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May 2015


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award winning mystery author HeaTHer Haven

after studying drama at the university of Miami in Florida, Heather went to Manhattan to pursue a career. There she wrote short stories, novels, comedy acts, television treatments, ad copy, commercials, and two one-act plays, which were produced at several places, including Playwrights Horizon. once, she even ghostwrote a book on how to run an employment agency. she was unemployed at the time.

one of her first paying jobs was writing a love story for a book published by Bantam called Moments of love. she had a deadline of one week but promptly came down with the flu. Heather wrote "The sands of Time" with a raging temperature, and delivered some pretty hot stuff because of it. Her stint at new york City’s no soap radio - where she wrote comedic ad copy – helped develop her long-time love affair with comedy. stand-alone noir mystery, Death of a Clown, is steeped in Heather’s family history. she is the daughter of real-life ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus folk. Her mother was a trapeze artist/performer. she's the lady on the cover! Her father an elephant trainer. Heather brings the daily existence of the Big Top to life during World War ii, embellished by her own murderous imagination. Your latest release is THE CHOCOLATE KISS-OFF Book 3 of the Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries, tell us about it. The Chocolate Kiss-off will be released in about a month. i can’t wait! it’s such fun to put myself into the early forties, where a subway ride and phone call costs a nickel, the hottest social media is the radio, and the dance craze is the Jitterbug. The Chocolate Kiss-Off Blurb

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and vats of delicious chocolate are being cooked up to win fair lady’s heart. But at Carlotta’s Chocolates, Carlotta is found cooking in her own vat of chocolate, and not so deliciously. Arrested for her murder is chocolatier Howie Goldberg, good friend to Persephone ‘Percy’ Cole. As one of Manhattan’s first female private detectives, Percy is determined to hunt down the real killer. But the sleuth, herself, is being stalked by the murderer, who not only keeps a diary of the latest kills, but records who is next. Percy Cole tops the list. When the lady shamus finds the illusive killer, will Death be her Valentine?

The World War II era was a break-out time for women. With men off to war, opportunities presented themselves that would not have otherwise. How has Persephone grown as a character in the three books? While the Persephone Cole vintage Mysteries have their up-beat and humorous side, it does take place during a tough time in american history. World War ii showed women what they could do outside the home and in the workplace, but the era wasn’t representative of women’s equality. The deal these women made with society (and themselves) was that when the men returned from war, they would give up those jobs and go back to being wives, homemakers, and mothers. There were a few exceptions to this rule, women like Percy Cole, who blazed a trail for the rest of us.

as the protagonist of the Persephone Cole vintage Mysteries, Percy is a 5’11’, overweight woman, who at 35years of age is still cooking with gas and in her prime. This shamus has self-confidence, a first-class noodle, a wicked sense of humor, and plows ahead doing what she loves to do, detecting. Percy is also a single mother. she has the support of her eccentric family, but there are still a lot of struggles. in Book Three, The Chocolate Kiss-off, some of the history with her ex-, leo the louse, is revealed, but these revelations never change her goals, course of action, or professionalism.

Men are often attracted to her style and wit, like Detective Ken Hutchers. Percy is guarded in her dealings with him, but manages to keep her warmth and humor. For example, Hutchers half-kiddingly asks her to marry him, to which she says, “ah, you just want somebody to wash out your socks. Hire a maid.” Percy has found she likes living in a ‘man’s world’, and takes advantage of the perks and freedom. Helpful are her height, weight, and build. she is as strong as many men of seventy-years ago. With that kind of power, she goes through life like the prow of a ship cutting through water. and like the hard-boiled dicks of that era, Percy Cole is not above knocking a mug around to get some answers. you could say our new york City P.i. is quite different from the average woman of her time. Think of her as sam spade with lipstick.

Did you have any interesting experiences researching the series? yes, i love researching this era! it was a hard, hard time for our country. We’d just come out of the great Depression and bam, right into WWii. it wasn’t until i read the daily newspapers from the early forties that i realized just how scared our country was. america tried to keep up a brave front, but if you read between the lines, you can see how panicked people were of invasion. The internment camps were a result of that panic. The camps were horrible, CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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unjust, and a shameful part of america’s history; something we shouldn’t forget. We must never let anything like that happen again.

Tell us about your other series, the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries. Murder is a Family Business, A Wedding to Die For, Death Runs in the Family and DEAD, If Only are contemporary humorous mysteries based in California’s sparkling Bay area, namely silicon valley. The series revolves around lee alvarez, a combination of sue graftonʼs Kinsey Millhone and Janet evanovitchʼ stephanie Plum. Completing the alvarez Family is leeʼs never-Had-a-Bad-Hair-Day aristocratic mother, lila; computer genius brother, richard; gourmet chef and beloved uncle “Tio;” and her energetic orange and white cat, Tugger. When the alvarez clan is not solving murders, they run Discretionary inquiries, a successful detective agency that normally deals with intellectual property and computer software thievery. With a recovery/prosecution rate of over ninety-four percent, lee thinks We are smokin’ could be their motto. But blueblood and Ceo, lila Hamilton alvarez, would never put that on a business card. My goal in this series is to write a whodunit with a taut mystery line, while being funny and exploring familial relationships -- the good, the bad, and the annoying.

What fictional mystery character by another author would you like to spend the day with and what would you want to do? it’s a toss-up between Carolyn Hart and Cindy sample. While Carolyn Hart doesn’t write humorous mysteries, per se, she does write warm and loving ones, particularly the Death on Demand series. i just love her stuff. i would like to spend an afternoon on Broward’s rock with her characters, annie and Max Darling, in the Death on Demand Bookstore. What fun. as for Cindy sample, her Dying For a…series just slays me. What a hoot they are! imagine spending the day

sipping daiquiris with laurel McKay and Cindy! i’d like for the three of us to figure out the next plotline in both our series. Then we’ll drink to who did who in, how they did it, why they did it, and what are we going to do about it?

What social media do you participate in? i probably don’t do enough. We writers seem to bemoan that all the time, don’t we? But it’s true! any media stuff you do takes time away from writing. However, i tend to Facebook more than anything else. occasionally i tweet and blog. i think of a website as being social media, and mine is being redone as we speak by the talented Karma Bennett of Future is Fiction Communications. i give books away on places like Bookbub. it costs money, but it brings in new readers. Then i do a few interviews like these, but only for people who are spectacularly wonderful and highly professional, such as you, Donna! What’s next for you? i’m finishing up an anthology of some of my mystery/suspense short stories, particularly the ones that have been well-received or won an award. once that’s done, and it almost is, i start on the 5th book of the alvarez Family Mysteries, The C.e.o Came D.o.a. This one sticks pretty close to home base, Palo alto, and involves a lot of silicon valley madness, of which there is plenty! you didn’t ask this question: do i enjoy what i do? i love iT. i’m having a ball! Thanks for asking.

