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Abandoned for a year, the old Canada Post office located at 772 Dovercourt Rd. will soon be breathing new life. The building located at the corner of Dovercourt Rd. and Northumberland St. will be the new home of Proper Television, an established Canadian television program company. Although expressions of sad-

ness were aired upon the post office’s closure, having Proper Television move in will pave the way for roughly 100 new jobs according to Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao. For those unfamiliar with the name Proper Television they have brought us such shows as Canada’s Worst Driver, MasterChef Canada and Newly Wed and Nearly Dead to name just a few. Bailao is excited to have Proper Television moving into her community.

“It’s good to see that at least the building is being used to bring more jobs into the neighbourhood and that it’s not just being turned into another condo,” Bailao said. When the weather improves, the building will undergo a minor renovation. The company will be constructing an addition to the back of the building. “Proper Television worked very closely with the neighbours behind the building to make sure the addition [will be] respectful to their privacy,” Bailao said.

The company will have everything and everyone moved over from their location at King St. W. by the summer of 2014. The community is building towards functionality and convenience. With many people already working in the arts and culture sectors, both Bailao and federal MP Andrew Cash believe in the importance of being able to work, live and play in your own backyard.

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The Dundas West Business Improvement Area (BIA) committee is continuing their streetscape project by installing new guards along Dundas St. W.. The guards are meant to protect trees and also allow cyclists to lock their bikes to them, said BIA coordinator Helder Ramos. The guards are expected to be installed before spring, he said. “The streetscaping is ongoing and it’s a process that has taken years,” said Ramos. Dundas West BIA committee have brightened up the community with murals, parquets, banners and benches. The goal for the community is to make the area look more attractive and make it safer, Ramos said. Not only is streetscaping for attractiveness said Ramos but also for bringing people in. “Dundas [West] is worth sticking around for,” he said. Ramos hopes that people will sit down on the benches and just relax.

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INSIDE COMEDY A BIG HIT IN THE BLOORDALE COMMUNITY Bloordale comedians band together to perform locally

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CYCLE TORONTO FIGHTS FOR BIKE LANES Ward 18 cyclists push to put pressure on City

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The Dovercourt Community Association reveals the details

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Bloordale resident Carla DaSilva was awarded two West Jet tickets in December as part of a Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club fundraiser. For the last three years, West Jet, a corporate sponsor of the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, has donated two plane tickets to the 180 Westmoreland Ave. location. The club is permitted to do what they wish with the tickets, said club program director Matteo Severino and for the second year in a row, a raffle-like fundraiser was held. Club members sold tickets to anyone who was willing to buy them. Later, a draw was held to eventually reveal a winner. In this year’s case, it was Carla DaSilva, who by coincidence happens to have ties with the Westmoreland Ave. location. “[DaSilva] used to have a daughter who went here. When approached to buy a ticket, she said


she saw the name [Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club] and figured ‘why not,’” said Severino. While many participants bought several tickets at a time, of the 1,000 tickets sold, DaSilva bought just one, said Severino, who described the outcome as pleasant surprise for everyone involved. Through the fundraiser, the club raised over $9,000, all of which will be put back into the facility. Equipment, building upgrades and the club’s breakfast program are at the top of the priority list. “West Jet’s support legitimizes the whole process,” said executive director Sheldon Taylor. The Dovercourt Boys and Girls club, open since 1967, has been offering positive opportunities to neighbourhood youth of all kinds. For more information on the club’s program or future fundraisers, please call 416-536-4102.

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The Dundas West BIA received an award for the Outstanding Capital Streetscape Improvement in 2012 and they aren’t stopping. Ramos said, in 2015 or 2016, there will be a big reconstruction done at the corner of Lansdowne Ave. and Dundas St. W. by the City of Toronto. The BIA committee is planning on putting a new addition on that corner as well. Not only does the BIA committee contribute. It’s the businesses and residences that help as well. Ramos said, new businesses are coming in and drawing crowds and old businesses are renovating.

Raffle winner Carla DaSilva stands between the club’s program director Matteo Severino (left) and executive director Sheldon Taylor (right). Photo courtesy Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club.

