, transparency, freedom, liberty,

diversity, core values, social equality, citizenship, integrity, sustainability, truth unto its innermost parts, inalienable rights, a change we can believe in, and finally the Brandeis tenet of “doin’ it.” The Hoot would like to commend the actions of Senator at Large Justin Sulsky ‘09, for his valiant actions to fight for the rights of every tasty bagel with lox on the top of it. “I just couldn’t let anyone eat another bagel without the glorious flavor of lox. That is why you got me elected to this wonderful position.” Indeed, Sulsky understands the

importance of Union government.” This is a schmear we can believe in. In the aftermath of the lox bagel incident, there has been great progress in terms of open dialogue regarding condiments on Jewish deli food, which include not only bagels, but also bialys, English muffins, toast, and sometimes crepes (these are quite delicious). Brandeis should truly learn from this incident and work hand in hand with other Union officials to create the perfect kind of scrumpdidlyuimptiousness.

Letter to the Editor Continued from the news section J. Ro should be fired

Students demand smoke salmon

Dear Editors,

LOX (from p. 1)

I’d really like to know where you get off. Seriously, week after week, Jordan Rothman’s articles offend me on levels that I didn’t even know existed. He regularly criticizes and excoriates beloved campus traditions, like pointless protests, rainbows, and abortions, and seems to show absolutely no remorse for it. Last week, I’m pretty sure he killed a puppy while writing his article. Just shot it, point blank. Don’t believe me? Read his editorial on guns (“Reflections on a trip to the shooting range”, Dec. 5, 2008). I’d say he ate the puppy afterwards, but he probably just crammed it into the shape of a dumbbell and used it to pump iron (“You should take a W-E-A-K-end”, Jan. 23, 2009) Because of this, I’d like to point out several things about Mr. Rothman I feel the campus at large should be painfully aware of: • Jordan Rothman is made of a synthetic anti-liberal material crafted by the GOP • He is a meanie pants • He is actually only (Jordan’s real height) because he needs the extra room to carry around all that extra bullshit I’d like to recommend you stop publishing his articles immediately, and for every issue just cut out the blank space where his articles would normally be. One Tall Voice? More like One Tall Vice, am I right? C’mon, people. Ryan Martin ’10

who also attended the protest, echoed Sulsky’s sentiments. “I think this is a real problem,” Brooks said. “I plan on introducing a bylaw amendment that will grant the Student Union Senate the power to regulate the amount of lox kept in stock at any given time.” Students became increasingly more violent as the protest wore on, forcing all regular customers away from the shop. Some groups used chairs to batter their way into the then-closed Brandeis Bookstore, where they took material to make protest signs. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I’ve had it up to here with these bagel-making capitalist pigs! This is just another corporate attempt to keep the little guy on his knees begging for gruel! I say burn the place down! Burn the [expletive] fascists down!”

The student proceeded to force his way behind the shop counter and stuff numerous asiago bagels into the toaster oven, causing it to ignite. Brandeis and Waltham police were summoned to the scene to break up the protest, only to be stopped by the students’ barrier of tipped-over tables. The police were then beaten back by a hailstorm of thrown bagels. Associate Justice to the Union Judiciary Jordan Rothman ’09, who had the best view of the protest out of anyone, said, “Oh man! I don’t know what to do! I hate how these liberal-hippie protesters are disrupting society. But MAN I love lox! When the guy at the cash register told me that I couldn’t have lox, it made me want to take a flamethrower to the place!” The two Einstein’s workers on duty at the time, Bret Matthew ’11 and Rebecca Hine ‘09, could not be made available for comment.

‘Deis Bike Gang terrorizes Senators BLOODS AND CRIPS (from p. 1)

used the Brandeis-based blog Innermost Parts to coordinate their petty-criminal activity. The four arrested have long been considered by some on campus to be part of a “progressive party” within the union; however, no one expected that the party lines ran this deep. “People have asked me if I think there are political parties, but I have always said no,” Union President Jason Gray ’09 said. “I think this shows that the Union really needs to take a step back, re-prioritize and stop playing politics.”

