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It feels absurd sitting here, writing my final Letter from the Editor. To think that my journey with this magazine started more than a year and a half ago never ceases to amaze me. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that Blue Thread would become the incredible project that it is today. Met die fokus op die matrieks se laaste paar maande van ons skoolloopbane moes ons die tydskrif los in die hande van die nuwe span. Ek dink ek praat namens al die matriek-spanlede as ek sê dat ons nie bewus was hoeveel die tydskrif vir ons beteken het nie. Ons Donderdagaande is nou skielik baie leeg en alleen. We overcame many challenges to bring you a new dazzling issue each term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my fellow matriculant Blue Threaders. Chantal, my wingwoman with never ending attitude, thank you for all your creativity and support. Charl, thank you for your incredible vision and limitless supply of Tumblr-worthy photos. Tammy, your work ethic and positivity, passion and dedication never went unnoticed. Sabrina, my photographer and moral support, thank you for your patience, your wisdom and your much needed no-nonsense attitude. Nieke, if it wasn’t for your optimism and bubbling energy, this past year could very easily have gone haywire. Jamie, your incredible sass and joie de vivre got me through many long Thursday nights. You trying to get McDonald’s delivered to the school = ICONIC. Our pliggies, Leandre and Rouxvé, without your planning, organisation and admin we never would have survived until now. A special shoutout to Leandre’s unparalleled proofreading skills. Laastens, vir ons juffrouens. Juffrou Mackenzie en Juffrou Isaacs, sonder julle wysheid, kreatiwiteit, geduld (in tonne) en ondersteuning, sou hierdie tydksrif in die eerste plek nie eers bestaan het nie. Julle het beide ‘n onbeskrylike invloed op ons lewens gehad. Daar is nie genoeg woorde om vir julle dankie te sê nie. And then finally, to you, the reader. Everything we do here at Blue Thread is for you. Whether you are new here, or have been with us since Issue 1, thank you for reading. Thank you for your incredible support. It is your love and your feedback that keeps this magazine going. Ek hoop julle geniet hierdie uitgawe. (For one last time…)

Yo u r E d i t o r i n C h i e f

Hugo Uys






















PAST PREFECTS This term, Parel Vallei says goodbye to the learner council of 2017. This specific council was the first of the new system, where separate portfolios with gold and silver prefects were introduced and Deputy Head boy and girl were removed. This innovative system was a resounding success across all spheres, and can only grow from strength to strength in the future - the Blue Thread thanks the past prefects, and wishes the new council all the best.

written by | NINA ANDRO photographs by | TRICHARDT MEIJ designed by | NINA ANDRO & ALICE TORPPA

HEAD BOY: Xander Venter What is your funniest Grade 8 memory? My Grade 8 initiation. I was two days late for the initiation, so when I came to school that Wednesday I saw all my old primary school friends standing in lines, terrified of the prefects - I found that really funny, especially when the prefects told us all to "look down". I was laughing, to the annoyance of my friends, at the prefects and their "silly" ways - what an irony that I turned out to be one! What has been your best experience while at Parel Vallei? I can say with great confidence that it was my time in a leadership position since grade 10, which taught me so much, but also my time in the drama productions which I did from grade 9. All those tours and long hours really formed me. Another thing that stands out in my high school career was the ATKV-Goudini camp which Rouxvé and I had the honour to attend as head leaders. I made lifelong friends there and was taught some invaluable lessons. Wat is jou planne vir die toekoms? Op die oomblik is my planne om regte te gaan studeer aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Ek wil daarna by die Suid-Afrikaanse Vloot aansluit, gevolg deur 'n belowende beroep as politikus in die Republiek waar ek dié huidige stagnasie en gebrek aan leierskap hopelik kan breek. As jy jou matriekjaar kon oordoen, is daar enigeiets wat jy nou anders sou gedoen het? Nee wat! Ek dink altyd daaraan oor hoe my lewe vandag sou lyk as ek byvoorbeeld nie daardie jaar aan dit deelgeneem het nie of miskien nie opgeskryf het vir dat nie, maar ek is 100% gelukkig met my lewe vandag. Is ek tevrede? Nee, want ons lewens begin nou eers, en daar is die hele wêreld om aan te vat. What message would you like to leave with the students of PV? I think the most valuable thing that I could say at this moment is that we should all be thankful and mindful. Think, as you sit here, what you have in the sense of an education, food, clothing etc. and also what you don't have, for example, bad health. Go out into the world and be the best player you can be. Maak 'n menige verskil, weet waarvandaan jy jou krag kry, en word selfstandig. Behou jou vriende en familie en leef asof jy nooit weer die kans gaan kry nie, daar is soveel om aan te pak, maar vra jouself, "Hoeveel is daar in my om dit te doen"?

HEAD GIRL: Rouxvé Meyer What has been your best experience at PV? The Pearson and Namibia tours. They were the only sports tours I attended and both were in my matric year. Touring just creates an incredible vibe: you become very close to friends and meet new people. I loved it! If you could change one thing at PV, what would it be? I would get us a swimming pool! Most embarrassing moment at Parel Vallei? I'd rather not say. It’s too embarrassing. What are your plans for the future? I'm either going to study BAccLaw next year at Stellenbosch or take a gap year and travel, but in the end I'll still end up studying BAccLaw. What message would you like to leave with the students of Parel Vallei? It’s cheesy, but you only live once. So live your life to the fullest and have no regrets. Don't worry too much about what other people say or think, because this can end up controlling your every action. Do what makes you happy. Your favourite part of being head girl? In the beginning my least favourite part was talking in assembly but it ended up being my favourite thing. I know most people never listened but I looked forward to talking to the school after the weekend’s activities. In the beginning it was so nerve-wrecking, but the nerves faded quickly and I started to really enjoy it.

ACADEMICS: Katja Majewski What are your plans for the future? I want to study medicine and become a doctor. I unfortunately didn’t get accepted at Stellenbosch, but I’m still waiting to hear from other universities in South Africa. If I don’t get in here I’ll apply somewhere overseas, and if that doesn’t work out I’ll start with a BSc and apply for medicine again after a year. What has been your best experience at Parel Vallei? There have been so many! It’s been a really great five years, and I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. If I had to choose a few highlights, they would be being a prefect, being on the swimming team since grade 8, and organising the matric ball in grade 11. The spirit of the school has grown so much since I arrived here, it’s been great to have seen that happen. What changes in terms of academics would you still like to see at PV? I want people to realise that school is cool, and that being academically strong is cool. We need to develop more of a positive approach to this and people need to realise that nothing can beat the feeling of working hard and doing well. Being ‘smart’ is not lame, it’s actually pretty great!

What advice can you give to the students of PV in terms of academics? Work hard and set goals for yourself. Don’t study just because you need to study, study because you want to learn more and because it helps you grow as a person. It’s something that can be extremely enriching.

SPIRIT: Jenna Helders Do you think Parel Vallei does enough to promote school spirit? What can still be improved on? PV most definitely does enough to promote spirit. We are still a young school so we don’t have the as many traditions as the other schools in our area, but I’m so amazed to see how we are growing. We have achieved so much with the spirit committee this year and it was all thanks to my amazing team of silver prefects and the cheerleaders, I really take my hat off to them. There will always be something that we will need to improve on but looking at the past year, the support of the learners at cultural events and sport events need to be the top priority from now on. The spirit does not just depend on the three spirit prefects and cheerleaders, it’s a joint effort from the whole school. What are your plans for the future? I will be studying a BEd (Bachelors of General Education) at Stellenbosch University. I have been accepted for next year, which is very exciting! What has been your most embarrassing moment at PV? One funny moment was when I was in Bloemfontein this year for a hockey tournament and I started off on the wrong side of the field. I remember thinking that it was so strange that the opponent was about to pass the ball straight to me. After a few seconds, I heard the whole team yelling at me to move and I saw the referee dying of laughter. I will never forget that moment! What advice can you give to the new prefects? Stay motivated until the end and always remember that you are ambassadors of the school. Being a prefect is a huge privilege and responsibility! Work hard, and I wish you the best of luck. Best memory from your time on the council? My best memories were definitely from the prefect camp. We bonded like a family and really connected on an emotional level. We ate amazing food, danced to Greek music and 80’s songs, and laughed the nights away. It was a very special time.

