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ONDERHOUDE MET ONS EIE: Jordyn, Maxine & Cameryn

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Letter from the Editor The word “busy” doesn’t even begin to capture the whirlwind that this term has been. From Interschools to Olympiads and from Grade 8 Orientation to Matric Picnic, this term has been one crazy, twisted rollercoaster. For some of us this has been our last first term of our school careers. I desperately urge you to grab every opportunity that comes your way. If there is anything left that you still want to do or simply try out, now is your last chance. Gaan Carpe jou Diem! In this issue we have a chat with PV’s very own Ruby Rose, DiCaprio and ‘Tigress’ Woods. Hierdie kwartaal was daar beslis iets in PV se water. Ons vier in hierdie uitgawe twee verlowings asook 27 jaar van huwelik. We also bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the Grade 8 Orientation and the Matric Picnic. This issue is our longest yet, a whopping 110 pages! I hope you enjoy every single page. We, as the Blue Thread team, wish you all a blessed Easter. Geniet die blaaskans, ons almal verdien dit. P.S. Shout out to Chicken Wire Girl (Chanel Bowen), you stole our hearts this term. Over and Out

Hugo Uys


2017 - Nina Andro

Shanay de Kock, Zomisa Mbovane, An-Yoné Reinhardt, Jamie van Breda, Sylvia Khohlakala, Charl Wiehahn, Grant Jansen , Ashleigh Hicks

Best part of being a cheerleader? Ashleigh: The best part about being a cheerleader would be cheering for my school and leading the blazer formation team/school to support the athletes and school in general. My job is most probably one of the best jobs - I get to scream, sing and dance for my school and it brings me great joy while in the process celebrating the school and supporting them. Grant: Being able to work with such a lovely group of people. Jamie: Seeing the final product after all the work you have put into the blazer formations and working with a great team. Sylvia: Getting to work with people you never knew you had work with and putting everyone’s ideas together to make something amazing! The build-up to interschools was also awesome. Charl: Singing the kreet the morning of interschools and looking at 320 singsongs members screaming at the top of their lungs, all looking back at you with a smile! Zomisa: Knowing that we are the group that encourages spirit in PV for 2017 . Shanay: Seeing the gees between the people, especially between the different grades. We were all there as one family and one team to support our school, which was quite cool to see and to be part of. An-Yoné: Definitief om deel te wees van so ‘n amazing groep cheerleaders en pawiljoenspan. Om te sien hoe alles waaraan ons so hard gewerk het saamkom en amazing lyk! Om te skree vir ons skool, om ons naam hoog te hou! Om te kan wys hoe trots ons is op ons skool!

Highlight of Interschools? Charl: That moment when athletes, cheerleaders and singsongs united as one to sing the school song and obviously the announcement: "And the winner of interschools 2017 is… PAREL VALLEI HIGH SCHOOL!" and I started crying. Grant: PV winning the ‘overall’ cup, if I can put it that way. It would’ve been great if we took the spirit cup as well, but hey, you win some you lose some, and HH deserved it.

Jamie: On the Friday morning of interschools I woke all the cheerleaders up at 3 am, because I was stressed and we ended up talking and laughing until we had to wake up; It was amazing. Sylvia: Definitely becoming closer to everyone – Ms Buchan, Ms Murray, Mrs Mackenzie, the cheerleaders… We have become such a close-knit group and it’s just been awesome. Zomisa: Bringing the athletics cup home for the third time in a row since 2015! A huge thank you to all the coaches, athletes and the blazer formation squad for cheering on our athletes! An-Yoné: Die highlight is defs die oggend van interskole: om so vyfuur die oggend op te staan om reg te maak vir interskole, energy drinks te drink, om in die klas te sit om reg te maak en te sien hoe die décor span alles regmaak en die pawie-span begin sit. Om daar voor die pawie-span te staan en hulle die hele kreet reg te sien doen en uit hulle harte uit sing wat jou los met hoendervleis en te weet PAREL VALLEI is die BESTE! En laastens na al jou harde werk en heeldag skree te hoor ons wen weereens die interskole! Derde keer in ‘n ry! Dis Parel Vallei vir jou. Ashleigh: When the whole school, towards the end of the day — the athletes, pavilion team and the cheerleaders— stood together and sang the school song as a family. Shanay: Seeing HH and our school bonding – we got to cheer with them and they cheered with us and the gees was amazing. When we sang together we didn’t feel like enemies, we felt united, as if we were there for each other. I also really appreciated when they announced we had won and HH sang “PV jou lekker ding” – that was really great of them.

Favourite warcry? Zomisa: The Haka – “HH ons is hier, Eagles ons is hier, PV ONS IS HIER!” When they do it they sound really loud and intimidating. An-Yoné: Defs 2017 se kreet wat almal hoendervleis gegee het en mense speechless gelos het! Beste song: “PV ONS IS HIER!” Ashleigh: My favourite warcry would be "The roof".

Charl: “The roof”. Overused but just worked and it was so lekker. Jamie: “Jy sê HH, HH, ons sê ha-uh, ha-uh…” Sylvia: In our optog: “PV ons is hier”. Our haka was very cool – it made a statement and it’s something that hasn’t been done before. Grant: “The roof is on fire”

Worst part of being a cheerleader? Shanay: Losing my voice during interhouse and interschools… Other than that I can’t really say anything bad, except that it gets very hot and you feel sick at the end of the day, but we pushed through and even though we didn’t win the spirit cup I still feel very proud. Jamie: When people don’t close their blazers on time and it takes forever for everyone to close them! Zomisa: When people don’t cooperate with you when you are talking to them or when we lose the spirit within the crowd. Grant: Losing the crowd – you have to be able to keep everyone under control at all times.

Charl: The worst part was probably that the time flew by so fast and that we don't have another major interschools with singsongs in the year.

Sylvia: Giving up a lot of time in breaks and after school. I didn’t realise how much time it would take until I was actually on the team. An-Yone: Daar is nie ‘n slegte deel aan ‘n cheerleader te wees nie. Behalwe dat dit vrek baie werk is, moenie cheerleading onderskat nie! Ashleigh: I don't feel like there are any bad aspects to being a cheerleader. Cheerleading goes hand in hand with being cheerful and having fun and that is what this experience gave me. Maybe just all the hard work and hours spent was a bit of a challenge, but other than that it was and still is, an amazing experience.

Advice for future cheerleaders? Charl: Everything you do and teach must be planned two days ahead and you must have backup songs and plans. AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Grant: Try to work with your crowd – don’t get angry and shout at them. That is when they start losing respect for you and the rest of the team. Reward them with sweets, but only at the end of every blazer formation practice. Give them credit once they’ve done something right, but also correct them if they are wrong — in a nice way! Just enjoy it and make the best of it! Sylvia: Being a cheerleader takes a lot of time and effort, so you have to be prepared to give up a lot and give your ALL! Prioritise and set up schedules because the work load is hectic, especially in matric. Listen to everyone’s ideas, because even though it may seem stupid at the time, it may end up being the finishing touch to an amazing optog.

Jamie: Be yourself and don’t hold back, don’t shout at the crowd, be energetic so you give them energy and go down to them so that you don’t end up just looking down at them the whole time. Zomisa: Always be patient with your crowd no matter what, interact with them and cheer them on each and every time they do things right. Have fun with them, but also work very hard. Always keep the spirit going throughout and bring back the cup for 2018! An-Yoné: HAVE FUN! Geniet die kopsere, die seer keel, die moegheid, die hoendervleis elke keer as hulle alles perfek doen, geniet die trots wat Parel Vallei het... want dit gebeur net een keer. Maak dit tel! Ashleigh: Never give up, never lose hope, work hard, stay focused and most importantly: have fun! Shanay: Learn to work with people – know how to adapt and to make it as fun as possible. Having a good relationship with the other cheerleaders is so important; you need to have good relationships with all your cheerleaders before you can establish a good relationship with the blazer formation team. Have respect for the pavilion team. Remember that you are still the same age - you are not their teacher or their superior and you are just leading them, so be considerate and make it fun!

Cameryn Stoltz

You might have been greeted by a familiar face in the windows of Mr Price recently, and that’s because one of PV’s very own, none other than our Ruby Rose look-alike, Cameryn Stoltz, is out taking the fashion world by storm.

- Lucia Niland

Where did your modelling career start? I started modelling with Boss models last year in June. I had to go for a few training sessions and test shoots before I was able to start doing jobs. The test shoots were then used to build up my portfolio. The agents there are super friendly and I really feel like a part of the Boss family now.

Has being a model been a dream of yours or was it something out of the blue? To be honest, it had never even occurred to me to start modelling. The idea only arose when I decided to chop my hair off, and got really good response from people, which boosted my self-confidence. Last year when I was watching the Miss PV pageant, two of the judges approached me and asked if I would join them. I was so happy that I started freaking out - on the inside of course. And that’s when my mom and I decided to start researching agencies and choosing one that suited me best. It was such an exciting time and the support of my friends throughout the journey has made it a thousand times better.