Sites: Heather Haven, writer san Jose, California 95135

Heather's blog at: Twitter@HeatherHaven

Heather’s author page at amazon: email me at:

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Written Word

works with an international group of clients, providing writing and editing services. Specialties: • Editing manuscripts (line, copy, substantive) • Ghostwriting • Developmental coaching for fiction and non-fiction • Business writing and editing, blogging, and web articles • Press releases and marketing tools For more information on specific services, see Written Word pages at


sail aWay once again with Will Marshall and Davy archer in this collection of missing moments from their saga. Meet some of the background players from their story as they take center stage in tales of their own. enjoy a journey through the family album of the royal navy series universe.

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A visit with CAROLYN HAINES aka R.B. Chesterton

Carolyn Haines, who also writes as R.B. Chesterton, is the author of over 70 books in a number of genres, from general fiction to mystery to horror. She is a native of Lucedale, Mississippi but now lives in Mobile, Alabama where she teaches fiction classes at a university. She founded Good Fortune Farm Refuge, a 501C3 animal rescue, and has been selling cookbooks based on her mystery characters to raise funds for a spay/neuter program for low-income families. Spaying and neutering is the only humane answer to pet overpopulation. More information can be found at

Your latest release is BONE TO BE WILD: A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery releasing this month. Tell us about this series. Currently, i’m working on the 16th sarah Booth Delaney Mississippi Delta mystery. The 15th, Bone To Be WilD, releases May 19 from st. Martin’s Minotaur. sarah Booth (and in the south we always use those double names) is a failed actress who returned home to Zinnia, Mississippi to save her family home, Dahlia House, from repossession by the bank. she stumbled into solving a mystery, and as the books have progressed, has partnered up with Tinkie Bellcase richmond to form the Delaney Detective agency.

sarah Booth and Tinkie make great partners because they are so different. sarah Booth loves horses, dogs, and cats (and they are part of the mystery) and the outdoors. Tinkie is a true Daddy’s girl. she knows how to manipulate men, manage money, and read social situations, and that is very important in getting answers.

sarah Booth is haunted by the past, and also by a literal ghost, Jitty. While Jitty never interferes with the mystery, she is a touchstone for sarah Booth. she connects her to her past, her heritage, and her conscience. Jitty is also bossy, fun, and never dull. she has a keen fashion sense and hopes decades to illustrate her point—via wardrobe. The mysteries run the gamut from murder (some men just need killin’) to insurance fraud, etc.

Why is setting important? as a writer, i believe the best characters spring from the soil. in this series in particular, each character is very connected to the land. sarah Booth sacrifices a lot to save her home.

love of the Mississippi Delta is a part of the character of sarah Booth, and i suppose that reflects my love of land. i have a small farm where i run an animal rescue and take care of horses, cats, and dogs. While i am not sarah Booth (i can only wish) she does share some of my traits. setting informs character. Tell us about your characters? i’ve written many different kinds of characters, from the

noble to the downright vile. The sarah Booth mystery series characters have become my friends. i’ve been writing the series for nearly two decades, so i’ve spent a lot of time with the crew. They have grown and changed— as i have. readers write me saying that the charactershave become like close friends to them too—which is so flattering. These characters are an instant bond i share with my readers.

Tell us about the other series that you write. i’m currently working on a historical ghost story. it has potential to be a series, but we’ll see how it works out. i write darker fiction under the name r.B. Chesterton. These are not gory or bloody, but more psychological stories that have a supernatural element. They are standalones.

Do you have a favorite writing place? i love my desk, where i can look out the window at my horses grazing.

As a recipient of the Harper Lee Award are you excited about the release later this year of her novel Go Set a Watchman, a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird? i am very excited for Harper lee and for her millions of readers. i can’t wait to read the book. TKaM had a huge impact on me when i read it back in the 60s. it was a book about injustice and how one person standing up for the truth can make a difference. My parents were journalists, and they believed that too. Do you have a favorite mystery character by another author that you would like to invite for dinner and what would you serve? Call me twisted, but i’d like to have dinner with Hannibal lecter (but only one meal—don’t want him hanging around). i’d serve a nice chianti and fava beans.

What’s next for you? i’m always working on something. The next sarah Booth book will be lullaBy Bones (working title) and i’m deep in the historical ghost story, which is set in Mobile. i have a new puppy i rescued who is headed to a home very soon— always a bittersweet moment. and, alas, my sabbatical will soon be over and i return to the university to teach. i love my students, but the work is intensive.

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Ace Katzenbooks Reviews KINDRED SPIRITS by Alicia Dyal Dreamspinner Press (april 2015) 49 pages / glBT romance

who is a doctor, doesn't seem to recognize that Casey is suffering from depression and probably needs an intervention. instead, she cuts off support.

Fast forward to autumn: Casey is living in the wreck of a house Brandon wanted to rehab, trying to work off his guilt at not spending enough time with his brother when he had the chance. Ms. Dyal captures the painful emotions of loss very well, and Casey's obsessive guilt is very convincing. His desperation at running out of money and the need for a job are completely believable, and – since this is a romance – i can accept that the bar Mike owns happens to be in the small town where Brandon lived. (They had to get back together somehow, after all.) i can see that Mike has a similar situation with guilt and obligation because he's lost his dad and has had to take over the family business. Clearly, the story is about two men helping each other break free of old baggage. and the sex, when it finally happens – the building anticipation is very well-done – is steamy and affectionate.

i'd like to give this more paws, and if the author had taken the time to flesh out the potential of this scenario, i think it would have been a much better read. Five stars for sensuality, and for portraying a plus-size gentleman as sexy and attractive, but the pacing just does not work for me. For a reader who only wants to get to the clinch, okay, but i do wish alicia Dyal had given this storyline time to develop more fully. Just as i was getting to know the characters and really wanted to see them tackle Brandon's wreck of a house and the difficulties of juggling a music career and a bar and really getting to know each other, they have some lovely hot sex, pack up Billy Bass—and that's all, folks.