“The community thrives because of the people who choose to work and live here.” Owner of Felicity Gifts and Accessories, Elsa Coimbra has been working in the neighbourhood since 1999 and she said there have been big changes made from the past to the present. “It use to be a very abandoned place,” she said. When the BIA committee came in, they organized everything and made the area look more promising, she said. Coimbra said, she loves how the community looks cleaner and fresher. Her business is going well and it’s part of the new additions and the new crowd. “There are a lot of people here and they are younger,” she said.

Neighbourhood murals will become a big part of Dundas St. W.’s transformation. Photo by Mario Belan.

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COMEDY WELL REPRESENTED WITHIN BLOORDALE’S BOUNDARIES Being home base to several comedians and many comedy bars, Bloordale is a legitimate destination for emerging comedians and people looking for a laugh BY HANNAH HOLLINGSWORTH

The view from local comedian Megan Myke’s Bloordale home isn’t what some would call beautiful. A few steps from the conjoined Paradise Strip Club and BloorLansdowne Christian Fellowship Church, there’s a glaring sign in a laundromat window that reads, “No Drugs.” But Myke doesn’t mind. The more material for her next stand-up performance, the better. Bloordale boasts more than ten comedy-friendly bars in a 16-kilometre radius, and is home to a large number of the city’s comedians, many of whom perform locally on a regular basis. “It’s been the best-kept secret for too long,” said Lianne Mauladin, producer and host of The MaryJanes of Comedy, a monthly show at Comedy Bar. Mauladin said professional comics will often drop in to perform a set in a local venue. “There are a number of high caliber comedy shows in the area that don’t always get the turnout

On the Sched’ Comedian Megan Myke stands highlighting one of many stand-up opportunities in the neighbourhood. Photo by Hannah Hollingsworth

they hope for, because people aren’t aware of them,” she said. While larger comedy clubs charge up to $35 per ticket, local bars ask a fraction of that price, and tickets bought in advance can be cheaper. Some open mike nights carry a PayWhat-You-Can admission price. Comedian Daniel Woodrow hosts the bi-monthly stand-up show “Per-

fect 10” at the Lower Ossington Theatre. Recently, he has been hard at work producing The Underground Comedy Railroad Show. “Walking through this neighborhood, that’s all I need to write material,” he said. “There’s always something crazy going on.”


Local film enthusiast Jessica Berry completed an improbable mission to watch 365 films over 365 days. People may have doubted the project, and her Toronto to Hamilton commute made the mission almost impossible, but Berry finally completed her mission in the closing days of 2013. It was all started when Berry was in an argument about a show that gives good ratings to bad movies. The argument was, “if you see four bad movies in a row and then you see a mediocre movie, you will think it’s really good because you just watched four bad movies in a row.” Berry said. During last Christmas, when Berry was still looking for a full-time job, she was also looking for something to motivate herself, and suddenly the idea to watch 365 films in the movie theatre over a year crossed her mind. Many of her friends knew about

the mission but most of them didn’t think she would make it, Berry said. But thanks to her curiosity and stubbornness, she completed the challenge. She started the mission on January 1, 2013 with Django Unchained and ended on December 31 with Inside Llewyn Davis. So according to Berry, what are the movies deserve the Academy Awards? Best Picture: American Hustle Best Actor in a Leading Role: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) Best Actress in a Leading Role: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Jared Letto (Dallas Buyers Club) Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) Best Documentary: The Act of Killing Berry said the thought about quitting never crossed her mind. She admitted that once she decides something, there is no backing down.

Throughout the year, Berry didn’t just go to movie theaters in Toronto. She also went to cinemas in Niagara, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Orlando. However, according to her, Toronto has better theaters for movie buffs like her. “Toronto is probably one of the four cities in the world where I can do this [mission], where there is enough movie theaters in different genres,” Berry said. She mentioned TIFF Bell Lightbox and Bloor Hot Docs Cinema are the two movie theatres that really helped her to accomplish the mission. They play numerous films in a day like no other place does, especially Hot Docs Cinema. During the mission, Berry admitted to avoiding watching indie and musical movies because they tend to be very long. She also found out that February is a bad month for movies. She said most films in that month tend to be sappy love stories. Berry, amid the mission, got to experience many “incidents” in the movie theatre. She recalled a fire

*Megan Myke hosts Open Mike at Stella Bar every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 10 p.m. 1261 Bloor St. W. Cost: Pay-What-You-Can