MEDIA: Charl Wiehahn What are your plans for the future? This year a friend and I started a social media managing company and we have a few clients such as Seeff, Imibala, Benguela on Maine, and Cavalli Estate. We basically manage their media accounts and create content for them. So in the short term we want to try and grow that business, but as for long term next year I’m going to study BComm Accounting at Stellenbosch University. My ultimate goal is to be a foreign investment banker for an overseas company or do property investing, or something similar. We’ll see how that turns out! What has been your best experience at PV? Being an inter schools cheerleader. After three weeks of taking off school to teach all the sing-songs people the songs, just feeling like a family and a unit, standing there on the day and just singing your heart out. The best moment was probably when they announced that we’d won inter-schools, I was immediately in tears. That was probably the single best moment in my high school career. I even got a hug from Mr. Schenck afterwards! How do you think PV’s media platforms can still be improved? We were the first prefects to start these platforms so there’s still a lot that can be added and changed. It all has to do with keeping up with what’s new, but also building on what we already have. Our Facebook and Instagram is always growing and creating a bigger following, and we need to make sure that every school event, tour, club, etc. all get equal coverage and recognition. We need to get more people involved, from current learners to past pupils to parents. There’s a lot planned. What goes on ‘behind the scenes’- what do the media prefects really do? Monitoring our Facebook and Instagram accounts is actually only a very small part of what we do. Everyone is in charge of something: for every event in the school the media team needs to be there to represent Parel Vallei since we are indirectly the face of the school through what we share on its social media, and for marketing purposes and getting sponsors we need to make sure that our sponsors are visible. Our biggest event is our Open Day, which takes months and months of planning and preparation, and then the normal info evenings and cheese and wine evening for the grade 8 parents, the Grade 8 booklet, all the smaller events and much more. It’s definitely a lot of hard work, not just the glitz and glam that everyone thinks it is. It is however a lot of fun, and if you enjoy marketing then you would enjoy being on the media portfolio.

SPORT: Rebecca Kaps What has been your best experience at PV? Playing for the 1st hockey team since Grade 8. What can the sports portfolio still improve on? We need to work on partnering up with the spirit portfolio to get more support going at sports days, and getting more kids involved in playing sports at school. What are the main roles and responsibilities of the sport portfolio and prefects? To ensure that all of PV’s students are brought together by sports, and that there is something for everyone to do so that everyone is involved. We’re responsible for getting together support at sports days, organizing the Big Brag, and building a feeling of school pride in sport. What are your plans for the future? Next year I’ll be studying BAcc LLB (Law) at Stellenbosch University and play hockey for Maties.

CULTURE: Wicus Louw What are your plans for the future? Most definitely the entertainment business! My passion at the moment lies in theatre. Something I’ve always believed in is to ‘make your passion your pay check’. For you culture vultures: don’t let school stand in your way of succeeding, see it only as a challenge to overcome. There are opportunities within school as well as outside – you just have to find them. Next year I will be planting some new seeds and seeing which of them grow, but at present I have no exact plan, only an adventure waiting to be experienced! What has been your best experience at PV? That’s a difficult one, so I’ll give you my top three: drama productions, since it’s always awesome doing what you dream of doing one day. The chaos of organizing events: if something doesn’t go wrong then you aren’t doing it right. And lastly, a freaky family with two thespians (actors or actresses), two mommies and one other kid! What advice can you give to the new prefects? Things don’t always go to plan – suck it up and fix it. Life is tough for everyone, so don’t make excuses. What was the hardest part about being a culture prefect? The biggest challenges I faced was time management. It’s a lot of work and many people expect you to do your job properly. You quickly have to learn to adjust and make it happen. Do you think PV does enough to promote all types of culture? Is there anything that still needs to be improved on? To effectively promote something you have to believe in what you are promoting. Culture at Parel Vallei has nationally competing dancers winning golds, independent bands and bands winning provincially, and actors and actresses winning national prizes. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Let live, let culture create, and remember: succeed in the sass!

COMMUNITY: Leandre van der Merwe What are your plans for the future? I want to become a paediatrician. I applied for medicine, but I’m still waiting for a reply. What did you enjoy most about your time at PV? All the people I met here, friends and teachers. They are truly some of the best people on this planet and I hope I’ll still be in contact with them when I leave PV. What changes in term of community participation would you like to see in PV? What do you think the community portfolio can still improve on? I want the entire school to take part, not just the few people from each class. I hope to see massive projects and collections, outings, blood drives and so forth happening in the future. Why do you think it’s important for PV students to take part in community service? You will never know what it feels like to see a smile on someone's face when you tell them that you are here to make their day just that little bit better until you do it. No one should feel like they are too good to help those that might not be as privileged as we in PV are.

TRADITION: Jessica van der Walt What are your plans for the future? Next year I’m going to study Engineering at Stellenbosch. Other than that I don't know, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds! What has been your best and worst experience at PV? I’ve had so many special memories at PV and a fair share of bad ones too. I can’t really pin-point one exact experience which was the best or the worst, but I can say one experience that stands out for me is being part of the junior learner council last year. It was really great fun and it made my grade 11 year so much more special. Most of my bad experiences include homework, projects and LO dances, so all in all the good definitely outweighs the bad. What advice can you give to the new prefects? Don’t change who you are because of your new position. You were elected because of the person you are. Also, make an effort to form friendships with the other prefects: the closer you guys are the more fun and successful your year will be. What new traditions has the tradition portfolio been working on in the last year? Are there any interesting things planned for the future? We had quite a few ideas in the beginning of the year but it’s very difficult to actually make it happen. We did pursue a few ideas which we will pass on to the new tradition portfolio and hopefully they decide to take them further. How important is the role of tradition in PV? Should the students of PV do more to support our existing traditions? Our school is still young so we have very few established traditions. However, everyone is keen to start traditions and take part, so I think the tradition portfolio is essential. To me tradition in a school is exceptionally important because it is what unites us. It allows us to have a sort of bond with any student who has ever been in PV. And most importantly, it makes you feel like you are part of something bigger and give you a sense of belonging. Creating traditions is not easy, it takes hard work and time. I hope that the new tradition prefects keep making progress year by year and adding onto each other’s hard work so that in a couple of years’ time there are strong traditions in place.

RCL: Danielle Hendricks What are your plans for the future? Next year I’ll be studying Mechanical Engineering at Stellenbosch University. It’s a four year course, and after that I’ll be working for SASOL for two years because I’ll be studying on a bursary from them. What has been your best experience at PV? My best experience was definitely the Grade 8 sleepover because we were the second-last year to do the sleepover, and I can still remember how we bonded with our prefect parents and new friends. We got no sleep all night, were covered in flour and eggs by morning, and had half an hour to get cleaned up for the blazer ceremony – the ‘geesbou’, and spirit around that was amazing, and that feeling will stay with me forever. I also ended up falling asleep for most of the blazer ceremony. What advice can you give to the new prefects? Enjoy it! It’s such a privilege to be voted onto the council by your friends, so give it your all. Don’t ever miss an opportunity, grab it and run with it. Matric brings a lot of work and responsibilities but you’re going to need to make sacrifices for the council – being at school earlier, leaving school later, in the end it is all so worth it. What exactly are the roles and responsibilities of the RCL? RCL is the Representative Council of Learners, and our key role is communication with learners throughout the school. So we are made up of learners from every grade, juniors and seniors, which ensures that if a message needs to get out quickly to a class or grade it gets there. We organise all the fun little events, such as the Grade 8 Easter egg hunt. We’re also responsible for certain admin such as the ‘zap system’. Your favourite part of being on the council? Going on the council camp in Grade 11. We all knew each other, but none of us were really close. But at the council camp, we all bonded and came together as a team. We hardly slept and we all became genuine friends with each other, it was the perfect way to start a great year and start learning how to work together more effectively.

PV sê ...

welkom aan...

