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Fred V & Grafix Ready To Rock By Jo Campbell friend and a passion for indie-rock, with Vahrman’s guitar skills being laid down on ‘Find My Way’. The pair were won over to DnB after finding inspiration in Pendulum’s genre-crossing Hold Your Colour. “Still to this day I think Rob Swire is an absolute genius and I’ve always liked Pendulum in general. They’ve always had a massive rock influence and because I was really into live bands back then, that was kind of a nice bridge into DnB. “Sonically they were about ten years ahead of their time. Tracks from Hold Your Colour still sound up-to-date now and you can still play them out.” Fred V & Grafix recently played Fabric Live for the second time. Their first appearance had been for a Hospitality gig in Room 1, but in an indication of how popular the two are becoming, they were invited to play Room 2 minus their label-mates. “It’s sweaty,” Jackson says with a laugh. “It’s obviously amazing. The only annoyance was having to squeeze through the crowd to get to the decks with my two gin ‘n’ tonics without spilling them. “The sound was amazing and it was nice to get the contrast between the two rooms. But yeah, Fabric is one of those places that just playing there in general is awesome, no matter which room.” hey’ve only released three tracks on a compilation and one EP but liquid DnB duo Fred Vahrman and Josh Jackson AKA Fred V & Grafix are on the up and up.


not at the level. They sort of signed us without knowing if they were going to get much back from us and we haven’t had much out and feel bad about that, but there’s plenty now.”

The Devon duo signed to Hospital Records in 2011, making their debut on the label’s Fifteen Years Of Hospital Records compilation with their superbly cranking ‘Find My Way’.

Since then they’ve been awarded Drum & Bass Arena’s 2012 Best Newcomer DJ award and have produced their debut solo release, the Goggles EP. Dropped this March, the EP features three varied tracks, all proving their ability to make fun, dancefloor driven beats, but Jackson says their upcoming LP, due for release later this year, will be of a different bent.

“A lot of people don’t know, but Hospital sort of signed us on faith,” says Jackson. “We were stupidly surprised because we knew we were

“Those were more just three songs that we put out so people had something to listen to ahead of the album,” he says of the EP. “It’s gotten a good reaction, but in our eyes, our new music is really different to that. People might be surprised. “We really love real indie guitar music and live sounding stuff like Muse and Bloc Party. A lot of the new tracks (on the LP) have more of a focus on sounds like that and it’s more like the sound we love.” Jackson and Vahrman met through a mutual

In terms of their set, the two employ lots of quick mixing across four decks and usually keep it in the DnB vein. “Sometimes we stand back and think, ‘maybe that was too quick’, but in terms of the music we play – we put together really varied sets and I think they transfer very nicely to a well rounded DnB set.” With: Delta Heavy Where: Chinese Laundry When: Friday May 10

Komes & Krunk! The Wild Side By Alasdair Duncan


oung troublemakers Komes and Krunk! have seen their profiles rise steadily over the last few years. DJs, producers and purveyors of big fat beats, the pair are also members of the ever-expanding Bomb Squad crew of producers and party promoters, and their latest achievement is a shared disc on the Wild Nights 2013 compilation. How did you guys initially get involved with Bomb Squad? Krunk!: “That’s a long time ago now. I’ve been friends with those guys for ages.” Komes: “How we first met was that we were on an internet dating site, and one thing led to another…” Is Bomb Squad a supportive little family for you guys? Komes: Yeah, it’s awesome, very supportive. We’ve got people all around Australia in Bomb Squad now – people in almost every capital city. It’s really good. You guys are both pretty young, and you’ve already had the opportunity to play in a lot of clubs – are there any nights that stick out, for good or bad reasons? Krunk!: “I don’t know if I can single out that many bad nights. I mean, everything bad that happens is a lesson, so I take it like that. There have been plenty of good nights, good parties.” Komes: “I’ve seen some funny dancers, and some pretty sick people. Schoolies is probably up there – you have 10,000 kids on the beach who’ve just finished school and are ready to party. That’s a pretty good crowd right there.” You guys shared a disc on the Wild Nights compilation – how did that initially come about? Komes: “They approached Bomb Squad about doing a mix, and the guys just decided that it should be us to do it.”

knew you really wanted to get on there? Krunk!: “At the time, I really liked Nicki Romero & NERVO’s ‘Like Home’ – that was one of my big main-room tracks that I was really vibing at the time. Even the Timmy Trumpet track ‘Snapback’ was one of my favourites.”

Krunk!: “That’s pretty much how it happened. From there, we got a list of the available tracks and mixed it all together.”

Komes: “The Timmy Trumpet track’s cool. I’m trying to think about my favourite one. The Komes remixes are pretty cool, obviously!”

Do you have any particular favourite tracks on the compilation, or any that you

Thanks to the available technology, the DJ profession is pretty accessible to kids

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these days – does that make it harder to make a name for yourself and be recognised? Krunk!: “Anyone can do it, but you need skills, and you need your own style if you want to stand out, especially when you’re starting out.” Komes: “I think it’s a lot more competitive in that anyone can make music or become a DJ. You have to know what you’re doing. You need to have your own thing – that’s important.” What does the future hold for you guys?

Komes: “I reckon a Krunk! & Komes track in the future would be pretty cool. I’ve been doing heaps of remixes lately, so I think that it would be pretty cool to put something of my own out.” Krunk!: “Like Komes said, I think the focus would be on getting some more original stuff out.” What: Wild Nights 2013 mixed by Krunk! & Komes and Mobin Master & Tate Strauss out now on Central Station

The Brag #511  

SYDNEY’S HOTTEST INDEPENDENT WEEKLY STREET PRESS Hitting the streets with the best music, culture and events, every Monday. This week: Local...

The Brag #511  

SYDNEY’S HOTTEST INDEPENDENT WEEKLY STREET PRESS Hitting the streets with the best music, culture and events, every Monday. This week: Local...