*Belljar Café (2072 Dundas St. W.) Open Mike hosted by Jordan Foisey and Steve Patrick Adams. Second Thursday of each month. Cost: Pay-What-You-Can

*Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St. W.) Lianne Mauladin’s “Mary-Janes” runs monthly. Open seven days per week. Cost: $0-$20

*Kitch Bar at 229 Geary Ave. (Dupont and Dufferin) Comedy night Thursdays at 9 p.m. Hosted by Dean Young. Cost: Pay-WhatYou-Can

*The Lower Ossington Theatre (L.O.T.) (100 Ossington Ave.) Daniel Woodrow hosts “Perfect 10” bi-monthly. Comedy shows run seven days per week. Cost: Ranges $0-$20 *Duffy’s Pub (1238 Bloor St. W.) Adam Pallette hosts Open Mike Night Sundays at 8 p.m. Cost: Pay-What-You-Can.

alarm going off when she was watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It turned out to be false alarm and she went home with free movie passes. She also said when she was watching Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, the movie didn’t show in 3D. The movie ran halfway until the theatre restarted the film in the correct format. However, she also witnessed a strange, yet very sweet event while watching Jack Reacher in Niagara Falls, New York. There was an older couple in the movie theatre, the woman couldn’t hear, so the hus-

*The Steady Café and Bar (1051 Bloor St. W.) LGBT Comedy Night Queer as F*** Runs every second Wednesday at 9:30. Hosted by Catherine McCormick. Cost: Pay-What-You-Can.

band repeated every single line of the movie out loud. For this mission, Berry spent more than just energy to complete her mission. It cost her around $2,800 and 640 hours in total. She said the experience is worth everything. “It was transformative,” Berry said about the whole experience. “It made me feel smarter. It made me learn more. It’s like when you seek out something, a journey; you’ll end up learning more than you thought it would. So the $2,000 was cheaper than my university education and I probably learned more.”

Jessica Berry holds just a few of her 365 total movies tickets. Photo by Tiara Samosir

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HER 126 min Director: Spike Jonze Actors: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson and Rooney Mara HER is a futuristic, fun ride of saturated hues and high-wasted pants. Some fantastical ideation is required to enjoy this latest installment by über-hipster-director-extraordinaire, Spike Jonze. Oh and, am I the only one thinking that Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix were terribly overlooked

by the Academy during this year’s nominations? Could Joaquin Phoenix be America’s most-overlooked and under-appreciated actor? See The Master and then make your own argument, either way. Overall Grade: 4 1/2 steelturkeys -The Wolf Of Wall Street 180 min Director: Martin Scorsese Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie and Matthew McConaughey The Wolf Of Wall Street or (WOW) is a high-octane, over-

indulging film that takes a 3 hour myopic look into the free spending and excess life of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street penny stock broker/ firm owner during the 80’s and his gang of merry thieves who pool their money for hookers, midgets and Quaaludes (which I didn’t realize are extinct now; you truly can extract a plethora of knowledge from watching movies). The Wolf is no Wall Street (1987), and the sheer excess of full-frontal nudity, drugs and outlandish party scenes gets old after about 30 minutes; the exact time you remember legendary film director Martin Scorsese is manning

Local resident Jessica Berry completed an improbable challenge that saw her watch 365 films in a year (see page 3). Photo by Justin Millerson

this sex-driven ship. Scorsese!!! (See Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and The Departed). Really, Scorsese!?!?!? He left the substance and intelligence that he is known for as a director completely out; ironically, mirroring the real-life WOW, Jordan Belfort (a real winner if you read into his life). NEWS FLASH: Apparently the American people (based on the box office grosses) have forgiven the greedy financial movers and shakers of Wall Street... You remember the same movers and shakers who stole your jobs, houses and life-savings right out from under your feet about 5 years ago... But not all of them have been forgiven, only the ones that entertain you with sex, drugs and frat house mentality for 3 hour clips... *Cough* Jordan Belfort and his buddy Donne Azoff *Cough* Sidebar: Since when does the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists nominate a movie with a 75% grade on Rotten Tomatoes for Best Picture? Apparently quite often to my dismay… Worst Rotten Tomatoes Scores to receive Oscar Nomination for Best Picture: 47% Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2012) 61% The Reader (2008) *Best Actress Winner-Kate Winslet 66% The Blind Side (2009) *Best Actress Winner-Sandra Bullock 69% Babel (2006) 73% The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) 75% Crash (2005) *Best Picture Winner 76% The Help (2012) *Best Supporting Actress Winner-Octavia Spencer