Recently you worked with Mr Price, what was that like? Absolutely awesome, I got to work with some really crazy, fun people. On set, it’s quite daunting as there are so many people in the room focusing on you, but by now I’ve learnt to cope with it. It was so weird working with people I’d previously seen on posters in the mall. I had kind of expected them to have a stigmatised “model attitude”, but it turns out most of them are the complete opposite. Oh, and they always have the best food, so that was definitely the highlight of the shoot!

Is there any particular shoot that was your favourite so far? A shoot I did for an overseas magazine, ‘Mojeh’, was definitely one I will never forget. I was privileged enough to model the world’s top brands, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel and some other difficult names to pronounce. The day of shooting was freezing cold though, and the team had to huddle and wrap blankets over me between outfit changes. They probably had to edit my lips as they were so blue!

You must have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Are you still in contact with any of them? One of the photographers from a previous test shoot that I had done, Alexa Singer, was a cover girl for Vogue when she was younger. It was really interesting hearing her stories and getting tips from her. I also got to go on a grungy kind of shoot with a girl who was a body double for Ruby Rose in one of her movies. I’ve become really good friends with a photographer from Paris as well. I love meeting different people and listening to all their wonderful stories about the celebrities that they've shot and are friends with. A bonus is that I also get to hear some really juicy gossip.

Can you see modelling as a future career for yourself? I am enjoying modelling immensely, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had so far. I am definitely keen to carry on modelling, but my parents want me to study after school first (haha) so I’ll probably carry on doing it part-time. But if an opportunity to go overseas to model arises, I am certainly going to consider it.

Have you ever been publicly recognised from a shoot that you've done? I have been recognised a few times, which is really cool. The best was when I first saw myself in the display windows of Mr Price and I was with my gran. She basically announced to everyone that it was her granddaughter that was on the poster and made me pose in front of it so that she could take a bunch of photos.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in going into modelling? Gosh, I’m terrible at giving advice. I’ll just steal Nike’s slogan and say “Just do it”. You never know what might happen if you never try. Also, remember that rejection happens SO OFTEN in the modelling industry, so never take it to heart and just keep going at it. Oh, and eat your veggies so that you meet the height requirement.

Jordyn Linklater - Leandre van der Merwe There are many talented actors out there who can pull off specific roles, but one rarely finds someone who can do them all. From rogue outbursts on stage to pulling off a center spotlight underpants scene without breaking a sweat to gleefully singing in a musical, these are only a few of the outstanding talents Jordyn Linklater possesses. However, behind all the silliness lies a soul who can truly pull of any character in any situation. What kind of roles to you prefer? Comedic roles because who does not like to make people laugh? What play has been your favourite to play in? My favourite has to be Life Wish. That was actually the real beginning of drama for me, the fun we had on and off stage was (is) the best time of my life. Who is your role model? Role models... my role models are Ms Pienaar and Ms Van Zyl! Now those two ladies can write plays! They have the most amazing sense of humour, skill and the best creative minds. They have taught me so much. Where do you get your energy? I think I get it from enjoying life. And I’m just hyperactive! What is the biggest crowd you’ve performed in front of? I don't know really, but I'm pretty sure it was last year at the PV drama evening - it was amazing! What has been your favourite part about Blood Brothers?

My favourite part of Blood Brothers was acting with Liam Walsh and Cameron Murray. It just made the whole experience of Blood Brothers so much better! The last time I acted with them was in 2015, in Life Wish. Tell me a little bit about yourself I love Drama. I want to excel in drama and I plan to go and study acting. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of. Best supporting actor in Fraserburg for Life Wish. That was the first time I have ever won something for acting and I owe it to Ms Pienaar! Any upcoming productions this year? Well I said after Blood Brothers no more outside plays so only the PV drama productions this year and I cannot wait for them!

Have you (S)met Maxine ? - Leandre van der Merwe

Blue Thread got the full scoop from our very own Tigress Woods… Where are you from and how long have you been in South Africa? Belgium. I have been in South Africa for the last two and a half years. What have been your highlights at PV? Being a part of the senior dance committee and one of Nassau’s cheerleaders. It was amazing to see how our hard work paid off in the end.

Who is your role model and why? Lee-Ann Pace. She is one of South Africa’s top female golfers. I had the privilege of meeting her in person in January of this year. Her dedication to her golf is more than admirable. She is also one of the most down-to-earth people even though she is on top of the world. At what age did you start playing golf? I started playing since I was very young but only started to take it seriously about 2 years ago. What has been your greatest golf achievement to this day?

Do you have any before tournament rituals?

I have a set warm-up that includes stretching, hitting balls ect. Who is the biggest influence in your life? Golf-wise and overall? My granddad. He is the person who introduced me to golf and he always supports me no matter what. Without him at my side, I would have never achieved as much. He is also the person who pushed me to do better at school.

Can you see yourself pursuing a career in golf next year? No, I want to study Law at Stellenbosch University next year but I might keep a PGA-course in the back of my mind if things do not work out as planned. Any big upcoming tournaments this year? I recently competed in the SA Women’s Masters, which was one of the biggest tournaments in which I have ever played. For the remainder of the year, I am going to keep the tournaments low-key because it is my matric year.

I went to Germany last year July to compete in the RB German Junior organised by Global Junior Golf. This was the first time ever I went overseas for a golf championship. I was all by myself over there so What’s been your best score? I grew a lot and became more independent. I also I scored 75 from the men’s tee at Erinvale. met great players from all over the world who I still talk to from time to time. Quote or saying you live by? ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish!’


sĂŞ hartliks welkom aan..

Juffrou Nerina Laubscher Lekker was nog nooit só lekker nie

- Rouxvé Meyer

Een van ‘n tweeling. Een helfte Weskus. Ander helfte Red Bull. Ons gesels met PV se pasaangestelde, passievolle EBW en rekeningkunde onderwyser. Waar het Juffrou grootgeword?

Min mense weet waar dit is, maar dis ‘n klein dorpie in die Wes-Kaap, Lutzville. Wat was Juffrou se eerste indruk van die skool? “Dis lekker om ‘n

My eerste gevoel was “hier voel ek tuis”, as dit tel as ‘n eerste indruk.

mens te wees, maar dan moet jy ‘n LEKKER mens wees.”

Het Juffrou iemand spesiaal in Juffrou se lewe? Nee, my stokperdjies hou my te besig. Wat is Juffrou se stokperdjies? My stokperdjies is geselligheid. Ek geniet enige aktiwiteit met lekker mense.

As Juffrou nie ‘n onderwyser was nie, wat sou Juffrou wou doen? ‘n Bemarker vir Coca-Cola. Wie is Juffrou se rolmodelle in die lewe? Ek dink enige iemand se ouers staan vir hulle uit op een of ander manier, so ek sien hulle as my rolmodelle. Wat is die grootste uitdaging as onderwyser vir Juffrou? Seker om in een les elke leerder - wat verskillende belangstellings het - in die klas se aandag te hou en die les so aan te bied dat almal dit nie net geniet nie, maar ook daaruit leer. Wat is van Juffrou se gunstelling TV-reekse? Ek weet dis baie oud, maar FRIENDS sal maar altyd my gunsteling bly. En vir meer ernstige dae kyk ek Grey’s Anatomy. Waarna sien Juffrou die meeste uit by Parel Vallei? Ek sien uit na die Pearson uitruil, ek kan nie wag om deel te wees van so ‘n geleentheid van gees, “fun” en samewerking nie. Enige iets wat ons móét weet? Onthou: “Dis lekker om ‘n mens te wees, maar dan moet jy ‘n LEKKER mens wees.”

MISS LAUREN OERTLE - Jessica George Miss Oertle comes from Fish Hoek High School where she was teaching English and History. She joined Parel Vallei this year as our English teacher across the grades but will also be involved in the debating and coaching netball during the winter season. What led you to Parel Vallei? As an ex-Parel Vallei student, I have dreamed about teaching at this school as it is an incredible one which prides itself on its values, excellent standard of education and being an asset to this community through helping others. I couldn’t think of a better school! What was your first week like? My first week here brought back so many wonderful memories; lugging my brick bulldog around as a Grade 8 or reminiscing about my matric year and the elation I felt about being ‘top dog’ of the school. It was also fascinating to see the teachers who taught me, I was surprised to discover that they are indeed human beings with lives! Have things settled down a bit here? Yes, they are rather. I am still trying to remember to read the announcements before second break and after school but I am beginning to get into the swing of things. All my classes are wonderful and I find myself looking forward to every lesson. What inspired you to become a teacher? I was inspired to become a teacher whilst tutoring undergrad students. I remember the moment clearly; the class had been extremely unenthusiastic about studying the 19th century novel, Wuthering Heights. After a few classes, they were absorbed in the plot and we were having the most amazing discussions about the book. I realized that this is what I wanted to do: instill a passion within learners for English, particularly literature.

This is what I wanted to do: instill a passion in learners...

What is the one thing you love most about teaching? Those moments when you see a learner really engaging and critically thinking about the subject matter. There is no better feeling than observing the sense of self-pride that is felt after they achieve their personal best! What are your favourite hobbies? Reading, travelling, long walks, watching musicals and plays. What are some of your goals for this year?