This novella has two appealing main characters, one of them a chunky, hardworking bear of a small-town bar owner, the other (the narrator), a sophisticated city bartender with a controlling mother and a load of guilt. These two meet in spring when Mike, the bar owner, is in Chicago on a business trip and happens to drop into the bar where Casey works. There's instant chemistry, but on his way to Mike's hotel room after work, Casey gets the devastating news of his brother Brandon's sudden death and rushes off without calling Mike to let him know.

But … The story feels rushed from the point that they reunite. There are improbabilities all along, starting with the idea that a man of 23 would answer a call from his mother on his way to a romantic encounter with the first guy who's had such a strong effect on him. since he was already in the lobby of Mike's hotel, it made no sense that he would not even leave a message at the desk before taking off to deal with his brother's death. (He tells Mike later that he had no way to reach him, which was a bald-faced lie and i was surprised Mike didn't call him on it.) We never do find out what happened to Brandon, except that it involved a hardware store and an accident. a critical episode like that needed just a little more explanation.

The situation with Brandon's house doesn't make sense, either. The author states the Brandon put in enormous amounts of time on the place, but when Casey gets there it has only a microwave and intermittent plumbing, and even though he has poured his life savings into the place, when the story picks up again it doesn't sound as though his time and money have fixed anything at all, His mother,

Then Casey goes to look for a job, and reunites with Mike … and the storyline goes south. Casey apologizes for standing Mike up, they click perfectly, all difficulties fall aside, tough problems resolve themselves instantly, a big stubborn bear who has been resisting good advice from people he trusts suddenly turns compliant when someone he barely knows says the same thing—and a rep from the notoriously difficult music industry hands over the keys to the magic pumpkin because Mike doesn't want to do the touring that music promotion requires. it's too much, too fast, too easy, and i felt shortchanged because the characterization was really good and i wanted a story with more substance.

good characters, excellent scene-setting, but i think this author could have done better. RAY OF SUNLIGHT by Brynn Stein glBT ya, coming-of-age, romance Harmony ink Press (March 2015) / 180 pages Warning: Possible spoilers

i didn't expect to like this book. When you know at the start that it's a romance between a Juvie offender and a kid with terminal cancer, and when the first-person main character sounds like a brat from the first page, it's hard to work up much enthusiasm.

But i`m glad i kept reading. Brynn stein surprised me. russ, the violent kid who starts out whining about being forced to do community service after injuring his stepbrother, begins to calm down once he`s out of the Continued on page 8

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Jackie’s Jargon


A SWAN’S SWEET SONG by J.Arlene Culiner Wild rose Press (2015) genre: Contemporary romance

son to have both parents, but she isn’t ready to trust Colten.

okay, i’m sort of a sucker for love stories populated with mature characters, but this story really resonated with me.

a sWan’s sWeeT song is the story of the unlikely romance between a country music singer and a self-proclaimed loner and playwright. sherry valentine and Carston Hewlett meet at a cultural festival where they are the designated hosts. Carston definitely does not want to be at the event anymore than sherry does. He can’t believe his co-host is a country singer and she can’t believe she’s still playing the part of a country singer when what she really wants is to be an actress. Despite their differences, they find one another attractive and succumb to their attraction for one another. Then there’s Charlie—sherry’s best friend and manager who gets the notion that Carston is her ticket to get into acting. she’s used to Charlie bossing her around, but this time she wants nothing more than for him to butt-out. Just when their romance is heating up, a scandal in the press threatens to keep sherry and Carston apart. Can they convince themselves to ignore the press and follow their hearts?

Culiner has a knack for intertwining believable older characters, plot, and setting, but her voice is what makes her book stand out among other contemporary romances. Here’s just one example among many: “good morning, Carston,” Charlie bellowed out as if the two of them had been best buddies since those prehistoric days when hairy mastodons snacked on ferns, club mosses, and other primeval vegetation. now there’s a true wordsmith!

HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH by J.M. Stewart Crimson romance (March 16, 2015) genre: second Chance Contemporary romance

Her solDier’s TouCH is a thoughtfully written story of second chances, learning to trust and forgive, and finding a silver lining.

Colten Taylor is in for a surprise when he returns to Phoenix to bury his brother and finds he has a five- year-old son. rachel Madison, the woman he walked out on, wants their

Colten and rachel have so much in common—they both carry around demons from their awful childhoods and they both want to rise above their pasts and be good parents. rachel believes she can only rely on herself and Colten thinks he’s not fit to be a dad. only their desire to do the right thing for their son keeps them trying. The sensual love scenes are thoughtfully handled and help to ratchet up the emotional attachment of rachel and Colten.

stewart delves into some uncomfortable issues in this second chance romance. she’s not afraid to tackle some of the challenges of our time—single parenting, drug addiction, spousal abuse and child abuse. a sign of a successful story is one that evokes emotion in the reader, and stewart managed to pull me through a whole range of feelings from frustrated to frightened to satisfied. i recommend Her solDier’s TouCH to anyone who enjoys a thoughtful contemporary romance. LOVE BURNS (The river, Book 3) by Babette James Wild rose Press (2015) genre: sexy, Contemporary romance

in love Burns, BooK 3 of THe river series, Babette James tells the story of Dave Knight and olivia Benedetti-Harper. They each have personal reasons why falling in love is not a good idea, and yet their attraction for one another is not to be denied.

olivia had always done the right thing—she was a good daughter, a dutiful student, a dedicated nurse, and a faithful wife. When her adulterous husband shames her in front of their friends during a summer camping trip, olivia is embarrassed and heartbroken. she files for divorce. Fast forward to the wedding of one of the camping couples and olivia ends up kissing the arrogant, grouchy Dave. For all his gruffness, he managed to show olivia his tender side and make her feel wilder than she ever thought possible. Dave, a smokejumper, thinks about olivia but knows from experience that his career isn’t a good fit for wooing a lady and making a commitment to one woman is out of the question. after a plane accident forces Dave to give up his career, he’s forced to rethink his future. The one thing he’s sure of is that he’ll never fall in love and settle down—until he spends time with olivia at the next summer’s camp out. olivia and Dave leave the campout and go their separate ways only to question what they really want. Continued on next page 8

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Jackie’s Jargon continued

James writes the story from alternating points-of-view, so the reader is privy to the thoughts of olivia and Dave. Both have their own reasons for fighting the on-going attraction—olivia needs to stop making decisions based on what her parents want for her and Dave needs to quit running. James developed strong major characters and uses realistic minor characters to enhance the plot line. anyone who reads the book can’t help but love uncle Jake and his down-home wisdom. This book is the third in The river series, but can be read as a stand-alone. i recommend love Burns to readers who like a realistic love story with very sexy love scenes.

