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Are you unemployed? Have you spent the last two weeks playing Red Dead Redemption and seeing how far you can run your horse around the map before the game stops you? (Here’s a hint: it’s forever.) Are you worried about how you are going to afford your World of Warcraft subsciption next month? Have you pawned your child’s shoes in order to do so?

We think you have a problem. But we have a solution for you: turn your sad obsession with video and computer games into a career. If you want to work in games, you’re in the right town. There are over 60 video-game developers in greater Boston, including Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption — and did we mention they’re currently seeking programmers for their Andover location? Harmonix Music Systems, the developers of those Rock Band games that even your nongamer friends enjoy, have their main offices in Cambridge; they’re

looking for programmers, too, plus some other positions. Also, Irrational Games — developers of the BioShock series and System Shock 2 — need programmers and level designers. Not to mention the plethora of smaller companies in Boston, like Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment, Mecha Software, Arcane Journeys, and others. Or you could always start your own independent gaming company and be your own boss — but before you do anything, you’ll need to learn some tools of the trade. Continued on p 52


uing Co n t i n Education undergrad degree programs for video-game developers. Their Web site claims “to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist.” The program is not as structured as Becker’s program; students have more freedom to pick and choose their courses and areas of concentration. And, according to their Web site, “alumni are currently working as game designers, producers, and executives at a number of game studios, including Electronic Arts, Activision, and Midway.” MIT has a long history with games; alumnus Steve Russell created one of the first-ever computer games, Spacewar! If you need more recent examples, Eran Egozy and Alex Rigopulos graduated from MIT before co-founding Harmonix together. Rob Jagnow, founder of Lazy 8 Studios, earned his PhD there. Not to mention that Half Life 2’s bad-ass protagonist Gordon Freeman got his fictional PhD from MIT (no promises about post-grad entry-level jobs with Black Mesa, though). NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY offers a twocourse graduate certificate in game design; the first class is called Programming Foundations, and the second is Foundations of Digital Storytelling. The school also offers similar certificate programs for 3-D animation and interactive design. Those offerings may seem slim, but Northeastern’s Creative Industries program also offers degrees in various elements of game design. For example, they offer a bachelor of fine arts program in digital arts and interactive media, or a BFA in graphic design and interactive media. You could also pair the interactive media half with music technology, or with computer science, for a bachelor of science. Check out for the class requirements for each program, such as Games and Society, Technology and Human Values, Psychology of Language, and Digital Narrative 1 (good choices for a games writer seeking to expand upon Mass Effect- or Fallout-esque morality games).

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A decade or so ago, if you told people you were getting a degree in video games, they’d have laughed in your face. No longer. Game design and development majors are mainstream – perhaps not quite as much as majors in literature or film, but enough that it’s no longer shocking to see colleges offering comprehensive degree and certificate programs. attempts to document every institution in America that offers video-game education programs, and lots of schools in Massachusetts are on their list. Many local colleges offer programs and degrees in computer science, graphic design, animation, and sound editing; however, a few offer programs specifically for would-be game designers. BECKER COLLEGE in Worcester offers two different degree programs; the first is an arts-based degree in game design, and the other is a programming-based gamedevelopment degree. Both are four-year programs with a little breathing room for electives. According to Becker’s Web site, both promise to give students “the right technical skills, a firm theoretical base, opportunities for career internships, and a strong portfolio as solid evidence of their abilities.” A bevy of Becker grads are making a name for themselves in the gaming world. Jimmy Beals, ’08 grad of Becker College’s game-design program, currently works as a quality-assurance specialist at Seven45 Studios, after stints at Blue Fang Games and Demiurge Studios, and working on games like Zoo Tycoon, Lord of the Rings Online, and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Nicholas Allain, an ’09 Becker grad, also works for Demiurge. Andrew Silvernail — also a 2009 graduate — has been on the winning team at the Massachusetts Game Challenge two years in a row. The Princeton Review recently released a list of their top picks of game-design schools in the US, with Becker College at fourth place out of 50 schools surveyed. That makes them the top-rated New England school — not too shabby. And by the way, Worcester Polytech and MIT are seventh and eighth place on that list, so let’s get to them next. WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE offers a four-year program for a degree in interactive media and game development, and you can choose to focus on either computer science or humanities and arts. The program places a strong emphasis on group projects, which will help you if you hope to work for a development team rather than by yourself as an independent game designer. The program also offers special courses in sound design, like Computer Techniques in Music, Computers and Synthesizers in

Music, and Digital Sound Design, as well as a course called Serious Games for people who want to make, well, serious games. Mark Claypool, the director of WPI’s Interactive Media & Game Development department, said that some WPI alumni have gone to game-oriented places such as Gemini Valve, Turbine, Seven45 Studios/First Act, Quick Hit, Inc., Pi Studios, the Push Group, Blue Fang Games, Linden Lab, and Harmonix. The MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Cambridge also offers four-year

If you’re hoping to create the next World of Warcraft, or at least a multiplayer online game, you’re going to need the tools that this class offers.

different certificate programs. Their 3-D animation and interactive media certificate takes two full-time terms to complete, or four terms part-time. They also offer an animated-short certificate, which has some overlap in terms of material taught, but takes half the time to earn. The third offering is the game-art-and-characteranimation certificate, which also takes one term full-time or two terms part-time; this certificate focuses less on animating and modeling, and more on mapping, creating a game interface, building game objects, game lighting, and programming.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY METROPOLITAN COLLEGE at the Charles River Campus in Waltham offers an interactive multimedia & game engineering graduate certificate. This is less time-consuming than the similar game art certificate offered by the BU Center for Digital Imaging, as it consists of only four programming-oriented classes. A bachelor’s degree and previous programming experience are both required to get into the program.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER If you’re not certain about applying to a streamlined degree or certificate program and you’d prefer to dabble, continuingeducation courses could be a better choice for you. It’s a good chance to test the waters without potentially wasting time on a program that isn’t the right fit for your skills and interests. Continued on p 54


uing Co n t i n Education on how to let plot points emerge organically through dialogue and action. The “show, don’t tell” creative writing technique is vital for video-game writing, but even the best game writers have missteps in this area. For example, the ubiquitous tape recorders in Bioshock and Singularity were clumsy ways to explain the game’s plot, and what about the often-mocked corniness of Gears of War dialogue? You can probably do better, and this course won’t hurt. COST $1125