Get to know all my classes and their names! Inspire learners to reach their true potential and to feel passionate about English. I’ve also recently started a blog about experiences in education and learner identities; with only one entry, my goal is to become an avid blogger... unlikely!

Juffrou van der - Rouxvé Meyer


Dankbaar daar is van alle vorms hier, daar is reghoekigges, driehoekiges en rondes, maar die meeste lyk vir my soos hartjies.

Wat was Juffrou se eerste indruk van die skool? Jong ek sien avontuurlustige kinders. Toe die skare kinders van die paviljoene opstaan en verdaag by jul huisatletiekbyeenkoms, kon ek nie glo dat ek nie een papiertjie sien wat agtergelaat word nie – nog nooit in Gauteng ervaar nie – iets word reg gedoen by die skool Hoekom het Juffrou IT gekies om as vak te gee? Ander vakke se afkortings is te lank en gedink ek kan gaan golf speel “I” “T”.. ;-)) – spot net - IT was bloot ‘n besigheidsbesluit toe ek op universiteit was, maar ek het gou hooked geraak op die dinamiese uitdagings wat dit bied. Ek is uit nature lief om te bedien – so nadat ek die nodige ondervinding in die privaatsektor opgetel het, en ek ‘n passie vir ‘n kind se ontwikkeling het, is ek nou ook hooked. Wat is Juffrou se gunstelling aspek van skoolhou? Om te sien hoe kinders nog dit kan geniet om nog kind te kan wees. Om kinders se oë dop te hou wanneer daar “lig opkom”. Om te sien hoe ‘n kind deur sy fases groei en insig kry.

Om te sien hoe kinders nog dit kan geniet om nog kinders kan wees. Om kinders se oë dop te hou wanneer daar “lig opkom”.

Vertel ons meer van Juffrou se kinders? Hoe oud is hulle? Hul name? Buiten die wat blaf en miaau, het ek drie rakkers. Maar hul steek my nou verby. Gideon is 19 en het so 2 jaar gelede via youtube video’s homself geleer om kitaaar te pick. Nou kan hy nie ophou nie. Hy is nou in die landbou rigting. Stefan is nou 18 en eerstejaar op universiteit by Stellenbosch. Hy hou van sport en pak byna elke moontlike sport aan. Dan is my jongste ‘n handige kreatiewe persoon wat nog tiener is. As Juffrou nie ‘n onderwyser was nie, wat sou Juffrou wou doen? Langs die strand uitspan, perd ry en kite surfing … mmm.. weet nie of ek nou eintlik sal oorleef daarop nie.

“Just do it” moenie te veel redeneer oor nuwe uitdagings nie. “Geniet wat jy ookal doen”, dan sal jy goed daarin doen.

Het Juffrou enige stokperdjies? Ons het grootgeword met die wete dat wanneer jy iets nodig het, maak dit. So enige iets wat interessant lyk trigger my. Elke ding op sy tyd. Ek hou van naaldwerk, maak van my eie klere, maak die meeste van my eie juweliersware, het my eie kombuiskaste gebou, huisplanne te teken en ek hou van tuin maak. So nou-en-dan speel ek cello. … hou daarvan om met my kinders te stoei, maar hul raak nou te sterk, en met hul moeilikheid te soek. Wat dink Juffrou van die onderwysers by PV? Dankbaar daar is van alle vorme hier: daar is reghoekiges, driehoekiges en rondes, maar die meeste lyk vir my soos hartjies. Waar het Juffrou al oral skool gehou en waar was dit vir Juffrou die beste? (en hoekom?)

Die wilde weste van Gauteng het my getem. Kyk, elke skool het iets baie besonders en besonderse kinders. Elke skool het kinders wat jou iets leer, elke skool het kinders wat honger is vir iets en dis lekker om daardie behoefte te probeer aanvul en uit elke skool neem jy ietsie saam vir die res van jou lewe. PV – aangename ervaring. Wat is Juffrou se snaakste ervaring as onderwyser al so ver? Mmm.. ek het een dag ‘n jas in die tuimeldroëer gegooi. Daar was klitsgras (velcro) onder die kappie. Ek dra die jas heel dag. En toe ek afbuk 2’e pouse toe swaai daar ‘n lang wit sokkie oor my skouer verby, waarvan die een punt nog aan die klitsgras vassit. (Gelukkig was dit nie iets anders nie.) Kon nie anders as om vir dié most embarrassing moment ook uit te bars van die lag nie. Gunsteling... Fliek:Mamma Mia Kleur: Blou Winter of Somer: Albei Tee of Koffie: Decaf/Rooibos Kos: Chop Suey

Miss Nel - Kimberley Muzwhewe

What inspired you to become a teacher? I took a year off after school, during which I worked at a summer camp and this started my love for working with children. When I graduated from varsity I moved to Hong Kong where I taught English and this is what made me want to be a teacher. What was school like in your day? School was almost the same but the technology was lot less advanced. If I didn’t know the answers to my homework, I had to find it in a textbook or encyclopaedia … Google wasn’t as easily accessible. What advice would you give to students? Do your homework. The more time you spend with a subject, the more likely you are to understand it. Also: enjoy your school years! Time will fly by and you will be an adult before you know it. High school is the best time of your life, that’s why I’ve decided to come back to school.

What excuses have you had for homework not done? Luckily I haven’t had too many excuses … yet. The only excuses I’ve heard so far were: - ‘I don’t have my textbooks yet’ & ‘I couldn’t open my locker’. How would you describe yourself in three words? Organised; enthusiastic; energetic What are your favourite sports? I love watching tennis, soccer and rugby, but mainly I like to run.

What are your pet peeves as a teacher? Homework not done ‌ What do you like about Physics? I liked Physics at school, so I thought I could try to encourage students to enjoy the subject too. Physics is a great subject because it gives us better insight into how the world works as well as the relationships between people and the things surrounding us. I like to know why reactions happen the way they do. What do you do in your spare time? I love being outdoors; camping, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

FAVOURITE... SONG: DJ Kent – Love You Still APP: Instagram MOVIE: Into the Wild SERIES: Masterchef Australia BOOK: Life of Pi

STANDER the sweet side to science - Chanel Bowen

Mrs Stander is one of our new Science teachers. You’ll probably recognise her by her auburn hair and gentle smile, but there is more to her than meets the eye...

Before PV, where were you? Somerset West Private School, but I like it here better.

What do you do in your free time?

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”

I don’t have a lot of free time. My son is 15 months old, so he takes up a lot of my time but I do like baking; reading – a lot; before, I would go mountain biking or running; and knitting.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you do? I love making food and eating it, so I’d always thought I’d have my own bakery or cake shop.

What’s one quote you’ll always remember and try to live by? I have one I’ve tried to teach to my students: dreams don’t work unless you do. If you want things but don’t put in the effort, it won’t happen.

What do you like most about teaching? I really love my subject and I love that while you’re teaching it, you get to understand your own subject better. I also like being able to help others understand it, as well as marking and setting different types of questions. Also, the diversity of the people in your class and working with other teachers too; it’s a social job. You’re not just in front of the computer by yourself. I like the holidays too.

What are you looking forward to at PV? I’m looking forward to Interschools. But also working more with all the people in the Physical Sciences team, I was previously just by myself. I’m keen to see how the students do in the tests and exams; and all the events that come with a bigger school.

Grew up in... Bellville Favourite place... At home, with family Favourite colour... Fuchsia pink – but green or blue to wear Favourite snacks... Yoghurt, chocolate, fruit and nuts

Van Niekerk

- Hugo Uys

Wat was Juffrou se eerste indruk van Parel Vallei? Die gebou het ek al met Eisteddfods en ander besoeke betree, maar as nuwe onderwyser was dit maar ‘n vreemde doolhof met gange in alle rigtings! Vreesaanjaend! Ek ontdek steeds nuwes! Wat die ontvangs betref – almal was baie vriendelik en bedagsaam wat ek teëgekom het en dit was veral lekker om bekendes uit my vorige lewe hier te kon raakloop.

Waar kom Juffrou vandaan? Gebore en getoë Stellenboscher, sommer uitgespreek “bosser”.

Waar het Juffrou vantevore skool gegee? By Paarl Gim; SACS; Fairmont High; Hoërskool Zwaanswyk; Reddam House —Tokai— en Paul Roos.

Wat vind Juffrou so aanloklik aan musiek? As daar ‘n sekere kleur bloed in jou are vloei en jou hart op ‘n sekere manier laat klop, dan leef jy volgens daardie polsslag. Dis onvermydelik! Nie biologies korrek nie, hoor!

