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Beauty Beat NYC, Q&A with Founder, Tasha Turner by DaVida Chanel Smith, Editor-In-Cheif


had the pleasure of connecting with multi-talented beauty veteran, Tasha Turner of Beauty Beat NYC for this edition’s “Partner Spotlight”. Turner’s bio and resume boast over a decade of creating compelling visuals, discerning trends and serving as editor for top beauty publications. With an understanding of female consumers’ connection to beauty, Turner lives for all things beauty. Her editorial experiences led her to brands and companies that didn’t understand consumers of color. Turner advised, guided and educated them on the needs of perceived minority clientele, eventually leading to her embarking on an entrepreneurial path. The esteemed beauty expert’s love for the industry comes down to connection. The broad smile that covers a woman’s face when the discussion turns to nail polish colors or a great lipstick has always provided joy to Turner. The intense passion for the beauty industry combined with a fierce and intelligent work ethic as well as a desire to empower diverse influencers and consumers make Tasha Turner a go-to partner and a member of The BrainTrust tribe!

As we discuss unlocking the power of multicultural influencers, how essential have diverse influencers been to building your brand? Diversity is the reason I built my brand, Beauty Beat NYC. I was successful for over 15 years as both a beauty editor and an accessories editor at publications like “Town & Country”, “Vibe”, “InStyle” and “Essence”. In those roles, I was able to help brands bridge the gap between their products and the nuances of our cultures to help them get a better understanding of our purchasing habits as it pertains to what we buy and why. I noticed that most brands didn’t speak with or engage with AA women. As a result, I was frequently asked if I could help in a variety of ways – from finding the best glam for new campaigns, to navigating the best places to meet or ways to speak with black women, even to recommending products in the line that women of color would gravitate towards. That is when I decided to branch out on my own to create this agency and build platforms that would help brands and companies speak with women of every age group. Through consulting, the data and insights report that I collect while out speaking to these women and our in house programs like the Beauty Beat Box and our College program which is very successful, we have a program or service available to all brands who need to reach her. Also there were so many products that would come across my desk (that women of color didn’t even realize she could use that weren’t necessarily marketed to her) and because of the confines of working at a publication I couldn’t always get that news out there in a timely manner-and I was busting at the seems to share it and the box is an amazing way to do just that. 20

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Speaking of your brand, your co-founder Marcia Caster also comes from an editorial background. Please share more on your relationship and how you combined talents to create your own “power tribe” with Beauty Beat Box. I have become the face of the brand while Marcia delves deep into the details of our operation. While both of us are able to speak with the consumer about her beauty needs, wants and questions because of her background, Marcia makes sure that we are running a tight ship. She’s the organized one.

I find your college tours to be an amazing way to connect with the next wave of social influencers as well as equip young women with the top beauty products. Have those events proven to be an effective way to grow Beauty Beat Box? How excited are major brands to get their products to young consumers? When we started Beauty Beat we knew Millennials were an important factor to any beauty and lifestyle brand. As we grew we were also well aware that Millennials weren’t buying subscription boxes but we knew they were a powerful market to grow the Beauty Beat agency with. They (Millennials) keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot even when they're not looking as the information for most comes to her through her phone and they more than ever have serious purchasing power. So we speak to her in a way that works best for her not through the Box but with product sampling on campus, content-through our newsletters; text marketing our Beauty Beats speaker panel where we promote beauty inside and out as well as our influencer social media program. Our Col-

The BrainTrust Quarterly - Issue Three - March 2017