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CLASS NAME Intro to MAYA SCHOOL Great Eastern Technology START DATE August 17-19 or September 2123 (three-day training course) DETAILS Can you look at a concept sketch and envision how to bring it to life via digital mapping? Want to learn how to use polygons to build 3-D kinetic models? What do you know about morphing rational b-spline curves and surfaces? Do you like the idea of interweaving mathematical concepts with artistic creativity? This three-day introduction is the perfect crash course in discovering whether graphic design for games is your thing, and it’s not as expensive as most continuing-education classes. Currently no one is enrolled; they need to have at least three students to hold the class, so sign up! COST $700

CLASS NAME Introduction to Programming SCHOOL Boston University Metropolitan College

START DATE Tuesday evenings in September DETAILS Even if you think you’d rather be a game designer, artist, or writer, it helps to know a thing or two about programming if you want to hack it in the gaming biz, especially if you’re working for a small company that doesn’t have a big team of programming-savvy underlings. This introductory class will provide you with the most basic skill set, and if you enjoy it, you can continue onward to “programming with c++” for a more thorough indoctrination into the art of code monkeying. COST $1448 plus a $40 registration fee

CLASS NAME Security, Privacy, and Usability SCHOOL Harvard Extension School START DATE Friday evenings from January 28 DETAILS If you’re hoping to create the next World of Warcraft, or at least a multiplayer online game, you’re going to need the tools that this class offers. You’ll learn about everything from spyware to surveillance to digital-rights management. These are not lessons you want to learn the hard way. COST $1900

CLASS NAME Beginning Screenwriting SCHOOL Harvard Extension School START DATE Tuesday evenings from August 31 DETAILS Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as gamewriting — yet — so screenwriting will have to do. You’ll learn tips

We know this is the education issue, but hey — maybe formalized academia isn’t your style. Or maybe you’re too broke to pay for these classes . . . probably due to all those games you keep buying. If that’s the case, you’re in luck: Game Developer magazine has just released their Game Career Guide issue of 2010, with over a hundred pages of tips on how to go pro. It’s available for free online at The mag includes articles about user-friendly developer tools like Flash and Game Maker, a rundown of popular indie game competitions, postgraduation tips for students hoping to get into game development, and several inspiring success stories of game-makers who live the dream every day. We also recommend Unity (unity3d. com), a free software tool for writing games. It’s easy to use if you have a programming background in JavaScript or C#, or even if you don’t. You can use Unity to port your finished games to a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Wii, or just the Internet; soon, users will also be able to port games to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Android. If you’re looking for feedback on the games you’ve built, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the independentgame development community. TIGSource’s forums ( and IndieGamer’s forums ( are good places to start; TIGSource also offers news and a database full of links to other indie games, so you can check out the work of talented peers. If the Internet isn’t enough — and it usually isn’t — bostonpostmortem. org catalogues indie gaming meet-ups, events, and talks that happen in Boston. For example, August 28 is Boston GameLoop 2010, a full-day development conference in Cambridge for Bostonbased indie devs. On August 31, the New England Research & Development Center — abbreviated to NERD Center, appropriately — hosts a free talk at 7 pm about using Unity to make games. You’ll also want to pay attention to the Independent Games Festival (IGF) — basically, it’s the Sundance Film Festival for indie games. Submissions are now open for the 13th annual edition of IGF, to be held in San Francisco February 26 to March 4, 2011. ^

Maddy Myers would like you to send her all of the amazing games you build in exchange for her good advice. Tell her about what you’re working on via


uing Co n t i n Education



In college, there was Aeschylus. There was the Battle of Gettysburg, chiaroscuro, the second law of thermodynamics. In essays you argued about symbols of war and fertility in 1920s American literature. On exams you answered what makes up the satellite of schizophrenia symptoms. Maybe you lost your graphing calculator. Maybe you didn’t spend much time in the library. Your formal education was one thing. What happens after: something else entirely. Education continues, and it’s not all frantic cramming and 2 am Cheetos binges to fuel you through the final section of your lab report. Formal education finished, now’s the time to get informal, to eschew books for hooks, memorizing for learning, regurgitating for experiencing. Below, some examples of a few of the wilder options for education continuation in Boston.

brushing up on their orthogonal polynomials, work through some eigenvalue problems, and dust up on the old existence and uniqueness theorems. It’s been a while since Sturm-Lioville systems crossed your mind? Feeling that itch to explore the wave equation in various coordinate systems? We’ve all been there. When the theory of inner product spaces beckons, this is the class to answer the call. Spring term | $925 | Harvard Extension School | LUSCIOUS LOTIONS, SIMPLE SALVES In Fight Club, the secret ingredient to the soaps they made was dumpster bags full of human fat and flesh. That’s not what happens here. Instead, you’ll use organic ingredients — plant-matter primarily — to create a lip balm, a body lotion, and an herbal salve. Some of the healing properties of herbs will be explored, and you’ll learn how to create herbal oils. Your skin will thank you. August 21 | $14 | Boston Center for Adult Education |