Jackie McMurray and her husband live on a macadamia nut farm on the island of Hawai'i where they feed a clowder of cats and a flock of hodgepodge chickens. In a past life, she was an elementary school teacher; currently, she writes contemporary romance from the Hawaiian Islands and beyond under her pen name, Jackie Marilla. Ace Katzenbooks continued from page 5

house and in a bigger world with sane, compassionate adults. He develops into a young man whose empathy is sparked by contact with much younger kids whose lives have been plagued by much harder problems – severe burns, neurological disorders, cancer. and, naturally, one of the young patients, CJ, is a boy near russ`s own age. CJ's history is even worse—and, sadly, true to life—but who spends what energy he has acting as a clown to entertain the little kids.

it doesn't take long to see that russ is not exaggerating about his difficult home life. His homophobic mother and bullying stepfather are as nasty a pair as ever stumbled out of the Westboro Baptist cult. The saving grace in the family is russ`s step-brother Pete, an unexpected ally.

The narration bothered me at first because the narrator's vocabulary did not sound like a kid who had trouble in english class—but that is eventually explained because it's the character speaking in retrospective, as a young adult. and that makes all the sense in the world, because there is no happy ever after for this pair, and after CJ`s death it probably would take russ a few years before he could tell the story.

i`m giving this four paws – it`s very good, and high marks for including a character who is living with massive disability, but i think all of russ`s school problems resolve just a little too simply.

Definitely a fine book for young people, and not a bad one for adults, either.




Kindly tell readers who you are and your role at Ellora’s Cave. My name is raelene gorlinsky and i started working for eC as a freelance editor in March 2003. in February 2004, i moved to ohio (company location) to take on the role of Managing editor. a year later i became Publisher. i have always continued to edit some books for eC in addition to my other tasks.

Q: How did Ellora’s Cave begin? eC launched in november 2000. The first ebook was The Empress’ New Clothes by Jaid Black, the pen name of eC founder Tina engler. That is still one of our bestselling books. Tina started the company because she wanted to read and write romances that did not “close the bedroom door”. The major new york publishers had told her women did not want to read about sex and would not buy romances containing sex scenes— she didn’t believe it, and went on to prove them wrong. Five years later, those big publishers started their own erotic lines after seeing how wildly successful eC was with the genre. Q: What types of books can a reader find on your site? eC sells erotic romance (romantica®), erotica fiction (exotika®) and some non-erotic romance. The stories are in all categories: contemporary, historical, futuristic, paranormal, fantasy, BDsM, new adult, multicultural, and so on. Q: Are they available anywhere else? eC books are available not only at our webstore (most times, the least expensive cost), but at all major ebook sites, including amazon, Barnes & noble, Kobo, google, all romance eBooks. They are available to libraries through overDrive.

Q: How do you select the books you publish? We want great storytelling, excellent writing, compelling characters and hot sex that will thrill our readers and capture their imagination. The books must meet our guidelines, and *not* contain the elements we list as taboo (pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, bestiality, etc). our author information brochure contains info about the company, what we are looking for, and how to submit to us. it is available for download at us?.

We also do special submission calls each year, to solicit stories on specific themes. The two open calls at the moment are Women With Whips (Fem Dommes) with a submission deadline of august 1, 2015. and Windswept Continued on page 13

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Maryglenn McCombs, Book Publicist

Maryglenn McCombs has actively worked in the book publishing industry for over twenty years.

after starting her own publishing company in 1995, Maryglenn transitioned into the role of book publicist in the late 90s. as a book publicist, she works to create media exposure for books and authors through various print, online, and broadcast media outlets. Maryglenn focuses primarily on titles in the mystery/suspense/thriller genres.

a graduate of vanderbilt university, Maryglenn serves on the board of the nashville Humane association.

a south Central Kentucky native, Maryglenn lives in nashville with her husband, Tim Warnock, and their old english sheepdog, Majordomo Billy Bojangles.

What is the role of a publicist? a publicist serves as a liaison between author and/or publisher and the media. as a publicist, it is my job is to create media awareness—reviews, interviews, features, etc.—for books and authors.

What process do you go through when someone hands you a book to promote? For an author who is interested in hiring me, i start by trying to familiarize myself with the project: who the publisher is, when the book is set for release, a synopsis, category, etc. From there, i typically ask for a sample from the manuscript, cover art, and additional details about the author.

i don’t have the luxury of time to read every book that comes across my desk, but do read the vast majority of the titles i represent cover-to-cover. at the very least, i need to see a sample of a manuscript before deciding if it’s a title i think i can handle.

What types of genres do you represent? The majority of the books i represent are in the crime fiction genre – mystery/suspense/thriller. i do handle some ya, some romance, some general fiction, and other genre specific fiction. i take non-fiction on a book-by-book basis, and i do have a soft spot in my heart for quirky, offbeat memoirs.

Do you represent self-published authors? yes—but the book must be professionally edited and packaged, and compelling. i also need to make sure it’s a project i feel i can represent well. otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for me to take a book on if i don’t think i can be effective with it.

Mystery, history and intrigue collide in this mesmerizing page turner

Can a person hire you to work one particular area? all campaigns are customized, so i take into account what an author is looking for before i put together a Pr proposal. However, i typically don’t offer very short-term/limited campaigns. successful promotion takes time, energy, effort, and lots of follow-ups, so i need to have sufficient time to devote to a project. What changes have you seen in the publishing industry? The biggest change i’ve seen in the 22 plus years i’ve worked in publishing involves the impact of technology. Technology and the internet has impacted bookselling, book production, printing, distribution, and promotion in countless ways. i’ve also noticed that the playing field between large publishers and small presses/self-publishers is much more level than it’s ever been. granted—it’s not entirely level now, but so much more so than three, five, or even ten years ago. self-publishing—or “vanity publishing” as it was once called—is now a viable, legitimate way to bring a book to the market. i think the field will become more level as time goes on, but it’s remarkable to see how the world of publishing has changed, and continues to change. What advice regarding publicity would you give an author who is just starting down the writing road? Know that your job isn’t over when you type “THe enD.” Pr is crucial. Contact – (615) 297-9875

If Eve’s closely-guarded secret comes to light, it could change the course of history…

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Promotion Tips - The Power of Author Branding by Donna Keihle

To understand branding i interviewed someone i feel is an expert on the subject - Tanith yates.