Wie is Juffrou se grootste musikale inspirasie? My ouers het my blootgestel aan goeie musiek; — my ma het my al vroeg leer sing en op twee het ek al ‘n goeie repertoire gehad— en verskeie leermeesters en onderwysers het hul onderskeie stempels afgedruk. Moeilik om iemand uit te sonder. As kind was my geliefkoosde komponis Chopin en later jare het iemand soos Richard Strauss se musiek my baie geïnspireer. Wat is die mees uitdagende stuk wat Juffrou al gesing het? Die veeleisendste werk wat ek nog moes aanpak was ‘n eenakter/ solo-opera genaamd “The Human Voice” deur Poulenc waarin ek 45 minute oor ‘n telefoon moes “praat”-sing! Ek moes my manuskrip letterlik oral saamdra om dit geleer te kon kry.

Gunsteling film? Cinema Paradiso en natuurlik uit my kleintyd: The Sound of Music Gunsteling liedjie? I got rhythm, I got music… en vele ander! Gunsteling komponis? George Gershwin Gunsteling stokperdjie? Ontspan wanneer ek kan! Slaap! Cher of Madonna? Beslis nie Madonna nie... behalwe miskien in Evita!

Juffrou van der Merwe - HUGO UYS

PV is die jaar DRIE musiekonderwysers ryker. Blue Thread leer ken juffrou van der Merwe ‘n bietjie beter.

1) Waar kom Juffrou vandaan?


Ek is gebore ‘n Kapenaar. Ek het tot aan die einde van Graad 1 in Oudtshoorn grootgeword, maar ons het daarna verhuis Kaap toe, en ek het in die Noordelike voorstede grootgeword. Ek was einde ten laaste in Hoërskool Tygerberg. 5) Wat is die mees uitdagende stuk wat Juffrou al gespeel/gesing het? 2) Wat vind Juffrou so aanloklik aan musiek? Musiek is nie net iets wat ek doen nie, maar is deel van my. Dis my werk, my ontspanning, my stokperdjie, sommer alles in een. Daar is altyd ‘n musiekstuk of liefdjie vir elke bui: gelukkig of hartseer, opgewonde of eensaam. Dis ‘n taal waarin jy jouself kan uitdruk as die woorde opraak.

3) Waar het Juffrou vantevore skool gegee? My eerste pos was by Pionierskool vir Visueelgestremdes in Worcester. Vir vier jaar moes ek Braille leer en het ek die wêreld van die blindes leer ken. Daarna het ek vir 9 jaar by Primêre Skool Gordonsbaai skoolgegee. En nou die groot sprong Hoërskool toe – ek geniet elke oomblik!

4) Wie is Juffrou se grootste musikale inspirasie? Vir klassieke musiek moet ek sê die violis Joshua Bell. Hy is ‘n ongelooflike violis! Maar ek luister darem nie net heeldag na vioolmusiek nie! Ek het eintlik ‘n baie wye musieksmaak en vind inspirasie uit enige iemand wat dit wat hulle doen, goed kan

Ek sal moet sê die Schubert Arpeggione Sonate. Dit is ‘n altvioolstuk wat ek op universiteit gespeel het – toe ek nog tyd gehad het om 8 ure op ‘n dag te oefen!

6) Wat was Juffrou se eerste indruk van Parel Vallei? Ek is mal oor PV! Mnr Schenk en die personeel was van die eerste dag af so hartlik en behulpsaam. Almal het gehelp dat ek gou kon tuis voel. Dis regtig ‘n wonderlike skool om by te werk! 7) Wat is Juffrou se verwagtinge vir die toekoms by Parel Vallei? Ek het baie idees! Veral vir die viool-afdeling. Ek wil graag mooi musiek aanpak en konsert hou! Verder wil ek altyd my leerders aanmoedig om hul potensiaal te bereik. As onderwyseres is my grootste beloning as my leerders goed vaar en

“...verder wil ek altyd my leerders aanmoedig om hul potensiaal te bereik.”

SNELVUURVRAE: Gunsteling film? Scent of a Woman Gunsteling liedjie? Calon Lan – ‘n Walliese volksliedjie

Gunsteling komponis? Bach Gunsteling stokperdjie? Fliek of lees Queen of The Beatles?


Meneer Grundling - Hugo Uys

Waar kom Meneer vandaan? Planeet Aarde, maar om meer spesifiek te wees, 'n klein dorpie genaamd Uitenhage, bekend vir sy Volkswagenfabriek. Wat vind Meneer so aanloklik aan musiek? Die stiltes. Ghandi het gesê, "Speak only if it improves upon the silence." Ons kleur die stiltes in met musiek. Waar het Meneer vantevore skool gegee? Hoërskool Hugenote in Wellington, asook Fairbairn College in die Kaap. Deeltyds 'n stint gedoen by die Stellenbosch Universiteit, maar daar is te min orreliste oor om 'n bestaan te maak. Wie is Meneer se grootste musikale inspirasie? Sekerlik my ma wat eerstens my blootgestel het daaraan. Asook Bach - hy het oor die 20 uur se orrelmusiek geskryf. Dis 'n hunkerende droom om al sy stukke te speel eendag. Wat is die mees uitdagende stuk wat Meneer al gespeel het? 'n Stuk deur J. Reubke - Psalm 94. Dis 'n halfuurlange kragtoer op die orrel, met ongelooflike tegniese jakkalsdraaie en 'n uitdaging om musikaal sin te maak van die drie uitmergelende bewegings. Wat was Meneer se eerste indruk van Parel Vallei? Baie blou. En die vriendelike personeel wat mens heeltemal oorweldig met hul gasvryheid en liefde. Wat is Meneer se verwagtinge vir die toekoms by Parel Vallei? “A life that is burdened with expectations is a heavy life. Its fruit is sorrow and disappointment.” - Douglas Adams Dus, geluk en vrede.

Gunsteling film? Life is Beautiful

Ons kleur die stiltes in met musiek.

Gunsteling liedjie? Dit verander kort-kort. Maar op die oomblik Ik heb je lief van Stef Bos Gunsteling komponis? Bach Gunsteling stokperdjie? Squash/Krieket Beyoncé of Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga

Mr. Fritz

- Rouxvé Meyer

Where did you grow up? Virginia (Free State).

Which rugby team do you support? My bloed is blou and I support the Springboks.

What was your first impression of the school? Started 4 years ago as a rugby coach and I realised PV had lots of potential to become a top rugby school.

What are you looking forward to most this year at Parel Vallei? PV’s rugby season and to coach the WP u/16 rugby team for the first time..

Is there anyone special in your life? Yes, my fiancé.

My bloed is blou…

What is your favourite part about teaching? Listening to learners point-of-view.

If you had a million rand today, what would you do? Pay my outstanding study fees at UWC and plan a wedding.

What motto do you live by? You only grow/develop as a person when you don’t feel like doing something but you do it anyway.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you want to do? Coach Provincial/International Rugby.

What are some of your hobbies? Reading books & cooking.

“Every Block of Stone has a Sculpture inside of it and it is the Task of the Sculptor to Find it Michelangelo

WHAT IS GIG? - Jessica George

There is definitely more to GIG than meets the eye. On the surface it may seem like just a quiet club that meets occasionally to chat. Far be it from that! This year for the first time there is a committee of 21 students. GIG is a teeming with life this year and plans to be there as a club that offers relevancy in our ever changing world. We hope to be culturally relevant without becoming spiritually irrelevant. So what happens at GIG? Well if you came along to a meeting at second break you would soon find out that we don’t grab you and bash you over the head with a Bible and wash your mouth out with soap for having ever sworn in your life! We are actually a bunch of students who have questions like anyone else, like “Is God out there” and “does He really care about me?” and “if God is there- how do I speak to Him? How do I reach Him and how does He reach me?” And of course the all-important question, “Can He help me in exams?” At GIG one of our highlights was organizing “love week” which was the week of 14th February. We got to decorate the sports hall and invite some speakers. Love week began in 1999 and was the vision of Jessica Fullard. It became an annual event and was run by the SCA — GIG. This year we were inspired by the theme of passion for sport (and,thank the Lord we won Interschools

otherwise it might not have gone down so well!) But God is large and He’s in charge! We got one of our very own, very brave moms, Elsmarie Coetzee to come and speak on the Friday. She has been through trials and challenges to make it in her sporting field and she and Marius gave a powerful message of not giving up when things get tough. We often invite some incredible people to come and speak at GIG. These people have met Jesus and can personally share with us what Jesus has done in their lives. Over these next few weeks we have Dezi, the youth pastor at Life Church, coming to talk. Also Josh Krige, an old PV student and youth pastor at New Generation Church. We are also going to be looking at “Why did Jesus die on the cross?” just to explain that Easter is about more than just chocolate eggs.

At GIG we don’t sit in a stuffy classroom discussing things. We try to get out and this year we have had a day camp for the committee. We plan on doing several social events in the year. GIG offers an amazing opportunity where students who are so different are able to get together and build friendships. We have some exciting things planned for this year. We have tickets for a rugby match to be given out – kindly donated by our Wednesday “love week” speaker, Marius Schoeman from the 7’s academy here in Cape Town. We also have some tickets for the Hillsong conference coming up in April. We are definitely not a stagnant, naval gazing group. We have a dynamic bunch of people here with hearts of gold. Lané and Louché du Plessis are heading up an outreach programme where GIG will get involved in raising funds and support for the NGOs we support in our local community like Little Angels, Night Shelter and Op die Plaas. James, Jesus’ brother asked what good it is believing in Jesus if you are merely a hearer and not a doer of His word. The overwhelming evidence for Jesus has demanded a verdict and GIG is responding by getting involved on a practical hands-on level by extending a relevant platform for anyone at our school who would like to come and find out more and get involved.