A TASTE OF BLACKSMITHING: TWISTED HOOKS A dark forge. Iron glowing hot. The great clank of iron meeting iron. Spark's dancing around the smith. Iron and COMIC BOOK ILLUSTRATION How steel yielding, morphing into do you make Wolverine’s something strong and new. It’s chops just burly enough? How a vocation — and an art — that do you create such menace in seems to exist in another time. The Preacher? Why is the Tick You need not be Hephaestus to blue? Comics are an art form; learn the fundamental parts of graphic novels share shelf Blacksmithing blacksmithing. A three-hour space more and more with the course at the Prospect Hill Forge regular kind. The class examoffers the opportunity to learn forging, drawines panel layout, storytelling, timing, and ing-out, cutting, bending, and twisting iron. composition, and in the end, you’ll have a seYou’ll use an anvil and a hammer, and the ries of sequential pages, the debut of the next heat is incandescent. August 18 | $60 | Boston CenBatman, Iron Man, or Punisher — or the next ter for Adult Education | Maus, Blankets, or Persepolis. September 8 | $705 | School of the Museum of Fine Arts | WHAT YOUR HANDWRITING CAN REVEAL ABOUT YOU Your printed letters stand pinched and POETIC FURY: MADNESS, INSPIRATION, GENIUS This small. Your cursive is looping and expansive. is the most traditionally academic of the ofYou scrawl like a serial killer. It seems an ferings here, but with a course description odd offering, a bit anachronistic now, in the that includes the words mania, prophecy, age of email, when handwritten letters are a ecstasy, poetic creative, and erotic desire, we rarity, and even the note on the refrigerator figured it’d be worth tossing in. August 31 | $625 has given way to a cell phone text. But there | Harvard Extension School | are secrets to be gleaned from penmanship. A person’s poise and imagination, ability I LOVE SUSHI! You can’t chuck any old slab of to take criticism, and interactive style are raw fish down on the cutting board, wrap it all embedded in the handwriting, or so the in rice and seaweed and call it a day. It ain’t CCAE tells us. September 8 | $35 | Cambridge Center safe. But sushi doesn’t have to be reserved for Adult Education | for Japanese restaurants and supermarket take-out. Sushi making is a bit of an art — PHANTOM OR FAKE: GHOST HUNTING AND PARANOR- from how to select the freshest fish to how MAL THEORY Is the chill you feel walking up the to slice, assemble, and display the food. The stairs some fluke temperature anomaly, or course will show you how to make a couple is it something else? Perhaps you sometimes classic Japanese apps (crunchy shrimp and sense a lurking, a force or figure that reveals veggie tempura) and miso soup, as well as itself in shadowy ways. Is it a ghost? An appa- how to prepare maki, sashimi, nigiri, and rition? How do you know? Do spirits, malevothe ever-popular California roll. September 23 | lent or otherwise, walk among us? How can $100 | Boston Center for Adult Education | we be better at finding them? In this course, you’ll learn how to hunt the haunts. October 15 STROKE TECHNIQUE Use your imagination. | $25 | Boston Center for Adult Education | Hint: you’ll get wet. September 13 to October 24 | $120 | Boston Center for Adult Education | VECTOR SPACE METHODS FOR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS This class serves as a simple review for Nina MacLaughlin can be reached at most of us. It’s for folks who want to do a little



Listings Greater Boston

ARNOLD ARBORETUM OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY 125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130 | 617.384.5277 | | One-day and multisession adult-ed programs available in horticulture, botany, landscaping, art, calligraphy and more. Courses focus on professional development. | REGISTRATION one week before start date | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 21 | COST typically free to $375 per course

ART INSTITUTE OF BOSTON AT LESLEY UNIVERSITY 700 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215 | 617.585.6724 or 800.773.0494 x6724 | | The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University offers a Seminar Series in the Arts throughout the academic year. Workshops in the visual arts are designed to offer students of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to take a non-credit workshop in various visual art disciplines. Workshops offer studio courses in an art college environment to augment an artist’s practice, develop one’s portfolio, or introduce the beginner to an area of interest. Call or go online for upcoming fall workshops. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 8 | COST varies BAY STATE COLLEGE 122 Comm Ave, Boston, MA 02116 | 617.217.9023; Middleborough campus, 866.462.5460 | www.baystate. edu | Offers evening continuing-ed courses in Boston and Middleborough. Six majors offered, with associate and bachelor degrees. Programs include medical assisting, criminal justice, management, entertainment management, and business administration. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 | COST $257 per credit BENTLEY UNIVERSITY 175 Forest St, Waltham, MA 02452 | 781.891.2000 | www. | The Undergraduate Evening Program is for professionals who wish to work toward a bachelor’s degree, Associate degree, or post-baccalaureate certificate. Majors in this program include accounting, computer information systems, finance, English, management, marketing, philosophy and information systems audit and control. The McCallum Graduate School of Business offers graduate, advanced graduate, and professional certificates. | REGISTRATION through the first week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $1642 per three-credit course, $821 per one-and-a-half credit course

BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE Continuing Education Program, 320 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.585.0101 | | BAC’s continuing-ed department offers a variety of programs for curious beginners, design professionals, and all levels in between. Certificates available in advanced rendering, design computing, decorative arts, historic preservation, kitchen and bath design, and sustainable design. Other courses teach

drawing, visual studies, graphic design, and photography. They also offer classes for professionals to expand their credentials. The Landscape Institute offers certificates in landscape design, history, and preservation. | REGISTRATION before second class | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 | COST from $1344 for a one-and-a-half credit undergrad course to $4578 for a three-credit grad course

