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As multicultural consumers continue growth in size and spending power, brands will increasingly need to integrate multicultural insights into core business strategies. A hot topic of conversation is engaging this audience effectively. While research and data paint a positive picture of where they are the how is still a matter of strategy and relationships. The fundamental component of any multicultural strategy must be led by influencers. African-American, Hispanic and Asian Influencers are leading the conversations online, predicting trends and driving product sales. The influencers are the consumer. Multicultural consumers are rapidly becoming the core of the U.S. population. African-American, Asian American and Hispanic consumers account for more than 120 million people combined (38% of the total population). According to the U.S. Census, these groups are projected to increase by 2.3 million each year before becoming a numeric majority of the population by 2044. With expansive buying power and unique consumption habits, multicultural consumers are an emerging consumer force in the country. This year we launched our BT Network to help brands connect with influencers both general market and multicultural. We are at the pulse of combining data and consumerism to create dynamic and results driven relationships with brands and influencers. On the influencer side, we are helping shape their futures with insight into growing their channels, monetizing their impact and establishing their unique voice amongst the clutter. Take a peek inside this issue of BT Quarterly for a few of our favorite multicultural influencers! X

The BrainTrust is a social media and brand representation agency committed to helping the world’s most beloved fashion, beauty, lifestyle and celebrity brands develop and execute strategies and campaigns that drive awareness, demand engagement and impact the bottom line. Our approach is rooted in partnering with our clients to uncover their value and unique positioning in the marketplace. We identify their story and point of view and leverage the most modern forms of communication and storytelling to bring their perspective to life at scale. We define the digital ecosystem as Community, Content and Conversion.


March 2017


The BrainTrust Quarterly - Issue Three - March 2017  
The BrainTrust Quarterly - Issue Three - March 2017