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Saturday, May 24 marked the sixth Annual Oasis Spring Run, which took place on the West Toronto Railpath. Hosting the run was the Oasis Dufferin Community Centre, with their goal being to raise money toward the many programs and services they offer the community. Over 100 participants gathered early to register for the 4km, or the 8km distance. The top three winners from each category were awarded with a prize; a ticket to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon and the 5km run, valuing at $80 each. As of May 27, according to the official Oasis Dufferin Community Centre Website, over $8,000 was raised this year. The top fundraiser for this year’s run was seven-year-old, 4km runner Tom Clarry, raising over $1,000. The Oasis Spring Run had much support. Event volunteers...

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INSIDE PAULINE JR. PS CELEBRATES 100th BIRTHDAY The century old school welcomed students from several generations

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FORMER FACTORY TO BE REVIVED FOR HOME LIVING An old yarn factory spins new life as a living space

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NEW RESTAURANT OPENS ON DUPONT STREET The seafood influenced eatery is now open for business

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Pauline Junior Public School (100 Pauline Ave.) celebrated 100 years of learning on May 24 by inviting students, teachers, alumni, local politicians and members of the community to a commemorative barbeque held in the school’s playground. Hundreds were in attendance to listen to the ceremonial words from a selected panel which included Pauline Jr. PS principal Lisa Watt, school trustee Maria Rodrigues, superintendent Curtis Ennis, councillor Ana Bailão, MPP Jonah Schein, MP Andrew Cash and MPP candidate Cristina Martins. The celebration, two years in the making, was largely organized by two parent volunteers Maria Perez and Katie Kawaczek, who in their free time, spread the word to as many outlets as they could. Perez said she reached out to Retired Teachers Magazine, various newsletters and local politicians in the area to help cement what she believed was a well deserved celebration at Pauline Jr. PS. “It felt like our job for the past couple years was worth it...hopefully the school is here for 100 more years,” said Perez, cochair of the event. During the celebration, former student Calvin McGinnis spoke of how his experiences at Pauline Jr. Public School helped


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...and representatives from Enfield Timing, HAILO and Dione’s Fitness Group. came to show their support. MP Andrew Cash, and MPP Jonah Schein were also present for the race festivities, while City Councillor Ana Bailão officiated over the start of the race. Chris Ortiz, Oasis Dufferin Community Centre Executive Director said “the whole day was excellent.” “Everyone I talked to really enjoyed the run, and the weather was nice too,” said Ortiz. “All runners did a great job running in the sun. It’s a very competitive and friendly run.” In the future, Ortiz says he’d like to grow the event. According the Ortiz, the railpath was an amazing place to hold the annual run. However, he feels the gathering area wasn’t very spacious and would like to eventually build a nicer gathering area. The Oasis Spring Run started in 2008 as a part of the Oasis Dufferin Community Centre activities. The centre is a Christian “not-for-profit” faith community, assisting people in need with services like their food bank, personal

mold him into the person he is today. McGinnis, who now resides in Chicago and works as family therapist and nurse, lived in Toronto for seven years on Bartlett Ave. and attended Pauline Jr. PS in each of those years from 1960 to 1966. “Growing up in this neighbourhood, I have roots here, and that never goes away,” said McGinnis. “I’m so grateful of my teachers, classmates and this community. This school sent me through my journey in life.” According to http://, a website powered by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Pauline Jr. PS opened in February of 1914 and had just 697 Students, alumni, local politicians and teachers payed tribute to 100 students enrolled. The years of learning at Pauline Jr. PS. Photo by Justin Millerson original building included 16 classrooms. Today, the school stands much bigger thanks to an expansion project embarked in 1959. Classes today range from kindergarten to grade 6.

