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Letter from the Editor And so another year has come and gone. As we stand here at the end of 2016, it truly is bittersweet. We are now forced to say goodbye to the Matrics of ’16. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially not to such a diverse group. We wish the (ex-)Matrics all the best with whatever comes next. Not to mention the brilliant staff members that will be moving on from this chapter of their lives. Every cloud has a silver lining, however. As we move into 2017 we warmly embrace change. This past term has allowed ample time for the handover to the new prefect system. We welcome the idea of new challenges and joys that lay ahead. In hierdie uitgawe leer ons die nuwe hoofleiers ken, groet ons van ons personeel, stel ons die nuwe Blue Thread-span voor en spog ons met kunstige blackout poetry. From everyone on the Blue Thread team we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please stay safe during all your travels and adventures. Come back next year with a revived spirit and some unbelievable holiday stories. Happy Holidays



- Hugo Uys

What does the Blue Thread mean to you? It is a metaphor for pride and passion that keep us together as a school. As jy na volgende jaar kon weet jy het een ding verander in die skool, wat sal jy wil hê moet dit wees? Om die leerders meer te laat wil na skool geleenthede kom liewers as om te voel hul word geforseer. What do you like the most about PV? The ‘gees’ around interschool times. Also the many opportunities the school offers and the willingness of everyone to help. Waarna sien jy die meeste uit vir volgende jaar? Om al die gebeurtenisse by die skool vir die laaste keer te ervaar, maar met nuwe entoesiasme omdat dit die laaste keer is.

Snelvuur Vrae: Gunsteling Film: Million Dollar Arm Gunsteling liedjie: Kan nie kies nie! Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars, Heroes – David Bowie, Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede, Vienna – Billy Joel, Some Nights – FUN., Free Electric Band – Albert Hammond Koffie of Tee: KOFFIE! Gunsteling Kleur: Pink Gunsteling Aanhaling: It’s not about the number of breaths you take; it’s about the number of moments that take your breath away.

What does the Blue Thread mean to you? The Blue Thread, simply put, means to me that we, the people here, are joined together at Parel Vallei, our intellectual home, in the sense that we all have common and also different goals. We all have good and bad qualities. We all have our differences, but also our own solutions and a keen optimism for a better future in this country. That I firmly believe. What is the legacy you want to leave behind at Parel Vallei? That any learner who is ever asked what they did to make their school career worthwhile, will respond with a genuine sense of pride and satisfaction; “I went to Parel Vallei High School.” Waarvan hou jy die meeste van PV? Die warm en vriendelike gesindheid van die skool se leerders. Hierdie eienskappe word nie aan leerders geleer by Parel Vallei nie, maar met al ons geleenthede wat ons ontvang, voel dit vir my dat dit iets is wat ons elke dag, of dit nou dag 1 of week 2 is, aanleer. Dit is iets wat in dié positiewe omgewing gekweek word.

Waarna sien jy die meeste uit vir volgende jaar? My amptelike begin as hoofseun, waar ek saam met die prefekraad en die skool ‘n nuwe era van Parel Valleiers gaan lei en natuurlik om my laaste jaar net so onvergeetlik te maak as enige jaar vantevore, om my deel by te sit om Parel Vallei toe te laat om aan die einde van elke jaar

sy matriek-klas te kan groet met die goeie gewete dat die skool alles gedoen het om elke nuwe generasie goed toegerus het om die uitdagings van die lewe aan te pak.

Quick Fire Questions: Favourite Movie: The Lion King, The Great Gatsby and the Indiana Jones films Favourite Song: Blue Skies and My Way by Frank Sinatra Coffee or Tea? Red Cappuccino ;-) Favourite Colour: Any type of blue Favourite Saying: “Do not pray for easier lives, pray to be stronger men� - JFK

In light of the new Prefect System, we asked some of the last Learner Council members for their opinion on the new system and what it means for the future of PV. Here is what they had to say... - Hugo Uys A leader should be someone that is liked, Change is always good, even if it doesn't and they should have no boundaries when it comes to friendships. They seem like it at first. The new prefect should be someone who everyone can system offers more leadership opportunities, which is fantastic. I think relate to and feel comfortable talking to. The new voting system is far more that it's great that one can apply for a democratic, and gives the students the portfolio that you are interested in, as this will ensure optimal enthusiasm and responsibility to register and the power to choose their leaders. involvement throughout the year if elected. I also love the fact that there are The interviews with prospective head leaders is something that I wish I could've new portfolios such as Tradition and Spirit, as this will only enhance the Blue done, as that truly helps one get to know the candidate and what their ideas are Thread vibe throughout the school. for the school. It is one of the The definition of the word popular is (according to Google): "liked or admired components of the new prefect system by many people or by a particular person that is by far my favourite. It was a or group". One of the problems with the privilege to be involved in that process. old council system was that the election The new prefect system will obviously have it's ups and downs, but I definitely process was apparently based on "popularity". I do not think that the new believe that it is an improvement. I can't prefect system has cancelled out the fact wait to see how much it will help Parel Vallei grow when I come back to visit. that it is still a "popularity contest". However, is that really a bad thing?


ASHLYN MATHOMES When I first heard about the new prefect system it was a shock to my system just because it was so different from how PV's always done it and there's always some hesitation when you make a big change like that. After hearing more about it and seeing how inclusive it is of everyone I really started to like it! The new prefect system with portfolio's and registered voting creates a more organised and professional vibe and in a way gives more authority to the prefects as they were voted for by people who have an interest and have the qualifications to vote in that portfolio. The system also gives clear goals and objectives and in that way makes for a more effective prefect system overall which can achieve more. It's a big change but a good change!

NADEEM DAVIDS Overall, there are many aspects of the new prefect system that I do think is a huge improvement from the old one. It is far more inclusive to students and teachers in the school and parallels various aspects of voting and leadership structures that one finds outside of the school environment. This system effectively prepares and adapts students for leadership after school. The fact that pupils need to apply for a specific portfolio and be elected based on their competency in what a specific portfolio encompasses is my main admiration of

the new system, instead of applying and simply being placed in a portfolio you may dislike, as with the old system. Students now elect you based on your skills, competencies and suitability in various fields – I feel that students know each other on a more personal bases than the teachers and the outcomes of the prefect elections will be more satisfactory and accurate. Teachers assigned to every portfolio ensures more control over prefects and better cohesion between senior staff and the student body. However, I have mixed feelings about the yellow-gold blazers as I personally feel that since the prefects are representatives of the student body of Parel Vallei, they should be representing/wearing official school colours (blue and white). The colour is too dominant on the uniform and should rather be accented on the uniform in some way (similar to the way gold scrolls and the gold laurel wreath are accented under the school badge for full colours achievements) if the school wishes to make gold badge prefects distinct or easily identifiable. One could perhaps grow on this change I suppose, but it’s just my view at the moment. There are other various aspects of the new system I am uncertain of and I fear may not be effective enough, but nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement – it is new after all. I’ve noted that students’ views of this new system haven’t been entirely positive nor

entirely negative as this is huge change for the school, but change is not easy and the transition into a miraculous change in the leadership structure can shift students out of their comfort zones and security of known structure quite a bit. However, I am positive the school will adapt well to this new needed change as they already are doing and everyone is entitled to their own opinions after all. Overall, the new system embodies high standards of leadership and I wish the school the very best with this new change. As an old prefect of the school, I do believe this change will be for the better and is a much needed improvement in today’s continuously changing society.