She puts the ‘lit’ in literature! The third term kicked off with four new staff members. We welcome Mrs Yoko to Parel Vallei and hope that she enjoys every moment of her time with us. Mrs Yoko was raised in the picturesque Eastern Cape village of King William’s Town. She studied in Gauteng at the University of Witwatersrand and also took her first teaching job at a school in Johannesburg before she moved to the Cape. Mrs Yoko loves art and spends her free time dabbling in design, various forms of visual media and photography. Old Pine by Ben Howard is one of her favourite songs. Her favourite band is hard to track down, as it changes every week, so we know that she listens to a lot of music. Mrs Yoko prefers coffee to tea and if having to choose between hiking and shopping, she would go shopping. If she couldn’t be a teacher, she would do something in the creative industry, such as copywriting, art direction or visual communications. About her favourite movie, Mrs Yoko says, “I feel like this answer should be an intellectual and brilliantly cinematographic movie but it isn’t, Mean Girls is my favourite movie. Mainly because of a special connection it created between my 3 sisters and me.” When Mrs Yoko was in Grade 8 she saw the passion of teaching and the real reasons for loving it by the example of her English teacher. She taught entirely for the love of


written by | RENÉE VAN ZYL photographs by | LIAM DAVIES designed by | CHANEL BOWEN

teaching and seeing her learners exceed and so inspired Mrs Yoko to do the same. We asked Mrs Yoko what she loves most about teaching and she replied, “I think it’s being able to share with others the things that I love and am passionate about. As well as being exposed to so many different minds, personalities and abilities.” Her first impression of PV was that our school ‘has so much to offer to the students that attend it.’ She admires the fact that we are proud of and exalt the achievements of all students across all fields. Her personal mission statement is: We have all been ‘created’ with the ability to create something amazing, at least once in our lives. We cannot wait to see what she will create with such passions! If Mrs Yoko could address every learner that she has ever taught at once, she would tell them the following: “School isn’t the end! It’s just the starting block. Not everyone has a perfect start but we all know how to run. “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.” – Rudyard Kipling. We look forward to supplying Mrs Yoko with many good memories. I am sure that she will inspire some of us to discover a love for teaching just as she was inspired by her English teacher. Only the future will tell of the immense differences that teachers have made in our lives. Thank you ma’am!

Magnificently Matshayana You may have seen a new face walking the halls of PV this past term. I sat down with Ms. Matshayana afternoons to find out what makes her tick and caught a glimpse of the soul behind her dark brown eyes.

“What drives me the most is that I have a purpose. For a long time I didn’t know what to do. I chose teaching as a backup plan. As time went by, I knew I made the right decision,” says Ms. Matshayana, Parel Vallei’s newest English teacher. Not that Parel Vallei is new to her. She used to walk these halls when she went to Parel Vallei as a student. When I asked her what her favourite fast food restaurant was, she pondered a moment before stating that it had to be Pizza Café right here in Somerset West. As she told me about the dancing competition they had when she was in high school, I could see her face light up in remembrance. Before there were sports days with big sponsors and many teams, Parel Vallei had a dancing competition that the classes took part in. Her class were The Rugrats and they danced to the theme song of this iconic 90s cartoon whilst wearing baby bibs, dummies and diapers. Needless to say they won and their dance was choreographed by none other than our Ms. Matshayana herself.

for dramatic arts. And on the third day she would find the perfect place to read in her most comfy clothes, preferably pajamas. I found myself drifting off to a time where that would be possible. If only… Ms. Matshayana says that it was the Goosebumps book series that got her reading but her first literary love was Rapunzel. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair” she laughs. “I will never forget those words.” As an English teacher, I thought that there must be one common language mistake that irks her the most, and I was right. She pages through the papers before her: ‘Capital letters being used where capital letters aren’t due’ comes the exasperated plea of a high school English teacher. What does the Blue Thread mean to her? It’s tradition. It’s making sure that everyone in Parel Vallei has something to be proud of and something in common, since PV learners come from many different places and cultures.

Her words of wisdom? Leaving PV and coming back 10 years later has made her realise how I thought that I was asking a difficult question privileged students are here, especially in a when I asked her what she would do if she was country where public education isn’t usually that given a surprise three day leave to rest and do whatever she wants. Well, it would seem that she great. Students shouldn’t let any moment or opportunity pass them by. Stop, look around and has it figured out. First, a day at the spa, starting with a full body massage. On the second think about the effort that goes into your educaday, she would attend shows all day, hopping from tion. theatre to theatre as she has an immense passion


Stop, look around and think about the effort that goes into your education. __________________________________________________________________________


written by | NATASHA SCHMIDT photographs by | LIAM DAVIES designed by | HELENE VILJOEN

Tarling, You Darling! We have a new addition to our life orientation department; Blue Thread welcomes Mr Tarling to PV and gets the inside scoop.

Before coming to PV, Mr Tarling stayed at home to look after his daughter. Nowadays, we can see him hobnobbing with the tech team or conducting ‘much loved’ LO practicals. But why did he decide to become a teacher in the first place? “There’s a reason I chose not to spend my life with adults!” Anyone who’s in his class will know he gets the often monotonous modules completed with a hefty dose of humour. As they say, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

There’s a reason I chose not to spend my life with adults!

If he wasn’t a teacher, he would’ve liked to be a talk show host. “In my free time, I like playing computer games and watching TV, so I’ve always liked the idea of being on screen.” We’ll be sure to look out for him if he ever goes down that path – if only to say that he was our LO teacher back in the good ol’ days of high school!

Quick Questions What’s one quote you’ll always remember? Never try to teach a pig to sing… it wastes your time and annoys the pig. How would you describe yourself in three words? Don’t follow rules properly. Grew up in…? Somerset West Favourite colour? Green Favourite food? Pizza Pineapple on pizza? NO! Summer or winter? Winter

written by | CHANEL BOWEN photographs by | LIAM DAVIES designed by | CHANEL BOWEN

Mr. Tarling

Mrs Lategan

History in style For the lucky few of us in her class – history is about to get that much better. Mrs Lategan, Parel Vallei’s new history teacher, has been making waves since her arrival with her engaging lessons, elegant fashion sense, and sheer love for the subject. “You can never fully understand the present unless you know its history. For example, you can’t understand our current situation in South Africa if you’re unaware of the circumstances in our past. Everything is connected,” she says with a knowing smile.

Her first post as history So why study history at teacher was in Moorreesburg. school? “For a child to fit into society, to know why things Thereafter she worked as a wedding coordinator for Aleit are the way they are in their community, their country and Academy in Stellenbosch the world they live in, and to because history teaching prevent mistakes in the past positions are as “skaars as hoendertande, and I couldn’t from happening again, I believe it is crucial for all find a job anywhere else”. students to have an During that time she got engaged, and later moved to understanding of history.” Johannesburg, where her fiancé was working. Once married they moved back down to Somerset West, and

always wanted to “Imake a difference in people’s lives, and there’s no better way to do that than by becoming a teacher.

Growing up in Strand, she claims she was an overachiever in high school. “I was that girl crying after an Economics test because I was sure I wasn’t going to get my 80%.” After completing her BA degree in Political Science at Stellenbosch University, she went on to get her PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) qualification. “Ever since I taught a Sunday-school class in Grade 12 I knew I wanted to become a teacher, and I’ve never looked back or wanted to do anything else since. I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and there’s no better way to do that than by becoming a teacher.”

Mrs Lategan became the history teacher at Bloemhof. When her daughter was born 6 months ago she decided to find a post closer to home, and luckily for us found a post at Parel Vallei.

Any advice for teenagers in high school? Trust yourself and look after yourself first. “It doesn’t matter what people think of you. I was very much a people pleaser at school - I never wanted to offend anybody or let anybody down, but that saying ‘the people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter’ is so true. Once you adopt that outlook on life things just become so much simpler, and I wish I’d known that earlier. Life’s too short to attract negative energy.”

written by | NINA ANDRO photographs by | LIAM DAVIES designed by | NINA ANDRO

Quick Questions Favourite historical period: the Tudors (16th century, England) Favourite historical figure: Queen Elizabeth I Favourite historical experience: Standing next to Elizabeth I’s tomb in Westminster Abbey, London. Best holiday: my European tour in 2013. My husband took me for my birthday, and it was my first time overseas! Biggest inspiration: my mother and my husband. Favourite chocolate: wholenut slab. Birthday: 27 June. Favourite movies: Midnight in Paris, About Time, Love Actually, and Notting Hill. Favourite book: the Harry Potter series Favourite author: Philippa Gregory Favourite music: I listen to everything from punk rock to classical, but I adore Ed Sheeran. Favourite thing to spend money on: It used to be clothes and shoes for myself, now it’s clothes and everything else for my little girl! What do you do in your spare time: I love reading, but now all my spare time goes to spending time with my little girl. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Nelson Mandela. Elizabeth I, obviously, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn… Don’t make me decide on just one! What cheers you up? Spending time with my sister, and with my daughter Elizabeth – she is at such a special stage now where she just giggles the whole time. Everything she does, whether it’s eating or sleeping or looking at the cats, she does with such abandon. She’s simply so happy, I wish more adults could be like that.

90s kids cover nostalgia page

: nos • tal • gia n.

a bittersweet longing for things, people, or situations of the past.