counselling, senior’s club, their volunteer placement program, etc. The outcome of the run was successful, said Ortiz. The money raised in this annual event goes directly towards the helpful services the Oasis Dufferin Community Centre offers, aiding the people who rely on their welcoming community centre. Here are the top 3 winners for each category: Oasis Spring Run 4km (Men): 1st – Peter Chng (14:06) 2nd – Leslie Bellack (14:12) 3rd – Gianni Casati (15:10) Oasis Spring Run 4km (Women): 1st – Megan Hyland (15:52) 2nd – Ingrid Martinez (16:52) 3rd – Olivia Ness (17:09) Oasis Spring Run 8km (Men): 1st – Tsegaye Bekele (27:04) 2nd – Dibaba Merdasa (27:07) 3rd – Gerbremadhin Legesse (27:08) Oasis Spring Run 8km (Women): 1st – Fentaye Genemo (30:45) 2nd – Judy Wolever (41:37) 3rd – Dione Mason (43:02)

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A former yarn factory will soon be the home of a new lanehouse development on Bartlett Avenue. The building will become the new home of 13 loft-houses and three flats. The developers are in the final stages of getting the approval for the rezoning and there is hope that the final reports will be available for the June or July community council. Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailão thinks this is a good use of space. “This is a residential neighbourhood…these are more family homes than condominiums,” Bailão said. Although there were some concerns at the beginning, the developer has been able to address the community and their concerns. Real estate agent Paul Johnston of Right at Home Realty will list the homes when they are ready for sale. “I specialize in unique urban homes in Toronto…that are distinc-

tive by virtue of their architecture and design,” Johnston said. According to Johnston’s website (, “These unique spaces will feature bold and stylish interiors, with exposed brick, radiant floor heating, generous kitchens with huge eatat islands, and bathrooms beyond compare. Bright, loft-like spaces with room to breath. These are largely different than the amount of condos that are being built in the city.” The yarn factory, according to Johnston, is pre-20th century late 1800s. “I think the city really needs to concentrate on, and what we need to pay mindful attention to, are much smaller scale, much more intimately scaled buildings delicately slotted into existing neighbourhoods,” Johnston said. For more information or to see floor plans for some of the units available, visit

A construction project to include 13 loft-houses and three flats is pending final approval from the City of Toronto. Photo by Justin Millerson

NEW FLEA MARKET NOW OPEN ON STERLING RD. If you’re longing for the good ole’ fashioned Sunday flea markets of years past, then look no further than 181 Sterling Rd.. Junction Flea made the move from its former Keele and Dundas spot to the new Sterling Rd. loca-

tion on Sunday, June 8 where dozens of vendors from in and around the city set up shop, hocking both previously loved and unique wares. For only two dollars, spend the afternoon searching for treasures for your home and closet. A food truck is available on site, serving up some summer favourites. Junction Flea returns to Sterling Rd. on Sunday, July 13. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., rain or shine.

Junction Flea made the move to Sterling Rd. from its previous location at Keele and Dundas streets. Photo by Paul Rees-Jones

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X-Men: Days of Future Past Running Time: 132 Minutes (Translation 2 hours and 12 minutes) Director: Bryan Singer Writer: Simon Kinberg Actors: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Ian MacKellen and Patrick Stewart The Review: I’ve said it before in my Captain America: The Winter Soldier ,The Avengers and Iron Man 3 reviews; the secret to success with action adventure/ comic book to screen films in Hollywood is simple: build a plot driven script with strong character development and put “real” actors in the lead roles (see Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow ad-lib there way through three great Iron Man films to watch this theory become fact). It sounds tough, right? Well maybe, it can’t be all that tough if Hollywood has been able to sustain the level of quality it has in this genre since 2005. Or has it all been a Hollywood special effect? There has definitely been the haves and have nots when it comes to the comic book to screen directors in charge of multi-million dollar budgets. The haves: Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder and sometimes Bryan Singer as in the case of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The have-nots: Gavin Hood