We aspire to retain a God-centered worldview so that ultimately the school can view our God.

Verlief & Verloof...



- Reneé van Zyl

Wanneer ‘n mens jonk is, droom jy partykeer oor die man wat eendag by jou gaan pas. ‘n Mens droom oor hoe jy hom gaan ontmoet en waaroor hy passievol gaan wees. Wel , Juffrou Enslin het hare ontmoet en ons is nuuskierig... Waar en wanneer het Juffrou Juffrou se verloofde ontmoet?

Waar was Juffrou se eerste afspraak saam met hom en hoe het dit verloop?

Ek het my verloofde in 2013 op Stellenbosch in ‘n studentehuis ontmoet. Ek het by ‘n vriendin se huis vir ons Fisiologie-halfjaareksamen gaan studeer. En daar,in dieselfde studentehuis, het Jaco Swanepoel ook gewoon.

Dit was ‘n kerk-sokkie. Dit was nie noodwendig ‘n ‘date’ nie; enigei emand kon gaan. Ek het saam met ‘n paar van my vriendinne gegaan en van ons gemeenskaplike vriende was ook daar. Een van dié vriende het dit goed gedink om ons te laat saam dans, maar ek en Jaco was altwee baie skaam en het mekaar die hele aand vermy. Ons het geweet die mense wil hê ons moet saam dans en toe op ‘n punt het Jaco het genoeg moed bymekaar geskraap en my kom vra vir ‘n dans. Een dans het sommer in drie liedjies oorgeloop – dit was natuurlik baie lekker! Hy kan goed dans, so dit was definitief ‘n pluspunt.

Wat was Juffrou se eerste indruk van hom?

Hy het gesê hy kom van Bloemfontein. My eerste gedagte was: Wat doen ‘n mens in Bloemfontein? Ek was op daardie stadium nog net een keer in Bloemfontein en buiten Mimosa Mall en stofpaaie het daar nie veel aangegaan nie. Ek het natuurlik later besef daar is baie meer aan die plek as net Mimosa Mall en sy stofpaaie… Bloem-mense is lekker mense! Wat is die eerste ding wat hy en Juffrou in gemeen gehad het? Ek het aanvanklik nie gedink daar is enigeiets wat ek en my verloofde in gemeen het nie. Hy kom van ‘n heeltemal ander wêreld as ek: hy kom van die droë Bloemfontein, het BRek geswot en hy is by Finansies en besigheid betrokke, terwyl ek van ‘n klein kusdorpie — met baie water! — kom, BSc geswot het en in die onderwys is. Die eerste ding wat ek besef het ons in gemeen het, is dat ons na dieselfde kerk toe gaan en beide gelowiges is. Ons altwee hou van uitdagings, en ja, ons hou van die buitelewe en avontuur, alhoewel dit nou na ‘n baie generiese antwoord klink!

Wanneer het Juffrou geweet hy is die regte een? Dis eintlik ‘n baie interessante storie. Ek en Jaco was nege maande vriende voor ons begin uitgaan het. Ons het vir twee jaar lank uitgegaan. Ek het baie vrese oor die huwelik gehad, want ons altwee se ouers is geskei en dit was ‘n groot struikelblok. Seker ‘n maand voordat ons uitgemaak het, het ek vrede gekry en besef die Here het hom in my lewe geplaas en ek hoef nie meer te vrees vir die huwelik nie. En toe maak ons uit, wat vir my baie sleg was! Vandag weet ons dit was eintlik die beste ding wat kon gebeur het. Hy het baie dinge soos hoe hy voel oor trou en goed wat in sy verlede gebeur het, uitgesorteer. Ek het ook baie goed in my eie lewe uitgesorteer. Dit het my by ‘n punt gebring waar ek regtig net moes oorgee aan die Here. Ek het besef die Here se paadjie is hoe ook al dit moet wees, so ek het nie verwag dat Jaco gaan terugkom nie. Ons was vir ‘n jaar uit toe hy wéér my hart probeer wen het. Na hy teruggekom het, het ons vir vier maande uitgegaan voor hy my gevra het om met hom te trou. Ons het met die tweede keer eintlik van die begin af geweet ons gaan trou, want ons gaan nie mekaar se tyd mors nie. Ek het net nie gedink hy gaan my onmiddellik vra om te trou nie! Ja, en nou gaan ons trou! 

Hoe het hy vir Juffrou gevra om te trou? Hy het my laat dink ons is deel van die ekstras vir ‘n konsepfilm wat een van sy vriende maak. Ons het hom ‘gehelp as ‘n guns’. Die vriend het my selfs gebel en gevra of ons kan help en my laat dink dis 100% waar. Ons het op drie ‘dates’ gegaan vir die film en ek moes voor elkeen raai wat dit gaan wees. Ons het eers in ‘n dam gaan swem, toe gaan roomys en middagete eet en daarna moes ek netjies aantrek en geblinddoek saamstap. Toe hy die doek afhaal, was ons in ‘n woud. Voor my was ‘n romantiese piekniek met die letters ‘sal jy met my trou?’ wat in die wind waai.

As Juffrou moes terugkyk na Juffrou se skooljare, hoe het Juffrou se ‘ideaal’ verander? Ek was eintlik so verward oor my ideaal. Ek dink elke meisie se droom is dit moet hierdie cool ou wees, hy moet in die ‘popular gang’ wees – ‘tall, dark and handsome’- tipe van ding. Ek het nooit eintlik ‘n spesifieke ideaal op skool gehad nie, alhoewel blonde outjies vir my baie oulik was. Wat vir my verander het, is dat ek besef het die persoon moet regtig die Here liefhê, en as hy eerste die Here liefhet, sal hy my soveel beter liefhê. Ek dink nie ‘n mens besef dit op skool nie. Jy dink so half, ag jy weet, ‘I’ll give this a try’ en op die ou end kry twee mense se harte eintlik maar net baie seer. Ek het nie veel gedate of so nie, maar ek is nou glad nie spyt daaroor nie, want dit het my in ‘n mate beskerm.

Het Juffrou enige raad wat verhoudings betref aan ons as leerders? Mens moet dit nie te ligtelik sien nie, want veral as mens op skool is, is jy baie emosioneel en nog besig om jouself te vind. Moenie ‘n ingesteldheid hê van: “Ek wil dit nou maar net uitcheck nie,” want op die ou end is dit twee mense wat seerkry as dit nie uitwerk nie. Dit veroosaak ‘scars’ wat ‘n mens moet regmaak voor jy weer in ‘n nuwe verhouding kan ingaan. Moenie jou pêrels te veel uitgee vir ander mense nie, want dis moeilik om daardie pêrels weer terug te kry.

“Couples who pray together, stay together.”

Sal Juffrou asseblief vir ons ‘n bietjie detail oor Juffrou se troue gee?

Sê vir ons in ‘n paar sinne wat Juffrou dink die

Ons gaan 30 April op my ma-hulle se fynbosplaas buite Stanford in ‘n klein stoortjie trou. Dit gaan heeltemal ‘n DIYtroue wees. Ek gaan drie strooimeisies hê: my beste vriendin van Namibië, my woonstelmaat Lindy,en my sussie wat 7 jaar jonger as ek is. Ons meisies is baie dieselfde; ons hou nie veel van hakke dra nie, ons is plat op die aarde meisies.  Dit is hoe ek en Jaco ook is: plat-op-die-aardemense. Ons troue gaan ‘n plaas vibe hê. Die seremonie gaan by Beloftebos wees, maar die onthaal en al die res gaan op die plaas by my ma-hulle wees.

belangrikste is vir ‘n soliede verhouding.

Die belangrikste is dat die Here die middelpunt moet wees, want ek het geleer ‘n mens kan so gou, sonder dat mens dit besef, ‘n afgod maak van jou verhouding. Dit is so lekker dat ‘n mens vergeet dat dit ‘n geskenk van die Here af is.

Ons almal wens vir Juffrou-hulle ‘n perfekte dag vol seën en vreugde . Dit is so spesiaal as paartjies die Here eerste stel . Dankie vir die goeie voorbeeld wat Juffrou vir ons stel . Ons is baie opgewonde en hoop om ‘n paar foto’s in die volgende uitgawe te sien .

Wat gaan Juffrou se nuwe van wees? Swanepoel – Roelene Swanepoel, dit het nogals ‘n lekker ‘ring to it’.


J - Zoë Naude

In November last year, Miss Buchan got engaged! The Blue Thread would like to wish her and her fiancée the best of wishes. Zoë Naudé sat down with her

to get the scoop on: him, them and the wedding. How did the two of you meet? We met in 2009 at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner party. If you could describe your fiancée in three words what would they be?

Loving, adventurous and definitely handsome.

