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Ringing in the New Year

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The Bolt Volume IV Issue IV

January 29, 2010

Edison High School 21400 Magnolia St. Huntington Beach, CA

Edison Basketball Starts off Strong Edison Basketball Update BY: ALLYSON BACH, STAFF WRITER men’s basketball is ringEdison ing in the new decade with an impressive 16-3 overall record. Before the New Year, this Charger team looked unstoppable as they went undefeated in all their preseason games and even ranked by the O.C. Varsity as 3rd in the county rankings. At this moment in time, their road to the League Championship looked like it would be an effortless one. However, the month of January has been a straining and challenging course for the Chargers as they begin Sunset League games with-

The Epicicity Avatar BY: MATT NGUYEN, STAFF WRITER was one word I could use Iftothere describe the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, I would have to say EPIC. Before, I was thinking that the movie might just utterly fail, as I’m sure many CONTINUED ON PAGE -2Stripped of Honor Page -5-

out star guard Kyle Boswell, who endured a flagrant foul and broke his wrist in their first game of the 2010 year against San Clemente. This is unfortunate news for our

chargers but junior Tyler Fields has confidence in his teammates and believes that, “As long as we are all healthy, we will definitely CONTINUED ON PAGE -5-

Edison Boys Soccer off to a Promising Start in 2010

It Shook Their World: The Earthquake in Haiti



Boys Varsity Soccer has January 12, at alEdison O nmostTuesday, had a tremendous start of the 5 P.M. Eastern Time, a season with an impressive 15-3-2 record this season. With a 5-0-0 CONTINUED ON PAGE -3Finals Week Page -6-

7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the small nation of Haiti. Haiti is CONTINUED ON PAGE -4-

ASB Update Page -6-

Events of 2010 Page -7-

AVATARREVIEW(FROMFRONTPAGE) others did, thinking that Avatar would be a futuristic version of the obsessively lovey-dovey Titanic, which he directed several years prior. However, it was amazing to see that the movie did not crash and sink, if you’ll pardon my pun, but rather revolutionized the entire way I now see movies. Although the plot was only slightly better than average (very succinctly described as, Pocahontas set in the future), the combination of breathtaking special effects in conjunction with amazing acting, cinematography and score, made this movie far more amazing than anyone could’ve thought. Despite the fact that all of the actors in the movie were virtually unknown, it can be expected that they will all appear in movies more often, due to the movie’s complete success in the box office. Amazing characterization on the part of the director is also a notable aspect of the movie. Moreover, the development of an entirely

new language that, according to interviews, all the major actors were fluent in, brought even more wonder into the film and even caused a reminiscing of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Its musical score and cinematography also helped it to attain the merit that it now has due to its ability to enchant the audience into believing that they were part of the fabricated world, Pandora. The utterly incredible landscape on Pandora created by Cameron and his special effects team is like a fantastic step into “dreamland” with its unique creatures, the floating mountains, the gargantuan Home Tree, and the stunning greatness of the natural wonders. Even the indigenous population, termed the Na’vi, are spectacular and completely awesome. Although this isn’t an English class, Avatar has many inspiring themes that will impact anyone regardless of age, gender or anything really. The idiocy of war and violence is a major topic, and parallels to the Iraq and Afghanistan

Wars can easily be seen. Where, covertly, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being fought for oil, the situation in Pandora centers around the illusive unobtainium, whose name is meant to be a joke. Furthermore, the movie continues to spew out themes that range from the importance of protecting nature to the interpretation of a “God”. Nature is a supreme concept in the movie because of its imperativeness to the Na’vi, natives to Pandora, and their connection to their supreme entity, Eywa. The destruction of nature on the earth is subject to criticism by Cameron. Additionally, Eywa is meant to act as a facilitator in learning more about one’s own spiritual beliefs, and to be more accepting of the beliefs of others. This is evident when the militants mock the beliefs of the Na’vi, claiming that their god is more real than those of the Na’vi, yet they aggressively attack others, that which no god, in any religious belief, would sanction. All in all, with $280 million put into its creation, 4 years of production and filming and 10 years of planning and coordinating the concept, Avatar has brought new expectations to movie-goers and showed the potential of our current technology. If anyone is wondering whether or not it’d be worth it to see the movie, I can safely say that the $13 for seeing it in 3-D or the $16.50 to see it in 3-D IMAX is without a doubt worth every single cent. You can bet that Avatar and at least 10 Academy Awards will be going home together.