MICHAEL STEYN I like the portfolio system as I think it opens up leadership positions to a wider range of students. It also defines the tasks of the prefects more clearly as each portfolio knows what their responsibilities are and what they are working towards - compared to previously where many prefects were allocated to portfolios they didn't want, nor were passionate about. I think the 'registering to vote' aspect of the system is unnecessary and time consuming though, at least in its current format, and the fact that the final decisions regarding the head prefects are made behind

closed doors, and isn't 100% transparent from the perspective of the learners, needs to be re-evaluated. I'm also not a big fan of the new yellow blazers. Overall I believe that the new system has many great aspects and, after a few years of fine-tuning, will prove to be a great improvement on the old system.

EMILE GOUWS Ek was n bietjie skrikkerig aan die begin toe ek gehoor het dat daar n nuwe sisteem gaan wees. Hoe meer en meer ek uitgevind het en meer inligting gekry het oor die nuwe sisteem het ek meer daarvan begin hou. Dit is n goeie manier om meer mense betrokke te kry en meer mense leierskap posisies te gee. Meer leierskap posisies beteken meer en meer mense wat ondervinding kry en nuwe dinge leer wat hulle na skool gaan kan gebruik in die werksplekomgewing. Verandering is altyd goed. Ek sou graag ook wou gehad het dat daar nog ‘n junior council is. Met die tyd wat ek op die junior raad was het ek so baie geleer by alles waarby ek betrokke was. Op die junior raad kon ek vroeg al leer hoe die sisteem werk en veral die agter die skerms dinge. Ek is ook nie so mal oor die nuwe goue strepies op die baadjies nie, maar mens sal dit seker gewoond raak. Die nuwe sisteem het so hier-endaar sy probleempies, en dit gaan nie dadelik perfek werk nie, maar oor tyd dink ek gaan dit ‘n groot verandering in die skool en leerders bring. Die verkiesing dink ek is ‘n goeie idee dat ‘n mens moet registreer om vir ‘n seker portefeulje te stem en om vir ‘n sekere

portefeulje te staan die nodige kwalifikasies te hê. Die enigste probleem wat hieruit kan ontwikkel is die feit dat daar ‘n kans is dat die meerderheid van die raad uit seuns of meisies kan bestaan en sekere take gaan moeilik wees om te verrig. PV is egter ‘n awesome skool vol great mense en ek kan net sien hoe Parel Vallei as ‘n skool en familie kan verbeter. Die Blue Thread word net langer en sterker. Laastens, die feit dat daar ‘n onderwyser by elke portefeulje aangewys is, gaan baie help dat elke portefeulje beter kan fokus op hul portefeulje en op die taak wat verrig moet word en ek dink dat daar meer gedoen gaan kan word. Ek sien uit om te sien watter hoogtes Parel Vallei gaan bereik en ek dink die nuwe sisteem help met hierdie proses.

get better and better and I'll be able to come back and know that the school is still doing well. I have to admit though that it is actually more of a bitter-sweet feeling. Obviously there is a feeling of, "Why couldn't it have happened sooner", but I'm still so excited for the future of our amazing school and I know that this new system will help future students be more involved and build the Blue Thread. I definitely have a few concerns about popularity and younger grades only voting for who they know, and not knowing anyone else that is eligible, but besides that, this system will definitely improve the school and events hosted by the school. I can't wait to see how well PV does and be back every Saturday to support the various teams. The future of PV is definitely one of greatness.



The new prefect system is definitely beneficial to our school. However, when I first heard about it and how there are new portfolios and voters have to register, I must admit I was quite surprised and couldn't really understand it. As I've been able to learn more about it and listen to what the other grades have to say about it and their own opinions about it, I've come to understand it and how it will improve almost all aspects at PV. I think it's great that there are new portfolios and that each one has a specific job. This is going to make everything so much more efficient and will help the school to enjoy all events and happenings at the school. I love that all aspects at PV are represented in the new portfolio system - sport, culture, academics and tradition. It's so exciting for someone that is leaving to know that PV is only going to

Aanvanklik het ek gedink dis baie vreemd en onnodig baie moeite, maar nadat die nuwe raad gekies is het my mening nogals verander. Ek dink dit is baie goed dat almal van die begin af weet waarvoor hulle hulself in laat en waarop hulle gaan fokus. Die feit dat almal ‘n sekere portefeulje kry waarvoor hulle aansoek gedoen het dink ek sal verseker dat baie meer werk gedoen gaan word. Ek dink oor die langtermyn kan dit net voordelig vir die skool wees. Alles is meer geörganiseerd en duidelik. Ek dink al wat beter sou wees as as daar ‘n beter balans tussen die meisies en die seuns was, want dit sou organisering van sekere goed makliker gemaak het. Dit is sleg dat die juniors nie meer die kans kry om betrokke te wees nie, want ek dink dis goed om vir hulle van ‘n jonger ouderdom af die geleentheid te gee om te groei in ‘n leierskapsposisie. Oor die algemeen is dit

regtig goed en dis presies wat die skool nodig gehad het.

SANDRA SNYMAN Ek dink dit is ‘n baie goeie teken vir Parel Vallei dat die skool bereid is om so ‘n aanpassing te ondergaan. Eerder as om by ou sisteme te bly, sisteme wat nie noodwendig sleg was nie, kies PV om ‘n nuwe stelsel uit te probeer om die skool te verbeter. Ek voel dit wys PV het ‘n bereidwilligheid om te verander en dit maak veral sin vir die fase van groei waarin ons skool nou is. Sover lyk dit asof die portfeulje-stelsel baie suksesvol sal wees, aangesien elke prefek verstaan presies wat hulle terrein is. Ek was aanvanklik skepties oor die gevoel van hiërargie wat die skeiding tussen goud- en silwer balkies en baadjies kan bring, maar solank almal op die raad hulle werk doen met ‘n gees van diens eerder as hoogmoed, behoort dit nie ‘n problem te wees nie. Die duidelike teenwoordigheid en deelname van onderwysers sal beteken elke portfeulje word aanspreeklik gehou om hulle deel te doen en sal hopelik gevolg hê tot baie suksesvolle projekte wat deur die prefekte voltooi word. Met enige verandering wat in die skool gemaak word is dit vir ons as leerders soms moeilik om die motivering vir die verandering te verstaan. Ons moet vertrou dat die beheerliggaam nie so ‘n groot aanpassing in Parel Vallei se sisteem sou maak sonder geldige redes nie, en ek hoop dat hulle sal aanhou om in die toekoms bereid te wees om verdere verbeteringe te oorweeg. Solank die nuwe sisteem heeltyd goed geëvalueer word, kan dit net ‘n verbetering wees.