Tanith yates is a marketing strategist and designer, working with corporate clients and entrepreneurs for over sixteen years. Her unique combination of brand building experience and expertise in graphic design allows her to integrate visual strategies that transform businesses. she captures ideas and concepts, bringing them to life, using the power of perception and psychology to create visual identities that are memorable, accessible, and profitable. Currently, Tanith is working on a branding workbook for authors, sharing trade secrets and insider tricks on how writers can develop a personal brand.

Q: What is branding? readers gravitate towards writers they know or recognize. Big names and larger-than-life novels are built upon the power of brand awareness. a lot of people get confused about what branding actually is thinking it’s just another marketing strategy, but there is a difference. Marketing is what you do, and branding is who you are.

The best-selling authors of today have an established brand name. regardless of whether they write fiction or non-fiction, a brand is a brand. Think nora roberts, suze orman, or stephen King – each of these writers, delivers a promise. The audience is told in word, color and image exactly what they’re going to get and their “brand” does not disappoint. They are successful by consistently meeting and exceeding their audience’s expectations.

Branding is a visual “promise” to your audience packaged into a signature style that reflects who you are as a writer. it’s about taking a particular trait that defines your writing or developing a visual image identifiable only to you and your books, and expanding it to reach a larger audience.

Q: How important is it to an author? Branding builds recognition. Period. The choices you make define you. Think critically on how you wish to be represented. Take the time to fully develop your brand and make sure it’s authentic before you start a whole marketing campaign. if your message and package are different or fragmented and not uniform, you will confuse your audience.

Consistency is the key. The color, images and the content you create should be consistent so audiences will have a reference point on how to remember you. any place you

can implement your brand you should. include it on every level of communication, especially your book covers. i like to think of it as the power of persuasion. you control what the consumer sees, and in turn, how they feel. When you share your visual identity, you are telling a story, which supports the core message of who you are as a writer.

Q: How important is it to a reader? Branding is opening a line of communication. When you connect to your audience you are building a sacred place, this sharing, where needs are being met. your target audience wants to read your book. and, it’s your job to position your book so your audience can easily recognize and identify what you have to offer.

Q: Can you offer tips to an author on how to come up with their brand? First, understand your genre and what that means to your audience. The best way to accomplish a successful brand is to understand your audience and what they expect. your brand is your promise to your readers. Think beyond the book.

Create a personal story around who you are and what you write. use who, what, how and why questions as building blocks in developing your brand identity. as you begin to understand your value and what you have to offer, the easier it will be to find ways to connect with your audience. it’s more than selling a book to a reader, it’s about developing a relationship with your audience, and creating a “following” before the book is even released. and you start by building your author platform with a cohesive message that is easily identifiable and uniquely yours. The secret of branding … is that it brings your audience to you.

Thank you Tanith for taking time to share your knowledge. next month we will take a look at marketing along with some great tips from established authors such as susan Mallery, Paty Jager and Heather Haven.

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Carolina Montague

Romance and Passion; Angels and Miracles; Magic and Love

Carolina Montague lives in a cottage in the Bay area of California. a redwood tree sits behind her house, and all kinds of birds perch on it. Their morning songs shiver the air each spring. she writes paranormal romance, and treasures her family, her friends, and her uC Berkeley library card.

Tell us about your latest release FOREVER GREEN. Forever green opens with the heroine Kim Parker bedding down in a huge oak tree in yosemite. even though it is fire season and off-limits signs are posted all around her, Kim is hell-bent on collecting the last bits of data for her thesis so she can complete her environmental science degree, and finally say adios to her former lover, who is also her thesis adviser. she checks the monitoring equipment she’d tied to several trees, climbs to her perch on a plank she’d set up in the stately oak, where she’ll be safe from bears, secures her sleeping bag, and settles in for sleep.

night ranger rakesh alcourt is tracking a cougar, when he finds a lexus hybrid on a road that only rangers use, covered with scrub and branches to hide it. He catches the scent of a human woman. The hood of the car is cold; she’s been there a while. He admires her skills. He’s an excellent tracker, but he was not aware of her presence until he came upon the car. He even considers letting her stay. it’s getting too close to dawn. But he can’t do that. The cougar he’s tracking just had a litter, and is on the hunt. He has no idea what the woman is up to in this part of the park. Didn’t she see the signs? it’s rakesh’s job to keep visitors safe, and keep the park safe from visitors. so he tracks the woman to an oak grove. The trees around her bristle with equipment. rakesh’s many jobs in national parks had allowed him to capture data on environmental degradation, so he recognizes the devices she’s using. still, he has to kick her out. it’s his job.

The problem is that he hadn’t fed before leaving his ranger cabin, and the woman above him smells just too damn tasty . . .

in Forever green, Kim and rakesh are thrown together to battle a secret project to wipe out a third of the human species. vampires exist, but are hidden, so Kim not only encounters the evil of humans, she has to accept the existence of creatures that she’d only heard of in fiction and popular culture. and though to rakesh, humans are food, thousands of years ago he was sworn to protect them. even from him. But just when the attraction between Kim and rakesh explodes, the race to save humanity begins.

This is the first book in The Forever and Ever Series. What can we look forward to in Book 2? in Book 2, rakesh and Kim are on the run from the villain who engineered a disease to kill millions of humans. The villain is well aware that rakesh and Kim were partly

successful in foiling his efforts, and he has a tremendous capacity to hunt them down. But a deadly secret turns the tables and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Do you have a favorite writing place? i write anywhere! seriously, i have been known to jot a scene down on paper napkins at a local Thai restaurant. if i don’t write a scene down right away, it’s gone. i sometimes lug around notebooks, yet when i go out at night i don’t like to carry a lot. i’m lucky my friends don’t mind, but i’ve gotten a lot of strange looks from waitresses and waiters over the years.

What makes the book uniquely yours? i’ve been going to an ashram in southern india for the past ten years, spending up to a month at a time there, but i’d never before thought to use the knowledge and experiences i had in india to shape a character for my books. When i was writing Forever green, i came across ancient myths and legends of blood-drinking immortals in india. also, i “cast” the characters in my books. each of my heroes and heroines are based on film stars, television stars, or people i know. it’s easier for me to write scenes if i can see the characters. rakesh is a blend of all the gorgeous young monks i knew at the ashram.