Boys Soccer (From Front Page) record, the Chargers are 1st in their league and 2nd in the county, according to Edison recently won the Mustang Cup at Trabuco Hills High over winter break, contributing to their current 9-game winning streak. Leading scorers include senior forward Adam Black and junior forward Bajj Chela, each with 6 goals, closely followed by junior center midfielder Mitchell Alvarez with 5 goals. Junior halfback Jake Little has also played a part in the Charger’s victory with the most amount of assists on the team. When asked about his selfless playing, Little responded with a humble statement, “There’s no I in team”. In addition to Edison’s fantastic offensive players, the defensive lineup has only let five goals be scored in the past eleven games. Sophomore goalie Scott Campbell has contributed to much of Edison’s success this season, including an impressive feat of shutting out all goal attempts in the Trabuco Hills Tournament. The past 2 homes games have been especially exciting for the Chargers, with a showdown

against Esperanza on Friday, January 15th. Both teams boasted an undefeated record so far in league, and the game was a deciding factor for the title of the top team. Senior left wing Sadalah Shehadi scored the first goal for Edison, assisted by junior Jake Little. In the last half of the game, Esperanza scored an “own goal”, securing Edison’s victory with a final score of 2-0. Junior left back Cole Hihara addressed his fellow players’ success, saying that “our team has come together and really been able to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves this season”. Just last Friday, the Chargers played Newport Harbor in an entertaining game with a bit of drizzling rain. In the beginning half, senior halfback Kyle Ball scored the first goal, assisted by Jake Little. The second half proved to be more exciting as Bajj Chela was tackled and consequently fouled by Newport Harbor’s keeper. As a result, an impressive penalty kick by Mitchell Alvarez boosted the score by 1. The final moments of the game proved to be intense as junior wing Tyler Bigenho scored a ggoal that was deflected off the

defender’s foot and the goalie’s face, ultimately ensuing in a 3-0 victory over Newport Harbor. After the triumphant win, junior defender Tyler Smith remarked the team “[has] really been trying our hardest out there and it pays off in the long run. 110% team effort is the key.” The Chargers’ strong work ethic has certainly led to a great season so far and the team hopes to maintain their successful season. Mitchell Alvarez confirmed the team’s dedication, stating that “The team has really pushed the limits of our talent and we hope to continue our goal of working hard and staying sharp”. The Charger boys are scheduled to play Los Alamitos at Edison this coming Friday, January 29th. Come support the boys as they hope to continue their winning streak!

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EARTHQUAKE (FROM FRONT PAGE) a developing country in the Caribbean Sea, where 80% of the population is below the poverty line, making it the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti was hit hard by the quake because it was relatively undetected and the buildings and roads in Haiti are not made to bear the brunt of such a large impact. This earthquake was enough to devastate the country and its inhabitants. Over 3 million people have been affected by the earthquake, and anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 have lost their lives during or immediately following the earthquake. The global community has been quick in responding to the crisis at hand. The Dominican Republic, dropping all of the animosity that they have held towards Haiti since the 1700s, promptly responded to the disaster by sending aid to the Haitian people. The United Nations, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, and individual nations have donated large amounts of money to help out the people. Many actors, singers, and other stars have pitched in to help the people of Haiti recover from this disaster, including g George g Cloo-

ney, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Robert Pattinson, Beyonce, and Rihanna. But they are not the only people who should be commended for their efforts. Even in these tough economic times, people all over the global community have been giving anywhere from $5 to $5000 to alleviate Haiti’s suffering. Many children who were orphaned by the earthquake have been adopted by American and Dutch families, but the adoption process is beginning to slow down as child traffickers take advantage of the situation.

However, this devastation was not to be the end to the Haitian tragedy. There were at least 33 aftershocks following the first earthquake, one of which measured in at about a 6.1 on the Richter scale. To put it in perspective, a 6.0 earthquake would wake you up if you were sleeping and would most likely move furniture and knock plaster off of your walls. And this was only the aftershock. The people of Haiti have been through so much suffering, but they have received an enormous amount of help from people all around the world, who have, even amongst their own hardships, been generous in giving to those less fortunate than themselves. There are many ways that you can help, but my personal favorite is buying one of the songs from iTunes that were played at the charity telethon on Friday. The album includes a variety of artists, including Alicia Keys, John Legend, Stevie Wonder and Taylor Swift. Here at Edison, many students are also doing what they can to help. For example, the French Club has started a Facebook group called Hope for Haiti T-shirts and will be selling shirts to raise money for the cause starting next week.