What is your favourite: Couple outing/activity? We love the outdoors and we are very active. We love running together even though he is faster than me! Place to eat out? We have so many but Millhouse at Lourensford is always a winner! Movie to watch? We actually watch more series than movies, as we have very different tastes when it comes to movies. Suits is our favourite . Do the two of you have a 'song’? We actually don’t, we need to find one before the wedding I guess! LOL!

How did he pop the question?

It started as a normal Friday afternoon. He booked me in for a massage at Thai Sabai as I had just finished a seven-day stage race so it wasn’t really suspicious that he did that.. When we got home, the lounge was filled with big white helium balloons and vases of Barberton daisies, my favourite flower. He got down on one knee and the rest was history as they say. We ended our evening with dinner at Hidden Valley. The food was out of this world! Was it a surprise? Yes! I was so surprised and over-whelmed I forgot to say yes and just said ‘thank you’ instead. Have you started planning the wedding yet? Yes, we have. Our date is the 4th of November 2017 —the same day we got engaged in 2016. Is it as stressful as they say? No, I haven’t found it stressful at all. Jared is helping a lot with the planning so it has been fun thus far. Maybe closer to the time I might have a ‘bridezilla’ moment! LOL!!

What is your idea of the perfect wedding? A day spent with my family and closest friends, celebrating our love and creating memories. Good food and great music is very important!

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten , never let it disappear. ”

Die Steenkamps

Hy sê

Vergeet van Romeo & Juliet, want PV het…

- Hugo Uys & Reneé van Zyl

Hoe lank is Meneer vanjaar met Juf. Steenkamp getroud?

Jong, dit moet 27 jaar wees. Waar en wanneer het Meneer vir die eerste keer vir Juf. Steenkamp gesien? Ons was saam op universiteit – klas gedraf, maar nooit eens gesels nie. Ons het wel saam begin skoolhou in die Noord-Kaap en besef dat ons nie onbekend is aan mekaar nie. Klasse was toe al langs mekaar en na 30 jaar steeds langs mekaar. Watter raad kan Meneer vir ons gee wat verhoudings betref? Moenie so by mekaar betrokke raak dat julle julle vriendskappe afskeep nie. Wat as die ‘kys se handle’ breek? Wat is Meneer se idee van ‘n romantiese bederfie vir Juf Steenkamp? Ete, wyn en rustig kuier. Wat behels Valentynsdag in Meneer-hulle se huis? Gelukkig is die verjaarsdae naby; dus gee ons Valentynsdag se gelduitgee ‘n mis. Is Meneer-hulle gelukkig om by dieselfde skool te werk? Ja, ons verstaan mekaar se werkslading en verstaan waarom dinge op onheilige ure plaasvind! Wat is, volgens Meneer, die ‘gom’ wat ‘n verhouding aanmekaar hou? Gee mekaar ruimte en die verhouding draai nie om jou alleen nie! As Meneer ‘n woord moes gee wat Meneer-hulle se verhouding die beste beskryf, wat sou dit wees? Aanvaarding... En geduld Wat is ‘n sê-ding of geit van Juf. Steenkamp wat Meneer steeds interessant vind na al die jare?

“Is die Pous katoliek?” As Meneer in Meneer se kinderjare moes weet dat so baie jongmense opkyk na Meneer se huwelik, wat sou Meneer gedink het? Scary! En laastens, na al hierdie jare saam... glo Meneer dat Meneer ooit vrouens sal verstaan? Nee, dit is wat hulle so spesiaal maak en oor eeue ons mans laat wonder!

“Ons het ‘n navolgens voorbee ouerhuise g hoe ‘n men jou huwe optr

Sy sê

n baie mooi, swaardige eld in ons gehad van ns teenoor eliksmaat ree”

Hoe lank is Juffrou vanjaar met mnr. Steenkamp getroud? Op 24 Maart 2017 sal dit 27 wonderlike jare wees. Waar en wanneer het Juffrou vir mnr. Steenkamp ontmoet? Ons was saam in dieselfde Afrikaans-Nederlands-klasse op Stellenbosch, maar het nooit ‘n woord met mekaar gepraat nie. Toe ek vyf jaar later ‘n kwartaal na mnr Steenkamp by die Hoërskool Calvinia in die Noord-Kaap instap, het ek besef ek ken hom van sien. Ons het gemeenskaplike belangstellings gedeel en natuurlik albei Afrikaans gegee. Die res is geskiedenis. As Juffrou ‘n aanhaling moes gee wat Juffrou-hulle se verhouding die beste beskryf, wat sou dit wees? Doen aan ander soos jy aan jouself gedoen wil hê. Watter raad kan Juffrou vir ons gee wat verhoudings betref? Lag baie, respekteer mekaar, wees eerlik met mekaar, verskil soms, help mekaar en deel belangstellings. Wat is volgens Juffrou die ‘gom’ wat ‘n verhouding aanmekaarhou? Wedersydse respek, getrouheid, liefde, geloof en ‘n baie goeie humorsin. Ons almal weet Juffrou is ‘n begaafd in die kombuis, het Juffrou al ooit die gesegde, die pad na ‘n man se hart is deur sy maag, getoets? O ja, dis hoe mnr. Steenkamp hom laat vang het… Wat is Juffrou se idee van ‘n romantiese afspraak? Tuis, waar ons lekker gesellig saam kosmaak, ‘n glasie goeie wyn drink en om die eetkamertafel gesels. Wat behels Valentynsdag in Juffrou-hulle se huis? Dis ‘n dag soos enige ander dag. Daar word nie eintlik iets spesiaals gedoen nie. Ons sê darem vir mekaar: “Gelukkige Valentynsdag!” En dis te naby aan ons verjaarsdae!

Hou Juffrou daarvan dat daar ‘n spesiale dag uiteengesit is om liefde te vier, of dink Juffrou dat ons dit eerder elke dag moet onthou en ons ingesteldhede daarop bou? Elke dag moet Valentynsdag wees: ‘n mens is tog elke dag lief vir jou ander helfte. Die idee van Valentynsdag moet elke dag in jou verhouding gestalte vind. Is dit voordelig om by dieselfde skool te werk? Ja, definitief. Ons kan lekker idees uitruil en hulp verleen. Ons is ook ‘n klankbord vir mekaar, wat dit spesiaal maak. Omdat ons weet wat die ander se werk, vreugdes en frustrasies is, is dit maklik om ondersteuning te gee en te verstaan. Wat is die sê-ding van mnr. Steenkamp wat Juffrou steeds interessant vind na al die jare? “Jy kan my kielie as ek weet.” As Juffrou in Juffrou se kinderjare sou kon weet dat so baie mense gaan opkyk na Juffrou se standvastige huwelik, wat sou Juffrou gedink het? Ons het ‘n baie mooi, navolgenswaardige voorbeeld in ons ouerhuise gehad van hoe ‘n mens teenoor jou huweliksmaat optree; dus is dit natuurlik dat ons dit navolg. Ek dink ek sou bly wees om ‘n goeie voorbeeld te stel.





H E L LO & G

At the end of this year we will b some of their legacies will live puppies on their way to beco


be greeting our matrics. Luckily, e on. These are some of our oming matriculant bulldogs.

Devon (matric) & Liam (grade 8)

Katja (matric) & Nicholas (grade 8)

Cameryn (matric) & Sean (grade 8)

Michaela (matric) & Ben (grade 8)

Tamia (matric) & Tsepo (grade 8)

Liam (matric) & Anke (grade 8)

Abigail (matric) & Dylan (grade 8)

Cullen (matric) & Kian (grade 8)

Annissa (matric) & Tristan (grade 8)

Craig (matric) & Courtney (grade 8)

Nicole (matric) & Megan (grade 8)

Casey (matric) & Roxanne (grade 8)

Marie-Claire (matric) & Laurielle (grade 8)

Rachel (matric) & Mitchelle (grade 8)


Skin Care

Photo : Harper & Harley

The DOs and DON’Ts of

SKINCARE - Chanel Bowen

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning and, “What’s happening to my face?!” You’re not alone. Keeping your skin crystal clear is a lot less daunting of a task than you might expect, but we all need a little push in the right direction – a bit of advice never hurt anyone. So without further ado, here’s what you should always do – and what you should never ever, ever do – for a glowing complexion. DO drink water! You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but you’re hearing it again: hydration is key. You should aim to drink between 2 to 3 litres a day. It doesn’t matter what else you do, if you’re not getting

enough H2O, your skin will never improve. So go all out: snag yourself a funky water bottle – hit up Typo for some – or put little reminders around to keep the water-drinking enthusiasm flowing.

DON’T stress yourself out! You might not know it, but a bad sleep cycle and too much stress can cause bad skin. Staying organised and chilled won’t only make you more relaxed, it’ll also give you glowing skin. Use a planner to stay on top of tasks and go to bed on time, preferably before the AM!