Do you write other genres? i wrote a dark sci-fi fantasy short story many years ago, during the height of the housing bubble in san Francisco. Finding decent affordable housing was really hard at that time, as it is again today! My story was the tale of a really creepy, extremely bigoted landlord in san Francisco who spied on his tenants. But his new tenants turned out to be something he never expected, and the ending has a creepy twist. its title is “Pets oK,” and it was published by Twilight Times fiction magazine. it is not at all like my paranormal fiction. i wrote it on a dare from members of our novel writers’ workshop in san Francisco. My first novel was really long. Members of the workshop liked it, but most of them were literary fiction writers. They dared me to write a very short story, first person point of view, and that was the result. My late brother was gay; he’d suggested the bigoted landlord character to me. Do you have a favorite character by another author that you would like to spend the day with? i’d love to spend time with Jacqueline Carey’s Phèdre nó Delaunay from her Kushiel series. Phèdre is an anguisette, a being who experiences pain as pleasure, so she has a unique perspective. Her condition allows her to balance the pain of the world, and her view of life is: “all knowledge is worth having.” so she’s someone i’d like to know. Continued on page 12

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Roberta’s Ramblings by Roberta Rogow

i'm rambling around the united states, looking for something cozy to read:

a HigH-enD FinisH, by Kate Carlisle (obsidian, 2014, $7.99) takes us to a small town in northern California, where shannon Hammer is restoring one of the town's many victorian houses. a panic call lead to the discovery of a fresh corpse in her construction site. Worse yet, it's the man whose aggressive moves she had to stop with a decisive kick to the shins the night before. shannon's tools keep popping up as the list of victims gets longer. it's up the shannon and her friends to uncover the small-town secrets and pin down a devious killer. Plenty of re-construction tips salted into this light-hearted look at the California life-style.

on the other side of the country, White House chef olivia “ollie” Paras is up to her toque in trouble. all THe PresiDenT's Menus (Berkley, 2015, $7.99) has her dealing with a delegation of foreign chefs while the government wrestles with a general sequester. The president is playing host to a major dignitary from an ally with a repressive regime, even though the White House has a skeleton staff and almost all other entertaining has been curtailed until the budgetary difficulties are reconciled. accidents may happen, and it's possible that the pastry chef Marcel made a mistake in his medication, but when one of the visiting chefs is poisoned, ollie knows it's time to take action herself. it takes some help from a skittish translator and cooperation from the FBi agent assigned to the White House security, but once again, ollie Paras comes through, foiling a nasty plot involving the president, the visitors, and a small dog. recipes are included, for those who want to bring a touch of the White House to their own tables.

Farther up the east coast, in Harbor Haven, new Jersey, alison Kerby runs a haunted Bed-and-breakfast. and take occasional clients as a licensed private detective. in insPeCTor sPeCTer, by e. J, Copperman (Berkley, 2014, $7.99), she's hired by her chief nemesis, Detective lieutenant anita Mcelone, to find out why a revered mentor was killed. Mcelone is convinced that her former partner never committed suicide, but she's been blocked from investigating the case, and thinks that alison's “special agents”, i.e., ghosts, can help by contacting the departed. Then Mcelone disappears, and alison is on her own, more or less, with the help of both living and deceased assistants. Was the spectral inspector on the take, as a mob witness suggests? or are there wheels within wheels

in the Jersey underworld? When another ghost surfaces, things get really sticky! it's a race to the finish, as alison deals with not one, but two murders, and Mcelone is finally convinced that ghosts do exist on the Jersey shore. a fun read, for a cold night.

still in new Jersey, e.J. Copperman gets some help from his alter ego, Jeff Cohen, in THe QuesTion oF THe Missing HeaD (Midnight ink, 2014, $14.99). samuel Hoenig has set up a business unique to his talents and limitations as a man with asperger's syndrome. He answers questions, based in an ex-pizza parlor in new Brunswick nJ. His latest question send him and his newlyhired assistant on a wild chase to find out who stole a preserved head from a facility that is supposed to preserve remains until science finds a way to bring them back to life. a murder on the scene of the garden state Cryonics institute leads to a night of wild action, kidnap threats, an other murder attempt, and a ransom demand. Money and passion are something that samuel doesn't quite understand, but he can deduce from facts, and he nails the killer. e.J. Copperman provides the humor, Jeff Cohen is the expert on asperger’s, and together they forge a compelling tale of greed and its consequences. We may hear more from samuel and Ms. Washburn, as they answer questions in the garden state.

a small college town should be far from the mayhem of the major urban areas, but leigh Perry's adjunct college instructor and reluctant sleuth georgia Thackeray manages to find plenty of action, with the help of her unusual assistant, sid the skeleton. in THe sKeleTon TaKes a BoW (Berkley, 2014, $7.99), sid insists he's witnessed a murder, after he's been left in a high school locker overnight by mistake. However, there's no body, and no one seems to be missing. of course, there was woman found dead of an accidental drug overdose, but that wasn't at the high school, and had nothing to do with what sid overheard... or did it? georgia has enough on her plate, taking on saT tutoring for the high school as well as her college classes, but she's drawn into the mystery when the marks on the papers don't seem to match the abilities of her students. is there some kind of scam going on in this town? or is this just the tip of a much bigger, nastier, and more profitable iceberg? sid's unique abilities help uncover the scandal and nail a murderer, in this supernatural cozy.

Roberta Rogow is a retired librarian who enjoys books with characters that grab you, often set in exotic places or in other times. She reads a lot of historical mysteries, but also enjoys Alternate History, and has been known to indulge in an orgy of“cozy crafty” mysteries, set in small-town America or villages in Great Britain. Her latest release, MAYHEM IN MANATAS is the follow-up to MURDERS IN MANATAS.

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Carolina Montague interview continued

What’s next for you?

The vampire series for Wild rose Press has four books, so i’m working on books three and four. But i also will be completing book two of my paranormal medieval MoTHer oF all series. The first book, Door in THe sKy, is available for Kindle, and is the story of a half-Basque noble woman in the thirteenth century region of navarre who comes into her witch powers torn between the love of two men: one is a Breton knight who has loved her since they were children, the other is an inquisition soldier sent to destroy her. When a sacred relic from the fall of the Cathar stronghold of Montsegur comes into her hands, she is forced to choose. The second book in this series, THe THorn Moon will be released next year, and both books will be available in digital and paper then. THorn Moon is the inquisition soldier’s story, and it takes place in ireland, england, and France. it includes the doomed crusade of louis the ninth of France.


Ellora’s Cave Interview continued from page

Women (gothic romance), submission deadline December 1, 2015. you can see the descriptions for those at

Q: Any exciting plans for Ellora’s Cave you’d like to share? We’re very excited to be expanding into additional library services and into subscription services during 2015.

