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THE LEGACY CONTINUES Part of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group since its launch in February1983 as the East Coast’s first Alternative Rock station, WFNX has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. Over the years, WFNX was acclaimed nationally by its industry peers, winning, among many others, four “Station of the Year” awards by the Gavin Report and proclaimed by Rolling Stone magazine as “One of 10 stations in the country that don’t suck;” all of this in recognition of the station’s willingness to take chances and not just cater its programming to the lowest common denominator. The result, WFNX has maintained an extremely loyal audience. Our listeners are highly desirable to both local and national advertisers. Most are between the ages of 18 and 39 with a 55/45 male/female ratio. They are young, highly educated adults defined by their active lifestyles, high disposable incomes, and desire to be ahead of the curve. They are predominantly single or married with no kids, are early adapters, and are usually the “peer influencers” in their groups. Turn them on to a new product or service and their friends will follow! And only one station can satisfy their adventurous musical tastes, because there is only “One True Alternative Station” in Boston and New England:


Transformed and no longer constrained by the FCC, now as, we once again set the standard for what is the best of progressive local on-line radio programming. Meeting the demands of its astute listeners, as an Internet only station plays the music the way the artists created it, and speaks in the real language of today – not one that’s bleeped out, and/or fined by the government.


By its family connection to the Phoenix Media/Communications Group combines forces with editors and writers of THE PHOENIX magazine to bring its listeners incisive, progressive, cutting edge content available nowhere else on any form of radio.

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Kurt St Thomas

Executive Producer of Middays 12 – 2PM and Nights 10P – 12A (rebroadcast) Kurt St. Thomas, the award-winning filmmaker, author, music producer, and program director who presided over WFNX's most exciting and successful years, has returned to take charge of the Phoenix's revamped online streaming radio station Kurt is a legend not only at the Phoenix and WFNX but in the radio world at large -- and his exploits have taken him far further afield than the narrow confines of broadcast including working with Clive Davis at Arista records. He is an independent producer and director of two feature films and many, many music videos. Most recently he comes to us from the world-famous KROQ.

Mike Gioscia

Assistant Program Director Mornings 9AM – 12PM Mike has been segueing two songs together since his first radio shift at age 16. He is an award winning independent filmmaker, writer, and radio producer. He was the Production Director at WFNX for most of the 90’s, where he won 2 Boston A.I.R. awards, and was host of the live broadcast ‘X Night At Axis’. Mike blogs about sustainable food practices for, and is a contributing writer for Edible South Shore Magazine. Mike’s latest script ‘A Good Time For a Bad Man’ was a semi-finalist in Showtime’s Screenplay Competition at The 2012 Nantucket Film Festival.

Michael Marotta

Music Director Evenings 5 – 6PM Michael Marotta’s world revolves around a musical beat. The music editor of the Boston Phoenix has recently been named Music Director of, bringing his taste making ability to the online airwaves with Boston Accents everyday from 5 to 6PM. He is also resident DJ, promoter, and booking agent at The Pill, one of the longest-running weekly indie dance parties in the world, and in September 2011 founded the Allston-based Vanya Records, a reputable, independent home for emerging artists and bands from various corners of Boston’s eclectic music community.

Sabrina Boyd

Assistant Music Director Afternoons 2 – 5PM Sabrina Boyd is a self-confessed rock star wannabe, but after several failed attempts at mastering various instruments, she settled for hanging out with rock stars at radio stations. You may have heard her before on weekends on WFNX, or on WBRU in Providence, where she was also the Music Director. She returns now as the Assistant Music Director of, and our afternoon DJ, featuring new music and breaking bands from 2-5pm every weekday.

DJ 3001

Mornings 5 – 9AM and Evening 6PM – 10PM Believing strongly in reusing, renewing, and recycling, scientists at the Boston Phoenix were determined to create something from the cutting edge pile of rubble left over after the sale of terrestrial WFNX. Working with the raw material left behind, they created DJ 3001, the world’s first totally robotic radio personality!

WFNX.COM 617.536.5390

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Sustainable Thinking with Mike Gioscia Running 25x Per Week Pulled from Mike Gioscia’s own writing, Sustainable Thinking gives the listener something to think about the world around us all!

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