DO eat healthily! There’s no doubt about it, your diet is the leading factor in a clear complexion. Important foods to eat are: 

High zinc foods à chickpeas, pumpkin, cashews

Vitamin A foods à kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots

 

High-fibre foods à fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, oats

DON’T eat junk! Naturally, there are some foods that you should avoid at all costs. This includes: 

Greasy and processed foods  

Sugar Caffeine

DO have a routine! Even if your diet and hydration is 100% perfect, you need to wash your skin everyday in order to keep it squeaky clean. Make a routine and stick to it! Consistency is key.

DON’T irritate your face! You know you’re doing it, stop it right now! Touching your face just aggravates the skin, making it prone to breakouts. Keep your fingers and phones off your skin for a while, even lay off on makeup, and let your skin breathe.

VELSORGROETINE - Natasha Schmidt

Vir meeste tieners is dit die norm om aknee te hê, hoewel dit ‘n pyn in die nek is. Dit is baie moeite om altyd te onthou om jou vel in die oggend en aand te versorg, maar wanneer jou vel uiteindelik fantasties lyk, sal jy waarskynlik besef dat dit die moeite werd was. Hou by ‘n oggend- en aandroetine wat vir jou vel werk en pas die onderstaande roetine aan vir jou veltipe as dit nodig is.

Oggendroetine Begin sommer jou dag op ‘n verfrissende noot en was jou gesig met louwarm water. Moenie vergeet om af te droog met ‘n handdoek wat vir jou gesig bedoel is nie. As jy jou gesig met ‘n effense growwe lap of ‘scrub’ was, moet jy onthou om weer na die tyd jou gesig gou af te spoel om van die dooie selle ontslae te raak. ‘Down’ sommer ‘n glas water, want deur dit in jou vaste roetine in te werk, sal tot die langtermyn resultae bydra. Laastens, as jy besef jy het ‘n puisie wat regtig te groot of rooi is om heeldag mee rond te loop, kan jy Listerine of suurlemoensap daarop sit of vir ‘n rukkie of ys daarteen druk. Moet dit tog net nie druk nie.

Hierdie roetine is die belangrikste. In die aand moet jy jou buitenste, klei-agtige laag vel, o.b.a grimering, afskraap en jou bloed, sweet en trane afwas. Tienerwees is moeilik en dis nog moeiliker wanneer jou porieë so groot is dat jy jou koffie daarin kan skink.

Aandroetine As jy beplan om jou gesig te ‘scrub’ moet jy dit verkieslik net twee keer per week doen. Dit is die beste om dit in die aand te doen, want dan is jou gesig nie meer rooi die volgende dag nie. Was jou gesig met ‘n seep wat nie baie alkohol bevat nie, want dit droog mens se vel uit. As jou gesig geneig is om olierig te wees, gebruik ‘n skuimseep of gelseep en vir ‘n droeë vel, gebruik romerige seep. Gebruik weereens louwarm water. As jy vermoed dat ‘n puise in die oggend baie rooi en lelik gaan lyk, kan jy oornag tandepasta of suurlemoen aansit. Doen gerus navorsing oor die nut van baie ander huishoudelike produkte. Onthou om dit môre oggend af te skrop!

Shades of Grey

- Chantal Pretorious

The boys are


Photographer: Chantal Pretorius

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.



Beauty in Individuality - Kirsten Moffitt

We’re all unique. Individuals living side by side in our diverse country with many different styles is a perfect visual representation of this. STYLE is art. Fashion is merely a tool of expression for this art. Trends form part of the different mediums that create fashion and so we shape our personal daily visual expression. Expression that holds true to our unique personality. Uniqueness is the core of creativity, something so precious, so valuable in our society and yet the reoccurring pattern in modern society is that people are neglecting their personal style. Merely following the trends in hopes of fitting in. Yes, trends are important, but should they not rather be used as a tool for personal expression instead of replacing personal expression? The biggest injustice to yourself, is to dull down your individual style to fit in with “modern society’s” vision of what fashion and style means. That vision is constantly changing. Embrace who you are, stop comparing yourself to others, make the trends fit your style. Appreciate the uniqueness of the individuals around you and your art will be everlasting. “Fashions Fade, Style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

CATALOGUE - Jamie van Breda









Oefenprogram - Natasha Schmidt

5-dag Fiksheidsuitdaging Ja, dis ‘n bietjie laat om nou eers te begin werk aan daai ‘summer bod’ maar as jy nou ‘n voorsprong kry, gaan dit soveel makliker wees aan die einde van die jaar. Dalk maak dit op vir jou nuwejaarsvoorneme wat ineengestort het. Wat ook al jou rede is, hier is ‘n fiksheidsprogram vir ouens en meisies wat geen toerusting verg nie. Julle is uitgedaag.

Dag 1:

Dag 4:

10 push-ups

40 lunges (links en regs saam)

20 mountain climbers (links en regs saam)

60 sec. side plank aan elke kant

45 sec. plank

50 jumping jacks

15 backwards push-ups

25 burpees

15 squat jumps

80 sec. wall sit

30 calf raises (altwee bene saam)

30 crunches

Herhaal een keer. Onthou om voor en na die tyd te strek.

Herhaal een keer en koel af met 4 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd. Dag 5:

15 push-ups

Dag 2:

20 squat jumps

30 lunges (links en regs saam)

40 calf raises (altwee bene saam)

45 sec. side plank aan elke kant

20 mountain climbs

50 jumping jacks

30 crunches

20 burpees

70 sec. wall sit

Herhaal drie keer en hardloop vir 5 minute. Strek voor en na oefening

30 crunches Herhaal een keer en koel af met 2 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd.

Dag 3:

12 push-ups

25 mountain climbers (links en regs saam)

60 sec. Plank

20 backward push-ups

20 squat jumps

30 calf raises eers op die linkerbeen en dan op die regterbeen (apart)

70 sec. wall sit Herhaal een keer en koel af met 3 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd.


60 sec. wall sit

Dag 1:

10 push-ups

Dag 4:

20 mountain climbers (links en regs saam)

50 lunges (links en regs saam)

60 sec. plank

60 sec. side plank aan elke kant

15 backwards push-ups

50 jumping jacks

15 squat jumps

30 burpees

30 calf raises (altwee bene saam)

90 sec. wall sit

60 sec. wall sit

30 crunches

12 side push-ups aan elke kant

20 squats

2 min. high knees

2 min. step-up op ‘n trap

Herhaal een keer. Onthou om voor en na die tyd te strek.

Herhaal een keer en koel af met 4 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd.

Dag 2:

Dag 5:

30 lunges (links en regs saam)

20 push-ups

60 sec. side plank aan elke kant

20 burpees

50 jumping jacks

25 burpees

70 sec. wall sit

40 crunches

2 min. Step-up op ‘n trap

Herhaal een keer en koel af met 2 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd. Dag 3:

15 push-ups

30 mountain climbers (links en regs saam)

60 sec. side plank aan elke kant

20 backward push-ups

20 squat jumps

2 min. high knees

30 calf raises eers op die linkerbeen en dan op die regterbeen (apart) 90 sec. wall sit Herhaal een keer en koel af met 3 minute se hardloop. Strek voor en na die tyd.

20 mountain climbs

35 crunches

60 sec. wall sit Herhaal vier keer en hardloop vir 5 minute. Strek voor en na oefening


20 squats

40 calf raises (op altwee bene saam)

How To: Hack Studying - Nina Andro

Mix up your working environment by studying in different places, but avoid comfortable furniture such as beds or couches, as they may cause you to become sleepy.

While working, listen to music without lyrics, preferably acoustic or classical – every word you know will mentally distract you. There are loads of ‘studying’ playlists online, so stream one! Who knows? You may even discover a new love for instrumental music. Check out 8tracks for great free playlists.

Take some time every Sunday night to plan the week ahead – assignments, extra-murals, tests, when you want to do what.

Power naps. Seriously. If you’ve got a long stretch of studying ahead of you and you aren’t feeling too energetic, a short nap of 15-20 minutes will prevent that usual groggy after-nap feeling and leave you feeling refreshed. Make sure to keep your napping environment as dark and quiet as possible, and get up immediately when your alarm goes off.

Read over your notes within one day of taking them – your memory retention will be 60% higher!

When studying or doing homework, make sure you have everything you need before you sit down, so you won’t have to get up unnecessarily. For example, instead of fetching a glass of water every time you get thirsty, keep a full water bottle on your desk.

Don’t wear pyjamas when studying – you’ll have difficulty staying focused if you’re too comfy.

Instead of using for projects, research or school essays, use

- the results will be much more relevant and have been fact-checked, since they all come from books, citations or research papers..

Pack your school bag and glance

Keep the

over the following


day’s schedule the night before.

bright, especially if you’re tired.

Stress-free mornings make for a much better start to the day.

If you’re feeling very stressed or overwhelmed: watch funny cat videos. Research has shown that brief diversions such as this can improve your overall focus and make you more energetic. Not that we ever needed an excuse, but good to know.

trending - Lucia Niland

tren-ding | adjective

“ the general course or prevailing tendency or drift “

Instagram @ p a r e l v a l l e i marks the beginning of PV’s transition into today’s social media. Follow them for a new look at ‘what’s happening in and around our school’, and be sure to tag them in all your school/gees related posts for a chance to be featured on their page! PV JOU LEKKER DING!


