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Report of Special Housing Working Group recommends sale of only 55 homes DAVID NICKLE More than 90 per cent of Toronto Community Housing’s stock of single family homes won’t go on the auction block if Toronto Council approves the recommendations from a report presented by city councillor Ana Bailao on Monday. Instead, the city would sell just 55 of its stock of 619 free-standing homes as part of a strategy to deal with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s (TCHC) $751 million backlog in housing repairs. The city would also look at refinancing models in partnership with the federal and provincial governments, cut administrative costs and convert some of the homes to affordable ownership, selling them to the families who live there now. “The report, ‘Putting People First’, proposed new and innovative methods for Toronto Community Housing to raise revenue while retaining 90 per cent of its single family homes,” said Bailao. “It recommends that 564 of 619 single family homes be retained as affordable housing, while selling the remaining 55 which are worth more than $600,000 or are vacant and in need of repair.” Up to 100 of the remaining homes could also be sold to tenants who are able to participate in an assisted home-ownership program. The shift will affect 39 families, and until those families are notified, TCHC wouldn’t release the addresses of the homes to be sold. But the report recommends that anyone displaced by a home sale be moved into another single family home in the same neighbourhood as it becomes vacant. The move is a major step back from plans put forward by Mayor Rob Ford in 2011 after he and council changed the board of the housing company. Ford’s plan was to sell off all of the

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single family homes owned by the company and relocate the tenants who live there. Council balked at that plan, and decided instead to hand the policy off to a Special Housing Working Group, headed by Bailao. The housing sales would raise about $120 million to add to the existing capital repair budget of $52 million. Contributing to that figure would be administrative efficiencies, the reduction of administrative costs that come about from selling the properties, and using development charges to pay for subsidized housing. The group looked at other methods to raise the rest of the money, including refinancing existing mortgages, maximizing bond borrowing, going after private-sector investment opportunities, making buildings more energy efficient, and leveraging land assets. The plan will go through Ford’s executive committee next month and then on to council. Bailao said she hadn’t yet spoken with the mayor or anyone from his office. But she said that the entire package was something she believed council can support. “I think there’s support for this report,” she said. “I think if it were just a proposal to sell 55 homes, there wouldn’t be. But I think the two-year plan plus a five-year plan shows how we’re going to get the money. I think there will be support to have a final solution on this.”

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The West Toronto Railpath is one of two City of Toronto projects that will be honoured with national awards for urban design during a ceremony this Friday. The linear path that stretches 2.1 kilometres between Cariboo Avenue to the Dundas Street West and Lansdowne Avenue area to south of Bloor Street West has been deemed a 2012 National Urban Design Award winner by Architecture Canada/Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), hailed as the leading voice of architecture in Canada. It is RAIC’s aim to build awareness and appreciation for the contribution architecture makes to the physical and cultural well-being of Canadians. The National Urban Design Awards recognize individuals, organizations, firms and projects that have contributed to not only the quality of life in Canadian cities, but to their sustainability. Designed by landscape architect Scott Torrance, the West Toronto Railpath is on the alignment of a former rail corridor, which has been transformed into a public linear space. “It’s been completed for a couple of years,” Torrance told The Villager last year upon winning the Toronto Urban Design Award of Excellence. “I think when we started the project and I was walking down the corridor, it struck me

that it had a wonderful wild quality, which is a rare experience in Toronto. We saw hawks there, lots of insects and butterflies, beautiful views – we wanted to maintain that quality.” Torrance said he is pleased the way the railpath functions, not only for cyclists, but on a daily basis for pedestrians and in-line skaters. The railpath’s Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. with Brown and Storey Architects Inc. will be awarded in the Civic Design Projects category. Meanwhile, Brook McIlroy with ERA Architects, Quadrangle Architects and Urban Marketing Collaborative will be honoured for the Toronto Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Study in the Urban Design Plans category. The abandoned rail line that is the West Toronto Railpath was purchased by the city in 2002. The north trailhead is located at Cariboo Avenue, north of Dupont Street and west of Osler Street. The trail extends south to the intersection of Dundas Street and Sterling Road with bridge crossings at Dupont Avenue and Bloor Street West. The former spur line once serviced local industrial properties, but had not been in use for more than four decades. - Lisa Rainford

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City to retain much of West Toronto Railpath earns its TCHC housing stock coveted design recognition

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