Gone but not forgotten written by | NATASHA SCHMIDT photographs by | KAYLA MCCULLEY & CAITLIN DE LANGE designed by | NINA ANDRO & NATASHA SCHMIDT

You may not remember it, but there was a time when people taped programs on VHS tapes. A time when there was little to no homework and science used to be fun, thanks to Bill Nye. You may remember Friends, but do you remember Full House? The house where Mary-Kate and Ashley grew up. This was way back when everyone read Goosebumps and had a yo-yo so there was no need for a fidget spinner. Ah, the glorious 90s. - Natas

Here’s to the 90s kids.

You know you’re a 90s Kid if: Scrunchies were your go-to hair tie. Everything could be decided by a game of rock, paper, scissors. You know the Macarena by heart. You were the proud owner of silly putty. You wore stick-on earrings to feel grown-up. You wanted the cereal boxes with the toys in them. Origami Fortune Tellers were viable sources of information.

NINE HITS AND BANDS FROM THE NINETIES The hard rock of the 90s may not be your style, but you’ll know and hopefully love, at least one of these iconic 90s songs or artists. Here is my round-up of the best 90s bands with their accompanying hits.

1. NIRVANA— Smells like teen spirit 2. Radiohead—Creep 3. Blink 182—All the small things 4. Pearl Jam— Even Flow 5. Wheatus—Teenage Dirtbag 6. The Verve—Bittersweet Symphony 7. TLC—Waterfalls 8. Spice Girls—Wannabe 9. Alice in Chains—Would

written by | NATASHA SCHMIDT photographs by | THALIA ALBERTS designed by | LUICA NILAND

PV’s GOT Talent

What a night!

From dancing to singing to every type of art, we were treated to a night of impeccable talent. I think we can all agree that the teachers’ act was out of this world, especially since we didn’t know that Mrs Steyn could play the drums! The vocalists - wow! And of course, Mr. Combe. Was it the style or was it the saxophone? Nevertheless, we were impressed. We interviewed the winners to find out where it all started and what the future holds.

DillOn Cilliers

Overall Winner Dillon Cilliers is one of the class of 2018’s silent gentlemen. We never knew how much work he was doing behind the scenes and we were all astonished to see him take the stage with such an excellent performance. Dillon has been playing the keyboard for ten years and started playing the piano five years ago. He practices about one hour every day when he has time, but practised more leading up to the competition. According to Dillon, ‘Unravel’ is the most difficult piece that he has learnt so far and it took him about a month to master it. And he even played without sheet music! Dillon chose the song because he was able to express himself through the music and it was a challenge he wanted to master. Dillon hoped, and his dream came true. He won the overall competition, deserving it all the way. It still came as a huge surprise to him, as the night was filled with many talented acts. Dillon entered because he thought the competition would provide an opportunity to test his ability at playing in public. Here is what he says about inspiration: “Inspiration is something that all musicians should have and when one is given the opportunity, one should follow through.” He is only enjoying music and playing the piano at the moment, but the door of possibility is open for the future. We cannot wait to see what he is yet to achieve with such talent.

written by | RENÉE VAN ZYL photographs by | HUGO UYS designed by | CHANEL BOWEN

Inspiration is something that all musicians should have and when one is given the opportunity, one should follow through.

Reinata van Greuning

SECOND Overall When the storms of life brought her down, she stood up to share her talent with the world. This is Reinata van Greuning. Reinata has been singing since she was little and began enjoying it more when Hannah Montana began starring on Disney Channel. She came across her ukulele while searching for something to buy with a Capitec Colour run coupon on Amazon. She put the two together and an amazing item saw the light. Her most requested songs are Over the Rainbow and Riptide. She says that learning the lyrics and music is not too difficult, but it’s difficult to make the song your own – in sync with your unique style. She chose All I Want because it is known for getting the water works going and is a crowd pleaser. She was urged by her friends to enter and is glad that she did! We are sure to hear more from Reinata. Hopefully you didn’t miss her in Dearly Beloved.

ROsemary van Driel

Art Winner Rosemary has been drawing since before she could walk and has spent the greatest part of her life loving art. She finds her inspiration from watching anime and listening to good music – especially Queen – while she sketches. She likes to sketch people because “you can play around with their expressions and movement”, but she prefers to make up her own things to sketch. Rosemary’s friends persuaded her to enter and she wants to thank Laura, Lahore and Lisa. Rosemary is yet to discover exactly what she wants to do in the future, but it will definitely involve art. She is quite passionate about digital art and has started making her own website www.artcadecave.com - in her spare time – which is very little, since she takes Design. Wow, let’s give a moment of recognition to all the people who take design and spend many hours sketching through the night…

JOshua Walker

PhOtOgraphy Winner Joshua has been taking photos for about three to four years and is already proving his talent. His inspiration is mostly self-driven, but looking at other photos, especially photos with unique perspectives, drives him to change his style and outlook on the world. This inspires him to enhance his photography. Joshua is going to study film-making after matric and is considering photography after that. He has only shot with Nikon and doesn’t plan to change to Canon anytime soon. Winning – he did not expect it. The night was alive with many amazing, impressive photos. This caused his confidence to be rattled slightly, but he was extremely glad that he won the competition. Who knows? One day when you watch the credits roll past after a very good movie, you might see Joshua Walker and think: “Wasn’t that guy in my high school?”

Drama Queens Thirteen astounding actors. Three dramatic geniuses. Three incredible dramas. One talented School.

Drama season has graced our inner culture enthusiasts yet again, simultaneously pulling at our heart strings and leaving us in stitches. This year brought a few surprises though. One of our very own Matrics, Wicus Louw, wrote and directed his own play, along with that of our Drama heads, Miss Van Zyl and Miss Pienaar.

written by | LUCIA NILAND photographs by | HENKO UYS designed by | OLIVIA IMPSON

Drama week took place on the 25th of May at Somerset West’s very own theatre, the Playhouse, and absolutely blew us away. First on the program is Sirkel,S, by Wicus Louw. It follows Juhard, a high school student, whose passion for art is disregarded by his homophobic mother who worries that a career in culture will negatively influence his life and eventually turns him out on to the streets.

connection. Alexander, unable to handle the sudden death of his newfound brother and his father, conjures the image of Jacobus, to play the part of his subconscious. Jacobus's presence slowly encourages Alexander to try new things, and not be scared into isolation due to his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The ending leaves the audience speechless and emotional.

He makes a life for himself, auctioning his paintings at an established art gallery, and meets Inge, the gallery's bubbly, headstrong, saleswoman. Eventually he ends up alone, yet again, and gifts the audience with a life lesson in the form of a dramatic monologue, that life is like a circle. There are ups the good times - and there are downs the bad -, but ultimately, life goes on.

And last but certainly not least, is the heavily anticipated play, Dearly Beloved, by Miss Yanou Pienaar. A comical drama that leaves the audience rolling on the floor. We accompany Detective O.B Livious and his partners, Detectives Fire and Rain on a roundabout journey as they attempt to solve a series of seemingly unconnected murders. Each victim is an artistically Next, comes the brainchild of Miss inclined person, whether it be a singer, Annelie Van Zyl, Kopskoot. This mime or writer. Although hilarious, the brilliantly written Afrikaans drama is play has a dark undertone that speaks based on two brothers, raised apart by of the harsh reality of today's society their separated parents, never knowing and the way we spend so much time of each other's existence until they working and prioritize everything else meet by chance, working for the same above art, and don't encourage the arts company. as a career choice. Both boys, now men, grew up lonely, feeling out of place in the world. But alas, they are just too late and Jacobus's depression gets the better of him before the two realize their



The bar has been set tremendously high for next year, and we can barely wait.

And All That Jazz! During the July holidays, PV’s Big Band experienced the cultural overloaded, jam-packed week of music that is the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. Blue Thread gets a closer look into what really went down‌

The band left early in the morning of Monday the 3rd and returned the following Sunday. In the week they were there, their schedules were booked out from dawn to dusk; work all day and performances all night! Every day, everyone attending the festival would start off with mixedability band practises, which were melting pots of high school and university students organised by an assigned conductor. Halfway through the week, the bands performed a concert of all the pieces they had been practising, a definite highlight for everyone who performed.

