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Chloe Barmer

MEMO To: Mrs. Forsythe From: Chloe Barmer Date: October 2, 2018 Subject: Dream Team Approval As you are aware, I am in the process of completing The Dream Team simulation. In order to continue with this simulation, I am required to create a professional sports team. Please review the proposed team provided below and indicate if I have your approval to use the proposed team by completing the bottom portion of this memo and returning it to me. Proposed Team: The name of my team is Alaskan Snow Dogs. The type of sport this team plays is NFL Football. The team’s hometown is Sitka, Alaska. Team Reasoning: I chose to create a football dream team, because you don’t see many things like football in Alaska. In addition, many people like football and they would love to play and it’s a great reason to have a dream team.

____ I approve this team for use in The Dream Team simulation ____ I do not approve this team for use in The Dream Team simulation. ____ Instructor’s Initials Instructor: Please return this form to the student upon review

October 3, 2018

Lisa Forsythe 493 High School Road Sitka, Alaska 99835 Dear Ms. Forsythe: This is to inform you that the Snow Dogs and coaches are planning to attend or host charity events and fundraisers.     

30th annual Running of the Boots costumed fun run fundraiser- players will run in this event Sitka Farmers Market- players will help farmers with customers Alaska Day Festival- players will help set up and participate in activities day of festival Sitka Artisans Market and Holiday Craft Party- players will help prepare for party Sitka Whalefest- players will help prepare for event

We are looking forward to getting involved with the community and having a positive relationship with them. We are eager to play in the upcoming season with many supporters.

Chloe Barmer 05- Letter to the League

October 3, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE ALASKAN SNOW DOGS HAVE ANNOUNCED THEIR TEAM ROSTER On October 1, 2018 John Fox released the names of the players who will play for NFL’s newest franchise, the Alaskan Snow Dogs. The players were recently chosen in a supplemental draft in New York City set up by the league offices to fill the expansion team’s rosters. Key players selected were quarterback Russel Wilson, running back, Burt Reynolds, defensive tackle, Jack Crawford, and linebacker Kash Daniel. The team will begin playing this season at Arch Angel Stadium in Sitka, Alaska. The Snow Dogs and their new players will take on the Carolina Panthers on October 16, at 2 p.m., to begin their inaugural season. ###

Chloe Barmer 06- Press Release

Player Personnel Form First Name

Social Security Number

Address City

Phone Number




Cell Phone

Last Name Date of Birth



Zip Code E-mail

Spouse’s Name (if applicable) Phone Number

Cell Phone

Emergency Contact Name

Agent’s Name Address City Phone Number

Bank Name Address

City Direct Deposit

State Cell Phone

State yes no

E-mail Phone Number

Zip Code E-mail

Zip Code Deposit Amount

Alakan Snow Dogs First Name Last Name Position Uniform # Height Russel Wilson Quarterback 3 6'2 Kash Daniel Linebacker 21 6'5 Jeff Bergman Center 24 6'2 Bob Clampett Guard 28 6'3 Frank Welker Guard 32 6'0 Casey Kasem Tight End 38 6'1 Don Messick Running Back 42 6'3 John Stephenson Reciever 44 6'4 Burt Reynolds Running Back 46 6'2 Jack Riley Reciever 49 6'2 Michael Bell Defensive Lineman 56 6'2 Jack Crawford Defensive Lineman 58 6'3 Ryan Reynolds Defensive Lineman 60 6'4 Craig Nelson Linebacker 66 6'3 Oscar Linebacker Alaskan SnowNunez Dogs 2018 Season Schedule 68 6'3 Micheal Nouri Defensive 73 6'2 Date LocationBack Time Stadium Back 7:00 PM 76 Justin 8/17/2018 Alaska Nanooks ChambersArch Angel Defensive 6'3 Broncos The Dome 7:00 PM Patrick8/24/2018 Eagle RiverDempsey Defensive Back 79 6'4 8/31/2018 Artic Seahawks Arch Angel Stadium 7:00 PM Jesse 9/7/2018 Greatland Packers Wilson Arch Angel Kicker 6'6 Stadium 7:00 PM 84 Cowboys Anchorage Football Stadium 7:00 PM 88 Jeffrey9/14/2018 Anchorage Morgan Punter 6'0 9/21/2018 Valley Steelers Tom Huffer Sr. Football Stadium 7:00 PM John 9/28/2018 Alaska Titans Fox Coach 6'4 Arch Angel Stadium 7:00 PM 10/5/2018 10/12/2018 10/19/2018 10/26/2018

Giants New England Oakland Chester Cheetahs

Arch Angel Stadium Arch Angel Stadium Arch Angel Stadium Chester Creek Stadium

7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM



Team owner Chloe Barmer had this to say about the team’s first draft. “Our main strategy will be to draft players that have previously played in the NFL in the early 1980’s. Our staff is looking to draft 22 players with half on offense and the other half on defense. We are looking for players that have had great careers and are members of the Football Hall of Fame. I believe that following this draft strategy will allow us to add quality players to our team, be competitive in our first season, and peak the interest of our fan base.”

Chloe Barmer 12- Newsletter

Since this is our first issue we thought that all our players deserve to be recognized as “Player of The Month” We’re expecting great things from this dream team this season!

Various ticket packages are available to meet every fan’s needs. Checkout the team’s website at to see complete ticket and seating information for all home games.


# of Seats

The Dog House



Upper Bowl Lower Bowl Box Seats Luxury Box

$59.00 $79.00 $200.00 $350.00

18,000 32,000 3,000 2,000

Head coach Grayson Anderson has put together an all-star coaching staff for the upcoming season. Offensive Coordinator Don Coryell is considered a “genius” around the league. Look for high scoring games and lots of excitement during the games. Buddy Ryan, the teams coordinator, brings in patented 4-6 defense to Dirty Dawgs. Opposing teams will be in for a long day when the face the Dirty Dawgs defense. In addition to the coordinators, the team has agreed to contracts with 14 assistant coaches to round out the teams staff.

DREAM TEAM - Chloe Barmer  
DREAM TEAM - Chloe Barmer