BOSTON CENTER FOR ADULT EDUCATION 122 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116 | 617.267.4430; fax 617.247.3606 | www. | The Boston Center for Adult Education offers adult-ed, professional development, and just-for-fun courses onsite and offsite at various local studios. Non-credit programs in the arts, food and wine, fitness/ recreation, personal and professional growth, culture, and foreign languages and ESL. Classes are typically one to four sessions. Students may register in person, online, or by phone, fax, or mail. Call or visit the Web site for class schedules and prices. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN varies | COST varies per course BOSTON COLLEGE Woods College of Advancing Studies, McGuinn Hall, Room 100, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 | 617.552.3900 | | Continuing-ed and professional development opportunities, including certificate programs in accounting, communication, criminal and social justice, finance, human resources, information technology, management, and marketing. Certificates can be used toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree. | REGISTRATION through Sept 7 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $1502 per undergraduate course, $751 to audit; $1890 per graduate course BOSTON UNIVERSITY 755 Comm Ave, Boston, MA 02215 | 617.353.6000 | www. | The Metropolitan College holds adult-ed classes on BU’s Charles River Campus and online. More than 800 undergraduate and graduate courses in advertising, computer science, finance, management, gastronomy and culinary arts, criminal justice, and more. Courses are also offered in Chelmsford, on military bases, and in Brussels, Belgium. Non-credit courses available. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 16 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 2 | COST $362 to $721 per credit; online courses $362 to $1228 per credit, plus fees BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies, 415 South St, Waltham, MA 02454 | 781.736.8787 | www.brandeis. edu/rabb | The Rabb School offers parttime professional graduate studies, distance learning, lifelong learning, corporate education, and noncredit courses. Graduate certificate programs and degrees available in bioinformatics, health and medical informatics, information assurance, information-technology management, management of projects and programs, software engineering, and virtual team management and communication. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 10 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 13 | COST $2800

for three-credit course; $3733 for fourcredit course


Continuing and Distance Education, Moakley Center, 100 Burrill Ave, Bridgewater, MA 02325 | 508.531.2788 | | Bridgewater has an extensive education program for those interested in teaching, as well as corporate-enrichment courses. Undergraduate and graduate certificate programs offered in accounting, finance, forensic behavior, management, marketing management, and other areas with a professional focus. Classes run day, evening, or online. Weekend courses offered as well. Some professional-development courses offered off campus or at Bridgewater’s Attleboro location. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 2 | COST $289 per undergraduate credit for MA residents and per undergraduate evening credit for nonresidents; $544 per undergraduate day credit for nonresidents; $321 per graduate credit, all students

BROOKLINE ADULT AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM Brookline High School, Room 101, 115 Greenough St, Brookline, MA 02446 | 617.730.2700 | www. | Non-degree classes for adults, children, and seniors in the fields of arts, business and professional growth, computers, exercise, ESL, food and wine, languages, music, and more. Test-preparation services also available. Some classes cater to parents and their children. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN varies by class | COST typically free to $450 per program; most classes run $30 to $155

BUNKER HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE 250 New Rutherford Ave, Boston, MA 02129 | 617.228.2000 | | Campuses located in Charlestown, Boston’s South End, and Chelsea, with satellites in Cambridge, East Boston, and Somerville. Offers corporate training and community education, as well as certificate and Associate degrees. Programs in business, computer information, criminal justice, culinary arts, education, health and nursing, theater, visual arts, fitness and more. Online classes and self-directed study available. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 3 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $131 per credit for MA residents; $337 per credit for nonresidents

CAMBRIDGE CENTER FOR ADULT EDUCATION 42 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA, 02138 | 617.547.6789; fax 617.497.7532 | | This nonprofit community center offers non-degree courses in the arts, business, computers, crafts, dance, ESL, fiber arts, food, literature, music, science, theater, wine, writing, and more. Check the catalog for course availability. Classes for professional development or just for fun. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 22 | COST varies, typically $100 to $300 CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE 1000 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 800.877.4723 | www. | Locations in Cambridge, Lawrence, and Springfield host programs aimed toward working adults. Non-degree programs include

seminars, workshops, and undergraduate concentrations in juvenile justice studies, applied sciences, early childhood, and medical interpreting. Bachelor’s degrees offered in management studies, human services, psychology, and multidisciplinary studies. Master’s degrees offered in management and education (with options targeted toward teachers or focused in counseling and psychology). Combination programs available. | REGISTRATION ends first day of class | CLASSES BEGIN mid-to-late Sept | COST $365 per undergraduate credit; $435 per graduate education credit; $520 per undergraduate non-credit course; $550 per CAGS credit; $580 per graduate non-credit course; $1,150 per EdD credit

CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS 2020 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140 | 617.354.2020; fax 617.576.1963; email | www. | This culinaryarts school offers career-based and recreational programs. Topics include cooking for couples, pastries and sweets, basic cooking and baking skills, ethnic cuisines, vegetarian and gluten-free cooking, and food culture. Offer career certificates for ‘Professional Chef,’ Culinary Certificate’ and ‘Professional Pastry.’ Many courses geared toward adolescents. Visit Web site for more information on professional and certificate programs for chefs. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN career-based classes begin Sept 8; recreational classes vary | COST typically $80 to $450 EMERSON COLLEGE Office of Professional Studies, 148 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116 | 617.824.8280; fax 617.824.8158 | www. | Emerson’s professional-studies department offers courses and workshops in graphic-novel writing and illustration, screenwriting, digital media production, performing arts administration, marketing and branding, cultural journalism, creative writing, languages, politics, playwriting, photography, and more. Graduate certificates available in visual and media arts (bachelor’s degree prerequisite). | REGISTRATION ends first day of class | CLASSES BEGIN varies | COST $79 to $1000 per non-credit course or workshop; $494 per graduate credit; special programs vary EMMANUEL COLLEGE Graduate and Professional Programs, 400 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.735.9700; fax 617.507.0434 | | This Fenway college’s graduate and professional programs have satellite locations in Quincy and Woburn in addition to select onsite employer partnerships. Offers professional degree and certificate programs in nursing, pharmaceutical leadership, education, human resources, management, and research administration; some programs can be completed online. | REGISTRATION varies by program | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 31 (Fall I); Nov 1 (Fall II) | COST $1292 per undergraduate course; $1650 per nursing course; $1995 per graduate course ENDICOTT COLLEGE School of Graduate and Professional Studies, 376 Hale St, Beverly,