Ek dink dit is ‘n baie goeie teken vir Parel Vallei dat die skool bereid is om so ‘n aanpassing te ondergaan.

Ek sou graag wou gehad het dat daar nog ‘n junior raad is.

Ek dink oor die langtermyn kan dit net voordelig vir die skool wees. Alles is meer geörganiseerd en duidelik.

Cycles to

- Zoë Naudé


Over the holidays, our PV Cycling team took twelve of its talented riders to the Spur Schools Mountain Bike National Finals in Magaliesburg. The team flew down to Lanseria, Johannesburg on the 7 th of October and then took a long, hot bus ride to Hoërskool Bekker. Once unpacked, they assembled their bikes and went out for some course practice (familiarising themselves with the course) before returning to the hostel to recover from the trip. They had an early breakfast the next morning before gathering for their races. The cyclists then each raced, in their respective categories and proudly represented PV with their outstanding achievements; •Mikayla Forrester 18th; Sub Junior Girls •Joshua Burger 7th; Sub Junior Boys •Ryan Kellerman 7th; Youth Boys u/15 •Carla Steyn 7th; Youth Girls u/16 •Jana Barry 10th; Junior Women •Junior Men: 4th Matthew Keyser, 9th Joshua de Freitas and 22nd Ivan Laubser Overall the team achieved 2nd place in the country in the Mixed Category and 4th in the Boys category. Each participant got Spur burger vouchers at the end of their races (these were all eagerly used), so in the end everyone was a winner. When they weren’t racing, our rocking riders showed true blue thread spirit by supporting each other’s races.

The day concluded with an Award Ceremony, Gala dinner and a memorable Sokkie (let’s just say what happens in Magalies, stays in Magalies ;) ) We asked some of the cyclists what their favourite part of the trip was and here’s what they said: Josh De Freitas- “I enjoyed the social aspect of the whole trip, meeting people from different schools and provinces. The racing was great and it was awesome to see the competitive side in everyone come out. I really enjoyed the whole trip and the time bonding with the team. I can’t wait for next year.” Jana Berry- “My favourite part of Magalies was meeting new people, experiencing the team spirit and the trip on the plane.”

Callum Forrestor-“Fooling around with the Paul Roos guys and getting up to mischief, but also the racing was really awesome and I loved the track. The toughest thing was racing when it was 32 degrees and we were much higher up in altitude.”

Ico Cotzee- “I can’t really say what my favourite was since the whole experience was the best and I enjoyed every moment. Especially at the award ceremony they called out the top 5 schools and we weren’t 4th or 5th so we thought we weren’t even in the Top 5. Then they called out PV in 2nd place and we were all stoked! I also had a great time at the sokkie meeting new people and dancing with random girls.”

Mikayla Forrestor-“I would probably say the best part for me was the experience since it was my first time. The competition was tough but both days were enjoyable and the people were very nice. Saturday night was the best though when we got to meet new people and have the night to ourselves.”

Ryan Kellerman- “Magalies is just the best from beginning to end. From where we book our bikes at the airport till where we race on the track. What really is the best for me is that the rivalry between the Western Province schools is gone; we are one and united. It’s so much more of an enjoyable experience. At race day it is back to usual (the rivalry) but the support and motivation you get from your team mates is mind blowing as well as inspiring and after the Magalies the bond is stronger than ever. So, if I had to say in one sentence what the best thing about Magalies was for me: It is the team spirit from Parel Vallei High School.”

Carla Steyn -“All in all, the whole tour was absolutely amazing. The competition was lekker tough and the track was super fun. But, the best part was definitely the excitement and exhilaration among the team when we came 2nd in the mixed category. Everyone’s hard work paid off.”

Mrs McEwan - Jessica George

What brought you to PV? I believe God brought me to PV. I was reading an article about a terrible tragedy that happened at PV and I felt God say to me, “Take your CV to PV.� I had not been thinking of applying for any jobs but I did as God told me. A month or so later Mr. Gouws called me and the rest is history.

What was your first impression of PV? How long have you been teaching at PV? Twelve years at the end of this year.

I had previously taught at a very small school where we had to do everything ourselves- photostat our papers, set 35 papers every exam and where the children were very under-privileged. I could not believe we had the amazing Annemarie to photostat our papers, I had 2 exams to set and the children came from privileged backgrounds. I soon discovered in one of my Grade 10 classes that the children suffered in different ways here.

What have some of your highlights at PV been? Being involved with the boys U/15 tennis team. I have really enjoyed the camaraderie of taking the boys to matches and tours. I have come to truly love the game of tennis. Being involved in starting reunions of past pupils at PV. Helping with setting up the PVU so that the past pupils could run it. I just love PV past pupils. I have loved teaching English here as you see a very special side of children in the English class. My special times with my Grade 12 register classes. Helping children be published in English Alive. I truly love the children of PV.

What have been some of the best excuses for not doing homework? There have been so many excuses that not one stands out. What did stand out for me was when a past pupil wrote to tell me a year after he left PV that he had always photocopied his lines. His confession gave me a good laugh.

If you could give one word of advice - what would that be for students at PV? Everyone is unique. Always treat yourself and others kindly. Be the very best version of yourself. Love yourself because then you can love and accept others for being who they are. Walk confidently in who you are no matter what others say about you. Do not let others intimidate you.

What is next for you? I am going to teach English at Curro Sitari. This school has a completely different approach to education. I am excited to go on a new and different path. I shall really miss the friends and children I have built a relationship with at PV, but I believe God is moving me on.

Is there anything specific you would want PV learners to remember about you, or take away from your classes? I hope they think that I was a good listener and knew that I cared.

- Nina Andro Mr Sayer, who teaches history and English A-Levels, is retiring at the end of this year after twenty years of teaching at Parel Vallei. Mr Sayer will be forever remembered by his students for his interesting lessons, profound sermons, and kind heart. He will be sorely missed, and the Blue Thread team wishes him all the best for this new chapter of his life. Where were you born? I was born in Springs, Gauteng.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time at Parel Vallei? Being out hiking. What are your plans for the future? To enjoy my home and garden, to read and to visit Nature's Valley often. Do you have any advice for the learners of PV that you wish someone had given you when you were in high school? Don't compare yourself to others. Decide to be happy. QUICK QUESTIONS: Who is your hero? Nelson Mandela. Favourite movie? Shakespeare in Love

Did you always know you wanted to teach? Favourite actress? Kate Blanchett No, I had no idea that I was a born teacher - Favourite history topic to teach? The slave until I had a go at it! trade How did you come to Parel Vallei? I heard of a vacant post through a friend who was teaching at PV at the time, I applied and got a temporary post. When Mr Gouws arrived I became a permanent teacher and I’ve been here ever since. What was your favourite part of teaching at Parel Vallei? Dialoguing with seriously interested kids. What was your least favourite part of teaching at Parel Vallei? Admin.

Life motto? Follow the desires of your heart and whatever your eye sees, but remember that for all these things God will bring you to judgement.