Don’t you wish we had someone to pay for this chunk of space? We do. Check us out online at to check out archives and listen to audio.

The Hoot 19

April 1, 2009


Lox: A manifesto for Brandeis students

BY ANONYMOUS REBEL If I told you I'd have to kill you

Let it be known to all readers of The Hoot: For months we had remained faithful to our beloved bagel café in exchange for top-quality baked goods and commendable service. We trusted those brave bagelbearing souls that endured grueling four-hour shifts while wearing funny baseball caps. We established a bond between customer and cashier, cashier and bagel guy, bagel guy and customer. It was a brotherhood, a fellowship of the bagel ring. Unfortunately, a grave injus-

tice had recently been served to the devout customers at Einstein Bros. Bagels. One of our brothers stepped into Einstein’s on a late night bagel run. He approached the counter, tummy grumbling, and innocently asked for a plain bagel with shmear and lox. An innocent enough request, no? The poor boy was famished by the time the cashier lady informed him of the unpleasant truth. To the horror of his insatiable munchies, he learned that Einstein’s had exhausted their lox supply. The atrociousness! We had no choice but to take matters into our own hands and fists, lest risk

being taken advantage of by Big Brother Einstein. We would not stand for lox-hoarding communists. No sir, not in this campus center. Thus the Einstein Bagel Riot went forth as one of the greatest displays of campus activism since anyone working that shift could recall. And the riots will not stop. We, the proud remaining brethren of our bagel fellowship, have a list of demands to be followed through with by the end of next week, or else we’ll start going to Usdan for breakfast. The list is as follows: #1. More lox! #2. More variety of caffeine amounts in coffee. “Decaf ” and “regular” just ain’t cutting it. There should be a “turbocaf ” and “sortacaf.” Also, invent “negativecaf ” for those sleepless nights. #3. You know how when you’re eating a bagel and you get to the hole, all of the cream cheese just squeezes out of the hole? Yeah, that’s annoying. Fix it. #4. Complimentary toys with every meal. #5. People complain that your uniforms are kind of dorky. Invest in sexier baseball caps and visors. Unless the Einstein’s Bagels administration is compliant with our demands, we will continue our ruthless rioting. We are supplied with many days’ worth of toilet paper and silly string. You’ve been warned.

One Tiny Voice

Oh man! Liberals aren't so bad after all! BY JORDAN ROTHMAN Capitalist Pig

I would like to warn my dear readers, that this article is different from others that I have previously written for The Hoot. Many of you know me as a Conservative, one who is proud to write his controversial beliefs and stand behind them. Today, however, I would like to convey the new beliefs that I have, and explain why I have changed from my previous beliefs. In many of my previous articles, I relayed my sentiments against Liberal ideology. As a Conservative, I believed it to be foolish and wrong. Now, however, I have different sentiments about Liberals. I would like to share my previous sentiments, but also share my story of how I came to see otherwise. As many of you know, I deem myself to be a Conservative. This has caused me considerable grief during my time at Brandeis, where I have found myself surrounded by groups of brainwashed Liberals. In my opinion, these people are close-minded and hurt the free marketplace of ideas. I am constantly hounded by these Liberals who try to debate my views every chance that they get. In addition, during the last election my McCain campaign signs that I kept proudly on my door were vandalized by these close-minded people. During the years I spent