We will also be putting out more ebook bundles this year— grouping a number of books into one “boxed set” at an attractive price. Q: Is Ellora’s Cave active at any social media sites? you can find eC online at:

Mystery Thriller

DeaDly Desires aT HoneyCHurCH Hall By Hannah Dennison Mystery released May 5, 2015 by Minotaur Books in hardcover neigHing WiTH Fire By Kathryn o’sullivan Mystery released May 5, 2015 by Minotaur Books in hardcover THe MasQue oF a MurDerer By susanna Calkins Historical Mystery released april 2015 by Minotaur Books in hardcover THe Devil’s MaKing By seán Haldane Historical Mystery released May 5, 2015 by Minotaur Books in hardcover

our webstore:

Facebook: Twitter: @ellorascave

Pinterest page: eC reader/author chat loop: eC Blush (non-erotic) reader/author chat loop:

New Releases

Giving our troops the opportunity to escape into a good booki since 1999.

There are so many ways to help. To find out more visit:

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at the age of four, Katherine pestered her mother to teach her to read. From that point on, she spent the most of her childhood lost in the pages of one book after another. soon she began writing stories of her own, populated with characters doing all of the things she was too shy to even contemplate doing herself. When she started talking to her friends about the characters in her head as though they were real people, she decided it was time to start putting all those people populating her mind along with their exploits down on paper. Friends have gotten used to Katherine’s imaginary friends but still often ask, “Wait, is this a real person?” whenever she mentions someone they don’t know. Katherine lives in upstate ny with her family, but threatens to move south at the beginning of every winter season. You have published three books – Impetuous (Aug 2011), The Muse (May 2012) and An Unexpected Gift (Oct 2012) all historical romances. What do you like about the genre?

The first romance novel i ever read was a historical set in the regency period so the time period holds a special appeal. it was a time of strict social rules and yet great excesses at the same time. it could be a general fascination with the aristocracy in general. Today, many people are intrigued by the royal family and their lives. i’m also a bit of a history buff with a degree in art History. and of course who can resist falling for a duke, or an earl, or a rake who really wants nothing more than to find the woman of his dreams and settle down?

Do you people watch for character inspiration? i don’t usually people watch so much as i eavesdrop on nearby conversations while i’m standing in line, waiting in a doctor/dentist office, even sitting in a restaurant. once i was out to dinner with family and overheard just a bit of the conversation of a nearby couple was having and a whole scene just blossomed in my mind. i grabbed a bunch of paper napkins wrote it down before it was lost in the ether. My family just kept handing me napkins – yes, they’re used to me doing such things.

Do you have a favorite writing place? i write at the dining room table. i don’t know if i can say it’s my favorite writing place, but it’s where i get the most work done so that’s a good thing. :o)

Who is your favorite historical character by another author? Choosing just one is hard. i do admire scarlet o’Hara from Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell. scarlet went after what she wanted. she didn’t let herself be defined by the social conventions of the day. although i do admit not everything she did made her likeable or even a sympathetic character at times. i also love the character of atticus Finch of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper lee. He risks so much by representing a black defendant that many of the townspeople are already convinced is guilty. He stands up for what he believes in regardless of the cost to himself. i sometimes wish i could be more like that. What’s next for you? i’m currently working on a contemporary series set in Washington DC and virginia. i hope to start submitting the first book by the end of June. i also want to write Finch’s story. (Finch is a secondary character in an unexpected gift.)

You can contact Katherine on: Facebook - Goodreads - or on her blog at

Love, Hawaiian Style by

Jackie Marilla

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The adventures of Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) and Arthur Conan Doyle in late 19th-century. Victorian mysteries with nostalgic fun and spunky characters by speculative fiction author Roberta Rogow

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Shannon’s Space

YA Reviews by Shannon Kennedy ANGELS IN TRAINING by P.S. Cherry amazon Kindle edition ~ april 2014 ~ 4 stars Blurb: like people, different angels have different talents and different jobs. angels in Training is a book for “children of all ages” about a school named WhiteFeathers academy.

Typically the students at WhiteFeathers depart their worldly lives as infants. They grow up in angel villages and arrive at WhiteFeathers at age twelve for their final year of training in their fields of talent. graduation day is called Birth Day. The students get their wings and “fly up” as angels on their thirteenth Birth Day. The story is about a student named Millie who enters WhiteFeathers directly from earth at age twelve. she is at a disadvantage having spent so little time in training and having no special talent. But she is determined to overcome obstacles, get her wings and fly up on Birth Day. review:

When new student, Millie enters WhiteFeather academy, it comes as a surprise to her that she died trying to save a dog. For some reason she hasn’t entered Heaven, but instead found her way to a new school. she understands that she will eventually earn her wings and become an angel. However, she only has one short month and she must find her talent and learn how best to utilize it. Her new roommate, Zadie proves to be an ally while Millie discovers that even wanta-be angels aren’t perfect and can be mean. still, as time passes there are benefits. she continues to make new friends and by helping them, she will help herself.

This book had an interesting setting which could have used more description. For the most part, the characters were likeable and consistent, not an easy task for a debut author. at times the momentum dragged. Despite the erratic pace this was still a fun read and hopefully, the ensemble cast will return in a new adventure. TWIST by Karen Akins st. Martin’s griffin ~ april 2015 ~ 5 stars Blurb:

Bree Bennis finally has it all—a non-

comatose mother, an uber-hot (albeit anachronistic) boyfriend named Finn, and a new-found mission to protect the timeline from those who would skew it for their own gain. But when she leans over one day to smooch said boyfriend, her lips meet those of her arch-nemesis Wyck instead. The timeline has been altered, and Bree is caught in the crosshairs. But when she goes back to repair the damage, she is stopped by none other than her Future self, who delivers an urgent message: someone is kidnapping shifters from the distant past. it’s up to Bree to stop them. But first, she has to figure out who... and why. review:

TWisT is the second book in a series and picks up where the first novel, loop ended. Bree Bennis seems to have everything she ever wanted, a super-hot boyfriend and a mom capable of looking after her. The “twist” in the plot is that Bree is a time traveler with the ability to help straighten things out when visitors attempt to change the events in their pasts which will not only affect their future, but also those around them. she feels this is her responsibility, but doesn’t quite understand that someone else has other plans until she kisses her boyfriend at the movies and he literally turns into a different person. as if that isn’t strange enough, she finds herself kissing her arch-enemy, Wyck. The timeline twists and turns from one point to another. Then, she meets her future self and the puzzle of life becomes even more confusing. While Bree struggles to discover the truth and learn just what is going on, so does the reader. This topsy-turvy world will enthrall and entrance those who want to help solve the mystery with the main character. Ms. akins has a gift for developing characters and setting as well as an intricate plot.