BOYS BASKETBALL (FROM FRONT PAGE) be a team to look for at the top once season ends.” The team’s hope for a win in their first league game against Los Alamitos was declined with the Chargers losing a devastating 44 to 53. Nonetheless, the Charger boys put in tremendous effort including Dylan Garrity with a total of 17 points in the game against Los Alamitos. However, the Charger boys proved that determination is the key to success when they defeated Marina with a victory of 68-60, with top scores contributed by both Dylan Garrity and Ryan Walker. Also during the game against Esperanza, Shane Osaki stepped in as

starting point guard and led the offense to a demanding lead at the start of the game. Unfortunately, the Chargers were unable to finish strong and lost by a margin of 38-39 to Esperanza. With the season nearly beginning, the team hopes that their next few league games will generate success on their behalf, especially the eight seniors, Ryan Walker, Kyle Boswell, Max Prendergast, Ryan Smith, Kyle Smythe, Matt Viles, Tyler Troya, and Jeff Trojan, who are all dying for a chance at a league title and C.I.F. in their final season at Edison. This week, come support the men’s team by cheering for them as they battle against Los Alamitos

Stripped of Honor HBUHSD to Eliminate Valedictorian and Salutatorian BY: ERICA GLEASON, EDITOR IN CHIEF the Huntington L astBeachmonth, Union High School District announced that it would eliminate the honors of Valedic-

torian and Salutatorian in favor of more inclusive Latin honors. This means that starting with the class of 2013 (this year’s freshmen), the top two students will no longer receive distinctive honors at

graduation. Rather, along with numerous others, they will graduate with Latin honors based on GPA. Those graduating with a GPA of 4.0 or higher will be classified as magna cum laude, and those with a 4.4 or higher will be classified as summa cum laude. Class rank will no longer determine recognition come graduation day. This change in the way students graduate has both benefits and drawbacks. Many students, particularly those ranked high in their class, but not quite at the top, applaud this change for spreading the recognition to more students, rather than just the top two. Many also see it as a way to reduce the intensity of the competition among top-ranked students. In a Los Angeles Times article announcing this change, this competition was described as “unhealthy”, creating “zombies” out of hard-working, driven students. By removing the honors of Valedictorian and Salutatorian, many claim the obsession to reach the top will be also be eliminated, and students will no longer tire themselves out in order to accumulate the highest possible GPA. For example, as the Los Angeles Times reported, many teachers and other district staff behind the decision believe that these competitive students will no longer be compelled to take classes they have no interest in, or to make the trek to a different school just to take an extra weighted class. Personally, I think most of the district’s reasoning behind this decision is wellintended. It’s a nice way to honor more students at graduation, many of whom work just as hard as the Valedictorian or Salutatorian, only CONTINUED ON PAGE -6-

STRIPPED OF HONOR (FROM PAGE -5-) to come within hundredths of a GPA point of achieving the top rank. By making class rank less important, the district is helping to eliminate the possibility of elitist attitudes among top-ranked seniors, making recognition attainable to a wider range of students. Despite the benefits of removing the titles of Valedictorian and Salutatorian, many are quick to point out the flaws in the argument for this change. They see it as an attempt to be more politically correct, and many agree that Valedictorians and Salutatorians deserve the honor for their hard work. Amy Le, one of Edison’s topranked seniors, calls this change “a ridiculous idea” and notes that it is “so unnecessary.” For those who say the elimination of Valedictorian and Salutatorian is better because it spreads the recognition among more students, Amy comments that there are “already programs like scholars of distinction [and] academic pins and letters that honor students for their achievements.” Indeed, by the end of high school, most students who display any academic effort at all have been honored with ABC Awards, academic pins or letters, scholar-athlete awards, Golden Key nominations, and many other honors available to them throughout high school. If students really want that last bit of recognition at graduation, why not add the Latin honors in addition to Valedictorian and Salutatorian rather than stripping the top two of any sort of distinction? Furthermore, many consider it completely ignorant to assume that the competition between intelligent students transforms them

into lifeless zombies. Just look at the top students in Edison’s own class of 2010. Among the top 15 students alone, more than half have been involved in school sports, and almost all commit to extracurriculars such as ASB (which is not a weighted class), yearbook, community service, the school newspaper, and many other clubs. Clearly, our top-ranked students devote a good portion of their lives to things other than school work, and it’s more than a stretch to call them zombies. Will removing competition really help us in the long run? Won’t college and the workplace be just as, if not even more, cutthroat than high school? “If the district wants to create less competitive students that will be unprepared for the pressure and competition in college [and life beyond], then by all means eliminate Valedictorian and Salutatorian,” Amy says. Perhaps a better solution to reduce the stress would be to do away with grades altogether. “If you would stop giving out A-F grades and just give out happy faces, I am sure both the students and parents would be a lot less stressed out.”