(Enders Game & X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin); so help me if they ever let Joel Schumacher even sniff a comic book script ever again and Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) Singer should have left Superman where he was for a couple of more years alone and brooding in his Fortress of Solitude. Big box office summer blockbusters and even bigger summer busts... isn’t this the dichotomy that is Hollywood. For every great film there are 50 bad films. Hollywood pumps out over 600 films a year and 90% of the population only watches about 5% of these films. Those aren’t very good odds in terms of 5 star films compared to 1 star films. Interestingly enough, which genre do you think has been in the Top 10 of the top grossing films every year, except for two, since X-Men hit the big screen in 2000? Comic book films. You know the genre is getting into the upper-echelon of filmmaking when you feel the unpleasant eeriness and hair crawling unnerve of a top notch drama. I had this experience watching The Dark Knight. I felt ill every-time Heath Ledger’s version of Joker hit the screen. It was the same feeling I had watching Silence of The Lambs for the first time. A film, mind you, that was a “Grand Slam” (When a film sweeps the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor in a leading role and Best Actress in a leading role) Oscar Win-

ner. Heath Ledger didn’t win the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award that year just because he happened to pass away, folks; he won because he out-acted everyone else. You could make the argument that he was better then all of the men nominated for Best Actor that year as well as the men in his Supporting Category. Thanks to Ledger and Christopher Nolan (see The Dark Knight Trilogy) the bar in this genre began rising starting with Batman Begins, which hit the big screen in 2005. Don’t be shocked if you see one, if not two, of these types of films bringing home a Oscar nomination for best picture in the near future. But, don’t be fooled into thinking you can just slap a Marvel or DC brand onto any ol’ film and watch the “money pile up”. Fans and moviegoers alike just won’t throw away their hard-earned money to watch lazily made films about beloved comic book characters just because Marvel or DC happens to be producing them. See... on second thought don’t see... R.I.P.D. (2013), Green Lantern (2011), Jonah Hex (2010), The Spirit (2008), Catwoman (2004), Daredevil (2003), Barb Wire (1996), Judge Dredd (1995), Tank Girl (1995), Elektra (2005) and Howard The Duck (1986) for examples of Marvel and DC comic book characters and or superheroes that ended up costing many people their jobs. But I digress, 2014 has become the year of renaissance for comic book films bringing plot, action, heartbreak and drama into

the fold that once only consisted of one- liners and heart-stopping action (see Judge Dredd and Punisher). It is fitting that X-Men: Days of Future Past has found a place among the genre superstars such as: Iron Man, The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After all, you can make the argument that without the success of the first X-Men film in (2000) Batman Begins, Iron Man, nor Captain America may not have ever been made. X-Men: Days of Future Past has taken the reins once again to lead the genre into the future providing awe inspiring action, humor we have come to expect in our Marvel films and drama that will choke you up and bring tears to your eyes. From the moment the film

opens with it’s futuristic plot to the steamy tension riddled scenes between Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender you won’t hear a peep from the audience as the best story in the series thus far unfolds before your eyes. The best part, not a spoiler alert or maybe depending on your perspective.....everyone’s in it. If you have not seen this film you must go now and please watch it in 3-D and see it on the biggest screen possible. Otherwise, you won’t feel the full scope and magnitude this film has to offer. I can’t wait to see what Joss Whedon has in-store for the next Avengers movie because he will have to go Texas Hold’em “all in” to top this “Magnificent Marvel Movie”! Overall Grade: 5 out of 5 stars


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Letters from your political representatives COUNCILLOR ANA BAILÃO


A top priority for me as Coun­ cillor has been expanding the West Toronto Railpath – a linear park that runs along the Georgetown Rail Cor­ ridor and an incredible commu­nity asset. Over the last 3 years, I have been working hard to secure the funding, approvals and support to keep this im­ portant project grow­ing. With much of this now secured, in spring 2013 the enviromental as­ sessment for Phase 2 was award­ed. This began a phase of public consultation with residents, stake­holders, businesses and commu­ nity organizations to determine the preferred route for expansion. The de­ sign consultant then incorporated this information into their study. With the additional construction for the new Pearson Air-Rail Link, however, it has been difficult to nego­ tiate the space needed in this corridor to extend the Railpath south of Dun­

