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THE VILLAGER | Thursday, September 20, 2012 |


Dani Reiss, Keynote Speaker

President & CEO, Canada Goose Inc.

Tuesday October 16 | 9am – 5pm Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building

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Bike without Borders to benefit from funds raised >>>from page 1 executive director of Bikes without Borders, said this, the second such fundraiser for the organization, is something to behold as riders come out, dapperly dressed, and make a group ride around town. Smith said she expects Saturday’s ride to be similar to last year – hundreds of men and women, dressed in tweed coats and pants, skirts and hats. The dress is open to interpretation, but Smith described it as British-inspired fashions from around the mid-20th century, the height of the tweed fashion era. Funds are raised for Bikes without Borders, which uses bikes as tools for development in marginalized communities both in Toronto and as far away as Africa, through the registration fee but in exchange, riders get tea, supper and an after party at the Dovercourt House as well as a chance to win a number of bike-related prizes for things such as most dandy chap and lady and the best mustache. Registration is $25 in

advance or $30 on the day of the event. Groups of people can assemble a “Tweam” of riders and registration is $20 per team member or $25 on the day. Registration, for those who haven’t registered online, begins at 2:30 p.m. The group of dapper drivers will head out on the Tweed Ride at 4 p.m. In addition to the registration fee, riders can also fundraise for the organization if they choose, and those who raise $1,000 or more get a brightly coloured U.K.-style Bobbin Bike. The ride begins at Trinity Bellwoods Park where riders will assemble. Smith said last year’s ride saw a crowd of dapperly dressed riders, vintage bikes and penny-farthings, the type of bike with a large front wheel and a small back wheel. “People had kids in little suits with little hats,” Smith said. “Some people really got into the spirit.” From the park, Tweed Riders will head to Old City Hall where they will assemble for a photograph on the steps.

“We bike in a line because you have to obey the law because we don’t have road closure permits,” Smith said. Riders will then get back on their bikes, head up through the Kensington Market and then to Dufferin Grove where they will be served tea. People are asked to bring their own teacup and there will be a prize for the most fancy one. In the park, there will be a bike polo tournament, which the crowd can watch. From there the group will head to Dovercourt House, at 805 Dovercourt Rd., where there will be a supper, live bands, a DJ and swing dancing. For those who would like to just attend the party that rounds out the day’s activities, it costs $13. Bikes without Borders is a registered not-for-profit and is in the process of applying for charitable status. For information on Bikes without Borders visit http:// or for the Tweed Ride Toronto, visit http://tweedridetoronto. com


Before You Spend Thousands on a New Roof… The Integrity Roof System

What Risks Do You Face? According to the Better Business Bureau, which tracks the ‘reputable’ roofing companies, roofing is at or near the top of the list for customer enquiries and complaints for the last five years in a row. Homeowners with limited experience in roof replacement rely on the roofing contractor to recommend the proper specifications. This process becomes confusing because there is no regulation in the industry, and each contractor recommends a different job. What you should know about roof surface or roof deck preparation: The roof deck is the structural surface over which your roofing materials are applied. All roof boards and/or plywood must be fastened securely to the rafters, and damaged or rotten wood must be replaced. Your attic should be inspected before the work starts to uncover potential problems. A bad roof surface allows the nails to push up through the shingles, causing leaks.

What you should know about underlayment: A complete underlay system should be applied before your shingles are installed. There are two types of roofing underlay, waterproof and water resistant. Waterproof underlay is needed in areas most vulnerable to leaks: the eaves edge of the roof; in valleys, at dormer sides, around chimneys and around skylights. Water resistant underlay, often called “tar paper”, is needed on the remaining roof area. Water resistant underlay protects the roof surface in a storm situation where a few shingles blow off, but cannot be replaced immediately.


What you should know about ventilation: Improper attic venting is a common cause of early shingle failure, and your product warranty requires that your attic have proper ventilation. Venting consists of intake and exhaust. To facilitate proper air flow, your attic needs intake vents located in the overhang and exhaust vents at the roof peak. A balanced venting system is required; otherwise air will be pulled from your house. An inspection of your attic is essential to present appropriate and complete venting solutions. What you should know about shingle quality: All shingles are not the same. Estimators should include at least three grades of shingles and inform you of the real expected shingle life. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, better quality shingles often provide you with the best value when measured on a cost per year basis. Peter & Greg Walker Contracting has been serving the roofing needs of Toronto homeowners since 1981. They are members of the Certified Contractors Network, have manufacturer certified installers, are fully insured and have been voted Etobicoke’s “Top Roofing Company” 11 times (including 2012).

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