- Natasha Schmidt 1. Hoe lank gee Juffrou al by Parel Vallei skool? Dit voel asof ek al my hele lewe by Parel Vallei skoolhou. Twee jaar nadat die skool gestig is, het die hoof van daardie tyd, mnr. de Vries, my gevra of ek sal kom musiek gee. My eie kinders was nog te klein, maar ek het gesê dat hy my twee jaar moes tydgee om te besluit. Twee jaar daarna het hy my weer gebel en versoek of ek musiek sal kom gee. Ek het dit aanvaar en is vanaf 1992 by Parel Vallei. Ek het eers deeltyds klasgegee, maar soos die leerders toegeneem het, het ek voltyds betrokke geraak.

2. Kan Juffrou skat vir hoeveel leerders Juffrou al klas gegee het? Ek skat dat ek seker vir 300 plus leerders individueel al klavier, sang of klawerbord gegee het. Ek het egter nie ‘n idee hoeveel leerders al by my klasmusiek of kreatiewekunste gehad het nie.

3. Buiten musiek, watter aktiwiteit is Juffrou se gunsteling by Parel Vallei?

groot en klein musiekblyspele deur die jare by PV gedoen. Die interaksie met die leerders is dan op ‘n heel ander vlak as in die klas en dit is fantanties!!! Ek gaan dit vir seker mis.

4. Wat is Juffrou se gunsteling toonleer en hoe oud was Juffrou toe Juffrou dit geleer het? Ek hou van moeilike stukke en toonlere met uitdagings. Ek is mal daaroor as my leerders moeilike stukke wil aanpak. My musiekopleiding as kind het baie dramaties begin. In graad twee het ek klavierlesse begin by ‘n juffrou, wat later gediagnoseer was as geestelikversteurd. Niemand glo my as ek sê dat ek, ondanks die feit dat sy my oor my vingers met die liniaal geslaan het, my aan die neus getrek het of die deksel van die klavier op my hande toegemaak het, nogsteeds musiek my roeping kon maak nie. Ondanks dit, het ek in graad vier by ‘n tannie se huis rustig musieklesse geneem. Sy het my in die liefde van musiek weer laat leef en ek het vining gevorder.

Waarom is dit Juffrou se gunsteling? Ek is mal oor sport en kultuur. Op skool moes ek as leerder kies of ek ‘n musiekjuffrou of LO-onderwyser wil wees. Dit is om hierdie rede dat ek glo dat leerders nooit moet kies tussen die twee nie. Alle leerders moet die geleentheid kry om als te kan doen - beide sport en kultuur. PV se drama en ons musiekblyspele lê baie na aan my hart. Ek en juffrou Manthey het baie

5. Hoe ontspan Juffrou na ‘n besige dag? Hoe ontspan ek? Na skool spandeer ek deesdae my vrye tyd saam met my kleinkind wat ‘n koliek baba is of ek maak kos en kyk na my gunsteling sepie, Binnelanders. Ek hou ook daarvan om te lees en te hekel.

6. Luister Juffrou radio of musiek op pad skool toe in die oggende (indien wel, wat?) of waardeer Juffrou eerder die stilte? ‘n Radio speel altyd in my huis en in my motor. Interessant, as ek na musiek luister, geniet ek meer die musikale sy van die lied as die lirieke. Natuurlik moet die lirieke en die musiek mekaar aanvul. Ek hou egter van ‘n wye reeks musiek genres van klassiek tot country, rock en pop.

7. Watter sport(e) het Juffrou al gedoen? Op skool het ek aan alles denkbaar deelgeneem. Ek was ‘n 100 en 200 meter atleet, netbal gespeel asook tennis. Ek het klavier en orrel by NMMU geneem, was sekretaresse van die Landsdiens, asook CSV en debatsvereniging. Ek het in die skoolkoor gesing en ook in die skoolorkes gespeel en as dirigent opgetree. Ek was in Hoërskool Framesby in Port Elizabeth en ons was die eerste klassieke skoolorkes in die destydse Kaapprovinsie. Amanda Strydom was saam met my op skool en as ek ‘n item benodig het vir hierdie verenigings kon sy drie items lewer, naamlik monoloog, voordrag en sing.

8. Wat is die eienaardigste/snaaksste/ mees opwindende ding wat met Juffrou gebeur het of wat Juffrou gedoen het en nooit sal vergeet nie? Die mees besonderste ding in my lewe is sekerlik die geboorte van my kleinkinders. Ek het twee kleinkinders binne twee maande ryker geword. Dit is ‘n ongeloofllike gevoel wat ‘n mens ervaar as jy daai bondeltjie vir die eerste keer vashou en die wonderlike Skepper só kan ervaar.

9. Beskryf kortliks Juffrou se eie hoërskoolervaring. My eie hoërskoolloopbaan was baie opwindend. Ek was oral betrokke. Ek was onderhoofdogter en was verder op verskeie kere kapteine, onderkapteine en sekrestaresse waarin ek my begewe het. Ons het nou die dag vir die eerste keer reünie gehad en was dit ‘n belewenis om almal na soveel jare weer te kon sien. Ons klomp in die Wes-Kaap hou nou elke kwartaal reünie. Ek wil jul almal uitnooi om tog jul reünies by te woon en só jou skoolkontakte te behou.

10. As Juffrou een wenk moes gee aan leerders oor hoe om betrokke te raak by Parel Vallei en die beste uit jou hoërskool loopbaan te kry, wat sou dit wees? My raad aan almal is om alles op skool te gee en alle geleenthede wat oor jou pad kom aan te gryp. Dit verryk jou lewe aansienlik terwyl mens ongelooflike ervarings opdoen, vriende maak en herinneringe bou. Dis belangrik om kontak te behou, veral as jy by ‘n ander universitiet gaan studeer of oorsee gaan. Jou ou skoolvriende bly ware vriende en kosbaar. My raad aan jul almal is om reünies by te woon waar moontlik en om nie skaam te wees om jul kontak met jul onderwysers te behou nie. Ek drink gereeld tee/koffie met my oudleerders, sommige is al lankal klaar met skool en het selfs al hul eie kinders. My wens is dat Parel Vallei net nog verder van krag tot krag sal gaan . Ek wil die skool ook bedank dat ek my talent en my liefde vir musiek op so ‘n wonderlike wyse by hierdie skool kon uitleef. Dankie dat ek my passie en my beroep hier kon vervul.

“My wens is dat Parel Vallei net nog verder van krag tot krag sal gaan.”

Juf. Smith 1.

Hoe lank gee Juffrou al by Parel Vallei skool? Agtien en ‘n half jaar.

6. 2.

Watter onderwyser/onderwyseres

frou die meeste dankbaar is wat te

sal Juffrou die meeste mis?

doen het met Parel Vallei?

Waarom? My musiekkollegas: Mev. Dednam, Mnr. Combe, Mev. von Mollendorff en Mev. Steyn. Ons het sakke vol sout saam opgeëet en ook BAIE pret in die musiekblok gehad!


Al die mense wat ek hier leer ken het en dat ek kon deel wees van die wonderlike Parel Vallei-familie.


Was Juffrou al oorsee? Indien ja, wat is die lekkerste plek wat Juffrou al besoek het en waarom?