MA 01915 | 978.232.2199 | www.endicott. edu/gps | Based in Beverly, this school also hosts classes online and in Boston, Medford, Brockton, Danvers, Framingham, Andover, Hingham, Natick, Woburn, Portsmouth, NH, and other locations. Endicott also has international sites in Bermuda, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Mexico. Corporate training programs focus on management development, organizational success, and operational effectiveness. Graduate programs in business administration, education programs, nursing, information technology, and interior design; undergraduate accelerateddegree programs in business, liberal studies, and psychology. Associate degrees in business and integrated studies. Articulated-degree and military-degree completion programs also available. | REGISTRATION ends on first day of class | CLASSES BEGIN ongoing from Sept 8 to Dec 20 | COST $273 per undergraduate credit hour; $350 per MEd credit hour; $525 per MBA master of science credit hour; $550 per MS nursing credit hour FISHER COLLEGE Division of Continuing Education, 118 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02116 | 617.670.4403 | | This Boston-based college also has campuses in New Bedford and North Attleboro and offers online programs. Students can work toward a certificate or bachelor’s or associate degree. Classes run for eight weeks. Students can take courses parttime, full-time, and in the evening. Courses in accounting, public administration, paralegal studies, criminal justice, early childhood education, marketing, communication and media studies, and more. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $267 per credit hour; $800 per threecredit course; $1607 per four-credit course; $267 per online credit hour, plus $95 technical fee

HARVARD UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SCHOOL 51 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617.495.4024 | www.extension. | Offers hundreds of adulted courses on topics including foreign languages, cultural studies, business, computer science, education, finance, medical sciences, music, psychology, religion, and writing. Awards bachelor’s, Associate, and master’s degrees in the liberal arts. Master’s degrees also available in biotechnology, information technology, journalism, management, mathematics for teaching, museum studies, and sustainability and environmental management. Health career and English-language programs also available. | REGISTRATION ends Aug 29; late registration through Sept 12 | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 | COST $925 to $1850 per undergraduate or graduate course; non-credit courses vary

INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION 16 Upton Dr, Wilmington, MA 01887 | 978.658.5272; fax 978.658.5435 | | Initial and refresher courses on environmental and occupational health hazards. Job-specific classes offer training on working with asbestos or lead

paint, OSHA health and safety precautions, and environmental regulations. Courses available for workers, project managers, and supervisors; some offered in Spanish. State licensing available. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN varies by class | COST $75 to $1910 per initial course; $75 to $205 per refresher course LESLEY UNIVERSITY 29 Everett St, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617.349.8328 | www. | Lesley University is one of the nation’s largest providers of graduate professional education opportunities to K-12 educators. Offers undergraduate and graduate programs in education, the arts, human services, and the environment at its Cambridge and Boston campuses, online, and in 150 locations in 23 states. Lesley’s four schools include the School of Education, the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, the Art Institute of Boston, and Lesley College. Programs prepare individuals for lives and careers that make a difference, serving the evolving needs of students and a diverse society through scholarship, advocacy, and outreach. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 8 | COST varies LONGY SCHOOL OF MUSIC Community Division, One Follen St, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617.876.0956 x1650; fax 617.876.9326 | | Offers community programs for all ages. Continuing Studies programs for amateur and professional adult musicians include private and group lessons, performance opportunities, and enrichment courses (advanced and specialized study and conservatory courses). | REGISTRATION Sept 1; after that, registration allowed with $30 late fee | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 20 | COST $55 to $495

MASSACHUSETTS BAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE 50 Oakland St, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 | 781.239.3000; fax 781.239.1047; Framingham campus, 508.270.4000 | | Campuses are located in Wellesley Hills, Framingham, and Ashland. The Office of Corporate and Community Education offers online courses and customized, non-credit training programs. Degree and certificate programs in the humanities; health sciences (including nursing and radiology); science, technology, and engineering; social sciences and professional studies; and transportation and energy. | REGISTRATION until a week before class starts; late registration until Sept 13 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7; Nov 1 (eight-week session II); noncredit courses ongoing | COST pricing TBA; last semester cost $151 per credit for MA residents, $357 per credit for nonresidents; corporate/community training cost varies per course

MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGE OF ART Department of Professional and Continuing Education, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.879.7200 | www. | Continuing-ed art and design courses and workshops in animation, architecture, art education, art history, book arts, ceramics, computer arts,


drawing, fashion design, fibers, film/video, furniture design, glass, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, jewelry, liberal arts, metal sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, professional practice, sculpture, SIM, studio foundation, Web design, wood, and more. Certificate programs in four areas of design: fashion, graphic, industrial, and furniture. | REGISTRATION before second class meeting | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 9 | COST credit classes $125 to $1870; noncredit workshops $80 to $700

MASSACHUSETTS HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Elm Bank Horticulture Center, 900 Washington St, Wellesley, MA 02482 | 617.933.4900; fax 617.933.4901 | | Offers horticultural training for children and adults. The Master Gardener Program is held every Thurs from 9 am to 3 pm. Instruction in science, botany, entomology, plant pathology, pruning, and propagation. Program also offers two optional weekend labs. Courses are taught by academic and industry professionals. Other horticultural workshops offered throughout the semester. | REGISTRATION ongoing (early registration recommended for Master Gardener Program) | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 9; workshops ongoing | COST $500, plus $25 registration fee; workshops vary

MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE 33 Kearney Sq, Lowell, MA 01852 | 800.818.3434; from out of state call 978.656.3370 | | Middlesex Community College has campuses in Lowell and Bedford. Specializes in continuing-ed and corporate and community education and training. Associate degree, certificate, and accelerated programs available in business, computer and engineering technologies, health careers, humanities, math and sciences, paralegal, social science and human services, and more. Nursing assistant, medical reception, medical secretary, and phlebotomy shortterm training certificates are available, as well as online and self-paced programs. | REGISTRATION ongoing through the second week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 21 (Fall I); Oct 23 (Fall II) | COST $160 per credit for MA residents; $172 per credit for regional residents

MONTSERRAT COLLEGE OF ART Continuing Education Office, 23 Essex St, Box 26, Beverly, MA 01915 | 978.921.4242 x 1180; fax 978.922.4268; email ce@montserrat. edu | | For-credit and non-credit continuing-education classes in a number of disciplines including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and more. Weekend and evening classes offer schedule flexibility. The New Opportunities in Art program (NOIA) allows students to take credit classes through the Bachelor of Fine Arts program on a space-available basis. Study-abroad opportunities available as well. | REGISTRATION ends Aug 31 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 1 | COST $125 to $300 per class; $500 per NOIA course MOUNT IDA COLLEGE Office of Continuing Education, 777 Dedham St, Newton, MA 02459 | 617.928.4015 | www.mountida. edu | Certificates offered in medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, EKG technician, canine behavior and training, and thanatology. The National Center for Death Education at Mount Ida offers funeral-service studies. Local anesthesia training for practicing dental hygienists and online courses are also available. The Senior Citizen Auditing program offers older students opportunities for continued education and enrichment for an audit fee of $100 per class. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 | COST $655 per undergraduate credit; $680 per graduate credit; certificate program costs vary per program NEWBURY COLLEGE Department of Adult and Professional Studies, 129 Fisher Ave, Brookline, MA 02445 | 617.730.7000; fax 617.731.9618 | | Take classes one or two evenings per week or online. Courses are offered in accelerated seven-week terms or in the traditional semester format. Offers bachelor’s degrees in human services, hotel administration, business administration, health care

management, and criminal justice, and Associate degrees in culinary arts and management. Certificates available in health care management, professional cooking, and pastry arts. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 14 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 8 | COST $290 per credit; $330 per credit for lab science courses; $350 per credit for computer science courses; $385 per credit for culinary production courses

NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY School of Continuing Education, 290 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.585.1130 | | Open enrollment allows continuing-ed music students to personalize their own programs of study in any combination of private lessons, courses, and ensembles. Certificate programs in general and advanced music studies, jazz, and music in education. Classes offered in brass, chamber music, composition, guitar, music history, theory, voice, and more. Credit, non-credit, and audit options are available for many courses. | REGISTRATION through first class meeting | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 18 | COST typically $550 per credit, $260 to $390 for non-credit

NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE OF ART Center for Professional Development, 10 Brookline Place West, Brookline, MA 02445 | 800.903.4425; fax 617.582.4500 | www.neia. | The Center for Professional Development provides hands-on, skills-based, and individualized education and training in design and media fields. Programs are geared toward both novices and those already in the field who are seeking retraining, enhanced creativity, and increased marketability. CPD programs are offered in basic and advanced Web site development, basic and advanced residential interior decorating, design and documentation, DIGIDESIGN Pro Tools, digital audio production, digital graphic design, digital photography, and digital video production. | REGISTRATION through first week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 6 | COST $3800 to $4500 per program

NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 537 Comm Ave, Boston, MA 02215 | 617.437.1868 | | Evening, non-credit continuing-ed workshops available in creative imaging arts, foundation photography, personal vision, studio and lighting, and advanced photography. These workshops cover both introductory and advanced photographic techniques, and meet one session per week for eight to 12 weeks. Access to NESOP’s labs and digital-imaging facilities is included. | REGISTRATION through the first week of class | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 13 | COST $265 to $650 per workshop

NORTH BENNET STREET SCHOOL 39 North Bennet St, Boston, MA 02113 | 617.227.0155; fax 617.227.9292; email Janet Collins at | | Offers short-term crafting courses for serious amateurs and practicing professionals at its Boston and Arlington locations. Workshops teach skills such as bookbinding, woodworking, furniture making, calligraphy, jewelry making, carpentry, marketing, violin making, and locksmithing. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN varies | COST typically from $250 for a one-day class to $6500 for a threemonth course

NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY College of Professional Studies, 50 Nightingale Hall, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.373.2400 | | The College of Professional Studies offers Associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, plus professional development programs. Undergraduate certificate programs for working adults in accounting, EMT, paramedic technology, advanced Web design, management, marketing, computer programming, and more. Graduate certificates offered in 3-D animation, health management, digital photography and video, game design, forensic accounting, and more. Online fast-track programs allow you to earn a degree in just 12 to 18 months. | REGISTRATION through second week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 13; Oct 25 (Fall II six-week session) | COST $150 to $457 per undergraduate quarter hour; $245 to $1184 per graduate quarter hour

QUINCY COLLEGE 24 Saville Ave, Quincy, MA 02169 | 617.984.1700 | www. | Popular programs include business administration, computer science, criminal justice, education, and nursing. Certificates and Associate degrees in medical, technological, and scientific fields, as well as non-credit community- and workforce-education courses. Allied Health programs provide careeroriented education and training for aspiring nurses, surgical technologists, phlebotomists, and personal trainers. Offers 10-week, seven-week, and five-week courses for flexibility. | REGISTRATION ongoing until the first class | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 1 | COST $165 per credit for liberal arts, science, and business classes; $175 per credit for fine arts and music classes; noncredit courses vary REGIS COLLEGE Graduate and Professional Programs, 235 Wellesley St, Weston, MA 02493 | 781.768.7000; email admission@ | | Graduate and professional programs in education (elementary, special, or teaching reading), health administration, nursing, communication, health product regulation, and more. Certificates awarded in health informatics, gerontology, and communications for health care professionals. The Lifelong Learning program offers daytime classes and workshops for seniors. | REGISTRATION ends first day of class (early registration recommended) | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $490 to $925 per credit; special programs vary