77% A Beautiful Mind (2001) *Best Picture, Best Director-Ron Howard, Best Supporting ActressJennifer Connelly and Best Adapted Screenplay (Mulholland Drive, Black Hawk Down, Amelie, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Memento were all available for nomination and we got A Beautiful Mind as the Best Picture of the Year (that was payback for the Apollo 13 losing wasn’t it?) 78% War Horse (2011) Overall Grade: 3 steelturkeys -American Hustle 138 min Director: David O. Russell Actors: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner American Hustle is “the it” film of the season, and with good reason. The incredible costuming, acting, and writing, along with the ever creative direction of David O. Russell has earned the film a whopping 10 Academy Award nominations. And I haven’t even mentioned the best part of the movie: the women. Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence steal the show with their out-of-the-box and gutsy portrayals of women with nothing and/or everything to lose; you will not see better ensemble acting this year than with the cast of American Hustle. A personal thanks to David O. Russell for giving film fans the best line in a movie in 2013: “My wife is the Picasso of passive aggressive karate”, and for making Bradley Cooper disco dance with his sweet-ass perm. Overall Grade: 5 steelturkeys


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Letters from your political representatives COUNCILLOR ANA BAILÃO


*DEC/JAN REPRINT As I have consistently advocated, cyclists need a comprehensive cycling network through our city. This network should be fast, it should be safe, and it should be integrated within our community. I am constantly looking for ways to better integrate and improve cycling in Toronto’s west end. During community visioning meetings on this topic that took place in 2008, Argyle was identified as an important eastwest connection that would provide an alternative for cyclists to busier, arterial roads. Presently, there are sections of Argyle Street which are oneway, and so it is not lawful to cycle along Argyle as a continu-

MP ANDREW CASH 416-654-8048 Happy New Year Davenport! I’m looking forward to talking to you and representing your interests in the House of Commons over the next year. Our country faces levels of income inequality not seen since the Great Depression. We’re losing the balanced economy we built up since the Second World War. Good-paying manufacturing jobs are disappearing. For the first time in our nation’s history, middle-class wages are consistently on the decline. In the past 35 years, income has grown for the top 20% but shrunk for the bottom 80%.The size of our economy has increased by 147%, yet the average Canadian family has seen their income fall by 7%. Many Canadians find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, it’s very hard to find full-time permanent employment with benefits and job security. At the same time, everyday life has never been so expensive. No wonder household debt has reached historic levels in this country. New Democrats have a plan to ease household debt by tackling the problem from both ends—money going in and money going out. We’re proposing targeted incentives for small and medium-sized businesses that create high-quality jobs, smart investment in job-creating projects to renew aging infrastructure in our cities and regions, and a National Urban Worker Strategy that would bring greater protections to those in precarious employment. At the same time, we’re looking for ways to make everyday life more affordable. We’re confronting housing and education costs, and tackling daily costs that add up. You’ve likely read my previous columns in the Bloordale Times calling for the end of unfair “pay-to-pay” fees, which charge customers for paper copies of their bills. We’ve spoken out against sky-high ATM fees, and called for a cap of $0.50 per transaction. The Conservatives rejected this proposal in Parliament on February 3rd. We also want everyone to have access to a low-interest credit card and a crackdown on gouging payday lenders. Canadians deserve nothing less. That’s why New Democrats across the country are launching a National Day of Action on affordability on Saturday, February 22. We’ll be out talking to Canadians about how to make life more affordable. If you’d like more information or if you would like to participate in the National Day of Action, please get in touch with my office at 416-654-8048 or

ous east-west route. While these streets will remain one-way for larger vehicles, bicycle lanes would be painted with a yellow ‘center’ line (instead of a white line) to allow cyclists to legally travel two ways on the street. This is an important initiative to achieve our goal of providing cyclists with a safer, faster, and better integrated option to move through our neighbourhood. I have included additional information below and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions on this initiative. What is a ‘contra-flow’ lane? When a contra-flow bicycle lane is installed on a one-way street, the street becomes two-ways for bicycles, but remains one-way for other vehicles. When the cyclist is travelling in the direction that motor vehicles may travel, the cyclist shares the lane with the motor vehicles. To travel in the opposite direction, cyclists use the contra-flow bicycle lane. Why should this be installed? Toronto’s west end has some of the highest cycling trip numbers in Canada. In order to keep residents who are cycling safe, it