Wat is Juffrou se mees geliefkoosde stokperdjie?

Ek was nog net in Holland, want my seun en skoondogter woon daar. Maar ek is baie beïndruk met Holland: die land is skoon en het ‘n uitmuntende openbare vervoerstelsel.

Lees, lees, lees! 4.

Wat is die een ding waaroor Juf

Wat is Juffrou se gunsteling deel van die werk wat Juffrou doen? Om met sangers te werk en te sien hoe hul stemme ontwikkel en ook hoe hulle as jongmense ontwikkel.


Wat is Juffrou se gunsteling liedjie om te sing en wat is Juffrou se gunsteling liedjie om net na te luister? Om te sing is dit ‘Thank You For The Music’ deur Abba. Om te luister is dit Amanda Strydom se liedjie ‘Ek kan rock in my taal’.


Beskryf in 3 of minder woorde hoe Juffrou voel om Parel Vallei te verlaat: Opwinding: ek is opgewonde oor my lewe na Parel Vallei. “It’s at this stage a blank canvas” Ek kan terugkyk op ‘n fantastiese tydperk van agtien en ‘n half jaar by Parel Vallei met BAIE hoogtepunte!

- Natasha Schmidt

Onderwysers se gedagtes oor juffrou Smith en juffrou Von Mollendorff: Die musiekblok is die plek waar kinders veilig kan voel, veral die kinders wat op ‘n ander plek nie raakgesien word nie. Juffrou Smith en Juffrou von Mollendorff is soos ma’s vir die kinders en motiveer hulle.

~ Juffrou Kruger Die noukerigheid waarmee Juffrou Smith die koor, ensemble en individue afrig en die beste stemkwaliteit uitbring, is net bewonderenswaardig. Sy het ‘n spesiale gawe om mense en situasies fyn waar te neem en ‘n hemelse talent, om dit akkuraat en met grasie neer te pen! Juffrou von Mollendorff is ‘n bondel energie wat haar lewenslus en liefde vir musiek oor almal strooi.

~ Juffrou Madsen-Leibold “Ons kan mense bereik deur musiek, want musiek sny diep. Dit klim tot in die binneste van die hart.” -Leonard Bernstein. Dankie dat julle, Anita en Gerda, deur julle sang en musiek tot in die binneste van ons harte kon klim. Hou aan skryf, Anita. Ralph Waldo Emerson het gesê: “Daar is mense wat gebore word om te skryf.” En dit is beslis so van jou. Ons beste wense vergesel julle.

~ Juffrou en Meneer Steenkamp


Sou Juffrou dalk ooit ‘n ander beroep

- Reneé van Zyl


Ek sal moet, want daar is nie ‘n Parel Vallei in Zambië nie. Waar sien Juffrou vir Juffrou-self in 10 jaar van nou af?

Zambië se president.. én gelukkig. Waarna sien Juffrou die meeste uit volgende jaar?

Ons troue (: Watter vak het juffrou die meeste geniet?

Defs FW! Watter klas(se) was die lekkerste om aan te bied?

Vir drie jaar het juffrou Maryke Matthee ons gange met haar glimlag opgehelder. Haar inspirasie het kleur gegee aan atletiekgees tot by Skeinat-projekte. As daar ‘n toekenning vir die vrolikste onderwyser(es) was, sou juffrou Matthee vir seker daarmee weggestap het. ‘n Klas vol moedelose kinders kon sy in ‘n oogwink laat glimlag. Van haar fobies vir tasse op tafels tot haar liefde vir soetgoed, gaan ons haar VERSKRIKLIK mis, maar toe sy sê waarheen sy op pad is, het elke hart weer stilletjies begin glimlag. Die bestemming wat nooit ou nuus word nie... Sy is op pad na haar HART toe. Ons wens almal vir juffrou ‘n sprokiestroue en ‘n wonderlike nuwe avontuur toe. Waarheen is Juffrou op pad en wat gaan Juffrou daar doen?

Ek gaan Zambië toe… ek loop agter my hart aan… (Red. Aaauuww...)

Ek het die beste kids die jaar gehad - ek kan rerig nie kies nie..almal is MY babas! Wat is Juffrou se gunsteling herinnering van Parel Vallei?

Toe ons die interskole wen en al die kids uit hul velle uitgespring het! Sal dit vir altyd onthou (; Natuurlik ook my netbalmeisies se danspassies tydens oefening! Wat is die kosbaarste les wat Juffrou by PV geleer het?

En toe hou ek al die tyd van kinders… Wat gaan Juffrou die meeste mis van ons land?

Die lekker mense!

Hoe lank is Juffrou al by PV?

3 BESTE jare van my lewe! Wat gaan Juffrou die meeste van PV mis?

Julle kids en die onnies..dis regtig die BESTE skool.Het Juffrou enige boodskap(pe) aan Juffrou se klas(se)? Gr 8A1 en 8A3: Onthou, wees nice met ALMAL - jy weet nooit wie se huiswerk jy nodig het nie!!!!! Gr 9A1, 9A2,9E1: Wees dankbaar en geniet die lewe! (Cuters <3) Gr 10 Groep 5 FW en Groep 6 FW: WERK WERK WERK! En moet nooit ophou leer nie ;) Julle is só special vir my! PAS JOUSELF OP en soet wees! Wat was vir Juffrou die mees komiese oomblik tydens Juffrou se loopbaan by PV?

Ons het amper die klas afgebrand tydens ‘n eksperiment. Wat glo Juffrou is die sleutel tot sukses in die lewe?

Mens moet besef dat daar altyd mense slegter én beter af as jy is so, wees dankbaar vir als wat jy het. Wat sal Juffrou sê is die beste karaktereienskap wat ‘n mens kan hê?

Opregtheid. As Juffrou Juffrou-self ‘n slagspreek moes gee, wat sou dit wees?

“Hells yess baby!!!”

Snelvuurvrae: Beste fliek ooit:

The Notebook Gunsteling liedjie:

Don’t Stop Believing Chemie of Fisika?

Chemie Droombestemming:

Zanzibar Scary-ste ding op Aarde?

Spinnekoppe Beste blazerformations?

Defs 2016 Gunsteling aanhaling?

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Mees gebruikte emoji?

Huil-lag gesiggie Kwaaiste onderwyser by PV?

Mnr. Visser (Sorry Kwas...) Apple of Samsung?


New BT t - Nina Andro

Editor in Chief Name: Hugo Uys Loves: Lady Gaga, coffee, horror movies. Hates: Ducks, flip-flops, Donald Trump. Last book you read? Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Favourite quote: “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.”


Writing Team Name: Lucia Siobhan Niland Loves: Watching series (Stranger Things and Lethal Weapon), zoo biscuits, singing. Hates: Diving into swimming pools, beetroot smoothies and the sound of knuckles cracking. Facebook or Instagram? INSTAGRAM!

Name: Jessica George Loves: Jesus, a good sense of humour, cooking and horse-riding. Hates: A bad sense of humour, bad food and people who don’t like horses. Kindle or paperback? Paperback.