ROXBURY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Division of Continuing Education, 1234 Columbus Ave, Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 | 617.427.0065 | | Programs emphasize workforce development. Medical training certificate programs for EKG, phlebotomy, and pharmacy technicians, as well as medical interpreting and medical billing. Other areas of study include computer technology, health records technology, culinary arts, real estate, construction trades, property management, languages, clean energy, and more. | REGISTRATION ends the first week of class | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 13 | COST varies by course

SCHOOL OF THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS Continuing Education Office, 230 the Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 | 617.369.3644; email | www. | The continuing-ed division of SMFA offers intensive for-credit and non-credit studio art courses in ceramics, computer arts, crosscurrents, drawing, film/animation, graphic design/illustration, metals, painting, photography, printmaking/papermaking, sculpture, and text and image arts. Certificates in graphic design and illustration. | REGISTRATION ongoing (early registration recommended) | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $920 per credit course; $705 per non-credit course SIMMONS COLLEGE 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA, 02115 | 617.521.2915 | | Grad school specializes in master’s and professional licensure programs in general and special education. Communicationsmanagement and liberal-arts degrees and non-degree options also available. Dual degrees include teaching and liberal arts, history and archives management, English and children’s literature, and communications management and gender/cultural studies. The Dix Scholars adult-ed program is designed for women 24 and older. | REGISTRATION Sept 10; Sept 24 last day to add a course with instructor permission | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 2 | COST $800 to $925 per credit; non-credit workshops vary SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY 8 Ashburton Pl, Boston, MA, 02108 | 617.573.8000 | www. | Graduate and undergraduate courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the New England School of Art and Design. Undergraduate and graduate certificate programs available as well. Undergrad certificates in paralegal studies, radiation therapy, graphic design, accounting and more. Grad certificates in human resources, teaching, mental health counseling, and more. Online and study-abroad opportunities also available. | REGIS-

TRATION late registration ends Sept 16 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 1 | COST $384 to $697 per undergraduate credit; $961 to $1553 per graduate credit, varying by program TUFTS UNIVERSITY Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, Ballou Hall, 1st Floor, Medford, MA 02155 | 617.627.3395; fax 617.627.3016 | | Continuingeducation options at Tufts include post-baccalaureate education for a career change and conferences based on professional development. The School of Graduate and Professional Studies offers more than 200 courses covering dozens of disciplines and certificates in biotechnology, community environmental studies, computer science, environmental management, epidemiology, human-computer interaction, museum studies, occupational therapy (with four areas of specialization), and more. Those with a bachelor’s degree can gain access to more than 2000 courses through the Take a Class Program (GCAP) for people who want to take graduatelevel courses but don’t need or want a graduate degree. The Resumed Education for Adult Learning (REAL) is for adults 25 and older with some college experience to work toward a bachelor’s degree. | REGISTRATION ends the first week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST varies by program; $2380 to $3170 per certificate course

UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON Division of Corporate, Continuing, and Distance Education, UMass Boston, Wheatley Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 203, Boston, MA 02125 | 617.287.7900; fax 617.287.7922; email | www. | The Division of Corporate, Continuing and Distance Education offers a variety of both undergraduate and graduate courses for Fall. Undergraduate programs include courses in accounting and finance, art, biology, economics, English, history, linguistics, music, nursing, sociology, and more. Graduate programs include courses in business administration, counseling, education, gerontology, nursing, public affairs, and more. Weekend courses available. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 7 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 13 | COST $320 per undergraduate credit; $445 per graduate credit; $550 for undergraduate and $390 for graduate degree and certificate programs

WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Arioch Center, 550 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 | 800.323.9481; 617.989.4300; fax 617.989.4201; email | | Technology-based continuing-ed with a focus on career development. Associate degrees offered in architectural technology and building construction management; bachelor’s degrees offered in building construction management and project management. Certificates available in construction, construction management, power systems, facilities management, heavy and highway construction, project management, fire protection technology, and professional land surveying. Non-credit workforcedevelopment training courses in air conditioning and refrigeration, AutoCAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), construction, and more award Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Corporate training programs available as well. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 14 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $420 per credit, $715 tuition per credit in a Day Course; $655 to $750 for certificate programs; workforce development varies WHEELOCK COLLEGE College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 200 The Riverway, Boston, MA 02215 | 617.879.2269 | | Graduate and continuing-education programs at this Fenway liberal-arts college focus on the fields of education, social work, child-life and family studies, and organizational leadership. Undergraduate courses cover anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, literature, music, education, mathematics, photography, and more. Professional development institutes in teaching, health care, child studies, and similar areas of study award graduate credits and/or PDPs or CEUs. Community courses for in graduate-and undergraduate-level material offered

as well. Master’s degree, certificate, and non-degree graduate programs are offered in a variety of fields for professional development and career advancement. | REGISTRATION ends the first week of class | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 8 | COST $890 per graduate credit; students can audit for two-thirds the cost of tuition