Next came two workshops: elective educational classes with the best teachers, international and national jazz musicians. These were sessions about specific musical instruments or techniques, such as improvisation, bass trumpet or Brazilian jazz. After a beautiful lunch, there was another workshop. The free, evening performances were much anticipated and greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended. From five until midnight, there was constant music performed by some of the best jazz artist the world has to offer. “Highlights would have to be the performances by the Australian James Morrison Big Band, Shannon Mowday quartet and Brazilian Jazz sensations Michael Pipoquinha and Mestrinho.” The Big Band also had their time in the limelight and played their repertoire. All in all, it was an intense week of culture, music and practical education that we are sure will pay off in our Big Band’s next eagerly awaited show!

written by | CHANEL BOWEN photographs by | PV BIG BAND designed by | KAYLEIGH ROUX



written by | RENEÉ VAN ZYL & ZOË NAUDE photographs by | KAYLA MCCULLY designed by | PAIGE BOWEN

We went to Pearson and I think we can all agree that this was an amazing tour with many wins — and a few losses. We asked a few people how they will remember the tour and the hosting experience.

Dit was ‘n wonderlike ervaring en ek sal dit nooit vergeet nie, aangesien dit my eerste en seker enigste sporttoer sal wees. Oor 'n paar jaar as ek terugkyk op hierdie toer, sal die spangees en dat ons skool so mooi bymekaar gestaan het en so trots was op wie en wat ons is, vir my die meeste uitstaan. Ek was nie deur die skool gehuisves nie, maar het eerder met my beste vriendin by haar ouma in Jeffreysbaai gebly. Dit was waarlik wonderlik gewees. Ons kon elke oggend gou see toe gaan voor ons die uur se rit aangepak het Pearson toe, al het ons amper laat gekom vir ons wedstryd. Dit het vir my baie meer soos 'n vakansietjie gevoel as 'n skool event. Ek kan nie wag tot die volgende een nie!

The Pearson tour was the most amazing experience! I felt that we grew closer as a school and built a great deal of pride and spirit. I enjoyed every moment from beginning to end. It was wonderful to spend quality time with friends and team mates, and to see the impact of the huge support from all students. Being hosted was a great learning experience for me. It was my first time ever being hosted and it certainly exceeded my expectations. It was extra special to share the experience with a good friend of mine, Annemari Eloff. Our host family was very kind and made us feel 100% at home.

– Tamryn Roets

– Nicole de Lorme

My gunsteling herinnering was nie om op die veld te Die gees wat die kinders daar gehad het en hoe wees en hokkie te speel nie, maar wel om op die hulle mekaar ondersteun het. Ek hoop julle kan kantlyn te wees en die res van die leerders te dit weer doen en ek hoop een van die dae sien ondersteun. Pearson was veral 'n lekker toer omdat ek die hele pawiljoen vol PV-kinders. ek verskillende spanne ondersteun het wat ek nie – Dié Antonie altyd by die skool sien speel nie, soos die tennis of die spelathon (waaraan ek self deelgeneem het). Dit Die ondersteuning by al die was 'n goeie ervaring omdat ek die huisvesfamilie ken van laas jaar toe Pearson se hokkiespanne hier aktiwiteite. Ek het baie goed oor die weg gekom met my was. Hulle was baie gaaf. huisvesfamilie en was – Jenelle Smythe hartseer om te groet. – Charné Marx

My gunsteling deel van die Pearson-toer was die busse. Die gees en gevoel van familie terwyl ons daarin gery het was iets om te onthou. My huisvesfamilie was die beste! Hulle het 'n B&B, so ek en my vriendin het ons eie kamer gekry met ’n mikrogolfoond, TV en ketel. Ontbyt was ook altyd awesome.

Playing tennis matches the whole morning and winning mixed doubles with a boy I have never played with before - but he was wonderfully funny - was one of the best matches ever! The host family was extremely friendly. We had a wonderful breakfast and the parents were very kind. The girl was a really good dancer and we - my sister and I (#twinning - Ed.) were with three of our friends in that host family, so it was great fun with late nights and many giggles!

– Reinata van Greuning

– Lahore Hauspie

My gunsteling deel van die toer was die gees - op die bus en langs die sportveld. Daar was nie een spesifieke gebeurtenis wat vir my uitgestaan het nie, dit was net vir my die beste ding om te sien hoe almal saamstaan en hul harte uit sing. Die skoollied na elke eerste span se wedstryd het my so trots laat voel. Die geeskomitee het so baie moeite gedoen en al die sing en skree het die toer vir my amazing gemaak. – Marista Marx

The late night bus tour was great fun with the friends on the bus; that and the vibe around the 1st team rugby match on the final day. My host family was very sweet and hospitable. They just lived really, really far away. – Blaine Coetzee

Die gees by die fietsry. Hulle was baie vriendelik en ons het goed oor die weg gekom. – Ico Coetzee

Hoe ons skool mekaar ondersteun en saamgestaan het, maak nie saak of ons wen of verloor nie en hoe die blue thread net versterk het. Ek het eie verblyf gehad by my familie, maar dit was nogsteeds 'n ervaring. – Jané van Wyk

I had an amazing time touring with my team. We had so much spirit on the field, even though we lost. One of the things that stood out was the fact that so many people came to support our game and not just the first teams. I also had a great time at the music evening as well as the hockey evening. I loved the PV gees. – Esmé Broeksma

I think the social part of Pearson was definitely a highlight for me! I became such good friends with the PV and Pearson kids. We had such a laugh the entire weekend: in the busses, next to the fields and at any gathering. Pearson definitely left a lasting impression on me. My host family was so nice. We got along so well with them and talked for hours into the night. They were so helpful and kind with anything we asked them or needed. – Leandre van der Merwe

It’s difficult to say what my favourite or most memorable part of the Pearson tour was simply because the entire experience was unforgettable. It was certainly amazing seeing the school unite to support each other at all events (including those that normally get very little attention). The overall spirit and vibe that weekend made me so proud to be a part of the PV family, which was probably one of the reasons I enjoyed the tour so much. – Lisa Black

Sjoe, wat sê ’n mens? Ek moet egter die Big Band se ‘Diggin’ on James Brown’ en Pearson se massa-orkes items uitsonder. Dit was regtig verskriklik goed en mooi. Dit was baie lekker om te hoor hoe jou skool vir jou skree (al is jou hokkiewedstryd op die gras). Ek het net weer besef hoe lekker dit is om ’n sportsoort, waarvan jy nie kop of stert weet nie, te ondersteun, want jy skree net inelkgeval; of hulle wen of verloor. – Renée van Zyl

Om PV se talent vir die eerste keer te sien was asemrowend. Ons het 'n skool propvol potensiaal. Dit strek van kuns en kreatiwiteit tot Einstein-breine tot vinnige voete wat op die sportvelde klap, om nie eers van gees te praat nie.

PV se Bulldog-blaf is net so groot soos sy byt! My ervaring met my huisvesfamilie was nogal iets om te onthou. Ons was vyf hokkiedogters in 'n klein solderkamer langs aan die ouma- en oupa-hulle se huis, met 'n gebreekte yskas, 'n ketel vol aangepakte kalk en 'n oorlaaide kragprop. Maar... Hulle was van die vriendelikste mense wat ek ontmoet het en ons was eintlik doodtevrede en gelukkig. Definitief iets wat ek vir die res van my lewe sal onthou!! – Nicoléne Kruger The most memorable part was the Friday evening when I played hockey in front of such a large crowd and especially having the whole school watching and cheering for our game - even though we weren't winning and then cheering for the first team with the school.

Die beste deel was dat ek met baie verskillende mense te doen gehad het en baie geleer het van hulle. My huisvesfamilie was baie vriendelik en goed voorbereid om vyf kinders te huisves. – Liam Schreiber

– Alex Wagner

Daar was nie een oomblik wat juis vir my uitgestaan het bo al die ander nie. Die hele toer op sigself was 'n wonderlike ervaring en 'n goeie herinnering. Maar as ek een oomblik moet uitsonder, was dit ons debat teen Pearson se senior debatspan. Dit was 'n baie goeie debat en selfs al het ons nie gewen nie, voel ek steeds dit was 'n hoogtepunt. My ervaring by my huisvesfamilie was definitief 'n interessante een gewees. Ons het vyf ouens saam gebly by een familie. Nou moet jy weet ons was vyf nerds wat by 'n rugbyfamilie gebly het. Dit was 'n vreemde dinamika wat ons gehad het, maar ons het goed oor die weg gekom. Die kos was lekker en ons het die Saterdagaand 'n kuier gehad tot 12-uur die aand. Op die ou end was dit ’n anders, maar goeie ervaring. – Rohan Pieterse

My favourite part was living in a guest house with 20 friends (our host family owned a guest house). We really had a luxurious stay with great company. I really enjoyed watching all the matches and cheering on my friends. I remember the pride I felt representing PV. The gees was unforgettable and contagious. All in all, it was a great tour with many laughs and fun times.