at Brandeis I had few good things to say about these people, as I am sure many of my readers could tell by reading my controversial statements. Now for the reason why I no longer despise Liberal ideology. The story of my journey began a few days ago. As a member of the Brandeis track team, I often run to pass the time when I am not working on class work. I was running through Waltham when up ahead I saw a man sitting on the side of the road. He was very dirty and looked like another one of those lazy homeless people who did not bother to work and contribute to society. In addition, he looked like he could barely sit up straight, as if he was on some kind of drug. Honestly, I wanted to kick him as I passed. However, as I got closer I noticed that he was wearing a military jacket and missing part of his leg. I realized that he must have been a veteran. Perhaps he served in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or in a past conflict like the First Gulf War or Vietnam. I suddenly felt ashamed that my country had allowed this honorable man to live in such terrible conditions. Moreover, instead of despising him, I wanted to help him. I decided to take the money I had in my pocket (not much, I’m afraid) and give it to the man. Later that day, after I returned

to campus, I was visited by a friend of mine, one of the few Liberals with whom I enjoy holding political discussion. I briefly mentioned to him what had happened to me earlier that day. He said that he was surprised by my actions, especially since I had once said that I hoped to never be in debt to someone. I replied by saying that I did not feel like I was in debt to that man. My friend told me that what I had done was equivalent to welfare, which shocked me. But then he said that welfare was not a bad thing, that it helps people like this man who need help the most. We argued about it for a long time, and he made some excellent arguments. He even pointed out to me that I accept government Pell Grants to help pay for my education. Therefore, while I once believed that Liberals believed in their ideology not because they wanted to better society, but because they wanted free handouts from the government, I can no longer hold this sentiment. It is a noble and patriotic thing for our nation to take care of those who need it. And so my dear readers, I must admit that I am ideologically torn. Some days I wake up feeling more Conservative, sometimes I wake up feeling more Liberal. Either way, I will be adding to the great free market of ideas!

Don't be a sinner BY JED BUXLEY

Crazy dude from Mississippi

As another concerned visiting parent, I would like to applaud the woman who wrote the letter to the editor last week. It takes great courage and moral fortitude to shine the light of the Lord into the dark recesses of the Brandeis campus. I whole-heartedly agree with most of her comments, but I honestly do not think she went far enough in sharing her vision of the Catholic doctrine, which clearly differs from what is preached on this liberal college campus and among other saner, more rational and intelligent branches. This is a simple effort is in the spirit of enlightenment and pluralism. The Pope is right about condoms of course, but he is not telling the whole story. Vatican scientists in the mid-1980s actually figured out a way for the latex of the condom to become permeable when exposed to the HIV/ AIDS virus. As you may know (actual fact here), HIV/AIDS first appeared among homosexual communities of the United States and was for a while known as “gay-related immune deficiency.” So we spread this technology to unsuspecting condom makers, and now all condoms except for those gross intestine ones spread AIDS. It’s not that we hate gays or anything… but we hate gays. Except for, like, two hot straight drunk chicks hooking up. So now there is an epidemic in Africa, and not just among the gays. This is bad news for the Church because Catholicism is just taking off in those heathen reaches. We don’t want our new converts to die from having sex with faulty condoms. So we are preaching this popular thing we call abstinence, and telling people that condoms are bad for them for their own good. Abstinence education does not work for school age children, but if we keep trying, we may find a demographic that actually buys into it. And if you are poor and have AIDS, why do you want to have children anyway? Gosh, it’s like there is some mysterious other use for sex that the Church doesn't know. The Church has always cared about poor people. I have heard religion referred to as the “opiate of the masses,” and while I don’t condone drug use, that certainly sounds like a valuable service. Throughout history, Churchsponsored wars and crusades have created hundreds of thousands of jobs. And we have that whole heaven thing, so even if life is awful on Earth, you get rewarded later. It is the upper class liberal judeo-atheists, with their stems cells and their abortions who are limiting lower class reproduction in order to practice their new-age hippie eugenics.

