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Newsletter Date: 12/09/2009 Volume 1: Issue 1

August Update The Business Online Directory

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A big welcome to you all on our very first newsletter, The Business Online Directory is a collaborative learning environment for those in business around the world. It is growing by the day and it’s time to announce the successes of our members via Newsletter. We are now in total 3000+ members, the growth of The Bod could not have been done without your support so before I continue, I say thank you from my heart. In this first edition we talk about the happenings in the last one month. We have an article from Success Track Training, introduction of the new officers for The Bod on Face book, Platinum membership and platinum members. Recommended reading, recommended members blog, Careers update, Business services. Our newsletter will be sent out once every month, if you would like to show case your talent and business you can do so by sending your contribution for the next issue. Articles can be sent on the following topics:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Finance Career/Business/Work Social media/ networking Personal Development Physical Environment Fun/Social/Hobbies Spirituality/Well-being Health/Knowledge Relationships/Romance

Submission deadline is on the 20th of each month; the dead line for the next issue will be the 20th September 2009. The Newsletter is about you /your business and empowering members of the group. Articles should be kept simple KISS (Keep is simple specialist) and information packed, Include a Photo, preferred contact detail and a short profile of yourself no more than 160 words. We are open to suggestions, happy reading and wishing you a successful month ahead.

Placida Acheru Director The Business Online Directory

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Why Companies Fail Online Although the internet is a massively powerful marketing tool, too many companies still struggle to achieve any kind of meaningful success. Where do they go wrong? And most importantly, how you can you avoid making the same mistakes? 1. They don't understand the importance of the 'opt-in' list Your 'opt-in' list contains the email address of people who want to hear from you, who have asked to receive emails from you. Never stop compiling it. It's hard but it's not complicated. You should ask every customer to join your list and ask everyone who visits your website to join your list. You should ask for it wherever you possibly can because the list is the key to success on the Internet. 2. They don't communicate with their list People on the list have indicated they want to receive more information. You must end everyone on your list regular short emails (about a half page long) with a fascinating subject line. You should have a hyperlink on that email through to your website. Your website can be as long as you want it to be. Don't make it too short however because visitors won't feel they have sufficient information to make an intelligent purchase decision

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you 3. Their website is poorly designed or maintained are a leader. - John Most websites fail because the business owner hasn't planned it properly. You have to ask Quincy Adams yourself: "What do I want on my website? Do I want to sell things? Do I want to provide information? Do I want to direct people to my showroom?"

The content must be compelling so that visitors stay and want to return in the future. Make it interesting enough so that they refer other people to your website. Although your website shouldn't be weighed down with snazzy graphics (because they take too long to load), the design of your website is crucial. People spend a matter of between three and five seconds looking at your website and then decide whether to stay or leave. The design is what helps them to make that decision, to register for a newsletter or to sign up for a special report. Use auto responders so that you can follow-up requests from your customers or potential customers in two hours or less. When you put a website up, it is invisible and the only people who know it is there are the people you tell. You must promote your website offline as well as online. Provide opportunities for people to register and participate on your website. It might be to take part in a sweepstake, to A website needs constant nurturing, updating and attention. Conclusion If you pay attention to the three key elements you'll make money on the Internet and you'll spend hardly anything. The keys to success online are the quality of your opt-in list, the quality of your content, the speed at which you get back to people, the change that people see in your website and the personalisation. Look after these key areas and watch your sales soar! SuccessTrack Business Training Ltd

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Career Update Fitness first is the market leader in Leisure and Entertainment with over 160 health clubs across the UK. Fitness first has been in operation since 1993 and within our clubs, we have concessionary treatment rooms available for rent. These treatment rooms come in various shapes and sizes, and the monthly fee includes water rates, power, business rates and council tax. For more information see

A4e – Action for employment is an organization helping Britain get back to work , Flexible New Deal is a government funded program aimed at supporting people, unemployed for 12 months or more, back to work. A4e have been awarded preferred supplier status in a number of areas and are now commencing recruitment campaigns in preparation for a program launch in October 2009. Jobs are available for Center Managers, Coaches, Trainers, Mentors, Administrative staff and lots more. For more information see


See Diana Collette’s – Getting It Back See Safaraz Ali’s - Easy4life See James Pender’s- Web Design’s See Tracy Reid’s - Stiletto Millionaires

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We are happy to announce the launch of our membership level. This will provide members with opportunity to show case services and business using different platforms. View New Platinum Members * Get banner featured for 1month * Get Featured For 1 month * Get Featured in the Platinum members directory * Get Your business advertised on our main website * Get Resources featured with links and Banner * Get Articles featured * Get your Blog Rss Feed to The Bod Twitter Followers * Create your own group * Send Message to all members + Face book members of The Bod.

New Officers For Face book This is announcing new officers for The Bod on Face book; they are all professionals in their field. You are free to view their profiles and see what services they are able to render to you.

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Tracy Reid, officer Placida Acheru, officer Rebecca Robertson, officer Safaraz Ali, officer Topher Morrison, officer Matt Castle, officer David Bingham, officer Cellardoormedia Webdesign ,officer Sue Sutcliffe, officer Diane Corriette, officer Judith Gerhart, officer Janet Hipkiss officer

TOP 10 MEMBERS How to Get Ranked - Get 100 Points for Every Invite You Send. Get Your Profile Listed Here By Inviting Your Friends and Contacts Now

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An event for everyone interested in finding out about Social Networking and how to use them to get business in through the door. Business networking for deaf and disabled people This networking event will make it easy to meet likeminded people in an informal setting. Business start up guide: taking the next step A practical and inspiring day to give you the insight and information you need to start and build a successful business. Ideas to business An event for deaf and disabled people living in Central London who are interested in starting their own business. Starting a successful home based business This session is aimed at anyone who wants to set up a business from home. Get practical advice on how to set up your business and tips on how to make your business grow.ÂŹ courtesy Business Link.

Recommended Reading

1001 Reasons to Think Positive: Special Insights to Achieve a Better Attitude toward Life Ella Patterson (Paperback - Aug 3, 1998)

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Malcolm Gladwell (Paperback - Feb 23, 2006)

365 Ways to Save Time Lucy H. Hedrick (Hardcover - Sep 1992) is the "go to" place for people who want to achieve greater success — personally and professionally.

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A Twitter account was created for The Bod – TheBodTweets on 13th August 2009. We 1079 following and 1059 followers as at 11/09- slow and steady wins the race.

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Volunteer For The Bod The following voluntary roles are needed to create a vibrant team for The Bod. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are: Bloggers: * Do you have a stylish and intelligent writing voice * Are you an experts in your field * Have successfully launched your business * Can you provide guidelines, tips & ideas to other entrepreneurs in business * Will you update at least 2 times / week (you are going to have a big following and members will want to hear from you!) We also need: - Web/graphic designer, Copywriter, Marketing consultant, Virtual assistant.

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