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ood: the one thing we all love but not all know intimately. The term “Foodie” simply means a person with a particular interest in food. Surely everyone is a “Foodie” if they enjoy food, right? Not quite. Food bloggers today have mastered the art of food staging and peaking interest in local eateries or modern homemade recipes. Food photography is a legitimate job. It takes a very skilled eye to understand the emotions of what people feel when they see food. In this imagery heavy digital age, pictures of

food are just as credible as written reviews; and the perfect picture of an ice cream delight can have a crowd flocking for miles for a scoop. These food adventurers are definitely to be envied, especially when they are being paid to eat! Some lucky foodies even get to travel to taste the cultures of the world. Dream job? I think so.

"Miss Foodie Problems" @MissFoodieProblems

Corey Marshall coined the phrase “foodie problems” as always thinking about your next meal or what’s the next restaurant to discover. This is her second blog followed by “MissFashionistaProblems”.

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Lindsey Baruch @LindseyEatsLA

Lindsey truly knows the way to your heart with food and a touch of art. Her flatlays of various eats and eateries in Los Angeles has you salivating and adding to your list of musttries.



Founded by D.C local and foodie Justin Schuble, DCFOODPORN is the go-to food resource for the D.C. Metropolitan area and beyond whenever the content creator posts during his travels. The channel focuses on the beauty of food in a playful and artistic way and covers every cuisine from sushi to doughnuts.

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The BrainTrust Quarterly

The BrainTrust Quarterly - Issue Three - March 2017  
The BrainTrust Quarterly - Issue Three - March 2017