Name: Michelle Lourens Loves: Music, reading, writing, social media. Hates: Bugs, highlighters or pens that bleed through your page. Favourite reality show? Keeping Up with the Kardashians or The X Factor. Name: Alice M. Torppa Loves: Star Wars, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Hates: Fish fingers. Where do you most want to travel? Back in time to see dinosaurs, Jurassic Park just isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough.

Name: Nina Andro Loves: Forests, British comedy, animals (especially horses), historical books and movies, tea, misty days and walking my dogs in Radloff Park. Hates: Being late, the Mall on a Saturday, athletics and people talking during movies. Favourite Disney Princess: Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Name: Natasha Schmidt Loves: Rainy days, Harry Potter, John Green, Hawaii Five-O, singing and performing Hates: I despise doors. Or, more accurately, the idea of busy doorways. Favourite Teacher: Mrs Pretorius

Name: Zoë Danielle Naudé Loves: God, apples and dancing. Hates: Sugared tea. Favourite Disney princess? Pocahontas.

Name: Reneé van Zyl Loves: The beauty of creation, music and baking. Hates: Insects that bite. Favourite quote: I cried unto the LORD with my voice and He heard me out of His holy hill. Selah. Psalm 3:4

Name: Cameryn Stoltz Loves: Cucumbers Hates: Mosquitoes, they need to become extinct. Mall or nature reserve? Nature reserve – animals are better than people to be honest.

Name: Kimberly Muzwewe Loves: Singing, One Direction, Justin Bieber, pizza and ice cream. Hates: Sea food, snakes, bugs and Physics. What makes you fall asleep? Boring classes.

Cartoon Artists

Name: Sarah Swanepoel Loves: Art Hates: Pop music Favourite childhood memory? Hanging out with my animals.

Name: Craig Matthew Weber Loves: The feeling of freshly printed paper pressed against my face. Hates: Koalas. Life motto: When life gives you lemons, try to sell them off as ‘extra-large limes’ for profit.

Photographers Head of Photography: Name: Sabrina Anne Röhm Loves: Series, fun times and sarcastic comments. Hates: Slow walkers, tomatoes and people who can’t take a joke :/ Where do you most want to travel? Croatia and Italy.

Name: Helene Viljoen Loves: My cat, taking photos, nature, family and friends, adventure and FOOD! Hates: Spiders, people that lie to me and cleaning the dishes. What makes you go to sleep? Reading the Bible and my cat sleeping at my side.

Admin Name: Leandre van der Merwe Loves: Naps, cats, 7de Laan, my blanky and coffee. Hates: Spiders and when people walk slowly in the corridors. Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

Name: RouxvĂŠ Emma Meyer Loves: 70s and 80s music, John Hughes movies, lame jokes, sport, Oreo McFlurrys and coffee. Hates: Hypocrites, people walking slowly in corridors, getting up early and spiders. If money was no object, what would you do all day? Watch sports!

Design Team

Head of Design: Name: Chantal Pretorius Loves: Horror movies, blogging, books, Tangy Russian pizza (from Roman’s Pizza, without onions though) and French Bulldogs. Hates: Warm vegetables, no Wi-Fi signal, airline food, Hello by Adele and making lists of things I hate. Life motto: “You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” – Me Before You.

Name: Charl Wiehahn Loves: Escaping the everyday with a friend and a mission to somewhere on a photography quest. Hates: When your phone is plugged in overnight but when you wake up and it has not charged! If money was no object, what would you do all day? I would travel; travel to anywhere my heart desires, with good company along for the ride, to enrich my soul.

Name: Nieke Prinsloo Loves: The ocean, shopping and sport. Hates: Cheese flavoured chips. Favourite movie snack? Obviously popcorn.

Name: Tammy Els Loves: My family and friends and because they make life worth living. Hates: The sound of people chewing. Favourite childhood memory? Building forts in the backyard with my older brother with all the blankets and pillows we could find.

Name: Jamie van Breda Loves: Shopping, food and travelling. Hates: Arrogant people, snakes. Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

lifestyle noun | life¡style


Leather bracelets is a fantastic minimalistic arm candy

Your pool accessories are a necessity for your summer pool photo shoots

Fedora hats are something to invest in for the heated summers

Invest in a pair of vintage sunglasses

Round towel is a must have for your summer beach days!

Espadrilles are always a go to when ending a fresh relaxed summers look



Halter neck bikini top R280

Patterned swim shorts

matching bottom

R329 H&M

R250 Foschini

Solid colour swim shorts R149 H&M

Vintage one piece R399 H&M

High waisted bikini Knee length swim shorts R349 H&M

bottom R280 bikini top R250 Foschini

- Jamie van Breda

LIGHTS: Dim the lights and light up some candles instead. Choose some lavender candles, for example, for a relaxing scent. UNPLUG: I know it’s hard, but leave behind those electronics! Try not to use your phone, tablet, computer etc. Just relax instead! DRINK: If you indulge in tea, like me, prepare a refreshing cup for yourself. Tea always makes you feel warm and revitalized, if you however don’t like tea, knock yourself out and go for some hot chocolate! BATH: Set up your bath exactly the way you like it. Add some plain old bubbles and make sure the water is moderately warm. If you’re not a fan of baths, take a hot shower instead. ROBE: One of my favourite things after a nice relaxing bath is to snuggle in a soft robe, so have one available and throw it on to keep the relaxed vibe going. LASTLY: Last but not least, if you love reading either grab one of your favourite magazines or novels and settle in or just watch your favourite movie/series. #NETFLIX - Kimberley Muzwewe

CARAMEL ICE CREAM - Jessica George

Ingredients 600g of pouring cream 340g canned caramel Serves 4-6

method 1. Place cream in bowl and whisk until soft peaks have formed 2. Mix caramel until smooth and fold into the cream 3. Place in metal container and cover 4. Freeze for 3-4 hours or until firm

Bon Appetit!


This is a meal in a glass, serving up protein and lots of fibre and potassium to give you a natural boost for the day.

Ripe, frozen bananas

2 cups low-fat milk

¼ cup peanut butter

A handful of ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture is smooth and frothy. Serve immediately. HEALTH BENEFITS: Potassium-rich bananas are natural brain boosters as well as heart and blood pressure regulators. Potassium also helps to neutralize our intake of sodium, thereby sustaining levels of calcium to support bone strength.

Strawberry and Mint Cordial Fresh and fruity, perfect for late summer nights next to the pool. - Nina Andro

You need: • 2 punnets (400g each) strawberries - washed and hulled

• 1 cup (250ml) sugar • ½ cup (125ml) fresh mint leaves

To make:

• ½ cup (125ml) water

Slowly heat the strawberries, sugar, mint and water in a large pot. Simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, cool and blend until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve. Dilute according to taste with still or sparkling water and serve with lots of ice.