MP ANDREW CASH 416-654-8048 If a country is considering overhauling its citi­ zenship laws one would think this would require a national conversation. After all citizenship is the embodiment of our relationship to Canada. However we change that system, we are in turn changing our relationship with our country. I’m sure many would be surprised to learn that the Canadian government is about pass a law that would fundamentally amend our Citizen­ ship system, but that is in fact where we are today. Bill C-24 will make it much harder for peo­ ple to become citizens, it will extend wait times which are already as long as eight years, it forces children and seniors to undergo tough language testing and it gives the government unprecedent­ ed powers to revoke citizenship, without judicial process or possibility for appeal. Put simply, it makes Canada a far less welcoming place. Bills that are this significant usually receive many days of debate, giving the opposition, civil society groups and individual Canadians, enough time to understand all the implications of the proposed changes and make their views known. After only two hours of debate the Harper Conservatives introduced ‘Time Allocation’ shut­ ting down debate as they try to ram it through Parliament. While not many are aware of what C-24 is proposing, those in the legal community and other affected groups are very troubled. The Canadian Bar Association says the changes represent “serious human rights concerns and may well contravene the Charter (of Rights and Freedoms).” The Conservatives have said that Canada needs these changes to crackdown on excessive fraud in the system. This is a blatant diversion from the substance of the bill as the vast majority of changes proposed in C-24 have nothing to do with fraud and based on the government’s own numbers less than 1% of applications are currently under review for potential of fraud. The NDP’s approach to Citizenship and Immigration is to place a higher priority on family reunification. When families are kept apart it places great emotional and financial stress on those here in Canada. By addressing extremely long wait times and tackling the backlogs we can give families the security they need to be able to raise a family and fully integrate into their communities. C-24 does none of these things and instead makes it harder to become a citizen and easier for the government to take that citizenship away. The NDP will continue to fight for a balanced immigration system that prioritizes family re­ unification. If you have any questions about these or any other issues, please get in touch with my office at 416-654-8048 or

das Street. In response, I convened a meet­ ing with the CEO of Metrolinx and local Councillors to reinforce the im­ portance of this City project and am pleased to report that solutions were identified that have increased the space avail­able for Railpath. With the consultant’s designs be­ing finalized, we are again receiving public feedback on Railpath Phase 2. I also invite you to attend my up­ coming public meeting on the Rail­ path Expansion to see the latest de­ signs and provide feedback on the project. This meeting will take place on June 23rd at 5:30pm at the Parkdale Community Recreation Centre (75 Lansdowne Ave.). If you are unable to attend this meet­ ing, I invite you to call my office or visit my website for more information and to stay involved in this exciting project. Whether you walk, run or cycle, I look forward to hearing from you and see­ ing you on the path this summer!

MPP JONAH SCHEIN 416-535-3158 I’m writing this a week before the provincial elec­ tion, and not sure when this edition will be at your door. I want to take this opportunity now to thank you for all of your support, and to celebrate some of the things we have been able to accomplish together so far. I am incredibly proud to live and work in Daven­ port, a riding that is full of incredible community ad­ vocates. I choose to live here because I know it is the best community in the province. Davenport is full of hardworking, creative, and dedicated people.   I am honoured to represent you and bring your voices, your concerns, and your interests of Queen’s Park.  Together we have worked to build protections for urban workers and unpaid interns. With over 50% of workers in the GTA working precarious jobs without benefits or job security, it’s more important than ever that we create policies and legislation that keeps in mind the new reality for so many work­ ers. That’s why I’m proud to have worked with groups like Students Against Unpaid Intern­ ship Scams to create legislation that would protect unpaid interns from having their skills taken advantage of. We have advocated for better transit across the GTA, and for clean, electric trains on our community’s UP Express Air Rail Link. I am proud that the Ontario NDP remains the only party committed to the immediate electrification of this line, and that electrification of this link is one of our top transit priorities. I’ve been honoured to work on this issue alongside my friend and colleague Andrew Cash and so many dedicated advocates. With community members, transit experts like Professor André Sorensen, Joell Vanderwagen and groups like the Clean Trains Coalition, Toronto Environmental Alliance, the Asthma Society of Canada, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Canadian Cancer So­ ciety we have successfully been pushing this issue forward. We’ve stood up to protect important public services, and local community services that serve our neighbourhoods. When we heard that West Toronto Community Legal Clinic was under threat of closure, we joined together to save the clinic. After weeks of petitioning, and building community support, Legal Aid Ontario announced that the clinic would remain open to serve our community. Together, we have managed to do so much in a short period of time. I am hopeful about what we in Davenport can accomplish together in the future, and again, am so very thankful for the support this community has given me. I look forward to continuing to work together. Yours, Jonah