Our favourite ginger has just blessed us with new music and released his third album, ÷, following in the mathematical footsteps of his + and x albums. If the 13,037,409 collective streams in twenty-four hours of his first two songs “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of you” are anything to go by, this album is going to be insane.

Facebook @buzzfeedtasty posts bite-sized videos and recipes that aren't completely impossible for a change, and that’ll make your mouth water. Whether you're looking for a quick snack to make from fridge leftovers or trying to impress someone with a dish, Tasty is definitely the place to go.

Pinterest Pinterest blogger @lukedeanweymark is an Australian-based travel enthusiast who posts everything from incredible travel photos that’ll make you want to drop everything and run to the airport, to fitness and guy’s fashion inspiration. This guy is definitely an asset to have on your pintrest feed, regardless of gender, so go follow him.

Soundcloud Bringing it closer to home, go subscribe to our very own Jordan Baumgart on soundcloud at @jrdn_official. He puts together some really sick electronic and future bass playlists and has started remixing and making his own music. So subscribe and stay tuned. This guy is going places.

“Flower child with a rock ‘n roll soul ”

Up and coming bands and artists - Natasha Schmidt

Check out my picks for the latest musical geniuses, if you haven’t heard of them already! Some of them have been climbing the ladder of the music industry for a while now and others have only recently been signed to a record label.

Jon Bellion Almost everyone has heard the song ‘All Time Low’ but do you know some of his MANY other songs like ‘Guillotine’ or ‘Jungle’ which is also very upbeat and catchy.

Hey Violet They quote Spongebob. Regularly. Not famous writers or iconic musicians. Spongebob. They have even assigned Spongebob characters to each of the four band members. The only guy in Hey Violet is often thought to be a girl, not that he looks anything like a girl. He dislikes wearing socks and he and their lead singer love headbanging to heavy metal.

Declan McKenna He’s gloriously awkward and just too cute with his dimples, freckles and English accent. It is no wonder this young star has blown up after winning Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2015 when he was only 16. At first, he looks like a typical brooding teenager who’s into the whole goth look. His songs deal with serious issues and have a slightly morbid and hyphenate undertone. However, his personality is far from that. He stressed out when he couldn’t remember the names of all the Spice Girls and constantly overuses the word ‘like’!

The Weathers With practically no information about the band and two lit songs thus far, I am waiting in suspense for what this Alternative/Indie Rock band will do next.

Matthew Mole I’m proud to say that this local musician (based in Cape Town) makes quality music and his latest album, ‘Run’, contains some of the best Folk I’ve heard with a bit of Pop and Electronic to spice it up.

Ruth B A lot of her songs like ‘Lost Boy’ and ‘Two Poor Kids’ speak to

the misfits and underdogs that we all have inside us. She started out singing songs on the ‘late’ Vines (RED Rest in peace, good friend.)

Melanie Martinez

Halsey This extroverted singer has a very bubbly personality and bubblegum-coloured hair. She once surprised a little girl who was interviewing her when she tried asking the young interviewer questions as well. Not only did she reverse roles here, but she is also more of a fangirl than any other celebrity, asking for autographs from people like Donald Trump, George Bush, a cast member of ‘Gossip Girl’ and Britney Spears.

There is just too much too say about this eccentric and slightly unnerving artist, so I’ll keep it short. You will probably either love her music or despise it, so why not find out? She definitely puts up a good show in her dramatic music videos when she is almost always playing a deranged toddler—the best example is her song, ‘Cry Baby’.

200g Plain Flour

½ Tsp Baking Powder

50g or ¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar

100g or ½ cup White Sugar

110g or 8 tbsp Butter

50g or ¼ Cup chocolate chips

14 Oreo Cookies

1tsp Vanilla extract

Let’s Bake! Firstly make sure to preheat the oven to 180°C. Start by melting the butter, and beat in the sugar until fully mixed together. Carefully add in the egg and vanilla until just mixed, don’t overbeat the mixture. Crush up your Oreo Cookies. You can do this by popping them in a plastic bag and crushing them with a rolling pin.

Oreo cookie cookies


Add the flour into the butter mixture and mix together until fully incorporated, try not to over mix as to make sure they stay light and fluffy! Then stir in the chocolate chips and crushed up cookies. Using your hands, or spoons if you don’t like getting messy, form small balls and pop onto a lined baking tray leaving a bit of space for the cookies to spread out. Put the tray into the oven and bake for 9 – 11 minutes, depending on your oven, until the cookies are lightly golden brown. Slide them onto a rack to cool and they’re all done. - Kirsten Moffitt

Caramel Apple Spiced Latte You will need: 

For the Caramel Apple Syrup One cup of apple juice

3 Tbsp Brown sugar

a Quarter tsp cinnamon

For the Syrup: In a medium sized saucepan add the apple juice, brown sugar and cinnamon together. Stir the mixture, letting it come to a boil. Let this boil for about ten minutes until it becomes a thick syrup. Make sure to pour your syrup into a jar so that you can save what you don’t use for later. Now for the latte: Add one Tbsp of the Caramel Apple Syrup into a mug. Add about two Tbsps of strong coffee into the mug and pour in a bit of hot water, making sure to mix everything together. Fill the rest of your cup with hot milk, topping it off with foam or whipped cream. You can always drizzle some of the syrup over the mug for aesthetic appeal and there you go, It’s the perfect treat for any autumn day!

Java Bistro & CO - Charl Wiehahn

This little Bistro, located in Stellenbosch and at The Sanctuary, is the textbook definition of a hidden gem. With a contemporary feel to the food and restaurant it is a refreshing take on an old school Bistro. Serving everything from breakfast to delicious dinners for the family or date night, you can be assured that the food will not disappoint. Java offers healthy options such as wraps and has mouth watering loaves and cakes which is freshly made every day. With fairly decent prices you are also assured not to break the bank when going for lunch. So take the night off from cooking, grab a couple of friends and go out for a mouth watering meal. 10 Niblick Way | The Sanctuary Or contact them @ 021 492 3896

Barbarian Days:

Surfing Lessons

- Alice Torrpa

William Finnegan's Barbarian Days: Surfing Lessons is a book that, contrary to first glance, does not serve as a guide to all things surfing. Though, it does contain some fruitful surfing terminology, for example, a 'frube' is a surfer who basically fails at life and doesn't catch a single wave the entire time that he or she is in the water. Oops? Barbarian Days is in fact an absorbing memoir of Finnegan's life as a surfer, riding waves across the world. He recounts his gnarly days of adolescence, learning to surf in California and Hawaii and his epic adventures ripping aggro waves from the South Pacific to Africa.

Finnegan's addictive words perfectly capture the danger of going out into the endless ocean, before the sun has risen, your only company a board and the smell of salt water, risking it all for the sweet thrill. Several times in the book, the award-winning writer recounts how he is nearly drowned or dashed against the rocks.

This book is a very personal exploration of his total immersion in surfing. Finnegan is brilliant in that he knows exactly when to be funny and when to be, well, not so funny. He recounts the time in his life when he realised that surfing was not truly his calling, and more of a hobby.

When he finds a job teaching black children in apartheid South Africa, it is the start of another journey: to find the stories in the world with the most power and pull. I recommend this book to anyone with of a passion for adventure, coming-of-age stories and total radicalness. Seriously, you'll be 'totes stoked, brah, this book's sick, dude.

Grab it in bookstores now! Maybe it will inspire you to get to the beach and catch some waves. Cowabunga.

La La Land

- Hugo Uys

The days of extravagant technicolour musicals conservatism and innovation? has long since passed, or so I thought… It is certainly true that the singing and dance ‘La La Land’ certainly changed my mind. is far from professional and has much room Director Chazelle reunites modern Los for improvement, but it suits the film. Angeles with the long lost nostalgia of 1960s ‘La La Land’ carries itself with effortless ease musicals. The doe-eyed Emma Stone plays as and a constant sense of spontaneity, much young, aspiring actress, Mia who dreams of like life does. Hollywood stardom, but until then she runs Chazelle and his editor, Tom Cross, also between fruitless auditions and a coffee shop famously worked on 2014’s ‘Whiplash’. The till on the Warner Brothers studio lot. The pair have an undeniable aptitude for sensing film follows the romance between her and the underlying pulse of each scene and Sebastian, played by the one and only, Ryan perfectly slipping it into the larger picture. Gosling. Sebastian desperately fights for the ‘La La Land’ certainly deserves all the praise it survival of jazz, with half-hearted ambitions has been receiving. It can proudly stand of owning his own club. alongside the cinematic musical landmarks Behind the film’s colourful set, quirky comedy and refreshing romance, lies some deeper, more serious questions. What is the price you pay for fame? When is it time give up on unrealistic dreams? How do you find the balance between

that it strived to honour. I guarantee that you will have tears in your eyes by the end of this long overdue masterpiece.

5 “Frozen yogurt is tastier than ice cream; nobody is too old for cartoons and everything should be available in the colour pink, including monster trucks.�

The Fourth Panel - Craig Weber

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