- Chanel Bowen If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy good food with friends or family, we have the perfect place for you. Rocomamas – an American style (but proudly South African) wings, ribs and burger chain – is sweeping the nation and if you don’t already know about them, you’re missing out. The Rocomamas in Stellenbosch is the place to be if Sweet or savoury, they’ve got it all. If you’re looking you also have an appetite for ambience. Located in to order a burger, you’ll end up choosing one purely Eikestad Mall on the edge of Stellenbosch based on the name – the menus are totally jazzed up, University, the streets are not overcrowded, but still so ordering is an adventure on its own. Don’t worry, bustling with students enjoying their free afternoons. whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed; While walking down to Rocomamas you might pass a we’re not exaggerating when we say that the burgers trio singing and playing the accordion- just because are the best you’ll ever taste. For those of you with a they can. Inside the restaurant, the staff are friendly: sweet tooth, the milkshakes are to die for! Warning: and they are good company while you wait for your you won’t be able to finish the enormous sweet treat, meal, you might even start up a conversation with but that won’t stop you from trying. them.

The meal prices are good – big value for little money – and the food is filling; no more walking out with both wallets and stomachs empty. You wait a short while for your food, but the good vibes and friendly conversation make up for it, so you will hardly notice the time passing. Overall, Rocomamas is a great place to grab a bite and soak up the friendly atmosphere. You will want to keep going back for more.

Pajamas and Jam

- Natasha Schm


Het ‘verbleik’ al ooit so chic gelyk? Met geen rym of ritme is ‘n verskeidenheid style saamgeklits. Verskillende geure, eras en style in een vertrek; en dit werk! Dit is deurmekaar, mal en opwindend: die regte atmosfeer vir omtrent enige geleentheid. Erfstukke vanuit die apartheidsera en die stilrolprentera peper die mure. Outentieke rekwisiete uit langvergete rolprente staar na my vanaf hul troon bo die kombuis. Tikmasjiene, platespelers en antieke kameras kom almal hierheen om in vrede verder voort te bestaan as die fokuspunt van bewonderaars soos ek en jy -

Pajamas and Jam se hoender en mayonnaise-quesadillas is veel meer as wat jy verwag. Dit is ryk, romerig en glad nie pap nie. Dis die perfekte middagete, maar na my mening is dit oorgenoeg vir twee mense. Moenie toelaat dat die eenvoudige naam jou mislei nie; die dis is volgeprop met avokado en gekarameliseerde uie.

Ek het al baie unieke cordials geproe. Pajamas and Jam se boegoestroop en lemonade is hoog op my lys van smullekker drankies.

Ek gaan beslis nie die res van hul interessante disse, drankies en nageregte bederf vir dié van julle wat nog nie daar was nie. Jy kan die besoek aan hierdie restaurant jou beloning maak vir wanneer julle die eksamen oorleef het. Indien jy dit Chicken-mayo: Tipies? Vervelig? Dink weer! oorleef het... “Halloo?! Kan ek jou bestelling neem poplap? Daai milksjeik lyk al droog gesuig.”

Photos by Charl Wiehahn

Headshots, Math Problems and Pained Social Interactions

The Accountant In The Accountant, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), is a math savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Behind the cover of a small-town CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organisations. With the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King (J.K. Simmons), starting to close in, Christian takes on a legitimate client: a state-of-the-art robotics company where an accounting clerk (Anna Kendrick) has discovered a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. But as Christian uncooks the books and gets closer to the truth, it is the body count that starts to rise.

accountant, Christian Wolff. Affleck never goes over-the-top with his portrayal of autism. It is clear that although Christian is introverted, he wants to be sociable. Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) is charming and funny as Dana, an in-house accountant for Living Robotics. Christian and Dana work together to discover that $61 million dollars have been embezzled from the company. Kendrick and Affleck have a perky chemistry that makes the film feel light-hearted. The Accountant is a film of blended genres including action, drama and romantic comedy. Unfortunately, it cannot always maintain a straightforward tone, meaning that the audience is not constantly sure how seriously this movie should be taken.

A weak point of this film is J. K. Simmons’ (Whiplash) disappointing performance. Throughout the film his delivery is dry and his acting talent wasted on messy and weird emotional scenes. The Have you heard the joke about the same can be said for the talented John interesting accountant? No, me neither. Lithgow's (Interstellar) performance. Upon first learning that there would be an action film about an accountant starring Ben Affleck, I imagined the dry and miserable pit of Hollywood film ideas trying to coax any 'original' movie concept to make some money. I am certainly not a fan of accounting by any means – I have no regrets about dropping that subject – balance sheets are not really my thing.

Jon Bernthal (The Punisher in Netflix's Daredevil) is brilliant as hit man, 'The Assassin'. He is the perfect rival for Affleck's gritty character. Although the film struggles with balancing the tone, the action sequences are thrilling and fast-paced. Affleck's character is so intimidating you forget that his closest acquaintance is a general ledger.

However, this movie pleasantly surprised me. Finally, if you're an introvert looking for excitement in a relatable flick, check out Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne in Batman vs your new favourite superhero, The Superman) is excellent as forensic Accountant.

Film Review

- Alice Torppa

- Natasha Schmidt

seniors befriends him. Among them, there is Sam, with whom he is deeply in love and Patrick, her homosexual stepbrother. The story just wouldn’t have been the same, had it been told by a mentally stable fifteenyear-old. Charlie seems to have depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. We are forced to see the unsettling truth about

“You see things.

what happens within a family behind closed

You keep quiet about them.

doors, the type of truth we so like to tune out

And you understand.”

of as well as shield ourselves from.

There are horrid things happening all around

At this point, the novel sounds grim and dark,

us. Newsflash: you know it. We can only

and at times it is. But, as I feel all remarkable

handle so much spite, deceit, and abuse

novels should, it leaves you with a rising sense

before we block it out, become numb and

of sad hopefulness if you’ve hung tight until


the end. It is beautifully written and I feel it

The wallflower’s innocent eyes emphasise the speaks to the reader personally because the gore all around us.

reader is the recipient of the one-way letters

Peer pressure, abuse, abortion, rape,

from Charlie of which the book is comprised

homosexuality, suicide… all around us,


particularly in high school which is where the story unfolds.

As bonus, you are basically handed a bucket list of novels, that Charlie reads, including The

There are numerous layers to Charlie, the

Great Gatsby, Peter Pan and To Kill a

wallflower. It is his first year of high school.

Mockingbird (which is ingenious and is a must

Throughout the course of a year, we watch

read for those of you who are not yet familiar

how the wallflower gives but never takes until with this Gem). Now you can skip the posthe snaps and consequently a childhood

book blues and move on to the next brilliant

trauma is revealed. Charlie’s first year turns


Book Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

out to be exciting as an eccentric group of

- Michelle Lourens

Photo by Charl Wiehahn

Ek twyfel dat enige van julle,behalwe miskien die Graad 11’s en –12’s, vir Elan sal onthou. Wanneer jy na sy foto’s kyk sal dit dalk moeilik wees om in te dink dat hy ook deur hierdie gange geloop het. Elan se profiel is propvol asemrowende natuurfoto’s en portrette. Dit laat ons wonder watter avonture op ons self weg na Parel Vallei.