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New In Business


Adding to the robust roster of eateries in and around Bloordale, the Farmer’s Daughter opened its doors April 24 and has been enjoying the steady stream of guests from the neighbourhood and beyond. Located at 1588 Dupont St., right on the corner of Dupont St. and Franklin Ave., the Farmer’s Daughter’s sunny patio, fresh drinks, and playful seafood menu are sure to be a hit with those hot summer nights just around the corner. Owner Darcy MacDonell is no stranger to the area, having opened the neighbouring Farmhouse Tavern two years ago. “I had this criteria in my head, and [the area] fit the bill perfectly. I wanted a corner location, I wanted a patio. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but close to everything,” MacDonell said of Farm-

house Tavern. Only being a short walk between the two restaurants, MacDonell can easily run both establishments, while guests can be accommodated when tables at one location are full. Open Thursday through Sunday, the Farmer’s Daughter offers an aquatic spin on old favourites, like fish topped hamburger, along with plates for seasoned foodies looking for something new. Octopus anyone? Compared to Farmhouse Tavern there is a “little bit more of a seafood influence, still a lot of veg, same suppliers [as Farmhouse Tavern] in a lot of cases, so there is still a lot of local food being used,” said MacDonell. In terms of design and feel, MacDonell wanted the Farmer’s Daughter to be “more modern, more urban” than the rural influences seen at the Farmhouse Tavern.

The bright and open patio with communal picnic tables invites both larger groups and small groups who are not afraid to get to know their neighbours. The

drink menu features a wide selection of cocktails and Ontario brews. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m., and for those looking

for more of a mid-day munch, The Farmer’s Daughter is open for brunch Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:30 a.m. To make reservations, call 416-546-0626

Owner of the Farmhouse Tavern opens up the Farmer’s Daughter at 1588 Dupont St.. Photo by Melissa Millerson


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Community Column ~ Health & Wellness


Dovercourt Community Park Assoc.

When people think of Dovercourt Park, they think big – our proud history connected to industrial and manufacturing development, our connection to the CP railway, our wide open spaces like Dovercourt Park. As a neighbourhood on the rise, these big pieces are a crucial part of our story, but to really know us: think small. Think about our small and independent businesses. The hundreds of small businesses that line our streets and laneways employ our neighbours, build our local economy, and allow Dovercourt Park to continue to dream big. As the stretch of Bloor between Lansdowne Avenue and Montrose Avenue is resurfaced and goes through streetscape upgrades, our small businesses need

our help! We can start by getting to know our small business owners. Local businesses give back more of the money they make in to the community (45 cents for every dollar) and sell great products at affordable prices. So, getting to know your local grocer, restaurant, shoe salesman, butcher, or clothier could save you money and help keep Dovercourt Park diverse and vibrant. If you’ve already made Arora Foods Market (922 1/2 Bloor St. W.) and Bloorcourt Village Market (952 Bloor St. W.) your regular grocery stop; or treat yourself to Artegelato’s (946 Bloor St. W.) Lemon Basil gelato or Everest’s (1052 Bloor St. W.) super-powered Greek coffee; or you shop, or eat, or drink at the clothing and shoe stores, restaurants, and bars in the area, there’s something else you