While time-traveling may seem far-fetched, Bree faces universal problems. Can she trust Finn or will he fall for the next sexy shifter who comes his way? is Wyck totally evil or can he be redeemed? is fellow shifter, Jafney a friend, or a real slut who chases both guys? Bree needs to cope with her own troubled emotions and just when she thinks she has a handle on it, she learns her mother is addicted to medicines from the past and uses her own shifter abilities to obtain them. This is an addictive read in its own right. Compelling characters, fabulous descriptions and a story that kept me up all night, TWisT can be read on its own. it leaves the reader longing for more of Bree and Finn which means finding a copy of loop. These books are supposed to be a duology, but hopefully Ms. akins will change her mind and let us in on what happens next with Bree and Finn.

Shannon lives on the family farm, a riding stable in the Cascade foothills, where she organizes most of the riding programs and teaches horsemanship around her day-job as a substitute teacher. She writes books in her spare time, mainstream western romance as Josie Malone for SirenBookStrand and young adult novels for Black Opal Books and Fire & Ice YA. She’s a member of RWA, YARWA, the Greater Seattle RWA and Evergreen RWA chapters.

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Eclectic Express Reviews



Urban Fantasy

I AM THE TRAITOR: THE UNKNOWN ASSASSIN By Allen Zadoff little, Brown Books for young readers (June 2015) ya Mystery

The Program has sent Boy Nobody on countless missions, instructed to kill whichever target he was given. But now, after going rogue, he is on his own mission to rescue his friend Howard, who was captured by The Program. Boy Nobody manages to free Howard as well as Tanya, a mysterious girl who was being held with him. Putting their skills to the test, Howard and Tanya help Boy Nobody collect information about his father, eventually revealing a dangerous secret that teaches Boy Nobody a valuable lesson -- he can't trust anyone.

This is the final installment in the excitng Boy nobody series and i have thoroughly enjoyed every book. Zadoff delivered intrigue and action on every page with strong characters and plenty of surprises. i recommend this entire series to teens and adults alike. BIG HAIR AND A LITTLE HONEY By Russ Gregory Mystery Bold strokes Books (March 2015)

Honey Agency: When you need a dick, and average will do.

The tag line's still dodgy, but Greg's too distracted to notice. His relationship with Matt begins to falter when an old flame shows up in Austin just as Grandmother Honey starts hanging out with drag queens and Willa lands a new beau, who may not survive their courtship. To top it all off, Greg's twenty-ninth birthday is just around the corner and his cat is stalking a neighbor's cockatoo. When Livia Honey tries to engineer her son's abduction, Greg's problems look bigger than the hair in Texas.

you can’t help but route for greg Honey as he manuvers keeping his detective business afloat, his mother at bay and his new boyfriend happy.




Young Adult

russ gregory’s mystery has intrigue and humor with well developed characters and a plot that surprises. Do yourself a favor and add this to your summer reading list. OFFICER ELVIS By Gary Gusick Mystery random House llC (april 2015)

After performing at a local old-folks home, off-duty police officer and part-time Elvis impersonator Tommy Reylander smoothes out his pompadour, climbs into his pink Caddy, and gets all shook up—fatally so, when a bomb explodes. Whether he was killed for his police work or bad singing is a mystery that detective Darla Cavannah is determined to solve. After performing at a local old-folks home, off-duty police officer and part-time Elvis impersonator Tommy Reylander smoothes out his pompadour, climbs into his pink Caddy, and gets all shook up—fatally so, when a bomb explodes. Whether he was killed for his police work or bad singing is a mystery that detective Darla Cavannah is determined to solve.

okay, elvis fans, this one’s for you. gusick delivers a wellplotted, witty mystery with interesting characters. i found it to be a page turner. My one complaint was that the main character, Darla, was rather dry. rather reminded me of Joe Friday. still, an excellent read. ALL THE RAGE by Courtney Summers st. Martin’s griffin (april 14, 2015) ya

Branded a liar when she accuses the sheriff’s son of rape, romy grey walks in two contrasting worlds: the community who bullies her for speaking the truth and the cafe she works at where no one knows about her past. Where she meets a young man who becomes the example of how men should behave toward women. However, romy can’t escape the shame and silence of her past and it clouds this budding romance. on the night of the big high school party, two girls go missing: romy and Penny. romy is found but as the search for Penny continues romy receives accusations from classmates that the “wrong” girl was found.

a realistic, slow moving and disjointed tale of bullying, class prejudice and rape often told from romy’s raw emotion delivers some brilliant writing yet i found the tale familiar and as much as i wanted to like this book i found it too predictable.

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New Releases

CourT oF THe HaWK By Debbie Peterson Mild Fantasy romance released april 15 by The Wild rose Press in print and ebook

THe DeTeCTive’s Dragon By Karilyn Bentley spicy Fantasy romance released June 12 by The Wild rose Press in print and ebook

aMeTHysT CHroniCles: CroCeus Poison By Kg stutts Mild sci-fi romance released May 22 in ebook seCreTs oF sanDHill islanD By Peggy Chambers sweet romantic suspense released Jan 14 by The Wild rose Press in print and ebook

THe KaleiDosCoPe By B K nault Mild romantic suspense, Techno-Thriller released May 13 by The Wild rose/Crimson in print and ebook THe enD oF CaMeloT By Diana rubino spicy romantic Murder Mystery released March 27 by The Wild rose Press in print and ebook saDie’s surrenDer (oyster Harbor series #3) By afton locke sizzling Historical interracial romance released May 16 by amazon in ebook

souTH seas seDuCTion By anita Kidesu sizzling romantic erotica Menage released March 13 by The Wild rose Press in print and ebook

PosTCarDs FroM THe PasT By Marcia Willett Family Drama released april 2015 by st. Martin’s Press in hardcover

alias HooK By lisa Jensen ya Fantasy released May 5, 2015 by st. Martin’s griffin in paperback THe gloMe’s valley By Peggy Chambers Middle reader Fantasy released april 7 by lee Publishing in ebook and print

My MounTain Man By DeeDee lane spicy Western Time Travel released May 27 by The Wild rose Press in ebook

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May 2015 edition of The Book Breeze  

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