Condoms are a left-wing conspiracy. People who don’t know about condoms have sex and get pregnant. They don’t know about abortion options either, so they have babies. Liberals want to impose education on this wonderful natural practice, in order to force people to be fully prepared, emotionally mature and financially solvent before they have children. Aside from spreading disease, condoms also promote the Big Business of abortions. Birth control simply does not work, as it does not fulfill the word of the Lord. I know I go to the pharmacy and poke holes in any condoms I see, and I am sure many people do the same. So immoral people get pregnant, do not feel appropriately blessed and want an abortion. Then they must pay the abortion companies to get abortions. Money that could be going into the collection box at mass is going to baby-killing. Our economy is floundering while abortion tycoons sit in their mansions and count hundred dollar bills, and fetuses. What if Jesus had been aborted? Yeah, suck on that. The popular argument about not being able to see what children would become if they had not been aborted makes perfect sense. After all, once a person has a child, they no longer matter. No one cares what they could have been, had they not been saddled with parenting duties and forced to stop their education in order to work to support this blessed inconvenience. The Catholic Church has always been a staunch defender of women’s rights and would be insulted to hear anyone say otherwise. Thanks to us, men throughout the ages have been encouraged to see the ideal woman as a young virgin who is also their mother. Women are also an integral part of the Church hierarchy, providing stabilization and support at the bottom. We support a woman’s right to choose, when the choice is celibacy or motherhood. Birth control does not help young women who make mistakes. It only stops them from losing their crazy “dreams” and “ambitions,” and delays their settling for their inevitable maternal careers. So, there you have it. The true story about the condom controversy. Now you can fully appreciate the perspective of America’s zealously devout Catholics, who know surprisingly little about their own religion, and also science. I would not trust the Catholic community on the Brandeis campus to follow such advanced religious philosophy, but maybe they will be encouraged to try harder. Maybe a trip to bomb an abortion clinic could be in the works? Anyway, life is precious, don't have sex, get married and make babies, etc. L’Chaim.


The Hoot

April 1, 2009

W E E K E N D Spotlight on Boston

Day of the Dead:

Friday, Mar. 27, 7:30 p.m. 265 Tremont St. Here's your chance to be a zombie. Do what the zombies do: walk around like a dead person and eat people's brains. Come prove how good of a zombie you can be.

Slightly Stoopid:

Photo courtesy of

Saturday, Apri. 4, 8 p.m. 801 Red River, Austin, TX Hop on a plane, take a roadtrip, hitch-hike, whatever you do, this event cannot be missed! Slightly Stoopid performs at Stubbs such songs as "Hey, Stoopid" a creative remix of "Hey, Jude."

Photo courtesy of

What's going on at Brandeis?

Crystal Shuttle Tour: Saturday, Apr. 4, 3 p.m. Rabb Bus Stop

Editor's Pick:

Have you ever wanted to sit on a bus for a really long time? Here's your chance! This weekend only, go where the shuttle bus goes. Experience for yourself all the stops it makes and how long it sits around.

Jehuda Takes Over the Rose Friday, Apr. 3, All Day Rose Art Museum


Friday to Sunday, Apr. 3-5 Sherman Dining Hall

Hungry? You're in luck- this weekend, you can use a Brandeis meal or points at the all-you-can-eat Sherman Dining Hall! Bring your friends, bring your homework, sit down and enjoy your delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. This event will be open all weekend longso don't miss out!

IMAGE CREATED BY: Ariel Wittenberg

Yeah, it’s defs a conspiracy

Don't mourn the loss of those priceless Andy Warhol paintings. Instead, eat some cheese and drink some sparkling cider as you experience Brandeis' very own president's masterpieces, especially his painting of "Even Unto Its Innermost Parts," featuring Louis Brandeis battling the Dragon of Bad Press Relations.

Pellets Premiere Game: Sunday, Apr. 4, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Football Field

Hey football fans, don't miss the Brandeis Pellets' first game of the season! Be there to see Brandeis take down the Harvard Crimsons. Unless otherwise noted, photos are from Google.

The Brandeis Hoot - April Fools 2009  

The Brandeis Hoot - April Fools 2009

The Brandeis Hoot - April Fools 2009  

The Brandeis Hoot - April Fools 2009