ASB UPDATE BY: MARIE CHENG, ASB COMMISSIONER OF COMMUNICATIONS is almost over, T heandfiasrstwesemester draw this month to a close, Edison’s ASB is hard at work preparing upcoming events. First

How to Handle Finals Week By: Joohi Kasliwal, Staff Writer time of year is here. T hisIt’s dreaded finally time to cram all the semesters worth of information in one or two weekends. CONTINUED ON PAGE -7and foremost, this year’s Winter Ball will be held at Seacliff Country Club, and tickets are on sale now. Our ASB Secretary Chris Landstrom and Treasurer Fouad Rider have been busy compiling invitations, contacting DJs, and putting together the final touches on another great dance. We’ve also had a few canned food drives recently in order to collect food and other items for the needy. If you have any canned products you wish to donate to a family in need, feel free to drop by the Activities office or the ASB Room, where your donations will be gratefully accepted. In addition, Allison McCoy, Emily Nguyen, and Caroline Yin have been planning the upcoming Mr. Edison event. At Mr. Edison, you can watch your favorite Charger boys compete to see who will be named “Mr. Edison.” This past semester has been great, but let’s make these upcoming months even better!

Most Anticipated Events of 2010 BY: ABBY KERFOOT,STAFF WRITER 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS To be held February 12-28 in Vancouver, Canada. STATE OF THE UNION January 26 has tentatively been set aside as the date for Obama’s first State of the Union Address, but the White House may push for it to be held on February 2 to give Congress time to pass the health care bill. Among other topics, the President plans to describe his plans for deficit reduction and job creation. His critics will undoubtedly be interested to hear him defend his actions in 2009 and his proposals for the future. FINALS WEEK (FROM PAGE -6-) Finals Week is approaching, and with it comes the unneeded stress of maintaining grades or raising them. It is especially stressful for high school juniors whose GPA these last two semesters, alongside sophomore year determines their eligibility into University of California or CSU schools. As this semester draws to an end, here are a few tips that can help anyone succeed in getting that A or B; or even simply passing a class. 1. Go to a public library to study: Usually, a library does not have all the distractions that are available in one’s

TIM BURTON’S ADAPTATION OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND This film starring Johnny Depp will be released in 3-D. Based on the trailer for it that preceded Avatar, this looks like it will be positively “frabjous”. 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP IN SOUTH AFRICA The 2010 World Cup from June 11 to July 11 will mark the first time the World Cup has been held by an African nation. 2010 ELECTIONS Although Congressional elections tend to be ignored in favor of Presidential ones, the elections this fall will help determine just how much legislation Obama is able to pass by 2012. The California gubernatorial election will home. From annoying younger siblings to frequent “breaks”, studying at your house can prove to be ineffective. A library allows you to focus with a quiet environment and resources at your dispersal. Also, cell phones are not permitted at the library. 2. Review your previous tests or quizzes: Many teachers give you an opportunity to look at chapter tests to study. Use this opportunity, as it can give you an idea of the questions that will appear on the cumulative final. Find a pattern by looking at your grades and ques-

also be held, meaning that we will have a governor other than Schwarzenegger for the first time since 2003. OCTOBER 10, 2010 10/10/10. Who doesn’t love this kind of day? 2010 UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE This is the successor to the contentious 2009 conference in Copenhagen. I am personally holding out hope that it will spur nations to take major steps to combat climate change. TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE As the moon passes through Earth’s shadow, it will cease to be visible soon after midnight on December 21. tions missed. 3. Answer easy questions first; then move on to harder questions: Answer easy questions first to boost your self confidence, and score easily received points. It can also help you make an association with a problem that is more difficult. 4. Cramming: Although cramming is an ineffective strategy to learning and retaining information; here are a few tips that can help you do so. Only skim chapters for main points. Understand these CONTINUED ON PAGE -8-

FINALS WEEK (FROM PAGE 6&7) main points and review them. Don’t read or study complex ideas if you won’t have time to review them. 5. Studying: First, select a reasonable amount of information to study. Then study the main points, and questions included to get an overview of the material. Now, put everything aside and write a summary of what you know about the

information. After, find out what you didn’t understand and use alternative sources or delve into those points further. Study no more than 30- 40 minutes at once. Take a break away from the place you are studying. 6. Preparation: Get a good night’s sleep and eat a filling breakfast. Take deep breaths before the test and don’t forget to remain confident during the duration of the test!

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ONLINE FEATURE ARTICLE Extreme Weather Puts Edison on Lockdown BY: ZACH DAUS, STAFF WRITER California rarely S outhern experiences extreme weather. So when an announcement was made by the administration last Tuesday, January 19th, that no one could leave their classrooms, an uproar immediately arose among Edison’s 5th period students. To read the rest of this article, visit our website at, keyword Lockdown.

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