is important for the City to develop cycling routes. Contra-flow bicycle lanes on nonarterial roadways can help provide alternatives to having to cycle on busy arterial roads. In order to avoid arterial roadways, some residents are already cycling the wrong way on one-way streets. Adding bicycle lanes will help to organize this existing demand to make streets safer for all road users. This includes adding stop signs and signals for cyclists. This has opportunities to connect into the new Shaw contra-flow (an important North South Route) as well as the West Toronto Railpath. In this spirit of connectivity, we are seeking a comprehensive, safe and fast west end cycling route. How will this project impact parking? The addition of road markings will require on-street parking to be permanently located on one side of the street. Parking will no longer alternate from side to side. Streets will continue to be cleaned and manual cleaning will be provided as it is on neighbouring streets without alternate side parking.

MPP JONAH SCHEIN 416-535-3158 Lost in all the drama at Toronto City Hall is the fact that the TTC recently hiked fares again. While it’s easy to be distracted by ongoing political scandals, it’s hard to miss the fact that a Metropass now costs $133.75 and that transit policy in this city continues to leave riders behind. Because we no longer have a fair cost-sharing model in Ontario, and we have one of the least funded transit systems in North America, Toronto riders are once again being asked to pay more for increasingly overcrowded and insufficient service. I’m certainly happy that after so many years of neglect, politicians have finally begun to focus on the need for transit investment. But even as our governments continue to make new transit plans, break contracts, strike panels and commission reports, and as much as they prefer to announce big, flashy capital projects, like the new subway in Scarborough or the new air-rail link, our existing transit systems around the province need government support to increase operating capacity and get our

cities moving again. Transit riders from across the province would benefit today from more affordable fares and more vehicles on transit routes. This is the message that I hear from riders in my community and this is the message that the group TTCRiders‎ is sending our governments: it’s time for stable funding and a fair deal for riders! In fact, TTC CEO Andy Byford has said that returning the old 50% operating subsidy to municipalities should be the number one transit priority for the province. This would improve services immediately even while more expert panels meet, roads are dug up and subways are built. With proper funding, we could increase service capacity on existing routes and on new transit infrastructure too. This could allow more frequent service on streets like College, Dundas, Dufferin and Lansdowne. But it could also mean using electric trains to offer frequent, affordable service on the new Union Pearson Express Air Rail Link and integrating the line with our TTC network. Increased service to Pearson could help avoid massive expansion of the Island Airport and all the new car traffic it will bring downtown. Instead, the province and Metrolinx still plan to run diesel trains on this line with few stops, at a costly $20-30 per ride. Any transit expert will tell you that restoring provincial operating subsidies would help transit riders today right across Ontario. It’s not even contentious. Imagine that: a transit plan that we can all agree to! To get in touch with Jonah contact: or call 416 535 3158 To learn more about TTCRiders visit:

06 The Bloordale Times February 2014



Bicycle advocacy in Bloordale has not stopped, despite the freezing temperatures and snow. The Cycle Toronto advocacy group of Ward 18, consisting of Bloordale residents and Councillor Ana Bailão, met on January 13 to discuss current cycling issues and what they mean to residents. “We spent a fair amount of time talking about infrastructure projects in the works — the main one being bike lanes on Lansdowne,” said Liz Sutherland, Ward 18 captain for Cycle Toronto. The proposed bike lanes would stretch across Lansdowne Ave., from Dupont St. to Bloor St. The plan was approved by the city in 2010, but the bike lanes have yet to be installed. Cyclists previously rallied for action during the Phantom Bike Ride last October, where participants cycled in-costume. The event was a play on the non-existent ‘phantom’ bike lanes. “We’re just trying to keep the pressure on,”

said Mark Sadoway, who hosted the January 13 meeting in his home. The council has also committed to the creation of new bike lanes on Bloor St. and Dupont St. “Although the consultations aren’t until 2015, the environmental assessment has been approved,” said Sutherland. A new contraflow route will also be installed across Argyle St. this spring. The Argyle contraflow route will be a one way cyclists-only lane, and will run from Trinity Bellwoods Park to Brock Ave. and Florence St. According to a news release from Sutherland and Ward 19 captain Antony Hillard, the Argyle contraflow is a priority, as Argyle St. sees heavy cycling use in both directions, despite one-way signs. Charlotte White, a Bloordale resident, said she’s hesitant to start cycling to school and work due to safety concerns. “I’ve only lived in Toronto for about five months,” said White. “I’m terrified to share the roads with so many cars. It [the contraflow] sounds more appealing than having to drive side-by-side with a car.” The proposed bike lanes and maintenance are becoming increasingly important, as