My favourite part of Pearson was singing on the stands; when the cheerleaders ran past, you could feel the spirit running through your body, and despite some of the match results, the school gees made every game enjoyable.

– Inge Froehlich

– Shannon Swanepoel

My favourite/most memorable moment at Pearson was on Friday. Three friends and I started playing netball, just messing around and not doing much. A group of three boys joined and it became a mini match. As time passed on more and more people started joining. Before I knew it, we were playing a proper netball match, boys versus girls, playing in our school and sports uniforms. People from different ages and sports and we all had so much fun. It wasn't a game of just friends too, it was a game that created friends, with endless smiles and friendly competition. It was so much fun and I'll never forget it. – Skye Boshoff

Pearson was an unforgettable experience. As cheesy as it may sound, you could see the Blue Thread connecting all of us. I think Zayd Wookey described the gees we displayed at Pearson best when he said, "We are like their HH." Highlights for me would definitely be watching the u/14 E netball team absolutely annihilate their opponents, winning by a samoosa gap as well as the entire school never sitting down, constantly cheering and never giving up on our first team hockey boys. And finally, spending time with and becoming closer to PV kids I would probably never have spoken to otherwise. The unrelenting wind, constantly thumping drumline, the exhausting bus rides and the face paint patterns sunburnt onto our faces produced a unity and pride in us I have never experienced before in my four years at PV. I honestly cannot wait for next year. – Zoë Naudé

I think my favourite part of Pearson was when the whole school united as one. When we all stood on the pavilion and just screamed and sang our hearts out. The gees we caught at Pearson is something I hope we can keep forever. Bus rides were life.

Die skoollied se sing aan die einde van die eerstespanwedstryd was die mees onvergeetlike herinnering, en my huisvesfamilie het ons baie lekker kos gegee.

– Ashleigh Julies

– Johan van der Spuy

Daar was baie... Beslis die verstomming op hul Wiskunde onnies se gesigte toe ons olimpiade kinders oor hulle hardloop. Die lekker koffie. Die yskoue aand wat ons soos hoenders bymekaar gestaan en hokkie kyk het. Die lekker om 'n vreemde PV kind te ‘hug’ net omdat ons soos dieselfde familie voel. – Mev. Prinsloo

Om saam met 'n groep van twintig meisies te bly en die busrit Port Elizabeth toe. Dit was lekker, baie anders juis omdat ons in 'n gastehuis gebly het. – Mila Buter

My favourite moment of Pearson was playing music with some of the Pearson learners; they really know how to jam! –Lorenzo Gollia

Toe ons na die eerste span rugbywedstryd die skoollied sing dat dit eggo. Klein bietjie awkward aan die begin, maar hulle was baie nice! – Arend Moelich

Om saans tot laat met jou eie PV kollegas te kan kuier en te gesels tot in die oggendure. Net om dan so te verslaap dat jy soos ‘n stout kind die bus mis en moet Uber Pearson toe. Watching the third team boys’ match and screaming for random people who weren't even supposed to be playing would definitely be top of that list. My host family were all really sweet. They literally gave me the best food ever and treated us like family. Also, they had a parrot, which was a major plus. – Michelle Cousins

– ’n Anonieme onderwyser. (Stout! -Red.)

Die amazing gees wat PV opgebou het danksy Pearson. Dit was so lekker om saam met die skool as een te staan en ons harte uit te skreeu vir ons spanne. – Carla Steyn

My most memorable/favourite or enjoyable part of the tour is how PV as a school grew closer. I feel like the students formed more bonds and it was amazing to see the school support all the different activities as a whole. Bus 1 also had a very interesting drive home, and all the girls will agree with me. The aircon on the bus broke and couldn't be turned off, so it was stuck on 5°C from 11pm until we arrived at the school. Everyone was freezing and some of us, including myself, spent the journey lying on the floor as it was warmer and you had less cold wind blown onto you. The second bus driver even slept in the bathroom to escape the cold. My host family was absolutely amazing! They were so accommodating. I felt comfortable around them, I built friendships with them and we had so many laughs with them. I really felt welcomed by them. – Paige Keehn

Die wonderlike samehorigheidsgevoel en ondersteuning tussen die onderwysers en die leerders tydens die hele toer en die samewerking van die leerders. – Mev. Steenkamp

My hart klop

Haha! Ag daar was so baie kosbare herinneringe, maar ek moet sê een wat vir my uitgestaan het was om die Engelse debat te gaan kyk saam met 'n vol klas van PV ondersteuners waar omtrent die helfte van die eerstespan rugby ook in die gehoor was! Dit was ‘n taai debat en ek dink almal in die gehoor was saam op hulle senuwees! Daar sit ons almal en ontdek dat debat wragtig 'n talent is en dat nie sommer enige iemand dit kan aanpak nie!

This tour was probably one of the BEST things that could ever have happened to PV - ons het geleer om as EEN man hande te vat, saam te staan en ons merk te maak. We truly came together as one close knit family and showed the people of Pearson what we were made of. ’n Hoendervleis oomblik vir my was Vrydagoggend se geesbousessie saam die hele skool. The camaraderie amongst us all over the weekend is something I will treasure forever! Dit was vir my ’n voorreg om elke item te kon ondersteun. Ek is opgewonde vir die toekoms en sien uit na nog vele toeravonture.

– Mev. Swanepoel

- Mev. Mackenzie

B L O U !



You're standing on the rolling astro, the roaring of the crowd in the stands scarcely register in your ears, all that matters now is the ball coming toward you and your teammates.

Parel Vallei's very own first team hockey girls absolutely swept the floor with their opponents and had what is thought to be the best season of any First team girls hockey to date. This phenomenal winning streak began in April when our girls won the Fairmont Tournament and then walked away unbeaten at the Kingswood College Festival held in Grahamstown. From there on, they drew with Rhenish in the International Hockey Tournament final. The most recent of their astounding achievements was winning the Investec Tournament on the 16th of August, hosted by Bloemhoff. Coached by Jared Pitout, and captained and co-captained by Rebecca Kapps and Caitlin Odendaal respectively, the team has become such close friends outside of sport, that no team building is really necessary. When asked about their favourite match, they replied with 'all of them', and if that doesn't exhibit their love and commitment towards hockey, I don't know what does. We sadly bid farewell to the Matric players. Thank you for all you have done for our school's hockey over the years and we wish you nothing but the best for the future. To conclude with Mr. Schenck's second favourite saying, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.� Well, these girls are incredibly talented and work and train harder than anything, so I'd continue to watch this space if I were you. Great things are only going to get greater.


Facial Cleansing Powder: R260


written by | LUCIA NILAND photographs by | JIN KIM & LIAM DAVIES designed by | CHANEL BOWEN

“ “THe relationship between beauty and the body is an “ “

all-natural affair. - Founder

Oil-Milk Facial Cleanser: R320

Skin Creamery, the brainchild of local genius Hannah Rubin, was founded in 2014 and is our latest skincare obsession. These wholesome products tick all the boxes: they are locally produced, made using organic products, animal cruelty free and have an added bonus of smelling incredible. It is not only good for your skin, but good for the earth and your pocket too. Stockists in the Area: The Spa @ Spier – Stellenbosch Winelands Aesthetic & Medical Centre – Stellenbosch Mukda Thai Spa – Gordon's Bay

Facial Hydrating Oil: R310

Fiksheid (Fun)tasties written by | AMELIA VAN HEERDEN photographs by | ASHER ADAMS designed by | MAYA BESTER

As jy enigsins soos ek is, dan haat jy enige vorm van oefening, soos om by trappe op stap, LO, jou atletiese vriende en jy bly beslis weg van die sportkanale af, maar as ʼn mens nie oefen nie, sal jy sit (letterlik) met ʼn leeftyd se probleme en dit is waar ek inkom! Hier is ʼn maklike 7-dag oefenprogram vir die mense wat nie eers weet waar hulle sportklere is nie:

Dag 1: 

10 push-ups in die oggend

As jy in die middag by die huis kom vind ʼn treadmill en hardloop vir een liedjie

8 single-leg bridge lifts (4 vir elke been)

Los die advertensies aan op YouTube en doen ʼn sit-up of twee

Dag 2: 

15 push-ups in die oggend

Hardloop vir 3 liedjies

10 single-leg bridge lifts (5 vir elke been)