Worcester/ MetroWest ASSUMPTION COLLEGE 500 Salisbury St, Worcester, MA 01609 | 508.767.7364 | | Offers certificates in accounting (CPA track available), communications, criminal justice, graphic design, human resources, paralegal studies, and professional and advanced professional management. Associate and bachelor’s degrees available in business administration, humanities, and social sciences. Non-credit professional programs develop careers in medical coding and billing, human-resources management, and supply-chain management. | REGISTRATION through Aug 20 | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 | COST $285 per credit, plus $20 registration fee; non-credit workshops vary BECKER COLLEGE Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies, 61 Sever St, Worcester, MA 01609 | 508.373.9500 | | Continuing-ed courses offered online, at the main campus in Worcester, and the MetroWest Center in Southborough. Students can choose from accelerated bachelor’s degrees in business administration (management concentration), liberal arts (leading to initial teacher licensure), nursing, and psychology; online-degree-completion programs in business administration and criminal justice. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN ongoing | COST $420 per credit; $683 per credit for RN-BSN courses CLARK UNIVERSITY College of Professional and Continuing Education, 950 Main St, Worcester, MA 01610 | 508.793.7217 | | Founded in 1887, Clark is the second-oldest grad school in the US. Bachelor’s degree programs include communications, computer science, criminal justice, English literature and writing, environmental studies, human-resource development, international studies, and social sciences. Integrated and master’s degrees are also available. | REGISTRATION through Sept 7 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 8 | COST $925 per undergraduate course; $1850 per graduate course; audit courses are half tuition DEAN COLLEGE School of Professional and Continuing Studies, 99 Main St, Franklin, MA 02038-1994 | 508.541.1624; 877.879.3326; fax 508.541.1941 | www.dean. edu/Academics/ContinuingStudies.cfm | Dean College is located off Rte 40 and right on the MBTA commuter rail, and offers Associate degrees in accounting, business, business studies, business technology, earlychildhood education, environmental science, health science, liberal studies, psychology, and sociology. Bachelor's degrees available in business and liberal arts. Certificates available in accounting, microcomputer support, early-childhood education, administration of ECE programs, business studies, and human resources. Course credits are transferable, and some programs can be accelerated. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 (Fall I and extended session); Oct 26 (Fall II) | COST $275 per credit; $825 per three-credit course; $1100 per fourcredit course

FRAMINGHAM STATE COLLEGE Office of Graduate and Continuing Education, 100 State St, Box 9101, Framingham, MA 01701 | 508.626.4550 || Framingham State’s continuing-education division offers 25 graduate degree programs, eight undergraduate degree programs, and a wide variety of certificate, post-baccalaureate, professional-development, and non-credit programs and courses. Students can choose from both classroom and online courses in art, biology, communications,

computer science, economics and business administration, English, geography, geology, government, history, languages, math, music, nursing, philosophy, physics and earth sciences, psychology, and sociology and more. | REGISTRATION ends second week of classes | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 2 | COST $859 per fourcredit undergraduate course; $940 per four-credit graduate course; $1110 per MBA or MSN course

MOUNT WACHUSETT COMMUNITY COLLEGE Division of Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development, 444 Green St, Gardner, MA 01440 | 978.630.9124 | www. | Offers day, evening, and online non-credit and for-credit classes focused on professional and personal development. Course topics include anthropology, broadcasting and electronic media, business, exercise science, health care, human services, marketing, music, nursing, political science, Spanish, and theater. Personal interest classes offered as well. Distance-learning opportunities are available. | REGISTRATION through second class | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 7 | COST $180 per credit for MA residents, $192.50 per credit for regional students; some programs, including non-credit courses, vary NICHOLS COLLEGE Division of Graduate and Professional Studies, Academy Hall 201, Center Rd, Box 5000, Dudley, MA 01571 | 800.243.3844; fax 508.213.2490 | www. | Offers evening and online accelerated and traditional adult-ed programs in business and criminal justice at locations in Auburn, Dudley, Canton, and Worcester. Students can work toward an MBA and choose an emphasis in sports management or security management. Master's degrees in organizational leadership and a certificate of advanced leadership studies also offered. Undergraduate degrees are available in criminal-justice management, accounting, finance, marketing, and general business. Classes run for seven or 15 weeks; most classes are three credits. | REGISTRATION ongoing | CLASSES BEGIN Aug 30 (Fall I and extended session); Oct 25 (Fall II); online classes begin every Mon | COST $275 per undergraduate credit, $540 per graduate credit; day programs $925 per credit

WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE 100 Institute Rd, Worcester, MA 01609 | 508.831.5517 or fax 508.831.5694 | | WPI’s corporateand professional-education division specializes in business, engineering, and technology programs. Professional-development workshops available in project management, leadership and management development, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, process improvement, biomanufacturing, and the fundamentals of engineering review. Industry and occupation specific programs include fire protection engineering, high-tech industry, systems engineering, and more. Each day of workshop training earns 0.7 continuing-education units (CEUs). Some classes offered at secondary locations in Chelmsford, Westborough, and Marlborough. | REGISTRATION ongoing; two weeks in advance is preferred | CLASSES BEGIN ongoing | COST $795 for a one-day workshop, $1395 for two days

WORCESTER STATE COLLEGE Division of Graduate and Continuing Education, 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602 | 508.929.8127 | | Undergraduate degrees in business administration, chemistry, communications, community health, criminal justice, English, health education, history, natural science, and psychology can be completed through evening study. The Grad School offers practice-oriented master’s degrees, while the Center for Business and Industry provides job skills training. Certificates and workshops offered in training and wellness, accounting, media and design, hospitality , software development, and more. Non-credit online training programs also available. | REGISTRATION ends Sept 8 | CLASSES BEGIN Sept 2 | COST $242 per undergraduate credit; $262 per graduate credit; workshops vary

Continuing-Education Guide - August 2010  

Wanna be a game developer? There's a class for that. Plus, learn to draw comics, make sushi, and improve your stroke technique.

Continuing-Education Guide - August 2010  

Wanna be a game developer? There's a class for that. Plus, learn to draw comics, make sushi, and improve your stroke technique.