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word out on bicycle advocacy, said Sadoway. “This group went kind of dormant a couple years ago,” said Sadoway, who has been participating for about seven months. “But now we’re gradually picking up speed.” The next meeting will take place on February 10; its location is to be determined. Any newcomers interested in bicycle advocacy within Bloordale are welcome. More information can be found on the Ward 18 Cycle Toronto Facebook group.

Thanks to the Cycle Toronto advocacy group, bike owners could find easier bicycle access in the short term. Photo by Marielle Torrefranca

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Ward 18 is one of the top four Toronto wards in terms of number of cyclists, and one of the top two wards in terms of female cyclists, said Sutherland. “There’s a lot of demand for safe infrastructure and not a lot in place,” she said. Several social events were also discussed, such as the “Icycle” 2014 event, where cycling daredevils would ride through Dufferin Grove Park despite cold temperatures. Now, the group is focusing on getting the

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Community Column ~ News


Dovercourt Community Association

In 1993, Dovercourt Park lost its natural ice rink, which dated back to before World War II; this year, we’ve revived it. The Dovercourt Park Community Association (DPCA) is only a year old, and since its inception members have been hearing about the Ice Rink of Old. No wonder, then, that our premier winter project was to restart it. As a new community association, the DPCA has faced many challenges, but we’ve discovered one silver-lining advantage: our naivety has allowed us to fearlessly confront obstacles. And so, at our November meeting, we couldn’t have anticipated the wholeness of our task. Building a volunteer team to maintain the rink, learning from City staff and other rinks (thanks Park People and City Rinks!), or the many moonlit floods were ahead of us. But our optimism made us emboldened, and together we charged forward, determined to complete the task, learning as we went. You’d expect the polar vortex, ice storm, and generally unrelenting bone-chilling temperatures to keep the residents of Dovercourt Village Children enjoy a game of ball hockey on the newly created ice surface at Dovercourt safely swaddled indoors, but they’ve come out in Park. Photo courtesy Dovercourt Community Association full force. On behalf of the DPCA, I would like to congratulate our volunteer team of Ice Captains (especially Frank and Nick Piccolo, Jake and Dave Milewski and Folkard Fritz, and the many community members who took time out of their busy schedules to make this rink a reality). This year, make your best If you’ve spent any time near the rink: you’ve seen the members of our community – kids, young professionals, moms, dads, grandparents, and their little dogs, too – lace up and skate. They do so at their own risk and their own pace, some with helmets and support chairs, some with the native grace and skill to avoid the uneven patches of ice, all with a smile on their face. Our rink is designed for pleasure skating, though figure skaters, hockey players and speed skaters alike have found a way to share the space, capturing the history of both our national skating culture and our community on the rink. To celebrate the return of the rink, and bring together our neighbours, the DPCA organized a community skate this past Saturday, February 1 and in spite of the snow, the community came together! Warmed by the donated coffee from Alternative Grounds and Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate from The Hub, we brought back the long standing tradition to Dovercourt Park, hopefully for the first of many years to come. On behalf of the DPCA, I’m looking forward to working with the community in the future on our next project: the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) Community Audit this spring. For more information, or to join our volunteer team, contact the Dovercourt Park Community Association at dovercourtpark@



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“It’s going to mean more people are going to be walking in our neighbourhood, more people going to our small businesses, our restaurants, our bakeries and so on,” Bailao said. Cash was adamant about saving the former post office for those in his community. However, he wants what is best for his constituents. “I think that bodes well for the general area,” Cash said. The fight to save the post office wasn’t

unsuccessful as Cash pointed out. “We launched a very major campaign to keep postal service in the community… a compromise was put forward that would see that post office on Dovercourt close and another open. So it was a big victory for the community,” Cash said. The NDP who currently have a petition out to “Stop the cuts to our Postal Service” believe that the overconfidence of people not needing the service is untrue. “I don’t want to see fewer public services in my community. I want to actually see more… so when these kinds of things happen we get mobilized and try to push back,” Cash said.