Plank tussen elke advertensie (TV of YouTube of hoofstuk wat jy lees

Doen side-lying leg lifts vir 30 sekondes vir elke been


Dag 3: 

25 push-ups in die oggend

Hardloop vir 5 liedjies

12 single-leg bridge lifts (6 vir elke been)

5 lunges na elke video wat jy kyk of hoofstuk wat jy lees

2 burpees elke uur

Dag 4: 

25 push-ups in die oggend

Hardloop vir ʼn volle 20 minute

15 jumping jacks wanneer jy by die huis kom

5 burpees elke uur

Plank vir 20 sekondes

Dag 5: 

25 push-ups in die oggend

Hardloop vir 20 minute

10 squats

5 lunges tussen elke advertensie of hoofstuk

Plank vir 20 sekondes

Dag 6: 

Omdat dit naweek is, hoef jy net 15 push-ups te doen

Jy kan lekker baie hardloop vandag: 30 minute

5 sit-ups

Plank vir 30 sekondes

20 jumping jacks



written by | JESSICA GEORGE photographs by | MIEKE DE WET designed by | HELENE VILJOEN & CHANEL BOWEN

You will need: 

Grill pan

Chopping board

Bread knife


Ingredients: 

1 English muffin per person

tomato pasta sauce

Suggested toppings 

Mozzarella cheese

Grated cheddar cheese

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Sliced salami

Strips of ham

Drained tinned tuna

Sliced mushrooms

Sliced pitted olives

Finely sliced red pepper

Sliced tomato

Method: 

Heat the grill and toast the muffins for 1 to 2 minute on each side.

Slice the muffins in half with a bread knife.

Put a spoonful of tomato pasta sauce on each muffin, then spread it evenly across the top.

Layer on the toppings you like best, then grill the pizzas a few more minutes until the cheese is melted and bubbly.


NUTELLA mugc ak e

written by | NATASHA SCHMIDT photographs by | JIN KIM designed by | MAYA BESTER

Ingredient: ¼ cup of all purpose flour 2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder ¼ tsp. baking powder 3 tbsp. brown sugar 1 pinch of salt

Instructions: 

Combine the dry ingredients in a medium to large mug with a spoon.

Add the milk and vegetable oil to the mug and stir thoroughly until no clumps remain.

Put the dollop of Nutella in the middle of the batter.

Place a microwavable plate under the mug and microwave at full power for 70 seconds.

Let it stand for a minute or two until it is cool enough to eat.

Eat alone or with ice cream, both are great!

¼ cup + 1 tsp milk 2 tbsp. vegetable oil 1 tbsp. Nutella

Prep time:

5 min

Cook time:

1 min


6 min

- Natasha Schmidt



written by | OLIVIA DAWSON photographs by | Lucia Niland

If the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread makes you happy then this cosy corner in the heart of Somerset West is for you.

On 3 Bright Street, within walking distance from the school, lies a newly discovered gem of a restaurant. Having first opened their Somerset West branch on the 25th of August, Schoon is a family owned company originating from Stellenbosch. With decadent milkshakes, family breakfasts, a cheesecake to die for and much more, this simplistic café combines the perfect mix of chic, grunge and a feel good indie playlist to create the perfect refuge after an especially horrific day at school. Treat yourself to a daily coffee fix without breaking the bank at Schoon, open 6 days a week from 07h00- 15h00, except for Sunday (08h00- 13h30). Perhaps their main attraction though is their bread. With a variation of loaves baked using old French methods, even people with a wheat intolerance can enjoy these. So, bring your friends and families on down to Schoon and enjoy a refreshing bout of originality - one that Somerset West was undoubtedly craving.

this simplistic café combines the perfect mix of chic, grunge and a feel good indie playlist to create the perfect refuge

designed by | PIA CLOETE

fashion FASHION

styled by | MIA STEYN photographs by | TRICHARDT MEIJ designed by | MIA STEYN & ALICE TORPPA


Living life effortlessly in slip dresses, beanies or mom jeans. One thinks about those tracksuits that made Fresh Prince so memorable. Rachel’s fashion in Friends and fresh faced Kate Moss inspired hundreds of thousands to dress like them. Who could forget those interesting Spice Girls outfits or that incredible closet in Clueless?


90’s trending

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This film will give you chills throughout. The film Get Out, released in February 2017, is more than just your average horror film that continuously milk the ‘’haunted house where the past family died violently and their ghosts haunt the rooms and move items around’’ storyline. The film had a budget of 4.5 million US dollars (roughly R58.7million) and managed to make 252.4 million US dollars. Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele, is a psychological horror with a dark comedic streak that has a very interesting take on the sensitive and controversial topics of race and social issues in modern society. Though it covers race in modern society the film’s

script gives a throwback feel to the setting and atmosphere of the film. The progression of the story manages to show the racial discomfort that black African-Americans face by people who over-try to not be racist. The main characters are Chris Washington, an upcoming photographer (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). I would consider this intense entertaining thriller to be for an older audience as it contains strong language and vivid scenes of violence. The film follows the experience of a young African-American man, named Chris Washington, as him and his white girlfriend, Rose Armitage, visit her parent’s secluded house in a quiet suburb for the weekend. The film starts on a light-hearted note as the couple are in that adorable smitten stage of their relationship. It is here that Rose ensures Chris that her parents are not racist so she doesn’t see the need for her to make

it known that Chris is a black man to her parents as it will not be an issue. As the film progresses Rose’s assurance is very quickly contradicted by the strange and out of character behaviour not only displayed by both of her parents (Missy Armitage and Dean Armitage) but also her younger brother(Jeremy Armitage) as well as the people who work in and around the house (Walter and Georgina); who happen to both be black. On their second day of their visit Rose’s parents have a party; this scene is a significant turning point to the story as this is where Chris and the audience begin to question the real intentions of not only the family but also their guests. Hypnosis, which is the psychological horror factor of the film, plays a significant role in character development of Chris. It allows us to see deeper and darker into Chris’s past. I found this movie immensely fascinating as it consisted on many jump-scares that introduced turning points and a twist that was beyond anything I could have ever guessed. The reoccurring theme of

‘’someone is watching’’ kept me intrigued, excited and anxious to find out what actually was going on. One of the notable successes of this film was the minimalistic soundtrack. The soundtrack, consisting of only 3 songs, is what made the film creepy. Every jump-scare of the movie was accompanied by a haunting sound effect. Because hypnosis is a big part of this film; I was impressed by the use of special effects in the film. The film editors did not jump the line or overdo it when it came to the method and extremity of a character being hypnotised. Get Out strayed from the common myth of ‘pocket watch hypnosis’ or ‘sleep hypnosis’ as seen in film such as Regression (2015) and Stir of Echoes (1999).


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If you remember the Nokia 3210 Brick, then you’ll remember the legendary game many people played while ‘doing homework.’ Snake has been around since forever but nowadays people still play it. The goal: Move the snake and keep eating the points so that your snake can grow longer. The longer the snake gets the more difficult it is to move around. If the snake touches a wall or itself you lose. Slither.io is the new and improved version that many people have and enjoy. This game is just like the old version the only difference is that you now need to protect yourself from running into other snakes as well. This game is a great way to procrastinate teenage responsibilities. So slither on over to the App store and enjoy this truly 90s game with its interesting twist.

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The 90’s was about coming of age stories. The 90’s was about rebellious teens and

Who is it for?

experimenting. These ideas shine in Kureishi’s memoir The Buddha of Suburbia. This is a story about a son living in the London suburbs with his ridiculous Indian father. He has to deal with stigma and conservative family members and family friends as he explores his sexuality. Kureishi’s writing is ahead of his time. His comical delivery echoes John Van De Ruit’s waggish storytelling – Spud fans will agree.

Exclusive books price: R200

It is for anyone who is looking for a hilarious read, as well as a heartfelt true story. It appeals to teenagers especially, because of the struggles a young Kureishi faces growing up with a family falling apart.

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The Gathering: Media Edition was a conference held by The Daily Maverick - on the 3rd of August. It was a set of panel discussion that examined situations, problems and ideas for improvement in South Africa’s media. The whole event was eye opening; for someone with a keen interest in journalism and politics it was fascinating to hear what the people at the top had to say. But the ‘grown-ups’ aren’t the only one who get to speak up about our media and I had an opportunity to write an opinion piece that was published in The Daily Maverick’s ‘opinionista’ section. After a few sleepless nights and lots of caffeine, I put my thoughts about South Africa’s politics, media, and the role we - the youth - have to play in it. At the recent event, The Gathering – Media Edition, former struggle stalwart Jay Naidoo told the audience that young people “must be compulsory components of the conversations we are having about our country”. He is absolutely right. I went along to The Gathering – Media Edition, which was held in Cape Town recently. After all, just because we are young does not mean we will not find a media gathering “lit”. The Gathering – Media Edition focused on the abuse of media in our nation, a nation which the South African youth is gingerly growing up in. In a decade or two we will be the ones behind the wheel. We need to start our driving lessons now, with our professionals and leaders as our teachers.

