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Well this is the first year that I have had a chance to review Edison's yearbook and this year's yearbook was interesting to say the least. The yearbook is not only a $105 book that most of us purchase, but it is a link to the forgotten past that this 2010 year will soon become. So anyways lets take a look inside...

The Cover... excuse it being cut off its because of our lousy scanner the school district provided. At first glance the inside of the yearbook looked like any other with the triumphant looking horse with our mascot the charger riding with the famous lightning bolt in hand.

If you're lucky enough not to get your horse turned into a male horse with a disgusting pulsating penis between its legs, than you can admire our mascot that we still do not know what exactly is. If you get past the horse and don't let anyone sign over all these “e” words on the front page you will notice a few odd words. The first I noticed was the word “Excruciating” If the yearbook did anything right it was putting this word in our yearbook to remind us just how excruciating our year in high school was. Another word I noticed was “expensive” which I thought was a perfect fit since this yearbook itself was expensive as well as the many school events we pay for (parents pay for) and somehow in one way or another someone is always disappointed. The next oddly placed word was “excommunicated” which according to means: “to cut off from communion with a church or exclude from the sacraments of a church by ecclesiastical sentence.” Now I don't know if its just me but it seems the staff may have been trying to hard to make everyone of these words start with an “e” and they overlooked or ignored the definitions. I'm fairly certain being excommunicated is not a reminder of our year but who knows, maybe Edison was in fact excommunicated from the Catholic Arch Diocese and we don't even know it.

Well besides a few goofs in the opening the front pages were fine and it wasn't for about three minutes until I noticed the photoshopping of some of the pictures.

Now i'm not sure how many people noticed this but it seems we can see through this guys head right here. Whether or not photoshop was used or not errors like this begin to not only frustrate those of us who paid $105 for the book but it also leads some to believe that we may have outsourced our yearbook creation to some school in Northeast India. Of course I am always willing to forgive and forget but after I turned the page a few times and noticed this error over and over again I became enraged...and so should the bando in this picture

Eventually I got over these errors now understanding and feeling bad for the poor Indians we made format and photoshop our pictures probably for a fraction of a cent per hour that an American worker would have made. Its understandable that in India they may not have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and its more likely they used the generic “Paint� program on their windows 95 computers given to them by Microsoft after their anti-trust lawsuit loss a few years back.

Well ok, after flipping through some more pictures I did begin to appreciate the yearbook more especially the athletic pages (except the photoshopped pictures) and the full spread The Bolt got in this yearbook opposed to last years where we got nothing. Of course it is fair to point out that a few of the pictures in this year's yearbook were taken by The Bolt so its only fair that in return we receive a full page, but it would have also been nice for them to give The Bolt's elite a yearbook without us having to wait in line. Of course I didn't actually wait in line (Erica Gleason did though) I instead skipped the yearbook line and senior picnic and went to Chipotle instead but that is besides the point.

For seniors this is our farewell yearbook, so in other words its our most special one and we will always cherish it...unless you're Ryan Martinazzi who got his name completely messed up because of his wardrobe choice. I did notice they changed the font color for some people who made the same decision as Ryan but unfortunately Mr. Martinazzi will be forgotten amongst his former friends in fifteen years when they are trying to remember who “that one guy was�. But hey a mistake is mistake, no need to be up in arms about it...unless you are a victim of one of these errors. But before I go giving out the addresses of the yearbook staff just remember that it is not their fault...its an Indian child's fault

Probably the worst thing that could have happened, happened in the index. We all know Alex Barbarian and if you don't he's the obscenely loud kid that is always making somehow phenomenal movies. So anyways what is the big deal here, well its the fact Alex is somehow like the freaking Trinity but instead of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit its Alex Bar, Alex Barbarian, and Alexander Barbarian.

it may have been understandable if the last name was Le or Nguyen but come on Barbarian is all but a common name, unless you're his sister.... Overall the yearbook had several flaws but its normal and we should still be proud to have a yearbook staff unlike schools in Detroit or Cleveland. The content was good but of course the sections they outsourced were not quite up to par. It wouldn't be nice to criticize the yearbook though without also making fun of that DVD that you received as well (yes that one you wont actually end up watching out of pure apathy) I won't mention who was in charge of making this DVD (MR. WHITMORE) and Josh Francis and Alex Barbarian. But let us just say that we honestly made the DVD yearbook and completed it a day after it was supposed to be done but before you get up in arms about the DVD yearbook just know it was only $10 and not $95 like the yearbook itself. It is also not nice to make fun of the yearbook but If I pay $105 for something I have every right to insult it. Overall this yearbook can be compared to President Bush's no child left behind policy, it was a great concept and many people worked hard on it but in the end it just didn't work out. If I have to give this yearbook a grade I would give it a solid C- but there is always room for improvement....we just need to make sure we don't try to hand off our photoshopping responsibilities to people who don't have at least Windows XP or a Mac. Lastly lets not get mad about the yearbook or the fact I threw the yearbook under the bus, lets just be happy that Edison is a great school and we can't judge a school by its yearbook.


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