can do: Talk about them! Bring your friends and family out to your favourite local! Celebrate the great work being done in our area! Don’t be afraid to ask a local business owner how you can help: can you make posters promoting them, can your book club meet there, can you set up a twitter page for them? Committing to shop local and support independent business is just the first step to strengthening Dovercourt Park and building lifelong relationships with our independent business owners. By helping out during this construction, we can make sure our small businesses have a big impact for years to come. Throughout the construction, Dovercourt Park Community Association is dedicated to supporting local businesses: if you have ideas on how, please contact us at dovercourtpark@


Got a question?

Father’s Day Brunch Menu Okay, so we tend to put a lot of thought into Mother’s Day celebrations – and I sometimes think dads get the short end of the stick. So this year, I’m posting what I’ll be serving up this year for Father’s Day Brunch! This fabulous recipe may well become your signature brunch dish – crunchy, creamy, sweet and savoury – it truly covers all the bases. Ricotta, Carmelized Onion and Spinach Boule 1 round whole grain/multigrain loaf (boule)* 1 small red onion, small dice 1 Tbs olive oil 2 Tbs aged balsamic 1 Tbs maple syrup 4 cups baby spinach, washed and dried 200 g fresh sheep’s milk ricotta (trust me here, the stuff in the tub just ain’t the same!) 4 eggs ½ cup organic milk (cow, sheep, goat, almond, rice or soy) Coarsely ground black pepper

and sea salt 2 Tbs freshly grated parmesan (see note above re: ricotta) *For those of the gluten-free persuasion you can make this recipe using a whole (unsliced) loaf of gluten free bread. The BEST option I’ve found in the city comes from Bunner’s (3054 Dundas St. W.), a vegan and gluten free bakery that makes a delicious seed topped loaf featuring chickpea flour. You can buy it freshly baked and it’s actually soft and fluffy inside – halleluyah – unlike most gluten-free varieties. Preheat oven to 375F. Meanwhile prepare boule and carmelize onions. Using a tomato knife (small serrated knife), hollow out the boule (loaf), leaving the crust intact and enough of a wall (~1cm thick) to contain the filling. (Reserve extra bread for crumbs or croutons.) Place on a parchment lined baking sheet or (even better) in a square pyrex. Reserve the top round of the boule. Heat a pan, add half the olive oil, then add onions and sauté until soft and well-browned. Add balsamic and maple syrup and cook another 1-2 minutes until sticky (not liquidy). Set aside onions. In

Need Workspace?

Digital, meet Physical. Toronto’s first coworking space of its kind. MakeWorks is 10,000 sq ft of shared workspace, private offices, 3D printing lab, Makerspace (ceramics, woodworking, metals) and event space all in a restored factory at College West. Our mission is to connect software and hardware companies under one roof, and provide them with the tools, mentorship and community to thrive. 1139 college street - 416.5469675

accompaniment. To mark the occasion, serve with an icy flute of cava, and finish with mixed berries with vanilla bean ice cream and tiny biscotti. Jennifer Baer is a Naturopathic Doctor and Digestive Health Expert, in your neighbourhood.

same pan, add olive oil and cook spinach until just wilted (about 60 seconds). Layer half the onions at the bottom of the boule. Top with ricotta, then spinach and then the rest of the onions. Beat together eggs, milk, S+P and carefully pour into boule (do not overfill). If your boule isn’t perfectly flat, you can use a little bunched up foil to bolster it and keep the egg mixture from overflowing. Top with parmesan and bake for about 50 minutes until golden brown on top. With reserved round of boule, brush lightly with olive oil and toast for last few minutes of baking (about 3 mins each side) – then rip into quarters to serve on the side – or leave intact for an attractive garnish. I dare you not to love this recipe! Serve with a simple salad of arugula and radicchio dressed with olive oil and aged balsamic. Garnish salad with toasted slivered almonds and grilled figs for an excellent Dr. Jennifer Baer, Naturopathic Doctor.