Possibly the coolest page on Pinterest is They post life hacks, funny pictures, style guides, pictures of adorable baby animals and all the latest celebrity news. So whether you feel like a giggle, looking at cute animals, or curious about the latest Kardashian-drama; this page will provide you with everything you need to survive the dreaded teenage years.

@buzzfeednifty is the place for the most amazing DIY ideas and inspiration. Whether I’m bored or procrastinating or simply feeling creative, I’ll go to Nifty to find myself a new project.

Liza Koshy, also known by her online persona, Lizzza, gained a following on Vine and Musically, where she gathered over 5 million fans. She has now shifted her creative focus to YouTube. Liza sure knows how to make us laugh! Between hilarious skits and creative collaborations with fellow YouTubers, this is definitely a superstar in the making.

Ons almal ken vir Matthew Mole as die SuidAfrikaanse Indie-Rock ster. Run is defnitief ‘n nuwe klank vir hierdie musikant. Hierdie lied is ‘n moetluister tydens al jou somer avonture. Gaan luister gerus na die treffer op iTunes.

A must read on Wattpad is ‘The Human Affliction’ by @httpsolaced. It is a very well written poetry book. It is so raw and honest . I strongly recommend that you check it out.

heliophilia (n.) desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight

Things to do in the summer - Zoë Naudé Looking for something new and exciting to do in the holidays that won’t leave your finances shattered or parents grumbling over lifts? Here’s a list of cool, reasonably priced things to do in and around Somerset West this summer holiday:

1. Watch classic movies drive in style at the Galileo open air cinema for under R100. This enchanting event starts at 6pm on Wednesdays at Kirstenbosch Gardens and Thursdays at the V&A Waterfront. Be entertained by a charming market with a great vibe, food and music, before sitting down to movies like: The Notebook, Fast and Furious, Lion King, Grease, Home Alone, The Holiday and many more.

2. Yoga Try out the free refreshingly calm yoga classes every Sunday at The Lourensford Wine Estate at 9:00 a.m.. Bring your own yoga mat or towel and enjoy the beautiful view!

3. Roadtrip Take a coastal drive past Cool Bay and Rooi Els, to the corner of Bettyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay. Visit the Penguin Nature Reserve before taking an adrenaline pumping ride down the glorious sand dunes. Stop at the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden to see daring baboons and enjoy a cappuccino at the coffee shop. Take a stroll in the glory of the nature at the Kogelberg Nature Reserve for a breathtaking view of both mountain and crystal sea. Continue to the Kleinmond Harbor and visit the quirky second-hand book, craft and trinket shops. Finish it all off with a decadent, chocolate-filled, caramel-coated brownie from ANGIES on Kleinmond Main Road and take a slow drive home with the golden sunset over False Bay

4. Strawberries Enjoy a delightful morning of strawberry picking with friends at the Mooiberge farm on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

5. Owls Spend some time with high fliers at Eagle Encounters, Spier Wine farm. For only R65 you get a whole day pass (09h30-17h00), access to all the shows and the rare chance to interact with owls, eagles, bearded dragons, tortoises, guinea pigs and many more!


Red City Bus

Be a tourist for a day and go on a Cape Town Red City bus tour. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s popular because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that good! For R90 you sign up for a glorious day exploring the Mother City and its treasures. You can stick with the bus or hop on and off as you please.

7. Concert Watch a live music concert! Some artists that have concerts in Stellenbosch and Cape Town these holidays include: Beatenberg, Black Coffee, The Parlotones and Prime Circle.


Helderberg Nature Reserve is always a winner. Take some friends, pack a picnic and grab a Frisbee for an afternoon of chilling and fun.



Walk on the tree tops along the Boomslang route at Kirstenbosch Gardens. This 130m long, 12m high board walk will give you a unique view of these exquisite gardens.

10. Vergelegen Get into the Christmas spirit at Vergelegenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual Carols by Candlelight event. This whimsical event can be enjoyed with friends and family on the 14th of December. Book at Computicket.

- Chanel Bowen

What do you want in a summer playlist? Something fun, funky, upbeat? Something you can dance to, sing to, chill with your friends to? Something that makes you happy, makes you feel excited? Something to keep you smiling until your cheeks hurt? Something to make you feel young, wild and free? Then you’ve come to the right place! Now that summer’s around the corner, it’s time to update your playlist with some fresh music. We’ve scooped up

20 songs to get you pumped for the new year. Add them to your phone, press play and enjoy the music!

1. All We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan) – The Chainsmokers 2. The Ocean (feat. Shy Martin) – Mike Perry 3. Perfect Strangers (feat. JP Cooper) – Jonas Blue 4. Kids – OneRepublic 5. Final Song – MØ 6. Capsize – Friendship & Emily Warren 7. Run – Matthew Mole 8. Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) – DJ Snake 9. False Alarm – Matoma & Becky Hill 10. Inside the Lines (feat. Casso) – Mike Perry 11. Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Daya) – The Chainsmokers 12. By Your Side (feat. RAYE) – Jonas Blue 13. Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Maroon 5 14. My Way – Calvin Harris 15. Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) – Major Lazer 16. Closer (feat. Halsey) – The Chainsmokers 17. Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes 18. This Town – Niall Horan 19. Vacation – G.R.L 20. Youth (Gryffin Remix) – Troye Sivan

TIME - Natasha Schmidt “Where do you get the time” they ask Oh, it’s handcrafted, you see? Made by me With the moon at my side And no z’s in my breath And I swear the clock lied As the time ticked By into the next. Unending. Day. With no spring in my stride To accompany me To my next workshop Of this precious quantity


The Fourth Panel - Craig Weber

JEANNĂ&#x2030; Working alongside miss Jacobs for these past two years was an absolute pleasure. Her contribution toward the Blue Thread magazine has been of tremendous value. Her zest for life is absolutely contagious - always friendly and ready to light up your day with her smile. We will always remember her peaceful nature. Her heart that is open to anyone is a true example to us all. Her warmth blossoms from the inside outward making her graciously beautiful. We wish you all the best for this new and exciting chapter in your life. Your space here will always be awaiting your return.

Diena & the Blue Thread team

Message from our headmaster PV jou lekker ding! Wat ‘n jaar! Die hoogtepunt van 2016 is sonder twyfel die manier hoe almal saamgetrek is deur die Blou Draad. Daar is nou ‘n groot trots wat bou en dit word ver en wyd gevoel. Daar is groei in elke deel van die skool en dit is die kinders van PV wat nou meer en meer opstaan en bydra tot die skool. Die Blue Thread tydskrif is die mondstuk van die kinders en dit is awesome om te sien hoeveel talent daar is. Hou so aan. But … let us not forget the staff who give up hundreds of hours to make it all possible. This is a shout out to all the onnies and coaches of PV. You guys rock from the classroom to the stage, from the astro to the swimming pool and everything in between. We could not do it without you. I am really proud to be the headmaster of this school and look forward to many years ahead. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas amongst all the presents and food. Take a moment to consider others and realise just how lucky you are. Warmest PV Blue Thread greetings to you all! DMS

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\Proudly Parel ValleiTrots Parel Vallei

Blue Thread Issue 6  
Blue Thread Issue 6