When you give us a platform, a voice, authority we can trust and media we can believe in, you give us a tomorrow.

Before the “Civil Society, Media and Public Activism” panel discussion had begun, human rights lawyer and social activist Fatima Hassan made a valid point: Where was the necessary representation? She said that she wanted to see more black women and youth on the panel.

As political and labour activistturned businessman Jay Naidoo said in the discussion, “Young people must be compulsory components of the conversations we are having about our country.”

arises. You could spread any story, leaving people drowning in words that are not real, and more disorientated than ever.

Therefore, as well as working on providing news stories that are As the discussion progressed, viable and reliable, independent another point was raised: we need media needs to use social media I couldn’t agree more. Standing in more media coverage on authentically to broadcast to our the conference hall, watching the encouraging public activism. The youth who are already on the businessmen and women, notion of “seeing is believing” is a ground, working to better our stakeholders and government cliché but true: if we do not see country. Once we know what is workers filing into the building, I activism, we will not know that it going on, we can put all hands on felt out of place: the only youth is there. As teenagers and young deck. representation I found was in my adults, we know what is failing in The media plays a vital role in two fellow high school friends. our country, but we have no idea providing the youth with genuine, Yes, The Gathering may have been how to become a part of the posi- useful and educational aimed at an older demographic, tive and progressive change that is information that they can but as students looking into dearly needed to fix it. The only transform into active and tertiary study and careers in other option we have if we want progressive change. By reaching politics and journalism, it was a to make a change is to start from out over platforms that the youth beneficial experience. Everyone scratch, but that idea is interact with regularly, the media who came to talk to the three of overwhelming and unrealistic. has the necessary tools to us was impressed that we had Instead of asking, “What can I do empower the youth, who can then chosen to attend, telling us that it to spark change?” we should be enable the country to move would be great to see more youth asking, “Here is where progress is forward. represented at events such as being made; how do I get I do not speak on behalf of all these. involved?” South Africa’s youth. I have not Teenagers and young adults all This raising of awareness is a huge encountered the disadvantages over the country would be responsibility for the media. In this that some people my age have immensely interested in day and age, with the rise of lived through. Just the fact that I conventions like The Gathering, online communication – social am able to have my say on a news either to grow their knowledge in media especially – it is quite platform like this demonstrates a field they are interested in or simple to connect with the entire that I have opportunities not just to learn more about the state nation and bring an issue into the everyone will be able to of their country. Advertising at spotlight. With a few clicks of a experience. But I do know that I schools, where there are bound to button, you have a story accessible am the voice for youth all over this be students eager to hear the from anywhere with internet country when I say this: When you discussions, is a step that event connectivity. But this is where the give us all a platform, a voice, organisers could take. problem of “fake news” – or false authority we can trust and media information we can believe in, you give us a tomorrow.

Saturn Saturn is, without a doubt, the solar system’s most photogenic planet, with its sprawling rings and exotic moons. It is the most distant celestial object that is not a star visible to the naked eye, and was worshipped in many ancient cultures. In ancient Eastern mythology, the planet was known as the Earth Star, an apt name for the system where our best hope for finding extra-terrestrial life may lie, at least according to data collected by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft. Cassini-Huygens, a joint project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, has been studying Saturn since 2004. The spacecraft was made of two parts – the Cassini orbiter and the Huygens lander. Huygens is out of use ever since it landed on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Cassini, responsible for taking some of the best pictures in astronomy, such as The Day the Earth Smiled, sacrificed itself for science on the 15th of September this year by flying into the atmosphere of the planet itself. Saturn, a gas giant, is mostly made of hydrogen gas, so its atmosphere contains many of the planet’s secrets. However, the gas is under so much pressure that the spacecraft was quickly crushed by friction and gravity. The necessary destruction of such an invaluable tool of science provides an opportunity to reflect on the spacecraft’s many accomplishments. Over its 13-year mission, Cassini has uncovered secrets of many of Saturn’s most prominent moons, including molecules that could lead to alien life, and of the planet itself. Cassini discovered a bizarre hexagonal storm near Saturn’s North Pole that is wider than the entire Earth, and a storm, the Great White Spot, that recurs every 30 years or so, and then dissipates. Cassini’s companion Huygens was dropped onto the moon Titan in 2005. Titan is the only known moon to have an atmosphere, which contains clouds that are so dense that the moon’s surface is invisible. The landscape is eerily familiar, with lakes, rivers, and rain occurring, but instead of

liquid water is made from liquid methane. The moon features cyclical cloud appearances, with clouds disappearing every 25 years, and entire deserts made with sand from ice or frozen hydrocarbons (i.e. oil or tar) instead of our own silicon dioxide. Cassini discovered the presence of many molecules that are essential for life, such as vinyl cyanide (which would also make a nice name for a grunge band), in Titan’s atmosphere. Scientists have conjectured exotic life forms that could exist on Titan, which would be hydrocarbon based instead of water based, and would inhale hydrogen gas instead of oxygen. Although no proof for this has been found, a possible cell membrane that could arise on Titan has been modelled. Next on Cassini’s list was the moon Enceladus. This moon, like most bodies in the outer solar system, is made mostly out of ice, but it is one of only four geologically active bodies in the solar system, which means it has ‘volcanoes’. But instead of spewing molten rock, as on Earth, Enceladus’ volcanoes erupt with ‘magma’ of microscopic ice particles. These volcanoes occur near the moon’s south pole, inside the moon’s iconic ‘tiger stripes’, so called as they are about twenty percent hotter than the rest of the moon. These stripes, named like all features on this moon after people and places in The Arabian Nights, are actually cracks in the moon’s crust, beneath which there lies an ocean of liquid water. This water, under the influence of Saturn’s gravity, forces through the ice to create plumes of icy dust nearly as long as the planet. The water instantly freezes in the vacuum of space, and is left behind as the moon orbits around Saturn to form one of the planet’s rings. Due to this, the moon loses approximately 200 kilograms

of mass every second. Later Cassini visited the small moon of Hyperion. This moon has an incredibly irregular orbit and rotation, with no set day length or rotation speed. This is mostly due to its proximity to the far more massive Titan. Hyperion is geologically one of the strangest known moons, because it is not a solid body. Rather, its interior has a honeycomb structure, with up to fourty percent of it being hollow. This helps to explain how Hyperion, on average 135 kilometres wide, could survive an impact that left a crater (or dent, rather) with a width of 120 kilometres; this type of impact would obliterate any solid mass. It is also one of the largest known bodies to be unable to pull itself into a circle. Cassini also visited the moon Iapetus. Iapetus should by all accounts be just another icy moon, but instead it has an incredibly contrasting surface, partially dazzling white with sooty black regions looking like they were spray-painted onto the planet. The black parts are thought to be either the remnants of

written by | DU TOIT SPIES designed by | ALICE TORPPA

evaporated water or debris blasted off smaller moons orbiting Saturn in the opposite direction. Also remarkable is the mountain range running along a large part of the moon’s equator. This is part of the reason that the moon is shaped like a Smartie - with bulging equatorial regions and squashed poles. Later in its mission, Cassini also visited Mimas. The usual reaction to seeing Mimas is ‘That’s no space station. It’s a moon.’ Mimas is probably the only moon with pop culture Easter eggs. The most obvious of these is the massive Herschel crater, which is the same size in relation to its parent body as the Death Star’s laser cannon. This is very peculiar, as the crater was only discovered three years after the release of the first Star Wars movie. Cassini’s success in finding conditions suitable for life on Titan and Enceladus was a fatal discovery – instead of risking contaminating the possible ecosystems on these moons with bacteria on Cassini, its crew decided to send it into one final swoop, in which it mapped Saturn’s rings, and its destruction provided useful information to science by surveying Saturn’s outer atmosphere. While it will take a long time for a similar mission to be launched, the Juno mission is currently active around Jupiter, Voyager 1 & 2 are still operating in the far reaches of the solar system, and New Horizons, which was the first manmade object to visit Pluto, is currently en route to survey an Oort Cloud object.

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