RE U MO ionship O Y s ffer pan NHT o ort & Com Here! p p ts es, Su g Star



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How Life Changes Her long fingers extended across the sheet of paper to grab his hand. But she stopped herself. He stared at her and pretended that he didn’t see her hand. He folded his hands in his lap. She curled her hand into a fist. “Christy, just sign the goddamn paper,” he muttered. “Ray, what if we’re making the wrong decision?” Christy whispered. Ray slammed his fist on the table. Craig’s Diner was crowded for a Thursday afternoon. People in the surrounding booths turned to stare at them, but then quickly

looked away. “Christy, you know we have to do this! This is our lives at stake! I knew this was all a mistake!” He spit his words with venom. Christy flinched and her cheeks began to burn. “…I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry. It wasn’t a mistake. That night wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t,” He was rambling. She used to think it was cute when he did that. But now she wasn’t so sure. “Ray, I can do this alone. It’s fine if you don’t want anything to do with this anymore…” Christy began to cry knowing that it was possibly over. She remembered all the sweet things Ray used to do for her. He used to pick her up on Saturday mornings and tell her that they would

go anywhere she wanted to go. He used to leave cute little notes in her locker that said cheesy things like, “You’re my muse,”. He said that he loved her after their third date and she believed him. Now they were broken. How did this happen? How could this happen? “I don’t…No, no, no. Christy, you can’t do this to yourself. We let this happen and now we both have to fix it,” Christy nibbled on a piece of pasta from the bowl that she had been neglecting this whole time. She set her fork down. She was too upset to eat. “What do we do afterwards?” She desperately wanted to know. “Ray…?” Ray stared at the other people around him and wondered why


Heartburn and Gastroesophageal Reflux is one of the most common digestive disorders – affecting ten to 20 per cent of those in Western nations. Classically experienced as a burning sensation, rising from the stomach up towards the chest or neck, GERD may also manifest as chronic cough, a sensation of pressure or discomfort in the chest or upper abdomen, or frequent belching, and may be accompanied by regurgitation of stomach contents into the pharynx. Typically, symptoms are worse after eating or lying down, and are relieved by antacids. Halitosis, chronic laryngitis and dental erosions may also be indicators of GERD. The discomfort associated with reflux is due to the regurgitation of food that’s been in the acidic environment of the stomach. When acid touches the lining of the esophagus it causes an uncomfortable or burning sensation. A seemingly benign condition, chronic GERD can lead to: inflammation, esophageal erosions and even esophageal cancer. It may also contribute to poor mineral absorption. Antacids offer temporary relief by coating the esophagus with a

buffer to the acidic material regurgitated from the stomach, or by neutralizing the acid in the stomach. Prescription antacids take this a step further – blocking production of stomach acid. These approaches FAIL to address any of the causes/contributing factors, AND are associated with acute adverse effects (diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, headaches) AND long-term risks (increased risk of gastroenteritis, SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, stomach bacterial overgrowth, pneumonia, osteoporosis and/or spinal fracture, vitamin & mineral malabsorption). So instead of relying on antacids, I strongly encourage sufferers to seek naturopathic care – which has highly effective options for treatment that address all of the contributing factors! GERD is typically diagnosed based on symptoms – and can be confirmed via relief of symptoms through either antacid use or demulcent herbs (try this: mix 1 tsp marshmallow root powder with ¼ c water and drink at first sign of discomfort – relieves GERD quickly). If either of these relieve your symptoms, seek care to go beyond symptomatic relief, and focus on: reduction of inflammation, healing of the esophageal mucosa/lining and prevention of

progression to esophageal ulcers or cancer. In addition to dietary & lifestyle modifications, other naturopathic medicines (melatonin,

life works out the way it does. “Move on?” he suggested, not making eye contact with her. Move on? Christy wasn’t sure she could do that. “Move on from this or move on from us?” she whispered, both wanting and not wanting to know the answer. Ray stared at her for a moment and remembered how he used to love the way her hair fell over her shoulders. He remembered the way she would say his name when he was getting sleepy on the phone, like a whisper that would make his heart flutter. He remembered when she cried more than he did when his dog died because she loved animals and she would never hurt a fly. He felt like she was feeble and needy now.

