The blue mountain review issue 2

Page 27

Just Add Water Death lingers in the air, whispering in our ears, promising its time will come, assuring us that it always has its day. Yeah, so what? It’s no surprise, it’s no new trick, it’s the same old game of cradle to the grave. Here’s a little secret for the reaper: I can’t be shaken from my path; I can’t be thrown off track. I’ve been laughing in death’s face since I was spit out of the womb. This little dance I do daily is an affirmation of life. Whatever time I have left will not be spent in fear, but dedicated to getting the most out of every moment. If death is a lemon then I am the sugar, and so I’ll keep sipping on this sweet drink that helps it all go down easy.

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site where links to his published poetry and fiction can be found. His chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” was released in 2015 through Transcendent Zero Press and is available via Amazon and other online outlets. Scott’s words have appeared in more than 150 publications, including Yellow Chair Review, Words Surfacing, Harbinger Asylum, Section 8 Magazine, and The Mind[less] Muse.

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