Additionally a trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Dr. Baer sees diet and digestion as key cornerstones of long-term health promotion and disease prevention. For more information about her services, please visit:

10 The Bloordale Times June 2014

Art Exhibitions

Daniel Faria Gallery

JUNE 10 - JUNE 14, 2014 Paradisical Rites Conceived, Written & Directed by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell in collaboration with Luminato Festival 2014


The Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to co-host Saint Genet’s Paradisical Rites.

1 12 3

x x

Tuesday, June 10 – Saturday, June 14 7:30 pm at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (ticket required) 188 St Helens Avenue Ancillary performace at 4pm daily at Daniel Faria Gallery (free) For Paradisiacal Rites‘ American premiere at “On the Boards”, artist Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, the Director of Saint Genet, performed a series of site and time specific performance interventions beginning at dawn, utilizing installation, live music, dance, procession, spit, blood and wine. These initial ancillary performances built to, and ended, with a re-creation of Christopher Burden’s SHOOT that directly preceded the final performance of the opera epic Paradisiacal Rites. For Luminato’s Paradisiacal Rites premiere, Mr. Mitchell has decided to pursue another ancillary series of these “action images” at secluded and secret locations in and around Toronto. His site and time specific performance exhibitions known as “Variations i,ii,iii,iv,v” will begin at Dawn (5:36am, June 10 through 14) and continue with a procession to Daniel Faria Gallery where Saint Genet will exhibit Chris Burden’s SHOOT alongside the recreation of SHOOT and it’s artifacts. Another action image will occur at 4pm in the gallery. A final procession will follow, leading to MOCCA and inciting the first actions of Paradisiacal Rites.


MAY 09 - JUNE 29, 2014 Garbage Heaven The project, Garbage Heaven has been a year in the making by Robert Kananaj, and continues to be an ongoing project. It was strategically chosen to be the last show at our existing location, before we move to our new space with Robert Kananaj Gallery. An enormous amount of discarded items of selective varieties were collected for the purpose of this series . Upstairs with pill bottles forms a landfill of emptiness. An umbilical cord, also made of bottles, bridges the field of containers to the belly of a vacant suit, suspended under of roof of numerous jarring signs. The basement is a vital component, suggesting the future of the series still in progress. It is more empty pill bottles, complemented by the chaotic part of the basement; where bottles are collected, to be added as a work in process installation.


1273 Dundas Street West

MAY 24 – JUNE 15, 2014 The third iteration of The Aquaphilia Project documents the behindthe-scenes machinations of the Georgia Aquariumthe world’s second largest by volume, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Fish’s photographic practice documents the physical and psychic spaces integral to the habituation to 21st century life. Employing the visual vocabulary of anthropology, he casts a decidedly unscientific gaze on the spheres of education, recreation, and entertainment. Fish is a photo-based artist and educator. He holds an MFA from York University, as well as undergradu-

ate accreditation from OCADU, and the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. His work has been shown at numerous public institutions, artist-run centres, and commercial galleries in cities such as Calgary, Halifax, Toronto and Winnipeg, Atlanta GA, Brooklyn, NY, Columbus, OH, Lishui City, China and Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ contention that a book is “an axis of innumerable relationships”, Law continues her examination of print culture, bibliophilia, and textuality through the close material readings of books in her personal library.


1267 BLOOR Street West


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Community Contributions




sudoku Fill in the grid with digits in such a manner that every row, every column and every 3x3 box accommodates the digits 1-9, without repeating any.

Celebrating 40 years serving Seniors There’s always something happening at NHT!

RE O M s fer f o rt T o p p NH u ,S s e c i v hip s Ser n o i re! an e p H m s t o C g Star

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Li y t i l a Qu


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