“Both…I guess…” Ray began to cry now as well. “Just sign the paper,” he pleaded. Christy’s hands were shaking but she managed to make a crooked signature on the dotted line. “I’ll call you when it’s time,” Christy said. She stood up before Ray could say anything. All eyes zoned in on her swollen belly. She was only five months along but her stomach had grown massively. “I’ll take care of our baby,” Christy said, ignoring the stares of others. She walked away from him before he could make a scene. He didn’t follow her. Putting the baby up for adoption was probably for the best.

demulcent and vulnerary herbs, nervous system support, antioxidants and a specific strain of probiotic) have all proved highly effective. Speak with a licensed ND or herbalist to ensure prescriptions are safe, appropriate for you and utilized at a therapeutic dose and quality. Jennifer Baer, is your local Na-

turopathic Doctor, trained chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She enthusiastically promotes wellness and prevention through a nutritious diet, positive attitude and active lifestyle. For more recipes and information about her training, programs and services, please visit:

Dr. Jennifer Baer, licensed nutritionist and naturopath.

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Art Exhibitions

Daniel Faria Gallery


FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 22, 2014 Casting the Negative

188 St Helens Avenue

12 3

x x


FEBRUARY 07 - MARCH 22, 2014 Push and Pull Bridget Moser’s performance and video work is suspended between internally voiced conundrums, stand-up comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, and prop comedy, with a continuous slippage from one state to another. In this in-betweenness a certain absurdity materializes, questioning a world of assumptions and belief systems. Michael Vickers’s works sit between painting and sculpture, in prioritizing their object-hood physical struggle becomes manifest, highly industrialised materials are folded, pushed and beaten into other forms acknowledging the precarity of their formation and labour. Nikki Woolsey coalesces distinct everyday found materials into sometimes seamless yet habitually unfamiliar forms. Broken vases, glass panels, and other quotidian objects seep into abstraction, questioning how we perceive objects and place value, and disrupting existent systems of knowledge.

Casting the Negative: Iris Häussler, An Te Liu & Jennifer Rose Sciarrino Iris Häussler studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Haussler is currently the Louis Odette Sculptor-inResidence at York University, Toronto. Her work has been the subject of solo shows, including He Named Her Amber at the Art Gallery on Ontario (200810) and He Dreamed Overtime at the Sydney Biennale (2012). Group exhibitions include More Real? Art in the Age of Truthiness, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, USA (2013); All Our Relations, The 18th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia (2012); and Therese, Triennial of Contemporary Art Oberschwaben, Weingarten, Germany. An Te Liu received his M. Arch. from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. Liu has had numerous solo exhibitions, most recently MONO NO MA at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto.

Group exhibitions include Hyper Spaces at Oakville Galleries, The Leona Drive Project, Toronto, The 11th Venice Biennale of Architecture, and Street at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam. His work is in various collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the National Gallery of Canada. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino attained her BFA in 2006 at the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University. Sciarrino’s work has been included in numerous group shows, including trans/ FORM at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (2012) and To What Earth Does this Sweet Cold Belong? at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery(2011). Most recently her work was included in More Than Two (Let It Make Itself ) at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, and Volumes: Works in Paper at the Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada.


1518 Dundas Street West


JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 22, 2014 to tell of things changed: A York University MFA Exhibition “‘to tell of things changed’ is a group exhibition of works by York University second-year MFA students, Mary Grisey, Christie Kirchner, Amelie Jerome, Milena Roglic, Amanda Clyne, Gord Bond and Teresa Carlesimo. It is a meditation upon the transformations, whether subtle or drastic, that take place within the space of an intensive two-year sustained engagement with practice. The title, appropriately taken from Ovid’s

Metamorphoses, points to the potency of transformation; although the unique transformation of each artist may not be readily readable in their final artistic production, the common experience of growth or change serves to create nuanced and interesting associations among them. And while their short time together at York witnesses this meta-change, each artistic gesture, iteration, or creation is itself also a process of transformation” -Exceprt from the catalogue essay, “To Tell of Things Changed” by Natasha Chaykowski


1286 BLOOR Street West


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The Bloordale Times Vol. 2 Issue 1 // February 2014  

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